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Grandpas Over Flowers: Episode 4
by | July 27, 2013 | 74 Comments

EPISODE 4. Broadcast on July 26, 2013.

javabeans: Last week’s episode was rather epic, so I’m all eyes-n-ears to see how this leg of the Grand European Adventure* shakes out. After braving the streets of Strasbourg in a rental car he can barely drive, on roads he can barely navigate, Seo-jin hauls luggage to tiny rooms and sweats bullets hoping the grandpas don’t have a fit over the hotel he picked. (*Adventure, ordeal, prank from hell — same diff, right?)

girlfriday: I’m just surprised he’s still here. I swear he might’ve made a run for the border if Na PD weren’t following him around (for his own shits and giggles, mind you).

javabeans: Finally he gets a moment alone, which he uses to read maps and work his navigation program. A PD even asks if he took the staff’s car key, and Seo-jin balks, “So now you’re accusing me too?”

girlfriday: Na PD comes around with a little handheld camera to shoot the dilapidated crevices of the hotel that Seo-jin chose, and just keeps hounding him with endless sarcasm: “How can it be so desolate? You’re really amazing. How did you find this place? Did you plan it this way?” The thing he can’t hide is how genuinely HAPPY he is that they’re suffering, and that it’s someone else’s fault.

javabeans: It’s like his Christmas morning. Geun-hyung halbae comes down to join Seo-jin, and right away starts on the marriage talk again, and how you shouldn’t age alone, and by “you” he means “Seo-jin.”

girlfriday: If this were a longer-running show, Seo-jin would definitely be married in a year or two, with this halbae breathing down his neck all the time.

javabeans: Dude, four marriage-obsessed halbaes determined to marry you off? Not even Clooney would escape that scenario unhitched.

girlfriday: It’s a miracle, but they get settled in and even head out for their first sightseeing adventure in the city. On the way Il-sub halbae is already asking about the dinner menu, and approves of pig’s feet, as long as they have time to transfer soju into water bottles. Heh.

javabeans: Are you as nervous as I am about how happy Il-sub halbae is to hear pig’s feet (jokbal), which are surely nothing like the jokbal he’s thinking of?

girlfriday: Oh yeah. It’s gonna be a disaster.

javabeans: There’s this whole bit about how awkward the silence is in the car, intercut with Seo-jin’s confessional from later on about just how painful it is. You can SEE in Seo-jin’s eyes that he’s trying to think of something to say, so finally he blurts, “There’s so much traffic on the road.” Don’t draw attention to that!

girlfriday: Cringe, cringe. It’s kinda funny because you’d think that a car would be so much more comfortable, but you trade social awkwardness for ease of travel. At least on a train it’s less weird if everyone’s silent.

javabeans: While they’re stopped at a light, this old man pulls up alongside them driving a BMW convertible with a pretty young woman next to him, and HAHA the halbaes just stare and stare. Caption: “Envy + jealousy + amazement + who the hell is he?”

girlfriday: It’s pretty hilarious, just because all three heads turn at once.

javabeans: Like really judgy cats! So… regular cats. Geun-hyung halbae at least turns on some music with his phone, which cuts through some of the tense silence. Although the funny part is that it’s only really tense for one of them.

girlfriday: They make it to Strasbourg’s Notre Dame, which has a really cool discovery aspect to it because it’s surrounded by other buildings, so you don’t actually see the whole thing until you’re up close. Everyone marvels at it except for Seo-jin, who doesn’t have the brain space to take in sights right now. Uh-oh. Somebody asks where Soon-jae halbae is, and no one can find him. Crap.

javabeans: Seo-jin says he’ll come find them if they stay where they are, which sounds like the sensible thing to do. But we’re getting the thriller movie edit, with the music and the tense cuts…

girlfriday: Ha, they make Seo-jin’s POV like he’s the Terminator, scanning the crowd with facial recognition software.

javabeans: Turns out Soon-jae halbae is off in the distance, and Seo-jin points him out without even batting an eyelash. He handled that without panicking because, as he says, They’re all in my sightline at all times. He knows better than to not keep tabs on them.

girlfriday: He’s kinda like their momma duck now. Aw, I have such sympathy for Seo-jin. His biggest complaint: how long the days are. He points up at the sky (still sunny) at 8pm like it’s out to get him.

