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I Hear Your Voice: Episode 8
by | June 27, 2013 | 537 Comments

I feel like all I do is talk about how I love this show, but hell, I LOVE THIS SHOW. It’s got my heart locked away in a steel box, and I’m pretty sure I know who’s got the key. The story barrels on ahead into darkness, and our characters start to crack under the weight of it all. Suddenly everything comes into question: truth and lies, right and wrong, and head and heart.

EPISODE 8: “For whom is this life”

We open on a news report, which can only mean the worst. Mom’s chicken shop went down in flames… and she didn’t survive. Noooo! Mom! I knew in my gut we were headed here, but damn.

Hye-sung faints in Su-ha’s arms at the hospital, and he just holds her close in the middle of the chaos.

Min Joon-gook survives with minor burns, and gets questioned as a suspect. But he asks the police specifically for a district change. We find out why, a few weeks later—Judge Kim arrives at Mom’s funeral and his colleagues tell him that Min Joon-gook’s case will be tried in his courtroom, of all places.

Hye-sung’s colleagues are all present at the funeral, where she just stands numbly, receiving condolences but hardly registering anything at all.

Lawyer Shin asks Judge Kim a favor, and requests that he and Kwan-woo be kept from having to defend the man who killed Hye-sung’s mother. Judge Kim says he’ll do what he can, but then adds that it’s unlike Lawyer Shin to even ask for such a thing—he’s a suspect awaiting trial, which means we don’t know if he’s guilty or not.

At the same time, Do-yeon is the prosecutor assigned to the case, and she listens sympathetically as Min Joon-gook tells her this is all a terrible misunderstanding, and that he ran into the fire to rescue his manager, who was only ever sweet to him and gave an ex-con a second chance and made him birthday food and everything.

She points out that he has an unusual connection to the victim’s daughter, which he also swears is a misunderstanding—he didn’t kill that man ten years ago.

And at that, Do-yeon turns on a dime. She reminds Joon-gook that there were two eyewitnesses to his murder that night… and she’s the other one. That’s an answer he was not expecting.

She looks him right in the eye and says that’s the thing about liars—once you find out there’s been one lie, you start to question whether anything else they said was true. She tells him they’ll meet in court. Excellent. Suddenly I’m so very grateful for you, Seo Do-yeon.

He gets transferred back to jail from the courthouse, and there’s Su-ha, waiting for him to come out of the building. Please tell me you’re not armed with a knife right now. There are so many ways this could go wrong.

Just as Joon-gook is about to get on the bus, Su-ha charges at him and starts throwing punches. He’s so enraged that three guards can’t separate them. He screams, “WHY?! Why did you kill an innocent person?”

Joon-gook swears he didn’t do it. But Su-ha reads his thoughts, and starts to strangle him. The guards finally put him down and put Joon-gook on the bus, and he turns to give Su-ha one last menacing look.

At the funeral, Kwan-woo finds Hye-sung mindlessly writing lists and wondering if she has enough relatives to carry the coffin. He brings her food and urges her to eat, promising to take care of the details.

She thanks him for everything and tells him to go home, but he argues that he can’t: “I don’t want to. I’m your boyfriend now. If I leave you alone I know you’ll cry, so how can I go?”

But she says, “Let me be alone… so I can cry. You can do that for me, right? Since you’re my boyfriend.”

She sits alone that night in the dark room, wondering what’s wrong with her that she can’t cry, thinking maybe she really is that cold-hearted.

Su-ha arrives and sits down next to her, and she asks where he’s been. “To see Min Joon-gook.” She asks for the truth, and he gives it—Min Joon-gook killed Mom. She asks cautiously if he saw in Joon-gook’s mind what Mom’s final moments were like.

Su-ha nods, barely holding back his tears. He says that Joon-gook let Mom call Hye-sung in her final moments. It only now occurs to her what that phone call with Mom really was.

As she plays it back in her mind, she starts to pound her chest. Now Mom’s words not to spend her life hating, her strange tone of voice, her wanting the call to linger… it hits her like a wave, and she bursts into sobs, crying: “Mom! Mom! I didn’t know! Mom, I didn’t know! I didn’t know it was the end!” She breaks down in uncontrollable tears, and Su-ha just silently stands behind her for her to lean on as she cries.

The next thing we know, Kwan-woo storms into Judge Kim’s lunch to ask for someone else to be assigned to Min Joon-gook’s case. What. Judge Kim says he did everything he could, but all the other public defenders rejected the case, and Min Joon-gook also applied to have Kwan-woo be his lawyer. Bastard.

Pretty the Paralegal freaks out that the office mood will go straight into the toilet, and asks Lawyer Shin to do something to keep this from happening. He cringes to think how Hye-sung will react… which is when she walks into the office and overhears the whole thing.

She comes outside, where Kwan-woo is wrestling with how to handle this. But she surprises him by saying that this is better—she was worried that Lawyer Shin would get the case, and he’d be a lawyer before a friend, but Kwan-woo will be different right? “You’re always on my side, right?”

Oh no, you can already see that this is going to rip him up. She asks, “You believe me, right?” He says yes. She leans on his shoulder and thanks him, but the look on his face betrays worry.

He steels himself with the reminder that he’s on Hye-sung’s side, and goes to see Joon-gook. But a guard comes out to say that he’s not available for a consult because he tried to commit suicide.

Kwan-woo rushes to the hospital, where he reads Joon-gook’s suicide note—a heartfelt sob story about wanting to make amends with Hye-sung and Su-ha but just causing them more pain, and seeking out Mom as a means of making up for his sins.

He describes how gracious Mom was to accept him and forgive him, and how caring she was. He says maybe it was his fault she died after all, because he knew she had been fainting lately, but didn’t do anything about it.

We see the version of his story play out, where he found her lying in the shop as the fire was going, and carried her out on his back. He writes that he doesn’t mind giving his life to have his sincere feelings conveyed, and that he’ll go now to join Mom, the only person who was ever kind to him. AUGH. YOU RAT BASTARD.

He wakes up, and Kwan-woo says he doesn’t believe this letter or the suicide attempt, but it doesn’t faze Joon-gook, who says that it could seem that way. Kwan-woo demands to know, “Why me?!”

Joon-gook: “Because if it were another lawyer, she wouldn’t believe it. If you—the person not on my side—can prove my innocence, then Jang Hye-sung will have to believe me.” Damn. He’s pouring on the heartfelt sincerity, and you can see it start to get to Kwan-woo.

He investigates the case, going over the crime scene and digging into recent events like the altercation with Su-ha. It’s starting to look bad…

The day of the trial rolls around, and Su-ha contemplates his switchblade. But he remembers Hye-sung asking him to promise no revenge, and he puts it away in his drawer. Phew.

He finds Hye-sung thinking at Mom’s picture that it’ll be okay—Kwan-woo will be on their side, and they head to the courthouse together. She pauses at the door, unable to bring herself to turn the knob. “Min Joon-gook is in there, right?” She says it’s just like ten years ago, and this time Su-ha opens the door for her and leads her inside.

Do-yeon presents the charge—murder by arson—and then the judge asks Kwan-woo for the defendant’s plea. But he’s lost in thought, and he looks over at Hye-sung. And that’s when Su-ha hears what he’s about to say before he says it aloud. Su-ha: “No…”

Kwan-woo stands up, and pleads not guilty. Min Joon-gook gives Hye-sung a chilling look.

After the hearing, Hye-sung rips into Kwan-woo, asking how he could defend the man who killed her mother.

He urges her to listen and gives Joon-gook’s account, from seeking Mom out as a means of making amends, to all the circumstantial evidence—the head wound that Joon-gook claims was due to a fall, or the lack of CCTV footage.

She spits right back that there’s no footage because he cut the feed, pointing out that the last thing on that security tape is Min Joon-gook walking towards it. But Kwan-woo says that’s all speculation.

Su-ha’s been standing by, and he finally erupts to say that the head wound is from Min Joon-gook beating her. And ohgodohgod—we see it in flashback as he bludgeons her to death.

Kwan-woo says he could be right, but so could the other possibility, where Min Joon-gook is innocent and tried to save Mom. Su-ha turns to Hye-sung, who’s just thinking with pleading eyes at Kwan-woo, “Please, don’t do this. You’re not supposed to be like this. You’re supposed to be on my side.” Su-ha can’t handle watching her heartbreak and tells Kwan-woo to stop, finally punching him in the gut just to make him shut up.

Kwan-woo starts to dig into Su-ha’s dad’s case as well, and sighs toward Hye-sung’s empty chair and says that he feels lately like he’s become the guard to an evil king.

Su-ha comes home to find Hye-sung cleaning, which alarms him, and she tells him to go home now, since Min Joon-gook’s in jail and there’s no need for him to live here anymore. Su-ha: “No, I don’t want to.” She flares up at him that she hates everybody right now, and even wants to pick fights with the dirty dishrag in her hand. She begs him to leave her alone before she says things she’ll regret. Su-ha: “No.” She asks if he’s a child, so he retorts, “That’s right, I am a child. I don’t understand what you’re saying, so go ahead and say anything.” Aw, are you letting yourself be her punching bag?

She rails at him: “I’m hating you thousands, tens of thousands of times a day—that all this is because of testifying in that courtroom ten years ago; that all this is because of you!” Oof. She asks with tears in her eyes if he wants to hear worse, and even though it clearly upsets him, he says, “Go ahead. I’ll listen to it all.” He walks over to start helping her clean, and adds: “Say it. You can swear too. I’ll sit by your side and listen to it all.”

She wipes away a tear and comes up next to him as he starts washing dishes. After a long meaningful pause, she says, “Su-ha-ya… that’s cooking oil.” HA. She asks if he read the judge’s mind during the trial, and he says he’s split 51-49, leaning more towards acquitting.

The next day Hye-sung spins and spins in her revolving door, going ’round in circles between “I can do it. I can’t. I can do it. I can’t.” She decides she can, and then goes to Do-yeon’s house. Just standing in the street reminds her of Mom coming to her defense when it mattered most to her, and she struggles to even ring the doorbell. Judge Seo watches from the balcony as the two girls meet on the lawn.

Hye-sung asks how Do-yeon thinks the trial will go, and Do-yeon says it’s difficult with nothing but circumstantial evidence. Hye-sung reminds her who Min Joon-gook is, adding that if she had testified that day, she’d be suffering the same fate. Do-yeon says she wants to put the guy away too, but the evidence…

Hye-sung shocks her as she blurts: “Then falsify it.” She gets down on her knees and pleads, “Please help me, Do-yeon-ah. I didn’t know a day like this would come. I didn’t know the day would come when I’d kneel in front of you and beg like this. But I’ve sold my pride—I’ll sell it all, because I have to catch him.”

She says she’ll do anything, even apologize for ten years ago. And she does—she says it was all her fault and that she’s sorry. That really catches Do-yeon off-guard, and then Dad comes out to ask if she really means it. Hye-sung struggles against her pride, and thinks to herself, “I’m sorry, Mom,” as she cries a tear. But she steels herself and says yes—she’s sorry for all of it, and asks for his help.

They sit down together and Judge Seo says they have to make evidence, and asks if there’s someone else they can get to testify like a cellmate from prison. Hye-sung remembers that Lawyer Shin’s friend shared a cell with him, and says she can find him.

Judge Seo says the man will be dying for parole, so he’ll put in a word to leverage that for a deal. Do-yeon turns to him in shock: “Are you saying we should get him to perjure himself?” He says that to catch the killer, this is what they have to do, and says baldly, “You’ve done it before, ten years ago.” Damn. So he knew all along that Do-yeon was lying when she swore Hye-sung shot a firecracker in her eye.

He says they have to be willing to do anything to catch a killer, and turns to Hye-sung: “You agree, right?” Oh man, did she just sell her soul to the devil or what? She answers yes.

Su-ha finds her on another cleaning spree when he comes home, and she says she got on her knees to beg Do-yeon for help, and even sank so low as to take the blame for the fireworks. She starts to cry, and he reaches up to wipe the tear from her face, but she pulls away.

Do-yeon questions Joon-gook’s cellmate Hwang Dal-joong, but he says there must be a misunderstanding—Min Joon-gook was nothing but sweet and good-natured. He did mention Jang Hye-sung once, but all he said was that he owed her a debt.

Do-yeon gets him right where he’s vulnerable though, and asks if he doesn’t want to hurry and get paroled so he can search for the daughter he lost twenty-eight years ago. He asks if that’s possible, and she says it can be, depending on how he answers her questions.

Lawyer Shin goes to play celebrity bingo with his friend Dal-joong and looks up in surprise at the news that he’s going to testify for the prosecution—didn’t he always say Min Joon-gook was a nice man? He hedges and says that’s not all there was to him, and Lawyer Shin raises an eyebrow.

Hye-sung gets ready for the next day of the trial, and holds up Mom’s picture to tell her that if it goes well she can get a conviction. She thinks back to what Mom had said about why she stood up for her—because she was right.

“I’m right this time too, right? Tell me that I am.” She hugs Mom’s picture close, lip quivering to keep her tears in check.

She runs into Lawyer Shin outside the courthouse and he says he came to ask her something—did she make a request of his friend Dal-joong that she shouldn’t have? She denies it, but then turns back to challenge him. “And what if I did?”

He asks if she’s really breaking the rules, and she admits, “By following the rules I’ll lose everything.” He says that doing so will just bring misfortune back around on her, even bigger than before—doesn’t she know that?

