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Choi Jin-hyuk confirmed to reappear in Gu Family Book
by | May 2, 2013 | 121 Comments

Well while Choi Jin-hyuk ponders over whether or not he’ll be joining Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye in Heirs this fall, he’s got one gig lined up for sure in the meantime. He’s been confirmed to make a reappearance in current MBC drama Gu Family Book as Wol-ryung, aka Papa Gumiho. Time for a happy dance. It’s a good week for Choi Jin-hyuk fans.

The door was always left open for Choi Jin-hyuk to return, given that pesky gumiho immortality and all, and the production has confirmed that he’s poised to pop up in the story around Episode 12 or 13, based on the latest scripts. That has to be somewhat influenced by the actor’s popularity — he’s been praised left and right for his short but memorable two-episode stint that opened the show. He played a sweet lovestruck gumiho who was betrayed by his one true love, and as a result of failing his quest to become human, he’s been cursed to live as an evil spirit for a thousand years.

When we last left him he was killed by Dam Pyung-joon and laid to rest on the mountain that he had guarded for a thousand years. Twenty years later his son Kang-chi (Lee Seung-gi) has just discovered that he is half-gumiho, and has set out on his own quest to be human. Here’s where the news gets less happy, given what we know: Our abandoned half-gumiho hero has lived his whole life loving a human surrogate father, and hates his newly unleashed beast half. When he finally encounters his birth father, Dad will be pure raging evil. Talk about needing years of therapy.

So it’s more likely father and son will fight to the death than say, sit down for tea and crackers, but I’ll hold out hope that Wol-ryung can be saved. Because the guy who brought his beloved a sackful of butterflies just to see her smile deserves one good day.

Gu Family Book airs Mondays/Tuesdays on MBC.

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121 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Alexis

    OMG!! I can’t wait for his appearance in the show.

  2. Swee

    I am kinda lost interest in this drama but with CJH coming back, wow, wow, my interest has perked up! Thanks for sharing the good news.

    • 2.1 trotwood

      I want to be interested in this show, but I can’t. However, I will keep skimming the recaps for when he shows up. I will definitely be watching those episodes. He needs his own drama as the lead STAT.

    • 2.2 Raine

      Really? It’s one of my favorite. Isn’t it funny how different shows strike people?

    • 2.3 Kgrl

      Lols, it’s the production values. I find myself rolling my eyes every time some dramatic music score pops up on a scene. And I’m really not impressed at the directing or I should say cinematography. A beautiful camera doesn’t automatically grant you an A. This is fusion sageuk isn’t it?
      Be a little more creative.

      So far the story has been doing a slightly better job of keeping me invested. CJH was so endearingly awesome for the start of Gu, and I find Lee Yoo Bin delightful to watch in the second drama of her career. What a great rookie actress – totally stealing the limelight.

      • 2.3.1 Roggy

        I agree! She is fabulous!

        OMG RANDOM THOUGHT: but what if the CJ and MummyHo symmetry the show keeps pulling is for DaddyHo’s return???

        My theory: DaddyHo upon being the evil demon will lay eyes upon Cj and be reminded of his beloved MummyHo and become sane for a moment, in which KC will save him!!!!!????

      • 2.3.2 Raine

        Really? I really love the score. Mostly because they use orchestral accompaniment rather than the vocalless tracks. This is more like film music than drama music imho. STrings and lower brass really rock my universe.

        I like the story for the character development, too. I don’t really dig the monk’s magic way of popping up, but I’m enjoying the interactions between the characters.

      • 2.3.3 bd

        Not just the production values, but the writing and the acting of the 2 leads (says something when I miss the acting of Lee Yeon-hee).

        One doesn’t really FEEL the emotions of the 2 leads (the sappy writing and the even more sappy music which is the cue for the viewer to be on alert to feel something, but does exactly the opposite), while despite a short 2 ep story arc, one actually felt a lot more of the emotions btwn daddy gumiho and his love.

        And the whole love story arc btwn son gumiho and his “sister” is not only ick (they basically grew up as brother and sister), but feels really forced.

