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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 443
by | June 22, 2013 | 68 Comments

EPISODE 443. Broadcast on June 16, 2013.

girlfriday: The boys gather outside KBS for a new trip, and there’s a big fanfare over props today. Either it’s a special, or someone just really wanted to empty out the prop truck.

javabeans: I would like to take this moment to point out that if you call everything a special, nothing is a special.

girlfriday: Stop bringing logic into this. We’ll never get through the hour. Of particular interest to the boys is a suspiciously giant cardboard box sitting off to the side.

javabeans: They go around listing who they’d all wish were in that box, as though some star would actually be crouching inside to pop out, cake style. Yes, BoA is really going to be sitting there in a cardboard box to be a surprise.

girlfriday: The wishes go from the usual (girl groups) to ridiculous (Tae-hyun says he wishes Iron Man were in the box. The other guys: “Robert Downey Jr.?” Tae-hyun: “No, Iron Man”).

javabeans: Instead, a bunch of yellow balloons and a banner pop out, and New PD announces that today’s concept is “Bokbulbok Trip.” Not to pick a nit, but is that not rather like saying this trip’s concept is “1 Night 2 Days Trip”?

girlfriday: Well that was a waste of a box. They bring out a whiteboard that has a mad-libs-style trip description on it, which makes me think they should’ve just called it a Mad Libs Trip, but whatever. So everything about their trip today will depend on how those blanks get filled, from where they’re headed to how much money they get, and how they’ll get there.

javabeans: The first step is to bring out the cast’s “people”—managers, stylists, etc. They write down their hometowns, one of which will be today’s destination. Then the boys are told to select one of the water basins to stand under, ha. Each has a string attached and the boys assume that some have water and some don’t, but they double-take to hear that SIX will have water. Not really the ratio they were hoping for.

girlfriday: One by one they pull the string, each cringing and expecting the worst.

javabeans: I do like the slo-mo shots that make the water look like one solid alien thing.

girlfriday: Yeah when it’s hovering and they’re shrinking away, unaware of the blob above.

javabeans: Okay, so Joo-won gets showered with flower petals, which is just poetic for the flower boy.

girlfriday: It’s perfect. You couldn’t have had a better photo finish.

javabeans: Ha, Joo-won’s entire team is from Seoul or nearby, save for one guy way in the south. Seoul trips tend to be more comfortable for the boys, don’t they? Less stress (and way less travel).

girlfriday: It’d be fun if they just crashed Hae-jin’s house or something, if they’re just staying in Seoul.

javabeans: New PD admits he didn’t count on such odds, since staying in Seoul is less interesting from his standpoint, but he’s locked into the bokbulbok. A huuuuge die is rolled to determine which team member we’re going with, and we get Joo-won. Who’s from Seoul. HA.

girlfriday: Hahaha.

javabeans: I think the cast reaction is twofold: one, Yay less travel! Two, Muahahah PD, eat that!

girlfriday: The PD pulls a “So that’s how you roll the die!” to get them to roll it again, so they do… and it lands on Joo-won one more time. LOL.

javabeans: Next, a game to determine whether they ride in dinky clown car, or luxury RV. The game is to fall backward into one of two pools, either containing water or those plastic balls. They choose plastic balls, because I think today’s theme is really New PD’s bad luck. And then Jong-min for no reason shoves Tae-woong into the water pool, because he has a death wish.

girlfriday: Well, I was disappointed that no one fell into the pool of water, just waiting there. Next they have to pick the criterion for basecamp, like “a town that has ___” and the guys throw out: “Hotel?” “Pretty girls?” They decide to go with college campus and camping grounds as possible options, and spin a fan to decide.

javabeans: I’m trying to figure out why a valley is such a great choice, because the boys rejoice and the PD grimaces. Where in Seoul would that be?

girlfriday: I’m thinking they pretty much mean: find a stream at the foot of a mountain. Next they have to choose their team uniforms, and the PD looks happy again. I’m guessing there are some parkas and moonsuits in those lockers. The boys make Hae-jin pick, because then he can be responsible and they can’t give the hyung too much lip about it.

