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Two Weeks casts Kim So-yeon
by | May 15, 2013 | 62 Comments

It’s good to hear that Kim So-yeon has signed on to a new project, going contemporary this time (her last drama was a sageuk, The Great Seer) for upcoming MBC drama Two Weeks. I feel like she’s been underused in recent years and would really love to see her back in her element. Maybe a thriller-mystery-chase drama will be the ticket?

That means she’ll be starring alongside Lee Jun-kiβ€”or should I say opposite, since their characters are at cross-purposes: He’s the hero who’s wrongly accused of murder and is scrambling to save his sick daughter, while she’s the prosecutor who’s chasing him down. (He’s also being pursued by a professional killer, so I’m expecting that there’ll be a lot of chasing. Run, Jun-ki, run!)

Hm, Kim So-yeon with Lee Jun-ki is an interesting pairingβ€”I’m still trying to get my head around the two of them acting together. Perhaps because she’s older; it’s only by a year and a half, but she does have a more mature vibe. Still, I like them both and they’re both capable of strong performances, so I’ll be looking forward to the match-up.

This will be Kim So-yeon’s second time playing a prosecutor, and in fact her last outing was also with this writer in Prosecutor Princess. Something tells me this character won’t be obsessed with glittery shoes and designer handbags, though. Too busy fighting to save lives, perhaps.

Two Weeks will premiere in August on MBC, following Queen of the Classroom.

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62 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thank you for the news!

  2. kakashi

    YAY! thank you, dramaland.

    • 2.1 kakashi

      really liked her in Prosecutor Princess (well, hated her first, but that was intentional) and even in IRIS. Her cameo in IRIS2 was among the best things that drama had to offer.

      • 2.1.1 sabar

        and you hate Lee Da Hae too much right-enjoy reading your blog when you lost your sanity towards her.

        • kakashi

          oh god, yes, I really can’t stand her …

  3. topper

    Hope this turns out a better choice for her than Great Seer, which was a big mess. Not only not showcasing her talents, but making her look ugly in those dull costumes.

    • 3.1 Kiara

      Those two noobie writers from Great Seer should not be allowed to write another sageuk. They had this talented casts to work with and they blew it.

      • 3.1.1 houstontwin

        Yes, what a waste. So much talent and beauty and so little satisfaction!

    • 3.2 bd

      KSY’s garb in TGS was “dull” for most of the time b/c she was dressed in scholar clothing (which was male garb).

      Nonetheless, one still couldn’t help but notice those eyes and cheekbones.

  4. Rachel

    Wow really looking forward to this drama pairing (well not exactly pairing I guess, but you know what I mean). Would be great to see them wield their acting chops opposite each other.

  5. eli_n

    Woo hoo this pairing sounds promising! Although I’m still sorta stuck on LJK as Sato in Arang <3

  6. della

    Love them both and I’m curious about how their pairing will fare…
    please let it be awesome!!

  7. Annie

    I don’t get the vibe that this will be a romance, so the whole ‘more mature’ thing may not be a problem.

    • 7.1 Kiara

      Same here and I like it. If their relationship is anything like Jason Bourne and Pamela Landy I will love this show. Bourne wrongly accused and on the run. Landy is on the chase to captured him but end up on his side in the end.
      If there is any romance with another character I hope that it will be kept to a minimum. I hope this writer is up to the task.

    • 7.2 Noelle

      I’m totally fine if they don’t do any romance whatsoever. I want focus on the case and the chase.

      • 7.2.1 Annie

        Yeah, I hope this is the direction that the team will ultimately take. I can’t really imagine a prosecutor and a criminal falling in love over the course of a 2 week manhunt.

  8. Jenny

    She does look and feel more mature compared to Jun Ki but I’ve always liked her even though I thought she was really weak in the great seer. (turned to be a huge mess)

    • 8.1 houstontwin

      When it comes to looks, Jun Ki seems much more mature (and masculine!) than a few years back. I also think that his acting is more nuanced. I think that Kim So Yeon will have a great sparing partner in Two Weeks.

  9. snow_white

    Can’t picture them together….but I think the drama will be interesting….

  10. 10 MsB

    I’m happy with the pick. Yes, The Great Seer was a mess but I did like her Prosecutor Princess and I’m happy they went with an actress closer in age!

  11. 11 Shiku

    She was the best thing in IRIS but I hated her character in PP. I honestly didn’t like the way the character was styled and the accent she used there. It just rubbed me the wrong way! Anyway, I like her and love Lee Jun Ki so I will tune in.

