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Running Man: Episode 145
by | May 19, 2013 | 72 Comments

What happens when you pit two rugged all-star casts against each other? It’s a survival race of the ages in Running Man as our cast faces the Law of the Jungle team for some variety fun. They’ll laugh and cry with each other through the funny and the tears, through excitement and the pain. Which cast will reign supreme in this heated battle for pride and glory?

EPISODE 145. Broadcast on May 12, 2013.

Our cast gathers at the Han River, and Team Running Man immediately notices that they’re one man short – where’s Haha today?

Then an arrow soars through the sky and lands in front of our cast. It’s a challenge scrawled with trash talk from their competitors (“I’m going to strip you of your muscles, Jong-kook!”), and the cast zeros in on the last one: “Ji-hyo, did you get home okay after we were out drinking that night?”

Just then, another team approaches, waving their red flag in greeting. It’s the Law of the Jungle team (a survival documentary variety show that airs on SBS on Fridays): comedian Kim Byung-man, actress Jeon Hye-bin (God of the Workplace), 2AM idol Jung Jin-woon (Dream High 2), comedian Noh Woo-jin, and actor Park Jung-chul (King Gwanggaeto the Great).

These men and women represent the definition of roughin’ it on variety… so why is Haha with them? Not only that, it looks like he’s already pledged allegiance with his new team.

Then a flashback teaches us that Team Jungle needed a sixth, and Haha was the right man for the job. One of the Betrayal Trio on your team? Can’t argue with that.

Team leader Byung-man formally issues his challenge to his opponents and then maknae Jin-woon yelps in a high-pitched voice: “We challenge you to a duel!” HA – kinda takes away some of that badassery dunnit?

Even mosquito-voiced Jong-kook acknowledges it, and Jae-suk uses the opportunity to explain how even the greatest can have squeaky voices, whereas Kwang-soo’s not handsome. Jae-suk adds, “Especially his butt.” D’aww.

The author of the courteous note to Ji-hyo is none other than Jin-woon, who adds in before Ji-hyo can protest: “Did you get home all right?” Ji-hyo crumbles to the ground, and Gary gapes in shock.

And it’s Jin-woon who gets in the last word: “I’m working, so don’t call me again.” Let’s see you try to talk your way out of this little white lie to your We Got Married wifey (Go Jun-hee).

Each of our Jungle team members has an opponent in mind, and when Suk-jin comments that Woo-jin has aged a bit, the guest retorts: “You look like our forefather!” HA.

The cast jokes about Hye-bin’s old nickname on X-man (“Yi-sa-don” was short for being able to turn 24/7) and she protests that all that turning has made her anemic in her old(-er) age. When they ask Byung-man who his target is, he readily points to Jae-suk.

Everyone laughs, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover with Byung-man. With the nickname “Master,” you’re better off naming all the things this man CAN’T do. Some older fans may recognize him from his previous visit (Episode 28), and now he finally lets out some steam about it: “It was really tiring last time!”

Jae-suk whispers that Byung-man’s a martial arts expert, to which Byung-man argues that Running Man is all about brains and speed. Jae-suk: “It may look like that [on TV], but it’s all about strength.”

Then he points to Jong-kook to drive the point home. HA.

Being out in the jungle and mountains sure have taken a toll on Byung-man. When Jae-suk shows concern over the man’s appearance (Haha screams: “Don’t waver!”), Byung-man admits that not only did he lose weight on his excursion but that he shrank down as well. Aw.

It’s a survival race between the Running Man team and Jungle Team, where one member from the losing team at each game will be taken hostage. Moreover, they’ll be unable to participate in the final mission. Then Jong-kook quips: “Wouldn’t it be easier to send Suk-jin off first?”

At least Big Nose Hyung acknowledges his inevitable fate. He jokes: “So when can I relax?” Aww.

Both teams arrive at the outside water park where they’ll need to complete a team obstacle relay within an oddly specific 199 seconds. Even though the RM staff shows us how it’s done, this difficult course includes jumping with flippers, and catching balls with a metal hula hoop.

Poor Suk-jin’s shorts hilariously fall down when he tries to jump (Don’t worry; he’s still got his wet suit on.) and gets easily outshone by Jin-woon. Surprisingly, Spartakooks isn’t able to tackle the hula hoop, though methinks he allowed for the spotlight to shine on Hye-bin.

Man, Suk-jin cannot catch a break – his shorts fall down. He decides to go without, but ends up using the entire time limit in his attempt. Oy, this is going to take all day.

Jin-woon initially gets tripped up but makes up for lost time and hands it off to his teammate. They’ve still got over a full minute by the time they get to Hye-bin’s turn, who succeeds easily.

