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Kim Bum confirms Goddess of Fire
by | May 5, 2013 | 135 Comments

Kim Bum (That Winter, The Wind Blows) has confirmed that he’ll be starring opposite Moon Geun-young (Alice in Cheongdam-dong) in his first historical drama, upcoming MBC sageuk Goddess of Fire Jung-yi. The project stars Moon as Joseon’s first female potter, and Kim Bum will play the warrior who’s been in love with her his entire life.

The 32-episode drama replaces MBC’s current Monday-Tuesday drama Gu Family Book in July, and comes from the writer of Warrior Baek Dong-soo and the director of Heading to the Ground. It takes place during the reign of King Gwanghae (played by Lee Sang-yoon), and stars Moon Geun-young as the titular Jung-yi, better known as Baek Pa-sun, the first female ceramic artist of her time. The story plans to shine a new light on the life and love of Gwanghae, who loved Jung-yi but had to let her go because of his position.

Kim Bum plays Kim Tae-do, who’s described as a Mr. Perfect. He’s got good looks, exceptional martial arts skills, and a kind, gentle personality to boot. What, no genius or scarred past to add to that list? His character is upright and believes in justice above all else, and is “strong against those who are strong, and weak against those who are weak.” Is that just a euphemism for “is shy around the ladies”?

Tae-do and Jung-yi grow up together like siblings, but not, yunno, like that — we’ve had enough of that drama in his last drama. He’ll basically spend his whole life devoted to her, with a sweet pure-hearted love. Why does that description already make me sad for him, like he’s sure to end up with second-lead unrequited love? For once the happily ever after doesn’t sound secure for either of the men in the story, but maybe that’s the point.

What really matters is that Kim Bum’s been cast as a sword-wielding fighter, which means only one thing: Mane. Of. Glory. See ya in July.

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135 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Maria

    I will definitely watch this drama. I love both Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum. Both of them are great actors.

  2. Bummie

    Wooohooooo!!! Bummie here I come 🙂 can’t wait to see you again.

    =cant help but im first hahaha 😛

    • 2.1 Bummie

      lol 2nd i was late hehehe

  3. Peeps

    Heh heh,maybe he’ll teach her how to do pottery.

    • 3.1 JJie

      lol i see what you did there.

    • 3.2 kakashi

      lol. indeed.

    • 3.3 JoAnne

      Looks like we were all thinking about that, LOL

    • 3.4 maria

      A + reference. solid

    • 3.5 redfox

      twas my first thought yes – “Hmm does he have a thing about pottery?” haha coincidence

    • 3.6 pogo


    • 3.7 Momoi

      lol first thought that popped into my mind.

    • 3.8 eternalfive

      XD Heh.

  4. aX

    I find him overrated but sure. Hoping the main lead actor is worthwhile!

    • 4.1 KDaddict

      I find Her overrated but sure. Will watch just for him, or at least the parts that have him. 🙂

      • 4.1.1 crazyfansdon'tflamemethisismyopinion

        MGY is hit or miss for me. Sometimes I adore her, but her last few releases have been misses in my opinion, and tbh I found Painter in the Wind boring.

      • 4.1.2 lalala

        I find YOU overrated but sure. Hoping they have great chemistry and u will like her as much as u like him

      • 4.1.3 Guest

        LOL typical fan behavior

        A: I find him overrated
        B: Oh please, I find her (your bias) even more overrated.

    • 4.2 SD

      hehe really? i actually believe the otherwise; i find him underrated. i’ve always had this firm belief that he can do so much more, but he’s usually being offered mediocre roles, save for the lee kook soo role in PP. i think this would be a wonderful opportunity for him to show his acting chops.

      • 4.2.1 eny

        agree with you i never see him in special role just simple role, i see MGY is really good in cinderella’s step sister

        • TS

          Maybe he likes it like that?

