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Grandpas Over Flowers: Episode 3
by | July 20, 2013 | 93 Comments

EPISODE 3. Broadcast on July 18, 2013.

javabeans: After the trip to the Arc de Triomphe and the (curtailed) promenade down the Champs-Elysees, the halbaes make it back to their boardinghouse in good spirits. Probably because Na PD sprung for that car ride back, knowing when not to push a good thing.

girlfriday: I think the soju has something to do with it too.

javabeans: Especially Shin Gu halbae, who’s all touchy-feely as he orders Seo-jinnie to sit down with them at the kitchen table and then pats him on the arm like a little boy for a good day’s work shepherding the grandpas along. And then! Smooooooch. Cue Sam-soon love theme, literally.

girlfriday: Hahahaha. Seo-jinnie’s face turns beet red. And then there’s a love montage of the two of them getting closer over the course of the day. Is this a new loveline?

javabeans: Editing, editing, editing. You can make anything entertaining with clever edits. Seo-jin gets his face massaged and patted like he’s partly lover and maybe partly pet cat, and blushes through all the praise. Then the grandpas head up to bed, and he remains behind alone in the kitchen, both relieved and really confused, I think.

girlfriday: There’s just this… SIGH he lets out, like you can feel the what-the-hell-am-I-doing-here in the breath. Also, I think that given enough liquor, Shin Gu halbae will get handsy with just about anyone.

javabeans: In the morning, the halbaes start out with a brief check of their blood pressures. Ha, is this literally a safety measure since they have a cast of elderly men? The halbaes quip that Seo-jin’s will be the highest out of them all, to which I say, Duh, we all saw how his first day went.

girlfriday: Turns out he really does, ha. Poor buddy.

javabeans: So Donghae texts Geun-hyung halbae a cute congratulatory text about the show. Aw, did they work together recently?

girlfriday: That’s adorable. Panda Hedgehog was a terrible drama, but they were SO CUTE as grandson and halbae. He ran around calling him halbae the whole time, so it’s the perfect text.

javabeans: Then Soon-jae halbae mentions how great Seung-gi was to work with on The King 2 Hearts, and seems genuinely fond of him. Are they all gonna bust out their youngun pretty boy connections and brag now? “My pretty boy is prettier than your pretty boy!” “Well mine has a prettier voice!” “Mine has prettier hair!”

girlfriday: That’d be great. I could watch that argument all day. And then Soon-jae halbae totally starts name-dropping, which is hilarious.

javabeans: Don’tcha love how he drops the last names and is all, [Lee] Byung-heonnie, [Kim] Myung-minnie, [Ha] Ji-wonnie… And Seo-jin is all, But I’m right here… He asks Na PD who else he tried to get on the show, and actually looks kinda worried/disappointed over the possibilities. Na PD assures him that he was the First! and Only! celeb he considered to bring along. That is sweet.

girlfriday: LIES.

javabeans: Also lies.

girlfriday: Seo-jin scoffs that Soon-jae halbae only ever talks about Kim Myung-min… Cut to: Soon-jae halbae montage, “Our Myung-minnie,” “Myung-minnie, “My Myung-minnie is perfect!”

javabeans: Today’s itinerary is to visit Versailles, but it’s lunch that’s on the grandpas’ minds all the way over there. Yes, good luck finding jajangmyun in Paris. Once there, they see the insanely long lines, which wrap up and down the huge courtyard multiple lines like the box office from hell. Wait, it’s not like it, it actually is the ticket line from hell. Poor Seo-jin, who looks seriously stressed out.

girlfriday: More stressful is the fact that the halbaes have to wait in line just to get in, and of course Il-sub halbae is already starting to get cranky. “Can’t we just say we went and go?”

javabeans: The captions point out the stress as seen on Seo-jin’s face, in phases. Ahaha, is his stress patterned so established that we can now identify the stages? He steps out of line when he sees that there’s a shorter line for machine purchases, and heads over there to buy for the cast and crew.

girlfriday: Ha, did he leave the cameraman to hold his spot in line? There’s literally just this wandering footage of the wall…

javabeans: That’s so hilarious… and yet, when he finds Seo-jin in line, Seo-jin looks alarmed and says that he meant for the VJ to stay in that line in case the machines didn’t work out. Oh no…

girlfriday: Eep! He was supposed to stay there! Even I could figure that out from the confusing wall footage. Now they’ve lost their place in line and they have no tickets. Aaaaaaack.

