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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 440
by | June 1, 2013 | 61 Comments

EPISODE 440. Broadcast on May 26, 2013.

girlfriday: So back to the Friendship Special, where the boys have just won their chicken leg contest against the maritime policy academy’s football team. By some miracle, I might add.

javabeans: I think the cast played a little dirty the second time around, ha. Not like they cheated, but they strategically ganged up on members in turn, which was probably smart since the one-on-one strategy had them all on their asses in no time.

girlfriday: I do like that the over-confident footballers are now like, Wait, these old dudes are kinda good… They announce that the second game will be football, which sounds like a terrible idea. Oh but then Su-geun explains that they’ll be playing soccer, but just using a football. Ha.

javabeans: This is the weirdest game. It’s soccer, but the bounce is so awkward and unpredictable.

girlfriday: It’s basically blind luck and a lot of running about.

javabeans: I like that there is some technique involved, just not enough to give either team the edge. It neutralizes the good players, and sorta minimizes the bad players’ mistakes.

girlfriday: It’s actually kinda fun because they’re all doing the right things, if it were soccer, but the ball keeps pinging in really strange directions and so no one’s scoring when it looks like they might.

javabeans: HAHA, when they finally get their first goal in, it’s hysterical. First of all, it’s Dog Feet who scores. DOG FEET. Also, he’s not using his feet — he leaps in to intercept the football, which bounces off his knees, and then Tae-woong just scoots the ball along while kneeling. It’s the funniest-looking goal ever.

girlfriday: Pffft. He sort of shuffles it in there, half by accident as he’s falling with the ball.

javabeans: It’s like 90 percent accident! They take a brief break before resuming, and the footballers huddle and talk strategy. I like how they totally sound like they know what they’re doing, only to have one guy pipe up, “But we don’t know where the ball will bounce.” Sort of defeats the purpose of strategy.

girlfriday: And then Hae-jin makes a second goal after the goalie fumbles, so the cast wins 0:2.

javabeans: That means our cast members have won both games, and they joke that the football team can buy their own chicken. The show totally can’t have that happen, right? So they propose one last game of jokgu, and if the footballers win they get their chicken. If they lose, they have to carry the cast to the dining hall (using their linked arms as seats). I love how the boys are so eager for that last chance to win their chicken that they’re just agreeing to any terms right away. Though I think they’ll get chicken either way. Or they should, at least. The show would be kinda mean if they just left them out in the cold after all that.

girlfriday: Yeah at this point maybe they should be joining up to play against the staff, to buy them ALL chicken.

javabeans: The football team takes a nice early lead, mostly through our cast members messing up, and win the first game 5 to zip. The cast does better in set 2 because the students make mistakes, and I’m pretty sure Tae-hyun’s nonsense babbling has a lot to do with it. He keeps it up, saying that they’ll win this game with their mouths: “No feet necessary!”

girlfriday: Well it’s certainly a better strategy for HIM, since he tends to score for the other team when he uses his feet.

javabeans: I have to say, his yell-attacking is remarkable for the way I find it hilarious and not annoying. The cast wins set 2, so on to the third. Can I say, I find it really adorable HOW badly the students want chicken.

girlfriday: I know. You’d think they starve them on a regular basis.

javabeans: The cast wins, and the students hang their heads. Aw.

girlfriday: Aw. Boo. We want them to have chicken!

javabeans: Hae-jin asks the PD what everyone’s wondering, that even though they lost, “Of course you’ll buy them chicken, right?” The PD’s all, “If you buy it for them…” and that’s a pretty easy yes. Hee, and then they get their arm-chairs (hur) in to the cafeteria.

girlfriday: I say that’s a pretty fair exchange, and keeps everyone happy all around. The boys hear on their way to dinner that Joo-won went to the hospital to get checked out, but he’s back by the time they eat. Can you imagine him at the hospital, I have to get back before they eat, otherwise I won’t get any fooooood!

javabeans: The cast eats cafeteria food while Hae-jin orders chicken for the students. I love how Su-geun orders his food: “Please give me an excessive amount of food.” You know what’s an excessive amount of food? Twenty-two fried chickens. One student offers to the cast, “Please join us” and the guys are all, “Oh, but we’re okay…” said AS they’re getting up with forks in hand.

