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Go Ara and Yoo Yeon-seok headline Answer Me 1994 cast
by | June 21, 2013 | 111 Comments

Finally, some movement on Answer Me 1994, otherwise known as the follow-up drama to last year’s huge cable hit Answer Me 1997. Casting is in full swing with offers out to Go Ara (Heading to the Ground) and Yoo Yeon-seok (Gu Family Book) to star. But here’s my question: Are you still going to insist on going with Basketballopalooza, or have we learned from our mistakes?

It seems they have, because everyone’s back to calling it Answer Me 1994 for now. What I’m most excited about is that the drama will be set on a college campus, which YAY. Why don’t people make college dramas anymore? Where are the Neukkims of dramaland? What’s great about it is that college dramas were all the rage in 1994, so making one now set in that era seems like the perfect pop culture homage that the 1997 team is so good at.

Jung-woo, aka You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin’s Bread Man, and movie actor Kim Sung-kyun (Covertly Grandly) will round out the leading foursome. Along with Yoo Yeon-seok, they’ll be three boys from Kyungsangdo who room together at a boarding house while attending a university in Seoul.

Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa (1997’s awesome Mom and Dad pair) run the boarding house where the boys live, and Go Ara will play their daughter. Cute. So basically, it’s like the sitcom Three Men Three Women, crossed with Neukkim/Feelings and Answer Me 1997. All things I love.

It’s been a while since Go Ara has done a drama (since 2009’s Heading to the Ground and 2008’s Who Are You), but she can be good depending on the role. I see her fitting a bygone-era youth drama with no problem, and as long as her character’s got spunk, which is thankfully almost a given with this writer, I think we’re good. Yoo Yeon-seok has been great in a streak of high-profile, popular projects, from Introduction to Architecture to A Werewolf Boy, and despite his character going nowhere in Gu Family Book, he’s been good in the role. Bread Man Jin-wook is just awesome, so I can’t wait for more hilarity from him.

I had my worries, but the project seems to be shaping up okay. I don’t know that it can recreate the lightning in a bottle that was 1997, but as a cute campus comedy it sounds promising. The cast still has to finalize and sign on the dotted line, but according to the PD, it sounds like they’re a lock.

Answer Me 1994 starts shooting in July for a September broadcast on tvN.

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111 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Sounds interesting, and the casting seems good. So many dramas, so little time…

      • 1.1.1 erened

        Actually, the casting worries me. No offense to SM fans, but Go Ara hasn’t shown that she can handle a project of this caliber. She like a lot of SM “actors” (minus their latest acquisitions) are so preoccupied with their image, it leads to lack of charisma and blandness on screen.

        Can she act the spunky, middle class role. It seems she only does well in one type of role. I don’t know this casting announcement just dampened my excitement for the drama.

        Since, one of their (SM) idol is helping kill the Flower Boy Series on TVN, maybe this addition will also put the death knell on the Answer Me Series. *Shrugs*

        • Jenny

          I agree, that’s what worries me.
          She seems really charming but she’s not a very good actress, I’ve only seen her be good in one role and there she was okay.
          They could have given the chance to a unknown actress .

          I think Sooyoung is a decent actress compared to the others in her group. She’s charming and likeable.

          • lu

            Hum no. Go Ara and Sooyong are at the same level to be honest.

            Go Ara was good on ”who are you”

            she cried well, did her role well and I could connect with her.

            For a SM actor she is really good than others.

            But now we can’t even talk bad about SM actors because SM made A list actors go to SM.

        • manquant

          I don’t think Sooyoung’s doing a bad role in Dating Agency : Cyrano btw~

          • Jo

            Yea. I really like Cyrano and Sooyoung. This time, I think your critiques are more about SM than about the actress.

          • erened

            Don’t get me wrong, I am not putting all the blame on her, because there is enough faults to go around. So while she is not a big negative, she is not a big positive either. Which goes back again to SM actors being very bland on screen.

        • pogo

          oh I don’t think I agree with you about Sooyoung, she’s a surprisingly good/fairly natural actress, none of her idol persona leaks through at all and she’s doing a great job of making a potentially VERY annoying character likeable.

          Though Cyrano, I do agree, lacks the same heart and emotional connection that got me in SUFBB and FBND – it’s fun and I like our setup and format, but I won’t revisit it once it’s done, or wait breathlessly for new episodes while it’s still on.

