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Running Man: Episode 149
by | June 16, 2013 | 62 Comments

You’ll have to make sure to watch your tail in this Gumiho race where one wrong move might mean that you’re bewitched by one of our six gumihos today. Acquiring a tail, let alone nine, is no easy feat especially with a no-nonsense mat-sunbae around ready with a killer elbow and a fiery tongue.

EPISODE 149. Broadcast on June 9, 2013.

We open at an amusement park where the boys curiously note the roman numeral panels behind them. They figure it’s a couple race which has Jae-suk wonder: “[Noh] Sa-yeon?” Ha, is she due for another reappearance already?

Then Haha ties in: “Sa-yeon has to come in order for the pretty guests to appear.” Well, I suppose that has worked like that in the past.

We get straight to today’s theme, entitled My Love Gumiho. That gets the boys bustling with excitement at the prospect of all the beautiful leading ladies who have played a gumiho role to appear today. There are six ladies to complement our six men, and the boys figure that the Monday Couple will be paired off together, as per usual. Gary: “Today’s Tuesday…” Heh.

Time to introduce our ladies, and the first curtain goes up in flames to reveal Kwon Ri-sae (Ladies Code). Aw, I recognize her from her days on music audition program Birth of a Great Star as a contestant and always found her winning smile and overall sweetness as charming.

Anyway, it’s time to meet our other ladies, and the second panel ignites… and to everyone’s surprise, the third, fourth, and fifth panels are engulfed in flames. The other ladies scramble back into the castle, and Suk-jin recognizes one of them: “I saw Kim Sook!”

Aww, Ji-hyo looks especially pretty today in her white dress. Then we meet returning guest Kim Sook, who relays to the boys that while the others ran away from the flames, the woman behind the last panel barely bat an eyelash.

Some of the cast members reel in shock to see their next guest comedienne Song Eun-yi in a dress. Their reaction is like seeing that friend who was “always one of the guys” get dolled up, and she hilariously admits to feeling just as awkward in it: “They [the staff] told me to wear it!” Are those six-inch heels, I see?

Actress and radio DJ Park So-hyun gets a warmer welcome (“She’s pretty! She’s pretty!”) even though both women are in their forties. But it’s our last guest whom we’ve been dying to meet.

Everyone’s jaws drop—it’s Kim Sumi (Incarnation of Money). There’s good reason for this reaction because she’s the fierce no-nonsense tell-it-like-it-is type sunbae. Uh, are we going to have to censor a few things today?

Now we finally learn about those mysterious roman numerals we saw at the start. A traditional gumiho in folklore has nine tails (‘gu’ indicates nine) and the number of our gumihos’ tails corresponds to decade (e.g. twenty-something Ri-sae has two). The team pairing who reach nine tails first, wins.

This gives a clear advantage to Sumi’s team who has six, but that also means potentially living in fear all day. Ah, dilemma.

The boys are given a chance to impress the ladies, and they take offense when the women are all, Nah, slim pickings anyway. However, Eun-yi already has someone in mind—Jong-kook, who topples over in shock.

Ji-hyo doubles over in laughter when the boys heap praise and compliments to appease her (“You’re such a pretty girl!” “I’m sorry if I did wrong by you!”). Are you all that afraid of Sumi? Well okay, maybe you should be.

Sumi starts off the choosing, and after she checks the boys’ biceps (Kwang-soo hilariously goes limp) she chooses Jae-suk. The others wholeheartedly congratulates them, and Kwang-soo reminds his hyung to look happier about the situation: “Smile wider!” He does.

At least Jae-suk is good-natured about it, and brags that their advantage is like starting off married life with six houses. So-hyun chooses Gary (“We’ve got four houses!”), and the others immediately step back so that Eun-yi can be paired with Jong-kook as anticipation music plays in the background.

Surprisingly, Eun-yi chooses Haha instead. Then Kim Sook circles Jong-kook a few times before taking him arm. At Jong-kook’s reluctance, Sumi looks completely relaxed as she dishes out: “Just put up with it for a few hours.” Hahaha.

Then Ji-hyo selects Suk-jin as her partner (“You should consider it an honor!”), so that the kiddos can have their own potential loveline today. Aw, what a nice noona. It’s so cute to watch how excited Kwang-soo gets.

The hyungs warn Ri-sae that Kwang-soo will likely ask for her digits later, to which she answers: “I don’t have a phone…” It’s a no-go for that, then.

