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Revenge drama Shark’s character posters
by | May 17, 2013 | 77 Comments

Aw, does the vengeance mastermind need a hug? A snuggle wasn’t really the concept I was expecting when KBS released the character posters for its revenge thriller Shark, but hey, every wronged-hero-turned-mysterious-avenger needs to cry on somebody’s shoulder, right? The new Monday-Tuesday drama is gearing up to premiere in just over a week, and even though I’m still not convinced it’s not Bad Guy all over again, I guess I won’t really care as long as it’s Bad Guy: Bigger, Better, Badder.

The revenge melodrama from the team behind Resurrection and The Devil stars Kim Nam-gil as a successful hotelier with a Japanese alias, adoptive father, and naturally, a secret past. Sohn Ye-jin is the heiress to — you guessed it — a hotel conglomerate, and the daughter of the family who ruined Kim Nam-gil’s life. He spends years becoming rich and powerful as a rival hotelier, and then returns to Korea to begin his revenge plot against the family. Of course the wrench is that he falls in love with her and has to choose between love and his blackened, revenge-filled heart.

Ha Suk-jin plays the second lead, the sharp up-and-comer at the heroine’s family company, who’s always loved her from afar. Aw, Ha Suk-jin plays that type so well — the sad puppy who doesn’t get the girl. He’s got a bit of a past to hide too, though it’s not nearly as bad as the hero’s second identity. Everyone assumes he’s a wealthy, over-educated executive, when he actually comes from a humble background, and even spent his teenage years as a gangster.

To add history to injury, all three of them share a past, and the heroine was both boys’ first love. Of course she was. Because loving someone just the once is never quite fated enough. The setup is nothing new, but here’s hoping that the execution keeps the thrills thrilling and the revenge served cold.

Shark follows God of the Workplace and premieres May 27 on KBS.



77 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Belle3005

    Hmm.. I’m not too sure of how I think about this drama.

  2. Ivoire


    • 2.1 Kimmi

      I’m about to go there but Ivoire gets on my nerves. If he didn’t get first comment then he comments on someone who did and the worst part is that its a stupid comment just so he can be on the top on the page. Honey unless you got someone important to say, just stop. Sorry if I’m the only one who feels this way but I figure i’ll voice my opinion now then forever hold my peace.

      • 2.1.1 pogo

        I figure i’ll voice my opinion now then forever hold my peace.

        Yes, please do (hold your peace, I mean).

        This is 2013, I think most people on here would have learned how to use the scroll function if they don’t like someone’s comments.

  3. eli_n

    I don’t know if it’s just part of the concept but SYJ’s wrinkled dress in her full solo shot is driving me nuts.

    • 3.1 annel


      Yes. Me too. Bad choice of styling.

      I like that girl playing younger SYJ, saw her once playing younger Lee Boo Young for KBS’s Equator Man.

      • 3.1.1 ida

        she kinda looks like SYJ when you look from real Son Ye Jin and glance at her!!
        I thought it WAS SYJ for a second haha.

      • 3.1.2 kay

        she played the dead girlfriend in that winter, the wind blows, right? funny how she’s playing the high school kid versions when she’s 26 in real life

        • anna

          omf- I just remember where she was from. she’s playing the younger version of SYJ when she’s only 6 years younger than SYJ in rl. they couldn’t have found someone younger? Kid playing young KNG is actually 18! LOL

          • eny

            the kid who act as young KNG looks like Hyun bin

      • 3.1.3 pogo

        wait, that ISN’T SYJ? They look uncannily alike!

    • 3.2 ht

      Omfg me too.

    • 3.3 mary

      Came here to check if anyone else will comment on her crumpled clothes too. You ladies never disappoint. 😀

    • 3.4 jomo

      Yeah and the uncoiffed on purpose coif.

      Maybe it means “Look, it is tough looking good all the time, we know, we get it. You are allowed to give up, too.”

    • 3.5 Newborn Fanatic

      lol I didn’t even notice it until I read this comment. Now it’s driving me a little crazy too. :O

    • 3.6 anna

      I was about to comment the same thing LOL And what is with her second photo and that pose? I ..can’t.

      This drama has all the cliches in the world. What is with kdrama and fated first love? Of course, they have met sometimes in their life before, of course.