girlfriday: After dinner, the boys head to basecamp, and New PD passes over a set of matching PJs for everyone to wear.

javabeans: The catch: They can’t wear them the same way. “Sex and the City” music plays while our caption says, “On such a beautiful night as this… we can’t tolerate matching styles.” Ha.

girlfriday: So then Tae-hyun hikes up his PJ pants so high it’s embarrassing, and then Jong-min turns his into low-riders. Um, I dunno if your ass really needs to be hanging out the back for it to count.

javabeans: A throwaway Deux reference turns into a full-fledged dance, and I’m actually really impressed at how well Jong-min and Su-geun perform that thing. Also, a little horrified that Deux was twenty years ago.

girlfriday: Don’t say that! Also, any time Deux shows up on this show, it makes me miss Ji-won.

javabeans: As they’re all sitting around resting, Su-geun mentions wanting to bring in a female regular to be part of the cast, and that leads to a round of “Who would you want to bring in?” Su-geun suggests Kim Haneul, Jong-min says Suzy, and Tae-hyun suggests Lee Shi-young, only to sigh resignedly, “But we’d lose to her.” Ha.

girlfriday: Hahaha. And then Hae-jin imagines having them audition for the part. “And now, kick a jaegi.”

javabeans: Shi-kyung says he imagined a TON of gagmen would show up to those auditions, and Su-geun offers, “I’ll stop them.” Lol.

girlfriday: And then Hae-jin gets all goofy sending Boa a video message to come visit the show saying he’s a fan, and then suddenly music blares and all the boys gape in shock. Oh noes. CAN WE NOT GET A SINGLE EPISODE WITHOUT A GUEST?

javabeans: The show even edits in a typical “Next week…” caption and freezes frame, which totally confuses me for a sec because we’re only halfway through the show. Turns out it’s a prank, and the only person standing there is Tae-hyun.

girlfriday: Thank goodness it’s a fakeout, because I was thisclose to smashing something.

javabeans: Then maybe we’d better skip next week.

girlfriday: Hm, might take you up on that.

javabeans: On to sleeping games, the first of which is musical chairs with pillows that you have to lay your head on to claim. That’s kind of a cute slumber party twist on the game, and also kind of dangerous. Tae-woong asks what happens if there are two heads equally on the same pillow and New PD says one has to shove the other off. Haven’t we had enough hospital visits this trip?

girlfriday: Yeah headbutting seven ways seems like a dangerous way to go. I love how into the dancing Tae-hyun, Joo-won, and Su-geun are. They start to complain that the others aren’t dancing enough, so after Tae-hyun is the first one out (of course) he stands in as Dance Ref.

javabeans: Heh, Hae-jin and Shi-kyung self-consciously hang back while everyone gets their solo time, with Jong-min and even Joo-won breaking out some fancy moves and handstands. Finally the music cuts out and the heads hit the pillows, which turns into a shove-off between Shi-kyung and Su-geun. That looks painful.

girlfriday: Ow ow. Su-geun succeeds in shoving Shi-kyung off for the win.

javabeans: It’s nineties night up in this hizzy, ’cause we get a Koyote song next (which Jong-min loses, HA), and then a Roo’ra song (which eliminates Hae-jin).

girlfriday: Is Hae-jin actually dancing to Roo’ra this time? Tae-woong gets eliminated in a round that lasts about two seconds, and then it’s down to Joo-won vs. Su-geun for the last pillow.

javabeans: Is… Joo-won interpretive dancing to Cho Yong-pil? That may be the best thing ever.

girlfriday: Yes. Yes he is. And it’s awesome.

javabeans: This is Joo-won’s real forte — 100% commitment, no matter what.

girlfriday: They go down at the same time, but Su-geun out-head-butts Joo-won, so he wins the first indoor spot. The next game is blanket stealing. I like that today’s sleepytime games are actually sleepy-themed.

javabeans: They should make their games thematically relevant all the time. The first matchup is between Tae-hyun and Joo-won, and it’s pretty hilarious. Tae-hyun clings to his half, but Joo-won quickly rolls himself up in it and leaves Tae-hyun in the cold and remarking, “Let’s divorce. Do you hate living with me that much?”

