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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 444
by | June 29, 2013 | 134 Comments

EPISODE 444. Broadcast on June 23, 2013.

javabeans: So here we are for Part 2 of the Bokbulbok Trip, where the show has to go to Joo-won’s hometown (Seoul), in the luxury RV, wearing team T-shirts (which got swapped for slightly more embarrassing outfits), with a stop along the way (to a member’s home), with a snack (ramyun), and no work. Basically it’s the PD’s Bad Luck Trip where the guys get everything easy and he’s left with no entertainingly humiliating footage.

girlfriday: To make up for that is Jong-min, who is currently dressed as Miss Korea (or Disney princess, take your pick) and standing outside YG asking random fans if they’ve seen CL. I’m cringing in embarrassment for him, and his day is just starting.

javabeans: I know, he heads to the info booth to ask about CL’s possible whereabouts, but you just can’t go in dressed in that getup and suggest you’re here to “interview” her, because you just look crazier.

girlfriday: The hyungs don’t look any less crazy though, sitting by the river in their strange outfits with nothing to do but look like a group of bored crazy people.

javabeans: Shi-kyung is totally getting into his hippie free spirit persona, which makes him look part ’70s porn director. Turns out CL is out today, so the PD tells Jong-min to pick someone else to fulfill the mission. So Tae-hyun starts rattling off a bunch of impossible stars (mixed with a few possible ones), like Jeon Ji-hyun, Sohn Ye-jin, Suzy…

girlfriday: Haha. So basically just even more embarrassing/impossible, times six.

javabeans: He spins a few times and is all, “That was practice!” An ajumma finally spins and lands on Sistar, which seems doable. Easier to get idols than A-list actresses, for sure.

girlfriday: Oh he’s got an easy connection too — their manager was once his manager, back when he was an idol, so how hard could this be?

javabeans: As it turns out, it’s not very interesting to watch six guys sitting around trying to figure out what to do.

girlfriday: Right? Go figure. I don’t know why we’re not editing around this stuff.

javabeans: Or… this IS the edited version.

girlfriday: They finally get a game plan going and set up in a park. But it’s another version of the bokbulbok wheel event they had on the beach at Haeundae… which we already saw the first time. And it wasn’t interesting then, so I don’t know why we’re giving it another go.

javabeans: Dude, it’s the same wheel. They’ve just slapped on pieces of paper over it to write the new entries. I guess I don’t blame them this time because they’re trying to create something out of nothing (gee, wouldn’t it be great if there were a staff for that?) but like you said, this was not fun the first time either.

girlfriday: I’m fast-forwarding…

javabeans: I’m not fast forwarding literally, but my brain is. Oh, this is uncomfortable, never mind. FFW. Jong-min’s promenade through Seoul is pointless too, but at least it’s so ridiculous that you could just find entertainment in the reaction shots. Then back to the spinny wheel of fast-forwarding. It’s just a bunch of girls dancing on cue.

girlfriday: This goes on FOREVER.

javabeans: Did that lame autograph signing at the end really win them 70 bucks for dinner? Lame. Now are we just going to watch them eat a normal dinner all normal-like?

girlfriday: Apparently. At least Jong-min is having a more interesting day, even if it’s sadder.

javabeans: It’s way sadder to watch him eating chapaghetti out of a plastic bag in a convenience store window with a crowd watching outside like he’s some kind of performance artist.

girlfriday: Plus, he had to earn that money by being a Miss Korea waitress.

javabeans: All three dollars of it. Yeah, much more interesting. On the bus he chats with a few other passengers, until one woman blurts, “What about Joo-won?” Ha, that’s not awkward or anything. Turns out she’s a huge fan, and her smartphone screen is papered with pics from a Joo-won blog.

girlfriday: That’s cute. Meanwhile the other boys now have to figure out where to sleep, which is harder than it sounds because they have to house the staff too. Otherwise they could just sleep in the car.

javabeans: I know this show has done impromptu trips before and made the boys fend for themselves and come up with their itinerary. But they were entertaining. Why does this one feel like the staff forgot to have a meeting and are telling the cast, “Figure it out”?

girlfriday: Because I think the staff forgot to have a meeting and are telling the cast to figure it out. SIGH.

