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Grandpas Over Flowers (and Seo-jinnie) head to Taiwan next
by | July 18, 2013 | 66 Comments

javabeans: New variety show Grandpas Over Flowers is already a hit for tvN, with smash ratings (above 4%), but it’s a little jarring to hear producers already talking of a Season 2. Ah, so this entire Paris/Europe trip must be the first season, then, which would have been helpful to know up front. It makes sense, though—I was wondering how a ten-day trip could possibly be wrapped up quickly enough for them to get back to Korea and plan the next one!

girlfriday: Yeah the format’s a bit of an experimental one, but it seems like a necessary adjustment if you’re going to take dramaland’s regular CEOs, grandpas, and curmudgeony dads on vacations all over the world. It’s not like a quick jaunt over to Paris can happen every other weekend like with other variety shows.

javabeans: Head maestro-sadist-mastermind Na PD just gave an interview stating that they’ll be heading to Taiwan next, and he’ll be taking along all four halbaes for the next trip. They picked a closer destination this time out of consideration for H4’s health, haha. He added that they’re finalizing contracts and schedules with duped celebrity guest and Parisian errand boy Lee Seo-jin, who has confirmed that he will join them again, which, HAHAHAHA.

girlfriday: That’s so hysterical. How do you think Na PD managed it? You know what would be great, is if he cried wolf AGAIN and told Seo-jinnie that this time was the real trip (Really! For realsies!) with the girl group, as a reward for punking him the last time.

javabeans: Yes, but then Na PD would have died, and then we would have no Season 2.

girlfriday: *gasp* I don’t like to think of a world without Na PD.

javabeans: I’m kind of amazed that he agreed to be their luggage boy again (their words, not mine!). Because dude, he is simultaneously cracking my shit up and making me feel sympathy pangs for all the suffering he is enduring. He’s totally earned the right to be pissy, but he’s actually sucking it up and being a good guide. Even the most image-conscious celebrity can’t just turn it on at will like that.

girlfriday: I know. He’s a riot. I’m so glad they scored him for another trip. But I also can’t wait to see other actors go through the same trauma eventually, even if it’s no longer a surprise after the first trip/season/whatchamacallit.

javabeans: I think this is the stage of Na PD’s life when everybody avoids his calls. “Seung-gi-ya, how are you?” “H-hello? Is that a tunnel? *pshwfawrbrrrstaticsounds* Bye!”

girlfriday: LOL. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened that led to Seo-jinnie being called in the first place, actually.

javabeans: If Na PD were truly an evil mastermind, he would have lined up his next victim before Halbae aired.

girlfriday: That’s what I’m sayin’.

javabeans: Although I guess he couldn’t have planned on a show about four old grandpas being a smash hit from Day 1.

girlfriday: Yeah I’ve read interviews after the show premiered, and he was his usual sheepish self, all, Who knew?

javabeans: According to this interview, nothing has been planned about the second trip/season aside from corralling the same cast and picking the country. Na PD intends to follow “season” format for the rest of the show, but says nothing else will change much. I do really like the idea of doing this show in seasons, though, because it lends itself well to that rhythm. Sort of like British series, where you have a short burst of episodes, then a rest-and-recharge period, and then the next batch.

girlfriday: But not too long a hiatus, I hope! It makes sense from a production standpoint, since the trips are long and the halbaes are busy. But as a viewer I dislike breaks. I’d like to know how many episodes are in each season, though I guess if it took two episodes to get through Day 1 of the first trip, in airtime we might be in Paris for a while.

javabeans: I don’t think it’ll be too long between seasons, if we can look to SNL Korea’s lead, which is also on tvN and I think has had something like FOUR SEASONS in a year and a half. It’s just enough time to get everyone back home, edit comfortably, and then get back to planning. The producers won’t get a break, but they won’t kill themselves either. At least not with the planning. I can’t make any guarantees about Seo-jin going primal on Na PD.

girlfriday: Now I’m picturing the drama parody for how the Seo-jinnie deal was closed: a black car pulls up in front of Seo-jin’s house and Na PD is the driver who ushers him into the backseat, and Halbae 1 is waiting for him with a grim expression and that deal-with-the-devil drama OST music is playing.

javabeans: Na PD must be workin’ serious Jedi mind trick mojo to get him back. The other explanation is that the rest of Halbaes in Paris will be super awesome and bonding and emotionally rewarding, and they all jumped to do it again.

girlfriday: OR… they’re lording a deep dark secret over Seo-jinnie’s head, and he has no choice but to come running every time Na PD cracks his whip.

javabeans: Either way, win-win.

