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49th Baeksang Arts Awards
by | May 9, 2013 | 169 Comments

The Baeksang Arts Awards really snuck up on me this year. This awards ceremony is the lone wolf being held in the springtime rather than toward the end of the year (as is the case with the broadcaster events and film awards like the Grand Bells and Blue Dragons), and is also unusual in that it awards both film and television.

Because of the timing, the Baeksangs sometimes feels a little out of sync with the “cycle” of awards being handed out, because some of these films are new hits while others feel like they’ve already done the circuit, collected trophies, and should have already moved on. I guess that’s the price you pay for being different, though.

As always, there are a few awards that make me wonder, “Really? Them?” but it’s nice to see a wide spread of movies and dramas represented on the whole. No particular domination occurred, though a couple titles took home multiple awards in the big categories: movies Gift of Room No. 7 and Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King and drama The Chaser.

(Warning: Massive photo overload ahead!)



Daesang: Ryu Seung-ryong (Gift of Room No. 7)
Best Picture: Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King
Director: Chu Chang-min (Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King)
Top Excellence, Actor: Ha Jung-woo (Berlin Files)
Top Excellence, Actress: Kim Min-hee (Temperature of Love)
Supporting Actor: Ma Dong-seok (My Neighbor)
Supporting Actress: Jo Eun-ji (Concubine)
New Actor: Jo Dae-han (My Little Hero)
New Actress: Han Ye-ri (Korea / As One)
New Director: Jo Sung-hee (Werewolf Boy)
Screenplay: Jang Byung-gil (I Am a Murderer)
Popularity Award, Actor: Kim Dong-wan (Deranged)
Popularity Award, Actress: Park Shin-hye (Gift of Room No. 7)


Daesang: Yoo Jae-suk
Best Drama: The Chaser
Variety Program: Dad! Where Are We Going?
Educational Program: Korean Dinner Table
Directing: Kim Kyu-tae (That Winter, The Wind Blows)
Top Excellence, Actor: Sohn Hyun-joo (The Chaser)
Top Excellence, Actress: Kim Hee-ae (A Wife’s Credentials)
New Actor: Lee Hee-joon (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly)
New Actress: Jung Eun-ji (Answer Me, 1997)
Variety, Male Performer: Kim Byung-man (Kim Byung-man’s Laws of the Jungle)
Variety, Female Performer: Shin Bo-ra (Gag Concert)
Scriptwriting: Park Kyung-soo (The Chaser)
Popularity Award, Actor: Park Yoochun (I Miss You)
Popularity Award, Actress: Kwon Yuri (Fashion King)
Social Contribution Award: Ahn Sung-ki


Adorable. Ryu Seung-ryong (Gift of Room No. 7), who took home the grand prize in the film category, arrived with his tiny co-star Gal So-won, who at one point stopped on the red carpet to tie Ryu’s shoe for him. Not that it’s hard to coordinate with black, but I’m sure these two planned to match, which makes it cuter. I love Ryu Seung-ryong—sexy mofo ajusshi extraordinaire—in all-black, and she makes a crazy dress work. (Opera gloves, a stiff ruff, and metallic bodice with princess skirt? Sounds a lot worse than it actually is.)


At first glance I wasn’t sure about Han Hyo-joo’s edgy new look, but the longer I look, the more it grows on me. She started out playing a lot of typical pure, sweet ingenue types, so I like that she’s growing up and trying new things now that she’s hitting her mid-twenties. Han’s movie Gwanghae took a few awards, but she was here for her other movie, Bandage, for which she was nominated in the leading actress category.


But it was Kim Min-hee who took home that award for Temperature of Love. And thus begins the predominant fashion trend of the night: black gowns. Normally I’d get tired of the overwhelming wave of black, but in the case of this year’s Baeksang’s practically everybody rocked it (and in different ways), so I’m not complaining.

Kim Min-hee’s gown manages to be both structured and flowy, romantic and edgy, and she wears it (as she wears most things) with utter confidence. It’s one of my favorite looks of the night.


Kim Hee-ae also chose a long black gown and took home an acting award for her cable television hit A Wife’s Credentials.


Kim Go-eun was a hot name on the awards circuit last year with Eungyo, which is also the film that earned her a New Actor nomination here. (See what I mean about feeling behind the schedule? She already made her splash and won her trophies at the Blue Dragons and Grand Bells in the fall.)


Another black dress, another favorite look of the night. It’s partly the way Park Ha-sun (Tone Deaf Clinic) is styled—casual, romantic—but mostly the way she carries herself like a queen.


I like this look on Park Shin-hye, Popularity Award winner and Supporting Actress nominee for Gift of Room No. 7, and might even prefer her gown to the one above, though overall I give the edge to Park Ha-sun. They’re both gorgeous.


Park Se-young was up for a New Actress award on the television side for Faith, and goes modern for her look. I like it and the sharp angles and structured silhouette.


