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I Hear Your Voice: Episode 15
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It’s kind of funny, but today the second lead gets between our couple… just not in the way you’d think. Everyone has to choose a side today—Su-ha between two frenemies and Do-yeon between two fathers—and Su-ha finds that he identifies with Do-yeon in more ways than one. One guess as to how much Hye-sung likes that.


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EPISODE 15: “I don’t ruin anything”

Hye-sung drops the bomb right in Do-yeon’s lap: she’s adopted, and her biological father is none other than Hwang Dal-joong, the man she’s trying to put away for attempted murder.

Do-yeon refuses to believe it, and says defiantly that Judge Seo is her father. She calls Hye-sung a liar and kicks her out, even as Hye-sung apologizes and pleads with her to listen to the truth. Easier said than done.

Cut to: Hye-sung at home, smarting from a slap. Ha. Okay, if that had happened onscreen I’d be madder, but the cut makes it funny. Su-ha fills an ice pack and holds it to her cheek with a grimace, and demands to know where Do-yeon lives.

Hye-sung: “Why, so you can try to convince her to listen?” Su-ha: “No, so I can reprimand her.” Hee. He gets all huffy and insists she bring him along the next time she meets Do-yeon, and Hye-sung just looks over at him for a long moment.

“You’re just like Mom.” She says that’s how Mom always reacted when she came home after a fight—broomstick in hand, sputtering about, demanding to know where the other kid lived. Of course, because she was awesome.

She asks what his mom was like, and Su-ha freezes up at the question. She wonders if it was too invasive to ask, and he says it is, without elaborating.

The detectives on watch take turns napping down in the car, and start to get grumpy about how long Min Joon-gook is taking to show himself. They sigh that he should just hurry it up.

Speak of the devil. It looks like Min Joon-gook has been living in a corner of an abandoned warehouse, at least for some time based on the mound of food wrappers nearby. He folds a mystery letter in a mystery envelope.

Do-yeon can’t get over the suspicion that Hye-sung might actually be telling the truth, and she starts to see her father’s coldness toward her in a new light. She casually tells her father that Hye-sung came by with the ridiculous story that she’s Hwang Dal-joong’s daughter, and requested a DNA test.

Judge Seo panics and asks if she agreed to take the test. Do-yeon stops cold at the words, admitting that what she expected was for Dad to call the accusation ridiculous and demand that she bring Hye-sung here to apologize. “Isn’t that what dads do?” Ouch.

She walks out, and he realizes he just gave her the answer to the question. She curls up with her head in Mom’s lap like a little girl and just asks to stay this way for a little while, as tears fall.

Su-ha offers to go talk to Do-yeon to see if he can mind-read anything that would help Hye-sung convince her to take the DNA test. He picks up his mail on their way out to work, and gets a mystery letter…

Inside is a copy of an old newspaper article with the headline, “Legendary 100% Success Rate in Heart Transplants.” And highlighted is the byline: Reporter Park Joo-hyuk. Eep, so Dad was a reporter. Su-ha’s eyes widen, and he conspicuously hides the letter from Hye-sung, saying it’s nothing.

And then in the office, both Hye-sung and Kwan-woo get copies of the exact same story in the mail. She thinks nothing of it, while Kwan-woo knows exactly what this is. He surreptitiously takes her copy away before she can give it a second glance, and brings both copies down to the detectives.

He only hands over the envelopes, saying that he has a hunch they were sent by Min Joon-gook. It’s very little to go on so the cop obviously has lots of questions, but Kwan-woo just uses his best pweeeze, hyung, for meeeeee aegyo, and Cop Hyung agrees to investigate just to make him stop.

Hye-sung asks Su-ha about his high school equivalency exam score, and gapes at his 98 percent. He didn’t think much of it until her reaction, and asks what she scored. She races to shut her eyes, but he catches her thinking 84. She blusters that standards were way tougher back then, heh.

Do-yeon arrives just as Su-ha is leaving, and he decides to follow her into the office. It cracks me up that the first thing Hye-sung does at the sight of her is cover her cheeks just in case she gets slapped again.

Pretty the Paralegal is the only one who’s dying of curiosity over the frenemy encounter, and Lawyer Shin has to drag him away. Do-yeon asks where Hye-sung heard her version of the story, and says that even on the tiniest sliver of a chance that she’s right, her only father is Judge Seo and he did nothing wrong.

Hye-sung doesn’t give up her source, since she can’t exactly explain that Su-ha heard her father thinking it, but she does convey the story—that her father wasn’t to blame for the trial itself, but when faced with the truth after the fact, he chose to take the deal and cover it up. And the deal in exchange for silence was to raise Do-yeon.

From outside, Su-ha hears voices being raised, and another slap. He races inside to find Hye-sung clutching her other cheek, and grabs Do-yeon’s arm to yell at her.

But in that split second he hears her thoughts: “Father, father, please tell me it isn’t true. Father.” It immediately makes him empathize with her, as we see him in flashback running as he thought the same: “Please tell me it isn’t true, Father.”

He lets go, and stops Hye-sung from chasing her down. She insists there isn’t time and they have to convince her to listen, but Su-ha is firm with her: “Go slow. It must feel like her world just crumbled. She just found out the sins of the father she trusted for twenty years. Give her time.”

She starts to resent him for taking Do-yeon’s side, and trying to cover up the truth (if you only knew how many ways that statement applied). He pleads sincerely, as if for himself as much as Do-yeon: “I’m not trying to cover up the truth. I’m asking you to look at the person—the person—first.”

Do-yeon leaves the meeting cursing at Hye-sung for being an awful girl, and then remembers how she used the hope of Hwang Dal-joong seeing his daughter as bait to get him to give false testimony against Min Joon-gook.

She pulls over to the side of the road to cry, and man, Do-yeon is just killing me in this episode.

Hye-sung is still mad by the time they get home, and she shuts the door to her room, and then asks Su-ha to talk. He reaches for the knob, but it’s locked, and she says she’s thinking lots of horrible thoughts right now so it’s best they talk through the door.

She asks how he can take Do-yeon’s side, and he argues that Judge Seo is the one to blame here—Do-yeon didn’t do anything wrong, and she’s his daughter. Not wanting to believe her father did wrong, not accepting his evil, those things are all natural.

Hye-sung scoffs that in the end, Do-yeon will take her father’s side, just wait and see. Su-ha: “She’s his daughter. How can a child accuse a father of wrong?”

But Hye-sung’s reply startles him: “Then Do-yeon becomes the same kind of person as that father. Covering up a father’s crime is the same as being an accomplice.” Oh noes. Stop it. Stop it. He pulls his hand away from the door. With every word Hye-sung says, he backs away farther and farther.