In the bus, the cast draws up nicknames for today’s couples. When they get to the maknae pair, Eun-yi pipes: “The stalker [and the idol girl]!”

Then Sumi whispers something into her partner’s ear, who shares with the class. Turns out that although she thinks Kwang-soo seems like a nice enough fellow, she has no idea what he does for a living. So Suk-jin tells her the half-truth: “He started off as a model, but now he’s a comedian.”

The couples arrive at a different amusement park to receive their gumiho tails. Then the hyungs tease Kwang-soo for his bashfulness in Ri-sae’s presence (“He always tries to impress the girls.” “Don’t think you actually have a shot!”).

Each of the couples will participate in an amusement park ride karaoke where they’ll need to surpass a score of 90 to move on. So they get going, and when Mr. PD reminds the couples that they need to be holding hands, Ri-sae takes the initiative to take Kwang-soo’s hand. Aw, I like her.

I’m pretty sure that So-hyun’s forgetfulness is a real thing, as she honestly admits that she only knows the recent hits. Then Gary jokes: “Are you going to forget me, too?”

Oh man, that Giant Loop ride looks like a cross between a never-ending rollercoaster loop and the Viking ride. Then the microphones are attached at strategic points along the loop, including one on the very top. So they’ll have to sing through their frightened screams, ha. Haha yells: “We’re screwwed!”

It works out just as you might expect, as they squeak in a word or two every time they pass by a mic. Yunno, not counting the times they miss their chance and shoot right past it. Hahaha.

It’s basically the same situation over at the Viking Ride, and all you hear is a few words as the boat swings back and forth. Ji-hyo and Suk-jin do a fair job to keep singing until Suk-jin gives into his fear, and the two start bickering on the ride.

Turns out that this is Sumi’s first time at an amusement park, and that spinning cup ride looks like an upgraded kiddo version to the one at Disneyland with that tilt. She yells through the song like a champ, but it’s too bad those efforts are moot as they receive a score of zero.

Count on Jong-kook and Kim Sook to bring everything they’ve got to the table. They make a pretty good team with their strong voices, and strategically holler into the mics at the right time. Whoa, and it works—they get a 95, and pick up a gumiho tail.

As for the other two available tails Haha and Eun-yi manage to conquer the Giant Loop, and Sumi and Jae-suk grab the other one, bringing their count to five and seven, respectively.

Gary mentions So-hyun’s forgetfulness in the bus—she’d stop singing because she forgot the lyrics halfway into the swing. “We got a 29…” Ha, what a random number.

They play a game to test the couple’s telepathy, and the maknae couple both name the same food. Jae-suk moves onto supposedly synchronous the Jong-kook and Kim Sook couple with snack food choices. Health fanatic Jong-kook truthfully answers: “I don’t eat any.” Not so telepathic, after all.

When the cast hears that Ri-sae is a former Miss Korea Japan entrant (She’s fourth-generation Korean-Japanese), Sumi busts out the little Japanese that she knows… and Ri-sae can barely understand her. Puhahaha, it can be hard to understand the sunbae sometimes in Korean too.

Their next game is a piggybacking race where they’ll pick up a bowl and flip it over the boys’ head on the other end. But there’s no telling whether it contains water or not until it’s too late. A bokbulbok game it is, then.

The couples start running at the whistle, and despite getting a little wet, Gary and So-hyun pass first. I love how surprised he gets when Mr. PD instructs him to act as MC for the rest of the game. He has this priceless What, me?! face.

What starts off as a game of chance quickly turns into a dirty game. Like how Kwang-soo pours his own water into Jong-kook’s bowl or throwing bowls to stop another couple.

Jong-kook isn’t in his usual tip-top form (though methinks it’s due to his recovering leg), lagging behind the others. He doesn’t blame Kim Sook at all, and Jae-suk jokes that there has only been Spartakooks has ever had a hard time: “You… and [Shin] Bong-sun.”

After the third round, Mr. PD announces that the last team will lose one of their precious tails. MC Gary interviews the remaining couples before they begin, and Kim Sook is still hung up on how Kookie isn’t running on all cylinders.

Sure enough, they end up dead last, and she jokingly vows revenge on her teammate: “I’ll get married to you!” Their tail is handed to Gary and So-hyun, who earn an additional tail along with the second and third place winners.

Haha calls for an alliance to work together, and we get a preview of the Marvel superheroes we’ll meet next week. Ack, it already looks awesome, but let’s stick with the current episode.