Tired of all the black dresses yet? Hope not, ’cause there are still some more to come. Nam Bo-ra has another one, and had two nominations, both on the film side: New Actress was for Scary Story, and Popularity Award for Don’t Cry Mommy.


I’m fascinated by the sleeves on Uhm Jung-hwa’s (Dancing Queen) dress; I can’t stop staring at them. They look like she merely slit them down the sides and wore them as a jacket/cape, but not in a bad way. I don’t know how it works, but it kind of really does. I also love the gold cuffs on both wrists, but maybe that’s because it reminds me of my childhood running around the house pretending I was Wonder Woman. What? Like you didn’t do that.


Okay, enough with the black! Time to break it up with a nice healthy dose of whiteness. And really, the most appropriate words that come to mind upon seeing Kim Bum (Psychometry) here are OH. MY.

I love everything about this. I don’t even care that when you break it down into parts, it looks weird and questionable and maybe even flat-out wrong—’cause when you put it all together and wear it with Kim Bum’s confidence and ‘tude (it says both, “I’m a boy, pinch my cheeks” and “Boy? Psh, I’m a MAN!”) it turns into something magical. Even if I can’t quite reconcile the black shoes and socks and matching bowtie against all that white. And even though his pants appear not to be the same white as his tux, though the red carpet’s partly to blame; against the white backdrop it looks much better.


And here’s his That Winter, The Wind Blows co-star Jung Eun-ji, although they were here for different projects. She picked up a New Actress award for her breakout performance in Answer Me, 1997, which was definitely her stronger showing. The drama was also nominated for New Actor (Seo In-gook), Scriptwriting, and Popularity awards, though Jung was the sole winner.


I love this. Yay for Suzy, whose red dress and smoky makeup are rockin’. Now that she’s done her year of sweet-white-ingenue-princess dresses, I’m so glad to see her branching out. Her Popularity Award nomination was inexplicably for Big, which seems odd since that drama was not in the least bit popular. Perhaps she’ll be back in a year for Gu Family Book, which seems a more likely nomination.


Sadly, I hate this. I hate everything about it. This is unfortunate, because UEE (nominated in the Popularity category for Jeon Woo-chi) has such a strong track record for awesome red-carpet appearances. Taken part by part, it’s not horrible, I suppose… but together everything feels out of proportion and strange. I hate the chunky necklace with the long sleeves, and the sleek bun off-set against that poofy skirt which makes her head look unnervingly small. It’s reverse-bobblehead effect. Maybe also the reverse-Kim-Bum effect. UEE is adorable, but I pretty much want to forget this ever happened.


Song Joong-ki! Why must you mar your beautiful pinchy-cheeked adorableness with that gigolo jacket? You’re not in Nice Guy anymore! (His nomination came for his movie Werewolf Boy.)


Lee Sang-yoon, looking crisp and handsome, was nominated for his weekend drama hit My Daughter Seo-young


…though he couldn’t compete with Sohn Hyun-joo, who won for The Chaser. The drama started out a sleeper, premiering with little fanfare, but quickly picked up strong buzz and became a hit, so it’s good to see it recognized with a number of nods.


Here’s another cast member from The Chaser, Kim Sung-ryung, who was nominated (but didn’t win) in the Popularity category. Love her look from the waist-up, but then you pull back and wonder why it looks clunky. Is the dress too long, or too short? It makes me want to pull that Bond Girl move when you go to the fancy formal affair in one look, then tear off the skirt so you can go kick some ass mid-party. Or maybe I’m thinking Buffy. Either way, I’m thinking some ripping would be an improvement.


Aw, congratulations to TV Daesang winner Yoo Jae-suk, here with comedian Heo Kyung-hwan (Qualifications of Man). I love Yoo Jae-suk and his brilliant style of emceeing, which manages to be humorous, insightful, and good-natured all at once. His award doesn’t specify a show, but maybe it’s because he’s got a bunch of them going on at the same time (Running Man, Infinity Challenge, Happy Together).


Ma Dong-seok was another winner, taking his prize in the Supporting Actor category for My Neighbor.


Kim Sung-kyun was also in My Neighbor, and despite his relatively late debut (he’s 33 and his resumé begins in 2011) he has won several awards right off the bat with Nameless Gangster and My Neighbor. Keep an eye out for him in the upcoming spy comedy Covertly, Grandly.


I like Lee Hee-joon much better smiling than glowering as a magic-wielding uber-villain. The decent haircut helps, since Jeon Woo-chi put him in a bad wig throughout (even if he sorta almost made it work). He won his New Actor award for the weekend drama You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly.


Television host and actress Park Eun-ji (Standby, The Genius) may not have picked the classiest dress to begin with… though she doesn’t help by pulling open that big slit in every picture to bare even more leg. I want to tell her that that’s what the slit is there for; you kinda don’t have to help it along. I can’t tell if I hate that silvery cutout or find it interesting, but I do love the color.


