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I Hear Your Voice: Episode 11
by | July 10, 2013 | 264 Comments

Ready for another spin on the rollercoaster? It’s time for our hero to face the music, but it turns out there are more terrifying things than facing a jury when you may or may not have killed a man. Like the realization that you just might be all alone in the world… *whimper*

Ratings broke 20% today: Episode 11 recorded 22.1%, which in the current weekday drama climate is the first big hit in months. (Queen’s Classroom: 7.5%. Sword and Flower: 5.4%.)


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EPISODE 11: “I’m sorry I hate you”

We backtrack a little to the break in the trial, and Hye-sung comes in to tell Su-ha about the change in direction—they’re going to argue that Min Joon-gook is still alive. Meanwhile he’s still having searing headaches accompanied by visions of attacking Joon-gook, and is freaked out to high heaven that he might’ve really killed him.

He grabs Hye-sung’s arm and asks how she can trust him, more than he trusts himself. She simply says he promised her. Su-ha: “Just because of a promise?!”

She sets him straight about what a promise means to him—he searched for her for ten years to keep one little promise he made. That’s the kind of person he is, and that’s what promises mean to him.

The trial resumes and we catch up to the scene that ended the last episode, with Hye-sung arguing that Min Joon-gook could still be alive, and that he’s just as likely to be the culprit behind it all.

They’re forced to defend their stance without introducing any new evidence, but thankfully Hwang Dal-joong is already on the witness roll call. He’s the clincher in this argument, since the Left-Hand Murder was the case that sent him to prison, and he testifies that he told the story to his prison cellmate Min Joon-gook.

They argue that this case is a copycat one, where Min Joon-gook kills two birds with one stone (er, hand). He gets to disappear and be presumed dead, while Su-ha takes the fall. Now we’re talkin’.

The prosecution brings Nice Cop in to testify about Su-ha’s outburst in the station (that he’d kill Min Joon-gook himself if they didn’t do their jobs), and then when the defense cross-examines him about the time he falsely suspected Su-ha of stealing his gun, Hye-sung does this hilarious finger mime at him: Tell the truth or you die. I’m watching you.

Onto the knife: Su-ha’s fingerprints are all over it, but the defense argues that Min Joon-gook’s prints are on it too, and he’s the last person seen with the weapon, taken on the night he attacked Hye-sung and Su-ha.

So far so good, and the defense seems happy about the direction of the trial. Hye-sung and Kwan-woo even exchange a furtive high-five.

Meanwhile Pretty the Paralegal is still at the fruit stand talking to the ajumma who tipped off the cops, and he gets on her good side by buying two boxes of peaches before making chitchat with her about Park Su-ha being very pretty and glamorous. Ha.

She falls right for the trap and agrees that Su-ha is well-endowed (hahaha) and then Pretty points out that Park Su-ha isn’t a girl. She panics, thinking he’s here to reclaim the reward money, and shuts him out before he can ask how she reported a person she’s never even laid eyes on.

It’s time for closing arguments, and Do-yeon actually uses Mom’s murder case against them, speaking regretfully about how they let reasonable doubt keep a murderer out of jail when the facts were there in plain sight. She uses a puzzle metaphor, saying that with eighty pieces of an elephant puzzle, it doesn’t suddenly turn into a lion without those last twenty pieces.

Kwan-woo gets up to speak for the defense, but Hye-sung changes her mind and holds him back. She gets up and tells the jury that the case Do-yeon just spoke of was her mother’s murder, and back then she was the one who cursed the rules and the law, speaking frankly about how she thought it was all for the dogs.

She turns to face Kwan-woo as she says that it’s only now that she understands why these laws exist, and now here she is, the person who hated those rules more than anyone, arguing to protect someone with those same laws, and desperately at that.

She uses Do-yeon’s puzzle metaphor to say that sure, without those last twenty pieces, an elephant doesn’t become a lion. But those twenty pieces could be the difference between knowing whether that elephant is stepping on a person or a ball.

She reminds the jury that if two possibilities exist, then there’s reasonable doubt, and adds that putting someone away in the prime of his life is something that they can never take back. She says, voice trembling: “It’s the damned law that let my mother’s killer go free, but it’s also the final straw of the law that could save the defendant’s life.”

As the jury deliberates, Do-yeon catches up to Hye-sung outside the courtroom, and Kwan-woo overhears them. She asks if Hye-sung isn’t the least bit ashamed to her mother, for using Kwan-woo’s defense for Min Joon-gook like that.

With tears brimming in her eyes, Hye-sung says that she believes Kwan-woo did the best he could as a lawyer. Do-yeon scoffs in disbelief, adding that she actually feels sorry for Mom, who must be turning over in her grave.

Hye-sung: “No, she would tell me I’m right. She’d tell me I did a good job.” Oof, you can feel her willing it to be true even as she says it, and Kwan-woo starts to cry as he watches her walk away.

She goes to the bathroom and washes off all the notes she had written on her hand for her closing argument, and looks up at her reflection. She cries as she asks, “Mom, I was right, right? I did a good job, right?”

And then she breaks down in sobs, and it breaks my heart all over again. As she wails, Kwan-woo stands outside the bathroom, just listening and crying to himself silently.

Kwan-woo sits with Su-ha in the holding room as they wait hour upon hour for the verdict. Su-ha thanks him for everything today, and Kwan-woo says he’s the one who should be thanking Su-ha: “You don’t remember, but I owe you a big debt.”

He says that that debt was what kept him away from Hye-sung, but this trial is his chance to return to her. Su-ha notes that he must like her, and Kwan-woo says he does; a lot.

It’s time for the verdict: Judge Kim gives a recap of the case, and it’s a nail-biter to the finish, because you can just feel the whole room waiting and waiting and nearly bursting out with tell us the damn verdict already. Or is that just me?

The jury is split 5:4, but after all the arguments are laid out, reasonable doubt is the name of the game, and Su-ha is acquitted. HOORAAAAY!

Kwan-woo fist-pumps and Hye-sung buries her face in her hands, and Su-ha smiles for the first time in eons.

He stands outside in the hallway once the trial is over, wondering where to go from here. Hye-sung comes out and asks why he isn’t going home, and he has to point out that he’d like to, but doesn’t know where home is. She offers to take him there. But… what about your house?

Lawyer Shin finds Kwan-woo standing in the dark courtroom all alone and asks what he’s still doing here. Kwan-woo: “I want to remember it—today, this moment.” He explains that he’s storing it away so that it gives him strength when times are tough as a lawyer, and that he’ll use the memory of this trial to endure.

Hye-sung brings Su-ha to his door and leaves him there, which of course ends up with him pushing random numbers on the keypad lock like an amnesiac, ’cause of… the amnesia.

Thankfully she comes right back and calls the locksmith for him, and they sit in the hallway and wait. Or he could go to your house. Just sayin’.

He asks now if Min Joon-gook is still alive, then doesn’t that mean Hye-sung is in danger? Maybe she’d be better off if he killed him after all. I love that he’s still worried about her first, even without his memories.

She quickly puts a stop to that line of reasoning, and says that Min Joon-gook being alive is a hundred times better than Su-ha being a murderer. Agreed.

The hallway motion light keeps blinking off in intervals, and when Su-ha claps the lights back on, he sees that she’s nodding off to sleep. He sits down next to her with a smile and tucks her mouth closed and pulls her head onto his shoulder. Ohmygah, this, and you don’t even remember how much you actually love her.

He takes her hand, and notices the half-erased scrawl marks that she had written down furiously during the trial. He thinks back to it now, and lifts her hand up to his lips and kisses it softly. Kyaaaaa.

He clasps her hand in his and kisses it again as she sleeps. By the time Hye-sung wakes up, she’s lying on his couch, and he’s fallen asleep resting his head beside hers. She reaches over to touch his face and it looks like she might, for just a split second, but her hand lingers in the air and she pulls back.

She gets up to write a note, and as Su-ha sleeps, he has another memory flash: It’s nighttime and he’s running for his life, and gets hit by a truck on a dirt road. There’s an ajusshi behind the wheel, but it’s not Min Joon-gook, and he looks as frightened as anyone.

The memory startles him awake, and he finds that it’s morning and Hye-sung is gone. But on the fridge is a series of post-its, like a to-do list of things he needs to do.

Among them are practical things like checking his bank account and seeing a doctor, to taking a high school equivalency exam and preparing for college, to “make a girlfriend,” and “don’t call me anymore.” Boo. Hiss.

Do-yeon tells her parents about the case and the defense’s theory about Min Joon-gook copying Hwang Dal-joong’s murder, and Dad tenses up again at the name. Lawyer Shin goes to visit Dal-joong in jail, and Dal-joong surprises him with good news/bad news. He’s due for an early release, but it’s for medical reasons—there’s something in his brain and he doesn’t have much time to live.

Sung-bin comes by to do Hye-sung’s nails, and Hye-sung asks if she’s met up with Su-ha. You sure are curious for someone who told him never to call. Sung-bin’s due to meet him later today, and Hye-sung asks her for a favor.

Sung-bin meets Su-ha while he’s shopping for a new phone, and sticks to him like a giant magnet and wailing that she missed him terribly. He’s taken aback, and she swears that he liked her a lot and chased her around all the time. HA.

But Choong-ki arrives just behind her and yanks her away, with the warning not to trust anything she says. Hee, foiled.

He hands over Su-ha’s stuff including his journal, and Su-ha asks if they know Hye-sung’s phone number. Sung-bin does, but she says that Hye-sung made her promise not to give it to him. Aw, that was the favor? Boo again. Choong-ki sighs that the ajumma sure is playing hard to get.

