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Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode 4
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Playing Cupid is never easy when you throw emotions into the mix. The operation at hand becomes exponentially more difficult after a confession of love throws this ship off course. And though our eye mostly remains on Arang, we’re left with more questions than answers that leaves our characters shrouded in mystery.


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Arang is rendered utterly speechless by Se-kyung’s unexpected confession of her feelings for him. We flashback to when she had first taken notice of him a year ago, and he had unintentionally been hit by a rogue puck that flew in her direction. His friendly concern for her had sent her swooning.

This is also the same memory that Ho-yeol recalled in the previous episode, and now we replay the scene through her eyes. She had been too busy staring out the window to catch a glimpse of Arang and considered it a bother to mend Ho-yeol’s cut.

So the other day, she had left during class in order to find Arang in the theater to tell him then. But Ho-yeol had walked in after her, and we know the rest.

When Arang stammers in response to search for the right words, Se-kyung interjects to tell him to take his time—he doesn’t have to give her an answer right away. She looks up expectantly when Arang rises from his seat. He’s ready with his answer now—it’s a no. She’s crushed.

Se-kyung hides the hurt of the rejection, thanking him instead for the warm, fuzzy feelings and for butterflies in her stomach she felt. He smiles warmly back at her, and they shake hands.

Once she’s outside, she gives into her tears. Aw sweetie, we’ve all been there.

On the other side of the door, Byung-hoon and Min-young scuttle away to a nearby stairwell to avoid getting caught. Min-young wonders what would be the appropriate thing to say in a time like this, and Byung-hoon tells her that it’s best not to mention it.

When Min-young says that it was cruel of Arang to dump the girl like that, Byung-hoon corrects her, saying that Arang did her a favor with his rejection. In that moment, Min-young realizes just how close they’ve been standing next to each other and silently pushes him away with her finger. Hahaha.

Later that night at the restaurant, Min-young collapses at the bar, tired and hungry from her grueling day at school. As Seung-pyo whips her up something to eat, Hye-ri admires Min-young’s uniform. However, that sense of nostalgia of her school days isn’t enough for her to go undercover in Min-young’s stead.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any time to chat or eat since Byung-hoon walks in to drag Min-young out to implement the next part of their operation. As the team heads out, Moo-jin and Hye-ri exchange silent greetings.

Elsewhere, as Arang daydreams about the times that Se-kyung was seemingly annoyed with him, he thinks to himself: “A reversal. I thought that she hated me.”

At the convenience store, Se-kyung sighs over her own rough day. She’s momentarily confused when Ho-yeol suddenly appears next to her and doesn’t buy his excuse that he was just “passing by.”

Thankfully, his delivery is far more natural now. He laughs, “You don’t think I followed you here, do you?” But it’s not long before they find themselves surrounded by a throng of crazed fangirls and Ho-yeol hastily hides his face.

In the van, Min-young wonders if their plan will actually work—their target already mentioned that she doesn’t like idols and someone like Arang is more her type. But Byung-hoon argues that it’s stranger for a teenage girl who doesn’t realize the magnitude of what it means for an idol star as an admirer.

As Ho-yeol gets chased by the screaming girls with Se-kyung’s hand in his, we see glimpses into Byung-hoon’s memories which depicts a similar situation with the girl in his past, who speaks this time: “I hear you’re looking for a Watson.”

Min-young is sharp enough to deduce that Byung-hoon must have used the same tactic on someone else. Who was it? A first love? She doesn’t let him off easy, and when he evades the question, she matter-of-factly replies that people don’t ever forget their first love.

She isn’t easily deterred when Byung-hoon reacts in his usual gruff manner and asks what happened with his first love. She finally drops the subject when he clams up again.

Meanwhile, Ho-yeol and Se-kyung struggle to catch their breaths as they hide in an alleyway. They both become aware of the close proximity and she quickly pulls her hand away from his.

A long minute passes before Ho-yeol gently tries to wipe away her sweat with a handkerchief. He doesn’t miss that she instinctively pulls back at his touch. He winces slightly with disappointment when she scurries off with an excuse.

Moo-jin has been in the vicinity to keep an eye on them. He hops down from his hiding place and offers Ho-yeol a lollipop to lift his spirits.