Even so, I’ll argue that the electric blue is used to better effect with Shin So-yool’s gown, which is gorgeous. I swoon at that underlay of patterned white underneath, paired with those strappy heels. Everything’s in perfect proportion and styled just right—she looks fresh and bright. (You may know her as the best friend in Answer Me, 1997, but her nomination for Supporting Actress came for her movie My P.S. Partner.)


Acting as MCs for the night were the trio of Oh Sang-jin, Kim Ah-joong (My P.S. Partner), and Joo-won (Gaksital). They look good—pressed and polished, as hosts ought—with Kim sticking close to her wheelhouse of chic, structured gowns.


I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Chae Jung-ahn’s acting (When A Man Loves), but she is one of those people who manages to wear clothes with a casual flair that I really envy (Jung Ryeo-won is another).


Hello Yoochun, you again? He won the Popularity Award two years ago for Sungkyunkwan Scandal, again last year for Miss Ripley, and then again this year for I Miss You. He may as well just park his butt in this category for the foreseeable future. The latter two dramas weren’t exactly projects you’d peg for popularity awards (both were heavy and melodramatic, and not exactly hits), but all hail the power of Yoochun(‘s fandom).


One of the cutest things about child star Kim So-hyun was her admitted crush on Yoochun oppa; give her a couple years and who knows, she just might get a chance to romance him for real. A thirteen-year-old girl can hope. She was in both I Miss You and Rooftop Prince with him, but this girl’s always on the move playing childhood parts for a number of lead actresses. Currently she’s doing Birth Secret, and she’ll be in I Can Hear Your Voice. One more cute thing about Kim So-hyun: her adorable floofy trapeze dress and matching sparkly headband.


Lee Jung-hyun was nominated for Juvenile Offender, playing an absentee mother who ditched the son she bore as a teenager. I am not a fan of this dress, which looks too frumpy and shapeless for her 33 years.


Moon Jung-hee shows what a fantastic fit can do; she rocks this silvery-gray number, here as a nominee for her thriller movie Deranged.


Yoon Jin-yi looks so fresh and pretty here in this perfectly snug pink gown, and it’s a pretty big turnaround from her current turn acting in a ratty wig and shapeless woolen bandit’s clothing for Mandate of Heaven, that it feels unsporting to have a complaint. BUT. She wears the same thing at every award show. Every! Time! Here’s her sweet pink gown from the SBS Drama Awards, and her sparkly pink gown from last year’s Blue Dragons. I’ll give her this one, but she’s really due for a change once the new awards cycle hits.


When I see Park Sung-woong, I think sexy bastard. I can’t help it; he’s got that swagger about him. His Supporting Actor nomination was for New World, but you may recognize him better from Gaksital, playing independence militia leader Dong-jin.


Another actor nominated in that category: Oh Dal-soo of Gift of Room No. 7.


Former model Gu Eun-ae wears a sleek sheath dress, saved from being boring by the colorblocked waist.


Twenty-one-year-old Do Ji-han was in My Neighbor, a film nominated in several categories, but his particular nomination for New Actor came for Tower; he also had a role in recently wrapped drama Incarnation of Money.


Congrats to gagman and MC Kim Byung-man, who won an award for his variety show Laws of the Jungle. Kim Byung-man just exudes so much hard work and sincerity that I can’t help but pull for him to do well, and it’s great when that pays off for him.


Shinhwa member Kim Dong-wan won a Popularity Award for the disaster thriller Deranged (and recently wrapped the drama Cheer Up Mr. Kim), beating out a lot of names like Song Joong-ki, Cha Tae-hyun, Joo-won, Jo Jung-seok, Ryu Seung-ryong, Lee Jong-seok, Jaejoong, and Lee Seon-kyun, just to name a few.


Im Seul-ong is another one he beat out, whose nomination was for the movie 26 Years. As an idol-turned-actor, I didn’t have a lot of expectations for Seul-ong, but I’m actually really liking his role in Mandate of Heaven, which is helped by the plight of his character—the guy just wants his bromance, only to be thwarted by misunderstanding and politics and, okay, maybe some wrongful deaths.


Shin Bo-ra was another winner for Gag Concert, and continued the trend of black dresses…


…which was just ahead of the trend of white dresses. Hong Su-ah (King’s Dream) sure likes her bridal gowns, I’ve noticed. Also, I find it interesting how she and Han Hyo-joo started out at the same time and on the same level; I caught them in campus sitcom Nonstop 5, which was the television debut for both of them—and there, Han was arguably the worse actor. How their paths have diverged.


This isn’t the first acting award Han Ye-ri has picked up for the sports movie As One. I like the draping on her gown, which appears to be flowy but also seems well fitted through the bodice. Here’s a case where a tangerine lip actually works.