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66 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. pabo ceo reom

    This is so awesome. *muahahahah*

  2. gailT

    I love this!!! Na PD is jjang!

  3. trotwood

    I am in Korea now and am able to watch the show. My Korean is not very good (yet), but I still laughed an laughed watching this show. I hope you keep up the recaps, so I can still follow when I get back to the U.S. I have seen some of Lee Seo-Jin’s dramas, but he still was not really on my radar (depsite the impressive dimples and smiles), but the way he is handling himself on this show ?!?!?! He is shooting way up to the top of my list. I remember traveling with my grandparents as an adult. This IS NOT a vacation. I feel like we should be all sending him care packages.

    • 3.1 Elina

      I’m also interested in Seo-Jin now. Totally want to see him acting. I have to look around for his dramas.

      I’m in Korea, too! I watched the show and thought: I’m helping the ratings up!
      I loved it, though I was amazed at how many Koreans they were bumping in. Who knew they were so many Koreans in Paris? Or maybe it’s just a case of “Koreans attract more Koreans” and “TV crew is not invisible”.

      As a former Parisian, I take my hat off for Seo-Jin. Leading 4 grandpas in the metro is impressive.

      • 3.1.1 KDaddict

        Makes you wonder how they (Na P.D.) managed to rope Seo-jinnie back in for another Season!

        You’d have thought he’d run away from this assignment as fast as his legs can carry him.

        • KnGloves

          I’ve seen him before in his drama, Yi San. He was so good in there. And he was actually with halbae Soon Jae kkk. You should see it. Though it’s kind of lengthy. Still worth it anyway. 🙂

      • 3.1.2 TS

        Yes, I think you’re right, the tv crew is not invisible.

        I’m really thrilled they’ll go to Taiwan because I can visit the country through them! Indonesia would be cool too.

        I’m lining up gyebaek as a lee seojin drama to watch if I can find it.

        As for LSJ joining again, makes sense: he’s really racking up the public love here and that can’t ever hurt.

  4. Arhazivory

    Indeed…win win. Watched the first episode subbed and meme announced that he/she is currently encoding ep 2 so we might get it tonight.

    Those interested can look for @ mineememe on Twitter for updates. 😀

    • 4.1 lenrasoon

      Thanks Arhazivory! I didn’t know someone were subbing this, I think Grandpas Over Flowers will become another favorite variety together with Appa Odiga.

  5. Mommai

    I laughed soooooo hard when you said Seo Jin was coming along for another trip. I’m looking forward to this! 🙂

  6. Rashell

    I love Lee Seo Jin. With those dimples, how could you not? But he’s totally surprised me with how well he’s handled the pressure of being the maknae in charge of all the Halbae’s. He’s always seemed like a bit of a (insert male word for diva here). After watching the “friends” episode of 1N2D where he was mat-hyung, I felt that impression was confirmed. But he’s really shown a different side to him with this show. He’s so sweet and trying so hard to keep everything running smoothly. I can’t imagine it’s any easier then it looks, and it looks damn hard.

    That being said, I can’t fathom how they got him to go on the next trip. Na PD must have the goods on him for sure.

    • 6.1 Elina

      When was that episode?

      • 6.1.1 Rashell

        I guess I should really call it the “friends” trip because it spans 3 episodes. The link is the re-cap of the first episode.

        • Rashell

          I’m awaiting moderation. I guessing because of the link. You ladies better approve your own re-cap!! 😉

      • 6.1.2 Rach^^

        You really should watch that episode, one of the funniest episodes of 1N2D in my book.

    • 6.2 akikisetsu

      Maybe Na PD enlisted the help of the Grandpas in tying him up for the next season. I’m picturing it as, Na PD would be like, “Wouldn’t it be great if Seo-jinnie joins us again in our next trip, since you’ve gotten used to him already?” All the grandpas would be like… *nods in agreement* then the hyung, grandpa Lee Son Jae, would immediately call Seo-jinnie and get him on board. 🙂

  7. hanabi

    Is anyone subbing this? I really want to watch it.

  8. bobbie

    Na PD should get another PD who’s not related to the show to invite unsuspecting guests on and whilst they’re waiting at the airport turn up with the 4 Halbaes.
    LOL, I can just imagine draws dropping.

    • 8.1 bobbie

      Sorry, I meant jaws dropping.
      I don’t think they would really drop their pants.

