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I Hear Your Voice: Episode 10
by | July 4, 2013 | 352 Comments

It’s the first episode in a while that isn’t a total heart-stopper, but maybe I should just be grateful for my nerves. Not that it’s a reprieve from the heartbreak, mind you. Oh, there’s still plenty of that. There are big reunions all around, and though we wish it were something other than a murder trial that brought them all together, the worst-case scenario really does come to pass. Now it’s time to find out who’ll come to the hero’s rescue when he’s vulnerable and alone, and at the end of his rope.

Ratings hit another high today at 19.7% (Queen’s Classroom followed with 9.5% and Sword and Flower came in at 6.4%).


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EPISODE 10: “Why am I lost searching for painful memories”

Hye-sung races to the police station to see Su-ha for the first time in over a year. Coming to get him at the precinct—some things never change. She runs inside and calls his name, and he looks at her curiously as she checks him for wounds and rattles off worried questions.

Su-ha: “Park Su-ha? Is that my name? Do you know me?”

Oh, hello there, ton of bricks. Nice to see you.

After the wave of initial shock at the fact that Su-ha doesn’t remember her, Hye-sung takes up arguing with the detective that Su-ha is no killer, while the detective says he admitted to the fact that he could have killed someone, because he doesn’t remember. Dude, seriously, that’s what you’re going with?

As he sits silently and watches Hye-sung fight for him, Su-ha thinks to himself: “I’m sorry but I don’t remember that person. Even though she’s fighting so hard for me, that voice, those eyes… I don’t remember them. From what they’re saying, I must’ve killed someone a year ago…”

His eyes start to show panic—is this who he is? The cop says there are plenty of signs that point to premeditated murder, like the fact that Su-ha went after the victim a week before his death with a knife. Don’t you people have to find the rest of the body before you call it murder? Su-ha thinks: “I don’t want to recover my memory. I don’t want to know that I’m that cruel a person.”

But then Hye-sung rages right back that Su-ha is a first-rate student who could have his pick of colleges, a kid who saves other people, and throws himself into harm’s way to protect others. “And he promised! He promised me he would never kill anyone. He keeps his promises. He keeps promises he made ten years ago!!”

He looks over at her and thinks: “But then… I’m curious too… about the me that she’s defending so earnestly… what kind of person was I?”

They’re moved into a visitation room with a plexi-glass wall between them, and Hye-sung thinks at him, asking where he’s been for a year. “You can read my thoughts, right? Answer me.” Nothing. Dammit.

She finally says aloud, “Can’t you hear what I’m thinking?” He looks curiously at her and she sighs, “You’ve lost your powers too?” She decides not to explain, and thinks to herself that maybe this is better and the world has gotten quieter for him now.

He asks how old he is, and when she says twenty, he’s surprised that he’s younger than he looks. Ha. She agrees that his face is rough around the edges for twenty. The sudden formal jondaemal makes her feel awkward, and she points it out.

He’s pretty shocked that he used banmal with a lawyer, and she says he never ONCE used jondae with her, from beginning to end. He hangs his head: “I must be a rude kid with no manners.” Hahahaha. I know the circumstances are dire, but this conversation is cracking me up.

He says meekly that he might be a bad person after all. She asks if he has a scar on his shoulder. “You got that while protecting me.” He wonders why. She blurts, “Why? Because you’re a good person, that’s why!”

She slams her hand on the glass and orders him not to ever say that he’s a bad person or that he might’ve killed someone because it can all be used against him. She goes into fixer mode and plans to bring him fresh clothes so that he makes a good impression, and tells him to brace himself for the things ahead.

He’s going to face a crime scene reenactment, and she tells him to just do exactly as she says. She stays up late to prepare herself with the details of the case, and then in the morning, she breaks her one-year silent treatment of Lawyer Shin and butters him up with iced tea.

She requests to be put on Su-ha’s case, and he doesn’t seem interested in helping her, until she pleads: “No one else knows Park Su-ha as well as I do, and no one else will believe in him like I do.” Awww. He complies gruffly, but smiles to himself to see that spark back in Hye-sung.

So when Su-ha is put in the police van to go back to the crime scene, Hye-sung shoves her way in too, declaring that she’s his lawyer. The detectives all gape, “Are all public defenders like this now?”

She puts a mask on Su-ha’s face and takes off her jacket to cover his handcuffs, and tells him to answer everything with, “I don’t remember.” Once they arrive, it’s a brutal frenzy of reporters and detectives, all screaming and barking orders and accusations. His fear is palpable.

The detectives put a prop knife in his hand and make him stab at the stand-in for the victim, asking horrible questions assuming he’s guilty. Augh, it’s terrifying. But Hye-sung fights through the crowd to stick to his side the whole time, and blocks them from trying to unmask him. She protects him fiercely through it all.

As this goes on, we see it on television as we catch up to Su-ha’s classmates. Sung-bin now works in a nail shop, and Choong-ki is a car mechanic, and of course Kwan-woo is still at his parents’ jjimjilbang. All three stop cold at the news report, and Sung-bin starts to cry.

At the office, Pretty the Paralegal is impressed with Hye-sung’s devotion to the case, which he’s never seen before. Lawyer Shin is reminded of a time when he fought so relentlessly, and a flashback shows us that it was Hwang Dal-joong’s case—his friend now in prison, who was put away by Do-yeon’s father.

Su-ha sits in his holding cell in the dark, flashes of today’s events going by and shaking him to his core. He huddles in the corner and feels the scar on his back as if to remind himself of Hye-sung’s words, and then wonders: “What kind of person am I?”

Do-yeon comes by the office to show Hye-sung all the evidence that’s stacked up against Su-ha. She says she feels indebted to Hye-sung because of her loss in Min Joon-gook’s case, and says she understands why Su-ha would have killed him. She offers up a deal—the best she can do in this circumstance—for a 10-year sentence if he pleads guilty.

She means it sincerely when she says this is a good deal, when the alternative is 20 to life and there’s so much evidence against him. Hye-sung knows she’s serious, and says she’ll think about it.

Pretty the Paralegal goes hiking with Kwan-woo, which is clearly not his idea of a good time. But he uses the opportunity to tell Kwan-woo about Su-ha’s case (in hilariously incoherent gasps which Kwan-woo deciphers in perfect synchronicity, ha). When Kwan-woo wonders if he can get a copy of the case files, he busts them out of his backpack, already prepared. Cute.

Hye-sung headdesks all day over Do-yeon’s plea bargain, crying that she’s always coming around with some new torment cooked up just for her. Lawyer Shin digs up a giant stack of case files and tells her they’re for Hwang Dal-joong’s case, which was very similar to Su-ha’s in that he didn’t remember the night of the murder.

He says that he didn’t take the plea bargain and Dal-joong is spending his twenty-sixth year in prison. But his point is that whichever way she decides to go, this old case will prove to be a good learning tool. She asks if he could go back twenty-six years, would he plead guilty? We don’t get to hear his answer.

Hye-sung goes to see Su-ha, and tells him about the deal. He understands, and asks what he should do. She says they’re going to plead not guilty. He says okay. And then immediately she changes her mind—they’re going to plead guilty, because he could spend the rest of his life in jail. He says okay again.

She yells at him to think before answering, but he says she knows him better than he knows himself, so he’ll let her decide. Whatever it is she chooses, he’ll go with that and take responsibility.

The blind faith is appalling, even coming from him, and she asks if he knows what she is. He answers that she’s a public defender, and that he gets the general feeling of what that is. “When no one else will take my side, you’re the one who will.” Awwwwww. I… have something in my eye.

She’s shocked by his words, and he asks if he’s wrong. She says he’s right, but it’s the part that he doesn’t know that kills me—that she IS that person, but only for him and him alone.

She thinks back to her conversation with Lawyer Shin, and this time we hear his answer—he’s asked himself the same question a million times for the last twenty-six years, but every time his answer is the same. He’d still plead not guilty.

She tells Su-ha that they’re going to plead not guilty, and he nods. He still doesn’t remember anything yet and apologizes for it, but she just holds his hand and says it’s okay. I love the moment when he looks down at her hand—she thinks nothing of it because that’s normal between them, but he’s discovering it for the first time.

She goes for a spin in her revolving door, wondering if she did the right thing and if she can win this, and when she comes around, there’s Kwan-woo smiling back at her. He’s back in his spiffy suits, though I wish he’d keep the glasses. Is it too much to ask for one remnant of his grand dorkiness?

He greets her warmly, though she’s still a little distant with him. He suggests a trial by jury for Su-ha’s case, because a jury is more prone to being swayed and Su-ha is young and a first-time offender. She agrees it’s a smart play.

He says that she’ll need another defense lawyer then, and asks to join the team. He says he’s been living in a hell for the past year, but that he still wants to believe in the law.

She agrees right away to let him join the case, but makes it clear that she doesn’t care what his beliefs are or what the law is or isn’t: what she needs is somebody with the skill to get an acquittal for a guilty man. Dayum. She speaks the truth but it is brutal.

The meaning isn’t lost on him, but he thanks her for letting him help, and she offers up a handshake. He takes it, and notes that it took a year to reach this hand.

Choong-ki goes to visit Su-ha in jail, and struggles with the “relationship” blank on the visitor’s form, finally landing on “friend.” Yay. He tells Su-ha to cut out the jondae, saying they’re classmates, even joking that the prison uniform is fitting for him.

He’s here to deliver Su-ha’s journal, so that it might help him recover his memory. The guard says he’s not allowed to give Su-ha anything, so if he wants to read it, Choong-ki will have to read it to him in little bits each day.

Choong-ki gets nauseated at the thought (he already read some of it and calls it disgustingly touchy-feely) and gets up to leave. But Su-ha calls out to him desperately to ask if he’ll stay, so Choong-ki sits back down and starts to read.

He starts reading the first entry from the third grade in this hilariously deadpan tone, all while inserting his own commentary. I luff this. So much.

Meanwhile, Kwan-woo gets reinstated on a temporary basis just for Su-ha’s case, and Pretty the Paralegal actually does a movie-slo-mo run at him with open arms when he returns. Hee. Sadly for him, Kwan-woo is more interested in getting to work and dodges him. Throw the sidekick a bone, man. Would a running hug kill you?

Sung-bin goes to visit Su-ha, but gets turned away for the umpteenth time because of the rule that he can only have one visitor a day. Turns out it’s because Choong-ki’s been here every day to read more from the journal.

He reads an entry where Su-ha talks about wanting to go to the aquarium with this mystery noona that he keeps writing to in the journal, and laughs calling him a kid. But the mention actually brings back a real memory—just a flash of Hye-sung’s face at the aquarium. Su-ha urges him to continue.

He writes in the next entry that it’s the day of his father’s memorial, and that he always thinks of her especially on that day. He says that she came to the courtroom to rescue him when he was so frustrated and scared that he couldn’t breathe—she made it so that he could breathe again.

Choong-ki asks if this woman he keeps writing to is one woman—the same one over ten freaking years. Su-ha nods, agreeing that it is. I love that they’re deciphering it together. Choong-ki thinks it’s that lawyer noona, and Su-ha agrees, but he can’t remember.

Sung-bin waits outside until Choong-ki comes out to give him a kick in the shins and piece of her mind for taking up all of Su-ha’s visitor time when they’re not even that close. He tells her to give up already, knowing what he does now about Su-ha’s devotion to Hye-sung, and says he’ll never come around.

Sung-bin bursts into tears and screams that she knows it too, and runs off crying. Choong-ki feels like an ass and goes after, which hey, is slight progress since high school, though you’re still kind of pulling on her pigtails to show that you like her.

Hye-sung is back for another consult, and there’s a sticking point that I hope they uncover in the trial—the last thing Su-ha remembers is waking up in that grandpa’s house, and the man said he was a relative, which is a flat-out lie.

Su-ha asks why she’s working so hard—are all public defenders like this, or is he special to her? She pauses, and then answers, “Yes, you are special to me.” But she clarifies that it’s because Min Joon-gook killed his father and her mother, and used the law to go free and turn Su-ha into a killer.

She’s fighting tooth and nail because she needs to win this case—otherwise she’ll stop believing in the law altogether and have to quit her job. So yes, he’s special to her.

He asks what about her, to him? Was she special to him? Did he like her? She hesitates, remembering the kiss. He waits expectantly for her answer, but she says (without making eye contact) that he dislikes her, actually.

He says it sounds like a lie, but she insists it isn’t, and that’s what she hopes is the truth anyway. Augh, don’t say things like that. That’s gonna hurt later.

Kwan-woo finds her sitting in an empty courtroom the day before the trial, and he admits that he’s nervous too because Su-ha’s future rides on their every word.

He tells her he’s going to win this case no matter what, and that once he does, he’s going to ask her again if she’ll be with him. She starts to answer, but he tells her that he hasn’t asked yet, so she can’t answer.

Trial day rolls around and each side prepares for the big day. Pretty the Paralegal hands Hye-sung her scales of justice pin, saying that he’s been saving it for her for a year. She puts it back on.

Su-ha puts on the plain clothes that Hye-sung gave him for the trial, and then suddenly grabs his head. A searing pain brings back another memory: Su-ha and Min Joon-gook, standing by a river. It’s late at night, and Joon-gook cries. Craaaaap.

