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Monstar: Episode 4
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Ah, that moment when your feelings finally hit and you realize that you’re not the only one who harbors them. We learn more about Se-yi’s past in this episode as our group of misfits end up on a stranger’s doorstep in the rain. And yet with all the clues that we’re given, we’re still looking at a puzzle that has yet to be solved. Now that we’re all caught up, I think I’d like to take that catnap now.


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EPISODE 4: “I like her… Min Se-yi!”

Due to the thunderstorm raging outside, the ajusshi reluctantly lets the group in temporarily to stay dry in the cellar. At the gruff warning that they’re not to touch anything, cocky Seol-chan can’t help make a sarcastic jab about whether the man has something to hide.

Once he leaves, Seol-chan tears into Se-yi for leading them to an Adam’s doorstep when she’s the flasher’s target. The other kids look at her wide-eyed as Seol-chan explains that he’s caught that man following her twice, no three times now.

When Se-yi protests that it’s not true, he drives his suspicious ajusshi theory home, saying that there’s no such thing as a dead zone in Seoul. Then a flash of lighting spooks Kyu-dong, who briefly spots a piano in the deadened courtyard.

Do-nam uncovers a few band instruments in his exploration and pushes against a locked door to no avail, snarling at Kyu-dong at the reminder that they’re not to go poking around. Are we looking for literal skeletons in the closet?

Out in the rain, Sun-woo confronts Seol-chan about his theory about their host. What does he plan to do if he’s wrong? So they strike a deal: If Seol-chan is wrong, then he’ll apologize to Se-yi properly on his knees; but if he’s right, Sun-woo will have to apologize to him—on his knees.

Then Sun-woo takes a call from his mother, explaining that he’s with Seol-chan. (Along with the mention of Seol-chan’s prestigious lineage in the last episode, this gives us more clues to suggest that the boys’ families are/were family friends.)

Seol-chan rejoins the group, but upon realization that Se-yi’s missing, he runs out again to find her.

That’s because Se-yi has gone up to the house to ask the ajusshi herself about whether he’s a pervy stalker. Her sudden appearance makes the man sit up in his chair and both of their eyes look in the direction of Se-yi’s father’s crooning voice.

The ajusshi hurries to stash the CD away, but when Se-yi snatches it, he momentarily grabs her by the wrists before he lets her go. But Se-yi isn’t willing to return it without an answer of where it came from, and he scuffles with her to get the disc back.

Seol-chan barges in on what looks like a most compromising position. Assuming the worst, he clocks the man in the jaw, and Se-yi yells at him to stop before he pummels the man. The ajusshi barks at the kiddos to get out, but tells Se-yi to stay behind.

He asks after Se-yi’s name and pauses at her surname. At the mention of her father’s name (Min Kwang-ho), she lights up and asks if the two men may have been on friendly terms. He answers resignedly, “We… were. But it’s been awhile since we’ve lost touch.'” She deflates.

Her voice breaking, she fights her tears as she admits that her father had told her he didn’t have any friends besides Se-yi and music. Wiping the tears away, she explains why her father hasn’t been in touch: “It’s because… he died.”

At that, he turns to face her as she explains that she couldn’t cry back then because she was so shocked by his death even though she so wanted to. She sobs.

Eun-ha approaches Seol-chan outside to speak to him as a fangirl. (She’s been speaking jondae to him all this time, and he tells her to stop calling him “Oppa” when they’re of the same age.) He’s aware of the outlandish fanfics written about him, to which Eun-ha explains that the thought of their idols oppa dating each other is less crushing to the fans than another girl.

She tells him that stars like him are high up in the sky because they don’t act like normal folk. If they did, they’d just be regular people. Seol-chan tells her that stars are people too, and though Eun-ha already knows it, the thought saddens her.

So he promises her that he won’t date, and she thanks him.

When Sun-woo emerges from the cellar, it’s Seol-chan’s turn to confront him about the real reason why he’s here—it’s out of character for him to get involved in something he doesn’t actually care about. To this, Sun-woo honestly answers: “Because I like her. I like her… Min Se-yi.”

Seol-chan stammers at this, and asks why he likes her. Sun-woo: “Because I’m a guy. And she’s a girl. Is there a reason to like someone?”

He tells Seol-chan that he overheard his promise to Eun-ha to remain as a star in her fangirl night sky, adding that everyone has their place.

Back inside, Se-yi asks after the CD again, and this time the ajusshi admits that her father had given to him. She’s delighted since this must mean that her father considered him as a special friend to share a song only she and her mother knew of.

He sends her on his way, but before she leaves, she asks if she can come visit again tomorrow. He doesn’t answer.

