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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 438
by | May 18, 2013 | 78 Comments

EPISODE 438. Broadcast on May 12, 2013.

javabeans: We kick off Part 2 of our “romantic backpacking trip” with special guest Choi Kang-hee, and the captions prompt the question: What do you need with you on a backpacking trip? Tae-woong says a camera, Tae-hyun says music, and I’m hoping somebody said food and shelter.

girlfriday: Maybe they assumed it would get taken away anyway.

javabeans: Am I the only one who’s like, But is that reason to stop trying? C’mon, years of this stuff, weekend after weekend, some lazy PD’s gonna slip up someday.

girlfriday: One missed bag check later, Shi-kyung’s sitting in the corner with a mound of candy bars and Joo-won’s playing video games?

javabeans: All I’m saying is, it ain’t gonna happen if you don’t even try.

girlfriday: We get back to the team games for camping supplies, after Team Kang-hee has won the sleeping bags. This time it’s a gas burner for the winners or a tin can with a roll of foil for the losers. (I’m confused — where’s the part of that that makes fire?)

javabeans: I half-expect New PD to point them to the woods: Sticks. Fire.

girlfriday: Now that would be fun.

javabeans: From these stakes, I do think he’s learning that it’s better to be mean than fair. Sleeping in garbage bags? Cooking with one tin can? He’s learning. Game 2 is called Cham-Cham-Cham, where your opponent points either left or right and you want to turn your face the other way.

girlfriday: This one’s an upgraded version, where if you look the same way, your opponent tries to hit you over the head, and your only defense is to cover your head with a ramyun pot, which looks silly, but is effective. First up is Joo-won vs. Shi-kyung, and it almost doesn’t even matter what the game is, ‘cause we’re just waiting for them to beat each other over the head.

javabeans: Ha, at one point Shi-kyung hits Joo-won over the head, but both guys react so fast that even after the fact they don’t know who won and require a replay. I’d be the fool standing there going, “Er, who won? What happened? What do I do?” and the producers would be telling me to step aside because my turn is over.

girlfriday: That’s pretty much exactly what happens to Hae-jin when he goes up against Su-geun. One second the game is starting, and then suddenly he’s being whapped over the head and it’s all over.

javabeans: And Jong-min fixates too much on the game itself (he wins) to remember to hit (he loses). Then Kang-hee wins her game, but fumbles for the wrong prop and can’t figure out what comes next, and they’re both just standing there going, “Er…?”

girlfriday: Haha, that’s totally what I would do. Tae-woong and Tae-hyun get a few good hits in with the pot helmet on, but on the last one Tae-woong panics and forgets the pot altogether, just cowering with his hands over his head.

javabeans: Everybody (aside from Shi-kyung and Joo-won, who should always be on opposite teams) is pretty terrible at this game, which makes it funny.

girlfriday: So then the game is tied, and Kang-hee gets sent out to be the tiebreaker against Jong-min, who’s still playing slowly on purpose because he can’t bring himself to hit her. His team calls a time-out to explain to him that he will never date her because he doesn’t have a chance in hell, so hit her already. Lol.

javabeans: In the end the Reject Team wins this round and therefore fire. We move on to the last game for camping gear, which is for flooring and pretty crucial, given that they’re sleeping on a field of rocks. One team will get a proper mat, and the other team… a cardboard box.

girlfriday: Dude, if the Rejects get the cardboard boxes with their trash bags, it’s gonna be really sad. The game is movie charades, where each team comes up with the movies their opponents have to act out.

javabeans: Damn, they’re really mean when they have to come up with terms for the opponents. Su-geun has to act out the movie Divine Weapon, which is like impossible to act out in terms of plot or even keyword, so he breaks it down by syllable (shin-ki-jeon). This is hysterical, watching him mime jeon as pancake and then trying to be amazed about it (shin-ki = amazing).

girlfriday: Hahahaha. I totally get WHY he’s doing this, but from the other guys’ perspective, it’s senseless and just really funny. Plus, it’s backwards.

javabeans: I’m dying here. The thing is, Su-geun is awesome at this game but the movies are just impossible. I’m amazed they even get Divine Weapon and he moves on to Alice in Wonderland, in which he mimes being a pigtailed girl amazed by a new land, which leads to “Welcome to Dongmakgol? The Host?” HA.

girlfriday: I love that he tries to mime Johnny Depp and gets, “Crazy person?!”

javabeans: Su-geun moves on to a title that we don’t get to see (I guess to show us what it feels like) and complains about it because it’s either indecent or impossible or something. Reluctantly he commences, and is he acting out the actual plot?