        • bernie

          I agree about Ara. I like her well enough, but I don’t think she’s the greatest actress in the world.. though she hasn’t been in anything in almost four years now, so I’ll reserve judgement until I can see whether she’s improved or not in that time. I don’t agree about Sooyoung, though. She’s not going to be winning (legit) acting awards (some are really just popularity contests) but I think she’s holding her own. Cyrano not being as good as the other Flower Boy installments (in my opinion, anyway) isn’t just because of Sooyoung.

          • kstalls

            It’s funny how we all justify SM (and other companies) idol’s acting as “not as bad as X or B” because in that comment alone, we are pretty much saying – she sucks, but there is worse”. It shouldn’t be like that. Because there is better, talented, and currently unemployed A & B list actresses that can and would play the role more competently than idols. Don’t get me wrong, Cyrano is hitting all the right spots with me right now and I think Sooyoung brings a little fluffiness to the character that I wasn’t expecting but either way – imagine how much better it could have been and how much better other dramas could have been if they weren’t using idols. (DISCLAIMER: Suzy has my heart and soul in Gu Family Book) The problem lies in auditioning or more over, the lack of auditioning. If an idol could beat other actresses in terms of her (OR HIS) acting skills or manage to portray the character better, then that’s great! Bring on the idol drama, BUT when the actress is just a pretty face relaying the script, we can’t help question the authenticity of her audition somehow being better than others.

        • Kate

          I actually disagree about Sooyoung butchering Cyrano Agency. I admit I’m a big SNSD fan but I have common sense, too, and I don’t blindly watch any drama the girls are on. I CANNOT stand Jessica’s acting and neither am I a fan of Yuri or Yoona’s acting. I never even finished any of Yoona’s dramas because I just don’t find her convincing or appealing enough as an actress (she is way awkward at times). But I have to say that Sooyoung’s actually not bad at all. I find her believable, but I guess I’m in the minority.

      • 1.1.2 tangledfracture

        hmmn. havent really watched Go Ara in action (or maybe i have but she didn’t stick)… but i could say that having YYS oppa on board is AWESOME! 🙂 i love him in GFB and watching him again would be priceless 😉

      • 1.1.3 florance

        I don´t want to be offensive, but it kind of irritates me that Ivoire is constantly posting “Thanks” first and only after that a comment follows or sometimes not. It´s like she is doing the “First!” thing with “Thanks!”.

        Yeah, but I will watch this drama for sure.

  2. Miky

    Yeyyyyyyyy for the college dramas,seen t many highscool ones already 😀

  3. p3rk3le

    sounds pretty awesome!!! I’m so glad!! And finally college dramas!! I missed them. kdrama/jdrama-land has forgotten about them (well Love rain kinda went there but…). so YAY~

  4. Sponge

    Finally more news about reply 1994, and i like go ara and hope this will be a good drama 😀 i shall be waiting expectantly yay

  5. m92

    i think goo ara is good and nice to see her here…she need to has a hit drama to avoid her getting attach with bad acting skill because of her company,SM!!

  6. Andrea

    Yes! A college drama! (This is why these news are exciting, while on the other hand, thinking of “Heirs” doesn’t excite me as much… It should be *at least* set in college. Meh.)

    Back to Answer Me…
    I’m looking forward to it, I trust completely the production team behind it. AM97 is one of my favorite dramas from last year. September, please come quickly!

  7. starlol

    It should be okay as long as SM isn’t involve much in the production.

  8. Carmensitta

    Should I worry that Tvn is starting to use this many SM idols? I haven’t watched Cryano yet but everyone here says SooYoung(hope I got the name right) is good in the role, so I’m happy for her. I really hope GoAra is going to do well. Tvn has proved that they can differentiate between idols that can act and the one’s that can’t so far so I won’t be too worried for now.

    • 8.1 Kiara

      Is Go Ara considered an idol?. Goo Ha-ra the idol is painful to watch so I’m glad its Ara and not her.

      • 8.1.1 little bus tayo

        Probably acting idol? Like how Ikuta Toma is in Johnny’s.

        • Kiara

          Thanks, I’m not really familiar with K-pop idols because I don’t listen to any of their music.

          • maldita

            Go Ara’s not an idol. She’s an actress who just comes from a big company so famous for its idols.

        • maldita

          She’s always been an actress, though, and never associated dabbled in singing with the rest of SM like Lee Yeonhee has.

    • 8.2 Pfffft

      No that sooyoung girl isnt doing GOOD. She’s borderline serviceable. but NOT good.

