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You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin: Episode 10
by | April 11, 2013 | 102 Comments

This is a cute episode, with some big strides in character development too. Soon-shin faces some harsh truths but surprisingly finds the courage to stand up for herself when it matters, and discovers that one person’s vote of confidence can carry her a long way. Ratings continue to climb, with this episode hitting a new series high at 27.3%.


Both Soon-shin and the bratty Yi-jung arrive for acting lessons, and Soon-shin is shocked to find that her teacher is none other than Song Mi-ryung.

Mi-ryung doesn’t waste her time cutting Yi-jung down to size, for her inappropriately dressy attire and her tardiness, and tells her to clean as punishment. Ha. I think I’m going to enjoy this reverse-cinderella-ing with her.

When told to clean or go home, Yi-jung complies, though her idea of cleaning is pushing a rag around with two fingers, and then freaking out that she touched something dirty.

She whines to Mi-ryung, still calling her ajumma, and Mi-ryung reminds her that she’ll call her teacher, and not be late next time if she doesn’t want to clean. Soon-shin isn’t above enjoying Yi-jung’s comeuppance a little, which I like about her.

Mi-ryung asks her why she wants to act, and Soon-shin answers honestly that she doesn’t think herself very talented, and only signed the contract because she needs to help Mom earn money. Mi-ryung just laughs, calling her an interesting person.

At home, Mom puts away the old photo of Dad and Kyung-sook, and apologizes to him aloud, thinking she must’ve gone crazy for thinking what she did. She decides to put her suspicions behind her.

Soon-shin comes home still in awe of Mi-ryung, and fibs that she went to her house on a restaurant delivery. Mom says she saw her once too and that she was really beautiful and elegant, and Soon-shin immediately counters that Mom is even prettier. D’aw.

Yi-jung goes home to her mommy as well, and actually throws a tantrum like a five-year old. Her mom runs to complain to her husband about the horrors of their princess having to clean, and he just chuckles happily since he agreed to this scare tactic to make her quit.

Yoo-shin overhears a couple arguing and flashes back to Chan-woo’s “Because I like you!” confession, and shakes it out of her head for now. She calls Hye-shin and Woo-joo out to meet her, and offers to buy presents for both of them and Hye-shin’s husband.

Hye-shin just talks around not needing to buy her husband anything, which Yoo-shin finds increasingly suspicious. She points out that unni hasn’t called her husband or talked about him in ages, but Hye-shin swears that nothing is wrong and changes the subject again.

Jun-ho calls Mi-ryung to ask how the lesson went, mostly dying to know if Soon-shin has any potential. Mi-ryung says it’s early for that but is more concerned about the fact that Soon-shin doesn’t seem to have much interest in acting, and lacks passion, which at this stage is more important than raw talent.

Jun-ho deflates to hear that Soon-shin said she only signed the contract because of her mother. Assistant In-sung adds insult to injury with Soon-shin’s profile picture, and reports that the reaction is what they expected—awe that someone so ordinary could be a star. He suggests taking her to a plastic surgeon, and Jun-ho hisses.

Haughty waiter Jae-bum looks Soon-shin up and down, wondering how someone like her got scouted by Jun-ho. But her sudden success seems to make him change his mind about her, because he sneaks over to Young-hoon to confess that Soon-shin’s kinda cute if you look carefully. Ha.

Jun-ho comes by and barks at Soon-shin to hurry up and change so he can take her somewhere, and ends up taking her to the clinic after all (his dad’s of course). He says that he doesn’t like plastic surgery either but just wants her to do the consultation, and takes her in to see Dad.

Of course it just backfires on him twofold, because Soon-shin has no intention of fixing her face, and Dad has yet another opportunity to belittle him. She runs out of the room, only to see Chan-woo down the hall. She must’ve not known this is where he works until now.

At the same time, Yoo-shin is waiting to see him, and manages to cross his path even with him trying to avoid her. She brings up his confession the other night, and says that like and love are such awkward words between them—can’t they just be friends? Forever?

Aw, poor Chan-woo. Yoo-shin says she’ll forget what he said so they can go back to being friends, as if she’s doing him a favor. He doesn’t argue, but his face crumbles.

Soon-shin watches this whole exchange from afar. So many hearts broken with so few words. Jun-ho looks at her, and at the couple, taking it all in.

He follows her out to ask if that’s the guy she likes, and Soon-shin doesn’t answer. He pours extra salt into the wound and calls the woman he was with so pretty that Soon-shin can’t compare, and then says he’ll make it so that truckloads of guys like Chan-woo line up to be with her, as if that’ll somehow make her feel better. Dolt.

He starts to get angry that she won’t go back inside, and asks what he’s supposed to do when she refuses to change her name or her appearance. Soon-shin argues right back that he was the one who promised to show his skill—does it amount to nothing but plastic surgery?

Jun-ho flares up at that (probably because he agreed with her until about twenty minutes ago): “Do you think I want to be like this? This is all because you’re so plain*! You have no passion, no pride, no will! That’s why you can’t even gain the love of the man you like.” Ouch. That’s too far dude.

