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You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin: Episode 12
by | April 18, 2013 | 86 Comments

It’s an episode with some happy advancements for some, and life-altering realizations for others. There’s a little too much time spent on the birth secret for my liking, but then the cute is SO cute that it starts to tip the scales. Ratings continue to tick upward, with this episode bringing in 28.0%.


Mom finally gets one big bomb dropped on her, when Chan-woo’s dad confirms that the actress Song Mi-ryung and her husband’s first love Kyung-sook are indeed the same person.

She immediately asks what she’s been fearing all this time—is Soon-shin her father’s biological daughter? But Chan-woo’s dad can only say that he thinks she isn’t, in defense of his friend. Not exactly comforting, given her suspicions.

Mom comes home reeling and convinces herself that she’d be crazy to suspect that. But the one thing she knows for sure now is that Soon-shin is Mi-ryung’s daughter. It keeps her up all night, and she can’t bring herself to face Soon-shin in the morning.

Soon-shin just leaves for work thinking that Mom is still mad about her pursuing acting. She’s so glum at work that Young-hoon prods her to tell him what’s wrong, and she tells him about Mom not approving of her career choice.

He advises her to give it some time as long as acting is what makes her happy. Jun-ho comes by to see the pair of them smiling at each other and gets immediately pissy, wanting to know what they’re whispering to each other.

Young-hoon and Soon-shin don’t waste the opportunity to tease him, and both answer that it’s none of his beeswax. Jun-ho stammers: “I didn’t even want to know! Hee.

He stomps back to his office in a funk, and then starts searching the internet for ways to change your disapproving parents’ minds. Aw. He asks his assistant In-sung the same question, which of course has him jumping to the obvious conclusion that the boss has a new girlfriend.

He says he’s an expert in this arena, and tells him to buy a big present and show up at the girl’s house, and then get on his knees. Jun-ho wonders if knees are really necessary, but In-sun insists on it.

“And then you SLAM your head down to the ground—it has to make this sound—and say: Give me your daughter’s hand!” Hahahaha. That’s just plain insane. Jun-ho gives him the most deadpan expression: “Why do I even bother…”

And then we cut to Bread Man Jin-wook, who has the exact same dynamic with his assistant (we’ll call him Bread Boy). Bread Boy catches Jin-wook scouring the real estate listings again and wonders how long he’s going to go from gosiwon to gosiwon, suggesting a more permanent place this time.

He asks what Jin-wook plans to do with all his saved money anyway, and Jin-wook says it’s to open his own bakery someday. Ah, I assumed this one was his, but I guess not. He’s just Head Bread.

When the kid suggests he just sleep in the back hugging a bag of flour, he nearly loses an eye. Ooh, ooh, I know who has a room for rent!

Sure enough, he goes to the neighborhood realtor, and overhears her trying to sell the Lee Family’s room to a young lady. She tells him he can’t have it because they have a rule against men, but he suggests they at least go meet the family, because maybe he can convince them that he’ll be useful for chasing away robbers and stuff. Like a dog?

He likes the house instantly and then goes inside… only to come face-to-face with Hye-shin and Grandma. And then he just bolts. LOL. Did he really just run away? Hahaha. I luff him.

He literally stands in the street with his awkward hands, muttering, “What do I do? Why did it have to be this house? What do I do? What do I do?” Woo-joo passes him on her way home and he stops to wave, which she squarely ignores.

Mom gets berated yet again by her ass of a boss, and this time he strikes a nerve with a snide comment that she’s just the type of woman to be fooled by her husband. It feels really shoehorned in, but in any case, she finally stops apologizing to the bastard and grabs him by the collar. He fires her on the spot. Glad we don’t have to see that guy again.

Yi-jung comes back to daddy’s clinic, this time with an appointment to see Chan-woo. She fawns all over him while he treats her for an elbow scrape, and then has to chase him down when he does the bare minimum and leaves the nurse to do the rest.

Yoo-shin arrives just in time to see him talking to Yi-jung, who thanks him for “the other night” and asks him for another date. She wonders if this is the blind date, and looks Yi-jung up and down.

Chan-woo manages to burn both girls and run off, leaving Yoo-shin standing there mid-wave and slack-jawed. She returns to work and finds herself distracted all day with complaints that it wasn’t so long ago that Chan-woo said he liked HER.