Kwan-woo moves into a private office across the hall, intending to take cases until he can apply for the public defender’s office again. Lawyer Shin doesn’t know of ex-public defenders ever getting picked again, but Kwan-woo says he’ll just work extra hard.

Pretty the Paralegal helps him move into the new office happily, and then remembers (only NOW??) to tell Kwan-woo about the fruit stand ajumma who reported Su-ha, but didn’t even know that he wasn’t a girl.

So Kwan-woo marches over to Do-yeon’s office, where she’s busy applying for an appeal to a higher court. (Is there a loophole in double jeopardy?) He asks why she’s not looking for Min Joon-gook, while she thinks it’s a waste of time to look for a dead person. So he shares the suspicious story about the fruit stand ajumma, hoping that it gets her wondering.

Su-ha spends his days busily making his way through the post-it to-do list. He does it all with a smile on his face, that is until he gets to the girlfriend one, which he crumples up with a frown. Heh.

He takes a break from studying to read the journal again, and as he ponders the entry we saw him write in the first episode, he has a momentary flashback to a happy moment with Hye-sung, after they figured out how to win the grandpa case.

He repeats the last words of the entry aloud: “I miss you.”

He makes a decision and packs the journal in a bag and stops at the fridge. He’s down to his last one—the don’t call me post-it—and stops to have a staring contest with it.

At the office, Hye-sung jumps out of the way to avoid running into Kwan-woo, thinking of his not-a-proposal from before the trial. He waits to get the jump on her anyway, and doesn’t hesitate to ask her now if she’ll date him again, like he said he would.

She takes a deep breath… “I’m sorry. My answer now is the same as it was then.” His face falls, and he asks if she still hates him. She says with no animosity in her voice that she doesn’t hate him anymore. Kwan-woo: “Then can I ask the reason why?” She purses her lips and doesn’t answer.

We cut to Su-ha running down the street, searching desperately for her office, literally going up and down streets scanning every sign for a lawyer, and just asking random passersby if they know where Hye-sung works.

Luckily for him, he runs into Lawyer Shin and Pretty the Paralegal, who laugh at his question and escort him inside to their office. Nobody’s there, or at least it looks that way to everyone except Pretty the Paralegal, who spots Hye-sung hiding under her desk. Pffft.

Su-ha says disappointedly that he’ll try again tomorrow. Hye-sung comes out once he’s gone and gives the excuse that she just finds it annoying to have to deal with him now that the trial is over. Said the lying liar who lies!

She heads over to the courthouse for her next case, where she’s defending a con artist. An entire group of plaintiffs and victims are waiting to give her a piece of their minds and they attack, pulling her hair and throwing flour at her for defending scum of the earth like him.

Judge Kim comes upon the scene and screams to bring the group to a screeching halt, making it clear that Hye-sung is a public defender who doesn’t make money from the case. He walks her to the courthouse expecting a thank you, but she just nags him for publicly taking her side instead, as it might look bad in court.

Just as he’s gaping at her, she sees Su-ha waiting for her by the door, and literally hides behind the judge’s robes like it’s mommy’s skirt. HA. And then she orders him to walk ahead while tiptoeing behind him until they get past Su-ha. Who’s the child now?

Judge Kim points out that she didn’t say thank you for that either, and when he tells her that her skirt’s turned around, she just flips it right around and holds her head up high like nothing happened. I love her.

Kwan-woo’s ploy works like a charm, and Do-yeon finds herself curious about the things that don’t add up. She goes to the fruit stand to find out for herself, and when she threatens to take away the reward money if she doesn’t tell the truth, the ajumma admits that a man gave her the tip.

Do-yeon takes out three photos to ask if she recognizes any of them. Min Joon-gook’s photo is among them, and the ajumma gets shifty-eyed. She clearly recognizes one of them, but lies that she doesn’t, and Do-yeon stops her questions there.

The ajumma gives a nervous glance across the street, and then we see that someone’s watching her from a truck… and he has what looks like a prosthetic hand. Oh crud.

It’s Min Joon-gook, dressed like a fisherman and sporting a grizzly beard, and yup—he’s got a prosthetic hand. Great, they managed to find a way to make the creepy killer even creepier. Thanks for that.

Su-ha waits outside Hye-sung’s office and finally catches up to her in the revolving door. She goes for another spin to try and avoid him, but he traps her in until she agrees to talk to him.

She remains cold and distant, and asks what he wants to say. He fidgets nervously, saying that there’s so much. He starts by thanking her for the trial, and then asks why he can’t call her. She acts like she’s far too busy to bother.

He asks again if he really disliked her, and she sticks to her story—that he was rude and nagged her all the time. “What about you? Did you hate me?”

She hesitates, but then says that she didn’t just hate him; she hated him to a tiresome degree, with his banmal and acting like an adult. He asks why she defended him like that in court then, and she reminds him that it was all because of Min Joon-gook.

She says that she recovered her (admittedly miniscule) faith in the system through his case and learned what it means to be a lawyer. She gets up and says that she’s grateful for that, but that’s as far as it goes.

He runs up to grab onto her wrist and pleads, “I’m sorry… I’m really sorry… But even if you hate me, can’t you stay? I feel like every string that kept me connected to the world has been detached. If you let go of me too… I… ”

And then Kwan-woo picks that moment OF ALL MOMENTS to call her, having followed them there. He sees them inside and knocks on the window, urging her to pick up. He guesses that this is a situation she wants to get out of, and suggests she use a movie date with him as an excuse to leave.

She does just that. Gah, no. You can’t leave him there!

He watches them go and suddenly starts to panic with his hands pressed against the window: “Don’t go! Don’t go!” AUGH, how can you go like that?

He runs after them, but they get in a cab and leave him behind, still crying for her not to go. She turns back to look at him, which just hurts even more.

She thanks Kwan-woo for the rescue, and he insists on seeing her home. Su-ha sits outside the coffee shop and the moment actually brings back a memory of the time he saw Hye-sung and Kwan-woo together, when he felt that same pang in his heart. “There must’ve been another time just like this one.”

Hye-sung settles in for the night, but then it starts to rain, and she gazes out her window.

Kwan-woo stands at the bus stop with his briefcase over his head to shield the rain, and then sees Hye-sung running back out with an umbrella to catch a cab. Eeeee, is she going where I think she’s going?

He thinks back to their earlier conversation, when he’d asked the reason why she didn’t want to date him. We go from Kwan-woo at the bus stop, to Hye-sung in the cab, to Su-ha sitting on the stoop in the pouring rain.

We go back to her answer earlier that day, as she starts to say that it doesn’t make any sense at all, but…

Cut back to her arriving at her stop… It’s the coffee shop! It’s Su-ha!

Back to her answer: “That kid just keeps worrying me.” She walks over to him now in the rain, and he looks up with his puppy eyes, lighting up the second he sees her. She mutters aloud at him: “You drive me crazy.”

And then back again to finish her answer: “It doesn’t make any sense, but… I think I like that kid.” Eeeeeeee!

She crouches down in the rain and lets the umbrella fall out of her hands and asks what on earth she’s going to do with him. He just looks back at her with this smile… In flashback she tells Kwan-woo that she’s going to get over it—she has to, and she can.

Su-ha picks up the umbrella and holds it over her to shield her from the rain, not caring that he’s getting soaked. He just meets her troubled expression with a beaming smile, as if daring her to get over it.

I’m making a sound only dogs and bats can hear right now.


This is So. Great. I actually didn’t expect her to come around this quickly. I knew we were in for a big fat vat of denial, but THIS. Her copping to her feelings sooner than I expected totally makes up for the episode of pain. Causing Su-ha’s heartbreak back when he had a one-sided crush and could read her mind was one thing, but the lies to keep him away when he’s powerless and adrift—that was killing me. I can never hate her, because she’s clearly doing all of it to deny her feelings. It’s just that the whole puppy in the rain thing is too much for my bleeding heart to handle.

Poor Kwan-woo finally got his answer, though the non-answer the first time he non-asked the question should’ve been a giveaway. I haven’t minded his mode of persistence so far, because it’s optimistic, not invasive. I certainly screamed at him for the first time ever when he called Hye-sung out of the coffee shop today, but given the reveal of her answer to him earlier, I can see why he’d think that’s what she wanted. And she’s the idiot who jumps at the chance to run off and thanks him for it, because she’s up to her eyeballs in denial. The thing I’m worried about is that he’s going to either become invasively persistent from here on out, or that Hye-sung will even use him to try and get over Su-ha. I can actually see the latter happening, which I hope isn’t the case, for Kwan-woo’s sake.

I was genuinely surprised that Hye-sung admitted her feelings so soon (to herself that is), and I love that she did so while Su-ha has amnesia, because it’s a way to fabricate the reversal—this time she loves him first, if only because he doesn’t remember how much he loves her. And it was a great use of the fact that he can’t read her mind anymore. She takes advantage of that and lies profusely to fuel her denial, and he can’t counter anything she says. But this time it isn’t Su-ha who calls her out on her lies, and there’s nothing better than the fact that she comes back for him on her own.

So far we’re using the amnesia in a great way—Su-ha’s reversal is even more poignant than Hye-sung’s, especially when he breaks down in the coffee shop. After a lifetime spent being a protector, when he pleads with her to stay by his side like she’s his lifeline, he seems more childlike than ever, and vulnerable and alone. And of course it’s all the sweeter because we actually get to see Su-ha fall in love like it’s the first time. There’s just something about the way he repeats similar actions without knowing it that really gets me in the heart—protecting her, being there for her to lean on, getting soaked to shield her. Like the memories are incidental, but the person is the same. It’s not so cut and dried, of course, but I like that romantic notion that even if everything else changed, he’d still be Su-ha and he’d still fall in love with her all over again.


