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Jung Woo-sung and Han Hyo-joo headline action thriller
by | May 10, 2013 | 44 Comments

It’s like action thriller heaven up in Chungmuro lately. Here’s another one to add to the ever-growing to-watch list: Jung Woo-sung (Padam Padam), Sol Kyung-gu (The Tower), and Han Hyo-joo (Bandage) are headlining a chase thriller about surveillance, called The Watchers. They’ve actually been shooting it for a while, and the film has just announced its release date for the summer.

The new film from the director of The World of Silence stars Jung Woo-sung in his first villain role, as the head of a mob organization. I still can’t believe it’s his first baddie role — that can’t be right, can it? I guess when you’re pretty you tend to play the good guy; I mean, even in The Good, The Bad, The Weird, he played Good. Sol Kyung-gu is the leader of a special investigation team that’s after Jung Woo-sung, and monitors him around the clock with a surveillance team. Weird how the good guys sound creepy once you call them The Watchers.

Han Hyo-joo plays the rookie on the team, who has an unusually keen sense of observation, fastidious attention, and a standout memory. So basically she’s perfect for the job. Her boss is more the gut-and-instincts type, a veteran who’s a bit reckless, but bursting with personality. And then the ace on their team is 2PM idol Junho, in his acting debut. His character is named Squirrel, because he’s surreptitious and sly like no other.

The team is assigned to watch Jung Woo-sung for a chance to catch him, but he’s notoriously cool-headed and has evaded countless attempts to follow, watch, or capture him in the past. Their job is to watch him without being seen, which doesn’t sound easy even though they’re the ones with all the invasively high-tech spy equipment. The movie is basically the cat-and-mouse game between slippery mobster and his surveillance team, as the watching leads way to chasing.

The Watchers hits theaters July 4.

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44 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Bu Young

    That is one lovely picture of Jung Woo Sung and Im am digging the hair cut of Han Hyo Joo

    • 1.1 jensredshoes

      I have to see this but if our Woo Sung gets killed in the end I’ll be mad. So… root for the bad guy?

    • 1.2 Jo

      I love the make up of Han Hyo Joo here. I would actually like to see her play a badass! (btw, does anyone else STILL keep reading Bandage as Bondage? Goddddd)

      • 1.2.1 ditdut

        LOL, no, just you :p

      • 1.2.2 sur

        lol but no

  2. Hugepuffball

    Woah… I somehow always adore Han Hyo Joo’s hair. Just saying… I love her hair in that picture.
    Anyway, I hardly ever watch any Asian movies, possibly because they’re a bit harder to find, but this sounds interesting enough. I have a bajillion others I want to try…
    Anyway, I just kinda adore Han Hyo Joo, for one reason or another, so I may try this. But by the time it actually comes out, I am nearly positive I’ll have forgotten it even exists. *sigh*

  3. Rere

    It’s nice too see Han Hyo Joo in a movie (again) Since she played in two movies last year.. But the only news that i’ve been waiting from her is a news about her playing in a drama again.

    • 3.1 Lilian

      oh yeah. Was her last drama Dong Yi? It seems like such a long long time ago.

  4. M

    “Han Hyo-joo . . . has an unusually keen sense of observation, fastidious attention, and a standout memory” So I guess she’s a “genius watcher”?

    • 4.1 Dongsaeng killer


  5. Annie

    What a great picture of Jung Woo Sung… I wonder how many years it will be before he does a drama again :-/

  6. fun-lugha

    Ok, I love Junho! it’s like God created Rain then thought, aww what the hell, lets throw in one more of those before we break this mold!!! I love you God he he!

  7. winter

    I want the bad guy to be free

  8. Gala

    How is Han hyo joo is an actress now? Has she improved? I wasn’t impressed with her on shining inheritance so I stayed away from dongyi. I just couldn’t get into her crying scenes, like I can’t even feel her emotions at all.

    • 8.1 Guest

      She is still mediocre. Dong Yi is an alright story but having Han Hyo Joo as the lead actress made it unbearable to watch. Her scenes are very cringe worthy and her acting is very unnatural. I am amazed at how much MCW improved since Shining Inheritance but HHJ has not improved much.

      The only good thing about Han Hyo Joo is her looks (beautiful smile) + chemistry with her co-stars. I think she does a lot better in movies than dramas though so you can try some of her recent movies.

