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  1. a_diva

    Yay Open Thread is here. Happy Friday everyone! I’m not sure if I should whine first or discuss my dramas first. Hmmm . . .
    I guess I will rant a bit so I can end on a positive note. I am not as prolific a commenter and/or discusser on this site as many of the regulars, and although I reply to others’ posts here & there on open thread I’ve never bothered to post my own comment. But I feel it’s apropos today b/c it is my last day being able to peruse and hang around like I have done for the longest. I’ve been a reader for years, but for almost two years now I’ve been practically living on this site b/c I had so much free time. I was staying home with my children since summer 2011 after we relocated for my husband’s job. The youngest is 18 months now and I’ve been seriously looking for a job since January with very little luck. My husband and other attorneys I know encouraged me to open my own firm. Two weeks ago I decided to go for it, but I’ve accomplished zilch w/in those two weeks because I’ve gotten totally lazy and unorganized in the almost two years I’ve been home. It’s also difficult to focus on work when the 18 month old is climbing on my desk chair and pulling me into his room to play all day. The only free time I’ve had is the 2 hours during his nap and after 9/10 pm when everyone is down for the night and I’m too beat to do anything. I have to get back into worker mode, and that means going back to my structured life. I’ll be spending naptime, evenings, and weekends working on starting the firm, and once the doors are open I’ll be working to build the business and working for clients. The other time will be household things. That means very little to no drama watching. In the olden days I only allowed myself two hours of tv a week b/c I just did not have time for more. I can only hope that I will have two hours of weekly screen time here on out. That is going to be such a change from now where I watch three to four dramas a week, plus feed my obsession for HGTV. It’s been a fun ride staying home for so long, and I appreciate all the quality time spent with my family (and all of you Beanies), but it’s time to move on. Tomorrow is when it all begins. *sad wave goodbye*
    Now on to what really matters (lol).
    NINE: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. As with even the best dramas, there was some mid-show dragging, but there was no trace of that this week. Episode 16 totally threw me for a loop. *spoiler ahead* I knew there was a possibility evil Choi would figure out that Sun Woo time traveled, but it’s such a far fetched idea for normal people that I doubted he would take it seriously and take steps to confirm it. But he actually got his hands on the incense and used them. I am so anxious for Sun Woo. On one hand I’m sure the writers will figure out a way to save him for now, but I fear this is a drama that could legitimately kill the lead. I mean, just like Jung Woo, he should technically be dead now. The incense (in the current reality) prolonged Jung Woo’s life for twenty plus years but he died too. Sun Woo had to lose him (twice) just like he lost his father (twice). Will we lose Sun Woo now? And why haven’t I still been able to figure out how the effects of the time machine work? I can understand and remember the alternate realities, but it’s like rocket science trying to figure out why some characters can remember things while others can’t and why some characters get the memories of the alternate reality while others don’t. I’d like to give up on trying to figure it out but I am very curious.
    GU FAMILY BOOK: I watched the first two episodes with the recappers and then decided to wait for a while to watch two to three in a row. I really enjoyed the first two episodes and avoided the recaps so I could watch the rest on my own. So far I am pleasantly surprised that Suzy is not nearly as bad as I thought she’d be. BIG was the first drama I’d seen her in, and now I wonder if it was the drama that sucked and not necessarily her. I am also finally on the puppy bandwagon with Lee Seung Gi. I was not a fan of his bang and ponytail in the promos, but he has such an arresting smile that I can see the attraction. I’m not saying he should wear this style in everyday life, but in the context of this sageuk I find him a total cutie.
    Other than these two dramas, I am also watching Hana Yori Dango, the Japanese version of Boys Before Flowers. Dramabeans’ Mystery Drama Theater piqued my interest b/c many of the Beanies commented on how good the Japanese version was compared to the Korean version. It is my first Japanese drama. In fact, it’s my first non-Korean drama. I do think it’s better than the Korean version, except for the actor playing the lead. He’s not bad or anything but I find I liked Lee Minho’s portrayal better. I sort of wish LMH were the lead in the Japanese version and then it’d be perfect!
    Well I’ve written more than enough. So long Beanut Gallery. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Take care of yourselves while I’m away.

    • 1.1 Mystisith

      This is a fantastic news! Nice to see people who are still taking risks in life and who enjoy what they are doing even if it’s hard.
      *Break a leg* for your business adventure and say hello to the family for us.
      Have a nice WE!

    • 1.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      *waves back*

      With good friends, no matter how long you are apart, you find things to talk about when you meet again. Don’t think you are leaving DB. Come back to visit when you have the time, and know you are not alone in KDrama addiction.

    • 1.3 Saturtledaisy

      I wish you good luck with your business! And don’t worry, the dramas won’t run away, they’ll still be there for you to watch when you have the time.

      • 1.3.1 Kiara

        Right, there is always “Name that drama” if you forgot some :).

        Best of luck to you.

    • 1.4 kakashi

      All the best for your business!!! Cool thing.

    • 1.5 MariD

      Good luck!!! It’s always hard to change your routine, but you just need a lil time to adjust.

    • 1.6 myweithisway

      Fighting! We are cheering you on!

    • 1.7 korfan

      Sending good wishes your way. Good luck with everything!

    • 1.8 Carole McDonnell

      Wow, congratulations on starting your firm. Yes, it’s so hard to do stuff with kids around. It’s possible though. Don’t call yourself unorganized, though. Those two years you were just organized in other ways. Adelante!

    • 1.9 Belle3005


    • 1.10 JoAnne

      Good luck to you on this new phase of your life! And you know, of course, there’ll be Beanies to welcome you whenever you come back for a visit!

    • 1.11 katmoo

      Good Luck!!! I wish you the best in your new adventure!

    • 1.12 Laurita

      Lots of success for you in your new job:)

    • 1.13 cherkell

      Opening your own law firm, hm? Care to take on an unemployed litigation paralegal? 😀

      Regardless, congratulations and good luck! Hanging up your own shingle takes diligence and patience, and I’m sure you have both covered in spades. We’ll leave the light on for you. FIGHTING!!

    • 1.14 sur

      all the best for the firm and hope that you get some time to rest and some time to watch dramas 🙂

    • 1.15 Waiting

      Wishing you much success and happiness!! Stop by when you get a chance we’ll leave the light on for you!


    • 1.16 DayDreamer

      Good luck with your firm. It’s too bad you won’t get as much time for dramas but at some point you might even be able to manage it all.

  2. KimYoonmi

    Annyeonghaseyo! Kon’nichiwa! All spoilers are marked.

    This week:
    – Looking forward to Tiny Times. It’s supposed to come out soon. I looked it up. The story is so Winnie’s type of story which just makes me that more excited.

    – Waiting for feedback on the first episode of the Korean drama script I wrote. =P Secondary readers.

    – Researched locations in Seoul for a novel I wrote

    – Still can’t find where Lee Kwang Soo was born. Must be a secret.

    Cultural Note: Korean communication (the cultural part beyond the noonchi) and inflection. (Separate post) I swear, two weeks from now It’ll be around 2 sentences.

    She is WOW

    *sighs* Skip. There is no anchor character to like in this drama making me throw it out. I don’t mind a cast of quirky characters, but making them entirely unlikable, unfunny, and having a long way to go with nothing to anchor makes me feel like a weathervane in a tornado. I’ve never liked the “perfect family that’s secretly broken” from the Japanese, American or any market. So that’s probably another prejudice making me ditch this.


    Nakuna Hara-chan

    Finally got subs, though I should note DC is stealing subs from a subbing group that asked them not to post the subs anywhere. (Politics). You can watch through 10 from that group, if you join and DL. I have to say, as a subber, I’d be pissed off, especially since the warnings were deliberately taken off.

    Other than that, it is as great subbed as I thought it would be.

    WGM– Kwang Hee and Seonhwa only

    I marathoned this for 2 reasons: research for maybe writing Kwang Hee as the younger brother of my character imagined to be played by Kwang Soo…. (They kinda look alike, save for the height. Also have similar natures.) I like my Meta. I may as well entertain myself.

    And to numb myself from Nine.

    That given I can understand why they broke from the show at 8 months–they both said it–it was getting too confusing. Which is wise considering what happened with Andy and Solbi in the first season, where she clearly was upset it lasted as long as it did because it got too confusing and Solbi said she’d never do a show like that again. (Producers seem to have heeded her ever since too) Making it a wise move on Kwang Hee and Seonhwa’s parts since they were friends before the show.

    My notes on Kwang Hee (as he carried himself on the show) were that he’s a sloppy eater, vain, lacks noonchi, is not physically gifted and for some reason reminds me strongly of Sin Joon Ho from Lee Soon Sin…. but isn’t so irritating, despite boasting about his abilities, because he always over estimates it and makes up for it with talking really well and grinning. Also his trickster side and mischievous air is somewhat more amusing that the character of Joon Ho. This is because he does this, all his friends and acquaintances always want to prank him back which makes for an interesting dynamic. He’s also open about his plastic surgery, how much it costs (and boasts about it) is bad at driving and often ends up singing off pitch (which makes no sense to me since he’s in a singing group). The being embarrassed about skin ship in a close relationship is entertaining too. Despite being vain, and a little arrogant, he really doesn’t seem to be covering for insecurities, because when he’s pushed instead of really denying it and pushing harder he downright admits it (Most arrogant people are secretly insecure)–Kwang Hee gets away with his vanity quite a bit. Quirks: Keeps boasting he can cook when he can’t. (He got that from his mom) And touches his “expensive” silicon nose a lot.

    I look forward to seeing if he could fit into my script as a counter balance character (Which would not be a Foil)… though I’ll probably do some twisting here and there. This is more a gage of his abilities. If I put him in, I’d probably capitalize on his mischievous nature, write him as a neat eater (camera and boon will have to stay away from his legs though.) ^.~ and use him to highlight against Kwangsoo’s natural humble nature, which I’m exaggerating for my script.

    Episode 15 left me cold and feeling sour. Mostly disappointed at this show for pulling a few stunts. Mainly the sloppy camera angles, the rough cutting, the rough cinematography, the rough script, and tons of filler in the place of smarter writing. And pontificating. OMG, I hate pontificating. Pontificating kills a lot of heist storylines for me as I fall asleep. And also mysteries. The pages upon pages of what could have happened, but you damn know well that’s not what happened, puts me to sleep. Pontificate, fine, do it in action sequences.

    I want to scream at dramaland to stop using rape for making a guy auto-evil. Not only is rape usually not about sex (as it was shown here), but it’s usually done by acquaintances who are often nice and friendly with the person first. And it’s certainly not about love either. There are usually mind games played before the want of possession. Stranger rapes do happen, but by portraying rape constantly like this, it cheapens what is truly a traumatic experience. Rape is usually confusing. PLEASE don’t use rape to make someone auto-evil. Please. Rape is not a means for character development. It’s not that simple either.

    Episode 16 was better, but I have a really strong noonchi feeling that they rewrote the script and that’s why young HYH is missing for the last few episodes, and also why episode 15 suffered. (The actor was caught drunk driving near his apartment… got driven there, and then decided to park the car himself, drunk, and was caught. –;;)

    They could have made up for it, but I suspect they were behind on the schedule so as Jomo put it, the derp face and as I put it, the filler came in to substitute. (Also long lines about pontification–elew.) Otherwise, I could have gotten some background scenes for really cheap that I think we all want… past HYH’s dealing with his future annoying wife, more background on MY. More SW and MY first timeline scenes. Maybe some background on that annoying mother. (If you want Makjang, then let’s see what JW is losing.) I’d even like some Past SW scenes playing with his older self. But ya know, live shoot and irresponsible actors means nine times behind schedule.

    So here’s to hoping next 2 weeks make our hearts race nine times as fast.

    Take Five
    Doesn’t pass Bechdel and definitely something to watch with your male counterparts. It has action and male characters. It has a relatively strong female character, but she’s most likely to get foiled as she’s playing the detective. The jazz music is pretty amazing. I’ve heard a lot of versions of the song “Take Five” and I really like the creative arrangements put in time to the action. It’s cut beautifully and the action is well done. The “planning” part is also not explained, though they do go over the basic security, keeping the surmising about plans to almost zero, planting some nice red herrings instead through small words an action, making for a tightly scripted show.

    Writing-wise I had to admit I like this better that Tokage, though I like Matsuda Shota a lot. A much tighter script and some decent humor (Like middle-aged thieves). Also some nice questions about morals, without the preaching.

    Tsuma wa, Kunoichi
    I really like this–it’s warming up by the episode, but it works much better late at night when I haven’t watched Nine. You need to pay attention to the screen most of the time, but you get paid off when you do. It’s slow, methodical and a thoughtful watch. I don’t have high hopes for a happy ending though. Altair and Vega are referenced in the drama, as well as in the theme song like the lovers in the drama. (There is an East Asian Myth about them)

    Last Cinderella

    ‘Cause it was discussed last week… and somehow people missed it. But the cheating husband and the friend are some of the funniest parts of the show. I hate cheating a whole bunch, but because of how they played it out, I know that the husband’s unending humor is that he’s not getting any (and he’s going to be punished to the end for this). =P This cleans up the subplot line which I was worried would fracture the story too much.

    He has ED. The friend is trying to cure it for her friend’s sake… But it’s like watching him get kicked down there as she says she’s not doing anything and is trying to use her “expertise” to help out. *dying from laughter* I love twisted punishment. And because she’s spending her nights helping him, she’s not getting any either. Double my love of dark comedy.

    The main love triangle, however, gives the story some heart going for it. Also the thing with the boss leaves me dead curious… why, dude, why?

    Barefoot Friends They are still working out the kinks from a production side, but it was funny.

    Hwasin–They got an upgrade to their set and more budget. I can taste it. They are still playing with format. But this week’s guests are really funny. I was laughing really hard.

    Lee Soon Sin The mother bugs me, so fast forward. The manager also bugs me. So also fast forward. The whining of the actress also bugs me, so fast forward. Hated the grandmother enough to give her my middle finger. (I skip through her heaving and hauling about how everyone around her is ungrateful and she should have died with her perfect son [Who was reincarnated into derp-faced overacting Choi.] How about her?) Wait? That means I didn’t watch most of Episode 15? That’s correct. Mostly went for the romance scenes of the daughters because the side stories are kinda weak for me at this point. (Do the writers have a grasp on older female characters? ’cause they kinda seem lost and spinning wheels. I had a lot of good influence from older women… so really disappointed.)

    I kinda feel like launching into a rant about adoption here. If at any time you feel you will be jealous of your child’s other family, to the point you’re going to take it out on them, no matter who they are, you should not adopt. Period. Also if you do adopt, most psychologists say to not withhold the truth because it will hurt the integrity of the family in the long run. Love isn’t so one dimensional that you should be so greedy anyway.

    No changes in ditch or order. I’m fairly steady with what I like to watch. BTW, Running Man was funny with the eggs. OMG I think I was rolling. Comedy gold.

    • 2.1 KimYoonmi

      Korean culture note: How communication works and Korean inflection

      The thing about Korean communication that most foreign speakers get dead wrong is the inflection, which follows an emotional curve. Emotions dictate the tones, the pitch, the loudness, and the holding of vowel sounds. (Compare this to say, Japanese or Chinese (Mandarin, mostly) and you’ll find that culturally, this is very different.) Daniel Henney admitted that this was the hardest for him to conquer because in the US, men aren’t supposed to change, pitch, tone, loudness and hold vowels–it’s considered girly (from mostly Standard American English). My brother also refuses to do it, even though he knows it’s wrong. (This is one way to pick up someone is not native Korean)

      This means that in order to prove anything, you have to have a better emotional base than the person in front of you. A book I read said that arguing in Korean can get ugly, whereas in English, it’s a lot cleaner. English tends to be far more logical and report that if you don’t get the precise word, then your meaning is off. Also, English tends to argue on logical points rather than emotional. Korean doesn’t do that.

      Korean is also highly contextual. This means that the meaning of words are much more clear in context than they are in English, where the meaning of words tends to be more stable no matter the context. (Look up Imja as an example–from Faith.)

      Combine these two and it’s obvious why you need Noonchi. You need a fair amount of intuition/perception to figure out the true emotional state of the other person. You also need it to figure out all of the other pitfalls, such as what the other person is really saying, what they mean, when to back off, when to press, etc. Noonchi is also not easy for foreigners, who are often pressed into respecting privacy rather than figuring out the other person. (Noonchi can also be scary for foreigners, which is why Koreans can seem blunt–because out of the blue this ajoomma might come to you and say something that’s true and stings because it wasn’t honey-coated) Noonchi can also seem to invade privacy quite a bit. (I turn off mine when I’m in the US, which makes me seem slow by US standards…)

      Tact, however, does exist. (You can see this particularly in Lee Soon Sin, where Joon Ho has tact, but no noonchi, so confronts his ex-girlfriend without proof and starts a tirade.) This is mostly done through avoidance tactics. If you want to block knowledge, you change the subject at the best time where noonchi won’t flare up. This takes some skill, because you have to work hard to block. (Anyone watch Hwasin last week??) In Standard American English you usually let the person continue, but say less an less as a blocking. In Korea, you change the subject steadily. That said, Korean blunt is like carrying a sledgehammer.

      Koreans are also more physical, but I think you would get that, especially if you watched the Super Junior Full House special where they get English lessons.

      When my suitcase was open both my Korean father and the person I was staying with poked at my suitcase, but didn’t move anything. That never happened in the US. So that’s also what happens in Korean communication too.

      So most communication can go like this:

      Let’s get all of the emotions out in the air–you tell me what they are, I’ll sort which ones are your real ones, and then return to you using my noonchi what I’m feeling based on what you’re feeling and we’ll work it out. I’ll respect your boundaries, if you let me poke you a little.

      Add on top of this respect levels where respect makes you colder. And age levels of respect (humbleness) And I would say this is a pretty good bisection of Korean communication. (I’m guessing that unless you’ve been really slow, you’ve at least picked up some of the respect level stuff–my friend half learning Korean picked it up even though she doesn’t know hangeul or any vocabulary….).

      One book I read a while ago told a story like this.

      An American Guy who didn’t know better bumped into another car. So he got out. The other guy grabbed him by the collar and started cussing him out. (You’ve seen this in dramas). The American then punched him. However, the other guy was really surprised at this, since Koreans are physical and like to fake threaten in the heat of the moment. So, the American ended up in jail for the night and having to call the agency because he’d done assault. Because in the US, you’d think it was self defense. In Korea, it’s not so.

      Another minor story. After a long journey I’m not talking about, I saw these two ajeossi in a bus terminal. They greeted each other like they were angry. Calling each other jerks and then fake punching each other. Then they put their arms around each other. One called the other “Hyeong” and they laughed together. So I figure that part of dramas isn’t fake either.

      Based on this, you can understand how the dialects work. Dialect is called either Saturi (Satoori)사투리 or Pangeop 방업.

      Seoulmal (the dialect of Seoul) tends to sound like rising up a hill and then going a little down and sitting on the other side. The rising up will change on emotional curve. If you want to visualize it, it’s kinda like: Jack and Jill went up the hill to get a pail of water. Then Jack walked down, and Jill sat next to him on the other side. What? They were tired. (You never get to the bottom of the hill) You can best hear this in the Seoul version of “Annyeonghaseyo”)

      Jeolla is like listening to someone roll up and down a rounded top and a rounded bottom. You usually can pick this up from phrases like keundi. (which is usually at the bottom of the hill) for Keunreonde. So up, rounded, down rounded, up rounded, down. The up is higher than Seoul which can sound flat in comparison. (They soften it quite a bit for dramas though. Even talkshows… Yoon Si Yoon softened his for Strong Heart, for example. There are smaller regional differences.) I always get the feeling of a kiddy rollercoaster smooth and relaxing a bit. Example:

      Kyeongsang is like hearing a rising spike. The famous elevator pitch. (It’s like those elevator rides… you rise to the top, anticipate the fall and are let down easy at the very end) If you imagine a sharp mountain with rounded valleys in between it sounds like that. The more upset or emotional you are, the higher your pitch, louder the sound, and inflection. You can occasionally pick it up from Hong Dong in Barefoot Friends who often slips into it when he’s emotional. Yeobeosiyo instead of yeobeoseyo. The ye ending for ne and also yu instead of yo. Also a lot of “no” endings. There is also a primer for it in Answer Me 1997 episode 0, though that’s the Pusan version, which is weaker than most of the surrounding area. (The diluted version.) Gary of Running Man occasionally uses it, but he often ends up in Seoulmal. Also famous for being noisy amoung Seoul saram. Men are said to be silent and women are said to be noisy… Some Seoul people think that it also sounds like Japanese, but it’s not even close because of that elevator pitch. Answer Me 1997 had the most natural examples since the actors were from mostly Pusan. Gyeongbuk Satoori: (part of Kyeongsang) (has subs) Compare to the usual drama version: (on the guy) Jeolla is spoken by the woman.

      Here is four dialects done very well:

      You can hear it is similar to you can hear the spikes.
      I haven’t personally heard enough sample of Cheju or the other areas to get it. But if I did, then I could parse it pretty quickly.

      Jeju I haven’t heard enough of. is an example, though faked. I also noticed that most sentences have a rise in pitch at the end in this example: which feels like an angle, versus a question which rises pretty much straight up. (Must be confusing, since most sentence ends go down). Also Jeju people tend to talk fast. Jeju saturi is probably the hardest for Seoulites to understand. Sounds like a foreign language sometimes. It’s harder to pin without a natural example of one native talking to another. <– has a longer example, but the woman is clearly softening it for the non-speakers. (She also explains the cultural beliefs for why saturi from jeju is like that. <– a rap in Jeju satoori. <– a kid speaking it Poor kid doing it in his underwear though. (You can hear the cadence. Over the hill and surf the wave.)

      Gangwon, Chungbuk are harder to find dialect samples for.

      • 2.1.1 Saturtledaisy

        Thank you for another ‘Korean Culture Lesson’ haha. It’s really interesting, since I’m trying to get some insight into the Korean culture. It’s also interesting to compare to the Chinese culture (which I’m more used to) and see both the similarities and the differences.

        The Chinese for example are really blunt as well, but perhaps in a different manner. At least, from the perspective of foreigners. Whenever my friends hear people speak Chinese, half of the time they think they’re fighting because they can’t understand what they’re saying, but usually people are just having a normal conversation. I guess people express themselves differently in each language.

        • KimYoonmi

          I think it’s the tones in Chinese that make people think they are fighting since tone is used in English to tell about emotional state… but to my ears, it sounds poetic. I like all the soft sounds in Mandarin. And the rounded sounds in Cantonese. Plus it has a natural cadence.

          I’ve heard people who learn Chinese also say that Chinese tend to be ummm… how to put it, redundant as in pointing out the obvious.

          Beyond that, I’ve only learned a little bit about Chinese socialization, etc, so I’m not sure how it effects the language by region/group 100%.

          • Saturtledaisy

            It’s definitely the tones. But apart from that, I think the Chinese just tend to be more… expressive, when they’re talking. Bigger gestures and they raise their voices more easily, which can make it very intimidating if you don’t know what they’re saying, I suppose.

          • shel

            When I was in college, I had a series of Asian roomies…some from Canton, China, one from Taiwan, one from Osaka, Japan, two from Bangkok and one from Seoul. Other than the odd word here and there, I didn’t learn their language. I did learn about food, though. They were all awesome cooks.

            But, we did notice a few things. When my Chinese roomies would have their chinese friends over, it was always, very loud, very boisterous and it always seemed like they were trying to talk over each other. The Thais and the Japanese on the other hand were always very subdued. They spoke in much lower toned voices. The Korean mostly hung out with the Thais, so if she had other Korean friends, I never met them, so I can’t comment on that. Initially I assumed it was a personality thing, but as I met more of their friends from “home”, it seemed pretty consistent. My next door neighbor didn’t have a TV, so he’d come over and watch at my house, and he got so he’d ask which roomies were home or had friends. He said he could hear the TV over everyone but the Chinese, and there was no competition there, lol.

      • 2.1.2 Peeps

        무슨 말씀이신지…

        Haha, I tried, but all those really just went over my head…

        Damn, Korean’s hard…

      • 2.1.3 Ash

        The dialect and accent information is fascinating. I like training my ear to pick up regional differences, but it’s so much harder than accents in English because I have only a basic understanding of the language. All the youtube clips really helped clarify. Thank you.

      • 2.1.4 Carole McDonnell

        Okay, I just totally copied that! Gonna put it in my notes.

        As a Jamaican-English speaker and someone who taught ESL, I understand how American English/communication can be a problem.

        English is a language one can use for good or ill. The nuances in English are definitely there to protect the speaker from seeming illogical and to make the listener do work of interpreting nuance. Stuff like, “That’s not what I said!” And replies such as, “No, but you were thinking it!” To which the speaker replies, “You’re imagining things.” But we all know better. Because, hell yeah, that person was thinking bad thoughts and being way subtle!

        Or, folks asking each other to translate sentences: “What does this mean? Someone said such and such to me? What do you think it means?” To which the helping friend replies, “How’d he say it?”

        As a Jamaican, I tend to speak with a lot of cues to my words. And most Jamaicans are pretty direct (often tactless but not purposely cruel.) One has to develop a strong personality dealing with such honesty…and if one happens to be a “still waters runs deep” repressed person (which I tend to be) then wading through the subtlety of an English conversation (“What the heck did she mean when she said that?”) or the emotional truth of a comment when one isn’t in the mood for it (“Why the heck did she say that? Who gave her permission to intrude into my life with her opinion?”) can all be stressing.

        Then there are how other American English-speaking cultures speak. I tend to like dealing with Japanese Americans best because there is that Japanese cultural non-intrusiveness. So a Japanese-American is not gonna suddenly tell me some truth I’m not prepared to hear. On the other hand, I am never quite at peace as I would be with say Jewish or Italian or Jamaican English speakers because I know they will tell me whatever is on their minds, whereas with Japanese Americans there is the feeling that they are not telling you what they really think of you.

        It’s all so scary and complicated communication.

        Oh my! Just had a thought. Between the internet and other issues, Communication about communication always gets so miscommunicated. (The writer’s face being absent from view because one is on the web and can’t see the smile on my face) case you accidentally think I’m disagreeing with you. Am not. Am going to use your advice here to help me when I do go to Korea. Thanks so much.

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          “Communication about communication always gets so miscommunicated” Oh, that is so true!

        • KimYoonmi

          For Japanese, try looking up Tatamae, honne and wa.

          Japanese is opposite of Korean in philosophy.

          You hide your inner feelings, use perception (not the same as noonchi) to read the other person’s feelings, and keep your mask up. (tatamae) while doing so. This creates harmony. So it’s a feeling of stepping on egg shells all the time. Which is why Japanese dramas will preach about “understanding other people’s true feelings.” Because they aren’t saying it and it’s rude to ask, but your perception should have picked it up anyway. (It feels like a game).

          So, loudly contradict someone Japanese they’ll either giggle or stay silent to keep the peace.

          (Not talking about dialects… ’cause Aomori is as about as blunt as it gets. Really, really blunt. More than Osaka ben.)

          For me, switching between Japanese and Korean is hardest in this area. I have to literally switch the thought pattern of how I treat the language.

          Excuse the nerding.

          • KimYoonmi

            Ah, also some people say that this type of communication is breaking down a little under the weight of industrialization.

            Also this type of communication leads to lots of repression and passive aggressive behavior and not my words (a professor), but also some fantastic art.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Nerding accepted. And acceptable. I was listening to a guy on youtube who does videos explaining life in Japan. He remarked that in Japan there are a lot of sudden breaking off of friendships. I’ve heard that said elsewhere as well. People just stop speaking to friends and give no reason. While I really get uncomfortable with folks who tell you directly what’s wrong with you, I would be so stressed in a culture where there is so much guesswork and “you oughta know” going on. I’m more of a suhldeuk person.

          • DayDreamer

            OMG, your discussion on tatamae and honne totally reminded me of this essay I wrote on it for one of my cultural anthropology classes. From what I can remember, my professor was teaching it to us in the context of this Japanese thing of having so many etiquette books/magazines on all sorts of things like the etiquette of an OL, the oyaji, the onnagata, etc. Tatamae and honne always gives outsiders the impression of the Japanese being “two-faced” but you described it way better: it’s like skirting on egg shells all the time.

