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Gu Family Book: Episode 12
by | May 14, 2013 | 394 Comments

We’re halfway through the series and it’s a turning point for every character, as friendships, romances, and family loyalty all get tested when the beast is let loose. It’s like taking a bear that’s happy to live in the zoo, sticking it in the wild, and poking it repeatedly with a stick. Humans are dumb sometimes.


We begin with another flashback conversation, as Dam Pyung-joon asks the monk So-jung whether Kang-chi can really become human, and if it’s safe for him to be around people.

So-jung knows he’s worried about his daughter, and tells him the same thing he told her—that their fate could end in either Yeo-wool or Kang-chi’s death. He warns Master Dam that once a fated union has started on its course, no human being can change that course. Like that’s gonna stop a dad.

Back to the mountains, where Kang-chi has just been sold out by Tae-seo (or the zombie wearing Tae-seo’s meatsuit; one can never be too sure). He does the worst possible thing and pulls Kang-chi’s magical bracelet off, thinking that it’s the source of his strength.

As soon as it comes off, the wind kicks up, and huddled in the center of the circle, Kang-chi begins to change.

Yeo-wool and Gon have been trekking through the woods in search of them, and she feels the change in the air.

Tae-seo and Chung-jo watch in horror, as Kang-chi rises in his gumiho form. Kang-chi approaches, and they shrink back in fear and disgust. Seeing an opportunity to attack, the leader of the gang lunges at Kang-chi with a giant blade, and just gets swatted away like a fly.

Tae-seo sees that and swings his sword at Kang-chi, and in defense, Kang-chi swipes his giants claws… right across Tae-seo’s chest. Oh noes. It was self-defense! Still, this is very bad.

Kang-chi looks down at his hands in horror, as Tae-seo crumples to the ground. Kang-chi comes to his senses and reaches out to him, but Chung-jo screams for him to stay away, and starts throwing stones, and leaves, and anything she can get her hands on. Oof, that’s heartbreaking. Those leaves cut deeper than any knife.

He calls out to her, but she cries, “Get away from me! Get away from me!” She screams so loud that Yeo-wool and Gon can hear where they are, and start running in their direction.

Chung-jo faints, and when Kang-chi kneels beside her, the thugs surround him, and attack. The beastly scream reverberates down the mountainside.

But by the time Gon and Yeo-wool arrive at the scene, all that’s left behind is a bloodied gang, all dead or nearly dying. Their leader ekes out Kang-chi’s name, and then Gon finds his bracelet on the ground.

There’s no sign of Kang-chi yet, but he must’ve taken off with Chung-jo, because Tae-seo is stumbling through the woods, clutching his bleeding chest and calling Chung-jo’s name.

Lee Soon-shin comes to the school to confront Master Dam about letting Kang-chi go against his orders, and Master Dam lies that he couldn’t handle the task of looking after him.

Lee Soon-shin knows it was personal, but they don’t have a chance to argue because they get word that Jo Gwan-woong’s men have been spotted closing in on Kang-chi. And also… Yeo-wool and Gon are missing.

They spot Jo Gwan-woong’s men as well, and wonder how they knew Kang-chi was headed this way. Please tell me you’ll go mole hunting as soon as this immediate danger has passed.

Now they have to race against those guys to find Kang-chi first, but Yeo-wool has an idea where he went. Sure enough, when Chung-jo opens her eyes, she’s inside the cave in the Moonlight Garden.

She shrinks back when she sees Kang-chi, who’s huddled in the corner clutching a bleeding arm (his own, I mean. Kinda funny that that needs clarifying). He manages to convince her, “It’s me—Kang-chi…”

And she gasps, “Kang-chi? Were you… not human?” He apologizes for letting her see him this way, but all she can think about is Tae-seo, and asks where he is. He just hangs his head without responding, and she asks haltingly, “Did you kill him?” He gets up to go closer, but she jumps back, screaming: “Get away! Don’t come near me!” Aaaack. Don’t kick the puppy while he’s down!

As he stands there, frozen, she cries, “You’re not Kang-chi! Kang-chi would never be a monster like you!” She takes off running, and hears Kang-chi’s terrifying growl echo in the cave behind her.

She runs for her life, as Yeo-wool and Gon run in circles trying to get to the Moonlight Garden. They realize they’ve been going in circles, and she can’t for the life of her find her way back there.

Chung-jo runs and runs and runs… right into Jo Gwan-woong’s men. He comes to the woods to see for himself, and the thugs get rounded up for questioning. It turns out they’re all alive, and they say that Kang-chi turned into a monster as soon as that bracelet came off.

Now Jo Gwan-woong puts all the pieces together—Wol-ryung and Seo-hwa had a child. He realizes that it was Seo-hwa’s murderous glare he saw in Kang-chi’s eyes that night that Park Mu-sol died, and he murmurs to himself how such a thing is possible.

His men drag Tae-seo back, and he kneels before Jo Gwan-woong to beg for his sister’s freedom. But he just kicks Tae-seo away since he’s not needed anymore, and instead threatens Chung-jo with her brother’s death if she doesn’t tell him where Kang-chi is.

She swears that she doesn’t remember how to get back there, so Jo Gwan-woong says her brother will hang tomorrow, and they get dragged apart, screaming for each other. And just to tie up loose ends, he has the entire gang slaughtered anyway.

He goes to confront Dam Pyung-joon about letting Seo-hwa live twenty years ago, leading to Kang-chi’s birth. Master Dam’s silence is enough to convince Jo Gwan-woong that his suspicions were right, and he vows to find out why he’s protecting Kang-chi.

Yeo-wool can’t bring herself to turn back, knowing what a hard time Kang-chi must be having without his bracelet.

Once Kang-chi calms down a little, he decides to head back down to retrieve the bracelet, and finds the gang of dead bounty hunters. Aw man, you totally didn’t murder these guys, even though it really looks that way.

There’s no bracelet, but he looks off in the distance, “Yeo-wool-ah.” Can you… smell her?

As he starts to walk away, the leader of the gang stirs awake and begs for Kang-chi to save him. He growls, “Why should I? The world would be better off with you dead.” The man swears he was wrong and pleads for his life.

Kang-chi turns back and grabs the man’s own dagger and raises it…

Cut to: nighttime at the martial arts school, as the guards take turn on watch, on high alert for Jo Gwan-woong’s men. Kang-chi sneaks in, though he’s not doing a very good job of it, considering, yunno, he lives there.

The men surround him and demand to see his face, so he has no choice but to show it, and they all gasp. Master Dam comes out, and seeing Kang-chi this way immediately makes him think of Wol-ryung.

Kang-chi says he’s here to see Yeo-wool, and asks to be let in. Master Dam refuses to let him see his daughter looking that way, and turns him down. Not a good idea.

Kang-chi growls, and one of the men lunges at him like an idiot. Kang-chi pins him to the ground by the neck, and refuses to listen to Master Dam’s orders to let him go. He says he’ll kill anyone who tries to kill him first, so Master Dam sighs that he has no choice then, but to cut his throat himself.

He reaches for his sword, but Yeo-wool arrives just in time to call out to her father and stop him. She runs to stand between them. Dad argues that Kang-chi is not human, and demands that she get out of the way.

Yeo-wool: “No, I don’t want to.” Dayum. The moment of defiance shocks him, and Gon, whose jaw drops. She continues, “You’re the one who told me that there’s no such thing as bad people, that there are only bad circumstances. Kang-chi is the same!”

She argues that Kang-chi isn’t bad, and begs him to put away his sword. “Kang-chi did nothing wrong! It’s not his fault!” Moved by her words, Kang-chi loosens his grip and stands up.

But Dad refuses to give in, and orders her to move aside. Kang-chi’s anger starts to bubble up to the surface again…

And then, without a word, Yeo-wool turns around and marches right over to Kang-chi, and takes his hand—his bloody, beasty claw-hand—and stands by his side. No. Way. Everyone goes slackjawed, and no one’s more surprised than Kang-chi.

She interlaces their fingers and holds his hand, and then answers her father, “No. I won’t stand down. Ever.” Why are you so cool?

Kang-chi looks at her, thinking to himself, “Yeo-wool-ah…” and as he does, his eyes change back, his veins recede, and his claws disappear. They all see it—how he changes back to regular old Kang-chi before their eyes.

As they stand there looking at each other, So-jung’s answer to Master Dam is repeated in voiceover: “A fate that has already begun cannot be undone by human strength.” They smile into each other’s eyes, and Master Dam finally takes his hand off his sword.

Lee Soon-shin sits down with Kang-chi in the aftermath, and asks what happened. As a tear falls, he says that his only family betrayed him, threw stones at him, and called him a monster.

Lee Soon-shin argues: “What matters is not how others see you, but how you see yourself.” Kang-chi says he can’t change the fact that he’s half-beast, and when Lee Soon-shin asks what he wants to live as, Kang-chi just wallows in despair, not seeing a point to any of it.

Lee Soon-shin: “A man needs only a friend to share his thoughts, a loved one to share his heart, and a country for which he can give his life to defend, and he can say he has lived the best of lives.”

Kang-chi’s still on his pity parade though, and says that there’s no one who would share those things with someone like him, who has the dirty blood of a beast running through his veins. But thankfully Lee Soon-shin isn’t about to let the pity party win, and reminds him that what determines the kind of person he is isn’t his blood, but his will. So he asks again, “What do you want to live as?”

Yeo-wool paces in the yard until Kang-chi comes out, and she rushes over, worried that he got yelled at. He just gazes at her in wonder, and finally asks, “How… how is it that you’re so good to me?”

She thinks about it and just answers in her honest way: “Because… I just want to do anything for you. That’s how I feel right now.” As they stand there, we hear Kang-chi’s answer to Lee Soon-shin in voiceover: “I want to become a person. Not half like this, but a whole person.”

It moves Lee Soon-shin to tears, and he takes his hand as Kang-chi breaks down in sobs like a little boy.

Back in the woods, the leader of the gang wakes up, alive and well. Yay, I knew Kang-chi would do the right thing. Flashback to earlier, when Kang-chi took the dagger and cut his own hand to pour his blood in the wound.

He sighs that he doesn’t know why he’s saving someone like him or if it’s even going to work, but it does, and the blue lights of healing appear, making him pass out in shock. I guess he needs a name, now that Kang-chi saved his life. Ma Bong-chul it is. Don’t make me regret Kang-chi’s good deed, Bong-chul.

Jo Gwan-woong has Chung-jo brought into his room, and wastes no time offering her a deal, with her brother’s life hanging in the balance: “Become mine, and I will become yours.”

She says she’d rather die than be with the man who killed her parents, but he pulls her close and says her father died for Kang-chi and her mother abandoned her, and the only person she can rely on in this world is herself. He tells her to do whatever it takes to survive in this world. I would almost agree with you, except for the part where you’re a rapist.

She fights back, but it’s no use, and he fucking rapes her. God I hate him. And then to drive the point home, we cut to a flower falling from a tree. Seriously, a fallen flower? This is what we’re going with? The metaphor inserts on this show make me laugh out loud, and not in a good way.

In the morning, Yeo-wool braces herself to face her grumpy dad, and tries the bright and cheery approach. It doesn’t go well. He asks how she could do such a thing, and insists that this isn’t a fate she can handle.

But she says that if Kang-chi finds the Gu Family Book and becomes human, his fate will change and so will the monk’s prediction. “I won’t avoid facing the present just because of a future that may or may not happen.”

She says she’s going to face things head-on, because that’s what he taught her. Poor Dad. She keeps using his own life lessons against him. Kang-chi broods in his room and just keeps looking at his hand, thinking of the moment Yeo-wool stood up to defend him.

Chung-jo puts her clothes on in the morning with this deadened look in her eyes, and then the bastard has Tae-seo brought in so he can see the price she paid to spare his life. That’s just cruel.

Chung-jo runs out, and Tae-seo goes insane, grabbing a sword and swinging wildly. Jo Gwan-woong doesn’t even flinch, and his minion pins Tae-seo down.

Even after all that, he orders Tae-seo to find out what Lee Soon-shin is using the silver for, and threatens that Chung-jo will pay an even bigger price if he doesn’t come through. Okay, this needs to stop. It’s getting ridiculous. At some point, someone’s going to stop being an idiot about listening to the bad guy, right?

Chung-jo returns to the gisaeng house on her own, and even threatens Wol-sun for the head gisaeng title as soon as she steps foot inside. She goes straight to Soo-ryun and asks with tears in her eyes if it’s really true that this isn’t the end.

She says she wants to become a gisaeng (the kind who specializes as an entertainer, like Soo-ryun). “I want to become a gisaeng and live my life over again.”

Tae-seo returns to the martial arts school, battered and bloodied, and collapses at Master Dam’s feet. Kang-chi sees him and turns away, thinking of his betrayal, but then he remembers Lord Park’s dying words for him to protect Tae-seo and Chung-jo, and he stops.

Tae-seo tells Master Dam that he always wanted to become like his father, but he’s discovered that in a world where his father doesn’t exist, he amounts to nothing. He cries that he hates how pathetic and weak he is.

Kang-chi interrupts in a brusque tone, “How long are you going to whine and cry?” Ha. He tells Tae-seo to look at him, but he refuses and turns his head. So Kang-chi grabs by the collar to stand him up, and demands that he look him straight in the eye.

Kang-chi: “Please, you have to look at me. How else will I be able to show you my true face? What happened to me, why I look like a monster, how scared I am, how lonely I feel… I want to tell somebody those things. But you’re the only person I could tell them to! So please, look at me, Tae-seo-ya. Look at me!”

They’re both crying by now, and so am I, and then Tae-seo finally turns to look him in the eye. He screams in murderous rage and starts hitting Kang-chi over and over and over again.

Yeo-wool and Gon run in to stop it, but Master Dam puts a hand up, so they stand back. Tae-seo wails on Kang-chi, but he just takes it, until Tae-seo gets it all out of his system, and stops, fist in midair.

Kang-chi: “That’s right. Friends look at each other like this, Tae-seo-ya.” It breaks him, and he collapses in tears. Kang-chi hugs him as they both cry. Awwww.

And then suddenly Teacher Gong plays exposition fairy, to say that Kang-chi’s sincere heart eventually broke Tae-seo’s spell. It did? My god, that spell was handled SO BADLY. I can’t even.

Anyway, Teacher Gong asks what Master Dam plans to do next, and he says it’s time to face Jo Gwan-woong head-on. Teacher Gong likes the sound of that, and wonders if it’s time to unite the Men of Honor.

Jo Gwan-woong gets word that the Men of Honor are gathering in support of Lee Soon-shin, and it starts to worry him. He gets a message from an ally of his own though, which makes him smile.

Yeo-wool announces that she’s been assigned to Kang-chi Patrol by her father (Aw is that his way of giving in?) and Kang-chi pretends to be put out by it, until Gon shows up to say he’s also on the team, and then he really scowls.

She hands him his first assignment: to count the beans in a sack. Ha, is this more like a keep-the-gumiho-busy-with-useless-tasks sort of assignment? She sits next to him while he counts them one at a time, and asks if he knows anything about his birth parents. He loses his concentration and has to start all over, and she just smiles.

Jo Gwan-woong’s visitor arrives from Japan, with a mysterious woman in tow, who’s kept veiled and announced as the wife of an official. He looks at the sedan curiously.

Suddenly a wind blows through, and Kang-chi looks up, “What was that?” Omo. Omo. Is it…?

Deep in the mountains, a patch of green vine starts to yellow and die, and then it spreads, until it reaches Wol-ryung’s face. His eyes dart open, glowing a fiery red.

Kang-chi stands up, rattled. He can feel it. Can he feel it?


Wol-ryung’s back! Okay, so he’s probably evil, and that’s going to mess with Kang-chi’s head so badly I don’t even want to think about it, but still… he’s back! And just in time too, because the Jo Gwan-woong pulling the Park siblings’ puppet strings in tandem was just about driving me over the edge. We really need a new arc up in here, and the return of Daddy Gumiho is going to be a huge relief. I’m glad we’re moving forward in other ways too, as the good guys start to gather their forces and new characters come through town.

I feel like Veiled Lady’s arrival being in lockstep with Wol-ryung’s awakening cannot be a coincidence, and I’m worried that it means she might be Seo-hwa. I hope that’s too far-fetched, but who knows. I’d rather her be a witch or some other magic-wielding enemy, because frankly, one evil reincarnated parent is enough to deal with.

This had better be the end of Tae-seo’s spell-zombie days. That whole arc was so mishandled it makes me tear my hair out, because the emotional beats between Kang-chi and Tae-seo were all there—everything from the heartbreaking betrayal in the last episode to their bromantic makeup in this one hit the right beats and made me care about their fractured relationship. But that goddamned spell came and went as it pleased, with no logical rules, no reason, and no true consequence. And when it broke, instead of being shown the moment where love conquers magic, we have to be told after the fact. WHAT. What a wasted opportunity. Could there be no CG spared? One poof over his eyeballs? Anything?