Seol-chan is ready to tear into Se-yi again when she emerges, but his concern trumps his ire at the sight of her post-crying face. She tells him to apologize to the ajusshi and marches off.

Sun-woo meets up with Nana nearby, who has shown up because of his incessant texts. He tells her that it’s unlike her to run away from a situation. Sure she could leave the others high and dry to do the grunt work, but that wouldn’t be the Nana he knows. She scoffs: “Since when were you so concerned about me?”

He answers that it’s not concern but simply an observation. Then he notices her injured hand, but Nana brushes him off and counters that he doesn’t know a single thing about her or her infamous reputation. Sun-woo acknowledges it: “I only believe what I can see.”

Seol-chan arrives back just as Se-yi finishes the tail-end of her explanation about their so-called pervy ajusshi. Which means that Seol-chan has lost their bet, and will therefore have to apologize. At this, Sun-woo smirks: “Your knees are fine, right?” HA.

The others are surprised to see Nana join them, and Kyu-dong smiles, saying everyone is finally here now. Aw.

So the group starts to practice their medley. They cast looks at each other as they play and sing, like how Seol-chan shoots daggers at Sun-woo, who gazes at Se-yi before he glances at Nana. Then there’s Kyu-dong, who looks at Do-nam, who looks away. As for the ajusshi, he stands outside the cellar.

The group performs their rehearsed number to Gym Teacher Choi, who gives them an enthusiastic round of applause. When he asks whose idea it was, Se-yi honestly admits that Sun-woo helped them out (Seol-chan seethes, heh).

Having caught their impressive performance just outside the door, Teacher Dokko breathes a sigh of relief. However, she’s told that the group won’t be able to impress the higher ups who will be in attendance—they want to see a visually appealing group playing actual instruments.

Sun-woo gets called outside by Seol-chan during break, and tells him to cut to the chase. So he asks Sun-woo if he meant what he said about liking Se-yi. Sun-woo readily answers that he did, and his feelings are sincere.

When Sun-woo turns to leave, Seol-chan calls out: “What do you do from now on?” As in, how is Sun-woo going to express his feelings for her? Sun-woo: “I’m going to do whatever I want. And I won’t hold back.”

He stresses the last part, which leaves Seol-chan to stammer again, calling after him asking what that is.

Collective faces fall at the news that they’ll have less than two weeks to play actual instruments at the concert, seeing as some of them can’t play any. Hilariously, Seol-chan offers: “Isn’t that still better than the tambourine?” and gets no response.

He gripes to see Sun-woo join them, who’s here on Gym Teacher Choi’s request, hoping that Sun-woo might be of some help like last time. Then Seol-chan snaps his fingers with an idea—how about AR? (Derived from “automated replacement.” Think lip-sync or dubbing)

Eun-ha immediately rises to her idol oppa’s defense when Do-nam mutters under his breath that the idol would know a thing or two about lip-syncing. In any case, Gym Teacher Choi thinks it’s a reasonable idea given their circumstances, and Seol-chan outlines their “concept.”

Which means another one of Seol-chan’s daydream. In this scenario, he and Se-yi are front and center singing while the others (including Sun-woo, hee) stand behind a curtain with their instruments. HA, I’ll never get tired of these; they’re just too hilarious.

His idea is met with general approval until Nana and Do-nam pipe up that they won’t participate in something like that. Which is when Sun-woo offers a more practical solution to have those who can’t play instruments instead. And with a snap of his fingers, we see the imagery of his idea.

This time, it’s Se-yi and Sun-woo standing at the center (Seol-chan is cast aside as a part of the chorus) as the others play their instruments. It cracks me up that Sun-woo can still dish it out using an imaginary scenario.

Gym Teacher Choi approves of this idea too, and when Seol-chan points out that Sun-woo won’t join them because it was just an example, Sun-woo returns: “We can always use a different instrument other than cello.” Ooh.

So they put it to a vote between Seol-chan and Sun-woo’s ideas, and the group is tied 3:3 with Do-nam as the deciding vote. To everyone’s frustration, Do-nam shoots down both ideas, sticking to their original one.

Eun-ha pesters him about it afterward, hurling insults at his back until he stalks off. Aw, that was mean, even for Eun-ha. Kyu-dong just hangs his head.

They run into the All for One crew and Hyo-rin drawls her thinly-veiled insults at the colorful group of misfits. They’re like a rainbow, she sneers. Then she throws Se-yi’s words back in her face, asking if that makes them “colorful poop.”

Addressing Seol-chan Joon-hee thanks him in that same irritating politeness for taking over the charity concert for them. How wonderful that their little group will be able to uphold the school’s honor. Seol-chan balls up his fist.