  4. come2noona

    If I had to guess the story based on the first poster it would go something like this…”Simple minded man falls in love with his own sister while stranded on a deserted island. Both are rescued and try to cope with the fact they are lovers…and siblings. Or are they???”

    • 4.1 skelly

      Yes, why does he have this slack-jawed, open-mouthed blank look on his face? Is there a knife sticking out of his back, just outside the frame? Or did someone tie his shoelaces together?

      • 4.1.1 Quiet Thought

        Ahhhhaaaaa . . . best laugh I’ve had all day.

      • 4.1.2 anna

        lmao it really does look like he’s been stabbed and fell onto her breasts. oh god, this image will going to make my week.

  5. ck1Oz

    It’s getting to the point that I actually look forward to the childhood section in almost any given dramas these days.

    They seem to be better acted, more age appropriate and absolutely adorable together. OTP or first love scenarios.

  6. aira

    I usuallty don’t like man with moustache, but Kim Nam Gil looks cool on it ^^

    The last pic, his face kinda like a drawing, not a photo.. o.O

  7. badmamajama

    That pornstache is never gonna leave us, is it?

    • 7.1 Megan

      OMG I thought I was the only one that felt that way.
      I absolutely his Kim NamGil’s porno mustache. I’ve been hoping he would shave it off since Bad Guy.

    • 7.2 Milly

      maybe he is hiding something under that stache….

  8. Gaeina Lee

    ..Why do I feel the pang for Ha Suk Jin already? Poor sweet-loving puppy..

    • 8.1 jomo

      Me, too! I want him to be the lead and get the girl.

  9. nova611

    is that cheol ryong?
    mr kim’s gonna b a proud dad

    • 9.1 paula253

      yes! isn’t he a great upcoming young actor? hehe, Mr Kim is so proud. ^^

  10. 10 snow_white

    Hmmmm…the set up is not new….but of course the drama can be good…..
    Haven’t seen Bad guy and I think it’s a good thing 😉

    • 10.1 tamagoxyaki

      That drama was actually a pretty good one imo .Even though the ending was pretty shitty,It still had some of the best cinematography,directing,and acting i’ve seen in a kdrama.Oh plus an awesome second male lead(I actually ended up only watching the drama for his character)It’s Just that the last 4 episodes were a complete and utter failure but other than that the drama was pretty good.If for no other reason watch it for the second lead,totally worth it.

      • 10.1.1 snow_white

        thanks for the suggestion tamagoxyaki 🙂

      • 10.1.2 pogo

        Kim Jae-wook is seriously underrated, no lie. He needs to be in an acting project again, and for that acting project to be a good one.

        • eny

          i like bad guy, i like the ending too,it was unpredictable n surprising,for me good ending doesn’t always happy ending

          • pogo

            It’s not the fact of there being no happy ending that I minded, it’s how obviously rushed and sloppy it was. Bad Guy was great up to that point – kept me guessing, and kept me interested in the characters, and even Han Ga-in for once in her life did not suck.

  11. 11 KDaddict

    The official poster looks exactly like the one for Crazy Love (tvN).

    • 11.1 skelly

      THAT’s where I’d seen it before! It looked so familiar, I started googling around at posters for recent dramas (I even looked at the poster for The Drama That Must Not Be Named, but no, they were actually laughing and hugging in that poster …what false advertisement…) but couldn’t find it. Thanks for setting my mind at ease, LOL

  12. 12 Amydee

    Kim Nam Gil is rocking the stache! Definitely gonna be my watchlist!

  13. 13 kakashi

    well. Let’s say I’ve been more excited before.

  14. 14 hoaa

    looking forward for this one.

    kim nam gil’s solo project after army, right?

  15. 15 japanese

    spell her mane right バカ

    • 15.1 Jules

      Hee, I really love when someone complains about a blogger’s spelling… and then spells something wrong in that complaint. ^o^

      • 15.1.1 beggar1015

        No, her mane has a name and it must be spelled correctly!

        • jomo


    • 15.2 jomo

      Ooh! I just goog-lated that — you were mean.

  16. 16 Mommai

    Anyone else think the shots with his head on her chest look super awkward? Like he’s way hunched over and his face is kinda glued to her or something? It just looks really uncomfortable and unnatural to me.