javabeans: *Gasp* I mean this literally. I gasped. In an after-interview, Seo-jin admits, “I wanted to hit him.” If there’s one saving grace it’s that the halbaes didn’t see this line reset, because I think that would have sent them over the edge.

girlfriday: Il-sub halbae would’ve pitched a fit. As Seo-jin waits in line all over again, there’s this hilarious series that shows how often other tourists stop to ask him for help. Caption: “The blind leading the blind.”

javabeans: Thank god he eventually gets tickets and ushers the halbaes inside for a tour. Ah, Versailles is so pretty. We get a short montage of the group making its way through and viewing the palace rooms, and once they’re done the PD asks what they thought. Count on Il-sub halbae to take a look at historical grandeur and essentially shrug.

girlfriday: He essentially compares it to a furniture shopping district. Pffft.

javabeans: Then they head outside to the extravagant gardens… and he calls it “like the Garden Expo.” Hahaha. He is cracking me up.

girlfriday: Basically Il-sub halbae is the guy who travels the world and compares everything to the stuff in his backyard in Seoul, and wonders why they had to leave in the first place.

javabeans: In his eyes, the emperor has no clothes, bad hair, and is full of shit. I kind of love that about him. Takes the bombast out of everything. They take the tram ride around the grounds, and immediately as they disembark, Seo-jinnie (or today, he’s Seo Genie per the caption) guides them to the bathrooms. He is getting really efficient at this. Also, these halbaes have got it made — no thinking, no planning, no stressing needed. That’s all Seo-jin.

girlfriday: Makes you wonder how on earth they scored him for a second trip. As they halbaes rest in the park, Na PD points out all the couples together, and Soon-jae halbae says all that stuff is natural in Korea now too, all, I’ve seen porn. LOL. I just love this halbae and his running gag with porn since High Kick.

javabeans: So the halbaes are out lounging on the lawn, waxing philosophical about the beauty of youth and feeling vicarious joy in watching young lovers. Cut to: Seo-jin, busily making lunch happen. Aw, he works so hard. He brings them food and serves them like a diligent waiter boy.

girlfriday: Over lunch, Shin Gu halbae talks to his wife on the phone, and Geun-hyung halbae overhears him saying that he’s not drinking too much, and totally tattles on him: “Hyungsoonim! That’s a lie! He’s drinking all day!”

javabeans: In a spare moment, Geun-hyung halbae advises Seo-jin to get married this year, asking if he doesn’t get that lonely feeling. Seo-jin half-jokes that he’s past that age already (like, so far gone that he’s past lonely and into…?) and then, in a stroke of perfect timing, he notices two young ladies trying to casually make their approach with cameras out. They’re Korean tourists, and halbae totally flags them down and shoves them at Seo-jin, who is trying to sneak away before getting caught up in this embarrassment. Thankfully for us, he totally gets caught up in this embarrassment and dragged in for a photo.

girlfriday: Haha Geun-hyung halbae basically bullies him into a love connection right there on the spot. Later in an interview Seo-jin gapes at this side of Geun-hyung halbae, whom he was always most afraid of.

javabeans: They eat their last dinner in Paris at the boardinghouse, because tomorrow they move on to the next leg of their trip. While the Gu & Sub duo (Shin Gu, Baek Il-sub) sit back and drink and relax, Seo-jin is inside studying his guide book with intense concentration. Haha, the motion sensor literally cuts out the light on him several times and he’s left waving around in the dark for lighting.

girlfriday: They wake up the next morning and we just watch them get ready, which for some reason is entertaining. Mostly because Shin Gu halbae and Geun-hyung halbae have this adorable bickering friendship that kind of kills me. There’s this whole montage of Geun-hyung halbae’s sometimes-gruff, sometimes-sweet bits where he’s just being cute with the hyungs.

javabeans: Or like the bit where the two older halbaes are walking along and he totally runs between them like a 5-year-old? You half-expect him to crow, “Neener neener!”

girlfriday: I just never knew he’d have aegyo. Il-sub halbae, sure, but not scary chaebol boss, mobster boss, bossypants boss man Geun-hyung halbae.

javabeans: On to Strasbourg, near the Swiss border, which starts with a metro ride. While Seo-jin is buying tickets, Soon-jae halbae hovers around and totally finds money in the machine next to him, and cackles like this hilarious man-witch. For some strange reason it’s hilarious.

