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Yoon Sang-hyun joins cast of Yeo Jin-gu’s Could We Love
by | April 16, 2013 | 55 Comments

It looks like Yoon Sang-hyun (Can’t Lose) is making his drama comeback with the new show starring Yeo Jin-gu as a high school delinquent, called Could We Love, due out this summer on SBS. Aw, I guess this means his ajusshi idol drama isn’t happening anymore. Sadface. I’m still trying to figure out what the relationship will be between the two boys, because apparently Yeo Jin-gu’s going to be a noona-killer in this drama (which means the title might lean closer to asking permission, like Can I Love You?)… and it also leaves the possibility that Yoon Sang-hyun and Yeo Jin-gu will be rivals for the same leading lady. No, right? That… can’t be. Say it ain’t so, Show.

Yeo Jin-gu stars as a high school troublemaker who lives on his own, in the restaurant that his parents left him. He purposely cuts off all ties to his half brother, and takes care of himself. The story will be about him falling for an older woman, the heroine, who has yet to be cast. Yoon Sang-hyun will be in both their lives and cause some kind of upheaval… I just really hope it’s not the romantic kind. He could be the half-brother or father figure, right? Teacher? Neighborhood ajusshi with overly primped hair?

And Kim So-hyun (I Miss You) will play a high school student with a one-sided love for the hero. Aw, it sounds like it could be a cute coming-of-age story. I just worry about the whole noona romance working, only because Yeo Jin-gu is fifteen in real life, so it’s not like watching Biscuit Teacher Star Candy and just pretending that Gong Yoo is in high school. For now I’ll have to trust that they know what they’re doing in casting so young. I’d love it if they did something unconventional and bittersweet too.

The show will be helmed by the writer-director team behind Scent of a Woman and Dr. Champ, and follows All About My Romance in June.

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55 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Aiya

    The plot sounds interesting. Yeo Jin-gu seems too young for some noona romance though, but let’s see. And I’m looking forward seeing Yoon Sang-hyun, too! That’ll be hillarious if they’re going to be rivals. Lol

  2. mary

    Please don’t let them be love rivals. πŸ™

    I was hoping for a mentor-mentee kind of relationship.

    Where YSY tries to teach YJG outdated casanova methods but YJG ends up being better at getting the ladies anyways.

    (And for some reason I keep thinking YSY’s last drama was A Gentleman’s Dignity. Mystisith and her nicknamed recaps… Tsk tsk tsk :P)

    • 2.1 mary

      *YSH. Sorry. πŸ™‚

      (off-topic: I miss Yoo Seung Ho)

  3. xiaoSxin

    Awww man the Ahjusshi idol drama’s premise looks like a winner to me, especially if OH MAN SEOK is included in the cast.

    • 3.1 JoAnne


    • 3.2 cherkell

      MANZZANG!!! YES. THIS. AGREED. Let’s start up that letter-writing campaign to get the A-DOLs drama back on track!!!

      • 3.2.1 fafa

        how can we do that?

        • JoAnne

          First, we need a BARN.

          • zsa


          • YY

            Have started building a barn with my bare hands.

  4. crazedlu

    it WILL be of the romantic kind. ha. k-drama = crazy stuff like that. but i’ll join you in hoping it’s all figured out by the writers and production and they’ll throw a good, fast one our way.

  5. Babs

    The idea is totally interesting but again it could go both ways either cute with angst in it or it could go into the wrong side of the tracks like gf I hope it goes more into the unconventional but cute.. Cant wait!

  6. Mystisith

    I do feel like this project is better for him: Ahjussi Idol is interesting but too close to his character in SeGa.
    Maybe he will be a singer here too, who knows. Lol.
    Anyway, I love coming to age stories and mentors of all kinds so I’m in.
    Sidenote: Is KSH the new YSH? Early ladies man and all. πŸ˜‰ I’m sure it will be kept cute and low key but I can imagine that the situation will be awkward for the woman cast as his love interest.

  7. trotwood

    I laughed out loud at this: “so it’s not like watching Biscuit Teacher Star Candy and just pretending that Gong Yoo is in high school” Ain’t it the truth.

    I am also sad that this seems to mean the ajusshi idol drama is not more. I was far more interested in that than in this storyline. I need more men in dramas!!! I am tired of feeling sickly over pre-army boys (I have a new philosophy that everything/one is fair game after the army!).

    • 7.1 jubilantia

      Me too! I think the ahjusshi idol drama would have been amazing.

  8. scircus

    Eh… Please don’t let them be romantic rivals. Uber ick factor, eww. I was hoping father figure, I’m entertaining the idea of brothers since that was mentioned. But I really can’t watch this if they’re going to be like rivals .-.

    That said, I’d originally really wanted to watch this. So *fingers crossed*

  9. DayDreamer


    Aw man, Kim So Hyun is not the heroine?? That sucks…I was waiting for their cute high school romance story but if this is going into noona-romance territory, then I’m out. Not that I have anything against noona romances, but I just wanted a change for once.