        • Raine

          Carole – You’re Jamaican?! My mom’s best friend is Jamaican and she’s one of my close friends too. I know what you mean about directness. I never thought about it until you mentioned it because….she’s been there my whole life. Hehe. I love Jamaican directness. It cuts BS out of my life.

          • Carole McDonnell

            I like feeling safe, basically. IF I’m with some cultural groups, I know that what they’re saying is true. But that honte/tatame thing can really get to a person if you’re inclined to be nervous and morbidly introspective.

            A Black friend of mine had a Japanese MIL. The Black friend was very mouthy and a might insensitive. She would run over folks feelings all the time. It was like watching a disaster in slow motion as MIL smiled and was silent but you just knew she was seething.

            I would think, “She says everything is fine but she wants to kill you right now.”

          • Carole McDonnell

            We’re definitely open about our feelings..for the most part.

          • Raine

            I can see how that would happen. There is just this HUGe culture difference. I’m from Miami so lots of islanders, Cubans, South Americans…all very very very very open, loud, in your face cultures. So when I moved I had to tone myself down because that’s how I grew up. Perhaps its why I find Asia and Asian cultures in general so fascinating. It’s like a 180 of how I grew up!

      • 2.1.5 Manin

        Your ‘Korean Culture lessons’ are really fascinating to read, and I find them so helpful when watching as so many more aspects are opened up (especially as I have to rely on subs of various quality myself to watch).

        I find it interesting what you notes on the speech patterns, as I remember having to learn English speech pattern (being Norwegian myself) from illustrations with dots and lines to illustrate the up, down, and static/same place motion when speaking English.

        I also find that different dialects/accents also influence the impression people get from what you are saying; some languages sounding harsh or angry, while others don’t. One of the things people often say about my dialect, for example, is that is sounds sorta like a song or melodic compared to other Norwegian accents.

        • KimYoonmi

          Kyeongsang is said to be super blunt–it is. You air a lot more feelings out in the dialect version. Also, there is a reputation for making most Kyeongsang people gangsters in dramas. The majority use a fake Kyeongsang accent when playing a gangster. To me, Seoul kinda sees itself as NYC. While Kyeongsang doesn’t really care all that much, but wishes they’d quit, which makes it the LA. Or Osaka ben v. Tokyo ben. Seoul also calls Kyeongsang the country and calls Gangwon snobs because of the beaches and rich people who live there. Kyeongsang kinda considers Seoul the snobs… and focuses most of the energy there.

          Jeolla gets associated with “country”. So slow, methodical, and produces food. I can sometimes hear a slight twang on the rising intonation too. The bluntness tends to sting you later on when you haven’t realized it rather than up front. Haha. Aomori ben is a lot like that from Japan. I don’t think there is a good equivalent in the US. Southerners don’t sting you from the back in the US. And most other dialects I do know that tend to be blunt don’t have the delayed effect. In contrast, Kyeongsang calls Jeolla the country, and has a long standing rivalry with Jeolla which dates back to the Three Kingdoms. Jeolla doesn’t really care how other districts see them.

          The other regions I haven’t been to long enough to suss out. But I find it endlessly amusing. (A few historical dramas have also made fun of the intonation differences and explained how the people are based on rivalries… I can’t remember which drama, but I think it was either Jumong or the Sweet Potato King (Seodongyo–sorry, I like the nickname better.) drama that had two characters explain the “language” differences… but they were actually making fun of the differences in modern dialects.)

          • Manin

            That is really fascinating. In Norway you have the major regions split along the areas of North, South, West, East and the are in separating the north from the rest (they want to be special, my dad is an example of this as he used to call himself trønder rather than Norwegian :p)

            Of course, then you break up the major regions into the different counties and groups, each of which has it’s own take on the regional accent, but you generally have to be from the area to be able to distinguish the different accents.

            In Norway as well people with different accents are often given a “stereotypical portrayal” based on the dialect, like your Kyeongsang + drama gangsters example.

            The only korean dialect which I can hear being different from the soul one is Busan, much thanks to Reply 1997 I have to say. But even then it’s mostly that I can hear the words being prnounced a bit differently along with the feel of it being different in a sense.

          • KimYoonmi

            @Manin Pusan is in Kyeongsang. But people from other regions are said to be even more blunt. I love speaking Kyeongsang mal, ’cause you just throw everything into the pitch and volume when you’re frustrated. Also a ton more blunt.

      • 2.1.6 sur

        wow didn’t know there were so many dialects i only knew about two.. its like Hindi, in India every state speaks a different version

      • 2.1.7 Janelle

        “You need a fair amount of intuition/perception to figure out the true emotional state of the other person. You also need it to figure out all of the other pitfalls, such as what the other person is really saying, what they mean, when to back off, when to press, etc. Noonchi is also not easy for foreigners, who are often pressed into respecting privacy rather than figuring out the other person. (Noonchi can also be scary for foreigners, which is why Koreans can seem blunt–because out of the blue this ajoomma might come to you and say something that’s true and stings because it wasn’t honey-coated) Noonchi can also seem to invade privacy quite a bit.”

        I find it interesting that you say this because I am often frustrated by how avoid-y the conversations are in dramas. People will dance and dance around a topic rather than actually talk about something to the point where I want to throw things at the screen. Which is pretty much the opposite of what you’re saying here.

        Wait… you mean dramas aren’t like real life? Whaaaaa?

        • KimYoonmi

          Oh, avoiding a subject is done in Korean. But you don’t tend to tip toe once you’re there.

          The best demonstration of this is in Hwasin’s last week’s episode, where this guy’s defenses were really poor. The women picked it up with their super noonchi that not only was he still dating one of the people he mentioned, but that most of the things he’d said was about the same girl. So they pressed for her name. That’s the kind of bluntness I’m talking about. His lack of noonchi made him seem like he thought they were serious about asking about the name of the person.

          However, he was able to block by withholding information. You have to be better than your opponent when blocking.

          So tip toeing is definitely done. But if it opens and you’re close, it’s on!

      • 2.1.8 Gaby

        Thanks again for the interesting commentary on cultural stuff. If you remember the title of the book with the anecdote the American guy who punched the Korean guy I would be interested!

    • 2.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Subs for Nakuna Hara-chan? Yeah. Only Jdrama I watched completely without subs (and I know NO Japanese). What is DL?

    • 2.3 DayDreamer

      Kim Yoon Mi, totally agree with you on Soon Shin. So much time wasted on such boring stuff. I’m glad I just read through the recaps instead.

      By the way, since you discussed Korean naming last time, I wanted to ask you why Yoo Bang’s name from History of Salaryman is not made of three syllables like Korean names usually are? I was just curious to know.

      • 2.3.1 KDaddict

        If I may: Yoo Bang is the name of a supposed historical figure in the Chinese period of the Three Kingdoms. Most Chinese names have 3 syllables. Some have 2. The full title of that drama is: History of the Salaryman, Chou Han Gi, i.e. it’s supposed to be based on the story of the 3 kingdoms, but the resemblance escapes me, besides some char names that were lifted fr that work of historical fiction.

      • 2.3.2 KimYoonmi

        I don’t mind background stuff like that, but the execution is poor… I liked the actress when she was teaching, but when she freaked out, I didn’t like her anymore. (Also not a spoiler–if you didn’t get this from the first, then you have to be really slow on the uptake). I’m not quite sure why she’s all panicked by the accident either. (Comes early, so it isn’t a spoiler) It wasn’t illegal…. and they didn’t exactly put enough ground work to establish why she’s so scared. Plus it would be good press in a way to say thank you to her savior, yes?

        I keep hoping they flesh out the older female characters though. I really hope they do. I’ve seen some awesome ones on K-drama TV, so I know it can happen… so why not make it happen????

        But in contrast, I LOVE the other story lines. I think the baker won me as a character. I can’t stop smiling. And the sweetness of the doctor. And the sheer idiocy of the lack of Noonchi on Joon ho. (I watched him briefly in The King 2Hearts. *sobs* mostly for the wall… and the better hair cut. (I needed to see how they got there… they walked…)

        KDAddict covered the rest.

        • DayDreamer

          Baker guy is definitely super adorable. But yeah, I’m not so interested in the elders of the show either. As for the actress, I think they made her freak out so that her actions would have a bigger role to play later when it comes to the big reveals for the other characters, causing for lots of angsty scenes.

    • 2.4 Carole McDonnell

      Might try Nakuna Hara-chan since you like it. Thanks.

      About the rape: Wasn’t a certain person going out with her for a while? He wasn’t a stranger. He was the lingering in the background guy who had been hoping for her love.

      I understand what you mean about auto-evil and rape being linked but in college a friend of mine attempted to rape me. Pretty much for the same reasons that the villain here raped his victim. The only thing that bothered me about the off-screen attack was that he dragged her to an inn to rape her. I kept thinking, “Why didn’t she scream since they were in the street?”

      • 2.4.1 KimYoonmi

        The circumstances aren’t what I’m picking on so much as the idea that rape can be used to flesh out a character at all. NO.

        Though the dragging into the motel bit was weird.

        He made no moves on her before from their conversation and it was fairly clear by how she called him by name that she barely knew him.

        Though there are stranger rapes (a little political), the majority of rapes are actually done by acquaintances with prolonged contact. (The sad fact being that most are not prosecuted for the same reason.)

        Also, the whole idea that rape expresses a need for sex or love is kinda thrown out by psychology. It’s always about power. And I got that feeling from this one.

        Anyway, rape as purely a character device, I loathe sincerely. It undercuts the trauma of rape, what it involves, the power grab, and also lies most of the time that rapists are always and will always appear to be evil anyway, so then why didn’t that victim spot that person was a rapist in the first place kind of undercutting.

        Here, it felt like a plot device to serve up how EVILZ he was. And then to serve up more makjang for the episode.

        • Carole McDonnell

          I got the feeling they knew each other. She said she didn’t want him because she didn’t like his character. She must’ve been around him a while to know his character. Plus he was friends with her future husband and either her husband must’ve seen them together to know she slept with villain, or she had told her husband about the rape and husband ignored it. So I’m thinking if her husband thought her son was the villain’s then she must’ve been dating villain before she chose husband.

          In this case, though, the rape does say something about Choi’s “disgusting will.” He wants what he wants, he gets what he desires. So many evil villains wanting things…and rape is an easy way to talk about taking things by force. In this case, because they wanted Choi to be Jung Woo’s dad, they had little choice. I guess they could’ve had Mom sleep with villain out of youthful love when she was younger. But that might taint Mom and create a different kind of character. And perhaps she would’ve married him if she had had the baby without the rape. As it is now, Mom is doubly victimized by Choi.

          Rapes tend to bother me if overused as well but it does fit Choi’s continued intrusion on the family and it helps to show the feeling that Jung Woo has of being a person who doesn’t feel right in the world. .. and adds to the whole should have been born, should not have been born, should have married, should not have married, should never have existed, should have been killed destiny threads throughout. In the long run, Jun Woo seems to be the symbol of the entire story as someone whose life might be at odd with destiny.

          Not speaking up for over-use of rape but for how it fits well into this story about the imposing of one’s will on destiny.

          • KimYoonmi

            *spoilers from the scene.*

            If she’d been dating him before, it’s likely she’d call him “Oppa”, but she steadily didn’t. She called him Jin Cheol, which means he’s an acquaintance, but not a friend. You call close friends, who are older than you “Oppa.” He never reached friend status. (You actually can see this established well in WGM’s episodes where friends start out with ssi, drop down to “Oppa”/”Nuna” and then down to “Chagiya” Also in the clip I provided for the Kyeongsang Saturi… (which has subs). He wants to be called “Oppa” and not Seonbae because he considers her a friend. Also because she keeps talking informally (which conflicts with her not calling him Oppa.), but conversely, uses his name.) It’s a good lesson in formality.

            He also said “You didn’t look at me once despite knowing how I feel.” Which means she never really showed interest. (You know the famous drama scenes, Look at me/see me. Which really means pay attention to me). So he was a friend of the guy she was dating, and came to admire her.

            “You shouldn’t have given hope to me then.” is because she smiled at him–in his head.

            She contradicts him by saying she never smiled at him once. She never led him on once.

            He says she did it every day, but he says it in a deranged way. *strangle*

            She says it’s in his head. She only saw him because he pestered her like a stalker 2-3 times maybe and then turned him down. (In another words she has weak will power, not because she got flattered. She doesn’t know how to choose men, since she eventually chose an abusive husband.)

            From that, it’s fairly clear that it went down like this…

            She met up with SW’s father. SW’s father’s friend, Choi was there, she went steady with SW’s father, but Choi kept pestering her for dates. Since she’s used to abusive guys, she buckled and thought she could get rid of him if she turned him down coldly, but she never liked him AND he knew it. SW’s father probably know about the whole Choi dating thing. He yelled, “You think I didn’t know about you and Choi” (While she’s sniffling trying to defend herself) so it’s obvious that he did know about the dating bit, but not about the rape. (My story memory can be scary…)

            Choi raped her after she got engaged, but SW’s father thought that she cheated on him, but she was too ashamed to tell him that she’d gotten raped.

            She got bitten back, ’cause it’s clear that SW’s father is a secret wife beater from the look in JW’s eyes.

            This makes me think that SW’s mother came from an abusive home??? ‘Cause it’s fairly clear she doesn’t have much will power against people who are abusive to her. Not sure if she’d be codependent though. They never showed enough to establish that. (Would have been good for episode 15).

            I don’t get the feeling from her that she’s a player. I think she just is that weak willed to begin with. And Choi and SW’s father took advantage of that in her.

            I don’t think she told about the rape though.

            I do think that scene has issues in scripting though. It’s like they forgot what they wrote in the first half and rewrote it in the second half. >.<;; Supporting my theory about them having sleep deprivation.

            *End spoiler*

            So it's used as characterization for EVILZ. Elew. No. Still no. I also dislike it used as a sheer plot device too… but this is steering a little bit into the political side since it deals with reading up on rape culture/rape victims and I don't want to go there for drama discussions. Just that rape victims hate this in fiction. So I rather defer to those who have been through it.

            It's not frequency of rape, which is a different issue. It's rape used as a characterization device I have issue with. Plus it's fairly clear from this, it's just used for the OMG makjang effect. Elew.

            Even so, the emotional aftermath is undercut in favor of makjang and I can't condone that. I mean the whole mental trauma is cut. The whole having to relive it. The whole getting judged because of it. Being afraid to speak. Being confused and afriad. Being judged by people (Also not being able to tell police. Rape victims often feel like they are raped several times, once for the attack, once by telling the poublic, once for telling the police and again on the stand.). Not being able to say anything. (If South Korea did a movie on date rape and did it realistically, that's one political film I'd applaud, 'cause it's about time it changes and if other films have changed the culture, I would hope one about that would.) And because of those things, it undercuts rape and focuses it back on OMG, a birth secret. And how evilz the character is. Rather than giving rape the idea of terror that happens. Such as the unending shame, the confusion, etc. By making it a makjang element it really does undercut all of those things… and that's why I really hate it in this episode. Don't make it a plot element where she can recover so easily. Where the mental trauma isn't an issue. Where the same isn't an issue. Where she has to struggle to say or not say is not an issue. If you're going to include rape, do it properly. And don't undercut it. I'm not saying you have to show the physical wounds… but the mental wounds should resonate, and not through a secondary character either.

            But I'll get off the soapbox 'cause this dangerously is getting into how to portray rape well in a story.

          • Carole McDonnell


            I don’t think we’re disagreeing really. I sensed he was always with and around her, and she knew he liked her but tried to maintain a distance from him. There have been so many programs on Discovery Channel and other channels lately about stalkers. Often they are friends or acquaintances who are hellbent on relationships even if the woman is against it.

            I felt she didn’t call him “oppa” in the way any girl American or Korean would avoid calling someone “oppa.” Oppa implies friendliness and she was distancing him. In English, if one is distancing a person, one doesn’t use words that could cause trouble by implying friendship. She talks informally because they know each other but the conflict of friend/would be lover is something that shows they do know each other. That’s how i interpret it. Whatever the cultural differences — Korea or America– if you know someone well enough to speak informally with them but you don’t want to give them hopes about having a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship you do distance. Hence the complicated linguistic dance in the scene.

            So I don’t think we’re disagreeing with each other.

            In the US, supposedly 1 in 4 women are raped. So although there is a characterization of evil here, if rape is so ubiquitous, it’s possible villains will always rape. In Korea, I’m suspecting it’s different.

            But I do go with the idea that in this story the rape works because it creates Jung Woo. And Jung Woo is the symbolic and thematic crux of the story: should I have been born? Was my destiny forced on others? I was the product of willfulness. I am alive again because of another person’s will. Why should I live? Does destiny want me to live? So in this case, the rape as an exploration of force/will against destiny works for me.

            But that’s just me.

          • Lisah

            *spoilers but if you are this deep into the thread, I assume they are no longer spoilers*

            I don’t think the rape was written to make Choi evil, I mean we were already on that page. He was a pretty disgusting fellow before that reveal.

            I think the actual motive from a writing standpoint was to make mom, and even more so Jung Woo, as victims. Mom’s story has kinda been on the back burner, but there is certainly a difference between her being indiscriminate or even “slutty” in her youth and being forced into an act. Having Jung Woo bring it up and finally telling someone the truth *may* be a factor in her current catatonic state.

            It also gives Jung Woo a heavier motive for his suicide. And an extra push for leaving Korea for the US back in 1993, as I am sure it would be hard to know you are a reminder of THAT for your mother. Even though Jung Woo did nothing wrong in being born, he must feel guilt. So it is more of a clue to his persona than anything relevant about Choi.

          • KimYoonmi


            I just don’t like Jeong Woo involved in the rape part at all. Just undercuts the trauma when it’s made to be makjang (boo hoo, let’s make this sadder). But this is more for clarification than to argue against you. Wasn’t sure if that was clear.

            I really, really hate it when they skip over the actual mental trauma of rape. Period. And I doubly hate it when they do it just to make things more evil or more sad. It’s one of my least favorite ways of plot. And I hate rape as a mere plot point to wrench feelings of evil and sadness from the viewer.

            I feel it does a disservice to rape victims to use rape in that way. So my anti-rape in episode 15, is more of a political statement and personal feelings about how to write well and about rape, than it is on “if it works”.

            Again, clarification.
            *End Spoiler*

      • 2.4.2 Carole McDonnell

        Wow!!! WOW!!! Just started watching Nakuna Hara-chan. And I totally totally love it!!! Thanks so much for the recommendation. It’s become an instant favorite.

    • 2.5 Mystisith

      I’m waiting for Tiny Times too. I must have heard of this project a long time ago on Koalas’s blog and I keep replaying the long trailer.

      • 2.5.1 KimYoonmi

        Supposed to come out in July. I need to watch it. I so need to watch it. I read the summary of the plot and it seems like something I’d love to eat up.

    • 2.6 Raine

      I love Soon-shin when its about, y’know, Soon-shin and Joon-ho or the other sisters. But the other stuff is geting too heavy and annoying. I get Granny, though. At least a little. She’s old and alone and her kid died and her daughter-in-law who doted her has cast her off to the emotional curb.

      Hwang = pointless. Jung-ae’s massive multi-episode flipout = makes me want to pull my hair out.

      • 2.6.1 KimYoonmi

        I have/had 4 grandmothers total. And one of them is super alone, but not so half so annoying (When she gets lonely she tends to break boundaries and pick on people but never calls them ungrateful). So maybe that’s my lack of sympathy for LSS’s grandma.

        Mostly, I think of my two Korean grandmothers who were awesome sauce, so maybe that’s my lack of sympathy. Sure one was a card-wielding go stop champion who liked to drink, but her force of personality with the other people in my hometown (one of three), pretty much ran the market. People remember her as a force to reckon with. She had a husband leave her, despite that she remarried and had another child. She lived through the occupation and Korean war. Given her tough as nails persona that even my Korean father failed to inherit, I have a little less sympathy for this grandmother. (there isn’t any background info.) She was far from an angel though… but I kinda like that image. (She was fierce in loving things, but ran everyone over like a bulldozer if they had a bit of weakness and hung out with women just like that too, since I met them. She was like a lynchpin too, keeping family together no matter what, just by her personality.) Kyeongsang grandma.

        My Jeolla grandmother, however, was tough in another way. Had something like 7? children. And had to put up with a pretty strong willed husband. The type to run a farm and and cook for all those children.

        The other grandmother lived through a genocide of her people, a death of her uncle, teasing in school, a world war, and constant prejudice. She wasn’t perfect, but I could understand her motivations as well.

        The first grandmother from the first paragraph I understand because she often suffers from depression and anxiety. She had a really touch childhood that I don’t think she really recovered from since she still doesn’t want to talk about it to this day. Also her husband died early–one that she still loves to this day. She also lived through the depression, which still affects how she thinks.

        So if LSS’s grandma was fleshed out, I’d likely feel for her like my last explained grandmother. Lonely isn’t enough. Give me enough character background to feel for her, otherwise it’s just complaining.

        But as I said, I’ve had super women in my life, so I’m definitely biased.

        • Raine

          I think I’m from the other side. I’m American/white/Jewish/Spanish/Italian…no Korean nothing. BUT I have no grandparents at all. They all died before or shortly after I was born. I always regretted that so I hate seeing the grams cast aside like that.

    • 2.7 Momoi

      I’m curious with Last Cinderella as to who Choko is? At first I thought she was Hiroto’s sister, but after watching the recent raw, I’m doubting that.

    • 2.8 shepo

      well,,i like SHE IS WOW..

      i know all of the characters are unlikeable..

      but somehow,,don’t you want to know how is this drama going to end?…

      because i’m pretty all of the secrets will be out later, i wonder :
      will the father stay loyal to his gay lover ?
      will the mother get divorce?if so, how will she do that?make it like she’s the victim?or, she’ll keep her marriage?but before that,,will she have affair with the hot neighbor?
      will the son ever be a good son?

      this drama isn’t ordinary, so the ending is so unpredictable,,unlike the common drama.

      • 2.8.1 shepo

        typo.. “because I’m pretty SURE”,,sorry for missing the SURE..

    • 2.9 shepo

      and,,o yeah i like Tsuma wa Kunoichi also,,

      just for fun,,the first time i heard about kunoichi was when i read a manga called NINTAMA RANTARO like 8-9 years ago,,and how they execute their ninja taska are so funny, so i have to completely maintain my mindset again that ninja tasks are dangerous after watch this dorama…

      i can really feel the love in this dorama,,i hope that Futaboshi meet his wife soon…

  3. Newbie

    Let’s say it together: NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE! Can’t wait how they’ll end this show! Hopefully they won’t destroy everything with the last episode like it happened so often before (e.g. Nice Guy). Compared to so many other dramas this show is close to perfection. 😛

    Gu Family Book – Nope, still not tempted to check it out. Even if Choi Jin-hyuk returns. Guess, I’ll have to wait for Heirs.

    Jang Ok Jung on the other hand I did check out and surprisingly I liked what I saw. 2 episodes till now and I plan to continue. (Btw I must be the only person on this planet considering Kim Tae-hee not beautiful beyond belief. I simply don’t see it.)

    When A Man Loves – my guilty pleasure. So many wrongs somehow make an entertaining show. Oh, Kdrama, how I love thee.

    Oldie but Goldie? Started White Christmas and it is meh. Too slow for my taste. Saw 2 eps and read the recap of the third, but I doubt I’ll continue. Sad, cause I hoped for more. Apparently I’m too old to cherish the hotties enough. Constant feeling of robbing the cradle…

    • 3.1 MariD

      🙁 I love White Christmas, you can never be too old to admire hotties.

    • 3.2 Hipployta

      I quite liked White Christmas too

    • 3.3 Raine

      Aw, I’m sad you don’t like WC. It’s my favorite and NOT cause of the hotties. I saw it when I didn’t know who they were and pretty much didn’t know kdrama either. But I tend to like slower shows. I actually LIKED the pace of the beginning of Love Rain…

      I LOVE Gu Family Book and I haven’t checked out the others you’re raving about! I suppose I will have to check them out. I’ve wathced afew scenes in WAML to help Shuk figure out the classical music bits. Oh the drama…

      • 3.3.1 Shukmeister

        And I appreciate it from the bottom of my boogity boogity shoop, Raine. lol

        The last two eps are mostly KPop, unfortunately. But I’m sure they’ll dust off a little Wagner before the end, just to heighten the dolor a bit. lol

        • Raine

          Please no Wagner…or STrauss. How’s about….LALO!

          • Shukmeister

            That would be…interesting. How about one of your compositions?

      • 3.3.2 Newbie

        But I like slow story telling too. That’s why I’m puzzled why this drama doesn’t pull me in. Maybe it’s because I’m watching Nine at the same time and it is simply more suspenseful and better written? Ugh. I guess, I have to wait a couple of weeks and will return then. Or it is, because it is spring outside and we had this long hard winter? 😉

        Actually it might even be that I still have great difficulties to distinguish Korean names and this story is hard to follwow wondering half of the time whom they are talking about. 😀 Whatever the reason I have to work to finish an ep, never a good sign. :/

        • sur

          you should try it another time and don’t you watch with subs why can’t you differentiate the names??

          • Newbie

            Because names like e.g. Joon Ki, Joon Ik or Joong, Jung or Young, random spelling like Gim or Kim etc., without a chance for me to recognize even the gender by looking at the name, are confusing for a German native speaker. Frank, Susanne and Max are far more easy. 😉
            Having a huge cast of approx. 12 ppl multiplies the difficulties.

        • Carole McDonnell

          I think that’s the way I feel about Cruel Palace of Women. It’s up against NINE for heaven’s sake! And was also up against Incarnation of Money. After seeing how the ramifications/consequences of each action plays out (NINE) and how manipulation (in IOM) is really done…it’s hard to like CPOW. But I managed to like Gu. The fairytale factor maybe.

    • 3.4 sur

      i liked white Christmas since it was only 8 episodes i watched it even though the start did not interest me but was the last episode a killer…

  4. Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I am watching 6 live dramas – Nine, Substitute Princess, Last Cinderella, Mischievious Kiss Tokyo, Gu Family Book, When A Man Loves. I’m O.O with Jomo/EE’s recaps and Squeeing with JoAnne/Shuk/Kakashi.

    After watching ‘Last Cinderella’ ep 4 raw, I admit I am hooked, but think it will be like ‘Substitute Princess’ … where I argue at the screen but can’t stop watching. I’m on the Sakura/Rintaro ship and all cheaters should get a disease that makes their parts fall off. What is the relationship between Hiroto Gigolo and Chiyoko Schemer? I thought brother/sister but now … ? Do I count 3 so far that a certain someone has kissed and/or bedded? Three! That’s not a love triangle, it’s a pyramid.

    • 4.1 KimYoonmi

      It’s worth watching with subs. And I say that as someone who knows a fair amount of Japanese. Some of the jokes are really funny. Especially with the cheater pair. Haha. (Not putting a spoiler here).

    • 4.2 MariD

      Substitute Princess, have you watched the rain kiss yet???? I was screaming at my screen “Finaly!!! yes!!!! Go Terry”

      • 4.2.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Oh yeah. Love Terry. Love Chris Wu. Thinking about watching everything Chris Wu has performed in. Already watched Autumn’s Concerto.

        • MariD

          Goodness.. SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!
          Autumns concerto… Yep I luff him there. Yet I never care for the drama, the way I’m into SP. I loved the lil boy, but I just could not get over the fact that all the problems could had been avoided… If she either NOT LISTEN TO HIS STUPID EVIL MOM. Or if she waited till he was in the freaking operating room, then left. For gods sake he was going to have his brain cut open, and you choose now to tell him you are leaving???? Ugh

    • 4.3 nomad

      Is there the ep 4 for Last Cinderella already subbed? where? where?