Hye-sung: No! I don’t! Have you ever been a victim? In this country, a victim can do nothing. I never got to ask Min Joon-gook why he killed my mother, because I’m not allowed to see the defendant. In the courtroom, the judge listens to Min Joon-gook’s words more than mine. The victim can’t breathe from the injustice, but can’t do a single thing! Innocent plea? Rational rules? That’s all dog shit. Now that I’m the victim, rules and means are all dog shit. And all lawyers are sons of bitches. And I’m a dog just like them.

She yanks off the scales of justice pin she always wears on her lapel and chucks it to the ground as she walks away. Lawyer Shin picks it up and wonders—if Min Joon-gook gets acquitted, will Hye-sung remain a public defender?

It’s time for the cellmate to testify, and Su-ha confirms that the judge is split 50-50. Hye-sung says that’s enough for the testimony to give them an edge. They watch as the man testifies that Joon-gook talked about his plans to get revenge on Hye-sung.

Joon-gook lights up in anger, and Su-ha flips the locket on his phone: Heads, for guilty. They’re sure the case is all but won, but then Kwan-woo gets up to cross-examine him, and tears his testimony to shreds.

It’s horrible in so many ways—what they’re doing is wrong in the first place, but he’s clawing Hye-sung’s heart out with every word. Su-ha flips the locket back the other way, and Hye-sung cries into her hands.

And then Min Joon-gook leers at Su-ha the exact same way he did ten years ago, and thinks the exact same thing—that all these morons believe him this time too. And that his next targets are Su-ha and Hye-sung.

Hye-sung clutches a picture of her and Mom as she lies in bed that night, thinking back to the time she fixed a computer and Mom called her a genius and told her to go be a computer science major, or the time she did Mom’s makeup and Mom called her Picasso and told her to go to art school. *tears* Mom just always thought the best of her, no matter what.

Su-ha calls her out to dinner, but she doesn’t answer, and he sees the millionth ignored text from Kwan-woo on her phone. This time it says that he’s waiting outside until she comes out to see him.

Su-ha goes out instead and says she’s hanging in there, but it might be hard to see her for a while. He hears Kwan-woo think that he really doesn’t want to give up on Hye-sung, so he says that Hye-sung likes him very much, and that’s why she’s having such a hard time with all this.

“So give her time, and wait for her.” Aw, kid, you’re killing me.

Kwan-woo thought Su-ha didn’t like him, but Su-ha just turns to go without answering either way. He calls out to ask if he hates him too for taking Min Joon-gook’s side. Su-ha pauses, changes his face into a smile, and turns around to say not at all, and thanks him…

And then when he turns back away, he thinks to himself: “Thank you… for giving me the chance.” Oh noes. To what? To kill him yourself? Gaaaah. My heart can’t take this.

Su-ha puts the date of Joon-gook’s verdict into his phone, and looks down at his knife. He’s absent from school yet again, and then we see him look around Hye-sung’s apartment for stuff to fix. No, are you leaving? He changes all the light bulbs and fixes the little things that he can, and then he picks up his bags and takes one last look around. He puts the shoes back in place—the men’s shoes she didn’t need while he was living there—and then heads out.

Hye-sung visits Mom’s memorial and says that ten years ago she was really scared, but she testified because Mom told her she was always right. “But I was wrong. Life isn’t a fairytale. I should’ve run away like Do-yeon did.”

Su-ha shows up behind her with a flower for Mom, and says he read her mind this morning and knew she was coming here. He asks if she’s not going to work, and suggests they go somewhere else instead.

So they go to the aquarium like they promised, and he says he says he finally got to come after four tries—he was supposed to come with Dad but he died, and then a school field trip but he got sick, and then with Hye-sung the last time. She points out that he’s the one who didn’t answer his phone that day, and he just brushes it off. She asks why he wanted to come here so badly, and he says, “You know that my world is noisier than other people’s. I thought it’d be quiet here, and peaceful.” She agrees that it is.

After a while he turns to her and says he packed and moved out today, but she needn’t worry because Min Joon-gook won’t ever hurt her again. You’re making my stomach churn right now. She asks how he knows, and he lies that he read Joon-gook’s mind and she can trust him. She wonders if he brought her here to say goodbye, and he nods, adding that there are a few things he wanted to say to her first. She looks up at him nervously, “What is this? Are you never going to see me again?” He lies (again!) that he’s a senior in high school and has to study.

The first thing he wanted to tell her is that Mom was proud of her until the very end—he read it in Joon-gook’s mind. Flashback to Joon-gook telling Mom why she’s about to die: because her daughter testified against him ten years ago. Joon-gook: “Don’t you regret it?” Mom: “I do regret it. If I had known she was that brave, I should’ve praised her more.” Hye-sung’s eyes fill with tears, and Su-ha adds: “And she said that she’d be dancing up in heaven.”

The second thing is for her not to be so hard on Kwan-woo, because he likes her a lot, and really believed this was the right thing to do. He doesn’t know the truth, and he did the best he could. She nods that she knows.

He takes a breath before saying, “And this is obvious but… you like him a lot too, which is why you’re having such a hard time. So don’t hide too long, and go see him. It’ll be better for both of you.” *whimper*

He says that’s it (THAT’S IT?!) and turns to go. She calls out after him, but trails off, unable to finish her sentence. She just says “thank you” for everything, and tells him to study hard.

A tears trickles down his cheek as he stands there, stuck between coming and going, and then he turns back. Omo.

“There’s one more thing you don’t know.” Omo.

And then he puts his hand around her waist and pulls her in close for a kiss. Omo.

Another tear falls as he kisses her, and then he smiles one last time before turning to walk away, into the dark. Ohmygah, I’m a blubbering mess. Why am I crying? It’s not even over. Stop crying.

An epilogue as the credits roll:

In the scene where Kwan-woo had confessed his feelings, he had asked for a re-do on their date. But she remembers that she made plans to go to the aquarium with Su-ha and says she can’t push it because he’ll be really disappointed.

“I’m sorry, but my promise* to Su-ha comes first.” …which he never heard because he walked away heartbroken.

*[“Promise” is the same word as “plans” in this context, so it’s a play on both: I made plans with Su-ha first, but also My promise to Su-ha comes first.]


This episode left me dead. Gah, I knew Mom would probably die in service of the story, and even though I hate that she’s gone (not to mention that when you get a confluence of top-notch character and actress, it’s doubly painful to let go), I’m with this story and where we’re going. Mom’s murder takes the stakes to a place that’ll carry so much of what comes after this, and there’s a new depth and darkness in Hye-sung’s character to explore.

I love the conflict this sets up between right and wrong, Kwan-woo and Hye-sung, and Hye-sung and the Seo Family. And because we loved Mom so, we feel the same exact struggle—she does the wrong thing, but why does it feel satisfying when we think it might work? She shouldn’t have sacrificed her morals for revenge, but why do our hearts sink when it fails and the killer will go free? I like that I’m conflicted, because my heart is with Hye-sung even if I know that she’s hitting a low point and making the wrong choices.

It was a great conflict for Kwan-woo as well, and fitting for his character to do the right thing, even if we’re screaming at him that he’s wrong. It’s almost tragedy-proportions of bad fate—he does the right thing, but has the wrong information, and she knows what’s right but chooses the wrong way to get that result. And the fact that she gave up her conviction to join forces with the Dark Lord of Relative Truths is just extra salt in the wound. I hated that she gave into the fireworks thing. It has pretty much come to define her—the fact that she never let them win even when they levied her schooling and Mom’s job at her—that it really felt like she was giving up everything when she caved to the lie. The whole thread of lies worked really well in this episode, from Su-ha’s white lies as he said goodbye, to Hye-sung’s choice to declare lies as truth, to Kwan-woo not knowing truth from lies when it came to Joon-gook.

I’m terrified that Su-ha’s going to do something stupid, which is pretty much a given at this point. I don’t actually think the story’s going to let him be a killer, but I do think he’ll go as far as trying, and he’s going to end up in a deep vat of trouble when it goes south. I like that he walks that dangerous line, but now that Hye-sung really does feel like she’s out of options, there’s nothing holding him back from throwing himself into the fire. That kiss broke my heart more than made me swoon (okay, but it did make me swoon), because it’s goodbye. Realistically, of course, I don’t expect the hero of our story to go down in flames halfway through the show, so we’ll focus on the future, which will come to pass as long as nobody goes stabbing anyone, right? Right?

I’ve always felt that Hye-sung’s relationship with Kwan-woo was more head than heart—he’s the guy you want to date and marry, so duh, she accepts his confession and they start to date. But when he wants to stay by her side at the funeral she asks him to leave, and when she asks him to leave he really goes. When she tells Su-ha to get out, that she hates him and blames him, he refuses to go and insists on staying, even if it’s to be her punching bag. That just says everything, and that’s before he actually plays cupid to mend their relationship because it would make her happier. Gah. How are we not to swoon?


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  1. Autumn

    Oh my god oh my god the ending the kiss the tears I knew it I KNEW he was gonna go back for the kiss the moment she called out his name the conflicted emotions were written all over his face so every step he took towards her I was like YES YES YOU CAN DO THIS SOOHA and then he spoke with a strain in his voice saying there was only one thing left that she didnt know about as he leaned in to kiss her then a tear fell and–dear god help my fragile emotions–he tried to smile but it wavered and she stood there just shocked while he walked away practically in tears it was heartbreakingly beautiful then the credits roll in and it turns out Hyesung declined the date with the lawyer because she was gonna go to the aquarium with Sooha so I cried harder and threw chips at my screen because Sooha left too early to know that even though Hyesung liked the lawyer she was still thinking of Sooha… I-I just dont know what to say so I’ll sit here in my big puddle of tears and chips because EVERY bit of episode 8 tore my heart apart then left me to die with the most satisfyingly cruel cliffhanger ever.

    I want a time jump in which Hyesung can’t seem to forget Sooha’s goodbye kiss for reasons quite unknown to her but then she finally sees him all grown up and all SooMAN lawyer now, so their relationship isnt morally questionable and she totally falls for him when she realizes that he loves her for who she is then they get married and grow old together and have these cute telepathic conversations over dinner and fight over petty things as lawyers and have the most adorable babies that tend to side with daddy Sooha more because he’s the understanding parent that always seems to know what the children are thinking *wink* Oh yes, I WILL go down with this ship. All the way to the dark depths of OTP Ocean.

    Do Yeon and Kwan Woo can fill the hole in each others lives as he slowly chips away at her hard exterior with his heartwarming earnesty and that leads her to acknowledge her feelings for him in her Cold City Woman way. Now they both have someone to lean on; the perfectly balanced couple. Seriously that lady needs love and Kwan Woo can give lots of it.

    In conclusion, everyone (with the exception of Min Joon Gook, who dies from an illness by the name of KARMUAHAHINYOFACE) lives happily ever after.

    Can I write my own sweet-tooth crack show please? I am a complete mess right now.

    • 1.1 Tinselfannel

      WORD. I agree with every single word. Except that I am in the middle of thinking up the most painful way for Min Joon Gook to die.. After which I will happily join you on that ship all the way to the bottom of the ocean.

      • 1.1.1 Autumn

        Lol If you managed to read my total spazz fest void of coherency and grammar… Props.

        I just hope Suha doesn’t get any bright ideas and decides to murder Joon Gook himself. If anything he could make use of his ability and become a lawyer to put that evil man behind bars. I’m all up for a time jump if it meant maturity for Sooha. Instead of using his fists, which could only achieve so much, he should start using his brains and that convenient ability to his advantage.

        • Lwx

          As long as he doesn’t do it publically in from of everyone like when he beat him up, which unfortunately turned Soo Ha from victim to an aggressor, then I am not against it. At the beginning I thought that maybe the mom could turn Joon Gook to a decent person, but then realized it would not happen. He has lost all his chances of redemption thus I wouldn’t mind Soo Ha walking away from that kind of crime. He can use his skills like antagonist of Hollywood movie “Law abiding citizen” though not going all villain mode like him.

          Besides I don’t know about everyone else; however, if it was me, I would need quite some time to forgive someone who basically released the person who killed my mother. Why he did it would just decide whether it will happen eventually; however, not right away. So I really hope she isn’t the bigger person and does it right away.

      • 1.1.2 Melissa

        I didn’t want to call him a son of a b**** ’cause I didn’t want to insult his mother (what if she’s a good character?) but noooooo, this episode just ruined me.

        He’s officially the devil’s spawn. ._____.

        • Binkbaf

          I find things a bit disturbing. all i could focus on were the inadequacies on this episode. direct and blatant conflict of interest. Isn’t that an ethical code violation in most countries in most professions esp where sensitive (not delicate) subjects are communicated. Also, things like blunt force trauma with a tire wrench will leave a totally different skull and flesh impression than knocking one’s head on the corner or a counter in a thorough autopsy report.
          I’m sad to comment these things really killing this show for me now. Great kiss or not everything else made me want to smash something. i will plod along

      • 1.1.3 AuntieMame

        Toss him over to the Mon-Tues drama and let the “Sharks” have him. That’s the best thing he can be . . . fish food.

        Although, he’s so vile that the sharks may get indigestion.

        I love the non-legal parts of this drama. I just wish they put a tad more proficiency in the legal aspects. With current forensic science, there is no way that they couldn’t distinguish between a blow by a blunt instrument versus a wound from a fall, especially since her body was not charred by the fire. Even the ER staff would know the difference.