Back at headquarters, Min-young tsks over the irony of an idol star suffering from unrequited love. She guesses that Byung-hoon speaks from personal experience when he agrees that nothing else in the world matters when it’s not the one that matters.

So she attempts to ask about his first love again—did he confess his feelings and get rejected too? That strikes a nerve and Byung-hoon snaps back before dismissing her for the day.

But once he’s alone, he finds himself ruminating over Min-young’s words once more. Taking out his cell phone, he plays with the charm—a Sherlock Holmes figure.

We travel back again to Byung-hoon’s memories and see his teenage self staring at the sunset on the rooftop. Then a cheery voice calls out behind him: “I hear you’re looking for a Watson.”

The girl introduces herself as Yoon Yi-seul, an art student here to help out with the production, and Byung-hoon flushes with embarrassment when she calls him by his stage name. Yi-seul has a bright and outgoing personality and she suddenly takes him by the hand to join the others.

In the present, Byung-hoon searches through his contacts for Yi-seul’s number. He contemplates whether to call her or not for a moment before he decides against it.

Little does he know that Min-young has witnessed his moment of indecisiveness, having doubled back to the agency to retrieve her phone. She feels a distinctive wave of emotion but later dismisses it for hunger pangs. She does notice that the lights are off in Master’s restaurant and wonders where he’s gone off to.

Then we see that Seung-pyo is taking his frustrations out on a punching bag at the gym. With his shirt on. I know; I’m just as disappointed as you are. There’s nothing to see here, so we’ll move on, shall we?

The following morning, Min-young is immediately annoyed when Byung-hoon kicks his feet up in her car when she picks him up outside the agency. He tells her that she should be studying and tosses her prepared school ID card in her direction.

Min-young reels when she sees the awkward photo of her younger self wearing glasses. She asks where he got it from, and he answers: “Your national identification card. I was shocked too.” Ha.

She calls it an invasion of privacy, but he tells her to drive, claiming that he’s still in shock from her photo. Pfft.

At school, Ho-yeol asks why Arang wasn’t there the other day with the rest of the Cyrano team, and Arang answers that he was working at another part time job. He asks Ho-yeol what he likes about Se-kyung and gets the answer: “Everything.”

However, he raises a suspicious eyebrow at Arang’s sudden question—why does he ask? Then he jokingly warns Arang not to like his girl. Ooh, why do I get the feeling that his joke may not be far from the truth?

Se-kyung watches the two boys from a distance with Ho-yeol’s handkerchief, recalling the close encounter with Ho-yeol the previous night. Hmm, does our target like someone else now? And all the while, Byung-hoon observes the scene from a balcony.

Elsewhere, Min-young is determined to dig up some dirt on Byung-hoon’s past to crack that supposedly flawless armor of his. So she heads to the library and scours the aisles until she stumbles upon an old yearbook.

She recognizes Yi-seul as the girl from Byung-hoon’s old movies and wonders if she was Byung-hoon’s first love. She’s soon joined by Se-kyung and the girls relocate to search through the yearbook together.

Pleased that Se-kyung agrees that the girl in the photo must be Byung-hoon’s first love, Min-young tsks, “You can never hide the fact that you like someone.” Se-kyung’s face darkens at that—if liking someone is that obvious, then there’s no point to confess one’s feelings.

Min-young pauses before she answers that it’s true that keeping your feelings hidden makes things less likely to work out. And yet, the courage of that confession stirs the other person’s heart. She adds, “You have to like someone enough to overcome that fear of rejection, don’t you?”

Se-kyung asks her if it’s possible to like someone you already rejected. Min-young replies that it is, especially if she started to see that person in a different light.

Byung-hoon meets with Arang in secret to inform him that they’ll be moving ahead with the operation. Interestingly, he gives Arang the last chance for an out—there’s no turning back from this point on.

When Arang assures him that he’s fine and has no regrets, Byung-hoon calls their client with the greeting: “Hey, idol!”

Moo-jin is already on location on set, and he adds a few cue cards to the interview questions when the staff aren’t looking. His presence doesn’t go unnoticed by Ho-yeol’s CEO, who is impressed by his good looks.

She invites him to seek her out in case he’s looking for “the secret place where they make people into a star.” Huh, that catchphrase certainly sounds familiar.

