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Answer Me 1994 holds first script read
by | July 23, 2013 | 60 Comments

You know, I wasn’t expecting very exciting pictures from Answer Me 1994′s first script read, but then I saw Go Ara. She came to the reading dressed in character! How cute is she? The actress ditched her long tresses and her usual ingenue look for a short bob and came dressed in ’90s style du jour. She looks like a different person altogether, and I have to say, that kind of dedication and enthusiasm makes her really endearing in my eyes.

In this follow-up drama to last year’s cable phenom Answer Me 1997, fangirl madness will still be at the center of the story. Go Ara plays a diehard basketball fan, who is particularly obsessed with basketball player Lee Sang-min. Ah, so he’s this year’s Tony Oppa? I adore that she came to the script read with a team t-shirt on, looking every bit the part.

She plays the daughter of Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa, who run a boardinghouse for Kyungsangdo kids transplanted in Seoul. Jung-woo (You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin), Yoo Yeon-seok (Gu Family Book), and Kim Sung-kyun (Covertly Grandly) play three of the college boys who live in the house.

It’ll be a campus-set drama in the era of the basketball craze and Seo Taiji and Boys, and promises the same kind of warm family drama that was at the heart of Answer Me 1997, along with the PD and writer’s particular brand of throwback pop culture nostalgia. Shooting begins at the end of the month, and the premiere has been pushed back to October. Ack. Just what I need — a clusterfuck of crack dramas. Let’s hope some of them are actually good; I mean, we might as well be rewarded for the crazy, right?

Answer Me 1994 premieres in Octobergeddon on tvN.

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60 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ninji

    Aww 90’s Go Ara – from beautiful to ΓΌbercute. Will so watch this drama!

    • 1.1 Windsun33

      I like Go Ara, but not so sure about the show – this is what like the 4th sequel or “pre” sequel now?

      • 1.1.1 Ani

        Huh? This… is the first sequel or “pre” sequel. At least for Answer Me 1997. Unless you mean for shows that Go Ara appears on?

  2. lee_junne

    Hope this will be as good as the first one..

  3. Bees

    OMG. Is that really Go Ara!!!

    She looks different. Kudos to her for transforming her goddess image to this. Bravo.

    I hope she’s good in here. Go Ara. Go!

    • 3.1 bd

      With that short, rough cut, kinda reminds me of Lee Yeon-hee in “A Millionaire’s First Love.”

  4. latteholic

    I’m normally not that excited for sequel/follow up dramas, but the plot about basketball really speaks to me. So I will check this one out as well. And mom and dad are still the same (kinda reminds me of High Kick πŸ˜€ )!

  5. Sponge

    Oh wow i couldn’t recognise her at all! How adorable, i actually find her really likable so i’m looking forward to this drama :D!

  6. snow__white

    Looking forward to this πŸ™‚

  7. Jenny

    awwww, that’s just cute. Go Ara you got some points in my book now even though she’s such a meh actress.
    I just hope this one is just as heartwarming as it’s predecessor. And hopefully Go Ara will be good in this role.

  8. alua

    The first person I spotted was Bread Man.


    • 8.1 DDee

      HAHA yes hurrah for Bread Man! πŸ™‚

  9. Viki

    I spot Baro from B1A4!!! How did this happen? I’m happy for his acting debut πŸ™‚

    • 9.1 the other kay

      wow, i didn’t even realize it was him.

    • 9.2 Kes

      idk how it happened but I think he could be great! He’s been the lead in several of his own group’s MVs as well as some from other artists, and if he wasn’t revolutionary he was pretty darn solid. I wonder if they’re gonna play up or play down his satoori?

  10. 10 TheTofurkey

    This little bit of news has put me over the moon. I still haven’t gotten over Answer Me 1997 and I hope this drama is equally gripping!

    I couldn’t be more excited. I’m practically vibrating with anticipation.

  11. 11 Requiem

    Wow, that’s Go Ara? I totally did not recognize her. Only seen her in Who Are You, which she was pretty awesome in, but playing a totally different character.

    Great to see her already getting into character with AM94!

    Don’t know any of the other actors except for the parents, but I hope the PD and writer can recreate the magic with this cast!

    Looking forward to it.

  12. 12 caryatid

    when you mentioned go ara on your sentence i immediately scanned the first pic but i can’t seem to find her and i was thinking, where’s go ara in that pic???? expecting to see this gorgeous lady…hehehe then bam! goes to look at the 2nd pic… is that her?! O_o

  13. 13 Bengbeng

    I hardly recognized Go Ara. Only because of your post that I realized it was her. how cute! =)

  14. 14 Zsa

    I love the parents….they are such endearing couple In Reply….unforgettable!

    • 14.1 bd

      No.1 reason why I will be watching this.