Back on the bus, Jae-suk expresses his anxiety about having so many tails: “What if they’re taken away later?” He and Sumi only need one more tail to win, and Sumi assures him that she can take everyone on with her elbow that’s all bone. Eek, I wouldn’t want to be on the other end of that.

After a quick runthrough of each couples’ tail count, So-hyun’s forgetfulness strikes again, and she asks Gary how many they’ve got. Exasperated, Gary tells her: “Six! Don’t you remember, noona? We’ve gone over this three times already!”

At the restaurant, the ladies are told to order food before their partners arrive. I love how both Kim Sook and Eun-yi wonder if it’s a speed-eating contest, confident in their eating abilities. But food hardly ever comes free on Running Man and Ri-sae wonders if there’s a catch.

There is, and Mr. PD instructs the ladies to assemble a lettuce wrap for their teammate in the order the ajumma laid out their side dishes. Ha, it’s been some time since we’ve seen this game before.

The boys complain that Ji-hyo has the clear advantage, but she claims that she was too busy reading the menu. Who I’m really worried about is So-hyun, who admits that she doesn’t recall the first or last item at all. Hahaha.

There’s some hope for Eun-yi, who at least remembers the first item, and Haha keeps a close eye on the staff’s reactions as she assembles her wrap. Unfortunately, the rest is wrong and I imagine the boys will be eating a lot today.

Sumi rises from her seat, and when the others ask if she’s trying to cheat, she bares her killer elbow: “Wanna get hit?” Uh, no thanks. She hilariously keeps an eye out for the staff’s reactions though they look more like death glares at this end.

In the other room, So-hyun persistently asks that they help each other out since she can’t recall the first time for the life of her. So the three teams strike a deal to share whatever information they have with each other.

Now things start to speed up for Jong-kook and Kim Sook, who keep picking up one correct dish after another until they hit a roadblock. It turns out to help them, and Kim Sook tops their last guess with the last bits of each dish, determined to finish off strong. It cracks me up how she dumps the rest of the rice bowl on top at the end.

They get it right, and quickly rush to hide evidence of their side dishes neatly placed in a row. Then Gary and So-hyun, along with Ji-hyo and Suk-jin finish off right afterwards, and the three teams gain another tail.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s do a final gumiho count: Ri-sae (2), Sumi (8), So-hyun (7), Ji-hyo (5), Eun-yi (5), and Kim Sook (4). Then Jae-suk warns the others in the bus that Sumi has been sharpening her indestructible elbow. Hahaha.

The bus pulls into the final mission location and Mr. PD announces the rules to this gumiho nametag-rippin’ game: (1) Only gumihos may eliminate the other members (2) If they tear off a man’s nametag, then he becomes a part of her team. First team to nine tails or the last remaining gumiho, wins. Iiinnnterrresting.

Suk-jin suggests an alliance to Jae-suk and Sumi, promising them that he’ll make sure they win today. Given your track record, I’m not sure that’s the greatest sell, ha. Then Sumi makes a move towards Ji-hyo, who jumps back. Yeah, I think the mat-sunbae will do just fine with her elbow.

Sumi is however, an obvious target for some other couples, since she already has eight tails. But before they get a chance, Haha and Eun-yi engage the maknae couple. Despite Kwang-soo’s effort to protect Ri-sae, his nametag gets torn off, and she makes a run for it.

Kwang-soo goes through a dramatic transformation as he joins Haha and Eun-yi. But soon the boys bicker about who gets to be top dog in Eun-yi’s entourage, and it breaks into a catfight with hair-pulling and name-calling.

Jae-suk and Sumi run into this newly formed group, and Sumi runs off in alarm when the boys target Jae-suk. She’s so surprised when Kwang-soo turns to her that she instinctively starts kicking and elbowing him in the back, even cursing before she tears his nametag off.

In the aftermath, Sumi catches her breath to apologize for the slip. This also means that Kwang-soo must change teams again, and he claims that he’s not someone who can be easily bewitched.

Then as soon as he gets his new shirt color, he gets on his knees chanting, “I love you, Kim Sumi!” Hahaha.

Suspicions remain high between the couples, and though Gary and Haha agree to target Sumi’s team together, Gary can’t help but notice that Eun-yi’s hand looks like it’s ready to strike.

They walk together as Gary whispers to So-hyun that they have to remain careful. But she’s innocently gullible and Eun-yi jumps on the chance to eliminate her out of the game.