javabeans: New PD actually has this facial “OH NO” expression when Hae-jin picks simple 1N2D T-shirts. Ha. It’s really not his day. They open the other lockers to see school uniforms and ajumma flower pants.

girlfriday: They offer to do a second round to pick individual add-ons. There’s totally a parka in one of those.

javabeans: Tae-woong picks first and gets lucky with school uniform. Su-geun picks flower pants… and a curly wig, haha. The wig is way worse than the pants.

girlfriday: The rest of the boys start to worry because Hae-jin says that’s actually one of the better options.

javabeans: HAHA, Shi-kyung picks this black tank top that comes with the note: “Plus face graffiti by the other cast members.” It comes with wig and flower pants too. Tae-hyun just dies giggling—I think his reaction is the best part.

girlfriday: Hee, he’s giggling and dancing and skipping. Are we gonna get another Shi-kyung the Flower Reaper?

javabeans: Tae-hyun has the choice between two, and because Hae-jin knows what’s in the lockers he totally starts to fuck with his mind. He decides to choose with Hae-jin’s suggestion and against Shi-kyung’s… and gets the parka.

girlfriday: HA. God, he really does have the worst luck.

javabeans: Even so, Tae-hyun seems relieved when he sees what’s in the last locker—Jong-min gets a sparkly gigolo jacket. I’m gonna say Joo-won really has the best luck. They all come out wearing their uniforms to the song “Sexy Boy.” I do think Su-geun looks pretty crazy, as in literally unhinged. The pelvic thrusting isn’t helping. Dude, Shi-kyung comes out totally embarrassed but I must be crazy cuz I think he’s hot. I mean, he looks like an idiot, but he’s rocking that wig and the muscle tank.

girlfriday: Hahaha. Now I’m thinking YOU’RE unhinged. Shi-kyung should bare his arms more often though, I’ll give you that.

javabeans: Next is the game for allowance money, which involves two things I am really really tired of. One, the green tea vs. bitter tea game (standbys are fine, but can we maybe rotate them?). Two, IDOL GUESTS. Bleh.

girlfriday: Are we never going to get another episode without guest stunt-casting?

javabeans: Also, it’s pointless guest-casting since the 4minute girls serve little purpose—their roles could have been fulfilled by VJs or coordis. Then the cast goes indoors to finish the tea drinking battles—each time they inflict the bad tea upon the guests, they win a tiny bit of allowance money. Inside, they run into Chansung, so they make Joo-won go up against his old co-star. I don’t know from what, some show they did ages ago that I don’t know about and never saw.

girlfriday: Never heard of it. I love the running bear-hug though, even if I have no idea how they know each other.

javabeans: I guess all of 2PM is there, since I see Nichkhun and Taec too. Sayuri appears to be a big fan of Tae-hyun, and aw, does she actually pick the bad tea on purpose to give him the good one? That’s cute. Okay, also cute is the way Shi-kyung is totally wearing his crazy hippy ajusshi look—when he’s asked why he’s dressed like this, he deadpans, “I enjoy going out like this normally.”

girlfriday: I know, it’s growing on me now that he has the goatee drawn on.

javabeans: You know, I just really like Shi-kyung. I think that’s the crux of it.

girlfriday: Yeah, pretty much.

javabeans: I want to marry him.

girlfriday: Okay. *confetti*

javabeans: So the guys trawl the KBS building collecting pennies from every tea battle won. Is Yoo PD no longer with the show? That’s too bad, I liked her. They run into her in the studio at her new job, and rope her into a tea battle.

girlfriday: Yeah I miss her. Basically I miss any PD who isn’t New PD. They end up collecting 9000 won for their trip, which isn’t much of anything. They can at least buy snacks, if gas is paid for. They spin another wheel to decide a stop along the way, which lands on “A member’s home.” This is REALLY not New PD’s day. And then the final thing is whether or not they’ll have to work some kind of event, like a wedding or birthday party, or any gathering of more than 20 people. They get lucky again and don’t have to work at all, and Joo-won just straight-up asks the PD: “So what’re we doin’ today?” Ha.