In acting class that night, Mi-ryung continues her routine of praising Soon-shin and cutting Yi-jung down, and this time Soon-shin stops to compare their two essays and stays behind to ask why Mi-ryung praised hers when it was clearly worse.

Mi-ryung doesn’t confirm or deny it, but Soon-shin just offers that she’ll do better, so that she’ll be deserving of that praise. Aw, you can’t help but love her. It leaves Mi-ryung smiling after her in surprise.

But Yi-jung has had enough, and today she waits outside to pick a fight with Soon-shin, asking who she’s got behind her, pulling all these strings. Ha, if you only knew it was your own brother.

They go from shoving to hair-pulling to all-out dogfight, rolling around on the lawn like a couple of crazies.

And then of course Jun-ho happens by, and breaks up the fight. Yi-jung cries to Oppa… only to have him turn to Soon-shin in a panic and worry that something happened to her face.

Yeon-ah arrives right behind him, and they gape as Jun-ho grabs Soon-shin by the wrist and hurries her away in concern. Yi-jung is left crying petulantly, and Yeon-ah asks about her relation to Jun-ho. It’s worrying me, all this collecting of information about him.

She asks Mi-ryung how Soon-shin is doing, and is a little shocked to hear that she has potential. She muses aloud that it keeps the game fun.

Jun-ho runs to buy ointment for Soon-shin’s scar and prattles on about how she’s injuring a face that’s already an uphill battle, all the while tending to her so sweetly. He finally can’t stand to see her futz with it herself and starts to treat the wound for her, moving closer and closer and closer…

They start to feel the awkwardness and he finally breaks free and covers it up with more chatter, only to come right back and check on her again. So cute.

He sits down next to her and asks how she’s holding up with classes, knowing how prickly Mi-ryung can be. But Soon-shin says she’s nothing but nice to her, which Jun-ho can’t comprehend.

Mom drinks alone at the pojangmacha that night, wondering just how many times Dad lied to her—he clearly lied about just finding Soon-shin in the street and not knowing where she came from, and she thinks back to how he refused to let Soon-shin pursue acting without a reason.

She comes stumbling home drunk, and cries to Grandma, “It can’t be, can it? It can’t be! He wouldn’t do that to me!” Aw, poor Mom. She fumes in her room to see Dad’s picture smiling back at her, and hurls a pillow at it.

Hye-shin and Soon-shin hurry inside to ask what happened, and Mom just asks Soon-shin to come closer. She looks up at her with pained eyes, and then raises her hands to her face: “My beautiful child. My beautiful maknae…”

Awwwwww. Soon-shin just sits there stunned, as Mom hugs her and cries, and then drops off to sleep.

Yoo-shin sees Chan-woo on her way home that night, and runs up to say that his blind date was pretty (I love that this is being a big person in her eyes, like conceding that fact makes her a saint). She guesses that things are moving along quickly if she’s already visiting him at work.

But before Chan-woo can correct her, she launches into this warning about how she can tell the girl is a golddigger and he ought to stay away—just a friendly warning, from a friend. Uh-huh.

Chan-woo tells her not to judge people she doesn’t know, and that Yi-jung isn’t that kind of person, which sends Yoo-shin reeling. “Are you… defending her? You’re taking her side!” It’s adorable how offended she is at that. Suddenly she’s twelve years old, all pouty lip and flabbergasted that he’d take someone else’s side, when he supposedly liked her so recently.

But the outburst is telling, and he suddenly turns to her with this realization gleaming in his eye: “Are you… jealous?” Eeee. He just stands there silently, watching her dig herself a grave: “Wha? Me? Why would I be jealous? I…just… just… yunno… was worried about you… Yeah, worried! It was just because I was worried, okay!”

He asks with a smile why she should be worried about him, and she stammers that it’s because they’re friends, duh. Friends! At that, he swoops in for a kiss.

He forces the first one (Sigh, Show) but then pulls away and tells her to stop him if she doesn’t want to, and then kisses her again. She doesn’t protest the second time. In the morning, she wakes up berating her lips and hiding under the covers in embarrassment, wondering what she’s done.