She says that makes Do-yeon just as guilty and no different from her father, and declares that this time it’s not just that they’re different—she’s right, and Do-yeon is wrong. She realizes there’s no answer, and when she opens her door, Su-ha isn’t there.

He sits in his dark room, shaken to his core by Hye-sung’s reaction. Augh, he’s never gonna tell the truth now. You just confirmed his worst nightmare.

In the morning, Su-ha checks his mail and finds another news clipping from Min Joon-gook. It’s another story about the university hospital’s success in heart transplants, written by his father. He hurriedly rips it up and hides it before Hye-sung gets downstairs. This can only end in tears, man. Are you just going to be intercepting mail for the rest of your life?

Pwahahaha, she finally arrives downstairs wearing a giant black sun visor on her head. To keep him from reading your thoughts? Or are you going to be a robot for a day?

Mostly he’s embarrassed to be seen with her, and she gets called ajumma by random people, but she insists on wearing it all the way to work. Kwan-woo runs up and calls her Darth Vader (gotta keep up his geek creds) and Su-ha frowns to see her open up her visor to speak to Kwan-woo.

He’s here to talk to Su-ha though, and hands him pictures of Min Joon-gook at the mailboxes where the letters were dropped off. Su-ha is panicked at the news that the same letters are being sent to Kwan-woo and Hye-sung.

Kwan-woo reassures him that she doesn’t know what any of it means, and that he’ll intercept the rest of the mail from now on. Su-ha breathes a sigh of relief, but then he can’t contain his petty jealousy, and whirls around to ask Kwan-woo why he’s doing all this.

Su-ha: “You like Jjang-byun too, so why do you keep helping me? Are you bragging in front of me? That you’re a good person, that you have a career, that you have parents, that you’re an adult—that you have it all, and I don’t even compare?! Are you showing off?”

Oh, Su-ha. Kwan-woo decks him in reply.

Kwan-woo: “Park Su-ha, get it together. The more you act badly, the more pathetic I become. Jjang-byun left no margin for me and chose you. So stop being anxious and show me why she chose you. Because right now based on the way you’re acting, I can’t understand why.” Oof, that’s a sobering speech to hear.

Meanwhile Do-yeon finds Hye-sung in the courthouse. She instinctively covers up her cheeks, and then lowers her hands when Do-yeon says she’ll take the DNA test. But she asks for a favor in exchange, which we don’t hear.

Do-yeon takes the test, and Lawyer Shin tells Hwang Dal-joong that they found his daughter Ga-yeon. His eyes fill with tears and he asks how she grew up, and when he can see her. Lawyer Shin takes his friend’s hand and says that might be difficult—she’s having a hard time accepting all of this.

Dal-joong realizes he only thought of his longing, and not about his daughter’s perspective. Lawyer Shin says that if the DNA test confirms that his wife is alive, they can ask for a retrial. It’s a long shot, especially given how little time Dal-joong has left.

Su-ha stops by Hye-sung’s apartment to check her mail, and sure enough there’s another letter in her stack. That night both Kwan-woo and Su-ha start researching the hospital at the center of the heart transplant stories, and the professor who’s performing the transplant surgeries.

Su-ha comes across a story that gives him pause. It’s the announcement of his mother’s funeral, in 2001. Her funeral was held at that same hospital. (It means she likely died there, too.) He gazes at the photo of Mom in his locket with a sigh.

Do-yeon gets a call from the testing center and braces herself for the news. We don’t hear it but it’s written all over her face, and she breaks down in tears while trying to type up a report for Hwang Dal-joong’s case.

Hye-sung spins in a revolving door while thinking over Su-ha’s words to think of the person first, and goes to confront Judge Seo. She says that she intended to make him testify, to show the whole world what he did. But she says that Do-yeon agreed to take the DNA test, and made a deal in exchange.

We see now what her request was to Hye-sung. She made her promise not to ruin her father through this trial—not a single thing in her father’s life was to be torn down by this. “The reason I’m taking the test is not for Hwang Dal-joong. It’s for my father.”

Hye-sung tells Judge Seo everything that Do-yeon said, and adds, “For the first time in my life, I felt sorry for her. If it were me, I’d hate a father like you.” She says she won’t be forcing him to testify, because of her promise.

And even after all that, he holds his head up high and declares that he did nothing wrong. Gah, you give new meaning to the word shameless.

As Su-ha waits for Hye-sung to get off of work that night, he mulls over Kwan-woo’s challenge. Hye-sung comes out wearing her visor armor, and he taps the faceplate to tell her to take it off.

She says she’s still mad, but he says there’s nothing she can think or say that’ll hurt him. He points out that he didn’t hold a grudge when Uncle abandoned him, when she called him an ankle-grabbing gum wad, or when she said it was all his fault that her mom died.

He says that he’s seen the worst of her and heard the worst she could think, and accepted all of it. “And no matter what you show me or say to me in the future, I’ll never be disappointed in you.”

He reaches to take the visor off, and she clasps it to her head frantically. He spins her around to face him and says again, “I told you, no matter what thoughts you have, I’ll never—” He opens the visor hood and stops mid-sentence.

Hye-sung’s brain: “What do I do? My heart won’t stop racing.” Hahaha. She cringes, mortified, and runs away. He catches up to her again and she cries (visor back on), “What woman would want these thoughts known?!”

So he holds both of her hands and tips her visor back up with a smile. She squeezes her eyes shut to keep him from listening in, which just gives him an opportunity for a kiss.

He leans in… and bumps into her giant hood. Augh, cockblocking visor from hell. I hate you, visor!

She catches him thwarted on his way to a kiss, and knocks him in the head on purpose with her giant hat. Heh. He holds her hands again and repeats what he said about never being disappointed in her, and she says she gets it.

But then he adds, “So no matter what I say, or what kind of person I am, don’t be disappointed in me either.” He leans in close and makes her answer him (just like she always does), and she agrees. He takes her visor off and chucks it in the trash before they head home.

The next day Kwan-woo goes to the hospital and asks to see the professor in all the articles. He’s told that the professor died in a car accident about eleven years ago. Su-ha arrives just behind him, and they’re both surprised to see each other.

They realize they followed the same article trail that led them here, and exchange what they know. Su-ha confirms that he doesn’t know the how or why behind Min Joon-gook’s insistence that Dad killed Joon-gook’s wife, but his guess was that it had to do with an article he wrote.