javabeans: I mean, it’s fine to tell seven guys they have ten bucks and a screwdriver and make them figure it out. But to tell them to find a place for eighty staffers to sleep? Uh…?

girlfriday: Or at least add a time limit so there’s less meandering. Anyway, back to Jong-min, who finally makes it across town to see Sistar. He crashes their practice session and tells them his mission, which horrifies them a little, but then he asks to learn their dance, and it’s pretty cute ‘cause he’s dressed like a princess and learning the steps.

javabeans: Also, he’s not good enough to be good, but is just good enough to catch on and be funny. Although I really do think that his Miss Koreawear is his saving grace, because it makes him interesting and pathetic, instead of creepy or just dull.

girlfriday: I know. It instantly makes him non-threatening, which you kinda need when you’re crashing a girl group out of nowhere.

javabeans: Jong-min finally trudges to basecamp after his hard day, and I feel tired just watching him. I’ve had my issues with liking him before but I really think he did a great job of just sucking it up today and Getting It Done, and with a smile on his face.

girlfriday: And when he says “I missed you guys,” with tears in his eyes, it’s so endearing.

javabeans: But sadly, I feel like the other six guys sort of stand out in relief next to him, because they actually kind of rolled in luxury so complaining feels whiny. Like they tell Jong-min they couldn’t even start dinner bokbulbok without him, as though that was so hard, only you just stuffed your faces with fried chicken with the allowance money you barely earned so you know what, I don’t really care that you had to wait another hour for your *real* dinner.

girlfriday: Seriously. They make Jong-min play for the group (he has to choose between two watermelon wedges with a 50:50 shot at dinner for everyone) and tell him either way he can eat the rest of the watermelon, heh. Can we just let him eat please?

javabeans: Yeah watching someone eat ramyun out of a plastic bag is really the bottom of the pathetic barrel.

girlfriday: Thankfully he picks the right wedge, so they get to eat.

javabeans: But it’s not over yet, because they have to choose WHAT to eat (another game of chance) and who has to get it, and all that.

girlfriday: Agh. So many games. I can’t believe I just said that, but there are too many games.

javabeans: It’s because it’s like hell for indecisive people, where you nitpick every little decision to death and it makes you want to SNAP at some point and just be like, JUST PICK A THING AND LET’S DO IT OH MY GAHHHH.

girlfriday: Especially when dinner turns out to be more convenience store food that they have to go get themselves (at least I’m guessing that’s where they’ll go at this hour).

javabeans: So Tae-hyun and Joo-won are picked as dinner delivery boys. Oh god and then right away they play another game for sleeping bokbulbok. God, I know we discussed dropping this show at the end of a trip, but I’m considering dropping this show in the middle of a game.

girlfriday: I know, why are the games so boring?

javabeans: First of all, it’s because we’re watching games that are all about planning a thing, not actually the thing. Who wants to watch a wedding being planned, instead of just going to the damn wedding? And second, it’s because there’s nothing at stake. So what if one cast member gets stuck delivering food instead of the other cast member? What’s the point?

girlfriday: Nothing, sadly, which is why this feels like a pointless exercise.

javabeans: The one funny thing about the sleepy wheel is that among the choices (like sleeping only an hour at a time, or in your underwear, or sitting), they land on “sleep comfortably.” The PD is like, Seriously?!

girlfriday: Well, you’re the one who designed the games with comfortable OPTIONS the whole day, so whatchoo gonna do?

javabeans: Yes, this is what we call design flaw. Why even offer the luxury RV, instead of a clown car without AC? Why no bus passes instead of cars? Why were there T-shirts at all and not six parkas and a Miss Korea gown?

girlfriday: He should trade a bigger dinner for the underwear option.

javabeans: We should just produce the damn show.

girlfriday: Tell me about it. Though I’m too mad at it these days to even do that. So all the guys spin for indoor/outdoor sleep, and Hae-jin suggests adding a half-in/half-out option just for kicks… and then lands on it. Ha. Tae-hyun and Joo-won go get ddukbokki for everyone, and then it’s bedtime.

javabeans: They sleep, and in the morning they have to do this karaoke-pedometer mission, where they’re trying to score on the singing front while simultaneously logging steps. This should be funny. I don’t actually understand why it isn’t. Maybe because there was no setup or context? They’re just jiggling around singing and showing off their step counts.