Grandma is surprisingly lenient with Mom in the morning. I totally expected a rant about her drunken behavior, but she’s more concerned because it’s clearly not within the realm of normal for her, and asks what’s going on.

Mom says it’s nothing, and then asks Grandma why she was so against her raising Soon-shin the day they took her in. Grandma says they already had two daughters, so it was just going to be more hardship for them—nothing more, nothing less.

Mom asks again to be sure, but I do believe that Grandma knows nothing of Soon-shin’s origins. Grandma asks if Mom regrets raising her, and Mom cries, “No! I don’t regret it! I don’t regret it!”

Jun-ho lights up at the breakfast table when Soon-shin sends her daily gym photo, and it gets Dad wondering if he’s dating. Mom coos over Yi-jung’s bruise and puts raw meat on it, swearing this is the fastest remedy.

Yi-jung doesn’t tell her parents how she got the bruise, though when Mom says it looks like someone hit her, Jun-ho reminds them that she’s not the type to be the victim: “If she looks that way, how badly must the other person be hurt?” Oh, you.

And then after breakfast he sneaks into his family’s fridge to take the rest of the meat to Soon-shin. Hee.

He goes straight to the restaurant to stick a slice on her forehead, and when he brags that it’s a super expensive cut, she yanks it off to say they have to eat it. Ha, and ew. He quickly promises to buy her more meat than she can eat later, and sticks it back on her forehead.

Yeon-ah arrives just in time to see Jun-ho fawning over her, and her smile quickly fades. She suggests to Young-hoon that the three of them sit down for some tea like the old days, which has no one smiling but her.

She confronts Jun-ho about lying to her all this time that he had no family and grew up poor, and he smirks, “Why, do you have regrets now?” Burn. That was kind of awesome. He gets up to go, and stops to check on Soon-shin one more time on his way out.

You can practically see the claws come out as Yeon-ah asks Young-hoon about what he thinks of Soon-shin, and he totally deflates her by saying that she’s great. He suggests that she stop the bet now, but she just laughs it off with no intention of backing down.

Mom visits Dad’s grave to vent her anger, and asks how he could do this to her, crying that she worked so hard to live a good life. She demands answers, but of course gets none.

Jun-ho tells Soon-shin to entrust him with getting her mom’s permission to act, and gets defensive at her lack of confidence in him. He does at least speak from experience when he says all parents are like this, though he sees the motivation as selfish, while Soon-shin thinks that her parents are just looking out for her.

He warns her not to fight at class today. “And if you do fight… don’t get hit. You hit her.” Lol. That’s your sister you’re talking about.

Yi-jung gets a call from some friends who want to go clubbing, so she feigns sick to get out of class today. So Soon-shin is all alone at her lesson, and Mi-ryung has her do a line reading of one of her old movies.

It’s a project she had described to Yeon-ah as her most pathetic, because she didn’t listen to her instincts to laugh in the big emotional scene, and instead cried, as the director called for.

Soon-shin does the line reading now, and to Mi-ryung’s utter surprise, she laughs instead of crying. She stops to ask why she didn’t follow the stage direction, and Soon-shin says laughing here just feels sadder to her somehow. It’s definitely their first moment of true connection, and Mi-ryung offers her a drink.

Meanwhile, Mom comes down from visiting Dad’s grave when she remembers that day that she ran into Song Mi-ryung. She realizes now that it means Dad was still seeing her up until he died, and she demands to know from Chan-woo’s dad where Mi-ryung lives. Uh-oh.

She goes over there right away, and while Mi-ryung sets the table, the doorbell rings and she asks Soon-shin to answer it.

Soon-shin goes to the intercom and looks up at the screen… to see Mom looking right back.


Eep. Well at least it was Soon-shin who got to the door first—she’ll do something to keep this confrontation from happening so soon, right? Part of me wants all the secrets to just hurry up and come out, but I have to remind myself that Soon-shin doesn’t even know that she was adopted, so there’s probably a lot more of these fakeouts headed our way.

More than the mom drama, the first sign that Soon-shin has a natural talent for acting was really a big turning point for the story, because up until now we’ve had no indication that she really should pursue this career. But I found myself caring about her mentor relationship with Mi-ryung for the first time, and it delivered that perfect flicker of hope that we’ve been dying to see. Of course we’re to assume she’s a diamond in the rough, but it’s much more exciting to see those traits coming out one by one before our eyes.