javabeans: I think they’ll be hanging out in Joo-won’s room playing video games and being fed by Mom. The PDs have a last-minute huddle session and come back with the announcement that there’ll be one cast member ditched today, since I guess they need some challenge.

girlfriday: So then they go through a whole other round of spinny wheels and choices to determine the challenge.

javabeans: Wow, this is getting looooong. My eyes are glazing over.

girlfriday: I know. I was fine with it when it was the basic stuff, but this is turning into a mad-libs novel. Whoever gets left behind has to wear a Miss Korea costume, find CL, and ask her to wash his back. Uh…

javabeans: They went from too easy to too difficult/random. And neither extreme is that interesting. But they manage to get their ditchee in one go—Jong-min gets left out of the pack.

girlfriday: I can’t believe how many rounds that giant water balloon survived, but in the end it just comes back around to Jong-min. He makes one ugly Miss Korea, but that’s really the least of his worries today.

javabeans: They leave him behind and head off in their nice RV. Ultimately he’s like, “Well I barged into the KBS president’s meeting, what can’t I do?”

girlfriday: Dude, it’s true. After that, how hard could it be for him to call YG?

javabeans: The boys are mindful of Tae-hyun’s wife being pregnant, but get her okay to head over to eat ramyun there. They use their allowance money to pick up a nice amount of snacks, and drive on. Jong-min does encounter a number of people who recognize him despite the pageant getup, and when a group of schoolgirls wonder whether to call him ajusshi he barks, “Oppa, oppa!” And then adds that he can be unni too. Just not ajusshi!

girlfriday: The boys arrive at Tae-hyun’s house, which you just know is gonna be buckets of adorable. Everyone busts out their phones to take pictures of his daughter ‘cause she’s so cute.

javabeans: Shi-kyung stands back while they all coo over her, saying that he’s afraid his looks will make her cry, ha. They find that wifey has set out side dishes and cooked rice for them ahead of time, which is sweet. Especially since he always makes comments that make me think she’s not really a homemaker type who cooks a lot.

girlfriday: I love that Tae-hyun has become the poster man-boy for the guy who married his first love. The picture of them as teenagers is really cute.

javabeans: And how ridiculous is his trophy case? It’s so packed with awards that it looks like it’s the shelf where they store them before giving them out, rather than the stash of ONE actor.

girlfriday: It’s kind of ridiculous. Yum, why does Shi-kyung’s ramyun look so tasty?

javabeans: They dig in, and Shi-kyung reminds them that hyungsoo-nim, you know, made rice and all. It would be rude not to eat it. But rice is not in the provisions of this trip, so they have to bargain with the PD, with only a handful of change left to their name. Tae-hyun asks his wife to scoop them “350 won’s worth” of rice, and hints to her that she “only” has to give them that much. She packs down the rice into the bowl and piles it high, and they’re all, “Yeah, that’s about right. That’s a quarter’s worth.”

girlfriday: Aw, and then his son comes home just in time to give kisses before the boys run off.

javabeans: It’s been a way rougher day for Jong-min, who has held up well, all things considered, but finally starts to break under the embarrassment the closer he gets to the YG offices. He rides the bus and chats with schoolgirls, but when people start staring and taking photos of him (as a freak show, not as a fun celeb), he gets all shy and hides behind a pillar. He picks a bad time to call his hyungs, too, since they’re audibly slurping down their food while he’s starving and alone.

girlfriday: Poor Jong-min. He finally makes it to YG after a really long tour of the city. Let’s just hope 2NE1 is in there.

javabeans: Wait, this is really strange editing. I thought it was a long preview of next week, but now it looks like they’re just chopping stuff up and skipping around.

girlfriday: I’m assuming it’s a weirdly long preview, ‘cause none of that stuff has happened yet.

javabeans: Are there no editing classes at PD school?

girlfriday: Maybe 1N2D is a prerequisite for PD school now?