    • 9.1 picklemonster

      I second that: WHAT?! I was totally looking forward to this for the sole reason that Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun would be the main couple in this drama. I’m not really big on highschool genres, but with these two cuties it’d be perfect.

      But now it’s a noona romance, with Yeo Jin Goo only 15?! I’m sorry but I’m gonna need a strong stomach to watch that. I have no doubt that with Yeo Jin Goo’s outstanding acting, he’d make the romance convincing. But I just can’t root for that while knowing the real actor is underage. >< Ughhhhh I hope that he ends up with Kim So Hyun's character….but if he does, then that would mean he's actually not the leading man, because in dramaland, the hero ALWAYS ends up with the heroine right? *sad face*

      • 9.1.1 DayDreamer

        If he ends up with So Hyun’s character, that would be so awesome!! I guess I’ll have to wait until the drama ends and then ask someone who watched it to tell me if that happens. If not, I just won’t bother with the drama. But seriously….once an actor and actress are labelled hero and heroine, then there’s no hope for a different pairing….I can only wish that So Hyun is changed to heroine status.

    • 9.2 pogo


      I am nhf noona-romance with a FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD. And even less when it’s sidelining a much more age-appropriate costar with whom he’s been proven to have fantastic chemistry. :/

      • 9.2.1 DayDreamer

        Seriously!!! Argh, this news made me so sad. Oh dramagods, leave the heroine to romance with Yoon Sang-hyun and leave the cute guy with the cute young girl. >.<

        • JoAnne

          I don’t see how it could end up any other way. This will end up being about this young boy who thinks he’s all grown up and can take care of himself and falls for this older woman, and comes to find out that he’s NOT a man yet and needs the help of the others. And that the girl is the one for him.

          Even I, the grabbiest of all grabby handed noonas, cannot agree to a 15 year old boy ACTUALLY having a relationship with a grown woman.

          • DayDreamer

            Huh, that’s actually very plausible and possible. This sounds way better than an actual noona romance. You alleviated my fears temporarily, JoAnne. Thanks. πŸ˜€

            And LOL at your last statement. Luckily, I fall in love with actors who are older than me (my age helps too)….so there’s none of these guilty feelings that all the noonas on this site feel, hahahaha.

          • Annie

            I really hope you’re right πŸ™

  10. 10 anicheung

    I’m still excited that the kids get to be in the entire series as their own characters (not the childhood counterparts of the main characters), and get to be in the spotlight and all… but now I’m a little disappointed that Kim So Hyun isn’t the heroine. I was hoping for some cute high school romance with those two. But I guess I’ll still stick around and see how this turns out.

    I’m all for unconventional, but I was just so excited about seeing Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun attached to a romance as main characters in a high school setting.

    • 10.1 pogo

      I’m all for unconventional, but I was just so excited about seeing Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun attached to a romance as main characters in a high school setting.

      This exactly.

      • 10.1.1 DayDreamer

        I second this too.

        • altair

          I”ll third it!

  11. 11 jubilantia

    NO A-DOL? I am sad about this! Don’t they know comedy gold when it falls down from the sky? Don’t theeeey?

    Oh well. I feel like bits and pieces of this drama’s plot are surfacing, so I’m going to wait and pass judgement when it airs. The cast so far is great, so hopefully the story matches them.

  12. 12 alua

    The noona killer part sounds… awful.

    Otherwise I could see potential, with the cast, with the coming-of-age story, etc. but romance rivalry between 15 and 39 year old (in real life)…please not (no matter what age you make the lady-to-be-romanced).

    Well, if it were comedy and the romance totally (and purposefully) not a serious thing, then maybe.

  13. 13 Bu Young

    Still see Oska when I see Yoon Sang Hyun, haha!

    • 13.1 Babs

      You’re not the only one!

      • 13.1.1 RockPaperScissors

        Me too!

  14. 14 milkmustache

    /cries because I was really hoping for Kim So-hyun to be our leading lady and be all cute with Yeo Jin-Gu again. πŸ™

  15. 15 Ennayra

    Yeah, Yoon Sang-hyun! Is it weird that I like him because he looks kind of like Kimura Takuya? Now if YSH can just play a drama role where he’s as mesmerizing as KimuTaku was in the J-dorama “Pride,” I’ll be so happy! I’m so hoping this is that role.

    • 15.1 DayDreamer

      Err, from what angle does he look like KimuTaku?

  16. 16 Nina

    Say whaa?

  17. 17 mywhiteyasmin


    So it won’t be a love story about classmate? *sigh* I already hoping to see some cuteness overload from Yeo Jin-gu and Kim Soo Hyun. Way to pop my happiness balloon and make me feel ick in the same time.
    Yeo Jin-gu barely graduates from junior high school!

  18. 18 λ‚˜νƒ€

    so, So Hyun is not going to be heroine?

