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Gu Family Book: Episode 11
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There’s nothing like reuniting with your first love to make you totally confused about your best-friend-who’s-totally-not-your-girlfriend-you-swear. The love triangles take a front seat in this episode and complicate matters in a good way, because sometimes you have to get what you’ve always wanted to know whether or not you really wanted it.


We backtrack a little, to catch the tail end of a conversation between Kang-chi and his teacher. As Kang-chi digs into his bounty chicken, Teacher Gong asks what he’s doing all this for. He says it’s so that he can return to his family—Tae-seo, Chung-jo, and the folks at the Hundred Year Inn.

Teacher Gong asks, “And what if they don’t want you anymore… will you still become human then?” Kang-chi’s smile fades at the suggestion. It’s clearly never occurred to him that his family might not want him to return.

Fast forward to the night that closed the last episode: Jo Gwan-woong declares that he has changed his mind, and will have Chung-jo brought to his bedroom that night. Chung-jo drops her tray in the hall, and he walks past her to smarm: “I’ll see you after the sun sets.”

Tae-seo begs on his hands and knees for Kang-chi to rescue Chung-jo. Kang-chi tries to calm him down, but he screams at him to please take Chung-jo and run. “Run away someplace far and live happily together. As her brother, I give you permission, so run away someplace far. Please.” Whoa. Did he just give Kang-chi permission to marry her? No wonder Yeo-wool has that look on her face.

Chung-jo stands in that same spot, too stunned to believe what she heard, and begs Soo-ryun to tell her she heard wrong. One look from Soo-ryun confirms the nightmare as real, so she grabs a piece of the bowl she dropped and puts it to her wrist, wailing that she’d rather die.

Soo-ryun slaps her across the face, not without sympathy, but to knock some sense into her. Her words are cold, but sadly true: “Do you think your death will change the world?”

She tells her that the world is littered with deaths far more tragic than hers, and what she needs to do is live, and survive, no matter what. She’s not warm and fuzzy, but I am glad she’s around to keep Chung-jo from turning into Seo-hwa.

Yeo-wool is distracted all day and ends class early to go find Kang-chi. I love that she paces back and forth in front of him, waiting for him to notice. He doesn’t, so she plops down next to him anyway and just asks directly, as is her style: “So are you going?”

Kang-chi says that Chung-jo will still say no if he asks her to run away, and besides, she still doesn’t know what he is. He sighs that he doesn’t know where to begin to tell her the truth, and he doesn’t have confidence that she’ll accept him once she knows.

Yeo-wool says he doesn’t know—Chung-jo could say that it doesn’t matter whether he’s half-beast, and that no matter how his eyes and his face might change, he’s still him on the inside. But not everyone’s as cool as you, hon.

He asks if that’s really possible. Er, you mean you’ve already forgotten that that’s exactly what Yeo-wool said to you when she found out? Doofus. Yeo-wool says that if she likes him, and if her love is sincere, then a woman can be that way. He laughs out loud, “How would you know a woman’s heart?” She glares, “Hey, I’m a woman too!” Whoops.

He quickly starts trying to explain, and says that she and Chung-jo grew up so differently, and Chung-jo’s like a precious flower grown in a greenhouse. Oh just ram that foot further in your mouth, why don’t you.

Yeo-wool: “Whether she’s a flower in a greenhouse or a weed in a field, a woman’s heart in love is the same!” Aw, you’re not a weed! He just goes right back to teasing her, wondering what she’d know about love.

She insists that she does too know about love, so he just eggs her on: “You’ve been in love?” Yeo-wool: “Of course I have… not… yet.” He laughs again, and she says you don’t have to have been in love to know.

He argues that she can’t possibly know what it’s like to toss and turn all night because you’re filled with anticipation, or to have your heart swayed or broken with one smile or one breath from that person. Until then, she doesn’t know love.

She pouts and relents that fine, he knows and she doesn’t, and he can be awesome all by himself. Heh. But Kang-chi changes his tone and says, “Don’t worry, I won’t leave without saying goodbye.”

He says that if he does decide to leave with Chung-jo, she’ll be the first to know. That’s not very reassuring. He goes back to joking around with her and wonders when she’ll grow up and have a relationship of her own, and tousles her hair.

As they jab each other playfully, Master Dam watches from around the corner with a grave look on his face. Flashback to him asking Teacher Gong what he thinks of Kang-chi. Teacher Gong remains vague, and turns the question around on Master Dam—why does he keep him at a distance?

Master Dam admits that he killed Kang-chi’s father twenty years ago. Teacher Gong: “So are you afraid that he’ll seek revenge, or is there something else?” Back in the present, Master Dam watches Yeo-wool smiling and laughing with Kang-chi and sighs. He asks Gon to look after everyone and leaves for a trip.

Chung-jo has a tearful reunion with her servant, who’s here on an errand to deliver a package from Jo Gwan-woong. Chung-jo asks after her family, and it’s only now that she finds out that her mother died. The dispersal of information in this drama, I swear.

The other gisaengs storm in to open the package from Jo Gwan-woong, and reel at the box of expensive gifts that even Wol-sun has never received. She sneers jealously that if Chung-jo is to sleep with the man who killed her father, this should be the price. Damn.

The servant girl stammers in shock, and then runs back to the inn to tell the others, and urges them to find Kang-chi. Problem is, Jo Gwan-woong is watching the whole thing, and when his minion asks if they should stop them, he says they’re doing exactly what they’re supposed to.

He tells his men to surround the gisaeng house, because tonight Kang-chi will be walking to his own death.

Ok-man runs to tell Kang-chi the news, and he just gapes, Who’s doing what, with whom? He immediately turns to go, but Yeo-wool stands in his way. “Something’s not right here.” Well thank goodness one of you has a brain.

She says this smells like a trap. Kang-chi thinks about it and agrees that she could be right… except that doesn’t change the fact that he still has to go and save her. Well, I can’t argue with that.

Yeo-wool says fine, she’ll go with him. Both Gon and Kang-chi chime in unison that she won’t, and she wonders when they became so close. They try to reason with her, and Kang-chi refuses to be indebted to her again, but she reminds him that she’s a better fighter than he is, and basically, she just out-bosses them. Heh.

Ok-man wonders if they ought to tell Tae-seo, but Kang-chi thinks that’ll be worse, so they agree not to say anything. Tae-seo is listening in anyway, but as we know now, he’s also partly to blame for this trap.

Teacher Gong happens by and asks Tae-seo what’s going on. He offers a word of advice, in his yoda-esque way: his eyes may be clouded but that doesn’t mean he should lose his sense of judgment.

Jo Gwan-woong heads to the gisaeng house as Chung-jo awaits her fate. Soo-ryun paces till nightfall, until she finally she comes to a decision, and tells her staff to un-light every lantern and close the doors—they won’t be receiving any guests tonight.

She asks for a straw mat to be put out by the entrance, and they wonder what she’s planning to do. Jo Gwan-woong arrives to find the place dark and empty, save for Soo-ryun on the straw mat, prepared to greet him.

He reminds her of his orders, but she says she failed to fight his orders once twenty years ago, and lost two lives because of it. She asks if he remembers. Oh I think he might.

Soo-ryun asks him to rescind his orders… “Or cut my throat.” Whoa. Now this I didn’t see coming. The problem is, he doesn’t seem too broken up about having to kill her to get what he wants, so he reaches for his sword and raises it…

But Kang-chi’s voice calls out from the rooftop just in time. He jumps down and takes one knee before Soo-ryun, bowing in gratitude for what she did to protect to Chung-jo. “I won’t forget it.”

He says he’ll take over from here, and then turns his attention to Jo Gwan-woong, sighing, “You again?” Seriously. He muses that they sure do see a lot of each other, and warns that he should stop trying to take what isn’t his.

Jo Gwan-woong narrows his eyes, “Are you saying that Chung-jo is yours?” Kang-chi chides that people aren’t things, to be had or not had, and Jo Gwan-woong figures he must really want to die. On his call his army of minions jumps out from the shadows and surrounds them.

Yeo-wool’s voice rings in Kang-chi’s ears, as he thinks back to her warning for him not to fight, because his objective is to get Chung-jo out safely. She says she has a plan, and tells him to run.

So that’s exactly what he does, taking everyone except Jo Gwan-woong away from the gisaeng house. In the meantime, Yeo-wool sneaks in and scares Chung-jo with a hand over her mouth: “I’m a friend of Kang-chi’s.”

Kang-chi runs and runs, and when he gets to a crowded inn, the minions suddenly stop. They see Kang-chi running down one street, and then another, and then another. Hahahaha. Did he just pull a Jeon Woo-chi?

It’s the low-rent non-magic version, but there’s nothing better than an army of clones to throw baddies off your scent. It works, and they chase the Kang-chi look-alikes while he slips away. What he doesn’t see is that Tae-seo arrives just as he’s leaving, though we don’t see what he’s here to say.

Soo-ryun finds Chung-jo’s room empty and tells her staff to find her immediately, but to keep it quiet—if word gets out that she ran, it’s the end for her. Meanwhile, Yeo-wool leads Chung-jo through the woods, and they head to the place where she and Kang-chi are supposed to meet.

Teacher Gong finds Gon pacing in the yard, and picks up on his true worry right away. He asks if he’s so concerned about Yeo-wool and Kang-chi, why he doesn’t act on his feelings more assertively. Gon: “I am just her shadow. I can love her, but the choice is not mine.” And that right there is why the bodyguard never gets the girl.

The teacher wonders where Master Dam ran off to, just as we see him arrive to meet So-jung.

Yeo-wool takes Chung-jo to an abandoned house in the woods (perhaps the same one she took him to when they first met), and Chung-jo asks her name. I half expect her to stick with Dam-gun, but Yeo-wool tells her that they know each other, and that she’s Dam Pyung-joon’s daughter.

The decoy Kang-chis arrive with the real Kang-chi on their heels, and he brightly reports to Yeo-wool that he did exactly as told. But then he sees Chung-jo and rushes over to her, asking if she’s okay.