Su-ha doesn’t know what it means, but it freaks him out, and he’s a ball of nerves when he enters the courtroom. Hye-sung smiles at him and it calms him down, and she thinks to herself, of all the times for him not to have his powers…

The prosecution starts, and as Do-yeon describes the crime, Su-ha starts to have another flash of the crime scene. This time we see Min Joon-gook wince in pain, and Su-ha stagger backwards in shock. Bloody hell.

He starts to panic, and then the judge asks how he pleads. He freezes up, and looks over at Hye-sung who nods to urge him along. So he says not guilty, as they rehearsed… but he doesn’t look convinced that it’s the truth.

As the battle goes back and forth between the defense and the prosecution, we see each side discussing their tactics beforehand. It’s not strictly necessary, but it does reiterate the motivation behind each move. Not that anyone could be confused by your Sesame Street Law, but whatever.

The prosecution goes for violent imagery to make an impact, like Su-ha’s attack on Min Joon-gook caught on camera, or the severed hand. The defense in turn shows a video of Kwan-woo at a butcher shop, hacking a giant hunk of meat to pieces using the same-sized knife found at the scene. It took him seven hours to cut up the body, well outside the time frame.

The defense knows it’s a long shot to find another suspect, but their goal is to provide reasonable doubt, and they suggest two possible suspects—the owner of the fishing dock where the crime took place, and the grandpa who lied and took Su-ha in.

Do-yeon pokes a hole in that right away though, given that both men are too small in frame to have committed the crime. Kwan-woo decides this isn’t going their way and hurries to request a recess to break the prosecution’s rhythm.

The defense team struggles with what to do next, quickly running out of options. Kwan-woo has sent the paralegal to hunt down the person who called to turn Su-ha in, thinking it suspicious that someone who lives so far away in another town could have happened to know exactly where Su-ha was living.

But when he gets there he finds that it’s just an ajumma who runs a fruit stand, and not so much a possible killer. What, like she couldn’t have been tipped off by a third party? And the reason we’re doing this on the day of the trial is?

As Su-ha sits and waits for the trial to reconvene, he has another flash of that night: he’s choking Min Joon-gook, and then he raises his fist to strike him… This is looking bad.

Hye-sung wonders if they need to just cut their losses and plead guilty now, and starts to get desperate that there isn’t any other way to plant a seed of doubt. There aren’t any other suspects, and Laywer Shin sighs that this is just like Hwang Dal-joong’s case. “The Left Hand Murder Case.”

Both Hye-sung and Kwan-woo repeat his words, and they share a eureka are-you-thinking-what-I’m-thinking moment. OH. That took me a minute, but are they thinking that Min Joon-gook could’ve staged a copycat murder having learned of the case when he shared a cell with Dal-joong? That’s smart.

The trial reconvenes and when Hye-sung sees how nervous Su-ha is, she clasps his hand. He looks over at her in surprise and she smiles back at him reassuringly, squeezing his hand.

She gets up to say that there is one possibility that they’ve left out—a suspect who was present at the scene of the crime, had opportunity, and motive. Min Joon-gook. The judge points out the absurdity of fingering the murder victim as a suspect, to which she says:

“The defense contends that Min Joon-gook is still alive.”

Well, DUH.


Well I guess one lackluster ending in ten episodes isn’t the worst track record in the world. But that was a pretty obvious thing to end on, especially when you could’ve saved Su-ha’s flashback for the cliffhanger to make us doubt his innocence. I haven’t nitpicked too harshly when it came to the lawyering on this show because it’s mostly just a platform for character growth and an exploration of moral quandaries, not a tutorial on the legal system. And obviously TV law is going to be about as complex and accurate as, well, TV medicine, but this show sometimes takes the cake for skipping the obvious steps of investigation—more the realm of cops, sure, but if your universe has cops and medical examiners and people testing DNA, then don’t you also have a Bones who can tell you whether or not a hand was cut off a corpse or a living, walking, talking killer? And wouldn’t the first thing you’d want to argue be that the so-called murder victim was never found dead?

I think the particulars of the case are interesting, and we’re emotionally invested because it’s Su-ha, but we either need to spend less time on the case or do a better job with the forensic particulars if we’re going to give it this much screen time. The way the trials are written, it always makes the lawyers look like they’re scrambling for last-minute ideas, which I get for the purposes of narrative surprise, but you also want to put more faith in the main characters’ skill set. I want to trust that you’re going to win because you’re good, not because you got lucky, and right now you’re leaving me somewhere in hope-and-pray-land.

The one thing that keeps it interesting is Su-ha’s vulnerability (so stirring) and his fragmented memory, which is done really well. The memories come back at the worst times, and in pieces that look fairly damning, even to us. I still don’t believe in my heart that he’s a killer, but it’s kind of amazing that he’s in a situation where he believes himself to be guilty with every recovered memory. That’s a great conflict, especially when he’s desperately trying to figure out which person he is, and hoping against hope that he’s the Su-ha in Hye-sung’s eyes, and not the rest of the world’s.

And that I think makes the amnesiac arc worth it (I admit begrudgingly), though I really don’t want it to outlast its usefulness. There are things we gain, like his rediscovery of his past self with Choong-ki (so cute), or the personal struggle to know what kind of person he was. I love that she’s his tether to the good Park Su-ha, despite everything else pointing to the worst. And that’s the setup that gets me—that he was the one who believed in her when no one else did, and now she’s doing the same for him.

Not having his powers along with that is the kicker, because it makes him vulnerable in a way we’ve never seen, where he has to ask for the truth, decipher lies for himself, and take people’s words at face value. Hye-sung can lie to him now, which is a huge reversal in their relationship, where she was always forced to be honest with him by default, and he got to lie whenever it suited him. Now he really has to go by faith alone, and what’s great is that he still trusts her blindly anyway, almost to a fault. I like that in the new dynamic there’s more confusion and searching for clues too, and that Hye-sung communicates through touch what she can’t through her thoughts anymore. I love that constant thread with them—that no matter if he has a superpower or not, their connection is through something other than words.


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  1. redfox

    omg I am toast what is happening.

    • 1.1 redfox

      the acting by Le Jong-Seok was just heart-wrenching, I want to let out some sort of scream. pressure.
      Oh shit and a whole week of pressure now.

      • 1.1.1 KDaddict

        His acting is truly impressive. I thought he was just cute cos his teenage roles must have been easy for him. But in this hour, he body language, his facial muscles, his darting eyes turn him into a different person completely. Wow, what a good actor!

        • DramaFan100

          Extraordinary acting by LJS! He can show viciousness, vulnerability, fear, tenderness and romance.. One of these days, I hope to see sexy but he is cute beyond words to think sexy yet…

          • KDaddict

            I agree w everything (all the adjectives) but not so much the last phrase.
            As I look at him in this series, I keep asking:
            Which part of him looks like a kid now? That is a hot young man, a heart throb. The teenage rascal is, to me, so much typecasting, you know, from High Kick, to School, to this. It made perfect sense in Hi Kick; alright in School. But he has grown a lot in height. He is now lanky and broody when he isn’t smiling. As soon as they let him show the SEXY, we’ve got a heart throb!

          • Mystisith

            Agree about the heart throb statement. I must say that I love the light moustache and the beard. It really gives him something extra special. Definitely not a boy in my book anymore.

          • MeeisLee

            I wonder if they were poking a bit of fun that LJS gets these high school roles when he looks older than the average high schooler in the plexiglass scene with Hye Sung.

            I was also thinking that in that first picture of Su Ha’s face, it looks like he has a faint cow mustache lol (shaped like “soh” a la Dokkon Jin in Greatest Love).

            I would just like to say I was already in love with Su Ha from Secret Garden days ;). He was a heart throb back to me then. Speaking of which, I find it funny how Yoon Sang Hyun seems to have this quality that just attracts male affection. Can we have a Kwan Woo and Pretty the Paralegal OTP :)?

          • Kris

            Absolutely agree! Heartthrob who can act phenomenally. Love that LJS is finally able to extend his acting chops here. Because of his “baby face” he was typecasted into younger, schoolboy roles, albeit good roles.

            Now we see him in all his grown-up glory. I also like that this episode moved quickly, as far as the amnesia arc goes. He’s already getting bits and pieces of his memory back, and of course, it’s the questionable ones that lead him into a great inner struggle of good and evil.

        • missDVM

          At KDaddict: Agreed.

      • 1.1.2 jam

        seriously right? this is my first time seeing him act and he’s been really great. it helps that his cast members are skilled as well.

        • DramaFan100

          I am very partial to this actor. So, if you say he is already sexy, then you are probably right! LOL. He makes me feel warm in a protective way but does not make me feel hot. May be because I am really old. Perhaps to those in their 20’s, he is sexy. Well, I am glad! Good for him and them! As for me, I simply adore him. First saw him in Secret Garden and thought he was really cute. Was very curious who he was and while googling it, found School 2013. He was great and I fell in love (unfortunately, not in a hot way but in a cute way). For some reason, I wanted him to be gay and live with the best friend. LOL. I think he has the ability to create chemistry with his costar no matter male or female. It is a great thing and I am hoping to enjoy many more of his characters in time to come. But for now, as Suha, he is doing a fantastic job and I can not imagine anyone else playing this character as well as him.

          • KDaddict

            I am Not saying he is Already Sexy. What I am saying is that He is all grown up, ready to portray a grown man, and show some Sexy when they give him the right script and role, i.e. I think he has outgrown teenage roles already. 😉

          • Melissa

            “…no matter male or female…”

            And this is why the Heungsoon and Oska/Taesun pairings were born.

          • Moko

            AH! School 2013 – I also liked the bromance but besides that I think he really had awesome chemistry with everyone.
            And in the beginning really strangely strong with the teacher (at first I thought they wanted to make a second Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy and team him up with Jang Na Ra…..until the bromance came) – he happens to look a little bit like Jung Il Woo….maybe it’s the face that makes him compatible to be a noona killer.
            (Before someone cries out…I said JUST A LITTLE BIT like Jung Il Woo, okay?)

            I think it was clear from the beginning that he will be the main love interest for her.
            And just for the record, being reliable is a HUGE SEXY POINT for me. As soon as someone has that they are mature in my eyes. Being reliable is by nature sexy. That’s why everyone ends up falling for the second male love interest….sooner or later. They are mostly all reliable folks. And if you’re old enough to know how sexy that is you will be a goner. Just sayin’.

            Well whatever, he had me long ago in High Kick 3 anyway. His talent became pretty obvious there and I didn’t get why people said he was just flashy and pretty as a flower boy and not really skilled at acting. CHARM is a skill. Didn’t you know?

          • Eulaliee

            It’s definitely an age factor thing. LJS is one year older than me, so to me, he was this cute guy but now… After is episode, I now see a man. I think that maybe it’s because of his babyface that whenever he takes on dark roles, it just looks so twisted, right, and hot. Haha. I seriously think that darker roles suits him more than bubbly roles.

            On a side note – because of Kim woo bin’s masculine features, watching him take on a very bubbly role would be extremely different…. But a pleasure to the eye and heart.

          • pogo

            He’s just been flawless all through this drama (and I say this as someone who isn’t biased, I didn’t find his School 2013 self attractive but there is no denying that the role was extremely well-played and those who dare to call him ‘just a pretty face’ like the wooden JYP idol-actors are laughably wrong)

            And this is actually his best role yet, School 2013 really showed off his ability to emote with his eyes and have chemistry with his costars (most of all Kim Woo-bin), but here, he is the main male lead and he’s just taken it to another level. That whimper he let out after stabbing Hye-sung last episode…..he’s nearly destroying me.

            @Eulaliee – if you want to see Kim Woo-bin in a bubbly dork role, I suggest Vampire Idol. (it’s unsubbed, but he plays an adorable, dorky vampire. And also has fantastic chemistry with Lee Yubi.)

          • watashiwachiaki

            I so understand you! I’m in my late 20’s, I’m kinda in love with Lee Jong Seok but in a cute way and not in a sexy way =)

            I think, in I’ll always be in love in a sexy way to Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High/MoonSun/The Thieves)

      • 1.1.3 redfox

        I left out an “e” but now I think that suits well. Le like a french particle… Le Jong-Seok. Fitting.

        and pretty the Paralegal reminds me the human puppy in Kimi Wa Petto. woof, woof!

      • 1.1.4 redfox

        urgghhh the infuriating speculations by the police are like 19th century and remind me of the beginning scenes of Sleepy Hollow. and I want to stand up for truth and justice like Ichabod Crane

      • 1.1.5 circleoflife

        omg, and how his eyes flickers!!! it makes him look so vulnerable

    • 1.2 Reena

      In the first few episodes I want Kwan Woo and Hye Seong together… but now… oh my… I like Hye Seong and Park Soo ha better. lol

      • 1.2.1 Chloe

        oh man i’ve always wanted Hye Seong and Soo ha to be together!

        what do you guys think? will it be Soo ha or Kwan woo at the end? How many episodes are there anyway? 16? 20?

        • redfox

          her devotion to So Ha is growing though, while he doesnt remember.
          what I am afraid of is that she gets him free and then the murderer kills him. that can´t happen…

    • 1.3 Lilly

      Why this is a very good drama.
      – It has a good, rich, under story on human emotions.

      Supernatural powers and bad justice system aside, it is the dynamics of two very lonely and very different people thrown together by circumstances sustaining each other.