Meanwhile, Jong-kook and Kim Sook keep a close eye on the other couples. They keep to the shadows, to which Kim Sook complains about how they’re being too cautious: “You always look so aggressive on TV!!”

Haha and Suk-jin continue to strategize with their gumihos just as Sumi and her crew appear from around the corner. Kwang-soo stands in front to protect his team but when the three teams engage in a tussle, his nametag gets torn off yet again, this time by Ji-hyo.

All this team-changing prompts the others to ask if Kwang-soo is putting on a fashion show for the quick-change. Kwang-soo: “I’ll just put on another shirt over this one!” So that you can layer them? Hahaha.

It’s not long before they spot Sumi trying to sneak up on one of them. So then they head straight for Jae-suk, but in the chaos, Kwang-soo’s nametag is ripped off yet again. Man, you can make a drinking game out of this by now.

This puts Kwang-soo back with Eun-yi, and in this moment of distraction, Sumi makes a run for it. And I have to admit, she runs pretty fast for someone her age.

But she quickly runs out of breath, and when Kwang-soo approaches her, she warns: “Do you wanna get hit again?” She runs away at the first chance she gets, but Eun-yi runs up right behind her and eliminates her.

Jae-suk rejoins her, and when he asks why she didn’t use her elbow, Sumi breathes: “I used my legs first…” Ha, fair enough.

Elsewhere, Kim Sook realizes that they can easily gain another tail if they go after bodyguard-less Ri-sae. She’s been MIA for awhile now, and little do they know that she’s been hiding inside all this time.

So Jong-kook and Kim Sook roam the museum to track maknae Ri-sae down, and Kim Sook’s haunting taunts echo through the halls. They run into Eun-yi and her boys, who are no match for Spartakooks.

Kim Sook and Eun-yi face off, but they’re soon joined by another couple. Kim Sook finds herself defenseless without Jong-kook, who has a firm grip on both of Eun-yi’s boys. So she thinks fast… and tears off Kwang-soo’s nametag. Drink!

Then Eun-yi congratulates him—with five wardrobe changes, he’s now worn every color t-shirt today.

Another alliance forms between Suk-jin, Haha, and their gumihos. Ri-sae’s name comes up again, and they agree to use her to “send Kwang-soo off properly.” So you plan to help the two get back together and then eliminate her? Ha, that’s kind of brilliant.

They whisper Ri-sae’s name in the hallways in an attempt to draw her out of her hiding place. When they eventually find her, they first work to abate her fears by naming Kim Sook and her boys as their primary target. It takes some more convincing before Ri-sae get on board.

The Ri-sae bait works like a charm and Kwang-soo is immediately thrown into confusion at the sight of her. The allies hold Jong-kook off as the ladies target Kwang-soo, and rejoins Ri-sae. That’s right, everyone… drink!

Although Kwang-soo is relieved to return to his original color, he can’t help but exclaim: “Is this all going to get edited out afterwards?”

It looks like another alliance is born between Jong-kook and Kim Sook and the maknae couple. But then Kwang-soo whips around to face Kim Sook, and Ri-sae swings in to eliminate her.

That effectively eliminates both Kim Sook and Jong-kook out of the game. The other two members of the Betrayal Trio let out a hearty laugh before they declare: “Now let’s go take Kwang-soo out!”

The Betrayal Trio barely get through their chant before Haha grabs onto Suk-jin. Then Ri-sae rips off Suk-jin’s nametag to bring him onto her team.

The ladies target Ri-sae and it’s Ji-hyo who rips off her nametag. Ji-hyo can barely catch a breath before Haha and Eun-yi turn on her and the Ace is quickly eliminated. Haha and Eun-yi jump in celebration.

Everyone gathers together again for the closing, and watch as Eun-yi gets carried into the heavens to receive her prize: a golden Running ball. Whoa. The once-gumiho cries, “I’m going to become a woman today!”


62 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. alive

    My heart bleeds for Jong Kook. It was so painful to see him clench his teeth in pain when piggybacking, being unable to stand straight, and getting outrun by everyone.

    I know he’s an ultimate professional, and he doesnt want to let his fans down. But he needs to put himself as priority. His injuries seem very bad, and all these running, fighting and piggybacking has to be very bad for his injuries, leaving him with no time to heal.