Already the way Jun-ho looks after her has my heart aflutter, and it tickles me to no end that he’s so petty about it (the way he talked about Chan-woo in the last episode just Made. My. Day.) and so blatantly awkward because he’s such a spazz. But the little boy glee is so endearing I can’t stand it. This is one relationship that I’m glad will take its sweet sweet time to develop.

I was surprised at how quickly Yoo-shin came around (or maybe how quickly she got caught by Chan-woo is more like it), but I think they’ll continue to be cute and bickering no matter the stage of their relationship. It certainly hasn’t solved their mountain of issues, so it should be fun to watch them try work those things out while dating. Now Bread Man Jin-wook, on the other hand, needs to move into the house yesterday. I can’t wait for that hilarity to ensue.


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  1. birdscout

    This drama is getting better and better! Thanks for the recaps!

    • 1.1 birdscout

      I wouldn’t have started watching this long drama if I hadn’t enjoyed the recaps so much. So thank you, girlfriday and javabeans 🙂 The last 50 episode family drama I watched was Sons of Sol Pharmacy, thanks to javabeans’ recaps. What would I do without dramabeans?

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      I agree with birdscout, this drama is getting better and better! Thank you also GF for the recaps.

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how much and the many ways in which Jun-ho fusses over LSS, especially because he keeps trying to convince her and himself (I might add) that it is all because he is trying to make her a top star actress. We on the other hand, can see that he is slowly becoming attached to her AND falling in love with her in the process. I also love bread man, he is so funny in his awkwardness! I agree with GF, I am actually enjoying seeing the relationship and romance between LSS and JH take its sweet time. It is nice to watch feelings develop, one step at a time, especially when the characters are not aware of them.

      • 1.2.1 pabo ceo reom

        The cute is so awesome. I can watch it all day long!

    • 1.3 Korean Drama Fashion

      My mom loves this drama. She constantly says she wants to adopt IU lol

  2. floovyn

    yayyy….realy loovee this drama….

  3. mongoose

    The part where Jun-Ho slaps the meat on Soon-Shin’s forehead and she just looks at him and huffs with this “Yah, you crazy man” expression was priceless. As is every time Baker Man flees. He reminds me of Shaggy running from ghosts in Scooby-Doo, all hands aflutter.

    • 3.1 Mawiie

      I wonder how many takes did IU (and the actress playing Jun Ho’s sister) had to endure with raw meat on their face xD I would die

  4. smile134

    I just love this episode. It made me smile all day when thinking about all these cute/funny moments 🙂

  5. saranga

    i’m having fun watching this drama for the two older sisters and their storylines. the actor who plays chan-woo is such a cutie! i love that strong serious(ish) type (in theory anyway). i love the bread baker—his character reminds me a lot of lee hee-jun’s in you who rolled in unexpectedly—bungling, bumbling, and big hearted 🙂

  6. february

    Jo Jung Seok acting is really fun to watch he so natural with his mimic. Everytime his face show up on screen i immediatelly smile. Such a funny guy. I love this guy acting very much.

  7. crazedlu

    BREAD MAN! Such a huge fan. Hahaha. Love him.

    Yooshin, I like now. It was her leading the charge with the Sisters-CEO meeting in Ep 11 that won me over. There are still things about her that get my eyes narrowing, but her heart is good.

    All the cute! Eeeee! Junho’s face glows so friggin bright when it comes to Soonshin. I very much enjoy the pace we’re moving at.

    Birth… secret…. come.. out……. at least to Mom…

  8. wits

    Thanks for the recap, GF! The wait was worth it.

    I love this drama. The episodes just keep getting better. I know, because I already said this previously…. this episode is my favourite so far! LOL!

  9. Abbie

    Loved this so much.

    Jun-ho is so adorkable. I just enjoy it whenever he’s on screen. I just can’t help but smile whenever he shows up. Love him so much. I enjoy his scenes with Soon-shin the most, obviously. I’m pretty sure he’ll discover his growing feelings for her any time now, but I just enjoy his goofiness anyway.