        • KDaddict

          A lot of KDs have us scratching our heads when it comes to their cops, criminal system and proceedings. If what they depict even has Some resemblance to their reality, then SK is a perilous place to live in.

        • Windsun33

          They don’t watch CSI enough 🙂

          Which of course is skewed in the opposite direction, where they can solve a murder from a broken fingernail. It does seem like they could do a better job on that side. But in defense of this and other k-dramas, US and Euro shows are really not much better when it comes to anything beyond 3rd grade science.

          (We have all seen the shotgun that blows some guy 20 feet through a wall. Those are basically the same gun they use for bird hunting, so if it was really that powerful, you gotta wonder what state the bird would be in…)

          • EmJaye

            The difference is what kind of ammo you put in your shotgun. Birdshot is fine little flecks of shot, but there’s also buckshot, which is for hunting deer, which certainly does pack a wallop. You can also load a shotgun with slug shells, which is essentially a massive bullet which moves somewhat slower than a rifle bullet. (Yep, I paid attention in my hunter’s safety course.)

        • Melissa

          Or even better, let Jo Gwan-woong’s Ball of Doom in Gu Family Book mash him first.

          • Whatsthescenario

            Well played. Top notch comment, really. That Ball of Doom had me ROFL for a long time. It was straight out of the ACME catalog or a Looney Tunes episode with the Willy Coyote.

        • khina

          lol let him be in Shark … as fish food?

        • BuBu

          I know but what’s the fun in that if CSI was in this show. LOL. They are setting Suha up to be the man of this episode. ” If the system and the prosecutor can’t get him then I will “. I just love where this is leading to and somehow I still want Suha and Hye-sung to be the couple that ends the show. If it was up to me though I would have written it that way. Age difference is nothing in this 21st century. But all else is fine with me too, just love the grip that this show is putting on me.

      • 1.1.4 mrsevalee

        Toss him in an aquarium filled with hungry sharks

        • ilikemangos

          Right, just leave him to kim nam gil. he’ll take care of him.

          • Lilly

            lol -so funny, would make a great spoof to mix the shows in skit

    • 1.2 Kris

      I commiserate with you. Yes, yes, yes to every point you are making.

      The kiss was, as most of us can agree, achingly beautiful. It was both a “hello and goodbye.” Light bulb, hello? Then, now that you know, I gotta go.

      That tear drop falling perfectly as he kissed her, ugh. Then to put salt into our already gaping wounds, we see the epilogue where Hye Sung places her promise/plan with Soo Ha first.

      I will console myself with my single belief that that there will be justice AND a happy ending for our main leads.

      • 1.2.1 KDaddict

        Sigh…Whoever thought this was a ‘rom-com’ can now safely take the ‘com’ part out of the label!

        • Gaeina Lee

          Yup. I was misled by the “rom-com” too..
          But, am a happy misled camper.

          • Autumn

            Show does have its hilarious and cute moments, enough to technically be considered romcom. Its just that when crap get real, it really does get real. Regardless of our feelings.

          • fat_crayon

            That makes the two of us!:D

        • ck1Oz

          My stomach is twisted into knots with the tension.

          Great drama, if you count making me feel absolutely wretched about the drama.

      • 1.2.2 Jo

        Its so obvious that when she opens bottles or something, she will reminense and remember himmmm

    • 1.3 hawaiianseoul

      or Kwanwoo with Pretty the Paralegal. ;D

      • 1.3.1 Melissa

        Omg yes. xD

        • Angel

          Are you thinking of Kwanwoo and the gay romance he missed out on with lee jong suk in secret garden???

    • 1.4 fat_crayon

      Nice. Me like it <3<3<3

    • 1.5 Janie

      I would love to see that time jump you are talking about…it would be an awsome ending, but I doubt that’s gonna happen. The best dramas seem to always have unsatisfiying endings (in my opinion), I hope this drama isn’t like that!!!

      • 1.5.1 Windsun33

        Yeah, I was really disappointed in the ending for “Birth Secret”, it was one of the most anti-climactic endings I have seen for a while. I really hope this show does not end like that. I want to see some real resolution, like the bad guy getting smooshed by a freight train and then eaten by crows…

        • Autumn

          I like it when my shows are tied up in nice bows.

          Especially when said bow includes our villian dying the most painful death known to man.

          • nomaden


    • 1.6 Bunniefly

      I can feel you hear. You’re barely breathing as you write your comment. But I’m also joining you in the ocean. Sooha broke my heart into pieces today, I can’t even sleep! LOL.

    • 1.7 rheadoo

      SooMAN FTW! Haha loved your spazzfest 😀

      • 1.7.1 hillyy

        rofl Eat Your Kimchi references ftw

    • 1.8 panshel

      Let me love your post. Everything you mentioned needs to happen. <3

    • 1.9 bubbletea

      @Autumn: Can I just say how much I was entertained by your comment? HAHAHAHA.

      • 1.9.1 Autumn

        Haha this episode practically gave me a panic attack with everything that was going on

    • 1.10 moonmadmonkey

      Lol you just made my day!

    • 1.11 ~Feather~

      You’ve just written all of my thoughts into one post and then some! I love how you imagine their married life! I wish that that would actually happen in the drama. >.< It would be the best ending evar!!!

    • 1.12 tears

      Just the same thought as me. I can’t help but crying with frustrated especially at the end at this episode.
      I think it’ll be the most impressed scene for me.

      but I did pity Min Joon Gook at the first when Lawyer Jang’s mom did kind behavior to him, hoped that he will change, and everything will end till that.
      but since he kill Lawyer Jang’s mom, there’s no more forgiveness even a single bit pity. I just hate him more and more. He’s horrible!

    • 1.13 marzienini

      so loved your own ending!!! m also wishing for the same thing to happen..hehehehehe!!! =)

  2. Penny

    Aaah!! The recap’s here!!! Thanks gf!!!

  3. Babs

    Thank you GF! You really help us who don’t understand Korean well.

    • 3.1 Babs

      Now to comment on this episode. I think in general the story is moving along to a place we all knew it would take, the angle to pin Hye Sung between her moralist self and her own needs, making Kwang Soo question (in the near future) if believing the client because he’s your client is the best option available as well as putting Soo Ha in the place of almost total darkness where if he does hit the edge he might never come back from there. I can’t wait to see how Soo Ha is going to us the “chance” provided by Kwang Soo, this will be (in my opinion) one of the most propelling story lines in the second half of the show, and how Hye Sung will react to the revenge plot, and to the kiss, because I agree with GF, Hye Sung logically (and maybe a little physically too) is attracted to the type of guy Kwang Soo is, but for her type of personality and for the type of person she normally is, Soo Ha is the person who will really match with her needs.

      The next few weeks should be interesting to say the least. But we will miss the “best mom in the world”.

      • 3.1.1 Belle3005

        Uhm I think you meant Kwan-woo right?

  4. Dongsaeng killer

    This show is going to kill me dead! I was in tears for most of the show. I felt soooo much for HyeSung, was sooooo mad at KwanWoo and have finally joined the SooHa ship. This episode was so heartwrenching

    • 4.1 ilikemangos

      I really felt for kwan-woo this episode because he was faced with a problem that even I probably wouldn’t be able to handle. He had to choose between the law and what he stood by as a lawyer or go against that and give up that trial for hyesung.
      Yes, it really is injustice for hyesung. But i understood kwan-woo’s conflicted emotions in this episode and thought he handled it the way he should have. Remember, he does not know hyesung and soo has past nor can he read minds. All he sees is the evidence or lackthere of that is put in front of him.

      • 4.1.1 Rashell

        I agree that as a lawyer he did the right thing. But as a boyfriend, not so much. Putting myself in Hye Sung’s shoes, I don’t think I could live my life as the lover or wife of the person who helped my mother’s killer go free. Even if his motives were pure the facts remain that he helped the man who brutally tortured and murdered her mother. How do you look across the table every day or sleep soundly next to that person every night?

      • 4.1.2 Dongsaeng killer

        In my head i know he did the right thing. In my heart, i could never forgive him.
        How do you live with someone who helped your mom’s killer go? What makes Kwan Woo such an amazing man, his uprightness and steadfastness in defending the helpless, is the reason why I would have to leave him. Doing the right thing is no longer important if my family gets hurt.
        But i totally understand where you’re coming from. He did the best he could which is why i feel sad abandoning his ship

        • Sweetpea

          ^ This.

          I get why he did what he did, and I can’t fault his intentions.

          However, as far as I’m concerned, he is DEAD to me. I can’t believe he just took the bait like that. Whatever happened to digging deep like he always used to in the past? Suddenly, he just jumps ship JUST because of what that psycho said?
          Honestly, this makes me more mad at him than the killer for him being such a gullible naive guinea pig. And this is coming form somebody who really liked him even though SH was my guy.

          Kwan-woo, don’t you dare look at HS after what you did. You’re are dead to me.

          (Yeah… I’m just a mess right now. WHYY?! Mom… ;((( )

          • hydesamagirl

            I have to agree that Kwanwoo swallowed the bait a little too quickly as well. I mean, the guy beat someone to death with a bat in front of the person’s child. Wouldn’t you check into things a bit more? I am not saying people can’t change, even murderers. But, c’mon, a grain of salt to season his lies might be recommended! Same with the Prosecutor. She knows he is lying, why not snoop more to find evidence, instead of trying to cook it up. What about the CCTV, how was it cut. I mean if the cables were cut or pulled out, that’s not a normal occurrence. And, he told the police he was going far away to leave them alone. Clearly he didn’t. There are a lot of little clues that if we found would have made the case stronger. And Hyesung could have tried to create some way to use Sooha’ abilities against the killer.

            Oh, well, I love the drama, but am frustrated for Hyesung choosing the easy way out.

          • KDaddict

            He jumped ship bcos of the ‘staged suicide’ and that stupid ‘suicide note’. If all lawyers are like him, then all criminals would go free. So, no, he is too gullible. Like I said in an earlier ep, he is too naive, too trusting, as he showed us w that ajumma client early on, and I wouldn’t want to put my well-being as the mate of such a man. He is less of a Grown man than SH, who truly understand people.

            To me, his behavior here means he doesn’t trust what HS has been telling him abt Min what’s his name, i.e. he doesn’t trust her integrity or her intelligence, probably more the latter. I wouldn’t want a BF who’d doubt me on sth that critical.

          • alua

            He jumped bait too quickly – even more so as a former police man.

            Because there a several problematising factors that should have made him at least have niggling doubts in his mind. Minjook’s history is a big one, but of course that one is ‘unfair’ – people aren’t perpetrators of a crime because they committed one in the past. The CCTV that *strangely* isn’t working is another. It should have images of him, of when he DESTROYED it (he did not cover his face, or if the image badly captured his face, then it should be identifiable that SOMEONE DESTROYED the CCTV.

            I’m doubtful about Mom’s head injuries. It’s difficult to fake injuries, the scientists (whatever they are called, my brains not working right now) should have found something suspicious about them.

            The other thing is that Mom was TIED UP for quite a while. Since her body wasn’t burned beyond recognition but came out in flesh, there is no way that either the taped hand-ties or the ropes around the legs didn’t leave some trace. Again, the police/forensic scientists should have found something there.

            There’s probably more, but that’s just for starters.

          • kate

            Err you guys are forgetting that he didn’t just believed on his words but went after evidences. All witness talked good about him. No CCTV. He even went to the fire crime scene and nothing. The police said it wasn’t a criminal fire, the police also told him she could have died because of the fire… hello?

            how he can doubt it, if there is no evidence against the guy? if he planned it so well?

            Yes, we know it, because SH can hear thoughts, K can’t hear thoughts and had to follow evidences that showed that he might be innocent and his job is to defend him…

          • alua


            No, the problem is the forensic evidence part is where this show is the weakest.

            Even if there is no evidence against the guy (which is highly doubtful), there is no way that there is no evidence that Mom wasn’t murdered. There’s the head injuries – very, very difficult to fake. He’d have to be an experience forensic scientist to fake them! There’s also the being tied up (leaves marks). The body wasn’t burned and even if it were burned, you’d be able to get forensic evidence off it (unless it were burned to ash which takes a long time). A CCTV that was tampered with (images from before it stopped working should be there, either clear or blurry; if there’s a missing tape that’s suspicious evidence as well).

            That’s on top of factors like Minjook having a history of being a convicted murderer, a deeply problematic personal connection to Hyesung and working at Hyesung’s mom with a false name (which the neighbours would know).

          • KDaddict

            Evidence doesn’t jump out at you; you’ve to go digging for it, diligently. Talking to ppl to know him cursorily and casually doesn’t count as thorough investigative work. Makes you wonder what kind of a policeman he was.
            Even if he can’t find any evidence, I’d want to be careful I don’t inadvertently set free the guy who maybe might have possibly killed an innocent woman, even if said woman wasn’t my future MIL, and hurt the feelings of the woman I love. To do what he does, so easily, so quickly, makes one wonder.
            Scroll down. Many many viewers have expressed disappointment w him. And I don’t think it’s bcos we’re forgetting anything we just watched.

          • Carmensitta

            The problem with the story is that the writer simply wanted to have the best mom ever killed by that psycho SOMEHOW and then have KW be all conflicted but believing the freakin’ murder in the end and defending him in court, yet again, SOMEHOW.