    Sometimes I wonder what he does it for. He seems to get little love and respect from some RM fans, and whatever he does always look bad in their eyes. Is it even worth sacrificing his health like that.

    get well soon!

    • 1.1 michaelcalderone

      Doubt that’s true about little love and respect – I think the fans do like SpartaKooks. Just look at all the love he does get overseas on those fan meets! But yes, I agree with you, we need our fit Sparta back!

    • 1.2 bjharm

      I would think whatever the state of his injuries, they are of the kind that doing what he does is painful but not threatening to make them worse. So taking time off not going to do any good anyway so he may as well man up and perform as he been doing, the only reason I can see he would take time off would that he feels he hurting the show and his team mates by being less than 100%, clearly he been told that even below par he still needed.

      • 1.2.1 Quiet Thought

        I would not be that optimistic about the good faith of Kmedia producers and managers. There have been too many instances the last few years of actors, singers, dancers–and their managers–being pressured by themselves and management into dangerous actions.

        Also, no matter how strong a man is, carrying a 150 lbs on your back and jogging and turning is not a safe thing to be doing for fun under conditions of any less than disciplined safety. If the man is nursing a back, shoulder, or leg injury, he should not be doing anything that strenuous.

        The worst example on RM, as I recall, was the episode where the men were trying to carry the women while contorting to fit under a limbo bar. No matter how physically fit the man is, that kind of motion while carrying a heavy load is begging for a permanent back injury.

        • alive

          You’re talking about the Noh Sa Yeon / UEE ep right? Right after Jong Kook had to piggyback Noh Sa Yeon while going under that limbo bar, you could see him touching his back in discomfort when he was sitting down talking to Ji Hyo

          I really wonder why the PDs continued with this ep’s game knowing how bad a shape Jong Kook is in

          • Quiet Thought

            I assume it is that neo-Confucian sense of duty, which curiously does not constrain bosses from taking care of employees in ways that prevent abuse of rank to the point of bullying people into working twenty hour days with sprained backs and damaged limbs.

          • Quiet Thought

            I’m surprised any of the male cast members came out of that episode still able to walk straight.

          • bd

            Yeah, limbo is bad enough and trying to carry another person while doing it is a back injury waiting to happen.

            At the same time, I think the PD for RM generally are cognizant when it comes to cast members who are injured (or just tired).

            When Gary had his leg injury, he was kept out of the more physically demanding games until he had healed sufficiently and even KJK skipped out on some of the games (such as being the one to do the math quiz instead of riding the banana boat, letting a female guest bear the wrath of the sea).

            KJK knows his body so I don’t think he would be doing things that would result in aggravating his injury – making it worse.

            Clearly, he’s not 100%, but it seems like he is healthy enough to still run and so forth.

            At the same time, don’t think KJK will be physically challenging Choo Sung Hoon anytime soon.

          • shiningcat

            if you see clearly, he was already touching his back right from the start of the game. i think some scenes were edited out.

    • 1.3 peeps

      Wut? Who dares disrespect SpartaKook? My sharpened knife is looking for some fresh flesh to cut through!

      But generally, I agree with you. I hope that he rests up for real. For a health-nut, I’m surprised he’s not insisting on not doing those vigorous activities. Health is not just attributed to what you eat y’know, Kim JongKook…

      • 1.3.1 nomad

        Should we send some kind of a letter to the PD? I cringe each time SpartaKook has to lift his partner, and ALL those running, and ALL those other crazy stunts RMs have to do. It’s time for him to just rest for a while.

        • jel

          And the PDs really dont help things by giving him a stockier partner in this ep, rather than a lighter partner like Jihyo or the guests LKS and Gary had (I’m of the class of thought I believe all guest teamups are prearranged. But thats a topic for another day). Oh well, we shd be happy he didnt get Kim Sumi then.

          And also for eg in the UEE episode somone pointed out, his teammate was JSJ. If KJK’s other male teammate was say, Gary, he might have left the lifting of Sayeon to Gary. But no, the PDs gave him JSJ, who clearly couldnt lift anyone up. So guess what? KJK just stubbornly steps up to the plate once again and leaves himself in pain.

    • 1.4 Bu Young

      I think it’s too much to say runners dont love jong kook or that they only love him a little. Jong Kook is one of the most popular of the running man cast

      the way you put it makes it seem like noone likes him at all. And of course we respect him especially if he’s puttimg himself through strain to entertain running man fans

  2. snow_white

    Thanks for the recap..

