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You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin: Episode 14
by | April 25, 2013 | 82 Comments

Someone moves in, someone moves out, someone gets spit on, and someone gets slapped, not necessarily in that order. Strangely the episode isn’t as eventful as that makes it sound, but Soon-shin’s relationship with her mentor takes a turn upward, just as things with Mom take a sharp turn downward. If only she knew just how linked those two events were.


Mi-ryung tells Jun-ho not to worry because she really plans to be a mentor to Soon-shin, and help make her a star. She chuckles to see them bickering as soon as they see each other, after he swore he didn’t like her.

Mom downs a bottle of soju and stumbles home, just in time to watch as Jun-ho drops Soon-shin off. That makes her mad enough, but then Mi-ryung gets out of the very same car to return Soon-shin’s scarf.

They say goodbye to each other pleasantly, and Mom watches in horror. This is bad. Very bad.

Either because she’s drunk or just that angry, she confronts Soon-shin right away and demands to know what’s going on, dragging her inside.

Jun-ho asks Mi-ryung why she changed her mind about Soon-shin, and she says there’s something about her she’s just drawn to, calling her pretty and cute. Jun-ho scoffs that she’s hardly either of those things. Says the guy who spends his day following her around.

Mom drags Soon-shin inside and asks for an explanation, and Soon-shin says she couldn’t tell her because she was so opposed to her acting, but begs for another chance. She adds that she’s learning from “someone as great as Song Mi-ryung,” which is so not the thing to be saying right now.

Mom slaps her across the face, and they both stand there in shock. Mom: “How could you do this? How? Let’s just cut our ties then. Get out of our house. I’m not going to see your face anymore. I’m not going to be your mother anymore.” Dayum.

She storms upstairs to pack a bag for Soon-shin and hurls it at her feet. By now everyone in the family is trying to stop her, but Mom won’t listen to reason, and kicks Soon-shin to the curb. You know you’re being harsh when even Granny’s like, whoa there.

The unnis try to convince Mom, to no avail. They fill Grandma in on Soon-shin’s acting endeavor, and the thing that trips up granny is that Jun-ho is some hotshot CEO, ha. They wonder if there’s something else going on with Mom for her to react this way.

Poor Soon-shin stands outside clutching her bag with this stricken look, not knowing what to do. She starts wandering the streets when Hye-shin calls to say that she should spend the night at a friend’s house tonight, and they’ll do their best to talk Mom down.

Soon-shin puts on a brave tone and tells them not to worry about her, and then sits at the bus stop with nowhere to go. After a while she fishes something out of her pocket—the key to the practice studio that Jun-ho gave her—and decides to go there.

She puts her stuff down in the empty room and gives herself a little pep talk in the mirror: “Be strong, Soon-shin-ah. It’s okay. It’ll be okay.”

In-sung arrives the next morning and gasps to see that Soon-shin is basically squatting there, and runs to tattle on her to Jun-ho. He leaps to his feet in concern at the news, only to act like he doesn’t care.

He saunters over to check on her, and she just says she came early to get some practice time in. He hands her a script for her first audition, a melodrama about a heroine who tries to kill herself and then falls in love with the guy who saves her, and Soon-shin scoffs, “Not really my taste. Don’t you have some action or anything?”

He growls that what he gives her IS her taste from now on, and she just sneers back. He tells her to do a good job, for her mother’s sake.

Yoo-shin heads out for lunch with her co-workers, and discovers Chan-woo waiting outside with lunch and a goofy grin. I love the things he gets away with now, using her “we’re just friends” line. “I’m just here to have lunch with my friend!”

He sets up a giant spread on a park bench and reminds her about the movies this weekend “as friends” and ignores all her “What are we doing?” questions. I like this dynamic. All he has to do is insist they’re just friends, and he basically gets to do whatever he wants.

He tells her that he ran into Jun-ho the other day, and discovered that he’s Dr. Shin’s son. Yoo-shin gapes, impressed that he’s so successful and comes from an important family too. That just raises Chan-woo’s hackles and he quickly adds that Jun-ho seemed rude. Hee, now the Jun-ho/Chan-woo jealousy goes both ways! I love it.

Now that Yeon-ah knows who Jun-ho’s father is too, she goes to the clinic to meet him in person, though to what end we don’t know.

Soon-shin is so distracted by thoughts of Mom that she drops a tray of plates at work, and cuts her finger trying to clean up. Jae-bum runs over to help her and insist she rest, and then in the same breath asks when her sister is coming for a visit.