      • 8.1.1 ys

        Most adorable typo-and-correction ever.

      • 8.1.2 crashbabe

        Hahahahaha…I was just imagining that…

  9. Saima

    Luff this show!! These halbaes crack me up!! <3<3

    Doesn't Seo Jin have the most perfect skin?!! This is my first time seeing him and I was just o_O== how can his skin be THIS flawless at 43?! I literally did a himono onna floor roll after they reached their lodging in E1. SJ was all, "I can't believe I survived THAT and still am not on the halbaes' $hitlist!!"

    Na PD deffo understands the basics of variety telly. So glad this show's doing so well.

    • 9.1 momosan

      I loved the guy back at the house who SJ kept texting – on the one hand, he’s going to have some serious bragging rights “yep, that’s Lee Seo Jin on my contact list, sending me all these texts” and on the other hand, how surreal must that have been.

  10. 10 judepps

    ROFL! at JV ” I think this is the stage of Na PD’s life when everybody avoids his calls. “Seung-gi-ya, how are you?” “H-hello? Is that a tunnel? *pshwfawrbrrrstaticsounds* Bye!”

    PD Na’s evilness is the best.. watching Granpa’s over Flower brings me back to my 1n2d happy days…

    can’t believe Lee Seo jin is doing it again despite of how he suffered the last trip (Paris)
    looking forward for the next trip..

    • 10.1 bern75

      @judepps: I went back to watch 1N2D Season 1 after reading GOF recaps. I miss that show so much!!! PD Na’s brilliant. Can’t wait for the rest of GOF episodes and for Season 2

  11. 11 Mystisith

    Good news. Variety can be fun, smart and endearing. This show proves it. Long live the Grandpas!

  12. 12 Abbie

    I am beyond words happy to hear about this! I love this show, so I hope you ladies continue to recap it. Or at least let me know where I can watch it. I really want Dramafever to sub it, because now they’ve got 1N2D up. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    Anyway, I love these Halbaes and Seo-jinnie and Evil Na PD. This show is a riot!

  13. 13 katiamon

    This show is awesome! I wanna find the subbed episodes asap!… poor Seo-jinnie, I agree that the grandpas found his darkest secret to make him agree for a 2nd season.

  14. 14 Daniaa

    Yep. The only show I bothered to watch raw, helped by DB’s recap. I still laugh uncontrollably though. My Korean understanding is waaaaay better than my talking. Bless Kpop, bless KDrama. <3

  15. 15 Ann

    Maybe the network has promised Seojin a nice, relaxing action drama after the season is over.

    • 15.1 Rashell

      I could see that. Do this one more time and we’ll totally let you be King again for 150 episodes.

  16. 16 Sajen

    I so want to watch this, so does anyone know if it’s available anywhere with English subtitles?

    I wonder what the chances are they’ll come here to the Space Coast, Florida Us of A, I’ll answer my own question and say probably zero, oh well.

  17. 17 - - here is the adress. enjoy!

  18. 18 Noelle

    The Gandpa’s probably asked if he would like to come back next season and then asking turned into, “You should come back next season.”

  19. 19 Chichiri

    I cannot believe that “Seo-jinnie” is actually sticking. LOL. Probably better than Art School Hyung.

    Having Seung-gi-ya for their Errand Luggage Boy would be too easy, I’m guessing. Imagine if this was Eun Ji-won. Heads would’ve been rolling. Heh.

    • 19.1 hui3r

      The recalcitrant grandchild!

      I miss EJW.

      • 19.1.1 crashbabe

        OK…now i totally want EJW on the show…It would be LOL hilarious, but EJW may not reach the end of the trip 😛

  20. 20 ck1Oz

    I love the recaps for this show.Somehow the idea of 4 grand travelling sounds so cool.

    I can’t even handle going on holiday with my mum.Not that I am a bad daughter but I remember her being late to meet me.And we’re in a foreign country and we didnt have the phone roaming.I was freaking out. So Seo Jin doing it again?That guy is either being blackmailed or super nice.

  21. 21 Ace

    Hahaha! Seo-jin’s gonna be join them again? LOL. Hope the recaps continue Ms. JB & GF as I still don’t know where I could watch this online raw or subbed.

    SNL — aah! So that’s what happened. I read recently somewhere about SNL’s nth season and I was like whut? How could a 1+ yr old show have that many seasons already?

  22. 22 Wood

    Taiwan is a friendly place, but language will be a barrier. Evil genius !