girlfriday: Yeah because there was no setup. Though Joo-won’s dancing always gets a laugh out of me.

javabeans: Then New PD has the boys list a place in Seoul they like to go to so they can introduce them on the show, because he’s just given up any pretense of having prepared for this trip at all. And then the boys split up to go hiking, or street shopping, or yaaaaawn. I get the point of this exercise, but to me it looks like watching people walk down a street looking at stuff. Wait, it’s not LIKE that, it IS that.

girlfriday: Hae-jin climbs a mountain and the other boys do touristy things, and Joo-won and Shi-kyung visit Alex’s restaurant. I don’t think I would’ve minded it so much if the rest of the episode had been chock full of laughs, because the travel bits are normal for this show. It’s just that on top of an episode that was lackluster, it just feels like drawing out the ending with filler stuff.

javabeans: This whole episode felt like filler, in a more drawn-out way than usual. I never fast-forward this show, even in the slower moments, just on principle—how can I recap if I haven’t seen it? But the show has gotten so irrelevant at points, and so meandering, that you can honest-to-goodness fast-forward whole chunks and miss nothing.

girlfriday: Basically, the whole show has felt that way for a while now, which is why this is going to be our last recap for 1 Night 2 Days. It wasn’t an easy decision, especially because I’ve watched this show for YEARS and letting go is hard, but to be honest, this isn’t the 1N2D that I knew and loved. At least not anymore.

javabeans: I feel like I was going to go out with a lot of tears and bittersweet memories and fond nostalgia and maybe a nice ending tribute to the show we’ve known and loved… but you know, I think most of my love is pretty much gone. I find I actually have very little to say. And I don’t think this decision comes as a surprise, either, since the writing has been on the wall for a while now. It just took us a long while to actually cut the cord.

girlfriday: I do still have lots of love and nostalgia for the old 1N2D, but that show ended long ago and will always hold a special place in my heart. I just don’t think I have any tears for this one.

javabeans: It would have been nice for the show to end its years-long run on a high note instead of steadily sinking downward, just for fans’ sakes. But I suppose that makes the decision easier for us, inasmuch as it’s really quite a painless and natural course of action at this point.

girlfriday: I know people always say, “It’s not you, it’s me,” but in this case, it really really is YOU, Show.


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  1. k-soup

    I miss you 1n2d!!!.. my weekend would not be complete without reading thw recap.. thanks gf and jb! off to read 🙂

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      You and the DB girls have way more patience than I do. I watched this show religiously too but dropped it like a hot potato quite awhile ago.

      To JB and GF, honest to god you both gave this show way more chances than it might have deserved so I applaud you two for the effort! Now let’s move on to greater and hopefully funnier things in the future 😀

  2. Hipployta

    Yeah…I bowed out a while ago and only watch clips or read your recaps…I LOVE the people on the show…but it’s quite boring now

  3. snow_white

    Any show must always end when it’s in best form…..that way we can remember it with fondness…..

    Thanks for recapping this show JB & GF……haven’t watched it but your recaps were fun to read….. 🙂

  4. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 4.1 Ivoire

      WOW! This is the last recap. Thank you for hanging in there for as long as you did JB and GF.

  5. Dongsaeng killer

    So sad 🙁

    But thanks for the fun times ladies! Much obliged

  6. h311ybean

    On one hand, I will miss the 1n2d recaps, but on the other (much bigger) hand, I totally understand why you’ve decided to stop recapping the show. Thank you very much for sticking it out this long.

    I’ll still follow the show on TV in the hope that it will get better… but I won’t hold my breath :p

  7. fangirl98

    I’ll miss reading the weekly recaps, but even reading 1N2D is not fun anymore. I can only imagine what a snooze it is to actually watch it nowadays. I miss the activities & laughs not just from the cast/crew of season 1, but of the early days of season 2.

    @JB & GF – Thanks for the years of fun recaps, ladies! Please do the Beanie community a favor and peak at 1N2D every once in a while and let us know if something funny happens.

  8. k-soup

    oh no! you are not recapping anymore??? 🙁

    I now really abhor the new PD! it’s his fault that JB and GF are nor recapping anymore! This is a really sad news for me.. no more recap to look forward every Sunday.