javabeans: Like the daylight is in cahoots with Na PD to make his life difficult, you mean? They head to an outdoor restaurant for dinner, and it looks like a pretty fancy place. I’m sure they can afford it, but I still worry. This show will do that to ya.

girlfriday: Il-sub halbae laments not having his soju-water, and Seo-jin suggests wine instead. I love that Il-sub halbae asks if it’s cheap, because you get the sense that he wouldn’t drink expensive table liquor on principle.

javabeans: I know, right? Like it would be a mark against it. I think wine is still too frou-frou for him.

girlfriday: But in Europe it’s cheaper than ordering a Coke, so they might be okay with it.

javabeans: Geun-hyung halbae really loves his smartphone. He must be the techie grandpa. He text-messages his wife photos of the cathedral, and then says proudly, “I totally won so many points with her today!”

girlfriday: Aw, he clearly loves his wifey so much. There’s a whole montage of him at every stop along the trip, calling her or buying something she’d like.

javabeans: I feel like she trained him so well. He reports all the things that wives want to know that can be interpreted as nagging if you let it — what he ate for lunch, how the weather is, what he’s seen and how he’s feeling, etc. Stuff we should all tell our moms more. I guess there’s a reason he’s so determined to get Seo-jin married off.

girlfriday: Hee, Geun-hyung halbae has another nickname for Il-sub halbae. He yells at the hyungs to slow down: “We have to wait for Baek Gom!” [polar bear, or his last name + bear] Is it his personality or his name that’s so nickname-able?

javabeans: It just fits in so many ways. Then Geun-hyung halbae giggles over how “Sub-ie” looks like Penguin doing his slow menacing plod in Batman, and calls Soon-jae hyung the village mayor. These are spot-on. Meanwhile, Shin Gu halbae wants to take a photo of Il-sub halabe in front of a carousel, but he’s totally tipsy and swaying on his feet, and he can’t figure out how to get halbae and the background in the same shot.(The answer doesn’t occur to him, to get down low and shoot upward.) “Go back. More back. No, forward now. Come forward.” And Il-sub halbae is chiming in, “Do you want me to jump? Should I jump?” They’re so adorable. And he’s so drunk.

girlfriday: It’s like a clown-car rake gag. How many grown men does it take to take one picture? At one point Shin Gu halbae is sitting on the ground and Na PD has to help him hold the phone, while the other halbaes bark orders.

javabeans: And there in the background you can see a woman (a staffer?) taking a cell phone pic of THEM, because it’s priceless. Geun-hyung halbae is having a laughing fit, because Gu halbae is insisting that everybody must stay still when it’s his arms that are moving around.

girlfriday: And then, because they’re drunk but also because it was such an ORDEAL, they laugh all over again in the car over how ridiculous it was.

javabeans: I’m just glad they’re talking, ’cause it’s one less stress for Driver Seo-jin. They head back to the hotel in good moods and Seo-jin finally gets to lie down. Shin Gu halbae and Il-sub halbae sit in the lounge, and a PD offers them water, and Il-sub halbae immediately barks, “SO-JU.” It’s like everything he endured today was just an excuse to get to the soju.

girlfriday: Haha. He’s like a dog with a bone. Then they’re asking for soup, which sounds crazy, but then we flash back to dinner when Seo-jin made a promise to make a stew for them later. OH NOES. Why would you do that?

javabeans: Man, then he has to go out to a tiny Korean market for ramyun (they’re subbing sauerkraut + pepper flakes for kimchi, which, erm), then to the market for meat. Back in the room he gets the water boiling and Na PD argues that he’s doing it the wrong way: “Hyung, no! It’s wrong! You’re gonna regret it. You’re gonna regret it. I warned you, you’re gonna regret it.” Ack.

girlfriday: He is SUCH a backseat-everything! Even though I agree with his fear. This is going to go so badly.

javabeans: Na PD adds the jewel that in two days it’s Geun-hyung halbae’s birthday. Eep, does Seo-jin have to make an occasion of it along with everything?

girlfriday: Seo-jin says the day before is Hyuna’s birthday, which he meant as a guilt-trip, but of course for Na PD it’s just fodder for more teasing: “Did you study that on the internet before the trip?”

javabeans: He totally did. And THEN, Seo-jin admits that he has never once cooked a thing. WHAT. You’re sitting in a hotel room trying to peel an onion with a fork, and you don’t know how to cook?