Everything that happened with Tae-seo would’ve been better without the spell in the first place—true betrayal would make Kang-chi’s forgiveness all the more poignant, and his redemption would mean more. I’m just glad it’s over, because I do think their friendship has all the right ingredients for something great, and maybe now that everyone has his own free will, we can get somewhere interesting.

We knew this day was coming for Chung-jo, but damn, that didn’t make it any easier. I sincerely hope that she’s the one who gets to stab Jo Gwan-woong someday, but in the meantime, her resolve and her darker side are some great character developments for her, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Soo-ryun can make of her.

But the most moving scene of the episode was really Yeo-wool standing up to her father and taking Kang-chi’s hand. That it comes on the heels of Tae-seo’s betrayal and Chung-jo’s abject terror at seeing his true face—it makes a really strong impact. And though she’s doing it to save him from Dad, what she really does is save him from himself yet again. I’m pretty sure Kang-chi would give into his pity party without her, that’s for sure. While it’s understandable the way everyone else reacts to Kang-chi’s gumiho face, it’s the fact that he’s so ashamed that he can’t look at himself that kills me. That’s why it works so well when it’s brought back around in his speech to Tae-seo. But it’s Yeo-wool who first does what even Kang-chi can’t do—face him as he is, look him in the eyes, and hold his hand, beast or man. Now that’s love.


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  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Thank you again GF, for this recap!

      I will start with my questions, to get them out of the way:

      A–When YW and Gon were running in the forest, I was intrigued by what looked like a tomb in the forest. There were some rocks that were piled up on a spot, and it reminded me of when WR made a tomb for SH’s brother (after he had been hung). Was I the only one who noticed it and who was intrigued by it?

      B–I was confused by the healing of KC’s hand, in the scene where he is alone in his room and he is looking at his hand. Maybe it’s the other hand, the one he has not needed to cut to heal others (and if that is the case, it would make sense that his hand looked fine). I do have to agree with one commenter that KC would have to figure out a way to heal people without having to cut himself every single time he does it. That would be a lot of scars to have on his body and he might run out of places to cut, over time.
      Interesting, the way KC is accidentally finding out the powers he has because of his gumiho side.

      C–Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that KC does not seem to turn into a full gumiho, the way his dad did? When his dad turned into a gumiho, he had fur on his hand and arm. KC has not shown that, in the two times he has turned into “the beast.” His hands changed, his veins popped out, the color of his eyes changed and his hair changed, but not his skin. It is as if, because he is 1/2 human, his transformation does not go as far as his dad’s. Just a thought.

      I also like the fact that when KC becomes a gumiho, he is being able more and more to stay connected to KC the human one, in that he sees when he hurts people, like when he hurt TS with his claws, he felt bad immediately. And when he was in the cave talking to CJ, it was definitely KC (the human one) talking to CJ. Come to think of it, the same happened with WR, as he killed people when he and SH were ambushed, he felt and looked sorry that SH had to witness that. Same thing happened when WR took SH to the Moonlight Garden cave, he looked like a beast, but he was aware of who he was and it was the WR we knew who was inside, talking to SH. There has not been any split personalities so far.
      The way KC and WR transform and the fact that they remain cognizant of who they are when they are in that state keeps reminding me of the Beauty and the Beast tale.

      D–OK, I might be slow here, however I wanted to be clear/sure. When they showed the flower that fell into the water, was that to show that CJ had been “deflowered” (for lack of a better word) by GW? If so, then they must have wanted to really drive that point home.

      There were so many emotional beats in this episode, I will be back later with my comments.

      • 1.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        has the flower hitting the pond motiif been used in other sageuks to mean deflowering?I keep thinking it has.

      • 1.1.2 Ivoire

        Hello Carole McDonnell,

        Excellent question, and to be honest, I don’t know. I have not seen that many sageuks (RTP, Faith, GFB, parts of SKKS) and so, I feel inept to be able to answer that question.
        I have not seen that motif used in any of the few sageuks I have watched. Hopefully someone will have an answer and we will find out.

      • 1.1.3 crazyajummafan

        B- it’s ok if KC cuts himself every time to save someone, as long as he’s in his gumiho self. His wounds will heal on their own.

        C – yes, I’ve noticed this too. Made a comment about this in
        I think that this time, KC is slowly but surely gaining control of his gumiho self. The first time, he killed all the men. This time, they were only injured.

        • Amanda

          Let’s hope that gang leader really is loyal now, and doesn’t barter the knowledge of the healing benefits of Kang Chi’s blood.

        • Ivoire

          Hello Amanda! And yeah, let’s hope…

      • 1.1.4 Ivoire

        Hello crazyajummafan,

        Thanks! Your answer to my question B makes sense, and we did have a long discussion about that in one of the recaps. It is just that sometimes, it is hard to keep those facts straight (about how his powers work). I am sooo glad his wounds heal, when he is in his gumiho state.

        About C, I agree with you. KC must be slowly gaining power of his gumiho strength. I was soooo happy to see that he had not killed anyone this time around. Let’s hope that continues, except maybe for GW and his minions, but then, like GF, I would like CJ to be the one who does the killing, not KC.

      • 1.1.5 Ivaa

        Ivoire :
        I noticed the tomb, I even made my comment on Tryp’s blog.
        I did say that it looks like KC uncle’s tomb.

        As for changing form :
        KC is half human & half beast, his father is a ‘Deity’ and human mother. In our legend ( almost similar in Asian countries ), a Guardian God of Mountain is ‘a Fox Spirit’ or lets say ‘a Gumiho’. They can form into human or others form. Because they are ‘God or Spiritual Mythical Being’ they have super power, so they always never got confuse about their identity.
        In their true form or as in WR case’, when they reach 100 years meaning they reach their adulthood ( in human like 21st year ), before 100 or 50 years, they will be consider as a young or kid ( always mischief and hotheaded ).
        Anyway, in this GFB back story is about Guardian God of Jiri Mountain ( I believes they paint WR in white fur’…so it means White Fox Spirit or ‘Kitsune’ a good omen )…..so it’s in a Good and Kind way, White fox spirit are known to be superior intelligence, long life, magical powers and kind. They are protector ( WR as Jiri Mountain protector and KC as 100 Year Inn protector ).
        for WR case, he failed his 100 days praying and SH betrayed him, so he’s turn to be ‘Demon’ ( I believes that they will paint him in a black as in ‘Black Fox spirit’). This Rules are given by Hwanoong or Son of God or Inari ( like Zeus….). ( refer to Ivory description about this mythical things ).

        just tell a folklore legend story….

        • Ivoire

          Hello Ivaa,

          KC has/had an uncle? His uncle’s tomb? Are you sure? Or did you mean his dad (gumiho)’s tomb? Or maybe Lord Park’s tomb (his adopted father)? Why would Lord Park be buried in the forest? And daddyho (WR) was covered by grass when we last saw him.
          I am sure you mean well, but you are confusing me.

          Thanks for the legend story, it is an interesting read and in regards to WR, it makes sense.

          • crazyajummafan

            His uncle – SH’s brother who was hanged.

          • Ivoire

            OH yes! Thank you for reminding me, duh!!!!!!

        • Gidget

          Wow. Thanks Ivaa. Your explanation is better than anything I could find on Wikipedia. I’ve wondered what the myological touchstones are for this drama.

          • Gidget


      • 1.1.6 Chizzy girl

        the flower hitting the pond definitely meant she was no more a virgin and as for kangchi not turning into a FULL gumiho..remember he is ONLY HALF GUMIHO so maybe that is the reason why is hair and the rest of his body do not turn WHITE during his transformation

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      On to my comments:

      1– I have another question: GF said that TS pulled KC’s bracelet, thinking that it was the source of KC’s strength. Really? I thought TS didn’t know what the bracelet was about, and that he was told by BS (GW’s head minion) to either break it or take it off, making sure that the bracelet would be off of KC’s person/body. That was what I assumed, when I watched the ep. raw. TS had seen KC with that bracelet all his life (all this time), would TS think about questioning the nature of the bracelet on his own?
      I am just curious about that…

      2–What is an exposition fairy? (one who explains what happened?)

      I was glad to see that midway into the drama, we are making progress as far as KC and YW’s relationship. YW continues to be an awesome character AND she continues to have some of the best lines in the drama.

      I like how the themes of “what makes a person” and “what makes a family” are being explored. Up to ep. 12, KC had a family, a wonderful dad who adopted him, and to whom he brought good fortune and protection. By extension, the people around PMS (including his family) benefited from that good fortune and protection. As some commenters have been saying, it is unfortunate that TS, lady Park and CJ never realized how much they owed to KC.

      In this week’s episodes, we saw the definition of what KC thought was his family being shaken and destroyed. I think that it also contributed to shed KC’s innocence and naivete about people and about what he thought constituted his world. As he experienced his worst (being rejected by TS and CJ, after having lost PMS and lady Park [even though she didn’t like him, she was his mother, of sorts], being called a monster, and having stones and leaves thrown at him), KC has also been given a new family in LSS, YW (and maybe her dad, who might come around), teacher Gong and to an extent SJ. These people are people who are in KC’s life (or will be) no because they belong biologically, but because they chose to be a part of KC’s life and growth process, and that is great because chances are that they will be/remain loyal to KC (and KC could sure use some loyalty, he the ever loyal one).
      It is interesting to me that we experience the same thing in real life, meaning that some of our friends can become closer than some of our family members. I have personally experienced that, so a family is not only the biological people we are attached to. It is interesting to me also how TS and CJ have not really positively contributed to KC’s life, whereas YW has, even though she has spent less time physically with KC (compared to TS and CJ) over time.

      The other aspect of KC’s growth process I see is how KC needs to accepts himself, and see how good he is, instead of taking in the labels that others throw at him. That was why his conversation with LSS in this episode and the things that YW has been telling him since she saw him change are so important. As GF said in her commentary, YW not only saved KC from her dad killing him, she is saving KC from himself, from the shame he feels about his condition, which also makes him feel powerless. In the process, KC tends to negate in his mind all the good he has done to anyone who has ever been around him, and he has done a lot, since he was a child. He has been a better human being since he was a child than GW, TS or CJ who have rejected him, attacked him (GW), betrayed him and dehumanized him (by constantly calling him a monster, which to me, does not apply. He does not look like one. I agree with what YW told him, about the fact that only a few things change when he turns into a gumiho [or 1/2 of it]).

      And in having to shed his innocence and naivete about people, KC experienced what WR experienced with humans as well. It seems to me that yes, WR had seen humans, but I don’t think he knew them well, and knew how treacherous they could be, and he paid with his life or destiny (which was altered) because of his blind faith in a human being. I guess that was the price he paid for experiencing love (for 3 short months :-( ) Unlike WR however, I think KC will have more people on his side, by the end of the drama, or at least I hope so, starting with the thug, whose life KC saved.

      I have to go, so I will write more of my thoughts later…

      • 1.2.1 Pearl

        Well, I have one or two questions myself, too:
        1. Why did TS hit KC when they met at the academy? Was that a really awkward way to say sorry? Was it because he had no sword to kill him?
        2. Now, that he is off-hypnosis, will TS try to fight the baddies? Will CJ be an obstacle into KC’s way?
        3. Did the writers watch “Vampire Diaries”? Does not Korean folklore have enough myths and symbols to use? That “use my blood to be saved” looks alike; there vampires heal hurt people with their own blood. Well, if only it doesn’t turn also into an opportunity to create more gumihos, like the other create vampires.
        4. Is Bong-chul some kind of cat with 9 lives? If they needed him for later on, his staying alive should have been less ridiculous.

        On the other side, I think CJ’s attitude was really necessary to open KC’s eyes on YW. You know, humans have a tendency to compare and contrast. Probably that works with half humans., too.
        And above all, as a father figure, I think the admiral works best, because he is the one who teaches KC about life and accepts him as he is. If only all the army men and politicians were so wise from the beginning of time!
        The flower in the pond was very, very misplaced! It ruined all the tension of the moment. Instead of being able to cringe from the tension, which would be pretty normal, I just outburst into such a wrong laughter. Relieving the tension could have been done so much better.

        If this was a novel, I would have abandoned it long ago. The writing is ludicrous. Luckily we have all the rest of the crew to make this drama a great one, in spite of the lack of the reason in the writing.

        • kumi

          Hey, Pearl. I think, TS’s fist-blowing KC at the academy was meant for the leftovers from the wicked spell to come out from TS’s mind with each blow. KC facing it with tolerance was meant for KC’s ascertainment on the path of becoming a human.

        • Amanda

          I don’t think they watched VD. Some have thought of the use of others (and Others) blood to have restorative powers. Elizabeth Bathory is one famous example.

          • kumi

            Oh no, it’s not like that at all. It’s about how the law of karma works, of which, I’m sure, Master Dam was aware of.
            Let’s try to say simply: you want to be sure nothing is left, so you double-check it with your fist. It’s a “between boys” mood :)

        • Gidget

          I’ve thought that his using his blood to heal others is included as a device for the redemptive storyline. He turns away from using his powers for selfish reasons or to harm others. Instead he chooses to act sacrificially and harness his powers to bring healing to others. Carried all the way, this arc this will bring redemption to both himself and to the people he helps.

      • 1.2.2 luvs

        Hello guys,
        At last a drama that makes me want to commune with fellow kdrama-folks! It’s been awhile since K2H.
        This episode 12 is by far the best for this drama. I love the conversation between Lee Soon SHin –
        about what makes a human being – It’s not the blood but the heart and mind that makes us persons as opposed to monsters or animals.
        Lee Seung Gi is great here. Cutie patutie as always but more manly – he is a beautiful beast with green eyes.
        (Did you guys watch the drama “The Immortal Lee Soon SHin?” – you should if you haven’t – I am so happy that this Person is in this drama.

        • kumi

          I would have specified to Lee Soon Shin that it is the ability to enquire about our own nature and ability to pursue higher purposes of life that distinguish us from animals.

    • 1.3 Ivoire

      Hello gals (Pearl, Amanda, Luvs, Kumi), (I am assuming that you are all ladies, I hope that is OK…)

      Thank you so much for your comments and for adding to this conversation. I have part 3 of my thoughts to post, so I hope that you will be checking back later in the comment section. I post at the same time written/posted by DB (so the time you see here is my time as well), so please give me until tomorrow or Friday to post some responses. I hope your guys will remember…

      I personally check the ep. recaps until Sunday (and even after that, I go back and see if any additional comments have been added to the previous recaps, in the comments’ section). So this week, I will be checking ep. 11 and 12 comments’ section until Sunday night (actually until the next recap is posted on Monday evening). I would encourage you to do the same, if you don’t mind. It gives us a little more time to think through the drama, post our responses, and see if there are any additional questions that come up and can be answered. It also gives us the time to deal with real life, which we cannot escape (unfortunately).

      I just wanted to let you ladies know that I have seen your responses, I can’t answer them right now, and I wanted to make a suggestion and let you know how I personally use and visit this blog (and contribute as well). I will read/write/talk to you later… Thank you!

      • 1.3.1 owl

        I agree that ep 12 is the best so far. There were so many powerful moments! I also agree with Gf’s theory that pappa-gu and momma-hu may be appearing simultaneously on the scene. The veiled woman is the widow of the rich merchant, and we don’t know what happened to Seo-hwa after the baby was put in the basket. Very interesting.

        Love the admiral father-figure for Kang chi.

        TS – I dunno, he started out as such a reliable businessman with his father for the inn (and he did kinda address that when he admitted that he is a weak, pitiful person without his father) –

        CJ – things turned out pretty lousy for this young girl who truly is a victim, but the drama is making a statement for someone who might have been in her position under crappy circumstances and gives insight into the world of gisaeng I only hope she gets the honor of driving a sword deep into the nasty gullet of JGW, bastard swine.

        YW – loved the scene where she so naturally joined hands with KC in his gumiho state and stood by him. Later, it was hilarious when she told KC that her father assigned her to watch him, and Gon hops beside her and says, “Me too, of course.” Ha – silly sidekick :)

        My question is: what is going to happen with YW and KC find out that her father killed pappa gu? (and, as gf pointed out, will probably reappear as evil?)

        • latteholic

          I thought Seo-hwa was slashed by JJG, when she tried to kill him while he’s receiving the guest from Japan (who I think is part of the entourage we saw at the end). I assumed that she’s dead by that point…

          • lady-janet

            If Seo-hwa was slashed by JJG during the time he has guests from Japan, then there’s a possibility that she was not killed that time..maybe one of the Japanese guests found here barely alive and took her with him/them, nurse her back to health then marry her..thats why she is now “The veiled woman is the widow of the rich merchant”…. ? -guess is the result of watching too much dramas… :)

        • Gidget

          But what if the veiled woman is YW’s mother? Wouldn’t that set up some interesting conflicts!

          And I must say, isn’t the actor playing JGW is knocking it out of the park? He’s created a sublimely unctuous and creeptastic character.