But this time she says that it’s not okay: “Nothing is okay.” She throws her arms around him and cries into his shoulder, and the other boys cough awkwardly and turn away, leaving Yeo-wool standing there alone to watch the embrace.

Kang-chi just reassures her that everything will be okay from now on, now that she’s here with him. Awww.

Gon is still standing in the courtyard at dawn, and the way he lights up when Yeo-wool arrives just kills me. She just walks past him with a reassuring pat on the shoulder as they both smile.

The rest of the boys walk in behind her, along with Chung-jo and Kang-chi. Tae-seo rushes in to see his sister, and their reunion actually gets me a little teary-eyed. They cry as they hug, and she asks what they’re going to do now. Tae-seo it’s okay; from now on, he’ll protect her.

Kang-chi listens from just outside the door, and then turns around to see Yeo-wool looking back at him.

Master Dam asks So-jung to tell him everything he knows about Kang-chi, and asks if he really can become human, and if it’s safe for him to be around people. So-jung guesses right away that he’s worried about his daughter, but says that Fate cannot be deterred by people.

Master Dam thinks back to all the events that led to this—killing Wol-ryung, letting Seo-hwa live, Yeo-wool asking for his help to save Kang-chi—and realizes that he’s the one who helped it along.

He returns home to find Chung-jo with her brother, and has a fit at Yeo-wool for disobeying yet again for Kang-chi. He says that he already had Soo-ryun’s promise to protect Chung-jo, and now they’ve put everyone in danger.

Tae-seo says that it’s his fault, since he’s the one who asked Kang-chi to rescue her, but Master Dam points out that right now the bigger question isn’t who’s to blame, but what on earth they’re going to do.

Kang-chi interrupts to declare that he’ll take Chung-jo and leave, and Yeo-wool starts to argue. But he cuts her off and says this is the best way to keep everyone alive. As long as Tae-seo gives his permission, that is. All eyes turn to him.

And then we get the flashback to his conversation with Mind Control Minion—he had taken responsibility for everything, and told them to arrest him. But the minion scoffs that it’s not Tae-seo they want; it’s Kang-chi. If he wants to keep the martial arts school and his sister safe, he’ll have to hand Kang-chi over.

Back in the present, Kang-chi asks what Tae-seo wants, and he shuts his eyes as tears fall. He asks Kang-chi to do it—to run away with his sister. Poor Yeo-wool.

Outside, Chung-jo stares at the statue that sits in the middle of the courtyard, and then remembers the same mark on the ointment that Kang-chi gave her. It triggers a memory, and she finally recalls meeting Yeo-wool as a child.

She had handed her the same little jar, and asked her to give it to “him.” I’m guessing Kang-chi, post-dog-bite? But instead, Chung-jo had thrown it into a pond in a fit of jealousy.

She looks up to see Kang-chi chasing Yeo-wool out of the meeting. He ignores her requests not to talk to him, and she finally bursts: “You said I’d be the first to know!” Aw. He says that her father has already taken on too much risk in hiding Tae-seo, and he can’t hide Chung-jo too.

She asks where he’ll go, and he says there must be somewhere for two people to live in hiding. Yeo-wool: “You said you wanted to become a person!” He’s surprised at her outburst, and tries to get a word in, “Dam-gun… Dam-gun…”

But she can’t believe his will to be human only amounted to this, and refuses to speak to him. She turns around to go, so he grabs her by the arm, “Yeo-wool-ah!”

He spins her around to face him, and her eyes start to fill with tears. It shocks him so much that he just stands there looking at her, until she can’t hold in her tears anymore and breaks away.

She shuts the door behind her, and he finally speaks to her through the door: “I’m sorry, Dam Yeo-wool. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you first that I’m leaving. And I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep my word like a man, and gave up so irresponsibly. And also… thank you, for always being on my side even if this is all I am. Enduring the death of the person who was my heaven, overcoming my circumstances even when I couldn’t accept myself—that’s all because of you. I’ll never forget it. I won’t be able to forget.”

He reaches his hand out to the door, as she cries on the other side. He walks away, and she falls to the floor in sobs.

Kang-chi sits on the stoop outside, still processing what just happened, as Chung-jo watches from a distance.

Jo Gwan-woong actually gets so pissed at his minion for letting Kang-chi slip away again that he doesn’t even listen to his new plan, and instead hires the local thug to catch Kang-chi and kill him.

Kang-chi and Chung-jo prepare to leave and say their final goodbyes, and he lingers to look around for Yeo-wool. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Chung-jo, and Gon says that she’s training and asked not to be disturbed.

Tae-seo nods at them from a distance and they turn to go. Kang-chi stops to give one last look back, as he thinks to himself: “I wanted to say one final goodbye. Be well, Dam Yeo-wool.”

They walk out, and Teacher Gong sighs that he’s really gone. Master Dam thinks to himself that if he can stop Fate this way, he will. Lee Soon-shin isn’t as happy to hear about the decision that was made without consulting him, and heads toward the school.

Kang-chi and Chung-jo walk through the woods, but it’s no time before they’re found. It can only mean Tae-seo caved, right? Sure enough, Head Minion tells someone he did well, and there’s Tae-seo, standing right next to him.

He says he delivered Kang-chi into their hands, so they have to let his sister go as promised. The minion one-ups him and hands him a sword—he’ll keep that promise as long as Tae-seo cuts Kang-chi’s throat himself. Oh you’re not gonna fall for this, right?

Tae-seo takes the sword. The minion reminds him to cut Kang-chi’s bracelet off first. Ack! Don’t do that! As they walk away, the minion tells his men to kill Tae-seo and Chung-jo as soon as it’s done. Well duh.

Yeo-wool busts out of her room frantically, full of regret. “I shouldn’t have let him go that way…” Gon asks what she can possibly do, but she says she can catch up to Kang-chi by nightfall. He reminds her that he has another woman by his side, and her eyes fill with tears as she says she’s not going to do anything, but she just has to say goodbye.

Kang-chi and Chung-jo rest for a drink of water, and she points out that he hasn’t said one word since they’ve left. She asks if she’s become a burden to him, and he balks, saying that protecting her is what he’s meant to do.

She leans on him. “I don’t know. You just seem different, like you’ve become a different person in the time I haven’t seen you. You feel far away.”
He doesn’t say anything, but just looks down at his bracelet. He thinks of Yeo-wool’s words that maybe she’ll accept him for who he is, because he’s still Kang-chi.

He screws up the nerve to tell her the truth, and says he has something to say. He adds as a prelude that he’ll do anything to protect her, even give up his life, and then tells her that he found out who his parents were.

He starts, “My father…” but of course they get interrupted by the thugs, who surround them. They chain Kang-chi by every limb, in a scene eerily similar to the one where Seo-hwa discovered Wol-ryung’s true nature.

They hold him back, and then… Tae-seo appears. Both Chung-jo and Kang-chi call out to him, but he approaches menacingly, “I’m here to cut your throat, Kang-chi-ya.” Augh, the look in poor Kang-chi’s eyes.

Back to the conversation that opened the episode, where Teacher Gong asks what he’ll do if his family doesn’t want him anymore, and if they’ve changed just as he has. Kang-chi thinks about it for a second, and then says with a smile that it’ll never happen.

Kang-chi: “Tae-seo and Chung-jo would never betray me.”

Teacher Gong: “Kang-chi-ya, humans are much weaker than you think they are.”

He looks at Tae-seo in utter shock, as a single tear falls. Teacher Gong continues, “Because they are weak, they are often cruel.”

Kang-chi asks why, Tae-seo says that Chung-jo is the only family he has left, so he had no choice, to protect her.

He asks for his forgiveness, and then approaches. He grabs his wrist, and then Kang-chi looks up in true terror, realizing what he’s about to do. He quakes as Tae-seo reaches to pull the bracelet off, and Kang-chi screams, “No! Tae-seo-ya, don’t do it. No! Please!”

Tae-seo yanks it off, and utter panic sets in. “Noooooooooo!”


Man my heart actually lurched when Kang-chi cried in panic, because I don’t want them finding out this way. It was a good use of repeated setups, to call back to Wol-ryung that way, because we immediately felt the gravity of the moment. I do think that the half-gumiho reveal is far more threatening to Kang-chi than getting stabbed again, so it was a great place to end the episode.

The problem is, Tae-seo’s setup was done all wrong, so I couldn’t be as invested in the storyline as I wanted to be. The betrayal doesn’t cut as deep as it’s supposed to because he’s still under that damned spell, and I don’t know the extent of his mental free will anymore. Is it really betrayal? Because it feels like betrayal. But is he just a spell puppet? So then is it still betrayal, or just mind control? Does he still want to kill Kang-chi to avenge his father? Because he’s not wearing blindfolds anymore and there was no explanation for that either. See what I mean?

If the point is to show human weakness and have Tae-seo cross that line to betray Kang-chi, I’m all for that—it’s in keeping with the themes from the start of the show, it’s emotionally moving, and the boys play it really well. In fact, the reason I feel for them as much as I do is because of the performances. But at the end of the day, if Tae-seo is just being manipulated and controlled, it doesn’t have the same emotional resonance. I want it to, but it’s a hair shy. They should’ve cut him loose from the spell as soon as the good guys found out about it, or written in some magical cure at the start of this episode. Because I think the betrayal from Kang-chi’s only family (and his entire reason for living and wanting to become human) is a really critical juncture for the character. Thankfully it doesn’t matter on Kang-chi’s end since he believes it to be true, and plus if they’re about to witness his gumiho transformation, he’ll have bigger problems on his hands. But urg, Tae-seo was really frustrating in this episode, because he’s either stupid or spellbound, and I’m afraid that it might be both.

I think we’re in a good place with the romance, and it helps that I like all the characters involved. So far nobody’s out to spoil someone else’s love life, and I hope it stays that way. The flashback with Yeo-wool and Chung-jo hinted that Chung-jo might have a vindictive side, but I hope that stays firmly in the past. I still don’t see why the love triangle has to ALSO have happened in the past, since I’m plenty invested in it in the present. It’s just redundant, and also ridiculous since the past version is with tiny tiny children.

