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Yeon Woo-jin’s Knight Rider photo shoot
by | June 21, 2013 | 31 Comments

Okay, so it’s not talking-car Knight Rider, but Yeon Woo-jin’s shoot for Singles is inexplicably car-themed, and totally throwback. I can’t decide if it’s terribly cheesy, or so cheesy it comes back around to awesome. He looks good though, so yeah… here’s some pretty pretty Yeon Woo-jin for ya.

He’s fresh off the set of his latest drama When A Man Loves, and you guys will have to weigh in on his performance there because I couldn’t stick it out with that drama. But he’s been getting lots of good press for the role, more so than I’ve seen for Song Seung-heon or Shin Se-kyung anyway. I loved him in Arang and the Magistrate and Ojakkyo Brothers, so I look forward to seeing more diverse characters for him to play.

The full shoot and interview will be in the July issue of Singles, and Yeon Woo-jin is currently shopping for his next project. Chop, chop, casting people! Let’s get him in something good.

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31 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. JoAnne

    Chubs! Looking good there, sugar.

    • 1.1 Shukmeister

      LOL – Should have figured you would be first, you Oppa traitor you. Still, I like the stills!

  2. Mystisith

    Oh. I’m a fan of both actually: The old Knight Rider and YWJ. Those eyes. Mystery, sadness, badassery. Could totally see him playing a super hero kind of guy, Korean sauce.

    • 2.1 Lisa-Loo-Loo

      Korean sauce…Hahaha!

  3. JL

    Eeeee ~ my eyes burn from the pretty. *__*

  4. Ivoire


    • 4.1 Ivoire

      I really liked him in OB, I wished he had gotten the girl in the end. I felt that he deserved her, more so than some of his brothers.

  5. Newbie

    It took me ages to realize he’s the same guy as in ‘Just Friends?’. A brave acting debut.
    Liked his Ordinary Love and Ojakgyo Brothers, too. Not so sure about his part in Arang and this photoshoot. :/

    • 5.1 Heiyeon

      Yeah! He did come out in Just Friends with Lee Je Hoon…I remember that! Liked him better in Ojakgyo Brothers than in Arang, but I liked him better in Arang than in When a Man Loves…I just didn’t like that drama or his character. Hopefully, he chooses a better project!

      • 5.1.1 Newbie

        I am one of the few ppl aroung, that didn’t hate him in WAML. I’ve no problems with someone fighting for someone he loves (except that person is married, that’s the line for me). So I didn’t judge his character, he was misguided and lied to, but he sincerely loved his brother and at least tried to make Mi Do’s wishes come true.

        When I think back to Arang I only remember him staring. Maybe I should rewatch a couple of episodes, as it was the first time I saw him.

  6. hellothere

    He’ll always be Tae Pil to me *tear* I adored him in OB and liked him in Arang too.

    I tried one episode of WAML and gave up after half an hour. Good lord, was that show bad. Hope he does a rom com next!! Something lighter and less… stupid, lol.

  7. Angela

    Omg, the first picture does not look like him at all. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  8. Qued

    I love Maknae Oppa in Ojakkyo Brothers.

    He can do serious role but I think rom-com suits him better.

    All the best to you Woo-jin shi!

  9. Amarie

    That first photo does look a bit weird, but the others are nice.

  10. 10 the other kay

    wow, this is the first time the word “pretty” comes to mind when seeing him.

  11. 11 Jan

    I’ve only seen him in WAML, and I gotta admit that role made me pretty annoyed by his face.

  12. 12 snow_white

    Haven’t seen any of his dramas…..

    • 12.1 Mystisith

      I have watched most of his dramas only for him. Even if it’s crap, his acting is so good… FF the rest.

  13. 13 Angie

    A lot of PHOTOSHOP!!!

    • 13.1 Goldie

      in deed !! actually most of cover magazine nowsday use it often ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. 14 Kiara

    YUMMM. Glad he is doing well and getting more exposer.

  15. 15 Skunk

    YWJ was possibly the only thing that made me stick with When A Man Loves… His tortured and conflicted concerns about his brother and his girlfriend were possibly the most entertaining things considering how SSH’s character turned out as overly-sympathetically portrayed that it was difficult to pity him and SSK was just… boring? Her vacillations between both men were understandable but her sudden shift to SSH in the end was such a strange thing I coul never get on board. Plus that age gap was just too hard to ignore – she looked way better with YWJ, or maybe that’s just because he’s just awesome to be with!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. 16 girlatsea

    Couldn’t really recognize him in the first picture but he’s lookin’ good in the rest of them! ^^

    Loved him in OB and Arang, too, and I wanted to stick it out for him in WAML but I just couldn’t do it. Sorry bb T__T

  17. 17 Goldie

    Hv you seen “Ordinary Love”

    Don’t miss it .. He is something ๐Ÿ˜‰ special !!

    • 17.1 lu

      yeaah, it is a cut short drama, I liked it!

  18. 18 Gaeina Lee

    YWJ~~!! Love him. Through good and bad drama.. ^^
    Watch with WAML till the end [while ranting an swearing, of course] more for him and his bro there than for SSH.

  19. 19 Jess

    I really liked him in ‘When A Man Loves’. <3

  20. 20 LebG

    I don’t like him .I’ve never seen him once in a drama and liked him ! I’ve seen him in arang and in when aAML but come on who could focus on him when ssh is around. ‘ it’s simply impossible ,no comparison
    As for the pics they are so cheesy and lame with no style or u can say OLD figured and normal ! But thanks anyway

  21. 21 Cam

    Kababadadabada…!! ๐Ÿ˜€ These pics really look so good on him & I really enjoyed him in that best drama “Ojakkyo Brothers”. I am glad that he’s still an aspiring actor now, woot woot!

  22. 22 Noelle

    LOL I totally took the Knight Rider thing seriously.

  23. 23 Kaybee

    What’s with his Pinocchio nose on the first photo! I hate bad PS. I love the guy though even though the photos are lack-luster.

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