      A high achieving high school student, no family, with a gift/disability that keeps him separated from close emotional contact with others.

      A loser attorney who has no faith in others, expects the worst from people, child of a convict, raised by a single parent, living behind the emotional walls she has built, with her only friend in the world being her mother (who she loses but still sends texts to).

      Su-ha’s violent outbursts and rages show that he would probably have become a criminal himself without his quest to protect Hye-Sung focusing and grounding him.

      Hye-Sung only seemed to come to out from behind her wall and interact well with others and her clients after Su-ha came to her. Since he could hear her thoughts, she could not block him out. Hye-Sung did not even notice anything good about Kwan-woo until after Su-ha had already started tearing those walls down around her.

      Su-ha desperately needs Hye-Sung and is lonely
      Hye-Sung desperately needs Su-ha and is lonely

      That is what is touching so many hearts. However it turns out in the end, neither one could have been what they will be without the other. No other person in their lives will ever affect and change them as much as they have each other. Just friends, siblings, or lovers, whatever end there is, that is not going to change.

      • 1.3.1 yumi

        As it established that Hye-Sung was “child of a convict?”

        And there are people, very few, who go to prison for righteous reasons.

  2. Aliiice

    GAH, SOO HA IS SO FRIGGIN VULNERABLE!! All he has is faith and his talent for picking up on nuances in a situation. He seems like a different person altogether now that his Dark Passenger has momentarily gone missing.

    On the upside, it’s nice seeing him less than superhuman for once, to become a child again now that he’s officially a man.

    It also tugs at the heartstrings to see him slowly falling in love with Hye Sung all over again. His feelings toward her seem all the more pure and devoted.

    SPEAKING OF DEVOTION, I really do forgive Cha Byun completely and can’t help but swoon when he returns in a suit. (Nice suits do that, don’t they?) His devotion is just as pure, sweet and earnest. I also love that he’s come back, not out of guilt, but a sense of duty and an impassioned need to prove to himself that his principles and faith in the legal system were not wrong to begin with.

    • 2.1 Melissa

      Like what Hye-sung once said…

      The suit makes the man. 😉

    • 2.2 Ennayra

      About Lawyer Cha, I was surprised when you said you already forgave him completely. Out of loyalty to Hye-sung and her mother, he’s still dead to me, but I admit I’ve softened only because he’s willing to help defend Su-ha. For all that Hye-sung tries to be a good lawyer, she’s still pretty inept, so I’ve got doubts she could win without help.

      I think everyone on dramabeans knows Min-gook is alive, so the end really was more of a “finally! you realized” than a cliffhanger. Are we so inundated with cop/lawyer shows in the US that nothing I Hear Your Voice pulls out in the courtroom will surprise us? I think so. That said, I truly hope that Su-ha’s trial ends next episode and we get him freed, because Min-gook has had a whole year to think, which can’t be good.

      Much love to LJS – his acting was my favorite element of this episode. Just a look and I know what his character is feeling. I hope he gets his memory back soon – I’m enjoying the range he has in this role and I know his feelings toward Hye-sung regarding accidentally stabbing her are unresolved. Please writers, let him remember soon! I miss Su-ha.

      • 2.2.1 Aliiice

        @Ennayra — I can’t help it! It’s how I’m built! If someone is earnestly doing his/her best, realizes s/he’d done wrong, sincerely apologies and tries to make up for it by being Beyond Awesome, my heart just melts!

        No way do I want for Cha Byun to end up with Jjang Byun, but I can’t help but admire his strength and his show of character:

        1) He’s taken it upon himself to punish himself for his err in judgment and also did a lot of deep soul searching during that time, withOUT having to turn to the dark side.

        2) He completely and totally accepts that Hye Sung feels a lot of resentment and bitterness towards him, and that he had, in some way, betrayed her.

        3) He’s not desperately clinging to her. He allowed her her space and in the meantime took the care to clean himself up and get back to work with a kind of blind faith, fear and devotion he’d never experienced before.

        4) He takes risks, and wouldn’t do so unless he was 1,000% sure that he is the best kind of guy for Hye Sung: has a good job, a good haircut, infinite patience and understanding, intelligence, a deep fanboy love for her, a strong heart and a good soul.

        5) When she disappoints him, he challenges her to become a better person in a very adult way.

        What happened, happened. There was no malice, just a lot of horrible and unexpected events that, for Cha Byun, were completely unforeseeable. I still luff him. And perhaps that love is compounded by the knowing that he is, ultimately, not the guy for Hye Sung.

        Whatever happens, I do hope our Earnest-Forever-Optimist has a happy ending. He’s endured heartbreak/disillusionment and came out of it with a stronger sense of duty, responsibility and faith.

        Oh, and yes! Most definitely, it was not a cliffhanger, but a “finally! You realized!”

        Though this eppy seemed to have disappointed many, I still found it deeply emotionally satisfying.

        Who are we when we’re stripped of all our defenses? And what are we willing to do when we know that individual strength is not enough to win a case that is a matter of life and death? What are the compromises we make? What do we find ourselves asking, and begging, after we find that we just don’t have the luxury of pride?

        BTW, who else is in love with our primadonna, soft-hearted, borderline histrionic judge? I loved the way he fluffed out his robes as he sat down and chastised Hye Sung turning this case into a public spectacle, all whilst primping in front of a cutesy mirror and wearing a Biore pore strip like a bashfully vain ajummah? Or the OVERLY shocked and dramatic way he asked, “HOW CAN IT BE MIN JOON GOOK? He is the VICTIM, don’t you know!”

        Bwahahaha. Seriously. It was like watching an ajummah yelling at a telenovela/drama after experiencing a sudden (but thoroughly enjoyed) upset.

        • aliablack

          It took until this episode to realize where I’d seen the judge before. He was Hwang – the book shop owner that Kim Yoon Hee/Yoon Shik did the transcriptions and stuff for in Sungkyunkwan Scandal! 😛

  3. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap!

  4. MeeisLee

    Show, why do you do this to me :(?

    Surprisingly there were a lot of cute moments in this episode which is totally awesome with the complete on-edge episode yesterday.

  5. Penny

    It’s here!!! been waiting for this all morning. thanks a lot!

  6. Nautical

    Well, they finally arrived at the idea that maybe Min Joon Gook is alive (come on, all they found was a hand) and framed Soo Ha. It only took them an entire episode to figure that one out.

    I love what this drama does with all the side characters too.

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 6.1 KDaddict

      You and I were typing the same comment at the same time!
      My comment included another pt, so it was a bit longer and took another min or so to appear! 😉

    • 6.2 blegh

      I know right? however, it was actually nice to see some decent lawyer stuff.
      one thing I’m scared of is SooHa’s tandom flashbacks. what if he thinks thay he killed him and confess without completely knowing the truth?
      suspense suspense

    • 6.3 bernie

      people need to stop harping on how they declared Min Jong-gook dead after “only finding a hand.”… because that is an actual thing. A person actually can be declared dead, even with no body (it’s called “death in absentia” but some people may have heard the term “assumed dead.”) How the person is believed to have died (suicide, murder, as a POW, etc) is part of the (for lack of a better word) process for declaring someone to be “legally” dead, so it’s totally valid for him to be on trial for murder. JUST SAYING (really, the only thing thats questionable is that it happened so soon. Usually a person won’t be declared dead in this manner unless there’s no evidence proving that they could be alive for several years. This happened in what, a couple days? But hey, it’s a drama so…)

      • 6.3.1 Chloe

        the reason why everyone’s harping on it is exactly because it is way too soon to declare someone dead when the only body part found is the hand!

        • bernie

          i agree that it’s too soon, but girlfriday wrote, “Don’t you people have to find the rest of the body before you call it murder?” which, as my previous comment demonstrated, is NOT the case at all. i saw several comments written in a similar vein from the previous episode recap, as well, so mostly i was responding to those sorts of comments.

          again, like you said, it was way too soon. it would’ve been slightly more realistic if they had declared him missing and then dead a year or so later (still not TOTALLY realistic but slightly more realistic lols)

          • yumi

            Without any other circumstantial evidence it would be way too soon, but

            There is the telephone with tons of calls from Joon Gook’s sworn enemy


            the bloody knife with his sworn enemy’s fingerprint all over it.

            Put yourself in the police shoes, and consider the situation from the point of view of someone who cares about Joon Gook.

            If my friend’s hand turned up without his body, and the rest of the evidence was around and his enemy was missing–I would demand that the police convene a murder investigation. I imagine you would too.

          • Mayisoon

            In the US, 7 years disappearance can lead to a death certificate, but a murder charge with a body usually requires evidence that a death occured (eg, massive blood loss). The hand alone means that it should have been much harder than it was made to look to turn this into a murder charge. This isn’t as atrocious in the forensics world as the mother’s case (where a skull that been bashed in with a wrench can be mistaken for one that hit a counter corner — the fracture patterns would be completely different) or 무정도시’s ‘suicide’ (though at least that was explained as a cover up, never mind that the forensics team’s first thought on removing the body was suicide — just so wrong)

            But the lamentable forensics on this show can be overlooked in favor of the wonderful feels it gives us. And they’ve been doing a wonderful job there. I need this next episode NOW!

      • 6.3.2 Ash

        I don’t think the complaints are based on it being impossible to declare someone dead on that basis. It’s more a combination of it being way too early to reach that conclusion, as you said, and also that most of us saw the big “What if he’s the culprit, not the victim” twist coming from miles away.

      • 6.3.3 aliablack

        “This happened in what, a couple days? ”

        No, it’s been a year since the hand was found. It was found shortly after Su Ha disappeared (a week after the stabbling incident in the parking garage, I believe), and he’s been gone a year when they find him at the ajusshi’s farm.

  7. nonski

    yay! thank you so much GF! never have i refreshed a page this much since Dream High days. this episode has unnerved me so much! heart pumping episode.

    • 7.1 nonski

      i agree well with you about the lawyering side… it was made comical, tsk! much more of you are an avid fan of CSI and the like, my eyes would have puffed out already. 🙂 but, it never diminishes the value of the drama for me… especially now that su-ha freakin’ vulnerable. su-ha in prison huddled and afraid just breaks my heart. this drama just knows how to pull my heart strings. i am so in awe with lJS with his acting. those eyes of his are really doing a great job. i also love the last part when hye sung puts her hand on his and he’s a little surprised but then he grab hold of it like it is his lifeline, which actually at this time, it really is! 🙂

      another thing i want to point out that i love about IHYV is that we see, whatever happens to su-ha, the connection to hye-sung will always be there. it is like that they have been fated. i am so warmed by the fact that even with the loss of his memory, his heart still recongnizes hye sung! that just makes me a puddle of goo!

      if you really want to enjoy this drama, never mind the lawyering and the police aspect… think of them as a… comedic plot device? lols… sorry to others who thought otherwise. 🙂

      • 7.1.1 applecookie

        I tend to feel the same about the lawyering aspect of this show. But I found it interesting nonetheless when I saw a video on YouTube, about how the law details in this drama are true to real life more so than in previous series. I have no idea if links are allowed in posts, so I’ll refrain from linking for now. Also, the writer supposedly derived much of the criminal cases and events sprinkled throughout the show, from actual ones that occurred in both Korea and overseas. I’m no law student so I can’t say anything about the matter, but it was still interesting when a real attorney appeared to confirm those points. Either way, my stance on it is the same as GF’s – it’s more of a platform that allows room for character and plot development.

        • Windsun33

          I think the term used in Hollywood is “inspired by actual events”. Assuming the same thing in K-dramaland, that means that “A” happened, and “Z” happened, but everything in between is pure fiction.

          What that means is that 98% of the story is made up. And to be fair, unless you are watching a series devoted to courtrooms, you are not going to get anything even close to in-depth legal realism. Quite simply you have to take a lot of shortcuts to further the plot.

          My issue with most K-dramas is that they tend to not even address some very obvious issues, in this series it is the awful non-existent forensics. There is a whole lot of obvious Epic Fails – such as the fact that unless he used a big hammer he could never had cut through the bones with such a small knife.

    • 7.2 saranga

      it may be of interest to you if you don’t know already, but the writer of this show also wrote dream high!

      • 7.2.1 Moko

        REALLY? WUAH!

      • 7.2.2 Minny

        Amazing, my last watched drama was Dream High, and I was puzzled by how common relationships are – it was not very clear for a long time who Suzy will stay with. And I can’t figure it out yet now as well.

    • 7.3 nonski

      and the su-ha/choong-ki bromance is just pure love!

  8. Bro

    Haha honestly. Choong-ki and Lawyer Choi were cracking me up this episode. When Choong-ki put down that they were sworn rivals and Lawyer Choi ran in slow motion to hug Kwan-woo. Bwhahaha bromance!

    • 8.1 KDaddict

      Choong-ki was just jealous of SH cos his own crush Sung Bin has a crush on SH. Now we know he doesn’t actually hate SH, except for his superior looks. He says to SH, who is behind the glass: “So, it’s the clothes all along. You don’t look so cool in These clothes”. Ha ha ha.

      I think it helps that before SH went away, he advised CK to tell SB abt his feelings. And after reading SH his journal entries, CK now knows for sure that SH has no interest in SB. A bromance is brewing!