  15. 15 Andrea

    Oh my God. That’s adorable.

    I hadn’t seen any of Go Ara’s previous projects, so she scored brownie points showing this kind of dedication. It’s so cute that she is already on character.

    A lot of people have been kind of relunctant to the sequel, but I trust the AM97 team. Hopefully AM94 will be as heartwarming and funny as its predecessor!

  16. 16 lolipop

    how cute. now everyone can tell she’s really a hard working actress. give an applause. yay!
    hopefully she’ll improve in this drama

  17. 17 Cynthia

    How cute is Go Ara?!
    Apparently she found the same toddler with fingernail scissors who did Lee Sueng-gi’s and Lee Shi-young’s hair in the past. πŸ™‚

    The cast looks like they’re having fun with each other and the script.

  18. 18 Laica

    A girl living in a boardinghouse with three hot college guys? Parents or not, that’s like three cohabitation dramas for the price of one! Lol. Not gonna lie, I’m suddenly more excited for this than Heirs.

    Props to Go Ara for being so cutely dedicated. Also, Bread Man! <3

  19. 19 ck1Oz

    Thanks for the photos.

    Oh my gosh I didn’t pay attention earlier Kyungsangdo accents.Eek…
    Well I’ll brush up on my expletives collection then. I still remember how hard Reply Me 1997 was.

    Totally looking forward to this.

  20. 20 CutiieAngiie

    Seriously, some people say it will fail because most sequel fails but I still believe that PD and writer won’t disappoint us. But then, I still remember how bad IRIS 2 was … LMAO.
    But really, I felt it is going to be amazing and at the same time, people will always compare with the first one so I hope it will bring a new flavor but keep what makes Reply 1997 good.
    Go Ara isn’t a bad actress at all. I watched her in Papa and she was quite good. It is just that she has a tendency to star in bad projects ? LOL.
    This autumn/winter is going to be great, I can feel it. I just hope it won’t bother my studies XD. It would be even better if some news about Sooyoung being casted in a drama is released today. I understand how some actors’ fans feel now. Having to wait for projects everytime … πŸ˜€

    Answer Me 1994, fightiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing ;D
    Oh and the cast member looks quite good ! It is going to be fun to have a house full of girls/boys. Still remember that epic scene with all of them watching soccer match while eating salads and chicken. So many childhood memories πŸ˜€
    And it reminds me of that fanfic called High School written in Soompi πŸ˜€

  21. 21 ran

    man all i could see in the photo is the parent in Reply1997! they just appear as cameo right? that means i’m gonna check at least 1ep for them ^^ now if they can get any other cast of Reply1997 as cameo i might check more. cause atm none of the cast of the sequel pulls me in, sadly. I had hoped for some fresh faces..

  22. 22 kilmenyanne

    OMG Go Ara never grows old! And who’s the other girl?

  23. 23 thay

    which one of the three is the man lead?I kinda hope yoo yeon seok is the lead.

    • 23.1 p3rk3le

      hahahahaha i just said the same 2 comments below xD /high-five

  24. 24 c_gunawan541

    I like her dedication, I like that hairstyle on her and she looks like that character. I never really like her as an actress but this might change my mind. Will be looking forward to this!

  25. 25 p3rk3le

    who is Ara’s Seo Inguk? Hoping for Yeonsuk..

  26. 26 dduk

    getting excited for this drama!… but still iffy about ara. yes she does look the part but can she act it? … I hope I am proven wrong about her acting abilities.

    excited for Yoo Yun Suk & JungWoo. it’s also awesome to see the mom and dad back!
    personally, my parents loved their characters the most!

  27. 27 shweee

    hoping there’s a yoon jae in this remake. will not forget anout yoo yoon jae sighhh

  28. 28 Rach^^

    I see Bread Man is in this drama too.

  29. 29 Sabah

    “Octobergeddon” Hehe, yeah it does seem like it’s going to pour dramas soon enough but I suppose it serves me right for complaining during the dry spell…

  30. 30 Makoto

    Definitely much more excited to this drama than Heirs. Never seen any project with Goo Ara in it before, so I can’t tell anything about her yet, but I believe to the team who creates this drama.
    Yay for the fresh unfamiliar faces in kdrama but promising storyline.

  31. 31 Miky

    They looks so cute all together…i hope it will be a hit as well as the other tvN projects
    I don’t really understand why most of the people tend to put this one together with AM 1997,i don’t find it a sequal of it at all..maybe just the name that gives the same vibe but that’s it…There are other actors and characters,they are in college…
    IRIS 2 was connected with the riginal one and it was a sequeal,the story and some characters were connected so it culd be season 2 but this is not the case..so why do people make comparation between them,kinda silly without ofending anyone…this story is sustained by herself and not a continaution of AM 1997(it couldn’t be because time wise is before the first one)…I hope people will stop talking about this as the sequeal and not compare them anymore…

  32. 32 lynelle

    Yay same parents from Reply 1997! I hope Eunji or Seo In Guk make a cameo too.