girlfriday: Seo-jiinie’s becoming a travel expert already, with his efficient ticket-buying and navigating. And he’s certainly earning his keep as luggage boy. On the train ride, Shin Gu halbae downloads episodes of his drama Hundred Year Inheritance to catch up on.

javabeans: Once in Strasbourg, Seo-jin leads the group as they walk along looking for their next step — transport, I think. And then Na PD actually pipes up from the back, all complainy-like, that the crew is totally struggling just following him around. WHAT. You SO do not get to complain about this!

girlfriday: OMG. You did not just complain to the man you duped into coming here with promises of girl groups! Seo-jinnie just has this look of WTF on his face, and says, “Let’s break up!” He just starts to walk away, and Na PD TOTALLY baits him on purpose, following on his heels with a whiny, “So, what do we do? Should I follow you? What do I do?”

javabeans: It’s extra baity because Na PD has that reedy younger brother tone to his voice, all whiny and annoying. “Do you want me to just stay here then? Really? You want me to stop? Are you going to be okay? Where are you going? You know where you’re going?”

girlfriday: He’s cracking me UP. He’s like the kid in the zoo, poking the bear.

javabeans: It’s hilarious for us, and he’s pushing Seo-jin’s buttons in all the funniest ways, but he is so walking that tightrope. One question too many and this could end very badly.

girlfriday: While Seo-jin gets the rental car (a manual, by the way, which he swears he knows how to drive), the halbaes wait outside the train station and Geun-hyung halbae goes hunting for sweets like always. He returns with bags of gummy bears for all.

javabeans: The PD leads them into a conversation about their next trip possibly being in China (the show has since confirmed Taiwan as the second trip), and the halbaes joke about taking along 60-year-old kiddos. The PD asks when they became adults then, and they all go, “You’ve gotta at least hit seventy!” Then we get a brief collage of faces of famous 60-year-old kiddo actors, who are but children in the eyes of our H4.

girlfriday: And then our 70-and-up halbaes, being very “adult” with their cookies and candies and adorable childlike expressions. Hee.

javabeans: Seo-jin gets the car, sets up the GPS, and starts acquainting himself with the controls. All while Na PD needles him from the passenger seat, asking him about the dials and the volume and the stick shift and just armchair driving in general. It’s great.

girlfriday: He’s so not helping. Na PD: “Car car car! Straight! Straight! Bus bus bus! Person! Person!”

javabeans: Seo-jin starts to get a little nervous when he finds himself stuck in bus lanes, though he keeps his cool despite taking some wrong turns and ending up in scary alleys. The halbaes sit comfortably and wonder where their driver went, and Seo-jin can only laugh and wonder if maybe they should’ve stuck to buses. The one consolation is that Seo-jin had thought ahead to try finding the hotel without the halbaes first, because wandering the city with them in the car would have been way worse. I agree. it’s bad enough with Little Bro harping at you every second, you don’t need the full chorus line.

girlfriday: No kidding. There’s this fantastic panic sequence of Seo-jin’s thought process that’s so great — just flashes of halbaes waiting, and Seo-jin’s face growing increasingly more harrowed. Close-up. Close-up. CLOSE-UP. It ends with a flashback to Il-sub halbae kicking that beef away, like a threat looming overhead.

javabeans: A cautionary tale? Haha. Finally Seo-jin pulls in to the train station parking lot, and I heave a huge sigh of relief. He parks and jumps out to usher the halbaes in — SO MUCH WORK and they’ll never know the half of it. Well, not till they’re back home and watching this broadcast, I mean. I hope they all send him a nice fruit basket or something. Or maybe four blind dates with top actresses.

girlfriday: I can’t believe how much effort it took to bring the car thirty feet back to the train station. You could SEE it from the rental car place… you just couldn’t drive there. I felt so much vicarious pressure. The halbaes finally get to join him in the car, and on the upside, that means there’s no more room for Na PD. Sad for us, of course.

javabeans: The drive is this really long, tense, nerve-racking sequence where Seo-jin drives nervously, the halbaes look stone-faced and comment that the drive is feeling strange and long, and Seo-jin just shoots these agitated glances all around. He makes these really sheepish excuses for the trip being not so smooth sailing, like how it’s been a while since he drove stick, and how the streets around here are known for being hard to drive, and I’m just dying for him.

girlfriday: Dude, I’M about to cave under the pressure, and I’m just watching! The worst part is, the halbaes are so stoic and unimpressed, and they’re just saying nothing. Not one word to ease the tension, and it just starts to feel like a ticking bomb.