So when the interviewer asks Ho-yeol if there’s anyone he currently likes, Ho-yeol quickly glances towards Byung-hoon before answering yes, but she doesn’t like him back.

His handlers panic from the sidelines—this question wasn’t included during rehearsals. Thankfully, after a few sympathetic words, the interviewer moves on. And in the crowd, Byung-hoon thinks aloud that the entertainment company should thank him for the free press.

The PR move achieves the intended effect and a group of fangirls protest outside the school the following morning. In the classroom, Min-young turns around to face Se-kyung, sighing that Ho-yeol’s crush is a lucky girl, whoever she may be.

Then she pointedly adds that if it were her, she wouldn’t reject a guy like that. Her comment adds the seed of emotion that the team is hoping for, but when Min-young looks towards Arang, she catches him mid-gaze in Se-kyung’s direction.

As the team keep watch of the same alleyway later that night, Min-young lifts one of Byung-hoon’s earmuffs to ask what they should do if Arang does like Se-kyung—shouldn’t they reconcentrate their efforts to get them together instead? Then she snaps the headphones back. Hehe.

It’s worth noting that Byung-hoon doesn’t deny the possibility (I’d even venture to say that he already knows that it’s the case) but tells her that teen love is fleeting since emotions are charged by hormones. In other words, Arang will soon forget how he feels about her.

Min-young counters, “Do you really mean that?” Byung-hoon: “Of course I do.” After she leaves, she calls Byung-hoon a liar under her breath.

When Min-young arrives at Master’s restaurant, she’s shocked to find the same gangsters who hustled Byung-hoon for money earlier sitting at the bar. We know that’s they’re just Master’s spies, but Min-young doesn’t.

So she pulls him over to whisper if he owes them money too. He whispers back: “A little.”

Seung-pyo smiles at her concern (“What’s wrong with everyone lately?!”), and he reassures her that it’s not much. But Min-young tells him that borrowing money from loan sharks is a slippery slope, and offers to bring in more customers in order to boost business. Aw.

Min-young runs into Arang outside the agency after dinner. She cautiously asks him if Se-kyung is weighing on his mind. His usually sunny disposition fades ever so slightly before he denies it in his typical happy-go-lucky manner. But dare I say, does the boy doth protest too much?

She replies that it’s a relief if that’s the case but reminds him of something that Byung-hoon once said that words can be extremely powerful. She gives an example of a swoon-worthy statement: “The moment you called my name, I became a flower.”

Then she blurts that Arang can’t feel the same way after he heard Se-kyung’s confession, which basically outs her for having overheard their conversation at the theater.

“So you knew about it too?” Arang smiles. Min-young sheepishly nods. But Arang sticks to his story that he’s unaffected because he heard plenty of those same confessions from his other admirers before.

Min-young slings an arm over Arang’s shoulder as they pass by the van. Then the camera pans over and we see Moo-jin sit up on the roof of the van, having overheard their conversation. He silently watches Hye-ri close up shop at the restaurant.

We get a nice musical interlude when Moo-jin returns to Cyrano a bit later. He stops to look at the puppet theater and ruffles the back of Arang’s hair. Then Byung-hoon tucks the broken marionette into a box.

Meanwhile in the restaurant, Seung-pyo rifles through his pictures from his visit to the high school, smiling at the photos of Min-young. Then he picks out a zoomed in photo of the mural in Arrow Theater. Hmm.

The situation with Ho-yeol has been weighing on Se-kyung’s mind lately, as evidenced in their previous run-in at the alleyway. So Se-kyung furrows her eyebrows in concern when Min-young deliberately sighs that it looks like Ho-yeol will drop out of school.

The lines are enough to prompt Se-kyung to rise from her seat and set off to the teachers lounge where Ho-yeol is already in talks with the principal. Min-young texts Arang that their target is on their way.

There’s no need to worry of course since in actuality, Ho-yeol is there to apologize for causing unnecessary trouble for the school. On cue, he steps out to the corridor and Arang lets out a sigh.

Things continue to go according to plan, and the two students arrive at the theater. Just then Byung-hoon notices an oddity on the monitor—reporters—and rushes out.

Meanwhile, Min-young hurries towards Arrow Theater when she suddenly notices the faded mural on the wall. A voice calls out behind her and she turns around to see a mysterious woman walk towards the wall.