68 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. snow_white


  2. tebz10

    OMG! I’m fangirling over Shi-kyung! He is totally rocking that muscle tee. *drool*

    • 2.1 Ahsoka

      Same! He should only ever wear muscle tanks from now on. Just sayin’

      • 2.1.1 h311ybean

        Yes, please 😀

      • 2.1.2 tebz10

        Or better yet, just take that muscle tee off.

        • blondie

          second this!!!

          • zandria

            Sweet Cheeks! Seeing more of Shi Kyung’s body is always acceptable.

      • 2.1.3 zandria

        Can we just start a blog for sighting of Shi Kyung’s body.

        • lesliemann

          woah, that would be awesome!

    • 2.2 Thursdaynexxt

      With a cherry on top 😀

      Am fanning myself here!!

      Luv that first pic with SSK’s hand-drawn goatee – he and UTW look like bro’s!

  3. h311ybean

    Thank you for the recap! I resolved last week to TRY and not say anything bad about this show anymore, so instead, here are some nice things:

    1. I’m glad that the bokbulbok games ended up biting New PD in the behind :p

    2. Even though I still don’t like stunt guesting, I like that and it seemed more organic/less contrived in this episode because the boys mostly had to make do with whoever was there.

    3. Yay, Yoo PD! I had been wondering where she was.

    4. Tae-hyun’s kids. Always <3

    5. Even though the CL bit smacks of more stunt guesting, I'm looking forward to finding out the results of Jong-min's bat$#!+ crazy mission! I love that he's not afraid, not after barging into the KBS President's meeting last time!

    • 3.1 h311ybean

      OMG I totally forgot to mention #6 on my list: Shi-kyung’s arms 😀 LOL

    • 3.2 h311ybean

      Correction: 2. Even though I still don’t like stunt guesting, I like *that it* seemed more organic/less contrived….

  4. pV

    thanku for the recap….
    im rooting fr jongmin…..he can do it

  5. Noelle

    Huh? Could the reason for all the guest and “special” shows be due to ratings? Is it not doing well or something?

    • 5.1 정남

      The ratings for 1N2D started nosediving a while back, Real Men and Dad Where are you Going? is kicking 1N2D’s butt

    • 5.2 fangirl

      They’ve been at the top for a long time. I guess its now time to descend from the throne. As much as this hurts, 2d1n should get cancelled now. Go while they still have some dignity left. It will hurt more to watch the show crumble and completely lose its charm. 🙁

  6. Gaeina Lee

    Thanks for the recap, ladies..

    I do enjoy watching this week episode. Thanks to the members, PD and writer team.

    Q to PD: Is it going to be like this from now on: a disappointing trip then Good/enjoyable trip, then back to disappointing 1 and so on and so forth? If so, I could plan when is best time to watch then..

  7. Ann

    Speaking of people in boxes–Shinhwa Broadcast actually had a program where one of the guys got a huge gift box and when he opened it, a girl came out. She was a comedian dressed up really cute and did a song and dance act. Then she opened up both a water bottle and then a pack of chips with her legs.

    • 7.1 mary

      Is that Lee Hyori? I only know of one lady with powerful toes…

      • 7.1.1 Ann

        Actually she put the bottle and then the chips bag between her thighs and opened that way.

    • 7.2 Opal

      Haaa. I watched that episode… The comedian lady is the “wrapped present” for Minwoo as he hs mentioned that he likes woman that is in a chubby side.

      Honestly, I have been following 1n2d religiously since episode 1 but now since the hamster PD took over I have skipped some episodes and not even wathed the rerun.

      I am glad I still have my Shinhwha broadcast which really can make me LOL.

      • 7.2.1 Ann

        I love SB also. The guys have been friends for so long they are very relaxed with each other and they are great at variety.

  8. Ann

    Meant to say thanks for continuing to recap the show. I keep hoping it will get better again.