girlfriday: It’s like this whole storyline about going out to dinner and paying the tab. Oh, is it Petty Romance? Only because that team was confused about how to spell it earlier.

javabeans: Omg, he’s totally acting out a “petty” argument, isn’t he? Why doesn’t he just point to Kang-hee? Amazingly, though, Su-geun gets his team to the answer. He’s so good that even the opponents marvel at how good he is at explaining clues they purposely made impossible.

girlfriday: He really is the Charades King. Ha, once they get Petty Romance, Shi-kyung demands they hide the next clue so he can beat up Joo-won for a moment.

javabeans: OH MY GOD, he gets them to Psycho by imitating Psy, then pointing at his nose (ko).

girlfriday: HAHAHAHA. Brilliant. They get through all their clues, and then it’s Joo-won’s turn.

javabeans: Ha, Su-geun’s team is actually resentful of making their clues too easy now, since they’re dealing with Rambo and Alien.

girlfriday: Yeah they really went with easy ones. Joo-won’s team wins, but man, Su-geun wins for comedy.

javabeans: It’s such an unbalanced match that even the winners are like, Dude. Ours was too hard and a Round 2 is suggested. So the winners give up all but one of their mats (for the actress) and go for another round of the same game, with adages this time. Our losers the previous rounds really up the ante with hard ones, as Kang-hee finds out when it’s her turn. The thing is, I find this whole round really funny, but I wonder if it’ll be inaccessible if you don’t know Korean? Because the guys are mostly breaking things down into syllables and “sounds like” clues, and it’s all language based.

girlfriday: It’s amusing how Joo-won decides to do “tree” (namu) with the “mu” syllable for instance (by doing the variety radish teeth grind), but the clues themselves aren’t funny in translation.

javabeans: Joo-won doesn’t really string together his clues very well, but he does get out enough of the right words so that once there are several, Hae-jin swoops in and puts them together in the appropriate proverb form.

girlfriday: It turns out Shi-kyung has an even harder time though, and when he gets stuck on one he taps Su-geun in to take his place, but even Su-geun can’t manage this one.

javabeans: This goes on forever. Su-geun and Shi-kyung are both at the ends of their ropes, and at one point they’re like, “We’ve lost, can we do this together?” And STILL they can’t get it across. They get so far off-base that it’s hysterical, now they’re just going syllable by syllable. Oh my god, Jong-min is trying so hard and I want to slap him because he gets everything upside-down, almost perversely.

girlfriday: Team Kang-hee even joins in because they’re so frustrated, and they just want them to get the answer. It’s funny that they won this game not because they’re better at charades, but because they could think of things that are impossible to act out.

javabeans: So then we move on to dinner, which New PD intended to be a fishing exercise, only they can’t because of the weather. Thus he will have each team call one friend to come out and join them, bringing them dinner. It’s a two-hour drive, which should make things tough. Jong-min immediately offers up Shinji, but hilariously, she answers, “Leader-nim! Oh, you’re doing 1N2D aren’t you? Bye!”

girlfriday: Pfffft. She learned her lesson the last time.

javabeans: Then Joo-won calls Jang Young-nam, his Level 7 Civil Servant co-star, and she sounds super cute on the phone. But alas she’s still filming so they don’t ask her, though Hae-jin does take over the call and exchange greetings since they’re friends.

girlfriday: Aw she’s cute. Then Shi-kyung calls a mystery friend, who turns out to be Lee Moon-sae.

javabeans: Whoa. He’s a big star in the music world, and Shi-kyung automatically gets on his knees as he calls. He’s actually on his way back to Seoul, but Su-geun totally butters him up and he agrees to buy dinner and drop by. I love how Tae-hyun and Joo-won get all excited before realizing, “He’s not on our team.”

girlfriday: Oh right, does that mean they don’t get any of his food? Meanwhile, Shi-kyung’s off in the corner requesting side dishes and rice on top of that meat he’s bringing.

javabeans: It only takes him thirty minutes to come, which means it was fortuitous that they caught him before he got home, and he arrives carrying a box of food. He had to buy stuff on the road and says he couldn’t find much, but the guys are thrilled to have meat. He’s all, “Are you glad to see me, or the food? Do I not even measure up to the pork?” He says he didn’t eat dinner either, and therefore bought nine portions. Tae-hyun cheers from the opposite team, “Nine portions! Nine portions!”

girlfriday: But Su-geun explains to a bewildered Lee Moon-sae that the minute he gave them the food, it became theirs, and now he’s earned the right to eat with them. He’s like, “I… brought the food… but now I’ve earned the right to eat it with you?”