    • 8.2 PollyRose

      Ha, that thwarted bromance hug was just hilarious. And I was mixed about Choong-ki’s reading of the diary. On the one hand the color commentary was hilarious, on the other I was like “Don’t mock Su-ha’s memories!” Overprotective much? 🙂

      • 8.2.1 Aliiice

        I loved the vignettes of absolute bromance, too! One, heartbreakingly and humorously unrequited and the other so begrudging, you can’t help but notice that JoongKi’s nothing but a softie on the inside.

        The diary moments were as funny as they were sweet. As asinine and fratty-obnoxious as JoongKi can be, he, in his own way, stepped up to help SuHa out with a kind of devotion he’s never shown to anybody before.

      • 8.2.2 KDaddict

        I think Chong Ki will come to respect Suha and his memories. I hope to see him love SH when he gets to know him, as Sung Bin does, as we do!

        • Aliiice

          “I think Chong Ki will come to respect Suha and his memories.”

          I CONCUR. I think, though it’s like pulling teeth, reading about what a stand up, lonely guy SuHa is, he won’t be able to help himself. Ya know, becoming a card-carrying member of Team SuHa.

        • ilikemangos

          Well, he did say he didn’t know he was such a fu**ing romantic. such a LOL moment.

          • anna therese

            LOL seriously! it brought a laugh out of me…after tears and hand clenching from all the suspense and heartbreak in the past and this episode.

            I can’t wait to see how Choong Ki’s daily diary visits leads to a friendship with Soo Ha, however much begrudgingly it grows to become so. Haha.

        • lizzzie

          It’s already like Choongki can’t resist the puppy eyes haha. I just loved the way Suha went “can’t you do that for me?” when asking him to come everyday to read, and how Choongki just sat back down.

          Already he’s invested in helping Suha, from knowing how Suha survived following the ordeal with his murdered father, to guessing the Noona is Hyesung. He probably thought of the day Suha found Hyesung through the newspapers, aw.

    • 8.3 jam

      same here, they’re like the comic reliefs for this episode!

    • 8.4 ilikemangos

      I really like Choong ki and how the writer thought ahead of time to have him take his stuff(aww) and then bring it to him to jail(aww) but then to come everyday to read it to him?(double aww)
      Then seong bin yells at him for hogging su-ha up everyday. It’s just really sweet because just an episode ago hye sung was saying su-ha was such a lonely boy. This episode proved the opposite. He has hyesung and lawyer cha fighting for his life and seong bin and choong ki visiting him everyday.

      • 8.4.1 Thursdaynexxt

        Yes, he’s getting to live his life, have friendships and fall in love again (even though he’s in jail), and it’s all because he no longer has the Curse of his superpower.

        I like how they set it up first with him trying to throw his life away (to protect Hye-sung), then ending up having this second chance at life.

      • 8.4.2 Moko

        Your’re glad that his superpower is gone? Why? Do you think it hindered him? Why? I think it has so much potential.

        • Thursdaynexxt

          I think it certainly had its uses (like knowing the twins were joint principal offenders), and maybe he enjoyed it, overall. But it set him apart and made him a lonely figure all his life, because he lived in ‘such a noisy world’ and couldn’t tell anyone about it.

          And if he did, they usually didn’t believe him (like when he tried to testify in court, saying ‘I can hear what the defendant is thinking!’). And/or they think he’s a freak/whacko.

          His superpower certainly hasn’t helped much in thwarting Min Joon-gook’s evil plans. In the cops’ eyes, SH is the violent one, not MJG.

          The Hye-sung and Su-ha combo in court was interesting because it was a way for SH to harness his powers in court effectively for the first time – by pushing HS in the right direction, and HS using her legal training to apply her arguments in an ‘acceptable’ manner. (Of course, that just makes her a terrible lawyer!)

        • Moko

          There are lonely ones everywhere in dramaland. The great thing is when they find people who love and accept them as they are.
          His superpower was a part of him that shaped his personality and influenced his actions. It wasn’t all that bad. At least he always knew the truth and wouldn’t be fooled. Which can turn out bad – look at Kwan-woo.
          And certainly it’s the reason why they called this drama ‘I hear your voice’. Why would it vanish? I liked it…so…much…. because it gives everything a different touch. Even the love story itself (since we are really used to love storys, we always need something fresh)
          …well maybe I’m just selfish, but I really liked how they handled it.

  9. KDaddict

    I’m less in love w this ep than previous ones. The courtroom drama slows things down. It took us 3 mins. to deduce that Min is still alive; it took them a whole ep.

    But when HS and Suha sit across the table from each other in the detention hall, HS is telling him abt the two strategies: plead guilty and most likely get 10 years vs plead not guilty and maybe get a min. of 20 years; Suha keeps going, “Yes I see. I give you the right you choose. I’ll live with the consequences.” I get very choked up inside!

    • 9.1 Aliiice

      I agree — there wasn’t much tension in terms of plotting, but there was plenty heat and sweetness in terms of emotional conflict and reveals. The one thing this show does so freaking well is show how profoundly the characters love and care about one another, from the Pretty Paralegal to the curmudgeony Lawyer Shin.

      Ah, one thing about courtroom drama, since you mentioned it. “The Left Hand Murder Case.” I’m wondering (wasn’t Min Joon Gook right-handed?) if perhaps MJG had sliced off his left hand with his dominant right hand to set Suha up.

      • 9.1.1 KDaddict

        Lawyer Shin’s old case fr 26 years ago:
        So Do Yeon’s father was the presiding judge. He knew the guy was innocent but the evidence was against it. So he took in the daughter who had nobody to look after her.
        BTW, Do Yeon looks very pretty in this ep, esp. in the elevator w paralegal.

        Paralegal carrying all those files up hill and passing out on the hill was also funny.

        I agree we need and enjoy these light hearted touches, but it’s still frustrating to see them argue abt unimpt points in court– so much beating abt the bush, when it was so obvious that Min has had a hand in the surfacing of his own hand.

        • mary

          “…when it was so obvious that Min has had a hand in the surfacing of his own hand.”

          Teehee. ♥

          • lili_ij

            ditto! 😀

        • lilxx

          wait sorry what — the judge took in the daughter ? did i miss something ?!?!

          (i jumped to some crazy idea that HS was the daughter that and hence her living with do yeon from a young age – but then it was revealed that the wife/ mother was supposedly killed so that doesnt work out .. phew)

          when was it revealed that judge so took in the daughter ?

          • Windsun33

            I am confused about that also, I don’t recall any such revelation, or even hint about that.

          • Brian

            Do Yeon wants to put that guy who was Min’s cell mate back on the stand and tells her father about it. That guy had a daughter 25 years ago that he lost or misplaced or was taken from him. Do Yeon’s Dad realizes who the guy is and tells her not to put him back on the stand to testify against Min and furthermore never to mention her again.

            Being that he’s the same actor that took Lee Soon Shin from Song My Ryung I’m betting he took the daughter not because he threw the guy in jail but he wanted him and made some sort of deal with someone to get him framed big time, and he cheated just as much as his daughter did in school. Although in his defense he seems somewhat righteous but at the same time he did back his daughter up when he knew she was lying through her teeth about the fireworks.

      • 9.1.2 ilikemangos

        Agree wholeheartedly.
        I couldn’t care less about all the courtroom stuff or the forensics and whatnot — this show never really set out to make a tutorial on how to be a lawyer and how courtroom stuff works. But it has characters who i’m starting to really care about, and not just our main characters. The emotional conflict is something that i find lacking in alot of the other shows i’m currently watching. Voice helps fill that void.

        • KDaddict

          What do you mean “Voice helps fill that void”?

          • mary

            Maybe (I Hear Your) Voice fills that void for dramas that need emotional conflict. 🙂

          • ilikemangos

            Yes, thanks mary.
            Sorry! i meant I hear your voice helps fill that void.
            sometimes typing it out is such a handful :d

          • KDaddict

            TQ, Mary. So now we r calling this drama ‘Voice”? 😉

          • ilikemangos

            I just remember GF and JB referring to this show as ‘Voice’ in their podcast so i picked up on that cause it was also easier to just talk about it without typing out the title everytime 😛

          • Moko

            I think “Voice” sums it up pretty well. IHYV … I never liked those abbreviations. Even when I know the show, it takes some time to figure out what it means.
            Though one has to be careful, I bet there is already a drama that has that name. ….it’s like “Coffee House” and “Coffee Prince”…dare to confuse it.

    • 9.2 yumi

      It took the audience 3 minutes to figure out what it took the lawyers an episode to deduce.

      If Hamlet had killed his stepfather immediately after his father’s ghost told him what Claudius had done, there would be no play.

    • 9.3 Ash

      I think my irritation with how long it took them to figure it out is a testament to how great the pacing has been on this show. We got there in the space of one episode, after all, with lots of interesting character stuff happening on the side. Other dramas could easily have stretched that reveal out for another episode or three.

      That doesn’t make me less annoyed at the ridiculous, slapdash way things get investigated – the DAY OF THE TRIAL and you guys are hunting down basic leads? – but it does make it easier to tolerate.

      • 9.3.1 Windsun33

        Agreed – while I am here mostly for the characters and their interaction, those “WTF Moments” are distracting and annoying – I sit there for three minutes thinking about why the hell are they just NOW getting around to following basic leads up?

    • 9.4 Moko

      Exactly Ash! I think one ep to figure it out is pretty good in cute-and-fun-and-sweet-and-emotional-and-balanced-dramaland…right?!

  10. 10 Bro

    This episode was a bit slow for me but I didn’t mind considering how crazy the last episode was. I really appreciated the light hearted moments in this episode.

    • 10.1 ilikemangos

      If we didn’t slow down from last episode i don’t know how my heart would have handled it.

      • 10.1.1 Bro

        Haha yup agreed. If any more crazy things happened, my mind would have exploded haha.

      • 10.1.2 yumi

        Me too. I needed a break from the breakneck pace to be able to breathe properly.

    • 10.2 Mystisith

      It’s a good way to see things. It’s not that it’s a slow episode: It’s just that the previous ones were just crazy and here we can breathe a little.

      • 10.2.1 ilikemangos

        Agreed. The momentum of crazy we’ve been getting from the stabbing and the crying to the courtroom stuff is much needed, whether we liked it or not.

      • 10.2.2 Carole McDonnell

        My thoughts exactly!

        And Law and Order lover that I am, I did find the court scenes exciting. Not because we know about murder court cases in front of a jury, but because our lawyers did not.

        Finally teamwork. And we get the backstory about De Eon’s biological dad and why Lawyer Shin always visits him.

        What got me was to see how hero treated to a perp walk and treated like a criminal on the news. And it’s a confused kid being treated like crap by the media. That really affected me. Hadn’t seen that done so effectively in a drama. I found myself wondering if there was a recent case in Korea where something like this happened and the dramawriters were subtly using that as a sub-text.

        • Moko

          What? Whose dad?

          • Carole McDonnell

            Min Gook’s cellmate is probably Prosecutor’s dad.

          • Moko

            …took me a while to get that…I didn’t think about it at all… xD Maybe because I watched all the eps in the last 2 days so I didn’t really think about it…but seems pretty logical now that you say it.

        • Moko

          Hey I remember this movie called “Sympathy for lady vengeance” where they had scenes like that…taking the criminal to the scene to investigate (including all the media) how it could have looked…really weird practice. Only koreans do that right?!

          • yumi

            I think there are times in trials in the USA where the jury is taken to the crime scene. But I don’t think the re-enactment would be allowed.

  11. 11 Margo

    Wow this show is just amazing. I am so happy right now…and so tense! >.<

    • 11.1 KDaddict

      Now, we’ve to wait a Whole week! Fri thru Tues have lost their color since a couple weeks ago.

      • 11.1.1 appreciate

        ‘… lost their color…’

        Absolutely agree with you 🙂

      • 11.1.2 Moko

        Hey! Friday is Monstar time! Well…it’s not coloful in a colorful way…but still.

  12. 12 Mar

    I still have some issues with the credibility of some of the legal stuff in this drama. That said, I did not want this episode to end, I was totally invested. Lee Jong-suk just turned Su-ha into a different person, really enjoying his work.

    I also like that a couple of episodes ago they dropped whatever filter they were using to shoot the Nerd Lawyer Kwan-woo to make him look younger-also tuning down his makeup. He looks more real now. Is the assistant guy crushing on Kwan-woo or what lol

    • 12.1 KDaddict

      The legal stuff in K dramas!!! It ranges from laughable to downright annoying. Sometimes I think their writers r idiots, or they think we r all idiots to go for it, and if neither is the case, then S Korea has a strange and scary legal system.

      My wish for this Christmas: It’d be really nice if sb who knows abt SK law could shed some light and relieve us from our collective head-scratching once and for all!

      • 12.1.1 Nanaki

        The legal/forensic stuff is driving me INSANE. I feel like this writer has a lot of emotional intelligence but isn’t so big on the whole factual research thing. There are LOADS of good shows about lawyers, forensics and cops as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love this show, but watching it when it’s doing the forensic and legal proceedings is like being in someone else’s car and not seeing a pot hole. And then hitting it.

        • dobabado

          Well put. I’d say that this is the only hole in the drama so far.

        • bbstl

          omg, THANK YOU FOR SAYING IT. This episode was so painful to watch and I pray this is not the way the legal system actually works in Korea or anywhere. The ridiculousness of law professionals overlooking all this key and obvious information was overwhelming. You wouldn’t go into a blind date this underprepared, much less a murder trial!