        • Jackie

          Miss Lee Yeon Hee so much. I wish it was just her and Choi Jin Hyuk… very weird

    • 2.4 MsB

      I’m with you. I really think CJH set the bar high and it’s just not met the excitement of the first 2 episodes. I have no interest in the main couple, I’m more for Kang Chi and Chung Jo and less for Kang Chi and Yeo Wool. Just not vested into their relationship. I tried, may try again. Not sure at this stage. More interested in Jang Ok Jung too.

      • 2.4.1 zfih

        While I agree that CJH set the bar high – boy did he, on the other hand I do think I have to disagree with not feeling into the Kang chi and Yeo Wool relationship mainly because well… there really is no relationship right now πŸ˜› Kang chi still thinks she’s a boy so it would actually not make sense. LOL. maybe we should watch it unfold before we decide.

  3. β™ͺβ™ͺ β™₯ bu bu jing xin sickness β™₯ β™ͺβ™ͺ

    Yay! I liked him in I need Romance.. he kissed very well πŸ™‚

    • 3.1 Lilian

      Ohmo….no wonder! I was wondering where I saw him previously. Now that you remind me, I know why!!! Anyway, I did like the first two episodes a lot. Unlike My Girlfriend is a Gumiho which is super addictive, this has been less so , but overall still a fun watch

  4. HurryUp

    Papa Gumiho, I miss him πŸ™

  5. Peridot

    He is a really talented actor, so it is a great thing that we’ll be able to see him again on the show. I know that taking on the Heirs project would gain him more exposure, but I am honestly not excited about that show at all. Am I in the minority here?

    • 5.1 trotwood

      I love him, and I have zero interest in Heirs even with my great admiration for Park Shin Hye. So, no, you are not the only one.

      • 5.1.1 Peridot

        I’m glad πŸ™‚

    • 5.2 skelly

      I agree – happy about the exposure, unhappy about the project. I would like to see him in something that didn’t require him to be a high schooler. That’s my big problem with Heirs – I just can’t get excited about yet another angsty chaebol learning about the joy of holding hands when everyone in the cast is old enough to know better. You might as well have a 50-year-old doing Sex in the City.

      • 5.2.1 Kiara

        I think he is going to play LMH’s older brother. I’m not sure about being in high school with him.

        • skelly

          Yes, Koala’s Playground says the part would be LMH’s older brother, which is a better fit.

      • 5.2.2 JoAnne

        I do NOT see how this guy could play a highschooler. At all. Even with short hair. This is a MAN.

        Lee Min Ho can look his age or younger, depending. He can appear both boyish and manly, although I expect it would be a struggle to see him as anything younger than college-aged.

        Gumihot, on the other hand…that’s a man. That’s allllllllll man. Maybe he can be a man who acts kind of boyish and cute at times (no maybe there, actually) but there’s not a female on the planet who doesn’t know instinctively that that is one grown-up man, right there.

        • Ivoire

          Hi JoAnne, we get it (loud and clear), CJH is a MAN!!!! πŸ™‚ (If I was ever doubting it, now I know, because JoAnne told me πŸ™‚ ).

          • jany

            well I think he can pull off a highschool because He looks cute in panda and the hedgehog.

        • ys

          Gumihot: best.nickname.ever.

          • zfih

            LOL LOL LOL gumihot πŸ˜€

        • dewaanifordrama

          Agreed!!! Perhaps a gumihot teacher?

          • Ivoire

            Dewaanifordrama, why a gumihot teacher? (what do you mean by that?)

          • dani305

            probably that he’ll be better casted as a hot teacher in Heirs than as a high school student.

        • Izzu

          This comment amuse me so much~~~ Yeah~ Gumihot is a mannnnnnnnnnnnnn~~~

      • 5.2.3 Shae

        LOL…my thoughts exactly

    • 5.3 Roggy

      Not excited either!

      Individually I love LMH and PSH!! In fact I might be a crazy stalker fan in LMH’s case. But when I think of the couple together and the school yard premise…. it just doesn’t work for me.

  6. Tartani

    I don’t think it was due to his popularity, in the synopsis, he was set to return when kangchi begins his journey to become human. Can’t wait for it!

    • 6.1 Ivaa

      Since from the beginning, Hot daddy will re-appear…
      in the synopsis, father and son will fight each other.
      Also it’s said that he will be in the dark side, that’s why they put his picture in a poster, also he was there in press conference too.
      I think this is one of the reason they all want to act alongside Lsg, his news coverages is not a jokes……jinja
      I bet after this, Sung Joon got offer from major network as a leading role.