[*He uses the same wording that she used to describe herself to Dad, and it can range from the physical “ugly” to “homely,” to more general meanings like “foolish” or “stupid,” and means most literally “born badly.” In other words, it sums up how Soon-shin feels about herself: worthless.]

Soon-shin tears up and doesn’t even argue with him: “You’re right. I am plain. I have no passion, no pride, and no will. That’s why I haven’t even been able to confess my feelings to the person I like. Plastic surgery? Sure, why not—it’ll make me pretty and people like pretty people. But does that change anything? If my face is pretty, will it change plain ol’ me?”

She storms out with tears streaming down her face, leaving him standing there.

She comes home to her snippy sister, but this time she’s too pissed to just take the abuse, and snipes back blow for blow. It seems common knowledge between the sisters that Soon-shin likes Chan-woo, and Yoo-shin tells her not to worry—she’s not going to be anything more than friends with him. She advises Soon-shin to give up on her feelings regardless, since she’s not exactly up to his level.

Things take a turn when Yoo-shin discovers a script in Soon-shin’s purse, and she accuses her of taking up that foolish dream again just to be fooled by more con artists, after causing Dad to die because of it. This time Soon-shin rails back: “Why did Dad die because of me?! WHY?!”

She pleads through tears: “Stop saying that! Stop saying things like that! Please!” Yoo-shin is actually taken aback, as Soon-shin asks what she did that was so wrong that unni treats her this way, thinking that it’s because she’s so pathetic and good for nothing. “I want to be like you! I tried! But I can’t, so what am I supposed to do?”

Yoo-shin actually looks flustered (And maybe even feels bad? A little? Maybe?) and just stands there while Soon-shin storms out and then storms back in to yank the battery out of her phone when Jun-ho calls.

He pretends not to be bothered by the fact that Soon-shin’s not answering, but he goes over and over her words in his head.

He comes to find her after work the next day, only to get a curt brush-off. Yeon-ah happens to be there and wonders if things aren’t going so well for him if Soon-shin is still working as a waitress.

Jun-ho just bluffs that it’s all part of building up her work experience, since acting without any “means she’ll end up acting like you.” Ha. Okay, that was pretty smooth. You do have your moments.

By the time he runs out to the street, Soon-shin is long gone. She goes to see Mi-ryung for her next lesson, and this time Mi-ryung tells Yi-jung to stand at the wall for an hour for physical training. Is she just pulling bullshit karate-kid stuff on her? This is hilarious.

She tells Soon-shin to try a line reading, and even though she’s terrible, Mi-ryung praises her for her fresh take. Soon-shin is as shocked as Yi-jung is horrified.

Yoo-shin runs into Chan-woo on her way home, and he tries to avoid her by saying he has a blind date to get to. She insists on dragging him into the bakery to coach him on what to do on his blind date, as if trying to prove she doesn’t care.

She says he’s clueless about these things, and that’s why Soon-shin has liked him for so long and can’t give up on her crush. He’s shocked, since he never knew. I can’t believe she just blurted her sister’s big secret crush. Ack.

But the more immediate (and hilarious) concern is that Bread Man Jin-wook has decided this is the last straw for Cheating Chan-woo, aka Hye-shin’s husband according Woo-joo.

He pulls Yoo-shin aside and tells her that her boyfriend is married and to stay away from him. Hee. But before Yoo-shin can set him straight, he sees Hye-shin and Woo-joo headed right for the bakery, and he ruuuuns out to cut them off.

He rolls with this dumb lie that they’re doing construction inside so no one can go in, and has them wait outside while he runs in to get them the pastries they want. Of course, Chan-woo and Yoo-shin walk out anyway, and she greets them: “Unni.”

That just sends Jin-wook further down the deep end of his misunderstanding, because now in his mind the two girls know each other and are friends, and Chan-woo is the cheating jerk who’s playing them both.

He grabs Chan-woo by the collar and starts telling him that a father and a husband shouldn’t be acting this way, and everyone’s like, What in the what? Aw man, this misunderstanding is so funny that I almost wish it had gone on longer.

They all think Jin-wook is crazy, until he points out that Woo-joo told him that Chan-woo was her dad… and when all eyes turn to her, she runs away.

Yoo-shin gets all overprotective of her precious Chan-woo and makes the weirdo bread ajusshi apologize, and he runs back into the bakery SO MORTIFIED that it kills me. I’m really loving this character.

Hye-shin runs back home to ask Woo-joo why she would say something like that, and Yoo-shin comes in wanting to talk. She asks again what’s going on, and when Woo-joo bursts into sobs and runs out of the room, Hye-shin finally admits to her sister that she and her husband split up because he was cheating on her.

Back to acting class, where Mi-ryung takes Soon-shin aside and asks about her family, and when she hears that her father passed away she says the polite thing, wondering how her dad could leave behind such a smart daughter.

Soon-shin says she’s not smart at all, again calling herself foolish and worthless. Mi-ryung chides her not to talk about herself that way, because that’ll never change her world. “The only person who can change your life is you.”