At the same time, Arang runs into the theater to warn Ho-yeol that reporters are at school and on their way here. Ho-yeol runs out.

Se-kyung turns to leave too but Arang grabs her by the wrist to face him. He tells her: “Forgive me. Because I think this might be my last chance.” Omo.

Now it’s his turn to make a confession: “Min Se-kyung, I started to like you.” Before she can register the situation, he kisses her.

So it appears that it wasn’t the reporters that caught Byung-hoon’s attention as he bursts inside the mural room. The mysterious woman turns around (Kim Jung-hwa) and smiles.

Min-young watches carefully as Byung-hoon steps forward and recognizes her: “Yoon Yi-seul.”



Before anything else, I’d like to say: AHHHHHH!! I feel better now, don’t you? Though I expected Arang to own up to his feelings all episode long, his confession still took me by surprise. From a narrative standpoint, it serves a wonderful purpose to bookend the episode as we see the full range of Se-kyung’s emotions (even if we can’t really tell by her expressions) from the hurtful rejection to an one-sided love being returned after all.

And yet, whenever love blossoms, there’s someone else left broken-hearted. I admit that I had a hard time feeling sympathetic towards Ho-yeol’s predicament when were initially introduced to his character. In fact, I feared that his enormous ego would prove a hindrance to the mission at hand and Arang seemed to be the better man by comparison. Because what could an idol wish for than thousands of adoring fans? And to this, I feel that Byung-hoon’s comment was so apropos for this situation: “Nothing else in this world matters when it’s not the one that matters.” Thus, like everyone else, I thought his love for Se-kyung was shallow and baseless and wondered why Byung-hoon chose to take the case. Because we’re not going to believe that he was just in it for the money.

Not only that, I’m honestly surprised to realize that I’m just as bothered with Cyrano’s tactics as Min-young is in these particular scenarios thus far. Though her idealistic arguments have been easily dismissed thus far, she brings up an important point that the agency is toying with the emotions of their matches. What happens when the foundation that you’ve built your relationship on is sustained by a web of fragmented lies created for a fleeting fantasy. In that sense, I’m worried for our very first pairing—how long will it be before the tower of lies come crashing down on them? Additionally, where do you draw the line between drawing two people together and denying someone’s heart to sway them in a different direction?

We’re beginning to see the Cyrano de Bergerac tie-ins to the drama with Arang’s growing feelings towards the girl he’s supposed to set up with his buddy. Yunno, with less of the large nose and more of the mega-watt smile that slays the masses. And though, Arang keeps his feelings at arm’s length and (mostly) hidden from everyone else, I love that when push comes to shove, he’s forthright about his feelings, client be damned.

And even though I know that that means that someone’s heart will be crushed and also possibly means the end to an adorable bromance (I know! *tear*), I want to root for Arang’s happiness no matter what.


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  1. j

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful recaps~
    Love the ending of this episode!~

  2. ilikemangos

    I was an Arang and Se-kyung shipper and jumped out of my seat with that direct confession of love and kiss! eeep

  3. RockPaperScissors

    Thanks, gummi, for the recap.

    Maybe the best love matches will be those that the Cyrano Agency crew makes for themselves.

    • 3.1 ilikemangos


  4. ilikemangos

    I love that they’re exploring more of arang’s character and incorporating him into their couple-of-the-week storyline.
    “I love that when push comes to shove, he’s forthright about his feelings, client be damned.” Yup, arang’s my fav right now.
    Hopefully, in the future, we get more of Moo jin and his story. I like the fleshing out of our side characters.
    I love how min young is always aware of the close proximity between her and byung hoon, while he’s rather oblivious(or just unaffected). I guess we’ll know who falls for who first?

    • 4.1 Miss D

      Hello ilikemangos!

      I really hope you’re right about Moo jin getting more of the spotlight. I feel like right now it’s focused on Arang and then we’ll move to a bigger fish. And I love Moo jin’s interaction with the waitress. Future Cyrano setup? I hope so! Except I’m worried about his lingering look at the agent’s card…

      The last love line they’ll probably takle is Byun hoon’s. I think Min young will fall for him first seem it seems like hell need time to get over his first love.