girlfriday: Hee. Next up is Shi-kyung vs. Tae-woong, and we’re reminded of the time they arm-wrestled and they had to call it a draw before veins started popping.

javabeans: Why do I have images of the blanket ripping down the middle for this one? It’s might vs. might. They both take long moments to prepare themselves and are all, “I’m nervous.” Then they start and… omg… I’m dying. They both roll themselves up tight so there’s no easy way to push one out, and now they’re just straining against each other and the blanket like one huge mutant larva.

girlfriday: Hahaha. What are they doing in there? They look like a four-legged snail, and then suddenly Tae-woong starts gasping for air. Omg is he choking? Thankfully Shi-kyung flips them over just in time and wins, leaving Tae-woong crawling away just to breathe.

javabeans: Jong-min runs away with his round pretty quickly, and then it’s Shi-kyung versus Joo-won. This may also be pretty great, if not epic. Shi-kyung’s stronger, Joo-won’s nimbler. This goes on for ages, until they declare that if there’s no winner in another minute, they’ll decide based on who has MORE blanket. At one point they’re so stalemated that they’re just lying there with Shi-kyung’s legs spinning them round and round in a circle. It’s hilarious.

girlfriday: Joo-won’s just being taken for a ride as they spin spin spin.

javabeans: Joo-won finally manages to spin away from Shi-kyung with the win, and when he emerges from the blanket his pants are twisted all the way to the back, haha. The final round is between Jong-min and Joo-won, during which we hear the refs insist, “No biting!” Oh, Jong-min. It’s Joo-won who takes it, and he wins a spot indoors tonight.

girlfriday: The third game is a pillow fight on towers of blankets, and Tae-woong hilariously beats Jong-min to a pulp… only to fall first from all the wild swinging.

javabeans: There’s this one camera shot where it’s focused on Tae-woong’s face, and all of a sudden he just disappears from view. Ha. Hae-jin and Shi-kyung go next, and Hae-jin does this whole Rocky bit leading up to it… only to send himself wildly off-balance with his first swing. Turns out that the key to this game is not getting fired up, because whoever gets all into the pillow-beating ends up taking himself down. This one comes down to Tae-hyun and Shi-kyung.

girlfriday: Tae-hyun gets all excited to get in one good hit, which he does, but as soon as Shi-kyung swings once, Tae-hyun goes tumbling down. So the indoor sleepers are Su-geun, Joo-won, and Shi-kyung, and the losers complain that the results are so obvious, so the PD lets one more join them inside. They’re like, “Now the REAL fight begins!” It’s simultaneous four-way blanket wrestling for the last spot, and Hae-jin out-muscles them all.

javabeans: He really poured on the energy for this last game, after lying low all night. So the sleeping arrangements are fixed, and then the boys are shown into their confessional areas to tape the bits that have been sprinkled throughout.

girlfriday: Except we’ve only ever seen the same three or four quotes over and over, so do we never get to see the rest?

javabeans: Uh… Maybe at the end? I dunno. They’re a good idea in concept and I wouldn’t mind them, but I don’t want to just hear one line multiple times. The guys settle in to sleep for the night, and in the morning we see a table laid out with empty food trays. Fighting for breakfast, I assume.

girlfriday: They have to run around and play rock-paper-scissors with random staff members, to win tickets for different food items.

javabeans: I like how the boys have to play first, and then find out whether they have tickets or not. Shi-kyung was first out the door and is cleaning up with his tickets. I think he’s well on his way to earning a triple breakfast.

girlfriday: At this point, the other guys should play against Shi-kyung instead of hunting for the last few ticket-holders.

javabeans: Aw, Shi-kyung gives Hae-jin his dupe tickets (and still ends up with an overflowing tray). After breakfast is the friendship vote, whatever that is, although we’re all out of time for today. Huh, so this is a three-parter then?

girlfriday: Oh. Apparently? And we STILL haven’t seen the confessionals, though now I’m not sure we’ll ever see them in full.

javabeans: I think there’s a good chance we’ll see them as a part of the friendship vote, which may take up the bulk of next week.

girlfriday: If it’s anything like the last vote among the members for their closest friend, it should be entertaining.