javabeans: Hahaha, I love his reaction. I notice that Moon-sae, despite being rather put out by the idea of not sharing, quietly sliiiiides over to the winning team. They all die laughing at it and comment on his quick adaptability, and he chimes in, “I know not to be on the same team as Tae-hyun!”

girlfriday: They bust out a few snacks, and Su-geun tells Kang-hee she can win some dinner, cuing Jong-min to face her with a peppero stick in his mouth. Ha. She’s so terrified that she actually falls over in her chair.

javabeans: Haha. You can’t fake those reactions. Ultimately they decide she gets her pick of the five team members for who will be her partner in biting down the stick to less than one centimeter. She makes up her mind, saying, “[I take the] challenge!” Tae-hyun quips, “If it’s a challenge, it’s Jong-min!” Lol. They give each member a moment to sell himself to Kang-hee, like this is some dating show. And despite the rather frightening sell (“I can’t predict what might happen!”), she picks Jong-min. I kind of love the epic music mixed with the horror reactions as she does it, like she’s heading to a martyr’s death.

girlfriday: I know, with the slo-mo cringes from the guys around her, like they shouldn’t have let her go that far. Heh. She manages to get it small enough, and uses her win to feed Joo-won. Aw. Immediately Tae-hyun gets up with a stick in his mouth, “Let’s go!” Hahaha, is he talking to Hae-jin?

javabeans: Omg, this is hilarious. They’re both totally into the game and willing to do it, but also totally wigged out at the possibility of getting too close for comfort.

girlfriday: The exchanges as they get ready are cracking me up. Hae-jin: “Why are you so forward?” Tae-hyun: “This isn’t going to be a happy picture, so we’ll do it fast.”

javabeans: Then Hae-jin practically attacks Tae-hyun, and it’s just the best thing ever. Horrified-amazed-shocked reactions all around. Then Jong-min gets up to make a proposal: If Kang-hee does her Shy Dance (which she did in Level 7), she can win her team more dinner. With phone in hand, Tae-hyun immediately asks, “Kang-hee-ya, what tempo music do you need?”

girlfriday: The boys dance it with her, so at least it’s a team effort to win dinner.

javabeans: Lee Moon-sae puts on a mini-concert, and then they present Kang-hee with a birthday cake. Er, birthday chocopie stash.

girlfriday: And then they tell Lee Moon-sae that he can’t leave until tomorrow. I’m confused as to why they’ve brought two guests under spontaneous pretenses when it’s clear they were planned from the get-go.

javabeans: I know! At first I really did think maybe they got lucky with him, but now it’s obvious that he’s been briefed and is ready to spend the night, with no objections or “I’ve gotta call my wife.”

girlfriday: If this is going to be the new direction of this show, I have a major bone to pick with New PD. Anyway, now that everyone’s staying, the old teams are moot, and they’re just going to do a bitter/green tea bokbulbok to decide who sleeps outside. Wait, so the other games for the supplies were moot too? Lame.

javabeans: Wait, what happened to garbage bags and cardboard boxes? Dude, if we were playing for tent rights I’d’ve been totally cool with that. No baity the switchy!

girlfriday: I know! The universe has rules, buddy!

javabeans: Grumble grumble boo hiss. I was totally enjoying this episode until now, but now it just seems all scripted and fake.

girlfriday: Which is the whole point of what this show isn’t supposed to be. Gah.

javabeans: WhatEVER. Anyway, they do the tea drinking and I don’t really care anymore, but basically Tae-hyun has bad luck again (if it IS even luck! I be suspicious of everything now) and gets stuck outdoors.

girlfriday: Haha, I think if there’s one thing we can still have faith in, it’s Tae-hyun’s bad luck.

javabeans: Tent sleepers are Moon-sae, Kang-hee, Hae-jin, Su-geun, and Shi-kyung. Outside: Jong-min, Tae-woong, Tae-hyun, Joo-won. But Kang-hee has been keen on the idea of doing this hardcore camping thing at least once, and Hae-jin has mentioned wanting to sleep outside too, so they both offer to swap. Hae-jin picks Tae-hyun because he wants him to sleep inside for once, and Kang-hee swaps with Jong-min because I think she doesn’t want to sleep with him, haha.

girlfriday: Kang-hee plans to make breakfast for the boys in the morning, and the morning mission will be a flag race, where five winners get to eat. She doesn’t sound very confident that she can cook, so it remains to be seen whether this is a reward or a punishment.

