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(The other) Lee Min-ho plays royalty for Sword and Flower
by | May 27, 2013 | 49 Comments

He’s played a prince before (as well as a king) and has multiple sageuks under his belt, so it should be no stretch for former child actor Lee Min-ho (aka That Other Lee Min-ho, he of Rooftop Prince and The Moon That Embraces the Sun) to play royalty in the upcoming KBS drama Sword and Flower.

This is the Romeo-and-Juliet story whose lovers are the children of enemies, so strife is the name of the game. (The fate-crossed lovers will be played by Uhm Tae-woong as the son of General Yeon Gaesomun and Kim Ok-bin as the daughter the king.) Lee Min-ho is slated for a special guest appearance as the son of Goguryeo’s King Young-ryu and our heroine’s brother… Uh-oh. Does that mean he’s gonna die? After all, his father gets killed… so sigh, I may just have to steel myself to love him and lose him.

Lee Min-ho has a pretty lengthy resumé for his young age (he turns 20 next month), but it was Moon/Sun that put him on the mainstream map, where he poured a lot of pathos into his Prince Yangmyung character. Something tells me he’ll have no trouble pouring lots of angst into Sword and Flower.

We’ve also got another cast addition with a rookie actor Goo-won, who’ll be playing a supporting character. I guess one flower boy bodyguard requires another one to fight against; CN Blue’s Lee Jung-shin has already been cast to play the princess’s bodyguard, and Goo-won will take up the equal but opposite role on Yeon Gaesomun’s side. Why Choi Min-soo needs a pretty boy like him to guard his badass self I don’t know, but hey, I don’t make the rules.

Sword and Flower will air as a Wednesday-Thursday drama and premieres on July 3.

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49 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Lilly

    I will try it. Romeo/Juliet stuff often has a good story.

    • 1.1 s.m.

      you’re kidding,right?

      • 1.1.1 True2u

        I know!!!! I ALWAYS steer clear of dramas with Romeo/Juliet theme.

        • kit

          princess’ man was advertised as a romeo and juliet and whilst dramabeans has pointed out there may have been more similarities to another shakespeare play, the lovers that cannot be trope does well for historical kdramas. there’s more at stake (like the country, a family’s honour and lives up against charges of treason etc) than your average 20 year old who’s in love with the chaebol.

          there’s a reason the cliche’s lasted, tbh.

          • Nauna

            You’re right, there’s something about it that still works, especially in a historical context. I know people are hesitant to watch the Romeo/Juliet love stories because they don’t want a sad ending, but I don’t mind. As long as it’s well written with a plot that makes sense and isn’t sadistically manipulative, and has characters that I can empathize with then it’s all good. That being said…I find myself still on the fence with this drama, even though I like this casting news.

          • kkongchi

            What Happened in Bali. Sometimes the sad ending just works better and has a more powerful message than your typical Hollywood ending. Not that I don’t love a good happily ever after, but a good cry every now and then can be very cathartic.

  2. maldita

    Excited for this! ’93 Lee Minho has impressed me with his performances in many dramas over the years. Such a pleasure to see him grow up. I’d love to see him and ’93 Lee Hyunwoo get more and more projects now that Yoo Seungho’s off doing his military service.

    • 2.1 Lilian

      Agree! I still cannot believe it that Yoo Seungho is in the army at such a young age! Can’t wait for him to be back!

    • 2.2 lara

      you took the words out of my mouth.. haha

  3. jcay

    excited all the more… thanks.

  4. snow_white

    Haven’t seen any if his dramas…..

    • 4.1 Rovi

      What? You’re kidding me right?! How could you NOT see his other dramas…

  5. kdramapedia

    Awww, lil LMH is growing up! I’m excited to see what adult roles he’ll be choosing in the future.

  6. KDaddict

    One more reason to watch Sword and Flower. Thanks.

  7. Hiba

    I felt a burst of adrenaline when u read te name ! I was like what !! But I like this lee min ho too I loved him in RTP ! As much as I love lee min ho (Jun pyo) as much as I hate that this lee mim ho has to be refered to as THE OTHER hope one day he will get my oppa’s fame !

  8. blackitty

    OMG! there are so many good actors in this drama, but I don’t like tae woong…….

    • 8.1 someone

      me either, pass on this one.

    • 8.2 asyree

      Sweetie, too bad, but you have to bear that since he’s the male lead of this drama. If you don’t like him staring in it perhaps you can produce your own drama full with any actors you like and make sure no actors that you don’t like will have any chance to take part in it.

      Geez! please be more rude next time so you can offend his fans as you like.

      • 8.2.1 Kiara

        Its just his/her opinion really. I see nothing wrong with saying that he/she doesn’t like the male lead but that’s just me.

  9. jlinteng

    wow!! I love this Lee Min Ho 🙂

    • 9.1 latteholic

      Yeah I actually like this Lee Min Ho more than the other Lee Min Ho.. Hang on, but he is the other Lee Min Ho.. Man, I’m confusing myself…

      “Why Choi Min-soo needs a pretty boy like him to guard his badass self I don’t know, but hey, I don’t make the rules.”

      LOLed so hard at this!