    • 4.2 Lilian

      Ah yes..I noticed the proximity thing too. He merely just brushed his coat! Hahaha…definitely she will fall first coz she has less baggage while he has a past to forget and move on from.

  5. austriandramalover

    Thanks for the awesome recaps 🙂

    The ending of this episode…. i have to admit I squeed a little bit^^ (ok that’s a big fat lie I squeed A LOT) I didn’t really buy the Se-Kyung – Ho-Yeol couple from the beginning and I am so rooting for Arang right now. I kind of hope that this will be the first failure of the agency though I fear that the drama won’t go there… We’ll have to see.

    I am also dying to know more about Moo-Jin but we’re still early in the drama so there is enough time for that.

    Loving this drama already to no end (as I did with most of the tvn dramas so far) and I can’t wait for Monday to come 🙂

  6. Lala

    I knew something was off when Ah Rang told Ho Yeol that they’ve had a 100% success rate so far. While I am glad he didn’t just sit aside and got the courage to kiss her, I’m worried for Ho Yeol. He may be an idol who was suppose to have a big ego, he actually likes Se Kyung and I know he’ll be hurt if she chooses to be with the one she first fell for. I’m not sure how many episodes Yoon Seo is suppose to be in so I think it’s safe to say that she chooses Ho Yeol instead.
    Master is just so creepy, but I love his interactions with Min Young.

    • 6.1 panshel

      According to wiki, Yoon Seo is only scheduled to cameo in episodes 3-5 (ditto for TaeMin). So my guess is Se Kyung either chooses Ho Yeol or no one.

  7. Emmy

    Thanks for the recap! Loving this show!

    I have a different take on this new pairing, I’m actually alright with the idol-Sekyung relationship. I would have liked Arang/Se-kyung as well, but I felt that Arang should have been direct and come clean about his feelings when Byung-Hoon gave him the chance instead of U-turning when the operation was already under way.

    I don’t feel that the idol’s crush on Se-Kyung is necessarily shallower than say, Se-Kyung’s crush on Arang. It is teen love all the same. Just because Ray is an idol with adoring fans doesn’t make his feelings less genuine.

    That said, I really hate the “I like everything about her” line, or “I don’t have a reason, I just like her”. It irks me because it’s such a unrealistic and odd take on love (of course you fall in love with someone for any number of reasons), but those lines surface in K-dramas ever so often.

    • 7.1 ilikemangos

      Haha, i do agree that that line is so cliche.
      But i do understand that sometimes certain feelings are so grand that it’s rather hard to put into words or pinpoint exactly what you like about someone. Or rather, you find it hard to look for words that best summarizes or describes the love you feel for someone. Even then it doesnt feel enough.
      I think that doesnt really apply though to ho-yeols puppy love, or rather crush(they’re both still young) because they haven’t fallen deeply in love yet. So that line does lose impact. But when i hear it from someone who’s deeply in love, i don’t find it odd at all for them to say “everything”

    • 7.2 Requiem

      Since I’m in the throes of that feeling, I can totally relate.

      It’s like the song, “They Can’t Take That Away From Me.”

      There are many, many crazy things.
      That will keep me loving you.
      And with your permission
      May I list, a few….

      It’s not just one thing about that person, but everything that you like about that person.

      And they really are only a few of all the reasons when you’re caught up in the feelings.

  8. Ace

    Awwww @ Arang…The drama’s episodes feel too short!

    Hopefully, they’ll also shed some light on Moo-jin. Ms. Writer, please don’t forget about him and go FBND’s route of forgetting and set aside one of it’s flower boys *still pissed off*

  9. Elisabeth

    I think I’m the only one that is super excited to see Kim Jung Hwa!!! I ruuuuuv her ^___^ yay!!!!

    • 9.1 anon

      no you’re not alone!!! i love kim jung hwa also… 😀

    • 9.2 mis

      Me too. I’ve loved her since her Nonstop days. Pity she couldn’t make it big.

    • 9.3 kopytko

      I’ve been missing her for ages. I am really glad to see har. Though I must admit I didn’t regognize her at first… blame it on video quality.

  10. 10 snow_white


  11. 11 Sajen

    I was 100% convinced the last episode that The Master was Byung-hoon’s high school friend and that Yi-seul was the girl they both loved only she picked Byung-hoon and had died in an accident which The Master blamed Byung-hoon for and that was the source of their conflict. Now I’m back to square one.