  13. 13 yumi

    thanks for the recap.

    • 13.1 yumi

      This series seems to be powered by revenge Joon Gook.

      I think the story ultimately will be about seeking state justice instead of personal revenge.

      1- We still have no idea why Joon Gook went after SuHa’s father. Earlier I had assumed he was hired for a job, but there has not been a hint of him being connected to someone more powerful.

      I want to know how Lawyer Shin’s client/friend, Deo-Yeon, Deo-Yeon’s adoptive father and the murder long ago ties into the attack on Suha’s Dad.

      • 13.1.1 Aliiice

        MJG is EXACTLY the kind of villain that The King 2 Hearts SHOULD have had: sociopathic, but with dimension, inner conflict and a hint of a soul.

        “1- We still have no idea why Joon Gook went after SuHa’s father. Earlier I had assumed he was hired for a job, but there has not been a hint of him being connected to someone more powerful.” — you know, I was just thinking about this, how this all is supposed to connect.

        The whole Hwang DalJoong story as the biological father of DoYeon must have a clear parallel to SuHa’s case as well. Sometimes I wonder if it’s somehow connected to the death of SuHa’s dad, but then I think about how him and Min Joon Gook have been cellmates for years and don’t seem to know of each other from before their incarceration.

        I’m also interested in the back story concerning DoYeon’s adoptive father: did he adopt her to spite Hwang DalJoong, and if so what was his point? Was it that he wanted to prove something to Hwang DalJoong, and if so, then what? Or is there an ironic twist wherein which he was directly involved with the framing of Hwang DalJoong.

        Now my telenovela side is coming out and imagining that Hwang DalJoong’s former wife had an affair with the judge, who adopted her daughter after mistakenly believing that Hwang DalJoong killed the wife.

        Can’t help it. I mean, around eppy 1, I had incorrectly guessed that the Corrupt Judge had an affair with HyeSung’s mother, making HyeSung and DoYeon half sisters. Alas, that proved to be farrrrr from the truth.

        I don’t know! Can’t really figure it out! But I honestly and earnestly hope it all connects in a satisfying way.

        I find it interesting that SuHa didn’t have a mom, HyeSung didn’t have a dad and DoYeon’s biological mother is also not in the picture.

        • yumi

          Deo yeon’s adoptive father is not altruistic. if anything i’d see the adoption as a way of holding Deo yeon hostage.

          The performance between the judge and Hye Sung mom suggested a connection that made me think Deo yeon and Hye Sung could have had deeper connections.

          we still dont know Hye Sung’s father’s story. i don’t remember hearing what happened to him.

          • RWJQ

            Personally, I feel that Hye Sung’s dad’s story is inconsequential to the show. If I remember correctly, Hye Sung’s mom mentioned he had passed away. In ep 1 when she was telling the judge that Hye Sung hardly cried, not even when her dad died, only when she felt aggrieved.

            I’m leaning more towards the direction that the judge had an affair with Dal-joong’s wife, even though I’m keeping my fingers crossed tightly that the writer will surprise us with something else. Not really a fan of makjang dramas.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Remember how Deo yeon’s dad questioned her about whether she had told the truth or not, I’m thinking now…”Was he wondering about her genes? Had she gotten a bad seed from her biological father, despite the good righteous nurturing he gave her?”

          • Aliiice

            ” I feel that Hye Sung’s dad’s story is inconsequential to the show.”

            I would have, too, but the writers made it a point to assert that Hye Sung is just like her father. I think it was in eppy 1 that the moms was like, “I believe in you. I know you’re telling the truth because you’re just like your father. You always do the right thing.”

            While it could have just been a red herring, if her dad’s story was truly inconsequential I’m not so sure they would have made it such a point that she is her father’s daughter in the first eppy.

  14. 14 Sue

    I’m thinking the hand was cut off by accident, since they fought at a fishery. There was probably some machine or other sharp object there while they fought. And the bad guy took advantage of that.

    • 14.1 PollyRose

      You could be right about it being an accident, but at this point I’m more inclined to think he did it on purpose. One of the memories Su-ha had, he had this somewhat horrified look of disbelief (admittedly my own interpretation) on his face as he was looking at Min Joon Gook and I immediately thought to myself that that was the moment where he cut it off and was telling Su-Ha part of his evil plan.

      • 14.1.1 KDaddict

        Very observant. I need to go watch that again.

        • Aliiice

          “I immediately thought to myself that that was the moment where he cut it off and was telling Su-Ha part of his evil plan.” — AHHHHHH, YOU’RE SO RIGHT!

          I mean, it takes a right hand to cut off the left. And it must have horrified SuHa to see that MJG would actually go that far!

          I’m so deathly curious about where Min Joon Gook is. His tears in the flashback seem to demonstrate some kind of true regret. Maybe it was another moment of conflict, like right before he dumped HS’s Super Mom’s birthday meal down the toilet.

          Also, why did the grandpa take in/kidnap SuHa and tell him he was his nephew? Was it a strange parting gift from MJG?

          • PollyRose

            Good point on the tears! I hadn’t fully processed through that one. I definitely think there is more to MJG than pure evil and I can’t wait to delve into what drove him to become this way. I thought it was such an interesting moment when he was taunting Su-ha in yesterday’s episode about becoming just like him. There was such a self-awareness in that; that his acts are not just those of someone who is mentally disturbed, but someone fully aware of his choices and their consequences, who is nearly beyond caring, but can’t quite lose the last speck of his humanity. It’s almost like he really wanted Su-ha to join him in that misery so he’d feel less alone or justified in his decisions. This makes him pretty darn scary in my book. Not quite Story of a Man Chae Do Woo scary, but close.

      • 14.1.2 yumi

        i don’t think the severing of the hand was an accident. I’m sure Min Joon Gook did it deliberately to make sure his perverted game ended with a win for him and a loss for Suhal and Hye-Sung. And I’m sure he told Suha what he was doing and why he was doing it.

        Last episode Suha said if Suha killed Joon Gook, Suha would be a murderer and Joon Gook would be dead. If Joon Gook killed him Joon Gook would be a murderer. Either scenario would have been fine with Suha, because both outcomes meant Hye-Sung would be safe.

        Hye-Sung telling Suha not to kill in front of Joon Gook gave Joon Gook the advantage.

        He knew that Suha would not kill him, if he had another option.

        By severing him hand, he made Suha a murder, while keeping his life.

        He could then torment Hye-Sung after SuHa is convicted that her mother’s instruction to her, and her instuction to Suha cause Suha his freedom and will cause Hye-sung her life.

        There is no doubt that he is out there watching. and will soon make his presence known.

        • Aliiice

          Orrrrrrrr (sorry, my inner speculationist is coming out), I’m wondering if the severing of the hand WAS an accident, in the way that SuHa’s stabbing of HyeSung was a accident.

          In the flashbacks, SuHa looks shocked. MJG has actual, sincere-looking tears of remorse or heartbreak.

          I mean, it’s interesting they chose a fishery as the Site of Mysterious Incident. If it’s a fishery/cannery, then there’s a lot of sharp equipment and during a struggle, accidents can happen.

          The thing is, the hand was severed a little too cleanly, don’t you think? I mean, to have dismembered it, SuHa would have had to SAW THROUGH BONE, which isn’t very easy, especially with a switchblade.

          You need something serrated, like a saw. Or an electric turkey cutter.

          Granted, it’s a Kdrama (and hence they should have found both Hye Sung’s and SuHa’s blood on the knife hilt or blade, it’s very hard to completely get rid of after it dries, even with rubbing alcohol), but none of it adds up.

          Professional, industry grade equipment though? Saws through bone quite easily.

          I mean, I’m pretty damn sure Min Joon Gook is alive. But I’m not quite so sure that he’s still targeting SuHa and HyeSung out of revenge. He looked way too upset in the flashback.

          • KDaddict

            Or those could be tear of pain when his hand came off! Either by accident or by his own design. I’ll bet it’s the latter. That’s why Suha looks so shocked.

          • Aliiice

            “Or those could be tear of pain when his hand came off! Either by accident or by his own design. I’ll bet it’s the latter. That’s why Suha looks so shocked.”

            Somehow I doubt that. I mean, this is a guy who’s laughing when SuHa’s kicking his ass and he’s spitting up blood. Would he seriously be crying from getting a hand chopped off?

            MJG may be despicable and even disturbing, but a crybaby he is not!

            The closest I saw him come to tears was over something emotional (HyeSung’s mom hitting a nerve and saying he came out wrong somehow). Physical pain just doesn’t seem to faze the dude.

            I’m sticking to my guns and betting cash moneys on the idea that he’s crying either from genuine remorse or some deeper, more profound emotional revelation.

            The thing this show does well is that it hesitates when painting someone as a heroine or a villain. No one is completely bad (not even Do Yeon) and we see flashes of genuine pain and rage in Min Joon Gook.

            In other words, I’m shipping the notion that Min Joon Gook has a soul that is not beyond some modicum of redemption. I’m guessing that Min Joon Gook could have killed SuHa (if the kid woke up with amnesia, one can assume a blunt force to the head or a trauma so horrifying his psyche shut down), but chose not to.

            PURE SPECULATION, but I’m thinking that Min Joon Gook had set up SuHa to be a murderer, but somehow, in the midst of its execution had some soul-shattering revelation, which is why he couldn’t carry it out quite as perfectly as he’d originally intended and desired. I mean, Min Joon Gook may be crazy, but he’s also crazy intelligent when it comes to execution and emotional and psychological manipulation.

            It doesn’t make sense or seem like his style to stage a death and not have SuHa discovered or caught right away.

            But I do agree that SuHa’s look of shock is most probably from the cutting of the hand.

          • Moko

            Ahh I love speculation. I’m usually half right and half wrong.

            I’ll take the whole thing about “he couldn’t carry it out quite as perfectly as he’d originally intended and desired” because seriously even if he is a genius … you can’t just simply make another person getting amnesia. Is there a drug for that? NO! (No right?!)
            So at least something has happened that wasn’t in his plan, because you can’t plan amnesia (except you’re the writer). Suha didn’t get amnesia when he saw his father being murdered – well he got a huge shock and couldn’t speak – WHEN HE WAS A CHILD. So what could make him like that as a grown up?
            Yep, there you have your “accident”.

          • Thursdaynexxt

            Bit off topic, but it reminds me of the Severed Hand case in the Japanese drama ‘Strawberry Night’.

            (*spoiler alert*)

            The guy also managed to fool the forensics by cutting off his own hand and soaking it in someone else’s blood, which messed up the initial DNA test result. (can’t remember why fingerprinting wasn’t an option – maybe he wasn’t on their records)

            It occurred to me that even if a one-handed MJG turned up alive and well, SH could still be framed and put on trial (again!) for assault and grievous bodily harm or some such thing. I think MJG is after revenge, all the way!

          • yumi

            Crying when your hand is being severed from your body without the benefit of anesthesia is not being a crybaby. It is being human. There are times when even the strongest, most pain tolerant person would cry and I suspect hand severing is one.

            There is no way Joon Gook could have planned Suha’s amnesia, and Suha’s amnesia seems like something that was much against Suha’s will. What I mean amnesia is an unconscious form of self/soul protection. By going into an amnesiac state, knowing that Joon Gook is alive and Hye-Sung seems like something Suha’s conscious and unconscious mind would have fought against. So to my mind a very complex series of event triggered the amnesia.

            Remember that Suha’s has always be vulnerable to psycho-physical manifestation of emotional trauma. After his father’s death he lost his ability to speak.

          • Aliiice

            @yumi — YES. Crying for a NORMAL person when a hand is cut off is completely normal.

            But Min Joon Gook is a total sociopath who seems to be emotionally immune to physical pain.

            He withstood burns from the fire, he was spitting up blood from his fight with SuHa and he’s been strangled a good deal of times.

            That’s why I think the tears are not from the pain of having his hand cut off. While it would be totally normal for a normal person, it just doesn’t fit his character profile. As a viewer, I just don’t buy it, that’s he’s crying cuz he’s lost his hand and that it hurts badly.

      • 14.1.3 RWJQ

        Exactly my speculation too. That’s why I’m looking forward to seeing Lee Jong Seok’s performance when SooHa’s memories come flooding back.

        Wow us again, LJS!

      • 14.1.4 jicachan

        I lean more towards this possibility too.

        As for MJG’s tears, I don’t think he would cry of remorse, he is a psychopath with no empathy (maybe he hasn’t always been that, but now he is for sure). The only thing I think will make him cry might be something that happened in the past, maybe the loss of his family…?

        I want to know more of his background. There are so many characters in this show that need to be explained and given a proper background information. I hope we will get that before the end.

        • yumi

          I think he is more a sociopath than a psychopath.

          Psychopaths have impulse control issues and erupt spontaneously. Because of this they are easier to catch.

          Sociopath are better at long term planning and implementation. Because of this they are more likely to be serial killer before they are discovered since they are harder to catch.

  15. 15 PollyRose

    I really noticed the touch a lot in this episode too. That more than just what she was conveying with her words, she was conveying with touch.

    His amnesia is being handled really well so far too. It’s painful to watch him so vulnerable, but it’s making for some great developments for him too. I really loved when he defined what he thought a defense lawyer was to her. It’s what he’s always wanted for himself, though he doesn’t remember it right now and it was a fantastic moment of truth for her.