But at least the love triangles finally came to the foreground in this episode. Bringing Chung-jo to the school and having Kang-chi run away with her wasn’t a huge surprise, but you figure the hero has to try the obvious route at least once. More importantly, it was a great way to bring up some feelings between Yeo-wool and Kang-chi that might’ve stayed buried otherwise. I love the moment when he notices how visibly distraught she is that he’s leaving, because it’s just simple and honest, and not something she can hide.

The thing that got to me was actually when Chung-jo voiced her fears that Kang-chi felt like he had become a different person in the time they had spent away from each other. Because he has, in the gumiho sense, but he has in other ways too, which I don’t think he even knows yet. Kang-chi and Yeo-wool are slowly developing my favorite kind of romantic conflict in dramas—the best-friends-to-lovers setup, where the bond is easy and natural, and grows slowly over time, while we’re screaming at them to wake up and smell the destiny. It’s a fun kind of screaming, I swear.


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  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 Ivoire

      I watched this episode raw, and it IS. SO. GOOD!!!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. I am sooooo looking forward to it. We are entering the 2nd half of the drama, and I hope writer-nim and PD-nim and the cast and crew can keep this momentum till the end (or close to it).

      I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the scene between KC and YW, especially when they had that charged moment (looking into each other’s eyes). I am also confused (now) about certain things, so I will be back with questions (of course 🙂 )

      • 1.1.1 capri

        damn! how i want to feel this ep if i dont understand what they r saying!!! still no subs.. lol

        • Bojana

          Haha… Same thing here! I think I’ll learn Korean in the end, then there wont be this kind of problem anymore :D. Well, to be honest their alphabet is not difficult at all. Comparing to Chinese or Japanese, I find Korean easy to learn :D.

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      Thank you GF for the recap!

      As I indicated earlier, I LOVED this episode. I also do love how the romantic set-up is shaping up, with YW and KC being friends who rely on each other and save each other’s lives (many times), learning to trust each other and depend on each other. I actually like that YW liked KC first, and upon coming to know him, fell in love with him. I also love that she didn’t force her feelings on him, and respected and gave space to the feelings he had for CJ. I love what GF said in the intro, about having what you have wanted all your life, to finally realize that by the time you get it, you have changed and might not want it or need it any more. That was really well said and does apply (imho) to KC and his love for CJ, and burgeoning love for YW.

      I have some questions, that I will get out of the way:

      A–Why is it that YW’s name is Yeo-wool but when KC calls her (at times) it sounds like “Yeo-wool-(R)-ah? If Yeo-wool ends with an “L” and I don’t hear an “R” sound when it is pronounced, why do I hear it when “Yeo-wool-ah” is being pronounced?

      B–I have assumed that calling someone and ending their name by “ya” or “ah” is a way of showing how close the people are (who are interacting), however now I am curious: what would be the equivalent of “Tae-seo-ya” and “Yeo-wool-ah” in English? Is there a difference between the “ya” and “ah” endings? (Such as, is one reserved to boys/men and the other to girls/women?) And apparently, even if the people interacting are not from the same social class (like KC and TS and CJ), one (KC) who is lower can still call the other (TS) that way?

      C–I also have a question about ep. 10: when KC tells YW that he was partly fooled because most women would not asked about the money, (or asked about the money first), what did he mean? (this was when he met up with YW, after she healed). What would most women ask about? (Because I would have asked about the money first, as well).

      D–I was a little surprised at how emotional YW got when KC announced that he was leaving. I expected her to cry, but not as much as she did, and not for as long as she did. I am not judging her, however I would like to have a better read on the situation and on how it affected her. I can see why KC would be confused by her reaction (to the extent that he was).
      Did she react that strongly because: 1–She loves him? 2–And hence: she is worried about his safety? What will happen to him? How he will survive? The fact that she might never see him again?
      This has to be about more than the fact that KC didn’t tell her first that he was leaving, right? And that he wanted to become human.
      Part of me thought that maybe it would not be a bad idea to have him away, so she wouldn’t constantly see how he feels about CJ (and thus hurt less, maybe?), or was it better to know he was safe in the school, be able to see him, even though that might mean constantly witnessing his feelings for CJ? (Because at that time, YW is not thinking/knowing that KC’s feelings are changing, neither does KC actually).
      I would appreciate any thoughts on that.

      I will be back in a few hours with more of my thoughts…

      • 1.2.1 crazyajummafan

        Regarding YW’s tears, it’s probably a mixture of everything you’ve mentioned, but I think that the main one would be that he won’t be around any more. If you love someone you’ll want be with them and see them, right? Even if there’s someone between the two of you.

      • 1.2.2 Ivoire

        OK! Thanks crazyajummafan, I see what you mean…

      • 1.2.3 pogo

        Hey Ivoire! I’m still waiting on subs myself, but re: A and B, I think I can help –

        A – I think you can hear the ‘r’ sound in Yeo-wool’s name when KC calls her that, precisely because it’s followed by the informal ‘ah’ suffix – it changes the pronunciation, I’ve noticed.

        B – There doesn’t really seem to be an equivalent in English, unless we look at the general habit of forming nicknames between friends.
        I think it’s slightly easier if your reference point is a language besides English – in my native language, for instance, it’s very common for parents to suffix the word for ‘son’ or ‘daughter’ after their children’s names, when they’re speaking to/about them.

        As it stands, though, the ‘yah’ and ‘ah’ suffixes to Korean names appear to be purely informal and done between friends – which is a sign of how close KC and Tae-seo/Chung-jo were, that he doesn’t have to call them ‘doryongnim’ or ‘agasshi’ (note, Gon calls Yeo-wool that) but directly uses their names instead.

        And as for what names get which suffix, it seems simple enough – practice tells me that names ending in consonant sounds (here it’s Gon and Yeo-wool, and earlier in the drama, poor Dam) get the ‘ah’ suffix, while names ending in vowel sounds like Chung-jo, Tae-seo etc get the ‘ya’ at the end. Of course, I could be wrong, and if I am, someone please say so!

        • mokimchiplz

          Just tagging onto your insights, pogo! Korean has 1 letter that we transliterate as both ‘r’ and ‘l’; the pronunciation changes as pogo has said, based on the position of the letter in the word and what sounds are around it. So the ‘r’ in ‘sarang’ (love) is the same letter as the ‘l’ in ‘mul’ (water).

      • 1.2.4 milkteanlsg

        The ‘ah’ or ‘ya’ is part of Korean language…

        In Korean , there is a term named ‘bachim’ which means the ending sound of a letter that is unheard when pronouncing the letter but the ending is brought to the beginning of the following letter.

        In other words, you have to learn Korean to find out! It is not wrong, just how Korean is!

      • 1.2.5 Ivoire

        Thank you Pogo and milkteanlsg! I will be back later to respond…

      • 1.2.6 junpyo18


        so im taking korean right now and it all has to do with the grammar and how something is spelled.
        A- as to why is sounds like an “R” its because when you spell yeon-wool out the L is at the bottom. when this letter is at the bottom is it sound out as an “R” instead.

        B-also had to deal with korean grammar. In Korean the word structure is consonant vowel consonant thats why depending if whether a name ends in a consonant or vowel there will be different endings. Yeonwool ends in a “L”= consonant thus you need a vowel after it thus you add “ah.” On the other hand tae seo ends in an “o”=vowel and thats why you need a consonant “ya.” Overall if you learn korean you will notice that words depending if they end in a consonant or vowel will always have different endings.

        im still questioning the other questions you brought up too

        • Ivoire

          Hello junpyo18,
          Thanks for your comments! I am still working and I will have to be back later to respond. Thanks again! 🙂

    • 1.3 Ivoire

      I have another question, and I am curious about people’s take on this: CJ told KC that he has changed, and Gong told KC the same thing. I didn’t think he had changed (really) that much, just that he now knew that he had some gumiho DNA. In what ways do you gals (and guys) think KC might have changed? I don’t really see it (besides remembering who YW is and getting to know her, and getting close to her). I would appreciate any thoughts on this. Would that have something to do with his growth process?

      There is a scene in the episode when TS touches KC, however his eyes are still covered. I thought it was interesting that TS could touch (safely) KC but not see him (so he wouldn’t kill him).

      I have a confession to make about what happened to me when I watched this ep. raw. My favorite scene in this episode, was the confrontation between KC and YW, when KC went after her. I really loved that scene which showed us an additional layer to YW’s being. We knew that she had a tough exterior, that she was a martial arts instructor at her father’s institute, that she didn’t care (much) about appearing or being “girly,” that her dad trusted her (he sent her on a mission to investigate the killings involving GW), that in a man’s world (the military and teaching how to fight), she functions well, has status and power and yet, as we saw today, she can hurt, she is vulnerable, she cares about others (we already knew that), and as a young woman (in love, I might add), she wishes she could be loved in return and experience all that comes with it (seeing her being playful with KC showed that she enjoys his display of affection and his playfulness).
      I also love that she is intuitive (she smelled the trap and spoke up about it), she has a brain, and she uses it. She is written in a balanced way, and I love that about her.

      Coming back to my confession: when she had her moment with KC, there was a way that KC’s eyes moved (perceptively), that led me to think that KC had figured out that YW was in love with him. I could see that he was confused and a little at a loss at how strong her reaction was (to his leaving or announcing of it), and I think he realized how much she cared about him, but for some reason, I also thought (really, based on how he looked at her and based on how his eyes changed) that he, at some point, realized what we knew (and I went to town with that thought in my head, and I was going to write about it in my comments).
      So you can just imagine my surprise, when I read the recap and no mention of KC being aware (yet) of YW’s feelings for him were made. I was trying so hard to read into the scene, I think I over did it, LOL. And seeing YW cry as much as she did and KC staying there, drove that feeling even further for me. I guess watching an episode raw can give the viewer some info, however, it can also mislead the viewer. You are forewarned :-). I did love that scene however, and I felt the emotions that were being conveyed.