            The way they showed Min Joon-Gook killing mom made it obvious the forensics team will just plain shout at the judge that she was clearly murdered, so it’s the writers and/or director’s fault for liking fake blood so much that our brains shout at everyone in that courtroom that they are plain stupid. They even emphasised that it took quite a long time to get mom buried because of the autopsy. They just plain used MJG’s previous method when killing dad, hard metal object repeatedly shoved in someone’s head. In dad’s case it was moe understandable that there was little solid proof as they didn’t do any autopsy, but here nope!

            So the major thing that destroys the story is how the writer & director decided to make MJG kill mom. If it would’ve been more clever, with less traces and glaring evidence pointing at him I would have bought all the stupidity that happens in court in this episode.

            I’m tempted to call it lazy writing, but it definitely isn’t the case. It’s just that it’s not the writer’s area of expertise, more researching was needed or someone with more experience in this area should have been contacted for this particular plot thread.

          • Ennayra

            He’s dead to me too. And I mean seriously DEAD to me! I was saying that phrase the whole 2nd half of the episode as I tossed little balls of tin foil at the laptop screen because I was so frustrated. Hye-sung loves her mother – there’s no way she can get back together with Kwan-woo, even if she tries to force herself. I’m even disappointed in Soo-ha for deciding Kwan-woo is good enough for her so he can leave and go try to stab Big Baddie and go to jail. Don’t leave Hye-sung aloneeeeee!

        • 정남

          I agree with you, I understand the role morals and rightness play but I am not so naive as to think justice is black and white and I feel like it is an admirable quality albeit an unrealistic one. Part of both Su-Ha and Hye-sung’s characters and I think everyone even unscrupulous judge daddy is that there are lines one can cross and that kind of steadfastness is a liability. I was never on the Kwan Woo ship I found him a bit annoying but after this episode I kind of hate his guts. All aboard the Su-Ha ship.

      • 4.1.3 ilikemangos

        @Rashell and Dongsaengkiller

        Oh yeah, no doubt about it after this i don’t see how kwan-woo and hye sung will be the end OTP. You guys make a good point that this will pretty much change their relationship and especially hye sung’s views on kwan-woo. I’m almost sad because his dorky, cute, earnest self will forever be attached to the guy-who-set-my-mother’s-killer-free perspective. Still mad that he had to take on this case when other lawyers couldn’t. Really? all other lawyers resigned? LOL per viki translations. (why the writer had to do this to us, i’m just so sad)

        • Rashell

          Oh it’s totally contrived that he was the lawyer on this case. The level of conflict of interest is astounding. But in drama world it can easily happen.

          But yeah, it’s a nail in the coffin of any romantic relationship between Hye Sung and Kwan Woo.

        • MJ

          hmmm..if i were him, I would reject to take this case no matter what. I didn’t see his effort, at least not hard enough to avoid this from happening. Because no matter how the evidence turned out to be, no matter how everyone said that Min JGook is innocent… Still…if there’s a 0.01% of possibility that he killed my future mother in law, I can never live with myself, thinking that I help him escape the law.

          So, I don’t think he is doing the right thing. He should never accept this case (not even when Hye Sung thought he is going to help her, cause if that’s the case, he is a bad lawyer then for not being objective)…and if he defended the murdered, he is totally not deserving his love. so either way, he lose the moment he decided to take the case.

          • Sweetpea

            “So, I don’t think he is doing the right thing. He should never accept this case (not even when Hye Sung thought he is going to help her, cause if that’s the case, he is a bad lawyer then for not being objective)…and if he defended the murdered, he is totally not deserving his love. so either way, he lose the moment he decided to take the case.”

            ^ You took the words from my mouth. I’m shocked he didn’t do everything he could to be taken off from the case given his relationship with HS.

            I don’t think I can ever look at KW the same anymore after what he did. Unbelievable.

          • KDaddict

            KW made a choice: He chose the law over her.
            Evidence is that conversation they had in front of the Lady of justice. It got so bad that SH had to punch him in the stomach to make him stop. Shows: One guy is more concerned abt what is rt under the law, the other one is more concerned abt how she is feeling.

            So where as I was OK w either ship, after this ep, KW’s ship has sunk far as I’m concerned.

          • alua


            As a lawyer I can see why he’d take the case. As someone who’s connected and apparently cares for and is interested in a relationship with Hyesung, I cannot.

            I find it difficult to believe that he could not reject the case. It’s contrived to start with that Minjook’s case is assigned to their district, but how is it that every public prosector gets to turn down the case but Kwan-woo? It’s like there are only three pp’s (public prosecutors, can’t be bothered to retype it) in Seoul…

            There was too much conflict of interest for Kwan-woo to take the case. There have to be ways to turn down a case, even for PPs, whether it’s conflict of interest or something else. Or if there aren’t, there must be technical ways that would take Kwan-woo off the case (some technicality like omitting to do something in time, or expressing prejudice), or faked illness, or, hell, even quitting your profession if that’s what it takes… Of course, the last is extreme, but in the end it means Kwan-soo made a choice, and it wasn’t a choice for Hye-sung (not that I agree with Hye-sung’s/Do-yeon’s manipulations in this case either).

            The other thing is, even if you think the whole scenario through with Minjook being innocent (i.e. let’s actually assume he didn’t kill Mom), it’s still problematic for Kwan-woo to choose the law/Minjook if he wishes to have a relationship with Hyesung. It means he isn’t there for her in the bad times that she needs him. It’s not that he has to believe what Hyesung believes (Minjook being guilty), but if he had wanted to be her legitimate partner, he should have let others deal with the legal side of the case.

            I do think there are instances when profession takes precedence over the personal, e.g. in disasters or in a terrorist attack but there is nothing as grand here that justifies KW defending MJ if he has any interest in Hyesung.

            Suha, meanwhile, was there through it all. When Hyesung cried. When she shouted hurtful words at him. When she didn’t want anyone around.

        • KDaddict

          Not necessarily her view on KW, but her feelings. I think that every time they are abt to go on a date, she’s find reasons to back out, whether it is SH or sth else, i.e. she might think she wants to date him, but I don’t think her heart can really be in it anymore.

        • 정남

          Everyone else declined and the puppy eyed Kwan Woo wouldn’t say no. While we all would that noble moron wouldn’t

        • Midori

          Anyone familiar enough with Korean law to explain about the Conflict of Interest point? There is no way Kwan Woo or anyone in Hye Sung’s office would be allowed to be the Public Defender in an American court. They would have to get someone who isn’t connected with the case in any way.

          Love this drama. It is so well written and acted that gems this good are rare.

    • 4.2 fat_crayon

      Welcome to Soo Ha Ship, we don’t promise no tears, no heartbreak, but we can guarantee that all is worth it.

    • 4.3 topper

      Well the way it’s written, the writer never intended for a Kwan-Woo ship. This episode says it all.

      • 4.3.1 nomaden

        I agree. I was in shipping KW before, but this ep says it all. A man who would be willing to be your punching bag, takes it all even though it’s shredding his heart, is a keeper. Does anyone know what the significance of this book that the camera panned over to after SH was playing with the knife as he was packing to leave HS’ house?

        • Anduril

          I didn’t notice it, but was it the Journal where he always wrote, “I will protect you.”

        • Young

          I guess what u r talking about is the book right under the knife.(The scene after he marked the date on his phone) It’s a normal English textbook and has no significance.

      • 4.3.2 KDaddict

        At the funeral home, HS asks KW to leave, so that she could be by herself, so that she’d have a chance to cry.
        But when SH shows up, she starts to cry that heaving cry from somewhere deep inside of her. She doesn’t ask SH to leave; she doesn’t have to wait till HE leaves so that she can be alone to cry.
        Doesn’t that tell us sth abt her relationship w these 2 men?

        On the surface, KW is more suitable, similar age, similar line of work. That’s where HS leans. But deep down, her heart isn’t with KW.

    • 4.4 Windsun33

      I seldom get emotionally involved in most of these dramas, as the characters are just too flat, or so far from normal that I just don’t really connect.

      But this one is WAY different, not only some superb acting, but the characters actually seem real. They have real (but not over the top) flaws and strengths.

  5. pumpkinattack

    Thank you for the recap! 😀

  6. ilikemangos

    OMG this episode shot me right in the FEELS.
    my wailing heart!
    Way to make your grand exit, su-ha. Well played.

    • 6.1 Autumn

      Best. Exit. Ever.
      I just really hope Sooha doesn’t make a bad decision that he’d regret. I don’t even know if show would refrain from going there. Its sure hinted at the possibility 🙁

      • 6.1.1 alua

        I very much doubt he’ll become a killer.

        I think he will try, and try very hard, BUT there have been several points in the show where it’s been emphasised that one should not go eye-for-an-eye, that one should not kill to revenge. It’s what Hyesung’s mom emphasises in her last moments, it’s what Hyesung tries to get Suha to promise – a promise he did not confirm, but it will be a conversation that will come back to him when he is in that moment when he’ll have to decide whether to kill or not. And unlike Minjook, I believe that Suha will make the right choice – I believe that is Suha’s journey in this story. He has his own father’s death to revenge and now Hyesung’s mom’s death, but he has to learn to let go of that revenge and actually LIVE, because up to now all he has lived for is that revenge. That change – living for revenge to just living an actual life – will be difficult and emotionally exhausting (for us to watch as well), but I think that’s what will make this drama great. The stakes are really high, but the payoff could be fantastic.

        • Autumn

          Your comment is actually golden.

          And if the stakes are high, that payoff had better be worth it for all our sakes lol.

          • alua

            The payoff… Minjook rotting in prison and a happy ever after for HS and SH?

            My only worry is that we’re only half-way through the show.

            There’s a lot that could still happen.

            We might get a twist about Suha’s Dad – like maybe Minjook had a good reason to kill him, maybe a even a scenario like Suha’s, e.g. Minjook turning bad because of someone dear to him being killed. Which could reinforce Suha’s journey though….

            I originally had the impression that Minjook was contracted to kill Suha’s Dad, but now it doesn’t seem that way.

          • Ennayra

            Is it wrong that I don’t just want Min-gook to rot in prison, but I want despair to cause him to abandon his angelic facade and any hope of ever leaving prison – a despair which creeps up on him until he breaks? And is it also wrong that I think he should be gifted with the worst cellmate ever? Is Korean jail tame or something?
            But I seriously think he’s a psychopath, and actually incapable of feeling emotions normally. So I also want everyone to know his true face so he gets so frustrated that he lives in constant torture.

        • ilikemangos

          Kim Nam gil’s character should read this post; except that would defeat the purpose of the show.

        • Alex

          It’s a very sound observation.

          However, what’s at stake here is not just revenge, but the threat of more killing. If it was simply about revenge, SH had plenty opportunities to kill off MJ, e.g., when he tackled MJ as he was escorted onto the transport vehicle. If it was done there and then, it would be just revenge.

          The problem now is that MJ threatens to go after HS. He shows he means business by killing HS’s mom, a perfectly innocent bystander and someone who has shown MJ nothing but kindness. The fact he did it tells a lot about what he has in store for HS, whom MJ is truly holding the grudges against.

          The fact remains is that they have tried to protect themselves via the justice system, and saw where things went. The justice system has failed to catch the killer. After the cell phone incident, the police believed MJ is reformed. Here again, nobody is going to believe HS and SH that MJ is about to strike again.

          MJ is going after HS and SH right away. SH read MJ’s thoughts loud and clear. SH is in love with HS and is committed to protecting her, when no one else is willing to believe him, and really if he goes for legal assistance claiming he *read* thoughts he’s going to be put away in an asylum. All he can do is to take it in his own hands: he will protect HS against harm.

          So if SH indeed kills off MJ, I would see it more in the light of self defense. And at that, realistic and warranted self defense given the circumstances.

          • alua

            Well, it would have been a bit difficult to kill MG as he is escorted.

            But yeah, there’s more than revenge here, there’s the threat of killing.

            I wondered if MG would immediately try to go after our heroes, wouldn’t it seem better to lay low for a while? Or maybe he doesn’t intend to get out alive, and just wants to kill, regardless of what comes after. (Though he has two people to kill now.)

            If SH kills MJ, it depends on the situation on whether it’s self-defense or not. If he goes after him and attacks, that’s not self-defense in my book, even if he is doing it to keep HS safe. If they are in a situation where it’s either one dies or the other, then, yeah, it’d be self-defense.

            But Mom’s/Hyesong’s words are important: and that’s not to kill, even if it’s to protect someone else’s life.

          • Alex

            This replies to alua’s reply, because I can’t find a reply button in the body.

            Yes, while pointing that SH’s actions are responding to threat to more deaths, I struggle with the morality issue, too. If SH kills MJ in a situation other than what you described, life or death, while it seems justified in some sense, it is not so by moral rules even if it is for preemptive defense.

            The perfect scenario would be finding a viable way to catch the killer and protect the ones we love, yet remaining morally untarnished at the same time. As drama heroes and as real life human beings, that is what we should strive to do.

            I actually think it’s very doable given the resources drama characters have. At the same time, it just feels a bit futile. MJ is this furtive, venomous snakes lurking in the dark for that moment of strike. So, SH will need to cover all possible contingencies and try to convince people to help before he strikes. My head hurts in thinking out all the possibilities, but hey where there’s a will, there is a way! I look forward to what the writers will provide us with.

