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Stills and preview for Sung Yuri’s upcoming Birth Secret
by | April 18, 2013 | 33 Comments

With SBS’s weekend drama Birth Secret is a week and a half away from its premiere, here are a slew of stills from the show about an amnesiac woman trying to recover her lost memory.

The plot unfolds around two sad souls, played by Sung Yuri (Feast of the Gods) and Yoo Joon-sang) (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly), who meet when they’re both ready to end their lives. I mean that literally: They meet at their planned suicide venue. Why does that sound like a black comedy premise? Instead, they fall in love and build a life together, only she comes down with a case of amnesia (you’d think they were contagious, the way dramaland doles ’em out) and forgets all about her husband and their daughter.

Her character has lost ten years of her life in memory, not able to recall the events between 1997 and 2006. While the story takes place in the “present” day with Sung Yuri as a wife and mother, the series does show us flashbacks of her past as the character tries to piece together the fragments of her memory. One of the recovered memories, for example, is her realization that she knows how to ride a motorcycle.

In the trailer, she finds herself face to face with her husband and asks blankly, “Who are you?” Same look of surprise when her daughter exclaims, “Mom!” There’s also a scene with a modern-looking Sung Yuri as her husband yells that she left him, so I wonder if she decided she couldn’t live with a man she didn’t know.

Playing Sung Yuri’s younger self will be busy child actress Kim So-hyun (I Miss You), who does happen to look quite a bit like her counterpart. Then again, I thought she looked a lot like many of the adults she’s been matched with, so maybe she just has that chameleon-like ability to adapt to their vibes. (There was Kim Min-seo in The Moon That Embraces the Sun and Yoon Eun-hye in I Miss You, for instance. There are also photos of her floating around that bear eerie resemblances to Han Ga-in and Sohn Ye-jin as well.)

Lee Jin (The Great Seer) will play our heroine’s high school best friend (who backstabbed her over a guy in the Lost Years), whom Sung Yuri seeks out in her quest for answers. Kim Young-kwang (Bachelor’s Vegetable Store) plays the guy that Lee Jin stole away from her ex-BFF. (Pure speculation: Given that they cast an adult actor to play the role instead of a teenager, I assume he comes back and complicates the main romance, and perhaps the secondary one too. Both ladies are now married, but Sung Yuri finds herself with a man she doesn’t think suits her, and Lee Jin had dumped Kim Young-kwang to marry up. Lots of baggage here.)

So we’ve got a premise that I find quite interesting and rich with potential, but I do think things might quickly devolve into overwrought dramatics. Thus I’m wary, since dramaland likes its dramatics — but it IS being dubbed a sensitive trendy, which sounds somewhat more appealing. Emotions = good. Histrionics = no, please.

Birth Secret will follow current weekend drama Incarnation of Money, which ends this weekend. Its first episode premieres on April 27.

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33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. KimYoonmi

    Still not inspired to watch this one. I wonder if she’s slipping backwards… I’ve not liked her melos, I mean especially, versus my general distaste of makjang.

  2. tweetie

    Hmmmmm am not convinced, will wait to see if the feedback is good on it…

  3. lala

    That little girl is so cute…:)

    • 3.1 RockPaperScissors

      She played the role of “Fluffy” in last years mess Take Care of Us, Captain, besides acting in The Gift of Cell 7. She is absolutely adorable. Now I have to decide if this will be worth watching just to see her.

  4. february

    The little girl is the one who played little yeseung in Miracle of room 7 πŸ™‚ she’s really cute. Yuri look pretty in these stills, but dont adore the male lead even though he is quite good in my husband got a family.
    I just want a eye candy guy to play as yuri opposite lead *blame my eyes for that.

    • 4.1 Tokki

      Same to me!

  5. jandoe

    OMG my Kim Young Kwang! Why in this one, why? I will not watch this…

    • 5.1 Rashell

      That was my reaction as well. I actually like both the guys in this one, and Sung Yuri is ok. But this plot just sound like it could quickly delve into “hot mess” territory. I’m not sure I’m even willing to try.

      But Kim Young Kwang is soooo HOT! Aish! I’m torn.

      • 5.1.1 pogo

        so am I! Kim Young-kwang…but in this mess-sounding series….

        I think I’ll just circumvent it by going back and rewatching Can We Get Married.

  6. Trina

    I will only watch this if the lil girl have more screen time than the rest of the cast. By the way, what is up with the hairstyles. Didn’t we see that hairstyles two years ago?

  7. trotwood

    I am actually interested in this story. I know. I know. It looks like a train wreck waiting to happen, but I think I will be in such a mood once I have had to slog through grading final exams. And the timing will be perfect enough for me to marathon a whole bunch of episodes. However, I have to wonder–where does the title come in? Does this plot really need a “birth secret,” too?

    • 7.1 KANGly

      I am interested as well.

      I know it has many elements of a makjang, but in good hands this drama could become quite introspective.