With thirty seconds left on the clock, it’s down to Haha, who races up the stairs. Once he slides down the water ride, he aims the ball for the bin… and the last one sinks in. But unfortunately, they’re outside the time limit.

After another failed attempt, Jo PD offers to reduce the number of jumps to five. The only person who takes issue is Jong-kook, but he’s overruled by an overwhelming majority vote.

This change of rules works in Team Running Man’s favor as they hand off the bowl at each station. Their only hiccup is Kwang-soo, who yelps in pain with every rotation as the metal wraps around his lanky figure.

There’s less than a minute remaining by the time we get to Jae-suk, whose screams echo as he slides down. He throws ball after ball, until he’s left with a final one… and fails. Ack, so close!

Watching the team members run in flippers crack me up and by now, Team Jungle arrives at the fourth obstacle with just over a minute remaining. Things are looking good for this team but the clock is ticking, and Haha rushes to throw the ball into the bin.

He throws as precious seconds wind down… and he brings it home for his team in 193 seconds. Team Running Man must leave one man behind, and they silently single Suk-jin out. Aw.

Their next mission is a monkey bars wrestling match, and Jae-suk complains that the acrobatic Byung-man has the advantage. Then Byung-man tries to jump for one of the bars, and falls short.

But no need to worry as he climbs on top of the bars as soon as the whistle blows. Ha, he just walks across the bars like it’s no big deal, and soon he’s right above the Running Man team’s heads.

He’s joined by Jung-chul (whose nickname is ‘Flypaper’) and soon, all of his teammates climb up. Now this is what I call a creatively smart battle. That is, until Woo-jin tries to jump to the bar and falls into the water.

I have to remind myself that monkey bars pale in comparison to climbing trees for the Jungle team as they remain on the offensive. Then, the Running Man team grabs for Jin-woon… and pulls down his shorts? HA.

Aw, Haha tries to help but his jump is too short. He falls in with Jin-woon close behind, and the maknae goes down swinging with Jae-suk in tow.

Now it’s on and the teams battle it out, pushing and shoving each other. It breaks into chaos, but Jong-kook maintains his cool and uses brute force to push Byung-man into the water.

Wait, Suk-jin is still alive? He doesn’t last for long, and once again Jong-kook is left. Jung-chul uses his weight to bring the powerhouse down, and they both tumble into the water. The Jungle Team wins the first round.

Byung-man and Kwang-soo face off before they’re joined by the others. After a few members are eliminated, Spartakooks takes on Byung-man, who just clings onto him until they both fall. Clever!

Soon it’s down to Jin-woon versus Ji-hyo, and the chivalrous maknae can’t bring himself to throw the Ace into the water. So he tries to tip the platform they’re standing on as Ji-hyo clings to him. On the sidelines, Gary hollers, “What are you doing?!”

He gently lets her down and grabs the second win for his team. Is it just me or does Jae-suk’s heroic declaration sound like “I volunteer as tribute!”?

In the following mission, the team will be given various tasks, and it’s the other team’s job to correctly identify the one person who isn’t acting. The Running Man boys light up at the first task (speaking with an actress on the phone) and call with excitable anticipation.

It’s a jumble of noises as the Jungle Team try to discern who is really speaking with a celebrity. Suk-jin and Gary’s use of banmal immediately eliminates them. Gary: “Let me speak [on the phone] a little longer!”

They put down their phones, the Jungle Team asks who they spoke with. Half the table exclaims: “Sohn Ye-jin!” Ha, and Gary yells, “Angelina Jolie!”

So they ask him to after Angelina Jolie’s favorite food. Gary parrots: “You food what like? Jjapa-geri?” Which sounds awfully familiar to the jjajangmyun ramyun Jjappa-getti. Hahaha.

Then they have Kwang-soo “ask” Sohn Ye-jin who she likes best, and when Kwang-soo jumps up in celebration, they immediately dismiss him. Are you trying to say that Kwang-soo can’t be an actress’s favorite?

The Jungle Team chooses Jae-suk, and Haha jokes, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was actually Angelina Jolie?” (It isn’t.) And hey, it actually is Kwang-soo, and Sohn Ye-jin’s voice calls out hello.

The Running Man cast try to squeeze in their greetings, and Haha yells from across the room: “I got married! I’m sorry!” I love how Byung-man greets her with a tone of familiarity on the phone and she’s like, This is the first time we’ve spoken.

A while later, the score is tied and Team Running Man offers to act. Gah, too bad the task is to sit on safety cones and the team looks like they already regret their decision. Meanwhile, Byung-man teaches his teammates how to identify if someone’s in pain ’cause well, you can’t fake that.

The Jungle Team asks them to do a few simple tasks, which includes spinning in their chair. When we get to Kwang-soo, he pauses to ask: “How’d you do that?” Guess who’s sitting on a cone?