      I really continue to love her lines in this drama. The way she told KC that if CJ really loved him, she would see past his gumiho-ness, and the way she simplified things when she said, “so, your eyes and your face change. Big deal!” (I added the last part of course, but I think it was implied). YW continues to be a winning and heartwarming character, which makes it easy to root for her. The more I find out about her, the more I love her.

      I guess TS did finally turn his back on KC, like the synopsis or description of his character said he would. I guess we had that coming. I was not surprised when I saw it, however, like GF, I was disappointed at how it happened. I wanted TS to do it out of his own volition, and not because he was under hypnosis. Those scenes (in the end) did not feel the same, they kind of didn’t cut as deep as if he had fully chosen those actions and choices he made.

      I really love teacher Gong, the yoda-esque character. I love his wisdom and how he sees through people, and the actor portraying him is doing a fantastic job. I can’t help but think about TK2Hs when I see him. He was wonderful there as well.

      I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the head gisaeng in this ep. She rocked. I like how the side characters are given an arc in this drama (Gon needs to be doing more and have more of a story 🙂 )

      • 1.3.1 owl

        It was important that YW told KC that CJ might just look past his 1/2-hu and 1/2-gu DNA, because my theory is that when CJ doesn’t (just like KC’s mother couldn’t once she found out that his father was 1/2 and 1/2) KC will realize just how big a deal it is that YW never had a problem with it. I once wondered in YW was 1/2 and 1/2 herself, but I guess that’s not it ~ anyway, I like YW’s character that way.

      • 1.3.2 Ivoire

        Hello owl,

        I see your point about YW’s attitude and what she said to KC re: CJ’s response. I too, really like how YW has been written, so far. I also like what you highlighted about YW in your response. In saying what she said to KC, she also showed that she was not petty or trying in any way to break CJ and KC up (or more like trying to get between them). It gives YW a lot of integrity and nobility that way, I think.
        Also, KC’s dad, WR is full gumiho and a spirit (guardian of the Mountains), not 1/2 and 1/2. Only KC in this drama is 1/2 gumiho and 1/2 human, just to clarify.

        • owl

          Oh, yeah. KC is 1/2 and 1/2 from full blood and full blood, right.

        • Ivoire

          Hello owl, I see you understood. Thanks for responding 🙂 (both times)…

      • 1.3.3 crazyajummafan

        KC has changed.
        1) in his temperament, he’s more controlled and less impulsive.
        2) in his feelings towards CJ. He seems more like a protector than a lover. More subdued.
        It’s quite evident in the hug he returned CJ. You can see that he was quite hesitant in hugging her, as if it wasn’t the right thing to do. When he did hug her back, it wasn’t as tight a hug as the first time, when they hugged the night before CJ’s engagement. Here, you see him patting and shoking her back as if to comfort her, not to hold her tight because he’s missed her and loves her.

        • Ivoire

          Hi crazyajummafan and thanks!

          You helped me see how KC changed, because I couldn’t put my finger on it. Thanks for spelling it out for me. I will ponder these points and pay more attention, when I rewatch the episodes from the beginning (so I can notice the changes better).

      • 1.3.4 dottydot

        I also think that KC realised that YW loved him in that scene between the 2 of them, but he couldn’t/didn’t know (yet) what to do about it. I thought Suzy did well there and I’m glad because I like YW and want her to be well portrayed. As for Suzy, I like her but do think that her acting could be more saguek-esque.

        • Pearl

          Everything has been already spelled here so nothing much to add but some remarks about Suzy improvement as an actress. Taking into consideration the way she used to act, I think that even though to a sageuk-esque acting there is a long road, she has improved a lot even from the beginning. I could see some little emotions passing briefly on her face this episode, compared to her ”poker face” from before.

        • Ivoire

          Hello Pearl,

          It is good to read from you! I have been thinking about you for the last week. You asked me a question last week (or asked a question in my section), and I still have not answered it. I apologize, I meant to, however, I got carried away doing other things and writing my comments (and responding) in the following episodes.
          I will answer and post it, and I think my answer will be somewhat similar to one of the commenters who responded to your question. I like having a full circle, kind of like finishing a conversation, and I always appreciate when people read my comments and take the time to leave a comment to add to the conversation or ask questions they have or add additional answers to my questions or questions others asked. You have been doing that, so thank you!

          I hope you will remember to check back on the comments from last week (at some point this week). I will be busy getting ready to go out of town this weekend, however I will post my answer before this week is over (hopefully). I just wanted to let you. Some beanies don’t care, move on once the recap has been posted after 2 days. I don’t. I like to go and revisit the old(er) recaps and see if there are any additional comments. In any case, I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten, and I did mean to respond :-)… I usually don’t forget the comments I mean to respond to, and I eventually come back to them, FYI.

          Regarding Suzy, I liked her in DH, in BIG and yes, I had to warm up to her in this drama, however, I do think that she is doing her best to hold her own, and it is showing. She is not going anywhere, so we might as well enjoy the drama. I can tell she is getting along with LSG, working hard and enjoying it. She is blessed to be in this drama and I think she knows it. She acting opposite some good actors and I think she is learning from them. I hope (for her sake) that she will continue to grow with each acting endeavor. I really liked her emotional scene with LSG here, she was very good, I thought.

          • Pearl

            It is a great comfort to see you have not been cast aside. I went back to that post from time to time hoping for your reply, but sometime in the end I have just given up, telling myself you must have just forgotten. How wonderful is to see that it was not the case. Thank you and I am going to look earnestly until you post that reply.

          • Ivoire

            Hello Pearl (again),

            I was not sure what you meant here: “It is a great comfort to see you have not been cast aside.” Could you please explain? Why would I be cast aside?

            I am sooooo sorry I gave you the impression that I had forgotten that I had told you that I would reply. Noooooo :-(, I usually don’t forget. I might not get to it, or get to it when I wish to, however I usually (which means almost always) remember, if I told/promised someone I would reply to their comment. To be honest, I like reading from others when I comment on their posts, so the least I could do is reply when comments/questions are posted to me, unless it is clear that a response/comment is not needed, which also happens.

            It is just that being here, on DB is quite time consuming, though I do like experiencing the dramas the way I am experiencing GFB. Watching the drama, writing my comments, asking all kinds of questions, getting answers and opinions from beanies from all over the world (which is great!) so that, when I rewatch the ep. fully subbed or when I decide to do a marathon later, I have a much better understanding of the drama (because of all the conversations that went on) and I feel that I have lived through that drama, getting to know the characters to their minute details :-).

            So please do not despair my dear… And please continue to read my (long winded) comments and chime in, to let me know what your impressions are or any questions you would like me to ponder and see what I come up with. Please be patient with me, whenever you see a post here (on DB) written by me (if you ask me a question). I would greatly appreciate that.
            Also, remember that there is this pesky little thing called Real Life that interferes with my writing and reading other comments on DB, so please bear with me 🙂

            I hope you are having a wonderful day or night, in your part of the world. May I ask where you currently live?

  2. two-decades-old

    I don’t understand why Kang Chi and Chung Jo are escaping in broad daylight without any disguise, and why don’t they have horses?

    • 2.1 JRoseLacroix

      I’m with you on the whole no disguise, no horse thing… In fact I was yelling at my screen over it. Of course my family who were there with me in the living room gave me dirty looks.

      • 2.1.1 two-decades-old

        Luckily I was watching this by myself, no one saw me yelling at my screen 🙂

    • 2.2 capri

      aigoo.. why u asking something is not on script ..lol..

    • 2.3 latteholic

      I stop asking why at this drama after what they did to Gon’s hair.

      • 2.3.1 two-decades-old

        lol I think Gon’s hair looks better in this episode compared to last week, there’s still hope that the coordi unnis will improve it!

        • LoveSG

          Yep, I also noticed Gon’s hair looked better…. tied up than let down all the way…

      • 2.3.2 Ivoire

        @ latteholic, LOL at your comment, and loved it 🙂

  3. Kitzeekat

    Thank you gf! Off to read 🙂

  4. Dream


  5. Roggy

    Still getting more of a second lead vibe from Gon than TS. Watched the episode raw, now the recap….

    • 5.1 jubilantia

      I knooooow. And Gon is a much better character, too. Here’s hoping the writers change their tune a bit.

      • 5.1.1 Roggy

        Totally agree. I hope they changed their mind to having Gon becoming second lead, but obviously keep TS a main character.

        If TS were to be in love with YW, which i guess we are given clues about, but its not natural. He obviously hasn’t seen her for awhile, since he didn’t recognise her straight away.

        While for Gon its natural, he’s been by her side protecting and caring for her forever!

  6. Tartani

    Why did the park siblings have to inherit their mom’s genes. WHY? I feel that Chunjo was always like that, even since her first introduction; that look she had on her face when she walked away from Kang chi after that kiss. I also wished Taeseo’s betrayal was handled differently. Hypnosis feels so weak, but maybe..the spell was broken and Taeseo choose to betray Kangchi on his own accords? Despite Taeseo’s stupidity somehow I was thoroughly invested in this episode. I guess I’m a sadist who loves suffering.

    • 6.1 Tartani

      Btw, Thanks GF for the amazing recap!!!

    • 6.2 LoveSG

      Haha, that’s exactly the moment it happened (she throwing away the container that Yeo Wool had given to her) that I lost all pity for Chung Jo. She deserves to be taught a really really bitter lesson about looking down on people due to their status…

      I beg to differ about the hypnosis controlling him to betray Kang Chi… he really believed that the villain would let his sister go if he hands Kang Chi over to them. His biggest character flaw is being a gullible person…

      • 6.2.1 someone

        her throwing the jar had nothing to do with status.. she was jealous of another girl wanting to give something to KC. It would not have mattered if the girl was rich or poor. and was it ever mentioned that YW and her family were of low status?