  3. ladyhahn

    i laughed at kwangsoo shifting team moment.but the ending for the winning gumiho cheers “im going to become a woman” is priceless.hahaa..

    • 3.1 misskania

      yeah that was fun and as he returns to his original white team, they lost 😀

    • 3.2 PollyRose

      I loved Kwangsoo changing shirts every few minutes. I especially loved Eun Yi’s little dance she did to put him under her spell 🙂 She was definitely a fun one to have on the show and a fun one to see win.

  4. Quiet Thought

    An abundance of charisma among the female guests today, but Jong Kook’s situation reminds me of a safety meeting we held at work this past week. The manager’s final word: nothing that happens in the workplace is worth getting crippled. Jong Kook needs to take enough time off to heal up.

    • 4.1 bd

      Often, it’s more fun having females w/ strong personalities on RM than just the “pretty.”

      Tho sometimes, you get both as in the case w/ Han Hyo-joo and Han Ji-min.

      And even females guests who at the start seem a bit on the shy side (like Moon Geun-young and Son Yeon-jae) end up being great b/c they are competitive and eventually show their personalities.

      A major reason why so many of the shows w/ young idols (both male and female) tend to be on the boring side.

  5. PebbledBeach

    thank you so much for the recap, gwang soo t shirt parade was so funny, and when kim sumi swore at gwang soo LMAO!!! poor guy.

    i just wanted to ask if there were screen caps in this recap because i havent been able to see any images in the recent running man recaps.

    • 5.1 gummimochi

      Are you checking the site on your phone? We’ve run into this issue in the past (on the mobile version of the site). I’ll make sure to let javabeans and girlfriday know about it. 🙂

      • 5.1.1 On a QIHM High

        I have the same problem but I’m viewing dramabeans on my laptop. The screen caps show up with the other drama recaps though.

        (p.s. thanks for the recap! :))

      • 5.1.2 PebbledBeach

        nah im viewing it on a laptop, all other recaps are fine its just the recent running man recaps. i just thought i would ask because i wasnt sure if its just me or if it was happening to others. 🙂

      • 5.1.3 Quiet Thought

        I haven’t seen screencaps for Running Man for the last two or three episodes. I assumed you didn’t have time for them.

        I use a PC with feed off a commercial high speed provider.

    • 5.2 Hazel

      Yeah, I’m viewing it on my laptop, and I don’t see any screen caps either except the first one of Yoo Jae-suk.

      The last episode summary in which I can see the screen caps is Ep. 145.

      • 5.2.1 nomad

        Me too. There’s no screencaps in mine either for RM.

    • 5.3 Betty

      I can see all the screencaps on my laptop but not on my mobile phone if that can help… But it’s the same for every thread. I can only see the screencaps on my laptop.

    • 5.4 gennichu

      Hooray! I can see the screencaps again! Just checked, and can see pics from recaps 146 on. Thanks so much for fixing it! I didn’t mention it earlier either, because I thought it might just be me. Was it just for Firefox? (That’s the browser on my laptop.)

  6. JC

    Best episode of RM in a while!

    I hope Jongkook’s leg recovers well though, especially since the next episode looks pretty intense. 8D

  7. zakin89

    Thanks for the recap 🙂

    Kim Sumi was awesome!

    And how sweet of Ji Hyo to give Kwang Soo the chance to be paired with the youngest girl 🙂
    And I kind of like the Ji Hyo-Suk Jin pair anyway^^

    As soon as they sat down at the restaurant and the food was placed I knew that we were in for another round of ‘eat in the right order’ game. Although this time I think it was a lot more ingredients… I wouldn’t have been able to do it on the first try even if I had seen all of the things placed^^

    Kwang Soo’s shirt chaning had me in a fit of giggles 😀 He should’ve really just put on the shirts over another to save time 😀

    • 7.1 Bu Young

      I thought I was the only one who liked the Suk Jin and Jihyo pair!!!
      They’ve always seemed pretty close
      and I thought it was funny how Jae Suk titled them the ceo and the secretary couple which is so realistic, lmaooo
      but I like their father and daughter title the best

  8. swui

    Poor kwang soo. At one point, I thought it was deliberate. LLOL.

  9. Quiet Thought

    Ri-sae is a good example of a lollipop guest who isn’t really suited for Running Man. Fortunately, the regulars know how to play around overly passive guests and brought her out in the open for the final congfrontations.

