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Name That Drama: Non-K-drama edition
by | May 2, 2013 | 97 Comments

Most of the Name That Drama entries have been Korean dramas (or thought to be Korean dramas — looks like quite a number of other Asian dramas have slipped through the ol’ memory cracks!) because, well, we know those best and that’s where we’re most helpful. But I think the ‘Beaniehood is pretty well-versed in all sorts of international dramas, so this one is dedicated specifically to all those Japanese, Taiwanese, and other-language shows that have been niggling at your memories. Go to town.

  1. lovelyday knows her entry is a J-drama, but needs help narrowing down the title:

    Hello, I’m trying to find this Japanese drama that probably aired in the early 2000s (not very sure). It’s about this group of female staff in the same department, and their department does all these trivial and miscellaneous tasks such as repairing equipment and moving things around in the company building. Then there’s their head of department (I think) who’s an eccentric man who keeps a cat on his desk, and their department’s office is in a dingy, dark, messy room. Basically their department is looked down upon by the other staff, and the ladies in the department always get into confrontations with another group of female staff (probably from another department that’s more highly regarded). I remember watching them stare at each other from across the corridor. I remember there being a few seasons as well. I hope that’s enough info, thanks for any help!


  2. Rohmah from Indonesia has quite a few drama entries, which sound like they all aired on broadcast TV there. Let’s break ’em down one by one:

    I am super glad that now you have “Name That Drama” section since I am almost killed by this crazy curiosity of not remembering some old drama titles. Well, I have plenty on my list but this time maybe I mention five of them. Thanks in advance.

    The first was Japanese drama. I don’t remember the year but maybe late ’90s or early 2000s. Two guys with the same face, one of them had passed away, the other was son of a rich man and he wasn’t a nice guy. At least he was cold to the girl. He had a mole somewhere on his face. I don’t know the whole story but there was one scene when the guy throwing stones either to a lake or river (I know, that scene is very common in many drama). Just in case any Beanies are from Indonesia, there is one more clue: It was aired on TPI at 6 pm.


  3. And the second…

    Now this one is a Taiwanese drama that aired in the mid 90s. It’s about a happy family with two children, Hui Sin and Chia Sin. Hui Sin was diagnosed with severe leukemia and had to find a donor. Later the birth secret revealed that Hui Sin was the daughter of daddy’s ex-girlfriend.

    Some memorable scenes that I remember: When the birth mother came visiting Hui Sin in the hospital, she called her “nurse.” After she left, Hui Sin told daddy that she did it on purpose. Then, there’s a scene when dad’s wife recalled Hui Sin’s childhood, that she was afraid of thunder and always looked for her whenever it rained hard. Then there’s a scene when Hui Sin fainted while quarreling with the brother. Hui Sin had to break up with her boyfriend, Hui Sin attended an examination. Really, it was a tearjerking drama. It was aired in Indosiar at about 12 or 1 pm. There was even an Indonesian remake for this drama but then again, I forgot the title.


  4. A third one:

    It’s Taiwanese again. There are two women with the same faces, one is a famous actress and the other is an ordinary housewife. The actress died of an accident, and it happened that the housewife was mistaken as the actress. Her husband was a workaholic and didn’t pay much attention to her, then there was another guy who was nice to her. Sometime in the middle of the story the housewife gets pregnant and the nice guy accompanies her to buy baby supplies.


  5. And the last one — yikes, yanking a drama licensed from abroad? That sucks. You figure you paid for it, you could at least air the whole thing.

    The last is Chinese drama (I think) that aired here in the mid 90s. It was in the original year of the drama, maybe older. It was about a remote village woman who loves a guy in the military (at least I remember the guy wore military uniform). Her hair was braided, she wore traditional clothes. It quite gave me an eerie feeling back then, especially the soundtrack, even though I don’t understand any Chinese words. A much older guy loved her too. There was an attempt to run away from home. The girl sent a letter to the guy but the letter didn’t reach him. The guy was hiding somewhere and it was rained hard at night. Sorry the clues are so random. The TV station aired it twice but never gave the viewer a chance to watch till it finished, it cut the drama in the middle, left us hanging in the air up until now.