Min Joon-gook told Kwan-woo that nobody listened to him and nobody took his side, which is where all of this began. Su-ha wonders if Joon-gook killed the professor eleven years ago, and Kwan-woo agrees that he has a bad feeling about it.

He’s impressed that Su-ha is doing research and not just running scared, and Su-ha says yes with no resentment this time. “I have to know what Min Joon-gook is planning so I can protect her.”

Kwan-woo watches him go and smiles to himself that the little punk actually listened to him. Aw, are you genuinely proud?

The first day of Hwang Dal-joong’s case rolls around, and Su-ha asks what time Hye-sung wants him there. She tells him not to come this time, which shocks him. She figures that she can’t rely on him forever, and she’s a lawyer—she’s going to have to learn how to win cases without him.

She says proudly that she did a good job on his case when she didn’t have his eyes, and that her eyes aren’t as rotten as she thought.

Su-ha doesn’t look as pleased, and we hear him think in voiceover: “The greedier I get, it’s not your harsh words, or your biting words, but words like the ones you just spoke that hurt the most. The words that presuppose I won’t be here someday. Why is it that you keep assuming such things?” Stop terrifying me with your insights, Su-ha. I’m paranoid enough for the both of us.

Do-yeon arrives at the courthouse elevator just behind Hye-sung, and this time she pushes the button to hold the door for her. Ha, that’s a pretty momentous thing between these girls.

Hye-sung asks if she’s really going to go through with the trial against her biological father, and Do-yeon says coldly that it doesn’t change a thing. To her he’s still a criminal and blood doesn’t make him her father. Er, that’s exactly what it does, but I get your denial-related semantics.

Hye-sung watches her go with a sigh, declaring to herself that she’s one cold-hearted girl, “even more than me, and that’s hard.” Ha, at least you know it?

As the trial begins, it’s intercut with Choong-ki’s visit to Sung-bin’s nail shop (he’s come under the pretense of needing a manicure just so she’ll hold his hand, aw) and they play dueling exposition fairies to outline the basic arguments, and give the layman version each step of the way. It’s needless but cute.

Hwang Dal-joong spent twenty-six years in jail for murdering his wife, only to find that she wasn’t really dead. So then he stabs her this time, only is she a ghost or a person? Should he be sent to prison for stabbing her, after serving the first sentence unjustly?

Do-yeon begins the opening arguments for the prosecution, and nearly trips over her words when she stops to look at Hwang Dal-joong. But she wills herself to go on.

When it comes time for the defense to argue that Dal-joong’s wife is the same woman in both cases, Hye-sung can’t name the daughter, so she decides to call her Shim Chung, as in the mythical ideal of filial piety. Lol, way to needle at her conscience there. Hye-sung shows the results of the DNA test, pointing out with extra zeal the 99.9999997 percent match to both parents.

I don’t know how long the defense’s ghost argument will hold up though. Logically, the prosecution is right in this case, which mostly makes me sorry for Do-yeon. Yes, the first case was all wrong, and that twenty-six-year sentence was unjust. But he didn’t stab a ghost. He stabbed a living person, and this case isn’t the original one.

It comes time for Hwang Dal-joong to testify, and Su-ha arrives in the courtroom. Do-yeon gets up to start questioning him, but then he asks the judge if he can say something on record.

He gets up to thank his daughter Shim Chung for taking the DNA test. “I don’t know who or where she is, but I wanted to tell her to keep living happily, and beautifully.” He’s the only one who doesn’t know, of course, that Do-yeon is standing right in front of him, and she struggles to hide her tears.

She begins her questions in a shaky voice, and Su-ha picks up on something as she hesitates. She points out that attempted murder will turn into murder if the victim dies in her coma, but both Hye-sung and Lawyer Shin jump up to argue that she’s still alive.

Do-yeon can’t continue with her questions, and stops there. It surprises everyone, and Su-ha catches a glance at Hwang Dal-joong’s eyes in the midst of it all.

The trial breaks, and Su-ha hears Do-yeon thinking as she walks past him: “I’m sorry, Father.”

Hye-sung runs out to ask him how many jurors are on their side, and he points out that she was all gung-ho about doing this herself. I only noticed this now, but did you guys match your outfits today? She figures there’s no harm in asking if he’s here, but he says Do-yeon is the more important question right now.

She scowls, calling her a machine. But Su-ha says she isn’t as cold as she’s letting on, and that Hwang Dal-joong knows she’s his daughter. Ohhh. Hye-sung wonders how he found out.

We see in flashback that Do-yeon went to see him in jail. He received her coldly, only knowing her as Judge Seo’s daughter and thinking it a cruel fate to face off with that family in court again.

She says that her father will never apologize for the case twenty-six years ago, so Dal-joong gets up to go with nothing more to say. But then she says, “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I’ll apologize in my father’s place.”

She says that she knows her father is really sorry, but he’s not able to admit his faults. She asks for his forgiveness and gets up to go, saying that when she sees him in court tomorrow, it won’t be as Judge Seo’s daughter but as a prosecutor.

Hwang Dal-joong calls out to her with a hand on the glass to ask how old she is. When she says twenty-nine, he asks, “Ga-yeon, is that you?” Without turning around to face him, she says, “No, I’m Seo Do-yeon.” He doesn’t see her tears, then, or now in bathroom of the courthouse.

She breaks down in sobs, and Hye-sung runs into the bathroom, utterly shocked to find Do-yeon so vulnerable.

She pleads through her tears, “Hye-sung-ah, I-I-I feel like I’m going to die. Save me. Save my dad, please.”


Aw, you just can’t hate that girl, no matter how nasty she is sometimes. I honestly didn’t expect that the episode would end with the two girls being aligned—now there’s a twist for ya. I love how much Hye-sung hated that Su-ha empathized with Do-yeon (the whining that he kept taking her side was so adorably juvenile, but so completely her through and through), only to be the one she comes to in the end. The fact that their frenemy-ship is so bristly makes the turnaround just that much more satisfying, and a mark of maturity for both of them. Because as much as everyone else tells Su-ha he has to grow up, the two girls aren’t exactly stellar examples of adulthood. It’s also why we love them, because everything they say or do is punctuated with this schoolgirl pettiness that’s honest and lovable in all its flaws.

I did earnestly empathize with Do-yeon today, and I like that she didn’t get a sweet-girl personality change to suit the story turn. She remained her proud, dogged self, and showed just how similar she is to Hye-sung. Both girls so desperately want their parents’ approval, but the difference is that Hye-sung always had that in Mom (because she was the best mom ever), while Do-yeon struggled her whole life to live up to Dad’s standards, seeking something he was never going to give her. It wasn’t that she found out she was adopted, but her desperation to still earn Dad’s love that killed me. This episode felt a lot like the last, where I appreciate all of the character development, but I’m seriously getting antsy for Min Joon-gook to stir shit up. I was afraid of you, and then you started sending chain letters, and now I’ve forgotten why you were scary. Let’s get a move on with the mayhem, please.