      • 8.2.1 pogo

        She’s no Park Shin-hye, but she’s miles and miles ahead of her bandmates in the acting department.

        And maybe my standards are just lowered after being scarred by Suzy in Gu Family Book (seriously, she’s so blank when doing anything that doesn’t require her to smile cutely), but if JB and GF consider her ‘serviceable’ then Sooyoung definitely qualifies as good. Not great, but decent enough that I won’t feel apprehensive once I hear she’s been cast in a drama.

        • alisa

          Lol at Park Shin Hye being good actress! She is as mediocre as any idol , people who think she is a good actress should come out of their delusion!

          • pogo

            ……this observation might be valid if you hadn’t seen any of her work after Goong S, but if you’re referring to anything she did after 2007, you are probably the one who’s deluded.

          • womanofsteel

            I’m sorry but do you mean that if one thinks that she’s a good actress then that person is deluded? She might not be an award winning actress but she’s definitely not mediocre.

          • haha

            That’s why she is one of the most popular if not more popular and demanded actress in her age.
            That’s why many PD and writer want her
            Not sure who is the delusional one here. Even GF, or Koala from the other blog are praising her heartfelt acting

          • norah

            PDs and writers also want Han Ga In , Kim Tae Hee ,Yoona,Suzy,Shin Se Kyung etc.

            Doesn`t mean they are good actresses. She is wanted based on her popularity not based on her acting talent! She is no different than idols tbh.

          • Jackie

            haha same. Park Shin Hye is one terrible actress

          • nomad

            Personally I like PSH. I can always connect with her acting. It’s her kissing that is a *meh*.

          • Taber

            I agree she on the top 5 worst actress, but I think Go Ara comes in at #1.

          • kstalls

            She plays her roles so well! Are you serious? If you watch all her work, you can see how versatile her acting is! Everyone says her kissing scenes suck but everyone should realise that she was told to do the scene that way and she can actually kiss maturely as clearly shown in Flower Boy Next Door. If she was cast in a steamy and risque role, I am completely assured she would once again change to fit the criteria. Over the years, her characters have been typecast but differentiate between the acting and the character. She plays the character to the T – mind the colloquialism but that is really the only way to encapsulate her acting finesse.

            I might be a big fan.

          • Jenn

            Yes she was absolutely terrible in You’re Beautiful. After that, I cannot tolerate watching her “act”.

    • 8.3 meademoiselle

      Someone lied to you, Soo Young is not doing good. Cyrano is not doing well at all compared to the other Flower Boy Series.

      You raise a good question about SM worming their way into the Cable world, now that broadcast stations are getting stale and have been burnt by way too many poorly performing SM idols – that Japanese high school remake that everyone would like to forget (it was supposed to be SM’s Dream High), Yunho (lol, no comment), Yoona (Love Rain), Jessica (search Jessica seizure scene on YT and you will get why), Yuri (Fashion King), Soo Young (see above), Lee Yeon Hee (too many), Changmin (Paradise Ranch) etc. I think you get the picture, lol.

      • 8.3.1 chocopie83

        most of sm actors did flop.. but can’t generalise them. siwon did okay in king of dramas, then heechul in golden bride was great too, in fact i think many people were moved by his storyline there.. shinhwa’s eric was also from sm, haven’t watched any of his dramas, but heard he had been doing great too..

        • tangledfracture

          i agree most of sm have flop dramas *cough*Paradise Ranch*cough* if ever they rate well its the popularity of the idol that has put them there. but based on storyline and acting department, they have a lot to improve on. I am a BIG SM fan when it comes to kpop but when it comes to dramas… PLEASE DON’T MESS WITH ME. I’ll drop kpop in an instant for a kdrama.

          i havent finished king of dramas but i think siwon did pretty well in that drama than in Oh My Lady (im gonna base his acting here since i havent watched Poseidon)…

      • 8.3.2 pogo

        It’s not just SM idols who are terrible at acting – the worst two I’ve ever seen were managed by JYP, and are still getting acting jobs that are far beyond their (extremely limited) abilities.

        As for the idols you mentioned, Yoona is somewhat insipid but can be bearable/decent with the right costar, Sulli is completely insipid and has no business getting lead roles in anything, Changmin should also just stick to the day job/variety, Lee Yeon-hee was surprisingly decent in Gu Family Book (not perfect, but at least she managed to emote far more convincingly than the actual lead girl), and Sooyoung’s actually the best of the lot you mentioned.