264 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MeeisLee

    To be honest, I thought verdict could’ve gone either way. The things this show does to me ><. I really liked the rain scene in this episode, it paralleled the previous one but this time Hye Sung comes back to Soo Ha. I'm not sure if Soo Ha's feelings are because he's starting to fall in love with her again or because he feels that he should like her. Amnesia Soo Ha is so vulnerable, he's like Little Soo Ha all over again! And I have to do a little chuckle every time I see his t-shirt/dress pant combos.

    I hope more bromance is to come with Choong Ki and hopefully a romance between him and Seung Bin. I'm glad that Seung Bin still keeps in contact with Hye Sung. It's always a reminder of Soo Ha and her first serious case. It's like it tethers her to her more admirable self.

    And wow, Pirate Joon Gook creeps me out more than Old Joon Gook. Gives me the shivers ughhh. Also glad to see Do Yun acting on her doubt. She's not a hate able character and I think her motivations and actions are understandable.

    This show is hitting all the right notes :). Can I have my own Soo Ha, please?

    • 1.1 Naz

      I cracked up at the pants thing too.

      • 1.1.1 hitoritabi

        Because he is a child and no longer fashionable now 😀

      • 1.1.2 MeeisLee

        I think he took some fashion cues from that farmer ajusshi when he had his amensia. The pant style with the slightly pulled up waist and above ankle length (not even in the Lee Min Ho stylish kinda way) and tucked in t-shirt are telling lol.

        *and correction to my initial post: Sung Bin

        • hitoritabi

          I love that he is not being his snazzy and fashionable self yet. He is still gawky and uncomfortable around his friends, which makes sense.

        • naddy

          i do think so, maybe he got the fashion senses from grandpa 🙂

        • bubbbletea

          His non-fashion brought me laughs too! And yes, he totally got that from the farmer grandpa, I’m sure. So cute.

          • Ennayra

            I couldn’t think why his wardrobe changed until you pointed it out. I love that the writer included that detail. It makes me love the show more!

  2. woot

    Thanks a lot! Off to read!

  3. Sue

    Ah! The look on his face in the end. This kid can act. You could read so many emotions on his face.

    • 3.1 Fun-Lugha

      yup 100% agree the kid can act! i think if we were to compare models turned actors vs idols turned actors…well u can guess which way the balance would lean on that one…

      • 3.1.1 redfox

        I agree. what gets to me is, when you compare him to other very good young actors, then for example Sung Joon, whom I adore too, he is the kind of sulking, sarcastic type, and some have this overflowing bravado (Jung Il Woo FE) and Park Ki Woong (where is he, I miss him terribly?) is like Pierrot, his eyes are always sad. and Joo Won is like a child, and pouting …
        Jong-Seok is like, he has a natural cheerfulness and innocent look in his eyes, yet he can best act in heart-wrenching scenes ….and still smile. it is in that contrast. and I never once saw him pout or be sarcastic and unsincere (which doesnt mean I would not like him to venture into that territory in some coming drama, it is always interesting to see actors embody the opposite of themselves)

        • Ivy

          Well-said 🙂

        • kat

          watch sercret garden – he’s there as well : p

          and he’s sarcastic,
          …and gay :3

          • redfox

            oh, I forgot that! Haha, indeed, he can pull off any emotion.

        • dramabliss

          Reading your post, I just remember that LJS was in Secret Garden, where he played a gay composer/singer who had a crush on the character Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun!)

          There he played aloof and sarcastic, all in denial of his crush, of course. He was okay, but in IHYV he really has shown some daebak acting chops.

          Love the show!

        • Ennayra

          @redfox – I agree! And I don’t know where Park Ki-woong is, off somewhere being fabulous, no doubt.

    • 3.2 DramaFan100

      For some reason, LJS expression when he gets up to listen to the verdict stayed with me. It was so expressive! The terror & the nervousness. Ah! I am not sure where he is pulling his emotions from considering is he is just 23 years old but he is extraordinary. His character is so lovingly written by the writer and so greatly acted by the actor. And the hallway stuff, the way he rests her head on his shoulder is possibly the most romantic things I have ever seen. So good! AGH. The skirt thing cracked me up. The lead actress is really good.

      • 3.2.1 zandria

        So right. Him kissing her hand gave me shivers. I haven’t seen a romantic scene played that well in a while. By the way do you think the prosecutor’s father will end up having something to do with Soo Ha’s father’s murder?

        • rosali

          the mere simple act of su ha kissing the hand of hye sung shows his feelings in a very earnest way. an emotional feeling so strong that prompts him to kiss the woman whom though he is not yet familiar with (in his amnesia state) but he loves so deeply…

          the writer and director made a very convincing way in showing feelings in the most simple scene added with the actor and actress talent and skill…

          we are being shown how raw emotional feelings can be relayed to viewers without resorting to lurid skinships…

          a very very very good and positive way of showing that love exists especially to young audiences…

        • dramabliss

          Do Yeon’s father was the judge in the other Left Hand Murder case, and the prisoner (forgot his name) who was defended by Hye Sung’s boss, is innocent, I think.

          Have a feeling that he is also Do yeon’s father. In an earlier episode, it was revealed that she’s adopted. Something was mentioned about finding her under a bridge (??)

  4. nonski

    woah! finally the wait is over! i gonna read now!

    omo! did the site just crash? i was not able to access it initially…

    • 4.1 nonski

      and thank you so much.

      • 4.2.1 panshel

        Those are nice, nonski! 😀 Can’t wait until they’re added to the rotating headers, and I get to see them at the top of my page!

        • nonski

          thanks… this is what the drama does me when i’m so in love with it!

      • 4.2.2 Ennayra

        I love these headers too! I’m going to squeal so hard when I see them at the top of the dramabeans site!!!

    • 4.3 nonski

      i really thought the site crashed when i was about comment. it was all that i had been doing since this morning, refreshing the page relentlessly. then when i saw your recap, i was just so happy and hurried to comment. i saw no one commented yet but when i clicked, i can’t get through, it says database error. well, was able to get in eventually.

      so, i thought last night i was an emotional yo-yo but you put it aptly, i was in an emotional rollercoaster. the whole time i was watching the drama, i was sort of on tiptoe. gah! this drama is doing so much on my system. i was so nervous during the trial and had a so heave a big sigh of relief when su ha was pronounced not guilty. it’s like i was tiptoeing during the entire trial.

      during this entire episode, i cried so much, i shouted, i laughed, i smiled and was in a sea of emotions that it aches my heart.

      gah… hye sung made me cry with the conclusion she delivered in the court room and the scene after that with do yeon and at the bathroom. she is rockin’ that scene.

      judge kim is, omygod, rocking his scenes with so much laughter. i just can’t help but smile when i see him.

      there are two very special moments for me in this episode–
      first, when hs accompanied sh to his apartment. the skinship during that time is just so awesomely poignant. i love that it comes as an instinct for him to care for her. habit? nah! it’s what they say that even if the mind forgets, the heart will never! well, like GF said, it’s nice to see su ha falling in love with her for the first time. all the time we just know that he loves her, like it’s a given fact. but now it’s really so heartaching to see him holding her and kissing her hand and in a very slow and apprehensive way, so tentative.agh! i could watch that part like forever. (been repeating the cut scene on my tab).

      second was the last part. my heart just broke into pieces when she was rebuffing sh. those poor puppy eyes. plus you can also see the struggle in her eyes. one can see the desperation in how he holds her hand when she was about to go. the raw pain in su ha’s face was just too much to bear. i swear i hated laywer cha at that time. why did he have to butt in?! the moment hye sung step out of her home and rode the taxi i was totally starting to melt and after hearing her reply to cha, i was already so happy i was crying. hey the kid needs all the love the she can give. when hs arrived there and saw the soaked su ha, i just can’t help it, tears just flow and in flowed like a river seeing him smile like that with those eyes that just took my heart to my throat.

      this drama is sooooo good that i think an extension is meritorious in a sense that i think the story would not suffer (i hope). also some people are saying that someone will die and i have a feeling it’s do yeon, tho i hope not. she had been on the trail of mjg, unknowilngly, and after admitting to him that she is the other witness, he might be next on his hit list.

      sorry for writing a novel here.

      btw, there had been speculations that
      thank you so much for the recaps!

      • 4.3.1 rosali

        if do yeon dies or gets hurt in the process while in pursuit of min joon gook, it will be lawyer cha who will feel guilty thus, lawyer cha is going to take care of do yeon…

        then, if will be lawyer cha and prosecutor do yeon who ends up in the end…

        just my thought…hmmmmm

  5. PollyRose

    Squeals of Joy! Literal squeals of joy are coming out of me. Oh man, rollercoaster is perhaps the most apt thing you could say about this episode.

    Oh my goodness, watching him with her in hallway while she was sleeping. So so sweet. And even better was her reaction to seeing him sleep, that little almost touch. Aww!

    And the end when he was crying out for her, needing that one person and she was walking away. Buckets of tears for sure. If she go back/give us a VERY VALID reason for leaving, I was going to be quite upset (read: livid). But they gave us both. I was really hoping that this was where they were going, you could tell even as she was pushing him away that she still cared with the adorable sticky notes. I just didn’t think we’d get her admitting how much so soon!