All the parallels worked well in this episode, and I especially loved that Hye-sung compared Su-ha to Mom, her constant cheerleader and the one person she could count on to always take her side. That’s been a consistent character trait of Hye-sung’s from Day 1 and I enjoy how it’s brought back time and again, no matter how big or how little the matter. When Su-ha starts to see things from Do-yeon’s point of view, he’s right, but it almost doesn’t matter. To her he’s just not on the side he’s supposed to be on, no matter what. I think I like that about her because it’s something we all universally want, but she voices it loud and clear, in plain words.

Su-ha’s starting to show his weaknesses too, and I like that his little speech about never being disappointed in her seemed like he was being the bigger person… but was actually just begging for her to say it to him. Her reaction to Do-yeon helped put into words what he feared most, so despite making him retreat, I appreciated the push in reasoning. It’s not an unfounded fear, but in the end it’s just that—fear. For once I agreed with Kwan-woo’s tough love speech to Su-ha, even if I disagree with both of them that she needn’t know the truth. As for his worries about a future where they’re not together, well I don’t even want to think about that. *throws salt, does rain dance*


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        Since she doesn’t seem to stand out in previous dramas — I suspect we really have to credit the writer, who somehow, without being too heavy-handed, punctuates the emotional high and low points of the story brilliantly. This writer, unlike many, knows that a frenemy or second lead cannot be one-dimensional, but fully fleshed with certain beliefs and ways that they handle situations. The writer has written a really meaty character, both with flaws but with a certain amount of backbone and inner strength that shines through. It’s always nice when every character written has something that makes them interesting.

        The actor playing Min Jin Gook, wow — he’s a veteran, but I’ve never seen him so villainous, so sociopathic. It’s amazing. However, he does come close to pure evil without any redeeming qualities. I also bet he killed the Medical Professor, and possibly Su Ha’s mother was the one that gave Min’s wife her heart and it didn’t work for some reason, and of course he’s blaming both SuHa’s father and the professor for the transplant’s failure. Really, even if he has a side that rationalizes Suha’s father’s death, I think mostly it’s just his own delusions of blame that he placed upon him after the poor outcome of the transplant. If he gets on trial again, I wouldn’t want to be his lawyer — he’s not willing to take any responsibility for any of the evil he’s done, especially killing Hye Sung’s Mother.

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          but… that thing has viruses,nasty ones…

        • Waiting

          I am in the U.S. and the videos do not load for me.

    • 4.4 kharen0201

      try dramaholics

    • 4.5 pinkblush

      So true! It was disappointing when dramacrazy was shut down. I have to wait several more days.

    • 4.6 alua

      I know you are impatient because this drama is addicting, but I think you are being a little unfair. It is being subbed very quickly (also compared to other dramas), in less than a day, more like within half a day.

      Yes, it wasn’t up when I woke at 7 (and normally it is), but it was up by 8, so it was probably delayed by 2-3 hours.

      Subbers have a life too.

      • 4.6.1 Waiting

        So true, Alua. The Viki subbers for IHYV are very fast. I can usually watch the episode same day – in the late evening or earlier. Same has been true for Blade and Petal aka Sword and Flower.

  5. MeeisLee

    Show, part of me is glad that we’re not ending our relationship tomorrow but the other part of me wonders where we would be in the story if the end our of short affair was alot sooner than planned. Maybe a lot less hitting in this episode? Show, our relationship doesn’t need to end violently, I still love you.

    I really like the similarities we’re seeing with Do Yeon and Su Ha in regards to their reactions to learning their father isn’t who they thought they were. Those two characters don’t really interact much so it was nice to see that the same questioning and feeling of betrayal was universal. Maybe it’ll be Su Ha helping her at some point as a reversal to what happened 11years ago? Also, I didn’t expect Do Yeon to come around like she did or well, not as quickly. Damn. Never thought I would feel so much sympathy for her. The scene is very reminiscent of when Hye Sung begged Do Yeon to help her catch Min Joon Gook. This show continues to flesh out very real characters and instead of isolating their emotions and experiences it connects them through them.

    Gah, I love the Choong Ki and Sung Bin scenes but this one felt like filler (even if it was short). They were just explaining what we already know when they could’ve been doing some more cute/humorous like they normally do :(.

    On a completely unrelated note: Does anyone else think Choong Ki(Park Doo Shik) looks like Jang Beom Joon from Busker Busker? Methinks he should just serenade Sung Bin with a Busker Busker song like “First Love” (can you tell I’ve been watching Monstar?) so they can just get together already! Like seriously, can we have a cute, happy couple at the end of the Show that’s not the subject of a serial killer’s obssession?
    —And funny, I was wondering if is JB was a fan of Coffee Boy (cause yunno, Coffee and all) and look how you just posted one of his songs in this recap :).

    • 5.1 alua

      The Choong Ki and Sung Bin scenes were definitely a filler – they were there to show that the two are still hanging out, so that when they get together in the final episode, it won’t be all strange (it would be awkward if they disappeared for three episodes and then pop in the final one as a couple).

      The Do Yeon/Su Ha parallel is obviously set up on purpose, so that Su Ha gets pushed to confront his worst fears. It’s something this show likes to do quite a lot (developing one situation that makes another character face his/her own situation).

      I’ve liked Do Yeon for a while, she was never the typical second lead – not the idiotic 2-D love rival that manipulates everything (indeed, they never went the ‘love rival’ route with any character, not even Oska went the typical path there, yeah!), but a 3-D character, a real person. I think it’s totally understandable she struggles with what she’s been told, I don’t think it needed Suha’s mind-reading to know that she needs a bit of time. Heck, she is confronting this within a matter of days, while others would be in denial for weeks or months!

      Hyesung should have reached out and hugged her! How could anyone have done anything else when they see someone crying like that? Or at least a pat on the shoulder? I mean, put yourself in her shoes! It’s amazing she managed to say ANYthing at the trial without breaking down.

      • 5.1.1 RWJQ

        Maybe you’ll get the hug you wanted in tomorrow’s opening scene. (:

        • Chloe

          I really hoped for a hug too! I was just waiting for her to rush forwards and give her a good hug rather than stand there for AGES

  6. TheTofurkey

    I let out an embarrassing little squeal anytime I see any post related to this show. I am so excited to see this recap! This show continues to hit all of my sweet spots, making me a very happy and content viewer. Love it! And I’m thrilled we have an extra week of episodes left! Because I am definitely not ready to say goodbye to these characters yet.