      For sure I will check out the first few eps to find out if it will stay true to its tag of “sensitive trendy”.

  8. snow_white

    yes, there are birth secrets and amnesia….but….the premise looks interesting!!

    I can watch it only if it will have lesser episodes…..

  9. Steph

    “Then again, I thought she looked a lot like many of the adults she’s been matched with, so maybe she just has that chameleon-like ability to adapt to their vibes.”

    Or maybe the aggressive plastic surgery in Korean entertainment circles has made everyone look alike.

  10. 10 TS

    Who’s that hot guy in the middle and why does he look familiar?

    • 10.1 Rashell

      That’s Kim Young Kwang. He was in White Christmas, Love Rain, and most recently Can We Get Married.

      • 10.1.1 pogo

        I think his forehead finally coming out from under all that floppy hair is what’s causing recognition failure here, lol

        • Rashell

          He can wear that hair any way he wants because he’s beautiful. lol

          But yeah, I agree that style is kind of a drastic change for him.

          • TS

            Thank you for explaining! He’s definitely hot and gosh do I love it when their bangs are off their heads,

          • pogo

            oh, I totally wanted to run my hands through his hair when it was floppy πŸ™‚

  11. 11 redfox

    one of those pictures is like: “Birth secret: it burst out of my stomach!”
    the premise is kind of old though. but arent most dramas lately?
    recycling is trendy, but ideas should be fresh – you are not saving whales by rinsing and repeating the familiar subjects!

    since I cannot be there for fridays Open Thread, I am going to Riga 5.30 am…. and I have no smartphone either. then saying this here: have a blast tomorrow, gossip lots!


  12. 12 pogo

    Also, wait a second, did they cast Kim Young-kwang for the teenage part of this drama as well…..and Kim So-hyun’s kinda-love interest second lead?

    I mean, obvs nothing squick should happen because he is the second lead, but still, ugh.

  13. 13 michca

    Hmmm, not so excited about this one so far. Why amnesia, why?! I’ll wait for your recaps and instead re-watch Vampire Prosecutor, where at least the whole memory loss segment was done right! πŸ˜‰

  14. 14 mlhwrhh

    can’t wait 2013-04-27 sbs love ^^

  15. 15 Alyssa

    Sung yuri shines w Ron-com but idk y she picks Melos for her last few. So disappointed in her last few dramas.

    Funny how lee Jin n her are playing opposites of each other bc I thought they are bestfriends in real life. It will be quite a laugh for them to be mean to each other.

  16. 16 Suzi Q

    Two basic staples of a Kdrama, birth secrets and amnesia!

    I hope they come up with a funny fresh twist.

  17. 17 Rachel

    Dayum Kim So-Hyun doesn’t seem to need a break. Also, complicated storyline is putting me off already!

  18. 18 Katherine

    I actually like the sound of this LOL. I’ll definitely be checking it out to see how it shapes up.

  19. 19 Qua Trang

    Strangely drawn to this. I generally hate it when dramas just so randomly throw birth secret and amnesia in as crazy plot devices but this doesn’t sound like one. It sounds more like a “second chance” plot for me and I strangely want to know the back stories of every one, not only of the amnesiac heroine. The teaser does little of the drawing-in, but the pictures are so engaging. I hope for a mature “adult” story with REALISTIC reflects of things in life. Please no makjang for makjang sake!

    More importantly, please be good so that I have something to watch! The new batch of drama unveiled recently are all sort of fail!

  20. 20 gratisetamore

    I’m watching this drama because of SYR. She had had so far an interesting array of themes for dramas and leading men of various levels of skills and popularity.

    Many times early synopsis and premises of dramas do not reflect the twists, turns and intentions of the writers.

    While yes, as mentioned in an an earlier article here Drew Barrymore/Adam Sandler’s movie may have some similarities with this coming drama am also reminded a little bit of of Goldie Hawn /Kurt Rusell’s Overboard which incidentally was said to have been turned into Korean drama Couple or Trouble .

    Btw,this will be SYR’s first stint as preggy and mom.

  21. 21 Valleydale

    Just the name, “Birth Secret” has me rolling my eyes. And amnesia of all the worn-down-to-the-nub plot devices— Ugghhh…! Doesn’t sound promising in the least, sounds like a recipe for overwrought acting and over the top melodrama. I think I’ll pass, sadly, because I would dearly love some drama crack about now. Seems like nothing of the sort will be appearing on the horizon any time soon, though. Sigh…Heavy, heavy sigh…

  22. 22 roli10

    Just watched the first 2 episodes, and Iam glad to say, Iam very pleased. The story so far is really interesting and funny and its moving at a good pace too. I dont think people should let the generic amnesia plot hold them back- since it seems to be nicely rehashed. I will continue watching the whole thing unless the writer majorly screws up and starts to lag.

  23. 23 refan10

    seriously,, but this series is very interesting….
    at first when i just see the title… it’s like not promising but, when i watch this series.. its very good good good…

    give a try!!

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