61 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. snow_white

    thanks 🙂

  2. h311ybean

    Thanks for the recap! I’m glad to see the games were more fun (and relevant) in this episode – one of my gripes with New PD is that his games haven’t been that entertaining. If he can keep that up, he can then start working on becoming more mean. Or editing, I’m not sure which :p

  3. Ann

    Sounds like a great episode! I read an article about the PD wanting to make more changes, though, so that really worries me!

    • 3.1 eny

      of course he has to make a change, for the show that airing many years it’s impossible if the rating didn’t decrease, it’s normal if the viewer get bore even the cast is different but the concept is same.I just watch season 2 so i enjoy it even if many comment that episode little boring for me it still fun An enjoyable n i never read the recap becaue it will reduce my interest because i know what going on
      I watch 2 episode of running man when my favorite actor kim sung soo is the guest n when lee da hae appear n never watch it again, actually i like thriller which running man concept is like that but i don’t like that show

  4. okdubu

    This episode gave me hope!

    I’m starting to like Joowon more and more! He’s doing more now than just being the mascot puppy.

    • 4.1 tebz10

      Same here! He’s talking a lot more and getting a lot more feisty.

  5. h0lymoley

    I am honestly scared for the future of this show.
    the ratings haven’t been so good & led to the PD asking for a change in the direction of the show (minus the whole travel bit)… this either means 1) more guests or 2) less bokbulbok or 3) both. 🙁 which im not a fan of. this show thrives on the whole bokbulbok concept and its unique guest features (UNIQUE, and NOT recurring all freaking time).

    also, ever since Bird & New PD came aboard, i feel as though there’s less of a “lets show the beauty of ___ in Korea” and a lot more of pointless (yet sometimes funny) games. now i feel they’ve just taken out the whole bit of exploring and showing off the region/area’s beauty or history. Na Pd had done a good job of balancing the two (tourism + games).
    i feel like the new PD’s are forgetting the MAIN concept of this show. (okay, maybe they DO a bit of the explaining of the region, buts its usually very short &/or boring)

    as an avid fan of this show from its beginning (i have watched every single episode up to date)…. it makes me weep. T____T hopefully this new PD and the writers will figure out a good formula that could bring in more viewers again.

    *THANK YOU jb & gf for your recaps~ : ) i hope these new changes in the show won’t stop you guys from recapping future episodes! i would be devastated… as would a bunch of other loyal 1N2D fans (if there’s any left of us…) LOL

    • 5.1 mywhiteyasmin

      I agree with you, h0lymoley, about the games and tourism
      proportion especially their food porn. I used to crafting everything they eat. Sad its gone now

      • 5.1.1 kyl

        Haha food porn! They make everything, even an ordinary bibimbap looks nice (though sometimes their expression is exaggerated, but it still makes me crave for them. Yum.) And the places! I love that this show never forgets to introduce Korea in cultural aspects through food and places, and I hope it doesn’t lose that to accomodate guest stars. I hope they discover more interesting places to go (the railway bike episode still amazes me, the view was spectacular as well as when they go hiking up Seoraksan). While I understand that changes are necessary to increase ratings, somehow I don’t want changes to happen because the show is still essentially called 1 Night 2 Days, and it’s like losing the original concept of the show (travel+food porn+variety spirit+loads of heart). I wish the PD will realise this instead of bringing guests to increase ratings temporarily.

    • 5.2 tamtam

      Yeah, I feel the same. They’re definitely missing the “human” element of the original concept which was what drove the ratings in the first place. Beneath all the fun and games, it was really about meeting the locals, showing the location and its unique cuisine (yes, food porn!). There were glimpses of good fun and chemistry in the cast. so I still support them and hope the show will get back on track one day.

  6. Min

    awesome recap, thanks be the gods for no guests in this installment

  7. Jinny

    Yay I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a good mood today or what, but this episode was really entertaining (or maybe it was because no guest…)! Thanks for the recap 🙂

  8. pV

    thanku for the recap……….
    plz dont stop the recaps 🙂 the 1n2d international fan base relies on it

    • 8.1 queen

      ^^This! we the international fan base thanks you girls~!!