  23. 23 Fina

    Looking forward to their Taiwan trip, and of course the new episode today!

    I hope the break between seasons will not be too long…

  24. 24 darksilvercloud

    OMG. AWESOME! Season 1 in paris has 2 episodes out and i’m already hooked to it. Can’t wait to see season 2! HAHAHAHA. Seo-jin’s going again! Na PD and his evil awesomeness 😀

  25. 25 Gaeina Lee

    ..Parisian errand boy Lee Seo-jin.. – LOL

    He does look sweeter as Halbaes’ errand boy than when he was the art student mat hyung..

    So nice I’d be able to see more of cranky-pouty halbae Il Sub. Between the youngest and oldest of the family, there’s always some argument going on.. ^^

  26. 26 nczx

    I want to watch this! I want to see Na PD!!! I missed him sooooo much!! I wish someone would translate this show already. It’s killing me! Boohooo…. =[

  27. 27 porcelain

    Yay! Can’t wait for the cuteness…

    But Seo-jinnie has a bit of advantages in France and larger part of Europe, being able to speak fluent English… but in Taiwan… I wonder how he manage with Mandarin being widely spoken? I mean they do speak English as well… But it will definitely be a challenge…

  28. 28 topper

    This show is my top variety show to watch for now. The editing and music is so good, and the 4 halbaes a must watch. Lee Seo Jin’s suffering is the icing on the cake, LOL.

  29. 29 Jenny

    Na PD is a evil genius mastermind! And I adore him, I would become his minion anytime.
    I wonder are they planning more trips abroad and I would love them to go to Japan because I’ll be there.
    I do feel sorry for Seo Jinnie but at the same time I’m enjoying his suffering. Does that make a me a evil person?
    But I love all the grandpa’s so yay!

  30. 30 Steph

    Lol I immediately imagined you laugh out loud at hahahahahaha. And it was so funny.

  31. 31 gaya

    lol, me in other side thought it’s seung gi who dupe Seo jin into this show, yunno, he is in the same agency with him….and na pd has called him before wjen finally it turn out to be seojinnie, the national porter or so what he called now. lololol

  32. 32 celyw

    wow I soooo hope seung gi really can be the errand boy for one of the trip! I am sure he will totally enjoy with Na PD and LSJ sunbaenim 🙂

  33. 33 Mia

    Yay! I would really like to see other errand boys in this show. It’s a hoot!

  34. 34 Rach^^

    HAHAHA Art School Hyung is doing this again? The grandpas must have blackmailed him well LOL.

  35. 35 kimheami

    lol. love the dialogue between you too on this show.

    • 35.1 kimheami

      two* (whoops)

  36. 36 bakedshrimp

    OMAIGOSH…I wanna see any of the old 1N2D cast being their luggage boy. Ho-dong would be interesting : )

  37. 37 SJ

    lol i luv these ahjussis they look so cool n relaxing in the beautiful city Paris!

  38. 38 CMRPrindle

    Woohoo! It’s coming back! And with poor Seo-Jin. They have to find another actor to take his place some time soon so he doesn’t just….fall apart and break down, lol. Poor guy. He’s been great.

  39. 39 Amber Lee

    on line they are pointing Sung Si Kyung, Lee Seung Gi and Kwang Soo as the new, possible helpers for F-old-4:)

  40. 40 Ethalina

    I think they’re totally threatening him to do the show, haha. There is no way he volunteered to do the second season given the hell he went through. And it’s only been three episodes! Then again, maybe the halbaes themselves raged a psychological war on him… or more of Na PD’s trickery…

  41. 41 Grace

    Omg omg omg!!! I just bumped into them at a subway station in Taipei, they are in Taiwan already! *Squeal!*

    • 41.1 Grace

      And I saw the evil Na PD too! wakakakaka!!

      • 41.1.1 pinksapphire

        Wow, congrats! You are so lucky! Did you get a chance to say hello to them?

        • Grace

          No, I didn’t as I was running late for my appointment. 🙁 They were busy talking to each other and that maknae grandpa looked like he’s in a bad mood (again!).

  42. 42 KnGloves

    Hilarious! I love this! But I hope they’ll get someone younger to pair with our hero of the season–oppa Seo Jinnie. kkkk .. so the halbaes will have another grandson to bully around. hahahah .. i’m serious! maybe they should get a younger pretty boy– i’m suggesting Song Joong Ki or Park Yuchun. (i know, its impossible)

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