  12. 12 nova611

    all the good cast alr signed for this drama
    keep my hope high now^^

    the same goes for ‘the heir’

    with all the right cast on the front line
    lets pray for great backbone team work
    to make the drama fab~~

  13. 13 Aiya

    Really, dramagods. With these castings around (still can’t get over with Woobie in Heirs, and now this!), you just made our drama-obsessed life worth living.

    • 13.1 pogo


      (this is perhaps not 100% the way I wanted to see him pair up with Park Shin-hye, but I will take what I can get as long as they’re on the same screen, haha)

    • 13.2 JADE

      IKR? Woo Binnie in Heirs is like the best news ever for me, not because I like him and Park Shin Hye together or because of Lee Min Ho (though I concede he is damn fine), but because I get to see him on screen again. Now with Lee Jun Ki and Kim So Yeon in the same drama (I love them both to death by the way), it’s like the dramagods are just holding out all the good stuff till later in the year, considering how current dramas really are not up to par with Kdrama standard (sorry if I offend anyone who enjoys the current dramas). Really can’t wait until I see Jun Ki and Woo Binnie!

  14. 14 acejihyo

    uhg, i’m a sucker for righteous prosecutor roles. plus it’s KSY so that’s just icing on the cake.

  15. 15 Bengbeng

    oh, I hope aside from being the prosecutor she’s also a black belt in martial arts and sharpshooter to boot. I want to see her badass again! they need to quench my thirst after seeing her for 10-mins in the last episode of Iris2.

    I’m really, really on board on this one already. can’t wait!

    • 15.1 Bengbeng

      can I wish for Iris 3 and she be the lead?

      • 15.1.1 kakashi

        ONLY if IRIS3 is not written by the same writer(s). !!!

  16. 16 kyleD

    no πŸ™
    iris is really not something there needs to be more of.

    but this one, i am getting increasingly excited for this. imo there is a lack of something these days that really has an innovative style and/or finds its own unique voice instead of recycle-reassembling *all* of the plot points and scenes.

    so far this seems suited to pull off some noir/darkish fast paced thriller thingy with a well balanced emotional side.
    ok, maybe im hoping too much. id really like to write my own script.

  17. 17 kfangurl

    I like badass Kim So-yeon the best, out of all the versions of her I’ve seen, so if this role lets her be badass, I’m happy πŸ™‚ And if that guarantees me badass Lee Jun-ki?? I’ll be all set!

  18. 18 Hyang In

    OK!! Hope everyone forget her weak role in The Great Seer and keep look forward to this drama. Writer So is one of the best writer. Most her jobs very interesting and successful in rating. Really glad she chose KSY to be character which she write again. Even prosecutor role same as Prosecutor Princess but absolutely sure “Prosecutor Ma Hye Ri” in PP and “Prosecutor Park Jae Kyung” in 2 weeks must extremely different. Hope to see Kim so yeon play some action scene while she chase Lee Jun Ki too. Because in IRIS2 she was very kick ass even appeared just 3 minute. Maybe this is one reason she was chosen. About the chemistry between main cast. I’ve no idea yet. Just only KSY look mature than LJK not problem. Believe in their great acting skill. This is the most interesting next drama for me. Cheer up for Kim So Yeon!!!

  19. 19 jubilantia

    Yaaaay Kim So-yeon! I’m looking cautiously forward to this one. Hopefully it delivers.

    I thought Lee Lun-ki had a slightly more mature vibe in Arang, but maybe not. And in Prosecutor Princess, I thought she went a bit immature, so they might meet in the middle. Hopefully he can step it up to match her. Or it might be better if a mature person chases and immature one; he might go beta.

  20. 20 Heiyeon

    Am I the only who thought she looked like Mulan in the Great Seer? Anyways, I like seeing her badass anyday.

  21. 21 cher

    i just soooo LOVE kim so-yeon, bad-ass and all, and also LJK at arang… looking forward for their team-up. palli!!!

  22. 22 Naz

    Lee Jun ki is looking older too, buts it complements him in my opinion. He’ll probably be happy that he can’t pass off cross dressing as well as he used too.

    • 22.1 pogo

      yeah, he looks hot in Arang as opposed to ethereal fairy prince pretty.

  23. 23 Danna

    THANK YOU DRAMAGODS! this is a dream pairing for me now I only beg that this show is actually good

  24. 24 Justin

    Only KSY can kick the ass.. Looking forward to seeing them both on the small screen..