Sun-woo has witnessed the entire exchange nearby, and is just about to leave when Se-yi’s voice rings out: “Hey, school president!”

Se-yi walks up to Joon-hee and tells him not to worry—they’ll uphold the school’s honor, all right. She tells him that Seol-chan is a star and “magic happens every time he stands on stage.” Ha, that sounds familiar.

Seol-chan smirks at the realization that Se-yi was listening to him after all. She then turns to Jae-rok and Hyorin in turn, saying that Seol-chan is a pro—he saw what happened at the music evaluations. And Hyo-rin should be grateful that she didn’t have to play a lullaby on her violin. Awesome.

That rouses Hyo-rin’s temper but she clams up at one word from Nana, and they leave.

As Se-yi leaves school, she spots Nana get approached by a few burly men, who lead her to a car. She recalls that Eun-ha had once told her that there was another mystery about Nana that no one knows and watches the car drive away.

The All for One members are still reeling from Se-yi’s throwdown when they run into Sun-woo. Joon-hee points out that he’s been missing practice more often these days, to which Sun-woo answers that he doesn’t feel like joining them lately.

Seol-chan wakes up his sleeping manager in the van and brightens to see that a fan has sent him a pair of sneakers in his size. He looks up to see Sun-woo’s car driving away, and decides to follow it.

In the car, Seol-chan cuts off his manager’s musings and instructs him to say the first thing that comes to mind. What does it mean if a guy says she likes a girl and says that he’ll do whatever he wants—without holding back?

Manager Hong laughs and makes kissing noises, as in he wants to kiss her. And yunno, and then some, but he can’t really share that with a minor. Pfft. Seol-chan barks back at his manager’s dirty thoughts, and argues that it could be a whole slew of things—like video games or exercise. Manager Hong tells him, Yeah, right.

Seol-chan sits up in his seat when he sees Se-yi get in Sun-woo’s car at the bus stop. So he instructs Manager Hong to cut in front of them, and walks up with a lame excuse to hitch a ride, making sure to scoot in. Ha.

Then he acts all surprised to see Se-yi sitting between them. She gives him this look. Love. It.

So Seol-chan suggests to Sun-woo that they resume their earlier conversation. With Se-yi’s back to them, he starts off, “Did you say ‘sincere’?” and looks at Se-yi “Does sheknow that?” He busts a gut, laughing that he thought he’d never see the day to see Sun-woo suffer from one-sided love.

He continues his petty, childish revenge—they haven’t known each other for THAT long; how can he be sure of his feelings?—thoroughly amused to watch Sun-woo shift uncomfortably by the subject.

He keeps going, asking why he hasn’t confessed to that girl yet which is when Se-yi interjects to say that she’ll get off.

Se-yi claws into Seol-chan after they’re dropped off, telling him not to go publicly divulging other people’s’ private lives. He misconstrues this as her concern for Sun-woo because she likes him and asks if she’s jealous of Sun-woo’s mystery lady.

She whips around to turn the question back on him—what did it feel like when his own private life was exposed to the world? Did he like it? Is that why he’s doing it to someone else?

She levels at him: “You’re. Still. Like. A. Kid.” Seol-chan just stares as she stalks off… and he follows her. Like a puppy. HEE.

He trails behind her, rattling on about what could possibly make him seem childish, until he realizes that they’re outside the ajusshi’s house. His attempts to dissuade her are met with her stern glare.

So he acts like he’s doing her the favor for tagging along, to which Se-yi threatens that he better not follow her, lest she yell.

The ajusshi opens his door to be greeted by Se-yi, who then sharply nudges the person next to her. Seol-chan murmurs: “I’m sorry.”

Seol-chan remains outside as the two talk. Se-yi cheerily asks how long the ajusshi had been friends with her father. They were in the same band together in high school, he answers, and Se-yi grows increasingly excited since her father didn’t like to talk about “that time” of his life.

That would mean he also knew her mother, the band’s manager. It takes a few moments before he acknowledges it, and he changes the subject to ask how her father died. The air grows tense and awkward, but Se-yi answers: “They say he died in a car accident.”

She explains that she had also been in the car at the time, and the trauma caused her to lose her memory. Her father’s funeral had already finished by the time she awoke at the hospital. She slaps on a brave smile as she confesses:

Se-yi: “They say that you’re so shocked, you can’t speak. I was like that. There were so many things I wanted to ask and say, but the words wouldn’t come out. So I couldn’t even cry properly. Because I kept being like that, my mom took me to New Zealand. My uncle lives there alone, raising sheep. People… don’t believe me when I tell them I only talked to sheep. I really only talked to sheep. With my heart.”