Young-hoon notices Soon-shin’s dampened mood and she admits that she wonders sometimes if she’s doing the right thing in pursuing acting.

Yi-jung shows up to acting class today and presents Mi-ryung with an expensive cake, which of course backfires on her like everything else. Mi-ryung cuts her down to size and Yi-jung whines that all this is because she’s only nice to Soon-shin.

Mi-ryung tells her to stop blaming other people for her weaknesses, and says that Soon-shin really is better than her. It’s enough to finally make Yi-jung snap, and just as Soon-shin arrives, she stands up and declares that she’s quitting. She throws her cake at Soon-shin, who dodges out of the way, and then Yi-jung stomps out crying, just to slip and fall on her own cake. Ha, well, that’s karma for ya.

Mi-ryung tells Soon-shin to just let her go, and they turn their attention to her audition script. Mi-ryung is surprised to see that it’s one of the projects she’s considering, and says that they’ll have to work hard so that they can act in a project together.

Woo-joo comes home from school to find her worst nightmare on her front doorstep: Bread Man Jin-wook unpacking his things to move into the basement room. Muahaha. He waves at her and she has a pint-sized freakout, only to be followed right away by Yoo-shin’s reaction, which is pretty much the same.

This actor cracks my shit up with his I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-hands thing whenever he’s flustered. It’s just perfect. He stands out in the yard with his hands folded meekly, wondering if he did the right thing in coming here.

Yoo-shin and Woo-joo kick up a fuss with Grandma and Hye-shin, but Grandma insists she’s done her homework, and every shopkeeper in the whole neighborhood has nothing but nice things to say about what an upright young man Jin-wook is. She goes to invite him to dinner, and their jaws drop to the ground.

Yoo-shin tries to talk to Mom, who squarely ignores her. She finally asks if she’s really going to make Soon-shin sleep elsewhere again, and Mom just answers coldly, “Who’s that?” Yikes.

Hye-shin comes down to invite Jin-wook to dinner, and he lies that he already ate a bunch of delicious takeout…even though she can plainly see the pot of ramyun sitting on his table.

Cut to: Jin-wook sitting awkwardly at the dinner table, with Woo-joo and Yoo-shin taking turns trying to deathglare him into oblivion. Every time he reaches for a side dish, one of them gets to it first, which is hilariously petty, and he just ends up shoveling plain rice.

Mom leaves the table early because of her sour mood over Soon-shin, and Yoo-shin follows her to her room. Jin-wook gets so flustered trying to answer politely when his mouth is full that he starts coughing, and ends up spitting rice and water all over Woo-joo. Ha, he’s a walking disaster.

Soon-shin lies to her sister that she’s staying with a friend and eating well, when of course she’s eating instant ramyun in the studio. Jun-ho can’t help peeking in on her and sighs to see her camping out there.

He resolutely tells himself not to care and makes it as far as his car, before turning back. He finds her running her lines, and asks if she’s never dated before because she’s talking about love and rejection without any emotion.

She hasn’t, so he tells her to get up. He takes her to some sort of meeting with an acronym where they wear nametags, and it turns out to be a support group for overcoming rejection. Ha.

He brought her here so she could try out her lines, but then gets caught in his own trap when the group leader asks for his rejection story. Jun-ho tries to play it off like he’s never been rejected his whole life, but the group eggs him on.

So then he finally admits there was one person he couldn’t forget even when he tried because her face was everywhere—the tv, the streets. But he says he didn’t waste much time on her.

They ask if something didn’t change in his life though, and he admits to sleeping less. They agree that sleepless nights are the worst, and then he lets the façade drop for just one moment.

Jun-ho: “But even if I spent the whole night with eyes wide open, I liked the night. I hated the morning more. Everyone else in the world was going about their day, but I felt like I was the only one thrown away.” Soon-shin looks over at him in surprise.

Outside, she asks if he’s a regular member of the rejection club, guessing that his story was real. He swears up and down that it was just an act, but she doesn’t waste the opportunity to tease him about it.

Jun-ho comes home to find Yi-jung bawling, and doesn’t bat an eyelash. Mom tells him about Yeon-ah’s visit to Dad’s clinic, and he wonders what she’s up to.

Yeon-ah comes out and tells Mi-ryung about her bet with Jun-ho, and asks her to stop teaching Soon-shin. But Mi-ryung tells her to be a little more honest with herself—is it that she doesn’t want to lose to Jun-ho, or that she doesn’t want him to know that she wants to go to him?