    Thanks for the recap!

  7. Princessmia

    Do yeon is by far my favorite character. Poor girl.

  8. KDaddict

    What I get from ep 15 is this:

    HS: You don’t have to come to court today. I’ve to learn to do it when you are not there. I’m a lawyer after all. I’ve to do it without you.
    Suha thinking to himself (In voice over): Of all the things that you can say, this hurts the most. Why are you preparing to do things on your own when you are without me?

    Me: Plz don’t tell me they r going to kill off Suha at the end!!
    Bcos it wouldn’t be politically correct to show a 28 year old woman living with a 20 year old man in love and romance?
    I’m so worried that the rest of the ep kinda fades away by comparison.

    • 8.1 Nanaki

      The reasonable part of my brain argues they won’t kill Su-ha off because the writing has been very good so far, and there would be no narrative purpose – quite literally no point – to his death. And it’s not the show that makes the point that there is no point. Nor the show that would kill a beloved character off just for the tears. This part of me argues that with death an unlikely eventuality, those lines serve to just show how insecure and dependent on Hye-sung is; that it’s not her that needs to grow (up) anymore, it’s him.

      The rest of me is freaking out.

      • 8.1.1 TheTofurkey

        Haha, I love this. My brain is also very conflicted. Half of me is relying on logical arguments for comfort; the other half is a paranoid, simpering, emotional wreck.

        I think this show has made me bipolar.

        • chewyish

          “the other half is a paranoid, simpering, emotional wreck”
          perfect description of me after i watched the episode. good to know i’m not the only one

          but i feel like my brain cooks up things to worry about after every single episode (like a few episodes back i was so worried about amnesia!suha falling in lurv with sungbin and the writer doing the whole otp switcheroo thing they did in dream high. yes i am a paranoid freak) this is all probably a nasty side effect of watching a drama while it is airing

          • KDaddict

            And yet, once you get used to it, watching a drama that is already finished feels like watching a ball game the day after. No urgency.

        • Ellie

          “I think this show has made me bipolar.”

          TRUE. TRUE. </3 ♥

    • 8.2 the68monkey

      If the show separates them due to age difference, I will be irate! Other dramas, including one that ended last week, have BIG age differences between the male and female leads when the girl is the younger of the two. If Su-ha and Hye-sung are kept apart simply because of a double standard, I may go on a K-drama strike! (although I realize the only one who will suffer will be me. Damn.)

      Here’s one thing I was thinking may happen that could make it somewhat more acceptable, maybe? We’ll have another time jump, with Su-ha emerging older and (even) more mature as a police detective. Then would it be okay, you think, if he’s no longer just 20? Also, even though it’s not likely to happen, I’d love to see Do-yeon switch to becoming a public defender and working alongside Attorney Oska after Attorney Shin retires. Then everybody could be happy, except maybe Pretty the Paralegal.

      • 8.2.1 KDaddict

        I’d ship Do Yeon w Pretty Paralegal for another noona-dongseng relationship!

        • the68monkey

          LOL! That could work, too, but poor Oska needs somebody since we WILL NOT allow him to be with Hye-sung. 😛

          • KDaddict

            Don’t know why Yoonie bother to take this role, which doesn’t give him anything to do to win more love fr viewers. He was loveably hilarious as Oska.

          • alua

            I’m actually okay if this show doesn’t couple up everyone with someone (in fact, I’d prefer it).

            Suha and Hyesong need to happen, and Choong Ki and Sung Bin are likely to happen (or at least a confession) because they have pushed that one from the beginning as a very minor side story but in fact there has been no relationship suggestions for any other characters. It would be kind of unrealistic to now match Do yeon up with someone, whether Oska or Pretty the Paralegal. It would be typical k-drama fashion to do that, but this drama has been pretty good with avoiding any of those “this is what why always do in k-dramas” things.

            We don’t need everyone’s happy end on the screen. I think we can be sure that Do yeon, Oska and Pretty the Paralegal will go on to have good, fulfilled lives with partners.

          • alua

            Plus: this show hasn’t focused on the age difference that much at all. I feel like it pointed it out initially (it needed to, especially when Suha was in high school still), but it got over it.

            If they wanted to make it an issue, they’d have the detectives gossiping about the hand-holding and such.

          • ilikemangos

            It’s interesting, because on the character chart, Do Yeon was supposed to eye Kwan-Woo(with the arrow pointing to him) except the writer never developed that part and i love that she didnt. Cause then it would just feel unnatural and forced, where everyone ends up with somebody, the typical k-drama route.

      • 8.2.2 jupiter

        Let me join you on the strike … I’m crossing my fingers real hard for a Soo Ha-Hyesung ending… Come on, we’ve seen huge age differences in other dramas. Gentleman’s Dignity had 17 years age gap but the girl was younger. I think Soo Ha-Hyesung will work out, reminds me of You’re my Pet (Japanese drama)… people shouldn’t be hypocrites. this has happened in real life as well, although rare.

        • rosali

          reminds of Last Cinderella with the guy 15yrs younger than the female lead; of I Do, I Do where the guy is 10yrs junior than the female lead of 37yrs of age; and so on…

    • 8.3 alua

      I don’t think it’s very likely they will kill Suha off. It may have been the original plan (part of me thinks that the leaked script was done by someone who understood that the only way to stop that from happening was to leak it to force a turn-around from the writers), but at this point I think the writers themselves realise without pushing that if they do that, fans will revolt and all their future project will be doomed (because we’d be unable to forgive them and refuse to watch anything by those writers again).

      But I also don’t see this exchange between Hyesung and Suha that dark. It plays into Suha’s fears, because I guess he’s still somewhat unsure about Hyesung’s feelings for him (understandably, people have pushed him away his whole life and he still has one dark truth to tell her). However, what Hyesung says is very true: if she wants to be a good lawyer, she needs to be able to do it on her own – anything other than that, would make her rather pathetic. It’s for her own independence and self-worth but also because Suha can’t spend the rest of his life sitting in her courtroom. Which is okay… relationship aren’t about being 100% dependent on one another.

      Plus, she does need him, just in better places… like around the house. If he pushes off the visor and gives her that kiss, he might just realise that. 😉

  9. SweetPea

    Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like this ep. really felt the consequence of the late extension. Su-Ha’s secret has already been dragged out long enough, and if it weren’t for the extension, don’t you think it’d be out already?