  25. 25 ami

    OMO!!!! Kim So Yeon in I’m in!!!! still impression for Prosecutor Ma ^^

  26. 26 Dix

    I don’t want to want all IRIS just for her but would love to watch her scenes. Where did she appear and what was her role?

  27. 27 hpn88

    There is a God. She has been my girl crush for years and I’m unwavering in my love. I can’t wait for this drama. LJK and KSH, I am not worthy.

  28. 28 aira

    LOve Kim So Yeon…. Hope she has good character in here, not so bland in The Great Seer.. She has so much potentials… I hate her alot in All About Evw, one of the best villain in K-Drama for me, and I love her a lot in Iris, she’s so BADASS… and love her too in PRosecute Princess, she’s so lovelable… So writer-nim and PD-nim, please make her shining with her character….

    • 28.1 Joongirl

      She will have a great character here, plus heard that she will have a black belt tawkwondo ability

  29. 29 Jenny

    Love her in anything where she places a professional, whether its law/national politics or doctoral =D

    Chemistry would be interesting to see but we know both lee junki and kim soo yeon are great actors

  30. 30 sur

    i think this pairing could work i like both the actors and even at the start i was like these two together??? umm but after some thought i think their chemistry could be interesting

  31. 31 Quiet Thought

    Okay, I never bothered to watch Iris II, but this cameo clip was worth the search, if only to watch the two sisters run off smiling together after littering that park with corpses.


    For a sequel to ‘The End of the World,’ how about a series in which East Asia has been half depopulated, not by the forces of nature, but by everyone without a day job being hired as bumbling North Korea agents and inept mercenary assassins?

    “Sisters, sisters, you’ve never seen such devoted sisters . . . Lord, help, the mister, who comes between me and my sister . . .”

  32. 32 Quiet Thought

    Ohh . . . mercy me. but she is ssoooo beautiful. She has that elegant vibe around her, just walking down the street.

  33. 33 Katherine

    This just made my day. I was so happy for her when she got her chance to be in The Great Seer since I read somewhere she wanted to be apart of a sageuk and unfortunately that show failed badly due to the writing etc.
    I’m glad that she is teaming up again with Prosecutor Princess writers, the show is one of my favorite K-dramas an unexpected on as well. It’s a bonus that we get to see her alongside Lee Jun Ki, individually both actors are awesome but as a pairing I think they’ll have an intense/mature type of chemistry (or so I hope).

  34. 34 lilyJ

    Off topic but Queen of the Classroom?

    • 34.1 spark

      a teaser was released recently.

  35. 35 jaehee

    Kim So Yeon is the best choice for this role. She is talented and bad ass. Can’t wait

  36. 36 HaibaraChristie

    I’ve been waiting forever for her!

  37. 37 sponge

    I keep forgetting that I loved her in prosecutor princess, obviously I need to watch her in another drama and I feel like this one will be it yayyy, im excited πŸ˜€ for jun-ki too!

    • 37.1 dani305

      Watch her in Dr. Champ. That’s where I first fell for her.

  38. 38 PennyRoyalTea

    i like her a lot after watching Prosecutor Princesss…. her and all the shoes πŸ™‚

  39. 39 Lilian

    She was severely underutilised in the Great Seer. I was always expecting her to turn up and change the situation but nothing happened =( Hope this will be a turning point for her. I can’t really thing of much memorable dramas by her since All About Eve and that was like super super long ago.

  40. 40 Newborn Fanatic

    Definitely has a more mature vibe but proved to us in Prosecutor Princess that she can be a lot younger. Can’t wait to see her with Lee JunKI!!

  41. 41 jenna

    Wow !! what a great pairing. Kim So Yeon is the best pick for prosecutor role, for sure. It’s like mix up her role in IRIS and PP, which both I love the most. I’m certainly IN for her !!!

  42. 42 alin

    Soyeon Fighting!!!

  43. 43 folie a deux

    Wow, after 3 years Prosecutor Ma Hyeri goes seriously dark LOL xD

  44. 44 Chammie

    Only two reasons why I would watch this drama:

    1) So Hyun Kyung (she’s an AMAZING writer. i’m a sucker for well-written dramas. granted, 49 days was such a heartbreaker but it was such a beautiful story)


    2) Lee Jun Ki (loved him in “my girl” and “time between dog and wolf”).

    And okay, because this is sort of a thriller drama too and I love thrillers. πŸ™‚

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