javabeans: She gets up early in the morning to prep, while the guys are woken up by the morning song. Shi-kyung sprints outside first, intent on earning his breakfast, and Hae-jin Mr. I’m So Not Competitive also bolts up quickly. The others stagger around, all, Huh?

girlfriday: There’s boating involved? This is a Serious Race.

javabeans: Ha, Shi-kyung and Hae-jin are in such a hurry that they launch their boats without their VJs, who have to shoot from the shoreline.

girlfriday: At least it pays off. They get flags along with Joo-won, so the competitive boys all win breakfast. Moon-sae gets a flag too, which leaves the rest of the boys running around aimlessly for the last flag.

javabeans: Tae-woong spots it, lucky for him. I do love how Tae-woong has the tendency to wander around without any intention of fighting for the morning flag, but then he’ll get lucky and suddenly wake up and get all into the race. On the other hand, Su-geun sleeps through the whole thing and has to be woken up by his VJ. With the flags all picked, Kang-hee introduces her dish, and the guys ask sorta nervously, “This isn’t your first time making it, right?” I’d describe her reply as a suspicious long silence.

girlfriday: But it’s ddukbokki with ramyun. How hard could it possibly be, even if that was your first time ever making it? Also, how is that her first time making it?

javabeans: In any case, she struggles with the ingredients and the guys don’t look reassured. Moon-sae wonders if breakfast is for the guys who couldn’t find flags. Half the guys actually head out to fish. They must really be worried. Oh, it isn’t actually ddukkboki with ramyun, but ramyun with extra stuff in it. She made ramyun.

girlfriday: That’s a whole lot of effort for ramyun. The losers end up making their own ddukbokki with the leftover ingredients, because it’s freaking ANARCHY up in this show and there are no rules anymore.

javabeans: Then Kang-hee and Joo-won put on an impromptu scene that sounds like it’s from Level 7, and do we really need to relive that?

girlfriday: Level Who? What’s that?

javabeans: Moon-sae takes the reins in concocting some sort of story out of some random scenes, and I’m not sure I’m following.

girlfriday: Oh. No. Remember the last time the boys put on a play and then there was the stripping and Seung-gi got all weird and traumatized?

javabeans: At least that one was entertaining. This one seems slapped together like a Gag Concert without the logic. Suddenly we have wigs and face makeup and superhero capes. Sorry, this may be really entertaining but I’m struggling not to tune out. Although I can’t tell if Tae-hyun is a hippie or Wonder Woman, and that’s kinda funny.

girlfriday: Yeah, whatever his costume is supposed to be, it isn’t that, but it sure is hilarious. It meanders for a while, but there is a big laugh when Hae-jin does this whole long angry diva director routine… only to bow when Su-geun the “real” director arrives. The thing that’s hard to care about is the WHY of it all, since they’re doing it for no reason.

javabeans: Either there’s zero point and therefore I don’t care, or there is a point but the show didn’t tell us what it was and therefore I don’t care. And why is Jong-min getting nekkid on a rock in the distance?

girlfriday: The better question might be, why is Jong-min always getting nekkid?

javabeans: The first scene involves Kang-hee crying at the river for her lost lover Joo-won, who is joined by fisherman-guru-beatnik-superhero Moon-sae in a bright red Moses robe with train. Then there’s a flashback scene with boyfriend Joo-won, catching her with Shi-kyung and getting all jealous.

girlfriday: Suddenly it’s a makjang, and he’s also her brother? Or something. And then Jong-min acts like a crazy person.

javabeans: Then Tae-woong acts like a (freakish soldier) crazy person, and then Tae-hyun acts like a (Jeon Woo-chi-lite) crazy person. Somehow they fixate on this tagline that isn’t funny at all (“If only that hadn’t happened!”) but it sort of gathers momentum the more it gets said. I think. I don’t know. I’m still confused.

girlfriday: And then we’re made to watch it again? Because what, the edited version will make more sense?

javabeans: It just feels like randomness.Then the episode ends and… I don’t know what just happened.

girlfriday: I’m pretty sure at some point when we weren’t looking, gremlins hijacked this episode.

javabeans: Let’s just hope they give back the show. Who do I have to bribe to make that happen?


78 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. okdubu

    Sigh. The entire ending segment of this episode was so bad, I don’t know what the PDs were thinking.

    I also didn’t even notice that they played the sleepy time games for nothing because of the tea bokbulbok, and then for nothing again because Kanghee and Haejin wanted to sleep outside.

    The scripted spontaneity of the guests can also gtfo. Please.

  2. Min

    i’m not liking the new direction of this show…. sadness… bring back bird PD!!!or even better Na PD!