    Anyways, thanks for entertaining us for the longest time. I will surely revisit your previous recaps of 1n2d.

    If they get rid of the new PD will you recap this show again???

  9. Elysium

    When I first found this site I read through every single 1N2D recap you guys had ever written (this was in 2012) and then started watching the episodes from Taewoong onwards and working back when I got up to date (in a ridiculously short time). Just want to say a big Thank You!! To you two for introducing me to this show, I’ve enjoyed the recaps so much and will miss them – now I just hope the show..improves? Cos if not I can’t hope it’ll go on, can I?

    • 9.1 foodluver88

      Where do you watch old videos of 1n2d season 1? Are they subbed by any chance? Thank you!

      And I will miss these recaps that always brightened my weekends 🙁

    • 9.2 Deets

      Yeah, I’m like Elysium, got introduced to the show through Dramabeans, caught up on all the Season 1 episode in like a week or something, harassed everybody I know that had Internet connection so that I can download ALL the episodes as I didn’t have connection at that time, took an unnecessary stop-over at Incheon airport on the way to another country on the possibility that I might bump in to the cast the day Lee Seungi Gi and Eun Ji Won was filming their last episode, and even learned to read Korean alphabets without even understanding what they mean. Good times. I will always have fond memories of this show, but stopped watching it when New PD took over. Thanks, Dramabeans

  10. 10 Sylvia P

    I only ever watch this show with it being on in the background while I do other things like baking now. I hardly pay attention to it anymore. So sad. I became a fan of the show because of Joo Won after watching him on Gaksital.

    I live in Korea so I get to watch the older episodes (with KHD) every morning when I wake up which is a treat!

  11. 11 risa

    So sad, but the writing’s been on the wall for a while now. New PD, sorry, but you suck! At least this episode was so bad that it probably made your decision to stop recapping the show easier. With the number 4 having the connotation of “death”, it seems appropriate to stop at ep. 444. At least this’ll give you a little breathing space as you continue negotiating with the 4th dimension. I’m gonna go back and watch some of the older 1N2D eps that are way better, and pretend that this iteration of the show never happened.

    • 11.1 h311ybean

      I was just thinking the same thing with the 444 bit!

    • 11.2 k-soup

      oh yes, I agree! I will revisit the previous episodes which made my eyes water and my stomach ache due to laughing…

    • 11.3 Gaeina Lee

      Ugh, now since you mentioned it, I noticed the eps #.

    • 11.4 Rann

      Season 1 ended at 244 if I remember right? this show ended for me on that ep….

  12. 12 Arhazivory

    Thanks for all this time ladies. I bowed out when Seung Woo and Bird PD did and kept up with the recaps for a while before eventually bowing out of those too. I won’t ruin my fond memories of 1N2D….and its so sad that a show I loved so much came to this.

    It really is YOU show. T_T

  13. 13 Rafflesia

    Thanks for this! I didn’t want to give up hope, but really the show only hurts me at this point.

    It’s instructive for my sad heart to think of Na PD’s and Bird PD’s 1N2D as separate entities, gone already/too soon, so that I can love them just as much as I used to. I am keeping my resentment contained. But I’ll miss the cast, and I doubt we’ll see some of them in this way again (especially Sung Shi-Kyung, who I hardcore love; I might cry).

    But we had a good run! And girlfriday and javabeans, thank you so much for your recaps these past few years. Your commentary became an essential part of the show for me, and I think for a lot of people– it really felt like watching with a friend.

    Augh. Thank goodness Shi-Kyung has all these sad-ballads for us.

  14. 14 mini

    GoingYou know,i do respect ur decision.But i think i would be continue watching the show for the sake of casts.They are trying their best despite be true,all of them are veteran/good entertainers and actors.They could simply throw away 1n2d from their resume.but their passion and love towards 1n2d is so strong that it makes me unbearable to give it up.Of course,I don’t like the way new PDs is going which give the casts troubles.This episode especially is so waste of time for most of them when they’re just lying around waiting for time to pass.I hope the new PD will improve.

    • 14.1 lusi

      Agree with you mini, we don’t need to drop off coz only some people start to feel boring to watch it… be yourself.. watch when the eps is nice, don’t watch when it isn’t, very simple….
      btw, it’s nice to have your recap JB and GF so far… =)

  15. 15 Ace

    Thank you for the recaps!