    Now, I trust you, all beanies around the world to solve these cases. Neomu kamsahamnida.


  6. sml has a much newer selection:

    I watched this Japanese movie within the last two years, so I believe it’s fairly recent. It’s about a young man who goes to work for the government. His job is to inform people that they have one day left to live. In this version of Japan, the people are all vaccinated when they’re kids and a portion of these vaccines are fatal, meaning that when they turn 21-ish, an unknown group of people will immediately die. The idea behind this vaccine is that it will promote a productive society — live to your fullest because you don’t know when you’ll die kind of belief.

    There is one vignette of a young, struggling musician who abandoned his friend for stardom. Once he realizes that he will die, he seeks out his friend and expires during his final performance on a TV show.

    I also remember a female politician who is fiercely in support of the vaccine legislation but her son is something of a recluse. She keeps him in his room so that he doesn’t tarnish her image. Later, we find out that she was originally against the law and wanted to remove her son from the program. The government silenced her by some sort of shock treatment, I think. Towards the end, the son dies dramatically either because of the vaccine or because he was shot (I don’t remember which).

    I believe the movie ends with happy children going to get vaccinated.

    Thanks for the help — not knowing is driving me crazy!


  7. Last but not least, here’s Averie’s:

    I know that typically Name That Dramas are for Korean dramas, but I suddenly remembered this really old drama and I need your and all the readers’ help – flower hairpin tattoo intrigue!

    I wasn’t old enough to be interested in watching it, so it was probably around 10 years ago, but I remember my mom explaining the plot to me and the memory of bonding with my mom in these moments is really poignant so this means a lot to me.

    I’m sure it’s Chinese, probably a mainland C-drama, and took place quite a bit in the past.

    I wouldn’t say it’s historical palace intrigue, but it took place in that period of time when men of rich families could take more than one wife.

    The plot, or what I remember of it, is the first wife switching her daughter at birth because she needed a son or she would lose her position to the second wife. The daughter grew up in a poor family and then meet the switched son of her “fake” mom growing up within the privileged family and fall in love.

    She becomes pregnant, and gets married (?), but her real mom tries to bully her out not knowing that it’s her real daughter. Someone (her mom’s maid?) pushes her down the stairs and she miscarries, but her mom sees the imprint of a flower hairpin that her real mom placed on her as soon as she was born by heating the hairpin, and then her mom becomes nice to try to make it up to her. That’s all I remember, and I really want to re-watch it and find out the ending!


97 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mila

    I don’t know about the others but for number 6, I’m pretty sure the movie is Ikigami, with Matsuda Shota -he’s the guy announcing the deaths-… and the musician story is the first one with Kanai Yuta and Tsukamoto Takashi as its leads =)

    • 1.1 ♪♪ ♥ bu bu jing xin sickness ♥ ♪♪

      Yes, it’s Ikigami (Death Notification) – one of my all-time favorite movies. I especially love the story about the musician and the brother-sister relationship. Truly Memorable and very emotional.. and the theme song – Michishirube is just so right.

      I wanted closure after watching this movie.. and i was hoping for a sequel…needing Matsuda Shota to do something about this evil law without getting caught or brain-washed..

      • 1.1.1 Nutella

        Hi hi~ I just wanted to join in that the movie is actually based on a manga of the same name, spanning some 10 volumes, and was recently completed (it was being serialised in a magazine) somewhere in 2012. So for anyone who wants a more thorough story and closure, you may be interested in having a crack at that ^u^ (just google ikigami manga read online~)

        • Mila

          I second that, the manga really was that good ! The movie was nice too -and the musicians story was my favourite too, probably because I have a soft spot for stories involving musicians in the first place- but the manga was more “complete”. The story was more developped and it felt more thorough -which is understandable since there are 10 volumes against just one movie^^-

          • ♪♪ ♥ bu bu jing xin sickness ♥ ♪♪

            The movie emotionally gets me… I’m sure the manga is even better! Thanks… I will be sure to google and enjoy it with several cups of coffee! ^_~

      • 1.1.2 kyleD

        same here, that is one of my top favorite japanese movies.
        and the song is great – i have that on my ipod.

        i actually thought that open ending was one of its strengths, that hint of what might happen in the future, or maybe not. sometimes its much better to limit it to a few aspects of something rather than the complete events. the movie stayed pretty neutral about judging the laws, it showed positive and negative aspects about it through the characters stories.

        but i was wondering, the title- is that maybe supposed to mean “living god”; written like this: 生き神 ?