      • 4.2.2 redfox

        I totally find him underrated! he has become really good lately, maybe a bit hyper-passionate but that is his “kink” and his charm I think. he gives me a feeling of a cheerful melancholic romantic, I dunnow. like laughing through sadness, like pierrot? anyway, I like him and cheer him on.

    • 4.3 JJie

      That’s what I thought of him when watching BOF….but then warmed up to him in Woman Who Still Wants to Marry…and then really like him as an actor in Padam Padam.

  5. rfrasur

    Kim Bum with sageuk hair? Um…I’m not sure my eyes can handle the beauty, but what a way to go blind.

    • 5.1 kakashi

      well, he will have to get rid of the RED hair, that’s for sure! hahaa

    • 5.2 D

      can it be white?

      i always picture him as Legolas

      • 5.2.1 weenhiecookies

        haha.. but i already saw him having a white hair in the woman who still wants to marry… he’s good with it haha!

    • 5.3 Cheryl

      Hee! If it has to happen, it should happen when you’re in a good mood and grinning, right? ;D

  6. sorcy79au

    As soon as you mentioned “sageuk” I had “MANE OF GLORY” going through my head.

    I hope he doesn’t go ultra skinny like he did in that show where he was an angel, I didn’t like his look there…

  7. maldita

    YES! I’m soooooo ready for his Mane of Glory. He really does justice to the sageuk hair.

  8. mehkko

    I love sageuk, but there usually too long! 32 is manageable and I like the actors and premise. What’s to say no to?

    • 8.1 mehkko


  9. kumi

    I’m in love with beautiful Korean celadon! Will watch for sure.

  10. 10 Danna

    YAY!!! mane of glory it is!!

  11. 11 snow_white

    I’ve got a reason to watch this drama…..hopefully he will get his happily-ever-after…

  12. 12 goldeng

    yaaay we already had a glimpse of the mane of glory in padam, Padam… and I loved it *—* but waaait, who’s the male lead?? I hope its him because if hes the second lead who ends up forever alone i’m gonna cut someone…

    • 12.1 redfox

      I do hope he is the lead this time and not someones best friend again. that would just feel like a curse.

      would make me pull my hair.

  13. 13 Kay

    well we know who is going to be the prettier one of the two, and no i dont mean MGY loll haha i kid.

    Something about MGY just creeps me out, I’ve never really been able to tolerate her on screen. I know its mean and superficial of me but i must not be the only one out there who is creeped out by her eyes.

    • 13.1 Jo

      because when she was younger she had a sort of lazy eye which made her look cross eyed sometimes..but she sort of got it fixed now. 🙂

    • 13.2 KDaddict

      No, you are not the only one.

      • 13.2.1 Midori

        I thought I was imagining things. The lazy eye was obvious in CA.

      • 13.2.2 TS


    • 13.3 Kiara

      I hate to pick on people for things like that but most of the K-actors have lazy eye.

      • 13.3.1 KDaddict

        Most k-actors have lazy eye? Really? Can’t be. I know Seo In Guk does. Bae Yong Joon too. Who else? It doesn’t matter if it isn’t distracting. It’s only a problem if in close-ups, we see their asymmetric eyes before/more than we see anything else. I don’t think it is picking on them, since the first order of business for an actor is to have an attractive appearance, no?

        • Crystal

          KDaddict, I’ve notice that u’re always making shallow and baseless comments against MGY. Pls be more gracious.

          • KDaddict

            In 13.1, I said: “No, you r not the only one”.
            In 13.3.1, I responded to the previous comment regarding “Most K-actors have lazy eye”. I don’t think Most of them do, cos it’d be distracting.

        • Faye

          . . .”since the first order of business for an actor is to have an attractive appearance, no?”

          And here I thought it was for them to, you know, *act* well.

          That’s one thing British, French, and other dramas have over American and Korean acting — the emphasis is on professionally trained actors, and looks come second. I’d much rather see people who don’t look like goddesses but actually know how to act convincingly than see what looks like a bunch of mannequins (complete with immobile faces) recite dialogue unconvincingly.