  10. 10 goldeng

    “the other” thng confused me lol i like to call him lee min ho sunbae xD because he has been more time in te industry than bof’s lee min ho. I first saw his acing in thor brds -an icredibly underrated for some reason- with han hye jin, joo sang wook and i fell in love with his actig! Hen when i saw him in RTP i was super excited! I cant wait forthis new drama!

    • 10.1 Kiara

      He is awesome and this kid is a talented young actor. I’m glad that he is not over the top popular and still doing supporting roles because he’s still need to fine tune his craft.

      • 10.1.1 Kiara

        One day he will knock our socks off like Song Joong-Ki did in Tree With Deep Roots.

      • 10.1.2 lily

        he’s at that awkward transition stage for actors. He’s too old to play child counterparts but also too young to play leads in contemporary dramas. So might as well build up his resume slowly with small supporting roles.

        however, I think he’s lucky that he isn’t as babyfaced as some of his contemporaries. I love Lee Hyun Woo but he still looks 16 yrs old tbh. Park Ji Bin is going to have an even harder time transitioning into adult roles.

  11. 11 MinOoOZ NormittA

    the moment I saw the word “LEE MIN HO”,I quickly clicked 2 read and theeeeeeeeeeen I realized that this lee min ho is the other one!!!!!

  12. 12 MinOoOZ NormittA

    the moment I saw the word “LEE MIN HO”,I quickly clicked 2 read and theeeeeeeeeeen I realized that this lee min ho is the other one!!!!!

    It reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is frustrating!!!!

  13. 13 Trina

    No offense. I like this Lee Min Ho… *Ducks rocks* Therefore, it is now getting more interesting… That I must watch it but when is this started as I will be out of country in two more months…

    • 13.1 Anonymous

      No worries, I like this Min-ho better too.

      • 13.1.1 kumi

        But they call this one “that one”; so, the other one is “this one”, and this one is “that one”. 🙂

        • Kiara


    • 13.2 Jo

      I like this one better too. I think he isn’t scared to completely be into his role and “not look cool”. I also love love Kim Ok Bin. I can’t believe she is doing a drama. I hope the drama uses her skills well.

  14. 14 MinOoOZ NormittA

    reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy speechless!!!!
    to each his own but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15 lily

    he has great presence in sageuks. I liked him a lot more than jung il woo in Moon/Sun. I’m unsure if it was the writing’s fault but his yangmyung was a lot more believable as the ‘prince in disguise’, whereas JIL’s yangmyung seemed more like a village clown :/ lol

    • 15.1 lara

      LMH’s yangmyung version you can really feel the sadness behind those smile, while i have a hard time processing JIL yangmyung version.. LMH put up high standard for JIL.. 😀

  16. 16 Rom

    Similar to The Princess’ Man?

  17. 17 ik

    Why all bodyguard are good looking? Haha not that i am complaining… :p

  18. 18 kyleD

    but if you get a “the other” title in front of your name, it might be a good time to start looking at stage names…

    • 18.1 Kiara

      Heck no, he debut first. I hope he wont change his name just because the other one is more popular.

      • 18.1.1 zhill

        i super agree! first come, first served. he earned that name (real name or stage name), so he should keep using it for the rest of his acting career.

    • 18.2 salz

      why should he be the one changing his name
      he is the sunbae in the industry and using that name as actor first
      i hate BOF Lee Min Ho rude fans always attacking this poor boy about his name for years now
      just because he less popular does not mean he should be the one who is force to change name.

      he should use it for the rest of his life and he deserve more respect than to be called the other one.

      young Lee Minho sound better than the other just saying

      i do like BOF Lee Minho but this younger but more sunbae Lee Minho is so much better actor

  19. 19 Perrie

    Poor Lee Min Ho, always having to be dubbed as the other lee min ho 🙁

  20. 20 V En Detta

    If Jung Yong-Hwa isn’t doing Heirs coz of his schedule then how come CN Blue’s Lee Jung-shin’s doing this role? Doesn’t he have d same schedule too??(like the Tour and d album etc) ….unless YongHwa’s Superman & decided to do all by himself!!

    Cudn’t his Management team come up wid a better excuse instead of one which contradicts them on every turn??!!

    d only other explanantion i can think of is dat this drama is after CN Blue’s schedule’s for 2013 has been cleared…

  21. 21 Cee

    I love this Lee Minho! He’s pretty natural and his presence is great, but he does get overshadowed sometimes.

    I hope this role will take him to the next level, I want him to play the lead…

  22. 22 Viki

    Lol at the title. Anyway, younger LMH, when are you going to be given lead roles?! I wanna see more of him!

  23. 23 Saz rulz

    Hope lee min ho will get a lead in a modern love story with kim yoo jung.i’m dying to see them together again.btw he should do something about his tooth.lol

    • 23.1 lara

      @javabeans.. admin. can you refer him as the younger lee min ho? i think that is much better.. 🙂 thank you

    • 23.2 lara

      lol.. i want to see them together too.. i just feel like they have that chemistry than kim yoo jung to yeo jin goo.. i think YJG fit with KSH more.. 😀

  24. 24 Dix

    I think one of the MinHos need a “middle middle” name. lol

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