javabeans: They arrive at a hotel and the show points out all its shabby details, which does not give me a good feeling. Seo-jin checks out the room first, and they’re so tiny that he worries that the halbaes won’t be happy about it. Soon-jae halbae has this very matter-of-fact “No problem” attitude that makes me feel relieved, but I’m not sure all the halbaes will have the same opinion. Ha, then Na PD totally goes around picking at scabs, asking the halbaes if they think Seo-jin made bad decisions. Stop goading! It’s bad enough already!

girlfriday: Worst little brother ever. Na PD actually has this shit-eating grin on his face as he watches Seo-jin suffer. He just dogs Seo-jin’s every step, asking annoyingly witty questions like: “You came here with hopes of rainbows in your heart…” (There are rainbows on the hotel’s signs, named Hotel Rainbow. HA.)

javabeans: Seo-jin sweats his butt off carrying in the luggage himself — it’s the only thing he can do right now to make up for how sorry he feels about this tiny cramped hotel. In the end he leaves his own suitcase in the car, I’m guessing because he doesn’t want to clutter up his room with extra baggage (he had worried that it wouldn’t all fit in their rooms), and Na PD needles, “You’re not going to drive off for the border, are you? You have to tell us where you’re going at all times!”

girlfriday: Why is he so awesome in this episode?

javabeans: Next episode: Seo-jin tasked with cooking Korean food in the hotel room. Uh-oh. And this oughtta be good.


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  1. Shiku

    Love Seo-jinnie! I don’t know how he isn’t loosing his cool. I can’t wait to watch with subs.

    • 1.1 hoaa

      where i can download this variety? with eng sub? help!

      • 1.1.1 nanny

        this blog has started subbing it, it’s not perfect but better than nothing.

        • hoaa

          thank you for your help, i’m appreciate so much! 🙂

      • 1.1.2 Harleyqwen

        Hulu has the first 4 episodes.

  2. Elina

    Strasbourg = German border.

    I think I’m in love with this show. Interesting and funny.
    Your recap are, too.

    • 2.1 Mystisith

      Yep. 😉
      Lived there for 1 year. Feels so strange to see famous K actors wandering those streets. ^^

      • 2.1.1 luci8le

        I know right? I’m from Strasbourg and seeing pictures of Seo-Jin in front of the train station felt so weird!

  3. jademwong

    Oh man, I feel so bad for Seo Jin. I agree with you guys, I hope he got sent all sorts of goodie baskets and hookups with top actresses or something lol. Idk how he’s doing this. I would have thrown myself in a river by now x.x

    Thanks for the recaps! I really did not expect the show to be as hilarious as it is xD

  4. verte

    Wow this show is amazing! 😀 thank you! ^^

  5. Dongsaeng killer

    I swear this show is my happy place! But poor Seo-jinnie, oppa let me hug you and make it all better 😉

  6. Mommai

    Oh my goodness, this show and these recaps just crack me up! Thank you so much for these!

  7. KDaddict

    I think they owe him at least 4 blind dates w 4 pretty actresses EACH! And Na PD totally owes him a trip w SNSD, if he can swing it.

    Who would have thought watching Seo Jinnie suffer would be such a big part of the show?

    He is sooo cool, counter to his image in dramas and on the 1N2D Friends Special.

    • 7.1 Elina

      Shall we suggest names? 😀

  8. Rashell

    How on earth did they EVER get poor Seo Jin to agree to another trip? I’m so stressed for him that I can’t even imagine how it must actually feel. He’s seriously Awesome. My respect for him has grown!

    • 8.1 chickenwing

      Maybe because he knows it’s really good PR for himself and will endear himself more to the ladies 🙂

      • 8.1.1 Rashell

        True. But this one trip would have been enough for that. The thought of him doing this again is almost sad. He looked truly panicked a couple times. What a good sport to agree to do it all again.

  9. Cindy

    Honestly, ever since the second episode I’ve been obsessed with SeoJinnie! I’ve been marathoning his Yi San’s drama…all 77 episodes of it!

  10. 10 Lassie

    Art School Mat Hyung really impressed me.
    Never knew he had it in him….just by looking at that 1n2d episode….
    The Halbaes are hilarious. Halbae’s name dropping is very funny.
    Come to think of it, I am happy that (Kim) Myung Min-nie get mention with highest praise form mat Halbae.
    Just what he deserves.