          There’s nothing that says actors can’t be attractive and good at what they do, but the idea that an actor’s primary responsibility is to look beautiful is interesting, to say the least.

          • Shiku

            Second this!!!!

          • KDaddict

            It is always a problem when a quote or an idea is taken out of context. I was responding to Kiara who said that Most K-actors have lazy eye: I think that can’t be bcos looks r very impt in the K-ent industry, no?

          • KDaddict

            As a viewer, one has to be pretty idiotic to think that only looks matter. I made the same argument you r making a few days ago to sb else who said they only watched leads who r “drop-dead gorgeous”.
            As an observer of the K-ent industry, one also has to be pretty idiotic to not know that it’s looks that get them in the door, before they get a chance to horn their acting skills.
            It’s obvious that the biggest stars r those who r both good-looking and acting power-houses.
            When you cut sb’s post,it’s easy to misunderstand n take the argument on a tangent.

          • TS

            Not interesting per se, just different cultural outlooks. I agree: I love British and French acting. But I often don’t find them pretty. That’s okay, because presence trumps pretty. In K-drama and American drama, it seems to be the prettiness that matters most, though there’s also good acting.

            I don’t mind the prettiness mattering more: I started on K dramas because I wanted to see pretty people wearing pretty things in pretty places. (And because i wanted to see Kim Nam Gil, of course.)

          • aissmae

            even if mgy’s eyes sometime look like cross eyed she is still PRETTY NO MATTER what angle she do :)))

          • Cheryl

            Exactly! An actor’s/actress’s job is to *act*, not look pretty. That’s what models are paid to do. American Steve Buscemi isn’t conventionally attractive but he’s a very good actor and has done well for himself.

            The non-American actors I’m most familiar with are British, and they wipe the floor with their American counterparts (as a rule).

          • redfox

            I don´t understand KDaddicts´ posts. Can someone put them into decent writing or translate them? all I see is “r -r-r-r-r!” is she a zombie?

        • Tired of anti fans

          Still you? Fans of PSH make what here haha always criticized MGY, wow I am speechless, if you do not like(love) him or the others do not come to leave your ridiculous messages because you would not like that we speak about your préferés actors like that? You agree?

        • Kiara

          I guess I should have said its common? Some more obvious than others.

          • TS

            Eh, doesn’t matter. It looks like a personal fight between commenters now.

            I’d better leave this thread and go work or something.

    • 13.4 cherygel

      It is completement rotted your comment!!! Why would not we do can multiple etre? MGY is so talented and only a single life to express them. Bravo has those who reach in spite of cynics in your kind there!! An advice(council) my guy: listening and appreciates(estimates) and you the ramene not too much!! I like very much!!

    • 13.5 Kirin

      I actually liked that about her. I find it more unnerving when people’s faces are too perfectly beautiful. Her cross-eye made her feel human-looking.

      • 13.5.1 Kirin

        Wow… I just now scrolled down and saw the unfolding argument. Who knew a little comment on her eye would blow up into something like this?

        That aside, I’ve always liked Moon Geun Young. A lot of actresses in dramas tend to try and act cute, and it comes off as superficial and awkward on screen. But Moon Geun Young always made her acting look natural. Her heroines always felt like normal people and that is something rare to see. l look forward to watching this drama, for her and Kim Bum. Whether they are overrated or underrated, I don’t doubt their acting. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a talented writer and excellent director.

  14. 14 kdramapedia

    YAY!!!!!! I’m so happy!