    Bread Man Jin-wook is so cute too. When he ran out of the house, I just about died from laughter. He’s so funny.

    Chan-woo is okay, too. But I don’t like him as much as Jun-ho or Jin-wook.

    That ending is probably a fake-out or Soon-shin will figure out a way to get rid of Mom. But, if Mom even sees her there, what will happen?

    I’ve begun to wonder, maybe it will be Soon-shin’s bio-dad who killed her adopted dad? I can see that happening, but hope it’s not true.

    Anyway, thanks for the recap, GF!

  10. 10 MariD

    The cuteness!! I spend most of this episode squeeing!!!! Soon Shin & Jun-Ho are just too cute.
    Breadman, you continue to slay me every time you are on. Seriously, did you just ran out of the house? Can she possibly think your weirder,.

  11. 11 odet

    Weeee… I just love this show. I really don’t like watching uber long dramas, but it’s just so so endearing. I read your recaps on eps 1 and 2 and I tried to just take a peek and now I’m hooked. I just love how Junho reacts when it comes to Soohshin. Oh, show.. You got me!

  12. 12 cdbhl

    IU and Jo Jung Suk surprisingly have amazing chemistry together. Even though they have a 13 year difference, you don’t sense it at all when you’re watching them. And one of the things that I love about them is that they both don’t try hard to “over-act.” I just love how they express their emotions through little details. Take that scene when he was tending to her. They both showed their awkwardness so well even without saying anything. Just the way their eyes were moving and IU’s little sniffle. Am I the only one that notices all these little stuff? lol

    Anyway, thanks for the recap! I’m so happy that ratings are continuing to climb.

    • 12.1 Sera

      Yup, they have surprisingly great chemistry and seemingly work very well together. I’ve read articles mention a lot of the more natural moments between them are actually improv/adlibbing– which I think says a lot about the rapport they have with each other. For example, that really cute fistbump in ep 11 was said to be IU’s idea, and I’m sure JJS with his experience and expertise with improv contributes a lot as well. 😀

      • 12.1.1 lulu

        i love the fist bump in ep 11 so it was an adlib by IU? No wonder it barely got captured by the camera. I thought it was bad camera work ~~

        • Sera

          Yeah, perhaps. A lot of netizens have been complaining about that scene for that same reason. “Why no close up of their fists, director!” etc, etc. I’m sure she would’ve had to ask permission for the idea beforehand.. tsk tsk. Either way I hope they film future scenes more carefully. 😛

      • 12.1.2 dani305

        Is that what was it was? Honestly I couldn’t see it because the camera cut off the view. I thought it was so weird how they were staring down and then giggling.

      • 12.1.3 Saima

        Was totally squeeing @ JH’s rxn to the fist bump!! What a dork!! <3

    • 12.2 Sera

      And I totally notice all of that stuff too! The way they look at each other/blink without over-doing it and getting all bug-eyed in shock like a lot of kdrama actors do. Also, you should see what netizens are doing @ DC Soonsin gallery lol They’re pretty much gifing/capping/photomanipulating every scene the two are in together and microanalyzing every single gesture/action. Seems like the dynamic Soonshin and Junho have with each other is gathering a lot of attention. 😛

      • 12.2.1 cdbhl

        Hearing that a lot of their natural moments are because of improv/adlibs makes me happy. I never realized how much love their getting from this drama. I haven’t read any articles or read what the netizens are saying, but I’m glad to hear that they’re getting a lot of attention from it!

    • 12.3 TD

      -fistpump- lol

      i freakin adore this drama, and the two male leads are nailing it. they’re acting very well. enjoy watching this drama ^^

    • 12.4 Vee

      Don’t worry! I notice all these things too. How can you not when the lead actors are doing such a great job?!! I love their natural chemistry together. It’s not an over the top love that’s developing, but something really natural and sweet. It’s a nice break from melos like That Winter the Wind Blows or 100 Year Inheritance.

  13. 13 noona

    Bread Man! my fav character.

  14. 14 TS

    That kiss was, oh, well, it actually made me all dweamy and squee. ::fans self::

    This drama’s really good. I didn’t expect it to be so.

  15. 15 ss

    ugh i just love junho-soonshin scenes so much!
    they are just so adorable together.

    the last family i watched and enjoyed was ojakgyo brothers. and im so glad that i’m enjoying this show as much.