          • Valery

            Actually, the veiled woman is the middle-aged Seo Hwa and kang chi’s mother played by Yoon Se Ah.

            I must say, this is getting interesting. >~<.

            kang chi X yeo wol

    • 1.4 luvs

      I love this 12th episode – watched it 3x since last night. The dialogue between Admiral Yee Soon Shin and Kang Chi, the moment with Yeo wool and KC , and the transformation from beast into human all in the first 35 minutes – too precious!!!!

    • 1.5 Ivoire

      Hello everyone,

      I am just going to add my next comments (part 3). I might be able to come back and respond to comments only Friday night, and over the weekend. Unexpected crisis are making it so that I won’t be able to be on DB as much as I would have liked to. I will just add a few thoughts I feel I didn’t get a chance to mention.

      I find GW to be a sad villain who I hope will die while experiencing suffering, because besides enjoying raping young women, he tends to kill people left and right, the way someone changes underwear. I like the comment Crazyajummafan made about GW being the beast (in a bad way) and KC not killing anyone in this ep. She is right, btw. KC is above most humans as we continue to see, as the drama unfolds.

      I like the details they add in this drama, like the fact that when KC is a gumiho, his sense of smell is heightened. That is a good skill/trait to have (so he would know where YW is :-) ).

      I loved how KC changed in front of everyone, because it showed the power of love and what can happen when we believe in someone. I thought what YW did was awesome of course, and many here (including GF) have written about it, so I will be brief about it. I couldn’t help but think about the song “the power of love” by Celine Dion (or at least those lyrics in one of her songs), when YW chose to stand by KC’s side, defending him and standing up to her dad, using his own words. The woman not only has guts (and is courageous), but she is also smart. How could I not love her, as a character? And Suzy is doing a good job portraying her. What I also find interesting is that what is obvious to us (by now), that YW loves KC, is still not obvious to our characters, but it is a Kdrama, so I should not be surprised, I guess. It was so cool that KC didn’t even need the bracelet (that was the best part), to get back to his human side. All he needed was her love, and the fact that this time around, he ACTUALLY received it (her acceptance of him, at least).

      In the cave, he only received her compassion for a few seconds, and we saw what happened there, that time. It made me appreciate what happened here more. One commenter had said that in a way their fated loves (WR and KC’s) would have control over them, I guess this is what s/he meant. Not control in a bad way, but the ability for them to become human because they would know that they are loved and accepted in whatever form they might be. I can’t help but wonder if YW realized (and understood) how huge what she had just done was… Probably not. I hope that one day, she does.
      I loved the next day, when YW tried to make up with her dad. That was soooooo cute!!!!!! (loved that scene). I have come to realize that I like YW (among many reasons) because when she sets her mind on something, in the end, she does what she wanted to do in the first place (and those are not reckless or stupid things, so that’s good).

      It was sad and unfortunate that TS did all the betraying and lying for naught, with his sister who ended up being raped and KC exposed. I hope for CJ’s sake that she will stay determined to rise above her tragedy (and become a drum player), and as many commenters have expressed, that she will be given a different arc than one in distress. I wonder if she is going to continue to be against KC.
      To Pogo, who said to me in ep. 10 that CJ was not a damsel in distress, I agree with you, she wasn’t, however, she carried herself like one. She has had the head gisaeng backing her for a while now, and that is a good support to have in such a place. I hope, as it seemed to be indicated here, that she will make good use of it.

      • 1.5.1 Ivoire

        Part 4 of my thoughts will be posted later… (yes, I have a few more :-) )

      • 1.5.2 pogo

        Ivoire – I’m late to this, but I’m with you in hoping that Chung-jo’s arc pans out as something meaningful instead of what normally ends up happening to a second leading lady, especially since the drama has gone as far as her rape.

        She was definitely the figure of a damsel in distress through her failed rescue (she really wasn’t one before that/before Resident Rapist began making fresh threats against her), but I hope to goodness her return to the gisaeng house will afford her some measure of protection, and that what was done to her isn’t going to mean an abrupt and complete character turnaround (this drama is decidedly lacking in finesse, but I will be FURIOUS if she’s somehow painted negatively/turns ‘bad’ for survival as a consequence of what was done to her, and I am not a fan of shows using rape purely as a distressing plot device).

        I really like Yeo-wool as a character, but I feel like the drama’s got the same problem as Sungkyunkwan Scandal, in that it’s very obviously trying very hard to make us root for its heroine – only, because she’s a supporting character here rather than the main one, she ends up coming off as a bit of a cipher. (we still don’t know anything about her besides the fact that she’s basically been into KC from the word go and is really awesome and understanding – it’s borderline Mary Sue territory here, with so little to go on in terms of her backstory).

    • 1.6 Ivoire

      The last part I wanted to add (part 4) is that I firmly believe that KC was in love with with CJ and not just infatuated with her. I know that KC is also loyal, and he feels very protective of CJ, however, I kept feeling that there might be something a little more. I have watched his interactions with CJ very closely, and they led me to believe that KC was sincerely in love with CJ.

      I also remember that the monk said that KC confused compassion with love (or something along those lines), however, I disagree with him. CJ is to KC what her character description says she is, his first love, just like what we experience in real life. Our first loves are not necessarily the ones we end up marrying, or our lifelong partners.

      From the beginning, as I watched CJ and KC interact, and especially KC’s reactions to CJ, I kept thinking to myself, “he is really (totally) into her. Something drastic will have to happen, for KC to let go of CJ.” So, I was not surprised (at all) when the show took the tangent it took, regarding their romance. KC’s heart was full of CJ, AND she had to reject him (first) for him to let her go, and that was exactly what happened. I don’t think he could/would have let her go otherwise. Even though YW was right there, under his nose, I don’t think that KC would have considered her romantically. CJ (like SH) could not handle certain things. Her being/core was not as strong as YW, hence the end of their relationship (the little of what was there). What a way to wake up, and smell the coffee/destiny though, (for KC). That was quite heartbreaking and painful.

      The emotional beats for me, in this episode (the scenes that move me): 1–CJ rejecting KC (mirroring SH) and the leaves and stones she threw at him. 2–TS, outing KC and exposing him. 3–CJ being raped. 4–YW, standing up to her dad, and by KC’s side (and it was great that she ended by his side, kind of like saying that they were equal, that it didn’t matter that she was 100% human, and he was only 1/2). 5–KC changing back into a full human, because of YW’s love, acceptance and willingness to defend him and fight for him. 6–LSS’s conversations with KC, and him getting teary eyed when KC cried and LSS comforting him (like a dad would. I loved that scene). 7–TS and KC hashing it out and crying in each other’s arms (bromance :-), I hope it is back).

      All in all, I continue to love this drama, because in spite of its flaws, it has a lot of heart and the right actors and actresses who portray the characters in it, like in the K2Hs :-)

      • 1.6.1 lemondoodle

        I’m not sure I completely think he’s in love with her because of how he treats TS as well. Obviously he’s a guy and their interactions won’t be the same, but he has a huge amount of love for both useless siblings. Even so much that even something as drastic as being called a monster, having rocks thrown at him, being stabbed and betray won’t change that love. TS rejected him completely and he forgave him. CJ doing what she did isn’t going to change his love for her.

        Though as soon as KC moved away from CJ, had his own things to deal with and was able to interact with another girl his heart was already wavering even if he doesn’t realize it yet. He obviously loves CJ with all his heart, but I just don’t think he’s in love with her. He won’t come to YW because CJ betrayed him but because he just loves YW. Imo of course.

        • lemondoodle

          *come to love YW

        • reglest

          I agree with you, he’ll fall for yeo wool for his own heart, not because he betrayed by chung joo. And..I just rewatch episode 3-10 yesterday, and WOW, Kang Chi’s eyes talks a lot. You can see the feeling for Yeo Wool is growing inside him

      • 1.6.2 MysteryGirl2013

        I think KC has a crush on CJ not love because he’s “love” with CJ is kinda light you know not deep because in other dramas when a character is in love with another character it will not be like CJ and KC because try to watch when CJ kissed KC in the cheek its not like love because of his reaction instead having the ‘my-love-kissed me” reaction he had the “my-crush-kissed-me” reaction

    • 1.7 Ivoire

      Hello everyone!

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that this conversation has kept on going. I had written that I would be back participating in the comments, starting on Friday night. Well, by Friday night, I had been functioning on 2 hours of sleep and I was up at 4:00am the next day to get ready for an event. I was gone all day Saturday (until late) and extremely tired (from the last 2 last days), by the time 12:00am (early Sunday morning) came around.

      I really LOVE these conversations we are having, and so I would not run away from them, by any means. I just wanted to let you guys know that I have been thinking about GFB, I was talking about it with a friend on the phone, on my way back home and I was dying to respond (after getting some rest). Sunday has gotten busy as well, however, I will try to stop and drop some lines, hopefully before the next recap (and maybe even after). There is nothing that says that we cannot continue to write comments if we have more to say about ep. 12 or any of the past episodes.

      This is (unfortunately) what can happen, when real life takes over :-( I appreciate all the additional comments.

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    Thanks for the recap!!! Gumiho Kang chi is soo beautiful 😉

    • 7.1 Kitzeekat

      Yes he is beautiful it’s so distracting. The green eyes is sucking me in :-)

      Yaaay Kang-chi can actually count beyond three LOL

  8. Sue

    I realized in this episode that if Tae Seo and Chung Jo keep trying to save each other they’ll probably implode.

    btw, thanks for the recap!

    • 8.1 girlfriday

      OR, they’ll create a vortex of noble idiocy so powerful that it creates a black hole and sucks the whole universe into another dimension, thereby destroying the world as we know it.

      Or yunno, what you said.

      • 8.1.1 MIKAN

        lmao GF

      • 8.1.2 Gidget

        Girl, younare too funny. I think my neighbors just heard me laughing at that!

      • 8.1.3 koreandramalover/kdl/kay

        Girlfriday! I laughed so loud at what you said, I have effectively deafened whoever was in the vicinity. Thank you! 😉

      • 8.1.4 k-soup

        haha.. their lives are just really complicated..
        they sure are totally doomed if not for Kang Chi

        • Shapi

          I do not see any nobility in this sibling pair. They are merely selfish being who ride on the wealth and good life KC brought to their family and when faced with adversity they just crumble in no time. Their mind is just one-track, can’t they think of any other way out except to follow the order of the evil one? Why did chun jo run back to jkw, to seek protection kowning that he has been lusting for her? If she is ready to kill herself why did she not hide a knife or two at all time and removed jkw’s manhhood if not his life when the opportunity arrives? No sympathy for her nor ts, who has the cheek to ask kc for forgiveness. eerk!

          • mel

            I agree except for CJ didn’t run back to him. She was captured and raped.

            It is kind of funny they don’t know how good they had it because of KC brought fortune to the family. Both of them wouldn’t have been born if not for him since Mom was saved when Lord Park accepted KC.

          • k-soup

            the writer can mess up sometimes but I see your point.. they are ungrateful >.<

          • Saturtledaisy

            They were raised as nobles, and therefore they’re used to being taken care of. I don’t think they have grasped the idea of being ‘grateful’ quite yet.

            But I don’t think they’re just following ‘the evil one’s’ orders. So far CJ has been refusing EVERYONE’s orders.

            As for TS…
            He is so ridiculously dumb and naive that I don’t even know what to say about him. If he’s trying to protect his sister, he sure is failing big time. Do we blame the spell? I don’t even understand that spell.

          • KDaddict

            What really bothers me abt this pair of siblings is that they talk Big and highfalutin, e.g.
            CJ: “I’d rather die than sleep with you” (sth to that effect), or
            TS: “I’ll kill you if that’s the last thing I do”.
            But in actual fact, they fold in 5 seconds flat, every dayum time! PLEASE.
            They bring shame to their father’s name and memory. They sure have their mother’s genes–selfish and weak!

          • Whisper

            @Kaddict: “They bring shame to their father’s name and memory. They sure have their mother’s genes–selfish and weak!”
            Ditto! Good thing their dad is dead or he’ll probably just want to stay dead due to big disappointment/ embarrassment! I’m not even going to be surprise if they were conceived from a different man ~ I just don’t see any resemblance from their father ~ it’s just sad sad sad

          • Ivoire

            I do think that CJ temporarily saved her brother. Because she let herself be raped, her brother was not executed/hung the next day, which was why we saw him going back to the Martial Arts School. And yes, TS whined a lot. It was sad to see that he didn’t think about what he had done to KC and how that had impacted him (KC).

          • KDaddict

            Don’t forget the siblings’ utter stupidity in believing in what Evil Lord and his head minion promise them: TS actually believes that bringing in KC’s head would free his sister! CJ believes that sleeping w the devil would free his bro, tho she has less choice in the matter than her bro! These two are biological siblings alright!
            Shapi is right: No nobility in these two. Only plenty of idiocy!

          • Amanda

            @ Ivoire.

            “I do think that CJ temporarily saved her brother. Because she let herself be raped, her brother was not executed/hung the next day”

            Just want to mention for the PC’ers that rape is not something you “let” happen. She technically fought it (no choice involved there), though I will agree it seems her brother is still alive and semi-well.

          • Ivaa

            They forgot that KC is ‘bundled of good fortune’…
            the minute Park sibling betrayed and called him ‘a monster’, their bad omen already been signed and sealed…
            it’ did sound cruel, but maybe the GFB story want to teach us’ not to forget about a good things that people done for us…..
            because Karma does exist…
            or in other word : the law of Sowing and Reaping …

          • Natalie

            lol are you guys in this thread for real?

          • MysteryGirl2013

            Actually I dont think that its like that I think that CJ is running away from KC when JGW came so whenever CJ likes it or not she will be JGW for the night.

            And where should CJ hide the knife i dont think that she has a pocket in her skirt

      • 8.1.5 capri

        LOL omg.. laughs*

      • 8.1.6 Whisper

        Thank you GF for your wonderful recap and fantastic wit! You just made my day!

      • 8.1.7 mem916

        love it did anyone notices that the chains he had on him just disappeared

        • Ivaa

          yeah….it broken first,
          then due to bad editing, suddenly it disappear…..
          anyway,thanks for the good actors, we became addicts…
          well, I’ve got my bias there…..
          I watch, loves and addict to GFB while still complaining all the way…..

    • 8.2 Whisper

      I’m beginning to wonder if their mom is somehow related to Seo Hwa…can you inherit stupidity??? Tae Soo keeps thinking and trying that he’s saving his sister from the evil man ~ making deals with the devil ~ but only ended up on a situation 1000x worse! Kang Chi always does the heroic/saving action even back in the 100 years Inn and Tae Soo has the guts to betray him?! I would love to blame it on the spell and really I’m hoping it’s the spell that made him dumb as he can be. Now that the spell is gone let’s see what you are capable of. Make your daddy proud Tae Soo-ya!!!

      • 8.2.1 MysteryGirl2013

        Actually i also think that seo hwa and lady yoon(CJ and TS mom) because they have the same surname their names:
        YOON Seo Hwa
        Lady YOON

        KC and TS,CJ may be related (maybe second cousins because seo hwa doesnt have a sister)
        I hope that I will know the answer soon

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    Thank you for the recap!

    • 9.1 crazyajummafan

      I thought I’ll never say this, but KC looks so pretty as the beastly gumiho. So much so that when he turned back to being normal, I thought he looked plain!

      • 9.1.1 lazykitten

        I agree with you on that one. I love the look he gave Yeo Wool in his gumiho form when she took his hand for the first time. The enchanting green eyes added a whole lot to the effect.

      • 9.1.2 Shapi

        That’s exactly what I thought too. LSK should consider wearing green contacts. ha!

      • 9.1.3 Kitzeekat

        Ditto… Beast KC so HOT :-)

      • 9.1.4 jubilantia

        Right? Who doesn’t want to literally tame a wild beast? And we were so worried from the posters. Silly us; we underestimated the power of Lee Seung-gi. And his make-up artists, I guess.

        This is also why I don’t want him to turn fully human; he should be able to turn the beast on and off, power of love and all that jazz. Much better conclusion. And ultimately better for Yeo-wool, if ya knowwhatahmean 😉

        • nomad

          Won’t that be an AWESOME twist? Find the GFB, and then..by CHOICE, destroy it anyway. Cause by that time, KC won’t need it anymore. By his side, are these people who will love him no matter what he is. The End.

      • 9.1.5 lemondoodle

        He did look insanely pretty like that. I question everyone’s eyesight and sanity when they are repulsed by him to be honest. YW is the only one with any sense.

        • crazyajummafan

          “Insanely pretty” lemondoodle? Good one.
          But I did notice that the make up artist made him look more attractive this time. The first time, he had whitish hair and looked kinda old. Now it has a totally dfferent feel. And he definitely looked younger and better than WR’s transformation. Personally, I thought that WR’s transformation was really scary and ‘older’. Hmmm… maybe it’s because he’s more than a 1000 yrs old? So it shows when you transform into a gumiho?