Choi Yoon-young (My Daughter Seo-young) does white as well…


…and so does gagman Kim Jun-ho (Qualifications of Man), who isn’t gonna be left out of the trend. I think his black-and-white jacket is pretty spiffy, actually.


Ahn Sung-ki (Broken Arrow), always classy, always honored at one ceremony or another.


Here’s a case where I really want to like the look, and I almost actually do, even though there’s a lot about this that looks like hot mess. Okay, it’s not that bad; maybe lukewarm mess. There’s something very sloppy about Jung Eun-chae (nominated for New Actress for the movie Nobody’s Daughter Hae-won), even though I think a few tweaks could really pull this together. And to think, these are the best photos of the bunch, where she’s at least not cross-eyed or slouching (that much).


But let’s leave on an up note, shall we? I swear, I had to search a good long while to find photos of Kim Woo-bin (School 2013) where he didn’t look like an alien rock star, and even then he still kind of looks like one. And yet, alienish features and strangling skinny tie aside, he looks smokin’.

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169 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. sjkwifey

    Congratulations to this year’s winner especially Ryu Seung-ryong! 2012 was definitely his year. I am disappointed at the lack of standout looks from the red carpet, except from Suzy’s, I don’t really like anyone else’s outfit. I’ve noticed that Suzy’s style has changed from her usual white dresses to a more mature look. I just love how statuesque and elegant she looks except I’m not too keen on the excessive eye-liner. Still, her outfit is refreshing among the sea of black.

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      Totally agree with you. It’s like Suzy’s stylist was one of the few who thought about color… I’m all for classic black and white but it’s a big award show, people! Let’s make a (good) fashion statement! 🙂

      P.S. The smoky eye make up threw me off at first but the more I look at it, the more I like it. She always has that innocent image so I’m digging the change up.

      P.S.S. Jung Eun-ji and 1997! Woohoo. Sorry, I still have a lot of residual love for her and the drama haha.

      • 1.1.1 bd

        Bad eye makeup job in Suzy – makes her look like a raccoon (that’s not how you do “smokey eyes”).

        • Maris

          Agree totally

    • 1.2 far

      it’s nice to see Suzy deviating form her usual sweet look to a more matured look, as u said it. she’s also venturing into a better dramas. he acting is still okay so far, but she can definitely improve with more projects. ^^

      i’m upset that Joowon didnt win anything….. T__T and he looks so gorgeous and breathtakingly HOT that night.

      • 1.2.1 liz

        Yes! Suzy is letting her white pure dress go, and making mature dress come!

        From this, to this: this
        and this

        To this and this and this

  2. bluebunny

    Best dressed-Kim Min-Hee, Park Shin-Hye, and Suzy (though not liking her 2nd & 3rd pix/pose)

    Didn’t recognized Han Hyo-Joo. She looks much older than she is in that dress.

    Finally, HELLO KIM BUM!

    • 2.1 skelly

      LOL, Park Shin-Hye’s dress was a black version of the dusty-lilac dress that Yoo In-Ah wore for her character’s award ceremony gig in QIHM. I loved the color of Suzy’s dress, but I thought the cut and style looked a little bridesmaid. My favorites were Park Ha-Sun’s layered handkerchief hems and the really cool underskirt on Shin So-yool’s gown.
      And some of the men look like their jacket is too small – I really don’t like the trend for short, tight jackets (like Lee Hee-Joon’s).

  3. bebeswtz

    Hong Su Ah’s dress literally just looks like a reworked version of S.E.S. Eugene’s wedding dress….seriously….. huh?

    • 3.1 Gala

      And how she changed so much. I don’t frown on individuals who do cosmetic surgery. If that helps within confidence then go ahead. But I loved Hong soo ah’s face (ESP in By Land and Sky). So I’m a bit disappointed she felt the need to completely reconstruct her face.

      And truth is… She’s the better actor between her and Han hyo joo.

      • 3.1.1 Annie

        RIP to her face. Before, I could actually pick her out of a lineup and she was super pretty – even prettier than Han Hyo Joo for me even though I’m sure others will disagree.

      • 3.1.2 bd

        Don’t get why HSA got PS, she was already hot (now, she has those “plasticky” cheeks which actually takes away from her beauty).

  4. lemondoodle

    Suzy really stands out against all the black dresses. Not crazy about the bottom half of her dress, but she looks really mature, tall and gorgeous. Other than that I love Kim Min-hee and Park Ha-sun the best. Kim So-hyun is adorable though!

    Kim Bum is working the white tux. I like it.

    • 4.1 latteholic

      Yeah, I think I would have preferred the gown being shorter, like above the knee length, because the top part is adorable. But nevertheless she looks stunning.

    • 4.2 Manin

      My thing about Suzy’s dress is the lace bit under under the ribbon at the top. I’m divided in wanting it to either be longer and cover the rest of the dress, or shorter so it doesn’t peek out under the ribbon.