Manager Hwang gets a call from the police station with news that an eye-witness from Dad’s hit-and-run has stepped forward, and he rushes over, as do Hye-shin and Mom. But it turns out to be a dead end.

Hye-shin confronts Mom about how weird she’s acting lately—she doesn’t even seem upset about this, and it’s like her soul is elsewhere. But Mom just brushes her aside coldly.

Manager Hwang sees Mom there and recognizes her, but doesn’t put two and two together until he later remembers her coming to the house. He doesn’t miss a beat, and calls someone to do a background check on Dad and his family members.

Soon-shin gets overly emotional as she reads lines about a conflict with her mother, and admits to Mi-ryung that things are still really dicey with her mother because she disapproves of her acting.

Mi-ryung asks if she ought to try talking to her on Soon-shin’s behalf, and calls Mom directly to ask for a meeting. Uh-oh.

So Mom gets dressed and goes to a café where Mi-ryung is waiting. She greets her warmly, and Mom introduces herself as Soon-shin’s mother.


I’m actually glad Mom snapped, because as sad as it is for Soon-shin (the poor thing), it’s better to drive the story forward than to be in limbo and watch Mom feel silently sorry for herself any longer. I’d just rather see her express her anger than watch any more of her repressed wallowing, that’s for sure. While I fully understand why she kicked Soon-shin out, it’s also completely misdirected anger, and it’s frustrating that she’s not just telling her family what she’s mad about, and just letting them assume it’s to do with Soon-shin’s career choice.

Though the whole mother-daughter acting destiny is definitely ham-handed, I do get Mom’s bitterness when it comes to Soon-shin’s choice, in light of what she knows. When she murmurs to herself that you can’t fool blood, it really feels like Soon-shin’s affinity for acting is the nail in the coffin, like she’s confirming that Mi-ryung is her mother and choosing her. The problem is, Mom’s thinking all this and going through it alone, which is why it’s frustrating for everyone, including us. Mom’s mood put a damper on this week’s episodes overall, so I’m hoping for a bigger dose of funny next week.

At least Jun-ho is starting to feel a little guilty about using Soon-shin for his bet. I was screaming, Hello, pot, kettle! when he was getting all uppity about Mi-ryung hurting Soon-shin’s innocent feelings, when he’s the one who started fanning all these false hopes in the first place. But thankfully Mi-ryung’s sharp enough to turn it back around on him, and on Yeon-ah as well. I still can’t figure out what Yeon-ah’s deal is, but maybe it’s more that I don’t care enough about her to know. I feel like she’s just meant to be hated so I’m not putting much thought into why.

Yay for Jin-wook moving into the house. I hope dinners with the family become a regular occurrence, because his interaction with Woo-joo and Yoo-shin’s little anti club is hilarious. I want more of Chan-woo and Jun-ho being jealous of each other (so cute), and especially more of Jun-ho showing his soft underbelly around Soon-shin. Can they just sign on as permanent members of Rejection Rebounders Anonymous? Or yunno, you could just date her. For research.


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  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Thank you again for the recap, GF! JB referred to Jun-ho yesterday as a hapless heo-dang hero. Could anyone tell me what “a heo-dang hero” is, please?

      • 1.1.1 ohduhree

        i think heo dang means ‘odd’ or ‘easily confused’ or something like that, though i’m not sure if that’s the exact trans.. ^^

        • Ivoire

          Thank you Ohduhree!

      • 1.1.2 Nanaki

        I don’t have a dictionary definition but I’m under the impression it’s a word used to describe someone who is endearingly, bumblingly ALMOST perfect. So Jun-ho would outwardly seem to be cool until you realise he’s actually calculated how to appear that way, which makes him a gigantic dork.

        I think Lee Seung-gi gets described as heo-dang a lot.

        • Ivoire

          Thank you Nanaki! And I didn’t know LSG gets described as heo-dang a lot. I learned something new today :-)…

          • MsScorpion

            Hi Ivoire,

            LSG gets to be described ALOT as a Heo-Dang, especially since his 1N2D days.
            JB and GF called him that all the time, even his hyungs on the show too. As far as I understand it, it means the guy who seems to be doing everything perfectly but then messes it all up at the last minute by being a dork 🙂

            Hope that helps.