          • Ivoire

            Crazyajummafan, this, “maybe it’s because he’s more than a 1000 yrs old? So it shows when you transform into a gumiho?” is a really good question. I wish someone from the drama could tell us (someone like the writer, or someone close to her, or his make-up artist).
            I personally liked WR’s transformation better, both times. (And please don’t shoot me, it is just my opinion).

          • lemondoodle

            WR is more scary and furry looking. Yes, probably because he is older and because he’s full gumiho. I like it because it works for him. I’ll have to take the beautiful Kangchi over him though!

            I think he only looked oldish in the poster shoot. The makeup artist is doing a great job though.

          • PM

            I prefer his first transformation tho. His hair was more teased and I liked the white highlights on him – Didn’t think the highlights made him looked older. Plus his neck was a lil too veiny for my liking now. Anyhow he’s still yummy!

          • fruitplus

            My interpretation:

            1000 year + Full Gumiho is an OLD gumiho, therefore he has white hair and more scary.

            20 year + Half Gumiho is a Baby gumiho, therefore he has black hair and cuter (sexy).

            Those smokey eyes, wow…LSG really look much better in those green contacts and smokey eyes. Hehe.

          • fruitplus


            LSG looks much hotter/sexier in those smokey eyes and green contacts. His eyes were so BIG with those makeup.

      • 9.1.6 PM

        He’s rockin’ that eye liner and smokey eye makeup I tell you. Yums!

      • 9.1.7 geese

        gumiho KC too pretty to be a guy fox and too beautiful to be a girl fox the eyes does its magical winx…i wanna meet one gumiho like him…la la la la…i’m in wonderland…

      • 9.1.8 deedeenoona

        yah, he’s the cutest confused gumiho there is! :)

    • 9.2 Cynthia

      Every time I see his pointy gumi-nails, I just crack up laughing. It’s the Puppy sucking those snack Bugles off his fingers for his 1N2D mission….

      • 9.2.1 Ivaa

        I thought I’m the only one who remember that…
        ‘can I a little bit dirty ‘?……famous 1N2D lines….
        with pointy snacks finger…
        KC is such an adorable Gumiho…
        YW is sooo right….
        she took him home, and go against Dad…

        • crazyajummafan

          I remember that one! You know some things said and done in 1n2d seem to ‘happen’ to SG.
          1) When they went to Mt Baekdu and everyone wished that Korea would be united one day – SG acted in TK2H.
          2) The pointy snack ep you mentioned – and now he’s a gumiho.
          3) in one of the ep, when asked who best represents Korea (or something like that), SG wrote dowwn LSS. In another ep, he even mentioned that turtle ships. I think LSS is his hero.
          4) When they did the Olympic special, and were talking about what an honour it was, who would have thought that SG would be torch bearer 3-4 yrs down the line?

  10. 10 crazedlu

    gaaaaahh, i friggin’ hate jo gwanwooooong.

    everything else, not bad.

  11. 11 ell

    Chungjo being cross-eyed during that serious scene with Jo Gwan Woong was a lil distracting.

  12. 12 Arhazivory

    Haven’t watched yet but I have to say that the headlining pic is hawt.

    • 12.1 crazyajummafan

      Welcome back, Arhazivory!

    • 12.2 Osi

      Re:the headlining pic
      Couldn’t agree more… :)

  13. 13 MIKAN

    Yeo Wool is THE MAN! and OMG! Papa Gumiho is BACKKKKKK! asadadasjdhaksj!

    • 13.1 Lilly

      No surprise. Tae-seo was so emotacular with all that crying. He woke up just to do anything to get him to stop.

    • 13.2 MysteryGirl2013

      *THE WOMAN (joke!)

      And I was not not a fan of Wol-ryung and I think he’s gonna be evil and mess up with KC’s life so bad. But I think WR gonna spice the show to make it interesting

  14. 14 snow_white


  15. 15 Tartani

    TS’s hypnosis arc was bad, but like GF said, the acting in those scenes really make up for it. LSG and YYS were spectacular and I really did care for them that moment when they were fighting it out although that hypnosis was off putting. I really do wish they had came up with a much better way for TS to betray KC like, maybe CJ to threaten him earlier on? That hypnosis thing was a completely useless plot device. Oh well at least it’s over and the story atm is moving at a good pace.

    • 15.1 LizC

      Agreed. Thank goodness it’s over, and that it didn’t go on forever like the endless “heroine is poisoned, baddie has the antidote” plots in “Faith.”

  16. 16 hpn88

    head-desking repeatedly at all the logic fail going on in this show. Tae-seo’s curse/spell was ridiculous. Why couldn’t you have had him actually betray KC – he has the motive? Plus that makes for so much better story-telling.

    Sticking around until the end for YW/KC. She is shaping up to be one of my favorite female characters in k-drama. Please please please keep her awesome.

    and now can we have the adventures of KC/YW/Gon on a quest for the book?

    • 16.1 jubilantia

      Agreed on all points! Especially on that last one; I need Gon/KC bromance STAT.

      The writers seem strong in some points and really weak in others, so here’s hoping they keep the person who did Tae-seo’s storyline away from Yeo-wool.

      • 16.1.1 anicheung

        Here here!

        I’m loving the way that Yeo-wool is turning out so much that when she took Kang-chi’s hand to stand up for him, I actually shouted, “OMG, I love you! You are so cool!” Or something to that extent.

        I do like how the relationship between Kang-chi and Yeo-wool is playing out as well; it’s great that they get to start off as friends who take care of each other instead of just two “opposites attract and bicker for no reason” trope. And with their friendship, they STILL manage to find reasons to bicker with each other, but you know that when it matters the most, they’ll have each others’ backs. That’s an awesome relationship right there!

        And, as many have been requesting: I’m ready for my dose of bromance among out boys now. Sooner or later Gon is going to love Kang-chi and Kang-chi will quit trying to posture as much…

  17. 17 Ace

    “And then suddenly Teacher Gong plays exposition fairy, to say that Kang-chi’s sincere heart eventually broke Tae-seo’s spell. It did? My god, that spell was handled SO BADLY. I can’t even.”


    Plus Men of Honor! *snickers*

    And the fallen flower…man, I’va got to watch this episode just for the hilarious bits.

    But seriously, this writer’s villains are so evil but kinda boring. At least in MOH the villain was unintentionally funny (or maybe it was the actor).

    • 17.1 Ivoire

      Hi, about this, “But seriously, this writer’s villains are so evil but kinda boring. At least in MOH the villain was unintentionally funny (or maybe it was the actor),” I think with the villain in MOH being funny had to do with the actor who over acted quite a bit..
      Also, I agree with you, her villains (at least in this drama) are one dimensional. WR, the daddy gumiho might be different. He was good at the beginning, so we will see what he comes back as, though, if the prediction is correct, he should come back as a demon (since he didn’t manage to become human). That would be interesting.

      • 17.1.1 Gidget

        I think that they have layered in some dimension, but subtly. We were told that JGW was in love with SW but was prevented from pursuing her (and winning her heart) by a rigid class system. His own personal merits weren’t taken into consideration. He was obviously a man with talent and intellect.

        In an attempt to break through the class system he misapplied his strengths, violated moral codes, and became twisted. Now we see a man who’s both victorious and utterly defeated. He’s triumphed over the class system which once fettered him. But now he isn’t able to win or hold the heart of a woman because he’s come to view people coldly.

        He started life wanting to win the heart of the noblewoman he loved and marry her. He’s ended with saying ‘be mine and I’ll be yours’ to the woman he rapes. He views her as property. But notice that he views himself as property too. Thus he is now even more enslaved to the class system than he was at the start. Externally he is at the top of the system. Internally he feels he is still at the bottom.

        Like the DPJ character said, people can become victim of their circumstances if they don’t handle them wisely. I see the JGW character as horrible and morally corrupt. However, I also see him as tragic.

        So I don’t think the character is one dimensional at all. Thus far we’ve just been left to fill in some of the details via our own imagination. I hope the writer finds small ways to flesh him out a bit more in future episodes.

        • crazyajummafan

          Good analyses. I too felt the same way – that because of his age and perhaps class, SH’s father did not allow him to marry her. But being petty and small-minded, he sought revenge. One thing leads to another and soon we have maniacal and obnoxious rapist. But the writers need to give us more for people to buy in.

  18. 18 Ina

    Thank you so much for the recap!! I have a strange feeling evil lady minion is somehow related to Yeo-wool. I don’t know why but her back story has been kept hidden pretty well to this point. Why is she a badass fighter….why does she need a shadow in Gon? What happened to her mother and who was she?

    ***grabs popcorn and waits for the next week***

    • 18.1 Misty

      I hope it’s something related to YW, I’ve been waiting like forever to know her more. Why is she so awesome yet so mysterious?

    • 18.2 absolute

      im also interested in a yeo wool connection…it would be more interesting than seo hwa coming back.

    • 18.3 jubilantia

      I am so excited! I was worried Mystery Lady was Seo-hwa, but it would be even more awesome if Yeo-wool were also half-monster. Although it might just be something relatively mundane like head gisaeng lady’s YW’s mother or something.

      • 18.3.1 tieuyeunu

        you know you can double up on the theory and say that the Mystery Lady is Seo-hwa who didn’t die and live with Master Dam as man and wife, gave birth to Yeo-Wool then ran off to prepare herself for the big revenge.

        so much more issues to resolve…and also means the love birds Yeo-Wool and Kang-Chi are unfortunately not to be…

        Gon would approve.

        • jubilantia

          … I really hope this is not that drama. That would be the most terrible bait-and-switch EVER.

  19. 19 Kitzeekat

    Thank you gf :-)

  20. 20 Brenda

    Thanks for the recaps!!

    The moment Tae Soo and Chung Jo turned away from Kang Chi was when I thought, “Wow, you siblings just discarded the one person who could’ve saved you!” and then of course Jo Gwan-woong played them like fools.

    Your comment about Chung Jo was exactly what I was thinking when I was watching this episode.
    In the end, I hope she’s the one that plunges a sword into Jo Gwan-woong and twists it for good measure. The number of ways to torture him to death will never be enough to undo all the pain he’s caused on innocent people just because he could.

    • 20.1 absolute

      i hope she castrates him first….

      • 20.1.1 Kitzeekat

        Agree :-)

    • 20.2 LizC

      I’m sort of relieved that they’ve moved Chung-jo’s storyline ahead, and that there won’t be as much of Jo Gwan-woong threatening her. Now it’s about how she deals with surviving. I’d like to think that she gets a “happy” ending in the story, but I fear that the show is going to cop out and give the “damaged” woman a tragic or sacrificial death.

      • 20.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        I wish i could believe he’ll set her aside now that he’s had his will of her. I’m thinking he’s gonna be more at her side even more. Perhaps not threateningly but you know…the villainous suitor who thinks he has truly suffocated her heart into loving him.

      • 20.2.2 pogo

        I fear that the show is going to cop out and give the “damaged” woman a tragic or sacrificial death.

        If they do that, DaddyHo’s gumiho-ed out anger will have nothing on mine. NOTHING.

    • 20.3 KDaddict

      I’m just relieved that they Finally got the “de-flowering” bit out of the way. Don’t mean to be insensitive to her plight, but it was inevitable, and having that threat hanging over her head forever was getting really tiresome.
      TS’s spell was finally removed. The actor has been doing a good job at looking zombie-like. But it doesn’t gain the char any pts. Neither does his pathetic sobbing in front of YW’s dad. I hope the writer gives him sth else to do fr here on out, besides being a lure to trap KC for Evil Lord.
      This sibling pair is the weakest pt in this story-telling exercise.

      • 20.3.1 Lilly

        Maybe the Gumiho will eat them and we can all cheer.

    • 20.4 jubilantia

      Oh man, I’ve been praying for that day since… well, ever, with Jo Gwan-woong.

  21. 21 Dream

    “And then suddenly Teacher Gong plays exposition fairy, to say that Kang-chi’s sincere heart eventually broke Tae-seo’s spell. It did? My god, that spell was handled SO BADLY. I can’t even.”
    GF, you are just so brilliant!!

  22. 22 Roggy

    Best episode yet!! Finally some movement in their romance!
    CJ’s reaction was predictable, but I didn’t think she sleep with her father’s murderer!! Only watched the raw, I hope there’s more to her story than what I think! I really digged her character.

    • 22.1 absolute

      ummm i believed she was raped. it was not willing at all.

    • 22.2 Roggy

      Thank god. Not thank god she was raped. But thank god it wasn’t willingly. Sorry, read the recap after.

  23. 23 Anvesha

    One, loved the scene where Yeo Wol defended him! Aw, sweet!

    Second, TS should kill himself. And I’m saying this logically. He is incapable of saving his sister, instead, ends up being the bait.. And will probably end destroying whatever plan the good guys were doing. (Hopefully, he wouldn’t be that dumb anymore)

    • 23.1 KenyanKorean

      YES! YES! AND YES!Oh I can’t stand him, the spell or his pity party!!!I don’t care that KC forgave him, I just want him to fall off the earth and die!Urrghh…such an annoying inadequate character.

      • 23.1.1 capri


    • 23.2 lemondoodle

      He should or man up finally. It’s ridiculous how weak he is. I still have trouble trying to figure out how he’s going to end up being KC’s love rival for YW unless YW just likes pitiful creatures.

      • 23.2.1 jubilantia

        I know, I don’t really see how he is the love rival; Gon is way better. If they attempt to weave him in based on his tiny 3 second encounter with Yeo-wool early on, especially after Kang-chi and Yeo-wool are so clearly meant to be, I’m gonna be pissed.

    • 23.3 KDaddict

      Thank you for saying what I wanted to say. Sb should put him out of his misery! He is a liability to the good guys, and to this drama!

  24. 24 cheliwel

    yeo wool is just awesome! Can we get a little bit back story on character though? I’m still curious why she decided to lose the hanbok and started dressing like a guy. What happened to her mom?

    • 24.1 lazykitten

      I’m curious about that as well. I don’t know why, but I get the feeling that her mom, or her backstory altogether, is pretty essential to the main plot. Or maybe that’s just my imagination going on overdrive? Hahaha!!

      • 24.1.1 Rainey

        Looks like lots of people want to know more about YW’s backstory, count me in as one of them :) I feel like maybe the writer’s delaying her backstory for a reason, maybe it’s somehow connected to the later episodes so revealing it earlier may not be so good? I dunno, but I’m really hoping that the writer has something planned, helps to flesh out the characters in the story (especially those at the school) Maybe we’ll learn more since KC’s back at the school and beginning his training sorta, counting beans lol (probably a trainnig in patience/concentration :P)

    • 24.2 LizC

      I hadn’t thought about this, but now I’m going to obsess that the veiled, evil lady is Yeo Wool’s mom, so that we have double the parent issues.

      • 24.2.1 lazykitten

        Hahaha! Parent issues…who doesn’t have those? XD Still, pretty excited on how the writers are going to go with Yeo Wool’s back story. Hope it’s something exciting and totally mind-boggling. :)

      • 24.2.2 Lilly

        If she is a Gumiho also it doubles the chances that one will eat Tae-seo.

    • 24.3 anicheung

      I never really thought about a back story for Yeo-wool… goes to show how little creativity I have… But now that so many people are mentioning it, I DO hope we get something weaved in for Yeo-wool so she’s not “just the love interest who tames the beast”.

      Except, the last time I got excited about a supposed kickass main female lead who had a possibly interesting back story (Warrior Baek Dong Su’s Hwang Jin Ju’s back story was handled terribly) well, I was sorely disappointed. So let’s see some interesting twists happen in here shall we?

  25. 25 KDrama Fan

    Thanks for the recap GF.

    YW is awesome.

    LSG looks are finally getting to me in that I’m realizing how much he looks like a teenage boy again. Must have been hell of a diet. Go LSG!

  26. 26 Elle

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    • 26.1 absolute

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      • 26.1.1 lazykitten

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        • reglest

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          • crazyajummafan

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            Lol same here I was busy refreshing while watching Olly Murs concert hahaha

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          • Bojana

            Me eight :D.

  27. 27 crazyajummafan

    I love this episode. It was so gripping and poignant.

    It’s significant that KC didn’t kill all his pursuers, this time. Initially, the beast in me asked, “Why didn’t you, KC? Then there won’t be any witnesses, except for the Park siblings.” But the human in me was glad that he managed to control his anger and beastly urge. Ironic isn’t it that it was GW who ordered them dead?

    So who is the beast and who is the human?

    • 27.1 lazykitten

      “So who is the beast and who is the human?”

      LOVE that!!! It really shows that just because you’re labeled as a “human”, doesn’t mean you are immediately one. Because that’s just it, a label.

      And them calling Kang Chi a beast is pretty ironic to say the least. I mean, isn’t Tae Seo just a second away from killing a person he has considered his BROTHER for the last 20 years??

  28. 28 lazykitten

    Gah!! I can’t stop squealing on the part where Yeo Wool defends Kang Chi from her father. <3 Keep being cool Yeo Wool!!