    I hope they wrap up this story in episode 5 and move on to the next client. Because a) I want a client a week formula and b) having a client in high school idol or not is ridiculous, both boys and girls in high school are fickle liking a different member of the opposite sex from one second to the next.

    • 11.1 On a QIHM High

      I think Master and Byung-Hoon’s friend was in a relationship with Yi-Seul and something happened involving Byung-Hoon, Yi-Seul and the friend that caused the friend to commit suicide. I think Master either blames Byung-Hoon or Master knows Byung-Hoon is blaming himself and wants him to get over it.

  12. 12 skwonto

    While I think the show is still cute, I am getting tired of the idol-romance and Byung Hoon’s ENORMOUS chip on his shoulder. I don’t think Min Young ever says anything so stupid that deserves the berating that she gets. I can appreciate that type of humor but I don’t they get it done. It’s not funny.

    • 12.1 mk

      I actually find Min Young really annoying. I like her, but she’s way too nosy at times. Hopefully she and BH will mellow each other out.

    • 12.2 On a QIHM High

      He never says anything overly mean or anything so I don’t really get how he has an enormous chip on his shoulder…
      He tells her that her ideas are idealistic which is true – at times what she says can be quite naive. He kicked her out, yes, but it’s his company and she decided not to follow his instructions and just change everything at the last minute. I would want to fire an employee like that (it’s also the reason why she was fired from the first company). A person can believe what they want but that doesn’t give them reason to disobey their superior’s instructions without consultation (and then expecting they’ll keep working under said superior). A workplace has rules – a system – and cannot function if everybody does what they please. Not only that but Min Young can be pretty annoying as well, questioning him when he makes it clear that he doesn’t want to answer. I can see why he’d be irritated.

      NB: It might seem that I don’t Min Young but that’s not true. I like her idealism and her naivety and her spunkiness because it gives balance. But I think her personality is enough to warrant a bit of annoyance on Byung Hoon’s part without him having a chip on his shoulder.

  13. 13 Calamityjanedo

    Kim Jung Hwa, YIPPEE!

    Loved her in pretty much everything, especially Snow White.

  14. 14 Abbie Terrell

    OMG, this was such a good episode! I feel for Arang. I loved that ending, with him confessing to Se-kyung. I feel bad for Ho-yeol, though. I don’t think he’ insincere, but I do think these kids are too young to know what love is. That’s not to say their feelings are unimportant or any less real than an adults. It’s just that first love is usually not as long lasting as people think. You may always have a special place in your heart for that person, but you will get over it and move on. I think that’s where Byung-hoon’s first love comes in. Yi-seul was obviously very important to him, then and now, but I can see he’s trying to put her behind him and move on. That’s where Min-young comes in. Though I still don’t like them as a romantic pair, because of the actor’s age difference, for the sake of the story, I’ll ignore it. Byun-hoon’s first love sort of mirrors Arang’s. But I wonder, at this point, if Byung-hoon expressed his feelings or not. That could be where the two men differ.

    I’m really intrigued by Moo-jin. He barely talks, but his silence speaks volumes. I really want to get into his backstory. It should be interesting.

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

  15. 15 PatBingSu



  16. 16 mis

    These side stories kind of bore me. I’m more interested in Cyrano’s adults. But this teenagers’ love arc is a bit better than the vet-librarian one.

  17. 17 Pakykul Gunk

    Ah reading your recap and I just want to watch it!
    (ps. I like the movie)

  18. 18 Hannah

    I must be one of the only people that prefers a Se Kyung/Ho Yeol pairing. For me the drama is about getting their clients together…so pairing the agency members off is a little weird. I like Arang but I’m not rooting for any of the members to get with clients haha.

  19. 19 Perrie

    I loved this episode because it reminded me of myself and that high school crush I had that didn’t go so well. Really lovely episode that is definitely catered for the teenage heart 🙂 (minus the whole idol liking with you, more along the lines of rejection and what not, haha)

  20. 20 S.A.