          • Ivoire

            Hello MsScorpion,

            Good to hear from you:-), and yes, your explanation helped tremendously:-). I didn’t know that fact about LSG, I watched some of the episodes of 1N2D with LSG, however, I must not have watched enough of those episodes to notice that he was called a heo-dang, even on the show. I don’t always read the recaps of 1N2D, only occasionally, and I must have missed the articles and recaps where JB and GF have called LSG a heo-dang, though I believe I have read all the recaps and articles about LSG on DB, since I started reading this site almost 3 years ago.

            In any case, thank you again for adding to the other explanations. That is one of the things I like about this blog. More often than not, you can put your question out there and there are usually some kind souls who would offer some explanations and answers, like you did :-)…

        • thorned sakura

          funny, i remember someone mentioning that JJS’ portrayal of SJH kind-of reminds them of LSG. so that’s why!~

      • 1.1.3 dewaanifordrama

        From what I have been able to gather, it literally means “empty-head” and has the sense of someone who speaks without thinking, who might be smart but still says silly/funny/things that don’t make sense. I also saw someone say it was like innocent naïveté. I also saw it described as someone who does not understand something the first time round, or who is a little odd in their way of thinking.

        • Ivoire

          Thank you dewaanifordrama, I appreciate it. I also spent a few hours on your blog, and I like it :-)… Please keep it up!

          • dewaanifordrama

            Aw, thanks Ivoire ^^ That means a lot. You are such an awesome commenter.

          • Ivoire

            Hey (again), dewaanifordrama

            I hope you will get to see this response. Thank you for your compliment, you made my day :-). I saw that you mentioned Bollywood movies on your site, I grew up watching Bollywood movies (in Africa), and I would go to the market to buy the OST tapes of my favorite movies, believe it not. I would come back home, play them and sing along (in the way that I heard them, 🙂 ). So yeah, I do like Bollywood movies and dramas as well. Isn’t the world a small place at times? You never know who might be sharing your interests :-)…

          • dewaanifordrama

            Hi again Ivoire! I am actually South African (though I didn’t start watching Bollywood then…but one of my Indian friends always had SRK pictures all over her school books). I LOVE Bollywood…and I am working on a Bollywood blog as well…but it’s very barebones right now. I totally know what you mean about buying all their OSTs – they are so great! A friend of mine who also loves Bollywood, introduced me to Korean dramas…and the rest is history. ^^ (I have met several K-drama lovers who also love Bollywood.)

  2. thil28

    YAY! thanks for the recap! good episode, but cant wait for the big confrontation next episode, unless its a fakeout…

  3. Roggy

    NOOOOOO MUM HOW COULD YOU???!!! Okay but the last scene gives me hope…

    Lol absolutely love the bread an and WJ. Totally ship their soontobedaddyanddaughter relationship! They are soo cute and funny!

    And god! Love that the triangles are crossing over!! Yo shin was clueless to his jealousy!

    • 3.1 Roggy

      BAHAHAHA ‘date her. For research.’ That would make my day!

      • 3.1.1 lemonade candy

        yep. she is a RESEARCH material junho~ go for it!

  4. ney


  5. joooe

    thank you!

  6. MariD

    I just can’t stand the mom anymore, her slapping & kicking Soon Shin out was the nail in the doffing for me. I was already tempted to FF whenever she was on. I still adore Soon Shin & Jun-Ho, but I’m waiting for restaurant Oppa to do more. Can’t wait till Sat!!!

    • 6.1 bebe swtz

      I know, right???? I was just waiting and waiting and WAITING for either Jun Ho or Young Hoon (restaurant Oppa) to find out about Soon Shin being kicked out and stepping up to do something and help her……but sadly, Soon Shin kept so mum about being kicked out >.< So sad, poor thing

    • 6.2 skelly

      I’m cutting mom some slack; people do irrational things when they are grieving, a lot of times they can lash out at others just because they are hurting so much. She has a lot to deal with, and no one she can really talk to. She’s leading the family now, so she really can’t share her fears and sorrow with the daughters or granny. And her friend is a real minus. She has no one now, not even her husband’s memory because of what she has discovered.

    • 6.3 Windsun33

      I am really getting sick of the mom wallowing in self pity up to her eyeballs with no consideration for anyone else. Her treatment of the daughter is way over the top (the grandmother is not much better),

      With all the abuse she keeps getting I wonder why she stays there, but this is K-drama….

  7. h311ybean

    Read this mainly for the Jin-wook bits 😀 I luff him to pieces and can’t wait for when he wins over Woo-joo.

    • 7.1 schnook

      Lol glad to know that there’s someone else like me too.. I’m reading solely for the bread man.. He’s hilarious!