    Something this drama excelled at was the PACE. The story never seemed to drag, but this secret is really starting to annoy me. :/

    • 9.1 SweetPea

      ETA: honestly, I’m starting to feel apprehensive about the finale. I wish for it to go out with a bang, just like it hit right out the door in the beginning. It’d be such a shame if the extension ruins it.

      Please, show. You are too fantastic to falter now!

      On the other hand, I do love how fleshed out the characters are- especially Do-Yeon.

    • 9.2 MeeisLee

      I think youre right. If it was ending tomorrow, I’m sure Hye Sung would’ve known about his secret. Maybe some following (short) separation where Min Joon Gook finally makes his move and actually shows up in person instead of sending horrible chain mail (which kinda gives it that threat that generally come with chain letters, the whole send-this-to-5-people-or-else-a-one-hand-man-will-come-and-kill-you-in-your-sleep kinda thing except the stakes are real here). There’s wasn’t as much of the little cute bits in this episode for me but I did love the character developments so I guess that’s a fair enough trade off.

      • 9.2.1 SweetPea

        I know, right? By the end, I was pulling a “Gaksital” and going, “MIIN JOON GOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!” He needs to stop acting like some confused puberty teen sending off silly letters.

        Plus, the sooner he appears, the more Su-ha and Hye-Sung will get things moving. In more ways than one- if ya know what I mean. 😉

      • 9.2.2 yuka sato

        one question. how did min jong gook know soo ha’s address??


        • KDaddict

          Suha and his father lived there b4 Min killed SH’s father. I’m sure he was a stalker b4 that murder.

          • ~Feather~

            Actually, I think that he got the apartment after his father’s death. I think it was last ep (?) SH had a flashback where his uncle bought the apt. for him to live in and discovered SH could read minds.

          • the68monkey

            Yes, that’s creepy. It seems like the reason Su-ha took Hye-sung to stay at his place was because of the security and the belief that Min Joon-gook supposedly didn’t know where Su-ha lived. Yikes!

          • Ennayra

            Well, they also went to Su-ha’s place because it has a front desk, security, coded locks. I think it’s much more secure than Hye-sung’s, although I love her place.

    • 9.3 Nanaki

      It is not just you.

    • 9.4 redfox

      I agree, and not only the secret being out to Hye Sung, but he would have found out exactly what happened as well.

      the whole story.

    • 9.5 KDaddict

      It has definitely slowed down, which is annoying, yet we get to see Suha for another 2 eps. Life is not perfect. It’s always abt trade-offs, isn’t it?

      As long as they don’t kill him at the end, I’ll be grateful.

      • 9.5.1 redfox

        I read: “abs trade-off”. Let´s hope you are right about that.
        agree on plz don´t kill him at the end. but I am quite sure now that wont happen. and I feel conflicted becaause in a twisted way I wanna keep being worried it MIGHT happen, while I don´t want it to REALLY happen.

        hah and I read on some page about the actor on MinGook raising attention, people pull away from him in the elevator and check to see if he has a left hand. LOL. I guess it is a bit creepy….maybe it helps him stay in character if people really see a villain in him….

        • KDaddict

          Suha is still on the skinny side, apart from his broad(ening) shoulders and biceps. No abs to speak of for now, fr that short shower scene that we saw, right? Maybe, in his next project, the Swimming film? Is it a film or drama?

          • MeeisLee

            Sadly, it is a film :(. Hopefully loads of Seo In Guk and JGS (more defined) abs.

          • redfox

            true though.

          • KDaddict

            @MeeisLee: I don’t remember a JGS being cast in this. Which JGS do u mean? Not Jang Geun Suk, I don’t think.

          • MeeisLee


            Sorry! I keep getting my acronyms mixed up, I meant LJS, Lee Jong Seok! My friend is currently watching Youre Beautiful so Jang Geun Suk has been coming up alot in our convos recently.

        • the68monkey

          That’s hilarious about Jung Woong-in! Even though he’s super creepy as Min Joon-gook in this drama, I will forever see him as the perfect father, brother, and friend, Dong-hwa from LAST SCANDAL. 🙂

          • KDaddict

            Or Elder brother from OJK Brothers.

      • 9.5.2 SweetPea

        ^^ Yeah. Exactly.

        See, I don’t have a problem with the character development, but it’s just too long- and takes the focus away from the MAIN story- which is Min Joon Gook vs Su-Ha and Hye-Sung. As much as I’m creeped out by that man, he does move the story along- but this episode- all we see is him sending chain mails like a little teen. lol.

      • 9.5.3 maki

        yes, as long as they don’t kill our noona killer and don’t separate the OTP, i would really grateful aswell 😛

    • 9.6 Mar

      Agreed, pace is off now.

  10. 10 KDaddict

    Re Suha’s secret:
    It looks like his father was a reporter who wrote an article abt the success of heart transplant surgeries done at a certain hosp by a certain cardiologist.

    I’d Guess that:
    Min JG’s wife went there for a transplant, but died in the process. Can it be THAT Simple?

    Is that enough reason for Min JG to kill off the cardiologist, the reporter (SH’s father), HS’s mother, etc. etc.? Boring.

    It’d mean that he was a psycho in the first place.

    • 10.1 TheTofurkey

      That’s what I gathered as well. I hope it isn’t that simple, though. There’s no way Su-ha’s dad could be held accountable for her death if that’s the only connection. It would make me feel like all of this drama and angst on Su-ha’s part would have been for nothing, and that’ll annoy me. The puppy has suffered enough, he doesn’t need to suffer anymore than necessary.

    • 10.2 V

      My guess as to what went on: The professor/surgeon was MJG’s wife. She performed an operation on SH’s mom, which led to her (SH’s mom’s) death. This led to SH’s dad taking revenge by writing bad articles about the professor/MJG’s wife, which caused her to commit suicide in the form of a car accident. This then made MJG kill SH’s dad in retaliation.

      I could of course be completely wrong. Is the professor/surgeon’s gender ever specified?

      • 10.2.1 redfox

        hah clever. everyone automatically assumes it is a man! gender stereotypes! you are rigth.

      • 10.2.2 MeeisLee

        Woah! I like your guess! I was thinking along the lines of KDaddict. BUT! What if there was some major twist and Su Ha is really Min Joon Guk’s son?! Oh the mind f**kery!

        • redfox

          I doubt that. facts dont match

        • MizzMizzEka

          Please don’t say jn the end MJG was Su Haa father, oh nooooooo!

      • 10.2.3 MikaSan123

        This theory is more interesting than MJG just killing everyone because of his wife’s failed heart transplant (I mean, he’s nuts all the same, but there are different levels of craziness), but the only problem is that, so far, the articles have all been pretty positive (100% success rate) which doesn’t seem like Sooha’s dad has anything against the surgeon.