    Do I sound like a maniac if I say I just want to stab Lord Jo repeatedly in the eye with my ballpen? Anyway, thanks for the recap!! 😀

    • 28.1 crazyajummafan

      Stabbing him the eye would be too good for him. There are other places I would love to stab, or cut, depending on the weapon/tool I have with me.

      • 28.1.1 lazykitten

        Now that I think about it, you’re right. It is too merciful of him to be stabbed just in the eye. How about putting him in the box of nails? Oh, sorry, wrong drama. Hahaha!!

      • 28.1.2 jubilantia

        Ooooh, I wouldn’t need tools. Not for that worm.

      • 28.1.3 Amanda

        I think it would be poetic it Chung Jo stabbed him with one of those hair pins he gave her in episode 11.

    • 28.2 Whisper

      You’re right! For the first time it’s so refreshing to see a female lead that is smart, strong, knows what she wants and still feminine! I’ll be cheering for you Yeo Wool-a! Keep smacking Kang Chi’s head if he keeps on doing stupid decisions! 😀

      • 28.2.1 Ivoire

        Hello Whisper,

        I loved what you had to say, and I can imagine Suzy having fun hitting her sunbae and oppa’s head. It IS LSG, after all :-) (after she recovered from her nervousness at having to hit him :-) )

  29. 29 Fruitplus

    Thanks GF. I love the hand/paw holding scene the best, too.

    I would forgive TS if he becomes a double agent and suffer some injury while doing that. Hehe.

    • 29.1 skelly

      Problem is, he doesn’t have the brains to be a double agent. He’s been Lord Jo’s pawn since his father died. The only redemption possible for his character is to die nobly, sortof like Snape.

  30. 30 Tyme

    I hope that’s not Seo Hwa, but it seems fishy as to why they’d hide her face otherwise. >.<

    I thought we saw her die. Had to go back to check, and I guess not really. We see her presumably get stabbed through her torso with the sword, but she doesn't every explicitly die.


    On a more interesting note, those Japanese tradesmen seem to have been there when she "died". I guess that has something to do with what looks like her reappearance?

    • 30.1 capri

      oh yeah SH ..nvr thought of her coming back cuz her story and daddy gumiho is ended and journey finding Gu Family book continue with their lovely son KC ! ..lol

      • 30.1.1 verte

        well not actually- like a non-spoiler?

        Pretty sure Seo Hwa isn’t coming back because her appearance was labelled as a guest appearance, but Wol Ryung’s was labelled as an actual character character, who actually comes out a lot 😀


    • 30.2 unknownX2

      Thanks for the link, Tyme. It was the scene where Seo Hwa was supposedly slashed in front of Lord Jo and the same group of Japanese guys. I am sure it was significant that they closed up on the face of that one Japanese guy as well as the wooden stave that Seo Hwa was holding.

      Looked like Seo Hwa is alive too. Papa Gumiho would not have turned into a thousand year demon if he had pierced Seo Hwa’s heart with the stave. They did not mentioned a time frame that he had to do that so maybe if the stave is used now, the effect would still be the same. :-)

  31. 31 anakbear

    thank you ^_^

  32. 32 reglest

    I love this drama, really…
    But the way it handle some major issues makes me cringing… And I see at you spell bonding, yes you.

  33. 33 saranga

    actually, i didn’t think they’d go there with chung-jo. so, so disturbing, and unexpected. due to technical reasons, i haven’t yet been able to actually watch today’s episode, but god, someone needs to kill jo gwan-woong. please someone JUST DO IT.

    • 33.1 lazykitten

      Me!! Me!! I volunteer!!

    • 33.2 MIKAN

      I would like to volunteer but my hands are too precious 😀

    • 33.3 Nanaki

      Not kill. Put on a spit over a slow fire. In the square of the capital city. Naked. After taking every single one of his possessions, returning them to the rightful owners or in the likely even that they’re dead, someone competent and nice. And getting them to spit in his eye.

      • 33.3.1 KenyanKorean

        Hahahaha!Love your comment!I need a like button :)

        • LeeLei

          I agree with you, KenyanKorean. I’ve been itching to hit a like button in some hilarious comments.

          Thanks GF & JB for the recap, it’s my sustenance. :*

    • 33.4 crazyajummafan

      I remember back in TK2H’s days, we had a “Ways to get rid of Bong Gu” segment.
      Maybe we should start one with GW.
      So far, we have:
      1) Stab him in the eye
      2) Cut off his b****
      3) Spit roast him while spitting at him

      Please feel free to add in.

      • 33.4.1 lazykitten

        Oh God. Bong Gu. I remember the time when Jae Ha’s head guard was killed (Can’t remember his name). All I wanted to do at was go inside my computer screen and kill Bong Gu myself.

        Oh! Oh! I have one.

        4.) Cut his body into a hundred pieces and feed them to lions in a local zoo.

        Hope that’s not too vivid. 😀

        • Kitzeekat

          Eun Shi Kyung aka Earnest Bot :-)

          • lazykitten

            Oh yeah! Now, I remember. Eun Shi-Kyung. *sobs* His and the princess’s love story is probably the most heart-breaking one I’ve ever watched. I miss our Resident Robot!!

            Although, I must admit. I thought Gon was going to be the new Resident Robot. Up until that time he nearly ripped Kang Chi’s head for getting so close with his Lady Yeo Wool. Hahaha!! Good times.

        • Saturtledaisy

          You just ripped open a wound that was almost healed ; ;.

        • verte

          Very very slowly dip him into a pool of various snakes/spiders/crocodiles/piranhas/scorpions/rats or all of the above

      • 33.4.2 Roggy

        5) Tying him naked onto the Shame Tree while passer Byers are allowed to throw knifes and other sharp items for let’s say a week?? As he starves to death?

        • crazyajummafan

          I like your idea!

        • ma

          Good idea but death is too good for him. I prefer he’s there for the rest of his life so i don’t want them to starve him. wishing they had IV infusion at that time. maybe they can give him brine and food leftovers.

      • 33.4.3 Whisper

        Ahhh the good ol’ TK2H days!!! Hmmmm how to torture GW…let me ask Bong Gu’s assistant, isn’t that her expertise? hehehe

        • crazyajummafan

          Sorry, you can’t. She died! Remember?

          • Whisper

            Let’s do some wacky voodoo and send Arang to the other world and be our messenger, she was once a Gumiho so she’ll be able to understand that we’re just trying to help out our super hot Kang Chi-gumiho….hehehe…I apologize since I’m going crazy right now waiting for Monday night to come 😀

  34. 34 Rainerust

    Ugh that spell. Just seriously pisses me off. And also the Park siblings – they’re worse than a thousand pity parties that KC could have put up. Seriously, I wish they could stop trying to save each other – just GET ON WITH YOUR LIVES people! …although Exposition Fairy Teacher Gong was kinda hilarious.

    I’m still only watching this for KC and YW – they’re so freaking awesome, they’re making up for all the bad, but I’m SO GLAD we’re moving on to new bads, because the JGW’s evil was just getting to the point of absolute ridiculousness. Seriously, could people just stop listening to this guy? Maybe someone could kill him. It’d be worth a suicide mission, because then you’d realise how stupid it was to have kept listening to him in the first place!

    I also have this sneaky feeling that Japanese woman in the sedan is SH – cos remember how in the first two episodes, the Japanese official kept looking at her in pity? So it’s entirely possible he saved her (after the slash) and kept her alive, and then yunno, fell in love with her and married her…and her return was the key to triggering WR’s revival…or summat like that. It’d be fun to see the parents back together though – I’d like to think that SH’s return means that she’s here to screw up JGW’s plans (I mean, SOMEONE has to do the job right?? JGW’s grapevine is too damn good and his minions always seem to win over the good guys ugh).

    Hoping for more sweet YW and KC moments please, and less of the Park siblings! And thanks for the brilliant recap GF!

    • 34.1 saranga

      the veiled woman, i think, is not seo-hwa… that is, not seo-hwa in the form of lee yeon-hee. i don’t want to reveal the name of the actress whom i’m pretty sure is the veiled lady, but unless she’s playing an older version of seo-hwa…

      • 34.1.1 Lea

        You mean Yoon Se Ah? I loved her and Julien in WGM so I was wondering when she was gonna appear, the woman in the sedan might be her since she has the same face shape, but who she is in the drama, no idea. Excited though!!!

  35. 35 Raine

    From the beginning I wanted him to stay gumiho and protect the mountain! Or whatever he’s gonna do. That and…I hope Chung-jo sees him a little later cause that was absolutely brutal. I loved the hand hold, too.


  36. 36 bambledd

    But how can the veiled lady be Seo-hwa? She was slain in full daylight. Hmm.

    I can’t believe they (writers) let that creep rape Chung-jo. We saw enough of his evil character that they didn’t need to really put us in more disgust than we already were. I just feel like it wasn’t needed. It’s like they sliced a part of our (viewers) hearts – and like I said, I don’t think it was necessary.

    • 36.1 KDaddict

      Sb slash her across the front of her body. The Japanese guy stared at her with much concern and interest. If that cut is not deep, and if that sb helped her after that scene, she could have been saved.
      See the youtube link that Tyme gave in #30.

      Yes, a diff actress is playing that mystery lady, definitely not Lee Yeon Hee. Seo Hwa was like 16-17. This is 20 years later, so it’s an older woman that we see.

      • 36.1.1 metrogeekythinker

        I fully agree with your theory, I pretty sure the Japanese guy fell in love with her first sight and saved her.

  37. 37 Nanaki

    Whatever ends up happening to Jo Gwan-woong, it’s not going to be nasty enough.

    • 37.1 jubilantia

      Right? Unless Chung-jo gets to do it, really slowly and painfully, I will not be satisfied. Possibly while all the servants watch. Maybe also while Kang-chi and Tae-seo hold him down. Guuuuuh he makes me heave.

    • 37.2 Lilly

      He is made lifetime caretaker of Tae-seo.

  38. 38 mooses

    I only watch this show for Lee Yoobi and the comments that I saw about CJ’s rape on viki are so disgusting… :/ I expected it since it’s common for these viewers to only be able to see things in black and white but.. -_-

    • 38.1 lallallajules

      I saw some too. They are really upsetting and totally victim-blaming—basically, perpetuating rape culture.

    • 38.2 jubilantia

      Oh heavens, for your own sake, turn that shit off. Who are these terrible people?

  39. 39 dani305

    So glad that I didn’t give up on this show. It’s paying off greatly!

  40. 40 justjen

    As horrible as Chung Jo’s rape was, I’m also glad they got it out of the way, and now Chung Jo’s narrative can be something other than damsel in distress. I hope that she’s given some growth and finds her own path, I’d find that much more interesting to watch than her becoming a pawn for more needlessly tragic events..

    I’ve been mostly impressed with her character, but I don’t know if I trust the writers enough to follow through with that promise! Does anyone feel that trepidation?

    Meanwhile, Kangchi and Yeowool are too cute together.

    • 40.1 Nanaki

      You’re not alone in your worry. I remain cautiously optimistic–she’s shown that she can and will fight back, as well as being stubborn as all get-out, so I hope that now that she’s accepted her new world she can find her feet and take the fight to other people for a change. Also bolstering my optimism is Soo-ryung, who I think is a realistic character–she’s tough, but she’s a good person with some lessons worth learning. She seems to be positioned to stand as mentor/teacher to Chung-jo, which bodes well IMO.

    • 40.2 LizC

      Totally agree. I hope they have the guts to give her a non-tragic arc.

    • 40.3 jubilantia

      Yeah, I really hope Chung-jo has a better arc from here on out. The actress is doing a bang-up job; it’s just the writers who have ever-so-slightly dropped the ball with her. I don’t know if they deserve it, but I would like the Park siblings to be redeemed so they can be a family again, especially after the make-up this episode.

      • 40.3.1 skelly

        I agree about Chung-Jo, but I am afraid that TS may be beyond redemption. But I do hope these two get a better story arc, because their acting is really good, I want to see lots of character growth because I think they can pull it off. And I really like the dynamics between CJ and Soo-ryung, I could watch a lot more of their interaction.

  41. 41 k-soup

    eeewww! Lord Evil is plain disgusting! he is loathsome! Chung Jo is old enough to be his granddaughter!Unlike Seo Hwa, Chung Joo’s character is very weak (talking about Structuralism, she embodies a worn out save-me-my prince-character! That is why I’ve never liked her. But, she deserves my pity.

    On the other hand, I like Kang Chi and Tae Seo’s relationship if not for the unfortunate event that happened in 100 days inn. It is one of the feel good moments of the drama..

    Thanks for the recap! :)

    • 41.1 crazyajummafan

      CJ’s character weak? Unlike SH? CJ is far stronger in character than SH, whose only solution to every problem was to kill herself.
      CJ, is far more steely.

      • 41.1.1 Fidelity

        Indeed. She began paving her own path of survival after a traumatic event rather than say, going on a suicide mission and it would be fitting for her to seek revenge against Gwan-Woong with her own wit and strength. Then we would actually have two independent female characters defying the inherently sexist norms of Joseon and not becoming pawns of men… all the while undertaking vastly different paths to do so. That is always refreshing in sageuks.

      • 41.1.2 Gidget

        I wouldn’t be surprised if CJ views her ‘deflowering’ as something she allowed; solely to save her brother. They’ve established her character as willing to do anything for the well being of her family.

        Her stubborn streak suggests she’d be unwilling to see herself as a victim.

    • 41.2 Shapi

      Sorry to say this, but isn’t that the consequence of her own action? Chun jo chooses to run away from the that bring her to safety and runs right back to the man whom she knows to have wanted to rape her all along!

      • 41.2.1 jubilantia

        Um, no.

        1) She was captured.

        2)Chung-jo’s refusal to accept Kang-chi has nothing whatsoever to do with Jerkface’s decision to rape her (it is his fault, and no one else’s).

        3) Nothing anyone does deserves rape. EVER.

        • Saturtledaisy

          ^this. Chung-jo ran away from Kang-Chi because she thought he was a monster who had killed her brother. So, being scared, she just ran. When she saw JKW she tried to walk/run away again, but she was surrounded and then captured. And even when captured she wouldn’t reveal Kang-Chi’s location.

          This proves both that NONE OF THIS is her fault, and that she’s made of far stronger material than Seo-Hwa, who DID run right back to her captors and even revealed Papa Gumiho’s hideout.

          • jubilantia

            To be fair, I fully believe Chung-jo would have sung like a canary if she hadn’t been lost to save her brother at that point. Point Number 3 still stands, though.

          • veryrustybell

            I believe chung jo doesn’t know how to go back to the cave unlike seohwa who knows the area very well. She would have reveal Kang chi’s location if she knew how to go back.

          • Saturtledaisy

            Maybe. I guess it’s hard to find your way back in a forest when you’re just running. Even then I can still understand her reaction. And it’s true that it still doesn’t mean getting raped is her fault. I mean, there’s never anyone to blame but that evil rapist really.

      • 41.2.2 Natalie

        people like you make me lose faith in humanity

    • 41.3 lemondoodle

      Whaat? The only person weaker than Seo Hwa is Tae Seo. CJ is made of a lot stronger stuff than both of them. SH did nothing to help herself the whole time she was around.

    • 41.4 Natalie

      lol at ~structuralism~

    • 41.5 pogo

      Did you mix their names up, because Chung-jo is FAR stronger than Seo-hwa ever was.

  42. 42 Mary


    Chun-jo got raped…….oh god that was really bad….i never thought something like that would happen…..i mean it was as if they were just gonna play with the whole thing but this……..gah….i hate the guy…..
    tae so’s spell being broken by Kang-Chi’s sincerity is just hilarious ……
    After the last few episode i have started to hate Chun-jo right after they showed her throwing that powder YW gave her i started to feel that Chun-jo is not an angel….
    It is though a good thing…..with KC and her love scoring well for the first episodes we needed something to root for YW AND KC….
    cant wait for the next episode….
    the lady being related to YW is better that her bieng Seohwa……that way we can get to know more about YW………………

    • 42.1 skelly

      They had to give CJ the baddie edit, to show that she is not “worthy” to be KC’s partner. But I like her more, for not being a perfect saint.
      To be totally cynical, now that she has been raped they don’t need to give her the baddie edit – she can go back to being totally awesome because she has been defiled and the only life for her now is at the gibang. She knows it, and we know it, and the writer can now leave her alone, having done all that needs to be done to make sure CJ is no rival for YW.

  43. 43 fee

    Thanks for the recap gf!
    This ep was pretty good…
    YW holding KC’s hand…Loved it!!