  7. Mia

    Thank you!

  8. crazedlu

    my fave romantic setup too. hm. but i really wish they hadn’t gone for the kid lovers thing. unless THAT is going to play a friggin’ huge part in anything, gah, so not worth having it in the story.

    this drama is okay. i think the exposition monk really threw me off. the writers are so in-our-faces about stuff, i’m just waiting for the wave of a wand to clean everything up.


    • 8.1 crazyajummafan

      I think that the kids scene was significant in at least two ways:
      1) It showed that CJ already liked KC back then.
      2) The showed the essential difference in the characters of the two girls. YW- caring and chirpy. Was dolling out medicine then, and still doing it later. CJ- her fit of jealousy was revealing. It’s one thing to be jealous, but to throw away a gift meant for someone else that could help heal his wounds and not let the other person know, is rather selfish and manipulative. Who knows, KC might have mentioned YW to her and seeing how much he likes her, she threw the jar away, so that he will not know that YW had cared enough and was thankful enough to give it to him. This will or may set the stage for a similiar scene. Once CJ knows that there are feelings between KC and YW, I wonder what she’ll do. As it is, she already deliberately placed her head on his shoulder to try and gain the upper hand.

      • 8.1.1 noonkey

        I think CJ treated KC as one of her ‘property’ as of toys.. kind of ironic when KC thinks that people aren’t things, to be had or not had. I hope he can see things clearly soon.

  9. houstontwin

    Thanks so much for the recap. Poor Chung Jo. I feel bad that after all her suffering, she will miss out on Kang Chi.

    • 9.1 KDaddict

      A heroine has to be of certain mettle and calibre to deserve the hero in a story. CJ obviously doesn’t. Wait till we see her freak out at KC’s transformation!

      • 9.1.1 Roggy

        Ugh. Dreading that for KC! She obviously not gonna take it well, and KC isn’t gonna take that well!

        • KDaddict

          Then YW will be there to make him feel better. He’ll then find out who does love him and who doesn’t.

      • 9.1.2 skelly

        I know, it is part and parcel of her transformation into a person not worthy of the hero. I know it is coming, but it annoys me all the same.
        Partly because she is a much better actress and rocking her scenes, and partly because her character already has a crappy enough fate, I am also feeling really sorry for Chung Jo.
        Not only does she have the baddie after her, and life as a gisaeng to look forward to (?) but now she will get the jealous/petty/unworthy edit. Really, knowing what is going to happen in the end makes me not sympathetic to Yeo Wool’s tears at all. She has a loving father, a job, a home, a family, two guys already in love with her and another one on the way – and I’m supposed to feel sorry for her? Sheesh.

        • dobabado

          You were only suppose to feel sorry for Yeo-Wool in that one scene. Then and there she really believed Kang-Chi would never come back so it’s only natural, even between friends, to cry a lot. Otherwise, I would guess that, in general, Yeo-Wool is a character that you’re not supposed to feel sorry for.

          Chung-Jo could’ve been handled so much better but ugggghhh writer why…one Seo-Hwa was enough! I really hope that when she sees transformed Kang-Chi, she won’t try to kill him.

        • pogo

          Yeah, who is one supposed to feel sorrier for – the girl who’s lost both parents, been sold as a gisaeng and will be set up to be raped by her father’s killer……or the girl who has a home, a loving father, is free to do what she wants, AND has two nice admirers who would never dream of disrespecting her feelings?

          If the answer is B purely because her would-be boyfriend is leaving and A had a fit of jealousy once, the writers are doing something incredibly dumb – but they keep doing it, it’s the writerly equivalent of using a chain saw when all you need is a knife.

  10. 10 kloverxiuminseok23

    this ep is great!
    never expect that CJ has met YW before during childhood days
    now.. waiting if the writers gonna tell more about YW backgroundstory for future ep T.T

    KC-YW is true love <3 <3

    • 10.1 LoveSG

      Yes. i think out of all four lead characters, YW’s backstory is the weakest because we don’t know who her mother is!

      We know who are the parents of KC, TS and CJ but not hers… so I do hope her mother make an appearance soon 🙂 Why would her father allow her to be a teacher in the school? Seems to me like the father can’t really control YW due to her seemingly carefree n upright nature.

      • 10.1.1 mav

        This may be a wild guess but maybe Head Ginseang Soo-ryun is her omma…….

        • Amanda

          I suggested the same not too long ago for a previous episode. I really think it’s true. Same place and time, mysteriously unmentioned mother, Why is YW not being raised as a lady (in the traditional sense), and YW needs something to blance out the fact that her father killed KC’s father. How about her mother saved his mother (and his own life)?

          • Amanda

            The birth secret is one of the K-Drama archetypes right? Sorry for the typos in the previous posting…

          • crazyajummafan

            As a little girl, she worn a hanbok. I also wonder what caused the change.

      • 10.1.2 tina

        I wish there was more story to YW too! It doesn’t look like they are going to delve into it though, sigh

        • Kitzeekat

          We still have 12 eps to discover YW story 🙂

  11. 11 leesan

    It’s here, it;s here. Thank you so much 🙂 From looking at the photos, this episode gonna be great.

  12. 12 lemondoodle

    Okay I ignore the spell thing and just hate TS. It doesn’t make any sense so I try not to think about it. I don’t get the feeling he was forced to do what he’s doing. He is doing it to “save” CJ out of his own free will. He could have easily informed KC about what was going on before it happened.

    What a kick in the gut for Kangchi to hear from TS that CJ is his only family left. The end scene was really cruel. Let’s hope KC kills them all, or most of them.

    The flashback love triangle to me just kind of established CJ’s character more. She seems to have always treated KC as someone who belongs to her. Someone nobody else can have even if she didn’t particularly want him.

    And KC has it bad for YW even if he doesn’t know it yet. He bound by his obligations to TS and CJ right now and even after the betrayal by both I doubt that’s ever going to change. Though I think YW is more important to him than he realizes right now.

    Gon was actually enjoyable for the first time in ages! I’m shocked. Too bad he wasn’t like this for the majority of the series so far. TS is in no way a viable love interest for YW. Gon actually is if he’s not being so pissy and broody. I want to see jealous Kangchi.

    Despite the obvious flaws in the writing (mostly TS) I can’t help but be really emotionally attached to these characters and story.

    • 12.1 someone

      LOL< Gon will go back to his usual pissy self next episode, as soon as he realizes KC is not out of the picture. Today he was just basking in the after glow of watching KC leave.

      and TS is no love rival, we all know that, but KC will forgive him for what he has done, his love is unconditional, TS liking YW will just be another obstacle to overcome in their relationship.

      • 12.1.1 lemondoodle

        Hah I was actually surprised he even stood around to say goodbye. I guess he wanted to see it with his own eyes.

        I guess more than that I liked that he seemed to respect YW’s choices more than he did before this episode and let his emotions show a lot more. It’s far too late to take him seriously as a love interest, but I might end up feeling almost bad for him in the end.

        • someone

          Ha, I know you are much to observant to have missed how happy he was to chime in about her not wanting to be disturbed, that was his 2nd happiest moment in the best day of his life, LOL.

          about feeling bad for him- You my dear are a much better woman than me.

    • 12.2 KDaddict

      I’m confused:
      One minute TS is begging Kang Chi to SAVE CJ (from having to sleep w Evil Lord) by running away with her. It was his idea, wasn’t it?

      Another minute, he is ambushing KC to SAVE CJ by killing him. What is TS saving CJ from in this round? Fr KC the half gumiho?

      So it is a trick: to get KC to take CJ away fr the brothel, and then kill him as E Lord demands, in exchange for CJ’s freedom?

      Was he only hypnotized? Or did the torture create a multiple personality condition in him? Or was he hit on the head too many times during fights?
      Good grief! 2nd lead my butt! I can’t stand this char.

      • 12.2.1 lemondoodle

        The whole thing was a trap. That’s why GW let the servants spread the news that he was going to sleep with her. They wanted to kill KC when he saved CJ but since they weren’t able to TS decided to lure him away from the school to kill him there.

        In exchange I guess CJ would have gotten to be free, but again it’s GW… and I seriously doubt that would work. TS is an idiot.

        I just don’t where he was exactly hypnotized and to do what. He did want to save CJ and he did it out of his own free will unless they say otherwise.

        Worst 2nd lead ever!

      • 12.2.2 KDaddict

        It is a trap that GW laid alright.
        But it is how TS begs KC to save his sis one minute, and ambushes to kill KC another that shows no internal logic within the mind of TS. He is worse than feeble minded.

        For all the good that Lord Park had done for his region, he deserved to have better offsprings than these two. Yuck. They probably do have their mother’s genes to turn out this way. Poor Lord Park must be turning over again n again in his grave!

  13. 13 saranga

    i’m really confused about tae-seo as well. about the spell thing and how much of his actions are him, and not magic. but also…

    to my knowledge, he’s been in enemy company twice now. first time, he was tortured and kang-chi got him out. second time, he went there himself. where is he SUPPOSED to be? i mean, chung-jo was sold to a gisaeng house. what was supposed to have happened to tae-seo? i know he’s being protected by yeo-wool’s father, but do the bad guys know that? i guess i don’t understand why chung-jo has to suffer in that gisaeng house, while tae-seo is in friendly hands.

    • 13.1 skelly

      I’ve wondered that, too; why does Tae-seo get protected by the good guys, and get taken care of and protected and kept safe even after he skewers Kang Chi? While Chung Jo is left to toil away in the gibang, to be drooled over by the baddie? I see no reason for their trust in and care of Tae-seo, just as I see know logical flow to the whole hypnotism/betrayal arc. In fact, the ending really annoyed me because I felt they made a bunch of story/logic breaks just for shock value.

  14. 14 PatBingSu

    I’m sorry. Not hating on the drama or anything, but I can’t get invested in Chung Jo (Lee Yoo Bi)’s character. And the whole thing with Tae Seo is set up weird I can’t even believe it.. I dont know.