        • MeeisLee

          I dont think MJG is done with his chain mail yet so thats why we havent seen any negative articles yet? Remember MJG said his wife was killed by SH’s dad’s cunning tongue so I think he’s waiting for the big reveal of what verbal atrocity SH’s dad committed. Probably something that more likely led to a suicide or a horrible accident related to whatever SH’s dad said since direct words towards a person seems like better justification than just some report about a good hospital that may have not been so good.

        • Z

          It could be that the headlines were sarcastically written. On Viki at least one of them was translated as “The Myth of Transplant Success” or something like that.

      • 10.2.4 Z

        That’s it!!! I’m so sure you’re right!! If not then I hope the writers read this blog because I’m sure there is still time to add this twist in the live shoots. That is such a better reason to go on a killing spree than simply a botched heart transplant! You’re a genius!

      • 10.2.5 yumi

        I wondered if the reporter was on the take and the articles were pushing the hospital as top notch, when it was substandard.

        Perhaps Joon Gook’s wife chose the hospital because of the great articles and she died from surgical incompetence, and because the power of his adversaries he couldn’t get the authorities to do anything, so he enacted ‘direct justice” vengeance.

        My speculations are almost always off.

      • 10.2.6 Waiting

        I think I am leaning toward the same speculation as the sub for the scene between Su Ha and MJG indicated that Su Ha’s father’s “words” killed MJG’s wife.

      • 10.2.7 Carole McDonnell

        oooh, i hadn’t thought of that! wow, you’re good!

    • 10.3 harukogirl

      I think it’s a bit more complicated, because apparently SH’s mom died at that SAME hospital 1 year earlier…and since it’s a drama, it’s gotta be connected.

      Even if it’s not connected, I’ll bet it’s a case of medical malpractice. MJG constantly said that no one heard his side of the story. So, here’s a theory: the hospital covered up past failed opps, SH’s dad either knowingly or in ignorance wrote the glowing but false articles, MJG’s wife dies on the table…and it gets covered up by the hospital. While trying to get justice for his wife, he discovers this isn’t the first time at all – the 100% success rate is a total lie. In rage, he kills Dad and Doc.

      • 10.3.1 KDaddict

        More complicated is good. I’d hat it and feel cheated if it were That simple.

        But Plz don’t let Suha be Min’s son. A Noona-killer son of a genuine killer? My mind does NOT want to go there.

        • harukogirl

          Nope, I got it figured out I think…

          I’ll bet it’s all a case of medical malpractice. MJG constantly said that no one heard his side of the story. So, here’s the theory:

          So, SH is sick and needs a heart transplant. Mom is in an accident and dies, but guess what? Heart is a match. Dad is so grateful to doctor that SH was saved, he writes series of articles. Maybe he either knowingly or in ignorance skips over past mistakes by the Doc who does the surgeries.

          MJG’s wife reads articles, gets surgery, and dies on the table…and it gets covered up by the hospital, in particular by the Doc, who neither acknowledges or apologizes for Wife’s death. While trying to get justice for Wife, MJG discovers this isn’t the first time at all – the 100% success rate is a total lie. In rage, he kills Dad and Doc.

          Meantime, Mom’s cell phone charm is an angel…. The accident and SH being totally alone trigger something, and SH hears people’s hearts – It’s because SH has his mom’s heart that he can “read other peoples HEARTS”

          Because mom died and he lived, he has trouble talking about her. So that’s why he doesn’t like telling even HS about her. Everything fits…

          Well, it does in my head 😀

          • yumi

            I can fully subscribe to your theory except for the idea of SuHa having open hear surgery and there hasn’t ever bin a hint about a scar on his chest.

            But then, I might have missed something.

          • yumi

            What about if SuHa’s Mom is the surgeon, his dad was writing glowing (and incorrect) recommendations promoting her hospital, and never really looking at quality of care –100% success and God is not on staff—really?!?!?

            SuHa Mom dies in the hospital from injuries sustained outside from Joon Gook. [I don’t read Korean so I have no idea what MamaSuha died of]

            After MamaSuha was murdered, Suha and DadaSuha goes on the run hiding from vengeful Joon Gook.

          • KDaddict

            I also think malpractice and cover-up are involved. That’s why he feels so wronged by society.
            One of the newspaper articles that Suha comes across on the internet is abt his mother’s death. There’s a mystery there. We don’t yet know what role she and her death played in Min’s murderous rage.

          • Carole McDonnell

            yeah, @yumi, I kinda got the feeling the reporter was doing more advertising than reporting in that article.

      • 10.3.2 sophia

        liking this theory. makes the most sense to me.

        MVP of this episode is DY. I feel like we’ve been wasting this actress for 14 episodes. Girl can emote something fierce. I appreciate that while other things are wonky we still get hand holding and no needless breakup with SH and HS.

        please dramagods, please….let them end up together as cop and defense attorney leaving work together everyday holding hands and being CRAZY ADORABLE. They even FIGHT adorably! Also…if it’s not too much trouble, maybe we could up the skinship quota seeing as how they LIVE together? Maybe a close call in the shower? falling asleep on the couch together? twister? pweeetyyy pweeeze. (Ah, the endless joys of Oska byun)

        • redfox

          cop delivers suspect, kisses attorney. that would be great.

          • harukogirl

            LOVE THIS. 😀

      • 10.3.3 Thursdaynexxt

        + 1 for this theory! 🙂

    • 10.4 Min

      I don’t really care if it’s that simple, he is psycho… Suha proved to him that given a similar push, not everyone becomes a psycho killer. MJG needs to be hospitalized in a mental institution.

    • 10.5 gishly

      What about Su-ha freezing at the mention of his mom? Could that have been related? Could his mom possibly have had some role in all this? Such a dramatic reaction to a fairly innocuous question.

    • 10.6 Mina

      This totally random theory, but what if SH dad wrote the articles, then his wife needed a heart transplant and end up dying and dad blamed the surgeon(MJG or his wife) and wrote negative review of him/her which led to MJG’s wife death.

  11. 11 ilikemangos

    Love love the reversals with do yeon and hye sung’s relationship.
    Seems like just a few episodes back when Hye Sung was begging do yeon to help save her mother, now it’s do yeon’s turn to ask for help from hye sung.
    It’s not like they’re besties or anything, but i love the dynamic they have going on in that relationship.
    This was pretty much an episode dedicated to do yeon so it might be a slower episode for some. But it worked for me because I actually cared, even just a bit.