      Kim Bum can really pull off the white tux” Normally not a fan of them, but he makes it work!

  5. Newborn Fanatic

    Kim Min Hee looks great!! Definitely my favorite pick! And I love Kim Bum’s white suit! What a cutie. 🙂

  6. OMG

    KIM BUM…m gonna have to agree with you 1000% on that! and Kim Woo-Bin, despite his alienish looks, is hella sexy! I loved all the ladies dresses despite the all black theme that was going around…it was still good in that each dress was different and pretty!….except Jung Eun-chae…ummm WTF was she wearing!?!?!?!

    • 6.1 OMG

      oh and UEE….that dress is horrible!

      • 6.1.1 Manin

        Uee’s dress reminds me of something my grandma would wear, necklace and all!

  7. Mystisith

    I so much prefer long dresses over short ones. That’s why I prefer those lady’s outfits to what we saw for the End of the Year Awards. They should have inversed the dress code: Long for winter and short now. Obviously, I don’t work in the fashion industry so what do I know… 😉
    UEE’s dress is my least favorite: She looks just fat in this.
    Bummie in white = Yum. All in all, no major taste’s mistake for the men.

  8. acejihyo

    uhg, kim bum looks ridiculously good in that. not a huge fan of any of the dresses, but park ha sun looks flippin’ amazing overall.

    • 8.1 Kiara

      Park Ha Sun always look amazing. My kind of beauty.

  9. sweetcloud

    I love to read your thoughts on awards dresses. I’ll share some of my opinions too!

    Han Hyo Joo: love the haircut on her, and the dress from afar, but it looks a bit casual and up close I’m not fond of the buttons crawling up the sides and the fishnet sleeves

    Kim Min Hee: rock and romantic, love

    Kim Hee Ae: busy dress but all black makes it work. I like the ruffles at the end

    Kim Go Eun: classic cut but original pattern and transparent effects. Really original dress

    Park Shin Hye: the top is a bit matronly for her

    Kim Bum: yummy

    Jung Eunji: I love the asymmetrical lace! I think the styling drags the dress down a bit though, maybe an up do would compliment it better

    Suzy: love that she’s the only one in red, but the lace just makes this dress old fashioned.

    UEE: cannot. Unsee. Reverse-bobblehead effect.

    Lee Sang Yoon: agh too-skinny pants make his legs look like they bend at an unnatural angle

    Ma Dong Seok: I really like his jacket and red hankie peeking out. I’d wear that

    Kim So Hyun: can’t believe she’s only 13. She’s so pretty and turning into a real beauty

    Kim Dong Wan: that second pic! The killer smile! I melted.

    • 9.1 Hopelesslydivided

      Park SHin hye tend to look matronly in all her long gowns methinks.

      That lace is actually what makes Suzy’s dress so sexy- the shoulder lace in particular.

      Jung eun-ji’s assymentricl lace is beautiful but the dress overall is just meeeeeh

      UEE’s is a major disappointment. She’s beautiful anyway, that should make up for that 😉

  10. 10 DayDreamer

    Javabeans, you crack me up with some of your comments, particularly the one about Woo-bin looking like a rockstar alien. LOL. But gotta say, most of the gowns were looking fantastic. And oh boy does Kim Bum look HOT. I am now starting to see why he’s loved so much.

    • 10.1 Nicole

      I know, the alien comment had me smiling, too! Am I the only one who sees Kim Woo-bin and sees a Korean Benedict Cumberbatch?

      Kim Bum looks surprisingly really good in that white tux. He works it. That slightly smug expression~

      Kim Min-hee’s makeup is flawless. I might not always be in love with her outfits but I always love the way she carries herself [in her clothes].

      • 10.1.1 pogo

        Am I the only one who sees Kim Woo-bin and sees a Korean Benedict Cumberbatch?

        NO YOU ARE NOT!!!!

        (and I would happily hatch Mr Cumberbatch’s alien babies any day, no matter how much his looks are criticised – it’s the weirdness that does it for me. And Woobie My Wuv looks set to follow in his footsteps, though I might hold off on the egg-hatching because he’s really too young for me, lol)

        • badtanline

          More like Korean Spock!

  11. 11 Jules

    My favourite look? Suzy’s. I love the colour and the cut and think her hair and make-up complete the look beautifully.

    Lee Jung Hyun would be my pick for worst look of the night, solely because the cut of the dress makes it look like her boobs are going in different directions. It kind of freaks me out.

  12. 12 moon

    Awww still sulking that GAKSITAL wasn’t nominated for any awards!!!!! They deserve several awards from directing to the acting of Joo Won and Park Ki Woong! These two even won a bromance award from dramafever! I was hoping the Baeksang will be about films and drama and that politics won’t come into play.