        • Vicka

          The title is normally written in kataka (イキガミ). It is supposed to mean “paper of death” and in kanji it is 逝紙 (逝く=to die, 紙=paper).

          • kyleD

            wow thanks, strange combinations of words tend to be hard to figure out, even with dictionaries.

  2. AuntieMame

    #1 is Shomuni (Power Office Girl) Actually, the first season was such a hit that they also made Shomuni 2 & 3.

    • 2.1 KDrama Fan

      I second this:)

    • 2.2 haruka

      That’s right! It’s Shomuni! Ah, such a classic office drama.

    • 2.3 gg

      ah i was going to say that.. Yes it’s Shomuni, one of my favourite Japanese dramas ever!

    • 2.4 byul

      Definitely Power Office Girl!!!!!

    • 2.5 Jenny

      Shomuni! It was a while since I’ve seen it but I was immediately like I know this 🙂

      • 2.5.1 Lilian

        I agree. Out of the entire list, this is the only one I can remember watching and I am 99.9999% sure XD

  3. themugen

    #6 Ikigami, based off the magna Ikigama: The Ultimate Limit.

    • 3.1 themugen


    • 3.2 acejihyo

      thank you. the synopsis actually sounded really interesting, and coupled w/ the fact that it stars matsuda shota makes me tempted to watch.

      • 3.2.1 VB

        I just watched it a little while ago (sadly the link is now dead, I was gonna post it..) But it really is a good plot coupled with great acting, and definitely makes the audience sympathize or at least think what if they themselves were in that situation. I highly recommend it! 😀

        Side note: So this is how it feels when other Beanies recognize a drama. That jolt of OH! I KNOW THAT. I CAN HELP ANOTHER BEANIE! ^O^

        • acejihyo

          i really like dystopia-esque plots (also um, how could you say no to shota really) so i’m definitely queuing this on the (long) list of things to watch.

      • 3.2.2 sweetcloud

        I love the manga and Matsuda Shota, I’m definitely adding this to my must watch:D

    • 3.3 sml

      Hi, it’s #6–thanks for all your help. I can rest well knowing which movie it is! though depressing, it’s a very solid film!

  4. annnsow

    #2 Yasha? not sure…
    #Ikigami~ didn’t know there was a movie version lol. I just recognized the story from the manga.

    • 4.1 Toya

      In Yasha his twin is still alive and the villain in the story, no? And I don’t remember any lake scene.

  5. rui

    #7 is “梅花烙” by Qiong Yao 琼瑶…
    no idea what the drama’s name in English is…maybe Plum Blossom Scar??? XD

    This is the opening theme song~

    and the closing theme song

    • 5.1 Hugepuffball

      Man, I knew Qiong Yao did a lot of romance/dramas, but it seems that he just about wrote EVERYTHING (as far as successful mainland dramas go).

      • 5.1.1 Amber81

        Btw, Qiong Yao’s a lady… She’s apparently still a powerful producer, just that her dramas are no longer mega hits like back in the 80s.

        Sigh, I just knew that some other Beanies would solve Shomuni and this drama first. No adrenaline high for me actually being able to help solve a mystery, haha.

        So just to satisfy myself, let me add that 梅花烙 was part of a trilogy

        • sotongpok

          haha, one of the first dramas i ever remember watching was 还珠格格 - one of qiong yao’s megahits! this was all before k-dramas came along, of course. xD

          man, watching those theme song videos brought back memories…

          • ck1Oz

            Okay now I remember bits and pieces when I first saw a few episodes. There were no subs and I couldn’t understand.