  9. h0lymoley

    hmm…this episode wasn’t SO bad.
    but the beginning felt super long. :/
    still needs work on editing.

    at least most of the episode was amusing. (SUNG. SHI. KYUNG. and BOK BUL BOK. enough said… LOL)

    i found it adorable how Tae Woong was fawning over Tae Eun (TH's daughter) and now he has his OWN daughter! 😀

  10. 10 redfox

    imma make a list too

    1. Shi-Kyung looks hot in anything.
    2. New Pd – see this? *finger*
    3. and this: *tongue*
    4. Guests, be warned! * gets in kidnapping gear*.
    5. Joo-Won´s luck: it is just that the dices are magnetized towards Joo-Won. and maybe horsital secretly gave him hints where to stand…. or he just plays double being one of the Team as well as the cast? check for everyones disguises….
    6. They should just do a show where 7 guys stay in one of their homes for a week and see if they clash or cope.
    7. Still, Shi-Kyung…. can´t get my eyes off a you, you´re just too good to be true….

  11. 11 bishbash

    For some strange reason 1N2D has higher ratings than RM…

    • 11.1 Tartani

      it’s not strange, last week’s running man ep was pretty bad.

    • 11.2 Elaine

      the obscenely poor ratings from barefoot friends, which airs right after/before running man, is dragging the ratings way down.

  12. 12 cielo009

    I actually enjoyed this episode, so much better than the previous ones. Maybe coz they just recycled an old season1 episode where Ji Won was the one that got left out.

    • 12.1 kyl

      Totally reminds me of the episode where they have the Bokbulbok games at one shot, and Jiwon got abandoned with a wig and A-frame and had to shout out the time every hour wherever he happened to be at that time. That was hilarious. Yeah, this episode doesn’t seem too bad. The PD needs to work on his editing skills though.

      • 12.1.1 Alex

        That was seunggi not jiwon. They kept joking it was a brilliant wig since it was during or right after his drama, brilliant legacy.

        That episode was hilarious. Wish they still make 1n2d that way…

        • kyl

          Seunggi did it originally in ep 110-ish. Then Jiwon did it in ep 162 I think. The wig’s different. They were left behind and alone but somehow managed to be entertaining enough especially when they end up in crowded places like the bus or subway station and people recognize them.

  13. 13 k-soup

    flower boy Joo Won! I will endure for you :*

  14. 14 annie

    Thank you for the recap!

  15. 15 melo.boy

    hilarious episode I say!

  16. 16 Jo

    Ohhhh… I have not been watching since the first few episodes of Season 2. And I just rewatch Season 1 over and over again! Is it worth it at all? I even prefer Barefoot Friends coz of the cast! This episode sounds ok though. Maybe I go watch to kill time.

    • 16.1 MEalways

      Ugh, it supposed to be better BEFORE this new-not-even-funny-no-creativity PD (sorry, sir, but you really get my nerves waste these talented entertainers).

      My advise to read this recap before watching the show. Sometimes you find the better episodes WITHOUT any guests with no apparent reason to be there.

      LE SIGHS!

  17. 17 Cindy

    seriously 1n2d, NO MORE GUESTS PLEASE!!!! I’M BEGGING U

  18. 18 Alex

    Joowon was with the 2pm guy in his last drama right? The civil servant/agent… I’m not really sure with the title.

    • 18.1 Peeps

      Civil Servant Level 7!! Or something.

      Hmm, I’m now wondering whether gf and jb forgot that project on purpose… hmm…

      I really forgot about that until you reminded me.

      • 18.1.1 amber k.

        The drama who shall not be named!!!

  19. 19 JDC

    Thank you so much!!!

  20. 20 lint096

    Love that featured pic, one of my faveorite bromance!!! <3

    • 20.1 lint096

      *favorite ha ha! ooopps.

  21. 21 zekwana

    LSG got hospitalized but went for taping anyway, take care ajusshi!!

    • 21.1 vienna

      aww, his schedule is really busy hope he has time for resting, good luck sugeun!!! FIGHTING!