      • 6.1.1 Fasr

        hahahaha what. if they get anywhere it wouldn’t be because of LSG, that is just… a ridiculous not to mention insulting and assumption to make, to put it mildly. sure it helps being in a moderately high profile drama with any established actor (LSG isn’t even A list yet c’mon), but if these people don’t have it in them to get big they won’t no matter who they play second, third or forth fiddle with to.

        • skelly

          I totally agree. If Sung Joon gets a lead role, it will be because of Can We Get Married and his solid track record, not because he happened to stand next to LSG a few times, as thrilling as that must have been (yes, some sarcasm here).

          • df

            Hmm, the boy is indeed talented but let’s accept it, he’s also need exposure, in this case is working with nation star like LSG and Suzy, ever wonder why after great job in CWGM, he chose to star in GFB as 3rd lead? That’s sad but reality in entertainment world. Think about it, if the drama is a failure, he’s still safe, if the drama is a hit, he’ll gain fame. Same with CJH.

    • 6.2 Ivoire

      I agree with Ivaa that he is on one of the posters for the show (I have seen it), and he is wearing dark clothes, which could be an indication of him belonging to the dark side. That also told me that he would be on the show for a number of episodes (Sung Joon is on that poster as well). There is also another thing that is supposed to happen, and people have been mentioning it, however I don’t want to spoil the readers, so I will say nothing about it. I am sooooo happy we know for sure he will come back. He totally deserves to be one of the (main) characters on that show, his performance was very compelling in the first 2 episodes, and he set the tone (for me at least) for what was to come, and I was sucked in in great part because of how he played WR.

      I look forward to his battles/fights with his son. We have 16 episodes left, everything cannot be roses and sweet poems for the next 16 episodes. I say bring on the drama (in the drama πŸ™‚ )

    • 6.3 dtdt

      Yeah, I thought he would return since he was wrapped and hidden by leaves, instead of disappear in the air, he is resting for years to be returned to help his son finding the book.
      But if the father becomes evil, I won’t be suprised because I found the writer and the director are not so good. There are many scenes don’t make sense and annoying me so much. How can people can just stand far away and just watch when they see their friends, relatives are in dangerous or going to die.

  7. orenji

    Knew it he’s coming back. Ever since i read the drama synopsis this is the battle i was waiting for, Kangchi against his never-aged evil dad. Cant wait!

  8. ck1Oz

    Man that’s cruel GF.
    You made me smile thinking about the butterflies.
    And we get hit by his blood drenched teeth and raging eyes.

    * back to happy butterflies thoughts *

    • 8.1 KDR

      Haha.. I had the same reaction! =P

  9. Hibz

    Hhaha th last sentence says it all ! Of course he deserves ! But unfortunately I don’t see that coming unless it’s companies with so much tears and sadness!
    Thanks guys ! U r the best !

  10. 10 Peeps

    KYAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Excuse me, but this is my first time doing this, but DADDYHO!!!!!!!!

    But that has to be one twisted family dynamic. DaddyHo is the reason Puppy hates himself, DaddyHo is gonna wanna kill his own son (at least that’s what I think thousand year evil spirits are wont to do…). And Puppy’s gonna be so mad/sad to see the Daddy who ‘abandoned him… And when he discovers why DaddyHo ended up like that…

    Sigh… KangChi’s life is a makjang drama…

  11. 11 tadaima

    He is actually going to come back. He’s in the main poster posing as an evil guy. lol. A gumiho can’t be easily killed.

  12. 12 wanne

    I thought it was already stated before the drama even began airing that Papa Gu will return as a demon, losing his memory and Kang Chi will have to fight against him. So, this is not something that was added recently. I expected it all along.

    • 12.1 someone

      It was always planned, it has nothing to do with popularity, we won’t be seeing the sweet guy this time around.

  13. 13 Mystisith

    So… I’ll have to watch those episodes just for him. It’s going to be bitter (very) and sweet (the more you can, Show).

  14. 14 haruka


  15. 15 Carmensitta

    No surprise here. I knew he’ll come back! It’s nice to know it’s going to be so SOON! YAAAAAY!
    Looking forward to the dad-son dynamics, even if dad’s gonna be evil(just for a while, show, please!)
    I hope the monk won’t hold information on what happened to dad and tell KC that he became a demon because he loved SH and didn’t want to kill her.