            Just that there were lots and lots of long crying scenes in those dramas. Can anyone tell me the ending? I was a child then and all I remember was that it was full of histrionics. Didn’t know about makjang back then.

            Thank you.

          • Littlelovebee

            I loved that song! If I remember correctly *spoiler alert*

            They finally figure out their true identity but because he was royalty the punishment was death… But I think that the mom was able to save him but the girl decided to kill herself and didn’t know that he was going to be saved. It was very Romeo and Juliet and I remember there was a lot of tears… I may be mistaken though. HOWEVER, the series was a reincarnation series so they kept going through different lifetimes trying to get back together.

    • 5.2 pigtookie

      Ahhh~ I recognized #7 but didn’t remember the exact name myself besides plum blossom. I don’t have much memories of it but thought it wasn’t bad.

      • 5.2.1 rui


        i did a search, and the ending was kinda tragic.
        the main guy was on death row for some reason, and the female lead thought he is to die for sure, so she made a pact to join him in the afterlife.

        then the princess (second female lead) went to plead with the emperor at the very last minute and the main guy was spared.

        however the female lead has already committed suicide. too late~

        here’s the ending few minutes i found on YT.

        • ck1Oz

          Thank you both of you for the ending.

          Okay am now a really traumatized ex-little girl.
          I am SO GLAD I didn’t finish the story.

          The adult me can take this kind of stupid ending better.

          🙁 I think.

    • 5.3 Littlelovebee

      #7 is totally the flower tattoo – same dama but that’s the title that it was given when I watched it.


    • 5.4 Maister

      Haha nice! I thought of this drama too! Except I watched it dubbed and so they changed the title of the drama too. Glad to finally know the real title… Even after all these years.

  6. Linzer

    6 is Ikigami with Matsuda Shots I think.

  7. Melisande

    #7 is maybe The Switch (tou long zhuan feng). I haven’t watched it myself though, only had an encounter with its synopsis.

    • 7.1 Toya

      See I am not the only one that thought so!

  8. katey

    pretty sure no 7 is mei hua lao.. based on a novel by Qiong Yao, but it’s not from mainland china though, it’s a Taiwanese drama. those melodramas from novels by the same authors were really popular..

  9. snow_white

    I watch only kdramas..so can’t help for either of the hints :-I

  10. 10 latteholic

    I’m sure I remember seeing all those dramas that Rohmah mentioned, but I really couldn’t remember the titles. I think the title of most dramas at that time were translated into Indonesian. Now I’m also crazy curious about them!

    • 10.1 eny

      i don’t remember about rohmah, TPI isn’t popular tv station in Indonesia

  11. 11 Daisy

    Most of the Chinese dramas are too old for me to identify :/

  12. 12 angelo

    eyyy, im here for Kdramas!! these can be found at another those public forums such as d-addicts where people are well-versed in the other shows since not a lot of them visit this site…

    • 12.1 ck1Oz

      They don’t answer as much for d-addicts and it might take forever.Besides it’s clearly written today it’s not for K dramas.You could have skipped this article.

      Restricting your sites or dramas skews your enjoyment of enjoying different perspectives of life and acting to one country.

    • 12.2 sotongpok

      “not a lot of them visit this site” – i have to disagree with that. i grew up watching chinese period dramas and random taiwanese hits like meteor garden, as well as the local dramas made where i live. my fond memories of those dramas don’t restrict me from enjoying k-dramas, and i still do enjoy the occasional well-made dramas from those countries.

      i’m sure there are many beanies who enjoy other countries’ dramas as well – as evidenced by the number of non-korean drama submissions javabeans gets for this feature. i’d suggest you try watching one or two (:

    • 12.3 UGH

      speak for yourself br0.


    • 12.4 MsB

      I’m a drama addict not just a Kdrama addict! Amazing! The article specifically said Non-K-drama edition. Next time, just keep moving!

    • 12.5 Jessica

      Yeah, like others have said, this post clearly says it’s not about k-dramas.