Then Jong-kook basically waddle-spins around and then Jae-suk force smiles through the pain.

Team Running Man is told to hug their teammates (to show team solidarity, of course), and poor Gary can barely grit through the pain. He says to Ji-hyo: “Let’s break up!” You don’t mean it; you’re delirious from the pain!

The Easy Brothers don’t hold back to show their love for each other and neither do the former team leaders. Aw, I know it’s mean to laugh about their pain, but it is amusing.

As the Jungle Team try to settle on an answer, Jo PD tells the cast to hold on for just a little longer. In response, Kwang-soo’s like, How ’bout YOU sit on this thing?

They choose Gary and their big reveal… is Jong-kook? The Jungle team is flabbergasted and Jae-suk put it aptly: “Jong-kook doesn’t do anything that’s hazardous to his health!”

So Team Running Man wins it, and everyone takes a turn sitting on the safety cone. As expected, Byung-man sits calm as you please whereas his teammates jump up as soon as they sit down.

The teams convene for the final mission: a good ol’ fashioned nametag ripping race. However, if the hostages’ nametags are re-attached, they too may participate in the game. Ooh, fun! Then Byung-man asks: “Can we hang from trees?”

Then the teams hide their hostages away.

Out of the blue, both teams are blindfolded and separated from one another. Jo PD announces the start of the race and they all run.

You may take the cast out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of them as Byung-man scales a wall. His VJ whispers: “How are you coming back?” and then he has to chase him down. Poor guy.

Byung-man runs straight into Jong-kook’s path, but he’s quick and evades capture.

Meanwhile, both teams set out to look for their captured teammates, and Jong-kook finds Jae-suk in a room. What he doesn’t notice is Hye-bin pop out of an empty fridge, and she attacks Jong-kook without hesitation.

Spartakooks stalls for as long as he can until Ji-hyo arrives. They restore Jae-suk’s status and eliminate Hye-bin.

Then we’re back in the action just as Gary rips off Haha’s nametag. Free of his spell, Haha shouts, “Running Man Forever!” Yeah, I’m not sure they’ll forgive you just yet.

Gary rushes to reinstate Suk-jin and now the Easy Brothers sets out to tackle their opponents. They run into Byung-man and Jin-woon, who initially retreat. But when they turn back around, they’ve got this gleam in their eyes that tells me that our boys are about to be toast.

Byung-man falls to the ground, and rolls over to gain the upper hand over Kwang-soo. He takes off Kwangvatar‘s address with ease, and then Suk-jin is eliminated in his retreat.

When we check back in, Woo-jin is as excited as a child on Christmas morning about his reinstatement. Little does he know that Jong-kook and Jae-suk are on his tail.

They’re joined by their teammates, and Jae-suk and Byung-man finally get their long-awaited battle. It’s two versus two and Ji-hyo runs to help. But Jin-woon is just a few steps behind her and she whips around just before he can eliminate her.

In the span of a few short seconds, both Woo-jin and Jung-chul are eliminated. Now Byung-man and Jin-woon are the only hopes for the Jungle Team, who hide to evade capture.

Byung-man resolves that they’ll have to face off with Team Running Man lest this battle continues all night long. So they approach the Monday Couple, and target Gary after his losing battle to protect Ji-hyo.

But Gary is speedy and he whips around out of their grasp. Both sides are tired out when Jae-suk arrives and they agree to take a short break.

Huh, but where’s Jong-kook in all of this?

HA, the jailed are actually in a jail, and it’s cute how Kwang-soo gives up his seat for Ji-hyo. It’s getting pretty cramped now with her arrival and their stomachs are rumbling, and Haha asks: “Can we get a bigger cell?”

Gary and Jae-suk roam the grounds until they meet the Jungle team pair once again. The Jungle team is rightly anxious about Jong-kook’s unknown whereabouts and approach with caution.

Byung-man confesses that he was surprised at the cast’s unbelievable stamina and strength. The easy answer is that nearly three years of filming Running Man can only be good for your health.

As they circle around each other, no one notices Jong-kook slink through the bushes.

Byung-man takes Jae-suk down as soon as he can, and the two have got Gary in their clutches when Jong-kook pops out of his hiding place.

Spartakooks faces off against Jin-woon but as they get ready to attack, Gary is eliminated. Only Jong-kook is left to uphold the cast’s pride, and he bides his time before he attacks.

Then Jong-kook wrestles Byung-man to the ground and rips off his nametag. That leaves his own nametag in the open and Jin-woon rips it off. Woah.

Everyone gathers together again and the Jungle Team celebrates in victory with their new shiny golden rings in hand.