  44. 44 sanchi

    AWESOME EPISODE. i agree with the mind control stuff…really messed up but i liked their make up moment…im so relieved. I hope that moment is the prelude to a very strong brotherly relationship not broken by some silly sham-like stupid tricks. and OMG WOL RYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNG I WAS WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT. I KNOW ITS MOST LIKELY THE CASE THAT HES NOT SO CUTE A PUPPY ANYMORE LIKE IN THE BEGINNING BUT OMG IM STILL SO HAPPY THAT THE STORY IS MOVING FORWARD WITH ALL THE NEW CHARACTERS. W00T! YAY. why do we have to wait a whole week??? D: gosh. oh omg i was so dreading the rape ugh i was hoping it wouldnt actually happen but ugh watching that part was soooooo friggin hard. i hope she gets to torture him before he dies. He is from Hell. Hes satans brother. No. he satans father. Ugh that bastardly motherf*ckr. UGHHHHHHHHHHH.
    Choi kang chi, youre awesome X) (i swear im a sane mature adult, but this show is…like…drugs. literally. I get all high after watching it.)
    oh yeah, i wonder if its seo hwa…i bet you 95% it is and wow…i wonder whats gonna happen if it is. Both of his parents alive? and not necessarily nice people… Hopefully they have something of their former selves left in them.

    • 44.1 Amanda

      I wonder what happened to that stick/knife think the monk made for WR. Anyone have anything to share on that?

      • 44.1.1 crazyajummafan

        I was wondering about that too! SH dropped it after she was slashed by GW’s guard.

  45. 45 sanchi

    I mean its called Gu FAMILY book…i guess the whole family shows up now. lol FAMILY REUNION MAYBE?

    • 45.1 Kitzeekat

      Hah good one :-)

    • 45.2 crazyajummafan

      Oh no! Just realised that KC may have to change his name to Gu Kang Chi!
      That’s an interesting thought.
      Gu Kang Chi – gumiho
      Choi KC – human

      • 45.2.1 Jade Butterfly

        Cute Cute ! My fren.

  46. 46 maxlor

    all the things that happen are so predictable lol. i wonder if the writers read this thread at all

    • 46.1 Gufanatic

      Agreed. The plot is rather predictable but why am I hooked to the drama? Guess son Gumiho & YW have captured my heart so much that I can’t wait for the next episode.

      • 46.1.1 capri

        aigoo.. you guys.. .laughs* predictable ? ..long way home..haha i guess that woman is another gumiho character could be bad one ..lol.. maybe the one who dont want to be human but wants to be powerful can control other gumiho, immortality and living among human without hiding.. in order to rise 1000yrs demons, must be female gumiho, she must eat pure heart of gumiho who hv pure love with human and that human love him too according to gumiho legend and myths… but not sure how GFB writer will bring up cuz so far empty plot about gumiho creatures.i still wonder how KC knw his blood can cure human cuz he no nothing about his beastly part ..hahaha monk didnt tell him that just saying if he wanted to become human he must find GFB aishh!! this writer .. really.. lol but keep watching duh.. KC and monk and that old man get me stuck in here..lol i just skip about TS and CJ lame scene my interest more to KC finding GFB.. not a lame betrayed friendships or triangle love ..anyway this is supernatural fiction drama 😀

        • crazyajummafan

          KC saw how his blood cured YW’s wounds, but he wasn’t too sure if it’ll work on the crook. He tried anyway, and it did!

  47. 47 PatBingSu


    But fina-freaking-lly that stupid spell on Tae Seo is over. It was just a waste of time, seriously…
    Chung Jo is just Chung Jo. Nothing to say about her.

  48. 48 Claudine

    Despite the flaws, I’m still IN LOVE with this show. I cried so much especially during the Lee Soon Shin/Kang-chi and Kang-chi/Tae-soo scenes. They’re doing a great job considering I was watching this RAW.

    • 48.1 Tartani

      Same. For some reason, I’m totally addicted to this show and I find myself checking for news on this drama every day.

      • 48.1.1 Kitzeekat

        You’re not the only one :-) I’m constantly checking everything about this drama. It’s totally addicting like K2H.

        • Mary


    • 48.2 jubilantia

      I know! I love it, warts and all. I think it’s mostly directing and actor charisma at this point, because the writing… leaves many things to be desired. Either they have different writers on different characters, or the writer is reeeally good at some things, and terrible at others.

  49. 49 Criss

    I feel like the veiled lady will have more of a role that is comming from Korea’s history, like Lee Soon-Shin

    • 49.1 Criss

      Mainly because we saw Seo Hwa die, and it seems to make sense due to the show’s predictablility

  50. 50 dobabado

    UGH terrible rape scene. Terrible! I hope Chung-Jo can kick everybody’s ass after this with grace, beauty and hella sass.

    Kang Chi and Yeo-Wool are forever my faves and the scene where Yeo-Wool was doing damage control with daddy was so cute and relatable heh.

    Wol-Ryung is back yay (even though he’s a demon and all…)!!

    Lady in the sedan chair…I’m thinking it’s Mama Dam (or is it Mama Daaaaamn) posing as a spy or it’s Seo-Hwa which would totally be weird.

    Although if it is Seo-Hwa, maybe her and Wol-Ryung can reconcile and she may be the key to revert Wol-Ryung back to a good guy? Hmmm…

  51. 51 tya

    i was watch.. ouh… kang chi..!!! hwaiting.

  52. 52 concordia

    Wow….just wow…If anyone has a problem with rape culture please do not turn the Viki comments during this episode. The amount of disgusting victim-blaming and “SHE DESERVED IT COMMENTS!#%@#!!!!!!” will absolutely disgust you.

    I honestly feel that Viki’s comments need to be more regulated.

    • 52.1 lallallajules

      The comments were so bad and totally perpetuating rape culture. I hope viki regulates better in the future as well.

    • 52.2 jubilantia

      Ugh, you mean the timed ones? Holy shit. I can never watch those anyway. I mean, live youtube comments! Who thought that was a good plan?

      But yeah- the most important part of that is definitely “Now, children, just because she doesn’t accept Kang-chi as human doesn’t mean she, or anyone, deserves to be raped, ever, what is wrong with you holy shit.”

    • 52.3 lemondoodle

      You used to be able to flag them, not that it helped.

    • 52.4 dbfan

      Glad I’m not the only who noticed! At first, I was thrilled to see the live comments are up an running, but then it got really nasty towards the end I had to turn it off. NO ONE ever deserves rape. No one!

      • 52.4.1 dbfan

        *to be raped

    • 52.5 anna

      Sigh, I was happy when the new Viki didn’t have those timed comments anymore but for some reason they brought it back. Seriously it makes me sad. Usually those comments seem OK, but this one made me wanna smash things.

      • 52.5.1 crazyajummafan

        Actually, I find most of the live comments very infantile and often abusive. Not to mention distracting. That’s why I turned it off.

    • 52.6 skelly

      Sometime viki comments are funny, sometimes they are obnoxious and intrusive, sometimes they are vulgar. But the ‘blaming the victim’ commentary doesn’t surprise me in the least, not after all of the she-asked-for-it and conspiracy-theory talk that went on about the Park Shi Hoo case. I can’t tell you how many times I read that the girl asked for it because she went out to a bar with two men late at night. This is just the same…she ran away, so she asked for it. Sigh.

    • 52.7 dobabado

      Fuck Viki live comments, I always turn that shit off.

    • 52.8 Saturtledaisy

      At times like this I’m happy Viki doesn’t work for me. I’d get so angry while watching and it might even ruin the watching experience.

    • 52.9 pogo

      forget viiki, there are comments RIGHT HERE blaming CJ for her rape. I give up.

  53. 53 Mandy

    So much love for YW! She is seriously the most suited and right person for Kang chi and I hope in the midst of all the new characters, they develop the love story between these two. They’re my favorite part of the show.

    When YW stood her ground and held his beastly hand, KC’s reaction was precious. I though LSG was so so so brilliant in this whole episode with all the emotional scenes. His face when he realized he’d always have YW by his side – *dies*. I love love love them together, because they are strong individually and together, they make up for what the other lacks.

    Chung Jo – poor poor girl! I swear I would kill that bastard if he was real. But even if the noble idioticy is getting ridiculous, I understand both their plights. I’d do the same for my brother and I’m sure every sister would too. We always want to protect the ones we love and sometimes, rational thinking goes out of the window because the need to protect someone just overshadows it.

    It’s one of the best episodes yet, I feel. I think the ratings spoke for itself and next week couldn’t come any slower!! Thank you for the awesome recap GF! :)

    • 53.1 crazyajummafan

      I love how YW stood up for KC and her love for him. That’s the difference between YW and CJ. CJ didn’t want to defy her father and chose to go along with the marriage.

      And that was what stole KC’s heart! I just cried and cried at that scene. The look that KC (Seunggi) gave was soooo potent and charged with emotiion! Finally, here’s someone who will accept him for who he is, claws and all!

  54. 54 Sajen

    I like this show, the writer isn’t nearly good enough to properly express the intriguing ideas but I still like the show. Thanks in no small part to Yeo-wool who is so awesome as much as I like her now with Suzy playing her I’d probably like her even more with a more capable actress but I’ll never know.

    • 54.1 skelly

      I agree. I think that Yeo Wool is a fabulous part, I just wish someone better were playing her. She could be so much deeper, and stronger, and more epic – but she won’t be, she’ll just be a good person who does the right things at the right time. That’s OK, I’ll just focus on some of the other story arcs, and pay attention to LSG whose doing a fine job.
      And yes, I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll keep on agreeing with people who mention it because it is still true.

  55. 55 lallallajules

    The way the rape in this episode was handled was pretty infuriating (the flower falling—wow) and just the role it has played in this drama in general. Ugh when such grave injustices like rape and the like occur in dramas, I rarely can stomach them and often just stop watching the drama (basically, why I have watched so few melodramas). Ultimately, I just wish it did not play such a large part in the drama because it makes me so crazy angry. I am glad she is able to gather strength and not let it be the end of her life but that in no way lessens my anger. The whole thing is so disgusting and really distracts from the rest of the drama for me :( I feel like as I watch all the characters, all I can think about is what about Chung jo? When are you going to save her?

    • 55.1 jubilantia

      God, me too. I was really hoping they wouldn’t go there. I feel like it’s kind of lazy of the writers to use that as the millionth reminder that he’s eeeevil, besides the fact that it practically blinds me with rage. We get it, he’s the worst human being ever, trust me. It’s unfortunate, because the rest of it is so good, apart from some ham-handed exposition and other, less rage-inducing writing issues.

    • 55.2 bambledd

      I agree: the whole rape thing really takes away from the focus of the drama. And WE GET IT: the creep is evil. Wasn’t slashing women’s throats in broad daylight enough to convince viewers of that??

      The writing should help build the main storyline: the friendship/romantic relationship between KangChi and YeolWoo (supported by KangChi’s struggle w/ who he is). Now, what the writers have done is to have left an ugly smear on the storyline. All we remember now is the rape. Very poor taste and judgment on their part.

  56. 56 jubilantia

    You know a show is good when I simply cannot wait for Dramafever; I always have to watch it on Viki.

    I was so proud of Kang-chi for healing Really Annoying Gangster Dude, but all I could think was “welp, Jo Gwan-woong will be thrilled to know that KC is a walking, talking Band-Aid. AWESOME. *not*” Hopefully that won’t come to pass.

    Yeo-wool standing next to Kang-chi absolutely killed me dead, in the best way. And Lee Seung-gi did such a great job portraying brokenhearted hope as he looked at her, too. I agree with you on the bear analogy though- I thought Dad was smart! KC says “I will kill anyone who tries to kill me first!” and Dad’s all like “doo de doo, I’ma just have to kill you then!” *headdesk* idiot

    That scene reiterated that the “monster” is noble at heart. They only appear when you threaten their loved ones, or unbalance the Force or whatever. Sure they’ve got some anger management issues, but they’re like puppies! Show them love and they’ll follow you home and love you forever. Man, now I’m jealous of Yeo-wool.

    Jo Gwan-woong=BAAAAAARF. I could not belieeeeve they went there. Well, I could, but I don’t think it was really necessary. Here’s hoping Chung-jo goes uphill as a character after this. Unfortunately, Jo Gwan-woong is as irredeemable as he was the first time he raped someone (ugh I hate typing that sentence. As in, I can’t believe there are multiples in one drama.)

    And lastly- GumiDad! It’s so nice to almost see you again! I really hope you can be redeemed and have some semblance of a happily ever after! *whimper*

    Can’t wait for next week!

    • 56.1 crazyajummafan

      “welp, Jo Gwan-woong will be thrilled to know that KC is a walking, talking Band-Aid. AWESOME.”

      Good one!
      As for Papa Dam saying that he’ll kill KC. Isn’t he some skilled gumiho slayer? That’s why in ep 1 or 2, GW sought him out to get WR when his men returned to say that a gumiho lived in the mountains.

      Actually, I wonder how he came to have this ability/power.

      • 56.1.1 jubilantia

        Yeah, I guess he is, but it still sounded off. Cut the monster some slack! isn’t that most people’s policy not to kill until a kill is attempted on you? He’s saying he’ll only do it in self-defense.

        Actually, I wonder how he came to have this ability/power.

        I forgot about Yeo-wool’s backstory until people started speculating in the comments, but I wonder if Dam is some supernatural creature himself? Or his wife is/was, and that’s why he started hunting stuff, and how he got the ability? And he’d have motive, if she ran away and left their daughter.

  57. 57 lemondoodle

    Oh god Tae-seo I just can’t deal with you. CJ I can at least understand somewhat, but he’s just a bawling weak mess of plot confusion.

    I wonder if Kangchi will eventually learn to love himself completely. I know WR is (at first) bound to cause him to want to be human even worse, but eventually I hope he learns that being one isn’t bad and WR isn’t bad. People who won’t accept him…well, that’s their problem not his.

    WR/KC just work so well together. No other words, than I really love them.

    I’m strangely happy the gang leader lived. I want him to finally learn his lesson and come to the aid of Kangchi.

    I’m unreasonable excited for WR and KC to meet. I’m pretty sure that woman in SH. We never saw her actually die. We saw her get injured and hottie Japanese guy was staring at her in a pretty interesting way as she lay hurt.

  58. 58 Hanna

    Wol-ryung’s back! I can’t wait for another recap. This story is so great. Thank you for the very good recap.

  59. 59 Noelle

    OMG I love Suzy! She is doing a terrific job. I am so proud of her growth. That scene where she held his hand was the best thing ever.

    I am so tired of the Chung Jo business. Something needed to change there and instead we got rape and her deciding to be a Gisaeng for a second time.

    • 59.1 skelly

      “I’m so proud of her growth!” That’s what fans always say about their own special idol prince or princess who can’t act their way out of a paper bag.
      1) Some never improve. Acting is a talent that some have and some don’t. Some learn to fake it, some work hard to show off what little they have. Others continue to be an embarrassment and are given roles long after they should have been abandoned.
      2) There are plenty of places to learn the ropes other than front and center in a leading role of a drama or movie. Instead of being an embarrassment to the show and themselves, they should figure out how to hide their deficiencies doing minor roles, guest stints, etc. And no, shaking your booty and lip-syncing to the song du jour on stage does not qualify as “acting experience.”
      3) Idols continue to get jobs because of buffoons like you, who will line up like sheep to watch them no matter how horrible they are.
      4) “But [insert idol name here] is such a nice person! They deserve it!” Don’t make me laugh. Idols are nice because they have PR firms working around the clock to make it so. No one in the entertainment business is a sweet little lamb, no one “deserves” it just because they have good spin.

  60. 60 Jeanette

    Was anyone else really annoyed with how much Tae Seo was crying in this episode?…I wanted to almost smack him in the face and tell him to MAN up. I know he was in a spell n’all but seriously, he needs pull it together.

    Agree the yeol-woo is the awesomest female kdrama character we’ve seen in a long time and was evidenced even more in this episode.

    I can’t believe the rape thing actually happened and was so abrupt. I suppose it has to happen to give the Chung Jo the drive to be reborn in a sense although that’s a pretty messed up way for that to happen.

    • 60.1 lemondoodle

      Yes, since all his crying was his own fault and he did nothing but cause more trouble. KC completely breaking down like a little boy was heartbreaking. CJ handling what happened to her in the best way she could also was handled well. Then you have TS being a giant baby crying on the floor.

      KC and CJ both suffered so much in part because of his actions and he’s the one crying the most.