girlfriday: Well, I suppose only someone who doesn’t know how to cook would try to peel an onion with a plastic fork. Na PD jokes that Seo-jin is finally using his muscles for something. He really is, too. Like he’s trying to brute-force the onion into pieces.

javabeans: He actually appears competent once he starts cooking, plastic fork and tea kettles aside, while the caption says, “He looks like he knows what he’s doing…” Na PD says, “Hyung, the best thing I did for this program was casting you.” Ain’t that the truf.

girlfriday: I love the cut from the silent halbae foursome, all, What’s he doing? Is he showering? to Seo-jin’s frantic motel makeshift kitchen activity.

javabeans: It is the craziest jjigae ever, though I can totally relate to his way of sorta knowing how to throw it together and just tossing this and that into it, figuring it should work out. I mean, it’s not like budaejjigae is the classiest dish anyway since it was meant to be a catch-all soup, but still. He’s ripping apart meats with chopsticks and forks and just going to town.

girlfriday: It’s the hot dog of jjigaes. The first taste doesn’t look so good, but then he adds the ramyun and gives Na PD a taste, and he’s more shocked than anyone that it’s actually tasty. Seo-jinnie brings it out to the halbaes proudly.

javabeans: It’s so cute, the nervous-proud hovering he does like he’s the master chef, asking them to try the soup and waiting for their reactions.

girlfriday: The hilarious part is, the halbaes have NO IDEA how much Seo-jin is slaving over every little thing, so even though their reactions are good, they never feel quite big enough, compared to the effort involved.

javabeans: No, not even close. So we (and Seo-jin) want the big reaction, the grand moment, and what we get is an affectionate “Oh it’s good, thanks! So about the weather…”

girlfriday: And that’s like the icing on the cake of this show. Like you can’t fabricate that. It’s just… they’re halbaes, and you slave over trying to please them, but you’re not getting some big reward for it. You’re just doing your good grandson duty.

javabeans: Na PD is startled to hear how much the dinner bill was, which is because the halbaes ordered three bottles of wine. Na PD: “Without considering the cost?” Seo-jin: “I told you, I’m the only one who ever thinks of cost!” Our montage proves this — at every juncture he’s looking for the cheapest option, even if nobody else on his team even bothers to worry. Or maybe because of that.

girlfriday: You get the sense they checked out of that worry the second that money envelope was passed to Seo-jin, at the airport.

javabeans: They literally — wait for it — passed the buck. Badum-ching. So Seo-jin tells the grandpas tomorrow’s itinerary: hot springs in Germany. I love how Grandpa Shin Gu in particular is hung up on whether he has to get nekkid (“Can we wear pants? We can wear pants, right?”).

girlfriday: He’s cracking me up right now.

javabeans: Then Seo-jin breaks the news that they’re probably going to go broke tomorrow, and hence he proposes Go-Stop Day. HAHA. To win money from the staff?

girlfriday: Awesome. Clean them out, halbaes! Geun-hyung halbae already refuses to let Gu halbae play for their team: “You’ll lose it all!”

javabeans: It’s cute, I think he makes a half-hearted attempt to argue that being a less skilled player can have its merits, which doesn’t make a whole lotta sense, and then Seo-jin just suggests he drink and he’s happy.

girlfriday: Il-sub halbae decides he’s had enough for one day and orders the cameras to shut off. LOL. It cracks me up that he calls the shots and they have to listen. So then the halbaes go to bed, and Seo-jin stays behind to have a drink with the crew, and this is where things get interesting.

javabeans: They ask if the trip truly took him by surprise, and he says with this mix of half-indignation, half-shame that he was so bowled over at the idea of going to France with a girl group that he was crazy not to have even suspected anything was amiss.

girlfriday: But then you also see in flashback how Na PD was pitching the idea with all these details, like it was real, and also how giddy Seo-jin was, which is now embarrassing in retrospect.

javabeans: Seo-jin thinks longingly of the moment at the airport when Geun-hyung halbae gave him that out — if he didn’t want to go, he could decide right then and there to go home. But Seo-jin says he was so taken off his guard that he couldn’t think properly and just got on the plane.

girlfriday: Seo-jin: “Has my former agency called? They’re amazing, my former agency.”