    Ok, now off to read the recap!

    • 5.1 PollyRose

      So I’m thinking that it must have been getting hit by the truck that took away Su-ha’s memory. It would make sense that anything close to another car accident would reek havoc with Su-ha’s brain. It was an accident that triggered his abilities in the first place, so coming face to face with similar trauma on top of running away from whatever ghastliness MJG had just done and who knows what he was saying to him at the time, for mind issues to be happening certainly makes a lot of sense.

      I think the guy who hit him was probably the guy he was living with who likely took him in out of guilt. I do wonder if MJG was involved, not as an instigator of the accident, but rather he followed and helped convince the guy to keep him. Though he could have finished him off if he did follow, MJG strikes me as the kind of evil guy who wants his vicitims fully aware that they are being killed and why. So he bided his time and set things in motion a year later. Either that or he spent a year looking for Su-ha and then went to town on his plot once he found him.

      And by the way, aside from a stint that will likely get extended in Denial Prison, how awesome was Hye Sung this episode? From the trial to her insistence that her Mom would be proud of her to the sheer audacity she shows to everyone around her (ha, that skirt twist was just great) to her actually being able to admit she likes Su-ha to herself. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite k-drama heroines. Not many female characters are this strong (though still flawed) in the dramas I’ve seen so it’s really fantastic watching her.

      Ok, wow, post is so long…Stopping, I swear!

      • 5.1.1 panshel

        Yep, the haraboji driving the truck looks like the grandpa who took him in. I think that was why he was so skittish when the police arrived to look for Su Ha.

        In the flashback, it seemed like Su Ha was running away from Min Joon Gook, perhaps after he chopped off his own hand, so I don’t think Min Joon Gook would have been the one to convince Gramps to keep him, just because he would’ve been too busy stopping the bleeding and getting fitted for a prosthetic hand.

      • 5.1.2 Kris

        Absolutely agree with you on every point, ESPECIALLY the strong but flawed heroine we have in Hye Sung. So many female characters in K-Drama come up short, that she is a breath of fresh air. This is some kind of woman power! And being able to attract males of different age groups, hello! But I must say, team Su Ha all the way!

      • 5.1.3 neener

        Strong and flawed heroines are just the BEST!! I mean not everyone can be perfect! that also goes to the heroes though 😀

        • rosali

          this only means that hye sung character is very realistic who is consistent from episode 1 till now with her very natural pragmatic approach in life…

      • 5.1.4 dramabliss

        Am also impressed with Lee Bo Young in this drama. In previous dramas, she was mostly wooden or cold, but in IHYV she’s hitting the right notes. Awesomely, too.

  6. blegh

    awesome episode! so many moments gave me so many feels!

    • 6.1 blegh

      I literally clapped my feet in joy (which is a new thing i found about my delg that i do when i get too happy) when the scene about her admitting she like soo ha was going on.

      and I don’t think hyesung admitted her feelings so soon. remember that we have a 1 year gap in the storyline. one year is more than enough for a person to miss someone so much that she starts liking him. especially when one of the last moment she had with him was him kissing her. on the lips. like a man.

      sooha was sooooo cute in this episode. to be honest, I like him as an actor and never really cared/thought about how good looking or cute he is. but I actually squeeled over how cute he was in this episode.

      • 6.1.1 Ennayra

        @blegh – I find it so hilarious that you clap your feet. I’m, like, delighted with you right now. Also, thanks for pointing out that it’s been 1 year for Hye-sung, so admitting her feelings now really isn’t a surprise. I mean, she looked for him for an entire year! I get why she doesn’t want to care for Soo-ha from a practical standpoint, so she pushed him away to save herself and him, but I also get why she gave in. And I’m so glad she did. Soo-ha is insanely cute this episode – I still want the old Soo-ha back so I hope he regains his memory soon, but I’m enjoying him as he is now in the meantime.

    • 6.2 Lilly

      This whole episode was one big package of emotional dynamite explosives. There should have been a warning, have tissues ready service announcement at start of it, lol.

  7. Ivoire


  8. TheTofurkey

    Ahhhhhhh, I’m also making sounds that only dogs can hear! And my pup is totally judging me for it. I don’t care, I am so in love with this show. Thanks for the recap!!!!

    Also, if I see any spoilers for this show, I’ll CUT A BITCH.

    • 8.1 PollyRose

      Ha! I deliberately turned off the episode before the previews. I was not about to have ANYTHING take away from this moment at the end. I will deal with whatever the writer wants to throw at us tomorrow DURING the episode. Nothing and no one had better try to change that! Tonight we rejoice at an awesome episode!

      • 8.1.1 Min

        Hahahaha @PollyRose I did the same thing too, I stopped the episode before the previews! Of course it’s a little more difficult since I infected my little sister with the kdrama virus since she was 5 yrs old (now she’s almost 15) and she is watching this drama with me, but unlike me, she loves spoilers, so it’s been hard to keep her from telling me, I’ll have to resort to wearing my earplugs around her, hahaha.

    • 8.2 Ennayra

      @TheTofurkey – LOL. I know how you feel about spoilers. I turn off the episode before the previews too. I learned that lesson way back when I was a K-drama novice watching Stairway to Heaven. 🙂

  9. Miss D

    Thanks for the awesome recap!

    Okay, first off, AWWWWWW SHE LIKES HIM! YAY!

    Except I honestly can’t tell who she’s going to end up with. I really, really want her to end up with Soo-ha cause I don’t want his puppy love to shatter.

    Except what’s their age difference? NAH. Who cares!? He acts veryyyyy maturely.

    My second wish: can someone please stick that murderer in jail already?! That fruit stand ajjuhma annoyed me ever so much.

    • 9.1 blegh

      I don’t quite like the idea if extension either. with the two episodes extension, and lee jong seok being super busy, the story might change so hyesung will end up with kwan woo. and I’m all up for team Sooha.

      • 9.1.1 KimYoonmi

        I doubt that type of reversal, because they pay them for the cast listings, or did you not watch King of Dramas? If you get higher billing, you get paid more. Practical issues dictate story as much as people hate to admit that.

        The extension, however, will disbalance the story, since this story is supposed to be 50% him and 50% her.

        Where the shift happens at episode 8 or so…

        So she hears his voice this time, rather than him her, and that’ll make the story a lot more difficult to tell.

  10. 10 On a QIHM High

    omg omg omg! I was completely freaking out at the verdict bit. I was literally screaming at the judge to hurry the eff up and spit it out already. I was trying to convince myself that of course he has to be ruled innocent but then I kept remembering all the things I hadn’t expected in earlier episodes and started freaking out all over again. Watching this right after heartless city ep 14 was horrible for my nerves.

    I didn’t really understand why Hye-sung kept telling Su-ha lies about their relationship but either way, the ending (+ confession) made me a happy camper. and kyaa at pretty much everything Su-ha did. Can I have one Su-ha for myself? *puppy eyes*

    It’s end game for KW but like girlfriday mentioned, I hope he doesn’t become the mode of avoiding SH. I don’t want fake love-triangles to power the next few episodes.

    Also, creepy killer is creepier. How is this even possible? I shudder to think of him existing in RL (although, terrifyingly, he probably does).

  11. 11 snow__white

    Thanks GF….just started the drama and I like it (completed 2 eps)

  12. 12 radar4HG


  13. 13 Z

    I) The second I saw the title of this episode (I’m Sorry, I Hate You) I knew we were in for some Noble Idiocy. I suppose this dose was mild compared to what we’ve seen up till now but there’s still time for people to be plenty more Noble and Idiotic.

    2) Finally, some decent lawyering!!!!! Though I admit I physically cringed all the way through both sides of the closing arguments.

    3)I meant to mention this last week (but I didn’t have the heart to post anything after my blackout disaster in the middle of the episode), but as soon as they gave Hwang Dool’s (or whatever the cellmate’s name is) backstory I knew that Judge Daddy was his wife’s lover who framed him for murder.

    4) The writer is doing an awesome job drawing out the love lines. Even though I I’m 100% a Lawyer Oska supporter, I always assumed Suha would get the girl because, well, this is Kdrama… there are rules, you know? But I honestly don’t know, even with the way tonight’s episode ended, I think Lawyer Oska still has a fighting chance. Which is awesome… I am sick of watching shows were they set someone up as a love rival but don’t give him/her any resources to actually get the job done (I’m looking at you, Every Daddy Long Legs Second Lead Ever). Half the time is seems like their hearts aren’t even in it.

    5) Am I the only one who noticed Pretty the Prosecutor working alongside Do Yoen? Can we have some more of him, please? Maybe they can use the possible two-episode extension to work up a story arch for him.

    • 13.1 MeeisLee

      WHATTTTTT @ 3

      I didn’t think of that at all. I was thinking that he falsified evidence again Hwang Dal Joong and then felt bad and adopted his child. But considering his lack of a conscience, I think you might be right there. 🙁 it feels so spoilers for some reason.

      And is it just me or is anyone else having like cross-drama realm thoughts? I find myself wondering why Scale (Hwang Dal Joong) seems so nice and calm and then I remember this isn’t Heartless City (I’ve been marthoning it to catch up).

    • 13.2 Z

      Couple things I forgot to mention

      6) I was also afraid that she would use Lawyer Oska to push Suha away. And then, when they revealed that she admitted her feelings to him, I was extra afraid that he would let her use him (which he pretty much already did at the coffee shop… but I’m okay with it if it was a one time thing). It’s too painful to watch if he goes all self-sacrificing like that. I just want to see him fight for her. Even if he loses.