    • 6.2 KDaddict

      Watched it twice, and still in stunned silence over here.

      • 6.2.1 dani305

        Yes, this episode was daebak and deserves a 2nd viewing. Highs: the kiss!! I was totally expecting a confession but that was just ______!
        Lows: seeing our main character prostrate before Do Yeon and MJK getting off as innocent. Aughhh!!

  7. Nanaki


  8. stars4u

    *sniffs* tears just keep falling!!!

  9. blegh

    man! I just hope real life korean lawyers and the whole system isn’t as incompetent as they are in this drama. so fucking frustrating!
    but aww! every suha moment just makes me do sad. please don’t do what it looks like you’re about to do.

    • 9.1 KDaddict

      SH’s totally going to do that. He has the date of Min’s release. He knows what Min is up to after the release. He isn’t abt to let Min hurt her. He’ll do sth drastic. That’s what it takes to make HS see how much she means to him, and vice versa.

      • 9.1.1 twubble

        I agree that Suha is planning on killing Min. The story could be going the way of SH getting caught for attempted murder or murder, with Hyesung having to defend him. If they are going to focus on courtroom antics then she could also be handling his appeal so that they could do the fast-forward to 2013 seeing as that the events unfolding are still in 2012.

        Having said that, I also have to say that courtroom antics are not the writer/s strong suit. KW could easily not be the assigned public defender due to conflict of interest.

        Min will definitely go free because in capital offences without the weapon and a confession, the evidence has to be airtight and there seems to be none.

        A better way would be the setting up an elaborate sting to trap Min into attempting to murder Suha and Hyesung which would be great! I’ve already relegated KW to second lead, thus not getting the girl……I hope the writer/s would break the trend and let the younger guy get the girl but the korean audience may not be ready for that!

  10. 10 Bro

    Damn this episode was great. So much raw emotions. I manage to hold my man tears back in the end.

  11. 11 yumi

    Thank you.

    I’ve been waiting, much too afraid to watch the episode for fear my heart would break.

    • 11.1 yumi

      haven’t gotten the nerve to watch the full episode but the recap suggests it played out exactly as I thought it would yesterday. Only difference is I assumed it would take several episode to reach the point it did at the end of this episode.

  12. 12 redfox

    watched it yesterday gonna read recaps now, I had nightmares , couldnt sleep.
    yeah the killer is like Freddy Kruger. a nightmare.

    Mom, you better come back as a ghost and just nag and spook him and kick his balls. you can´t leave it like that.
    or come back the exact moment when Hye sung decides to do something…. or is in danger…. then the moms´ ghost has a vengeance in her daughters stead

    • 12.1 redfox

      P.S. can you please take that ONE screencap away.
      I think I speak for many if I say it gives me a panic attack. Please remove that one, don´t make us cry

      • 12.1.1 Melissa

        AHAHA. Yes, I hope Mom haunts him every night in his dreams >:D

        Ugh, yes, the amount of blood freaks me out every time I see it ><

    • 12.2 Lilly

      Maybe Mom’s ghost will save her when she gets tossed in water by getting someone to save her. Maybe that was what dream was about.

  13. 13 Kris

    OMG, OMG, OMG! I am still trying to recover. I have been waiting for this recap so I have all of you lovelies to commiserate with.

    You know that fake-looking “Ball o Doom” hovering over Yeo Wool in Gu Family Book? That thing rammed into my chest several times when I was watching this episode.

    I had a sinking feeling that BEST K-DRAMA MOM died, so I braced for this episode. But really, really lost it when it dawned on Hye Sung how significant that last phone call was with her mom. Suddenly, the cryptic message made perfect sense. And bit by bit, while realizing this, she felt like she herself was dying a slow, agonizing death. Oh tears, oh real tears from the actress who became Hye Sung for real at that moment. And Soo Ha, gentle, steadfast, strong, PERFECT for her, stood quietly behind her and held her as she cried. NOTICE, she didn’t cry in front of Lawyer Cha, only letting her guard down around Soo Ha.

    Ok, so love how this drama always keeps us guessing. My guess was there was going to be a segue and time jump after the aquarium scene. What I didn’t see coming was that kiss.

    DAT KISS! Hilarious and fitting that Lawyer Cha kissed Hye Sungs hand, while Soo Ha had no qualms going for the full lips! HAH! And that is why, Soo Ha is one step ahead of Lawyer Cha. And that is why Soo Ha is the main lead.

    Lee Jong Suk=Certified Noona Slayer (including this one)

    Thanks for the quick recap, girlfriday, you rock as always! Fellow fanatics, fighting!

    • 13.1 redfox

      I just read an article that said, “love is a moment of connection however small, it doesn´t have to be declared, but shared”. Lawyer Cha declares….Su Ha shares. nuff said.

      • 13.1.1 Kris

        TRUE DAT!

      • 13.1.2 fat_crayon

        Good job. I’m with you. I’m sure Hye Sung will see light too soon!

    • 13.2 kdramapedia

      You’ve put everything I was thinking into words.

      I was sad that kdrama law that all great parents have to die played out here, but I love how strong, steadfast, and loving Mom was all the way to the end.

      And all the small things Soo-ha did for Hye-sung that Lawyer Cha couldn’t… It’s not that one man is better than the other but that one is better for HER over the other.

      The only thing to add is that Joon-gook deserves a thousand deaths and they still wouldn’t be enough!

      • 13.2.1 Rashell

        I totally agree that both are good men. But it only one good for Hye Sung. Soo Ha truly understands and is able to draw out her best and most real self.

        • yumi

          Of course the mind-reading things gives Su-ha a leg up on knowing what she wants/need.

        • KDaddict

          Aside fr the mind-reading thing, I’d say that what is more critical is that SH cares abt her more than anything else, more than he cares abt himself. KW cares abt the law, justice in the abstract, stuff like that, More than he cares abt her. I know which guy I’d want, regardless of looks.

          • alua

            Even lookswise, I’d go for Suha. 😀

          • dorisp

            regardless of looks??….hmmmm…but Suha is way better looking than Lawyer Cha….at least in my eyes….

          • Belle3005

            Definitely going for Su-ha all the way. He’s just so selfless! He’ll always put Hyesung before anything else, and that is why, I’ll always ship him, looks aside. ‘Certified Noona Slayer’ indeed. HEH it certainly helps that he’s good-looking and easy to root for as well. Lookswise, Su-ha wins!:D

          • KDaddict

            @alua, @dorisp, When I said “regardless of looks”, I meant “Even if SH doesn’t look smoking hot the way he does”. 😉

      • 13.2.2 Kris

        Exactly, totally agree with you! Both Soo Ha and Lawyer Cha have their strengths and weaknesses, and as you said, one is not better than the other.

        But there is a better fit for Hye Sung, and just when Lawyer Cha takes a step forward, something always pulls him two steps back. On the other hand, Soo Ha has consistently risen to the occasion when it comes to Hey Sung’s best interest. Even letting her go and helping patch her relationship with Lawyer Cha while his own heart is breaking.

        And that is why I cannot even talk about Joon Gook…don’t make me go to that dark, spooky place that he inhabits. If I must, I will take Soo Ha with me! Since Soo Ha is the lead, and since this show plays with our minds and tests our K-drama skills, I will make a wager that even though Soo Ha’s intention is to stop Joon Gook at any cost (including even committing murder for the greater good), he will stop short of that.

        And for that reason, I want Soo Ha by my side if I ever have to encounter THE SCARIEST K-DRAMA VILLAIN EVER! Only our beautiful, brilliant, mind-reading main lead, who, with a time jump will grow into a beautiful, brilliant mind-reading man, can defeat Joong Gook. Victory will taste even sweeter served this way. And a full circle from the drama’s beginning, wouldn’t you say?

        • yumi

          I love that the villain is able to use Su-ha’s strength against him or else Su-ha would be Superman without Kryptionite or Lois Lane–(no weak spots), and way less interesting.

          • Kris

            Yes, awesome observation. Villain is Su Ha’s kryptonite!

    • 13.3 Sussie

      “Lee Jong Suk=Certified Noona Slayer (including this one)” LOL You may add me to that list too!!! 😛

      • 13.3.1 Kris

        LOL, the list grows longer by the minute! 😉

    • 13.4 Melissa


      • 13.4.1 Kris

        Hahaha, they should recycle that prop–and any other painful props of K-drama past–for Joon Gook’s fantastic send-off!

    • 13.5 MJ

      hahahhaha…. Lee Jong Suk is Certified Noona Slayer… soooo funny yet true! Second that!

      Soo Ha is just a perfect blend of everything! Young yet strong…childish in a cute way yet mature in another way…

      The beautiful scene for me is when he fixed everything in the house before he left…And his last glance at the living room just made my mind went over to all those sweet memories they had together in the house…What a lonely life it’s going to be for Soo Ha all the time without HS by his side…

      • 13.5.1 Kris

        Beautiful man-child, who will grow into a beautiful man during the much-needed time jump 🙂

        Totally agree with the scene you are talking about: symbolically beautiful in how he shows his love for Hye Sun in every little way. Q: How many people does it take to change a light bulb? A: One tall, beautiful man-child with broad shoulders. Oh, sorry, got distracted by the physical beauty that is Lee Jong Suk in said scene 😉

        Back to what I was saying, Su Ha shows his love for Hye Sun through every gesture. They sure made a lot of happy memories in the short time that they were together in that house. Hye Sun will feel its emptiness without Soo Ha there.

        • Lilly

          Maybe she will defend him and he will not go to prison if he does kill that Mom and Dad murderer.

    • 13.6 Windsun33

      I am not making any more predictions for this show. Just when I think I have it figured out, it takes a drastic twist. I never really figured that he would actually end up killing the mom (I think the only sane mom in Korean dramas since 1997) – I expected a last minute save as is so common in most dramas worldwide. I don’t know who the writers are for this show, but I will find out and definitely try to see what else they have done and will be doing.

      I think the murderer will end up doing more damage, but not sure to whom. I also think that Soo Ha may actually end up killing him, and she ends up defending him.. who knows 😉

      • 13.6.1 Kris

        Same writer as Dream High. Definitely watch that if you haven’t yet. Excellent “musical” drama!

    • 13.7 Mish

      There is an awful lot of noona slaying going on around here. Since I’m a year younger than him, does he get some kind of fancy oppa title for cases such as mine?

      • 13.7.1 Kris

        Oooh, good call. He’s definitely a man for all season, but he deserves a title much cooler than “Oppa Gangnam Style” 😉 Any thoughts?

  14. 14 Min

    I loved this episode, though I think I just became dehydrated with all the tears I cried because of it

  15. 15 Seehorce

    More moms need to be written like that one.

    • 15.1 Windsun33

      After watching up to about halfway through “You’re the Stupidest Soon Shin” and all the screaming moms, grannies, and in-laws this mom was a welcome change. I guess it was too good to last, so they had to kill off the only normal mom in Korea…

  16. 16 jomo

    GF – He can’t can’t can’t do something stupid, right?

    I knew we would be in for sadness in this episode, but I didn’t expect to sob along with everyone.
    It was just perfect. And the kiss with the ONE tear were bad enough, add on that sad smile and I was ripped up.

    And this part:
    “She reminds Joon-gook that there were two eyewitnesses to his murder that night… and she’s the other one. That’s an answer he was not expecting.”
    What an awesome turn! How they managed to smoke and mirrors that scene so I was just as suprised as Killa. Man!
    I was like, that’s right, she WAS there.

    Thanks for the recap.

    • 16.1 fat_crayon

      Yay I love that part too. Liar liar, pants on fire. Before that, look who you’re lying to. Lie to the one who witnessed your murder? That’s smart, really smart of him. TEEHEE ^^ Never have i loved Do Yeon so as that face off moment.

      • 16.1.1 KDaddict

        Ya, all of a sudden, Do Yeon is less of a bad gal.
        Did anyone notice DY’s father telling DY that she lied and gave false testimony 10 years ago? i.e. he knew all along that HS didn’t set the firecracker or aimed it at DY’s eyes!!

        • Young

          There’s something you got wrong.
          DY’s father still believes it’s HS who aimed the firecracker at DY’s eyes. The truth he knows is that DY lied. He knows DY didn’t see that with her own eyes.
          What he means is it’s okay to use a fabricated trap to catch a real criminal!

    • 16.2 Sweetpea

      I don’t know how I feel about her spilling the beans to the killer like that. Now he could just use that information to his benefit (threatening her and her family again).

      I wish she had just kept that to herself, and then used that as a hidden card to turn it against him in the future. Not very smart of her to let her card out for him. You think a sociopath would think twice about going after her, too?

      • 16.2.1 alua

        He probably will use that information to his benefit and hunt down Doyeon too.

        BUT I think it’s a path for Hyesung and Doyeon to reconcile and bury their path.

        In fact, though there witness-manipulations were wrong (although we could argue that the father was the driving force here – which is quite interesting in fact), Doyeon showed more support to Hyesung than Kwan-woo did. And she’s the “enemy”, while Kwan-woo is supposed to be the boyfriend!

        • alua

          *bury their past

          • Lilly

            could be since the dad admitted he knew his daughter lied about the fireworks

          • alua


            Yes, possibly… but in any case, there’s something fishy about that Dad. He’s knew the truth back then, he’s willing to manipulate the truth now. And he’s a judge, right?

            Not very righteous at all.