    Does anyone know where I can find a doll that looks like that new PD so I could torture it Gaksital-style?

  16. 16 Ann

    I feel so bad for Haejin. He has does his job well. It’s too bad that the production has gone down. I have appreciated the recaps. It was the first Korean variety show I started watching.

    • 16.1 ren

      This was my first variety show too (started watching cuz of Seunggi!) and I am so disappointed with this. The show spiralling downward is just going to stain its legacy.

  17. 17 crazedlu

    Dude, it was hard to get through the recap. I can’t imagine the watch.

    I joined when the new crew joined and am glad to have traveled that distance with them. It’s too bad this show is sucking sooooo hard right now. I wonder if the boys sense its total suckage?

    Hope they pull the plug soon and say their farewells before it gets that much worse.

    Heart, 1N2D. Haejin, you did well. Farewell, Bird PD. Bye, Seungwoo, Sugeun, Uhmforce, Jongmin, Taehyun, Shikyung, Joowon.

    See you all on the stage or in your respective movies and dramas. Hee. Forever a fan. ~

  18. 18 TiaC

    JB + GF: Just want to say thank you for the 2+ (!!!!!!!) years of recapping this show. I’ll miss your weekly zany team recaps, but I agree that you’ve made a wise decision to drop this mess.

    Cheers, and thanks for the memories!

  19. 19 whatis

    Thank you JB & GF for sticking it out for so long!

    I had already been on the edge of dropping it when Bird PD came on board… but with the new PD… I just couldn’t anymore.

    I watch old 1N2D episodes on youtube now… ahah way funnier!

    • 19.1 ren

      theres a blog thats slowly re uploading the old episodes: 1n2d blogspot

  20. 20 Dramafed1782

    Thank you GF and JB —- my salutations for staying with it all this while! Sunday mornings is not gonna be the same without your wit and banter 🙁 But I still do believe in miracles because my love for the show hasn’t wavered till the New PD and scriptwriters didn’t work hard for it 🙁 Ohhhh KBS I still do love it, please don’t cancel it —- I always wanted the show to close on a high note.

  21. 21 far

    well, what can i say? i agree that the show is going downhill since the New PD and some writers took over. i feel Bird PD does a better job, though still cant be compared to Season 1. when i watch the show since New PD took over, i didnt laugh as much as i used to, or feel like i want to repeat some scenes. i just want to fast-forward and get the episode over and done with.

    the show got so much potential. the casts have great chemistry, they have their own awesome personality like SSK’s obsession of food, JW’s problems with quizzes and his great stamina, JM’s hilariousness, CTH’s giggles and lousy luck, UTW’s strength and charm, SG’s great MCing skills with his brilliant mind. and tbh, i didnt even know what is HJ’s treat as he didnt get to show it.

    i was looking forward to reading recaps so that i have to watch the show itself, but now that the DB’s not recapping it anymore, i guess i have to force myself to watch it. and fast-forward some scenes. goodbye, DB’s 1N2D recaps! you girls have been brilliant~ XOXO

  22. 22 James


  23. 23 cielo009

    I actually thought that this episode would be good, considering last episode had that certain something that resembled season1, but after watching this episode and fast forwarded to most part of the show, that feeling of excitement waiting for a new episode every week is just basically gone. I’d probably tune in sometimes (and most likely will fast forward to it too), but most likely I’ll just rewatch my collection of old season1 episodes and reminisce the awesomeness that was 1N2D.

  24. 24 rainerust

    Thanks for sticking it out ladies – like you said, the writing’s been on the wall for quite some time and I’m not surprised by your decision. 2D1N was fun while it lasted (like Family Outing Season 1, and X-Man, which I will forever remember fondly) and I’m glad I can always go back to rewatch the old(er) episodes with the old crew and even with the new(ish) crew (before New PD came aboard). It will always hold a special place in my heart…


  25. 25 TheTofurkey

    Thank you for the recaps, ladies! And thank you for introducing me to this show in the first place. I can’t say that I won’t miss your recaps, but I understand dropping the show. Hopefully the quality of the episodes will improve soon.

  26. 26 Gaeina Lee

    Thank you for the joyful ride with 1N2D this past 2+ years ladies.. Sad to hear it, but it’s understandable, since most of our interest are waning..