72 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jel

    1. Jae Suk had already torn Kim Byung Man earlier. Yet Kim Byung Man was allowed to play on
    2. Jong Kook and torn Kim Byung Man (again!) and yet Kim Byung Man was allowed to grab onto Jong Kook’s leg and arm, preventing him from fighting one on one against Jinwoon.

    I love RM, but this ep was ridiculous how much they pandered to the LOTJ team. It took the sails out of some very awesome performances by the RM members (eg Gary’s awesome abilities early on in the nametag game and Jong Kook hanging on the monkey bar longer than anyone did, which must have been hella tiring)

    • 1.1 eli_n

      Yeah I couldn’t bring myself to finish watching the last part of the ep because I’d read about some fans complaining about #1 and#2.

      It’s like the LOTJ cast mostly forgot about the ‘variety’ aspect of RM and treated it like a straight-up competition instead of letting loose and having fun. And pandering to the guests always sours an RM ep for me.

    • 1.2 ida

      Is the first thing you mentioned true??? About byung man getting torn, but allowed to continue playing? If so, where did you hear of that??

      • 1.2.1 racheose

        in tumblr and there’s even a gif clearly showing that jaesuk got his nametag while the ace holds onto byungman… I don’t think it was shown on the actual ep though..

        • jel

          Also, there are screen shots showing Gary standing around not helping Ji Hyo after Kim Byung Man was supposedly torn. If Kim Byung Man was still alive, Gary would definitely have tried to help Ji Hyo. But he didnt. That shows even Gary at that point was under the assumption Kim Byung Man was ousted

          • aramint

            ah, I noticed that part also. I was wondering, it’s a bit off because if Byung Man was still alive, Gary and Jae Suk must’ve helped Ji Hyo since they’re standing just beside her.

      • 1.2.2 applemy

        There are screencaps of YJS tearing KBM’s tag floating around the internet

        • gg

          yea the last bit felt really scripted… There were 4 RM members vs 2 of them, but yet Jong Kook chose to disappear somewhere mysteriously, leaving Gary and Jaesuk to deal with the 2 LOTJ members… and in the end they lost. I didnt enjoy the last bit at all, especially when JK had already torn off Byeong Man’s name tag, yet he still held onto JK and prevented him from fighting.

          • bd

            KJK disappearing/hiding so that he can “ambush” was frustrating and while it could have been scripted, KJK has done that in the past as well.

            Aside from the lack of the normal aggressiveness/ferocity from Spartakooks and Mong-ji, what was most disappointing was the RM team not using their noggins during the water game.

            KJK had trouble w/ doing the hula hoop before on RM (he just doesn’t have the hip swivel) so I don’t know why they tried him out there.

            Meanwhile, KJK has had a lot of experience w/ the carrying someone while taking socks off since he had to do that a lot on X-Man so don’t know why they had YJS doing that and of all things, trying to do that w/ the heavy Suk-jin on his shoulders (Mong-ji was a no brainer there).

            It’s one thing to do things in order to make things funnier, but when things make little sense, it’s just frustrating w/o being funny.

            Didn’t really enjoy this ep – not enough funny parts.

        • aramint

          I re-watched the clip just now, and you can see clearly that after Gary ripped Woojin’s nametag, Jae Suk removed Byung Man’s.

          Oh come on producers, I can take it if the guests win against RM team through a fair play, but not like this. *sigh*

          • bjharm

            lol didnt even get to that part as I was on fast forward, frankly I found this episode boring, there was a brief wow with the LOTJ warroir girl doing the hoop but after that it just somehow had no appeal and my finger increasingly was on the FF button.
            If the above is true, RM better puts its act together or they may find next year there wil be no RM. Fans turn into anti fans very quickly, and no one likes to be taken for a fool in such a blatant manner.

      • 1.2.3 hellothere

        If you look at the episode and freeze or watch slo-mo at 1:23:50. you can see that after gary rips woo jin, byung man is sitting on the floor with jihyo and jae suk rips his tag off. yet.. he is still in?

        scripted.. so sad..

    • 1.3 Dita

      Guess I’m not the only one who thought that the last fight was not FAIR at all.
      AT ALL!

      • 1.3.1 Lilian

        omg…I didn’t know this. And there I was thinking, why the ending seemed weird! I mean sometimes Jong Kook hides to attack but this was quite out of the norm! sigh!!!

  2. ida

    I really liked jeon hye bin here. Really quite calm, but still pretty impressive with her physicality and all. πŸ™‚
    I used to think ji hyo was the best thing ever, and I do love her lots, and it pains me to see her getting beaten by other ladies who come on especially when I know and remember her wins in the previous episodes. BUT I realised ji hyo is just ji hyo. She doesnt try to be someone else, and she’s still awesome the way she is. πŸ™‚ some people are more fit than others, some less fit. It’s in the name of variety so πŸ™‚

    • 2.1 bd

      The thing is, Mong-ji had little of her trade-mark ferocity in this ep. (like when she appeared on FO and got the better of Hyori).