          • Young

            DY’s father still believes it’s HS who aimed the firecracker at DY’s eyes. What he knows is DY didn’t see it with her own eyes. He means it’s okay to make up something to catch a real criminal!

        • topper

          He has not reason to go after Doyeon, because she did not spill the beans. His aim is not to kill witnesses, but to uphold his promise of killing the one who spill on him in court and her family.

          Anyway he was already convicted of killing Su Ha’s father and served his time, so Doyeon is none of his concern.

          • alua

            He has plenty of reason to go after Doyeon. She can still spill the beans on him, and act as a character witness against him – and he did threaten to kill both of them if they talked (which she still can, even if that case is done and closed).

            Plus, she’s just tried to get him convicted again in court.

            It’s been made pretty clear that Minjook kills people off pretty easily (in front of a kid, a mom for revenge). I don’t think Doyeon will be his priority, but I do think he would not stop to kill anyone that’s in his way.

          • topper

            Pretty sure you can’t be convicted of the same crime twice. He did his time, so he is no longer liable for it. So Doyeon is not in his way, unless it’s for new developments. Her seeing that he killed Su Ha’s dad is of no consequence.

          • alua

            I know you can’t get convicted twice.

            I’m saying he’s shown so little humanity, that he’ll kill her if there’s any way she’ll get in his way. That bit of information about her being the second witness wasn’t revealed for nothing that early, I’m sure (way many more reasons for her to have kept that secret it and used it against him at some other point – heck, she could have used it somehow in this trial to show he’s a liar).

          • Anduril

            She is also the lawyer who apparently has right to appeal his non-conviction. Apparently, Korea doesn’t have as strict of Double Jeopardy clauses as the US. Possibly because it is a judge trial, not a jury one?

    • 16.3 Ash

      A thing I literally only thought of this morning: Shouldn’t he already KNOW Do-yeon is a witness? Her phone was getting the “I’ll be there” messages, too.

      • 16.3.1 bubbletea

        I was also thinking of that! I wonder if the “I’ll be there” message in Do-yeon’s message inbox was an accident by the production crew. I hope not.

        Although this drama’s story has had loopholes, such as the lack of mention of forensic evidence in the murder of Hye-sung’s mum, and why Kwan-woo’s conflicting interest still permitted him to be the public defender for Min Joon-gook, etc., however, I’m fine with ignoring them just so it allows the story to go where it has to go. But if the “I’ll be there” message was an accident, then it would be really disappointing. Cos this show has thus far been the best I’ve seen in a long while. Very tight storytelling, characterisation and pace.

        And of course, agreeing with everyone here, I’m so on Su-ha’s ship! Never got on Kwan-woo’s ship anyway. For the first time, I actually am rooting for the younger guy to win the noona’s heart. And as much as my head reminds me I should feel conflicted about that, but I can’t seem to feel it. All I am thinking of is, I wish I had an 아는동생 like Park Su-ha.

        Oh noes. I’m turning into a creeper noona. *horrors*

        • Ennayra

          I was thinking about the “I’ll be there” message too! If the murderer did send those msgs to Do-yeon and just pretended not to know who she was, then he plans ahead even farther than I thought, and farther than any of the “good” guys seem capable of. Which is why I really hope Soo-ha’s plan is more complicated than we think it is. Someone needs to be mentally able to stand up to Min-jook!

  17. 17 noernov

    I’m blubbering mess…why am i crying so hard….damn you’re good show 🙂

  18. 18 Rashell

    I have such a love/hate feeling for this show right now. I hate that they killed mom and yet, for the story as a whole, I love it. I love that next level of conflict and morality it brings to all our characters and to us as viewers. We loved mom. We know Min Joon Guk killed her and we can see that the evidence isn’t there to prove it. And so we understand why our Hye Sung crosses that line. We wonder if faced with the same situation we might do the same. And as much as I love that Kwan Woo always does the right thing, I don’t think I could forgive him for defending the man who brutally tortured and murdered my mother. Even if he believed the lies, I couldn’t love or spend my life with that person. Su Ha is so clearly the right one for her If he just doesn’t do anything stupid

    • 18.1 Lilly

      KW has to know that. She just wasn’t that special to him yet. They had never even really dated.

    • 18.2 skelly


      I can’t watch this episode yet. I’m going to wait until I can move right along to 9 and 10, and not have to dwell for a week on my ragey feelings about mom’s untimely death.

      As much as I detest Min Jook, I am feeling even more angry about Kwan Woo – that bleeding-heart metrosexual waffling enabler. He talks a good game about liking her, but when it comes to actions he’s a loser. The law is more important, appearances are more important.
      He talks a lot about the law, but he is so stupid and ineffectual (really, swayed by a tearful confession and a suicide attempt? Making the cursory rounds for evidence but not digging any deeper? Did he even look into Min Jook’s past, try to find someone who knows him, talk to any of the neighbors, push for more forensic research? Nope. He took the easy way out, like he always does.) that he is a terrible lawyer.
      And I can’t believe he was a policeman for an instant, with his trusting nature and Pollyanna attitude…unless he was a meter maid. No, meter maids are never that nice. I think he was a desk officer, the one assigned to hold people’s hands when someone had to break the bad news.
      Sorry, but people like him make me so ragey, leaving chaos in their wake while they ‘do the right thing.’ If he really loved her, he would have a) recused himself for conflict of interest b) believed her word and dug deeper for corroboration c) quit because he wouldn’t cause her that much pain.
      He did none of those things, but still moons after her as if he deserves her love. He doesn’t. And if ‘the law’ was really more important, and if she really wasn’t believable, and if he really didn’t want to work hard enough to find her proof, then why is he even saying he likes her? He is so dead to me.

      • 18.2.1 Sweetpea

        You’re telling me. 🙁

        I went from thinking he was adorkable to hating his guts. Like I reiterated so many times like a broken record- Kwan-woo is dead to me.

      • 18.2.2 Ennayra


        “As much as I detest Min Jook, I am feeling even more angry about Kwan Woo – that bleeding-heart metrosexual waffling enabler.”

        You speak the truth.

  19. 19 jude

    GF, I love you but your recap makes me cry all over again *sobs*

  20. 20 Brian

    Grrr, poor Hye Sung, riddled with sooo much guilt 🙁 Yet I couldn’t stop but had to refresh till I saw this recap was up, thank you GF. I just hope that like the show Coffee House, there is someone like Kang Ji Hwan who will beat up Joon Gook big time. That actor sure plays a great bad guy — and good guy too. But right now I would be a very poor bystander if something happens to him. I’d probably help hold him down while Soo Ha knifed him.

    • 20.1 yumi

      The thing is for HyeSung to be the awesome person her mother knew her to be she has to go through the fire.

  21. 21 sweetyoon

    Kyyyyyyyyyyyyyyya. Can you feel my heartbeat? Cause I can’t -.-

    I have a feeling that Kwanwoo will end up redeeming (well.. is that really the right word since he truly believed he was doing the right thing? ahhh. so conflicteddd!) himself by finding out why Min Joon Gook was so hell bent on killing Su Ha’s father. I think that will be the key to stopping Min Gook.

    Although does Korea have the double jeopardy law too?

    • 21.1 sweetyoon

      Also. I didn’t cry at the last phone call. I refused to give Min Joon Gook my tears but the last scene where the mother talks about how proud she is of her daugther. Gahhhh. That had me bawling.

      Why Why Why Lords of Kdrama. Why do you feel the need to kill off every good parent in Dramaland? Did you have mommy/daddy issues? >.<

      • 21.1.1 KDaddict

        If KDs r to be believed, SK has a lot of awful, controlling, interfering parents; the rare good one is too good to be true, and thus has to die!

        • Melissa

          Nooooooo. I just want to lock Mom up in those hamster balls they use on Running Man and Dream Team. ;n;

    • 21.2 Rashell

      He was already convicted for killing Soo Ha’s father because of Hye Sung’s testimony. That’s why he killed mom. To punish Hye Sung for sending him to prison. He couldn’t be convicted of the same crime again.

      • 21.2.1 sweetyoon

        I totally forgot that he already spent time in prison for killing SuHa’s father… It was way too short…..

        But did we ever find out the reason why. I mean it was obviously murder… Why did Min Joon Gook kill Su Ha’s father?

        • kdramapedia

          Nope, not yet. I have a feeling we’ll find out at some point, though. I don’t even think Soo-ha knows the reason. I wonder if Do-yeon’s dad knows something about it. He’s been set up for being a bad person since the start.

          • Ennayra


            “I wonder if Do-yeon’s dad knows something about it. He’s been set up for being a bad person since the start.”

            I agree. I already thought he was a bad person because I still hate him from Nine Time Travels. I’m just thankful he hasn’t gotten much screen time b/c I am seriously sick of his face.

        • KDaddict

          Didn’t Min yell at the windshield while bludgeoning SH’s father that he should have kept his mouth shut? Wasn’t SH’s father killed for speaking up against Min?

          • Sweetpea

            I’m guessing the father was witness to another crime that Min committed (possibly murder). Perps ALWAYS hate witnesses because witnesses are the ones that out their despicable deeds so I find his behavior consistent with the kind of person he is- a sociopath.

          • Celery

            He also said something along the lines of “sigh I shouldn’t have taken up this job cos it was turning out to be a headache.”

            HIT JOBBBBBB

  22. 22 christina

    god…that last scene. such oooomph. i die.

  23. 23 Gaeina Lee

    Didn’t plan to get teary and emotionally drained..
    But, duhhh… It’s so good, so heartfully good.. *sobs*

  24. 24 eqhmm

    I’m not even kidding,my tears wouldn’t stop through the whole episode.

  25. 25 giggles

    If this show continues on this path of suspense, I might die from heart palpitations. I’m pretty certain that the reason I didn’t cry when mom died is because I wasn’t breathing.

  26. 26 eqhmm

    Im not even kidding, my tears wouldnt stop through the whole episode.

    • 26.1 PollyRose

      Same here 🙁

    • 26.2 Autumn

      Writer: hm what devasting event could wring tears out of the viewers this week?

      • 26.2.1 KDaddict

        How abt SH putting himself in great jeopardy to prevent Min fr hurting HS? I’m pretty sure that’d turn us into sobbing messes, I mean more so than we already are.

        • Autumn

          I swear I’ve never been this obsessed over a story since Gaksital. Why does it seem like I’ve cried far more watching this drama than all the others? D:

          • Obsidiana

            I totally get you! I also compare it to Gaksital when it comes to my high level of emotional investment…no other drama has had that kind of effect on me since then!!!!

  27. 27 Bro

    Also the scenes where Kwan-woo left Hye-sung when she told him to whereas Su-ha stayed is a lot like a scene in Dream High (same writer). The Dream High scene was when they stood on stage and when the cameras started flashing, Taecyeon’s character walked off stage leaving Suzy’s character alone whereas Kim Soo-hyun’s character came running to her.

    • 27.1 ilikemangos

      Nice comparison!
      Although this writer is pretty good at keeping viewers guessing as to who’ll end up with who until the halfway mark.
      Now with that ending she pretty much gave away who the OTP is.
      All the Shipping fights can now end, lol

      • 27.1.1 Melissa

        But for all you know, she’s going to pull something that will temporarily destroy the Su-ha/Hye-sung OTP and will keep us guessing again.

        • lizzzieq

          That better not involve birth secrets and potential incest…

          • Russe12

            Or some sort of fatal disease…

  28. 28 Sadie

    I’m already crying reading this recap, don’t know how I’ll handle watching it.

  29. 29 PollyRose

    Oh man, the moment the episode started with that news reel I started crying and barely stopped the entire episode. Just wrung my heart in so many ways. The conflict was pretty much perfect in this episode which is why it hurt so much.

    I hated seeing Kwan Woo take that case and the killer’s side, but knew it was in keeping with who he is. But it hurt to see it.

    I hated even more seeing Hye Sung have to humble herself just to have the result be that she had to compromise her convictions to get a false witness. I know he’s a killer and I’m absolutely horrified by him, but somehow I knew that would come back to bite them.

    I hated seeing Su Ha prepping to leave and kill Min Joon Gook…Oh how I worry for what repercussions are going to come from this! But wow was it great to see him supporting Hye Sung so well all throughout the episode and then that kiss at the end. If anything it made me cry harder.

    My family asked me why I was watching something that makes me cry since I tend to turn up my nose at some of their more makjang choices…I just had to tell them, when you find a show that makes you care about the people in it, you laugh when they laugh and cry when they cry. This show is so worth it! Can it be next week now?

    You’ll be missed K-Dramaland’s most awesome Mom! Come visit us in flashbacks often, ok?

    • 29.1 jomo

      I was saying the same thing through my tears, “Awesome Mom, don’t die!! Awesome Mom, come baaaaaaaack!”

      • 29.1.1 redfox

        she might come back as a vengeful spirit

        • Nanaki

          I dunno about ‘vengeful’, considering what she said to Hye-sung. Sassy guardian angel I could see, though!

          • redfox

            all spirits of people violently killed are vengeful, whether they intended or not, at least in my culture. they walk around in a destructive mindset and never leave their killers alone

          • redfox

            the spirit of the dead are not the same from character as the living were. the world of the dead turns peoples character upside down. they rememmber not what they thought when they were alive, they only have an emotional memory of their scars, and their attitude is very black and white

        • DarknessEyes

          lol after that whole speech she gave Hye-sung? Probs not.