      7) I know that it was supposed to be sweet, but I thought the hallway hand kissing was kind of creepy. I always find skinship when one party is sleepy just a tad bit pervy. Maybe it’s just me.

      • 13.2.1 Fun-Lugha

        I’d like to think it’s just you lols Cuz if I had PSH do those things to me as I slept…kiss away young man, I’d sleep 24 hours straight if that’s my reward 😉

        • zandria

          I like to think that subconsciously she loved it or she would have woken up. And come on, if you take in the whole situation you know he is not a purv.

        • rheadoo

          seriously LOLed but of course I couldn’t agree more! <3

        • dramabliss


      • 13.2.2 yumi

        the male (usually) protagonist being affectionate is a trope I see in K-drama and j-drama and it leaves me unsettled.

        because–a sleeping person cannot give consent so it seems to condone sexual assaultish behavior as being acceptable. [so sayeth my rational mind]

        but usually the drama sets up the situation in a way that makes it seem innocent and sweet and suggest that sleeping person would have been okay with it if only there weren’t artificial barriers between them [so sayeth my mind as it works on rationalizing]

        I had no issue with the rest your head on my shoulder moment or the looking at her hand, but the hand kissing. . .

      • 13.2.3 Kris

        Creep away Su-Ha (you beautiful and multi-talented Lee Jong Suk)! But you know if it was any other person, it would be a bit pervy.

      • 13.2.4 Pearl~ai88

        Lawyer Oska!!!!! I love him, so cute. Also, I can’t help seeing creepy killer as Tae-shik from Ojakgyo. I’m like, “Wow Tae-shik-ah, you’re a really good actor being all creepy like that!” lol.

    • 13.3 Sweetpea

      O.O at #3.

      I knew that the judge had a hand in the cellmate’s wrongful conviction- like MeeisLee also mentioned- but the thought that he could have been the wife’s lover never crossed my mind.

      If that turns out to be true…


    • 13.4 Z

      Think about it, if Judge Daddy is the Other Man, then there is a chance that he is still Do Yeon’s biological father, which gives us a motive for him taking her in.

      Though that option is really sad for Dal Joong because he’s been looking forward to finding his “daughter” for 26 years. It would suck if it turned out she was the Other Guy’s all along… and then died.

    • 13.5 panshel

      Ugh, the dreaded Noble Idiocy. Hye Sung was definitely an Idiot for denying her feelings, but I wouldn’t consider her Noble because she wasn’t doing it For His Own Good. She was merely distancing herself for her own sake. But when they full-blown love each other later, I’m bracing myself for (and wishing against) more Noble Idiocy. :\

      • 13.5.1 yumi

        I don’t consider it noble or idiocy at all.

        I consider it pragmatic.

        Imagine you are a woman lawyer trying to move up the ranks at a law firm or a corporation and you go to the office Christmas party with your 19-year old college freshman boyfriend.

        I’m not saying you shouldn’t/ couldn’t do it, but it would take a lot of ego strength for a woman to live with the gossip that would follow.

        It might be easier for a man, but I’m not even sure about that.

        • anais

          I second this.

        • Mar

          I don’t concern it noble idiocy either, but I don’t think she was being self serving either. She might care for him but its not a RELATIONSHIP fullblown that she’s giving up. She realizes there was something there, but she’s not committed to calling it fullblown love. What she’s giving up is a maybe. A friend of mind calls them “Flickers,” a moment in time when you met someone and there is this connection, but then, it’s gone because something takes you in a different direction. I took it as she was considering the age gap AND his amnesia. He’s not the same Su Ha that was wise and aged beyond his years. He’s now a goofy kid fresh off the farm. I viewed it as she was trying to give him a time of youth back, a youth she nor he got to have, free from the pain they suffered. Despite the trauma of the arrest and a trial, SuHa -to Hye Sung, as she does not know he is having flashbacks-gets a do over, free from what he’s witnessed and suffered in the past-he gets to be a fairly normal young man, if he goes off to college and hangs around people his own age. To be around her jaded, cynical self, in Hye Sung’s eyes, is no benefit to him.

          • boholanna

            love this analysis 🙂

          • Kris

            LOVE your analysis, too. Though I think it’s more than what the writer and actress are trying to convey. HS doesn’t strike me as super altruistic, although she does care for SH very much, even admitting that she thinks she might like him. So I think pushing him away is her way of trying to make sense of her growing feelings toward him and a result of her being scared of admitting to this fact and making the next move toward what possibly could be the next step to a more serious relationship.

            Aside from the obvious elephant in the room 10-year age-gap, there are still other issues to iron out if they do go that romantic route. More angst and noble idiocy coming our way with the rumored 2 extended episodes, but I still have faith in this awesome writer’s pacing and sharp-shooting feels straight to our hearts.

    • 13.6 mrsevalee

      Love pretty.

      The prosecution was talking about appealing. Does Kores not have double jeopardy laws?

      I’m also wagering that Suha gets his gift back.

      • 13.6.1 Mayisoon

        Double jeopardy doesn’t apply to an appeal. An appeal is more like a contestion of the original jeopardy. Double jeopardy would/might apply however in the case of SuHa being acquitted, as he is now, and then killing the one-handed creep later.

        Appeals happen all the time (in America), where new evidence can be introduced and the case retried in a higher court. I’m not sure how the process works in Korea.

        • Kris

          Whenever I watch the court-room scenes, I leave my lawyer hat outside the door, knowing that the “legal” aspects take a backseat to the drama.

          Generally speaking, in the United States, if the jury (or judge, if there is no jury) finds the defendant not guilty after a trial, the Constitution prevents the state from seeking an appeal. The state can appeal under other extraordinary circumstances, such as when a court grants a defendant’s motion to suppress evidence, when a court finds that the defendant is not competent to be tried, or when the court grants a judgment of acquittal prior to the end of trial or after the jury finds the defendant guilty. Perhaps an exception to the general rule such as the above also applies in Korean court?

  14. 14 Mar

    Another good episode, keep them coming.

    I was like JUDGE, get to the POINT. You are talking way too much!

    I was cringing when she was trying to cut Su Ha loose.

    This show continues to surprise me. I did not expect her to go there yet, to admit that she has those feelings.

    I liked the Hye Sung character but the way she just GREW in this episode, wow.

    Ah, pouty mouth Lee Jong Suk is just slaying it.

    • 14.1 PollyRose

      The point where the judge was talking, the subs were only partial on Viki while I was watching. Every other sentence would show up, and even though I knew it was just technical legal babble, there was a part of me that was scared silly I was missing something important that would tell me if Su-ha was going to be declared not-guilty. I kept screaming at the judge and the subs “Just say innocent! You have to say innnocent! Say it!”

      • 14.1.1 Z

        Me too!! The subs were all spotty there and I was hoping that it was just legal stuff. But all the same, I was listening to the music and taking cues from the people’s faces just in case. Finally, when the triumphant music started to swell I was like, OK, whatever she is saying, it’s working.

        • anais

          Yeah, try translating that. Every single thing he said began with a long, long, long noun phrase (with nested clauses) in Korean. The verb didn’t come for several minutes, it felt like. Unfortunately, the segments aren’t cut that way, nor can they be. So until an editor can come into clean up the translations between segments, the legalese was definitely going to be choppy. I felt for the editor who was tasked to clean up those segments.

  15. 15 Jen

    Sobbing my eyes out. I’m so happy!! Thanks for the recap–cannot wait until tomorrow’s!

  16. 16 mywhiteyasmin

    Squeeeeeeee! Thank you so much GF

    I’m so happy with this episode ending. The way Su-ha smiled when Hye-sung come back, its squeezed my heart. He’s so cute like puppy

  17. 17 Jessica

    Its just been confirmed that there will be a 2 episode extension

    • 17.1 R

      NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! augh why!

      • 17.1.1 1608

        ditto that

    • 17.2 yola

      Omg!! It’s truly famous right now. Hope it doesn’t mess up the whole story

    • 17.3 applecookie

      Just saw this, and I have to say I have mixed feelings about the decision. For one, I feel terrible for Lee Jong-suk, who is knee-deep in work schedules back-to-back without time for proper rest (he was supposed to jump on the Face Reader set for more filming right after this drama ended). Poor guy. Besides that, the story as is has some of the more brilliant pacing that I’ve seen in a series in a long while. I’m just afraid that, for the mere sake of lengthening the show, that needless filler material will be inserted and render it a bore. The plot itself will have to be stretched out as well, and I have a feeling that the move will absolutely kill the pacing.

      On the other hand, it’s only 2 additional episodes – as opposed to 4 or more – which may worked out by the writer somehow. She still has time to brainstorm and embellish the story. I suppose it’s overall an alright thing to have happen; we get a bonus week of more Su-ha/Hye-sung screentime…

    • 17.4 kathy

      I hate extension but with drama like this that’s so good, I love it. So glad that I can watch this drama longer and of course I expect more SH-HS moments.

    • 17.5 panshel

      I was *so* afraid this would happen. 🙁 There better not be a ton of flashbacks flashing back to scenes that happened just a few minutes ago to fill the extra time…

    • 17.6 Sweetpea


      Are you serious?

      NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!


    • 17.7 the68monkey

      Before tonight’s episode, I was torn over whether the extension was a good decision or not.

      Pro: More screen time for what’s becoming one of my favorite K-drama couples.

      Con: Well, it took how many episodes for the one-handed bastard to show up? What will get stretched out to a ridiculous length in the extension? The Do-yeon birth secret? Bleh.