  16. 16 kinna


  17. 17 kdramapedia

    I’m kinda disappointed about the spoiler, since I like going into shows “blind” (I don’t read the detailed show descriptions or relationship charts) and keeping the surprise.

    But I’m happy that once it airs I can say “I told you so” to my friend who is convinced Papa Gu isn’t coming back, lol!

  18. 18 AIreN

    if i’m not mistaken, it’s in their plot from beginning that choi jin hyuk will appear again in this drama. i think it just the media who said that yeon hee and choi jin hyuk are cameos.

    correct me if i’m wrong πŸ™‚

  19. 19 Raitei

    Although I’m pretty sure Wol Ryung will be saved, I’m a little doubtful if he will continue living once the story ends. This kind of story makes me think he’ll end up dying, you know, to reunite with his lost love… +_+

    • 19.1 slfowie

      Do you know if this ‘one true love’ that is supposed to turn him human or if its ‘anyone who loves him’ that’s supposed to turn him human?

      If its ‘anyone who loves him’ then i can so imagine its Kang Chi’s love that will make him human…Then after Papa Gu becomes human the writers are probably gonna kill him off- coz u knw cant have the dad n the son looking the same age. Though it could create a cute dynamic if they leave him alive.

      • 19.1.1 lemondoodle

        That would actually be cute, but probably unlikely. Come on WR become human. You have a BFF, a son and a future daughter in law… I’m 99% sure WR will die for KC and make us hate GW (cause he’s responsible obviously) even more than we already do.

  20. 20 snow_white

    Yay!!!! πŸ™‚

  21. 21 blegh

    yes! yes! yes! I knew he had to come back. yayyy!

  22. 22 owl

    CJS and LSG = Gu Gu Dolls! β™₯

    • 22.1 Dol

      Ahahahahaha! Love it.

  23. 23 lemondoodle

    Yeah, he was always going to return. You can’t kill a gumiho like that. I’m excited for the dynamic he’ll have with Kangchi. Should be fun (and heartbreaking) to watch.

  24. 24 LoveSG

    Well, I do love a comeback from Papa Gumiho. but alas Dam Pyung-joon is the one who killed him and her daughter happens to become a lover of Kang Chi >< I bet at that time their romance has taken root but the reappearance of Papa may only signal bad things to come for the budding lovers….. More melodrama please ^^

    I also certainly hope the Papa Gumiho could become good in the end because his character started out as good so it will just be soo heartbreaking to end up evil right up to the end :'(

  25. 25 sur

    OMG i don’t know is it a good news or bad πŸ™

  26. 26 gg

    oh yayyy i was so looking forward to this!!!

  27. 27 RIO kdrama lover

    LOVED the news!!! I’m already counting the days for his reappearance XD Hoping for a happy ending for him!!

  28. 28 Raine

    Yeah, my sister texted me about this news. Yes, it’s text worhty. HOOORAY! He was so heartwrenching!

  29. 29 Ohyeah

    I started GFB to see Wonder Boy and discovered this wonderful actor instead. Guess I will now have to put up with the meh just for him.

    That last photo is just awesome, that’s how a man-beast should look like.

    • 29.1 lemondoodle

      I reaaalllly seriously don’t get why some of you just can’t be excited for him to return without insulting everyone else.

      • 29.1.1 Mystisith

        On the other hand, I don’t get why some fans can’t handle the fact that not everybody has the same opinion as them. Also, jumping on the back of people who disagree with you is not a very effective way to convert people to your cause.

        • Anon

          In my opinion, the world will be a much nicer place if you can give people you like the thumbs up without thumping others down. But I reckon some people do that because they have an inferiority complex about their bias, oh well, that’s just my opinion.

          • Mystisith

            In theory and in RL, I agree. In the entertainment field, you spend your life being compared to others.
            Sadly for everyone involved, many viewers came for LSG here and yes, were impressed by the performance of CJH instead. Since they are playing in the same drama, it’s normal to have people comparing them.
            It happens all the time in dramaland: For Moon/Sun the audience mostly agreed on the fact that the kids on the first episodes were good and the adults not that much. No big deal. If nothing else, it’s a sign for the actors that they need to step up their game or change something in their acting cause it doesn’t quite work.