      Along the same lines, it seemed that Spartakooks also went a bit easy.

      The performances of those 2 were not up to par which made this ep unsatisfactory.

  3. snow_white


  4. Cheliwel

    Kinda obvious at the end, the show was catering for LOTJ to win. Not enough footage?

  5. onyxx

    re: nametag ripping — they also made KJK wait till the end to appear. if he’d been around with the rest, he could could easily have done more damage. hmmm….

  6. Betty

    I really enjoyed this episode but I agree that it felt a little bit off…

  7. darkpurple

    the competition between both athletic teams is worth watching =) i love when the RM’s casts have an equal match with the guests…the final name tag ripping game was quite intense and interesting. i opt to forget some ‘ugly moments’ because other than that,this episode was good! Gary was very cool with his bodyguard’s technique,protecting other members =) I am sure many fans fall heads over heels with him now! I really hope one day we will have a special episode of Running boys versus Running Girls, 6 versus’ll very exciting to have 5 more ‘ ace ji hyo’ =p.

    • 7.1 Lilian

      yeah. That was one of the better parts. Gary as bodyguard! And gotta agree with Son Ye Jin. He is my fav =D

  8. Betty

    Ah also I didn’t get it. Did Song Ji Hyo went out to drink with Jin woon or was it some kind of hidden message (beginning of the episode when the 2 teams met)? It made me laugh but I am not sure I understood lol :p

    • 8.1 zat

      i have the same exact question!! could someone please explain it to us??

    • 8.2 elain

      They were just joking to infer that Ji Hyo is a real party girl (its something that was often brought up in the earlier episodes), but the two are probably quite close in real life anyway for Jinwoon to be able to kid about it. They’ve worked together quite a bit before on cfs what not and seem to be good friends whenever I see bts footage.

      • 8.2.1 Betty

        Aaah ok! Thank you Elain for the explanation πŸ™‚

        • elain

          no worries πŸ™‚

      • 8.2.2 bjharm

        they had early on in RM Lee Kwang-su as the gossip each show he would tell outragous stories about one of the cast Ji Hyo was the most popular victim, that where her going out being seen drinking comes from.

  9. Katie

    Yeah, I was going to watch this episode in anticipation of a good competition, but I’m turned off by the fact that the staff helped Law of the Jungle team win…Honestly, I’m happiest when it’s a fair fight…and if someone has to win, RM team because they’re just the best haha.

    • 9.1 hellothere

      If you look at the episode and freeze or watch slo-mo at 1:23:50. you can see that after gary rips woo jin, byung man is sitting on the floor with jihyo and jae suk rips his tag off. yet.. he is still in?

      scripted.. so sad..

  10. 10 Running Man Fan

    I like this episode and it was a fantastic and exciting match throughout the show. I felt this episode is so competitive and thrilling. The games was plan to bring out the talent/expertise of the jungle team in order to promote their reality show. I can understand that the Running Man team took a backseat and allow the Jungle team to shine. However, the Running Man PD spoilt all the fun towards the end.. If u understand what I mean about the editing part.. I know that all of them have a role to play and maybe an ending that was decided beforehand, but they cannot be so sloppy with the editing until it was obvious that the Running Man team have to lose to the Jungle team. If look at it from another angle and that is to enjoy a variety show instead of a competition.. It might be better… Still it was a big upset for Running Man fan who did not expect the RM to lose especially with the strongest survivors up against the two members from Jungle team.

    Still there are classic moments for this episode:
    1) Ji Suk Jin shorts drop to the floor when he did the jumping rope
    2) Gary pissed off face when he heard that Ji Hyo went for a drink with Ji won
    3) Kwang Soo reaction when Jae suk said he does not have a handsome face and he dun have a butt! Kwang Soo oh Kwang Soo! So cute.
    4) Kim Jong Kook reaction when Jae suk said RM is all about strength and he pointed to JK.
    5) Gary great endurance with pain at the guessing game. Really Calm Gary!
    6) Spartakook strength in the water game.. He can shove off that shortie from Jungle team.
    7) Kwang Soo shy reaction when Sohn Ye Jin answered the phone. Actually this whole game is fun.
    8) Gary – Anglina Joile- you food like what?
    9) Jong Kook superb acting in the guess the master game is fantastic
    10) Can I exchange with byung man and hug KjK. He look so comfortable hugging the commander.
    11) The nametag tearing game – Gary and Jaesuk – the guards of RM.. So proud of them.. Especially Gary the protector! His movement is so fast and swift! A great martial arts master.
    12) Hye bin tried to tear Jong kook nametag and even whine that he should not use strength on girls.. The next moment Ji Hyo appear.. I dun know is it coincidentally but I am glad that she came and rescue them.
    13) Kim Jong Kook is still the commander of RM.. The Jungle team was scared that they did not see the commander.. Jaesuk and Gary also look for him.
    14) Kwang Soo gave up the seats for Ji Hyo at the jail.
    15) Jae suk and Suk Jin coolly accepted to be the hostage… Great team work from RM.