        Basically,not all idols are non-actors but agencies have GOT to get better at weeding out the ones who have no talent for it and steering them towards something other than acting. I’m not willing to suffer through another show saddled with the wooden presence of Taecyeon, please no.

    • 8.4 JoAnne

      I don’t know Soo Young at all as a singer, but either she’s just being herself on this show (and not overacting or being stiff) or she’s not being herself on this show (still not overacting, still not stiff) – either way she’s conveying what is necessary for me to like and support the character. Ergo, she’s doing a good job. If you didn’t tell me she was a singer, I wouldn’t know it.

  9. Ace

    Yay! I have no objections to Go Ara. She’s one of the few SM artists that’s either great or serviceable. Personally, I think she’s better than Lee Yeon-hee.

    ^^comment – I don’t think Soo-young is killing tvN’s FB series. For me, it all depends on the writer. As long as the script is consistently good, then the drama’s fine. If the writer falters like what happened in FBND, then that’s when it’s not good. I trust the people behind AM1997 as long as they keep it sweet and short and not lengthy (like Nine – which was fine too, just a bit prolonged).

  10. 10 botbot

    ohh Go Ara, you’ve scarred me with your blank expressions

  11. 11 Cass.e

    Go Ara and LHY (Gu Family) as well as SNSD are all from SIM but I don’t know why Go Ara never act in K-drama particularly in the big 3 stations for a very long time. LHY and SNSD girls actively doing drama but not her. She only did movie. Is she not that good enough or she plan not to act in a drama.

    I kindda like her during her teen drama years and her acting was OK for me.

    I’m just glad that I will see her again in a drama.

  12. 12 i love tae seo with yeo wool LOL

    Yoo yeon seok waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  13. 13 snow_white

    Yay for a college campus 🙂
    I’m really looking forward to this now!!

  14. 14 i love tae seo with yeo wool LOL

    *calm* okay. Yes!!! for Go Ara. asdfghjkl yoo yeon seok!!!!!!!

    For those who have been following Guga, just have to say that Tae Seo looks way better with Yeo wool. Kthanksbye!

    • 14.1 jiabu

      Hahahaha, omg this comment. But yeah, I’m so sad that his character never got juicy stuff to do, he’s awesome.

  15. 15 observantzani

    I knew Yoo Yeon-seok would get a leading role soon! I also like him Gu Family Book.

    Hmmmm, so what’s happening to tvN’s Basketball? Isn’t that also airing on September? Or will Answer Me 1994 be pushed back so it can have more preparation?

    • 15.1 Ace

      Basketball(?) is Answer Me 1994

      • 15.1.1 Noemi

        I think observantzani’s referring to this Basketball… http://www.dramabeans.com/2013/05/basketball-period-drama-to-air-on-tvn/
        And I was wondering the same thing! As much as I’m looking forward to Answer Me 1994, I’m excited to see Basketball, too. Hopefully neither one would be pushed back too far!

      • 15.1.2 jiabu

        I think observanzani is referring to Kwak Jung-Hwan’s Basketball (빠스껫볼)…

        • Kiara

          Aye the 1930s/40s period drama.

        • Ace

          Oh yeah! Forgot about that one. *pencils it in my calendar* Thanks and sorry! 😉

    • 15.2 hellothere

      They’ll probably both air in September, but in different timeslots. I’m excited for both, they sound good.

  16. 16 avarachika

    No, go ara shouldn’t pick this show. Usually a second instalment fails if the original cast aren’t casted. I’ve missed her, she should pick a different project instead. Also, I’m not so fond of the lead guy. Pick a different one.

    • 16.1 bernie

      you’re right, they should make the entire drama production based on your opinions. lol :p

    • 16.2 bd

      Usually it’s b/c the 1st installment didn’t have really good writing either and was cast-driven.

      Otoh, 2nd installments of series with talented writers/PDs such as “I Need Romance” are sometimes better.

  17. 17 Jenny

    Nice that it’s a college drama for a change.
    The only thing I’m not excited is Go Ara, she’s seriously the weakest link. She’s sometimes borderline decent but she’s not a very good actress.
    Why couldn’t they have given the chance to a unknown actress instead.

  18. 18 Daisy

    A bit disappointed its Go Ara was hoping it would be a fresh face! But all well still watching this!