    I definitely want to know more about why she lied to him about how he felt about her. Is she in denial of her own feelings and doesn’t know how to handle it? Does she feel burdened by his feelings and thinks it would be better for him to remember and become heartbroken? Is it just that it would be awkward to say, “Actually one of the last times I saw you you kissed me?”

    Can’t wait to delve more into his amnesia. I was wondering if initially he was mentally too traumatized to hold onto his memories since he stabbed her, but now I’m thinking that somehow Min Joon Gook had a very big role in his memory loss. He is definitely playing a scary endgame with all of them…

    • 15.1 Aliiice


      Did it not get you to tear up, just a rittle? Touch really was so important, especially in an episode in which it’s hard for the characters to reach each other the way they had in the past.

      I was particularly struck by how moved and honored Cha Byun looked when he was granted the chance to shake HS’s hand again. Or how in the courtroom HS held onto SuHa’s hand to reassure him, and his fingers reached back to intertwine more deeply like hers, an expression that seemed part fear, part reassurance, part blind faith in his noona.

      • 15.1.1 PollyRose

        Ha, it’s been a while since an episode hasn’t had me tearing up a bit. My big tear moments this time were when they had the defender conversation and at the end when she reached over and he responded. I loved that she initiated so much of it this episode, in particular with Su-ha. So much was said through those moments without words. Guh, this show, gets me in the heart so good!

      • 15.1.2 KDaddict

        Suha was totally surprised by the hand holding.
        No one has treated him like that in the past year.
        He has been really lonely and scared, even tho Grandpa gave him a roof over his head.
        This attention coming from an attractive woman at his deepest moment of trouble when other ppl would be scared of him as a ‘killer’ must touch him to the depths of his soul!

        • Aliiice

          Thank you for that comment on loneliness. I think it’s so interesting that before the amnesia, SuHa was lonely by choice. But now, he’s lonely by circumstance and seems so starved for intimacy and kindness that he’s latching onto Noona for dear life.

    • 15.2 DramaFan100

      It is clear that Suha and MGJ were together that day. We do not know what happened yet but what if, after “whatever happened”, Suha fainted or showed signs of trauma and MGJ picked on it and decided to save him? Perhaps the old man who took him as nephew is related to MGJ. Perhaps we will find that MGJ feels sorry that they found Soha afterall… that will be an interesting twist.

    • 15.3 Jessica

      I think she is sort of blaming herself for what is happening to him because she knows that he’s willing to do anything for her because he loves her

    • 15.4 yumi

      I wondered if she said she was an acquaintance he disliked, he disliked was a way of not planting a motive in his head for killing Joon Gook.

      Of course she already told him he took a knife for her.

      I was also wondering if that diary documenting his need to protect his noona wouldn’t give the prosecution more motives for him to kill.

  16. 16 ilikemangos

    This show is rather predictable but darn it if it isn’t heart renching.
    Shelly if you’re out there — you’ve won your bet.
    Su-ha really was an amnesic and min joon gook and him really did have a meeting, and it seems he faked his own disappearance.
    I’ll just wait for the part where we see min joon gook hatch up a plan to get him to that crime scene.

    • 16.1 shelly

      i know, lol. am i right or am i right?

      i should predict something good for next week… but i already did and i’m afraid it might come true *sigh*

  17. 17 the68monkey

    I really like how this show has made me care so much about Hye-sung, since I really didn’t like her in the beginning episodes. She’s grown so much as a character, thanks to her relationship with Su-ha.

    At first I was really irritated that it took an entire episode to arrive at the conclusion we all reached last night: Min Joon-gook is a one-handed b*stard, not a murder victim. I think now I’m okay with it, though, since I’m not chomping at the bit for the next episode, like I was last night. Yes, I can’t wait for episode 11, but I think I can sleep at night waiting for it. 😛

    And yes, gf, we need to know why the old man convinced Su-ha he was his nephew, and even acted all shocked when the police showed him the wanted poster. Had he not seen the news for the past year? Is he in on the whole thing with Min Joon-gook?

    Thanks, gf.

    • 17.1 bbstl

      just have to wander in at this point to mention that the right-hand photo on Su Ha’s wanted poster is of his crazy face while beating MG to a pulp – an angle no camera (except ours) could have gotten!

  18. 18 saranga

    ahhhhh my heart!!

    su-ha + choong-ki + diary was divine. i laughed so hard. some of the entries, otherwise touching, were downright hilarious read in choong-ki’s voice. the fact that he HAD to read all of that to su-ha, was priceless. i love this potential bromance.

    the drama’s doing a good job of keeping itself suspenseful. they need to dig more into the circumstances surrounding su-ha!! the man who took him in, the lady who reported seeing him… shouldn’t they be?! and i’ve been waiting the whole series for the show to tell us what su-ha’s father had done, exactly, to get himself murdered. whether he had done something to min joon-gook directly or if MJG was just a hired assassin.

    is this show 16 episodes? PLEASE EXTEND AHHH. i know, i know. extensions can mess up a good show. but i’d do almost anything to keep these characters onscreen for awhile longer…

    • 18.1 panshel

      Extensions are, like, the touch of death for good dramas, so I hope SBS doesn’t extend it. I’m actually nervous they’re considering an extension since the ratings are so high. It’s definitely going to hit 20% by episode 11.

      • 18.1.1 Ash

        I kind of wonder if the slower pacing in this ep is because they’re already planning on extending it, which, AUGH NO. I can’t think of a single drama that didn’t fall off in quality after getting extended, and it’s gonna kill me if that happens here.

        Please don’t be a victim of your own success, show. *crosses fingers*

    • 18.2 saranga

      about that knife. when i saw MJG run off with the knife in the previous episode, i KNEW it would cause trouble later, since it was originally su-ha’s. but no one knows that aside from hye-sung (and maybe sung-bin, but she never saw the knife directly).

      they can’t explain away the fingerprints on the knife by saying that su-ha had tried to wrestle the knife away from MJG or something, after he had stabbed both of them? after all it IS the knife that stabbed hye-sung, and everybody thinks it was MJG who stabbed her.

      i’d love to get more on MJG’s back story, and his mindset. does he not mind getting caught!? to go after su-ha and hye-sung so soon after his acquittal, doesn’t he think it would arouse suspicion? and we know he may not be COMPLETELY heartless, because he looked genuinely moved by mom’s birthday food. he just tamps down every good impulse with all that overflowing anger.

      how am i going to wait a whole week!!!

    • 18.3 saranga

      oh, and am i the only one seriously creeped out by the fact that su-ha might have purposely been placed where he was for a whole year? obvious culprit would be min joon-gook, but it’s just so CREEPY.

      i feel like the show seriously dropped the ball when it came to explaining su-ha and his mysterious situation. the lady who reported him (a big deal because she lived so far from where su-ha actually was) and especially the man who took him in and lied to neighbors that he was a relation. the more i think about it, the more confused i am that the show isn’t making a bigger deal out of this. i think they’ll get to it, but they should get to it NOW, no? and hye-sung doesn’t seem all that concerned about the strange circumstances in which su-ha was discovered. knowing min joon-gook, and knowing SHE knows what he is, it just seems odd that she’s not more suspicious.

      i trust the writer, but sometimes i’m left puzzling why she seems to leave bits and pieces out… like with the twins’ case, the motive for the twins’ actions was never discussed, until everything was over.

      • 18.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        Wow, you’re making me wonder now… Was Su-Ha in the country side just after the murder or did he wander around and end up there? Oh my!! Thinking, thinking.

        I think the idea of discovering the motive “after” the (apparent) crime and after the official prosecution charge really is a good one. The writers seem to be playing with the idea that we humans judge so many things in our ignorance and we know little about the “truth.” All we have is “the law” and the law is about evidence and “what seemingly can be proved” by that evidence.

        But truth, you have to slowly discover..and truth sometimes has no evidence to back it up.

    • 18.4 Jenna

      Dramafever lists the show as 20 episodes and Viki says 16 (to be confirmed). Hope that helps.

    • 18.5 eve

      If there would ever be extensions, I hope it’s because the show needs more time to reveal all of its layers to us rather than just chasing ratings. I wouldn’t want this epic drama to fail just because of extension. But yes, I also hope there would be an extension… 20 episode maybe? Is 24 too much to hope for?

    • 18.6 dramamama2015

      I’ve been wondering if SH father was a witness to something-maybe involving a crime done by MJG, or MJG family member? Seems like MJG has been psycho for a long time-

  19. 19 Amberscube

    I was a nervous wreck when i watched it…

    Love the bromance between Choong Ki and Suha… Poor CK, he has to read the diary every day.. What a loyal friend. And I LOLed with Sung bin’s frustration that she cant even visiit Su ha because of Choong ki. Poor SB, i feel your heart break but you are the best friend ever.

    Thanks GF for the recap…

  20. 20 KDaddict

    1. I still maintain that either Min knocked Suha on his head before his hand got cut off, or else in the fight, Suha fell against sth and bumped his head. The former is more likely given Min’s fondness for bludgeoning his victims.

    2. It is interesting that HS lied abt SH’s feeling for her. It’d indeed be weird to tell him that he loved her. More impt, this gives him the chance to fall for her all over again.

    • 20.1 Nanaki

      #2 – yeah, that could be awkward… I was hoping she’d call him family, or something along those lines (it’s Hye-sung, I don’t expect her to be sappy about it or anything). I found it odd that she basically shut him down.

      • 20.1.1 KDaddict

        She told him: We need to focus on the trail now.
        I’d say, she doesn’t want him distracted.

        Also, she is fighting for him to live as a free man. But what if she ends up losing the case, but has been told that he was in love with her? How’d he feel than? That’d really mess up his life as well as his head.

        • Thursdaynexxt

          Yeah, I agree.

          She’s probably scared of examining her own feelings too, but I think basically she’s protecting him for as long as possible from all the baggage he’s had to deal with all his life: from the memories of watching his dad being murdered, to having a burdensome ‘superpower’, to having her tell him that she blames him for her mum’s death, to actually stabbing her in those final moments.

          And on top of that he doesn’t need her telling him, ‘hey, you’ve had a crush on me since you were in 3rd grade, and even though you were a highschooler, we had a really deep connection ‘cos you could hear everything I’m thinking…’

  21. 21 yola

    It’s ended up for just being an so-so ep. Except for an amazing performance from lee jong suk. I hope it’s getting more intense for d next episode… can’t believe it’s just 6 more episode to finished this drama. Hope u can surpass 20% marks…
    I hear your voice fighting!!!

  22. 22 panshel

    Man, so the amnesia is real and Su Ha is not just faking it? Disappointed. But I’ll take Lee Jong Suk’s puppy eyes as the silver lining in this plot point. Today’s episode really was the first to not end in a cliffhanger because we, the audience, suspected all along Min Joon Gook is still alive and were just waiting for the defense to argue that stance. Not that anyone could be confused by your Sesame Street Law, but whatever. LOL

    I’m thankful to Choong Ki for visiting Su Ha everyday to read pages from his diary, but his gagging reflexes and disgusted comments were ruining Su Ha’s beautiful entries for me. Why didn’t he just hold up the diary to the glass to let Su Ha read it himself?

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

    • 22.1 saranga

      haha about the diary-reading. i said the same thing, his memories are touching but read in choong-ki’s voice, i found it funny. i think it was supposed to be a lighthearted scene though, where su-ha gets information he needs and at the same time, allowing the two rascals to finally bond.

      • 22.1.1 DDee

        i agree. this was my favourite part of the episode. god knows the comic relief was such a, well, relief frm all the roller coaster, nail biting stuff before.

    • 22.2 ilikemangos

      LOL i was like awww when choong ki was reading the diary, and then everytime he read something sweet ( which was everytime) the dam boy wouldn’t let me bask in all cute and ruined the moment by making those disgusting sounds.
      So i was pretty much all awwwwww-ugh aaaw-grr.
      Boy… Sworn enemy psh.

    • 22.3 ilikemangos

      Actually about the amnesia part — yeah, i was disappointed when show went there for last episode.
      but i’m going to admit that i didn’t mind too much because of what followed. Su-ha is rediscovering his past and forming friendships because of it ie. choong ki.
      Hye-sung is trying even harder than ever because communication isn’t as easy anymore. The amnesia bit doesn’t seem to be dragged out considering he’s already getting bits of his memories back.
      I love that su-ha is the reason hye sung starts to get her groove on in the courtroom — although i wish she would fight for every person as she would for su-ha. Maybe su-ha should just say that to her everytime. Fight for him/her as you would for me.

  23. 23 Alice20

    No, drama, do NOT take another week to reveal what really happened to Sooha. Do NOT, I tell you!! My heart….agh….

  24. 24 noernov

    I’m lovin every minute of it….soo ha ya,come to noona ;)#OpenArm

  25. 25 JJ

    This episode was lackluster compared to the others, but it was still amazing. I’m just glad that we’re getting a little bit more romance between SooHa an HyeSung. 🙂

  26. 26 crazedlu

    How ’bout, “…do a better job with the forensic particulars”? I get that this drama is about the characters, but I kind of want to believe that beyond heart, they, too, have competence when it comes to their jobs. Is that really too much to ask for, Drama?