  5. DayDreamer

    Finally finished marathoning Giant. The verdict? It’s very satisfying and ranks as my most favorite revenge story so far. I love that it’s a character-driven saga wherein there’s such an amazing graph of character growth and degeneration that is so universal, making one feel as if they can see these kind of people in real life anywhere. This is the kind of realism that really gets to me in the heart because then I can understand everyone’s motivations, dreams, decisions, and desires and be able to naturally feel hate, protectiveness, love, pity, and scorn for them. I especially loved that redemption for some of the characters came after much struggle. Usually it’s the other way around: characters are quickly forgiven when I’m still feeling hateful towards them and I hate that. But here, my feelings were able to evolve naturally from anger, distrust, and hate to grudging and then finally to forgiving. So yeah, it was awesome. I even cried a bucketful in the end for Lee Sang-mo. Loved him so much. Gang-mo is also going down on my list as one of the best heroes in dramaland.

    Because of Giant, I took up History of the Salaryman. Although it was initially off-putting to see a lot of Giant’s extended cast present in this drama (I usually dislike that), I quickly got over it because luckily the cast is good enough in their acting that I can forget their earlier roles in Giant while being immersed in the new storyline. [I even screamed in delight and fear at Jo Pilyeon’s cameo]. The humor was fantastic and a welcoming change from the heaviness that was Giant. As always, Lee Beom Soo is excellent as he delivers another hero that makes my insides melt (how awesome was he during his Versailles Yoo days, lol). I also fell in love with the heroine Yeo Chi who is super bratty yet adorable. She is truly a refreshing change from the usual drama heroines. But more than these individual characters themselves, I was attracted to their light romance. They were so friggin’ adorable that I just wanted for things to heat up a bit between them, haha. Too bad the romantic action was more focused on Woo Hee and Hang Woo. Speaking of the latter, is it me or does the guy who plays him seem like a hybrid between Lee Min Ho and Choi Si-won in looks? Anyways, Salaryman is awesome and I’m so happy that there are recaps for it on this site (thanks a lot, Heads!! Those are a delight to read after watching each episode and I’m able to glean the more subtle stuff that I otherwise would have missed). I would definitely recommend this show. It may be 22 episodes long but they’re actually very easy to get through since all the episodes are full of fun. Where Giant was actually a bit daunting to marathon because of its heavy nature, Salaryman is a breeze. I will definitely be on the lookout for future projects of this production team (even though they unbelievably screwed up everything they’re good at in their Incarnation of Money drama).

    Meanwhile, I’m feeling disappointed with Nine on the amount of dragging that went on in episode 15. The hero literally spent so much time being idle that I was a little upset to see him in such a lethargic state. Mentally I could understand since he was going through such tough times but I guess I’ve been spoiled by my favorite go-getter heroes *coughLeeBeomSoocough* that this kind of lethargy doesn’t sit with me very well. I hoped things would get better in episode 16 but the first 15-20 minutes into the episode was still spent on the moping so I just stopped watching. I finally understand that this drama’s success hinged on its quick pace combined with complete unpredictability. But with none of that happening here, I was quickly bored and turned off. Nine should have been 16 episodes long but at this point I can only hope that it doesn’t get an extension if there are any thoughts about it. Meanwhile, can someone kindly recap episode 16 in a few sentences? I’d be so grateful.

    • 5.1 KimYoonmi

      Episode 16 of Nine is worth watching though there are very few MY and SW scenes. You just have to get through Overacting Choi in the beginning and then it truly pics up. (Also fast forward through some of the funeral stuff)

      • 5.1.1 DayDreamer

        Alright, I’ll just do that. Thanks for the heads up. Now I know what to skip. 🙂

        • Carole McDonnell

          Ah, come on!! The overacting Choi is one of the best part! Eat up the scenery, villain, I say!

    • 5.2 a_diva

      *sigh* I love Nine and thought the last two episodes were better than some of the previous ones, but to each his own. Basically Jung Woo died, Sun Woo decided to kill Choi & an incense he had disappeared right in front of YoungHoon and his eyes. We saw that Choi figured out that Sun Woo had been time traveling and had a cop get the incense from his house. He faked fainted at his sentencing and, after being rushed to the hospital, used an incense to time travel. Meanwhile, Sun Woo figured out that Choi was on to him and went to the hospital room & snuffed out the incense. But by then Choi had ordered young Sun Woo killed. The episode ended with Sun Woo being attacked and a scar appearing on 2013’s Sun Woo’s arm. There does appear to be some hope b/c initially Choi had two incenses but one of them disappeared in his hand just as it had with Sun Woo and YoungHoon.

      Well, it wasn’t just a few sentences but I tried to be brief!

      • 5.2.1 KimYoonmi

        Smack a SPOILER on that.

        • a_diva

          Oh shoot! Forgot to flag it. I’ll send telepathic waves to the visitors not to read it if they don’t want to know what happened before they see the episode for themselves.

      • 5.2.2 DayDreamer

        Ha! Thanks for the spoilers. Things certainly did pick up and I’ll watch that stuff. I guess we have different tastes. I don’t like so much moping around.

    • 5.3 Carole McDonnell

      Oh my gosh!! Folks keep praising Giant. I have to commit to watching it.

      • 5.3.1 DayDreamer

        Carole, Carole, Carole!! I know you have a lot of dramas on your plate…but you must get to Giant at all costs!!!! Lol, just kidding. Take your time. Giant is not something that should be rushed or watched half-heartedly. When you have less dramas to watch or feeling ennui, then that’s perfect time for Giant. Meanwhile, I’m rewatching the drama just ’cause I’m having withdrawal symptoms staying away from it.

        • Carole McDonnell

          You’re right. I’ll do well by Giant. I’ll pay attention. Sometimes I do fast-forward through shows I’m marathoning. I will watch it slowly and intently. Promise.

    • 5.4 Kiara

      I cried like a little baby for Lee Sang-mo too. Giant was such a great show I end up buying the dvds for 130 bucks. My whole family have seen it and loved it.

      • 5.4.1 DayDreamer

        Where did you buy it? Does it come with subtitles? I would definitely love to own it so that in the future, if and when I should have kids, I will definitely force them to watch all my favorite dramas, LOL.

  6. RockPaperScissors

    Happy Friday everyone! Anyone else overwhelmed by the drama selections out there right now?
    Seriously, I need one of those incense sticks from “Nine” to go back and watch all the dramas I have on my list (or a Conductor, or a magical cell phone). 50 episode dramas? No big deal! Bring them on.
    My faves right now are Nine, Cruel Palace, Jang Ok Jung, and Lee Soon Shin. Will start Mandate of Heaven and Birth Secret as soon as a few more episodes are subbed.

    • 6.1 Ziah

      Hi, if you don’t mind me asking, where are you finding the subbed Mandate of Heaven? I want to watch it sooo bad!

      • 6.1.1 DayDreamer

        I don’t watch the show but I noticed it on dramacrazy(dot)net and gooddrama(dot)net

  7. JoAnne

    Good Morning, My Wondrous Beans!

    The sun is shining, I’m not really coughing any more…life is good here. I hope the same for you 

    Nine: Every week. Every damn week, they get me. I love this show. It ALWAYS leaves me hanging, and I spend the whole week trying to figure out what’s coming, and I am ALWAYS wrong. I love that.

    Gu: Still happy. Still miss GumiDad, but we’re getting to the meat of the conflict and so far I enjoy the story. How come the Head Gisaeng hasn’t aged in 20plus years?

    Last Cinderella: My Miura grabby-hands are off the freakin’ charts, man. I’m filling in with Bloody Monday. I don’t think there’s a Miura out there that approaches Cinderella Miura, but I will take whatever I can get. By the way: Bloody Monday is a fun ride!

    Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo: The ‘just try to forget me’ kiss scene. ALREADY. Sometimes I really really love the pace of Japanese shows.

    Lee Soon Shin: Mom’s getting tiresome. I get your pain. We ALLLLLLLLLLLL get your pain. GET OVER IT. Love the boys. Love the sisters. SO HAPPY that Yoo In Ah is no longer so irritating. Now she’s the cute level of prickle and I like that.

    She is Wow: Wow. WOW. This is a new show, I watched the first two episodes. They FLEW by. Check this one out, if you get a chance. Yes, there’s an idol, but you hardly notice it because he’s actually very competent as an actor. Mysti calls him the devil with an angel face, and that’s about accurate. He’s the cutest brat you ever saw. I think I recognize…4th family member, but I’m not sure. I haven’t bothered to check.

    We Got Married Global: Taec and GuiGui continue to be cute, but in a surprising twist, the spark between HongGi and Mina might be just about to burst into flame, and I like it. I really like it. Turns out that there’s a lot of Jeremy in HongGi and I don’t mind that AT ALL.

    OPPA: Oppa, you need a real woman. One who can have an adult relationship that isn’t based on games or emotional blackmail. Call me. I’m waiting. By the way: those faded jeans with the grey sweater? I’d like to see them again. Thank you.

    • 7.1 a_diva

      how do you manage to watch all these dramas!?

      • 7.1.1 Newbie

        Wrong question on such a board. 😉

        • a_diva


          well, i thought i was pushing it with watching three to four a week, but this list is a bit dazzling. i really am curious.

          • KDaddict

            Where there is a will, there is a way. 😉

      • 7.1.2 Belle3005

        I’ve always wondered about this too. Do you happen to have magical powers that somehow enables you to watch your drama in a fourth dimension while you’re juggling your RL priorities? I’m amazed. How do you manage to fit them all into your schedule, JoAnne? O.O

      • 7.1.3 JoAnne

        Ha! I’ve explained this before, but it’s been a while: my child is grown (and has now moved to the opposite coast); my dog is of the lap variety and needs little beyond ear rubs and a soothing voice; my housekeeping is not what it could be, and I only sleep between 4 and 6 hours a night as a general rule. I wish it were more, but it is what it is. My job, while quite absorbing, tends not to take more than 45-50 hours a week at MOST, and I have been single for many years. I do manage to spend time with friends and family, and I have other hobbies as well, but 2-3 hours of drama-watching a day is not at all out of the question. More, on the weekends. Probably less as we move into warmer weather, to be honest. This is quite a list even for me, but still doesn’t include the sporadic viewing of several other shows I’m moving through pretty slowly.

        • Raine

          I used to do that….but driving all over the place has made my drama watching less! *sob*

    • 7.2 acejihyo

      omg, i loved bloody monday to a ridiculous degree. like i really enjoyed the manga, and i thought the drama adaptation was just so spot on. and i was so pleased w/ the fact that there were two seasons of this awesomeness :3

    • 7.3 alua

      “SO HAPPY that Yoo In Ah is no longer so irritating. Now she’s the cute level of prickle and I like that.” So true! And when she asked Lee Soon Shin whether she still liked their friend (forget his name), I even thought she’s actually super-sweet!

      • 7.3.1 Raine

        I liked YIA’s character before…I know she was HORRIBLE, but she’s at least consistent. *ducks*

    • 7.4 kakashi

      JoAnne, my love! So nice to “see” you. Have I been missing out on Twitter conversations with you lately or is that just me being a bit … out of touch with things?
      It could also be the lack of sleep. Today, I saw a ghost in my computer. Seriously. It was a face and when I looked more closely, it disappeared.
      I’m starting to do the gifs now for the SqueeCap! Though I hear they are turning into RageCaps soon?

      • 7.4.1 JoAnne

        No, we haven’t been running into each other much – you tend to be getting off line just as I’m coming on. Sadness.

    • 7.5 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      JoAnne: Now there is no doubt that Muira is a thing of beauty. When Sakura is wearing nothing but a silk bed sheet and he goes all predatory stalking her as she leans back and back … oh my!

      But I am not so in love with Muira’s character in ‘Last Cinderella’. Three! Three! It has killed any hopes I had that Hiroto was a nice guy who was going to fall for Sakura. I think you will find Hiroto has less and less screen time with Sakura. He is dodging kisses with Sakura and still having bed time with Momo. Then you add … the one in ep 4 … and I just am not feeling the love for Hiroto no matter how pretty.

      I liked Samurai Seventeen (Samurai High School). The Museum Curator/Librarian was great. More Miura is good 🙂

      • 7.5.1 JoAnne

        Julia, hi! That scene was not as appealing to me as his runway strut through the ball room when he was first called onto the scene by the crazy girl, and then the cute frown through the tennis racket on the sports date, and then the tee shirt flapping on the park date. And ANY time he breaks out that whole-face enormous grin.

        I don’t see him avoiding kisses with Sakura at all. I see him TRYING to kiss her all the time, and her avoiding him. I can see that there are things he likes about her, but that snotty remark he made to Chiyoko about her in ep 3 was saddening. I look forward to him changing. I don’t think he will have less time with her, I think we’re headed for MORE.

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          More Muira is good. So for both our sakes, hope you are right.

      • 7.5.2 Carole McDonnell

        Loved Samurai High School, what I saw of it. And Bloody Monday..what I saw of that.

        It seems to me that in Cinderella, Hiroto is more truly misogynistic than Rintaro. Rintaro’s is only skin deep but Hirato’s disdain of women –especially women who find him pretty– is to the bone.

        I’m hoping Sakura’s kind heart will bring some light and peace to Hiroto who seems way too guilt-ridden by a manipulative woman to ever truly love anyone …at least in his present state.

    • 7.6 Ace

      Except for the last two shows you mentioned, I’m watching all those too.

      Nine: The last 2 weeks have been so-so and I’ve been procrastinating watching ep.16 as I already know what happened because of the preview. I was expecting this to be a 16-episode drama so I was surprised that it has 4 more episodes.

      GFB: Only watching scenes of Suzy-LSG & Suzy-SJ. Thankful for the recaps. Love Suzy’s character. Also, as much as I’m okay with actors over-acting in scenes meant to be funny, I wish LSG would tone it down a bit.

      Last Cinderella: wondering why the other girl is obsessed with the lead guy. She’s creepy. 😉

      Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo: Even if I know what happened already what with watching the TW ver. (too long!) and Kr ver. (loved it), I’m also loving this version very much.

      YTBLSS: Ah, the moms are turning out to be the most boring part of the show. Less scenes f them please and more of the leads.

      She is Wow: The neighbors doing it cracks me up. Plus the unexpected hijinks. totally not predictable and laugh out loud funny.

      All About My Romance: I like the writer and PD of this show. Hope they make it as much fun in future episodes. Also, more scenes of the niece, Bo-ri!

      Dad, Where are You Going?: waiting for ep.16 subs…

      Hwasin: missing the skits with KHS being so serious and funny at the same time.

      Barefoot Friends: Watched ep.2 and love KHD and KHJ’s interactions. I still don’t know what to make of this show though.

      Kogure Shashinkan: why is there only 4 episodes? Hope they do a special.

      On my watch list:

      Mandate of Heaven: not sure when I could start ep.2.

      Cruel Palace: The first 1/4 of episode 1 was too long so I stopped. Hope I could pick it up again since I loved the intro recaps here at db.

      JOJ: Would love to pick it back up at ep.6 but then I’d miss the other stuff in between. Why isn’t there enough time? Though my plan is to watch this after it’s finished.

      • 7.6.1 alua

        Kogure Shashinkan – The four episodes totally threw me off as well! I like that drama, but they could have done an even better job at full-length! Not just more mysteries, but really fleshing out the characters.

        Plus, I want Nobuko to come back!

      • 7.6.2 Ace

        Forgot to add TEN S2. Good first 2 episodes. Hope they’ll make a good ending this season unless they’re planning for S3 and would make it open-ended again.

        Childless Comfort: The subs are so slow that I’m waiting for at least 3 or 4 episodes subbed before continuing watching. Also, I’m only watching this because I’m wondering what the hype was all about. Why are all the characters unlikeable so far?

        A Game of Thrones: Why are there so many spoilers? Anyway, I’m still enjoying watching it even I already know what will happen because the production’s so amazing.

        • Raine

          My brother LOVES game of thrones so I know I have to get on it sometime. I dropped my other two american shows…the walking dead and once upon a time. I got bored…lol Kdrama has spoiled me for multiseason dramas. LOLOL

    • 7.7 laos7

      I’m mad at Oppa, with Oppa and Oppa’s girls. This drama is batshit crazy, I can’t take Fish Face any longer. I want only Oppa! /sharing Him with you is also an option/

      • 7.7.1 Shukmeister


        I CALL DIBS!!!

        • laos7

          Apartment with Oppa in it is mine!

      • 7.7.2 JoAnne

        Excuse me. Can you google ‘When a man loves Laos?’ No. Can you google ‘When a man loves Shuk?’ Didn’t think so.

        You girls lost the war before you even began the battle.

        • Shukmeister

          Hmm, then how come I google “When A Man Loves Shukmeister” the first five are all MEEEEEEEEEE.

          Hah! [hands on hips]

        • laos7

          I can google Oppa and Laos, there’re 2,140,000 results for me and Oppa out there!
          We’re meant to be!

      • 7.7.3 Shukmeister

        Episode 9 is up and running at kakashi’s blog, and Oppa came to me in a dream and personally thanked me for his…um…exposure in the SqueeCaps. Really.

        • laos7

          Was he in his white shirt and grey cardigan or rather shirtless when he came upon you?

          • Shukmeister

            [blushing] 😎

    • 7.8 Hipployta

      I LOVE Bloody Monday.

      Did you see Hongki and Mina’s wedding photos…they are beautiful…though his ponytail is annoying a bit

      • 7.8.1 Raine

        I first saw Miura in that movie based off the Manga….guh what’s it called…I know that’s not a valid description here *goes to look it up* Kimi ni todoke. I was reading the manga and was like *jaw drop* when I saw him. Then I immediately gobbled up other Miura things. Bloody Monday is super fun. Kinda the Japanese Hackers but not as hokey or with underwater kissing.

        • JoAnne

          I watched Kimi ni Todoke two weekends ago. Yep yep.

          • Raine

            It’s as cute as the manga and …just as slow. but sooo cute.

        • Hipployta

          I like the Kimi No Todoke manga so I watch the animes and movie of course…the slight change to the ending annoyed me but it was cool.

          I was happy with him in the role

    • 7.9 Carole McDonnell

      Ooh, Miura. Should men be so beautiful?????

    • 7.10 Lisah

      @JoAnne: I am glad I am not the only one who wondered why GFB’s head Giseng hasn’t aged. WHAT is in her tea? Or is she supposed to be a mystical creature?

    • 7.11 Raine

      Hongki and Chemistry? eeeks I have to watch it! I’m waiting for the Miura to finish to I can DL it! Yay no more coughing. I think the snow is finally going to give me a break over here. FINALLY!<3

    • 7.12 jomo

      those faded jeans with the grey sweater?


      Let’s write a petition that The Golden Tree office needs to go corporate casual. THT in suits is nice, yes,
      but, the jeans and the cardigan and the tee could help solve SK’s population numbers all by themselves (with THT in them.)

      I kinduv lunged forward when he was making his bed and thinking sexy thoughts…boyoboyoboy…

      • 7.12.1 Shukmeister

        jomo –

        Yep – a domestic man with those feet and those shoulders is always a joy to see. Especially near a bed. lol

      • 7.12.2 Waiting

        Jomo, I will sign as long as there is at least one sharp blue suit/white tie day…fitted, of course.

        [skipping off to dream…]

    • 7.13 shel

      I THOUGHT EXACTLY THE SAME THING about Baek Seung Jo’s mom in GFB. IT’s been 20 years and she still looks the same???

      Although, my experience with all my asian college friends is: Asian women don’t age. At least none of them did, still look exactly the same, even though they now have kids in college. I look every year of my way-too-many-years, lol. Just having kids gave me grey hair and wrinkles, lol.

      But, then, I need an explanation as to where all the old asian halmeonis that I see at Costco (near a small Ktown) come from. Do they get to a certain age, THEN suddenly “poof” you’re a halmeoni? I don’t get it, lol.

    • 7.14 shepo

      you must have known by now,,that the 4th family member is the father’s gay lover..OMG,,i was laughing hard about this revealing…

      • 7.14.1 JoAnne

        Yes, Shepo, I knew it when I wrote it, LOL – but I was trying not to reveal too much for someone who might not have seen it yet!

  8. Mrembo

    Happy Friday my fellow Beaners!

    Just dropping by to say hello. I have been reading everything on here but not commenting because of school (which is coming to an end very soon – YAY!)

    You all are lovely souls and I love being part of this community 🙂

    I hope you all have a splendid time whenever you are, and have all your secret dreams and fantasies (which cannot be spoken of in polite company 😉 come true.


  9. acejihyo

    finally made it through finals week (hurrrrr), so i’m glad for that. now i’ve been catching up on episodes i’ve missed throughout the week.

    so i’ve been following all about my romance pretty much as the episodes rolled out, but i didn’t really get into it until last week/this week. now that they’ve fleshed out the soo-young/min-young dynamic more, i find that i’m totally loving their relationship. i just love how soo-young is so upfront about it, and the bold three confessions just killed me. i also really like how even though min-young keeps denying him, it’s for legitimate reasons (how it’ll impact her career, past achievements, friends & supporters, party longevity etc), and not for some ridiculous melodrama reason.

    but uh, i’ve started mandate of heaven, which is actually shaping out to be pretty damn awesome (i was originally watching for the LDW/SJH factor but i’m pleased to see how much i like it so far).

    in other news, i’ve also started last cinderella, which i find to be so easily squeal-able to and almost like a crack addictions (also i’ve always found fujiki naohito like massively attractive, while lots of people i know are watching for the miura-factor).

    • 9.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Fujiki (Rintaro) is handsome in a mature way. As my Mom would put it “He can put his slippers under my bed any night.”

      I like teasing. Rintaro reminds me of how Playful Kiss’ Sueng Jo is rude to Oh Ha Ni. I find it funny.

      I love watching how relationships slowly grow. Seeing Rintaro just thinking about Sakura, the random thoughts creeping in, is so glorious.

      • 9.1.1 KimYoonmi


        From the end of Episode 3, it’s clear that Rintaro keeps picking on Sakura because he’s still interested in her, but feels like she’s out of reach somehow… that he lost his chance. I want to know why!!! Why did he lose his chance with her? Why did they end up like that? ’cause it’s clear she liked him too at one time, but he’s been picking on her for a while out of frustration??? And saying he’d never date her, maybe because he really wants her in that school playground way? You know, the guy that picks on you because he really likes you.

        Still, the cast listing put Miura as the endgame winner…

        *End Spoiler*

        • Annie


          I HATE Miura’s character. If Sakura wants him, she can have him. Rintaro deserves better.

          • KimYoonmi

            Both men also have to change in order to win our main character. But the main character is also going through change… so I think that’s kinda the theme going.

            Rintaro is kinda misogynistic. I can’t figure if it’s an act or not though.

          • Annie

            @ Kim Yoonmi, I suspect Rintaro is just putting on a front but that may just be my Naohito bias talking.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Since, Hiroto needs major emotional saving. From whatever guilt binds him to Choco-Chan, I’ll give him a chance to lose his walking-dead “I’m indifferent to the world and being selfish cause I don’t give a damn” attitude and ways.

            I can understand how two wounded souls like Choco and Hiroto who actually love each other can mess up the lives of two other folks. And I can trust that all this newfound passion entering into their lives will somehow cause Sakura and Hiroto to find each other.

            What I don’t like and what is making me keep my distance is a certain wariness with J-dramas. The story had better be organic and not fall into Japanese preachiness.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Hiroto seems more deeply misogynistic than Rintaro. I’m thinking Hiroto was “blamed” so much for some issue with Choco (an abortion, maybe?) that he is bound to her through guilt and he doesn’t connect to women at all because he doesn’t want their guilt or their hearts hurting him.

            If he were and Sakura were to become lovers, he’d be always ready to run away at any thing that makes him feel guilty or pressured. Or worse, he might bind himself to her through guilt. Not good. He needs mega-healing.

          • KimYoonmi

            Usually Japanese series have the upside of being consistent, so you’ll know if you’ll be preached at.

            Korean dramas can be inconsistent because of the live shooting system.

            Nakuna Hara-chan, you know from the first won’t preach to you from a soapbox about how evil you are.

            Last Cinderella, likewise I doubt will start preaching anything.

            Made in Japan, you know from the first is going to be preachy.

  10. 10 MariD

    Hi everyone!!!!
    Hope everyone is having an interesting week.
    So my obsession this week drama wise was “Spy Myung Wol” I started Sunday night & stopped 12 episodes later (Monday was not a very good day, since I was a zombie at work because of it) but you can officially call me an Eric Mun fangirl. That man is sexy.
    Still watching Lee Soon Shin even while FF all the birth secret, mom drama. Breadman is just too much fun to our adorable president that seems to never work & just follows LSS around luff him. God where are the dorky, adorable men like theses two??
    Gu Family book: I love this show, I don’t care that all the mean people are always clowning on Suzy’s acting & LSG hair. I’m entertain while watching it, and I adore Suzy sooo I’ll continue.
    One Hundred Year inheritance; finally WE HAVE SOME ROMANCE!!! But this poor girl, she always gets stuck with the mother in law from hell.
    Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo…. I luff it, even when I knew the kiss was coming, I still squeal like a crazy fangirl!!!
    Last Cinderella..this one is my eye candy watch. Even if I hate bike guy, shallow side of me screams that he is pretty!
    Last thing. Has anyone watched “Drama go go go”? I’m in episode 15, am annoyed & wondering if I should continue?

    Oh.. My Kpop moment.
    I’m in love with Shinee, love the new video ( even if the song keeps reminding me of “Sherlock” so I constantly mess up the chorus )
    Ubeat: so adorable.. Eli & Kevin are just adorable.

    • 10.1 a_diva

      i’m with you on eric mun. he is so very very sexy. i’ve only seen him in spy myung wol. and like you, i was very late watching the drama. i just watched it two months or so ago when there was a lull in dramaland and it seemed like nothing good was showing and we had to wait for the new shows to come around. what else is eric in? and why is he just so handsome and mesmerizing!?

      • 10.1.1 kakashi

        cue ENZ and KORAZY. They’ll tell you all about Eric in Que Sera Sera.

      • 10.1.2 MariD

        Shinhwa which I guess was one of the singer. I YouTube all their stuff, and they are actually good. Yes it’s an idol band, but they were good singers.
        Then there’s “Que sera, sera” one of my top 10 dramas. It’s one of the best dramas I watched about adult relationships & the consequences to all your bad decisions.
        He is also in “Super Rookie” I plan to watch it as soon as I can find it.

        • Korazy Lady

          And Eric is super sexy in QSS! A must see, and it’s actually one of my top 3 dramas of all times! There, I’ve done my weekly ode to QSS. Care to add anything, Enz and Pillowhead?

      • 10.1.3 Enz

        Haha, I’m late but a_diva, if you think Eric is hot in spy MY, then you’re going to melt when you see him in QSS. You have to! Otherwise you’re not a real Eric fan 🙂

    • 10.2 Raine

      The chorus does not fit the song, imho. SHINee’s Why so Serious that is. But I like it anyway. But I miss Jonghyun. I ranted about it on my blog. Hehe. Of course had to watch teh video a bunch to do it…heeee.

      Also, did you see this? Cheese’s “mango”

      It’s fun. EYK intro’d it and then Dino showed it to me. Such a great video and AWESOME song. The mixing reminds me of Clazziquai.

      • 10.2.1 denwanai

        Love the Cheeze mango mv. You’re right – it really reminded me of Classiquai too. I went right to itunes and bought it. I must have missed the EYK ep. Love them too. Kpop and indie kpop music vids are so creative!

    • 10.3 Usato

      His hair changed!!!! Finally one good thing that comes out from live shooting.

  11. 11 alua

    Nine Still happy with this, even if the most recent episodes haven’t been perfect.

    Itazura na Kiss Loved episode 5, not because of how it ended (though that was good too), but because Kotoko is just awesome. The best person to have a friend ever. Not one misplaced word in her pep talk for Kin-chan and she made clear that while she likes him as a friend, she won’t like him as more than that. Yay for no miscommunication, no misleading statements, for straight out honesty. Goodness, this girl is 17/18 in the drama and in love for the first time, and although her character is supposed to be slightly ditzy, she isn’t stupid and she isn’t socially inept. She’s more mature than drama heroines 20 years old than her.