    I loved the episode!<3
    I'm so rooting for arang to get the girl in the end, but I have this horrible feeling that se kyung has already fallen for ho yeol, and arang will be heartbroken in the end:(

  21. 21 KimYoonmi

    I think the confession is part of the plan. They’d do that…

  22. 22 chickenwing

    Thanks gummi. I find that I can recognize your writing before I even see your name. Perhaps its the speed you’re required to release the recaps, I’ve noticed some things over many recaps (including incarnation): sometimes you skip a big detail and zone in to a less important one in a scene, or you capture the detail inaccurately; often it reads like a hurried factual recount with some/no emotion.

    -moo-jin and hye-ri did not exchange silent greetings. Moo-jin entered the restaurant and hye-ri silently greeted him in a flirty way (or perhaps standard aegyo?)- moo-jin just stared back awkwardly.

    -the scene with the idol and his crush in the alley: you focused on the idol when (imo) it should be abt the girl. There was a slight shift in the way she acknowledged his presence, like she was discovering him all over again. The close proximity-kissing distance- probably helped.

  23. 23 panshel

    This show! So many FEELS!! It’s so cute, yet heart-wrenching at the same time. When Ah Rang lamented, “Banjun. I thought she hated me,” I practically screamed, “You regret it now, dontcha!?” I was desperately hoping one of the team members would secretly help Ah Rang win Se Kyung’s heart. Byung Hoon, being the love expert he is, must have immediately seen through Ah Rang’s true feelings. On the other hand, it would have been extra sweet if Min Young had betrayed the team (again), since she strongly believes in true love and cares for Ah Rang. But Moo Jin!? My bromance!! <3 I bet Moo Jin was the one who called Yi Seul out. His long glances at the marionettes, paired with his knowledge that Byung Hoon would abandon the mission as soon as he saw Yi Seul. Because would Ah Rang really confess if Byung Hoon were supervising?

    I love the tie-in with why Se Kyung was staring out the window and the band-aid from her point of view (pure annoyance). Doesn't Min Young realize the double-edged sword every time she mentions to Se Kyung how sad it is to like someone but not to be liked back? Erm, Ho Yeol is not the only person who confessed his feelings; Se Kyung is mending a broken heart, too.

  24. 24 anna

    That Arang actor really reminds me of Yoon Shi Yoon sometimes.

    • 24.1 ys

      Did you see him as Hyun Woo in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop? His role was just as small then as it is now (so far). He’s still a little wooden in his performance, but that seems to fit both Hyun Woo and Arang. In any case, he’s adorable.

  25. 25 CutiieAngiie

    Thanks for your recaps 😀
    I am always impatient to read them and so, I had to check the site every hour to see if you posted them or not !
    But I am really surprised that you didn’t talk about what, I consider one of the most beautiful scene of the episode even the show (maybe because I’m replaying it again and again –‘)
    It is when Moo Jin enters the theatre after having overheard the conversation between Min Young and Ah Rang. He first saw that one marrionnette is missing and he knows that something changed, something which will affect everyone. Then, we saw him watching Byung Hoon telling Min Young off but she doesn’t talk back and seems submissive. He came closer to Ah Rang and grabs his neck in affection (he did the same to Min Young to check if she was alright. I guess he is a touchy silent) And then, he turned around and we have Byung Hoon coming closer to Min Young but with the difference that she doesn’t back away, her body language suggests that she doesn’t mind the proximity and kind of fell in the charm. The same for him. And with that sound effect … It is just mind-blowing. Moreover, we follow Moo Jin and saw, despite being silent or whatever, he witnesses everything, he is part of the audience. I think the beauty of that scene is the directing and writing because with a few words but lot of movements, you can say everything about what has changed and what will happen in the future ;D I am saying things right ? –‘

    • 25.1 jkay

      but gummimochi mentioned it? (thanks for the recaps, btw! :D)

      But yeah, I agree that the scene was so well done. My favorite scene of the episode too! There’s no dialogue but it speaks so much. I also love how Byunhoon asked Arang’s permission to go to the next stage, Minyoung sling her arm over Arang like a noona would, and then Moojin ruffles Arang’s hair. They look like a family more than co-workers.

      These scenes made me realized how much I’m rooting for more Cyrano agents group dynamics development. I hope the show will deliver more of that.

      • 25.1.1 CutiieAngiie

        I thought that it would have been explained more in details with more comments because that scene let me with so much emotions that I thought everyone felt the same XD.