    Lee Seung Gi is really good though!!! 😀

    • 14.1 zfih

      I know right? At the end of the episode I was hopping that chung jo wouldnt say anything and after stabbing kang chi run off with her brother and yeo wool would save the day JUST so that they could take the 2 stupid siblings out of the way. Of course if that was it the story would become laughingly simple.

    • 14.2 Kitzeekat

      Not just “good” … LSG is GREAT! 🙂

  15. 15 ank

    Thanks for the recap! Awww can’t wait to see ep 12! I hope Kang Chi doesn’t kill Tae soo. *cries*

  16. 16 Fruitplus

    Thanks GF. Agree with you on TS’s setup to betray KC is imperfect. Writer nim should have release him from the spell to make the impact.

    Well. Looking forward to tonight’s episode on how YW and KC would be… Love the scene in the preview!

  17. 17 Tartani

    Gon’s hair is an improvement from that waddyacallit mane of absolute shame in the previous episode.

    • 17.1 crazyajummafan

      Yeah, he has a KC syndrome! His hairstyle is looking more and more like KC’s – only longer!

  18. 18 rainbow

    Thanks a lots GF.

  19. 19 foulou

    The writer made Chung Jo disgustingly a carbon copy of Seo Hwa. Even the scene where Kang Chi gets chained and Chung Jo being taken away screams of copy-paste, as have a lot of the Chung Jo scenes.

    • 19.1 anastassia

      Indeed. Repetitive betrayal again

    • 19.2 nah

      not true at all, you’re just incapable of seeing nuance

  20. 20 Anonimo

    Really enjoyed this epiosde and the obvious develpoment of KC and YW. SPOILER ALERT!!!! For those who havent seen the preview for tomorows ep and want to know… CJ has the same reaction KC mom had with his dad–full blown rejection! Im actually very happy about yhat since know CJ will be out of the way and finally in tomorows ep YW will openly—-in front of everyone—support KC the right way. Cant wait for tomorow when KC finally realizes YW is the one for him!!

    • 20.1 foulou

      Such lazy writing for the Chung Jo character.

      • 20.1.1 crazyajummafan

        I beg to differ. Just because a writer chooses a certain style that is NOT to your liking, doesn’t necessary mean the its lazy writing.
        I personally think that it was deliberately done to show the parallel between KC and his father and the difference as well.

        • foulou

          It’s a copy-paste job. That’s not a “writing style”.

          • tina

            if it’s a copy-paste job why didn’t Chung-Jo leave with Kangchi in the first place. Chung-Jo shouldv’e tried to escape from the gisaeng house at all costs. That would’ve really been “copy-paste”.

          • anastassia

            I agreed. Such a lazy writing

          • nah

            try being more histrionic lmao

        • rainerust

          Hmmm…might not be lazy but I think it was a bit heavy handed. I feel like we have been slapped with the similarities way too much especially in the earlier episodes such that every time we see something that vaguely reminds us of the first two episodes we can’t help but groan, “We get it, we GET it! Move on!” The writer treats us like we are silly and can’t see the symbolism in the parallels but I’m pretty sure we all know whats going to happen so it just makes us feel impatient to be told something 1000 times when once could have sufficed.

          • tina

            this i agree with

          • Carmensitta

            I agree with this. It’s definitely not lazy writing, or “a total copy-paste job” as some say around here( I dare them to come up with a better course of action for CJ). But it was indeed too repetitive, the writer had a good idea, but killed it with the way it was executed.
            If it would have been me, I would have only used the scene when GW saw her first and associated her with SH, then I would abstain from linking the two any further, apart from sending CJ to the gisaeng house. If her mom said something like “you must survive at all costs!” it would have been easy, and it wasn’t really unlike her to say that, I only found it out of character when she killed herself like a noble idiot. GW trying to kill two birds by killing KC and sleeping with CJ was a good plotline and the last scene in this episode with CJ finding out in the same way as SH is the best way to go really.

          • foulou

            @Carmensitta how about NOT shooting the same scenes for CJ as they did with SH? That’d be a start. And NOT make them the same person, or at least not go through the same exact predicaments.

          • skelly

            The problem I have with this is that up until now they have made the point that Chung Jo is NOT like Seo, that she is made of stronger stuff and is a survivor.
            To me, they are warping her character to suit the needs of the plot, and to have that parallelism we are supposed to find so dramatic. So to me, this is lazy writing AND tedious – it is lazy writing because they did not set up Chung Jo’s character and motivation properly, and it is ham-handed because we’ve all seen this a mile away, and know that because Yeo-Wool is the OTP only she can look at his gumiho state without screaming/crying/betrayal.
            Honestly, you might as well do a copy and paste, which is a disappointment considering Chung Jo was on the way to becoming her own person, once upon a time.

          • dobabado

            I hope the preview’s a tease. It’s OK that Chung-Jo is scared of Kang-Chi, maybe enough to initially reject him but I want the writer to explore the possibility of her wanting to understand Kang-Chi later.

            Like, “I’m scared of you but I’ve known you since forever so you’re not a bad person” thing y’know what I’m saying?

            (Ugh doubt it though OTL)

        • Aigoo

          I kind of agree – they deliberately made the Chung Jo setup similar to the mom’s

          But it really left me wondering, if Chung Jo isn’t KC’s true mate and she had a similar reaction to his gumiho’s side as the mom had to the dad’s, then maybe the mom wasn’t the dad’s true mate either…??

          Could be that, like KC with CJ, the dad was infatuated with the mom and (at some point) didn’t realize when he had his mate in front of him…

          Dunno….I could be reading too much into this…..

      • 20.1.2 capri

        hahaaha.. i guess not only chung Jo character

  21. 21 Dream

    Oh no… they are not going to have CJ’s maid to take her place like SH 20 yrs ago, are they?

    • 21.1 Kitzeekat

      I hope not… that would suck 🙁

  22. 22 Jill

    Thank you GF!

  23. 23 MIKAN

    I LOVE YEO WOOL. I just want all this park sibling things over so that KC can move on already. I need that Gu family book journey and the dad gumiho.

  24. 24 anvesha

    Tae So!! If it was SH before with dumb logic.. now it’s him. I don’t think it’s the spell. I feel he did it consciously to save Chung Jo (STUPID!) He is grating my nerves from the beginning of this episode. Why would he go to someone else to ask to save HIS sister (his only family)? And when Kang Chi did actually save her, now he wants to kill him? How freaking stupid can he be? I don’t understand this.

    • 24.1 MIKAN

      ikr? I was dumbfounded at the thought.

    • 24.2 Gidget

      The promise was that TS and his sister get to go free if KC is killed. Of course, they will both be killed too, but don’t have the brains to figure it out.

    • 24.3 jubilantia

      Yeeeeah, that’s why we call them noble idiots. Especially since Kang Chi is the person best equipped to keep her safe, although I guess that’s something Tae Seo doesn’t know yet.

      • 24.3.1 nah

        that’s not what the noble idiot trope refers to at all

        • jubilantia

          Is it not? I know we normally refer to it generally in regards to sacrificing yourself for your loved one while they’re doing the same, but I thought doing something dumb and unnecessary for a noble cause still fell under that umbrella. Or the opposite of noble (sacrificing someone else) plus idiot? The second part still stands.

  25. 25 Mika~

    Maybe the writers need to keep Taeseo under the spell so it’d be easier to redeem him later on, when there’s a happy family reunion. Must. Remain. Optimistic! I mean, we can’t have Taeseo betraying Kangchi of his own will and then expect their bromance to be rekindled later on, can we? We need the misunderstanding to fester so we can blame it on the misunderstanding later and then it’ll be easier to forgive.

    On a side note, I cannot understand characters like Seohwa and Taeseo. Their line of thinking is something like: oh, this evil guy murdered my father, but I’m going to go to him and listen to him and destroy my savior. I don’t get it. I mean, I know the reasoning is that Seohwa was understandably terrified of gumihos and Taeseo wants to protect his sister, but I feel like they have better options, Taeseo especially. Does he really think that he’s better off listening to the bad guys than the good guys? Or does this have something to do with that spell again? (Okay, I see why it’s poorly written.) And if the good guys know he’s under some spell, why don’t they keep watch on him? He has way too much autonomy!

    • 25.1 lemondoodle

      He can be redeemed. Though there are some things you can’t take back even if you try to blame it on magical mind control. TS basically just destroyed KC’s innocence (for lack of a better word) and his sole reason for living with what he did.

      KC will obviously forgive him, but I doubt he’s ever going to forget the lesson he learned. Especially with YW now shaping up to be his new family, I think they’ll make up by the end but the relationship is pretty much changed forever.

      TS needs to really prove himself to make me think otherwise.

    • 25.2 jubilantia

      But if Tae-seo is under a spell all along then the redemption has no meaning. And yeah- definitely keep the bespelled and traumatized person under guard, good guys. Especially after he mucked up the last plan.

      The Park siblings are making really stupid decisions, yeah. I mean, Chung-jo’s all “No! I shan’t go with you! You must get my honor back!” And then she turns around all “You want me to sleep with who?” Honestly, girl, what did you think was going to happen at the gisaeng house, with Slimeface McCreeperson living right down the street?

  26. 26 crazyajummafan

    ““I am just her shadow. I can love her, but the choice is not mine.” And that right there is why the bodyguard never gets the girl.”

    I feel that this is also very much KC’s plight as well.
    I’ve been thinking over the past week about KC’s position in the Park family, and I realise that he’s neither part of it nor out of it. Like Gon, he’s also the bodyguard (he’s the Inn’s bouncer) and it’s not for him to ‘claim’ CJ, the way another young yanban man can.