      LOVED how the episode ended with some honesty, rather than continuing the noble idiocy shtick that’s ruining another currently running show, imo.

    • 17.8 Gaeina Lee

      I support @Mystisith’s notion on below post: 2 additional eps of fan service, writer-nim? I’m in. ^^

      *take off headband*
      *cease protest*

    • 17.9 Ash

      I already watch every good drama on pins and needles, hoping that the quality won’t drop at the end. It’s that times a thousand now. Augh.

      So help me god, SBS, if you just tanked the last half of the show… *bites fingernails*

  18. 18 KDaddict

    1. I don’t think anybody is seriously worried that Suha would be found guilty, cos there wouldn’t be much of a drama if he is thrown in jail for 20 yrs! Ppl weren’t talking bat that kind of time jump. So the court room drama wasn’t that exciting.

    2. This writer doesn’t do crime and legal stuff well, but she sure knows how to tug at our heart strings by having Suha be lost, helpless, n lovesick. As if that wasn’t enough, he has to be drenched in the rain too!

    3. That last scene reminds me of Holly Golightly looking for the lost kitten in the rain at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany’s! She came in a cab too. Just take him in and cuddle him, will you?

    4. Near the end of the show Min JG shows up. He’ll wreak havoc again next ep, won’t he? And we’ll have to be white knuckled, right?

    5. Caught the trailer for So Ji Sub’s ghostly show Master’s Sun at the end. I covered my face n it still sounded plenty scary. I am so NOT going to follow it live n watch at night!

    • 18.1 Z

      I thought that they were gonna convict him and then have to appeal and convince fruit stand Ajhumma to confess or go find Min Joon Gook or something. I was fully expecting another courtroom scene in a week or two.

    • 18.2 the68monkey

      Yes! Love the Holly Golightly comparison. Su-ha is no Cat, but just the cutest little lost puppy ever!

    • 18.3 dramabliss

      The reference to Holly Golighty – pretty amazing when you see that the scene was a resto named Hollie’s Coffee!

  19. 19 R

    The thing is, she didn’t actually confess to Su-ha. I’m worried a little for this romance – she admitted that she wants to “get over it” so as long as Su-ha can’t read minds she might stomp on his puppy heart some more. Please nooo! I leave it up to our villain (isn’t he one of the best villains ever?) to create the conflict to bring out her true devotion and loyalty.

  20. 20 applecookie

    Just out of pure curiosity, does anyone think that Su-ha may actually die at the end of all of this?

    Thanks for the recap.

    • 20.1 Mystisith

      Then I’ll die too… I swear.

      • 20.1.1 applecookie

        No kidding, I totally feel you….I would too. 🙁

      • 20.1.2 MJ

        Both of you are so cute…hahaha…if the writer made SH die at the end, I will never check out her drama again. One thing for sure..after this, whatever project LJS take in the future, I will watch it because he is a good actor. He simply makes me believe in his acting. Its kinda like when he’s happy, I’m happy too. When he cries, I wanna cry with him. He is that good!

    • 20.2 Gaeina Lee

      Goodness.. die as in order to protect his noona? To ensure she lives in a safe world?

      No, no, no, no… please no, writer-nim! *teary*

    • 20.3 Nanaki

      I really doubt it, for the following reasons: 1) not that kinda show 2) he’s not that character (anymore) and 3) it the writer is too good to kill off the main character just for the tears.

    • 20.4 KDaddict

      Please, Don’t say that, Please.

    • 20.5 ella

      I think SH may die 🙁 or he never get HS.
      Cz i ever read the meaning of blue rose (in IHYV still) is unreachable love, something never happen or touched, and deep love.
      And SH always borrow that flower.

      It just prediction, i hope it can’t happen. I always pray for SH love and happiness. Poor SH 🙁

      #btw, sorry my english very bad >_<

      • 20.5.1 kumi

        That is interesting, what you said about blue roses!
        I actually think Su-ha can die as soon as his mission (of protecting Hye-sung) is fulfilled.

  21. 21 yola

    Awesome episode… can’t say how happy i am w/ d rain scene. It’s like she has d feeling to go back to the cafe. For su-ha. The way you smile while holding the umbrella, well i’m melting here… can’t wait for ep 12. Tonight it’s gonna be an interesting story… he will get back his memory ( cross my fingers )

  22. 22 1608

    Gahhh. The heart wants what the heart wants! For those of you who have seen the Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, who do you think is a better noona-killer, Kim Bum or Lee Jong Suk?

    • 22.1 Mystisith

      They are both very efficient in the “noona killing” department and I like them both. That said, I rewatched TWWSWTM recently and in the acting department, LJS has a better range than KB (even if the latter is much better now). It also helps that SH is written as a more complex character than Min Jae, who is pure fluff.

      • 22.1.1 modest-goddess

        Su-ha pre amnesia is less confident and forward with his romantic intentions than Min-jae. For that reason I’d say Min-jae would be more of a noona killer because by the time Su-ha works up the nerve to act on his romantic interest the Noona might already be involved with another guy. Of course the Su-ha type would probably just wait patiently until she was single again. Right now Su-ha owns my heart because of his expressive face and puppy eyes.

    • 22.2 Mar

      They are very different actors and the characters in the two dramas are very different also.

      Min-jae is a slow burn, he’s patient. He’s actually good boyfriend material for an independent woman because he doesn’t have to be in control at all times. He’s also the kind of guy that finds pleasure by pleasing a woman-those make the best lovers. Min-jae knows he’s hot.

      Yes, I think to much about fictional characters. I’m forever in love with Min-jae.

      I’m going to address this about old Su-ha not amnesia Su-ha. Su-ha is an old soul shaped by tragedies and injustice. He’s independent and is a dominant personality. The age difference and Hye-sung’s bravado that masks her insecurities are equalizers in the relationship. Su-ha does not have any relationship experience and does not know he’s a noona killer. He’s good partner material but you’d have to train him. He however is going to be in all of your business.

      Kim Bum exudes more sexuality and can portray a sensuality but also a fierceness. Lee Jong Suk is a more nuanced actor, and he’s got that pouty mouth, he’s got a promise of heat and makes a woman think gah I wish he’d grow into those shoulders.

      So my take is a noona would look at Min-jae and think hell yes and card Su-ha. Same thing with the actors.

      • 22.2.1 DDee

        Clearly you’ve spent some time thinking about this! Well said! Speaking as a noona, frankly after this ep, Su Ha is welcome to get all up in my bizness. I’d look forward to the training. 😛

        • Kris

          Definitely both noona killers. Kim Bum oozes sexuality, but Lee Jong Suk has that certain “je ne sais quoi” that this noona finds so appealing. Must be those ever-expressive lips and eyes, or that tall, tall stature with broadening shoulders. Whatever the case, it won’t be hard to train Su Ha at all!

          • Mar

            I think way too much. And Oh I absolutely think LJS has that certain IT factor.

            Train away! 😉

  23. 23 blast

    Thank you girlfriday … awesome .. and i am at the pits while reading the recaps .. cant wait to watch when i get home …


  24. 24 mikimotoable

    I have a crazy confession..
    this drama drive me nut! i watch live streaming, read recap, watch again without sub, watch with english sub, read forum, spoiler here and there… and still not enough ..

    • 24.1 Mint

      Trust me I did exactly the same or worse, I dreamed about it too

    • 24.2 Gaeina Lee

      You’re not alone dear.
      To repress my longing over SH [LJS], after live stream, raw and with sub, I watch EOG, GOF JY + TBATP, and stay clear from soompi forum for the rest of the week.

      ..uhh, of course, to no avail.. The longing is getting worst..*sigh*

      • 24.2.1 violetrain

        hehe.. you guys are so funny.. otoke.. i’m having the same ‘sickness’ too.. this is my first time that my addiction to a kdrama reach this crazy longing level.. am dreading the moment SH+HS screentime is over……

    • 24.3 modest-goddess

      I’ve been re watching episodes in addition to reading recaps

  25. 25 harukogirl

    This episode killed me!

    OMG the hand-kiss…. *dyes*. I love that he loves her even though he can’t remember her…she really is a part of him he can’t lose no matter what…. *swoon*

    I think she hides from him because she is terrified if he remembers, he will try to protect her again and she will lose him. It’s ok, HS! SH can protect you and himself!


    • 25.1 panshel

      Not to mention, he kisses her hand twice! Kyah~

    • 25.2 jomo

      This is all very “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” like so many of the love n’ amnesia stories are.
      The brain may forget, but the heart remembers.

      I think what Mar wrote up there and is bloody brilliant – “flickers” – a look, a moment, a fragrance that makes you suddenly look at someone and think, “Hmmm…maybe you and I get together?” but that the breeze takes away just as quickly? – that is NOT true.

      His affection, which took time layered with shared experiences and was based on a deep emotional connection, that is hard to unhook from. Especially since his original childhood crush dissipated after actually meeting her, and he fell in love with the adult version against his will. The fact that he used to be able to read her mind sped up the process, I think. It also made him very confident of what type of person she is. He literally heard right through her.

      Now? He seems to be doing that without the gift. He listens to her lies and he just knows that is not what she is thinking.

      • 25.2.1 jomo

        one edit “that is NOT true for how SH feels about HS.”

      • 25.2.2 Mar

        I hear you. I’ll clarify that I did not mean that the feelings might fly with the breeze, but that the moment in time passes because somethings pulls you in another direction, makes you pass it up.