javabeans: I love the flashback to the initial meeting, where his manager sits with Seo-jin and swears up and down to Na PD that her star is pure-minded (as in, simple and innocent). And now in retrospect, it’s just so mocking: My star is so gullible he doesn’t know I’m talking about him falling for this prank right now.

girlfriday: I swear you can actually feel Seo-jin losing it a little, just thinking about it.

javabeans: Seo-jin even admits that while on this trip, he occasionally wonders, “What would it be like if I were here with Hyuna and Sunny instead?” I feel like Na PD knew this trip would be good, but even he has to be amazed and giddy at how much better it turned out than he could have anticipated.

girlfriday: Because even having someone who was good-natured about it and not as mad over the whole hoodwinking business would be less entertaining.

javabeans: He’s just upset enough to be entertaining, but not so much so that it’s a problem. In that sense keeping him busy is probably a good thing — he has no brainspace to give to revenge thoughts or anger, because he’s got potential halbae crisis on his hands at every moment.

girlfriday: Right. Just keep him occupied and by the time he fully processes it, it’ll be over.

javabeans: In the morning, the halbaes get up and get ready for the day, heading to the hotel’s breakfast room to feed themselves. Seo-jin is the last one down and seems kinda nervously pressed for time, and sits down for a quick breakfast with some staffers. He asks them where his sunglasses went, only to be told he’s wearing them. LOL. He’s so harried already and the day has barely begun.

girlfriday: Haha. Poor guy. And he steals any private moment he can, away from the halbaes. “This is my Alone Time.” He says it now like a mantra, like it’s the only thing keeping him alive. They take a leisurely walk around Petite France, and that closes out this portion of the trip. Next week: the halbaes hustle the crew in Go-Stop. Muahahaha.

javabeans: Now that I wanna see.


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  1. KDaddict

    Ep 3 seems to be less about the Halbaes and ALL about Seo Jinnie suffering. How does his suffering become so big a part of the show? Is Na P.D. a genius becos he knows we are all sadists? 😉

    He gets more handsome in a manly way w every ep. And those dimples sure are DEEP.

    Looking forward to Ep 4. Having the recaps and a thread where ppl watch and talk together makes it more fun. Thanks.

  2. Wap

    I can’t find a site where I can watch this show, Even unsubbed! Boohoo:'(

    • 2.1 Lilin Candle

      me tooooo 🙁

      • 2.1.1 ernest

        go to this site
        they have the english subs there! took me a while to find the subs too and i am so glad that there are subs!

        • nczx

          Wahhh!! You’re a life saver! I tried to watch Ep 1 last night without subs and I only understood less than half of it, with my limited korean… But it was still funny!! Now I’m going home tonight to watch it WITH subs!! Yay!!! Kekeke =]]

    • 2.2 Pobo

      This lone subber has subbed up to ep 3

      • 2.2.1 TS

        She’s not subbing anymore.

        So, thank God for these recaps.

    • 2.3 Kimmidoll

      Are either of you Chinese? you probably aren’t ==

      but for anyone that understands Chinese (and by that I mean can read Chinese subs too) there’s an iphone app called 风行电影 that has this show subbed! you can choose to download or stream it (but downloading is better, trust me)

      It also has the most of the kdramas (as well as both Korean and Chinese variety shows, concerts and the like)that are popular in China subbed too!

      I’ve been getting my weekly Monstar fix from there hehe

      hope this helped! ^^

      • 2.3.1 maymay

        Oh thanks Kimmidoll,
        I’m been scoruing some sites on my own but can’t find the right one….off looking for this.

        • Yi

          It’s subbed in Mandarin on as well.
          That website has EVERYTHING.

          • Elysium

            LOVE Maplestage! Great for JDramas, TWDramas/Variety as well

      • 2.3.2 Wap

        Nope. I don’t understand Chinese but I’d watch unsub videos and rely heavily on db’s recap 🙂

    • 2.4 iKA

      You can find the subbed video here.

    • 2.5 nzltt

      I am not sure whether I am allowed to post the link here…

      But this person is subbing first 3 eps with Eng subs… Please give her some supports, probably she will continue…

      • 2.5.1 TS

        She said today on twitter that she’s stopping.

    • 2.6 Kara

      try, it has 3 episodes now, not perfect subs, but we can’t be choosy, can we? ^^

    • 2.8 Skebat

      You can find it subbed at The subbing is not perfect but decent enough.