    32 episodes, though? I so don’t have an attention span that long! But if it’s Kim Bum, I can make myself do it. I’ll think of it as the first 100 days of our relationship, hehe

  15. 15 Hibz

    Omo I’m happy what a great news at morning

  16. 16 mj

    best news of the week I loveeee him and god do I love mane of glory hair =))))

  17. 17 aisxiah

    Good news! Love to see the chemistry between Geun young nad Bummie ^^

  18. 18 jubilantia

    Huzzah Mane of Glory! Hopefully the story isn’t too tragic. Unfortunately, his warrior character sounds one-dimensional in the way that makes me want Sung Joon’s Gon characteristics to be there.

    One can hope.

  19. 19 bebe swtz

    This drama already had my attention with Moon Geun Young….but now that Kim Bum + Mane of Glory is also attached to it…..where’s the popcorn???? n.n

  20. 20 Fun-Lugha

    Now only Jung Il Woo needs a set comeback and we’d have ourselves a year choke-full of those 3 flower boy friends!

    • 20.1 kdramapedia


    • 20.2 modest-goddess

      YES please, I miss Jung Il Woo

    • 20.3 Mar


      Yeah, so I am still hoping for a cross country on the run buddie drama with JIW, LMH and KB.

  21. 21 Alicia

    I don`t care about Moon Geun Young, Lee Sang Yoon or Kim Bum (maybe a bit). The biggest reason I would watch this 32-episode drama would be Lee Kwang Soo. Lee Kwang Soo is in, so I m watching it! They better give Kwang Soo a really really important part!

    • 21.1 sara

      If i’m not mistaken LKS will be the king’s brother. so basically, he’s the prince! our Asian prince is back…haha

      • 21.1.1 Kiara

        Nice because I’m getting tired of seeing him being typed cast as comic relief in sageuk. I was hoping he’d play a really bad dude for once lol.

      • 21.1.2 Alicia

        yay! LKS in a villain role! Probably the first time I ll be rooting for a villain wholeheartedly lol!

    • 21.2 TS

      Ooh, I did not know this! I’ll try it now (was only going to use it as filler before).

  22. 22 ava

    I’m all in! =)

  23. 23 Auntie Mame

    Hmmmm . . . Wasn’t he a potter in BoF?

    • 23.1 xianzhongfan

      Yes he was, and he was also in love with a fellow potter! And then a potter-wannabe fell in love with him… Gosh.

    • 23.2 D

      yes he was but i dun remember him doing anything pottery at all.. but then i did fast fwd a lot..

      • 23.2.1 Mar

        To be fair, artistic expertise at pottery is not something you can fake easily so it was one of the smart things that the director did, not spend too much time with him making stuff. There was one scene I think where he instructed his past love or something at the wheel. Hard to fake wheel expertise so I tried not to look lol.

  24. 24 MiNI

    Will there be a happy ending, love-wise, in this drama? q.q

  25. 25 mysterious

    I’m so happy he confirmed the role. But if he isn’t the main hero/love interest, isn’t he just relegated to second-man-lead AGAIN?! How come? When will he get to be the main hero?! We all know he deserves it!

  26. 26 terry bell

    YAY!!! Moonie and Bummie…. Yayayayyayayay!

  27. 27 Crystal

    There are some really anti-MGY here…. 🙁 If u dun like her, pls dun post anything here. It’s unsavory to attack another person’s appearance. At least she’s a naturally pleasant girl.

    • 27.1 Kiara

      I dont think they are antis to be honest. Some people have different opinions of her. They have a right to post their opinions here just as much as those who love her.
      I for one loved her in her first sageuk and I’m glad to see her back doing another sageuk because I did not like any of her modern dramas.

      • 27.1.1 Crystal

        I understand. But there gotta to be some online equitte. I think it’s shallow to keep on slamming about others’ appearance.

  28. 28 djes

    she’s so lucky to be loved by Lee Sangyoon AND Kim Bum….

    • 28.1 SaRa

      No.they are so lucky to act with her ^^”

      • 28.1.1 liera

        I am second to that.

      • 28.1.2 terry bell

        I third to that!

      • 28.1.3 pogo

        I fourth that!