    Last Cinderella… That’s a heroine 20 years older who has love-struck blinders on and says “Okay” after her beau ADMITS he has a relationship with someone else. The guy who she has known for a few days/weeks and who is some 15 years younger than her. The guy who just needs to be kicked to the curb (or, otherwise, play some evil revenge game with him). Even if I suspect that Sakura will eventually wisen up, I haven’t enjoyed how she’s been portrayed in the first three episodes, I hate all the cheating storylines, and Rintaro being a total jerk towards women. So, I’m checking out of this one – not for me, though I know others are enjoying it.

    Nakuna Hara-chan Finally some subs. And I love it! The whole concept (there’s a lot more switching between the real world and the fictional one than I expected), and some beautiful cinematography, particularly when it comes to the fictional world.

    Two Fathers</b) (TW) Great premise, but the lawyer guy is too much of arrogant jerk for me, and I get hung up when things are totally unrealistic. Like calling in the parents after kids run around in a circle and tear apart a picture. And all the parents – despite having a full-time day job – being able to come to school instantly. Having a teacher meeting instantly (so classes were on hold?). And the parents taking the kids home when nothing much happened. That’s not how schools work.

    Kamo, Kyoto e iku Still figuring this one out so far, but so far it’s pretty good. It certainly helps that we have a strong heroine!

    Sennyu Tantei Tokage I’m not the greatest fan of detective dramas or the episodic format, but I’m enjoying this so far. Matsuda Shota being the main reason 🙂

    xxxHolic Finally watched ep 7 and 8, want more! It just doesn’t feel complete, and I could with more Sometani and even Higashide on my screen (esp. since there have been no subs for All Esper Dayo).

    Lee Soon Shin Like most people, I’m only skip-watching this – the scenes with the main couple and the two sisters with their respective beaus. Everything else is meeeeh.

    Otherwise, waiting for subs on a whole lots of things, from Soratobu Kouhoushitsu to Saikon no Rikou to….

    Movie-wise, watched Penny Pinchers (quite average) but nothing else recently.

    • 11.1 ck1Oz

      LSS. Did you see the latest stills? * squeals * It’s the best. I am antsy and want some heat between JH and SS.

      • 11.1.1 alua

        No, not yet…. I want JH to fall for SS and get super-awkward around her.

        Because his clumsy, dorky self crushing on SS will just super awesome – I really hope he’ll fall for her first (which, given the way it has been going, is a distinct possibility).

        • Saturtledaisy

          How can he get even more awkward. That, I would really really like to see~ The guy has a knack for digging his own grave.

          • ck1Oz

            True his eyes say ” love me, love me. Like me puh- leez”

            Then out comes nonsense from his mouth. Sigh, and you’re not going to be taller Mister even though you puffed up.
            That was seriously the funniest thing.

            The Baker guy is even more awkward, that underwear hanging- hanging all over his hands like a crime scene evidence last week? Hahaha…

          • alua

            He’s going to be constantly crashing into things and tripping over his feet. I can just imagine his eyes glued to SS (they are already semi-glued to her) and running into EVERYTHING.

            Plus, I take delight in the evil ex noticing it all and realising that he has ZERO interest in her.

            Now, the scary part will be when SS learns about the bet, but let’s hope that JH will have done so much for her by then, that she’ll understand that may be how it started, but that he really a) believes in her and b) likes her…

        • KimYoonmi

          *Spoiler for LSS*
          I thought the last episode established fairly well that JH is falling for her first. He went to his ex about her and she uses her super noonchi to point it out and he even goes and blocks LSS from her not-so-secret relinquishing mother in a car and watched with pain in his eyes at the event and tried in his weak way to cheer her up. Both show he has tact, but lacks noonchi.

          I’d say he’s firmly on the path to realizing her likes her first–she doesn’t even see him.. He’ll fall first like the other two guys in this show so far. The guys seem to all realize how amazing the Lee family girls are.

          * End Spoiler*

          • alua

            And several people (well, at least one – Mi Ryung) have been starting to point it out to him to…

          • Raine

            So I’m getting Noonchi here as basically reading people. Which Americans do very poorly. It’s the reason I LOVED FBND because they had it for each other…most of the time. At least from how I understand how you’re explaining it Yoonmi ssi.

          • KimYoonmi

            Explained it a few open threads back. It’s kinda like perception/intuition used to read social situations including expressions, tone of voice, gestures, what has been said, etc to boil down what the situation is and what one really means. It prevents foot in mouth syndrome, looking like a ditz, and so on. Also prevents you from being a complete dork.

            You can use it for evil or for tact to change the mood.

            It helps you read subtext of what was said too.

            I use noonchi and bluntness with my brother. He’s equally blunt back. My American parents always thought we were fighting. And the conversation never seems to follow a logical order. We’d also game my parents with it a bit too. Like fake fighting. My American parents never learned noonchi.

            Americans (SAE speakers) tend to hate it because it’s true, the speaker has no concrete proof for what they said, but they know it’s true, but the huge leap feels like a smack upside the head. I’ve read travel logs where restaurant Ajumma come up to people and downright tell them things such as, “You’re holding your chopsticks like a baby.” which stings. It’s true. And then from there make personal leaps of intuition, such as, “You’re dating, right…” which is true, but there was no proof for it, so Americans back up and say, “Where is your proof?” even if the conclusion they know is true. Which is why I turn it off in the US. ’cause I often can’t explain why I know it’s true, but then someone proves it true, usually at some later date (Sometimes 10 years later in some study and I have to say, “Where were you ten years ago?”). And having to explain and prove yourself constantly is tiring. Besides, noonchi and spilling out emotions through talking feels like therapy, which is why I like speaking Korean.

            Noonchi doesn’t translate into Standard American English well. In English it’s called invasion of privacy and how dare you turn your intuition on me to read me. *lecture* *lecture* and you shouldn’t say it, even if you know it. Don’t you know tact? *lecture* *Lecture* Where is your proof anyway? *cry in corner* I’m sorry I said anything. You know it stings because it’s true.

          • Raine

            Yoonmi ssi – Yeah, I read the noonchi a while back. It sounds like how my family functions, but we’re very untraditional. I like the severe bluntness and the reading of people. Not that I probably totally get it as you do, but it sounds like a way I like to live!

          • Raine

            Also, I’d prefer if someone told me I used my chopsticks like a baby…it wouldn’t bother me. But…I’m weird. Hehe.

    • 11.2 alua

      *Saikou no Rikon

      …plus too many other typos for me to correct.

      • 11.2.1 John

        *Saikou no Rikon

        I’m in mourning. What happened to the subs?

        Yae no Sakura

        Just as bad. Where is Episode 1 (subbed) at?

        • alua

          I know…

          With J-dramas it’s like… roulette? Always a bet when the next one is going to be subbed.

          Can’t wait to be fluent in Japanese!

          • John

            I did manage to find Yae no Sakura Ep. 1 subbed. I’ll watch that show and wait for Saikou no Rikon.

        • owl

          I am so disappointed, John.

          • John

            One day the subs will appear and I’ll enjoy it.

        • nomad

          I’m with you, John… I can’t believe I’m this loyal to waiting. But Saikou no rikon is worth it. *sobs for subs*

        • cherkell

          We’ve been blessed out here in NorCal, because our local Japanese station (KTSF) is broadcasting Yae no Sakura with English subs. I wish I had the capability to do so, but I’m hoping someday that a kind-hearted soul will capture the episodes and put them up for sharing. *on bended knees*

          Enjoying immensely – this one is engaging me more than the taiga that previously aired. The Niijima Yae character reminds me a lot of Ueto Aya in the “Azumi” movies she did a few years back. “I’m here to kick butt and eat wagashi… and I’m all out of wagashi!!” 😛

    • 11.3 Manin

      I so agree with you about Kotoko in Itzuna kiss! They handle the friend situation so much better here I find than in the korean one (only seen season 2 of the taiwan version so donno the handling there). But she is making it clear that he is her friend, but nothing more, while stil actually BEING a friend. And it feels like that story line isn’t just left there as a repeated conflict.

      Two Fathers: I really want to see this show! *prays for english subs* I saw the first episode just to have a look and the girl seems so cute.

      • 11.3.1 alua

        There are subs on viki for Two Fathers. At least for two episodes, maybe more?

        • Manin

          Ohh, I was not aware of this! It’s been a while since I last looked for subs because I just couldn’t find any. Hope Viki works in Europe! :p

          • alua

            I’m in Europe… it worked for me in this instance, but that was the first time I tried it.

          • Manin

            Okay, Thank you 🙂 I shall go and have a look!

            Whereabouts in Europe are you? Out of curiosity :p

          • alua


            How about you?

          • Manin

            Not to far away! I’m currently in Aberystwyth, Wales 🙂

          • alua

            Oh! You are not far at all. 😀

            That said, I’ve never been to Wales.

          • Manin

            Haha I hadn’t either before coming here for uni :p

            Though my visits to London concists of one weekend a couple of years ago, and otherwise traveling through it to and from Aber and Norway :p

          • alua

            You should come for the Terracotta Far East Film Festival in June, there will be a number Korean films screening.

            Or the Korean Film Festival in October, when they screen at least a dozen Korean films…

            Where are you from in Norway? Years back, I visited Oslo, Bergen, Flekke and Karmøy. Do you know Humans of Oslo? I love that (I know it’s not the original “Humans” project, but somehow I stumbled across that one first.)

          • Manin

            Oh when in June is it? I can only go if it’s before the 8th, as I’m going back to work. Earning money before going to China to work for a year :p

            I’m from Tromsø, up in the North 🙂

            Humans of Oslo? Hmm… Can’t say that I do I’m afraid. At least the name doesn’t ring any bells right now :p What is it?

          • alua

            Terracotta is from June 6-15.

            Humans of Oslo is a photography project, you can find it on FB. Basically one guy goes around Oslo and takes pictures of people, and shares their little stories. It’s wonderful. 🙂

            That’s fabulous you are going to China for a year! Wow!!!

          • Manin

            Hm, well I am in London on the 7th so might be able to have a look 🙂

            Oh, that does sound interesting, I’ll definitively look that up 🙂

            Yes, China for a year to work in a kindergarten, so excited! Though need to start practicing mandarin I suppose :p (starting by watching dramas to get a feel for the language first though xD)

      • 11.3.2 KimYoonmi

        The Korean one sucked compared to the ISWAK version.

        My listing is for this story (Itazura na Kiss)

        1. ISWAK/TKA (TW)
        2. Love in Tokyo. (remake)
        3. Mischievous Kiss (Should not be titled “Playful”)
        4. The Japanese original version.

        *Mild spoilers* (though if you haven’t watched this story enough times already)
        Love in Tokyo is very close to the manga, except there are some mods here and there. For example, the kiss didn’t happen on a stairwell, in the original, it happened in a tunnel (I said Winnie a stickler and he is). He pinned her against the wall of the tunnel and kissed her, which they couldn’t do on the stairs. (though they got the smile of “I’m going to enjoy this right). And the house collapsed from an Earthquake.

        Also the ISWAK version includes pretty much the entire manga including the skipped scenes of Irie-kun tutoring Kotoko’s class. Also includes a lot of the original feel and pacing of the manga. The only scene that Winnie (ISWAK director skipped) entirely, he wrote into the script a reference to it as a tribute.

        ISWAK is my favorite version hands down, it’s got the perfect pacing, tone, and Joe Cheng plays the character as someone whose seriously emotionally stunted rather than emotionally cold. Here, in this version, the actor is playing it like he likes to mess around with Kotoko for the sake of it, but doesn’t want to say it and I don’t think that fits with the character history as much as how Joe Cheng played it. (which fits into the later storyline that he *is* just emotionally stunted and embarrassed to express it–though you can get away with the “playing around” bit for the first half of the manga.)

        Plus the rain kiss. I’m really, really hoping they block this right, because the Korean version sucked. I mean really sucked. It didn’t follow the manga one bit and didn’t have the emotional resonance or the reasons why he’d do that so suddenly. (Winnie pretty much copied some of the manga framing shot for shot, and also copied the dialog to boot).

        *End Spoiler.*

        ISWAK to the bitter end, baby. Director Winnie, I love you in that artistic I wish I had your skillz way. (’cause I don’t want trouble with your wife….)

        • alua

          I don’t mind that they are not sticking all that close to the storyline, and being the fourth re-incarnation, they are probably better off paving their own way.

          They also have the challenge of Miki Honoka being a minor and wayyyy younger than Furukawa Yuki. I feel that’s going to mean some changes in the script and, especially, we’ll get a whole lot less skinship than in the Taiwanese one (which, I have to admit, excelled at that). I don’t mind though. I like realistically portrayed skinship (not like in Hotaru no Hikari, where we had adults in a relationship that supposedly just about never kissed and remained chaste for years?!?), but it can be minimal as long as there is no pretense about it (you know, you can still suggest things, we don’t have necessarily see them on the screen).

          I think my main problem with ISWAK is that Ariel’s character is was too naïve and annoying. (And the mom character was even worse.) I’m enjoying Kotoko way more, because while she is definitely not a brainiac, she has self-value and pride.

          You are probably right about Joe Cheng – Furukuwa doesn’t come across as emotionally stunted to me either, rather as somewhat socially inept and quite lonely (he doesn’t have friends and he definitely notices and sort of envies Kotoko for having this whole group of people that love her.).

        • Janelle

          I feel like how you’re describing the Japanese Naoki is closer to the manga than the Chinese version. That he was having moderate amounts of fun deflating Kotoko’s balloon, rather than that he was emotionally stunted.

        • KimYoonmi


          It feels like that for the first half until…

          They get married, and then you clearly see it’s not Irie messing with Kotoko so much it’s that he *is* emotionally stunted from his childhood trauma. He’s not very good at expressing his emotions well and this is supported for the rest of the manga until the mangaka’s unfortunate death just before the ending.

          Also that he’s really embarrassed to express his emotions around his family who are constantly pressuring him to move faster than he’s comfortable.
          *End Spoiler*

          So the TW version is spot on, but the Japanese version can get away with that type of interpretation of the character until the character gets married and then they’d have to do some shuffling to make it work.

          • Janelle

            I read the manga last summer, so I could be remembering it incorrectly. In any event, I’m not bothered by the Japanese version’s interpretation of the character. I had more trouble seeing Joe Cheng as someone crush-worthy.

        • DayDreamer

          To Kim Yoon Mi: That Ariel-Joe kiss scene was to die for!!! You are so right, Joe Cheng really made Naoki lovable and human. I remember one time reading (or watching; I kinda forgot what it was) an interview of his wherein he stated that in analyzing his character in the script, he found it very unlikable. Thus, how could an audience buy the idea that a girl can be so infatuated and in love with this kind of guy? Joe then said that he tried to inject a sort of human-ness in Naoki because he had all the perfect qualities (a super genius, athletic, handsome, and just about the best in everything) but he still needed his failings. So he tried to make his character seem understandable at the very least by injecting a hidden smile at crucial points, make him feel utterly embarrassed or nonplussed, and do random things like squeeze his wet sweater dry from a window and then accidentally drop it (I totally giggled in that scene).

          To the others: I’m not watching Love in Tokyo so I guess it shouldn’t be fair of me to make comparisons. But I can definitely say that ISWAK and ISWAK2 had so much heart that it made my heart pound for weeks, months, and years. And I doubt Love in Tokyo would ever do that (judging from the first episode I watched).

        • Jadielaw

          I agree with you 100% on ISWAK and Joe Cheng.

    • 11.4 Raine

      Penny Pinchers was so sadly disappointing. I literally took two days to watch it cause I kept going off to do other things…


      • 11.4.1 alua

        Hi Raine!!!

        Funnily all the reviews – from some more established movie critics included – I’ve seen were all going on how it was one of the best romantic comedies from the past few years (something that they justified with the darker, social commentary).

        I thought it was nice, but a bit flat character-wise, fairly predictable, sometimes unrealistic (how do you plant a huge tree, set up a tent and move all your stuff in front of someone’s house in the middle of the night without waking anyone up? Never mind the logistics of all that…)

        I also didn’t understand all the ways in which the girl was pinching money… but that may be my lack of cultural knowledge.

        • Raine

          HII! *waves* I didn’t get it either. I just thought SJK was cute on occasion and that saved it…and I loved his libido getting stymied.

          • alua

            I think we totally concur on Penny Pinchers. SJK did manage to somewhat endear himself to me (when he was bawling watching that movie, jajajajaja) and, yeah when he tried so hard for his love life and totally failed (the breath mints!!!).

          • Raine

            Haha, the movie was EXACTLY the part I was thinking of. We are on the same wave length aren’t we?

  12. 12 ck1Oz

    Hi everyone.
    All I can say is the posts are long today. Took some reading 🙂
    Glad you guys have an outlet.

    Am going back to AAMR ep 9 and I summon you,gold ep 7.
    Can’t stick to one drama.

    This weekend is looking exciting for our weekend drama viewing thank goodness. Romance on all fronts. Well except ISYG but LSS has some good spoilers.

    Have a nice weekend everyone.

    p/s there’s no new drama starting in May is it? Except for Shark.

    • 12.1 kakashi

      oh indeed, VERY long posts :))

      I hear pretty good things about ISYG … I might check it out, but I guess I’m waiting for some more episodes. How many will there be? 50 or something?

      • 12.1.1 KDaddict

        I hated it when I saw the first 2 eps, bcos of HanJH’s overacting. But now it’s getting better. (IT is, not her necessarily). I hope the 2nd sister’s story arc gets fully developed. It involves her husband and his mom. It’s a family within a family. That’ll take the burden/screen time off HanJH.

    • 12.2 acejihyo

      i actually tried to watch ISYG, but couldn’t really get past like episode 2. i haven’t seen han ji hye in anything else (and maybe it’s just me) but is she normally this screechy in her roles?

      (but so pleased with this week’s offering of AAMR :3)

      • 12.2.1 ck1Oz

        Get past it ep 2. The whole cast is well written. I watched it raw because the subs took so long. Then rewatched it again after.

        For me to do that and not fast fw is rare because usually there are filler sections. But here, the mundane things all mean something. The writer is doing a good job fleshing out their individual little plots. Well written.

        Screeching? My standard for screeching is actually the maternal aunt. Or TW heroines. JKH is not screeching thank goodness. Actually it took me 4 episodes to warm up to the VP guy or HGI’s husband. The maknae couple are actually well worth watching.

        There. I don’t usually praise a show at length it usually happens maybe ? once every few months. The last show I liked… was it…. actually can’t remember. Okay for a long family drama. I would say… Okakgyo Brothers but with a way faster pace. And more complex characters and motivations.

        • acejihyo

          i wasn’t a huge fan of the synopsis when i read it, but i went ahead and tried it bc of YJH (aka VP guy). it wasn’t a bad start, but not exactly gripping either. of course, HJH is nowhere near that level of TW heroine screechy, but it’s just the way that she emotes, it feels really forced/overacted (imo).

          yeah i don’t expected a super fast paced 50 ep drama either, but usually if i stay on a long drama such as this, i need to love the characters at least, and i guess i’m not really feeling it? (OB and Smile, You were two examples of ones where the characters really got me in the heart)

        • Bengbeng

          totally agree with you ck10z. I’m really enjoying ISYG, to the point I can’t wait for the subs to come and watch it raw =). The episodes are getting interesting everyweek =)

        • Carmensitta

          I love love love ISYG! It’s faster paced than other weekend dramas, and ALL characters are well written, can’t believe that for once nobody is too annoying(up to episode 10 that is). You’ve got your usual antagonists and scheming bitches, but it’s not eye roll material, it’s quite realistic.

          Maknae couple jang! Looking forward to their journey the most. Having one mother in law is difficult, let alone TWO of them!I’m happy one of them is nice to her, unlike the initial reaction.

          I don’t think I saw HJH in anything else before, but she did decently here, considering she has to play 2 different characters, and then one of them has to try to copy the other, without it being the other character 100%. She convinced me the three characters were different, so that goes a long way. Maybe she overreacted in the first episodes, I don’t know, marathoned all available episodes this evening/night haha.

          All in all 8/10 for ISYG, I’ll watch all the episodes if the drama keeps this up to the finish.

    • 12.3 alua

      Long and I’m amazed the first person managed to be first with such a long post!

      • 12.3.1 Mystisith

        Post written in advance and kept warm for the D-day, me thinks.

        • ck1Oz

          🙂 Haha.
          Yeah by the time I write something especially in OT there are like another 20 new comments.

          • a_diva

            true. i noticed that open thread comes around pretty much the same time every friday so i came onto site about that time this morning and started writing. by the time it came up, i just finished my comment in the thread and posted it. i was surprised it was first though. i wondered how people got first here and i guess that is the key. or you could actually write the whole thing beforehand and wait to post it if you felt like it.

            anyway, this is a good outlet for kdramaaddicts especially if you’re like me and no one else in your life shares the addiction or understands it.

          • alua


            There is a fixed time for the OT start, I can’t remember what it is in JB/GF’s timezone, but in mine (Greenwich*) it’s 2 p.m.

            *I can’t remember if we’re an hour plus Greenwich because of summer time now. 2 p.m. in the UK in any case!

          • a_diva

            really!? i didn’t know there was a fixed time. i thought the girls just generally put it up on friday mornings (it’s morning where i am). i noticed it would be up at my usual morning internet perusal time so i came this morning on purpose to get the last of my OT fix. like i mentioned previously, i never posted my own comment before but i’d read everyone’s posts and reply a bit here and there. it is fun to get perspectives other than the recappers.

          • ck1Oz

            @a_diva? Really? There is a regular time. I just click it when I am halfway through a drama episode on Friday nights. That’s why I am in and out it’s usually when I watching some drama.

            Ah, yes, drama addiction. No one watches it with me as well. But my friends watch it after a show ends. But I have plenty of outlet talking about it. Sometimes I talk to much I think with the viki people. But I spread out the talk amongst many people. The excuse being I am learning about the Korean culture. But it’s more like raving a cute guy. Sometimes.

            Oh on viki, the photo posts are back to full size now on Disqus. Thank goodness, I was going crazy being quiet, I’ve just spammed the AAMR channel there.

          • alua

            Well, it’s not to the minute and every now and then it’s delayed, but generally it’s on time!

            (Someone else enlightened me as well. :-))

        • alua

          Such level of organisation and preparation evades me.


        • DayDreamer

          Guilty as charged. I start writing my OT post early in the week–just a few lines of thoughts on Monday-Tuesday drama that I’m watching or a drama that I managed to finish marathoning so that I don’t forget my exact feelings on it. Then, over the week I add few lines more here and there for other dramas that I’m watching/marathoning. Friday morning rolls around and that’s when I edit it, go do some other work, come back to see if OT thread is running and then copy/paste, lol. It’s just so much easier than forgetting what I wanted to say and then trying to remember it, hehe.

    • 12.4 maimymlt

      Ah, so glad someone else is watching ISYG. I’m caught, because I can’t wait to see the oldest and youngest gain some self-confidence and strength due to the “poor” women they’ve allowed into their lives. I really like each sisters’ character!

      The unmasking of the true nature of stepmom, her son and his wife, is something I look forward to, as well, because I cannot stand them. The sisters have backbones, so this will be (to me at least) an interesting battle.

      • 12.4.1 ck1Oz

        Actually the sisters grandmother and her arrogance and selfishness is driving me slightly nuts.

        I want her slapped down worse than the stepmother.

  13. 13 Mystisith

    Well, I have to disagree with @KimYoonmi on that one (still, hello there!):
    “She is WOW” is FANTASTIC!
    At least a drama which is not scared of showing all the hypocrisy of the SK society and family values. Slash!
    It’s hard to talk about it without spoiling for those who didn’t watch it yet. 🙁
    Let’s just say that watching this is like watching a plane (a model family) exploding in flight. It’s definitely done with a lot of humour, in all kind of degrees. So refreshing!
    In 2 episodes I must have said WOW a couple of times already: Got to love a show which openly mocks its own audience (You want gossip? Sex scenes? Celebrities ridiculed? Take that!) but also the censorship with creativity. We “see” people having bedroom activity (dies laughing XXX) and basically a healthy libido. What? You thought women were only pure creatures without needs and brain of their own? Bwahaha…
    Special mention for the idol turned actor Jin Young who is the new Shin Won Ho: Kid has (many) skills and with some work has the possibility of becoming a valid actor. My comparison with the BIG prodigy is not innocent there: Ming Kyu is a noona killer character for sure and he knows what he wants!
    Not sure this drama is for 10 years old viewers but if you like corrosive material (Sex in the city meets American Beauty and is “kimchicised), then you’re in for a ride.

    • 13.1 kakashi

      sounds very interesting, Mysti! I will definitely check this out

    • 13.2 alua

      I’m having pizza for lunch today. I think it was you last week who mentioned pizza (misreading a word I wrote) and made me hungry for some!

      Haven’t looked into She is WOW at all, sounds like I’ll have to check it out. Might have to wait though, I’m about to begin exam marking which means I’ll have to put all drama watching on hold… *sigh*

      • 13.2.1 John

        Tatta Hitotsu no Koi I’m enjoying every minute.

        Also enjoying Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers and Nine.

        • alua

          🙂 How far are you with Tatta Hitotsu no Koi?

          • John

            Ep 6. (?)

            Hiroto meets Nao’s father.

            Ayase Haruka in her witch costume. I’d like to find a copy of that pic.

          • alua

            You kind of make me want to rewatch it… But if I do, I’ll end up marathoning it all night, which I can’t do because I have to get up at 5 am tomorrow for work!

    • 13.3 Saturtledaisy

      I’ve been wanting to check out She is WOW, and maybe I will now. I’ve seen a lot of people being positive about it. So… thanks for your input =D

    • 13.4 KimYoonmi


      Not a fan of the imperfect family [that needs to be fixed.] but appears perfect. I dislike from a story POV. I’ve hated Kazoku Game, Desperate Housewives, Sex in the City (though I have a huge, huge rant about this on various levels), pretty much for this trope. I’ve watched a whole bunch. And I have to say, nothing beats the Pod People from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. (No one can beat that hands down.) Which pretty much started this trope with Stepford Wives. Even there, I still have complaints about the built in premise.

      1. Buys into a stereotype that everyone knows doesn’t perfectly exist, which often creates flat characters that don’t get anything beyond their flat characteristics.

      If they get the perfect veneer, then the character is fleshed out by making them the exact opposite. (Under this system, most of the time women suffer because they are polarized in stereotype anyway). So for example, if in society, women are chaste, well, secretly this woman is a sex machine. TT NO. Please no. OMG, and if they smack that with “That’s feminism” on top of that, I’m going to smack them back with a trope list.

      If the man is publicly rich, then he’s secretly stingy. >.<;;; <–from a writer's standpoint, I seriously want to yell NO. That's not how good characters are fleshed out.

      Putting in opposites doesn't round out characters. I have a long, long, writerly rant about why this doesn't work and you're just leading to my next major complaint.

      2. Systematizes stereotypes such that it allows for prejudice because it's built into the premise. (Also known as the lack of diversity excuse).

      Or my huge, huge gripe with Sex in the City, Desperate Housewives, and everything of that ilk. There are absolutely no people of color. Why? It's built into the premise. Why? Because it's making fun of a stereotype. And if diversity is added it's added for only sensationalist effect. OMG, I feel like strangling someone seeing such things. Why can't the "perfect" couple also be say, gay married, or black, or Asian, or have a disability? Of course because that's not the stereotype. You see the problem built in?

      And if you put it in, then you have to MAKE A BIG DEAL OF IT. And then I seriously start hating the writers.

      2. The Tabloid effect.
      One tabloid reporter when asked why she wanted to write tabloids said that she was a failed actress and sneered at the camera that these people didn't deserve their success, so she enjoyed watching them fall.

      I've always thought this was a bad attitude towards society, because you never know how that person got there for sure. You can hate on political figures for having an easy ride, for example, but for me, spending all that time and energy hating on them for whatever they have, isn't worth it. I rather watch someone claw to the top like in Priceless, than watch a drama mock people, even fictional ones. I get nausea seeing such things. It's not worth it.

