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Lee Shi-young and Eom Ki-joon’s murder mystery
by | May 11, 2013 | 26 Comments

Lee Shi-young (Wild Romance) and Eom Ki-joon (The Virus) have a summer horror thriller on the way, and it seems more up my alley as far as horror goes — less chainsaw massacre, more creepy tense murder mystery. The movie is called The Webtoon: Foretold Murder, about a serial killer who copies the murders in a horror webtoon down to every last detail, and the writer who finds herself at the center of the mystery.

Lee Shi-young stars as the popular horror webtoon writer who finds that one day a serial killer has copied her next webtoon murder for murder, before it’s even published. Well that’s creepy. Eom Ki-joon plays the detective on the case, who works with Lee Shi-young to unravel the mystery and find the killer who’s stealing her ideas and using them as a recipe for murder. The movie promises to build a sense of horror and suspense through tension, rather than go for the shock. Sounds great, if they can pull it off.

I don’t know why, but I love copycat murder mysteries. Well, I love murder mysteries to begin with, but the ones where the roadmap exists in a book that the cops then have to follow and puzzle out are extra fun. This one is being helmed by the director of The Red Shoes (the 2005 horror flick starring Kim Hye-soo) and plans to integrate the webtoon’s images into the movie so that the mystery overlaps with the ongoing telling of the story that Lee Shi-young’s character has written. Very cool.

Eom Ki-joon has done his fair share of thrillers, mysteries, and the like (Ghost, The Virus), but Lee Shi-young tends to stay in rom-com-land for the most part, despite her real-life badassery (I’m pretty sure Poseidon doesn’t count, or is better off forgotten). It’ll be good to see her branching out to darker stuff.

The Webtoon hits theaters in June.

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26 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thank you for the news! Off to read…

  2. Orion

    Lover her, don’t really like him. But she’s a girl-crush of mine so I have to watch it. It sounds very interesting too.

    • 2.1 houstontwin

      I really like both of them. She has a lot of charm and he has wonderful intensity.

      • 2.1.1 Orion

        I must have somehow gotten bad first impressions (The Virus…) so he actually makes me bored. Watching ‘Hero’ (MBC) right now and I can’t say my mind is changing. But movies are a whole other world, so maybe he’ll pleasantly surprise me.

  3. Mystisith

    Nice concept: Fusion of movie and webtoon.
    Not a hardcore fan of any of the leads but I love mysteries.

  4. Dewo

    It’s my cup of tea. I hope they play it in my country soon after June.
    Currently watching Wild Romance and I like Lee shi young

  5. smile134

    Wow, thanks for this news! I love both of them separately, but never imagine them as co-stars. The concept story sounds good. It reminds me of a killer’s story in Sign (the killer copied murder idea from his own online game).

  6. themugen

    Awesome. Love her.

  7. Gala

    Love lee Shi young. I’d give anything to see a sequel to descendants of hong Gil dong with her in action as the robber wife.

    • 7.1 Orion

      I was so looking forward to seeing that in the closure, but they didn’t give us the pleasure. Can you imagine someone as neurotic as this character trying to get things done inconspicuously? With the husband losing it and getting high blood pressure from having to chase her around and contain her? Oh man, I’d also give anything to see that. Ahahaha.

      But really, what a cool lady. She always picks such interesting works.

      • 7.1.1 Gala

        Yah, the poster was deceiving. I really thought shed be part of an operation even at the end. She’s the complete opposite of the mom who’s so calm, cool and collected. It would be such a hoot to see her and lee bum soo in action as thieves. So much potential.

  8. Hagar

    I love both of them and i like the story so I’ll be watching.

  9. aaannie

    what i twist it’ll be if she ends up being the murderer!

  10. 10 Brenna

    Maybe she’ll have a split personality disorder, so that even she doesn’t realize she is the murderer…

  11. 11 Daisy

    Looks really good! Will keep an eye on this for sure

  12. 12 bebe swtz

    Yes!!! Copy-cat thriller!!!! Love copy-cat mysteries n.n

  13. 13 JB

    It’ll either be good, secret window, or better off forgotten.

  14. 14 Noelle

    This sounds good. I am really gonna keep my eyes open for this. Thanks for the heads up.

    Love them both.

  15. 15 Quiet Thought

    “Shu . . . shu . . . shu . . . I love bokshing, bokshing” . . . Sung recently in Li Shi Young’s honor on Running Man.

  16. 16 snow_white

    Wow..sounds like a perfect murder mystery…..and Eom ki joon as detective….definitely a must watch !!

  17. 17 omaygaah

    YAY! I love UKJ and LSY’s expressions can’t wait to see them both act!!

  18. 18 canxi

    I’ve been waiting for more news on this! Very exciting!

  19. 19 veer

    Ive read a webtoon that sounds exactly the same as this movie plot. the Webtoon Was awesome So Im Looking Forward to This

  20. 20 Aikyung

    I was a big fan of Um Kijoon, and I like Lee Siyoung too (from watching her ‘Poseidon’ work). And I like to see them both staring together, in a thriller!

    OMG i’ve been interested in thriller these days! Getting bored to romantic things, hahaha. But if there’re a romantic scene between Um Kijoon and Lee Siyoung in this movie i’ll support it. But I don’t think that will be that kind of romantic since this is a thriller movie :p

    Manhi manhi gidaryo for this movie, aaah june is too long >,<

  21. 21 Rovi

    Wait, so which one comes first, this film or the Incheon games?

  22. 22 the68monkey

    I was intrigued with Eom Ki-joon when “The Virus” first aired, but quickly grew bored with his overblown acting due to the bad script he was given (and don’t get me started on about Lee Ki-woo! <3 ). I usually enjoy these types of thrillers, so will hope for the best with this new film project.

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