    I confess that one of the things I enjoy about K-variety is that the personalities remind me of the classic American movie shows I’ve always enjoyed, in which it was actually possible for people to be shy in public. Sumi, a personality so strong she could dominate a show, scene, or stage almost anywhere in the world, is the opposite of Ri-Sae and the men are quite conscious of it. She can make them blush just by telling them the truth to their faces.

  10. 10 Quiet Thought

    I didn’t catch all the references to beautiful women who’ve played Gumihos, but the pale Gumiho in the clip was Park Min Young in “Home Town Legends.” I don’t think any of the men named her.

    Even without the English sub, I spotted Shin Min Ah’s face as Ha Ha mentioned her name. I would love to see what she would do on Running Man. She is naturally private but has shown herself as capable of doing any job she sets her mind to and doing it well.

    Can someone name the sources of the other gumiho references the RM men listed?

  11. 11 Running Man Fan

    Seriously, i think Kookie has a problem pairing up with the commedian. I do not know is it for variety effect or otherwise. He look reluctant and unhappy throughout the show. If he is not feeling well or injuried his body. Skip one or two episodes is fine to me because Kim Jong kook really look unwell recently. It looks like he is suffering in the games especially the piggyback game which is his strength. He was the last in the race! Shocked! He really look tired and sad.. Hope he can rest well, regain his strength and be a strong commander again.. Not getting weaker and weaker… RM team should take care of the members health. He should stop working so hard and I do know he love physical activity and Running Man so he pushes himself to do well. His presence is important but not at the expense of his health. Yes he is strong but he is still a human. The pressure of being the best is full of burden. Spartakook is showing some fragilty with all the expectations. Kwang Soo is a nice person but he always disturb jong kook and hardly the others. It is ok if Jong kook is well and healthy but not when he obviously is not in tip-top condition. That is my personal opinion.
    Classic moment:
    1) Kwang Soo fashion show
    2) the ahjumas and their funny antic
    3) the fire mishap
    Look forward to the next episode. Thanks for recap.

  12. 12 Running Man Fan

    On a side note, Shin min ah should participate in this theme. 🙂

    • 12.1 bd

      Definitely would have been fitting, but unfortunately SMA doesn’t really appear on variety shows and she has a pretty shy personality to boot.

  13. 13 Aqidah

    I kind of hate that Eun-yi ahjumma..during the piggyback race..she keep throwing her bucket to others.

    What different does it makes except to hurt people..?

    Overall..just a so-so episode..but i can’t wait to see next week episode after the preview 😀

  14. 14 PollyRose

    I actually thought she and HaHa together were funny, but I didn’t notice the water bucket throwing. Did notice a lot of water slinging between the teams though 🙂 Hopefully it was all done in good fun not with intent to injure, cause that would not be cool at all.

    And yes, can’t wait to see what they do with the super hero episode too! I was a little surprised though that Jong Kook isn’t going to be the Hulk though. Maybe due to his injury? Nevertheless it looks like it has the potential to be hilarious!

    • 14.1 the68monkey

      Song Eun-yi was funny at times, but maybe a bit overly competitive in a negative way. I don’t know if throwing her bucket repeatedly was meant to hurt anybody, but I did notice some hair pulling when she dove for Kim Sook in the museum. Nothing was said, but it looked too rough to me.

      Overall, just a so-so episode. Kim Jong-kook needs to take time off and recover. It was kind of like watching the episode of RM vs. Jungle Men, where the competitiveness just looked mean-spirited and painful, rather than fun.

      Really loved Kim Sumi! I hope I can move that fast and determined when I’m her age!

  15. 15 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

    I liked today’s episode – good guests and funny, too.
    Kim Sumi lived up to her acerbic reputation and I really believe that she didn’t know what Kwang-soo did for a living. (She didn’t see City Hunter?! Eep!)

    Kwang-soo was a part of the Rainbow Coalition today. Targeting him for every grab & rip was rather odd, kind of like how he chose those raw eggs in a prior episode. What are the odds? It’s serendipity!

  16. 16 Pingping

    I don’t like this episode as much. Maybe it is because Jongkook really does seem to be in a lot of pain. And I find his partner a bit annoying. But I love Kwangsoo changing fashion show though! That is the only fun thing about this episode for me.