  8. Noemi

    I’m loving the Jin-wook and Woo-joo moments, too. So excited to see more interaction between them now that’s he’s moved in. Woo-joo’s facial expressions crack me up, and Jin-wook’s just adorkable!

  9. Penny

    Thanks gf!

    Okay I’m sorry I just really have to ask: I know javabeans said yesterday that Mandate of Heaven’s Ep. 1 recap would be just a one-time thing at the moment but now that you have probably seen it (not entirely sure, I am just basing on the fact that Ep 2 has already aired), any chance you’ll be recapping the second episode? Of course, this is not, in any way, a demand or anything like that, I’m just really curious. Anyway, thanks for this recap, really. You girls rock. 🙂

  10. 10 jude


    That last picture. Priceless.

    It’s like the scene from 9gag/cartoon/anime comes into life. I luff yu Bread Man!!! XD

  11. 11 mongoose

    That dinner scene was comedy gold. It’s funny enough when Bread Man is sitting their awkwardly with all the ladies, but then the mom leaves, and Yoo-Shin follows her; Bread Man spits all over Woo-Joo, who shrieks up the stairs with Hye-Shin chasing after her; and finally we’re left with a long shot of Bread Man forlornly sitting at a near-empty table with Granny sighing, “It’s normally not like this…”

    • 11.1 mongoose

      Also hilarious: the Rejects Anonymous club clapping to encourage Jun Ho’s confession — cut to Soon Shin with an enormous smirk on her face — cut back to the group leader giving Jun Ho the enthusiastic thumbs up, heh.

    • 11.2 slfowie

      That was one of my fav episode… But the i will another episode n it’ll be my fav too.. Maybe, jut maybe talking to Mi Ryoung will make mom realized that it does not matter who soon shin’s birth mom is, coz SHE is soon shin’s mom in every way that counts. (every superficial note.. love Mi Ryoung’s eyes n dad’s husky voice…)

      Just about died with laughter when Jun Ho took SS to the group meeting.. GOD When the leader picked him to share his story… And then slowly he actually confesses.. I just wanted to hug him. SS’s expression when he was put on the spotlight “haha u totally deserved it” look- it seemed kinda mean but it seriously he totally did deserve it! would not mind if SS still could not go home.. Many be JH could take her to his place…. then we could have the sister and SS tormenting JH. But really JH’s n SS’s interactions if they had to live together under his parents roof would be funny..

      Chan woo’s “we are friends so i can totally take you on a date and tell them is just frens going out” LOVED IT! and how funny is his jealousy? Its funny both JH and CW are jealous of each other but concerning different sisters.. 🙂 Bread man he is so funny! its amazing that all the male leads are not you “rich cold arrogant” male leads that you normally see.

      • 11.2.1 slfowie

        this was not supposed to be a reply sorry!!!! 😛

    • 11.3 h311ybean

      I really hope these dinner scenes will turn out to be a running gag throughout the show. I want to see more Jun-ho and Jin-wook facing down a table full of women.

      Also, I want them to see Chan-woo being received with smiles (almost – not sure about Yoo-shin, heh) all around as a friend of the family. Then the three guys can squabble with each other some more, over who’s the family’s favorite.

  12. 12 crazedlu

    MUAHAHAHA. love it. bread man’s in, junho’s junho, soonshin is soonshin, mom needs to hurry up and figure things and herself out.


  13. 13 wits

    Rejection Rebounders Anonymous, lol! or the Petty Jealousy Club! or even the Mandorkable Gang!

    I love all the men in our OTPs, the funny Bread Man, our frustrated Mr. hotty and our petty CEO. They are all adorable dorks. I live for their scenes. They are the hooks to this drama, that have sunk deep into me. Now add in the other little hooks – our cutie restaurant owner, loyal assistant and the waiter too! and I’m a goner.

    I am hoping against hope that we are at the end of Mom’s season of angst. Now that the birth and adoptive mothers have met, I look forward for the truth to be sorted out between them at least… so we can move on with the story, c’mon now.

    • 13.1 Nanaki

      This. And: three cheers for the adorkables!

  14. 14 anvesha

    I can’t wait to the see the Bread Man win over this family through his adorkable ways.. poor guy, when he couldn’t eat with the anti club glaring at him and he kept smiling..