But she tells him that it’s a good thing she can speak again. The ajusshi stands there, shocked. Then the camera pans over to reveal Seol-chan, who has overheard her confession. Bet you feel like an ass now, don’tcha?

Seol-chan walks home in a daze. He recalls how he’d insulted Se-yi’s father with his words and song. In voiceover, he wonders: “Is that why you cried? You’re really too much. Why do you keep making me into the bad guy?”

Meanwhile, Sun-woo is reminded of Seol-chan’s question about why he hasn’t confessed his feelings to his one-sided love yet. He answers aloud: “Because it really hurts to be rejected over and over again… you punk.”

Seol-chan arrives at home and notices a pile of boxes gathered in the living room. When he asks what they’re for, he’s told that they’re donations to be sent to the orphanage. There’s a reaction that briefly flashes across Seol-chan’s face, but it quickly disappears and he excuses himself.

Seol-chan looks at his family photo and sighs at the text that the group has yet to secure a location. So he haltingly asks if it’s okay to invite some friends over to practice.

The request is met with surprise since he’s never had any friends over before, so he quickly backpedals on the issue, saying that he doesn’t want to “trouble” anyone. An awkward pause follows and Seol-chan gives a frustrated sigh. It’s like he’s acting like a guest in his own home. Seriously, what gives?

The woman he calls “Mother” (since we don’t know why he addresses her formally, yet) stands outside, clutching her chest.

We see a quiet montage of the students which gives us a peek on how they each spend the night: Do-nam is playing a computer game, Eun-ha continues to write her fanfic, and Nana briefly stops at a store window before walking past.

The boys engage in a game of basketball in gym class the next day and Sun-woo fouls in reaction to Seol-chan’s persistent jabs. So he makes it a point to speak to Se-yi in front of Seol-chan before he leaves.

Do-nam takes off as usual, and the group sweats over trying to find a place to practice since almost anywhere they go is bound to attract unwanted attention (for Seol-chan, that is). All they need is a piano… which is when Kyu-dong recalls that there’s one at the ajusshi’s place.

The crew once again shows up on the ajusshi’s doorstep, and Se-yi apologetically adds that they’ll impose on his kindness just until the concert. Seol-chan offers to tune the old piano himself, and he surprises everyone by thanking the man. His tone is still rough around the edges but it’s polite, so I take that as progress.

Seol-chan asks the others for song suggestions, and Kyu-dong is the only one who has any. Aw, his list fills up an entire page. He tells them to pick a couple they all know.

Then Se-yi lifts up her phone to show her a text from the ajusshi, to which Seol-chan asks, irritated: “You gave him your number too?!”

Sun-woo helps out a street musician whose performance spurs him to call Se-yi. Seol-chan objects when he hears her invite Sun-woo over, which is what prompts Sun-woo to swing by.

When he arrives, he comments that although Seol-chan has finally learned how to tune a piano, a few notes are out of tune. Sun-woo reminds him that he progressed faster than Seol-chan, but he changed to cello.

That begs the question of how the boys previously know each other. Sun-woo admits that they once took piano lessons together and Seol-chan kept playing because of his natural talent.

He tests the piano and invites Seol-chan to play with him “like old times.” When Seol-chan denies that those days didn’t exist, Sun-woo says that he must have forgotten.

As for himself: “Even though I try to forget… my hands seem to remember.” Do it. Accept the bromance invitation!

Seol-chan shuffles onto the piano bench text to him, as Sun-woo announces that Seol-chan once wrote a piano duet arrangement. It’s Canon in D and they play the composition together. That is some muscle memory they’ve got going there.

The others watch, impressed. As they play, whimsical notes float into the air and breathe life into the deadened flora around them. With it, their imagination comes alive and we see the boys’ younger selves play the same song.

Seol-chan bolts up as soon as they finish to a hearty round of applause. But then they’re all shocked to see Nana applaud the performance. She tells them to knock it off but the girls continue laughing, and the boys break into a smile.



A quiet and idyllic ending to a most heartwarming episode that started off rather grim and horror-filled. In a way it doesn’t feel much like a cliffhanger at all, but a suspended moment in time with a group of teenagers who share in a newly formed friendship. It’s these complicated relationships within that group that I’m invested in as new threads appear to connect the unlikeliest of characters.

The relationship between Seol-chan and Sun-woo took a large step forward this episode as the show drops more hints on their strained relationship and their shared history. We still have yet to know what the turning point in their friendship was, but I love that it’s Sun-woo who takes the first step to relive their once happier days, rooted in a love for music. Gah, just accept the bromance, Seol-chan! Their relationship is far from healed but we’re taking baby steps to mend that broken relationship, which is now threatened since they’ve both fallen for the same girl.