  61. 61 keke

    I am with you there. I am so excited that the dad is back!!! eck! yeah! although evil :(. I don’t know, I think the veiled lady is the mom yeah? Isn’t the samurai guy the same guy in the first episode when the mom attack the pervert? I am rooting that the veil lady is the mom. That why they can reunite again! She does love him (she said so in her good-bye letter to the monk in the first episode). :( such tragedy

  62. 62 Stardust

    Thank you so much for the recap! ♥♥♥

    I really like Yeo wool… and so glad for a heroine who can stand by her (half)-man, and FINALLY no bashful denial but refreshing frankness that she is willing to do anything for him… Its not like she is even expecting anything back in return! And the scene between Lee soon shin and Kang chi… seriously… tears were pooling in my eyes… T.T

    It IS kinda obvious ( even if far fetched ) that the mystery woman is Seo Hwa. Why else would Papa-ho awaken, all evil, when he was slumbering peacefully in his green grave for the past 20 years? His radar for the one who made him a demon has not yet activated! Now she has appeared back in Joseon, ( i can only suppose the GPS detection cannot work across the seas ) the curse will be enacted, proving the monk’s words were not empty fluff…

    Seriously, the siblings arc made me eye roll… I am sorry that Chung jo and Tae seo are doing all this stupid things to try to save the other, because it could have all been avoided if Tae seo had not STUPIDLY made the deal with the 2D evil villian, and believed that he would keep his word… seriously does the spell make him really stupid as well? If Chung Jo had just escaped with Kang Chi, she would have been safe, and not ended up the way she did…

    • 62.1 Natalie

      *rolls eyes at your comments re: the siblings*

  63. 63 Namziii

    Haven’t watched the ep yet, but hearing that Wol-ryung has awakened hints that Seo-hwa’s back…?? I can already see the love blooming between Kang chi and Yeo wol. Seeing Chungjo’s jealousy reaction kinda put me off and makes me think more that yeo-wol suits kang-chi more..btw, ino this is random, but has anyone thought about a love line between Gon and Chunjo?? I mean I don’t think they were in a scene together yet, but yanoo.. if, just maybe if it’s a happily ever after, there’s gotta be someone for Chungjo?

    • 63.1 jubilantia

      Me! I’ve definitely contemplated putting Chung-jo with Gon. I’m not sure they would match, though. Maybe after she grows a little bit. And she might come to love being a gisaeng too much, especially if she can become the head one, and a performer. Chun So-ryun is part of the resistance, too, so maybe she’ll indoctrinate Chung-jo into that as well. That might be where she and Gon find common ground.

      • 63.1.1 skelly

        Gon is going to moon forever over YW. That is his fate. That and to have bad hair. The bad hair is a sign from God that he was not meant to get the girl. Ever.

        • jubilantia


          His hair is really, really terrible. Did they run out of wig money before they got to Sung Joon? He deserves so much better. The unfulfilled potential of him actually having a hot Main of Glory is going to haunt me forever.

        • lazykitten

          “The bad hair is a sign from God that he was not meant to get the girl. Ever.”

          Best explanation for Gon’s sudden change of hair. XD

  64. 64 sheila380

    Thank you for the recap!

  65. 65 Dark Justice

    Justice is needed. Dark Justice that is to right the many wrongs that happened in this episode. No in this show.

    Great character developments (okay the rape was not great) but it does show that Chung Jo is really made up of sterner stuff than one would give her credit for. I don’t doubt for an instant that the Bad Guy (From now on referred to as BG or BD since I can’t seem to remember his name) wouldn’t have done so even if he got what he wanted from her…. (Kang Chi’s location and her brothers loyalty) but still not giving him the satisfaction that he needed well thumbs up Chung Jo. Also after that she finally decided to accept her fate and whine and complain about their lot. It may be true that she actually didn’t remember where Kang Chi was located and her trying to betray him later on may be a cool story and Suzy rushing of in an attempt to stop her and save Kang Chi may also be good.

    In regards to the mystery woman for me it is a toss up between it being Suzy’s mom (coz that is what a lot of you want and a back story wouldn’t be so bad) or it being Kang Chi’s mom. (mom turned to the dark side ,,, mmm,,,
    nah I think that she will be better of perhaps with her memory lost seeing dad and Kang Chi will help her recover and bring back Dad on the Jedi way once more from the Dark Side though she will then really die this time but not before asking for forgiveness) I suspect that it may be the mom because it seemed that both father and son detected her presence I doubt that would have been the case for any other reason unless She is another super natural creature (maybe a rival of the 9 Tails) thus the detection of her. (perhaps she is the 9 Tails Jinjuriki or the Japan’s version of their 9 Tails)

    Glad to see Tae Seo finally snapped out of the spell. (Is that Therapy Jutsu a specialty of people that seem to have 9 Tails Powers. The power to move individuals with their words and actions.)

    I think that someone asked why Tae Seo was never under guard/watched when they knew that he was under a spell. I suspect that while he was the only actions that he seemed to display was to kill Kang Chi. That seemed to be his primary motivation. So the only person to whom he was truly a threat was Kang Chi and if he died well no big loss to anyone since Kang Chi wasn’t a human after all so in other words he was doing a favor. (please note I am attempting to Psycho Analyze the justification of why he was not under constant guard I may not agree with any of them). Though the strength of the spell seems to confuse me just as well as any of you (I have talked to people who are in this profession and they have told me that the power of the spell is inconsistent. Yes the primary thing was to eliminate Kang Chi but it also seemed to have the bonus ability of protecting its caster. That made sense. Unfortunately the rest of the bit did not. For instance when the caster asked him his true intentions Tae Seo indicated the plan/Secret Room with great effort even though he did not want to but when they let him go and told him get Intel on what Lee Soon Shin wanted to do with all that money he did so. Now if he was under the spell he should have spilled the beans then and there. According to one of the people I asked they told me that perhaps the key is in the wording and if they asked him if he knew what the plans were and to reveal them he would have no choice but to do so) I get the feeling that to protect Chung Jo he will betray a plan once more but the good guys will discover this and use it to their advantage later on by feeding him false information. This will be the best way to redeem his actions.

    I think that it was IVORIE that asked what Kang Chi meant by “This is why I was fooled a normal girl would not ask about the Silver the first thing”
    I believe that under normal circumstances a girl who has just been discovered masquerading as a guy would try to explain why she was doing so. But for Suzy her main concern was neither her own welfare or the discovery of her identity but the success or failure of the mission (something that is more understandable in a guy)

    I also like that Kang Chi saved the hunters life and just like in Jeon Woo Chi (yes he was one of the merry band in that so) his character is going to become loyal to Kang Chi (Hopefully) and he will 1st muse to himself why his life was spared from such a monster and he will also realize who the true monster really is (plus sure Kang Chi was a pain in his behind but his true intent of protecting people will be remembered) and with all of this he will realize that the true murderer of Park (i think that was the name of 100 year inn owner) is BG and not Kang Chi and thus he will redeem himself by supporting and clearing Kang Chi’s name.

    There are more points that I want to bring up but since this is such a short post I shall leave them for the next one. If anyone agrees or disagrees with me please do let me knw :)

    • 65.1 Carole McDonnell

      i’m thinking we’re going to get some heavy duty comparisons between normal women and women warriors such as Head Gisaeng Chun and Yeo Wool. Not sure if Chung Jo will redeem herself by not acting like “a normal girl.” Wondering where the writers are going with this. Especially if Seo Hwa went evil as well.

      Weirdly, I think Big Bad might be in love with Chung Jo (as far as a villain can fall in love) and in typical villain fashion is gonna force her into loving him. His love for her might be his downfall, i think.

      Just waiting to see the different kind of human monsters our hero will have to deal with.

  66. 66 youlololo

    yuhou papa gumiho de retour mais je penses que sera pas une bonne chose autoure de lui on voix des feuilles fanée ses yeux sont rouge xd sa crain non ? on peut dire qu’il pas non plus etait gatter xd la trahison de sa femme; je crois qu’il est la pour se venger comme par hasard il s’est reveillé au moment ou la mysterieuse femme arrive au village ( sa femme ) non ? ^^

    • 66.1 JRoseLacroix

      Ont sais jamais. J’espere que ses pas sa femme. J’aimerais plus qu’elle soit sur le bord de kangchi au lieu d’etre une vilaine.

  67. 67 seunggicharm

    Boy this is one heck of an episode! The betrayal from the Park siblings was just too much to handle. I felt so bad for Kang Chi that the family he thought he had all those years will turn their backs on him. Those ingratas! I sometimes feel annoyed with Tae Seo, just like what Teacher Gong said, he has a choice. But then he still chose to betray KC. I know that CJ was on the line that could’ve led him to betray him, but man! Can’t he think of something else to save all of them rather than get so effin confused on what to do just to survive and save their asses?

    CJ was freakin gettin into my nerves too. I don’t pity her anymore as she is so selfish. But then, I still wanna know how she’d pick herself up from that miserable experience she had with GW. I know she’s strong, so maybe, it’s time that she show everyone that she can handle herself without the help of the people who’re trying to save her.

    I really was into tears when I saw Tae Seo beating Kang Chi and Kang Chi was just standing there taking all the punches thrown at him. Boy! He really has a pure heart. He’s even better than real humans in dealing with his situation. He still decide to forgive Tae Seo after betraying him twice and still want Tae Seo to be the same brother he used to be to him. Now I just want their bromance back and team up to fight that nasty GW!

    Kang Chi’s heart is so pure!

    • 67.1 seunggicharm

      *was in tears..lolz

    • 67.2 Carole McDonnell

      I felt the rejection as well. The whole “blood is thicker than water” thing. We may have adopted you but in the long run, you really aren’t related to us. Which makes Yeo Wool’s acceptance even better because she accepted Kang Chi in spite of her (blood-related) father’s objection.

      • 67.2.1 seunggicharm

        absolutely! like a smack on your face. Like all those years that he’s thought of them as his family regardless of their blood relation, he was there for them, ready to fight and protect them with his life.
        Yeah. Yeo Wool really made things lighter for him. Accepting him for who he is not minding his father’s objection was a genuine act that it doesn’t matter if he’s half-half. ^^

  68. 68 annisa

    wow,,, it’s here,,, thank you so much 4 the recap. How amazing drama :) can’t wait for the next ep ^_^

  69. 69 Ivaa

    Kang Chi healed YW and Leader band with his blood….
    meaning that they will be his follower unconsciously ?? well, I do hope there’s a rules about sharing his half beast blood right ?
    like when he changing to his beast form in the forest, YW seem to noticed first….
    and KC seem to knew that she were present…( like GF said : her smell ?? )
    he will be then a founder of Joseon Red Cross during those war ????
    well, he can sell his blood and set up a hospital ????
    and people will not mock him and fear him as a monster but as an angel… or beast doctor ?….
    firstly, in YW case, I thought that it will work out because they mean to be ( soulmate ??? ) but when KC also heal the leader band, I started pulling my hair…
    I don’t think that they just throw in whatever ideas and blending into one whole packages story
    ( what do you say writernim, do please enlighten us )
    I have to thumb up to all the actors and their performances, especially LSG….
    they make up for lack of plot story rules….

    • 69.1 reglest

      Ivaa, you’re freaking genius! Now we just can send that scenario over to the writer, and oh, wait a second, the doctor should let us choose which kang chi we’d like to cure us. The Gumi-Chi, or adorable-pure-heart-kang-chi. I want both of them though!! <3

      • 69.1.1 Ivaa

        @reglest :
        Both of Kang Chi,
        so he can be 24hours….
        night shift for The Gumi-Chi and adorable Kang Chi by day……
        I would looooveees to make myself hurt in every single day….he he he
        just remember to give YW a spy assignment first, so KC will be able to treat us.

      • 69.1.2 crazyajummafan

        Imagine this: Choi Kang Chi – Joseon super-hero! Flying to rescue of all in distress. Don’t worry if you’re hurt and bleeding, a drop of KC’s blood can heal your wounds instantly! Moreover, this super-hero lives for years!

        If only, sigh, then Korea’s history would have been changed for sure. No Japanese occupation, no Korean war and everything else in between.

        I like the idea of a blood bank of KC’s blood.

    • 69.2 luri

      Fabulous idea, but I think the writers are going for the whole “you must help any human who asks” part of the prayer to find the Gu Family book.

  70. 70 anna

    Remember when we were complaining about Kang-chi’s gumiho’s hair? I changed my mind lol I really like his gumiho’s hair! He looks really hot and I hardly ever describe Lee Seung-gi with that word, EVER. I’m really digging his gumiho look.

  71. 71 Cami

    Thank you so much. All I can say is Daddy’s home. Aah Choi Kang Chi, you better start training I got a feeling that this reunion will not be pleasant

    • 71.1 owl

      I lvoed the dark, atmospheric change when papa gu woke up – a forboding wind for sure!

  72. 72 Roshogolla

    Thank you very much for the recap. Your recaps really gives the show the actual drama and intensity we were supposed to see on screen. When I actually watch the show it feels so choppy and silly that I can’t stop but laugh out loud at the scenes that are supposed to be intense.

  73. 73 anna

    Ugh, I should know better to watch dramas with viki comments turn off. Some of those comments are gross as hell! I don’t care how much you hate Chung-jo, she doesn’t deserve to be raped. JFC, people are disgusting.

    Chung-jo reminds me so much of Sansa Stark in this situation. I just want her to be happy :( And she better be coming back for everything!

  74. 74 Candyhem

    Excellent recap! Well written with wonderful sense of humor. Thank you so much for sharing. Really enjoyed reading it.

    • 74.1 crazyajummafan


  75. 75 aramint

    Perhaps I’m the minority here, but I really hope that the veiled woman is Seo Hwa. Their misunderstandings need to be clarified and Wol Ryung deserves his happy ending, and that is her. Plus, I just love them being lovely together :)

  76. 76 Jenny

    I don’t think the woman is Seo Hwa unless the writers are planning on surprising us. But in a way I don’t think she’s dead, so she could be alive somewhere.
    I just want daddy gumiho to have a happy end with Seo Hwa, I mean they were so adorable together.
    Maybe Seo Hwa could be a way to stop Wol Ryung from going totally evil.

  77. 77 Extraordinary

    I want a girlfriend like Yeowool. She’s totally my type

  78. 78 lucertola

    Thanks for recapping :-)
    I watch this drama only for its’ fantasy elements and for the cast (I find especially the main couple well casted!). All the rest is a pure cliché, already seen. I was yawing at and skipping most of Wol Ryung/Seo Hwa romance-story, due to it dullness and stupid tragediennes. But I suppose they had to do it in that way for the proper story background.

    I wish that Kang Chi a the end wouldn’t want to take a human form, but just be himself and accept himself. I feel it would be an end more than needed in the current Korean pop influence. Crossing fingers for it.

  79. 79 Aigoo

    Lemme just say KC is a way better man than I am (although I’m not a man….and i guess technically KC is only 1/2 of one….but you get the point) – I would have still been riding a wave of rage over TS’s betrayal and wouldn’t have been as forgiving as KC.

    Also – was CJ raped? Because I was under the impression she agreed to sleep with him to save her brother……did I miss something?

    • 79.1 jubilantia

      Pretty sure she was. Even if she agreed and I didn’t hear her, nothing but nothing about that scene was consensual.

    • 79.2 Carole McDonnell

      She was raped even if she agreed to it because she was being coerced and blackmailed. But the thing that annoyed me was that she had that weird smile on her face after which was definitely a WTF moment for me. Then when he said, “Don’t be embarrassed” I thought, “Is he saying, ‘Don’t be embarrassed because you loved our wild night of passion.”?????

      I suppose I’m hoping that she will use her body to destroy him but that flicker of sexual orgasmic enjoyment on her face the morning after….well…. creepy.

      If that’s how the writers depict her, she is doubly unworhty of Kang Chi.

      • 79.2.1 skelly

        Even though I don’t want to, I am going to go back and re-watch that scene. If they are really going there, if they are hinting that she “liked” being raped, then show and I are officially over. I’m already disliking the writer, that would be the last straw.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Maybe I’ll go look again to be sure. Or maybe it was the actress’ acting. I’m trying to see clear. If the writer is talking about the lack of choices for oppressed women in Joseon times, I’ll cut him some slack. But so far, I find myself getting really unhappy with the women in this story. So far, only Head Gisaeng Chun and Yeo Wool (who has hung out with men so she hasn’t had the usual female upbringing) are honorable. I even got mad at Maid Dam back when she and Chung Jo’s mom tricked Kang Chi.

          I suppose it’s true what Head Gisaeng Chun said, that the oppressed and the powerless have to do what they have to do to survive but…. some of the women in this drama…ugh. Let’s see what Chng Jo and Seo Hwa (if that’s her) have made of their lives. I’m hoping the writers are saying something about tragic lives that I’ll end up liking.

          • seunggicharm

            hmm maybe that weird smile she had after being raped was more of a smirk? Like she has a plan going on in her mind like getting revenge and all. Coz y’know, she’s lost her virginity already, so there’s no need to keep that nobility feeling she had been keeping even when she’s already been sold as a gisaeng. Like she’s finally accepting her fate and just plan to follow head gisaeng Soo ryun’s advice to find ways to survive. Remember after that night, she came to Soo ryun to tell her she wants to be an entertainer gisaeng. Just like in the character description, she’ll climb her way up again to get back her noble status in the Joseon era..^^

        • lemondoodle

          I don’t see that at all. The look on her face was one of a broken person, not one who enjoyed a night of rape.

      • 79.2.2 jubilantia

        I did not see any enjoyment on her face. I got the impression that she was in so much shock she was trying to remember what facial expressions were. I thought the cringey half-smile winched on her face was her attempt to put on a brave front for Tae-seo.