      And reading around the comments, most of us here watch dramas from multiple countries. We just like to enjoy good, fun entertainment and don’t care where it’s from.

  13. 13 KimYoonmi

    I know number 1: Shomuni


    3 seasons of it.

    Stars: Esumi Makiko as Tsuboi Chinatsu
    Kyono Kotomi as Tsukuhara Sawako
    Sakurai Atsuko as Miyashita Kana
    Hosho Mai as Maruhashi Ume
    Toda Naho as Sugita Misono
    Takahashi Yumiko as Himukai Rie
    Toda Keiko as Tokunaga Azusa

    • 13.1 KimYoonmi

      Also, a tip, but sometimes you can triangulate dramas by faces you remember through dramawiki or Asian wiki.


      When I can’t remember a drama, but can vaguely remember an actor being in it, I use both to triangulate what it could be. They sort by year, genre actor, channel and category. Often you can find it online that way.

    • 13.2 KimYoonmi

      3. There are only 2 dramas I could find that fit it. Either Family Harmony or Tong Flowers Love. I did a Google search and it turns out Hui Xin (the Taiwanese Mandarin version of the name) is not that common. Only 2 dramas popped up.

      I’m guessing, though, it’s more likely Family Harmony.

      • 13.2.1 Lovedramas

        I am pretty sure I have seen #3. I don’t think it’s either one of these two dramas.

  14. 14 Kay

    #7 – The Tattooed Flower (1994) – Taiwanese Drama
    Haven’t watched it lol but heres the info:

  15. 15 Egg

    Hey Everyone,

    I have a Chinese drama I’ve been trying to find the name of. I’m not sure if it’s mainland Chinese or Taiwanese (I have a feeling it might be the latter). Anyway the story is about these two guys/friends who are in love with the same girl. While they were young, the main guy (who is the suave, smart, and well liked kind of guy character) and the main girl are in love and together. The second guy is the dorky/not as smart friend character who kinda admires from afar. I think the main guy ends up going to army and asks the guy friend to take care of his girl. The main guys ends up MIA and is presumed dead. The second guy then steps up to take care of the girl who happens to be pregnant with the main guy’s son. The guy friend and main girl end up married and flash forward about 20 years the guy friend has a successful bicycle (maybe bicycle repair?) company. They also have at least 2 kids, I think one boy and one girl (not including the main guy’s son who they raise as their own) together. Drama ensues when the main guy ends up alive and comes back. Multiple episodes deal with this complex relationship and the additional whammy that the main girl is diagnosed with a brain tumor. There are also some side plots dealing with the kids and their troubles (Either the oldest or the youngest one may have ended up dying from an accident or something).

    The last episode I saw of this drama included the ultimatum decided between the 2 guys that if the main girl survives the brain tumor/surgery then the guy friend will let her go and allow her to go back to the main guy. If the brain surgery doesn’t work then the guy friend wants to take care of/be with the main girl for the short time she has left.

    I think that covers it. The drama might be about 10 years old? I think that’s when I saw it broadcast on an Asian channel in the states.

    Please let me know if you can identify this drama!


    • 15.1 ck1Oz

      Hey is this even fairr?It was 20 years and 3 children ago.I hope the woman didn’t let the males just decide her fate.Shesh.

      • 15.1.1 sotongpok

        LOL. i have no idea what it is; i’m just surprised it’s not a k-drama that’s full-on makjang! xD

        some tropes just cut across time…

        • Jessica

          Heehee 🙂 What is it about us (humans) that seem to like these sad things.

          I still remember the old Hong Kong TVB series where EVERYONE dies in the end 🙁

          • skinnymocha

            Do they? Although I do remember the one with Sean Lau where nearly everyone was chucked off the roof.

            Speaking of TVB, I’m rewatching “Blood of Good and Evil” and I’m falling in love with Deric Wan all over again. Seung-gi reminds me ever so slightly of a younger looking Deric – they’ve both even got dimples on the same side of their faces!