          • bd

            It has nothing to do w/ “BIAS.”

            I dig both Lee Yeon-hee and Suzy, but in Gu, LYH surprised w/ her acting while Suzy has been well, Suzy.

            If one can’t comment on bad, as well as the good, then every K-drama is a good drama and every actor/actress has a winning performance.

            It’s the people who can’t take criticism of their “bias” who have the inferiority complex.

        • lemondoodle

          I don’t really have a cause…. I just wish people would be nicer in general. Happy for his return, but why try to bring everyone else down? Seriously? Not sure why that’s so much to ask! But I’m probably being overly sensitive due to the fact that this is an ongoing issue with this drama and a few vocal watchers/non watchers.

      • 29.1.2 Ohyeah

        I really seriously don’t get why I can’t state my opinion. Did I insult anyone? If I had said Lee Seung Gi is ugly or his acting sucks, I agree it qualifies as an insult. But I did not and neither do I think of him in that way.

        As Mystisith said below, I came for LSG but was surprised by CJH instead.

        Yes, LSG pales in comparison in my opinion but why is that an insult? Just because I don’t share your view?

        As for the comparison of man beast look, LSG just cannot carry it. He looks too much like a boy, not a man.

        • lemondoodle

          I didn’t mean to single you out. Sorry. πŸ™‚ You didn’t say anything wrong.

          But I do think some people in general are unfair to compare two episodes of a complete story to the growth of a character/story that’s going to be ongoing for the rest of the 22 episodes. Especially those who dropped things at ep. 3 and then complain how nothing can compare to the story of the first two episodes. Obviously they can’t compare… they haven’t been given a chance to. Though that’s possible not true for you.

          And I don’t care one way or the other about the beast thing. One of my complaints about the last episode was that beast KC wasn’t bad ass enough.

          • bd

            They now have had 6 eps to “impress” – don’t know how much more one needs.

            And while Lee Sung-jae’s villainous former Deputy Minister is written as a bit of a one-note character, LSJ has impressed from the very start (w/ what little he has to work with).

        • sue

          When I read your comment I immediately thought that LSG is playing a boy right now. In the drama he just turned 20 and his character has control issues ( to say the least). I believe (if they do this right) we will watch him grow up and become a man. To me this shows that LSG must be doing something right, because when I saw him in K2H, I did not see a boy, but a man. Now CJH, on the other hand is playing a character alive for over 1,000 years. He is a man. He had learned to control his gumiho instincts before the proverbial poop hit the fan and was very much grown up when we first met him. But Kang Chi is still growing and maturing. And in gumiho years he might still be a baby!

        • nomoyepo

          Have you meet LSG in person?before you say LEE SEUNG GI is ugly .see him first in person dont just judge his looks by pix or screen…yeah ! you insulted those people who met or seen him in person and openly saying LSG is so hansome in person ..sorry for my english

          • Kiara

            Oh my gosh people READ. He did not say LSG is ugly. He was using it as an example.

          • bd

            C’mon, seeing him in person (or any other actor/actress) and in photos or video doesn’t make that much of a difference.

        • leelee

          erm… Kang-chi , whether in his human or beast form is supposed to appear like a 20-year old boy, not a thousand year old like his papa-ho IMO. We’ve already seen LSG playing a hot, sexy 30-year old namja role in TK2H, and he pulled it off perfectly well. Just saying. Well we all have different opinions, and while you can freely state yours, others can state theirs as well. It just so happened that some don’t agree to you like you don’t agree to them.

  30. 30 p7879

    excited to see papa gumiho

  31. 31 Irish Law


    “It’s a good week for Choi Jin-hyuk fans.” —> INDEED!

    I’m happy he’s joining new drama, but before that, I’ve been wishing him to return in GFB..and now He’s in. What a great news!

    If you read the synopsis, KC’s father will be return again as demon. He wears black suit in poster.

  32. 32 Yeahoh

    Oh well , I am not exactly excited. I skipped episodes 1 and 2 to be honest. Well guess not everyone has the same opinion on what a man beast should look like.