    Again, thanks for the recaps ladies..

  27. 27 redfox

    meh. what a waste.
    sack the PD.

    • 27.1 MEAlways

      Yeah, I hate him so much for ruining a good whole package. I never hate people before I know him/her. But he just outrageous. I always believe to give second, third, even fourth chance before. He already got so much, yet keep on dissapointing….

      GF and JB, thanks ever so much… I do will really miss this Sunday special with you both… Great job, ladies. I salute you for your patience, to be frank I dropped 2D1N several weeks ago…

      Sad face.

  28. 28 mary

    Thank you for sticking to it thus far despite your packed schedules… New PD isn’t worth your trip to the 4th dimension for extra recapping time. :'(

    I wish they had writers like you on the show…

  29. 29 KDR

    *sigh* I stopped watching this show several episodes ago. The new PD and staff sucked out what was good about the show and made it this boring show about showing stuff instead of doing things! I miss Bird PD! Aish!

  30. 30 ck1Oz

    The episode was kind of boring. The last few episodes was boring.

    What is the new PD DOING?

    Thank you for the recaps so far, I’ve laughed till I cried reading some of them.

    Man the good ol’ days. I love Joo Won but seriously,where is the funny?

  31. 31 sweetspring

    This show to me is like those dramas where someone jumps around in time/ gets amnesia then wakes up/ has plastic surgery- they are same same but different.
    The 1N2D I loved was the one where Ho Dong would shout “REAL ROAD VARIETY” & it would be true- from apparent hunger so plain on their faces it made my stomach growl in sympathy to the dire threat of sleeping outdoors in below zero conditions. That concept along with the golden ratio of 1 part golden boy heo dang, 2 parts small & large gag men, some grumpy but caring kimchi, a sprinkle of childishness & topped with alot of monkey hyperness made it variety gold.
    KBS should just properly & in HD sub all those old episodes, period.

  32. 32 starswillshine

    1N2D with Bird PD isn’t that bad since Bird PD is pretty hilarious in his own ways. Season 2 crew is funny in their own ways as well and give off a different vibe from Season 1. Sigh, I tried watching one episode with the new PD and failed. It was subbed and in HD and posted by KBSworld on Youtube. The new PD makes it so boring. I’m sorry but just boring and 2 guest appearances in just a few episodes? No!!! I want to see the interaction between the boys. Sigh sigh sigh. It must be a terrible time trying to watch finish an episode. If it becomes better again, please pick it up again!!!

  33. 33 jossy

    Thank You for recapping this show all this time.
    Been following this show for about 5 years, thats aaaages,
    but I gave up on it after Bird & SeungWoo. It kind of hurts lol
    this show brought that little sunshine to my life and NEVER failed to get a LOL from me. I wish they wrapped it up after Bird, its just sad to see it go down this road, cancellation looks to be looming ahead in the near future.

    And before I file them away for a long time :

    fav moments;

    1) Seunggi Pond
    2) Viewers Special’s
    3) Mujogun (anytime, anywhere)
    4) Bariety Jeongshin
    5) Jiwon, HoDong & Seunggi spitting water at each other
    6) SangGeun
    7) SeungWoo in Games
    8) Epic Staff vs Crew and staff lost, slept outside, in the rain hahaha
    9) The (scary) Actors special
    10) Stripping down for Winter Specials
    … i could go on, but that would just invoke my feels TT

    On wards to better shows! I still like you show… from 2007-2012 lol.

  34. 34 ailee

    curtain closed for good. thanks JB & GF 🙂

  35. 35 moon

    Awww will surely miss your recaps! Thanks for sticking with it til now. Ever since the new PD, I have been fast forwarding the eps already ;( I’ll still be sticking to it for Joo Won. Although Now I would have to wait 3 weeks before I understand the eps. That or study korean!

  36. 36 Enz

    Thanks for all the previous recaps. It completed my weekend for a long time. I guess it’s time to let go 🙁

  37. 37 Schmazel

    Farewell 1N2D. I have not watched regularly after Seung Woo left and have come here to check the recaps due to my loyalty to the show. But it has been getting unbearable lately, which is such a shame. It really pains me to see a show that was right at the top take such a sharp dive.

    Thanks JB and GF for recapping the show. It was great to have been able to read your conversation recaps.