        I thought Jerkbutt just meant she shouldn’t be ashamed she’s lost her virginity (in the most brutal way imaginable oh god I hate him)

        • Carole McDonnell

          The “woman falling in love with her rapist/kidnapper” motif has happened in so many films and stories, I honestly thought that was what I was seeing. I’ve seen it happen way too often in movies to not pick up on it…or to not believe that’s what the writer is hinting at. Maybe I was just seeing things.

          • jubilantia

            I’m not a book reviewer or anything, but I’ve read a ton of them and seen plenty of movies. I’m totally aware that Stockholm Syndrome is a thing, but judging by her reaction and immediate journey afterwards to the gibang to “restart her life”, I really, really don’t think that’s what they were going for.

            I honestly think she just had a BSOD moment: I think what’s going through her head is that the worst thing possible happened, she’s fighting through it the best she can, and the less she thinks about it, the better.

      • 79.2.3 Aigoo

        She had a weird smile?? *shudder*

        Well now I know I definitely missed something – i tried fast forwarding through most of that because I really couldn’t stand to watch it……don’t think I have it in me to go back and try to figure out what I missed though…

      • 79.2.4 Fidelity

        She didn’t have a weird smile on her face in the morning. It is your imagination here that’s creepy.

        • Carole McDonnell

          LOL! That’s possible. I thought I saw a flicker of sexual satisfaction but I might’ve been seeing things. Will see what happens in the next episode. I’m a writer, though, and a book and film reviewer. Creepy imagination goes with those territories. Although, seeing things that aren’t there definitely doesn’t. :-)

        • Carole McDonnell

          Dang, I suddenly realized I was just insulted. (I’m a slow reactor alas. It takes me a while to actually see possible cruelty in someone’s comment, and even then I seem to aim not to see it because I do give folks the benefit of the doubt.)

          So now… No, I don’t think I’m that creepy. That was very rude to say to me, seeing you and I are neither friends nor enemies. IF you think my assumption was “creepy” then it’s possible, I’ve seen more movies with (and written about) this annoying phenomenon in films than you have.

          However, for your enlightenment.

          And this kinda thing also happens in Asian movies as well. I remember a Japanese oldie about a woman who fell in love with her rapist and conspired with him to kill her husband. IT also happens in American soap operas. The General Hospital story back in the day with Luke and Laura. Another case in point.

          So, yeah, I’m not creepy. Nor am I all-knowing. I’m just saying in this case…you’re just not as aware of this motif as I am.

          • Fidelity

            I’m as aware about this motif as you are, but that doesn’t make the application of it in situations any less creepy: “Look! That girl just got raped… but based on a split-second flicker of facial emotion that I personally will deem a ‘weird smile’ despite it more likely being an expression of disbelief, disgust, horror, shame, self-mocking and self-pity, I will infer that she’s reveling in the memory of forced sexual sensation from last night and falling in love with her rapist.”

            I’m thinking your awareness of the theory and your imagination here are both responsible… so if it’s less insulting, I will call both creepy. (It was meant as half-jest though.) I just dislike it in general when people read into things too much for the worse.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Feminists are allowed to be aware of dangerous tropes..perhaps even hyper-aware. Is feminism creepy then?

          • Fidelity

            Ah, being ‘aware’ or even ‘hyperaware’ of the said trope is different than applying it liberally for the fun of it and undermining the emotional ordeal that generally comes with the sickening insult.

            Also, just because I don’t like a particular flavour of a jellybean doesn’t mean I don’t like the entire jar of jellybeans. Let’s not make such big leaps with assumptions.

        • ys

          Good for you Fidelity for not backing down.

      • 79.2.5 Amanda

        I thought it was more of a bitter smile, though I think it was more of “bitterness twisting her mouth” sort of thing.

      • 79.2.6 Peridot

        I personally did not read the post-rape scene in the same way, but I think that you make interesting points. Hopefully the writer did not intend for her to have enjoyed the experience, because if that is the case then I will also be very upset. I interpreted her look as both a nervous expression and Chungjo’s attempt to maintain her dignity in front of her rapist and in front of her brother. I’ve seen some of the back and forth comments in response to your post and all I have to say is do not let negative responses get you down. You have a right to your opinion even if others disagree (even if they strongly disagree) with it. Take care. And to all the Beanies–please let us all engage in mature and thought-provoking conversations without being judgmental or resorting to name calling.

        • crazyajummafan

          Ditto, ditto and ditto.

  80. 80 nate10

    Still bothers me what happened to Chung-Jo… I mean by the most hated villain! Gives me the creeps! Chung-Jo was the one the most gentle and kindest to Kang chi…arggg!

  81. 81 Dani

    I actually thought Wol-ryung would be wanting revenge on Seo Hwa thinking she’s still alive then he’ll find she isn’t but she had a son, and thinking he’s not HIS son he’ll want to kill him, and then he’ll find out that Kangchi’s half gumiho like him, so Wol-ryung will slightly forgive Seo Hwa (?) I DUNNO there’s so much that can happen now that Wol-ryung is going to be back, I’m SO HAPPY!
    I definitely hope that whether it’s my idea, your idea or anything else, in the end of it all, he’ll help with cold-blooded-ly murdering Jo Gwan woong dfkjghsd

    • 81.1 tieuyeunu

      Here’s to thinking that they are both going to die. Its the only way to break WR’s curse. If the one who caused it, SH, dies with him to prove her love.

      That will also leave the playing filed open for KC and YW to go to the last fight against the big bad.

    • 81.2 Carole McDonnell

      I’m thinking Wol Ryung will have a daddy moment where he realizes that although Yeo Wool is the daughter of the guy who killed him that his son is loved by her…and moment of restraint will show he’s not really a demon-hearted kind of guy. Will see.

      • 81.2.1 leelee

        I would sure love a daddy and son moment in the future, no matter what it is. I was thinking about it, but I’ve never seen Seung gi in a drama with a character having a father who is still presently alive.

  82. 82 Garrdan75

    Thank you so much, GF, for another great recap…so enjoyable and enlightening!! :)

    Wow! Whoa! What a wonder of an episode!! This was my favorite one and most dramatic with such poignant and tragically beautiful moments between Kang Chi and Yeo-Wool, him and the admiral and then with Tae Soo…each scene had me in tears.

    My heart thumped so madly during the moments when YW held KC’s hand and when she turned and intertwined theirs hands—-Ho! major swoon moment for me…such was the impact of that gesture on my heart and emotions.

    What a charasmatic couple these two! Great chemistry and vibes when they are together.

    Can’t wait to see if KC and his daddy gumiho will experience the same…sure hope their encounter and scenes together won’t be only sad and tragic ones. Both actors are so good in their roles that I’m hoping for great chemistry between them when they finally meet. Sigh…still so many days to pass until Monday…

  83. 83 Carole McDonnell

    I am sooooooooo glad that stupid spell is broken. I actually started cringing everytime Tae Soo came on screen. Helpless and hypnotized is one thing but…aargh… and the stupid blindfold he had to wear. UGH.

    I want to see what kind of evil Chung Jo will now be up to. Apparently, bitter women who get the urge to live (and who seem to enjoy sex with their oppressors) can get very cold mean hearts. Which might be the case with Seo Hwa. Ah, the power of sex with an evil bad guy. If Seo Hwa is alive, I wonder if she has had any other kids. I just think the new Chung Jo is going to be pragmatic, vicious, and perhaps not so nice. Will have to see.

    Thanks so much for the recap as always.

  84. 84 Steph

    YES! Papa Gumiho is back. And like you, I have the strange feeling that the official’s wife is a Seo -hwa look-like/reincarnation. The dramatic arrival, hidden face, and smiling red lips coincide perfectly with Wol-ryung’s revival. Does this mean the ill fated parents of Kang Chi might actually get a happier ending than what they had before? Which was no happy ending at all? I dare to hope. But Wol-ryung’s become a demon now hasn’t he since Seo-hwa betrayed him? Well, this’ll do wonders for Kang Chi’s “I’m a monster” thing since he’ll also get to add “I’m a monster AND the son of a demon.” But if this Veiled Lady really is Seo-hwa, does this mean there’s a chance of redemption for Wol-ryung?
    And I respect Yeo Wool completely after she sold up for Kang Chi in front of her father. But Gon, will he ever tell Yeo Wool his feelings for her?
    Can’t wait to see episode 13 and hopefully the happy reunion of Papa and Son Gumihos!

  85. 85 Summer

    i don’t think that lady is Seo Hwa. If it is really her, why isn’t she checking out on her child for the past 20years? Unless she has lost her memory and changed her name…. otherwise it’s not convincing….

    if it’s really Seo Hwa, i would have prefer them to ask Lee Yeon Hee.. They can make her looks older with makeup…

    So i don’t think it’s Seo Hwa at all..

    • 85.1 milkteanlsg

      so true~
      And I feel that Seo Hwa is not such a strong person to devise such a plan to outwit the creep…

  86. 86 veryrustybell

    Am i the only one who thinks that CJ was sort of willing with KW? If you have watched the drama the scene where they woke up the next day makes me feel like CJ was willing so that she could save her brother.

  87. 87 crappidoo

    i hope that Ja Hong Myung aka the veiled jap lady is not related to KC cause it’d would be totally screwed up if she was his thought to be deceased mom. if she is though i hope that she’d be some double agent that helps the men of honour bring the bastard KW down.

  88. 88 chichikyukyo

    this drama is so addictve!!!!!!!!!! i want like 5 episodes to come out at the same time!!! kang chi and yeo wool ahhhhh they’re so frikkin cute together ^0^~ those beady eyes at the end and the woman inside the veil just spiced everythin up! can’t wait for the next episodes im so curious!!!!!!!!!!!gee~
    someone need to cut that evil guy into peices; poor girl;(

  89. 89 Pam

    Yay! Daddy gumiho is back! I hope he’s not demon looking tho, that’d take away the appeal. Lol!

    I think he has the best hair on the male leads.

    I bet he’s going to discourage KC from seeing YW, another obstacle to their love once CJ gets out of the way.

  90. 90 Thuy Hoang

    Awww thanks alot for your recap!!!
    I’m pretty sure the mystery woman is Seo Hwa because in the scene that she died, Jo Gwan-woong was meeting a Japanese officer. And there was a moment when that officer looking at Seo hwa. So I think he has saved her and made her his wife.

  91. 91 Dream

    I think the guy that plays Ma Bong Chul acts quite well. Since the beginning he made a strong impression of a cowardly lame villain. … And then his name is MBC… Haha

    I think now he will side with KC

    • 91.1 J

      Who knows? You know what they say about good deeds…they never go unpunished.

      MBC is so cowardly and greedy. he’ll probably try to sell this info to JGW.


      JGW needs to get a hot poker in the eye. Totally skeevy!!!

  92. 92 mvl

    haven’t seen this episode yet, but have to say your recap brought tears to my eyes. thanks so much.

  93. 93 WhiteBirch

    Actually, the mysterious veiled woman is a separate character altogether. It is not Seohwa. Remember guys, seohwa died a human. She’s not like Gu Wol ryung; she’s just an ordinary human being. Swords and arrows can kill her. The veiled woman is a character named “Ja Hong Myung.” At least that’s what the korean website for Gu family book says on Naver. She’s played by that actress who played Sera from “Gentleman’s dignity.” Hope this helps, for people who were curious.

    • 93.1 Tyme

      Everything I’ve read confirms that she is Yoon Se Ah playing Ja Hong Myung, but that’s where the articles diverge.

      Some of them claim that she’s moving on behalf of Master Dam and she’s one of the mysterious four that Jo Gwan Woong tried to find earlier. If that’s true, I don’t think it would be as much of a stretch to think she’s Yeo Wool’s mom.

      There are also some people saying its Seo Hwa. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have just brought Lee Yeon Hee back.

  94. 94 MICA

    WOW I loved this episode. SUZY has really improved her acting SO MUCH!!! it’s not the same from dream high…that girl couldn’t make me believe her tears because she couldn’t even cry… and that’s just the truth but I’m loving this new Suzy, she really moved me in the scene where she tells KC that he promised to tell her when he would live and also when she held his hand :)

  95. 95 Cheryl

    I don’t think the woman in the sedan chair is SH, but I reserve the right to be wrong. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Evil!WR.

    JGW skeeves me out so much. I want him to get a sharp object through the chest ASAP. A death that makes sense would be great, but at this point, I’ll settle for a random death that doesn’t make sense. He just needs to die, and die NOW.

    YW taking a stand next to KC was totally awesome. We all need someone like that in our lives, who believes in us so totally they’re willing to put their neck on the line for us. I love the character of YW because she’s straightforward and honest, which is more than I can say about way too many other Kdrama heroines (and heroes). Things actually get said and communicated! THANK YOU! So refreshing and nice, and there’s actually progress in the relationship.

    • 95.1 Gidget

      There is such a strong redemptive arc to this story that I hope he has an epiphany and does a ‘Javert’ instead of being killed by someone else.

  96. 96 Nudafu

    Many thanks for another wonderful recap GF.

    A KC blood bank….hehehehe

    I do hope YW is left human. I like the idea that a human is trying to help KC to be human not necessarily by changing into anything, but believing in his himself.

  97. 97 qiu

    somehow its remain me with anime ‘inuyasha’ LOL…

    • 97.1 Abbie

      haha. It reminds me of Naruto. At least, Kang-chi reminds me of Naruto.

  98. 98 Abbie

    Yes! So much win this episode. Especially Yeo-wool standing up to her dad and taking Kang-chi’s beast-man hand. And then he changes back to normal? The girl IS his humanity. That’s my belief, anyway.

    And Wol-ryung’s back! Yes! I can’t wait to see him next week.

    The new Veiled Lady is really interesting. She could be a sorceress, who sensed the presence of Wol-ryung’s demon energy and decided to awaken him so she can have a 1000 year-old demon at her beck and call. Or something.

    Poor Chung-jo. This episode was a real doozy for her, although that’s putting it mildly. I, also, want her to be the one to put a knife in that man’s heart. Poetic justice.

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

    • 98.1 Abbie

      One more thing. I’m just gonna assume that Tae-seo’s curse broke after he begged Kang-chi to rescue Chung-jo and take her far away. Because he placed his trust in Kang-chi, who, being the awesome guy he is, agreed. Because Tae-seo didn’t have the blindfold after that did he?

    • 98.2 Peridot

      “The girl IS his humanity”–Beautifully written.

      • 98.2.1 Abbie

        Thank you so much! :)

  99. 99 Peridot

    While I admire the performances of the actors in this drama, I have to admit that I have been pretty frustrated with things. I glanced over the recaps for this week’s episodes and finally watched the episodes tonight. I am tired of this villain. I wrote last week that I felt that the true villain would be Wollyung and if the ending of episode twelve is an indication of things to come, then I may be right. I am tired of Gwanwoong and seriously want Chungjo to be the one to kill him, no one else. It has to be her. I want a woman to be able to stand up for herself and take action in a way that is possible for someone of her station and in her position. I am never a fan of childhood romances and I am disappointed in the portrayal of the young Chungjo. I can understand her present horror at seeing Kangchi (after all, she has endured a lot of trauma), but I feel that portraying her younger self as someone petty (and jealous) serves as a way to make Kangchi falling in love with someone else more palatable. Do not get me wrong, I think that Yeowol is an awesome character and there are many reasons for Kangchi to fall in lover with her. She is first and foremost a friend and someone who sees who he really is. But I think that there had to be a way to make it easier for his love to eventually transfer from one woman to another. The reality may be that he may have only thought he was in love with Chungjo. As I already wrote, I can understand Chungjo’s initial horror but she does not have to be someone who continues to think of Kangchi as a monster. She doesn’t have to be a mirror of Kangchi’s mother. I apologize if I can not clearly articulate my point. I am having difficulty doing so.

    As for Taeseo…I agree that the whole bewitchment was weak and poorly executed. Then again with this drama, the writing has not been the best. We often get from point A to Point C without ever going through Point B. Many things are poorly handled.

    Enough of my rant lol! I really admired the performances of the actors. I also love that General Lee Soonshin has become a surrogate father-figure to Kangchi. He tells Kangchi that all a person needs in life is a true friend, a true lover, and a country for which he/she is willing to die. I think that Yeowool will be both his friend and lover. And now that his bromance has been restored, Taesoo will also be his friend. And now he has a new father. Lastly, with the historical background of this story (the Japanese invasions of Korea) becoming more prominent, he will also have a country to fight for (all the while pursuing his quest to live a fully human life). Let the next phase of the story begin!

  100. 100 Someone Who Should be Studying for Finals

    Even though I watch all the episodes, I love coming back to this website to read the recaps… because they’re SO FUNNY. I almost pee laughing. The writer’s tone is just so sassy and enthusiastic. It slays me.

    Anyways, thanks again for taking the time to write! I’m looking forward to next week’s eps. ^^

    • 100.1 lordj

      thats gf for you… she’s awesome, isn’t she?
      sometimes I enjoy the recaps more than the drama. :)
      and oh so often, i find myself nodding in agreement in her insights.

      Thanks again gf!

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