  33. 33 Cindy

    Of course, he will re-appear in the drama. That’s a given. But why am I not so excited? Coz I have already given my heart to his son, Kang Chi (ha, ha).

  34. 34 Morwena

    Oh, God, yes! Wait, that sounded a little wrong….

  35. 35 Suzi Q

    OMO! CJH is back! Made MY Day!

    Papa Gumiho is finally going to meet his son. The first two episodes were fantastic, so reuniting the Gumihoes will be awesome!!!!!

    Loved the photo with the butterflies…I have a thing about butterflies too…

  36. 36 Almontel

    I really didn’t think we had sen the last of him since he was supposed to be evil after being betrayed by the girl he loves and since he didn’t use the knife to kill her, he doomed himself to be the bad guy…

    omo…first i thought the heading was that he confirmed for Heirs…ke ke ke…

    i do hope he says YES!!!

  37. 37 Mia

    Yay! Happy! πŸ˜€
    But I’m also hoping for Seo hwa to reappear. Maybe as a spirit? She can be a way for Wol ryung to be good again? Cuz i don’t want him to die, again. πŸ™
    I want the gumiho family to have a little happy ending! (if i can’t get a Big happy ending, I’ll settle for Little) heh

  38. 38 Fun-Lugha

    Well I don’t usually read the synopsis so it’s a nice surprise to hear this, al take him whichever way to be honest, evil or good, just get him back on screen already!

  39. 39 jademwong

    YEEEEEEEEEES. Can. Not. Wait.

  40. 40 Waiting

    So we get him back in ep 12 and 13 and lose him…again. I am getting tissues ready.

  41. 41 Kay

    Omg im so excited….this man and his smile…sigh. I was smitten the instant I saw him and I’m so happy his stint was longer than 2 episodes.

    Althought Seung Gi is doing good (and no doubt he’s a talented actor), there is something about Choi Jin Hyuk that’s more mythical and alluring, he seems to bring the whole idea of gumiho’s alive…he made me believe everything about his existence moreso than Seung Gi

  42. 42 dewaanifordrama

    πŸ˜€ This just made my day about a million times over!!!

  43. 43 J

    I’d like to see him end up with Lee Yoo Bin’s character, weird as it may seem. She deserves to be more than a second lead, and he deserves a fulfilled romance!

  44. 44 magnetic70

    “but I’ll hold out hope that Wol-ryung can be saved. Because the guy who brought his beloved a sackful of butterflies just to see her smile deserves one good day.”

    thank u for that last part girlfriday. I am ready for the father-son fight but yes, I’m also ready to see how Papa Gu is going to have his own happy ending. Redemption instead of revenge… that’s more my thing πŸ™‚

  45. 45 Abbie

    Yay! I’m glad he’s returning! I hope Wol-ryung will find peace somehow after fighting his son.

    I’m glad Choi Jin-hyuk is coming back because he’s just so awesome!

  46. 46 DAEBAK!

    oh yeah!
    papa gumiho ROCKS!!!

  47. 47 spazmo


  48. 48 Rick

    See yourself in the mirror and ask yourself are you handsome, pretty? Can you act like the actors and actresses? Before you mouthed and criticized as though you are Oscar actors and actresses. Give some encouragement instead!!

    • 48.1 Kiara

      Who the heck are you talking to?.

  49. 49 Q

    what happened to the monk? is he immortal too? he doesn’t even age. go mr. monk!

    • 49.1 Usato

      Nobody in this drama ages…does that mean everyone is a gumiho??

      • 49.1.1 dani305

        True that. The head gisaeng and the baddie looks same as 20 yrs ago.

        • dtdt

          This show has too many flaws, without Suzy, I guess I would skip it. Suzy didn’t play super good in here but she is just adorable.
          One thing I hate about this series is the production is so cheap, the characters wear the same outfits for many eps, so boring and feel dirty πŸ™‚

          • bd

            Unless one is of royalty from a wealthy noble family, didn’t exactly have a lot of changes of clothing back in the day.

            Also rarely bathed, esp. if commoner.

  50. 50 Kim

    He was quite cute in those scenes with Kang Chi’s mother. Didn’t think he was that great otherwise. No big deal if he reappears or not. Most of us expected him to appear as an evil spirit. In fact his guhimo image was rather scary n evil looking. GFB FIGHTING!!!

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