    And finally, although this show might not go out at the top of the game, it will always have a special place in my heart.

    1박 2일!

  38. 38 giddy

    Sadly, I can totally understand why you’re stopping the recaps (which have been more fun than the show itself). This was my go to show each Sunday for a dose of laughs, but they have been few and far between lately. Many times I’ve wondered if I missed something due to the choppy editing and because it’s been over 5 years for me, I’ve been in denial.

    Thank you both for sticking with it as long as you have–your comments made me realize that it wasn’t me missing something, and as always I appreciate the insight that you bring with your recaps. I will continue watching 1N2D as long as it is on out of loyalty to an old friend, but it’s Running Man that now brings me my weekly chuckles.

  39. 39 MissL

    thanks alot for your work here!!
    Loved reading your recaps and i am really going to miss them. quite sad how 1n2ds quality is decreasing….
    Thanks again for your much beloved recaps <3

  40. 40 Bipyot

    You know what hurts the most? This is only one person’s doing. I will never forgive the new PD! He ruined my favorite and only show.
    I think that they will quit the show in just a few months.
    I think that even the members don’t like being on the show anymore.
    This is really sad.
    I actually never feel sad when a drama or show that I like comes to an end. But for 1N2D, this was legend once but now… sigh
    I’m really sad.

  41. 41 Cindy

    I once thought that weekends would never be the same without 1n2d and I would watch every episode and read every recap again and again in case I missed out any fun moments.

    These days, I’m fast forwarding the show, scrolling through the recaps and looking at the screencaps unless something catches my attention.

    I once thought that if you girls stopped recapping 1n2d, I would be bawling my eyes and begging you to continue.

    These days, I’m just waiting for you girls to give up on the show and stop recapping and spend the time on other shows that deserves the attention.

    Well, I saw this coming. Wise decision girls, and thanks for helping me make mine.

    This would also mark the end of my 1n2d journey, but honestly, it had ended much earlier. I was just unwillingly to let go of the show I’ve spent 4 years with. I should have cut it off long ago before all the switcheroo, cause now the show just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth that will never go away…

    The journey was great but now I’m just wishing for a time machine to bring back the 1n2d I knew, and not a 1n2d wannabe.

  42. 42 djes

    Thank you for your recaps till today!
    I started watching 1N2D around 2 years ago, and stopped around early this year…too bad, that a once top rated show is turning bad like this.

    I’m glad for your decision, JB&GF, now that you have less show to recap, you can get some rest…maybe?

  43. 43 pV

    this is so sad..
    while I started watching the show bcz of its epicness…now the only reason I watch is because of shikyung which means a lot of skipping over i just realised it too….
    sae pd may have had a rocky start but he had potential…..
    nevertheless thankyou for your sunday recaps……will miss ur quirky banter /interpretation of the show………….

  44. 44 zandria

    Shi-Kyung! When they drop the show where will I get my weekly fix of this lovely man?

    • 44.1 waterloo

      me toooo ;( my weekly Sung SiKyung time 🙁

    • 44.2 jayne

      my thought exactly.
      he is the only reason why i’m sticking to this show 🙁

      • 44.2.1 ich

        i keep watching the show because of him. with lots of fast forwarding boring scenes.

  45. 45 jae

    thank you JB & GF for your 1N2D recaps all this time! ^^
    realy-realy love the season 1

  46. 46 Shiku

    I enjoyed the recaps but the show had become do boring that its necessary to do this. Thanks for introducing the shoe to me.

  47. 47 Bibianni

    Always love your recaps even if its negative about the show as i feel the same sentiments.

    Hope to read your recaps in future if miracle strikes’s really so wasted for the lovely guys but I can’t bear to leave them aside though the flow and editing and plot is really no good…:(

    I am really angry with my fav variety show is being slowly destroyed…

    I will still hope for a miracle…

  48. 48 Ariel

    I’m crying here, you started recapping 1N2D on April 4, 2011 and ended on June 30, 2013 that’s 2 years and 2 months of recapping a beloved show. Thanks so much JB and GF for all the laughter and tears.

  49. 49 chane

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please don’t stop recapping!!!

  50. 50 liam

    awwww, this is so sad, but i understand you girls, thnaks for all the recaps.

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