  19. 19 daisy

    leave noona to YSH.
    YJG is so cute. can’t wait~

  20. 20 goldeng

    wait… the ahjussi idol drama is not happening?! WAEEEEEE?!! i was so excited T__T im sad now…
    but well, I thought this drama was going to be a high school romance drama… had no idea about the romance with the noona… hope his love is one-sided or something cuz it would be creepy to see actual romantic scenes… I think YSH’s character would be a role model for YJG -or so I hope!-

  21. 21 darnit

    I’m disappointed. I wish KSH was the heroine, even though it’s typical. why can’t we have a normal slice of life drama in a school setting? why? -shakes fist at sky-

  22. 22 snow_white

    What!!! Noona romance!! And i thought that yeo jin gu has been cast opposite kim so hyun..i really want them to be the otp..
    Also..he is too young to have that kind of love line..totally agree with the biscuit teacher star candy reference..

  23. 23 Valleydale

    They couldn’t possibly make it so that a fifteen year old BOY is a serious rival for a 39 year old MAN. Not in a million years. Not in Korea. That doesn’t make a bit of sense, no matter what country you’re from. Such a scenario would be a ratings non-starter from the get-go, and I’m sure they do want this drama to pull respectable, if not spectacular numbers. I say we should just wait patiently for more details to trickle in before pressing the panic button.

    It is too bad about the “pop-idol has-been” drama. It does sound like a premise pre-wired for laughs. I absolutely loved Yoon Sang Hyun as Oska in SG. Some are of the opinion that he over-acted the part, but I thought he was brilliant. His character was over the top when he was being the egotistical pop idol, and touchingly sweet during his more vulnerable moments. Yoon Sang Hyun needs another vehicle in which to shine. I’m looking forward to this one, and hope not to be disappointed.

  24. 24 hanie

    Wait…what??? Lemme get the fact; Hero is 15 y.o, and his rival is Oska? OMG… LOL *rolling on floor*
    The oldest YJG would be is 19 y.o since he is in high school but the difference in age is so wide like Indian Ocean, I just can’t imagine how they can cross path… And the heroine life is a mystery too since how in the world that she get involve with this totally diff. generation boy/man?? Suddenly, I’m looking forward for this drama just to see how things works.

  25. 25 lili

    They should choose someone born in 1986/87…it’s a good compromise imo. She would be “only” 10/11 years older than Yoo Jin Goo and 13/14 years younger than Yoon Sang Hyun…
    Anyway, I love Yoon Sang Hyun, though he’s 40, I think he doesn’t look his age at all…he looks way younger and he’s very handsome imo.
    Looking forward to it.

  26. 26 jayne

    Noonakiller? Seriously?? Too icky, even in dramaland.. Noona killer? Why not pairing Kim Hyun Joong and Hwangbo? πŸ™‚

  27. 27 Lilian

    I loved Scent of a Woman and liked Dr Champ. Yoon Sang Hyun as the father in flashbacks? It will be weird if they like the same girl…..

    Anyway, I hope it won’t be birth secret once again!

  28. 28 Unnursvana

    I don’t want the noona killer story line… can it possibly start out that way and then in the end YJG’s character will fall for KSH’s character? pleeeease?!

  29. 29 Jushi

    I guess this will be some sort of Big 2.0 (Hong Sisters series). The characterization of the male lead is very similar to the coma boy in Big – a teenage boy who no longer have parents and who fell in love with someone who is much older than him. If only Big capitalizes on the premise that the coma boy is only looking for familial love then his relationship with Lee Min Jung could have been more poignant. It seems that this series is pulling that story line instead.

    I hope.

  30. 30 kimchilee

    Euu.. noona killer.. sounds more like pervert or if the older noona falls for him.. even worst.. i’ve already shuddered at the thought of the coma boy from Big in love with LMJ and LMJ seemed older trying to act cute.. aargh.. noooo.. please.. make it Kim Soo Hyun and Yeo Jin Goo all the way please.. re-write it if possible.. i thought this story was to be solely both their story as both are such fine actors they can possibly draw enough viewers… noona killer.. eeuu.. what a put off! πŸ™

  31. 31 DeeDee

    I like the idea of him being a rival. It’s an interesting premise surely.

  32. 32 Indigo

    Nooo! This just got weird. I thought Kim So Hyun and Yeo Jin Gyu were the main pairing. I don’t want him to fall in love with an older woman. It’s going to be Big all over again, only more icky since Jin Gyu is so young. I love noona romance as much as the next drama fan, but let’s not make this totally weird by pairing up 15-year-olds with 30-year-olds. If Yoon Sang Hyun is going to romance Kim So Hyun, I just might cry…

    • 32.1 Indigo

      No, I didn’t mean Yoon Sang Hyun to romance Kim So Hyun. That would be super gross. I mean, even having Yeo Jin Gyu and Yoon Sang Hyun as rivals is totally weird. This show is disappointing me already…

  33. 33 no

    Lee Bo Young as the lead

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