When Yi-jung comes back she purposely showers Soon-shin with praise again, calling her lovable and cute, and encourages her that she has every right to receive love. It’s adorable the way Soon-shin’s face brightens at Mi-ryung’s praise.

Yi-jung cries another river when she gets home and her mother takes her to Dad’s skin clinic to make her feel better. As soon as they get there, she spots Chan-woo and runs over squeeing, “Ajusshi! Remember me? At the club!”

Jun-ho continues to be a broodypants about his fight with Soon-shin, and orders In-sung to buy flowers and a fruit basket. In-sung: “For whom?” Jun-ho: “Not you.”

Family dinner at the Lee house, where the air is still tense between the younger sisters, Woo-joon and her mom, and Grandma with, well, everyone.

They’re interrupted by the doorbell, and Soon-shin’s jaw drops to find Jun-ho standing in her living room with baskets of fruit. He introduces himself and says he’s here to ask permission for something regarding Soon-shin… which totally sounds like he’s here to ask to marry her. Hee.

They sit down awkwardly, and everyone takes a minute to wonder where they’ve heard the name Shin Jun-ho before. Hye-shin remembers that it’s the con man’s name, and Soon-shin quickly lies that he’s the manager at her restaurant and happens to have the same name as the con artist.

Meanwhile Jun-ho is thrown by her lies, and then suddenly recognizes Yoo-shin as the same girl he saw at the clinic with Soon-shin’s crush. She mumbles that it’s her sister. I love that there are about seven conversations going on right now but nobody’s listening to anyone.

Jun-ho tries about thirty times to get a word in edgewise but Yoo-shin jumps to the natural conclusion that he’s here to ask permission to date her sister, and Soon-shin practically leaps on that story and confirms it. Haha.

Grandma knocks him down a couple of pegs for his lack of manners and makes her exit, and Yoo-shin makes a big deal about the fact that there exists someone on this earth who likes Soon-shin. *screenslap*

Before Jun-ho can correct the misunderstanding, Soon-shin ushers him out the door. He can’t believe she just turned him into a restaurant manager with a crush, and she apologizes, but points out that he’s the one who just showed up out of nowhere.

He asks if she gets treated this way on a daily basis, which is a question she doesn’t really understand. She tells him that no one in her family is going to support her being an actress, so he can stop trying.

He sighs at her having a crush on her sister’s boyfriend (Soon-shin: “I don’t! And he’s not her boyfriend… yet.”) and promises again to have the streets lined with guys once she’s an actress.

What they don’t notice is that Mom has followed them outside and overhead. Uh-oh. She interrupts them to ask what he’s talking about, and if he’s really who he says he is. Soon-shin shakes her head, but Jun-ho introduces himself officially and tells her the truth.

He asks Mom for her help and support, expecting her to be thrilled… but Mom thanks him for his interest and says they’ll turn him down. She guesses that Soon-shin did this because she needed the money, but Mom says she’ll repay the signing bonus.

Jun-ho can barely register the shock as Mom tells him that their family isn’t going to do such foolish things anymore, and asks him not to fill Soon-shin with empty dreams.

At home she tells Soon-shin to just put all this behind her and start thinking about what it is that she really wants to do with her life. So she puts away her script with a sigh, and then goes to see Jun-ho in the morning.

He plans to try talking to Mom again, but Soon-shin cuts him off to say resignedly that she’ll return the bonus. She thanks him for everything he’s done and gets up to leave.

Jun-ho throws out his last-ditch question: “Are you positive that you won’t regret it?” She walks out anyway.

She sits in the stairwell mulling over his question, and Mom’s, and then remembers Mi-ryung’s words: “You deserve to be loved. Believe in yourself.” She comes to a decision and dashes down the street with a smile on her face.

Mi-ryung’s presence in their neighborhood continues to niggle at Chan-woo’s dad, and he decides to see house for himself. He sees her arrive and jumps at the sight of her like he’s seeing a ghost, and then freaks out even more when he sees Soon-shin run up to her and follow her inside.

Soon-shin says she was planning to come here to say goodbye because she was quitting, but wanted to ask Mi-ryung one last thing. She admits to knowing that the lavish praise from Mi-ryung is more to do with Yi-jung than with her, “But do I really have potential?”

Mi-ryung smiles: “Yes. Why, don’t you believe me?”

Soon-shin lights up like she just gained the world.


Aw, it almost doesn’t matter what Mi-ryung really thinks, because that single vote of confidence does so much to make Soon-shin believe in herself, maybe for the first time ever. Though it’s a stretch to make us believe that Soon-shin isn’t pretty, I do buy that she feels worthless and never good enough, which makes her journey relatable and ordinary in a good way. At times it can be frustrating, like when she simply refuses to give herself even an ounce of credit, but I like what Jun-ho’s visit showed—that he notices right away how she’s belittled at home, and how she doesn’t know what he means at all because that’s normal for her.