          • Nanaki

            So ‘vengeful’ in this sense is more like a what the spirit IS, not a description of its governing emotion (one of a spectrum)? That’s… terrifying, actually. I am ALL FOR siccing one on Jin-crook.

          • redfox

            @nanaki pretty much. just te fact they retrn at all means unfinished business so naturally they cant be anything but pissed

      • 29.1.2 lizzzieq

        Some other commentator used the term and its totally apt: Jjang-mom!! RIP T_T

    • 29.2 ilikemangos

      My reaction for the first 10 minutes of this episode:
      -reports of a fire — Psh, that can’t involve mom.
      -reports of a 50 something year old who died in that fire — NO, it’s definitely not mom
      -hye sung collapsing —
      her mom is probably in a coma in the hospital, i bet.
      -weeks later and people attend a funeral — i’m sure it’s another person.
      –hye sung in front of mom’s picture frame wearing black clothes and it’s all becoming too real — NOOOOOOOOOOOO T___T.

      Most of this was pretty much denial up to the very last scene, considering i probably already knew mom was gone since last episode…
      Agh. I hate and love show for doing this to us.

    • 29.3 yumi

      I don’t think Hye-Sung made a shameful compromise. It hurt her to do it, but truly it was a noble act. I don’t mean agreeing to suborn perjury was noble but she humbling herself on her mother,’s behalf was noble.

      Had she done it as a child, she would have been compromise her integrity for her gain, staying in school and her Mom’s job. As an adult, she sacrificed her pride to get justice for her mother.

      To me it is like being willing to take a body blow for a cause you believe in, but being willing to surrender when the body blow is aimed at your infant child.

      • 29.3.1 PollyRose

        The sad thing for me was not that she humbled herself, but what she humbled herself for and that it wasn’t really worth it in the end. I’m not sure that her Mom would have wanted her to get a witness to lie to see justice happen, but I could be wrong. So for me it was hard knowing that she did it for something less than worthwhile. Then again, who’s to say I wouldn’t have done the same thing or worse in her shoes.

        That being said, I appreciate that the writer went there with her character. It’s such good conflict; makes me think and makes the characters grow.

        • yumi

          I understand and appreciate your perspective.

          But my experience of it was different.

          Considering how proud and inflexible Hye-Sung is, in general, seeing her able to sacrifice an important element of herself on behalf of her mom–worked for me.

          Also, in life, outcome is out of our control. What we can control is our effort. She gave her all.

  30. 30 Natalie

    omg.. this episode just destroyed my heart. And then the ending.. it was like my heart was being repeatedly stomped on. I can’t believe how entirely selfless SH is .. He just wants her to be happy. Please Drama Gods, let her realize that he is the one she loves. Don’t let all of this heartbreak be for nothing T.T

    • 30.1 ilikemangos

      I was so ready to be mad at Su-ha for leaving her when she needs him the most but he made sure all was taken care of and was ready to leave with such sweet words and the goodbye just broke me.

      • 30.1.1 Nanaki

        Right? He tidied everything, told her everything, and left. Quietly, and in ways that even without the kiss she’d have known he loved her (in any sense you care to choose). You can’t be mad at him, unless it’s for breaking your heart into pieces.

        • Autumn

          I just love how thoughtful and caring he is when it comes to Hyesung. No other man could treat her any better than he does. They are SO endgame <3

        • KDaddict

          He is in the process of sacrificing himself for her happiness, her safety, her life. He arranges for KW to know that she likes KW a lot and vice versa. He wants KW to be there fo her after he is gone, caught for murdering Min. Argghhhhh….

      • 30.1.2 Natalie

        I know! Even the littlest things like changing the lightbulbs in her house ect… He kills me.

  31. 31 ilikemangos

    This episode was so superb. And the fact that all our characters were conflicted — it was really great to see. I really wonder how hye sung will change as a public defender. Will her views on the law change now that she’s on the other side? Will she quit her job? Will she change the next time we see her? Perhaps the girl will have grown from this experience.
    I think the moment really hit me when hye sung, the girl that never cries unless she’s wronged, cried. And then the tears couldn’t stop once mom made that epic speech to her daughter before her last breath. argghh
    And the flashbacks with her mom praising her for the smallest things– well no wonder hye sung grew up to be so arrogant! It was just too sweet though.
    And did i hear right? Do yeon’s dad KNEW that his daughter wrongfully accused hye sung and yet he still insisted hye sung give a sincere apology? Sorry, i don’t see anything noble in that. I do appreciate Do Yeon’s help, although i felt it was a little bit out of character to falsify evidence as a prosecutor. I guess she hated min joon gook so much she wanted him behind bars.
    Most of these small issues i was willing to overlook because i wanted min joon gook to rot in prison(or hell) for what he did. A wrench? Killing the innocent is wrong but his methods are just sick.

    • 31.1 fat_crayon

      Hmm…do anyone not feel sorry for Min Jong Gook at all? I mean if we really consider mum’s last words and his expression when he heard her, I feel that MJG really is pathetic. He locked himself in a world with no love and just hatred. And he even rejects love and warmth he receive from Hye Sung’s mum. I think he’s already in hell.

      • 31.1.1 Nanaki

        Pity, no. Contempt, yes. Any hell he is in is of his own making, and he deserves it.

      • 31.1.2 ilikemangos

        I think he deserved whatever hell he may be in.
        He had his chance to change and live a better life after beating a man to death — which i might add, only warranted 10 years.
        I was okay if show decided to have him change under hye-sungs mom even if i knew i could never forgive him but he decided his own fate when he killed off hye sung’s mom too.
        I think at this point, feeling any type of pity or sympathy is no longer in my book. He killed off one of the best k-moms and that my friend, deserves no pity.

        • alua

          Yup, agree.

          I would have been fine with him changing under Hye-sung’s mom’s (though he should have reformed in prison already and should not have come out to revenge-kill a kid who was a witness, which is pathetic to start with). Indeed, I think he has got no excuse at all: he was treated like a family member by Hye-sung’s mom when many others surely treated him badly because of being an ex-con. He had a chance, and he showed he is, through and through, an evil person.

          He can rot in prison as far as I’m concerned.

      • 31.1.3 Bro

        Hecks no. Dude has killed two people now like it was nothing. And it’s not like it was quick and painless. He beat them to death with a blunt object. Dude deserves no sympathy as far as I’m concerned.

        But on the upside his actor is doing a great job as that character haha.

    • 31.2 yumi

      Even though suggesting someone did you make-up like Picasso is a compliment. Have you seen some of his paintings of Dara Maar?

      Wrench is a brilliant choice. It is a tool not a weapon. Therefore if caught with it you have an out. Also, I think guns are harder to get a hold of in Korea. That is why the cops assumed Su-Ha’s hammer was a weapon.

      • 31.2.1 fisi

        Oh I just cant help laughing at your comment at Picasso.

        • fisi

          When talking about Picasso, all my mind’s about Toy Story

      • 31.2.2 alua

        You still have to clean the wrench though. (It was bloody.)

        And it will make different kinds of injuries than hitting on your stovetop does…

      • 31.2.3 Celery

        OTT but Picasso’s earlier pieces clearly showed immense artistic talent. Not sure why he went down that whole abstract path though… (clearly not a fan, haha)

    • 31.3 Windsun33

      “..Do yeon’s dad KNEW that his daughter wrongfully accused hye sung and yet he still insisted hye sung give a sincere apology?…”

      Yeah, I thought that was a bit odd.. but then again I think it was also a signal to his daughter that he KNEW she had lied. I really hated to see her grovel down like that, but I can understand why. This show has a TON of grey areas, where I feel conflicted – like I know it was wrong to try and get the cellmate to perjure himself, but on the other hand I almost hoped it would hold up.

      • 31.3.1 yumi

        Sociopaths and despots.

  32. 32 Aleena

    Oh My Gosh.
    I just. I. I just can’t even. Gaaaaah, why can’t I stop crying? This episode, aaargh. I’m dead. Bus. That’s it. DEAD.
    Oh God, the ending. SOO HA!!!!!!!!!!! AAH the feeeeels!!!!!!!!!
    SHOW PLEASE. GOD, I’m begging you, okay?
    I think he’s going to try killing him. I really really think so.

    *tries to calm down*

    Okay, this episode was pretty much awesome. I feel for Hye Seung so much. Of course, what she did was wrong but at the same time I really wanted Min Joon Gook to somehow just be declared guilty, even if it was through a wrong way. Poor Kwang Woo. 🙁 I do love him and I can imagine how hard it must have been for him. And Soo Ha. He must be feeling like…there aren’t even any words to describe it. GOSH, show, I really didn’t think you would get this dark.

    I don’t know how I’m going to get through this week. :'(

  33. 33 KimYoonmi

    I would trade all of the Moms in LSS and the ones recently for this one Mom. NO. How could a mom be so awesome and be killed. Damn you drama land, damn you. >.<;;;






    We need more awesome K-drama moms.

    • 33.1 ilikemangos

      They always kill of the dam awesome moms and dads and keep the nasty ones..

      • 33.1.1 nomaden

        *off to reminisce about AM1997 parents that were awesome but not killed to calm myself down*

  34. 34 dongdong

    don’t know why, but in the beginning of this ep, i’m actually convinced that min joongook is innocent. like he suddenly regretted what he’d done and ran to the rescue, only that it’s too late.. =\

    • 34.1 Nanaki

      He got you.

  35. 35 Fun-Lugha

    Enough of the tears so here’s a fun tidbit-the bingo playing prisoner friend is actually playing yet another prisoner in Cruel City…down to the same blue jail threads!
    And he’s HS’s dad right? He’s gonna bludgeon to death what’s his face when he finds out just how he’s made HS’s life a living hell-go daddy!

    • 35.1 ilikemangos

      Caught that guy too — drug lord wearing SAME oufit here as he did in cruel city just made me lol and do a double take as to which show i was actually watching.

    • 35.2 LizC

      Wasn’t there a reference early on that Do-yeon was maybe not her parents’ child? I wondered if he might Do-yeon’s dad. At any rate, he’s somebody’s dad.

      • 35.2.1 Anduril

        That is what I think. Do-yeon was adopted, by crooked judge. I think the Do-yeon, prisoner story is going to be important in the later half of the show. I’m not sure or not if it will tie into the Min plot or not. I wonder if SH kills Min; then while Min is dying, SH reads the reason why he killed the dad, and that is somehow related to crooked-judge-father.

    • 35.3 rheadoo

      I’m wondering as to who prisoner guy’s daughter is too! My gut feeling tells me its HS! Oooohhh~

      • 35.3.1 dani305

        I beg to differ. He’s definitely DY’s dad. Awesome Mom would not have let HS grow up without knowing her father was alive. It still has not been revealed who HS’s father was and how he died. Like many people here suggested, I think DY’s adopted dad must have been involved for HS to have lived at their house.

  36. 36 crazedlu

    BUUUUUUUUHHH. OH. MY. DUDE. Suhaaaaaa.

    Whyisitnotwednesday? Whyisitnotwednesday? Whyisitnotwednesday?


  37. 37 Anvesha

    To repeat: How are we not to swoon?!

    Soo Ha will go down in flames in this story.. I can feel it 🙁 I keep thinking of all the wrong scenarios, like Soo Ha ending up in jail and Kwan Woo getting together with Hye Sung. Ugh!

    I still have hope we’ll go dark BUT come back!

  38. 38 aulia

    This is the first time I read the recap of this drama before watch it. Oh I’m dying. I’m crying. I’m losing my mind.
    I know that the dark episode will come sooner even I don’t expect mom’s death but I hope Hye sung start to think about Su ha in the next episode.

  39. 39 rinkalove

    Seriously, this is the best drama of 2013. I know it’s premature to say that but we are halfway through and this drama has ONLY gotten better with each episode.

    After this episode, I’m COMPLETELY onboard the SooHa-HyeSung ship. What age difference? WHO CARES!!!!

    This is the first time I’ve actually burst out in tears when my favourite OTP had their 1st kiss. That moment was built up so well and filled with so much heartbreak that strangely, I’m scared to re-watch that scene. Not normal behaviour for me. It just hits me in the gut and I don’t know if I could relive that moment too many times. Don’t have enough tears! *Wahhhhhh*

    • 39.1 Autumn

      I wouldn’t be surprised if other shows can’t manage to get better than this one for 2013. The ride has been absolutely perfect (for me) so far, and if it continues at this pace it could be on the list of my all-time favorites. This drama has an addictive and heartfelt quality to it.
      I’m loving the characters and the show’s refreshing boldness.

      And oh god this otp breaks my heart as it breaks yours.

    • 39.2 fat_crayon

      My sentiments exactly

    • 39.3 Ash

      If it doesn’t fall off toward the end, then I don’t see how anything this year is going to top it. I’d go through my winter-spring slump all over again if this is the light at the end of the tunnel.

      You go ahead and take all my tears, drama. You’ve earned them.

      • 39.3.1 nomaden

        you took my words out of my mouth…i’m hoping this drama would have an awesome ending it deserves, cause so many dramas totally crap out in the end.

    • 39.4 topper

      Cruel City still number 1 in my book. Just because I can see the path of this show where you will not get a satisfactory ending for the killer.