    • 15.2 Gaby

      Egg’s drama description is pretty interesting! Someone please tell the title I want to find the drama thanks <3

  16. 16 Kimmi

    maybe it to much work and i’ll understand but it be great if someone either post a first comment of all the right answer once its figure out or maybe update the post. On some of the “name that drama” page its get hard to keep up with what answer is since there a lot of different guess and so on. Maybe I am lazy lol or dumb but I have the hardest time trying to figure out what the answer is trying to scroll through all the comments. X__X

  17. 17 Eda

    Dear lovelyday,i think the j-drama u’re looking for is Shomuni…
    Sorry guys,i hv no clue about the other dramas…

  18. 18 hanie

    Finally..some dorama that I’m familiar with and can totally guess right away… kekekeke..

    Like everyone had guess, #1 is Power office girl/shomuni. I remembered crushing over Makiko and watched all 3 seasons.

    #6 is Ikigami with my fave Matsudo Shota in it.

  19. 19 Joy

    #2 sounds a lot like the Japanese version of That Winter The Wind Blows. I forgot the name of it though.

    • 19.1 Joy

      Oh wait never mind LOL. I thought it said two guys with the same name not the same face. Never mind! ^~^

  20. 20 shepo

    OK, i’m not going to help. I WANT TO ASK TO.

    i think this is TAIWANESE/HONGKONG DRAMA. it’s about a RETARDED MAN, named FENG MAU/FE MAU. He’s fat, everybody loves to mock him (but somehow i think he’s cute).

    But, there was A BEAUTIFUL GIRL who sincerely befriend with him. I thought that FENG MAU/FE MAU would end up with her, but unfortunately THE GIRL MET ANOTHER MAN. He’s good to her and FENG MAU/FE MAU.

    In the end, FENG MAU/FE MAU MARRIED with another retarded girl. Their family afraid that they would end up have a retarded baby, but THEY’RE NOT.


    • 20.1 rui

      This should be Forrest Cat / 肥猫正传
      kinda like Forrest Gump XD

      excellent acting by Kent Cheng

      this is part of the 1st episode with the opening song

      found a special on YT

    • 20.2 (:

      Sounds like an old, popular Hongkong drama. Forrest cat aka 肥猫正传(simplified Chinese)

    • 20.3 shepo

      At RUI and 🙂 , thank you for a million times..

  21. 21 Okitat

    Oh god I remember watching 梅花烙 when I was little and Ma Jingtao totally irritated me with all his screaming and yelling (I could see all the veins popping out his side forehead!! Haha). This was a time when I was willing to sit through melodramas (cause elders were watching) and all the abusing and crying in that show was soooo tiring! Can’t believe I used to watch so many of QiongYao 阿姨’s tearjerkers (烟雨蒙蒙anyone? Gesh!). Can’t sit through any now, hehe! But her Huanzhegege remains my all time beloved show though, and cemented my eternal love for ZhaoWei ^_^

    • 21.1 Lovedramas

      Me too!!! I grew up watching these too with my mom. I watched every single one of these. I remember I watched the one with ma Jing Tao and this Hong Kong actress, totally forgot her name, and it was one of those revenge love dramas – period one. I watch the tapes over and over that summer. 雪玽 – xue ke – I watched this one a few times as its one of the early ones that I remember. Qiong Yao was a staple back then with all the crying etc shows.

      梅花烙 I remember that too. Ma Jing Tao the king of overacting back then. I remember it driving me nuts even at that age and I thought it was kinda funny cause he really really over acted a lot. Also the female lead, Chen de rong I think?? She was also over acted. Funny thing is that I remember all of these things. I do admit to watching some of it more than once. 🙂

    • 21.2 Jessica

      I love her original Hua Zhu Ge Ge.

      The new one is just a piece of crap… you know what, there is no new one. It’s something else entirely.

  22. 22 Risu

    Perhaps someone can help me. I watched this drama when I was little a while ago. I am not even sure if this was a Korean drama or Mainland drama dubbed in Canto. I think I watched it around 15+ years ago?

