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Character stills for the main cast of Two Weeks
by | July 24, 2013 | 54 Comments

I know, more stills of dramas that should JUST AIR ALREADY. Screw the photos, I want DRAMA PLZ.

(Sometimes the hype machine is a lot of fun, but only when it’s timed just right—an art in itself, perhaps. Strategic teases can be entertaining, but you drag it out too long and then it turns into Are we there yet? *Poke poke* Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Mooo~ooom! What, you’ve never done a ten-hour road trip with fifty cousins and an RV to Yellowstone? Good times.)

To be fair, MBC’s action-thriller Two Weeks has been much more sparing in its promo than some other dramas, ahem, but these dramas are all airing in the summer clusterfuck and they all start to meld together in my mind. That could also be the heat. But also the repetitiveness.

Annnnyway, here are four character stills of the drama’s leads: Lee Jun-ki as the fugitive who totally didn’t kill that person he woke up covered in blood next to, Kim So-yeon as the prosecutor chasing him down, Ryu Soo-young as the detective also chasing him down, and Park Ha-sun as his ex and baby momma. I do like how speaking these images are; they give us an instant idea of what to expect of each character, and are pretty to boot.

Two Weeks premieres on August 7, after current Wednesday-Thursday drama Queen of the Classroom wraps.

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54 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MsB

    So there! What we have 2 weeks?! HA!!

    • 1.1 fun-lugha

      ha ha! ur funny u r!

    • 1.2 hmm

      soo, this drama will be premieres in the same day with Master’s Sun?

      can’t wait!

  2. Simi

    Really looking forward to this! Lee Jun Ki’s at his best in action roles.

    • 2.1 yakuna

      yes please,,,,before I forget how handsome and pretty he is….tsktsktsk…..

  3. eigthy eight

    Thank you, these stills and new teaser look awesome! I thought this show has more than I thought even the base stroy line may be the same with Mandate of heaven, I think two weeks will be way more interesting and complicated! And Joongi on the run, being Sexy with blood and does many disguising,bl it would be a heaven for eyes! He get more and more handsome. .. more handsome than Kai from TBWAD, love the show already

    • 3.1 eigthy eight

      Second teaser is already out too!!!

      • 3.1.1 Ginkumo

        Thank you for letting me know the second teaser was out, I needed something to make this day better haha *u*

      • 3.1.2 Kiara

        Interesting, it sounds like he didn’t want her to have the baby. I’m going to try and hate him a little lol.

        • eigthy eight

          From the Character translation I read, he did it in purpose to keep In Hye safe because the Boss treat him to hurt her. He wants her to go away and live her life in peace

        • mary

          LOL at your comment.

          I’m guessing there’s a nobly idiotic reason for not continuing the relationship in the past.

  4. Ah Mi Na

    Who also think that Ryu Soo Young looks like Kim Soo Ro in that picture? I thought for a second that Kim Soo RO joined the cast.

    • 4.1 True2U

      For me, I thought he was Jung Woo-Sung for a minute.

      • 4.1.1 eigthy eight

        You’re right, his physical appearance looks like Jung woo sung

        • True2U

          Yes, his physical appearance, facial expression, hair cut. I tell ya, It was like seeing Jung Woo-Sung the second I saw his pic.

      • 4.1.2 Yoori

        Omo, I thought it was JWS at first too! Can’t wait to see RYS! I like seeing this side of RYS!

        • True2U

          I seriously thought it was him, until I saw Ryu Soo Young name written out, I was like, “What!?”

      • 4.1.3 ivy


      • 4.1.4 reina

        I did too…!!!
        and I was like “huh JSW not the main lead..?”
        and I read its RYS, I was a little disappointed cause I super love JSW.. but when I realized that he was the smexy professor in My Princess..OhMyGolly, was I excited…!

        I dont know why but I got this feeling that he will fit in the action triller…!
        Those stills feels like its jumping out…!!!
        This will be my first drama of him in action so I’m totally looking forward to him winging and banging and shooting it!!!

      • 4.1.5 ~Feather~

        I had to google pictures of both of them to clear my head of the mind tricks that photo played on me. XD That pic makes them look so similar!

        • True2U

          I confess, I had to Google some pictures as well. They could pass for brothers.

    • 4.2 Elfie

      I did. He seriously does look like KSR in that picture…..

  5. snow

    ooh Ryu Soo-young with the gun! he looks hot in that pic. maybe he and Kim So-yeon could kick ass together? mmmm…

    • 5.1 Windsun33

      Except that there are no bullets in his gun 😀

  6. True2U

    Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 more weeks for 2 weeks to start. It’s actually the only one I’m looking forward to. Lee Jun Ki and Ryu Soo-Young? Together? in ONE drama? I think everyone is already saying yes. They even threw in a bonus of Kim So-yeon.

  7. lenrasoon

    Damn Ryu Soo-young!<3

  8. bebeswtz

    Lol Javabeans, your blurb in the first 2 paragraphs about the “art of promo” is exactly my feels for Heirs…. Seriously XD

    Thanks for the post!!!!

    P.S. This needs to air already, it’s making me REALLY miss Jun Ki oppa, who I am ALREADY missing really badly since his army days

  9. the50-person

    Hahah 2 wks to 2 wks! *squeeee*
    guess I’ll need to work out a schedule with the fourth dimension soon, what with work starting to get hectic and me wanting to watch Good Doctor and 2 weeks

    and yes HEIRS. when will you EVER stop? It’s ONLY July Mr PD. Lol.