    Otherwise, I like where we’re headed. Suha is not a killer! Just waiting for Hyesung and Kwanwoo to prove it. And pleeeease find that killer, Min Joongook.

  27. 27 ilikemangos

    I get why there’s so much focus in the courtroom for today’s episode considering it’s such a crucial case. It’s su-ha, guys! I actually want show to go there (just because it involves our main characters) for some closure and see how it all works out. If we skipped straight to an innocent or guilty sentence for su-ha i’d be, that’s it? And if she only gave us bits and pieces it’d just feel choppy or like somethings missing. I appreciate the writer for taking time to take us along and give us the build up — so it doesn’t feel like she threw a guilty or innocent sentence at us.
    Totally get how it slows down the show for alot of people (it does for me too). And alot of times there are so many facepalms because of the stuff that 10 year olds could figure out — it’s that obvious. The ending was lackluster because i was just staring at my screen like.. Well der, took them long enough to figure it out. But I want to see how hyesung and kwanwoo are going to fight for su-ha, so this episode didn’t decrease my love for this show at all.

  28. 28 applecookie

    I’d be devastated if Su-ha and Hye-sung aren’t together by the end of all this. Kwan-woo’s a great person, and he can be misguided with good intentions, but there’s no changing the fact that his aid set the psycho who killed her mother killed free. If I were him, I’d consider it lucky that she’s agreeing to work with me again let alone speak to me – expecting her to accept the past like it’s alright would be some far-fetched wishful thinking.

  29. 29 the68monkey

    Gee, why does this episode make me want to put on all of the Merrell gear I own and take a run down the street to the corner coffee shop for some fruity ice tea? 😉

    • 29.1 KDaddict

      Ha ha ha. Thank you for the laugh in the middle of very tense feelings.

      I saw paralegal’s blue thermos matching his blue windbreaker and had a fleeting thought of getting a color coordinated set for myself.

      See, that’s product placement done well!

    • 29.2 ilikemangos

      nowadays, chicken, hiking/camping, and iced teas/juice are all the rave because of summer.
      Atleast there hasn’t been mention of any americanos.

      • 29.2.1 KDaddict

        Chicken from LSS’s Chicken ajumma and HS’s mom; juice from Mango Six, iced tea fr Bene, Americano fr DropTop, camping gear from Merrill and everyone else.
        As ilikemangos say: It’s summer. So please show us Swim gear instead!

  30. 30 april

    Thanks you do much. Have to wait again for next week^_^

  31. 31 Mystisith

    Oh, Soo Ha… You’ll be the death of me. Another kind of puppy love. This writer knows how to elicit protective instincts. When all the vultures were trying to rich SH at the crime scene, my blood was boiling.
    I loved the hand holding scenes with SH as a spectator trying to understands what it means. When she said he didn’t like her and he calls her a liar… *puddle of glee.*
    Stupid memory better come back next week and our man boy be free from all that sh**. The celebration of the victory is what I’m waiting for now. ^^

  32. 32 Oysters

    Ahhh, thank you so much! Ugh, I refuse to believe that Su-ha is a murderer, despite all the evidence refuting this.
    This show is seriously one of the best I’ve seen in a long while. While this episode was lack-luster in comparison to the ones preceding it, it still kept me on the edge of my seat. Those flashbacks! Ugh, these feelings. T_T HOW ON EARTH AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK’S EP?!

  33. 33 Anvesha

    There are so many holes in the case.. First of all, I hate how they just leave some points hanging, like obvious points. Besides the one you pointed out (why did they never ask the woman how she knew??) How did the old guy find him? In what state? The hand was from a corpse or a living guy? There’s no saying MJG didn’t kill someone else.. may be it’s another person seeking revenge.

    Besides all that, I’m loving and hurting for the vulnerable Soo Ha. Now that she might have feelings (and lie otherwise), he can’t read her mind anymore…

  34. 34 Dream-Petals

    I think it’s also possible that it Do-yeon’s father has something to do with what happened to min joon gook and Su-ha since he was involved in that similar case years ago.

    • 34.1 dramamama2015

      Yes – I think you’re on the right track! I also think that way-and was SH dad a witness?!

  35. 35 DDee

    It’s nice to hv a breather of an episode after the cliffhangers we’ve had. I’ve always felt that the procedural court cases were the weak link of this show so it’s a darn shame that this episode spends half its time in court. But whatever. With the scene of Joong-Ki’s visit to Suha–all is forgiven.

  36. 36 JenJen

    When the trial reconvened for the end scene I was wondering why they hadn’t thought of that arguing point earlier. However, now that they had a chance to realize the similarities to the other case, I’m guessing that they’re going to argue that JoonGook staged the dismemberment after what he heard about the other guy’s case. I’m also curious as to why they didn’t do any medical check up to find out why SuHa can’t remember. He could have The Cancer (in his brain) or something that is interfering with his memories.

    • 36.1 JenJen

      oh, and I was sqweeing at the bromance between PrettyParaleagal and KwanWoo. lol i’d ship them XD

  37. 37 ESS

    ” Don’t you people have to find the rest of the body before you call it murder? ”

    Exactly right?!?? Although I have always put logics behind when I’m watching K-dramas.

    GF, you are such a darling. To put all the right words at all the giddy, WTF, heartbreaking etc moments; You speak our mind but only you do it a lot lot better. Thank you very much! 🙂

    • 37.1 Nanaki

      They don’t. There was a trial in my city recently where a man was convicted of murdering his friend. The severed hand in this case was a bloodstain in the victim’s kitchen. So I get how Su-ha could be convicted based on circumstantial evidence, but WTF it works in his case and not Min-gooks is freaking beyond me (the plot needs it!), along with the general incompetence of supposedly competent lawyers. And forensics.

      • 37.1.1 KDaddict

        Thank you for that info: A man was convicted of murder on the basis of a bloodstain! Wow. Truly Wow! We shouldn’t doubt writer-nim from now on? Wow! No more words.
        Is your city in S Korea, may I ask?

        • Nanaki

          Hah, no. I live in Australia. I wouldn’t call it the basis of his conviction but it’s the detail I remember as concluding that the victim was dead. It wasn’t the ONLY thing that resulted in the conviction – they’d been fighting, money and drugs were involved, convicted guy was missing for a few days the victim went missing from his home and then left the state after being questioned. But that is all circumstantial evidence – the investigators never found the body, how it was moved, or a murder weapon. S

          • yumi

            If a certain amount of human blood is found they can assume no human can survive that great a loss and bled to death.

          • KDaddict

            TQ. It’s been really bugging the hell out of me that they r prosecuting Suha for murder without a dead body. Now I feel better. Thx. It makes sense that there’d be other evidence.

          • snow1081

            Ermm sorry which case was this? I live in Australia too unless I’ve been so behind with the news.. So many bad news happening I can’t even keep up anymore… *sigh*

      • 37.1.2 Carole McDonnell

        In the US, there are also instances where one can be imprisoned for murder even if no body has been found.

    • 37.2 millie

      “Don’t you people have to find the rest of the body before you call it murder?”

      Actually I remember watching an episode of Forensic Files where they convicted the husband of murdering his wife without the wife’s body due to all the evidence. So it’s not all THAT implausible.

      • 37.2.1 ESS

        This is new to me and it’s actually nice to know this from the other parst of the world. From where I came from (Malaysia), someone actually must be proven dead ( circumstantial if the body could not be found for example, based on the DNA of burnt body or blood found. So the argument on which the plot is based on could actually hold water.

        I don’t know, based on an amputated alone it doesn’t look like it. Or perhaps it is just my mind has been all clouded into wanting to believe that Joon Gook actually lives at all. He.

        Thank you for the enlightenment though!

  38. 38 anna

    Wow, I gotta say, it’s an enjoyable drama, but the ratings really surprise me. It’s a nice drama, but not anything groundbreaking. It’s going to break 20 soon.

    • 38.1 Nanaki

      I could be being cynical, but I don’t think there’s much competition. The other two dramas that are airing W/T are pretty different.

      • 38.1.1 KDaddict

        Queen of Classroom has its sweet side as well as weird one.
        Sword and Flower hasn’t built up momentum yet. It just got started this week. But Korean audience sure love their sageuks.
        This one is very engaging so far.

    • 38.2 ilikemangos

      I think people are just thirsty for a show that can deliver on alot of genres and make it work.
      Lately there are alot of shows that are lackluster in emotional hooks or lackluster in thrills.
      Voice gives us both and manages to give us a whole lot of heart with all its characters.
      Or, maybe the supernatural part gets them intrigued because look at secret garden.

    • 38.3 Mystisith

      It’s because the characters are awesome: Well written (I can see the writer creating the background and the journey for each one of them) and well acted. Story is gripping and moves at light speed (best use of time jumps ever). Also, the competition is not “mainstream”: Queen’s classroom and Sword and Flower are kind of hum… exotic.

  39. 39 MJ

    I find it odds that a lot of ppl here say today’s episode is slow or lackluster. Well..it’s not. IHYV is a Kdrama with a lottttt of things happening in one episode. I’m surpised we’re where we are in episode 10. So all of us are just getting used to this drama’s speed and forget that we are in kdrama land 🙂

    But, the legal and forensic part is really disappointing. The scriptwriters have to learn this lesson! Any normal sane person with average IQ would have questioned the same thing when they heard a hand was found : “Is the owner of the hand still alive?”

    Its like : the storytelling and the characters were written by a genius, but the legal side was written by someone amateur and not thinking straight.

    Despite all that, I really love this drama and the writer does know how to make us fall in love with all the characters! From SooHa, HyeSung, Cha.. to mom, Lawyer Shin + assistant, SB, CK, DY..all nail their roles (esp. SooHa!). LJS is an actor who can act through his eyes. Good job!

    • 39.1 ilikemangos

      Agree. The only thing lackluster about this episode was the cliffhanger. I don’t even know if that could be considered a cliff hanger since we were all waiting for that moment to happen from the moment the severed hand was discovered. Episode 9 was really the peak for this show because of all the crazy shit happening that changed the circumstances for all of our characters.
      I think alot of people dislike the courtroom drama because a)it’s inaccurate b) it’s boring c)weakest link in plot.
      Funny, because Voice’s premise and setting is all about lawyers and the courtroom drama. So i have got to hand it to the writer and director for managing to turn such a mediocre premise and give us so much more than what we were expecting.
      I don’t like it when we focus too much on the courtroom stuff cause show is best when we focus on our characters and their relationships but for me, it was welcomed in this episode because i needed something to balance out the crazy that was yesterday’s episode. And i needed to know what happened from the time hye sung got stabbed until now. I think some of the points brought up in the courtroom were details that us viewers have yet to know about, so i appreciated that. It’s filling in some holes for us, even if show is saving the meat of the trial for something we all already knew.

      • 39.1.1 MJ

        Yeap, today’s epi balanced out yesterday’s. I hope the 2nd half of this drama is as good as the 1st half or better. My heart really cannot take it if SooHa doesn’t end up with HyeSung. Why? Bcoz both of them have experienced so many ‘life and death’ situation from they were kids up until now. So many sorrow, joy, togetherness that none can’t replace. As much as I appreciate Cha and SeungBin, I feel it’s wrong if SH and HS are not together. They deserve to be together and happy and much more!

    • 39.2 yumi

      i disagree that most people would assume that the owner of a discarded severed hand ia alive.

      If the hand is in a hospital, i’d wonder how surgery went. When missing limb show up in landfills, the ocean or the would, the usual assumption is that the rest of the person is also in pieces somewhere. Unless we know the person to be desparate or crazy.

      We the audience know Joon Gook vengeful sociopath, so we assume he is capable of anything.

      • 39.2.1 hitoritabi

        yes, it is always easy to forget that we, are audience members, know a lot more than the average person inhabiting the dramaworld.

        it is a single hand found in a fish pond. It would have been logical to assume that the body was thrown in there after having been chopped in pieces to destroy the evidence, and the hand was the only part left. No one could really think that MJG was that insane.

      • 39.2.2 Aliiice

        Yeah, but at the same time, if a hand was dismembered and showed up floating in the water, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to assume that other body parts would also be found in the water after over a year after the incident.

        A foot, maybe? A toe? A severed limb?

        But no, all we’ve got is a severed hand, the bloody murder weapon and a phone with SuHa identified as the person who called him the last 4 million times.

        If someone was strong enough and smart enough to dismember the body, I’d think he’d also be smart enough to wash the murder weapon of finger prints (HE’S NEAR WATER!!!) and to damage the phone and/or take out its sim card.

        Cha Byun and Lawyer Shin are both right in that it’s just too convenient and fishy of a set up for the court to buy hook, line and sinker (puns intended!!).

    • 39.3 KDaddict

      I think the reasons that ppl find this ep slow or lackluster are very clearly articulated in GF’s comments. See paragraphs 1 and 2 therein.

  40. 40 Gaeina Lee

    LJS.. *sigh*

    He wows me.. I love his vulnerability, his sadness, his confusedness, his nagging, his blind faith and love to noona, his dark side and all.. He blows me away with his performance here. Make me love him more..

    I still can’t hate JWI in this drama. As cold and sadistic he here, I still see him as the vulnerable-loving mat-hyung in OB.

    Ah, after all the heart wrenching-tugging we’ve been through in ep 8, and another heart twisting journey in ep 9, we finally have a breather.. with mystery to be solved. Can’t wait for next week.