    Kim Bum in white. *swoons*
    You should post Joo Won in white (or cream?) too when he changed his outfit. He’s hot as well!! *swoons some more*

    • 12.1 haha

      but all the nominations and winner were well-deserved this year though 😉

      • 12.1.1 eny

        if compare to last year the nomination is better actually in best actor n best actress but i still dissapointed how can gaksital doesn’t nominated in anything, i think that is the best drama of 2012 n joo won should at least nominated for best actor, i didn’t watch the other drama that nominated but i still think that gaksital is the best drama i ever watch

        • haha

          you must be kidding lol KSH won last year…

          • haha

            and it’s just your opinion
            Nice Guy was a bigger drama last year and it wasn’t nominated for anything either…
            Watch those dramas/ films that won then maybe we can talk

          • latteholic

            I don’t know what is the parameter is for “bigger” drama, but as far as I know Gaksital garnered higher average ratings during its course of run last year compared to Nice Guy, so if that’s the parameter, then I think that it deserves to be nominated. But I’m not here to argue which drama deserves to be nominated more because obviously we have our own favorites.
            I think what most people found puzzling is how Gaksital was not even mentioned in any category. Even if they are not going to nominate the drama or Joo Won or Park Ki Woong as the best actor/supporting actor, as I understand that there are actors who are more senior than them, I would have thought that at least it would be nominated for its directing, the director did an great job there, and he’s not only focusing on the pretty cinematography but also did a good job at creating the nuances of the drama.
            And yes, I have at least watched/attempted to watch some of those dramas that were nominated.

      • 12.1.2 SS

        I watched the drama”My Husband Got A Family” I think it’s overrated, though popular. Gaksital should have been nominated instead. I have never taken awards seriously but I heard Baeksang is supposed to be the “better” one compared to those held by the broadcast stations. Well, it certainly fell short of my expectations. I also think they should do away with the popularity award. It’s just a money making machine. I think it would be quite funny if Park Yoo Chun continues to win which I won’t put it pass him and his fans.

        • geri

          what so funny? his fans pay to vote..

          • SS

            Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean it’s funny that Park Yoo Chun is popular. I have known this guy since DBSK days and have even watched his banjun dramas. So I do get why he is so popular.
            I just thought it would be a joke at the organisers’ expense(maybe not, they’d laughing their way to the bank) if Yoo Chun continues to win this award every year. I can see why other events have popularity awards but why Baeksaeng? For example, does Oscars and Emmy have popularity awards? Anyway, I guess it helps to pay for the event.

          • drju

            The votes were paid??… thats explained a lot..

        • helloyou

          They need to fund the event. The popularity vote will stay in place – it also guarantees fans will come and pay for tickets.

    • 12.2 latteholic

      Gosh, he looks so hot in that white/cream tux and that hairstyle! 😀

    • 12.3 mira

      ohhh thanks for the lovely pic!! joo won looks great in white and this hair style !!
      i saw the bromance award from pkw twitter, love these two !! btw i am watching story of a man and pkw’s character is awesome & cute <3

    • 12.4 alissasengxoxo

      Agree! Gaksital deserved to be nominated!! Especially for Best Director.

    • 12.5 Leap

      i am so glad to see all these comments about Gaksital not being nominated…I am also still so diappointed….i am hoping that seoul interrnational awards will at least recognized this show!

  13. 13 Mommai

    Lots of pretty dresses and well dressed men! I’m a little scared to ask, but as a new Shinhwa fan who hasn’t seen Dong-wan act… How is he as an actor?

    • 13.1 Mystisith

      I’m watching Cheer up, Mr Kim and he is good in the part (awkward and shy). Didn’t watch Deranged yet so I can’t help here.

    • 13.2 Ann

      Deranged was a good movie. Kim Myung-Min was the lead actor in the film , and he was great as usual. Dong Wan was very good as his little brother who is a cop. His performance was realistic and not at all a typical “deer in the headlights” young idol performance. Of course, he is 34, and has been acting for a while. I think all the SHINHWA guys have improved their acting skills–check out their performances on SNL Korea.

  14. 14 KDaddict

    My favorite look for an actress here is Kim So Hyun’s. It’s just refreshing.
    My fav pics among the bunch: Kim Bum and Joo Won’s.
    Thx for the eye candies.

  15. 15 Ace

    Love the black gowns! But Suzy’s my favorite look in these bunch. Wow, she has grown up! Love the dress and the makeup!

    UEE: What happened? You’re too young to wear those! Fire the stylist!

    Kim So-hyun: Add a few more inches below and I’ll wear that dress to church! Haha

    • 15.1 Ace

      Forgot to say that those black gowns (and the rest too) are much better than the gowns in this year’s Met Gala.

  16. 16 spring

    Congrats to “The Chaser” and Sohn Hyun-joo. It was an excellent drama. 🙂

    • 16.1 Kiara

      YES agreed. So happy for Chaser.