    & i love soonshin! you just can’t help rooting for her. She’s one of those rare kdrama female leads that doesn’t make you want to bang your head on a desk. ( there are several kdramas i’ve watched whereby the female leads are damn frustrating…so i’m really glad that soonshin is a really likeable character!) & iu is doing a really good job.

    & junho! love his character as well. he’s such a dork. haha. jo jungseok is such an amazing actor. I think i should give tk2h a try just for him. haha

  16. 16 KDaddict

    I love Jo JS. Only watched eps 1 and 2, which weren’t grabbing. But this is shaping up nicely. Time to play catch up this weekend! Thx.

  17. 17 justpassingby

    SO GOOD!!

  18. 18 ilikemangos

    That long-time friendship bickering is usually one that is overplayed and still my favorite, which is probably why i gravitate towards chan woo&yoo shin’s relationship, naturally. I’m surprised, however, that they’ve already kissed and he admitted his feelings although it’s only episode 12 of what, 50 something episodes? Wonder if they’ll be married with kids by the time we’re done with this show.

    • 18.1 nasus

      married with kids by the time we’re done with the show? lol! now if I think about it, that’s a possibility that could happen…

      aside from that, I so want to see breadman getting married with hye-sin!!

  19. 19 quickbrownfox

    show, how much i love you!!! i just wish the subtitle goes faster, but oh well, i’m thankful that at least someone is subbing it 🙂

    love junho and soonshin’s scenes. they light up the screen immediately!

  20. 20 snow_white

    Loved this episode…

  21. 21 LizC

    I totally assumed that Yoo-shin dreamed the kiss with Chan-woo, and it was a big fakeout, so I had to go back and rewatch. I guess it was legit!

  22. 22 Onichick

    I loved this episode. I was cracking up. You can also tell the actors love the show too which makes it even more awesome.

    I am really surprised since Im not a big IU fan. Although I would JJS anywhere. And I just really like Yoo In Na.

    I seriously look all the storylines. Unlike Hundred Year Inheritance, where I JUST WANT THE MAIN COUPLE TOGETHER OMG. And some of the other story lines bother me.

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  24. 24 Quiet Thought

    My god, someone cut the top of her skull off and exposed her brain! Yuck!

    • 24.1 Rovi

      Haha, the pic at the top, right? XD


  25. 25 anvesha

    Jun Ho is SO CUTE! I know that for now it’s because ‘she is his actress’ but I just LOVE how he always on her side and so adorkable about it. He makes me smile everytime he’s on screen.

    The bakery guy makes me half cringe and half amused at his antics. I don’t remember ever seeing a guy so cartoonishly funny but not annoying..

    • 25.1 picklemonster

      Omg yes Jun Ho is SO FREAKISHLY ADORABLE. This drama has so many endearing characters that it doesn’t make me bored during screen changes, because every scene is funny.

      I’m quiet surprised by Baker Man’s acting skills, he pulls off comedy really well, and his actions look so spontaneously realistic. A lot of people can’t pull off physical reactions that have to do with their body (a.k.a. body acting), but this guy is a pro at it! The whimpering noises he makes when he’s nervous or startled, omg….xD

      Btw, does anyone know if raw meat actually heals bruises?!

  26. 26 Rovi

    Can I just say I’m feeling a bit guilty when I read the recaps just to catch a glimpse whether there’s a screencap of Jihoonie (assistant Jo In-seong)? XD

    • 26.1 skm

      I had to pause for a giggle fit after he whacked his head on Jun-ho’s desk to demonstrate his genius plan!

    • 26.2 Saima

      I’m loving all the male characters: baker ahjusshi, Chan Woo oppa, dorkalicious JH… even the assistant. He cracks me up whenever he enters JH’s office with trepidation.

  27. 27 KDrama Fan

    Thanks GF for the great recap of a great episode.

    Just love the way relationships between the sisters and their guys is being played out.

  28. 28 Dorotka

    My relationship to beef has changed.
    Preparing some now and constantly giggling.

  29. 29 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap.

    I would admit the Soon Shin and Jun Ho interactions is da bomb. They are so good together. He just makes me laugh when he is petty and trying to impress.