      3. The idea that any person of family could be "reformed". (if added) You have to want to reform in order to reform. And it's not easy (or why I tend to like Slice of Life flavor in Japanese dramas) (for the bonus). I hate it in women reforming men, men who want to be reformed, men who want their mommies trope, and men trying to reform women (Pretty Women). So I don't like watching it with a family either. It's all lies and psychology backs this up. Changing people is impossible. Changing yourself is possible, but extremely difficult.

      So it's not the show per se, it's this type of storyline. I loathe prejudice and I rather not get it crammed down my throat in some kind of sick idealization with the excuse that the prejudice being served (built into the storyline) is OK because you get to snicker at an ideal and at people that have "made it".

      I enjoy watching evil guys fall, but then, they tend to deserve it not because of their success, but their own actions (Which tends to be built in every religion I know so far, and I know quite a few). This type of show tends to trigger some really big feelings of nausea in me. So it's a personal loathing.

      I also dislike the perpetually dysfunctional family as well (which can come from several class systems). I've watched a bunch of those and also lost my taste for them. Mostly for the same reasons, oddly enough.

      • 13.4.1 Annie

        You’ve expressed this so much more eloquently than I ever could.

        You know you’ve gone too far when even stuff that is supposed to be subversive becomes ham-fisted and stereotypical in its own right.

      • 13.4.2 alua

        I need a like button…

        “Changing people is impossible. Changing yourself is possible, but extremely difficult.”

        Yes! Okay, I might say “changing yourself is difficult or challenging, rather than extremely difficult”, but you hit the nail on the head.

        That’s also why the RMPW special didn’t do it – the ending rested entirely on Makoto asking Hyuga to change, and her changing for him too. But you can’t change people, you can’t hope they will change for you, and you can’t change yourself for others – it will eventually not work out.

        • KimYoonmi

          I don’t mind the asking people to change half so much. Asking is fine. Actually thinking you’ll always get results and showing that through your actions alone you can get results I have serious issue with.

          Makoto, I thought, didn’t really think she’d get results. They agreed to that. In relationships you have to compromise a little.

          So it’s shaky. Asking can sometimes get results, say for an alcoholic or someone suicidal.

          Expecting it like magic. No. Definitely not. The only thing you have control over is yourself and your actions.

          So more “I’m going to reform this prisoner badboy.” I thoroughly hate.

          Asking change and expecting instant and reforming results I hate. Small changes may happen, but expect sliding. (I want to see that in a Rich Man, Poor Woman story)

          Asking change and realizing *if* they agree that it’ll be painful and there will be tons of backsliding and working through it, I can tolerate.

          Changing a character by merely having another character interrupt their flow, I tend to like. That’s where neither character is trying to achieve change, but just by the force of the other character spending lots of time with them, they come to realize they want to change for themselves how they are (but not sweeping reform.) in maybe one or two things. Kotoko and Irie-kun works like that. She’s not trying to change him. She’s just changing him by being there and showing a different POV. So that gets a pass.

          I also like the struggling to change yourself storylines too. (While accepting who you are at the same time)

          ^^;; I got writerly again. Sorry.

          Anyway, from a relationship angle, the line I hate the most from guys, “You make me want to be a better man.”

          Sorry, I’m not into reforming. Bye.

      • 13.4.3 Carole McDonnell

        Your comment about people of color reminds me of a scene in The Slanted Screen. The writer — An Asian-American– had been called to do an episode of some show. It was a show about upscale American teens. Not 90210 but something like it. So the writer took the opportunity to create a show where there was a party with poorer working class kids of all color. The producers objected and made the episode with poor white kids instead. The compromises writers of color have to make for Hollywood.

  14. 14 korfan

    Hello Everyone! I hope you are all doing well today.

    So I started watching a new Kdrama that’s airing on regular tv really late at night (more like really, really early morning). It’s called “Thank You”. It’s with Gong Hyo-jin (yay!!) and Jang Hyuk. ….. It’s an older production, and it sometimes feels like you’re watching an idependent film, if that makes any sense. …… It’s interesting so far. ….. Has anyone watched this before?

    On a completely different subject, which I don’t really mention often: music ….. So there’s this channel on regular broadcast television, called Arirang which airs a little, 40 or 60-second advertisement for one of their shows called “After School Club” ….. I have no idea what this show is about, nor do I watch it because I have no time. ….. Anyway, the two guys (Hanbyul and Eric Nam) sing the catchiest, jazziest tune I’ve heard in a while, it’s kinda neat! …… How I wish that song was longer though.

    Ok, that’s about it for now. Take care everyone and have a great Friday!

    • 14.1 RockPaperScissors

      “Thank You” is one of my sentimental favorites. I actually bought the DVDs. Not perfect, gets a little slow at times, but I can guarantee you that you will never eat another choco pie without thinking of this drama.

      • 14.1.1 korfan

        Oh, the choco pies!! I know!!

    • 14.2 DayDreamer

      I watched Thank You up to a certain point. The reviews I’ve read hail it as a really good drama but honestly I got bored. It’s a little too slow in development for my tastes and only one scene deeply touched me out of all the episodes I watched, which wasn’t enough to keep me going.

  15. 15 Peeps

    I am… so bored. So bored that I don’t want to do anything and so I get bored-er. -_-

    • 15.1 MariD

      Did you watched FBND? You just reminded me of the scene where Enrique is refusing to leave his apartment.. Random but had to share it…

      • 15.1.1 Peeps

        Yes, I did. I am now like Enrique. Heheheh

        • Kiara

          LOL put on a panda suit and dance.

    • 15.2 kakashi

      hmm …. what about watching some KDrama?! 😉

      • 15.2.1 Peeps

        What K drama?

        I’ve already seen most of the major pieces already…

        • kakashi

          hmm … there’s THOUSANDS! haha. do you know Joseon X-Files?

          • Peeps

            Already watched it. TTTTT____TTTTTT

            I’m so bored I could cry!

          • kakashi

            Special Affairs Team TEN?

          • Peeps

            Watched. And season 2’s only subbed up to episode 2. Well, yes, 3 is subbed on Hulu but I’m not in the US of A.

          • kakashi

            Vampire Diaries?

          • Peeps

            I think I’m just gonna go sleep. Heh heh. Thanks for humoring me. 😀

            Good night

          • kakashi

            History of a Salaryman?

          • kakashi


          • Peeps

            Er… I’m not a fan of any thing that sucks blood…

          • Peeps

            Watched and watched!

            I wonder what I’ve been doing in my life…

          • MariD

            Yes! Vampire diaries! The first 3 seasons were my tv show crack. I can’t say anything about the current season since I quit CW when they cancel Secret circle & ended VD with someone’s death..

    • 15.3 Belle3005

      How about some J-dramas then?
      I’ve completed a 2012 J-drama just recently,which happened to be the first ever J-drama (I have a weird tendency to feel repulsive towards J-dramas in general, never managed to get past two episodes for any of them) that I’ve ever completed, EVER.
      Man, Rich Man Poor Woman gives me warm fuzzies and happy tingly feelings whenever I think of it. THE OTP IS PERFECT. In fact, I haven’t felt so strong of an OTP before since QIHM, where the chemistry between Yoo Inna and Ji Hyunwoo was so explosive I swear I kept grinning to myself in front of the screen the entire time.
      And with only 11 episodes it wouldn’t be too much of a commitment, no?
      Sure, there were episodes where I felt so frustrated with some of the characters, but I understood why it was necessary for the sake of the storyline, and I absolutely loved the brisk pace of the plot, nothing was ever dragged out for too long, and how can you not root for the underdog in this story?
      I finally get why it was so hyped in the dramaverse when it first came out, I really do. I MAD LOVE THIS DRAMA FOR BREAKING MY NO J-DRAMAS RULE.
      In fact, I think I only disliked 3 episodes out of the 11 episodes (but those episodes was essential in order for the plotline to progress smoothly and also for our male lead to grow and be a better person, so I was fine with it.)
      Well… I’ll leave to it you to decide then.

      • 15.3.1 Belle3005

        *felt so strong for an OTP

      • 15.3.2 Momoi

        Rich Man Poor Woman was actually the first Jdrama i watched too.

      • 15.3.3 KimYoonmi

        J dramas… If you’re going to break into J-dramas, I would recommend in order:

        Prop Dai, since this will give you a primer on Japanese culture fairly well. Kenzo can be a bit of a loser, but the musical score is hard to beat.

        Hana Yori Dango (Everything) Fast-paced

        Nodame Cantabile.

        Liar Game (Or you can go for Kurosagi, but Liar Game is far more intense).

        And Hotaru no Hikari (whole 2 series and movie)

        If you also are learning Japanese: Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo is also a good way to get a basic introduction into Japanese culture.

        I’d consider those cornerstone basics. Before getting into the really weird ones that stretch you and the heavily Slice of Life dramas. It’ll give a fairly smooth introduction to the majority of genres. After that, you can get into things like Code Blue (which is pretty tame for a medical drama, but has eye candy and loose references to Prop Dai), severe bubble worlds such as Mirai Koshi Meguru, and what I would term “profession shows” (Like what is it like to be a doctor, or work in a department that’s hated, or as a graphic designer, or whatever) Also give a fairly good range.

        • Peeps

          *Ahem*. Sorry for this little bit… please forgive me for this moment, but…



          Yeah, okay, so you now know that I’m not new to Japanese dramas. Haha.

          I actually started my drama-watching with Japanese doramas before landing on “Goong” (my first K-drama). I do find their stories a little more varied in genre than what you can find in the Korean drama market and their short but fast paced episodes, I loved that too. Although they do tend to over-act. Haha. Especially those dramas with manga origins.

          I’m actually following the drama remake of Itazura Na Kiss – Love in Tokyo and I find it to be the nicest. Um, I wouldn’t say that it was the best since all the other versions are different tonally, but I connected to this on the most. Probably because the female lead isn’t so stupid to be annoying and actually has a spine. And also the male lead seems a bit softer here. As in, you can see those emotions coming through his cracked shell (if you see hard and long enough).

          Surprisingly, other than Nodame Cantabile, I haven’t seen the other dramas you’ve listed. I think it’s because I leaning towards detective-crime-mysteries-what-have-you dramas like Brain and Galileo. So I’ll check those out soon. Thanks!

          • Peeps

            Wait, Brain is a Korean Drama. I meant Mr Brain.

            But I’ve watched both before.

            Brains, brains, brains… No, I’m not a zombie.

          • KimYoonmi

            Then try Trick, everything in it. Funny, has a detective bent, great music, great acting, great acting chemistry and it’s not likely you watched it. Plus a slight occult bend.

          • DayDreamer

            Haha, your posts on boredom amused me a lot. Luckily I haven’t watched enough dramas for me to end up in such a state as there are a lot of older dramas that I have yet to watch. But on the other stuff, you remind me of myself. I also started drama-watching by first foraying into Jdoramas. Actually, I used to be a big manga reader and I was reading Nodame Cantabile, realized there was a drama on it and started watching that. Can’t say I loved the drama since I slept while watching it, lol. I guess I was most invested in the Chiaki-Nodame romance and interactions more than the other stuff. Then I read Itazura na Kiss manga and ended up watching the original Japanese drama on it before discovering much later the Taiwanese (gem) version of it. After that I heavily dabbled in Tdramas, went back to Jdramas, and then much later plunged into Kdramas. In Jdramas, I watched and loved Love Generation, Life is Beautiful (or was it Beautiful Life? Ha, memory’s going bad), Nagareboshi, Taiyo no Uta, etc. I guess in Jdramas, I lean towards the romance-centric dramas more.

      • 15.3.4 Peeps

        I’ve never watched Rich Man Poor Woman. The plot (from Wiki) sounds a bit like your average candy falling in love with a jerk.But I guess, since you recommended it so enthusiastically, there must be something that works for it.

        I’ll check it out. Thanks for your recommendation!

        • shepo

          actually,,that’s the Japanese Romance drama most favourite plot,,but I do think that all of their romance drama have this plot,,,hahahha..


          and i think it comes from the japanese shojo/romance manga,,a lot of popular/best selling shojo/romance manga have this kind of plot, so if they make a drama with this kind of plot,it’ll get good rating too..

    • 15.4 Nilechoclat

      Turkish drama watch fatmagülün suçu ne

      • 15.4.1 Peeps

        Damn, I think I might cry… The poor girl gets gang-raped!

        (No, I haven’t watched the drama, just read the sypnosis on Wiki.)

        Thanks for the recommendation though! 🙂

    • 15.5 KimYoonmi

      Don’t like vampires, likes pretty boys, and wants an engaging story. Combined with your mood of being bored, you probably want something a little faster paced than usual to get you a jump start.

      Maybe fast, breezy, easy? less thoughtful?

      Get Karl!
      The Vineyard Man– a sweet watch and seriously underrated.
      Legend of Hyang Dan
      Fantasy Couple

      What’s Up Fox (Sexy)
      Hyena (19+)

      Banjeon Theater (May be under Banjun) Which is just funny.

      Not sure if you’ve seen those. If you have and the mood I guessed is wrong, I can generate a new list. =P It’s my specialty.

      • 15.5.1 KimYoonmi

        If you will allow for slower-paced:
        I really, really Like you.- Lee Min Ki’s first major drama. OMG, This is where I fell for him. (Plus the BTS is fulled of bumbling and dorkishness that’s just hot.)

        Also old school Jang Nara dramas:
        Bright Girl’s Success Story

        My Love Patji (Mispelled, as Patzzi)- mind numbing, the ending doesn’t make much sense, but OMG, eye candy. *fans self* Kim Jae Won and Kim Rae Won in one drama. *love*

        9 Ends 2 Outs

        And also, Love Marriage

        Love Marriage, because while it’s slow, OMG Some nice shirtless things going which will make you NOT bored.

        And also I Need Romance 2 with LJW, if you haven’t seen it. While it’s a bit higher on the thought meter, as it challenges you to think through some issues, the eye candy doesn’t hurt one bit.

        Mind you, I usually don’t rate on eye candy, and am hardcore on story, but when you’re bored until your brain can’t think anymore, sometimes Hong Sisters (the funny ones) love and some nice sizzling men to watch isn’t such a bad thing.

        • DayDreamer

          Ha! I also enjoyed the Vineyard Man. I liked it even if the male lead was so into his farm, lol.

      • 15.5.2 Peeps

        Whoa whoa whoa, I never said anything about liking pretty boys. But you were on point on the other three.

        I’ve actually already watched these three:

        Get Karl! (Oh Soo Jung. You forgot the Oh Soo Jung)

        The Vineyard Man– a sweet watch and seriously underrated.

        Legend of Hyang Dan

        Also, BanJung theatre was one of the first Korean dramas I’ve watched. I loved TVXQ as 5! (I was young and full of emotions and stupid. So sue me.)

        And whoa… not into 19+ dramas/movies either. So I guess that leaves ‘Fantasy Couple” and What’s up Fox?

        Thanks for the recommendation!

  16. 16 Sabah

    Warmest Greetings to all. Thanks for all the reviews, as always it is very much appreciated.

    Dear Wanda, I haven’t seen you around in a long while so just thought I’d put this out there in case you drop by…

    • 16.1 FishcalledWanda

      Hi Sabah! So sweet of you! The gif made me laugh hehe. I’m doing good right now, but I have indeed not been around lately. How have you been? My workload at uni was insane this semester. I’ve never been so busy! I haven’t read a book, seen an episode from anything or watched a movie for weeks! I’m so glad that everything’s done and I’m in some calmer waters now. Phew. On top of that I’ve been having some problems among which trouble with one of my roommates. She’s so different from me and cannot seem to accept that fact. The tension drove me crazy, but luckily I’m home for the holidays now! To celebrate I’ve bought some new clothes and watched 5 episodes in a row of the first season of Ten. The second season trailers got my attention and interest, so I decided to check the first season out. Have you seen it? What have you been watching lately? Anything to recommend me?

      And the sun is shining here at last! I can’t remember having such a long and cold winter ever, it was feeling never-ending! Ah, the warmth and sunshine just lifts my mood : ) (as is your message, always good to know that someone thinks about you)
      Happy weekend!

      • 16.1.1 Sabah

        Hey Wanda! : ) Good to hear from you. I was certain it was studying related so I didn’t want to stalk you but then a lot of time had passed so I just wanted to make sure you were all right because I loved our conversations and I didn’t want you to think that it didn’t mean anything and that it was all forgotten.

        Ah! People! They are tough to deal with. I think it’s worse when you live with them because there’s no escape. No place where you can retreat too and feel calm. However I do think that we all seek out peace, a default state where everything is all right within ourselves and our environment so I feel that the room mate might eventually just learn to yield and give a little.

        Yes, I’ve watched the first series of Ten which I thoroughly enjoyed. The second series is on my watch list but for now I’m looking for something lighter. I’m watching Nine, Lee Soon Shin and Mandate of Heaven [She’s says ‘lighter’ hehe] all of which are interesting and entertaining however the most recent drama that I’ve just fallen in love with, can’t stop recommending to people is Tatta hitotsu no koi. I’m a big kamenashi Kazuya fan but this drama just touched me deeply. The story is very simple but it’s the characterizations and the dialogues that get you. Have you seen it? I also loved a Temple Grandin biopic staring Claire Danes. Is there any drama that you are looking forward to? Hong sisters new drama? Or Cyrano Dating Agency?

        Sunshine is indeed glorious. It just lifts your spirits and puts everyone in a good mood. I agree it does feel like being reunited with a long lost friend. I too have feeling so much ‘perkier’ since the sun has returned. Wishing much warmth, goodness and peace. Fighting!

        • FishcalledWanda

          Ah I think the same about our conversations, thank you for letting me know! While I haven’t been posting lately, they’re certainly not forgotten! I haven’t checked in an OT lately, so I don’t know if you’ve posted a message for me before, but if not then it is a coincidence we both decided to post in this OT!

          Yes, people haha. I agree with you it being worse if you live with them and I think it’s also worse when they’re not family, cause if they are you tend to accept each others quirks and habits easier than if not.

          I’m also enjoying Ten very much. I wanted something with a little more action and less talking and my wish was granted! He, lighter indeed. And because of your enthusiasm about Tatta Hitotsu No Koi I watched the first episode and I think I like it already very much. The simpleness of the story really appealed to me and it felt very realistic. Definitely planning on watching more, thank you!

          I’ve also watched a ton of Eat Your Kimchi videos, do you watch those too? I like it that they talk about a wide variety of topics and they’re very funny! How far are you on 1n2d? I haven’t watched in a long time, so I haven’t seen the new member yet? Do you?

          I’m not so up to date on upcoming dramas, but Heirs got my interested, though I was hoping it was a college drama, not high school. But how can I resist the combination of Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho? I’m curious as to who the second lead’s going to be now that it’s open again. Anyone you would particularly like for that role? I’m also interested in the new Hong Sisters drama, since I liked most of the previous ones. Also I Can Hear Your Voice seems interesting, since it has an supernatural element and one of the leads is Lee Young Seok. Talking about him, did you watch the Running Man episode with the boys from School? I thought it was very cute! It was good to see Won Bin smile a lot, in contrast to his character in School.
          What are you looking forward to?

          • Sabah

            It’s strange with online friendships; in some ways there are closer then offline friends but in some ways there is more distance too. I know much about you, and you about me but then it could happen that just like that we would never speak another word to each again. I could pass you on the street and not recognize you.

            Anyway… The same thing actually happened to me. I was reading some post on an OT on good Japanese dramas and one commentator -alua- tastes matched mine and they rated this drama highly so I decided to check it out and well the rest is history as they say. I haven’t finished it yet as I don’t want to rush it but savour this one as I go along, linger a while.

            Yay, I love the Simon and Martina too. More than the content I love their chemistry, the manner they interact with each other. Did you watch their ‘draw my life’ videos yet? Really awesome people! If I ever did a draw my life video it wouldn’t even be ten seconds long…hehe. Any of their videos that you particularly loved? I’m not up with my Korean variety at the moment, only Runningman and yep the school episode was funny. I loved how goofy they all were. Did you watch the one where they went to Vietnam? Not that it is undeserved but I do wonder why it is just so popular abroad over other Korean Variety shows. What do you think, wait haven’t we talked about this before? hehe oops! Someone recommended ‘music and lyrics’ to me but it’s hard to find subbed versions. The concept is interesting though, they get one celebrity usually an actor/actress to write lyrics to a song which is composed by an artist from the Korean Music industry and the program charts their collaborative efforts.

            Definitely got the same ‘waiting to air’ list as yours with the addition of Hyun Bin’s The king’s wrath because well it’s Hyun Bin and I’ve been a fan since Kim Sam Soon, one of my earlier Kdramas. Also waiting for Jung Il Woo to comeback in something good. The moon that…kind of disappointed me in that respect, I wanted more from him. Did you watch that drama, what did you think?

            So what’s new? How your painting? Any new music that you love?

          • FishcalledWanda

            Yes, you’re right. It’s a weird contrast actually. It’s strange how connected you can feel with someone you haven’t even met or could recognize.

            Yes, I love how they interact with each other! Looks like they found each others soulsmates. They are indeed very awesome. The Draw My Life videos were very touching! So much stuff I didn’t know about them, and it makes them even more awesome. I particularly connected with Simon’s story and I’m so glad he met someone to get him out of his hermit lifestyle. Also, they made a Draw My Life for Spudgy (I imagine her throat must hurt after using that weird voice for such a long time hehe), I was even touched by that one. The video in which they go to the animal shelter to pick up Spudgy made me teary-eyed. And their kitten is the most adorable thing ever! I like the TL;DR videos a lot, cause they answer a lot of things about South-Korea that I was curious about and that way you get to learn a bit more about the culture. But the Music Mondays are really enjoyable too, and a good way to keep my Kpop knowledge up-to-date.
            I haven’t watched the one in which they go to Vietnam yet, I saw the School boys in the recap so I had to watch that one, but I’m actually not up that far. Have you seen Barefoot Friends? It has some people I like (including Yoo Si Yoon, who looks so different with his dark coloured hair), so I’m planning on watching it.

            Ah, Hyun Bin drama got my interest as well, just because he’s Hyun Bin hehe. I have to confess I didn’t finish The Moon That… I was very interested at first, but then my interest just got less and less until I had no motivation left to watch another episode, even despite Jung Il Woo! So I really want him to choose another drama project as well.

            Sat in the sun a lot today. My dog liked this day very much, cause we were all at home and spent most of the day in the garden. I threw little rocks and she would run after them and try to catch them. My nose wasn’t used to all that sunshine and got a little red, oops. Are you a person who likes to sit in outside or do you enjoy the sun rather indoors? I finally did some painting as well and while I was at it painted my nails in a fresh summery colour as well (with nail paint that is hehe). But why is it that when I’m super busy I have so much inspiration, but when I have the time I’m not sure what to paint anymore? It’s always the same! But I really enjoyed painting. I bought two new brushes, so I was looking forward to try them out!

            I’ve been in a bit of a music slump lately, but I’ve started to listen to Sigur Ros more and more (they’re from Iceland, I don’t think I’ve mentioned them before), and their music is amazing. I think their style has got to be your thing, but if it is, it’s fantastic. Here is one of my favourite songs of them (it has an awesome video as well): It’s called Hoppipolla, which means ‘jumping in rain puddles’, I love it that they have a word for that. I haven’t actually got someone to love them as much as I do, everyone finds them a bit too weird. In fact I like it that it’s not like everything else. I’m actually listening to them as I type this hehe. I never cry during concerts, but during theirs it was just too beautiful not to get a little teary-eyed. I guess I made it now a bit hard for you to say if you don’t like it hehe, but feel free to do so ; ) Do you have any new music discoveries?

          • Sabah

            I’ll tell you something stranger. I live not two rows away from my cousin and it’s been years since I’ve seen this kids that I’m sure I’ve walked past them without recognizing them. That’s really terrible. Sometimes I think I see a family resemblance in people but I really don’t know.

            I’ve so busy lately, – Sorry for the late reply- I hadn’t even seen the one they did for Spudgy! Thanks for letting me know. They really are ‘real’ people, you know people that don’t seem to have let the fame go to their heads. Another person I love whose like that is Jennifer Lawrence. Of course I don’t know these people but just a general feeling about them. I agree learning about their difficulties makes them more human and so seeing them succeed makes it feel as though you are getting a happy ending to a Grimm fairy tale. I think I related more to Martina. I’ve always had all this energy for life and big dreams etc but ‘outside forces’ or just things beyond my control just became too big an obstacle and I had to limit my dreams. However I too try to look for that silver lining because I really do believe that things happen for the better. I loved the message to her video too. It reminded me of David Foster Wallace’s ‘This is Water.’

            I’m waiting out on Barefoot friends. I like the concept but these days I’m just so busy. I like Uee too, I find her very natural in her variety persona. Very endearing. Yeah, I can only stick out a bad drama so long for a favourite actor. One thing I just worked out from this conversation is that in terms of Kdramas/Jdramas I have a lot of favourite actors but not actresses – those whom I would especially look up a drama but conversely it’s actresses that number way more than actors in American/English dramas. I wonder why that is, I just can’t figure it out. How about you?

            My skin is super sensitive too. I’m already burnt! Hehe, but I love being outdoors. I wish I were somewhere greener but I take any and all of the outdoors that I can because most of the time it rains here though that normally doesn’t stop me. I always turn up at people’s house soaking wet. I think it’s cool like Elizabeth Bennett or something but I’m probably more like a wet rag. Hehe.

            That’s what I mean, summer just makes you feel like doing pretty happy things. I too bought new nail varnish but I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. _ I totally thought you meant with your paint not mail varnish so thanks for the clarification. hehe Ooh new brushes! I hope you get to use them soon. That feeling of the first push into a colour of paint must be awesome.

            I liked the song and you’re right it’s very much my style. I would look up their other songs too. Thank you! Nope nothing has caught my attention for too long, everything sounds very old and tired to me but I truly do think that it’s my frame of mind. I need a break and then return to it to appreciate it. Do you ever do that- take a break- with music/film or things?

          • FishcalledWanda

            Oh, that’s terrible indeed. Some people are theoretically close, but in reality they aren’t. People don’t have to be necessarily close to feel close to them or vice versa.

            That’s okay take your time! I’m not so fast with responding myself either hehe. What are you keeping yourself busy with these days?
            Simon and Martina really are real people as you say. They once did a video on being youtube famous and they were so down to earth about that. Yes, they are being recognized almost every day, but they really don’t brag about it and put everything in perspective. The video about Spudgy is great! He has had a hard life too, I didn’t know! I really loved Martinas positive look on her accident when she hurt her neck, it’s such a turn-around of your thoughts, I really admire her for her capability to do so. I think you mentioned David Foster Wallace’s ‘this is water’ before, so I looked it up and it made me think. It’s really true that thinking yourself the centre of the universe is the default setting. Maybe not even in an egoistic or arrogant way, but in the way that you experience the world so immediately from your own perspective and your own drives and goals. I’d like to try and turn it around, like Martina did.

            I’m also waiting how Barefoot Friends decides to turn out. From what I’ve heard the directing is a bit clumsy, so I’m waiting to see if it’s getting better.
            It’s the same for me too! I have much more favourite actors than actresses and I know far more actor’s names than actresses, but for me it’s kind of the same with American/English shows, though that’s more balanced than with Asian dramas. It’s also the same for music for me. Almost all my favourite bands/singer-songwriters have a male singer, or consist soleley of men. I think in that aspect that I just like a males voice more than a women’s (though I do have some favourite female singers). But with actors I can’t really figure out why that is, maybe they just manage more to get my attention (or they are mostly just gorgeous to look at and I’m shallow like that hehe). By the way, I just mentioned I know more actor’s names than actresses, but when I just got into Japanese and Korean dramas I found it very hard to remember their names (also the character’s names they played), cause they are so different from the Western names that I’m used to! Now it’s getting easier, but it’s still difficult sometimes. Do you have/had this too? Also, I took me some time to figure out they put their family name before their given name, the opposite of how we do it!