  29. 29 hapacalgirl

    I wish him luck and he is long overdue for his first foray into the genre. He’s decently talented but saeguks are a whole other ball game and love her or hate her ( I personally love her) Moon Geun Young is one of the best if not the best saeguk actress of their age group ( don’t believe me, watch painter in the wind) so he may sink or swim based on his abilities. Also lee Sang Yoon is a more than capable saeguk actor, so I actually don’t mind him getting top billing over Kim Bum but at the same time I have a hard time imagining him with MGY in the romantic sense.

    • 29.1 Kiara

      Lee Sang Yoon is more than capable to be the lead on a sageuk over Kim Bum. I watchedTthe Duo for Chun Jung Myung but was more impressed with Lee Sang Yoon instead.
      I agree about Kim Bum being decently talented. I just hope that this sageuk will expose his strength and not the other way around.

  30. 30 feisty_gal

    I won’t waste my time and energy slamming all those anti-MGY fans because I think they are more cross-eyed than her. Until they have resources to fix their own cross-eyed thoughts and what have you, let’s be gracious and tolerate their small minded views.

    Now that our moonie is back in action, let us turn our attention to her and leave those haters alone to wallow in their own mud.

    • 30.1 ilovekimchi

      Feisty indeed and couldn’t have said it any better! Moonie’s back, am in for the whole ride! I hope they’ll recap this 😉

      • 30.1.1 Crystal

        Ya…u’re right. It’s really a waste of time & energy slamming all those ungracious anti-MGY fans. It’s juz that very fed up with those people…if they’re so beautiful or have great acting skills, why dun they themselves go & act…

  31. 31 george

    Hands and feet up for this one for me.Even if it’s only for Moon Geun Young.If Lee Kwang Soo is in it as well then it’s a bonus.Yayyy!

  32. 32 biankoy

    awww I’m already bleeding tears for my bummie 🙁 I hope their chemistry would emit loads of heat so that the story would change (ala Kim Namgil in Queen Seondeok–but without that nasty and bloody death) anyway Mane of Glory. SQUEEEEEEEE

  33. 33 mafilee

    Bummie y must be second lead again..u shud be the lead..oh gosh y bummie y..

  34. 34 Tired of anti fans

    Hope rather than he has the cotelettes to act with MGY, one say in passing the gossips are to hide always everywhere behind their screen, I think rather that you should recover the view before judging the physical appearance of a person and in my opinion MGY is even more beautiful than you ^^

  35. 35 Faye

    Hopefully KB gets his potter this time :)! This sounds interesting, but 32 eps is long for a weekday drama, no? I wonder why they made it so long. Hopefully they have actual content and not just filler in the middle. I’ll definitely give it a try!

  36. 36 Mystisith

    “…exceptional martial arts skills”
    *sigh* Why, drama, WHY? Unless one of his fans can confirm that he is indeed practicing a martial art in RL (or has a natural ability), I already know I will cringe at the man-battle scenes… #ActionSchoolStuntmenToTheRescue!
    The description of KB’s character is as standard as it can be. I would have liked a scholar a la QIHM… That’s really a shame cause I like him as an actor and I pretty much like the premise of the story. On the other hand, I believe the female character has potential: A real “leading” lady. Guess who’s going to have clay pots smashed on his head? 😉

    • 36.1 Kiara

      Lee Jun-ki is the only actor I know that can play the ” “…exceptional martial arts skills” convincingly without any body doubles.
      Kim Bum has very little time to prepare here so I do not know what to expect.

    • 36.2 Mar

      Well, let’s hope he’s got fight scene talent not yet displayed in his previous roles.

      or maybe they will go the way of his BOF character, haha. In the scene where the guys rescue Gu Jun Pyo and JanDi in the warehouse, Woo Bin and Yoon-Ji-hoo were fighting the baddies, but So Yi-jung saunters in, hands in pockets, and simply kicks his baddie. That cracked me up.