  9. g

    any torrent for this episode?

    • 9.1 kim sun

      semi fly on soompi! 🙂

      • 9.1.1 f

        cant find , hence asking here

  10. 10 정남

    I know a change in format scares people but Korea is incredibly small and to get that much mileage out of how many years 7? based around that is incredible in it’s own right. I know they have gone to some places more than once but still any longer and it will be nothing but repeats

  11. 11 chane

    Thanks girls!

  12. 12 k-soup

    I’m afraid of the changes too. I do not dislike having guests in the show if only for a short period of time.

    I super love the sleeping games and the matching PJs are so adorable!

    Like what I said before I’m sticking for Joo Won though I seriously think that Bird PD was more hilarious and participative than Hamster PD (I just remembered the name from 1st ep)

  13. 13 chane

    This ep seems kind of short but can’t wait to watch it w/ subs!

  14. 14 Gaeina Lee

    Highlight of the episode is: UTW is Dog Feet no more…! Yayy~! He made a goal by reinventing the move.. A duck move? ^^

    Thanks for the recap ladies. Love this episode so much.

    • 14.1 h311ybean

      I think he still has dog feet… but now we’ve discovered he may have the knees of a more athletically competent animal?

  15. 15 far

    this seems like a good episode. WHENEVER THERE ARE NO GUESTS, IT’S ALWAYS A GREAT EPISODE! (just saying). i like seeing the boys’ close brotherhood with each other, and their competitiveness too. ^^ this brotherhood is also what prevents them from betraying each other too much, and they easily know when the others are lying.

    i think this is what the New PD needs to do in order to increase the ratings:
    – pretty place
    – games/missions with just the 7 of them
    – more punishments/rewards for losers/winners
    – games must be relevant, with proper outcomes, and could not be exchangeable or refund
    – silly clothes, hairstyles, etc that is pretty embarrassing for viewers to LOLed

    is it so difficult for New PD to understand this basic thing for 1N2D?

    • 15.1 Dramafed1782

      Agree with all of the above and I don’t know if the New PD can do it but like Na PD, be the evil genius and create a banjun in every game that could lead to possible stand offs between the cast and the crew!!! Chaebal, it is just too early for 1N2D to be written off 🙁

    • 15.2 leilani


    • 15.3 far

      also, if New PD wants higher ratings, they should do ,ore episodes with random netizens. if i am a knetizen and i got to appear in tv, then of course i would want to check out the episode to see how it would turn out. this would in turn create love for the show, thus higher ratings.

      see? it’s actually quite simple..

    • 15.4 eve

      agree, does New PD never watch previous episodes ? viewers just love the 7 of them. seeing guest star too often just seems like watch a family go on vacation with strangers. It just made the show worse.

      I wonder what kind of changes that New PD will make. so worry about it.

      But for this episode, i’m in… LOL

    • 15.5 Airyn

      Please post comments on the KBS World episodes in YouTube so that KBS will get feedback from international fans. At least we know they will be reading the comments even if it probably won’t affect their decision making and Hamster PD’s new ideas. At least we tried, right?

  16. 16 crazedlu

    i understand why the changes are coming, but i hope they’re able to do them without drowning the boys in guests. i agree that having guests is fine, IF they’re only there for a short segment and NOT the entire episode. that’s been plenty interesting in the past when suddenly random guests make an appearance for a game or two.

    i really don’t want 1n2d to be laid to rest, so i hope they come up with a good plan to increase ratings and keep the heart of the show.

    now off to watch this ep. =D

  17. 17 redfox

    this was definately Joo Wons´moment to shine, but I love this sentence: “as soon as Shi-kyung swings once, Tae-hyun goes tumbling down.” and how Shi Kyung spins joo won around omg. that is so hilarious. the giant goes mad. awesome. it is like, whatever they do

    and I so want to throw a pajama party now and play those games (minus kicking).

    • 17.1 redfox

      uh I meant whatever they do he just answers with raw strenght and size

      • 17.1.1 Gaeina Lee

        Count me in too, dearie!
        I’ll fly to wherever you are… ^^

        • Gaeina Lee

          Uh, if 1N2D teams will be there as h311ybean said..