    Although Lord Park said that he has raised KC ‘LIKE a son’, the fundamental difference is that he was not raised ‘AS a son’. KC was rescued from the river, given a home, food, clothes and probably even an education, but he was never part of their inner circle; he was not given the Park family name and the man he called father, was head servant Choi. Instead, he called Lord Park, ‘Nauri’, meaning, ‘my lord’. Although he was friends with TS and CJ, one can see that TS called the shots. It was TS who disciplined KC by making him sit down to go thru the accounts after the ruckus he recreated at the inn in ep 3. KC seems also very comfortable and matey with the other servants. And I’m sure that KC was brought up to be grateful for all that the Park family has done for him, even though Lord Park obviously favoured him.

    Thus, his love for CJ was ill-fated from the word go. He couldn’t ask for her hand – Lady Park made it very clear that they were not aware of his background and discouraged the relationship. So it was up to CJ to speak up for their relationship, but she didn’t. She put HER family (which didn’t include KC) before their relationship.

    That’s why I feel that KC’s love for her is stemmed from the desire to be part of the family rather than because he genuinely loves her. And CJ by not speaking up for their love, has shown that she does not truly love him. YW, on the other hand, is quite willing to defy her father and conventions to help him and accept him. And that is love.

    • 26.1 tina

      nicely written.

    • 26.2 rainerust

      Totally agree with your reading on the relationships! Not to mention CJ really strikes me as kinda vindictive, or self-centred and manipulative like her Mom (and basically the rest of the family except Lord Park). YW on the other hand basically sticks to her guns. She supports KC but she does it smart as well (giving him a plan so he doesn’t rush headlong into trouble). Ugh I know he’s torn between wanting to be part of the family (CJ) and his real feelings (YW) but I wish he would realise he can always create a NEW family! With YW!! I’m sure she’d be happy to give him a litter of quarter gumiho-babies!

      • 26.2.1 jubilantia

        Heeee, I bet she would. With this episode, I think Kang-chi is waking up to Yeo-wool’s value, especially in comparison to what I think we’re going to get from Chung-jo.

        I sort of wish we’d seen this side of Chung-jo before, though. I don’t want her suddenly going all carbon copy second lead bitch. Or at all, really.

      • 26.2.2 Crazyahjummafan

        My heart goes out to KC. Basically, all he wants is to be accepted for who he is, and this desire was already there before he found out about his gumiho-ness. That’s why he’s always doing things for the family. He takes on the role of the Inn’s protector and makes himself invaluable so that they will need him, hoping that they’ll accept him.

        What saddens me is that KC does whatever he can to be accepted, but gets slapped in the face again and again.

        1) CJ – preferring to marry someone else than stand up for her feelings for him. Personally, I think she doesn’t really want to marry him. She would see her marriage to him as stepping down from the social ladder. Initially, she didn’t seem upset at the marriage prep. It was only as the engagement day drew closer that she had some mixed feelings. I think it was more the sadness of letting go of something familiar and dear, than the idea of not being able to be with him.

        2) Then, there’s Lady Park. She only accepted him when all else failed. Poor KC, he wanted so much to help, only to be rejected again and again, and even chased out of the Inn. Yet, he valiantly came to her rescue when needed!

        3) And now TS. When he said that he had betrayed KC because of CJ, because she’s the only family he has now, my heart broke for KC. The man whom he thought was his brother, the man whom he had sworn to protect at the risk of his life, didn’t consider him family.

        4) Then, we are going to see CJ’s rejection of him? No wonder KC was so worried about how they will accept his gumiho-ness. If they can’t fully accept him when they thought he’s human, how will they accept him now?

        It takes love to overlook the external trappings and see the beauty within. One can be borne human/beautiful, etc, but how we choose to live our lives is what makes us human/beautiful or beastly/ugly.

        • KDaddict

          YW absolutely accepts him for who he is, half-gumiho and all. Unfortunately, by this pt, he is too hung up on the 100 Year Inn family to notice.

    • 26.3 Emy

      YES. Brilliantly written.

      I do genuinely like CJ as a character. She has guts and strength, and loves her family dearly, all of which are good traits to have. However, I don’t think she’s good for KC — nor do I think she really loves him.

      She might have had a childhood crush on him that never faded away as she grew up. But she loved her family more than she loved him. Whenever she or her family was in trouble, CJ wondered where KC was — why he wasn’t coming to save him. But I don’t think she ever worried FOR KC as much as she did for her family.

      As for KC, he really does love CJ. But it’s a childhood first love mixed with a sisterly love to me. He couldn’t separate CJ from her family.

      And in a sense, just as childhood love can blossom, if Lord Park had allowed the 2 of them to be together, and if nothing had happened, I believe the two of them might have been perfectly happy together.

      However, when circumstances began to change and THEY themselves changed (not in terms of gumiho-ness, but just growing up through adversity), I don’t think their “love” is strong enough to withstand it; not because they don’t love each other enough, but rather because they don’t quite love each other the RIGHT way for a real relationship to work.

      • 26.3.1 Amanda

        I think by the end of this she will be the new badass head gisaeng, and really enjoy the freedom of the lifestyle.

        But for now do commiserate with her curcumstances…

    • 26.4 Kitzeekat

      Agree 🙂

  27. 27 k-soup

    thanks for the recap! can’t wait to see this episode 🙂

  28. 28 rainerust

    The only thing keeping me invested is the development between YW and KC because I am plain fed up with the Park siblings and them not knowing how good they have got it with KC supporting them like this!

    Yeah agree that a lot of the CJ scenes are kinda repetitive because we have seen it all with SH before but I don’t think she’s just a carbon copy of SH – she did make different types of choices after all just that they pretty much led down the same road.

    I found some of the scenes overly dramatic but I really like the best friends to lovers thing that YW and KC have going on so am sticking to this drama for that and that reason only. I was also really peeved about TS and why they did not explain the spell thing (he was looking KC in the eyes!! Why did NO ONE find that weird when previously he was trying to stab KC all the time??). Gon would really be a stronger 2nd male lead at this point in time – I just loved how his whole face brightened up when YW came back in the wee hours of the morning.

    Thanks GF for your brilliant (as usual) and insightful recap!

  29. 29 lan

    Thanks for the recap! Loving the development between KC and YW….Can’t wait for the next ep….

  30. 30 hpn88

    Even with all the lazy writing in this show can we have a hallelujah for CHARACTER CONSISTENCY with YW????

    I mean she started as this badass swordwoman with her head clearly screwed on straight and omg she hasn’t become annoying yet? Even with TS’s character arc being ridiculous, I’m just so happy that YW remains YW!!!

    Oh and I loved the scene with KC chases YW down and they have an argument. Seunggi did a great job, you can see that subtle change in his eyes from thinking about himself to looking at her and what shes actually trying to say to him. Good job puppy 🙂

  31. 31 snow_white

    thanks for the recap!!

    can’t wait to marathon it once it gets completed…..

  32. 32 Sajen

    With that ending I suspect we’ll see a mini preview of how I think this show will end. I think episode 12 starts with Yeo Wool talking Kang Chi down out of his gumiho form which frankly is how I expect the last episode to end as well.

  33. 33 shiva

    Suzy improved so much! I really like her acting on this episode! Go Suzy!

    • 33.1 skelly

      Sigh. Yes, she has figured out how to cry. I still think she’s blank and terrible. Part of the problem I have getting on the KC/YW bandwagon is I don’t see her love, at all. She has a blank look of concern – like when she hears he’s leaving – and a blank look of surprise that I think means she is happy in his company. And then she cried a lot when he left. She’s just darn lucky that her part is the one the writer seems to be careful to keep consistent and sympathetic. AFter all, what is there not to like about Yeo Wool? It would be like kicking a puppy, not to cheer for her.

      • 33.1.1 hili

        Seriously, Suzy can`t act for shit(excuse my french), but i still like Yeo Wool the most out of all the characters! She better be grateful that her character is well written because Chung Yo would steal all her spotlight!

        • Naruto

          you like yewool? but suzy can’t act? eh?

          dun understand…I like Suzy cuz she played Yewool adorably

      • 33.1.2 tina

        I could see from your stand point how irritating it must be to like the other casts and not be fond of the female lead. Makes it kinda hard to fully be invested in the drama. Glad you’re sticking it out though. I don’t see Suzy winning any awards for this performance but i don’t think she’s bad at all.

      • 33.1.3 nah

        lol this clown again. do you search the comments every week to whine “worst actor ever omgomg can’t stand her ughhhhh i don’t understand why everyone doesn’t think like me” at every comment that’s even partially positive about suzy? find something better to do with your time lmao.

  34. 34 anna

    Oh great, that last part, it’s like Seo-hwa all over again. I’m guessing Chung-jo won’t be able to accept him so that way she won’t get in the way of the OTP. They’re going there aren’t they? I’m so sad now. I like Chung-jo a lot, way better second female lead than the others. Knowing kdrama cliches, she’s going to turn unbearable.

    • 34.1 jubilantia

      Ahhhh, I hope not! Hopefully she channels all that revengey rage into learning drums and crushing the bitch patrol, and maybe stabbing Jo Gwan-woong in his sleep.

      Or while he’s awake. I’m not picky.

  35. 35 Ivaa

    I do think that the production crew did read this threads…
    well, Gon hair is fixed…
    Suzy is take a leap in emoting her scenes…
    they now did it wit TS & CJ character written…
    I did think that the writer keeping changing their mind on how supposed the Park sibling acts.
    Writerniiiim….please give us one of the Park siblings resemblances of Lord Park goodness. Didn’t it occur to you that if….I mean IF…..IF we’ve been brought up in a good and kind way, we never knew how to treat people with vindictives and malicious. SO….?
    Didn’t they just brought up in a happy rich family and live their life at the fullest before ? I just don’t get it….
    We need a heartbreaking story that can convinces us about this unreal world .
    Thanks God, that they did Kang Chi & YW character consistent…..
    @crazyajuhmma : thanks for your well written insight the ‘reason’ of KC yearn. He’s yearning for an acceptance as one of the ‘family’.
    I also like how Teacher Gong ‘Yoda-esque’, he always talking in a short but with a deep meaning. He saw more than others can saw Kang Chi, same as LSS…..
    He told Kang Chi about how human is a weak creature……

  36. 36 Maily

    I see the repetition in the story as a message for, at least, me that two similar actions may lead to different reactions, similar sequence of events may lead to different outcomes.
    Show, I learned my lesson. Thanks for the recaps GF.