      Maybe he can just smile at his opponents and run his thumb across his bottom lip. Cause we all know that smile is a pretty potent weapon.

      • 36.2.1 Kiara

        “Maybe he can just smile at his opponents and run his thumb across his bottom lip. Cause we all know that smile is a pretty potent weapon.”

        Funny but that is his secret weapon, his charm and that smile lol. It may work if this was a comedy but a sageuk can be very demanding on the physical body and there is only so much you can hide with a body double.

    • 36.3 pogo

      On the other hand, I believe the female character has potential: A real “leading” lady.

      yeah, that doesn’t happen too often in kdramas – usually, we’re lucky if the hero and heroine share equal weightage, forget about her actually being the focus of the story.

      For all its faults, I think BOF did an ok job of splitting importance between its leads/not weighing it TOO heavily on the boy’s side, but I look forward to a show with a woman at the heart of it.

  37. 37 aoiaheen

    I loved the fight scenes in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. Especially the last fight scene between Yeo Un and Chun. Every thing was so amazing and I hope I get to see some of the same style in this drama as well.

    I don’t doubt Kim Bum can play the character well. And MGY is amazing in whatever she’s in so this is on my must-watch list.

  38. 38 rheina07

    why it has to be 32 eps!

    but kim bum for 32 hours – who could resist!

  39. 39 Mar

    Sigh. Sounds like the character is totally friend zoned-so NOT the male lead? Well, boo.

    Why do actors I really like get cast in shows I have zero interest in?


    I’m thinking not so much time for Kim Bum to grow out a mane of glory, which is a cryin all night shame.

    All that whining aside, I hope he has a great experience and the show does well because he’s just awesome. I can never get enough of him.

  40. 40 z

    I like both MGY and Kim Bum but I don’tseen to be able to get into Saeguks. I might give it a go because I gel in love with Bummie’s Mane of Mystery(?) in Padam Padam so a Mane of Glory is going to be just that much more awesome, right?

  41. 41 pogo

    I wanted him to be first lead in something, but I am shallow and will settle for Mane of Glory.

  42. 42 colleen

    “Mane Of Glory” should be a required sageuk look for these handsome guys. And in case the drama turns out to be boring, simply gaze upon their awesome good looks…-sigh-

  43. 43 dtp_jnr

    MGY and LSY would make some kind of awkward looking couple…….MGY may be of the right age but her face looks like it’s stuck in a bad version of her childhood face hence they would look awkward as a couple….with KB it would be more believable as he has a baby face but with LSY it would look like an uncle-niece relationship……

  44. 44 meryl

    I want just to see MGY and LKS, the rest I me in madman!

  45. 45 tintin

    Kim Bum ? errrrrghhh I wanted an other one well, I hope that he can act…

  46. 46 MooFu Baby

    Holy Mane of Glory, this just made my day!! Plus, “Is that just a euphemism for “is shy around the ladies”?” is still making me laugh 😀 Thanks GF for the update, heart Bummie & can’t wait for this!!!

  47. 47 Jacek

    I used to find him overrated but that changed after I watched Padam Padam. He’s matured a lot and his acting looks so much more natural now. You critics should watch him in Padam Padam. You’ll change your mind.

  48. 48 yoz

    ack he is second lead again? don’t think I’ll watch a 32 episode drama for a second lead >__>;;
    i really hope he gets a lead soon. I think he’s one of the better younger actors.

  49. 49 meme

    i’m not really familiar with korean history, but i like how ambiguous the ending is as to who she will end up with (or it could very well end up not having to matter, which is fine by me also). as much as i like kim bum and am excited to learn more about lee sang yoon on screen, i will be watching for moon geun young. some may be unsatisfied with her looks, but she’s completely my cup of tea.

  50. 50 lovedrama

    The appearance of MGY is so cute, I do not understand the others I think need glasses lol and on top of that it does not hurt anyone, so nice and a good heart, go go moonie i love you!

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