  11. 11 Andrea

    I need to watch this with subs! Now! ¡Pronto! ASAP!

    I’m actually considering watching 1N2D’s first season just because of Na PD. Not the second one though, the recaps and eventually the dropping of them warned me that it goes downhill.

    • 11.1 bern75

      @Andrea: U HAVE to watch 1N2D Season 1. Some episodes are so good they make me laugh and cry at the same time.

      I really wonder why Seo Jinnie agreed to GOF Season 2. It’s PD Na’s genius at work again, I guess: it must have been just the correct parts of torture and nostalgia to make him wanna do this again.

      • 11.1.1 bern75

        and, haha I think this was how Seo Jinnie earned his Hawaiian holiday recently when he went with Seung Gi while Seung Gi was doing a photo shoot. Maybe his agency/manager was all like: ok ok, take that holiday… no we will pay for you for all your hard work, and if u take the Season 2 contract.

        LOL, i can only imagine that this was the case.

      • 11.1.2 nomad

        Do you know where we can still stream this online(1n2d season 1)? I can only find season 2, and not interested in those.

      • 11.1.3 Andrea

        I will definitely check it out, hopefully sooner than later. The problem is I can only seem to find Season 2. And well… Nope, not gonna watch those episodes. Not even for Uhmforce being adorkable and Joo Woon in all his aegyostatic glory.

        • Osi

          @nomad and @Andrea
          You can watch 1n2d season 1 here They have uploaded 145 episodes so far.^^

          • Andrea


  12. 12 akikisetsu

    A PD would really make or break a show. And hats off to Na PD, for creating another show that is so addictive and good. His brand of humor, I find entertaining. Plus it doesn’t hurt that his editing, captions, sounds are all appropriate and seamless, and just adds to the fun. 🙂

  13. 13 lovedramas

    Poor Seo-jinnie. Like a previous poster commented, I too never thought that SJ had it in him to do this kind of variety. Even when he appeared on 1N2D, I still thought he was really out of his element and totally awkward. LOL As an actor, I have liked him since Damo. But variety is always a completely new ball game. Well, I’m glad that he has so far made it through 🙂 I am totally surprised that he signed on for another trip.

    • 13.1 Elina

      I think he’s still kind of awkward in this show.
      But the whole purpose of this trip is making him an awkward luggage-carrier-ticket-buyer. The slight despair in his eyes sometimes is so funny!
      I hope he won’t get too chummy with these halbaes.
      Well, I do hope their relation will transform so we can see other dynamics, but I love the current one.

  14. 14 lovin it

    love the four and seojinnie
    yay for season 2!

  15. 15 momosan

    When he got to a dead end and than stalled, it looked like poor Seo-jinnie could decide whether to laugh or cry. Fortunately, he laughed. Clearly a laugh at the absurdity of the mess he had stepped into, but YIKES!

    I wouls have smacked Na PD by then. “What’s that button? Bus! Person, person! CAR!” Meanwhile the GPS is “make a U turn now, go right, go left, go right!” LOL!

  16. 16 jakebot

    JB and GF, somebody is totally jacking your post. I was looking for the raw video to watch and stumbled onto your breakdown on another site.

  17. 17 jakebot

    it’s amazing, somebody has copied this post completely (with JB and GF breaks and all the pics, entirely). I’ve never seen web plagiarism like this before. it’s pretty wild. I discovered it looking for this episode’s raw video.

    • 17.1 Heidi

      And I didn’t see that they credited them or at least sayin where they took it. E.g here: not even a tiny little mention of Dramabeans.

  18. 18 kitcat

    It’s so hard finding streaming videos of this, but I finally found ep 1-2 subbed if anyone’s looking!

    • 18.1 luci8le

      thank you so so much! I was searching for these everywhere!

    • 18.2 CutiieAngiie

      OMG, thank you so much ! I tried hard to find these videos subbed 😀

    • 18.3 YL

      Thanks for the heads up! I finally watched Episode 1 – and I LOVE IT. Poor Seo Jinnie. And the halbaes! <3

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      thank you!!!

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      thank you for sharing this!! been looking for subs forever!!

  19. 19 Hipployta

    This show has been so great…Seo Jinnie the Halbaes are going to send you a lot of gifts after they watch this LOL

  20. 20 pinksapphire

    Great recaps as always! Thanks…
    Poor Seo-jinnie. He totally deserved his recent Hawaii holiday, tagging along while Seung-gi having photo shoot.