  17. 17 onyxx

    i’m glad ha-ha and his partner won (she was funny and feisty). LKS’s shirt changed color so many times, he was a practically wearing a rainbow lol!

    it’s painful to watch KJK limp through some games because it’s so obvious that his injuries haven’t healed fully yet. he gets through them all right, but it’s excruciatingly evident that he hasn’t regained his former state of health (at least, not at 100%).

  18. 18 Vdiddy

    Did anyone catch the bit where Ji-hyo burst into tears after she and Suk-jin got the meal setting right?

    • 18.1 Quiet Thought

      Ahhh! She’s so competitive.

  19. 19 Andrea

    This episode was so much better than the previous one. Funnier and more like the RM I love.

    But yeah, I cringed a lot when KJK was running slowly, carefully, and placed last place during the race. I’ve been marathoning the show from the beginning and watching the new ones that air at the same time. It was really sad to see how he was back then and how he was in this episode.

    I honestly think he should take a period away from the show so he can rest. I prefer missing him for a few episodes, during a month or two, than seeing him leave the show eventually because of his injuries. He is not getting any younger, and even though he is Spartakooks, he needs to rest.

    • 19.1 Lilian

      Yeah..I liked this episode a lot more than the other recent episodes too! It was fun. And the fact that they were on the bus together allowed for more funny moments! The guests in general were funny too. I generally don’t like the piggyback contest with heavy women. It seems like a forced method of trying to get us laugh. I prefer smarter games with spies.

  20. 20 bd

    Overall a decent ep. – but not worth a rewatch, much less being one of my faves.

    Some of the funniest bits (not surprisingly) where at the beginning in the reveal of the guests and the RM cast member’s reactions (their kissing up to Ms. Mong was pretty funny and she did look particularly lovely in that white dress).

    The mishap with flame curtains was pretty funny as well and as was the reaction to Kim Sumi’s appearance and her acerbic comments (I know Kim Sumi is a pretty big heavyweight – having seen her in films like the “Married to the Mafia” series, but have to say, her eyelids have always bothered me).

    Of the female guests, probably liked KJK’s partner, Kim Sook, the least, but at the same time, it was a bit refreshing to see someone give the Commander a hard time, even if was kinda annoying (but then again, others have found KJK going into “Commander mode” a bit annoying as well, which I never minded b/c that’s just KJK).

    One thing Kim Sook was wrong about was KJK being so cautious this time around while normally being “so aggressive” on TV.

    KJK does tend to overanalyze things a bit and in playing the tag ripping game many a times goes into his “hiding” or observe from afar mode which often ends up in his teammates getting out with him joining the fray too late (which usually spells his doom as well).

    The superhero ep seems to be daebak and hopefully rises to the occasion.

  21. 21 Yawar

    Thanks for the recap.

  22. 22 Bro

    Haha Kwangsoo. “I’m not an easy person” when he kept getting seduced and changing teams. Funny episode overall. Is it just me though or has HaHa been winning a lot lately?

    • 22.1 Quiet Thought

      Marriage must agree with HaHa.

      • 22.1.1 Lilian

        The couple is really sweet together =) Can’t wait for the baby to come. Little haroro XD

  23. 23 sarami

    Thanks for the recap dramabeans

  24. 24 toni

    does anyone know the song when song eun ee approaching running man member,then kim suk sing it again when approach jongkook? in the minute 08.00
    please if anyone know,thanks

    • 24.1 reenee

      the song title is mai piu cosi lontano from Andrea Bocelli

  25. 25 JanaMarcelo

    Rest in Peace Kwon Rise 🙁

  26. 26 fishyhaelove

    RiSe who has just passed away today after fighting for 4 days to stay alive, sincerely hope u will continue to smile and singing up there in heaven. #ripRise

  27. 27 RMfighting!!!!!!!!!

    I read this recap again as i remember RiSe as one of a bubbly and cheerful girl guest in Runningman.
    it is sad to hear that she gone after fighting for her life.
    RIP Rise….

  28. 28 aiman basir

    rip kwon ri sae

  29. 29 aimanuraisyah

    rest in peace kwon ri sae

  30. 30 Park Jimin Stole My Heart

    The terrible incident happened last year on 6th Sept 2014 was what made me know Ladies’ Code and made me into them. It was late for me to realise such girl group with bright future. Their commemoration concert will be on this 22nd Aug 2015 and I hope both of the angels are always smiling up there.

    Both of you are always been missed.

    R.I.P EunB and RiSe

  31. 31 Leene

    anyone pls tell me what song kwang soo sings on the loop ride?

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