    • 2.9 vad

      Can watch here:

    • 2.10 muhloy

      This site has been subbing it into english. Maybe by next week EP 4 will be up.

    • 2.11 anna

      it’s on ondemandkorea if you can watch it there.

    • 2.12 Lulu
      is taking request. if enough people send them grandpas over flowers request, they may sub!

    • 2.13 ai

      you can watch ep 4 raw here

  3. heyitssarang

    I just adore how Na PD is always on top of Seo-Jin’s every move just cuz he CAN. Cracks me up so much. And you can see that Seo-Jin’s taking in whatever Na PD says.

    Also, I can’t wait to see the halbaes clean out the staff members in Go-Stop, and the antics that rise from that because Go-Stop can become pretty intense.
    I would know. My two uncles and my father stopped talking to each for about a week because of it.

    • 3.1 Kimmidoll

      LOL i wonder if it’ll come to that on the show as well? HAHA i want to watch it alreadyy xD

  4. akikisetsu

    This was again an entertaining episode. It still feels as if the whole thing hasn’t sunk in yet with Seo Jinnie coz his spare time is mostly spent planning/reading/budgeting and then once in a while he’d remember everything and he’d have this indignation of being hoodwinked.

    But Na PD was right, casting a clueless SJ was the best thing he did. Part of Na PD’s shows charm is seeing a bit of suffering he inflicts to the casts. And let’s face it, it wouldn’t really be right and entertaining if it involves the halbaes, hence having young blood on the show solves the problem.

    Strasbourg is beautiful and suits the halbaes better coz it’s less touristy hence less crowded.

  5. Kimmidoll

    MAN i feel so bad watching this for entertainment but its so good ><

    and awwww poor seojinnie looks so TIRED in this episode im still trying to figure out how they convinced him to go on the next trip

    Also, this is probably weird sounding but i worry that all the stress will make seojinnies dimples go away when he's trying to casually laugh it off, i mean, NOOO NOT THE DIMPLESS

    okay so i have a thing for dimples

    don't judge

    • 5.1 TS

      Maybe he got lots of money?

  6. elsbeth

    OMG! I live in Strasbourg!!! (and like 3 minutes away from the cathedral/where they filmed)! WHY on earth didn’t I see them?! haha that would have been awesome.
    Anyway, thank you so much for the recap. I can’t wait to watch this episode!

  7. Kay

    I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t read about the next episodes on gossip sites but let’s just say Na PD is going to make it up to Seo Jin veryyy soon lol

    • 7.1 Rin

      I so know what you mean!!! no wonder he agrees to do the second season in Taiwan ! Seo Jin totally deserve it.hehe

  8. Mystisith

    Kyaaah! So awesome. ^^

  9. scrmb

    These recaps are great – makes me want to watch the eps but I can’t find them! Does anyone know where you can download or watch these episodes?

  10. 10 ernest

    any one by any chance know the ending she-la-la song featured at the end of grandpa over flowers episode 2 when the halbaes are on top of the arch de triomphe? it was stuck in my head after listening to it somehow. would be so glad if anyone knows where i can find it!

    • 10.1 ernest

      and ahh! thanks for the recap! really enjoy reading them!

    • 10.2 alienandandroid

      i’m like you…. couldn’t get the song out of my head…. spent 2 days searching for it on internet and i found it!!!

      the song name is 별 빛이 내린다 (byeol bichi naerinda), in english it’s “Fading Starlight”.
      performed by 안녕바다 (Annyeong Bada). It’s a korean pop band. (“Annyeong Bada” is “Bye Bye Sea” if translated literally.)

      The official MV is on Youtube. here’s the link:

  11. 11 kvariety

    Light at the end of the tunnel, and all that for Seo Jin!!


    h t t p://

  12. 12 fyllo


    i’m glad sunny joined them in’s the least na pd can do after the suffering he put seo jin through

    • 12.1 Kimmidoll


      WAITWAIT sunny joined them in taiwan?? are you super super sure?? cause if you are WAAAAA IM SO EXCITEDDD :DDDDD lol maybe seojin agreed for the taiwan trip cause na pd promised that he would bring sunny on hehe

      • 12.1.1 Rovi

        Yes, it’s confirmed that *spoiler*

        Sunny’s in Taiwan, search it at AKP.