  21. 21 Arhazivory

    This episode is soooo win. Can’t wait to watch it subbed. I really missed Na PD and having his mischievous self back on screen makes me happy.

    Na PD <3

    Seo Jinnie <3

    Halbaes <3

    Thanks a lot ladies.

  22. 22 maymay

    Totally feeling SeoJinne’s stress and I’m just READING the recaps. Poor guy. Yes, I hope he gets plenty of dates with pretty actresses as a reward. He so deserves it.

    And hats of for actually signing on a second trip. I totally would have bailed. What is he thinking?! Hehe. Great for entertainment I guess…

  23. 23 Ika

    Did anyone else notice that Seojinnie begin to resemble NA PD especially in those regular outfit (with extra wrinkles when he’s stressed out)? Haha
    Sometimes it makes me confused who’s on the screen.

    • 23.1 Gaeina Lee

      Na PD claimed that he resembles LSJ. That’s 1 of reason why LSG invite LSJ to the Friends Special in 1N2D, and make fun of Na PD in front of Art student mat hyung during the introduction.

      • 23.1.1 Ika

        Well now that claim had been proved by me 😀

  24. 24 Acquii

    Great show with a great concept!
    Wish they could swing over to my country too.. Hee

  25. 25 Ace

    Got stressed out just by reading all Seo-jin went through c/o evil Na PD. Had to take mini breaks because I was like “Oh, poor Seo-jin” every other paragraph. 😉

  26. 26 carpediem101

    I love this show. LSJ and Na PD are so hilarious. And you just totally feel for LSJ. I think it was genius of Na PD not to just rely on the dynamics of the halbaes but to throw in a hoobae to take care of them. Because everyone in Korea has felt something similar to LSJ… at some point everyone has been the maknae having to take care of every little thing. And at some point everyone has been at the beck and call of elders, where you have very little say. It’s just a role I think a lot of Korean can relate to really well. And it’s both painful but funny because the halbaes are so good natured and Na PD is just so evil. You could hear and see him giddy at how squirmy LSJ gets every time something goes awry. It’s like he’s showing us, THIS is real variety: making someone sweat. But he’s really good at JUST not crossing the line so it’s still funny.

    I think my favorite line of this episode actually came at the end of next week’s preview while showing LSJ stressed out about cooking:

    Na PD: I think the best decision I made about this show is getting hyung (LSJ) on the show.

    hahaha. yeah. Na PD already knew right away he struck variety gold.

    I know that he said he thought of LSJ 1st, but I’m also pretty certain that LSG also popped up in his head. Since LSG would have been a very similar character. But I’m kind of glad that it was LSJ who appeared since LSG is still rather young in terms of the acting field (in comparison). Whereas LSJ is in his forties and is very much a senior to other actors in any other situation. It makes for a much funnier dynamic.

    And plus, I bet all the actors/actresses who the halbaes name-dropped were so happy that they’re considered so highly and positively by the halbaes, who are super seniors to them. If I were them, I would feel extremely flattered. I LOLed at halbae SoonJae’s Kang Myung Min montage. But that’s true. What about SeoJinnie?? I think he deserves a little more love now from all the halbaes. I guess he can always turn to halbae Gu. (He’s fast becoming my favorite. He’s so sweet! even when a little tipsy haha)

    • 26.1 yunjaenoona

      LSJ is perfect for this….i think it is so funny to watch him being treated like an ordinary mortal…everyone usually looks up to him being so sophisticated and now seeing him being this way… it!

  27. 27 Gaeina Lee

    3 days and I feel sorry for the SJ.. He’s aging due to stress! Poor guy, the pressure and stress he felt yet he maintained to be calm and cool about it and laugh.. I found him endearing through this show.

  28. 28 ck1Oz

    I swewr I feel like sending Seo Genie a massage after this trip myself.

    Plus you guys killed me with the 4 blind dates comemnts. Like I just about cringle laugh on his behalf.

    Just tryint to imagine Sung Shi Kyung doing this now.He aas so good with the oldies.

    • 28.1 ChillyMilly

      That’s what I’ve been saying. I reaaally want Sung Shi-kyung. But I’m loving Seo-jin.

  29. 29 ryoko

    How on earth did Na PD manage to rope Seo Jin into another trip? Just reading the recaps are enough to make me feel vicariously stressed.

  30. 30 Noelle

    Aww poor S-Genie. Well he’ll be able to lord his years over the youngin’s one day. Thats something to look forward to.