    • 9.1 the50-person

      I guess the problem with the ‘hype machine’ is that LDMU (Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility) starts to set in once you over promote smth and it still hasn’t aired. It’s a pity cos ppl start losing interest even after you put in so much effort to tease the audience. *yes heirs I’m talkin to ya*

    • 9.2 eny

      this drama looks like the mix of the chaser n mandate of heaven with more action.
      I didn’t interested before but now i have little bit interest, but in the sametime i already watch sword n flower n decided to watch master sun

  10. 10 Ele

    These stills do look good! But is it weird that I find the Audi R8 the prettiest thing out of them all…haha!

    Kind of excited for this 😀

  11. 11 Andrea

    Oh, Lee Jun Ki. I love you so.

    Well, this drama starts on the 7th, and my classes start on the 12th… Who gives a crap, I’M WATCHING THIS. *circles the date with hearts*

  12. 12 themugen

    Kim So-yeon’s character photo is kind of meh compared with the others, imo.

    • 12.1 Quiet Thought

      Really, it would be so much better if she were handling a glock with a silencer. Or caressing a lawbook. Or posing in an evening gown. Or just not hidden almost completely by a car.

  13. 13 Arhazivory

    Eaaaaaaaaaaager! Of all the stuff to come, this is what I’m most eager about.

  14. 14 Ginkumo

    Ahh I’ve been excited for this drama for a while and these stills along with the new teaser are killing me ;w; I can’t wait for Aug. 7th!

    Also, I know some others have been noticing it, but Jun Ki looks a little thin, hopefully he’s doing well with the demanding and busy schedules of filming.

  15. 15 shelly

    Lee Jun-ki as the fugitive who totally didn’t kill that person he woke up covered in blood next to

    this drama won’t be worth anything if lee jun-ki’s chara did NOT kill that person. i’m just going to bet against myself that he did kill her (the person’s a woman, or so it seems from the teaser) and wait and see if i’m right.
    if he’s a killer – even if he doesn’t remember or can’t believe he did it – then it really is a drama. if he’s just an innocent on the run and there’s the police force in all its glory after him, then i saw that already and it had harrison ford and tommy lee jones in it. also, they had already established guilt and punishment via a trial, which i’m assuming this drama will skip because 2 weeks is too short to have the trial 😀

    so yeah, lee jun-ki’s chara is guilty, but even so his misson to save the daughter is against time and he should be given it to save her. then he can go to jail lol.

    • 15.1 shelly

      re: the overpromotion, it’s easy to remember and plan to watch:

      – 2 weeks is lee jun-ki on the run, looking slim and much harassed; and i for one like his clean jaw line. he might look underfed, but i think he looks a bit older and more experienced for it. suits him just fine 😀

      – good doctor is joowon playing at forrest gump but with a knife heheh. in the teasers he doesn’t act like he has asperger’s but the syndrome has been so misrepresented already in media-land that almost no one will know the difference, probably.

      – heirs is the one where i get to see if choi jin-hyuk gets his next big break. so far, this is the one i’m pretty worried about, so many stars, so many ambitions, what about the plot? most of them shouldn’t play college people, they should actually go about making their own lives already. i hope the “kids’ show” ends quickly and then they move on to being actual “heirs”. oh, and that choi jin-hyuk outclasses them all 😀

    • 15.2 selina

      i actually hope he is guilty too. make for an interesting drama to have writers make me root for a legitmate bad guy, and not good in bad clothing (Cruel City, every drama chaebol).

      • 15.2.1 themugen

        He can be guilty of the murder without being a “bad guy” or villian. Who knows, maybe the victim deserved it. Maybe she attacked him first and the struggle ended with her death.

        But, while I wouldn’t mind him being guilty, I have the feeling this drama will play him as the innocent on the run / conspiracy against / pawn type.

  16. 16 niKai

    Loving the pretty. All favorites in one offering. Daebak!


    Man, I just LOVE that main poster of Lee Jun Ki! He looks very action-man and mysterious with the handcuffs and bloody face, and I love the dark background too!

    Cannot wait for this drama! Bring on the Lee Jun Ki!

    • 17.1 Yoori

      I wished they didn’t have to “crimp” his hair to make give it a messy look.

  18. 18 tiffany

    omg RSY looks so rough and gruff compared to his 29 turned 17 days! omo, hot. haha i cant wait for thissss PHS is so pretty!!

  19. 19 kfangurl

    Ooh.. Ryu Soo Young’s giving me some Jung Woo Sung vibes in that still. Likey 😉

  20. 20 pogo

    I honestly hope this one is as tightly-plotted and well-written as things like this should be, 20 episodes of this format makes me nervous.

  21. 21 Quiet Thought

    I hope it it’s not an evil omen, but I think that ambulance got hit by the same truck that smacked Park Ji Yung in ‘Doctor Jin and the Brain Fetus.’

  22. 22 Denali

    The one thing standing out on the 1st pic? Free PPL for Sweedish brand “Scania” in a k-drama. o/

  23. 23 ~Feather~

    I want her car. My only problem is that I don’t drive…but I can sit in it and look cool like her. 😀

  24. 24 maysoon

    Ryu Soo Young + Lee Jun Ki + Kim So Yeon = ITS GOING TO SMASH THE RATINGS.


  25. 25 Lilian

    Arang was a great drama but it seems it wasn’t a hit according to ratings. But I love it all the same XD
    But for the sake of the actors, hope this drama is a hit in terms of quality and also ratings!

  26. 26 jenna

    Kim So Yeon figting !!!

  27. 27 misch

    RSY… looking forward to this drama because of you…

  28. 28 Maria Saldanal

    I really like this series,it keeper me interested,it made me cry,I was so into it,love series like this

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