    I dislike –
    1) Haha goes to the Jungle team and his expression were exegerated.
    2) the Jungle team over competitive spirit till it became proud.
    3) Hye bin who step over everyone during the water game.
    4) The RM team instructed them to spilt up into twos and The commander to ambush and attack. In order to add to the suspense and thrill or else everything will end earlier.
    5) like some people complain it was an unfair game since the Jungle team foul.
    On a high note maybe the RM team was planning a theme episode title – The come back of Running Man.. πŸ™‚
    Sorry for all the long comments since I am a Running Man fan. Thank you for the review. πŸ™‚

    • 10.1 hellothere

      If you look at the episode and freeze or watch slo-mo at 1:23:50. you can see that after gary rips woo jin, byung man is sitting on the floor with jihyo and jae suk rips his tag off. yet.. he is still in?

      scripted.. so sad..

  11. 11 ajewell

    Yeah, this episode did feel very staged. I still liked it, but I wish the outcomes were less scripted and more spontaneous and fair… not sure why they constantly give the edge to the guests. I mean, it’s not like they have a hard time finding celebrities who want to come on the show. The fact that it continues to be hilarious and entertaining, despite the obvious pandering though, says a lot about why it’s still so popular and enjoyable to watch! Thanks for the fun review! ^_^

    • 11.1 hellothere

      If you look at the episode and freeze or watch slo-mo at 1:23:50. you can see that after gary rips woo jin, byung man is sitting on the floor with jihyo and jae suk rips his tag off. yet.. he is still in?

      scripted.. so sad..

  12. 12 Ron

    3 words: I love Gary!!!

  13. 13 aramint

    You really have to watch this episode to understand how awesome Gary is. He is so agile (in Jinwoon’s words, “Gary hyung is too quick!) and his protective instinct, woah, I just need to say this:

    Kang Gary, you’re THE man! πŸ˜€

    • 13.1 Betty

      Gary is not my favorite on this show. Ji Hyo is but it’s a fact that Gary is the man. Always a gentleman and always having his team’s back, not only Ji Hyo’s! Actually he did lose a few times because of that…

      • 13.1.1 ybhsmg

        I always like Ji Hyo and still do! But I will be fair that Gary is agile and strong. In fact he’s got a lot of hidden skills and talents.

  14. 14 cinthy

    I liked this episode a lot but i think RM lost on purpose, I mean come on, they can take those two out easily, I don’t ‘know why they didn’t do it and ji hyo, come on she is better than that, she should’ve kicked ass.

    • 14.1 Lynn

      I think Ji Hyo must have been overworked lately – she is filming a drama show. Maybe that is why she is not as good as usual?

      I did hear that filming of Korean dramas are really terrible as in the casts have to work overtime..

      Just my opinion – feel free correct me if I’m wrong πŸ™‚

    • 14.2 hellothere

      If you look at the episode and freeze or watch slo-mo at 1:23:50. you can see that after gary rips woo jin, byung man is sitting on the floor with jihyo and jae suk rips his tag off. yet.. he is still in?

      scripted.. so sad..

    • 14.3 sp

      If you are referring to her easy elimination, well both her hands were held by 2 guys on both sides. She’s defenceless leaving Gary to protect her nametag. But Gary left her back exposed, probably trying to tear Byungman’s and that unfortunately allowed the other guy to rip hers. I don’t think she did a bad job protecting Gary from being ripped.

  15. 15 Mia

    Exciting episode!
    But very heavily edited.

  16. 16 xoxo

    Seriously laws of the jungle team were just awesome. Okay the thing is lots of guests who appear on RM are actually competitive, just because its not just one/two competitive guests but a team who appeared today doesn’t mean we can bash them. I love RM and honestly have never seen LAws of the jungle but here you have to admit they were good at these games( BM and HB specially). And you can’t say that RM people aren’t competitive, they are in fact some more so than others. I just loved watching this episode cuz I felt that RM met their match. RM has been doing this for 3 years so they are really good at these games. So it is entertaining to see these guys being put through their paces once in a while. Please just enjoy the episode for what it is. I am not liking all the negative bashings the laws of the jungle people are receiving. They realise RM are good and were bringing their game ‘A’ games and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Thanks drama beans for the recaps, Gary you are still my favourite πŸ™‚

    • 16.1 aramint

      yup, it’s too bad LOTJ members are the ones receiving the bashings because i believe the decision to re-act the final game belongs to the PDs instead.