Which brings us to Se-yi, whose heartbreaking confession about her past marks a huge change for a shepherd girl who started off this series as someone who barely spoke unless spoken to. Her past is tragic, and for someone who bottled her feelings for so long, it was a matter of time before they came spilling out. For a girl who is so curious to know about her father and her family, you can’t blame her to cling to the one person who’s still alive and might be willing to talk about it. And at the same time, there’s Seol-chan’s question that hangs over our heads: “Is your Dad’s friend your dad?”

The music continues to be stellar in this show and I love how we’re getting a slew of pop and music industry references in each episode. They’re mere nuggets when you compare them to the meat and potatoes of the growing relationships between our characters, and they serve to make this series all the more enjoyable.

The wild imaginations continue to tickle my funny bone, but as our band begins to emerge and the characters learn more about each other and themselves, maybe their dreams won’t remain in fantasy and soon become reality.


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    OMG IT’S HERE!!!!

  2. Tyme

    Thank-you. I didn’t realize that the song was from J-rabbit. 🙂

    I find Seol Chan’s behavior around his mother very odd. We haven’t seen his dad yet, so maybe that will answer some questions?

    • 2.1 mommai

      I suspect that she’s a step mom, considering a few episodes ago he was remembering being a little boy and crying at his mother. I think he feels like he’s imposing all the time, and doesn’t want to be a burden, while she’d love nothing more than for him to ask for things and treat her like a mommy rather than a distant mother.

      • 2.1.1 lzbth

        Actually I suspect tha Seol Chan was adopted by this family from the same orphanage that they mentioned in the episode.

        • Fangy

          I agree with Izbth. based on his reaction when his mom’s friend mentioned the word “orphanage” and how his mom quickly rephrased it to “talented children who need help” (or something like that).

          And I don’t think Seol-chan and Sun-woo are half-brothers or Seol-chan is being adopted by Sun-woo’s family. 1) If they stay in the same family, Sun-woo would have his number already; and 2) the All for One members would have known Seol-chan since Sun-woo is one of the members.

          • Lilian

            I am guessing he was adopted from the orphanage as well. His mum (adopted?) and him should really talk it out . Maybe they will become closer after that. He turns into a shell the moment he goes home. In fact, he is most open when he is with the funny manager! Loving the new plot of the bromance too XD More duets? with the two of them and not just Seyi, please…..

      • 2.1.2 koko

        I was thinking the same thing. That she’s a step mom. When Seol Chan broached the subject of maybe having his friends over to practice, I wished the mom would have gone back to him to say it was okay. That could have shown that the formal distance was only from Seol Chan’s side. I wanted the warmth to be available to him, even if he wasn’t able or willing to accept it.

        Poor boy. So sad.

  3. Noelle

    I was waiting for this. I watched it beforehand and needed some recap insight.

    First I’m somewhat pissed off that SC is super rude to the ahjusshi. He is the only connection Seyi has to her father and to a part of her father she never knew. SC needs to cut the shit before he gets slapped… BY ME.

  4. whilethemusiclasts

    I’m just waiting for the Seol-chan / Sun-woo bromance to rev up and hit the ground running. Those two are just too adorable.

    • 4.1 lemonade candy

      OMG! me too! I’m dying to know the reason why they stopped talking to each other~ish. Who is Seol Chan anyway in the family?

      Plus seeing either one of them with Se Yi is just adorable. Honestly, I don’t mind if either gets her~ But… Seol Chan is going to win, right? ^^

      *i started watching due to all the hype around bean’s town. I watched all episodes in a marathon. So much worth. Now I’m begging for moar~

      I also found myself naturally searching for the songs they played in the show. and I discovered KurtScheneiners’ Canon. Man, that was mind blowing too. I was blown twice, figuratively speaking…

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    This show is getting better and better. I really like how the past and the connections between the characters is unveiled step by step. It’s is a slow but steady process which I love.

    I can’t wait for the group to become one and get over broken friendships (hm I guess the better term would be bromances?!) and just be one awesome band that makes good music.

    There were a few dramas in the recent past where I was totally in love with the music but this drama does an outstanding job! The music pieces are just beautiful and I could listen to them all day!

    And of course the imaginations continue to be a hoot 😀

    I can’t wait for the next episode (thank god tomorrow is Friday xD) and I am looking forward to reading the next recap 😉

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    Thanks for the recap. Not only am I looking forward to seeing broken friendships mended, but I’m also really hoping for a SY/Nana friendship to develop. These girls are like each other’s opposites. One with the tough, bristly, hard shell on the outside but soft inside; and the other with the fragile doll-like outside, but all steely grit inside. I think they’d make great BFFs.