    The raw meat on the forehead. Never got tired of repeating that scene. I mean… for goodness sakes, it’s just too funny 🙂

  30. 30 MAC

    Thanks for the recap. Had to smile all over again.

    Am really enjoying this show and a bit surprised at how fast some of the story lines are picking up.

    Just realized from the comments that bumbling guys are getting a lot of nods from the ladies. Maybe this is the secret of this drama — reminds us the cuteness of being ordinary and humanly flawed.

    • 30.1 skm

      That and the fact that bumbling well-intentioned guys are just so much easier to root for than arrogant rich handsome jerks that take most of a series to turn “nice.”

  31. 31 zepthee

    can’t wait for the next epsiode!!! my first kdramas were BBF, city hunter, personal taste, n faith. so i only know lee minho as a good actor. but then, i try to watch different actors in different dramas. hah! there are so many more great actors! I guess jo jung seok was the most natural (oh so is daniel choi ;p ) i do hope junho would sing like what jung seok did in what’s up n king2hearts. that would be splendid!!

  32. 32 Brian

    I wonder who Song Mi Ryung’s interior decorator is. That living room area is not inviting at all. I understand modern design but when Soon Shin enters and says hello, her voice echoes. There’s like no warmth at all in that room. I guess she prefers the barren look but it could use a lot more in the way of sound-deadening materials like chairs, cushions, rugs, tapestries, whatever.

    Back to the drama — so much fun to watch! Nothing sillier than a slice of meat on your forehead. It’s hilarious to note that Jun Ho doesn’t even know that he’s violating Soon Shin’s personal space and getting much closer to her than propriety allows — of course he has good reason to, just that he doesn’t realize the real reason why he’s getting close to his little ingenue.

    And the silly birth secret. I am still guessing that Soon Shin’s foster father is her real father, because Dr. Shin seems way too haughty when he talks to Song Mi Ryung, and the other suspect, Park Bok man, or Chicken ajusshi seems too timid in his stalking of his old friend Kyung Suk.

    • 32.1 Hui3r

      That would be icky. Because he was supposed to be a happily married man with two kids when Soonshin was born. Which is whats hurting Mom so much – if Soonshin is her husband’s daughter, it means he was unfaithful during their marriage.

      • 32.1.1 Brian

        That’s exactly what that means. It happens all the time.

        • HUi3r

          Yes – while that is true, I would like that in a nice family dramaland construct, that Nice!Dead!Dad stay nice.

          I don’t mind a storyline surrounding it, but i hope that’s not the resolution. 🙁

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    – Bread Man Jin Wook needs to have moved his little flour bum into the house YESTERDAY, like Girlfriday said

    – Cafe (it’s a Restaurant, really) Owner Young Hoon needs to realize his feels for Soon Shin and step up his game ASAP and continue doing what he does best: being the sweet, too-good-to-be-true guy that I (and everyone) loves, even if I can already feel my heart breaking for him <3

    – Jun Ho needs to step up his game and realize HIS feels for Soon Shin as well as continue to be his own dorky, snarky, cute self <3 Seriously…. I watched all the Soon Shin + Jun Ho moments– especially the fight + post-fight moments when he was fawning over her– like, 5 bajillion times
    ….. s'all I'm sayin' n.n

    Thanks a bunch, Girlfriday, for the recap n.n Bless your heart!!!

    • 34.1 bebeswtz

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    • 34.2 dani305

      OK, so people think cafe owner has feelings for Soon-shin. Otherwise, the way he’s all up in her business is a little unusual for a boss. Hehe, that will be a good love triangle once Chan-woo is out of the picture.

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    • 35.1 anklegirl

      You’ve done it now.Can NOT unsee…

      That said, Jo Jung Suk’s acting proves why idols and aspiring actors need to spend some time in theater..God, that boy emotes well.