  26. 26 Spot

    Everything lawyer Woo did was creepy and narcisstic. He thanks the kid for giving him a second chance at the girl? Yuk. He feels sorry for himself and cries for himself for what he did, then forces himself on her when he knows she is avoiding him, doesn’t take no for an answer, then stalks her, then intervenes and uses it as an excuse for a date, then orders he will take her home, then waits around so he sees her leave? He never shows he actually likes her like, you know, an actul human. He wants. Reassuring the kid with ‘we can appeal.’? Creep. But I am starting to feel sorry for the guy having been made needlessly creepy. If Hye-Sumg goes for this she isn’t a character worth caring about.

    This gives Hye-sung a chance to prove The Love is real, but for the romance to work is it required the alternative, Woo, be such a creep?

    The romance is the show. The court stuff was stupid from start to finish. Get a conviction in case A by making up stuff about case B for the jury? Prosecutor trying the defense attorney for getting murderer off in case A? Talking to a jury about your murdered mother? Not in this world. And actually talking to a key witness to find out what they knew to late, and then letting them just close the door and shut you out when a kid’s life is at stake?! Arguing as if incompetent lawyering proves the justice of reasonable doubt? It doesn’t. Dramatic, at the expense of despising the characters for criminal stupidity and losing the willing suspension of disbelief.

    The lead actors are the whole show. In this last episode for the first time Hye-Sung looked closer to her real age so it looked like age could be an issue. But she makes it work. Casting and a few opportunities is all it takes. Got to respect that. Impressive achievement. May even survive the money boys demanding two more shows with insane conflicts so they can sell those viewers, and ruining the romance.

    • 26.1 I can't

      lol your bias is showing pretty much.

      “then forces himself on her when he knows she is avoiding him, doesn’t take no for an answer, then stalks her, then intervenes and uses it as an excuse for a date, then orders he will take her home, then waits around so he sees her leave?”

      -he just helped HS, because he knew she wanted to avoid SH.

      -He doesn’t take a no as an answer? Err when was this? All I saw was him wanting an answer back and since lawyer Jang gave him hope, I see nothing wrong for him still going after her. She did say to wait her get over SH, meaning that he might have a chance.

      -He did not wait HS to see her leaving after SH, lolol he was just there waiting for a Bus that was not coming and HS appeared LOL

      You know lawyer Cha was happy that he could undo/ or kind undo the wrong he did to HS and SH, it wasn’t just because he WANTED TO DATE HS again, lol

      If you want to think like this:

      So SH following her and stalking her, when she told him to not call her/see her again is not creepy?

      SH kissing HS like that before she like him back, isn’t this ”forcing” himself onto her?

      It seems you really are trying to hate on Cha because Boo he is in the way of HS and SH. But thing is, he isn’t, the one thing on the way is HS herself. lol Hate her.

      • 26.1.1 coconutjuice

        Ditto to I Can’t

      • 26.1.2 alua

        Agree with this.

        The phone call at the café was painful to watch (how could Hyesung leave Suha behind?!?!?!?!?!) BUT Oska wasn’t taking advantage of anything – he was helping her out, because she had told him the truth earlier. That’s actually pretty selfless. If he had wanted to take advantage of her, he would have not just taken her home, but invited himself in and tried to make a move on her. Honestly, he was just being a gentleman (and acting very much within character).

        The question is, what happens now? I hope, hope, hope that he is not going to be invasively persistent (which I think would be out of character – he even withdrew for an entire year, respecting what Hyesung wanted!), but also that Hyesung isn’t going to try and use him to get over Suha. The latter would actually fit with Hyesung’s character, but I just don’t want her to do that. I would love for the writer to give us something else entirely (because both the persistent follower and the fake boyfriend arches we’ve seen so many times before). Whatever happens, I think Oska, in the end, will be honest and push Hyesung towards Suha if need be. I just don’t see him as a grand love-manipulator – yes, he’d ward off Suha for Hyesung if she asked him to do that, but I just don’t see him taking advantage of her.

        My worry: especially now with the extension there are so many episodes and it could go any direction. But I want Suha/Hyesung as endgame.

    • 26.2 anais

      Who’s Lawyer Woo? Are you talking about Lawyer Cha? Cha Kwon Woo? Cha’s the surname.

    • 26.3 missabeat

      I think if Cha has ever appeared as stalkerish or insistent, it’s because the writer has some shrewd idea of what is romantic. The bathroom scene is creepy, I give you that. Some of his recent behaviors are borderline invasive too. But outside the romantic setting, he is my favorite, in terms of characterization and development. I think Cha is supposed to be a goofy and yet also serious and compassionate man.

      • 26.3.1 bbstl

        another ditto to I Can’t and I thought Lawyer Oska was crying his head off outside the bathroom because he could hear HS crying inside. He’s trying his best to fix what he broke and it breaks his heart that he can’t make it all right for her.

  27. 27 ilikemangos

    IHYV is one of the few shows that can make me laugh, cry, smile, bite my nails, fist-pump all in one episode and this was one of em.

    I thought along with denial, hye sung pushed su-ha away because she knew that min jin gook, who is free, would pursue her and thus su ha would also be in danger.

    I know do-yeon is supposed to be the “evil” second lead but every time she’s supposed to be “against” our leads, she always manages to follow up on something that makes me appreciate her. And at the end of the day, she really is just doing her job. I did, however, hate her younger days with the firecracker incident.

    This is probably the best way i’ve seen the amnesia trope being used because show uses that advantage to explore so much more and turn the tables on our leads.
    This show totally rocks on my socks off SO much, week after week.

    IHYV is the first non-daily weekday show to have reached over 20% for 2013 so far. Congrats to the IHYV team!

    • 27.1 alua

      I’m not sure Do-yeon is supposed to be the ‘evil’ second lead. She’s a quite ambiguous character, and sometimes it seems they do want to make her out as evil but my overall feeling is that she is not.

      My hunch is that the actually evil one is her father – he’s definitely got something to do with the conviction of the other left-hand murder case, to the point that I suspect he might be involved in the crime itself. Do-yeon’s role is sort of attached to him, but I also think they are laying out her character as one that will in the end going her own way – in part, because she does look for the truth (she rebuffs Oska, but her conscience doesn’t let her off, and she sets out to investigate) and in part because there is very likely something in her adoptive father’s actions that has wronged her (e.g. possibility that she is the daughter of the man he convincted). She’s a quite interesting character in fact, much more multi-dimensional than the usual second leads. I rather like her at this point.

  28. 28 sjpark

    is she gna end up w him??? i dnt wanna watch unless they get together. someone reply back please!!!

    • 28.1 coconutjuice

      I’ve been watching dramas for 10 years so call me a drama veteran and I am super positive they will be the end game!

  29. 29 panshel

    I spent this entire episode going, “He’s so cute~ Aww, puppy~ I love him~” I love how Su Ha is subconsciously in love with her, even if he can’t remember their past together. It’s destiny. Although I wanted to slap Hye Sung for heartlessly abandoning him at the coffee shop, I’ve got to hand it to her for not only admitting she likes Su Ha, but admitting she likes Su Ha to Kwan Woo. How great was that?

    Su Ha crumpling up the girlfriend sticky was the cutest. I thought the elephant puzzle analogy was genius. And what was up with Choong Ki’s holey shirt? He’s a mechanic, not a hobo.

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

    • 29.1 hehe

      hehe I think Choong Ki tries to copy Su Ha’s fashion style^^
      remember the holey shirt Suha wore while picking up eggs last ep?

  30. 30 yumi

    Great episode.

    Thanks for the recap.

    It’s weird, the episode isn’t really over until I’ve read the recap and the comments.

    I’m enjoying watching this with the community.

    • 30.1 yumi

      The moment that caused a vein in my head to burst: Do-yeon scoffs in disbelief, adding that she actually feels sorry for Mom, who must be turning over in her grave.

      1-Oh, the presumption that comes from being raised with a sense of privilege. That Do-yeon, whose lies caused the best mother is Korean drama to lose her job and be kicked out on the street, Do-yeon who tried to use the best mother in Korean drama’s murder against her daughter’s efficacy as a lawyer, could suggest that the best mother in Korean drama, someone she didn’t take the time to know, would not back her daughter for doing the right and honest thing in the courtroom is the epitome of presumption born of privilege.

      On some levels I forgive Do-yeon, who has never experience the unconditional love and support of a parent and therefore has no way of imagining the strength of the bond between the best mother in Korean drama and her flawed but soul lovely daughter.

      The moment that gave my heart a thrill: He sits down next to her with a smile and tucks her mouth closed and pulls her head onto his shoulder. Ohmygah, this, and you don’t even remember how much you actually love her.He takes her hand, and notices the half-erased scrawl marks that she had written down furiously during the trial. He thinks back to it now, and lifts her hand up to his lips and kisses it softly. Kyaaaaa.

      The moment that broke my heart:He runs up to grab onto her wrist and pleads, “I’m sorry… I’m really sorry… But even if you hate me, can’t you stay? I feel like every string that kept me connected to the world has been detached. If you let go of me too… I… ”
      He clasps her hand in his and kisses it again as she sleeps.

      The moment that warned my heart: She crouches down in the rain and lets the umbrella fall out of her hands and asks what on earth she’s going to do with him. He just looks back at her with this smile… Su-ha picks up the umbrella and holds it over her to shield her from the rain, not caring that he’s getting soaked

      I love the drama. And I love that every episode is so true to the story and yet different from eachother. The pace and the mood tend to be different, but so far all have been well executed.

      Again, thank for the recap it deepens the experience of following this drama.

      It is almost as wonderful as reading a good book.

      • 30.1.1 Sweetpea

        Ditto on your comment about Do-yeon.