  17. 17 Wayer

    I dont like it the Jungle people is not funny the girl is a bitch goshhhh shes so whatever shes like Iam like Gary good thing Jaesuk is kind he immediately catch Jihyo such a biatch shes not pretty and not charming at all thats why even jungle has good rating shes not as popular as Jihyo

    • 17.1 elain

      Why do people find the need to pit women against eachother like this.

  18. 18 Wayer

    I totally dislike the episodes the games are so so and the flow of the game and the guests are too boring I just saw An episode of the jungle and never watch it again really whats all the fuss about it? And yeah totally they give the win to the guests coz they can totally torn them apart but they just go one by one clearly its a stretch of footage cause maybe the writers doesnt fully prepared on these one or the guests are too boring the byungman is no good at comedy no good in talking comedy and his just using his little body I havent laughed even once he is capable but not that funny soorry little man but aint got it but its great he has a show.

  19. 19 Wayer

    I dont think Jihyo is close to Jinwoo I bet thas all HaHa and maybe Jinwoo or its part of the script you know guys that it is a variety show it has a story every episodes has a story script or else what are they going to do stare at each other

  20. 20 lordj

    With all this bashing and negative comments on Running Man, I hope that the fans would understand that first and foremost, Running Man is a variety show.
    It may not be heavily scripted as other shows but IT IS NOT A REALITY SHOW.

    As a fan myself, I don’t want RM to end up like FO1 which went down because of “scandals” e.g. Jong Kook’s fishing controversy. That is why I would rather opt the other fans to limit their bashing as it may affect the show negatively. You don’t want RM to end, don’t you?

  21. 21 purplesheesh

    “It’s cute how Kwang-soo gives up his seat for Ji-hyo”

    –Ikr? It seems automatic for Kwang Soo to take care of Ji Hyo. Even the other members do the same for her <3 I really love RM πŸ™‚

  22. 22 verte

    Running Man should’ve won πŸ™

  23. 23 Hana

    I think SBS tried to cater for the jungle team to heighten their credibility after that nasty scandal. or maybe like someone else mentioned earlier, RM’s PD might already planned for RM comeback episode later on.
    Anyway, jungle team is no fun at all. I skipped the last part.
    And when Gary said he felt like he was in a street fight, I fell in love. <3 bad boy yet a gentleman? heeeee…

    • 23.1 Gg

      What scandal are u referring to?

  24. 24 acejihyo

    these days i watch the episodes sort of glossing over the fact that it’s scripted. with the rise in popularity, pandering to guests is almost an inevitability, and you really just have to accept it, else it’ll eat away at the enjoyment factor.

    plus i’m really watching for the individual interactions anyways, not who wins or loses (and anytime the entire RM cast teams up against guests, i get all sentimental and squealy).

    • 24.1 bd

      When it comes to witty banter and who actually wins a game, it shouldn’t be scripted (there have been numerous cases, where he pretty female guest hasn’t won), but it seems like the PD got more involved than usual for this ep which was a big mistake.

    • 24.2 KimYoonmi

      The writing is mostly for the GAMES. As in making up the questions, what the games are, etc. Sometimes the members make concessions, but it’s not about winning or losing. Besides, people have been accusing it of being script, then you have things like Kwang Soo getting 1 egg out of 20 chance with a straight face.

      Or Kwang Soo getting his hair caught on the name tag.

      The scripts are mostly for the staged bits–ya know, where the PD says, “Remember, you have to be angry.” or the intro bits to spy missions… But the actual results of the games, the banter, asking about the nicknames, etc. I don’t think that’s scripted.

      You DO need writers to figure out what the games will be and what the questions are. You don’t need writers to script the banter–the cast manages to do it on their own just fine. (If you haven’t been watching since episode 1) Most of the concepts for the people on Running Man was actually created by the cast members themselves… Yoo Jae Seok did the majority, in fact. It wasn’t writers.

      • 24.2.1 KimYoonmi

        Oh and if they did want to rig the games, I don’t think they’d be filming for several hours doing ddakji and just rig the thing in one person’s favor.

  25. 25 dbfan

    It was a fun episode overall. However, it wasn’t a fair square win at the end πŸ™

  26. 26 Quiet Thought

    Firstly, if RM were going to pander to guests, it seems to me that this would be the *last* crew they would pander to. Not only is LOTJ a relatively obscure show with a relatively obscure cast, but they have two or three fine athletes in their crew and they seemed very capable of holding up their end of the competition.