      • 8.1.1 bd

        HHJ overacted in DY but so did most of the cast including child star Kim Yoo-jung who normally is quite excellent.

        Both overused the same mannerisms as the child and adult Dong Yi so I’m gonna place a good bit of blame on the PD.

        • ykube

          but han hyo joo is on another level… at least the other actors/actresses did not look ridiculous and fake whenever they deliver their lines….

          • bd

            The worst over-actor in “Dong Yi” was the one who played the evil brother (to Jang Hui-bin).

            Every time he was on screen I kept laughing b/c he was like a caricature of the “evil bad-doer” (he did everything but twirl his mustache, even had that over the top evil laugh).

    • 8.2 bambledd

      I’m there with you on that. When I watch Han Hyo Joo, I feel like I’m watching someone acting. She’s not convincing in any of the dramas I’ve seen her in, although I wanted to like her.
      And her chemistry with the men leads remind me of Goo Hye sun, sort of stiff and uncomfortable with intimacy.

    • 8.3 outofthemoon

      if you ever watch her movie always with so ji sub, there’s a scene whe she looking for him and end up crying in the side of the road. that scene should be so powerfull and heart wrenching, i can easily cry for that kind of scene.
      strangely i can’t feel anything, lack of emotion i think.

      i like her though.

      • 8.3.1 jango

        i can imagine son ye jin excelling in those kind of scenes… her eyes are so expressive, especially in alone in love and suprisingly in chilling romance when some guy told her to f*ck off. >_<

      • 8.3.2 Kay

        i actually thought “always” was one of her better pieces of

        i, for some reason, just really like her…i know people have gripes with her acting and it can be annoying…somehow it just doesn’t seem to bother me as much, if anything, I quite enjoyed her in Shining Inheritance and Dong Yi. I recently just watched Spring Waltz and didnt find her as bad in that either….lol perspective I guess..I’m lookin forward to this

    • 8.4 meka

      just watch Bandage @ Love 911.

  9. J Wong

    Does “Daisy” count as a bad guy role for Jung Woo-sung? He played a hitman, but tried to be a good guy after falls in love with Jun Ji-hyun’s character.

  10. 10 malta

    She looks like Kiera Knightley in that picture.

    • 10.1 jomo

      I thought it WAS KK.

    • 10.2 jadetaia

      That’s EXACTLY what I thought!

    • 10.3 fuzzymogwai

      oh yay other lovely folks had that initial impression too! =D

  11. 11 Jackeline

    Can’t wait for Junho’s acting debut! <3

    I personally really like Han Hyo Joo haha. Wishing her luck.

  12. 12 J3ss

    Woah Han Hyo-Joo kind of looks like Keira Knightley on that picture posted.. No?

  13. 13 snow_white

    Yay for another project for Han Hyo Joo….but I want her to star in a drama…..

    Anyways….the premise sounds interesting…

  14. 14 hapacalgirl

    I adore Junho, I really do. He’s adorable and more musically talented than given credit for, however I really am getting tire of every drama and now some movies having to have at least 1 idol in the bunch.

  15. 15 mai

    Sol Kyung-gu !!
    Must be great movie..
    I can’t wait ^^

  16. 16 trebuchette

    Since HHJ has already starred in comedy & dramas, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that her next movie is an action film. 😀 The plot seems really interesting too!
    Can we see her in a horror one next? :p

  17. 17 April

    It’s nice to see HHJ venturing out of her comfort zone.. 🙂

  18. 18 Noelle

    She looks a little like Keira Knightly in that photo.

  19. 19 anklegirl

    HHJ was positively tiny(thin) when she shared a frame with Go Soo in Bandage, wonder how the cinematographer will frame her and Jung Woo-Sung.

  20. 20 Sajen

    am I the only one that thinks Han Hyo-joo looks an awfully lot like Keira Knightley in that picture?

  21. 21 yoz

    hmm i actually think han hyo joo’s acting is pretty good so looking forward to this film. i like jung woo sung too. his movies are usually decent.

  22. 22 ykube

    han hyo joo has really landed herself an amazing company… she has been getting lead roles for years even tho her acting is so so weak.

  23. 23 dianne

    i love han hyo joo so much her acting ,the smile etc. everything about her…… keep up the good work…

  24. 24 dianne

    im waiting for your nxt drama…

  25. 25 cayl

    this movie is good . .. love the actress . .shes beautiful and good acting

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