        Except, she did become a sympathetic character in my eyes but when she pulled the mom card- not once, but TWICE today- I about had it with her.

        Who the heck does she think she is? She is the one that has caused the world’s best mom and Hye-sung so much freaking grief and trouble. And she thinks she has the right to not only judge Hye-Sung, but also bring up her DEAD and MURDERED mother as her card?


        Maybe I’m the only one, but I’m still pissed that Do-yeon never apologized to Mom. She didn’t even have the decency to apologize to Hye-Sung either. Instead, it was Hye-Sung that had to get on her knees and get Do-Yeon.

        This just bothers me so.much. ;( ;(

        • yumi

          As a villain Do-yeo.an is drawn on a human realistic scale, unlike the nut jobs in I Summon You Gold and You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin.

          Usually when k-drama does the villain redemption bit in the last episode I want the OPT to hold on to their grudge. But, as of now, I’m all for Do-yeo’s redemption/rehabilitation.

      • 30.1.2 harukogirl

        It was frustrating, but I actually sympathized with her…remember, she was trying to help HS earlier (even gave her the prosecutions evidence!) all the while believing that SH (although she thinks it kinda justified) murdered MJG. So, to her, HS used the same tactic that got off her mom’s murderer (which is a sore spot for DY, she feels guilty) to get off another murderer, just because HS is sympathetic to him. DY has not yet at this point seriously considered that SH could be innocent. She wants the be able to go easy on him, but she can’t in good conscience let a murderer go scot-free cause she feels guilty to HS.

        So, yeah, it was like “arrgh! Don’t!” but at the same time, I got it. I think she is looking at HS and thinking “don’t stoop to that level! Why didn’t you let me help you!?”

    • 30.2 Anggi

      Me too! I’ve watched the actual broadcast of this episode. My main language is not Korean and I couldn’t understand some dialogues in detail (especially law related), so I wake up every Thursday and Friday just to read recaps here! And I also love to read everyone’s comments too.

      There’s this flow of me to end one week’s episodes:
      does streaming of the actual broadcast -> read recaps and its comments of each episodes -> watch the episodes with subtitles online -> download the episodes with subtitles -> re-watch the episodes again, but skip to my favorite parts only

      And I’ve been doing that since the 3rd episode. Crazy, huh? This is how great the drama is 😀

      • 30.2.1 Musicnmelody

        Omg are you me? Cause that is my weekly routine as well LOL
        And im pretty sure i will have a massive IHYV withdrawals once this dramais over T.T

  31. 31 KDaddict

    I definitely get the sense that while his memories of her aren’t there right now, his feelings are. He may not remember her in his head, but his heart remembers her.

    “There’s just something about the way he repeats similar actions without knowing it that really gets me in the heart—protecting her, being there for her to lean on, getting soaked to shield her. Like the memories are incidental, but the person is the same.”

    I’ve always believed that given we are who and what we are, we’d have the same reaction the 2nd time around.

    • 31.1 yumi

      He kinda knows he loves her in his head because his journal documents that love.

      If Choong Ki came to understand from the journal how deeply SuHa loves Hye-Sung so that he no longer feels threatened regarding Sung Bin, SuHa learned the same thing from the journal.

    • 31.2 saraSJS

      Left a message for you on this drama thread in the site we used to visit. read it please.

  32. 32 Mystisith

    I knew SH would be acquitted in that courtroom, and still I was sick in my stomach. How do you do that? That show has a gift for giving you the pain and then the medicine. Also, I so care for all the characters of this little universe: It’s incredible.
    This drama is the most giffable I’ve seen in a while. The internet is getting nuts with all the swoon worthy moments!
    So, HS tried the bitchiness card but it didn’t work… Chewing Gum is sticky, indeed. ^^. Looks like in episode 12 she will try the “it’s only pity or affection for a kid” card. Girl, it’s useless to resist. When the puppy will be a man at 100 % of his capacities… *Stocks pop corn and soju.*
    Finally, I’m happy with the extension: Give us a round of fan service, writer-nim, please?

  33. 33 Aleena

    OH MY-


    *tries to calm down*

    Okay, okay. Wow. This is AMAZING.

    YES, show. THANK GOD. Hye Sueng, YES! And Su Ha, YES!

    I totally agree. I was so surprised when she admitted her feeling to Kwang Woo. Almost died of happiness.

    At least we have this settled. Of course, I’m pretty sure Hye Sueng is going to be so stubborn later on. She’s going to deny her feelings till the end. 🙁 BUT, YES, at least we have this settled! :’) <3

    And Su Ha, please, stop being so vulnerable and pitiful and cute. Please, my heart can't take much more. :'(

  34. 34 kumi

    LOL! Mean Joon-gook “killing two birds with one hand”.

  35. 35 Jaglaine

    Thanks for the recap GF! I’ve watched the episode but I still read your post coz I guess I’m addicted to them. Besides, I can’t get enough of the show…24hrs is just too long a wait! It was a totally squeally episode, I loved it! If ever there is an extension, I sure hope it won’t be a useless curveball that would take away the awesomeness of this show.

  36. 36 boholanna

    My chest ………….

  37. 37 cloudyskies

    This ep is so awesome!

  38. 38 Angela

    Wow, the emotions and sadness in Su Ha’s eyes, reminds me of School 2013 and the bromance from there. xD haha.

    But yeah, I guess they’re really going all out for the noona romance. I still see in my mind that Hyesung loves Su Ha but not in love. I ship noona romances but just this one, I see the romantic inclinations but I don’t feel it. I like where it’s at, their tied past together and struggles they’ve been through that connect their fate together (although not romantically). I don’t know if it’s just me but there are also instances where Hyesung and Su Ha kind of look alike for me that really makes them look like real siblings. O_O

    I’m actually really liking Do Yeon as a character. She’s gaining more respect from me as the episodes go. At first she was annoying, granted she was a teen and the past grudges. But she’s not stark evil but there’s actually something really genuine about her. I have a feeling that hopefully she can read through that ajumma and her lies.

    Min Joon Guk just did it for me. Seriously the actor. Gives me the chills even with just the little scene in this episode. I guess it’s also the fact that we know so little about him and his background that we can’t see a heart in him.

    • 38.1 owl

      The School 2013 bromance. With Woo Bin. heart flutter

  39. 39 Kaybee

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…….. My heart…. I was clinging my heart while reading this…. Can’t find proper words to express what I’m feeling now…. All I know is that I LOVE the drama….

  40. 40 Gaeina Lee

    Oh God.. This drama will gave me heart arrest soon.

    I don’t count how many sighs did I do last night while watching it, as well as how many times I swoon over the sweetness of LJS smile and gestures toward his lovely noona.. Duh, my heart.. *melt*

    Thank you for the recap, GF!

  41. 41 noernov

    Ohhhh..I’ll be head over heel for su ha also,love this show♥♥♥♥

  42. 42 Bro

    Damn, Soo-ha’s expression and voice when he panicked and screamed “Don’t go!”. Damn that got me in the feels.

  43. 43 aenea

    I simply swooned at the end of this episode. Be still my beating heart!

  44. 44 Fyri

    God. I’m really happy that this broke 20 since it really deserves the viewership.
    The huge age gap is really not working for me.

  45. 45 DDee

    ohmygaaaaahhh i’m officially jumping ship! i usually hv terminal second lead syndrome but it took 11 episodes to see the error of my ways. BUT it still kills me that lawyer cha turned into cockblocker!!

  46. 46 lizzzie

    I get that the layered reveal at the end makes for a more interesting ending… but like throughout the second half i was almost hating her, it was seriously cruel to push him away like that thinking of all the things he had done for her.

    At least the notes she left kinda redeemed her, she looks out for him with all her adult knowledge – this man/child who grew up all by himself but is back to being a kid at the moment, all alone and helpless again.

    And i use man/child/kid but in this episode, seriously… Sooha was a legit full-fledged puppy. I’m convinced LJS based his entire act on the most fluffy breed of puppy that ever existed. The eyes, the smiles, the desperate need for attention and love, the instinctual trust and persistent reaching out/chasing…EVERYTHING. I can’t take any more!! (Please give me more)

    • 46.1 eqhmm

      Not to mention the eager-puppy post-it reading??? And his loyal one woman-love T_T Sooha-ya…

    • 46.2 Sweetpea


      I adore Hye-Sung, but I hated her gut when she left Su-Ha like that in the coffee shop. >.<

  47. 47 liz

    The same thing that made many people hated KW before… was the same thing that made many people love HS for doing it and saving SH.

    lol I love the writer for that.

    I’m glad she made HS realize that KW did no wrong and what a real public defender is about.

    Thanks writer.

  48. 48 Nanaki

    At work and grinning like a lunatic. Not good. Don’t care. SHRIEK.

  49. 49 Z

    I like that Suha’s falling for Hyesung this go round mirrors his falling for her as a child. In both instances, it was sparked by her saving him. Except this time he gets to fall for the real her and not his own imaginary her.

    I do wish that Amnesia Suha had some of Old Suha’s spunk. It’s like, they settle the age issue by making him legal… but in every other way he’s more of a child than he was last year. So, until he gets his memory back 9or at the very least, some personality), this loveline is just as icky for me as it was before the time skip.

    • 49.1 Mystisith

      3 Acts in this drama: First the platonic romantic love and now the puppy innocent love. Next stop: Man’s RAWR love!

      • 49.1.1 Gaeina Lee

        Ahh, can’t wait for the next stop!

  50. 50 Cherry Jade

    I was literally squealing throughout this whole episode.


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