            Haha, your image of Elizabeth Bennett made me laugh. Sometimes you feel you’re starring in a movie or something, while others are just wondering what you think you’re doing. Here it rains a lot too and I’m a big cold fish (I looked that up in a dictionary, the idiom sounds very funny but I’m not sure I’m using it right here, but I liked the fish part hehe, but I meant to say I get cold easily) so I don’t very much enjoy being outside when I’m feeling too cold. But if it’s a nice day I really like sitting in the garden or riding my bike. I live in a pretty big city, but a bit out of the centre, so there are meadows in front of the house and a big dike, which is great for taking a walk on a nice day as the view is pretty great.
            Yes, that feeling is totally awesome! But the action of just spreading the paint on the canvas is also a pretty great feeling. It’s hard to describe, but letting the paint do what you want just gives me a good feeling hehe. It’s something you can control but also not completely, cause the paint just always kind of has it’s own will and sometimes it’s the paint leading me instead of the other way around! Sounds a bit weird haha. Yeah, when I re-read what I wrote I realised it could easily be misinterpreted, and painting my nails with acrylic paint would be a bit weird! (and not very good for my nails also, I think!)

            Ah, I’m glad you like the song! It’s always a bit difficult when something is not very ordinary to predict if someone will like it. But I had a feeling that you might. Let me know when you’ve listened to more of their music!
            Yeah I do that often! Sometimes because I can’t find anything new and I’ve listened or watched or read everything too often and sometimes because of my study taking too much time. Both times I get some sort of an itchy feeling that I just want to listen or watch or read something. But now and then I listen to something ‘old’ or something what I didn’t really get before and I get a new or extra appreciation for it, this was the case with Sigur Ros. Apparently some music has to grow on you. Funny thing is, that most of my favourite music now was music which took me the longest to appreciate. Do you experience this too? It’s doesn’t take away though that I also need something new that’s really good from time to time.

  17. 17 DayDreamer

    Btw, I forgot to add this to my post….but can anyone recommend some good comedy dramas like History of Salaryman? Storyline doesn’t have to be similar; I’m just looking for some good comedy to enjoy.

    • 17.1 Ace

      King of Dramas & Protect the Boss

      Not sure if you’ll like those, but those were unconventional comedy dramas like HOTS for me.

      • 17.1.1 DayDreamer

        I definitely watched King of Dramas as it was airing; loved it even though the ending left much to be desired. I started Protect the Boss once but didn’t get past maybe four episodes. The female lead puts me off for some reason. Maybe I’ll try it again.

        • Ace

          Try looking through dramabeans’ recapped dramas and drama ratings (links are on top of the page next to ‘above’). Found many old dramas that are quite good based on their recaps and ratings. Have you watched Dalja’s Spring?

    • 17.2 MariD

      I second the choices above.. And add
      Spy Myung-Wol.. This is jus comedy gold here ( well the 12 episodes I seen) silly & amusing.

      • 17.2.1 DayDreamer

        Ha, I read so many negative reviews about it so decided to stay away….I didn’t want to start something that was great but then ended up awful later.

        • MariD

          Ahhhh…. I still haven’t finished it. Soo I can’t guarantee a great ending. Now you got me freaking out. The reviews were bad?? Nooo!!

        • Ace

          Myung-wol was okay. Although, I did think that after ep.12 it sort of fizzed out maybe because the writer(s) maybe retaliated after Han Ye Seul left filming then came back. Also, I never did like the second lead even though I like him better in Nine right now.

    • 17.3 Sabah

      Have you tried Evasive Inquiry Agency with Lee Min Ki and Ye Ji Won? Never failed to make me laugh and I rate it higher than even HOSM which I too loved.

      • 17.3.1 maimymlt

        Yes, I recommend this, too – so funny. The three mains are hilarious together. They must have had a good time filming, cause every NG shows them laughing.

        • Sabah

          So true. You can really feel that warmth between them trickle through into the scenes.

          • DayDreamer

            I’ve started watching this now. Thanks for the recommendations, you guys! 😀

          • Sabah

            No problem. If you liked HOSM, I’m sure you love this. Happy viewing! 🙂

  18. 18 owl

    Hi, hi! *When A Man Loves ep 9&10 spoilers in my ramblings* I’m conflicted. No, I really am. Mi Do confuses me. Just when I want to write her off big time (like when she doesn’t jump TS under the cherry blossoms when he’s confessing to her), she gives a kicka$$ woman-who-stands-up-for-herself-one-two-punch! Then there’s Tae Sang and his WTF moves and I’m Munch silent screaming, “Noooooo~don’t make me not love you!” So then I have to wonder if Sung Joo, who is not really evil, just needy, should maybe be with TS after all because there are ways in which they know each other better than anyone else. SJ always has needy ulterior motives, but TS gives in to her tactics way too easily and Mi Do calls him on that (cheering). (Okay, TS does give SJ the ‘talk’ and she is devastated, but is it really the end for them?) Jae Hee, the fourth angle of the love square really is a big L7 until ep 10. I didn’t like him with Mi Do because he is just such a nice guy. But now I do like him with Mi Do because he is just such a nice guy. The director aced it with the scene where Mi Do is walking along weighing life’s options and the advice from many voices. I also like how MD explains her decision to Tae Sang. He would have gotten big glittery stars from me if, when he pulled her toward him, he would have given her a kiss to remember♥. Instead, it is another one of those TS wtf moments. And what’s with the foreboding psychosomatic pain in his back? Oh, and did I miss something with the pink heels-JH is always ckecking MD’s shoes and she hasn’t worn them yet …maybe she’ll wear them as she heads for London??? Please, can someone sort out my feelings for me?

    She is WOW! seriously? Jin Young – seriously!
    Choi Jin-hyuk + Lee Seung-gi = GuGu Dolls!


    • 18.1 John

      owl ~

      Mi Do and Jae Hee all the way. Sorry, Mr. Han.

    • 18.2 Korazy Lady

      Now that you mentioned it ****SPOILERS******why the heck wouldn’t she have been impressed with his kind of proposal under the cherry blossoms? I am starting to despise this girl. I feel she loves playing them both. Don’t like her acting, either. Whereas I liked Jae Hee in the beginning, I think he is stalkerish and annoying now, altho Mi Do is a much better person when with him. Tae Sang’s character is just too inconsistent for me. And how he could be so into her, I’ll never understand. (Can you tell I just watched both episodes back to back and am slightly grumpy and annoyed with WAML? haha)

      • 18.2.1 owl

        Me too. It’s like they threw all the personality conflicts into those 2 eps and now we have to make jarring shifts even if we don’t want to. The “I see you from my office window above” and “I see you from my desk next to yours” and “I can walk into your office anytime and remove your patch” – do they really all have to literally work so close to each other?

    • 18.3 Shukmeister

      owl –

      A recent shoe scene I remember is from AGD, where Kim Do-jin says to Seo Yi-soo to wear the shoes he gave her when she was ready for a couple’s relationship.

      I’m guessing this is the same sort of vibe (like the chalk quote: If you do this, you must like me!)

      I know it’s going to get worse before its gets better, but I still think most of the onus is on her. HTS is very up front with his feelings, but she is ambivalent at best.
      I guess if it was all puppies and flowers, it wouldn’t be a drama.

      Tae-sang has already learned to make hard decisions in his life, but none of the three have:
      SJ has gotten by on her looks (and TS’s help)
      JH has gotten by on his smarts (and TS’s help)
      MD has gotten by purely on TS’s help.

      I think he should scrape them all off, and meet me in America… 😉

      • 18.3.1 Korazy Lady

        Well said! Doesn’t he realize that a partner of the opposite sex is supposed to bring out the best in you? Instead he’s becoming sniveling, angry, jealous and even more insecure. She’s just not worth it man!

        She’s not doing much for Jae Hee’s personality, either.

        I’m seeing serious time jump in the future, though.

  19. 19 KDaddict

    Hello Everyone,
    My first time on OT. Hope I don’t violate any rules unknowingly.

    Been waiting for OT to talk abt JOJ. I didn’t like it for the first 5 or 6 eps, but it’s now my crack drama. Love Yoo Ah In. His stare is exceptionally intense. KTH is pretty. She does look older than he does, but they knew that when they casted, so. I couldn’t care less abt the political struggle between the 2 factions, but that’s the historical bakcgd for the reign of Sukjong, so it isn’t going away. I do like the chars, all the main ones anyway. BUT Find Antagonistic Minister (Queen In Hyun’s father) intolerable. That man’s acting is really grating on my nerves. He heads one faction, sure, but is there any need to portray him as if he was pure evil? The other char that is poorly done is the King’s mother. The actress has a loud shrieking voice, and just 2 expressions, 1 angry, 1 happy. Poor casting there.

    Really love End of the World, but found out that 1 hour a week for a drama is a good way to kill it! It doesn’t make enough of an impression for viewers to remember it till next week! Last week’s ep was wunderbar! It turned unexpectedly into a horror film! Just surreal. Never have I seen anything like it on tv. Hope it ends well this weekend, i.e. pls don’t kill off Kang Team Jang!

    Nine is worthy of all the praise that everyone is bestowing on it. The turns in the plot are indeed novel and innovative. When it’s over, I’ve to go back to watch it again to appreciate the creativity of the story.

    Another drama that turns out far better than I thought it would is I summon you, gold. The reason I’m liking it now is that somehow I’ve become invested in the story of the younger sister, her fiancé/husband, and his mistress mom. It’s an underdog story. He’s been a good-for-nothing, but I bet that with a good wife by his side, he’ll grow up and become a more worthwhile person, and the 3 of them will bond. I look fwd to seeing the 3 of them together. HanJH I can take or leave. She is very much overacting as the hawker. In the end, this is sort of a King Lear story, isn’t it? Daddy Dearest will wake up one day to find that the son he loves n depends on won’t bat an eyelash to betray him; the other sons whom he has disregarded will save his butt. I want to see that payback.

    I’m being very careful not to write anything that can be regarded as a Spoiler, therefore, I can only talk abt these dramas in the most general of terms. Thats the only way to go?

    • 19.1 kakashi

      welcome, KDaddict! Hmm … I’m not sure there are rules here you could violate 🙂 as long as you’re nice to everyone…

      You are allowed to “spoil”, but then should put a *spoiler* disclaimer in front of the spoiler.

      • 19.1.1 KDaddict

        TQ. I’ll try to remember to put Spoiler Warnings. But can be absent-minded.

    • 19.2 Mystisith

      Welcome fellow addict!
      WE dramas race: I’m starting to feel tired with AHYI. The plain crazy thing has done it’s time and sadly, I don’t feel the chemistry between the leads, even that late in the game. Since there is no other real love line in this drama, I FF a lot & see the episodes in 15 mins.
      LSS: For once, I agree with the ratings going down last WE. Losing steam seriously. I read here (welcome, spoilers!) that things could get better this week and I hope it’s true.
      ISYG: The best WE drama for me. A LOT of interesting characters, male & female. A light humorous tone but not ridiculous like for AHYI. All the couples have great chemistry and the acting is good. Vampy oppa is adorable, honest, clueless, clumsy… and HOT in blue clothes.

      • 19.2.1 KDaddict

        It’s difficult to keep up with Beanies. For 1 thing, the page moves so fast! For another, there r all these acronyms. What is AHYI?

        • Mystisith

          A hundred year’s inheritance. I don’t know what the writer(s) are smoking and I don’t want some either. 😉

          • KDaddict

            Personally, I can do without shows that have the heroine be a doormat for umpteen eps. I’m just surprised there is an audience for that kind of thing anymore. What is this? The Joseon dynasty? 🙂

          • Korazy Lady

            It’s a show you love to hate with little vested interest. You can fast forward through, and when the doormat woman makes some progress you’re just so thrilled. Although after last week I was tearing my hair out at the thought of what, 20 more episodes? Seriously, I can’t figure out why I watch this every week, but even when it’s not completely subbed, I do! Come to think of it, I’ve probably never actually watched a complete episode…..

      • 19.2.2 Annie

        Lee Jung Jin is a chemistry vacuum – his daily drama with Lee Yoo Ri was my crack but even I could see that there was something missing between them.

        And AHYI is just a mish-mash of every daily drama for the past 10 or so years. No wonder Korean men don’t watch dramas if they’re consistently portrayed as mama’s boys, good for nothing cheaters, or Prince Charmings with Oedipal fantasies . I don’t think I’ve seen an interesting male character in a weekend or daily drama for ages and ages.

        • KimYoonmi

          Korean men, well at least my brother don’t watch Korean dramas for three main reasons:

          1. They are marketed to girls.
          (Where is the blood, the gore, the fighting?)
          2. The men look like girls. (Straight from my brother’s mouth)
          3. (Not from my brother but from some other Korean men): There is way too much pressure to match the drama guy in making events. (Please stop watching K-dramas, it’s not reality… as one guy, not Korean reported.)

          I don’t think they mind the portrayals considering that the norm in other countries is kinda male-centric.

    • 19.3 Shiku

      I’m only up to ep6 of the End of the World but I think it has my favorite couple out of all the drama that are airing or have aired. It so low-key and slow-burning, but its refreshing to watch 2 people be genuinely interested in each other without resorting to childish behavior. His desperation for her and her worry for him is awesome to behold.

      • 19.3.1 Mystisith

        I have to agree on that. Every new ep of TEOFW which arrives is savored. They are discovering each other slowly and there is admiration/guenine curiosity on both sides.

    • 19.4 Carole McDonnell

      ooh, now you make me want to go back to End of the World. I dropped it as well because of the lack of impression. Thanks.

    • 19.5 John

      Welcome to the OT KDaddict !

      Re Jang Ok-jung

      the King’s mother. loud shrieking voice.. angry..

      Yep, that’s her.

      ** Spoiler **

      Jang Ok-jung did look good in the dress. I expect a cat fight between her and In Hyun.

  20. 20 Makoto

    Happy OT everyone. 🙂
    I skipped OT twice, first was when I went to Jakarta for Eru’s concert that ended with I got fever all night long. Not a good experience. ㅋㅋㅋ
    And the second was because I was too tired and slept early (OT comes on friday night here), and I kinda regret everytime I skipped OT. *end of sob story*
    I’m still watching Nine and can’t get enough of Lee Jin Wook. the preview of ep 17 somehow eased my worry about Sun Woo, at least it lets me know that Sun Woo 1992 is still alive.
    Finished Iris 2 last week after several week hiatus. The open ending left me here with pain.
    Finished Under the same roof (jdorama),and I love it. Family fight together… they never fail me.
    Finished watching last 10 episode of Color of Woman, first 10 ep I have watched them quite long ago. Not much to say about this drama, the best thing that worths watching is Jae Hee. 🙂
    Now I’m still confused wether to start watching Man in love or Gu first. As for jdorama I plan to watch Jin and Queen of Classroom.

    • 20.1 Shukmeister

      Makoto –

      I vote When A Man Loves, but I am slight bias on that account. lol

      The reviews are mixed for GFB. I watched the first two episodes, but the series has been on my back burner.

      I admire you for finishing Color of Woman. It started out so good, and just fell apart into little bits of nothingness. [sigh]

      And for some reason, I stopped watching IRIS after the final scenes with Rei. I read recaps for the last of it though.

      Let us know about the JDoramas!

    • 20.2 owl

      I felt the same way about the IRIS2 ending. The only bright star in it all is that my brother just finished IRIS and is going on to watch IRIS2 so it’s fun to discuss it with him. He has been to Korea and looks up buildings and other sites from the drama ~ he asked if there would be an IRIS3 and I said I heard a rumor, so~

  21. 21 Russe12

    Happy Friday, everyone! I haven’t made it to an open thread in quite a while…mainly because I don’t have that much to talk about as far as my own drama-watching goes. College has gotten in the way; thankfully, it will all be over soon! I am almost done with QIHM (and have been for aaaaages), sorta watching Soon Shin (I watch through the scenes I want to…my usual habit with family dramas xD), and I’m following Gu Family Book and really liking it so far. It has a lot of potential to be awesome, so here’s to hoping.

    Once I’m finally done with the semester, I’ll finish QIHM and probably start with Delightful Girl Choonhyang. Can’t wait for summer…I have snow outside my window as of yet…

    • 21.1 Saturtledaisy

      College always gets in the way of everything =(. I feel your pain.

  22. 22 KDaddict

    Oh yes. She is Wow is fantastic. I’m with Mysti there.
    They show a gay couple on tv. I suppose they can bcos it’s not one of the main networks. And it isn’t in the awkward way that was done in Life is Beautiful. That is refreshing in itself. The General, for me, is the brightest spot in the show. I love how they focus on his sex life w his wife, and later on, w his neighbor, I’m sure. Ha ha. It’s tongue-in-cheek. That too is entertaining.
    Love a strong heroine whenever I can get one. Hope she’ll kick some butts.

    • 22.1 KDaddict

      Is anyone watching Jang Ok Jung?

      • 22.1.1 Shiku

        I am but i’m like 4 eps behind.

      • 22.1.2 John


        I’m watching it.

    • 22.2 Shiku

      Jumong had a gay couple and it was on a main network.

  23. 23 Saturtledaisy

    Yay I’m actually pretty much on time today for Open Thread Friday. Though I’ve been kindof in a drama slump lately so I don’t really have much to say .__. I’m currently enjoying:

    Gu Family Book: I don’t understand why people dislike it. It’s pretty entertaining so far, and I don’t really have an issue with any of the characters or actors. Even Yeo Wool, who has kindof been hovering the background for the past couple of episodes, really stepped it up this week. This drama is making me cry, not only because I’m sad (even though a lot of sad things have happened the past few episodes), but also because I’m touched.

    You’re the best, Lee Soon Shin: This drama is actually moving at a faster pace than I expected (given that it is a 50 episode drama, I’d expected snail-speed) and I like it so far. I’m getting thorougly annoyed by Mom’s self-pity though, I mean yes you have reason to be frustrated, but blaming the entire world and especially Soon Shin just isn’t going to fix anything. Also, Bread Man, Chan Woo and Jun Ho are just so completely adorable, albeit in different ways. I want a Bread Man in my cellar too.

    All About My Romance: going steady so far, I’m around episode four. I really like Lee Min Jung’s character No Min Young, which is a welcoming change from Big where I just wanted to slap her most of the time. I’m not so sure about Soo Young yet, but I can totally see him falling for our progressive leftist. And I just really love seeing adults behave as children.

    And… that’s pretty much it. Oh wait, I’ve also picked up Gaksital again, which I dropped when it was airing because I didn’t have enough time to watch it. I’m watching it from the start because I forgot most of the story. But knowing what’s to come, my heart is breaking in two seeing Shunji being such a Nice Schoolteacher.

    So… that’s it~ Happy friday everyone =)

  24. 24 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Spring has sprung in these parts. All is well, except I still can’t find zucchini, pumpkin, and watermelon plants for my garden. Planting oregano and basil along the walkway and under my kitchen window.

    Yakou Kanransha: Am really liking this. I like that I don’t know where it’s going. I like it that it’s a murder mystery, that there are so many characters one has to keep track of. The Mom/heroine is a saint although her long-suffering silence does grate. I like this actress a lot. Have always liked her. The feeling of the power of the herd mind and the loneliness (and courage) of the wounded solitary individual is sooo good. Just flawless.

    NINE: Oh my gosh! These writers are soo good. The little ramifications, the little consequences, the way they play with things we had forgotten or not taken into consideration or thought was finished or unimportant. Oh my GOSH!!!! Is there anything better than feeling you’re in the hands of a skilled workman? And their cliffhangers!!! WOW!!! Wondering what will happen to the timeline now that young sun woo has been attacked. Will he tell young Jung Woo? Still wondering why young sun woo broke up with his old beloved girlfriend. I love Dr Choi. What a villain. I loved that Sun Woo calls his will “disgusting.” Wow! YES!!! There are such things as disgusting wills. Dr Choi is so relentlessly self-serving, and all the while Sun Woo is trying to be a good person trying to do what Good is, trying to make goodness happen, trying to seek God. But Dr Choi never questions his own will. Loooooooooove these writers.

    Mandate of Heaven: Saw a bit of it in RAW and really liked it. Now going to check out the subbed versions, if they’re up.

    GU Family Book: I like this. There are a few directorial moments that make me cringe but on the whole…it’s fun. The magic is inconsistent though. It would be good to always keep some bit of magic (especially from the villain’s side) in front of our eyes in each episode. The folkloric seems to have faded just a bit and I’m hoping it doesn’t get too bogged down with empire/warfare stuff. Don’t know why but I totally love Kang Chi’s and Lady Wol’s outfit. Just wonderfully designed. (Although Ok Jang has the fusion clothes design down!)

    Cruel Family War of Flowers: Marathoning. Favorite character: King Injo. Followed by Crown Princess. It’s a good story but strangely I don’t feel the pain of the main female character. When her beloved died (I’m only at episode 8 right now) I didn’t feel the grief I wanted to feel. OVerall good directing but I do get annoyed that Kim Je Jeom is always laughing knowingly and evilly. Couldn’t the director give him something else to do in his scenes other than laugh? It’s not even maniacal laughter. The machinations between Injo and everyone else should affect me but nah…. the entire thing feels very distant to me. Not invested in their sorrows at all. But it’s enjoyable.

    Otome-san: Am so loving this. Waiting for new subs!!!! So wanting to see how Mom-in-law handles devious daughter, adulterous dad, and clueless son.

    Last Cinderella: I so want to ship Hiroto and Sakura. But they better give Hiroto something more in the way of personality sooooon. I hate characters who live solely by and for love. If he’s a free spirit or a wounded soul or guilty because he forced Choco-chan to have an abortion or whatever, I want to see that. Still afraid of getting too invested in this only to end up with the typical J-drama ending which makes me want to throw my monitor across the room.

    Anime: Aku no Hana. The stress factor is sooooo good. It’s just so palpable. I watch it with my hands clenched, fearing new horrors for the poor kid at every turn.

    Barefoot Friends: Totally loving Kang Do. (I think that’s his name.) Always loving Kim Hun Joong but Kang-shi is just team leader. And loving Yoon Si Yoon as well.

    That’s about it…except for some movies.

    • 24.1 owl

      The inconsistent magic and fading folklore disappoints me, too. I want more glowing blue Gu dust moments!

      • 24.1.1 Mystisith

        It’s a reccurent problems with fantasy sageuks: At one point live shooting rears its ugly head (no time for SFX & post prod) and also no more money in the bank. All the “glam” is packed in the 4 first eps & after that quality tends to suffer…

    • 24.2 Peeps

      I think you mean *Kang HoDong 🙂

      • 24.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        sorry. I’m such a mess with Korean names. That’s why i avoid writing them generally. Thanks.

    • 24.3 alua

      Which movies?

      • 24.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        King and the Clown
        Attack the Gas Station 2
        Confession of Murder (last week)
        Hitsudan Hostess
        A Day on the Planet
        Ghost Sweepers
        Ai to Makoto
        The Crucible
        Gonna try watching Masquerade today and still have to finish marathoning Cruel Flowers and Fugitive Plan B

        • alua

          All in one week?

          *JAW DROPS*

          And, verdict?

          Only seen King and the Clown and Ai to Makoto from that list…

          • Carole McDonnell

            This week and last week. Also A Company Man. Insomnia and Fibromyalgia.

          • Carole McDonnell

            The Crucible is hard to watch.
            Hitsudan Hostess is very inspiring.

            I generally watch movies all the way through in one night but there are a few like Confession of Murder that I watch over a few weeks.

            Having insomnia, watching movies is something to do when I’m up at night.

        • Lizzy4e

          Attack the Gas Station 2 was so GREAT!!

    • 24.4 Carole McDonnell

      Aaargh! Forgot to add I’m also watching Bad Boys! Liking it a lot more than Sugarless.

      • 24.4.1 owl

        I watch those two back to back ♥

  25. 25 Laya

    Annyeonghaseyo and happy Friday, everyone! 😀

    Started watching:

    Drama Go Go Go – up to Ep. 6 so far. And because I watched it immediately after finishing ToGetHer I keep seeing similarities. It’s like Eason is an older MARS in a parallel universe or something… there are scenes in DGGG that seem like callbacks to ToGetHer but then have a different twist at the end.

    Itazura Na Kiss: Love in Tokyo – Because of people’s recommendations, now I’m up to Ep. 4, and I’ll probably be all caught up by tonight. I like it waaaaaaaaay better than PK 😀 Rooting so much for Kotoko (and I think Honoka Miki looks like Jung Hye-young (Seung-jo’s mom) from some angles, which, lol). Have to admit I liked the house in PK better, though it’s a toss-up about Kotoko’s room and Ha Ni’s. 😛

    Gotta get caught up on Gu Family Book… maybe later tonight. Although I have a hectic weekend ahead of me (curses! I want to kick back and just watch some dramas, but a girl’s gotta earn her keep too).

    • 25.1 MariD

      Did you like ToGetHer? It’s the only Rainie drama I could not quite love. It was a combination of the horrible hair and something else..
      Itazura Na Kiss: I also love Kotoko, she’s this adorable dork. Yet she’s an amazing friend and you got to admire her guts and determination.
      Still got to say that out of all the versions of this manga.
      IDWK is still my favorite one, Ariel Lin’s Xian Quin ( Kotoko’s character) was just perfect.

      • 25.1.1 Laya

        ToGetHer – Maybe because [POSSIBLE SPOILER?] MoMo doesn’t get a makeover in the course of the drama? 😀 I kind of liked that, actually… that MARS liked her as herself, and didn’t want to change her. She’s also kind of like Go Dok-mi in FBND… she learned to get along by herself and not depend on other people, which included not trusting them because that would set her up for the usual heartache.

        (I do agree the hair was horrible though. 😀 But I can also relate to it because if I didn’t spend so much effort on mine, if it were cut short in its natural state it would also look like that. And unfortunately there isn’t any MARS around. LOL.)

        Itazura Na Kiss – Part of the reason I like Kotoko is that so far despite the fact that she’s nursing a huuuuge crush on Naoki, she hasn’t made him the be-all and end-all of her existence. 😀

        • Saturtledaisy

          Am I really the only one who didn’t mind Rainie’s hair in ToGetHer?

          • Shukmeister

            I was meh about it. Yes, there was no great character development on her part, but I was okay with it. I did get tired of the boring t-shirts and long skirts, and hope for something a little more feminine right up to the final concert, but it was likeable enough.

            My favorite early Rainie is still Devil Beside You, and her recent work is Drunken To Love You.

    • 25.2 Janet

      (and I think Honoka Miki looks like Jung Hye-young (Seung-jo’s mom).

      I think so, too!

      • 25.2.1 Laya

        Ahaha! *high-fives*

    • 25.3 Manin

      Itazura Na Kiss: I find that this version have grown on me. At first I was a bit skeptical but ended up liking it. I especailly like the handling of the friend more in this one, though the mum from the korean version will forever be my favorite.

      I do like the fact that the leads in this one looks like they could actually be in high school/going to uni, while a lot of the korean cast was obviously older (maybe more fitting for uni/late uni students).

      How are you finding Drama Go Go Go? 🙂

      • 25.3.1 Laya

        “How are you finding Drama Go Go Go?” – *pokes comment up there* I keep seeing Eason as an older MARS in a parallel universe >_< And I guess MoMo kind of spoiled me, because when Ming Ming starts acting like an angsty kid with her first crush I keep thinking MoMo had more poise despite being younger. Lol. But then I'm only up to Episode 6 so far.

        • Manin

          Haha, sorry I somehow managed to skip parts of the comment! Sorry! >_<

          I guess that is one of the dangers with watching the two shows one after the other. Especially with Eason being an ex idol singer.

          My thing with Ming Ming is that I think she sometimes comes off as being younger than 30, so in some instances I have to remind myself that she is in fact 30.

          • Laya

            “I guess that is one of the dangers with watching the two shows one after the other. Especially with Eason being an ex idol singer.”

            ^And the shout-outs to ToGetHer don’t help either. 😀

            “My thing with Ming Ming is that I think she sometimes comes off as being younger than 30, so in some instances I have to remind myself that she is in fact 30.”