It’s likely going to take a lot to undo a lifetime of being told that she’s not good enough, not pretty enough, not successful enough, but it’s nice to see that Mi-ryung’s praise does have an effect on her. Hopefully this is the start of Soon-shin developing a real dream and a passion for something, instead of just being taken along because of her family’s expectations or the need for money. I do like the idea that she might have more raw talent than motivation, but I want her to want the dream, otherwise we’ll lose steam wanting it for her.

I know the birth secret won’t go away, but I’m glad that it’s taking a backseat for now, because I’m tuning in for the rom-com cuteness and the sisterly developments. It was a relief to have Soon-shin talk back to her sister for the first time instead of just agreeing that Dad died because of her (even if deep down she thinks it’s probably true). I do like Yoo-shin more and more, and find myself respecting her self-reliant nature and her progressive attitude (for insistence, when Grandma sighs that there are no men in the house, Yoo-shin is the only one to argue that she’ll do better than any man). But the things she says to Soon-shin still drive me crazy, and I find that I want Soon-shin to succeed just so she can rub it in her unni’s face… which I know is not very mature of me, but dammnit, right now that’s bigger motivation than anything else.

What I’m really starting to enjoy is how the three sisters’ romances are overlapping in comedic ways. Jin-wook’s misunderstanding with Chan-woo was priceless and I actually wish it had been more elaborate, with more episodes of mortifying hijinks. His character is a crack-up. At least we still have Jun-ho’s misunderstanding with everyone except Mom, thinking he came to the house just to ask permission to date Soon-shin. Situations in which he has to pretend to be madly in love with her are always welcome in my book.


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        Can you imagine if he LIVED with them? Worse, if every one of them were to PMS at the same time, with Grandma on menopause……that would be chaos. He’s be ripped apart and eaten in two days, tops.

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    I just finished watching this episode. Have to say it was really good and the best so far. I managed to actually fast-forward far less than I did in the previous episodes.

    Anyways, I am definitely loving Soon Shin. IU certainly had excellent dialogues today as her character served verbal blows to Jun Ho and her sister. I was glad that she pointed out that Jun Ho doesn’t have ability if he’s taking the easy way out plastifying her (lol, that’s probably not a word but who cares). And when she yelled at her sister for continuing to blame dad’s death on her for no reason made me pump a celebratory fist in the air. So happy to see a heroine with a backbone. Now i just can’t wait to see her gain confidence and go against mom to follow her dreams of being an actress. Hopefully, Jun Ho can be more comforting and encouraging by then since he now kind of understands where her low self-esteem comes from.

    I also loved the Bread Ajhusshi and how deeply mortified he was, muahaha. That was such a funny and cute scene. Wish the misunderstanding played out longer too.

  9. Ris

    The moment Jun Ho unknowingly compared Soon Shin to her sister, all I could think was, “Oof, well played, Show. That hurt.”
    I am surprised and delighted that Soon Shin isn’t a perfectly proper heroine. I loved every time she snorted openly at Yi Jung’s ridiculousness. I also liked seeing Soon Shin stick up for herself in this episode and seeing the other characters begin to take her and her feelings seriously.
    This show isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it still manages to be fun. I’m just so happy to be along for the ride!

    Glad the meetup went well!

  10. 10 DddD

    ehh, i am liking every possible love lines except for the main couple, theirs just seem so cliche and boring despite the main guy being kind of silly/funny.

    • 10.1 kiera

      much to my surprise I actually love the main couple.. not as much as i love the baker-hye sin couple though =D The main couple is not really boring, it’s just still bland and not spicing up, and well that’s kind of the point..remember that they’re CEO-worker to begin with. it will need a lot-yes A LOT- time for their feelings to grow lol. I can’t hardly wait.

  11. 11 JenJen

    I love that SoonShin finally stopped bottling up all of her feelings in this episode. I watched her pep talk to JunHo and YuShin and couldn’t stop from tearing up for her. IU is doing a really wonderful job as SoonShin.

    • 11.1 picklemonster

      During that scene when Soon-Shin finally stood up to Yoo-Shin, I was like “Yes, you go girl! You’re not worthless, it’s not your fault, you’re just too fabulous for your own good!”, and I said this to her through the screen while bawling my eyes out, tissue in hand and everything. T___T

      Seriously, she’s so pitiful and endearing that I just want to hold her in my hand and pet her to sleep….

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    Bread man needs more screen time. He is hilarious, all the misunderstandings with him & third sister. I just love this show…

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    Can’t wait to see her face when Soon Shin makes it.

    It really broke my heart when mom told her to give up her dream. We all know if it was one of the other sisters she would have been supporting that’s why it’s so heart breaking. The whole family think they are doing her a favour by not telling her about her birth but I think if she knew it would hurt less when they treat her like “less than a family member”.

    • 14.1 kdramageek

      considering we still have 40+ episodes ahead of us, i can see soon shin hating on her family for keeping the birth secret for so long. it would be nice to see her rebel her way and give herself more credit. she deserves to be loved.<3<3

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    This show continues to crack me up. I enjoy it so much.