    • 21.2 lesliemann

      get well ajusshi

  22. 22 f

    the outfits were totally rigged.

    rigged, so they can get a muscle tank in shi kyung’s size

  23. 23 Love Silents

    Thank you DramaBeans for existing! You are awesome talented writers. I really do check out this website every day.

    I haven’t watched this episode or read this recap yet – I just had to comment on the first photo of Tae-woong and Shi-kyung.: Gawd how I love a good looking Asian in a goatee and long hair!!!The ballad sing reeeeeally rocks this look. I didn’t find him that attractive before but now – oy vey…..keep the wig!

    • 23.1 Love Silents

      * oops: “ballad singer”

  24. 24 ditdut

    So there’s now an guest (idol) in every episode?

    • 24.1 aaaa


    • 24.2 oppa

      What???? Nooooo.

    • 24.3 fiveV

      but, hey Shikyung, how he can be so hot even with that silly costume ??
      Shikyung oppa, do you need wife ?? i’ll be the first one who purpose you.. hahaha..
      oopps.. looks like i have much rivals.. peace girls.. ^^V

    • 24.4 liam

      why, oh why? i really don’t like guests especially idol guests…

  25. 25 Nina

    Who is this Sayuri you speak of? She’s pretty!

    • 25.1 Rovi

      She guested in a special broadcast of “Golden Camera” way back March. I’m guessing she’s a Japanese (just look at her name) who’s now a naturalized citizen. And a comedienne.

  26. 26 jayne

    I have this serious addiction for him.
    I once wrote down in one of the girls’ recap all the reasons why I was so into this guy.
    A giant who is level-headed (when he’s not hungry, that is), smart looking, stuttering team-appointed lawyer, slow to common things, smart to analytical things, good cook with big appetite, among others…
    And then he speaks english fluently….
    Then, he has these muscles?? get outta here!
    He’s just too good. And his embarrassment wearing that tank top just added sexiness about him (I could go on forever why he’s the sexiest man alive to me…his glasses is one of them)
    I wish one of these days, Sugeun throws an idea to go topless…*lol*

    I love Taehyun family, they are a bunch of sweet balls. What touches me the most is watching how his son kisses him endless, full of adoration.
    That is what I call no scripted 🙂

    All in all, it’s not a bad episode. I will continue watching.
    Thanks for the recap, girls….

    • 26.1 fiona_pin

      OMG! That’s how i feel about SSK, his the perfect guy for me!

  27. 27 blondie

    thanks again girls!!

  28. 28 TG

    anybody know where I can watch english subtitled 1N2D episodes online?

    The recaps make me want to watch the show! (Or at least some of the older episodes and not the ones with the new PD.)

  29. 29 porcelain

    I don’t follow 1N2D normally except the odd/random episode and try to read recaps regularly… so my thoughts are based on this episode…

    First SSK… who would have thought he have look so good in a wifebeater and that crazy wig + goatee – WIN!

    Next CTH kids… I died… his baby girl is the cutest I think she is learning to talk and is in the mumble stage and it just so sweet to see everyone fuss over her. And his son… his shower of kisses… endless aww!!!!

    And Jongmin… he is such good sports… in that Miss Korea get up…

    But Concept… I the show losing it? I know its unfair to judge based on this episode and perhaps some settling down/teething issue for the new PD… but hope the show find its standing again…

    I dunno just find it sad about varieties these days, watching Barefoot Friend and then this is like… I hope they find their concept soon 🙂 While those that maintains their concept, please keep kicking ass!

  30. 30 trucalling

    joo won and changsung were in the same drama together, you know the spy drama you guys didn’t like lol

    • 30.1 VV

      really ? i even can’t remember. maybe a drama that shouldn’t be named.. haha… am i too cruel ??

  31. 31 purple kyung

    Great recap episode… hehehe…

    JB wants to marry Sung Si Kyung

    *throw confetti too*

    many thanksss…. love JB and GF :*

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