            ^This. And then she reminds me of Dal Ja’s Spring, and The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry. 😀

          • Manin

            Haha I missed the shout out on the ground of not having watched ToGetHer (started it, never finished or got very far in it) but I can understand them not helping the comparison! 🙂

            Haha, Her hair is definitively liked with Dal Ja’s Spring indeed :p Though I found Dal Ja a bit more outspoken and sure of herself in a way, especially at work.

            Haven’t seen “The woman who still wants to marry” so cannot comment on that one 🙂

      • 25.3.2 Shukmeister

        Speaking of another Jiro Wang love interest that needs a hair makeover…lol.

        Thanks to RL SGO, I didn’t watch any new episodes this week. I’m shipping Ming Ming and Eason together, just so I can have Fun Yun Cai for myself. [fans]

        • Manin

          Haha, I don’t mind her hair as much as I’m jealous of the thickness of it!

          Fun Yun Cai is a hottie indeed. I still feel that he could be better suited to Ming Ming, though yes her and Eason can be very sweet when non of the drama get in the way! 😛

        • Laya

          /gives Shukmeister her blessing for having Fun Yun Cai to herself 😀
          But then if I got Eason to myself, MingMing would be left out 😛
          Okay, I just had a thought… MingMing’s hair is so fluffy that if it were cut short, I bet it would look like MoMo’s 😛

          • Manin

            Ming Ming could get the yongerst one? Though.. Now I feel left out! xD

          • Shukmeister

            Yay! Since JoAnne’s pushing me for SSH (and I’m gonna tell Rain, neener neener neener!!), I’ll take Hu Bing.
            I’m sure we can come up with some good ways to communicate… 😎

  26. 26 Shukmeister

    Hello everyone! Just a quick post!

    After writing a poem every day last month, I have one more left:

    April is over
    Now I can focus on my
    Lovely SqueeCapping

    Yes, the SqueeCap Project for When A Man Loves is going very well, even though the show itself took a dark turn this week. Will the SqueeCap change to ScreamCap? Who can say… lol

    I am a bit behind in the process this week. At work, our IT guys “upgraded” our software systems and proceeded to crash some very very important terminals, leading to a partial shutdown of what I do. Three days, and numerous F-Bombs, we were back up and running, but it sucked away hours I’ll never get back.

    However, episode 9 is more than halfway completed, and 10 isn’t too far behind, after I stop my hands from wanting to slap everyone (but uri Oppa, of course).

    I just finished a crazy british dark comedy (is there any other kind in the UK) called “Suburban Shootout”, recco’d by someone in our lovely lovely OT, and I enjoyed it! Housewife Mafia, I want to join one!

    Now I’m starting the US version of “Being Human”, also recco’d by a Beanie. A ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf living together in Boston. If the faces weren’t unfamiliar, I would think they were my dorm mates in college…

    Healthwise, I’m learning to like acetaminophen. It doesn’t have the painkiller kick that ibuprofen has, but doc has said to stay of NSAIDs until we determine a course of action. But at least I don’t have seasonal allergies!

    How is everyone!

    • 26.1 kakashi

      Hello grand SqueeCap Master! I’m at 11 minutes and have 10 gifs already. Oh dear.

    • 26.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Off topic, but why watch the American ‘Being Human” when the Brit one is so amazing? jmho

      • 26.2.1 Shukmeister

        Julia –

        [scratch head] Dunno, really. Someone said it was fabulous, I looked it up, and the American one popped up first. I’m only 4 episodes in, though. You think I should turn away from the Colonies and head back to Glorious England?

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          imho, yes.

        • MariD

          While I’m a big fan of the British one, the American one is also fairly good. They deviated from the British one in a few points in the story, which makes both interesting to watch. T

          • Shukmeister

            Hmm –

            Then maybe I’ll watch the first couple of epis of the Brit version, and make the decision. It’s going to be a long haul, regardless, so it’s best to get on the right train, eh?

          • JoAnne

            Which is why I’ve watched everything (I think) of both.

    • 26.3 Carole McDonnell

      I liked the American version of Being Human better than the British version. Sometimes I hate admitting it but deep down I have the American sensibility about certain kinds of stories. I watched the English version as well. Might’ve liked it if I hadn’t seen the American version first.

      So…should i go searching for Suburban shoot out? Thanks for the recommendation

      • 26.3.1 Shukmeister

        It’s a crazy series (and not a lot of episodes) about these housewives who go gangster on the local element, but then find out how much fun it is to do drive-by shootings in minivans.
        It’s about 14 episodes total over two seasons. The first season they were 1/2 hour, then they doubled for the second.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Was it on TV? BBC America or on the BBC site?

          Why do you take Acetaminophen, if I may ask? I hope you get better from whatever ailment you have.

          • Shukmeister

            The BBC site – it was produced in 2006 ~ 2007.

            Chronic kidney stones (I have eight, the biggest is about 1 cm in diameter), and a currently-bleeding ulcer. We are weighing surgical options right now for possibly May. The saddest thing is so many yummy foods are on my proscribed list: spinach, okra, anything soybean, lemons (which I used to eat whole, blame my dad on that one!), most green leafies..

            But, still, Van Gogh painted without an ear, Poe suffered from an absence of absinthe, and Einstein couldn’t get his hair under control! So it doesn’t affect my snarkabiity! lol

        • Carole McDonnell

          Oh gee. I’m so sorry about your health. Hopefully, the surgery will fix everything. Even after, I suspect you still won’t be able to go back to your faves. Get well soon.

          • Shukmeister

            Carole –

            Thank you! And, yeah, I sneak a few fav foods, I just have to keep the portions small and drink lots of water.
            [don’t tell my mom – shhh]

    • 26.4 Manin


      Yours sqeecaps are awesome, I must admit to haven read myself up on most of them (I think) and have been left with a wanting to watch this show for myself just to compare them! (Also that sparkling abs picture, AMAZING! xD)

      How is “Being Human”? A friend of mine has been trying to get me to watch it, although the British version (he seems to dislike the American one, though that could just be his British pried shining through I suppose :p).

      • 26.4.1 Shukmeister

        Manin –

        Thanks for the thumbs up! I’m sure Oppa is more proud of those abs than I am of sparkling them, but not by much – lol.

        We are hard at work today with ep 9, so it should be out soon.

        “Being Human” ask a familiar question: Can you live human(e)ly if you aren’t human? But I do like the spin of the different types of monsters, and the modern environment. No Edward Cullen in there but beyond a shadow of a doubt that’s a good thing!

        • Manin

          Haha yeah he does seem found of showing them off at least! Oh, will be waiting for the next one then! 😉

          Yeah it seems interesting, and as you say a nice spin on the monsters while keeping the age old question. No Edward Cullen is a good thing! My reaction to the sparkliness there was pretty much “point of being original.. but really sparkling vampires?!!!” :p

          Lets keep the sparkles for particular nice abs instead of the vamps!

  27. 27 rainerust

    Finally finished a huge project at work today that I have been working on for months and feel a huge sense of accomplishment! Months of SL sleepless nights and k dramas deprivation worth it! And I couldn’t have done it without the great dramabeans community support – those recaps sustained me when I couldn’t spare the hours needed to go through the dramas!

    Finally I can catch up with all the dramas I’ve been missing! Have to say GFB finally stepped it up a notch this week so I’m likely to continue – I now have a vested interest in the YW/KC ship!

    Jdorama wise I am watching Senryu Tantei Tokage which seems interesting enough. As usual a mysterious back story that the main character undergoes. I hope it is unravelled meaningfully. If they pull a Strawberry Night on me I might smack someone.

    That’s it for me. Off to bed to catch up on my sleep debt. Hope y’all are having a great Friday beannies! 🙂

    • 27.1 Carole McDonnell

      The desire to smack someone after watching certain J-dramas is totally comprehensible. I’ve often been tempted to do the same thing. Luckily, though, for everyone near me…I resisted the urge. Had to channel the disappointment elsewhere. Haven’t tried Senryu yet. Since you recommend it, I might attempt it. Thanks.

    • 27.2 Manin

      Congratulation on finishing your project!

      Jdoramas, and dramas in general, have a high “face-palm” rate for me. Though some of the ones I’ve watched I’m still left wondering at the endings. Not to mention how there has been no romance at all, and suddenly smack ending scene kiss from nowhere!

      That said, I do enjoy how some jdramas don’t have the consistent loveline focus like some korean ones. Sometimes I just want to take the two genera and fuse them together!

      • 27.2.1 rainerust

        Thanks! Ya I know how you feel about fusing the two genres together – it would be great cos I think Japanese dramas have an usual perspective but Korean dramas have great emotional beats. And I wish Japanese dramas could be a little longer while Korean dramas should be a little shorter.

  28. 28 Hipployta

    I’m watching Ten Season 2…on episode 3 right now and I’m enjoying the show though the time skip has me a bit concerned.

    Watching Dad Where are you going, the new Strong Heart, and Barefoot Friends in the variety realm. I am going to watch the first episode of Taemin’s WGM for Key and Onew. I also need to watch the last SunHee episodes…and Jinwoon’s episodes.

    I keep thinking about watching the new Jdrama version of Itazura Na Kiss…but I’ve seen the original Jdrama, the two TWdrama, AND the Kdrama version already…then again I did see all of those and the mainland China version of HanaDan so…

    I have a few animes I’m catching up on too: the sequel to Bakemonogatari and the New Years special, the second season of Kimi Ni Todoke, rewatching Saiyuki for the new season starting soon, and a couple of other ones

    I’m also finally watching Killer Girl K, Flower Boy Next Door, Vampire Prosecutor, and New Tales of the Giaseng. Basically I need to hear more spoken Korean in my studies so I’m rotating shows in. I just finished Ma Boy…cute and short.

    • 28.1 Annie

      What did you think of the mainland version of HYD?

      • 28.1.1 KimYoonmi

        Personally, for HYD, the Japanese version took out everything I hated about the manga (the pointless angsting) and put a lot of stuff I liked into it. Like humor and witty dialog, for example.

      • 28.1.2 Hipployta

        Umm…the setup was different but I finished it so I guess it was okay…I was so sad when the Hanazawa character Yu Hao Ming got hurt with Selina back when they did that drama.

    • 28.2 Mystisith

      I am very relieved with the season 2 of TEN. They did a good job with the closure of the 1st season (tentatively, I know) and now we can move on with fresh stories. Time jump can be a wonderful tool in a story if it’s used in the right way.

    • 28.3 alua

      This Itazura na Kiss is the best out of all the ones there are (I’ve watched all but the first J one). No kidding.

      It’s more realistic and not quite as slapstick, and the actors are wonderful, especially the girl playing Kotoko!

      • 28.3.1 rainerust

        Heh. I liked the first J one so the others fell short for me. Still undecided whether I like this more than the others. They skipped a lot of story. A LOT of story! But the pace moves quicker and there’s less slapstick so it does make it more bearable to watch.

      • 28.3.2 Hipployta

        Hmmm…I guess I”ll check it out

    • 28.4 kakashi

      TEN is so good ………. ah, I’ll not start on it or I won’t be able to stop!
      I have been wondering who subs it, though. I know it’s on Hulu first, but who does the subs?

      • 28.4.1 Shiku

        Wait, hold-up, TEN 2 is on Hulu? Where have I been?

      • 28.4.2 Kiara

        Didn’t know it was on Hulu. Thank you, Im dying to watch it.

      • 28.4.3 Hipployta

        I don’t know who is subbing it…the previous Hulu ones were done by Viki but there are no Ten 2 episodes on Viki yet

    • 28.5 Owl

      I am into the reality and talk shows, too. Barefoot friends has a refreshing amateur quality to it. .. Lots of bumpy filming, but Korean cute. Strong heart 2 – it is interesting how the topics and discussion sometimes feel dated, like a 50 year throwback to the same topics in the western world at large . Kdramas often feel the same way esp in terms of women working/marrying and staying home dichotomy, and men’s comments to women often seem sexist (appearance, aging, chauvinist, etc.) it is fun to see the cultural influences and differences.

  29. 29 snow_white


    so I’ve decided to put a hold on watching dramas live, except the longer ones as it’s more convenient to watch them live….marathoning is far better 😀

    currently watching ad genius and ytblss 🙂

    • 29.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Wise woman. I’m watch 6 live ones now and the waiting is killing me, especially for those that only give me 1 episode a week!

      • 29.1.1 snow_white

        Really!!!!! 6!!

        wow….I watched 3 at the most….yes the wait is so difficult 😉

  30. 30 kopytko

    Hello Everybody!
    It’s been a while since I dropped by. The reason: nothing to watch, nothing to comment. Since King of Drama ended, I couldn’t pick up anything interesting.
    So for me, the first sign of spring was Nine. It was, because suddenly I didn’t care any more. Maybe I’ll catch up to current episodes in the meantime. I cannot really put my finger on what’s gone awry. I guess it was the romance that feels totally redundant and forced IMO. What I really liked about this show was the ever changing “history”, I don’t remember a drama, when time travelling meant something more that merely other set of costumes. In this case I found it really great, that the characters’ actions had consequences. Maybe I’ll check up on Nine again soonish. After all, Lee Jin Wook was one of the reasons I stuck in kdramaland (a stinker called City of Glas it was, has anyone seen it?).

    Of the current offerings I also like All About My Romance. It’s funny and light, idol-free (love me some shows about grown up people!), I also like the fact that the world of politics is shown with humour (as opposed to politics in ekhem Yawang ekhem when it was all mysterious dealings of mysterious people. I know the difference between the genres, but that politics was some weird activity of aliens. This kind of politics may be weird, but it’s definitely human.)
    I am pleasantly surprised with Lee Min Jung. I was afraid her character would lack some gravitas, but she manages to portray a serious politician well.

    I Summon You Gold is nice bacause it has Yoon Jung Hoon (no, I still haven’t learnt his mane and had to look it up ;p). I also enjoyed Han Ji Hye in her “really” double role. When she’s playing just one character(who plays two characters LOL), she gets plain… I am ambiguous about the portrayal of family matters. Sometimes I have an impression to learn something new about SK society, but sometimes I feel the writers felt compulsed to reach back to good old makjang stuff to reassure their viewers that they are watching a weekend family drama.

    I tried to watch the two sageuks with an open mind – the one about gumiohos and the one about the concubine. I saw two episodes of each. The one about gumihos had an awesome gumiho, but he was unlucky and then we get a different gumiho. The second gumiho is not the same, so I didn’t bother watching more. And the story was so sad, i couldn’t take any more.
    The show about the concubine felt like an insult to my reason. I get it, that it’s a fusion sageuk, and not being familiar with Korean history I don’t mind altering the events. However, I did mind lame attempts to “modernise” the world of the drama, such as the invite-only fashion show or the heroine coming up with a dress typical of the 20th century. It seemed like Flintstones (You know, with the telephone made of shell and stone cars) but without the humour that makes it an enjoyable cartoon. I get the fact that the wirter wants to show a character akin to modern people, but the way I see it, it should be done by portraying feelings and motivations, not some gadgets.

    I also watch When A Man Loves. To know what the ladies at Kakashi’s blog are writing about. (Good job!)

    Have a lovely weekend, Everybody!

    • 30.1 kakashi

      ok, that’s a bit scary 🙂 That show really is NOT good, I know that even without watching it with tone or subs. Do not blame us for the hours you’ve lost!!!! ^^

      • 30.1.1 kopytko

        Hehe, don’t worry. I am an ultimate master (and a humble person LOL) when it comes to using the FF key. If I’m having a good time, it takes about an hour to watch an episode. Good time is not wasted time. If I am not having a good time, I need no more than 15 minutes to know what’s going on 🙂

      • 30.1.2 Shukmeister

        Cześć, kopytko!

        I’m glad you are enjoying the WAML recaps. I admit it’s going to get bumpy from here on out – the dreaded Ep 13 slump is on the horizon, and we haven’t seen more than a glimpse of SSH’s skin in more episodes than I like to admit.
        But I think the SqueeCaps are a worthwhile endeavour, even at the expense of my creative writing!
        And the saddest thing: I’m stuck on a jealous clingy ex-girlfriend character in my fiction – with such rich fodder, how is that even possible?? LOL

        • kopytko

          Hi Shuk,
          I have a deep faith in you, girls, I know you can breathe life into whatever slump that’s bound to come sooner or later.

          I am ashamed to admit, that I am not quite familiar with your fiction (except for the part with Lotus – I want one myself, just a different model). As for the clingy ex, I get quite brutal thinking of that kind, but I there is one thing that comes to my mind: This week I met a cousin of mine for the first time. Her husband used to be a tax inspector – so how about using a witty tax inspector to put her behind bars for some lil’ evasion? I am sorry if it’s ridiculous, but the stories he told us about his job were really stranger than fiction. And absolutely hilarious, too.

          • Shukmeister

            Kopytko –

            Oh, the stories I could tell about the precinct [with names changed to protect the idiots…er innocents]. 😉

            There’s one fiction I completed on my blog where over 90% of characters were inspired by DBeanies, as well as a lot of the concepts and dialogue. I also allowed most of them to contribute to their character’s personality and descriptions. It’s an espionage romance set in Malaysia.
            If you are bored (and anyone who watches dramas is never that right?) it’s called “The Prince and His Harem” It was written almost two years ago, but a lot of the names are still very recognizable. I have it in pdf form as well, if you just want to send me a comment.

            As for my current work, I have to get Clingy Jealous Ex-girlfriend to drive from Baltimore MD to a small town in Indianapolis, but after my lead guy meets and sparks with my lead lady. But thanks to Seon-joo in WAML, I just want her to run off the road and get permanent amnesia…

    • 30.2 alua

      “I guess it was the romance that feels totally redundant and forced IMO.”

      The romance in Nine isn’t particularly interesting… I mean Min-young’s role, if you really think about it, isn’t particularly interesting and I’m not all that invested in her character.

      What I am invested in is Park Sun-woo and his pain about losing her/missing her/etc. because that is so tangible.

      But Min-young herself is pretty much on the sidelines, kind of serving the story line when it’s needed, but nothing more than that.

      • 30.2.1 kopytko

        What I mean was: Min Young was initially a person that tagged around but wasn’t important to SW on an emotional level. He just decided to have someone by his side before dying. That’s why I find it unbelievable, when he agonises over losing her.
        But maybe I am not an attentive viewer.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Did he say he was in love with her for five years since they met at that karaoke?

          • alua

            That was my thought too… that he had been in love with her for a long time.

            I would have to rewatch though to be certain, with “reshuffling” of the story I can’t be sure about everything.

            I don’t know, I don’t find myself questioning him for agonising over her, I just see the pained look in Lee Jin-Wook’s eyes and I’ll believe anything! 😀

          • JoAnne

            He said that it took his approaching death to realize that for all those years, he had actually been in love with her. When she was always there, he didn’t realize how precious she was, but now that he knew he would not have much longer, it became apparent to him.

            And then he gave her some of the best kisses in K-drama history because that’s just how our guy rolls.

          • alua

            “And then he gave her some of the best kisses in K-drama history because that’s just how our guy rolls.”


            I love how you put these things.

            Let’s hope he keeps rolling…

      • 30.2.2 KimYoonmi

        MY’s character mostly suffers in the writing from having her role cut down and relegated to stretched out makjang.

        As a character, though, I kinda like her peppy attitude of screw you if you don’t like me, I’m going to like you anyway. And also the middle finger. Also her forward nature by hitting on our hero up front, no holding back.

        I think if after the whole makjang thing they’d did a change up and made MY important again, she would have shined, or at least included more flashbacks of her and SW.

        But they didn’t.

        I’d love to have it so SW is proving his love directly to her, having to try again, and episode 15 was he stopped the wedding as planned, then the rest of the episodes, he’s chasing her like she chased him. This would have been a much tighter plotline, give her grounding in the plot, as you get to find about her history and you can mess with the other sub plotlines. (There are enough plot threads to pull this off too).

        But I can dream, can’t I? I still want that plotline ’cause that’s the summary about what this drama is about.

        • alua

          Darn, that sounds just about right. You should have been writing that drama!

          I mean, it is much better written than many dramas and I do love it, but it’s not without flaws – such what you point out about Min Young.

          Her flipping SW the bird was awesome, but after that her role became so minor that I even sorta feel sorry for the actress.

    • 30.3 Beng

      Hello kopytko! Finally, i found someone also watching I SUMMON YOU, GOLD. I got dizzy scanning the long thread till i found you. and you’re in the last, hahaha.

      i’m loving the drama now, specially the last weekend and the cliff hanger left in episode 8. I’m thinking, maybe Sung-Eun stole some designs of Monghee, that’s why she hates her so much.

      I’m liking the chemistry of the 2 leads and the Maknaes. I laugh during scenes of Jeong-Hun and Ji-Hey and just found myself crying for the Maknaes (portrayed by Jin-hee and Seo-joon). then i’m in tenterhooks, thinking what if the wife suddenly appears!!!! I’m so looking forward for the coming episode 9 and 10. I might not be able to wait for it to be subbed.

      • 30.3.1 maimymlt

        Beng, you aren’t alone, I’m watching, too!!

      • 30.3.2 owl

        me 3!

      • 30.3.3 kopytko

        Hi Beng,
        I hope the Maknaes get a good story on their own. Given te number of episodes this could be carefully built up and propoerly unfolded, without scenes of the hero falling for the heroine just because she puts on a flowery dress 🙂

        • Bengbeng

          Agree! I want Munghyun to show that she’s not just a “yes” girl. I want her to show her spunk, specially to the 2nd daughter in-law and that controlling Mother in-law. Hate them, specially in the last weekends episodes, eventhough I watched it still in raw, but I totally felt their controlling bitchiness!

  31. 31 Manin

    Hello World!

    Just had my last ever lecture as an undergraduate, which was a strange experience (and the lecturer for once remained on a topic! Though.. not really a helpful topic for the subject). But life goes on!

    You’re The best Lee Soon Shin: I.. didn’t like this weeks episodes as much as the rest.. To much dramalama though probably needed. Also I’ve lost any respect for Song Mi Ryung. That move is just not on Lady! Still fastforwarding most of the mum and grandma scenes… Redeeming factor for me was Joon Ho at the end. Bring back the cute!

    Nine: I saw this coming! This plot twist will be so interesting to follow!

    Bad Boy’s J: Started this with low expectations, but I really enjoyed the first 2 episodes. It has a bit of Gokusen feel to it, which for me is a good thing. Just hope subs are being carried on.

    Still need to start Gu’s family book, and the growing list of chainese dramas I was recommended last OPT. Must admit to having had a relaps into trying to catch up with the Naruto anime, thus neglecting dramas for a while.

    • 31.1 Carole McDonnell

      YAY!!! Someone else watching Bad Boys! I’m liking it as well. Mini-yakuzas to be. Waiting to see what the gang with the female leader is planning to do. I like the arc and the specific episodes where something kinda gets accomplished. And there seems to be good “reasons” for the fighting…even if it’s some silly rule. Sugarless has some of the most beautiful guys I’ve ever seen on film but where o where is the plot?

      • 31.1.1 Manin

        Hurray a fellow watcher! I know, I like the fact that there is actually something that appears to be a plot there from the get go. Like the introduction totally laying down what is to come, which then give the initial fighting meaning in the long run. And the hero? Hilarious combination of knowing how to fight and being a wimp! (though I’m suspecting there is a background story waiting to pop up there somewhere)

        I haven’t watched Sugarless yet, is it good? It seemed kinda interesting, also with the hero talking big, and failing miserably :p

        • Carole McDonnell

          There’s three of us watching. Fighting genre is hard to figure out but I’m trying.

          Sugarless is seemingly plotless. At least so far. I’ve only been in the third episode. But if they don’t soon tell me why our hapless but courageous hero wants to be TOP I’ll lose my patience because all the fighting for no good reason can be repetitious. I know there’s a girl he likes. And the gang-leaders are pretty different from each other. Each have a different type of beauty: Emo, academic, melancholy, stylish, rich, working class. Fun to look at with all those beautiful guys and very nicely-done fighting choreography…but …nothing much else.

          • Manin

            Yeah I like my fighting dramas to at least have a point or proper goal behind the fighting. And a reason for the ambition, even if it might be a silly one, just a reason.

            One drama I really enjoyed was “Holyland”. Unlikely hero in a fighting enviroment but the drama had a plot to it, and there was a motivation behind the fighting on the hero’s side.

            Good looking cast can only get you so far indeed, the plot needs to be there somewhere as well. Though plus for nice fighting choreography, that always is a winner for me!

          • owl

            The fighting genre IS hard to figure out other than it’s depicts subculture and its own code of rules. When I say I watch Bad Boys and Sugarless back to back, what I really mean is shirtless to shirtless. (big smile). I have watched 12 eps of Sugarless (up to date) – so just keep watching!

          • Manin

            Owl: Shirtless to Shirtless you say? 😛 I think I should start Sugarless (no excuse now that subs are out for all the episodes (at least I think they are) :P) But I do like my the fighting to have a point, and a plot. However, brainless eye candy to keep me company leading up to my exam? sounds tempting as well!

            Is there approvements on the “pointless” feel of the first episodes as you have watched longer?

          • owl

            A qualified yes. That is to say, We get to see their code of rules in the subculture play out (whether we agree with them or not is a completely other matter), but there are redeeming principles that come through. Enough brain power used to say that. I admit I’m in it for other reaosns…ahem~

          • Manin

            I’m glad for codes of rules coming into play! Although I do enjoy nicely choreographed fighting scenes and drama, they always feel a bit more coherent when you have a sense of grounding through the rules and subculture they follow. Though as you say, we might not always agree to their rules, it’s still nice to have them lay a base. 🙂

            I think I need to watch Sugarless. It seems to have a high quantity of eye-candy based on what people are saying :p

          • JoAnne

            Sugarless definitely has something to say, but it takes a while to become apparent. And then, too, of course it’s hard to pay attention to anything when the big pretty one takes off his shirt, which happens a lot.

  32. 32 ed

    Not sure where i can get the answer so i’m gonna try my luck here….

    Was watching Barefoot Friends and I really like the music playing at the 0.47 mark, anyone knows its title? I’d love to hear the full song…. 🙂

    • 32.1 okiejune

      It’s “Stuff” by Lasse Lindh

      • 32.1.1 ed


  33. 33 nomad

    Just getting introduced to Mr. Winnie, and totally loving his works (a T-drama director). So other than NINE which I’m almost losing faith to, and GFB which I drop cause Suzy’s acting starts to really bother me, I’m watching In Time With You. It’s one of those dramas which I savor. It’s not a crack where I feel I have to gulp the thing whole, but I enjoy each bite. I love the little wisdom spread throughout, I love the slice of life that it shares. Hope your Friday has been awesome, my fellow beanies!!

  34. 34 Hibz

    Hey guys ! Have a great Friday , wick I’m sayin because it already passed me ! Hhh
    So I’m really in love with you’re the best LSS amazing I love it alot and find it amazing
    Gu family book! Ahh where should I start I like it a lot except that I like my lee seung hi better in his funky hair ! Lol and on shin minas side ! But Suzy is ok , so far given her stiff but progressing acting !!
    What I love more this week is papa gumiho being possibly one of the strts or my anticipated drama Heirs ! Well it the only thing I’m thinking of while thinking of dramas because daaaah it’s lee min ho there ! By far he is the best thing I see in this industry ( the only thing !)
    Annnd I’m just wondering who might be recapping when a man loves I would like to know , I just find the story ( from fist two episode s to be very flexible , yet predictable , which I like actually )
    Any ways the last thing I wanna say and always say is that the big thanks here goes to dramabeans and you guys behind all the magic , they
    should award you ! I mean the actors get awarded by tons of award each year , but you guys. Bring these works to th world so thanks thanks thanks and if you accept that , I award you , in my name and everybody’s I think with our total love and support. I’m sorry that this is the only thing I can do !