    • 2.1 jinkzz

      If I am not mistaken, Na PD is currently with The Human Condition

  3. Opal

    That hamster PD, I still think he hasn’t got the groove of 1n2d yet and still no chemistry with the casts. I hope he will reflect as the rating keeps on dropping. And while I don’t mind guest here and then please not too often and make it really special.

  4. JIW_sobangnim

    🙁 What happened…… 🙁
    Im scared 🙁

    • 4.1 JIW_sobangnim

      No……………. Just no.

    • 4.2 mary

      Me too. 🙁

    • 4.3 aenea

      Me three.

      I cannot, for the life of me, guess what the heck is going on inside the new PD’s mind at all. Is he just trying new things to see how it goes or is he purposely sabotaging the show?!

      What was the sleep bukbulbok for? Everything was going along fine until we get to the last part of the show. Argh! Now I’m missing Bird PD even more!

    • 4.4 quirkstine

      same here.

      • 4.4.1 bubbletea

        I’m lagging in my 1N2D watch schedule and… I really feel like giving up on this show now. This new PD… I have so much I want to say about him, but yet… I am speechless.

        1N2D is not 1N2D anymore. *wails*

  5. Ivoire

    Thank you!

  6. 정남

    Wow the recaps are usually better than watching the episode and with how blah the recap is on the whole episode I’m not sure if I want to watch it..

  7. mommai

    Thanks for trying to stick with it and recapping this episode. I REALLY hope it gets better quick, for everyone’s sake. Season 2 was great so far, and it would really suck if it just tanked because of the PD switch and whatever other changes were made.

    • 7.1 h311ybean

      Adding my thanks to JB and GF for sticking it out for us. I was so upset I forgot to mention it in my initial comment!

    • 7.2 abba

      Thanks girls, please don’t stop recapping!

  8. far

    i was reading the recap in the beginning up to the point they called Shikyung’s friend. it seems better than the previous episode. =) but yes, i agree with JB and GF about it being scripted until the ending part, which just doesnt make sense anymore. the drama play, the friends special, etc. i dont even blame you girls for thinking that all Taehyun’s bad luck are scripted. for all we know, it might even be. AND IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE!!

    gosh, this New PD are gonna make the ratings worse! i know he’s still learning, but the editing is poor and the game setup seems ridiculous. they should do things for a reason, not play games just for the sake of playing games with nothing on hand to bet for. and once bet, dont change it.

    aigoo~ this is really upsetting. it’s not easy to gain fans, and once fans have lost interest, it’s gonna be hard to gain them back. i really hope the New PD does something to increase the show’s capability. i dont want to give up on the casts…

  9. kyl

    They had a PD change in Season 1 to from Lee PD to Na PD too, and until the end the heart and soul of the show was still maintained pretty well, if not better. One just hopes that the New PD realises what he’s doing, and what this show is essentially about, because 1N2D is more spontaneity than scripted.

    • 9.1 far

      i hope if the ratings get worse, KBS will/might change the PD instead of cancelling the show. the casts of Season 1 and 2 are trying hard to make the show work, it’d be a waste to see such a great show cancelled.

      also, JB and GF might stop recapping the show if they’re pissed with it. WE DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN! i love their recaps~

  10. 10 mini

    Erm,from the news,look like we will have more guests joining this week and next.they played soccer with casts and may be Joo Won might disappear somewhere in middle due to his injury…that will make this show totally turn off.

    • 10.1 h311ybean

      I think guests can be fun if they are well integrated into the show – they weren’t in this case 🙁 Still keeping my fingers crossed that the next episode is better… and of course that poor Joo-won gets well soon!

  11. 11 pV

    thanku for d recap………….
    i hope the new pd does’nt work in the direction of killing the natural spontaneity of the show 🙁
    waiting for todays episode…..

  12. 12 h311ybean

    Noooo! I love Hae-jin and I just saw Lee Moon-sae on “Immortal Songs 2” yesterday, so I know he’s funny; but what is happening to this show? 🙁 Maybe we should have a Former PDs Special.

  13. 13 snow_white

    thanks for the recap….

  14. 14 MEalways

    Haugh, JB & GF,
    I pray that this show gets really better!
    Hae Jin is great, he can adapt and does very good.

    Please, please, please Hamster PD, do good!
    You are wasting most of the better entertainers/actors/variety talented members if you go this way….

    I love this show and will be so regretting if this is going to be like this… Keep it simple, entertaining and show the best bromance we have.

  15. 15 k-soup

    yeah. it was more fun with Bird PD..