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  17. 17 picklemonster

    Okay, I really REALLY love this show! But there is only one thing that bothers me to no end: the drama’s portrayal of beauty. I seriously don’t understand it. There have been other dramas that do this too, make a pretty actor/actress fit the role of an ugly duckling. It would be more believable if even without makeup, the said actress STILL looked ordinary and plain. But I’m sorry, even with minimal makeup, IU still looks above average! =( And this makes me REALLY REALLY CONFUSED. Just who is “supposed” to be pretty and ugly in the drama? Because the actors who are playing those roles don’t match it at all.

    For example, the actor who plays Chan Woo (although he’s nice looking) isn’t exactly gorgeous to the point I want to take off all my clothes, but his character has women throwing themselves at him in all directions. Also, towards the end of this episode when Jun Ho visited Soon-Shin’s family, everyone seems to be unimpressed by him, (Hye-Shin said he looked “alright”, and the little girl said he looked “weird”) WHAAAT?! Lol, up until now I thought Jun-Ho is supposed to be good-looking in the drama? Or maybe that’s just my naive expectation due to the dashing and extremely cute Jo Jung Suk who plays this role?

    Anyway, I’m glad I got that off my chest. This show is my crack right now, and is doing everything right for me (except for the issue above).

    • 17.1 nasus

      yep, i couldn’t stand everyone calling her ordinary, so unreal! the makeup artist should do something to make her appearance look uglier in the first place, like terrible hair (ala Betty, La Fea), or pasting acnes all over her face (which I would probably hate to see, but i think is still better than making everyone call her ugly when she is not)

      aside from that i love the drama so much and don’t really have any issues with it, except that i was annoyed by how Mi Ryeong’s appearance (the hair, the clothes) can look unappropriately too young for her age during a number of scenes. something just didn’t suit her.

      • 17.1.1 flour

        ah on the contrary, im glad with the minimal makeup idea. here, soon shin is not ugly. she’s… plain. she’s sweet looking, but she looks like any other girl out there and i think that’s what the writers are trying to say. in real life, it’s that way and not the ugly betty way. i know people who could look very pretty if you look at them closely, but with loose tops and jeans, they look extremely mediocre that nobody pays attention to them.

        • DayDreamer

          I agree with you. The writers made her look ordinary/plain/homely….which is considered “ugly” in showbiz. For me, it just seems like the characters are using rather extreme words to be hateful/hurtful towards her. “You Plain Jane girl!” doesn’t exactly have the same bite as “You ugly girl!”

          I also cracked up when they called Jun Ho “alrightish.” lol

          • picklemonster

            I would believe that too, IF they didn’t throw in the plastic surgery part. =( If they were going for simply “plain” for Soon-Shin’s look, then it’s nothing that makeup can’t fix. I don’t know why everyone thinks she’s so hopeless, it’s almost like they’re saying she’s so ugly that even the top stylists can’t do anything, so plastic surgery is the ONLY way.

        • wits

          I agree.
          I really don’t like how k-dramas would do evvverrrything to “uglify” actresses just to make them look plain (hello Personal Taste). Here, I can totally buy IU’s “plainness”. It’s not that she’s not pretty, she is just not projecting it in the way that Yoo Shin and Yi-jung do. They are not any prettier, they are just more confident and with a higher self-esteem. That is why it is so relatable and in my opinion, way more realistic. When Soon Shin finally develops her self-esteem borne out of Mi-ryung’s tutelage and Ju-hoon’s “handling”, her beauty can just naturally come out. Of course, with the help of a make-over.

          • wits

            Ooops, this was supposed to be a reply to flour’s comment. Oh well….

        • Ha NI

          I don’t think she looks ordinary. I think she looks really pretty AND cute. Prettier that Sister #2 and cuter than Sister #1 in fact (Sister #1 wins all round though)

    • 17.2 Mo

      I think girls throwing themselves at Junh-ho is due to his position as a “star-maker” rather than his physical appearance…he is casted right. This same actor looked more handsome on a previous show- looked forward to seeing him in uniform and also I cried when he was killed in ” King 2 Hearts”…

      • 17.2.1 picklemonster

        I think you misunderstood what I said, haha. I was talking about girls throwing themselves at Chan Woo, not Jun Ho.

    • 17.3 usagi

      I think Chan Woo is handsome and tall! He seems to be the definition of a gentleman. And being a plastic surgeon/doctor in Korea makes him even more attractive to women (would any sane Korean girl say no to free botox?? =P).

      Jun Ho is more cute than handsome in my opinion. His character is very adorkable, but also condescending and arrogant at times.

      So between the two guys, I’d throw myself at Chan Woo for sure!

    • 17.4 cdbhl

      IU isn’t ugly at all, but when you compare her with her sisters or any of the girls shown in the drama so far, you can really see a difference. She’s “plain” compared to all of them. No one called her “ugly” in the sense that she’s extremely unattractive. They just mean it in a way that she has nothing special about her – she’s ordinary (the show really stressed this fact too by calling her “common” instead of “ugly”). Just the way she is, she wouldn’t stand out in a crowd. And it also doesn’t help when she has people constantly saying that to her because I think confidence play a big role in changing the way someone looks and the way people look at them.