    • 16.1 Maggie

      It looks like he has on his ‘I have just been stabbed and I am in pain and shock’ face.

  17. 17 Sandy

    tq Gf !

    The way his face “saddled” on her breast looks weird !.

    • 17.1 Rashell

      Right? I’m thinking he took the opportunity to rest his head on Sohn Yi Jin’s boobs even if it looked awkward. Too good for him to pass up.

      • 17.1.1 Sandy

        hello ! some kind of sensation slipping through his mind !

    • 17.2 melo.boy

      no I think he’s drunk .. and just about to pass out . Go home KNG!!.

  18. 18 latteholic

    All I can think of is that Kim So Hyun would be perfect as the younger Sohn Ye Jin…

  19. 19 Gene

    That pose in the poster is exactly the same as Crazy Love.

    • 19.1 Chrissy

      I was about to say the same thing hahaha. Now they are sharing posters poses.

  20. 20 melo.boy

    crazy about this melo..

    I have a question to ask…
    is the Gong Yoo’s rooftop room in Coffee Prince same as the Han ji Min’s rooftop room in Rooftop Princé?

    this week I’m
    watching My sister in law is nineteen…

    • 20.1 OxyR

      In my opinion, any rooftop with the green paint is always the same, although the inside is a stage one, not a real house.

  21. 21 chaosgirl

    I…want to iron her dress for her. There’s nothing like a kdrama poster to bring out your inner OCD.

  22. 22 Katie

    NOOOOOO. Why is Ha Suk Jin ALWAYS second lead??? At least in the dramas where I sooo badly want him to be first lead? I recently marathoned Hello Miss! and I was so sad he didn’t get the girl…even though I also like the first male lead. GAH. I have no opinion of Kim Nam Gil but WHY drama gods, can we make Ha Suk Jin first lead with an actress I love?? And I do love Son Ye Jin lol.

    • 22.1 bishbash

      IKR! I just finished watching If Tomorrow Comes, and he’s lovely. Loved him in Childless Comfort too~~~

    • 22.2 sayuri

      Wow in how many dramas did he star as the goodie goodie 2d lead??

      In Saengchori he got the girl! That drama is hilarious too with a dark twist.

  23. 23 Rama

    Story line that is similar to the role he played in Bad Guy.
    Is it the same cup with a different smell?
    Let’s wait and see. I love both of them KNG and SYJ.Excelent
    actors. Waiting for this one .

  24. 24 TS

    Kim Nam Gil should choose his blackened, revenge-filled heart.

    Just sayin’…

    • 24.1 Elfie


  25. 25 canxi

    I’m still excited for this. Even for the cast alone, lol. 🙂 Looking forward to it for sure.

  26. 26 Ladymoonstone143

    Definitely will watch this one…Kim Nam gil always look good in a suit….and everything else..:))

  27. 27 JJ

    i like that young actor from cheer up mr kim as well he reminds me of ji chang wook they cld pass as brods! i miss you kim nam gil & son ye jin! nice team! i can’t wait

  28. 28 fun-lugha

    that ‘stache almost looks drawn on he he!

  29. 29 Quiet Thought

    Trying to calculate exactly where Kim Nam Gil’s hands are right now . . . assuming he’s alive.

  30. 30 exquisitemelody

    hm…we’ll see. this doesn’t really seem all that interesting or unique.

  31. 31 Kim


  32. 32 Quiet Thought

    I think this is the closing scene and the guy is dead. Kind of a spoiler.

  33. 33 aX

    His mustache is a FAIL!

    • 33.1 houstontwin

      Yes, for some reason, it looks sleazy.

  34. 34 korfan

    All I gotta say is, with Kim Nam-gil and Ha Suk-jin in the immediate vicinity, Sohn Ye-jin is one lucky, lucky girl.

    Looking forward to this!

  35. 35 Penny

    Is it just me or the hug is kind of awkward?

  36. 36 lo-chan

    Hummm first love, revenge, secret past and, I’m sure, birth secrets?? yes definitly, I’m out =_=

  37. 37 wenlin

    the posters really look kind of 90s and a bit ‘meh’…

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