    • 15.1 k-soup

      anyway, I will endure as long as Joo Won is around

  16. 16 PatBingSu

    What was this?!! Seriously this episode was so freaking boring 🙁

  17. 17 moon

    Huuuuuuuu. I. Am. Afraid.

    I zoned off on this ep :(( I love 1n2d season 1 and season 2. This “season 3”, still very much a mixed feeling, with more of a not so good one. I just hope New PD gets his footing very soon! Could it be because of the loss of the main writer Choi as well that’s why we have these ugh not so 1n2d-like eps? :((

    I’m sticking around for Joo Won and the bromance… Hope it gets better real soon!

  18. 18 aceyyy

    “(freakish soldier) crazy person” puahahahaha 언니… 욕…

    even with the new season with bird pd i’ve stuck through this show even as running man grew more popular because i couldn’t stand the scripted storylines. but if this is the direction they’re going to take i don’t know why i’d keep watching it. the thing is the editing is really uneven, there’d be fun parts and then everything would just.. deflate. it’s not like the old 1n2d was an hour full of laughs, there were quiet moments on the road, in the village, showing the scenery, fillers with music, but they kind of went with the flow and never jarred the audience with the tonal schizophrenia!

  19. 19 Gaeina Lee

    This is the first time I watched 1N2D and keep FF it.
    PD-nim and writer-nim, please get a grip, bring the program back to its track..

  20. 20 Maclura

    Thank you for the recap!

    I had been excited to see Lee Moon-Sae this week— Eun Shi-Kyung’s campfire ‘Sonyeo’ in TK2H got me started with his songs—but this was not the way. Grumpy.

    My hope is that the rest of the production crew gets the new PD to fall in line, because I think this is a matter of vision rather than newness. He’s moving the show toward scripted, gimmicky variety, and regardless of whether it’s done well (it’s not), it’s not what I watch 1N2D for.

    The real 1N2D makes its best stories out of non-events– the dorky, petty, human stuff that would be cut out of any other show. I want that show back!

    • 20.1 bubbletea

      Yes yes exactly! I agree too that the reason the new PD/crew (I heard a lot of them are all new) are making our favourite show weird isn’t just cos they are new. It’s just too different from how the show is supposed to be. Seriously, other than the members (excl Yu Hae-jin) remaining the same, EVERYTHING else has kinda changed. The worst thing is that the production crew is masquerading a whole new show with a 1N2D mask. AUGHH. *frustration* I need my dosage of 1N2D to keep me sane from the craziness in life, but these days watching it makes me feel even more irked.

      I think I may be better off watching the old 1N2D Season 1 episodes. Started 1N2D when dramabeans started recapping (when Uhm Tae-woong joined the show), haven’t seen the old episodes yet and I recently found sources providing them. Just in case there are others around here like me, the links are below:, search for “1 Night 2 Days Season 1”

      Sorry for my very frustrated post.

      *end of rant*

  21. 21 Me

    the whole things feels a lot like family outing season 1…PD-nim…please re-study the past episodes..I miss the old boys now…

    • 21.1 lordj

      actually it feels like FO2 vibe more…
      at least FO1 has that family concept, and viewers expect it to be that way…

  22. 22 Jodasg

    Somehow I am not use to the new PD or whoever is doing the editing. It’s just so random & boring. I watch the team when it was Na PD & then Bird PD in charge, I never have to fast forward scenes but now that’s what I hv been doing. I wonder what is the rating like in Korea. I think I saw an article that mentioned increased rating in the first eps that Ha Jin join the team but I wonder what’s the rating now, if Korean audience feel the difference in the show layout.

  23. 23 rainerust

    I want 2D1N back. I don’t know what show this is anymore – I dropped running man precisely because it was scripted and it had guests all the time and that was tiring. I liked 2D1N because no matter where they went (remember – its supposed to be a travel show?) the cast would bring their A game with them. I think the cast is trying very hard but new PD needs to step up his game. This episode made NO SENSE at all!

  24. 24 sweetcloud

    I don’t like how the stakes are set up high (garbage bags! Cardboard! Tin can!) and then suddenly dropped. Makes no sense at all and the hour spent watching them struggle through the challenges seems wasted. I actually fast forwarded the Lee Moon Sae “impromptu” concert (just checked to see if he’d do Sunset Glow) and didn’t notice the tea bokbulbok, and then I saw the tent sleepers and thought huh, wasn’t this the losing team, and had to backtrack to see that they had just dropped the base principles. And the losers got to eat too, just like lunch where they managed to eat the chicken in the end. I’m actually happy on a human level that they do get to eat and taste the local food but it does not make good variety. I really like Hae Jin as a new member but the PD has to manage that jewel of a cast he has!