  19. 19 Alyyy

    I thought they were going to pick young inexperienced actors for the main roles, like they did for the original Answer me 1997. For me that was part of the charm!

    The more I hear about this “Answer me 1994” the lower my expectations get. I really really hope they prove me wrong and it turns out to be an amazing drama.

    And I agree that there should be more college dramas! I’m sick of teenage love stories, I want to see young adults! Plus, they usually pick actors in their 20s to play teenagers… so they might as well make the characters adults too.

    • 19.1 pigtookie

      “For me that was part of the charm!”

      Yes, I liked going in with no expectations of their abilities or past dramas. I’d seen none of the main cast act before, besides the parents.

  20. 20 aulia

    Reading this post makes me scared. Suddenly I lost my interest in this project. I do adore Answer97’s writer but picking Go Ara as leading role is, I lost my words. I’m sorry.

  21. 21 dduk

    AHHH! Yoo Yeon-seok and Jung-Woo (BreadMANNNN!)
    OMGAH. I am excited!
    less excited about Go Ara though… she def. is the weakest link out of the cast.
    hope she can do well with the role.

  22. 22 pigtookie

    i like this setup! i’m kind of wary of go ara as i was hoping they’d cast more of the lesser known names. i don’t know her limits and have heard to be cautious, but the team who helmed AM1997 were able to deliver while working with the weakness of rookies and idols (though not bad ones at that) so it shouldn’t be that bad.

  23. 23 Kit

    I’m kind of hoping this is the role that will surprise everyone at how winning go ara can be. It does happen really late into a career!!!!!!! …… sometimes …… I feel like this is one of the dramas where the writing will carry the acting and can’t help but be cute. Campus romance and boarding hijinks??? PLEASE LET THIS BE GOOD.

  24. 24 janice k

    B1A4’s Baro, Tiny-G DoHee and actor So Ho Joon also joins this drama.

  25. 25 Trina

    I am sorry. but another SM idol. I have not seen Go ara movies but to know it is from SM. I think that I will pass on this drama. I was hoping newcomer actress instead. I think I will watch the Basketball drama instead.

    • 25.1 norah

      Whats the difference if it`s a SM idol or any other idol?

      They all suck , there is like four idols ( is Yoochun considered idol?) i can think of that are passable, everybody else should quit!

    • 25.2 hellothere

      Go Ara’s not an idol. She’s an actress signed to SM.

    • 25.3 maldita

      She’s not an idol. She’s an actress and always has been. And SM is in no way connected to the drama apart from Ara being from SM, so I really don’t understand why you’re so turned off by it.

  26. 26 little bus tayo

    I like Go Ara but unfortunately people who can contribute to the ratings; dont. Their dislike for SM got worse when the company got some of the country’s best celebrites.

  27. 27 Lilian

    Is the casting confirmed? anywhere I think the story is more important. Answer 1997 kept me hooked throughout!

  28. 28 Farhana

    Wow I hadn’t noticed that college dramas are more or less non-existant. I hope it sets off a new trend for college dramas! 🙂

    I’m looking forward to this one! I haven’t seen Go Ara in anything since Heading to the Ground and even then I don’t particularly remember her!

  29. 29 crazedlu

    Nooooo. Go Ara? Not excited for her. But Bread Man?!! That, I am excited for. Glad he’s getting bigger roles. I’ll see if I check this one out now.

  30. 30 hellothere

    I think people are kinda forgetting that alot of AM1997 was made up of idols, or people who were known primarily as singers, but the PD managed to get the best out of them despite their inexperience. They worked really well together as a cast. And since this is a sequel and expectations are high after the successful first outing, I’m sure they took even more care with the casting this time round. Apparently they’ve had months of auditions to cast these roles so I’m feeling optimistic that this will be awesome.

    Plot sounds like lots of fun, I like the leads, both have potential to be good. Yay for the parents returning! And Bread Man is just an added awesome bonus, that guy is hilarious. Thank god it’s a college campus show, really sick of high school drama tbh. It’s time we mature a bit. September come faster, I need this and Basketball in my life already.

    • 30.1 hapacalgirl

      Thats true but their previous projects and their projects after AM1997 have shown that Eunji and Seo In Gook have natural acting ability so it was a mix of a a good drama team lucking out with idols that could actually act. But Go Ara has proven time and time again that she is a bland actress with little improvement over the years. I just hope with that many years out of dramas she took some much needed acting lessons. The camera loves her but its really hard to connect to any character she plays .