  33. 33 DarknessEyes

    “Answer Me 1994 premieres in Octobergeddon on tvN.”


  34. 34 Tweetiebird

    LOL ‘Octobergeddon’ which other drama’s are coming out then, Heirs? Am really looking forward to this, Reply ’97 is one of my all time fav’s

  35. 35 liz

    Putting this here because people can be so annoying.

    Everyone saying ”Reply 1994 will fail, sequels always fail”

    ”it won’t be like the first season at all, nothing original”

    Well, guess you guys don’t know but, Answer me 1997 isn’t the original idea lol

    Director Shin Won-ho and writer Lee Woo-jung had originally planned for their previous TV series to be set in 1994, which was the year they entered college (Shin studied chemical engineering at Seoul National University).

    But they decided to change the year to 1997 after casting Sechs Kies member Eun Ji-won, since H.O.T. and Sechs Kies fandom was at its peak that year, which made an interesting juxtaposition to the failing Korean economy during the IMF crisis.

    Shin and Lee felt there was enough material for another series, and in a bid to replicate Reply 1997’s success, cable channel tvN announced a “sequel” or “second season” in April 2013.

    Despite the same writer and director, and the casting of Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa, Reply 1994 is not a prequel of Reply 1997; it uses the same concept of coming-of-age drama combined with 1990s nostalgia, but with a completely new plot and characters.

    Soo, there is nothing to dislike about it. They didn’t go with original idea afraid of it be a fail, then used idols to at least have some ratings, but didn’t know the plot is what made it so popular, so they are going now with their original idea…

    so it is not a sequel… please stop it.

    • 35.1 bd

      Yep – more in the line of “I Need Romance” and “I Need Romance 2012” where there are similar themes, but the storylines are completely different.

      And INR2012 was pretty good as well.

  36. 36 Noelle

    OMG the 90s! How I’ve missed you! I used to rock the overalls. Not gonna lie that was my go-to outfit. I was a child then so I didn’t know any better, don’t judge. Time to make a 90s playlist in honor of this show.

  37. 37 Melmax

    Go Ara!? I kept looking and looking and there she was…. I’m looking forward to this!

  38. 38 Abbie

    This looks and sounds cute. Happy that Bread Man will be in it. Who’s he playing, the male lead?

  39. 39 Perrie

    Oh wow! I didn’t know the back story to her sudden change in appearance. i didn’t even recognize her but after hearing the back story, I am touched and moved as well:)
    Go Ahra, Fighting!

  40. 40 Nina

    Ummm can we please have a cameo with Yoon Jae & Taewoong?? Pretty please PDnims? I especially miss seeing Song Jong Ho onscreen πŸ™

    • 40.1 Rovi

      I, however, want Measles Ghost Jeong-hwan Song Jong-ho and Kang Byeol instead (XD, belatedly realized she was Lady Mimi in “Rooftop Prince”). XD

  41. 41 byull

    So excited! Baro’s drama debut! I’m looking forward to this, october why you gotta be so far awaaaaay?

  42. 42 Ace

    Octobergeddon is right. Excited for the dramas coming out that month, I’d probably handle watching everything too, but my concern’s for the recappers. What are the odds that all new crack dramas would be awesome? *crosses fingers*

  43. 43 Ally

    Jun Appa and Bread Ahjussi? Definitely going to watch this! πŸ˜€

  44. 44 xclo

    go ara<3
    love her but her hair ..):

  45. 45 pigtookie

    Oh, October… I’m gonna busy with you, tv.

  46. 46 Eun

    I am not hoping that AM1994 surpass AM1997 but I hope that this will be as good as its predecessor. I super love AM1997 so I am fervently wishing that AM1994 will also warm my heart. *crossing my fingers*


    I love Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa. I am so glad that they signed on to this drama.

  47. 47 Divyrus

    What else is on October other than this and heirs ?
    I missing something ?

  48. 48 MeeisLee

    Please be good. Please be good. Don’t be liked Dream High 2 (similar concept to the shows that aired first even though there were different acotors). Please be good.

  49. 49 Lilian

    Besides the parents being the same, like what was mentioned above, it seems totally new. So, definitely not considering it as a sequel or prequel. I gotta agree though that I love the actress’ dedication! Cutting her hair…oh my. Not many would go to that extent

  50. 50 Ivy

    Answer me 1997 is one my all-time-top 10 Kdramas! I still rewatch my favourite eps

    I’m so excited, please October come sooner πŸ˜€

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