  25. 25 anvesha

    I feel sorry that this is happening to 1n2d… I hate when a variety show is glaringly scripted. I think last time they had a guest drop by (in s2), it was hilarious as Cha Tae Hyun’s friend (the singer) came dressed like he had a hangover and then Shinji came in a broken car, and the wife dropped by. Even if all that happened to be scripted, I like not realizing it… but from your reaction, seems like it is pretty easy to figure out what’s happening this time around.

  26. 26 Cindy

    huh? so all that game they played out front were for fun? -.- where’s the stakes!!

  27. 27 kindaichi

    thanks a lot for the recaps!

    this episode looked promising at first. i was really looking forward to the guys sleeping outdoor in cardboards and cooking in cans. it reminded me of the s1 guys sleeping in cardboards in the deadly winter. but what the heck happened in the end?!? the sleeping and dinner games that were entertaining were so pointless eventually >< …and i also thought lee mun sae guesting was just pure coincidence until they showed flashback of day 1 where sikyung said he had a surprised for us…and i dun even want to mention about the makjang thingy…i really hope the production people dun kill my sunday show…

  28. 28 ida

    Now, I try to keep positive, and I did like the first few episodes overall that the new pd put out, but I couldnt handle this ep. It was cringe cringe, and I just stopped watching it. Lame episode Mr new pd, lame.

  29. 29 eli_n

    Haven’t seen this ep yet (who knows when kbsw will upload more episodes since boo stopped?) but judging from recent recaps, I’m not missing much.

    Honestly, if you want to invite guests, do it up-front. Or at least fake your ‘spontaneity’ in a way that doesn’t make anyone with half a brain call BS.

    • 29.1 Babs

      I feel your pain…. I’m a boo fan! And now I want to go back to basics with 1n2d but most YT links are down and since she’s retiring we wont get anybody to re-laod in DM.. I loved getting my dose of k-variety. Hopefully someone will pity us non-k-speakers soon!

      • 29.1.1 eli_n

        Crossing my fingers and doing rain dances in hopes that new sub sites will pop up soon! Ever since boo quit and daebaksubs shut down, I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms from not . getting my k-variety fix Iol. kshow’s still up and running ‘ but they ‘re too idol-centric which means that a lot of good shows or episodes get overlooked 🙁

      • 29.1.2 tebz10

        KBS World now has a youtube account, and they are uploading full eps of 1n2d, starting from where Yoo Haejin joined.

  30. 30 Shiku

    Just No! I want Bird PD back!!!!!! Why is new PD trying to turn this into Running Man? I don’t want this to be a spiel for celebrities to come hype up their show. Guests should be rare like before. Only have them for specials. I like Haejin but New PD has got to go.

  31. 31 정남

    I don’t know why people are so surprised really 1N2D has always had a team of writers so there should have been no illusion that this was a completely off the walls show and we were seeing 100% raw. If anything the new PD has merely offered a clumsy peek behind the curtain.

    • 31.1 far

      even with a PD, certain parts are scripted, yet most are not. the writers may set who says which part like in the beginning and ending, and there are certainly some things that the casts HAVE to say or do since they are a show which promotes korea.

      for instance: the writers can introduce which game to do, or the flow of the show. but most of the emotions, and the way they said it, and the twists and turns in betrayal, etc. are all real.

      the writers are there to guide the casts. but in this recording, a lot of things seem really fake. thus showing really bad writing, directing and scripting.

      • 31.1.1 정남

        Oh I know, I was just directing that at people who feel like this is the first time scripting has been a part of the show it has been from day one, it’s just with the new PD he’s done it so clumsily everyone can see it for what it is.

  32. 32 tebz10

    The first half of the ep was pretty hilarious, until they started the dinner bokbulbok. It got so confusing from that point on. I started wondering, why are we playing games again? What’s the point of that game? What happened to the trashbags?

  33. 33 chane

    Thanks for the recap!

  34. 34 quirkstine

    is the next ep when JW injured his nose during a game?

  35. 35 Babs

    I miss the old days of 1n2d’s!!!! I loved Na PD he was the best, and Bird PD was sweet but he still made the show work. This new guy sounds as if he’s trying to make 1n2d into something it’s not… If the recipe worked well for 6 years, why would you mess with it? Sheesh! Bring back the 1n2d of yore or at lease Na or Bird PD! Good job to GF and JB.

  36. 36 DayDreamer

    Yikes! This show is on a serious downhill. Like the majority, I found this episode tonally weird. But it made me appreciate Bird PD ten times more…..I even feel bad for thinking that he should have been meaner. Now I love him just the way he was, heh.