    • 35.2 eternalfive

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    • 35.3 Isabel

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    Reading the recap is already so much funny and makes me laugh, in some cases LOL; can’t wait to watch the actual episode. ^^

    • 36.1 Mosquito

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    Meh about the birth secret – I’m just gonna enjoy the cute moments and soon shin’s continued discovery of talent and consequent growth!
    ahh, the scene with mi ryung at the end was the best.
    Although jun ho fussing over her and smiling whenever he receives a text and when he totally burns yeon ah without actually TRYING to comes a close close second to best. 🙂

  38. 38 eternalfive

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    best episode so far, so much character developments and plt moving forward, too…even the predictable is so endearing to watch.

    so much the funny in this one episode, but the one that really got me was the woo joo and baker man scene where he said “at least she’s consistent!”. seriously, ROFL, cos i thought the same thing and he said it…and then the running away from the house, was too funny…

    also the best funny scenes with SJH and LSS, and how he totally ignored his sis for LSS, so awwww… and the beef and cute restaurant manager! omo, omo, omo, too many to list, but great episode overall!! loving it so much! please stay great, please stay great, please stay great!

  41. 41 news

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  42. 42 Kay

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    This show is just fun – simply put – its not focusing so much on all the hardships the main lead has to fan (sometimes melo’s overdo it) or on the love angle…which im really really enjoying…hope they continue the momentum all the way to episode 50!

  43. 43 Lizzy4e

    The kiss the kiss the kiss! It seems early for a 50 episode show, but the boy needed to know all was not lost with surly middle sister. He already seems to know that she is an abrasive, straight-talking person and still thinks she is wonderful, lucky her.

    Did not realize that Jo Jung-seok is 13 years older then IU. They are a charismatic couple; their interactions are so cute and yes, the way Jun-ho lights up over Soon shin is so gratifying.

    Chicken lady scenes are unpleasant to watch. The Character is ugly inside and out. (not the actress the character)

    Grandmother is also making me rethink, in a negative way, the whole multiple-generations in one house thing. I have long thought that having many generations in one home would be a great thing. (I must have a short memory or live in a fantasy world because this show has reminded me that some families are dysfunctional…mine and who in there right mind would want to be trapped having to endure decades of castigation and pigeon-holing?)

    The Baker is such a dork, he needs to move into the spare room right away and start making inroads into being protector of the family.

    Thank you for the recaps!

    • 43.1 Stephanie

      omg 13 YEARS??? That’s really much. I mean I just thought he looked old I didn’t know he was THAT much older!

      • 43.1.1 HUi3r

        I think not so much that JJS is old, but IU is young. Not in a bad way – this is an age appropriate role for her. 🙂

        Bwah, but JJS has played characters younger than him. I LOLed that in The King 2 Hearts, Lee Seunggi (25) played a 31 yo character and JJS (30+) played a 28 yo character. And they both rocked it.

      • 43.1.2 Mrmz

        Its not that he looks old i think he looks younger than his age but still looks older than her which suits both characters since she’s just done school while he had the time to rebel from his parents, start up as a singer then quit & opened an agency. But like his Ex looks older than him in my view.

  44. 44 Mia

    Thank you girlfriday! It’s been a while a drama interested me this much; so far it’s only been this and Gu Family Book. There’s just so much fluf in this show, I love it! JJS <3

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    Lee Ji Hoon as Young Hoon is so sweet, but i prefer his hairstyle in previous episodes, his new hairstyle doesn't suit him imo, but still…. his smile is killer………. ^^
    IU is pretty good and watchable, but her shock expression is still kinda 'meh' and that expression is showed many times in this drama, especially in the ending of a few lately episodes

    • 45.1 Mo

      Funny how his office is British themed…when you mentioned his haircut, it made me realize he looks like one of the “Fab Four”—the Beatles!!!

  46. 46 Chisaicherry

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    so excited for episode 13

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    I really like this drama so far, because aside from the birth secret, it doesn’t feel overdramatic and almost realistic at times with comic characters in the middle of the sadness, etc. And the main lead isn’t forceful in the usual kdrama way.
    I hope the birth secret plot will be done soon and that we’ll have more reasons for Lee Soon Shin to want to be an actress, but so far I like every characters because they’re all believable (as far as kdrama let you have realistic characters).

    I also can’t wait to see the funny short-tempered baker-ex con moves in into the house!

  49. 49 Nina

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    That secretary scene with the banging of head…so flippin funny! Oh and the scene with Choi Yeon-ah in the restaurant…Jun-ho literally told her off, and i loved every second of it 🙂

    BTW, check out this pic! It looks adorable!

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