    And Jun Ho.. finally feels guilty! And on his way to realize that he maybe.. cares a bit too much.. for his ‘not pretty’ trainee

  15. 15 Carol

    I thought I was the only one being frustrated at mum’s actions.. here’s to hoping she sorts herself out!

    thank you GF for this recap 😀

  16. 16 Hko

    Ahhh what a nice way to end an episode !
    And what a hilarious picture to end the recap ! I love every love line in this drama ! But I want the leads to step it up a little bit !
    In the scene at the studio I want her to cry and he would hug her !! Weeh I can’t wait to next ep! Thanks !

  17. 17 Mia

    Bwahahaha that last pic. Bread Man ajussi is so hilarious. I can’t wait to see Chan woo and Jun ho interact after this, add Bread Man ajussi, it will be a hoot!!!

  18. 18 Kelinci Biru

    I like this line very much, because that is basically what i thought “I still can’t figure out what Yeon-ah’s deal is, but maybe it’s more that I don’t care enough about her to know. I feel like she’s just meant to be hated so I’m not putting much thought into why.”

    I like this episode and i like the overall story even though i really hard time remembering all the names. anyway, Jo Jung Suk is damn cute.

  19. 19 KDrama Fan

    Thanks for the recap GF.

    Great to have so much movement in this episode.

    Love that MR calls JH and YA out on their bs.

    Can’t believe we’re only at ep. 14 in this and have another 36 to go. Not complaining I just feel that it has so many things in it that it feels like it’s the equal of 4 dramas. Definitely keeping me entertained:)

  20. 20 Hubba_Hubba

    Did you realize that the president of the rejection club was the guy Yoo-shin dumped in the 1st episode?

    • 20.1 momoi

      Haha I was thinking that too. Well, we know why he’s there ;P

    • 20.2 Roggy

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHSHHSHA I totally didn’t notice!

      • 20.2.1 thil28

        me, too! thanks for pointing that out, just thought he looked familiar, hehe…. but the rejection club was funny until jun ho became serious, then i felt bad for him and wished soon shin would be more understanding towards him…

    • 20.3 LeeSoonShinJunHo

      And the part where SoonShin asked Junho how he even finds out about these places……….

      my family burst out laughing because ROFL OF COURSE JUNHO WOULD KNOW THESE PLACES
      i’m sure he went to a couple of these when he was dumped 🙁

  21. 21 ohduhree

    i know it’s cliche but i also hope he dates her ‘for research’, as you mentioned. haha.. that would make them closer.. and make more chances/moments for falling in love (or realizing that they already feel something, esp. Junho) and then have a hard time convincing themselves that everything is part of their act. XD

    i hope Junho also finds out sooner that Soon Shin was kicked out, so he can accompany her in that small practice room. lol

  22. 22 Abbie

    This was a better episode than the previous one. I like the ending, and am looking forward to how it plays out. Though I don’t think we’ll see Mom confronting Mi-ryung about her husband or Soon-shin.

    I don’t get Yeon-ah either, although every time she’s onscreen I feel like punching her in the face, much as I did with Yoo-shin in the beginning, but much worse.

    I think Jun-ho is beginning to realize his feelings, and I hope he figures it out soon. It’s so glaringly obvious to us and to Mi-ryung. Possibly Young-hoon, too.

    If Soon-shin and Mi-ryung work on that movie together, it’ll be awesome. I really hope that happens!

    I am ecstatic that Jin-wook moved into the house. He’s so funny. That whole dinner scene I was giggling, and then he spits all over Woo-joo! I just about died of laughter.

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  23. 23 Sera

    I feel bad when people hate the mom. Imagine if your husband brought a baby home one day saying he found it on the doorstep and couldn’t ignore it because it was crying. You raise that child for twenty four years, loving her and feeling closer to her than her blood sisters. Then you find out that she is likely the child of an affair your supposedly doting husband had with a glamorous actress, who you have no way of really confronting because of the sheer social gap. You can’t confront your husband about it either, because he’s recently dead. When you leave home to mull all of this over and come back, nobody misses you or even realizes that you’ve been gone. Then you find out your daughter has been lying to you too, and secretly growing close to that formerly inaccessible birth mother to boot– a person who she already idolizes and who may or may not know that Soonshin is her daughter. To be frank, I would probably end up lashing out too. It may not be sympathetic, but it’s definitely realistic.

    • 23.1 ohduhree

      yeah.. i agree with your thoughts on mum’s recent behavior.. i’m not comfortable watching her like that, but i also think that the drama’s presentation of her struggle is realistic..

      hope the chicken ajusshi just clears it up soon (admit that he’s the father [or whoever] or just tell mum firmly that daddy did not cheat on her, in a way that mum would be convinced) so she can regain her self-worth..