  37. 37 kangg heeeee heeee heeee


  38. 38 DAEBAK!

    khamsahamnida! have to say this, a very very bad episode 🙁

  39. 39 Kim Fieka

    I was not a big fan of 1N2D, though I do watch certain episodes now and then and relied solely on your recaps, thank you so much…

    But, whatever happened to this new episode, new PD? You were like a train wreck brought in to the show with no purpose and basically took out all the spontaineity 1N2D has got?

    Whatever happened to winners keepers and loosers whined? Oh dear, can someone please bring back Bird PD for the sake of continuing this show? Before it became a runaway train not coming back?

    p/S: Am I too harsh on the comments, though?

  40. 40 tamtam

    I would rather 1n2d end on a somewhat high note than jumping the shark like it’s starting to now… this is sad to witness. It’s like watching the boat sink. 🙁

    • 40.1 Cocci

      I completely agree!

      If it would have been the end, everybody would have been sad for a while but after that, we can start afresh. Now we are like hauling a dead weight and we can’t let it go just yet.

      I seriously never thought I would miss Bird PD like that, but oh boy do I miss him. T_T

  41. 41 Sintia

    I love this show and I definitely don’t want it to end. Not on the high note, not on the low note. It has to last forever. Fighting my favorite guys! 🙂
    The movies charades was hilarious, I really like this part.

  42. 42 abba

    syill love 1n2d no matter what. FIGHTING!!!!

    • 42.1 abba

      oops! *still

  43. 43 Memee

    WTH is going on, the new pd is slowly making the show like running man.

  44. 44 Memee

    Thanks for the recap.

  45. 45 george

    Oh noes!!!I’m not liking this new set up.Please bring it back to how it was because it’s really making me sad it’s like i’m kind of losing it altogether.I,among others,have put up with all the changes in this show because it has somehow still been fun and true to when it was first started.But if it’s gonna be like this,i will really really be very very sad.I pray that the new PD to make it his own but still stay close to how the show was back in it’s first season because that is what makes it stand out from all the rest.

    Anyway,thanks for the recap.You girls still make me feel a little less sad with your recaps even if the episode is not all that great.

    1N2D,FIGHTING!!I will be hanging on to you for as long as i can even it goes to a really big big(in a bad way) change.I pray not.

  46. 46 Amy

    The New PD is killing the show. I like Haejin a lot, he has a great personality and is a good addition to the team, but the New PD is ripping away the selling point of the show.

    I like the ep with the radio show (touching) and the mud flats one was okay too (tourism I can accept). But these two eps with Ms Choi just seem so boring and fake, just from your recaps (don’t think I will bother with the eps). I am sure the guys realize it too.

    Just read that part of SNSD will be starring in the new episodes. The rate they are bringing in guests, it’s becoming just like Running Man. I do love Running Man (a lot), but some of their guests drag down the show.

    Don’t want 1N2D to be like this. 🙁

  47. 47 jayne

    Why do they feel that this show needs guests?? I don’t. And I’m a big fan. And I’m sure a lot of other fans feel the same way. I just love the way they are. Goofing around before starting the trip, shamelessly betraying each other, willingly doing anything for food and shelter. And SNSD?? OMG… I’m not against them or anything, but I’ve seen and heard enough about them, I don’t need to see and hear them on my favorite show. C’mon…it’s a show about boys, it’s the boys that we want to enjoy! Somebody please tell whoever involve in production team that we prefer taehyun’s contagious laughters, jongmin’s silly comments and comical expressions, joo won’s cuteness and shyness, taewoong’s dorkiness (is this even a correct word?? I’m getting too emotional here…), seugun’s (lame) jokes, haejin’s “unwillingness” to play the games, and most of all, my sungchoongie in whatever he does (ok, I’m totally bias here…) ALONE. We’re happy with the 7 boys, period! *sighing with desperation*

    • 47.1 gale

      It`s only gonna be Yoona ,not all of SNSD!

  48. 48 gwyneth

    I actually liked this episode especially the 1st half, the charades game was really funny. And I love Lee Moon Sae, his voice is just amazing and when they brought out that chocopie cake, it made me miss KSW more because he always requested for chocolates!!

  49. 49 gwyneth

    and when JM was calling Shinji, did anyone else noticed when JW was so scared because a bug flew in front of him? That was so random and so hilarious.

  50. 50 wL

    Just watched this episode. Enjoy the first half but agreed that the other half has no direction. If perhaps they changed plan coz LSM’s stay was unplanned n not scripted, it completely failed to show it n created confusion.

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