    It’s about a little orphan girl who steals for a living. I think she’s around 5-10 years old when she’s picked up by a rich lady who adopts her and takes the girl to a huge mansion. The rich lady however, is not 100% treating the girl like a real daughter because she’s mean and is just using her for some reason. There’s also a little rich boy that she befriends. I think she grows up and drama ensues with the adoptive mom, rich boy, and more. I think there’s also a birth secret about the little girl thrown in… I seriously can’t remember much. 🙁 Can someone help me? I know it’s super vague.

    • 22.1 rui

      Could it be a Japanese drama?

      I remember an orphan girl who steals in the drama Ie Naki Ko. http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Ie_Naki_Ko

      in Ie Naki Ko 2, she gets involved in some rich family


      • 22.1.1 Risu

        Wow, that does sound similar! But I don’t think it was the one you mentioned. The drama I saw was pretty long. I want to say at least 30-40 episodes? Thank you for replying though. 🙂

        • Toya

          Your description reminds me of a lakorn I watched a while back, but I am not sure if it’s the same one because it’s been a few years and I am a bit fuzzy on the details.

  23. 23 Powerz

    #5 sounds like “The Good Old Days” starring Amy Chan.
    I could be wrong, but she did have braids and her husband did go to the army.

  24. 24 J

    I wanna chime in. This is a super old Taiwanese drama featuring a mute girl as protagonist. She married a handsome man and came to live with him and his overbearing mom. Pretty sure she got bullied a lot by mom-in-law. Then her hubbie had an affair with his ladyboss and abandoned her.

    A scene I vividly remembered is when the mute girl suddenly gained her ability to talk in a taxi. Taxi driver was asking her where to go and suddenly she could mutter the word “Taipei” so she tearfully repeated it over and over again. It was cheesy but quite poignant.

    Anybody had any idea what drama this is?

  25. 25 Jenny

    1 is Shomuni and 6 is Ikigami with Matsuda Shota and Yamada Takayuki.

  26. 26 bananafluff

    Hmmm #5 sounds like something Amy Chan might have been in. Probably “The Good Old Days” (Chinese title 再見艷陽天)?

    • 26.1 creidesca

      I think it’s The Good Old Days too. A Hong Kong drama. One of my all time favorites!

      Intro clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIV6aeE6v4U

      Hehe, another Ma Jing Tao drama, too.

      Also more like 3 guys were in love w/ the lead girl: her husband, her husband’s younger half-brother, and her husband’s soldier friend. The running away involved the other female lead (actress Sheren Teng) though–the one that resembled the husband’s dead college girlfriend.

      • 26.1.1 creidesca

        Can you believe it’s from the same writer as My Date with a Vampire?

    • 26.2 creidesca

      I agree on The Good Old Days. I guess a possible reason why that particular station might not have aired the full drama was that the drama got extended from 60 or 70 episodes to 105. The HK audience wanted the “happy ending” back then.

      The running away wasn’t the lead girl, but the other female lead who was a look-alike to the husband’s dead university girlfriend.

  27. 27 alina

    #1 : Power Office Girls is my favorite J-drama, period! I remember watching it after school when I was 9..Our local tv bring in a lot of J-drama.I remember watching a couple of them but my fav is definitely POG.But when they bring in season 2,they started to dubbed it to Mandarin.Owh!No fun.

  28. 28 rheina07

    For the FIRST time I know one of the drama (or movie) described here!!

    number 6 must be Ikigami!!

  29. 29 MsB

    The drama about the actress and the woman who switch then one dies, I’ve seen that synopsis SOMEWHERE! As I don’t watch a lot of sites, it has to be viki or DF! If I ever see it again, I’ll come back to this article and post the name. But I remember thinking it would be interesting but it was not subbed yet. Curses! My brain is full of dramas I’ve seen not ones I haven’t!