  31. 31 Bellamafia

    Answer me 1994 means they were in college in 1994, right? So, their age right now (2013) suppose to be around late 30s, correct?

  32. 32 lolipop

    me too think Ara can be good depends on what role were given to her. i think she’s the same stage as PSH. serviceable, so-so but not that bad. personally i think she’s a lot better than Shin Se Kyung.

    not all SM artist are bad in acting. (but u cant deny it most of them are). As for Soo Young, she’s not that good. it just happen her role in Cyrano Agency is not that heavy. Yoona can do a good job with that role too. and I cant even understand how Changmin can win an acting award in Japan (idk its true or not, my friend told me). even a 3 year old kid can say Yunho act better than Changmin.

    i dont think suzy is a superb actress. i cant feel the emotion she supposed to deliver. at certain moment i found UEE can give better face expression than Suzy.

    and as for the drama, I really enjoy answer me 1997 back then. but usually to have a successful second installment, a drama must have a solid acting, a very good script and an interesting plot. lets just hope AM1994 wont disappoint us.

    • 32.1 haha

      lmao I like Go Ara but she and PSH is not at the same level, not in acting or popularity

    • 32.2 Naomi001

      Honestly PHS >>>>>>>>>> Go Ara

      I only Yunho’s foot acting, but u say Changmin is worst than him O.O, he must be horrible then, if what u say is true.

      Suzy’s acting isn’t great, but she is young and can improve, I wish she take more challenging roles.

      • 32.2.1 bigooo

        have you bothered watching Yunho’s drama Yawang before criticizing him like this..becuz the lot of you are sounding like a bunch of idiots attacking him right now. even drama critics praised his performance on Yawang and are now saying that if he continues to improve the way he did with Yawang then he has a shot at being one of the best idol actors

    • 32.3 Hana

      Out of curiosity, have you watched Changmin’s Japan film? I mean, I love him as an idol, but I definitely hated Paradise Ranch – I cringed my way through fastforwarding that drama and promptly attempted to forget it existed because his acting was quite awful. However, I did watch his Japanese film (“Fly With the Gold”) and while I cannot call him a great actor, I can definitely say it was a more than decent effort. As the Japan award he won was a critics – and not a popularity – award…he did improve without a doubt, and put a lot of work into doing so. Just because it wasn’t in Korean media, doesn’t mean he didn’t do it.

  33. 33 Maricel

    Really?!!! You think that Park ShIn Hye is serviceable?…how so? She is really good, especially when it comes to showing emotions. Even when not all of her projects has been good, she has managed to deliver scenes excellently, not just in good dramas like fbnd, but also in those mediocre like heartstrings. No wonder she is so famous now, she is a professional actress and not an idol, don’t compare her to them.

    • 33.1 haha

      yeah a lot of people praising her how she was able to covert all the emotion in her eyes without words
      not a lot actors her age can do that, don’t even mention idols here

    • 33.2 liz

      PSH is good to show some emotions on her eyes, however, ”dramatic crying” feels forced on her. IDK, for me she can’t do crying scenes that well. Not when it isn’t the ”stand there, let one drop fell on her face” crying scene.

      Her kisses scenes are also not good, this is also acting, it seems she can’t connect with her leading mean – not physically, it is always awkward to watch her romance scenes..

      She also seems to not have good chemistry with her leading men, it is so weird, at first seems they’ll be good but then the chemistry is gone and meh.

      PSH also has this bad habit of pouting all the time.

      I think she is a decent actress, but saying she is amazing is a bit too much.

      Even suzy can kiss better than her!

    • 33.3 lolipop

      no offence but the reason i said PSH is serviceable because she doesn’t reach my expectation. compare to Ara, PSH has tons of drama under her belt. i just expecting she improved a lot with all the experience but her acting is still the same. she’s very far from reaching A-list actress. i dare say child actress kim yoo jung and kim soo hyun is a lot better than PSH and Ara. just my opinion though, dont get mad PSH fans

      • 33.3.1 lol

        i don’t know if its me but some shin hye fans are juz so defensive aren’t they? i’m not saying that its bad to defend her but can you “the fans” can take criticism? people view things in different way – i mean to you fans u think she’s that good but to others think she’s mediocre seriously, can u accept that and chill?

        • bd

          Eh, take any popular “actor/actress” and dare to say that they are somewhat lacking in skills and the fanbots start with the personal attacks.