    I love how Soon Jae Halbae just gushes about all his costars. It’s adorable.

  31. 31 Cindy

    By the rate things are going, I think Seo Jin’s mental age will hit 90 before the halbaes~ does that make him the mat-hyung then? lol

    • 31.1 Gaeina Lee

      ..And the 1 that give him more stress is actually the maknae halbae, instead of all the halbae hyungs.. He’s mentally 90 for sure, to take care of all his “dongsaengs” especially the crankiest-youngest 1.. ^^

  32. 32 Duchess

    Oh..oppa you looked so stressed… You shld take a well deserve vacation aftr this Paris trip. Fighting seo-jinnie

  33. 33 rainerust

    Man. I have no idea how Seo-jin oppa manages to keep his cool on this show – I would have been tearing my hair out by the 2nd day and possibly hiding in the toilet to weep or something! He has my utmost respect for handling all the stuff on this trip – as sweet as the halbaes can be its NOT easy travelling with four very different individuals interested in very different things, no matter how old they are. That they are halbaes makes it worse cos its not like LSJ can complain about them to them!

    Na PD is an evil evil evil genius. Sigh. I have SO missed him in variety land! His programmes are so entertaining!

    I wonder if there will be a twist to S2 cos I can’t imagine how Na PD managed to convince LSJ to sign on for a SECOND season?

  34. 34 Denali

    Reading this recap of this show and others, such as 1N2D, had me cringed too much. Throwing away values such as honesty, trust, self-respect, for the sake of “entertainment” or “enter-tain-ment”? Not in my world.

    • 34.1 lenrasoon


    • 34.2 topper

      “Throwing away values such as honesty, trust, self-respect”

      Nowhere do I see any of that in this recap. Or are you just taking variety way too seriously? Chill out.

    • 34.3 Ace

      Well, try watching The Kardashians and compare that show to the ones you mentioned. Talk about dishonesty etc etc for the sake of entertainment.

  35. 35 marie*

    Thanks for your recaps; after reading the first two episodes’ I KNEW I had to watch it for the sake of Na PD and the actors involved.

    This show, in unique original 1박2일style, isn’t just about the scenery or comedy when viewed in a different light. Through their learning of the world, we learn from the halbaes their perspectives and attitudes. Super experienced national actors – what do they still have as a goal? Or how about a senior on the street. What do they want to accomplish? I hope that this show will encourage seniors to reconsider what they want to do, evaluate their perceived barriers, and pursue it.

  36. 36 Anvesha

    I think Seo Jinnie’s contract stated that if there ever was a second season, he had to be on it… otherwise, I don’t see why he would consider this again… I never thought he would be this funny.. correction: watching him nervous would be this funny hahaha

  37. 37 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I’m new to variety, with Barefoot Friends being the only other one I’ve watched.

    I don’t quite understand the torture our stars until they crack method in variety shows.

    I feel for Seo Jin. He literally had no choice but to take on this huge task once you see the very influential senior actors he was tasked with caring for. Actual tour directors go on location first, learn the routes, plan the itinerary, do the cost calculations, and see the sights beforehand, so that when they take the tourists, it is already familiar. I think even seasoned tour guides would stress if thrown in such unfamiliar circumstances.

    I had never seen such a clear cut example of how age determines how one is treated. maknae at age 69? Life of servitude just because you are a few years younger than the crowd you hang with? Wow.

  38. 38 porcelain

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    Its so cute to see Shin Gu halbae loving up Seo-jinnie…
    Geun Hyung halbae and Donghae love lives on!!!

    And who would have thought that Geun hyung is such a cute troll… I like how he was pushing the female tourist to take pictures with Seo-jinnie, even literally kicking his butt to get him to be stand in between the 2 ladies and chuckling at his matchmaking achievement.
    And his sweet tooth…

    Soon Jae halbae was really cute when he found lose change in one of the ticket machine and was like muahahahahaing away… adorbs!

    I was really sweating bucket for Seo-jinnie when he got the rented car and kinda took a long detour to pick them up from the train station, a case of so close yet so far… not helping with Na PD literally breathing down his neck…

    I fear for him cooking in the hotel next episode. He really seems upset that when he was booking on the websites the hotel pictures really came up relatively nicer. But the reality wasnt so much. Glad that the halbaes was ok about it.