  30. 30 jf

    i am not sure if this is the right forum to ask because the story i am wanting to know the title of is a movie not a drama, is American not Asian…..but i have been wanting to know for the longest time if anyone would know the title. The details i remember was a man named Paul who gets to marry someone else not the woman he loves because I think the woman does not get his call or misses it and it created a misunderstanding. There would be a scene where she runs after him at the airport but she only gets to see the airplane leaving the tarmac. Years later they would meet again, but have to separate again. And then one day a young boy knocks on the woman’s door and simply says ” my dad told me to go to you. or something to that effect”. It seemed that his father, Paul and his mom died in an accident. and that’s how the movie ended. This was probably a 60s movie. Please if it’s familiar, help.

  31. 31 haruchan

    hi everyone i’m also looking for a Japanese movie i couldn’t find it no matter how hard i tried it’s about a woman who’s working at the libary a little bit ugly duckling has no self confidence she met with a handsome salaryman…. many things happened after that but in the end he waited for her on christmas eve at the park, snowy night she run to him and there was a song Tatsuro Yamashita’s Christmas Eve http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGiIe8qxyYE
    pls help me pls i believe it’s a 90’s movie that’s it pls someone help me……….

  32. 32 Rosebread

    Hello, I am looking for this Japanese drama I watched a long time ago, probably in the 90’s or the 2000s. I would really appreciate your help!

    It’s about this woman who is considered ugly and she likes this guy so she does something to her face (I don’t think it is plastic surgery since she can always go back to her old look) so that she won’t look too repulsive or something. Then this guy has a fiancee and the ending of the drama was something like the woman applying lipstick and dragging the guy she likes by the tie or shirt or something and running.

    Sorry that the information is really limited. Really appreciate your help! Thank you!

  33. 33 Thu

    Hello I was wondering if someone could help me find this drama I watched like 10 years ago (I think it’s from the late 90s). I’m not sure if it’s Korean or Chinese/Taiwanese.

    But the storyline that I remember is there’s a love triangle between two men and a woman. There’s a scene where I believe woman/men is almost shot by a gun. The speed/light from the bullet went near her eyes making her blind I think(?). The rest of the drama they are in the hospital for a long period of time. And that’s the only thing I can remember.

    • 33.1 Toya

      If it was based in a hospital, it sounds a little like heaven’s coin, one of the three seasons at least. That was Japanese.

      • 33.1.1 Thu

        Thanks that might be it!

  34. 34 creampuff

    I think I know the last one rohmah is referring to. It should be the TVB series 黄土恩情/Huangtu Enqing. One of my all time favorites with a bittersweet story. Here’s the theme video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDg0MTY0NjU2.html

    • 34.1 creampuff

      Also, the female lead does attempt to run away from home because of an arranged marriage and she falls in love with the male lead, who is a soldier.

  35. 35 bornartsy

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone would know the name of this movie I watched around 10 years ago.

    It’s in anime form, either Chinese or Japanese movie but I watched in Cantonese dub. Its basketball themed about highschoolers and romance. So the main character is this incredible basketball player who moves to a new school, joins the team where everyone see his potential but he has a “hotshot” type of personality. Then he meets a highschool girl that’s close with one of his coaches and starts to show an interest in her. In the end, he finds out she has some kind of chronic illness and has to have a risky surgery for it at the same time as an important basketball tournament. In the end, not sure if he wins the tournament or not, but she ends up fine after the surgery. There is also a few side stories about their group of friends, involving pet dogs that talk, violin lessons, and more romance.

    If anybody has any idea what movie this could be, please let me know. I’ve looked everywhere! Thank you!

  36. 36 Toya

    @ #7

    This sounds like “The Switch” to me. You can find it on Youtube.

    Not sure if the plot was the same but it sounds similar enough except for the pregnant part.

  37. 37 Snow girl


    I am so sorry to be so random, but just checking if anyone knows about a US movie. I saw it on the plane but the plane landed before i get to see the name of the movie. I only remember the girl who was also in suits and she was supposed to receive this guy who is going to NY(?) And they seemed to have this flash mob scene which is supposed to be some kind of marketing tactic (I supposed) Sorry for the vagueness, i don’t actually harbor much hope towards finding it, but if i can, that would be GREAT!:D:D

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