        Yeah, I consider the Agency as one big family too but with the difference that I see Min Young and Byung Hoon as the parents and Moo Jin and Ah Rang as the children lol.

        I think the show is very effective in the sense that as a viewer, you tend to be as interested and even more in the agents than the clients’ lovestory.

  26. 26 jj

    woahh..i actually have a total opposite opinion..i feel that arang’s feeling toward sekyung is the one that is shallow and baseless.. well,,i like arang very much (he’s sooo cute >.> start giving attention to her >> feel alert to how she doesn’t have any interest in him >> her cold but warm treatment of his small injury + direct minor touch/skinship >> totally fall in love..oo sweet <3

    • 26.1 jj

      please ignore this comment,, some words was eaten up..i don’t know why -.-“

  27. 27 jj

    woahh..i actually have a total opposite opinion..i feel that arang’s feeling toward sekyung is the one that is shallow and baseless.. well,,i like arang very much (he’s sooo cute >.<),,but i totally don't understand how he loves sekyung when he didn't seem like he care any less about her before she confessed. while for ho yeol,, it is clear how he loves sekyung so much that he even risked his idol image (even if it is staged). how he fell for her is also finely defined, from feeling guilty for almost hurting her – start giving attention to her – feel alert to how she doesn’t have any interest in him – her cold but warm treatment of his small injury + direct minor touch/skinship – totally fall in love..oo sweet <3

  28. 28 Star

    It’s not that I’m specifically rooting or shipping for them, but I prefer the Heoyeol and Sekyung couple more. This is only because I thought that Arang’s emotions to her were very unclear and confusing. Is it true that when you confess to someone they will end up falling for you? Even though it was obvious how much she liked him, I would like it if she ends up with Heoyeol because it would be nice if we get to view a love produced from Sekyung’s feelings of annoyance towards him. Sekyung didn’t quite favor Heoyeol but she began to due to Cyrano Agency, and it’s more interesting to see her love develop for him than seeing Arang’s feelings for her start to stir.
    It’s also too early in the story for Arang’s love to appear (if she ever does) because usually all the Agency’s loves will be sorted at the end according to a typical drama. Plus Lee Kwang Soo is going to star in ep 6 so I highly doubt that Arang and Sekyung couple will end up together. I would’ve actually preferred another girl for Arang, someone that doesn’t know him at all but they begin to like each other without knowing it.

  29. 29 ys

    “The moment you called my name, I became a flower.”

    “Nothing else in this world matters when it’s not the one that matters.”

    Squee, swoon and sigh.

  30. 30 Angela

    For me, I’m more interested in the Master and Byung Hoon background story and how it all relates. And ofc with Min Young thrown in there for good measure because I love the chemistry she has with Byung Hoon. I’m still watching on how that all unravels. I’m a ByungHoon and Min Young shipper but I don’t know if they’ll really go for it considering the age gap between the two…

  31. 31 Picaru

    I still think that at episode 5..Ahrang will gonna do something that will break Sekyung’s heart… then that will leads for her to run to Heoyeol… then the job is done…

    at the end it seems that Ahrang just used Sekyung’s feelings for him… but the truth is, he really do have feelings for her but choose to sacrifice it because, well, the job must be done…

  32. 32 Izzy

    Thanks so much for the recap! I am definitely rooting for Se-kyung and Arang! I think they are the cutest, but does anyone know that english song that keeps popping up? It played a few times before, and in in this episode when Ho-yeol and Se-kyung held hands and slo-mo ran away from the fangirls? Much appreciated! 🙂

  33. 33 FLTP

    Ohh Is there anybody feel sad like me? Cuz when I continued to watch ep.6 and I found that Arang and Sekyung loved each other at the end when she said ” I was right about liking you”.. So she changed her mind and said that she loved him… And obviously they’d end up together happily while Ray was waiting or something?… And that makes me feel pity and so sad with Ray cuz at first I thouht it’d end like he and she fell for each other at the end but it’s not though.. ToT haha
    PS. Anyway, it’s just a drama right? haha I think it’d very goood if I could watch a movie about you Taemin! Cuz I LOVE U very much! XD Hope you’ll appear and play as the main role in one soon! ^3^ 😉

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