    • 36.1 nah

      yup, the repetition works as a thematic element because this has been a drama about destiny and fate from the literally the very beginning. the people whining here about “copy and paste” writing are being ridiculous, this exact setup has been obvious from the start — the point is to see how the kangchi avoids meeting the same fate

      • 36.1.1 crazyajummafan

        Agree, agree!

  37. 37 liz

    CJ never really loved KC and she is only clingling to him now that she doesn’t have anyone to help her.

    KC is like a toy that she doesn’t want anyone to have.

    Before her family was framed, she wouldn’t run away with him or marry him, she would marry whoever her family told her to, and she was okay with it…

  38. 38 Garrdan75

    Thanks very much for another insightful and thorough recap, GF…always a grand treat for me to read your recaps! 🙂

  39. 39 earthna

    Can’t think of anything but Gon’s face when he saw Yeo Wool walking towards him. It so painful, seriously. It breaks my heart. Find a good woman, and be happy! Thanks for the recap girlfriday!

  40. 40 Misty

    oh lawd..what did they do to TS? He’s completely stupid in my eyes now. give me a break

    I’m feeling lazy for now and since I’m kind of fed up with all the CJ and TS shenanigans, I’ll just on stand by hoping for more plot going to the GFB.

  41. 41 kyl

    I thought the story is starting to take shape (yay for that!) because it was admittedly slow and diverts from its main focus before this. The story in each episodes are getting more cohesive, save for Tae Seo’s magical ability to not kill Kang-chi at sight and the lack of solid foundation and rules regarding his spell (what was the blindfold for again? Did he get hypnotized again, this time with a different order? If so, why didn’t the rest notice anything?)

    Like what GF said, the only thing that sells Tae-seo’s betrayal for me is YYS and LSG’s performances. So rather than thinking about the very bumpy ride that leads to the betrayal, I’ll save myself from the headache and just leave it at the end product: he betrayed Kang-chi. I do wish that the writer would START paying attention to details in the journey rather than just present the viewers with the end product and expect us to swallow the logic (or none).

    Now, just gimme Kang-chi journey to be human 🙂

    • 41.1 Aigoo

      The blindfold thing confused me too! What happened to the kill on sight order?? Did he gain some super-strength willpower in the last episode or something?

      Or did I miss a subtitle somewhere and there was a counter-order to set him up instead?

      I thought it was pretty sad when TS told KC that CJ was his only remaining relative – it seemed like pretty damning evidence that he never considered KC his family….

      Even if TS is under some sort of spell (which I don’t think he is since he seems to be fully aware of what he’s doing – giving up KC for CJ) the fact that he didn’t think of KC as his brother seems a betrayal in itself…..

  42. 42 jubilantia

    Yeah, as soon as Tae-seo got put under a spell, I called shenanigans, so I was with you on my feelings for him this episode. That last scene still tore me up, though, so I’m mainly sad because it was already good, but could have been better.

    I, too, fervently hope that Chung-jo doesn’t suddenly turn into the bitchy second lead. That would be a grievous misuse of her character. Still, I know she has to go back to the gisaeng house so she can learn drums, but I don’t like the looks of her next scenes with the Root of All Evil.

    Yeo-wool-aaaah! I felt for her a lot this episode. I do love her companionship with Kang-chi. I am excited for the return of Gumiho!Kang-chi, as well- it looks like the monster may have imprinted on her, which is kind of adorable.

  43. 43 Naruto

    I hate seeing a girl who’s pure cry 🙁 YW-ahhh you have many oppas there but you still sad 🙁

    Thank you TS for removing the bracelet. I want it to be wasted! now more bloody actions please!

  44. 44 JK

    Thanks, girlfriday! It’s always a pleasure reading your recaps! 🙂

  45. 45 Skyblaze77

    Although I’ve been keeping up with the recaps for the past few weeks, but this is the first time I’ve been genuinely invested in the characters (I was kind of disappointed before because I absolutely LOVED K2H, it was really the first Korean show where I felt invested in ALL the main leads so I was kinda sad that Seunggi’s new show wasn’t as good)
    But now this episode just changes things – at this moment I’m only invested in one character, but that’s more than enough. How heartbreaking is Kang-chi’s reaction when he sees Tae-seo coming at him and trying to rip his bracelet off??? His care for his adoptive family is just so believable and totally tugs at my heart – and now I just can’t wait for the next episode!

  46. 46 reglest

    Why do I feel you put all my thought into your words? *sigh* sad, but that’s what I feel :(. Come On writer, you can do better!!

  47. 47 capri

    omg! so many comment here.. lol but.. i still dont get it! i dont feel it !!what so great about gumiho ?what beautiful about them ? what beast are they ? how evil they can be? hahaha.. damn.. i need to read more now so at least i can understand little bit about them and Gu family book..cuz what i read and try to understand about fox and gumiho legends from korea opposite this drama.LOL.. btw if really legend from korean lands..writer should bring up some info about it..aishh!! so annoying!!! why dont they bring up beauty image for KC and his father when they turn to gumiho ? cuz korean costume is so nice, i mean more to arts appearance ..pardon my awful english but you guys get my points of view right ?..haha..
    GFB is about gumiho wanted to be a human for the love ones. but stories line more to triangle sick love stories cuz as we know gumiho they dont suffer for triangle love but only ONE LOVE ..lol..and bring back his father as bad evil? aigoo.. writer and director must do some homework before make this drama ahh..other than human all is evil .LOL against his own son? what a lame line! ahh.. whatever 🙂 overall this drama is great and enjoyable to watch because of the actor and actress doing so well.. and supporting actors pretty good too is why this drama got hit up.. but basically with drama tittle this drama is so empty plots about gumiho itself..if they bring up some info according to legend and a bit logic about gumiho fiction fantasy ..wow !!will be amazing drama with martial arts skills costume from korea 🙂 anyway thanks for recap! good work 🙂 and thanks for dreambean and team 🙂 other country can share opinions and meet each other here and chatty ..lol . :).. pssttt mr director, be creative bring up others creature against KC adventure finding gu family book you can make the bad guys who kills TS and CJ father with witched ..ahhh then… or bad monk.. why u want to make his own father as enemy ? hiya!! rise and shine duh !! showing how cruel is culture is 🙂

  48. 48 pumpkinattack

    Thank you for the recap! I appreciate your Tae-seo assessment. Honestly, I was thinking, “Seriously, this again?” I wouldn’t have been thinking that if he was *not* possibly under a spell.

  49. 49 Bojana

    Thanks for the brief summarize :-). I totally share your thoughts. Considering Tae-seo, I think that his character is weak in general. With a spell or without, he is weak. I find his behavior very immature and silly. As someone mentioned it before above, Gon is much better for the second lead than Tae-seo. At least for a moment I had impression that Tae-seo broke that spell long time ago but find it just as an excuse for his betrayal. But even if he didn’t break it, it’s just one proof more that his character is weak. Teacher Gong said the same as well, that humans are weak.

    I remember one quote from the movie “Kingdom of Heaven”: “A king may move a man. A father may claim a son. That man can also move himself. And only then does that man truly begin his own game. Remember, how so ever you are played or by whom, your soul is in your keeping alone, even though those who presume to play you be kings or men of power. When you stand before God, you cannot say “But I was told by others to do thus” or that virtue was not convenient at the time. This will not suffice. Remember that.” Tae-seo is played by a man of power but actually he is the one who is keeping his own soul. Which means that excuse for his betrayal towards Kang-chi can’t be some spell or whatever… I think that he just showed his true colors, being weak and a little bit mean like his sister. I think he likes Yeo-Wool already. Maybe the story is identical as with Kang-chi, Yeo-Wool and his sister when they were kids. He maybe saw the scene when Yeo-Wool gave ointment for Kang-chi to CJ. He might started liking her since then. When he saw how she defends Kang-chi most of the time (in the present time) and even got hurt because of him but still kept protecting him, he might got jealous. Maybe this is also one of the reasons he dislikes Kang-chi, but we still don’t know about it yet. I have a feeling that this is the case. Maybe it’s just me but I think that Tae-seo has already developed some feelings for her, but keep it as a secret. It looked like that at least in one of the previous episodes (episode 9, I think) when Tae-seo had a flashback, and then Knag-chi asked him about when he is going to get married, why he refuses all the marriage proposals and if he already likes someone… He seemed to know exactly who he likes and who he wants to get married with :D. Don’t you guys think so? 😀

    Is there anyone who would like that Wol-Ryung come back :D? Even as a demon, I hope that he won’t turn against his own son! Poor Wol-Ryung, he deserves to happily reunite with his son. Maybe he would be the one who is going to kill Jo Gwan-Woong in the end. According to the Gu family book Kang-chi should not kill anyone for 100 days in order to become human right?

  50. 50 elfannas

    actually what hit me the most about taeseo’s betrayal, or rather display-of-stupidity, was that he had only considered chung jo as his family. Whereas kangchi have all along thought of them as his family and motivation to move forward. And together with chung jo possible betrayal (highly possible to illustrate he difference between yeo wool’s display of true love and chung jo’s hogging on to life buoy) after she learns about his true nature, it would totally crush his desire to become a human. If course, then it is up to yeo wool, and possibly gumiho appa (yay!) To jump in and guide him towards the right path again. But somehow I feel that 9 episodes won’t be enough to run through the remaining plot: how kangchi overcome the betrayal, wol ryung’s return and closure, kangchi and yeo wool’s love and tragic fate, lee soon shin vs ultimate villian, ending for the rest of the characters, and most importantly the reappearance of gu family book. We all know the 100 day prayer and danger of becoming a 1000 years evil spirirt is due to occur again on our two leads. Thus judging with these amount of material, I do hope they extend the show by a couple of episodes….

    • 50.1 addie

      There will be 24 episodes 🙂

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