  18. 18 anvesha

    I can’t quite get if Mi-Ryung is praising Soon-shin so much just to piss the sister off or she genuinely sees raw talent in her.

    And it was sad when Jun Ho easily picked up on the fact that she is treated like that in her own home…

    • 18.1 picklemonster

      I’m glad he noticed though! I sense that Jun Ho will be the one defending her and standing up for her in the future. <3 How sweet would that be?

    • 18.2 KimYoonmi

      I think it’s both. It’s two birds one stone.

      Soon Sin needs the confidence boost and the Sister needs to be pegged down.

      She was told as much by Jun Ho.

  19. 19 KDrama Fan

    Thanks for the recap GF.

    In this ep the comic scene with the baker Chan-woo, Yoo-shin, and Hye-shin and that of Jun-ho with the Lee family were really good.

    The last scenes made me think Soon-shin will now start working really hard to be an actress in every way including maybe moving away from her family.

  20. 20 crazedlu

    bread guy’s bakery must be The One Bakery To Rule Them All. ha. i love his character. so weird and hilarious. i’m actually enjoying the overlap of the sisters’ relationships. doesn’t seem too contrived. as for soonshin, i hope she really picks herself up. i really really like her and hope she gains some confidence soon. come on, story. pick up just a tiiiny bit.

    • 20.1 h311ybean

      Well, this drama already has The Only Restaurant in Seoul and The Only Clinic in Seoul, so The Only Bakery in Seoul is only to be expected :p

      And with the three sisters getting their own love stories, maybe we will eventually see The Only Wedding Hall in Seoul!

      • 20.1.1 wits

        Don’t forget the only gym in Seoul!

        • h311ybean

          I forgot about it for a moment :p Thank you for the reminder!

        • Enz

          Hah, I was about to say that too!

  21. 21 Marce

    please someone answer me this question 🙂
    Soon shin does not know she is adopted?

    • 21.1 heayun

      Nope, she is the only one in the family who doesn’t know. Will be heartbreaking when she finds out 🙁

      • 21.1.1 TD

        Yu shin doesn’t know either right ?
        only the grandmother, oldest sister and the mom.
        or did i miss something?

        • kiera

          yoo shin knows=D only soon shin had no idea about her being adopted.

  22. 22 bebeswtz


    All the stuff that Jun-Ho said to Soon-shin at the dermatology clinic (pfft!!!!More like a "let's make you into another PLASTIC societal carbon copy" clinic is what it REALLY is) and outside Soon-shin's house after his 'visit' just broke. my. heart =( Almost, ALMOST as much as the 'Soon-shin birthday cake' scene broke my heart </3 I'm starting to wonder if his 'concern' for Soon-shin is actually still because of him wanting to make her into a top star based on his bet with Yeon Ah, or it's because he's actually wanting to cheer for Soon-shin as well (but really can't, cuz Soon-shin isn't even cheering for herself, really), my guess and gut feeling is for the latter, which can turn into a good thing on the romance-developing aspect, which we all know is coming eventually
    But I'm VERY happy and glad that so many developments have been made on soooo many angles, parts, plot points, and most importantly, the characters n.n The little parts with Mr. Bakery Owner and the little misunderstandings were a cute touch to this episode, an episode so filled and luscious with the main conflicts that are so filled with emotion ^.^ (***aside from the 3 sisters, imma just start labeling the characters just by their jobs/career posts/family positions in the drama to make things easier***)
    And, just cuz I love him and every scene that he's in and will probably be the ONE long-term commenter for his character cuz I love him so much, I welcome all and every commentor to join me, starting this episode onwards, in my quest of "Young-hoon Moment of the Episode" (which I will try to post about, and keep up with for every episode he has a scene in): Did anyone else notice that Young-hoon gave a little smirk/smile when snarky Jae-bum was taking to Young-hoon and called Soon-shin cute?? Yea?? Yea?? Cuz I noticed n.n

  23. 23 jyyjc

    Aww IU really moved me in this episode when she gave it to yooshin, mostly because that scene reminds me of a personal situation recently. I see potential for IU to become a very good actress.

  24. 24 thil28

    thank you for the recap!
    just watched this episode today, and it was FABULOUS!!! best so far! the couple stories are moving forward, and also the main theme of the show with LSS finally standing up for herself was so triumphant to watch and also heartbreaking at the same time… seriously, my fave show right now. like GF said, im so glad that jun ho got to see how she’s treated like at home so may be he can begin to understand her, and start treating her better? so many great scenes in just one lovely episode! meeting the lee family was definitely the best, in so many ways…
    love this show, really hope it maintains the same tone till the (hopefullly!) fulfilling end… huge thank yous to the cast and crew of this really cool show!

  25. 25 pigtookie

    i didn’t watch this yet, so that last photo of jun ho with the women is just priceless.

  26. 26 mywhiteyasmin

    Aaaaaaw, Soon Shin, I want to hug her.