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    I looooooove this show! I never expect to actually fall with Monstar, since *ahem* there are already few dramas with quite similar theme. However, it’s really different from others. I like the past-present story line between its characters. I hope it’ll become better and better each week.

    PS: for those who also watch Gu Family Book, it’s really funny to see SC’s manager and CEO are actually Ma Bong Chul and Su Jong Monk in GFB. (I just can’t help bursting into laughter when I watched those two)

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    the piano piece is so cute. I wonder if they live as brothers with Seol-chan being an adopted one. That’s the only thing that I can think off given his uneasiness around their house and his Mom. On the other hand, Sun-woo is so sweet to his mother. I think she’s the same mother to Seol-chan

    • 11.1 kyaa

      I totally have been thinking that as well! I hope its true cause oooooh the drama!

    • 11.2 Ace

      That’s interesting, but Sun-woo would have been in the photos in Seol-chan’s room if that’s the case. Plus [Sun-woo’s] sister too.

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    You were lightning speed with these awesome recaps. <3Thanks
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    I sort of cringed with the way seol chan treated the ahjussi considering it is his place they barged in at and are using. Comes to show where seol chan still is as a character. Im waiting for the moment where his idol boy persona really gets broken down and his ego continuously gets shot down. That's the process i look forward to.
    I find their fantasies are so hilarious, i never get sick and tired of it. I'm glad that this show is giving us these flashy performances in the form of their fantasies because i don't know how the heck show would have incorporated them all without feeling like dream high 2. (disaster, disaster)
    I loved the last 10 minutes of this episode. Their rendition really makes a sad song that much brighter. They're really just enjoying each other's company in that last scene. So lowkey and heartfelt.

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    Can’t wait for friday XD

    • 16.1 momosa

      LOL Seol Chan, he’s totally behaving like a teenage boy in love, possessive down to tongue & all ….


      • 16.1.1 Enz

        I think he’s worried that action would trigger the same imagery in sun woo and make sun woo even more determined to get se yi 🙂

    • 16.2 Arhazivory

      lol. Can’t wait

  17. 17 Cocoboo

    Kyu Dong was really cute and shy with his list of song recommendations. Hee, the list was so long! xD

    The ending with the piano playing was lovely. My favorite part.
    I hope Seol Chan and Sun Woo become close friends again, but what about their attraction to Se Yi? I like her with Seol Chan.

    And I like Nana and Sun Woo together. I want to see their relationship develop more.

  18. 18 Littlehearts

    This is crazy. Am tryin to like sun woo here but y do i keep going seol chan’s way??? Honestly.. sun woo is much better, isn’t he??? N when he mentioned that it hurts to be rejected, he must have meant nana right??? Ah.. So sad. Since ultimately se yi is going to end up with seol chan. Heartbreak again for him??? Poor boy. Apart from that, this show is hilarious. Loving it. Plz don’t give up the recaps. N thanks a lot gummimochi. I am glad i read these recaps. Made me soo happy. Love u for it:)

    • 18.1 Pepper Fish

      I thought Sun Woo might have been rejected by Se Yi when they were kids. He definitely knew her when she played the guitar with her dad for his guitar class. I doubt the rejection would be a proper rejection if they were young. Maybe she kicked him in embarrassment when he confessed, ahahahah. Also, Sun Woo remarked that Se Yi still lives in the same place as she used to. So I’m assuming he knew her at least a little before she left For NZ.

      But I do wonder about Nana. Did they used to be friends?

    • 18.2 carrie

      i wonder if he meant little se-yi? since he clearly had a crush on her when they were little. i wonder if she somehow rejected at age 6 or 7 and he doesn’t want it to happen again?

  19. 19 ilikemangos

    Also, would like to say it’s really cool how mon-thurs is like recap palooza. The pages are filled with recap after recap. You guys at DB are really churning them out all at once it’s rather time consuming to switch through all recap threads to stay on top of the discussion (even though it’s just too addicting to stay away).
    What would i do without DB? my life would never be the same way.

  20. 20 Jackeline

    I think I totally ship Sun Woo and Nana. He’s nonjudgmental and persistent, and Nana seems to listen to him. But seriously, Sun Woo is good with anyone. Total second lead syndrome here.

    I have a feeling Seol Chan and Sun Woo may be brothers, with Seol Chan being adopted. Even if they’re not, their bromance is one that I can really get on board.