      • 12.1.2 Lulu

        yup, there are pics of the TW trip with sunny

    • 12.2 KDaddict

      Should that be inside a Spoiler tag?
      Can’t wait to watch Seo-jinnie’s expressions in that ep. [SPOILER]

      Goofy? Dorky? Shy? Embarrassed? Too happy for words? Good things come to those who…..suffer?

      • 12.2.1 Sue

        Well, it’s all over the gossip sites, so I think by now it is not necessary.

        • KDaddict

          OK then. We can talk abt it as much as we like. I was afraid some ppl might get upset, as the 1st rule on this site is No Spoilers.

          • the68monkey

            I wouldn’t say I’m upset, but I wish I hadn’t read it. I don’t go to the gossip sites, but maybe it would have leaked out somewhere else anyway. :/

  13. 13 ~Feather~

    Oh, the hilarity! The recaps really help because your commentary is really good and it helps me know what’s going on when I watch it unsubbed.

    I love the heart one of the halbaes made in the last picture! So cute! >.< They remind me of my grandparents which makes me want to visit them because I miss them so much. 🙂

  14. 14 ida

    I like the show.
    However I feel it’s a lot more about seo jin than the halbaes.
    Yes, the halbaes still have their moments, and oh some ways they have gone there to actually travel as opposed to thinking about it as a variety show, so I trust they’re enjoying their time. But… They named the show and pimped it as if the halbaes would be the focus, but honestly? The show revolves more around seo jin naturally.
    Ahh. Conflicted, I am.
    I like it, but I find myself dissatisfied somewhat.

    • 14.1 topper

      The halbaes would have closed shop if not for the focus on Seo Jin. This is the only way for this variety show to work when it features four above 60 grandpas traveling on a budget. Generating screen time is extreme hardwork, and they are at a seniority level where if they say they want to quit the show immediately (on a smaller scale to shut down the cameras like Sub halbae did) the staff can only accede. So Lee Seo Jin having a lot of air time is the key needed.

      • 14.1.1 ida

        Let me just try explaining further what it is I feel about this show (i hope you understand I’m NOT trying to be an argumentative ignorant ass).

        Yes, I understand why the show is setup the way it is.
        but it doesnt do away with the slight dissonace I get with what they primped the show to be,(i mean, look at the title and trailer) and what the show is actually like. I like the small insights they give of the halbaes nonetheless, but I dont want them to become some sort of commodity in terms of the way the show is edited and put together. People are talking more about seojin. Which I guess I’d not mind so much until I remember who this show is even about
        If the setup cant be helped, I would, in the ideal world, like to see more of a balance. I think they’re getting there slowly with each ep as the whole prank thing becomes less of the big deal, but up until now, the balance of the presence (not necessarily air time so much as an establishment of their presence in the show) of the halbaes vs seo jin has been far too skewed for what the show is titled. They called it that for a reason, and I watched it for that reason.

        Buuuut I get it. I get a lot of this probably cant be helped.
        I’d go as far as saying the premise is inherently unable to be exactly played out, and in that respect the show has sorta failed.

        Again, please understand, I get why they’re doing what they’re doing, but it doesnt necessarily mean I like allll of it.

        • KDaddict

          I totally get what you mean, and am totally with you, every word. I love Seo Jinnie(‘s suffering), but still want to see more input from the grandpas, more interaction among them, more reveal of their personalities, so that we get to know them better. Maybe it’ll slowly get to that point, but as it is, I too feel that the show is out of balance, not that it isn’t enjoyable. It’d be nice if the grandpas pull their weight, so to speak.

      • 14.1.2 ida

        oh and I am not hating on the show necessarily as I do enjoy it!
        and I repeat, it seems to be finding a better balance in terms of the presence of the halbaes vs seojin, so I can see it was easing the show(and halbaes) into the show. I just hope they continue to do this.

        • topper

          I did not misunderstand that you dislike the show, my comment was meant to discuss that this is a necessary evil for the show to be viable. I do want to see more of the halbaes too.

          • ida

            oh I apologise. I realise I went on a bit unnecessarily in the comments by missing the point of your comment.
            Yes.. It is a necessary evil in order for the show to produce an hour’s worth of footage.
            I just wish, if some kind of compromiseis required, it was something that could be less detracting to the “premise” of the show. It’s like they forgot their concept and changed ships.
            I dont think I would want to see the halbaes have to force anything either though (not that they would) for the sake of variety. Just something organic.
            And less milking of the whole prank thing. I dont particularly care anymore, despite finding it pretty funny when it was initially done.