    This drama is really good for making the heroine lovable and
    relateable with me as an audience. I hope after this, Soon shin will gain her confidence and able to seeing how love deserved she is.

    On the other note, IU really is one of the best choice as Soon Shin. Sure she is pretty in real life, but she have this down to earth charm that felt familiar even with her cute image as an idol.

  27. 27 mywhiteyasmin

    Aaaaaaw, Soon Shin, I want to hug her.

    This drama is really good for making the heroine lovable and
    relateable with me as an audience. I hope after this, Soon shin will gain her confidence and able to seeing how love deserved she is.

    On the other note, IU really is one of the best choice as Soon Shin. Sure she is pretty in real life, but she have this down to earth charm that felt familiar even with her cute image as an idol, just like Soon Shin.

    • 27.1 snoopykis

      first time i watched this show seeing her acting, i could see this friendly aura surrounding her. regardless of all the flaws in her acting, you just can’t find a way to hate and ended up falling in love with her character.

  28. 28 Lady Seoul

    The ratings are FANTASTIC! I’m so happy for IU and her first drama. I mean every drama she was in was a success! ^_^

  29. 29 Saturtledaisy

    I am currently loving this drama so much~
    Usually I have a hard time liking both main characters of a drama, with romantic comedies I feel like they tend to focus on only one character, and the other gets less development.

    But in this drama, I really like both Soon-shin and Jun-ho. IU as Soon-shin is so adorable and relatable and just plain likeable, she’s easy to root for. That bright smile she gave at the end of the episode was just heartwarming.

    Then there’s Jun-ho who is just as adorable, because he’s just so… non-perfect. Despite his efforts to keep up a cool appearance, everything he does (or tries to do) just doesn’t go according to plan. Yet I still kind of want him to succeed, if only to be able to rub that into his DAD’s face. And of course Yeon-ah’s as well. I want him to be capable, but I kindof hope he retains his heo-dangness. It’s adorable.

    As for Yeon-ah, who doesn’t actually seem to make many appearances in the show, she hasn’t actually done anything horrible enough to make me dislike her or find her annoying. I actually kindof like how she takes almost anything with a smile. I don’t think she’s all that interesting of a character though, but I don’t mind her. Right now, she’s just there to annoy Jun-ho which is kindof hilarious.

    But my favourite character right now has got to be silly ex-convict Bread Man hands down.

  30. 30 ck1Oz

    Thank for the recap.
    I remembered the bread shop scene. It’s still as funny reading it again. I was so embarrassed on his behalf but it was so, so funny. Like watching a foot in mouth moment over and over again.

    The Jun Ho home visit with the 2 baskets. It was just asking for misunderstanding.

    Loving this drama so far.

  31. 31 asiafan16

    I have yet to watch the drama but I LIVE for your recaps. Thanks for your awesome work!!!! I always appreciate it!

  32. 32 YChase007

    I adore this drama & I’m so glad SS finally spoke up and went toe to toe with her sister and JH as well. What I’m gathering from the last scene is that she is going to go for it with all her might =) seriously we still have a ton of plot development to cover and we are only 10 episodes in. Excitement, can’t wait to see how the production team unravel this story

  33. 33 snoopykis

    the one thing that’s still bothering me though….Who is Soon Shin’s bio-dad??!! for now i’ve listed several possibilities:
    1. Chanwoo’s dad
    2. Junho’s dad (NOOOOOO i’ve had enough with faux-cest)
    3. Soon shin’s adopted dad (am praying he’s not *sniff* )
    4. Some mysterious dude who in the future will/won’t appear in the show

    I wish i had any idea about thisss 🙁

  34. 34 kilmenyanne

    Sohn Tae-young is so pretty. So distracted by hot side character.

    • 34.1 Minami

      I also noticed that! So Pretty. <3

    • 34.2 Minami

      I also noticed that! I think that her aura are what stereotype elder sister have. The Elegant and classy type. Mr. Baker is just the cutest! He was so funneh! I was actually ashamed for him. ~~

    • 34.3 marie

      I remember reading news that her older sister(also a miss korea) married pianist Yiruma and thinking her sister is more elegant and serene. now sohn tea-young has that serene aura too.

    • 34.4 kiera

      that’s miss korea for you.. and to add that she’s the wife of kwon sang woo. she’s one lucky lady

  35. 35 TD

    i freakin adore this drama, it’s awesome-O
    and i think i’ve typed it alot, but IU’s acting is just touching.
    i’m happy she stood up for herself, and hope it will be a thing she will do often in the drama.
    i liked how Jun Ho went to her house, and saw how she’s being treated. so hope that dudes defends her against her family.. you know an eye opener for them. how could they just forget her birthday.. all because she’s not blood related. and that second sister.. she just has to shut up sometimes. i like it tho, yoo in na and IU together. you know heroes nd all ^^
    thanks for the recap xD

  36. 36 meanrice

    This is growing on me. Slowly but surely. I loved that the waiter is now falling for Soon-shin. Ha ha ha.