    Loving this drama (:

  21. 21 tuitui

    I might be the only one that noticed hehe but there was a cameo from Natthew (Thailand’s Academy Fantasia Season 5 winner). I thought that was cool since Yong Jun Hyung was featured in his song “She’s Bad”.

    • 21.1 MariD

      Soompi had an article on him. I guess he has done a few songs for OST’s in Korea. The last one being in the nine ost. I like his voice..

  22. 22 Sajen

    does anyone else find it slightly creepy, and by slightly creepy I mean the creepiest thing ever, that Seol-chan’s manager is constantly clinging to a pillow that has Seol-chan on it?

    also I think Se-Yi’s dad’s friend, does he have a name yet, had something to do with her dad’s death.

    • 22.1 Pepper Fish

      About the pillow, I find it hilarious but I’ve mostly been assuming he held it as a defense against Seol Chan’s ire. Hahaha. Like it’s a security blanket in pillow form. And he just always carries it.

  23. 23 Raine

    So I have to say this: NO CELLIST in his RIGHT might would EVAR suggest playing Pachelbel. EVAR. We play the same 8 notes over and over and over and over again. It’s infuriating. There’s even a famous youtube rant on it:


    That said: I LOVE that cello is represented and music in general. Some of this stuff is a bit far fetched in terms of music education and the function of orchestra and classical music in daily/cultural life. I do love that some serious classical music is integrated: Piazzola in episode 1 for example. SWEEEEET!

    As for characters, I love how I just feel like I’m in the moment. So amazing. I think I love Seol-chan most. He’s growing leaps and bounds through…idiocy. Awe-some.

    • 23.1 momosa

      Me too, love the classical music being integrated, surprised & unexpected.

      Seol Chan – is a nice boy, just that his quick temper & idiocracy get in the way sometimes… but then again, that might be his charm.

      • 23.1.1 Raine

        It is his charm, but only because he REALIZES he’s being a complete bozo.

        Classical music powa! *gangsta pose*

  24. 24 Mrmz

    Am I the only one that feels that Sun Woo is full pf mysteries? I don’t know if I’m reading too much into this but his relationships with different characters make me ask myself “who is he really?” I mean starting with Seol Chan who just can’t stand him, that was b4 se yi comes between them. While Sun Woo likes to remember their “happy Times” Seol Chan turns dark towards him as in “don’t u dare”. So from what I get, they were close once but Sun Woo let him down. Then again Seol Chan seems a bit overdramatic 😛

    Then comes NaNa. Its nothing big with her but they seem to have a certain understanding between each other & she seems to have some respect towards Sun Woo. Fact is I don’t think anyone else could’ve convinced to join the “poop group” to practice.

    The character that makes me raise most questions about Sun Woo is Kyu dong. He seems petryfied from him. He wouldn’t approach Se Yi when Sun Woo is around and seems scared of him more then the people who bully him.

    Plz let me know what u all think 😉

    • 24.1 visitor

      I could not agree more! At first glance you might think that Sun Woo is the typical, sweet second lead but his behaviour towards Kyu Dong is astonishingly cold.
      It’s like, yeah, he’s this well-mannered, talented guy, loved by his family, respected by his peers but then he just stands by when Kyu Dong gets emotionally terrorized, as has also been pointed out by Seyi. It makes me wonder, if Sun Woo just lost interest at some point- interest in pretty much everything. It’s like he maintains this facade but cannot be bothered to speak up, to change things, to help people.
      BUT THEN there’s his relationship with Na Na, which ist just… whaaat?? So, he doesnt care that Kyu Dong is humiliated on a daily basis but texts Na Na like, regularly? I think it was in the first episode that he nagged her via text about attending school, so… Also, cannot wait til we get more backstory on Na Na. Aaaahh, the mystery, I lurve it:)
      The ending of his episode is among my favourite scenes ever, I think. As gummimochi said, ‘just accept the bromance invitation!!’ I also feel that Sun Woo has woken up somehow, with the re-entrace of Seyi and Seol Chan into his life. He was so damn happy when SC sat down with him and they played the piano like old times. I think he desperately missed something like that.
      Anyways, the show is stellar and isit Friday yet;)?

  25. 25 applecookie

    Could it be possible that the ajusshi is in fact Se-yi’s father?

    • 25.1 momosa

      Or could it be that Seol Chan is indeed adopted & Ahjussi is SC’s biological father! Dun! Dun!

    • 25.2 Pepper Fish

      But he wasn’t the guy playing the guitar with her in Sun Woo’s memory of her childhood self. I always assumed that man was her dad, but maybe not.

  26. 26 nova611

    typo error?