    • 17.2 h311ybean

      If the 1n2d guys will be there, can I come to your party? :p

      • 17.2.1 redfox

        of course! if we don´t get the real 1N2D guys we will make sock puppets of them. and do some outrageous play!

        • h311ybean

          LOL. We can use an ankle sock for the Su-geun puppet, but the Shi-kyung and Joo-won puppets will need tube socks :p

          • fangirl

            hahahaha! True! 🙂 really long tube socks

    • 17.3 tebz10

      i so love joo won and shikyung together. i know joo won’s love for taewoong is off the charts, but i heard that he speaks highly of shikyung too. so cute.

  18. 18 leilani

    Thanks for the recap!

  19. 19 Sintia

    Thank you!
    I liked sleepytime games very much, it was really hilarious 🙂 And I LOVE Joo Won’s dances and your choice of first picture for this recap.

  20. 20 kindaichi

    Thanks for the recap 🙂
    this is a great episode!

  21. 21 Cindy

    Okay, this episode looks funny. 1N2D works the best without guests.

  22. 22 sara

    thanks GF & JB

    OMG, can you imagine if Lee Shi Young join the boys. Haha. She’s the one with Invincible Youth right.

    She loosing weight nowadays 🙂 but still funny like hell. But, nuh.. I love all my 7 boys 🙂

    • 22.1 Ace

      No, she wasn’t in Invincible Youth since she’s not an idol. She starred in BOF, Playful Kiss, Poseidon, Wild Romance, etc. plus she’s also an amateur boxer!

  23. 23 Rexy

    If there was ever a chance of a female cast member, I’d want Kim Shin Young. She’s got variety experience from Invincible Youth (so she’s no stranger to being outdoors and working for food), and she’s funny and has no problem with looking and doing silly things on camera. Alas, the probability of it happening, most likely never (I doubt it’d be okay for a woman to join the dog pile, let alone sleep in the same room with a bunch of guys), but I still dream….

  24. 24 kesha_joi

    Will there be a guest on next weeks ep?

    • 24.1 lili

      I just watched episode with Yoona and it looks like she will be in next episode too!

      She was cute, i like that she wasn`t stiff and shy! But this episode was boring ( except the eels part that was hilarious) , from the previews it looks like the next week episode is gonna be a lot funnier!

      • 24.1.1 kesha_joi

        That’s too bad, i really don’t like guests because eps with guests tend to be boring!!


      • 24.1.2 tebz10

        all i noticed was how thin shikyung is now 🙂

        • kindaichi

          he’s on a 100-day diet hehehe…looking great with some fats off 😀

          • fd

            100 day diet consisting of? ramyun and choco pies?

          • redfox

            umm….that guy on a diet? umm. he is going to turn into a very angry bear. he was almost tamed, now he will turn back to giant wild bear. beware…

    • 24.2 Dramafed1782

      Well there was another guest on the same episode with Yoona: the author of the actual Gaksital manhwa Heo Youngman. At least that was something surprising done by the PD 🙂

      • 24.2.1 Sintia

        And it’s a very pleasant surprise 🙂

      • 24.2.2 chane

        Yeah! That was so awesome, the gaksital fangirl in me was dying from so much happiness, i wished they focused more on him!!!

  25. 25 fangirl

    awesome! thanks ladies.

  26. 26 jayne

    Thankyou GF & JB for the recap. This ep will be broadcasted 2 weeks from now, but excited already. I get to enjoy 2 weeks without any guests! *dancing* doesn’t anyone from production team ever mind to read the viewers pereference of the show’s format? KBS World has its own channel in YT, many comments about stop inviting guests, but seems fall on deaf ears. What is the purpose of uploading legally then?? *fustrated*

  27. 27 liam

    Thanks for the recaps.

  28. 28 amet

    people just dont want to face reality.still comparing comparing and comparing.comparing are you ready with 2d1n s1,and then 2d1ns2 with 2d1n s1,old running man and new when its gonna end.whats more bad is wanted na PD to come back…

  29. 29 wL

    Just finished this episode, enjoyed it from beginning till the end. In fact, I got a shock when it’s ended 😛

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