      • 23.1.1 momoi

        This basically echos my thoughts.

        I feel like her emotions are very misdirected still, when she isn’t sure for fact. All she has to go off is a scarf really.

        • Brian

          she might as well sit everyone down, go to the store and get those dna tests and test all three girls, mi ryung, chicken ajusshi, and whoever else she can think of and then go onto the Maury Povich show and find out who’s who. Of course that won’t happen — that hammers out a plot line from start to finish in 30 minutes, we’ve still got 36 hours to go, oh well. Although normally they fix this part way before the end of the show.

    • 23.2 RockPaperScissors

      Sera, thank you for your insights. Mom is working through all the classic stages: denial, grief, pleading, anger, before she gets to acceptance. I think the actress has done a great job of portraying all of these emotions, and I’m not understanding why many comments have been negative towards her. She is a middle aged woman whose entire world was taken away form her. Now that she has had her tantrum, I hope she builds a new life for herself that is not based on being someone’s wife or mother or daughter-in-law. I’m not excusing her sudden meanness towards Soon-shin, I just feel hers was a realistic reaction. Now Grandma, she I can’t understand. Just don’t see anything endearing about her.

  24. 24 snow_white

    Poor soon shin….mom is really reacting weardly as she is not telling anyone anything..just taking irresponsible decisions..

    Loved rest of the things…♡

  25. 25 MAC

    Am still enjoying this — though I wish more of the cute will happen. Am liking how the relationship between Jun Ho and Soon Shin is evolving — they’re starting to fill out what’s lacking from each other, in an unconscious manner.

    Am missing the interactions between Jun Ho and his side kick 😉

  26. 26 jakebot

    I wish the Mom blowup happened last week. she’s been so broody and hard to watch that it’s brought the show down, for me. I like that Mi Ryoung is savvy about the world around her but a little dim where she is concerned, since she seems to live for her persona that she has concocted for herself, and that endless photo projection in her house is how she is able to not fall back into Kyoung Suk. I like this show. It’s nice to see how the writer is really rounding out most of the characters, though I seriously hate Grandma. I skip all the scenes she is in. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

  27. 27 whilethemusiclasts

    Seriously loving every single episode, despite my frustration with mom. Seems like I’m destined to hate a different character every week. First Yooshin, then grandma, now it’s mom…

    But the cute still remains, albeit lesser than before. The petty jealousy between the Junho and Chanwoo is perfect. Thanks, show.

    Can’t wait for more Junho-Soonshin interactions. 🙂

  28. 28 Suzi Q

    I’m glad that mopey and the walking dead of a Mom is finally meeting up with Mi-ryung. Gee! It’s gets tiring watching her. It’s kind of strange that I hate the Mom more who is misdirecting her anger toward Soon Shin than Mi-ryung.

    The dinner scene with Jin Wook joining the family meal was just hilarious! Totally awkward with him choking and spitting all over the food!!!! Who would want to eat that meal after that? LOOL!

  29. 29 Anduril

    I feel like I could just say ditto, ditto, ditto.

    Loved the Jun-ho/Chan-woo mutual jealousy. I hope they become besties after LOTS of pettiness.

    Chan-woo’s use of “Friends” makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

    Glad Mom blew up and hope that her saying “Yes, I am Soon-shin’s mother” means that she has decided to keep that role.

  30. 30 zepthee

    what a waste of meal then LOL! it’s okey, as long as it makes us laugh hard. i enjoy watching this drama because there’s always a hilarious moment in each episodes (at least one), that piece keeps me smiling all day long. it’s great watch something funny, romantic, sad, mysterious, cute, and boring in one episode, complete!

  31. 31 Guest

    I originally watched this for Jo Jung Suk/IU pairing but… Chan Woo/Yoo Shin couple is more interesting for me.

    • 31.1 ney

      bread man and Hye Sin couple is also cute >_<

  32. 32 momoi

    Why does Woo Joo dislike Jang Wook so much?

    I’m loving Mi Ryung though a ton. She’s climbing up as one of my fave characters in the show.

    Manager Hwang on the other hand…just seems fishy.
    Is he her brother too, or just manager?

    Anyway, any idea who ran over Soon Shin’s father?