    • 39.5 rheadoo

      The tension was so perfect, the music died and he suddenly grabbed her waist and swooped in for the kiss. AHHHHHHHHHH PERFECT I TELL YOU~

  40. 40 whilethemusiclasts

    This drama is successfully tearing me into pieces, and I’m loving every second of it. The set up of the conflicts are so well paced and solidly established that I am literally on the edge of my seat at every turn. Plus, the characters are so well thought out that even the villains have depth…

    I am in love with this drama. And Lee Jong-suk, even more so. GAH.

  41. 41 harukogirl

    This episode broke my heart in all the right ways….at this rate, I’ll be preordering the box set and re-watching on a monthly basis, if the rest of the show continues on as strong…gah! SH is killing me. DON’T DO IT!!!!! DON’T KILL ANYONE!!!! I hope at worst he tries and fails…..oh, man, how do any of us make it until next week?

    I’ve always been the viewer that waits till the show is done, or stops halfway through and lets episodes build up before watching…this is literally the first time I’ve watched in real time, from the first episode. Because I can’t NOT watch each episode the moment it’s out. And then when the subs are out. And then the day before the next epsiode is out. GAHHHHHHHHHHHH

    And OMG that KISS!!!!!!!! Yeah, a time jump would be believable…he does not look/act like a high school-er anymore, in all the right ways. The man-boy is fast leaving the boy behind, which is good cause only a man can get the girl. I’d say SH-HS is obviously the OTP – well, I thought so from ep 1, but it gets more obvious every episode.

    • 41.1 MJ

      Because I can’t NOT watch each episode the moment it’s out. And then when the subs are out. And then the day before the next epsiode is out. GAHHHHHHHHHHHH –> i know exactly what you’re talking about !! gahhhhh x>

      Now “Wednesday-thursday” suddenly become my “Friday”… That’s how you’re supposed to feel when every tone in Kdrama hits the right key in your heart!

      • 41.1.1 harukogirl

        ha ha, exactly!!! I find myself at work going “I bet the subs are out…how many hours till my shifts done?”

  42. 42 Waiting

    I cried and blubbered….and found my new crack.

    You know, I have never watched this kid (yup, I’m calling him a kid…sadly I can), but he is not bad at this acting thing!

  43. 43 Mystisith

    This show: It hurts so good! And I’m not a masochist at all… I care for those damn fictional characters and it’s the fault of writer-nim and those actors. Damn. Mom, you are awesome. Lawyer Cha, you’re a good guy but I prefer kitties with claws: Just because life is a b**** and all that. Our female Prosecutor is great and I agree with those who think that she could get along with Cha. Lawyer Shin and Cutie Paralegal: I want to carry them in my pocket. As for the bastard of this drama, my buddy Karma better do his job or I will hunt his ass.
    Soo Ha the (velcro) pillar in the kitchen, taking the blows like a champ: I’m not crying, it’s my allergy. What will happen to him now? 10 different scenari in my head and I don’t want to choose. Hopefully his friends will stop him and tie him like a roast before he does something stupid. Then a time jump obviously, and after that… That epilogue was genius by the way (everyone including the viewers have a blind spot in that story). This is what I call clever storytelling.
    Drama, I love you. ♥♥♥

    • 43.1 PollyRose

      Couldn’t agree more with everything you said! Just loving the emotional rollercoaster this show is taking me on.

      And I don’t even want to know your 10 scenarios cause that will just add to the ones I’m already thinking of. I”m going to my happy place where he doesn’t do anything stupid and all works out for the best! Oh wait, I tried that yesterday didn’t I? Dang it…

    • 43.2 Gaeina Lee

      Ahh, this allergy always hits us at the right time, right dear? ^^
      *teary-red puffy eyes is due to allergy, not sobbing*

  44. 44 Chinky

    OMG!!! I’m hurting…. Can’t stop crying 🙁

  45. 45 DarknessEyes

    I know, don’t kill me, but I was actually kinda rooting for Hye-sung and Kwan-soo together before this episode. Its just that Su-ha’s and Hye-sung’s relationship felt too much like a sister-brother relationship rather than one of lovers. But now for sure, I’m rooting for the noona relationship. Kwan-soo has just turned into one bg let down for me. And if I was Hye-sung, there’s no way that I would have gotten together with Kwan-soo, even knowing that he really thought he was doing what was right. I just wouldn’t be able to love that put my mothers killer free… and also set him free so that he would be able to kill me.

    • 45.1 DarknessEyes

      *love the person that put my mothers

      • 45.1.1 MJ

        yeap…lawyer cha is not thinking straight. How can he NOT thinking :”What if…what if my girlfriend was right? What if Min Joon Gook really killed her mom? That means he’s scary, psycho and smart and will kill AGAIN. and this time, it’s Hye Sung turn…”

        so…bye bye Lawyer Cha..so Sorry that the writer decided to write your characters like this from the beginning. Too gullible and always trust the ones you defend.

        • Ennayra

          Do you think Big Baddie might even go after Kwan-woo. I mean, that would torture Hye-sang and he’d be really easy to get to. But probably not so easy to cover it up… Never mind.

    • 45.2 ilikemangos

      LOL after that kiss the brother-sister ship has sunk

      • 45.2.1 fat_crayon

        In replacement is the indefinitely better noona-dongsaeng love cruise. Enjoy the ride!

      • 45.2.2 zsa

        to me there was never a sibling ‘ship’ to begin with…the greatest thing about LJS is that he can really have crackling chemistry with anyone…so far, and his interest in her was so intense that i’ve never experienced sibling sort of emotion from him to her….

        ….I’m glad the ship i’m on is starting to sail….

        • fisi

          cant agree more. well, team su ha from day 1!

      • 45.2.3 harukogirl

        amen and thank god! 😀

      • 45.2.4 Sussie

        AGREE! LOL
        Welcome everyone to “SH-HS everlasting love” ship <3

  46. 46 mojobobo

    NOOOOOOOO!!! SU HA YA! Stay where you are!!!

  47. 47 pigtookie

    awwww i love this show too! between this and Cruel City my mondays through thursdays are looking good with friday’s monstar and some cyrano as the warmer fluff rounding up the week. finally a week’s full of dramas i can look forward to this year, it’s only too bad i started cruel city and this too late.

    • 47.1 pigtookie

      maybe it’s because i’m starting to watch from ep. 8, but the opening scene where she recalls her mother’s call is more heartbreaking to me, rather than if i’d watched ep 7 and saw it coming. her mother is really brave.

  48. 48 Vicky

    Thanks for recap, I was waiting for it.

    Can’t believe that the best mom in the world passed away.

    It’s too complicated to find the right things now.

    But one thing I felt a little pity that drama focus more on relationship rather than to find out the fact of crime by evidence. I am a fan of CSI, it is not really difficult to find out someone died because of be killed or by fire. Even crime scene and evidence they even don’t want to investigate while lawyer Cha knew the details from Soo Ha. I wonder if he really was a cop before a public defender or not.

    Anyway, Korean Drama never go into detail into other things than love.

    I love Soo Ha character, he acted like a man, not a high school student, but I really don’t want he ruins his life for a bastard Jung Gook.

    I love the kiss, so much pain but at least let Hye Sung know what is his feeling.

    • 48.1 yuka sato

      you’re correct, if you want to find flaw in the incident, we found few odd things.

      1. min jong gook pretended to be Kim gil dong. if his intention was to ask for apologizes from hyesung, you wouldn’t lie about your well being. how to know if he seek for forgiveness when he lied about his ID in the first place. (and i found it pretty odd too, that the mom’s friend, the woman who own the clothes stores, didn’t surprise MJG lied about his name)

      2. the place where the mom died. she’s bleeding so much in her rooms when the fire started (by MJG’s POV). but in the sequence, where he explain, the mom hit her head on the desk in the store. he hit her with wrench many times, wasn’t it make the wound bigger and deeper? you can’t die with just one hit in the head, and totally unbelievable if she has large wound just because she hit the table (what’s the autopsy results? didn’t they know about this?). that alone was not right. MJG said the mom faint from health problem, it would be more believable if he said a thief came in and hit the mom

      correct me if i’m wrong..

    • 48.2 Windsun33

      Forensics has never been a strong point in k-dramas, and this is just one more example. It is very easy to prove if a person died by fire, but they kind of glossed over that part. CSI and similar US dramas are very popular in Korea, so I am sure that viewers there know that also.

      But, if they had good forensics in dramas, then most of the shows would end at the 3rd episode 😀

  49. 49 On a QIHM High

    This episode was beyond amazing. And the acting was amazing too. I cried so much for all the characters. I can’t believe how well this episode was written. I don’t know if anything can top this. I don’t even know which moments to pick out. I’m just going to go huddle in a corner and cry.

    • 49.1 Ash

      The acting has been solid all along, but there was some really standout stuff in this episode. Lee Bo-young broke my heart in that scene at the funeral when she just loses it. And god, I hope we at least get some flashbacks with Kim Hae-sook because I’m not ready to let her go. ;__;

      • 49.1.1 KDaddict

        Lee Bo Young really was great in that scene. I’ll remember her in it for a long time to come.

        • Crybaby

          True! The breakdown scene was the highlight here. She sobbed so realistically to the point that if it wasn’t cut, it would be very scary.

          NOW, regarding the dream sequence in ep 7, it was Soo Ha who jumped in the water to try to pull her out right? How will that play out in real life? Remember, Eomma’s dreams are accurate.

          • On a QIHM High

            Yeah, the breakdown after remembering the call was very realistic. I also especially liked the scene where she was washing the clothes and she was complaining about having to go beg to Do-yeon – her frustration was so believable there and I felt my heart ripping apart for her.

      • 49.1.2 lizzzieq

        I’ve never seen her in anything else but that Unni has completely won me over.

        Now is there space in that corner for more criers?

        • On a QIHM High

          Yep, make yourself at home. I feel we’ll need this crying corner for a while longer QQ

        • Dr. Victoria Stuard

          This actress was in Save the Last Dance with Eugene and My Sweetheart, My Darling. ” Her true life boyfriend starred-main lead in Protect the Boss. He was also in Save the Last Dance too. He also played the main lead in Swallow the Sun.

          • Pipit

            She was the lead in Sodongyo (Song of the Prince) with Jo Hyun Jae, she was also the lead in Queen of the Game with Jo Jin Mo, and she was also the lead in Harvest Villa with Shin Ha Kyun.

            Gosh now that I’ve written that all down I wonder why I don’t love her to pieces before, for Sodongyo is one of my favourite sageuks and I love Jo Hyun Jae to pieces. I also love Shin Ha Hyun, and her character in Harvest Villa was actually kick few assess.

            But now after this I’ve fallen in love with her. Completely.

  50. 50 laraffinee

    I too could not watch it – waited for the recap first – needed to just go with the slower pace of a recap than the movie editor fast suspense pace.

    Watching lovely mother – getting bludgeoned to death by psycho – I may have to fast forward it.

    My guess, is that there will be a time lapse, from 2012 – it seems like it will just be a year though. I would have made it enough years so that Su Ha has finished law school and has come back a crack lawyer who will find a way to put down Min Joon Gook for good and reveal all the past lies, crimes, etc.

    Lawyer Cha – the character was introduced as a sweet dork who is smart – but, we just found out how gullible he is. It deflates the sweetness- a lot. There is no way I could ever have a relationship with someone who sincerely defended a person who killed my mom, no matter how well meaning he was. He actually trusts Joon Gook more than he trusts Hye Sung. End of story.

    Hye Sung’s emotional words about the life of a victim are painfully true. This drama presents that so well.

    This is one really good drama.

    • 50.1 Mystisith

      “He actually trusts Joon Gook more than he trusts Hye Sung. End of story.” Absolutely. Big no-no. Talk of “trust issues”… He should have stepped dow or even resigned if he wanted to have her heart. Soo Ha accepted to sacrifice his future for the woman he loves.

      • 50.1.1 KDaddict

        Su ha accepted to sacrifice his LIFE for the woman he loves.
        I’m pretty sure he’s prepared to go down in flames or a watery grave in order to take Min w him, away fr HS.

        That’s the difference between the two men.

      • 50.1.2 alua

        “He actually trusts Joon Gook more than he trusts Hye Sung. End of story.” That! And all that Mystisith adds too.

        There is no way to be with Kwan-woo after this, it’s so clear that Kwan-woo is not for Hye Sung. Plus, they have known each other for only a few months – there’s just too big a ‘betrayal’ (wrong word I think, but I can’t think of a better one right now) in terms of level of trust for one to even want to try that relationship again.

        No way to be with the person that helped your mother’s murderer be free, the person that trusted a convicted murderer more than you, the person that wasn’t there for you when you needed him (even if Minjook were innocent).

        Even if there was no Suha, I’d drop Kwanwoo (romantically and probably even otherwise keep my distance) and think there is someone better out there for me.

      • 50.1.3 Crybaby

        I actually hated Lawyer Cha more than the killer, although I have never felt any spite for any antagonists in drama until now.

        However, I feel bad for him as well because he is actually struggling.

    • 50.2 Sweetpea

      Right on. The fact that he’d take the word of a CONVICTED MURDERER over that of the victim who was THREATENED by him- that is just unforgivable.

      He’s dead to me.

      • 50.2.1 Lilly

        Into the shark tank.

    • 50.3 ilikemangos

      I too wanted Su ha to return as a crack lawyer, but if there’s only a one year time elapse, i wonder where he’ll be when we see him again.

      • 50.3.1 J Wong

        It would be difficult to get a law degree in only one year.

        I, too, am curious what will happen to him when we see Su ha again.

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