    Baker man hottie mcAdorbs. I lurve him, I kind of want Hye-Shin’s divorce to be out in the open so he can start courting her. Just so we can see more of him.

    Hate that grandma is still beating a dead horse.

    And agree that it was very sad when Soon-Shin’s mother told her basically not to dream. Just another way of telling her she is not good enough to have a dream.

    I am not a crier. The last time I cried was in 2005. But I shed some tears when Jun-ho witnessed the emotional abuse that is the norm for Soon-Shin. Just the way Jo Jong Suk reacts is an art form. Bravo sir.

    • 36.1 wits

      Jo Jung Seok’s reaction shots. Always.Dead.on. And that’s when you know you are seeing a true thespian.

      I started watching this drama because of JJS. And it was worth it. Because now I have fallen head over heels in love with the whole drama – the story, the actors, IU, the love pairings, the secondary characters (Chan-woo, baker-man ahjussi, reso owner… so many to choose from).

      This episode is my favourite by far. I am so excited for the next one. I hope the engsubs come sooner though. Subbergods, please hear us….

      • 36.1.1 meanrice

        He was the only reason I tuned in as well (and a teensy bit Yoo In-Na). I am pleasantly surprised with the exception of grandma and birth mom’s assistant, the ensemble is putting in some solid performances.

  37. 37 exquisitemelody

    Aww, I really wish the misunderstanding with bread man ajusshi lasted longer, but I had to replay that scene because it was HILARIOUS!!! Really loving that story line and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    I wish they’d cut Grandma out of the drama…she’s so annoying and does nothing but make me want to fast forward. Give it a rest already! You’re not the only one grieving!!

  38. 38 DeeDee

    I cannot STAND I Jeong.

    • 38.1 thil28

      YES!!! Me too! I cant stand her annoying whiny voice. Then i think maybe shes a good actress to make us feel that way?

    • 38.2 ally

      I cannot STAND Chan Woo’s mom…the way she screams FREAKS ME OUT >.<

  39. 39 MrChuckles

    I am really enjoying this drama. And these recaps are so much fun to read afterwards. Often the subs don’t seem complete so these recaps really help fill in the blanks.

    I don’t know if anyone has brought this up, but what are the odds that Jun-ho’s dad is Mr. Hit-n-Run? They keep bringing up that they need to find the driver and the dad seems to have seen the accident but won’t go to the police.

    I do think there is a decent chance that Chicken Ahjusshi is Soon-shin’s bio-dad, but I hope not. I’d actually prefer her bio-dad to be a character in the drama.

    Finally, I think Bread Man is stealing the show. He is hilarious. Anyone think he is going to have to duke it out with Hye-Shin’s ex?

    • 39.1 MrChuckles

      Sorry, I meant bio-dad NOT be a character in the drama.

    • 39.2 hyesoo

      LOL when he’s all flustered i just wanna HUG HIM..he’s precious.

  40. 40 John

    GF ~

    Thanks for the recap. “because I’m tuning in for the rom-com cuteness

    Yes. Bring on the cuteness.

    This drama is chock-full of pretty actresses. Who will have the first “real” skinship, excluding any trips, falls, drunken blackouts, etc ?

    Jun-ho pissed me off when he called Shin-shin ugly.

  41. 41 lemonade candy

    I started watching because of IU. now, because its CUTE!!! might watch king2hearts for jo jung seok tho. iz he any good?

    • 41.1 mongoose

      He was many viewers’ favorite character. I actually tuned into this show because I saw him in King2Hearts, though his role in that show is very different.

  42. 42 Noelle

    First recap I’m reading of this show. Her sister sucks.

  43. 43 Toystar

    I think IU’s doing a great job!

  44. 44 Om

    The important part of this ep for me was showing the contrast between those outside Soon Shin’s family and those with in.

    Mi ryung pushed Soon Shin, encouraged her and lifted her with praise. Joon Ho is doing the same even if not succeeding but it’s important because when the birth secret is revealed, I wouldn’t blame Soon Shin for asking if that’s why afew of the family members always crushed her spirit.

    I know people above are wondering about Jun Ho’s reception by the family, and here’s why I think the family treated Jun Ho badly. They assumed he was interested in Soon Shin. If the older sister had an admirer who’s a CEo they’d be all over him. The Grandma attacked Soon Shin, the others called him a weirdo (except for the Mom and the oldest Sister). This is a bigger sign of how Soon Shin is treated by her family, and those who admire her. It’s a subtle bullying within the family, it happens in every family, and whether it’s because she’s adopted or underachieving, I don’t know but this will be an important part in the future of the series.

    I know Soon Shin will drift away from her family eventually, and then I’ll be up to the family to realise their own terrible habits, esp the Grandma and Soo Shin.

    • 44.1 hyesoo

      one thing that i like about the soonshin-junho pairing is how similar they really are in the way they think of themselves..both with low self-esteem though shown with completely different attitudes. It’s like watching 2 pieces of broken hearts being drawn to each other and fit just perfectly<3

  45. 45 Nina

    Kyaaaa!! The Shin-Shin couple is too cute!!!

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