  17. 17 HaibaraChristie

    I can’t seem to stop seeing Park Ha-sun as Queen In-hyeon, especially when she keeps wearing those hanbok inspired numbers like royalty!

    • 17.1 liz

      Forever the queen!

      Hahaha I love her and I always think she has this ”royal” aura around her LOL

      • 17.1.1 Kiara

        She will always be Queen In-hyun to me.

    • 17.2 bd

      PHS played Queen IH with such grace and presence for her tender age.

  18. 18 DarknessEyes

    uh…. Kim Woo-Bin, I think you should just keep your hair down. Please never ever gel it up again.

  19. 19 Ennayra

    I love posts with so many pics! Thanks for this, javabeans!

  20. 20 denise

    loved Kim Woo Bin’s picture the most, he looks good with the gel hair. i was hoping he would win, at least he got nominated. 🙂

  21. 21 anotheraddict

    There’s one accessory that would’ve made Song Joong Ki’s outfit work: Gal So Won (in her metallic silver and black dress). I agree that despite Bummie’s ensemble having a couple of minor flaws, the overall effect is stunning. It’s so nice to see Shin So Yool totally rockin’ the glam– Jung Eun Chae, on the other hand… *cringes*

    I was happy that A Wife’s Credentials picked up a major award. Does anyone know what Ahn Sung Ki did/does to earn the Social Contribution Award? Glad to see that award is included in the ceremony.

  22. 22 Hopelesslydivided

    Suzy’s look just wowed me.

    • 22.1 skelly

      Loved her hair and makeup. The dress? The color was fabulous, but that little lace peplum puts it right in bridesmaid territory.

  23. 23 Aqidah

    “When I see Park Sung-woong, I think sexy bastard.”

    Not just you..don’t worry..i can’t take my eyes of him..he has that aura..that sexy feeling an older lady like 😀

    • 23.1 Annie

      I’m just a few years out of college and I think he’s uber hot.

      I remember that I actually shipped his character with Lee Da Hae’s in East of Eden until he just kind of disappeared.

      • 23.1.1 Aqidah

        Not to mention he’s tall & his body frame is big..

        I don’t know how such a small eyes actor can look so dashing to me..hahaha..

    • 23.2 spring

      I think he’s sexy and I’m only 21. *blush*

  24. 24 Butterbacon

    I think park shin hye has won more popularity awards than yoochun…?

    • 24.1 haha

      they both have 3 consecutive awards in their hands but PSH have them on both dramas and movies( and her movies are worth winning) while YC only has it in dramas.

    • 24.2 Deliane

      Yoochun’s dramas definitely aren’t the most popular but his fans are willing to vote tirelessly, seeing as its the only way to see him on tv right now.

  25. 25 Annie

    Anyone else bothered by the lack of upcoming actresses? All I see are seas of debuting actors.

  26. 26 h311ybean

    Thanks! I love your fashion police posts as much as the drama recaps 🙂

    Just a teensy correction – Heo Kyung-hwan wasn’t in “Qualifications of Men” (RIP, Show); he appears in “The Human Condition.”

    • 26.1 javabeans

      Ah, is that how KBS translates it? They are two separate shows but can be translated similarly — the Sunday variety show is Qualifications of Men [남자의 자격], and this one is Qualifications of (Hu)man [인간의 조건].

      • 26.1.1 h311ybean

        Yes, I think that “Human Condition” is the subtitle I see on KBS World for the Saturday show 🙂

        Thanks for the clarification! It’s so interesting to see how the two titles could be translated similarly.

    • 26.2 Ann

      LOL! I was wondering about that. too! I think “The Human Condition” is a better description of the show. I have really enjoyed it, because it is more thoughtful than your typical reality show. Much better than anything found in the US.

      • 26.2.1 h311ybean

        I like the premise of “Human Condition” (or whatever else it might be called, LOL) a lot, too! It’s interesting to see people who are pretty well-off trying to get along without certain things – really calls your attention to things that you might otherwise take for granted.

  27. 27 helloyou


    I love Shin So-yool’s dress on her – it’s sexy but understated and fun – it fits her personality so well.

    I really like Suzy’s dress as well (minus the red bow actually). It fits her well, and the shape is great.

    Eunji’s stylists are forever putting her in poofy princess dresses…screw her image and put her in something more mature and fitted please, the girl has some curves.

    Also, can we PLEASE talk about the Eunji’s surprise duet with The One? Of his OST song from That Winter The Wind Blows??? Did not see that coming at all.

  28. 28 HeadsNo2

    Words can’t describe how much I missed seeing Kim Woo-bin’s forehead.

  29. 29 kumi

    Park Ha-sun!

  30. 30 snow_white

    I love Suzy and Park Ha Sun here…..both look so gorgeous…and Chan jung ahn as well..