    • 34.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Goggle “When A Man Loves JoAnne” for recaps

      • 34.1.1 Shukmeister

        Julia –

        No no! “When A Man Loves Shukmeister” 😉

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          I’ll let you and JoAnne fight over SSH and stand quietly on the side lines cheering you both. 🙂

        • JoAnne

          Don’t trust her, Shuk. She’s going to swoop in and steal Oppa from us. Or

          (wait here while I close my eyes long enough that you think I actually fell asleep)

          die trying, which is more likely 🙂

    • 34.2 Shukmeister

      Hibz –

      Come to the dark side! JoAnne, kakashi, and I are SqueeCapping When A Man Loves. Episode 8 is posted, 9 is being worked on.

    • 34.3 jomo

      Have to add another vote to the Squee-Caps.
      They present some of the funniest, laugh out loud commentary I have ever read.

      Firsts of all, each of the three personalities have a distinctly different voice so you get this joyful noise in your head of them talking. Then, of course, there is the source material, which is entertaining by itself.
      Now combine all four of those elements with the amazingly clever use of gifs to either underline or contradict what they are talking about, and it is quite a fun experience. I look forward to each new one. It’s a giggle fest – everyone should play there!!

      • 34.3.1 Shukmeister

        Episode 9 is up!

      • 34.3.2 JoAnne

        Thank you! That was very nice!

  35. 35 melo.boy

    hii fellow beanuts
    I’m trying to find out some beautiful, naive Rom Com kdramas which aired between 2003-2005… please suggest me some of the good which you actually loved to watch then…!

    keep smiling!

    • 35.1 snow_white

      Full House, Sweet 18, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, My Love Patzzi, Hello My Teacher, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon 🙂

      • 35.1.1 melo.boy

        I’ve watched full house only 🙂
        this means I have too many left to watch .. wohooo *searches for download*

      • 35.1.2 nomad

        Second Hello My Teacher, and of course My Name Is KSS!

    • 35.2 kopytko

      My favourite one is Attic Cat. Also a Taiwanese drama – Devil Beside You meets all the criteria.
      Cheers! 🙂

      • 35.2.1 MariD

        Second Devil beside you!!!
        How I love this one..

        • Shukmeister

          Third Devil Beside You!

          And actually, most of the recommendations are pretty good.

    • 35.3 melo.boy

      hehe thank you kopytko MariD and shukmeister..!!

      I think that will be my first ever Taiwanese drama … @_@

  36. 36 MariD

    Sweet 18
    My Girl
    Those are my recommends..

  37. 37 Raine

    Hello Banies!!!

    My sister is fully an addict and we literally ask each other if we’ve seen the news updates. Yeah, we live together so basically all day is drama and kpop. SO AWESOME.

    My Watch List:

    Lee Soon-shin is the Best: I’m recapping this and I can’t make myself deal with episode 16 mostly because of mom. I may be the only one who loves/hates how slowly the JH/SS romance is going. it’s like this high school relationship in slowness. Die all women with the label ‘mother’

    Gu Family Book: LOVE this show. I don’t care if the monk is too convenient. I love watching the mains live and learn and grow through dire circumstances. I loved the quiet ending for episode 5 and that facesmack ending in episode 6. Love that Sung Joon’s role is mostly facial expressions that have me in stitches. Love Susy stepping up! and of course we loves the puppy who is just completely working it!

    Mandate of Heaven: watched subbed episode 2 last night. DarkSmurf seems to be getting episode 3 out fairly quickly (waiting to read the recps til then). I am loving this show, too. I love high stakes shows. It tends to cut out a lot of bs till writers grasp for straws during extensions or smg. And LDW with the kid. *heartmelt*

    OJakyo Brothers: So I’m super late starting this and then also late getting into Joo Won. OF course I KNOW who is he, what kinda drma junkie would I be if I didn’t, but I love this show episode ONE. That mom is so damn cute! I love the distinct personalities of the brothers and the older generation.

    Love Rain: I liked the first four episodes pacing although many said it was slow. BUT, that couple is so wimpy and passive and they have NO NOONCHI as Kim Yoonmi would say. And no offense, but although the idea of pining after someone for 25 years may be romantic, it means you’ve ruined 25 years of your life. Get over it. The younger couple is fun and reminds me why i love JGS’s acting.

    And onto SHINee. I finally wrote my first kpop review based on their new release. Hehe. I dunno if anythign I said was valid or correct, but it was fun. I love/hate the new song/video. Haven’t delved into the album yet cause aside from drama, I do have a life…I think. I’m trying to remember if I do…

    Oh yes, Life.

    Going to the gym for about 3 weeks now. HUGE difference. No weight loss yet, but stamina, energy levels, improvements with the exercises…all visible, but so awesome! I can hike now, which is why the late Spring snows here have been driving me BANANAS!

    Also have been working on a cello arrangement for Shinee’s Sherlock. That’ shard to transcribe and then play on cello…heh.

    This weekend is the recitals for both studios that I teach at so I’m going up to Wyoming twice this weekend, rehearsing with students and accompanying a bunch of violin students for my friend who hurt her neck. Been so busy I don’t even know how I watch drama.

    There I wrote a long post too!

    • 37.1 Carole McDonnell

      Monk/magician is totally perfect…even if he’s convenient. It’d be way more interesting if Kang Chi had to figure out his issues all by his lonesome but the writers went another way and I’ll accept that.

      I’ve gotta see he subbed Mandate of Heaven. That little girl is so cute and adorable. Heck, kids in sajeuk are always so cute and adorable.

      • 37.1.1 Raine

        Riiiight? That little girl has been the cutest thing in everythign I’ve seen her in! I get what you mean about the monk. I will accept it to..*zens out*

    • 37.2 alua

      With teachers as the main storyline, or is as a subplot fine as well?

      I second School 2013, but the focus was probably more on the students… (although you do get to see a lot of the teachers as well).

      What’s Up and Dream High both in involve teachers, but, again, the focus is more on the students.

      Flower Boy Ramyun Shop…. wasn’t the lead character a teacher? (I don’t remember since I quit watching it very early on.)

      1% of Anything has a teacher character, but it’s focused on the relationship between her and someone outside of the school – though there there is another teacher stalking her.

      Kasuka na Kanojo is a few episodes in, that one does focus completely on a teacher, with a supernatural element (he lives with a ghost who used to be a teacher).

      • 37.2.1 alua

        Oops, sorry, that was meant for @Momoi below… my browser crashed while I was trying to post this!

      • 37.2.2 momoi

        Thanks a ton for the recommendations! Gonna check some of those out.

    • 37.3 hydrangeabloom

      It’s okay if you’re late onto the Ojakgyo train, Raine! I am still working my way through it myself. I love the duckling motif. 🙂

      I also completely agree with you about Love Rain. I admittedly never finished the drama (made it nine episodes in), but I found the parent love story to be very unhealthy from the beginning.

  38. 38 Momoi

    Nooo I’m late again =O

    Anyone have any good teacher dramas? Romance or not? I saw Gokusen, Misaki Number One and parts of My Name is Sam and Hello My Teacher. Anyone have other good ones.

    • 38.1 owl

      School 2013 ~ I love Daniel Choi who played a teacher in this drama. Although, I have to admit, I wasn’t in it for the teacher story exactly ;D

    • 38.2 redfox

      aww man I saw one, but I cannot remember, what it was. It was japanese and was not Gokusen or GT Onizuka…

      but do try School 2013 or what it was….havent watched myself but everyone seems to have loved it

      • 38.2.1 redfox

        ah that was already posted, sorry. hmm.

    • 38.3 Carole McDonnell

      If you don’t mind a movie, you could try the Japanese movie Aoi Tori.

      Another good Japanese school drama is Floating School house. Or floating classroom. IT’s about a school that gets thrown out of time into some neverland.

      Absolutely avoid Suzuki Sensei, which is one of the most frustrating pick-up-your-monitor-and-throw-it dramas ever.

      For silly stuff: Delicious Gokusen, and Nobuta wa Produce

      Heartstrings was good.
      Flower Boy Band

      MARS <– a bit angsty but good
      Devil Beside you

      • 38.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        some corrections:
        Floating classroom is also called Long Love letter.
        And it’s Delicious Gakuin not Delicious gokusen

    • 38.4 alua

      See my post 37.2 (I put it in the wrong place).

  39. 39 redfox

    though I am very late today, as I went to see Mom and Granny and had some 3G time and chat, I felt down so I needed that. since I had vacation last month, I only got paid 100 euros today and I have no idea how I am going to manage. no idea…well, I have food that should last quite long. but what if rent is over 100 euros? Did not tell mom though, she asked me for money cause she is on sick leave. so I gave her the 100 euros I had in cash and that is that. no worries.

    anyway, I have not watched many dramas, followed some recaps only.
    I have been going to the cinema, first time I got free tickets for a documentary about KGB headquarters in a certain hotel in Tallinn in 1970ies… that was very insightful and weird, how vases started talking when wires got mixed up and people in disguise always wearing the same shoes. hah.

    and I watched more than Honey – about bees and why they die. now great news is Europe banned pesticides that kill them and make them weak.

    I watched some Jang Ok Jung though – wow, what a redemption role for Yoo Ah In! He is great!

    anyway, all the best, hang in there!

    • 39.1 owl

      redfox, I totally related to your needing the 3G time – there’s nothing like golden comfort. So sorry to hear about your money woes, but your good turn will come back to you. You mentioned cinema documentaries. I frequently check out books from the library and came across one that particularly caught my eye after watching IRIS and IRIS2 titled, “The Hidden People of North Korea: Everyday Life in the Hermit Kingdom.” It is something I probably never would have glanced at if i hand’t fallen into the world of kdramaland and other things Korean, but it is quite fascinating. Anyhoot, something else to do that doesn’t cost money 🙂
      Happy weekend ~ may things look up for you 🙂

      • 39.1.1 redfox

        thanks. I am a library maniac so there is no need to encourage me in that though! thats mainly cause there are SO MANY books and it would make no sense to buy them. I have no place to keep them.

        I have seen one book on North Korea in our shops but I think it is some other book. I think it was called Nothing to Envy (by Barbara Demick). basically a life of mostly one couple and what they had to do to survive

  40. 40 Mar

    Howdy Beanies,

    I have been on the down low, popping in a commenting here or there. Have not been invested in any dramas, watch an episode of this or that in between writing papers and studying and reading text-Nine, Hundred Years, Last Cinderella, wow is that little fellow adorable. Semester is wrapping up and I am tired! I finish next Thursday, my daughter graduates with her BFA Friday, and after that I am planning on sleeping for a couple of days.

    I got official approval to complete 2 degrees simultaneously. I am now waiting to hear if I am accepted into the accelerated masters program at my university.

    I was hoping Hyun Bin would do a rom com but that is not in the cards. Everyone and their brother are doing sageuks, which are just not on my list of favorites. It might be the facial hair not sure but Ugh. I am hoping for something interesting for this summer for viewing. Hoping the best for Heirs, but I think all of the leads are too mature to play kids in high school If I’m wrong about the plot let me know (please). I saw JoAnne’s list in the feed and might check out some from that list…after I get those days of aforementioned sleep.

    I’ll be spending the weekend studying disease and plagues of the world and fun stuff like that.

    On that note, Happy viewing Beanies!

  41. 41 John

    Momoi ~

    Unstoppable High Kick has a teaching element to it. There’s a gizillion episodes though.

    I think Seo Min-jeong’s “rap ” is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen .

  42. 42 melo.boy

    thank you @mariD
    both dramas seem great!!

  43. 43 MistyIsles

    Hello everyone!
    I usually just skim through OT and observe, but today I’m speaking up because I just started watching Gaksital and I know there are people here who will understand when I say I’m pretty sure this show is going to destroy me…and that only makes me want to watch it more. I watched episodes 6 and 7 yesterday (aka the Worst Night Ever and the day after) and ranted a little about it to my sister who hasn’t seen it yet, but it’s not the same as having someone who knows what I’m going through.
    Anyway, I’ll probably be back later, but for now I’m off to watch episode 8 (assuming my internet holds up)!

    • 43.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Oh are you in for a treat. Gaksital is awesome.

    • 43.2 Manin

      I love Gaksital, don’t know how many times I’ve re-watched that drama, certain scenes in particular.

      Are you watching 1n2d as well? Because if you are I’d warn you about the mindfuck Joo Woo provides with Kang To vs himself.

      Now I want to re-watch Gaksital..

    • 43.3 KenyanKorean

      Gaksital is soooo freakin awesome!I have watched it 3 times and it never gets old!I have the Ulala session soundtrack memorized (for shower singing purposes) and if I knew where to buy a life size poster of Joo Won in that mask I would do it!YEAAH!

    • 43.4 DayDreamer

      Yeah those episodes in Gaksital totally broke my heart. Loved the show but I would never dare to watch it again because it will just bring on a wave of depression for me, ha.

  44. 44 sur

    Hello everybody,
    This is my first time posting here, have been a Kdrama fan from august 2011 and watched a lot of dramas and became a very loyal and die hard fan.. but among all those dramas i thank You are Beautiful the most
    because i found Dramabeans through it 🙂

    About the ongoing dramas watching now:

    Gu Family Book: Loving it, LSG is looking so cute and he is nailing the role… his scenes are the best love his character well penned, the girl is a hoot NOT A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS for once wow, love the gon KC scenes they are so funny.. the story or the writing is not that good there are some glaring imperfections but the story has heart and a lovely central character to hold my interest, its that conflicted hero’s journey that makes me watch this and his human bracelet of course.. KC’s quest for humanity and his realization that even though he is a beast on the outside his heart will forever be human more human than most of the humans (hint: Jo Gwan woong) but if he needs to become fully human in order to grow old with his beloved then thats good too :)… about suzy she has improved a lot i’ve watched her dramas and can say that she is not such a poker face now, she is definitely not sensational or anything but she is good enough considering what i expected and i want her to be better but even if she holds on to what she is now that would be good too..

    Jang Ok jung: saw the some episodes but was not impressed so left it… its not as much the historical imperfections that bothers me but the whole fashion industry story in joseon that i just can’t stomach and besides why does Yoo Ah In ends up all fashion related things????

    Lee Soon Shin: once i complete the old dramas i’m watching i’ll pick it up loving the recaps so far.

    NINE: didn’t think of watching this drama at all but its praises are floating everywhere so would check this out.

    The old dramas watching now:

    Coffee Prince: when i told my friends that i’m watching this drama they gape and shout, “WHAT???? YOU HAVEN”T WATCHED IT YET??” “go go go watch it first then talk to us” now i get what the fuss is about, watched the first 10 episodes and they are awesome was not that impressed with the first epi but have to say this drama rules my heart right now, i never watched this because of YEH i watched all her bad dramas and didn’t like her one bit so naturally thought of skipping this one then i came across biscuit teacher star candy and became a GY fan so picked this drama and man do i love this one… Choi Han Gyul love you your conflicted emotions just get me everytime all the time you blow hot and cold but i understand you, BTSC made me a fan of GY but CP has made me a die hard fan of him 😀 YEH did a great job here loved her she is so believable as a guy unlike most of the cross dressers in dramaland… she picked every last detail right from mannerism to talking to walking to everything i guess the PD has to be given some credit for this… but no matter how capable the PD if the actor doesn’t has skill the PD can’t do anything… about GY did he do the character justice his conscience and his feeling are having a war and does he portray that feeling whether its a silent moment he emotes with his eyes or whether he is houting at eun chan he is so exact and perfect when his voice wavers i just keep saying endure a little baby just a little

    Answer me 1997: I’m not korean so to connect with the mad fan worship in the first epi was a little hard for me i had to look up H.O.T tonny ahn and everything to understand i know i may seem weird but i’ve never really worshiped anybody not even my crushes or my boyfriends or any singer actor anything so that level of love is kind of hard for me to understand.. but when i get past that i see the emotions of youth the exact feelings the fervor the sincerity… i just completed my high school so i could totally connect to that i’m 18 now or more like going to be soon so when i watch the show i’m like oh my god i did those things its totally my life.. that is what makes this show best among all those high school dramas because i don’t remember that bitch with two sidekicks in my school which is so often portrayed in most high school drama… but i remember fighting with my best friend over small things, i did crush on my good friends boyfriend, i did wish the world would end when i didn’t complete my home work, or when my friend told my crush (#2) that i thought he was tall dark and handsome i wanted the earth to open and swallow me whole.. that is what school is about that is what it feels like that is how we take everything as a life and death situation… But besides those real scenarios it was the universal feeling that no matter what year which country we teenagers behave the same.. that is why i love this drama i’m at the last episode now would complete it soon….

    The dramas i completed recently:

    Rich Man Poor Woman: one of the best japanese dramas i’ve watched loved oguri shun he was awesome as the quirky eccentric boss and loved the whole package of next innovation… but it was the girl who won me over she was such a ordinary person that she seemed as if she lived among us, the whole question about involuntary unemployment the drama raised was beautiful even though it did not give any answer but it showed us through the girl that everybody is good at something and if they persevere they will win someday, it was the guy’s attachment to his company which was like a baby to him which he nursed with love and wit to make it this successful that was truly amazing, when that baby was dying he gave everything he had to make it healthy but it was the evil nanny who gave poison to the guy and the baby and on the he fell into a pit himself.. but it was inferiority it was the love for the company which he so badly wanted for himself that did all those things and in the end he was redeemed as well
    *SPOILER* but it was the ending that truly made love it so, where the girl does not stay back where the girl does not give up her life for the guy she loved because rather than living uselessly beside him not being that innovative at next innovation she’d rather be in a lab creating all those complex composition for a pharmaceutical and do something that she’s actually good at. she came back after two years and would probably still work at that pharma. but it was a much better life than she would have had working at next innovation.

    King 2 Hearts:
    i don’t know what to say about this drama it was confusing you can’t peg this drama at one genre, it was a drama about modern monarchy in the start then a military drama with lots of bromance and commradeship then it became a romantic comedy drama then a melodrama then a political then again military then political then melodrama for a little bit then romance…… all these genre to mix together is a little weird but this drama did a good job of it.. cheeky at times and contemplative at others it was a beautiful journey.. among all those genre hodgepodge the central story of the immature hero’s journey his man child ways to his kingly ones, his belief of royals being puppets to his belief in his position and power was what made this drama truly worth.. the first glimpse of this immature prince to his last glimpse of the powerful king was so different that if you watch the first and last episode together you won’t believe it was from the same drama.. but if this journey was made only by the king he would have been lost it was the two constant poles who supported him who made him what he was it a man’s loyalty and his faith that made him look at himself once more and think if he is not that worthless, it was the love of a woman which started to change him from the first moment they met……….. the first time they met he cowered in fear and said “I’ll do well” for the first time 😀 …. it was the strength the queen provided just by being at his side that pushed him forward because he knew that even if he is just trash she still loves him and believes in him…..
    The love between Jae ha and Hang ah was what made me love this drama… if i were to write a dialogue for hang ah i would write: I’m not a woman and you’re not a man, but rather we are equals, who share the burden, together hand in hand… i know cheesy right?? 😀

    Shinning inheritance: did not exactly love this drama from the start the guy was just so unlikable people say man’s man he was jerk’s jerk… the girl’s situation was just so so over exaggerated it was as if someone pushed a bad luck button on her remote control for life… then there was the second lead who helped the girl at her worst.. he was a good character… the female second lead bravo girl even though being a villain i understood you and sympathized with you your undying love for the guy who was there when you were alone and frightened the only anchor was unbelievable many times.. but moon chae won did a great job with the role, seung mi’s desperation was so well portrayed that it was palpable… whereas in comparison the actual Cinderella lost steam in front of the evil step sister, mainly because her character was plainly written and the actress did not do that a good job i didn’t feel anything for her not even once.. the guy that jerk’s jerk his transformation was what made me keep watching the drama because at one point i was thinking of dropping it… it was those lessons learned those small changes that first apology was what made the drama a great drama from a mediocre one, it was his change from that greedy boy to responsible guy, that sweet love for the girl and later his devotion for his grandma that redeemed the drama. lastly the evil mother man she was scary what an acting no doubt the best performance in the whole drama, her plotting and pondering over each small detail was amazing and repulsing at the same time, her love for her daughter was exceptional, the thing was no one actually ever outwitted her in her game it was pure ‘on writers whim’ luck that she was found out… so i think she was the most intelligent character on the drama and our cinderella was the dumbest.
    in this drama my favorite scene was not even a romantic scene in the last episode the rooftop scene was what stole my breath its that mother daughter scene that made my eyes tear, when the girl tells her mother that she is the only person on earth who loves her now… and they were each other’s anchor to life it was beautiful and heartbreaking

    • 44.1 Carole McDonnell

      Totally loved your praises for Gu Family.

      I have yet to see Coffee Prince either. I’ll catch up on that one day.

      • 44.1.1 Mar

        Carole-I’m going to omg you! Watch Coffee Prince!! I would say it is in the top 10 of k dramas.

      • 44.1.2 Hillary

        As a fellow West Indian, watch Coffee Prince. I think it is one of Gong Yoo’s most memorable performances.

      • 44.1.3 owl

        Oh Carole! I marathoned CP last week ( seen it many times,it’s my go-to drama)~you have to build it in to your viewing schedule!

      • 44.1.4 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        I have to agree … watch Coffee Prince. For the music. For the romantic tension. For the laughter. Just do it!

      • 44.1.5 sur

        see how many people are shouting for you to watch CP happened to me too i think most people will love this drama its got that undeniable pull that attracts people hooks them up…. about GFB i love the drama so of course i’ll praise it but i was actually hoping for a little better plotting and not all the ‘on writers whim’ to happen but still love it for some reason maybe its the puppy pull or something but i love this one

      • 44.1.6 Carole McDonnell

        Oh good heavens! So many people recommending it. Well then I should see it then. After Giant. Loved Vineyard Man btw

    • 44.2 KimYoonmi

      About YEH.

      She’s a good actress. From Goong through Coffee Prince, she showed incredible luck and taste in choosing projects. However after Coffee Prince she had some commitments to pay off to various people which meant she didn’t actually get to choose the dramas. I know it’s sacrilege, but I liked Vineyard Man better than Coffee Prince. (Personally, I think Carole, due to her general tastes will feel the same unless she succumbs to GY) Coffee Prince is more like teenager fanfare–though I liked the book better (especially the book ending better) with not a fair representation of homosexuality. Vineyard Man is a slow simmer, which wins your heart while quietly subverting many K-drama tropes. Plus I love Oh Man Seok as an actor. (He’s got acting chops such that, though Gong Yoo is hotter and has subtleties down to facial expressions, Oh Man Seok’s ability to create character on the fly is frightening… so can beat him hands down. For his age group, Oh Man Seok is a really good character actor. Underrated on top of it.) Vineyard Man also has almost no lag and is really tightly written.

      For example, she was game for one drama which was a melo and then it was canceled. She stuck with the director anyway, promising to be in his next drama.

      She finally got to do a melo in Missing You.

      But I really do love her best in rom com. It’s not so much she’s a perfect actress (she can overact a bit), but you get the feeling of her total dedication to portray the character and I love the way she just throws herself into it. So I have a real soft spot for YEH. (So she’ll come on Running Man, right?) I’ve loved her since X-man… ^^;;

      • 44.2.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Vineyard Man is fine wine … complex, to be savoured. Coffee Prince is more like soda pop. I like ’em both.

        • KimYoonmi

          Vineyard Man is definitely slower, but I wouldn’t call it complex. Complex, to me, is more like Kim Eun Sook where you need to pay attention to details or Nine. Vineyard Man, is more smooth, subversive, subtle, yet gives you a nice even ride and a feeling of growing warmth.

          Coffee Prince is like soda you liked in the beginning but got a little deflated towards the end. (Seriously, the book ending is better) People at the time were arguing over the ending of the drama being good or not, but the book ending makes much more sense and I think rounds out the story better. People forget about the lag at the end of Coffee Prince, but I sure don’t. Especially since they pulled the adoption card which I hated. I also squirmed a little at the gay stuff played for laughs too (Also known in the stage of human rights advocacy The novelty stage). So that was two strikes.

          • DayDreamer

            Like I mentioned somewhere above, I also loved Vineyard Man. It was definitely subtle and sweet like you said. Coffee Prince just so happened to be my first Kdrama so I have a very special spot for it in my heart and as such would probably rank it higher than Vineyard Man even though technically it lagged at some parts and I wasn’t as invested in the second leads (thereby often skipping their scenes, hehe).

      • 44.2.2 sur

        haven’t watched vineyard man i was talking about my fair lady and lie to me now in both the dramas her character was so poorly written and that is why i said i didn’t like her… well i can watch almost anything whether its acquired taste or an instant pick up but my bad habit is i over analyzing each and every detail… and about coffee prince novel haven’t read that so can’t say and the ending i’ve not completed the drama yet… will watch vineyard man and then i can think which is better most chances are that i’ll like both because i also like oh man seok…. recently saw GY and OMS in a movie together that kim jong wook movie, although OMS had a short stint

      • 44.2.3 Mar

        I agree about YEH and her work-she owns her characters. That’s her strength.

  45. 45 Cat

    Hi everyone, I’m watching Soulmate and would really really like to know the song at 10:20 and again at 35:50 in Episode 5. I know the OST list is on Dramabeans but the song doesn’t seem to be listed.

    Grateful thanks in advance <3

  46. 46 misz_di

    Hi everyone 🙂

    I’m way behind kdramas and even in OT… but I just wanna share this with you guys 🙂
    I’m currently watching Queen In Hyun’s Man and I’m loving Boong Do 🙂

    Sexy Back – Ji Hyun Woo YHY’s Sketchbook

    [MV] The Nuts – Jansori (ft. Ji Hyun Woo)

    • 46.1 Carole McDonnell

      i love love love Ji Hyun Woo!

      Did you listen to his Dear Child on youtube. Someone also put up a sweet video with ENG SUBS. Also, his Good Addiction (Sweet Addiction?) is good. Both good songs I downloaded to my computer.

      Off to look at Sexy Back. I think I might’ve seen it if it was uploaded around the time QIHM was airing.

      • 46.1.1 misz_di

        Thanks for the recommendations…. I’m quite late on searching everything about him though… I’m still finishing QIHM 🙂

  47. 47 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    After seeing episode 4 of ‘Last Cinderella’ with subs, I have concluded that Rintaro’s words are harsh but his actions are sweet, whereas Hiroto’s actions are harsh but his words sweet. The scene with Hiroto and Momo had an entirely different impact when the words were there.

    btw, what Rintaro did with BOTH blue boxes … am I wrong that I found that really romantic? I mean all gushy soft melty I am in love with Rintaro and can’t wait for Rintaro and Sukura to fall in love romantic.

    So happy with this series. If you’ve only watched episode 3 and are thinking of abandoning based on Sukura being a doormat to Hiroto, give episode 4 a try and see if it gets better.

    • 47.1 owl

      I agree that ep 4 feels like The Last Cinderella is much further along because of the depth the drama reached. I loved the baseball conversation between Rintaro and Sukura. I both laughed so hard and was moved to tears in ep 4! I also love the conversations that hapapen in the bar~it’s where they (and we) find out inner thoughts and what makes each person tick 🙂 I really do love eveything about this drama except for how unrealistically Sukura acts about intimacy, but I hope that when she gets in touch with how she really feels, she’ll be able to give and receive love.

    • 47.2 Shukmeister

      Julia and owl –

      I marathoned all 4 episodes of Last Cinderella this weekend. I don’t see that Hiroto is more than mildly attracted to her, and that Rintaro is already showing his jealous side.

      I am looking forward to Hiroto’s slow slide, and Rintaro’s simmering feelings towards a clearly-dense Sakura.

  48. 48 Cee

    We’ve all watched a bunch of dramas with childhood stories and what I want to ask is:
    Do you guys still like it?

    I used to love childhood stories when I was younger: because it starts with sweet-like-lollipops memories and ends with oh-god-no that makes our main casts have certain motivations to do things.

    But I don’t like it that much anymore:(. Sure, I love the child actors and I think some of them are really good and they’re going to be the next big stars, but I think most of childhood stories nowadays are boring, cheesy, and cliche.

    It’s always about how our main guy and girl meet for the first time, fall in love, then one of them will leave (because of angry family, revenge, rape/kidnap)……………………… (skip to 10 years later where they are now: all grown-up but stuck in the past).

    What do you guys think?

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