    Secondly, no amount of nitpicking about missed calls by the PD should obscure the obvious point: the RM regulars simply botched this one. They mishandled the job assignments in the first two encounters and made mistake after mistake in the tag game. They constantly allowed themselves to be taken on at even odds when they had the advantage of numbers against two fast, physically gifted opponents and I expect the first thing Kookie had to do after returning to his team was apologize for trying to make that ambush move work long past when it was obviously not going to work.

    Kudoes to Byeoung Man, by the way. I have only seen him before on Gag Concert, and so assumed he was just another funny guy, but he was one of the best pure athletes I’ve ever seen on the show.

  27. 27 A_Asian

    Thanks for the recap. Loved the Hunger Games reference.

  28. 28 RM

    Interesting that people think the LoTJ cast had a legit win.

    No matter how you look at it the RM cast would have won the game if KBM wasn’t magically given his nametag back after YJS tore it off already.

  29. 29 Maxx

    The games were fun and all, it was a really good episode. But I was really annoyed at the end!!! Jong Kook already ousted Kim Nyung Man but he still held on to him, which allowed for Jinwoon to oust Mr. Capable! I really hated what happened and I was literally shouting at the end. I hope they don’t allow that kind of foul play again. I mean running man is all about improv and betrayal and whatnot, but what happened was they really broke the most basi rule of name tag elimination–when you’re out, you’re not allowed to help anymore!!! Waaah! I feel so frustrated about this really!

    • 29.1 insatiablekookie

      I really agree with you. I understand about the betrayal things and so on, but basic rule is a rule, and I hate it if they kinda broke it. Especially when they’re just guests. They should’ve appreciate the show and its rules since they’re just guests.

      • 29.1.1 Maxx

        My sister and I were analyzing it and we were thinking that everything could’ve been fixed during the editing–that they shouldn’t have let the viewers see all the anomalies. We think it’s like the PDs rebelled against the order from above to let the Jungle cast win. LOL conspiracy theory?! Anyway, I’m back to enjoying RM again this week with the flower boy episode. ;D

  30. 30 cross

    100% Scripted episode… they think viewers are stupid…

    KJK clearly eliminated thanks to a guy already ousted. People grappling, kicking…

    One more crappy episode like this one and probably joining the anti-fan wagon…

  31. 31 the68monkey

    This was my least favorite RM I’ve ever watched, mostly because the competitions were taken too seriously and were too physically taxing.

    The first challenge was ridiculously impossible to complete in such a short time, and that iron hula hoop? Were the PDs trying to actually injure somebody? That had to be really painful on the back, the ribs, the hip bones . . . Poor Kwangsoo!

    The wrestling on the monkey bars over the water was just too rough to be entertaining, I thought. When you’re cringing over Ji-hyo and Suk-jin getting kicked and shoved, there’s just no fun in it. Nobody in that competition looked like they were enjoying themselves, except maybe the gymnast girl. Byung Man even looked bored!

    As for the nametag ripping finale, yes, it was fun to watch Byung Man impressively leaping up walls and trees like a wild monkey, but taking Kim Jong-kook out of the action until it was too late was a disappointing move.

    Running Man, please bring the fun back.

  32. 32 anon

    Thanks for the awesome review.. This episode seems scripted, RM should’ve won.. But 1 thing for sure, Kang Gary is definitely the man! He always surprised people with his scary hidden strength and talents. But the best thing about him is most of the time when he lost was because to protect his team. Man, Gary’s ability is no joke once he’s awaken πŸ™‚

  33. 33 Raptor

    Watching it for a second time still didn’t make the whole episode more worthy of any sense. The nametag ripping part could have been really cool and exciting, except that now everyone knows the awful truth about how the whole scenario must have been scripted to let the LOTJ team win

  34. 34 Raptor

    And if so maybe we should stop calling KJK Mr Capable. He hasn’t been proving worthy of this name for a VERY long time. Gary is the one who’s proven to be more worthy of this nickname far more many times within the past 1.5 years

  35. 35 sooni

    i’m fucking hate this episode!!!! why must make RM show like this? seriously.. RM members are hurting.. and that people from jungle really show that they r from jungle.. good for them.. but please respect RM too.. its just a show.. just have fun, make games that suitable for all.. its fair enough.

  36. 36 Akater

    I’m really disappointed in kim joong kook and producer,
    1. producer made a game concept that is always profitable the law of the jungle
    2. The last game 4 vs 2? and 4 of the best players in the running man to lose?
    3. joong kook what to do? gay? why is he hiding like that
    4. and haha why are you so happy, at least not the usual celebration do not go overboard

    And then actually too easy for running man get rid of the members of the law of the jungle, even kwang soo and serious suk jin if they could get rid of Byung Man and jiwoonο»Ώ

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