    I have a few possibilities:

    1. A new character we haven’t seen much of or at all (i.e., not introduced yet).

    2. Some random character

    3. The con man

    4. Jun Ho’s father.

    • 32.1 Brian

      I think Woo Joo doesn’t like Bread man because she can tell her mom has a liking for him, and that he likes her mom, but the scars from the recent divorce, possibly being in denial, hoping for maybe mom and dad getting back together again, etc. In which case Bread man is a threat to Woo Joo’s perceived happiness. Once she realizes that a reconciliation with her Dad is out of the question, and that her mom’s and her future happiness will be multiplied by Bread man and Hye Shin hanging out together Woo Joo will come to like him — maybe.

    • 32.2 h311ybean

      I’m no expert, but Woo-joo’s parents just split up so she’s probably still adjusting to life in Korea with just her mother. (I think she’s lived abroad all her life, hence all the English-speaking in the first episode or so?)

      I can’t wait for her to realize what a sweetie Jin-wook is, and open up to the possibility of a stepdad. Maybe she’ll even be the one to stick up for him when the family discovers his ex-con past (which has been hinted at).

    • 32.3 Moko

      Jun Ho’s father? Oh no pleeeeeaaaaseeee not!

  33. 33 Dorotka

    I so like Chanwoo. The moment he realizes that Yushin actually has some feelings for him, he goes for it! Friends, suuuuure. I myself wouldn’t mind to be his “friend”… :–)

    Mom is still difficult for me. I can get her frustration, I can even get (though with difficulties) throwing Sunshin out when she was drunk… but her coldness the day after when she was completely sober was a bit too much for me. Also, I expected reflection and some change from her, so when she says at the end “I’m Sunshin’s mom” it has some meaning and effect.

    But boy is she going to have some adorable trio of sons in law! :–)

    • 33.1 malta

      She sure is going to have an adorable trio of son-in-laws!

  34. 34 lemonade candy

    yeay! i so love this show!

  35. 35 malta

    One of the things I like about this show is that all the guys are nice. Almost all the girls are nice too even if prickly or bratty. I hope they don’t ever make the any of the guys or girls plain hateful. Yeon Ah and Yi Jung are the most likely to be turned into villains, but I hope that doesn’t happen even though I don’t like either of them.

    I think the problem with Yeon Ah is that she seems kind of crass and dumb when it comes to other people’s emotions (Jun Ho and also Soon Shin- I mean who makes bets on some strangers life), but at the same time cruel and arrogant. You would think that being an actress she would be more in tune to other people’s feelings the way Mi Ryung is, but instead Yeon Ah ends every scene she’s in asking some obvious question and then staring up into nothing wondering about it.

    Hope next week has more funny and heartwarming scenes, less shrieking…The Mom is going to feel so horrible about her behavior later on especially if her husband is not Soon Shin’s real dad because doubting someone in death can be worse than doubting them in life since you can’t apologize to them and be forgiven if you turn out to be wrong.

  36. 36 Lea

    That scene when Soon Shin insisted that Junho was being honest (on his love story) after the session cracks me up!! She is officially the coolest trainee ever! How can a mere trainee easily tease her CEO like that? only in k-drama land =D We need more skinship for this two.. My heart skips a beat everytime this couple comes out on screen..

  37. 37 Fun-Lugha

    I bet Bread Man is gonna soon find out about the runaway daddy and be the one to bring the smile back to that lil kid’s face cuz all this acting out is just her missing her once perfect family ; (

  38. 38 ney

    anyone notices soon shin and junho wore matching top in the session.. Baby blue suits them well ^-^

  39. 39 Mike Schuder

    I wonder when Jin-yooks’ jail time will come into play…..?

  40. 40 Mark

    I never watched TV before starting on KDramas last year. This is my first time watching a show that is still airing. I don’t know how you guys do it! OMG! I can’t wait to see what happens!

  41. 41 Moko

    Thank you so much GF for recapping this long series. I really like this show. RIGHT CHOICE!
    But somehow…there seems to be a series hole. Can anyone recommend a good drama (without magical stuff) that is currently airing?? I only have this one.

    • 41.1 Gabriel

      When A Man Loves. I heard it’s a good one

  42. 42 Jane

    I can’t stand Soon Shin’s mom. She’s getting pissed at SS for being Song Mi Ryong’s daughter but how the hell would SS know that when her mom’s keeping it a secret? She seriously makes me reconsider finishing this drama.

  43. 43 Naj06i

    was it actually shown that song mi ryung was the one who gave soon shin away?or not yet? because if that will be confirmed then i will totally believe that she is a heartless woman, until then i will hold out that she lost soon shin when she was a baby, and that made her a broken person. because like it or not how can she stand as yoen ah’s mom when she gave up her own child?

  44. 44 orag

    love love love ….

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