    “What does it mean if a guy says she likes a girl and says that he’ll do whatever he wants—without holding back?”

  27. 27 Enz

    I am in love with this drama and can’t wait for episode 5. It’s really hard going with just one epi per week but I guess one can rewatch 🙂

  28. 28 kaimono

    Hi all,

    I am not sure if anyone mentioned it but I have this theory.Sun Woo and Seol Chan are both adopted from the same orphanage and they know each other from that time. Something bad happened bad between them once( bot quite sure

  29. 29 kaimono

    continuing… but not quite sure. Anyhow the show is just so cute and I am addicted to the song they sing in the ep 4 with younger versions. Hope ep 5 will be subbed soon. Thanks for the recap.

    • 29.1 Pepper Fish

      I was wondering if they might both be adopted. But then again, maybe when Seol Chan was adopted into his current family he was introduced to Sun Woo’s family.

  30. 30 kaimono

    …but not quite sure. Anyhow the show is just so cute and I am addicted to the song they sing in the ep 4 with younger versions. Hope ep 5 will be subbed soon. Thanks for the recap.

    • 30.1 Cheryl

      Ep. 5 is 91% subbed in English right now on Viki

      • 30.1.1 kaimono

        thank you watched it nice ep

  31. 31 Pepper Fish

    I want Eun-ha and Seol-chan to become friends so badly. I’ve been rooting for it to happen since the first episode. I think they both would benefit from the experience, and I was so happy they started talking during this episode. I specifically loved the joke she told about successful fans becoming managers. They were both laughing so hard, and I was so happy.

    I think it’s awesome that she is getting over her fan girl/awestruck state to actually arroach him more and more. Though I don’t agree with her mentality that stars should stay in the sky, I’m hoping that she might overcome that as she sees more and more of him. I love that her confidence is rising. Also, this guy needs friends, and as someone familiar with the idol world, Eun-ha may be more understanding of his situation than the others. Also, this guy needs normal friends.

  32. 32 muhani

    Does anyone know the name of song that they’re practising at ajussi’s house and at school? That medley? It sounds so familiar ;;

    • 32.1 muhani

      Ok I found them myself. Here’s a list, if somebody wants to know them (taken from youtube):

      Sin Hyung Won – 개똥벌레 (Fireflies)
      Cherry Filter – 낭만고양이 (Romantic Cat)
      Son Chang Sik – 고래사냥 (Whale Hunting)
      Panic – 달팽이 (Snail)
      Insooni – 거위의 꿈 (A Goose’s Dream)

  33. 33 Nikkie

    I watched episodes 1-4. but i can’t watch any other episodes!!!!!!!! can someone give me a link or website? i really wish to finish this series!

    • 33.1 Cheryl

      The show’s only aired through episode 5 to this point, and it’s only on Friday nights.

  34. 34 Cheryl

    What I love most is that they’re not trying to milk the drama for all its worth and beat us over the head with it like so many other dramas seem to.

  35. 35 Abbie

    I have so much love for this show already. I just adore the characters, all of them, especially the kids.

    I’m starting to like Seol-chan more with this episode. He really is like a puppy. So cute.

    But, I still like Sun-woo best. He can be damn cold and sexy at the same time. So hot. I also like that he’s the first to verbally express his feelings about Se-yi and the first to make overtures to Seol-chan in an attempt to mend bridges. But whether he’ll act on his feelings about Se-yi or not, remains to be seen. We’ve all seen the second lead who pines after the girl, but is too afraid to tell her how he feels. I’m hoping we don’t get that here, and that the two at least make a go at it, but who knows? I still think Nana likes Sun-woo.

    I think Ahjusshi is Se-yi’s real father. Just something about him, what he says or doesn’t say, in his looks and actions just make me think he’s her real dad. Maybe he was too afraid to be a father, so his friend married Se-yi’s mom, and raised her. Just my thinking.

    The All for One kids are really arrogant and annoying. I still hope Jae-rok comes around, but I hold no such hope for the other two. They’re just jerks.

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

  36. 36 Akiness

    I just watched Ten season 2, episode 8 and teacher Dokko was in it! I’m not going to say anything to spoil the episode but she wasn’t too bad in it. I almost didn’t recognize her.

    I love this show to bits and pieces. It’s nice to see fresh faces, there’s beautiful music and there’s funny stuff galore. The only downside for me is all the waiting until the next episode.

  37. 37 Mari

    I feel like it’s only me but I really find Na Na utterly annoying and can not see her and SW as a couple. Maybe I am missing something here and should watch again.

  38. 38 xcmk

    am i the only one more excited for the bromance than the romance LOOL

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