  31. 31 Claudine

    Kim Go-eun really knows how to dress up! I loved all of her red carpet appearances

    Anyway, looking forward to her next project. She was sooo good in The Muse (Eun-gyo) I need to see her act again.

  32. 32 Gaeina Lee

    Do Ji Han~!!! My lovely Hyuk…! Awww.. *swoon*

  33. 33 crazedlu

    I always go into these posts knowing they’ll be loooong, BUT, I read every word. Every time. Ha.

    Kim. Bum. Heart.

  34. 34 wL

    Hi, just my curiosity, is this award consider one of the prestige awards in Korean entertainment?

    • 34.1 haha


  35. 35 Sandy

    Suzy look more like a married woman for her age group.

    Should wear it funky or bohemian.

  36. 36 Kiara

    Lee Sang-yoon so yummy <3. Congrats to Ryu Seung-ryong /happy dance.

  37. 37 Kelly

    I’m sad that Joo Won didn’t win for Gaksital…that was an amazing drama.

  38. 38 anna

    Lol alien rockstar! As much as I love Woobin, I don’t he looks good with his hair pushed back.

  39. 39 fuzzymogwai

    ph yay time to look at gorgeous people in (hopefully)gorgeous dresses!

    altho i wondered….kim ah joong hosts a lot f these awards things, doesnt she..hehe

    any reason why? ive never actually seen an award show broadcast, so maybe shes really awesome at it i dunno, but there is a much wider collection of guys that hosts these…and it always seems to be with her?


    stunning people =D

  40. 40 mlhwrhh

    congras to park shin hye & Yuri(snsd)…omg don’t see sung yuri & yoon eun hye at redcap…stars so pretty ^^ …thanks share

  41. 41 ck1Oz

    Wow I can’t even comment except to say thanks. That was so many photos.

    Okay Kiim Bum and Lee Sang Yoon were gorgeous examples of smokin’ hot Korean actors.

  42. 42 IzOcha

    Thanks for the post!

    I still want to be Wonder Woman. I was always intrigued with her ability to defy physics. Those crazy Atlanteans . . . were there men Alien Rock Stars? I think…yes. Yes. I do.

    • 42.1 IzOcha

      Wonder Woman was Amazonian. Oops.

  43. 43 Fasr

    my favourite look is definitely kim min hee. i have stars in my eyes when i look at her. i like um jung hwa’s dress too if not for the weird way it falls around her feet. i loved the sleeve-cape.

    you know why it took you so long to find a picture of woobin not looking like an alien rockstar? it’s because he is one. what a strange looking kid. we still love you. i kinda like the updo and he really has put on muscles for that new movie.

  44. 44 imyjoonkimine

    Song Joong Ki!!! WHY YOU”RE HANDSOME!!!! OTL

  45. 45 geri

    so what if yoochun received again popularity award?? he has loyal and supportive fandom who willing to pay to vote their favourite actor.

    • 45.1 MYinhaler what?why suddenly said “Hello Yoochun, you again?” heyyy, he deserves that & got talent as well..jealous enuff huh???
      even NO CREDIT for him, enuff is enuff matured next time..nothing is better if it’s only for bashing him..

  46. 46 Anvesha

    Haha alien rock star! That’s totally what he looks like.. My favorites are Kim Min Hee, Park Shin Hye, their dress and look is perfect! and Kim Hee Ae’s dress is also very beautiful.

    Wait.. Someone actually won from Fashion King?! Wut?!

  47. 47 Jo

    The awesome part about award shows is that it reminds me of the movies I want to watch. In general, I am loving most of the outfits and people. But my god, Ahn Sung-ki has not aged. God. I remember having a severe crush on him when I was younger…things do not change

  48. 48 mellowyel

    Navy suits! (Yoochun & Kim Dong-wan) – I LOVE. Future husband must own one.

    Lots of pretty dresses. I like the simpler ones (Han Yeri, Uhm Jung-hwa, Han Go-eun), but Shin So-yool’s dress is BEAUTIFUL. Kim Min-hee and Park Ha-sun’s dresses also win.

    • 48.1 bd

      Dark navy/indigo suits/tuxes are more flattering than black for guys w/ black hair,

  49. 49 goldeng

    Congrats to the winners and thanks for the pictures!! I like black cuz its elegant and classy but man… these awards almost looked like a funeral…! i was like: “who died?” I screamed at the top of my lungs when I saw kim bum! I love that MAN!! i love him! and when he brings some light with his angel-white tux to this nearly funeral, i love him even more!

    Ryu Seung-ryong is one flawless oppa… that man idk how he can be so talented and haawt! AAAND woo bin… idk about the rockstar part but he does look like an alien… I think its the hair! hes so gorgeous but its scary what bad hair can do to a person O__o

  50. 50 altair

    Kim So-hyun is going to be the best and most famous actress in Korea in 10 years time. Plus, she is adorable. I didn’t understand why some some awards went to certain people or projects, but that’s just me.

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