    Thanks for the recap, GF~!

    • 40.1 Aliiice

      hear, hear!

      His acting is incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever been this moved by a dude crying in a Kdrama.

      There’s something so raw and authentic about it. He doesn’t seem to concern himself with looking pretty while crying (save the kiss at the aquarium, but I’m sure that was the PD’s choice) — he seems more concern with hitting a raw nerve within himself.

      Though his eyes are small (like mine!) they are infinitely expressive somehow. He just slays me.

  41. 41 eqhmm

    So I wasn’t ready to accept the amnesia and superpower loss until this episode convinced me it’s a great direction to move towards:

    1. I recalled that drunk scene where Hyesung was so sure she couldn’t be a lawyer without Suha as her eyes. Now she has to defend Suha himself at his most vulnerable. And doing it on her own strength is a great step.

    2. Wonder what Suha would have thought if he could read her mind flashing back to their kiss… and how long she can hide both of their feelings, from him and herself.

    3. I would love if he was the one best able to read her, with and without superpower. Like when Cha asks for her heart again.

    • 41.1 ilikemangos

      Yeah, she’s growing not just as a lawyer but as a person as well.
      Before she relied mostly on su-ha’s mind reading abilities to win her cases (and cheat a little) but now she’s fighting with all she’s got — and at a time where su-ha is most vulnerable.
      Such a development from episode one if you think about it. I remember not really liking her much because she came off too aloof and indifferent — almost bitchy for my taste.
      But now i’ve grown to like her, and i love that she’s starting to care. Whether it be su-ha, or her job. The gal cares! And that gives her character alot of brownie points.

  42. 42 elle

    MJG is sick enough to cut his own hand and frame Su-Ha for it. I’m pretty sure thats what happened…

  43. 43 cv

    Thank you so much for recaps! OMG! I love this show. 🙂

  44. 44 Spot

    I saw a different episode, one that explains why I have come to believe script writers, directors and producers, are evil and hate their audience.

    First, it was one hour to reach the obvious, no corpus delecti. It is not enough to say, gosh, it is just a crappy court drama, so what if that legal stuff is all stupid on ite face. Look at the EMOTION. FORGIVE the stupid amnesia.

    That hour of crappy stuff is an hour of my heroine being stupid and incompetent with her man’s life in the balance. Keep this up and I stop caring.

    Second, responses to this episode reveal that all anyone cares about is what happens in the relationship between the two leads. Great to focus on the hand touch. Not an episode. A few seconds.

    Instead the episode took its sweet time to have have the heroine say she did not want the hero to like her. And it had the loser attorney making everything about himself with his first chance to talk to her and feeling sorry for himself, smirking at her sleeping at her desk because it was so darn cute, then, on the eve of trial with the hero’s life in the balance, hitting on her and then saying he wasnt hitting on her yet. What a complete, unprofessional, narcisstic asshole and fool. Good Kdrama lead. In all the stills he gets the girl. For those interested in character development and emotion lets review what the audience has witnessed.

    Heroine’s mother has been bludgeoned to death with wrench. She knows her mothers last words to her were delivered while mother knew bludgeoning to death was about to occur. The words are essentially a last command to be a good person. The loser attorney, with no sane basis, believes the killer is innocent, but, putting that aside, with no sane basis defends the killer. A year goes by. A life hangs in the balance. Loser attorney, all sheepish grins and clever insights, like finding out who gave reward tip (I was a cop??? Reallllllllyyyyy?) immediately makes the focus hitting on her.

    He lost his smirking at the heroine rights for being cute foreverrrrr.

    While watching wWhen a Man Falls In Love, I realized that it is not just about melodrama conventions. Overtime writers, producers, and directors learn to despise their audiences and just play tricks. They have no respect for the characters they create, they just like playing god and proving they can get the audience to accept every stupid thing they are fed.

    Those saying this was a good episode and the bromances are cute, please go back and watch the scenes of the mother about to die and then tell me that the writers did justice to the murder they chose to invent. Evil, but the audience has amnesia. Maybe the evil writers are right.

    • 44.1 ilikemangos

      Some of your points prove valid, but I may just be optimistic. At the end of the day i watch k-dramas for entertainment.
      I hear your voice entertains. And some more.

    • 44.2 yumi

      What a failure on the actors part that you are still seeing him as the vulnerable-loving mat-hung in OB.

      He needs to step up his game and start differentiating his characters.

      • 44.2.1 SS

        You think JWI is a failure in his role as MJG? Or are you pointing out Gaeina Lee’s comment?

        I think he is a stand out as the villain. I have watched him in OB and I think he did very well there as well as in this drama. And he definitely did differentiate his character. This guy is a solid actor, he is only in supporting roles because he doesn’t have the pretty boy or leading man looks.

        • yumi

          responding to Gaeina Lee’s comment. I think he’s doing an amazing job at being awesomely awful.

          JWI is a masterful character actor and i’m only seeing Joon Gook on screen.

          • SS

            Ahhh I see. Yes, same effect on me. Even when he was smiling what seems like an ordinary smile, he gives me the creeps.

      • 44.2.2 KDaddict

        I don’t think it is (necessarily) the actor’s failure when some viewers see him in his previous role. It happens a lot, even with very accomplished acting. If the previous role makes a lasting impression, it is carried fwd into viewers future encounters with him/her, the love or hatred along with it.

        I believe that’s IN PART why ppl argue abt certain actors/actresses. To sb who haven’t seen that person act before, all they see is what is appearing on screen in front of them. To viewers who have a history w an actor, they carry all their prior impressions and emotions into their current viewing. It’s bound to color their reactions.

        • ilikemangos

          Agree. I have never seen this guy act before so this is the first project of his i’m following. He plays the baddie really well in my eyes.
          Totally see how an actor/actresses past roles can make such an imprint when watching them take on new roles.
          After this show i shall remember him as the evil mastermind villain so if i did choose to watch Ojakyo brothers after this all i’d see is an evil guy instead of loving guy.
          I don’t think it’s necessarily an acting fail — some of it has to do with how people view their actors and associate them with their characters they play onscreen.

        • KDaddict

          In this particular case, I think the actor is doing a great job in portraying Min JG. I saw parts of OJG Brothers, and saw his acting as the mild and kind eldest brother. His acting makes him feel and Look like 2 different persons.

      • 44.2.3 Gaeina Lee

        Ugh. Did I say JWI acting failed? No.

        I love his portrayal of JG, I feel his cold and sadistic murderer nature.. but still I can’t hate him. That’s what am trying to say. Just as KDaddict pointed out, that’s what the mark he left and imprinted in my mind from his previous project. Dislike him in Coffee House tho’..

    • 44.3 yumi

      the comment above is in the wrong place.

      Sorry the series is disappointing you.

      I liked this episode. It is clear that the writers are not legal wizards and needed a consultant–but I have enjoyed what they have offered up so far and will reserve judgement on their views of justice—poetic and otherwise at the end of the last episode.

    • 44.4 jicachan

      About Kwan-soo, I agree with you. Why is he still trying to hit on her? Also, he always brags about him being a cop before, but I can’t see that helping him being smarter or efficient.

      However, it was still good to see him back to the lawyer profession, that this case could help him come back, or else he would forever live his life in guilt….

  45. 45 Rafflesia

    This show is awesome, it makes me so nervous!

    But I feel like Min Joon-Gook’s first murder (Su-Ha’s father) has dropped out of the narrative. Why did he do it? I had assumed he was a thug in the first episodes, but he’s way more evil than that.

    I’m hoping (for the story’s sake) that that information was part of how Joon-Gook put the whammy on Su-Ha, or related to the circumstances he leaves him in (the random old people). I might hope for too much!

  46. 46 Sajen

    I personally despite Su-ha’s power seeming to suggest otherwise always thought the title I hear Your Voice referred to Hye-sung. I thought Su-ha would lose his power somehow and she would start to be able to hear peoples “voices” without Su-ha’s power.

    • 46.1 the68monkey

      Yes, I think you are correct. The “I” in the title will come to represent Hye-sung and her growth as a character — growth that was made possible through her relationship with Su-ha. 🙂

      If the two of them don’t end up together in the end, I think I’ll have to go on a K-drama strike. 😛 Attorney Oska’s choice to believe in his client, rather than his girlfriend, was a complete deal breaker in the world of relationships, as far as I’m concerned. That was the point of no going back to cutesy romantic feelings on Hye-sung’s part. Ever.

    • 46.2 Thursdaynexxt

      Yes, looks like having Su-ha’s superpower, and then taking it away just highlights the importance of hearing as actual communication between people.

      Plus, SH’s superpower wasn’t that much of a benefit when his evidence was just dismissed as crazy talk. He spent his whole childhood isolating himself and trying to drown out the sounds because he couldn’t hear ‘normally’.

      The “I’ in the title does seem to focus more on Hye-sung – like the last conversation with her mum on the phone, when she only realises later what her words meant (that mum was saying good-bye), and what her final message was (that she didn’t want her daughter to live like MJG).

  47. 47 Anggi

    Firstly, thanks for your recap! Last night I missed the first half hour and last 20 minutes of the show because of my internet connection, but I know I can count on you because it takes too long to know what’s happening if I wait for the subtitles. So thank you so much 😀

    I love that this episode is less tense than the previous episode. I think I can’t handle all of the roller coaster and suspense on the 9th episode, so I think this episode is good.

    I actually miss those fun old days like at the beginning of the drama where we can find comical acts. Things get rough after Mom’s death (which is very very sad 🙁 ) and the drama turns into a serious mode. This episode gives us those lost comical acts (even if it’s just a tiny bit) as a refresher. So I think it’s good if this episode is a bit slower than the previous ones.

    This drama is surely like a roller coaster; now it’s slow, then it will surprise us with something and so on. I’d like to enjoy the ride, then 😀

  48. 48 Sandrou21

    “I haven’t nitpicked too harshly when it came to the lawyering on this show because it’s mostly just a platform for character growth and an exploration of moral quandaries, not a tutorial on the legal system.”

    Right…. (I’m a Law Student)I think the heart of the show is the reason why we all watch the show. The cliffhanger was kinda off…

  49. 49 Lynly

    Oh god what an amazing episode! Okay we all know MJG is still alive…and he was the one to cut off his own hand. i bet that he got the whole idea from being in the same cell as Hwang Dol, who 26 years ago was sentenced due to not remembering if he murdered his wife or not, because he was intoxicated. Min Jong Gok heard about how his cellmate was convicted, Hwang Dol had “killed” his wife and dismembered her left hand from her body. He took that crime and reused it, knowing that Park So Ha would plead not guilty, getting 20 years in jail, just like how it went down with Lawyer Jang’s boss’ case…

    • 49.1 applecookie

      This would answer a lot of questions if true, and it also makes the most sense. Min Joon-gook could have learned of the reason why his cellmate at the time (Hwang Dal-joong) was imprisoned – the whole left-hand murder case. I would agree for now that the psychopath probably recycled the crime – and to top it off, was probably the cause for Su-ha’s amnesia. It’s recreating the same predicament as Hwang Dal-joong’s down to each detail, in that he couldn’t recall anything due to the fact that he was heavily inebriated, except for Su-ha’s case the damage was rendered permanently. It’s perfectly convenient for Min Joon-gook, to dismember his own body part, then take advantage of a memory loss induced by himself to frame the kid he’s trying to get rid of.

      I’m kind of concerned that, if his amnesia was brought on by a physical assault, it may even come back to haunt him later. From what we know, Su-ha said the first thing he remembers is waking up and discovering that he was taken in by that old man way out in the country. If he was found injured, I doubt he was hauled away to a medical facility for proper care. It might be a complete exaggeration on my part, but it always did get to me when he would say things like, “I’m just as good as dead because of that incident 10 years ago, because I would have if it weren’t for Hye-sung!” So I’m hoping the writers don’t write him off; he deserves the happiness that he never had, surrounded by those who care about him. With some of these writers, I just can’t predict what’s to come, hah.

    • 49.2 KDaddict

      Absolutely. That’s what we are waiting for: The Genius lawyer team consisting of Shin, HS and Cha, to put 2 and 2 together. Now how hard can that be? Given that:

      1. They all know that Hwang and Min were cell mates;
      2. Shin having been Hwang’s defense lawyer knows that case inside out;
      3. Shin has given the whole stack of documents of that trial fr 26 years ago to HS.

      One thing we love abt this show is that it doesn’t drag things out for long. So hopefully that’ll be the BIG Reveal next week, in ep 11!

      • 49.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        What’s gonna be good is that now that the old case has been dragged in, there is no way Deo Heon will not have to research it. She will see her father again!

  50. 50 Aleena

    What’s so freaking amazing about this show is that though the OBVIOUS fact that it SO could be Min Joon Gook who cut off his own stupid hand and framed Su Ha, is so darned OBVIOUS to us all, and it’s so silly that none of the drama people even thought about it, I was STILL so VERY invested in everything that was going on, that I suspended that thought and went along with everything. It was only when I read GF’s thoughts, that the full stupidity hit me.

    Aside from the terrible forensic stuff in this episode, this was SUCH a nerve-wracking episode for me. Though nothing as horrible as what happened in the last episode happened, every second was almost painful to watch. PLEASE, drama. PLEASE let it all end well.

    Su Ha. :””””””””””””(

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