  15. 15 KDrama Fan

    Thank you Dynamic Duo. Hurrah for grandpas, hurrah for Seo-jin and Na PD.

  16. 16 DDee

    These recaps are the most entertaining read ever. I’m afraid that actually watching the show won’t be as enjoyable 😀

  17. 17 God WonBin

    Hi guys! You might wanna check 1004subs on twitter =)) They have episode 1 & 2, I think. <3

  18. 18 hannah

    That line about Seojin never cooking before and peeling an onion with a fork…I seriously choked on my drink. Fortunately, there was no damage to my computer.

  19. 19 the68monkey

    I’ve gone back to watch 10-year-old DAMO now, just to see Seo-jin. 😀 The show looks really dated by today’s drama standards, but Seo-jin is really handsome as the police commander. Love seeing a younger Dol Swe from Arang and the Magistrate in Kwon Oh-joong, who is more serious in this role as an upstanding police officer with a big scar across his face.

    And I agree with DDee, that these recaps are even more fun than the actual show. Thanks, javabeans!

    • 19.1 KDaddict

      It was also the case that the recaps were often funnier than the actual 1N2D episodes.

    • 19.2 TS

      Dayyum, Damo’s on my “watch sometime” list. I’m bumping it up now.

  20. 20 saranga

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    i can’t wait for season 2. it’ll be super interesting to see how, if, the show changes, since the halbaes will have seen the first season and witnessed just how hard seo-jin worked. and i think the mood will be more chipper too, next season, [SPOILER]

    with sunny onboard. she’s cute, and can be pretty decent at variety (sooyoung still rules the snsd roost when it comes to comedy). i have an idea that the halbaes will enjoy the change as much as seo-jin. hehe

    • 20.1 KDaddict

      I understand that [SPOILER]

      Sunny is only joining them for 2 days. Don’t know if she’d be there in Taiwan with them the whole time.

  21. 21 Friendly cookie

    I died when I saw news about [SPOILER]

    Sunny actually being in season 2 of grandpa over flowers. Finally seojin receives his reward. No wonder he actually did it. Im surprised he wasnt overly paranoid about it thinking they’re pranking me again when it’s real this time

  22. 22 yoons

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    What a show.Na PD is a genius.

  24. 24 Jen

    Spoiler tags are always appreciated, even if it is all over the gossip sites. Some of us don’t read those regularly.

  25. 25 nomad

    This recap series is definitely one of my top favorites! I saw the link to the subbed version of this show to a blog, but for some reason I don’t even bother watching it to completion…reading it however, is soooo much fun!

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    Thanks for the recap, ladies!

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  28. 28 DragonAery

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    Well, at least NA PD delivers and brings out Sunny for their next trip.

  29. 29 Mia

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  30. 30 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

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    I am surprised that all the actors haven’t bonded together against the PD/staff. Instead, it seems like grandpas here, Seo Jin there, PD having a grand old time playing the two groups against each other.

    Does it seem normal to everyone that Seo Jin is doing all the planning and heavy lifting while the grandpas are ready to complain/whine/wander off at will? I wish the show would make the grandpas have to help out rather than expect they will be taken care of. I suppose it makes sense … at their age, they’ve done their time and deserve better than to be made to suffer on a low budget trip.

    At least the show hasn’t tried to do like Barefoot Friends and make the grandpas have to earn money by cooking or pulling tourists around in carts. But I would like to see the Grandpas singing to raise money for their supper, or a flash mob with Seo Jin trying to lead the Grandpas.

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    Finally got to watch episode 4! Loved the way Na PD kept asking seo jin all sorts of questions, mwahahahah. Editing by the production crew was THUMBS UP, totally gives the whole show an added boost. The expression that seo jin had after trying his own food was priceless, followed by Na PD’s expression. LOL at the disbelief and amazement, a miracle moment!

    I’m totally enjoying the scenery that the show has to offer, argh, someday i reeeeally need to be there in person to see it all. Can’t wait to see how the H4 battle against the crew in Go stop!

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    I’ve gotta say I never did watch many of Seo Jin’s dramas but seeing him in this variety series makes me fall in love with him. Love his dimples =D hahahaha…..and gotta say France is pretty, but Strasbourg is definitely a less stressful place to visit with less people!

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