          There are a no. of actresses I really like, but I can readily admit that they haven’t done the best work (tho every now and then, they can surprise with the right project, writer and PD).

          Anyway, haven’t seen Ara in anything, but have heard about the criticisms of her acting.

          But let’s give Ara a chance, after all, LYH had been roundly criticized for her “wooden” acting and she did a pretty good job in “Gu” – and besides, it’s been some time since Ara has appeared in a drama so she may have improved her skills.

          Not real familiar with the acting of any of the 4 presumed leads but with Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa back as the owners of the boarding house/parents of Ara’s character – I’m definitely going to give this a shot (hopefully the writer gives them equally memorable characters to work with this time as well).

  34. 34 Melmax

    Oh my, let’s wait for the drama, I’d like to see it…

  35. 35 lu

    Reply 1994 was the original idea of the writer, she wanted to do it before reply 1997, but they used 1997 because of hot era and etc.

    Now that things did well, she is going to use her original idea this time around.

    I’m saying this before people say ”But the first one is better” ”the original is better” but 1997 was never the original from the writer.

    Of course the cast and its chemistry change it all, but just saying.

  36. 36 liz

    Hey guys, I don’t know if you know but SM does have good actors.

    Some actors that signed with them:

    Jang Dong Gun
    Kim Ha Neul,
    Kim Min Jong
    Kim Soo Roo
    Han Ji Min
    Lee Soo Geun

    Well, but it is a part of SM called Sm-CampC

    LOL where the good actors are at.

    hope SM use those actors more than their idols actors.

    I fear these actors get in bad projects after joining SM…

    • 36.1 quad

      Those guys are in “SM” because their agencies merged with SM. I have a feeling, once their contracts end, most of them will not be re-signing with SM.

      Seeing as how SM is slowly killing whatever is left of Kang Ho Dong’s career

    • 36.2 BlueStars

      I don’t count those actors because SM C&C is a subsidiary of SME and SME only acquired those actors through their subsidiary by merging with another company. On the other hand, Go Ara is actually under SME.

  37. 37 garnetcess

    im glad Baro’s here but i wanted B.A.P’s DaeHyun to be here too

  38. 38 Abbie

    Answer Me 1997 was so good, I hope this drama is just as good. I’m most excited about Jung-woo being in it. I love him as Bread Man Jin-wook, and I hope he’s amazing in this. I’m sure he will be, too. Looking forward to this.

  39. 39 xclo

    i like go ara so looking forward to this.

  40. 40 xclo

    just realized, the main guy is the evil dude in werewolf boy? D:…

    • 40.1 liz

      yeah the one who rapes suzy’s character

      I still can’t get over how the main guy DIDN’T stop the guy when he knew she was dead drunk and the guy would take advantage of her… made me so angry

      • 40.1.1 xclo

        lol he played that character too?
        he also tried to rape park bo young’s character in a werewolf boy. o__O

  41. 41 Sajen

    I’ll watch because Answer Me 1997 was so awesome but I don’t like Go Ara, she can’t act and she’s always got this smirk on her face, also I’m probably the only person in the universe that doesn’t find her attractive at all.

  42. 42 BlueStars

    I wish that they picked more unknowns/less well known actors, but I love Bread man. I really hope that they picked these actors because they fit the roles well and not because of who they actually are. Anyways, I have zero expectations because it has yet to be proven that a good sequel to a Korean drama can be produced. Sequels to K-dramas (Dream High 2, Goong S, etc.) in the past have been awful and have performed poorly ratings wise as well.

  43. 43 Mimi

    from Answer me 1997 to Answer me 1994
    well it sounds cool , I’m excited ~~

  44. 44 Mar

    Yes to the college setting, but totally not interested in this casting. Yawn.

  45. 45 Jaysleen

    College Setting! Yoo Yeon-seok! Woohoooo.. cant wait for it

  46. 46 sera

    Go ara did pretty well though in karei naru spy. haha..i like her since then and somewhat believe that she can actually be improved. ^^

  47. 47 lovin it

    sung dong il sung dong il sung dong il 🙂

  48. 48 AM94 FutureFan

    Ara is being criticized a lot here… haha. I think that she’s really pretty and a very good actress, and look forward to this drama starting in September. It’s going to be a good autumn this year – To everyone in the cast and crew of “1994”, fighting!!!

    Oh, and the fact that this drama is about basketball – is truly epic.

  49. 49 vivi

    ara is doing pretty awesome in this series

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