    I think as much as this trip Seo-jinnie was “trick” by Na PD with promises of girl group members… but if he is going along with the next trip. I somehow reckon… He WANTS to coz he has grown affectionate and cares for them halbaes. Can’t wait!

    • 38.1 Thursdaynexxt

      Haha, tell me about it!

      I remember booking a London hotel online, and when we got there, we sat down on the bed and it broke – ‘cos it only had 3 legs!!

      Totally feel for poor S-Genie!

  39. 39 anna

    I don’t have any siblings, but Na PD is exactly the type of siblings that I’m glad I’m the only child lol

    Seo Jinnie is just so amazing and hard working.

  40. 40 topper

    Another awesome episode. Editing is just great with this show, but the casting is the magic.
    All 4 halbaes have constrasting personalities and quirks, and they are at the age where they are comfortable just being themselves on tv, and have been in front of the camera almost their entire life.

    Casting Lee Seo Jin is a masterstroke, he is actually taking in the real pain of backpacking instead of the halbaes, and it actually makes the entire show work because above 70 and backpacking do not go together. Na PD is an evil GENIUS.

    • 40.1 Soonli

      Also, not many Korean actors are good in English …

      • 40.1.1 Rach^^

        I didn’t even know LSJ is fluent in english until this.

        • Soonli

          Read somewhere that he studied in US before and from a rich family background and almost fell out with his father over this acting career….

  41. 41 Elina

    I’m so smiling at their obsession with eating Korean food in France.
    My boyfriend was always looking for French food in Korea. That was before he had tasted bulgogi, though. 😀

  42. 42 Ethalina

    I watched 1N2D on-and-off, so I’m not really familiar with Na PD. I can’t even tell which one is Na PD & which one is Seo Jin just by looking at the pictures. So thank you, javabeans & girlfriday, for putting in the editing and montage details because that really makes me appreciate Na PD’s talent. And… I’m gonna find subbed episodes for this show now ^^ I’ve been putting it off for these past three episodes since I’ve a lot on my download/watch list, but since I laugh every 30 seconds and that’s just by reading these recaps, I figure this show’ll be worth watching.

  43. 43 saranga

    ooh yay! when a recap didn’t go up on friday, i thought maybe you guys had decided not to continue 🙂 thank you!

    oh man, this episode did feel super tense at times. what day of the trip is this? day 3? i thought things would be better by now! maybe season 2 will be smoother, and LSJ will actually be mentally prepared. you gotta hand it to soon-jae halbae, though, he’s a trooper. little seems to faze him, whether it’s walking around or waking up or deciding firmly he’s gonna go to bed, now. hehe

    when i first heard lee seo-jin was joining the show, i did immediately think: “oh, that’s right, he speaks english! that’ll be useful.” i wouldn’t be surprised if their shortlist of possible top-star errand boys were all bilingual, at the very least.

  44. 44 ptc92

    Adorable! There is just one word for this: adorable
    I like the whole concept of letting these halbaes go to France. I am from Germany and know the places from vacations, and it’s just amazing!!!
    Plus Na PD with his editing- I think I fell in love with him once again (first was with the old 1N2D 😉 )
    I would love to actually watch this show and not just read it- alas your recaps are superb =)
    Thumbs up for this new kind of variety show!

  45. 45 DayDreamer

    Oh my goodness! Poor, poor Seo Jinnie. Even I’m feeling the pressure and anxiety just reading the recap itself. Can’t wait till this episode is subbed so I can see it for myself too, lol. Meanwhile, thanks for the wonderful recaps, ladies. 😀

  46. 46 Abbie

    I frigging love this show! I love all the halbaes and Na PD is wonderfully evil! LOL. Poor Seo-jinnie. I feel so bad for him. So much stress for him.

    Looking forward to the next episode!

  47. 47 kiongna

    Lee Seo Jin – I wouldn’t have pictured nauri as such a dedicated dongseng, travel guide cum errand n luggage boy! Na PD is truly a genius! Love love love all the 4 harabojis!

  48. 48 Jasmin Rice

    Seo Jin Ssi, come and relax in Thailand, please.

  49. 49 bishbash

    I was totally LOL-ing when the bgm towards the end was the main theme in The Princess’ Man (when the scene was loaded with tension in the drama). Soon Jae halbae was in that drama too, for those who didn’t watch.

    Really love the production team behind GOF. Evily brilliant.

  50. 50 Rach^^

    LOL how did Art School Hyung get roped into doing this again. I would have died after the first day leading the grandpas around. THE STRESS.

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