  12. 12 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    What am I supposed to do when I can’t hate the mean girl? Dang it show, I can’t take this emotional roller-coaster. I have to say Do-yeon, is one of my favorite second leads ever. I want to dislike her, but can’t because I empathize with her. Now she has a dad that loves her and a dad that she wants to be loved by. When she says save my dad, I wonder if she means both of them. Because in all honesty she can’t save one without hurting the other. What a great episode.

  13. 13 Nanaki

    Ok, you boys really need to stop keeping stuff from Hye-Sung. She can take it. She will love you anyway. And on a more superficial level, it’s totally unfair you two get to figure out everything (lookin’ at you, Su-ha) and she doesn’t. And now she is going to be So. Angry. when she finds out. ‘cus she will. And she will kick your asses. Or even cry.

    I liked Do-yeon when it became obvious she was going to be a person, not a second-lead charachiture. This really was her episode to shine, though, even if it was through a bucket of tears.

    Also, is it weird I wish this series was ending tonight because 1) it’d get this tension over with and 2) I could then marathon the whole thing?

    • 13.1 ilikemangos

      Do yeon fits under the category of 3-dimensional 2nd leads. And she’s not your typical second lead bitchy caricature, either. There’s alot more to her and i love that we see her break this episode while showing her vulnerabilities in front of hye sung. They’ve come a long way since the beginning when both refused to back down in front of the other.
      See, i appreciate this writer. Even if it’s obvious she’s used do yeon and all that baggage to fill up the extension, at least she’s using it to her advantage to flesh out our side characters, which I have no complaints about. The tradeoffs are nice, even if the pace has suffered.
      My only complaints with this extension is the pacing, but all other things that come with character growth in these last few episodes make me content.

      • 13.1.1 redfox

        I wonder if this shows a change in the stereotypes of a kdrama. last year, at the end of the year, we all expressed here what we hope from kdramas next year. and some of the ideas were: female friendships, less second-lead-bitches and making them good girls or at least conflicted characters once in a while, um, what else? male-female friendships, nice mothers, considerable older woman-younger guy romances. this year it has all come true.
        in general more truthfulness, less pettiness.

        • Nanaki

          We can hope, but I doubt it. It’s mostly lazy writing that’s to blame and unless the production system changes, neither will the average writing quality. Still. HOPE.

          • redfox

            yeah, it is more important to produce quickly and lots, not plan better and emphasize top quality. actors are top notch but they do what the script says…. so they cannot affect the plot

  14. 14 panshel

    Do Yeon was a star today. I felt so sorry for her. Finding out you’re adopted is hard enough, but finding out the reason why you’re adopted was earth-shattering. I’m impressed she was even able to hold it together in court as well as she did, especially after her birth father’s heartfelt wish for her. Hwang Dal Joong is awfully perceptive to realize Do Yeon is Ga Yeon. She was asking Hye Sung to save her real dad in the last scene, right? I thought it was cute how Choong Ki and Sung Bin were debating the case.

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

  15. 15 zsa

    i hate that cockbblovking visor…i hope she knows abt his dad today…he leaves…and they get together and make up nxt week ….life has to be simple sometimes….

    • 15.1 redfox

      could be. noble idiocy, time gap, Hye Sung calls cops for whatever reason, arrive Su Ha.

  16. 16 mikan

    Thanks for the recap! I’ve been waiting for this the whole day! I love how much each episode brings so much to the table and although the pacing seems to slow down as they try to accommodate additional episodes, I love that they take these additions to create more dimension for the characters and makes us fall more in love with them and this fantastic world they created.

  17. 17 Karen

    If only everyone has Su-he’s abilities… I lost my voice since yesterday because of a throat infection.. If ever my friends know how to read my mind… It is so frustrating to communicate with pen and paper… 🙁

  18. 18 1608

    Does anybody else feel a serious bout of Noble Idiocy coming on? I hope it ain’t so.

    • 18.1 Nanaki

      Well, it can’t last that long if it does.

      • 18.1.1 1608

        Thankfully that’s true. Side but unrelated note: in this episode they say that the principle of double jeopardy exists, as in you cannot be tried twice for the same crime. However, in a previous episode, following Su Ha’s acquittal, the prosecution was going to file an appeal for a retrial. How is that possible?? I thought at the time it violated double jeopardy but assumed that was not law in Korea. Now I’m really confused… If I’m not mistaken and this is a contradiction, this is one of my biggest qualms about legal dramas. A law does or does not exist and if it’s going to be applied then it ought to be applied consistently.

        • Nanaki

          The ‘retrial’ was an appeal, not trying to convict him for the same thing twice. They’re different things. The first one is like disagreeing with Mum about who got the last cookie and dragging your sibling and the as-yet-uneaten cookie to Dad for another opinion. The second one is when Mum rules that your sibling gets the last cookie twice in a row (two separate occasions).

          That’s my understanding, anyway.

        • dorisp

          in Suha’s case it’s an appeal and they can ask retrial twice till it reached supreme court where the verdict would be final…. in dad’s case it could be said as double jeopardy as he is being tried for the ‘same’ crime, as in killing his wife or trying to kill his wife (2nd case) wherein he has already served 26years in prison, that’s why they’re trying to prove that the 2nd person he stabbed is the wife in his first case….. so I think there is still hope for dad….

  19. 19 mezzed

    This episode just killed me inside with Do-yeon’s story. I teared while watching the last bit and almost teared while reading the recap too.

  20. 20 Han Mania

    I watched the raws last night and it wasn’t enough to satiate my Su Ha hunger, so I made a commitment to come here earlier.

    Thanks for the awesome recap!

  21. 21 clumsy goldfish

    *joins the salt-throwing and rain dancing*

    Anyway Do Yeon makes me cry so much this episode T.T

  22. 22 MariD

    I’m loving the random/blatant product placements now. I feel like Anthony is watching somewhere feeling extremely proud.
    Anyhow.. While I love the cute, and actually really do like mean girl. I want our villain to comeback and do his thing! That our just make the next episode a big date between puppy & his favorite lawyer. I love those two to pieces and could just watch them read a book

    • 22.1 KDaddict

      Today we are told to take our Redoxan Vitamin C tabs. A box AND a tube r clearly placed on the table! They r good for you when taken early in the morning. Ha ha.
      And ALL those Furla bags. I’m lucky I don’t like even one of them. Not tempted.

      • 22.1.1 Nanaki

        How much do you think you have to pay for a once-off versus something like the coffee shop one?

        • KDaddict

          Holly’s is a big chain in SK, so it is worth their while to pay a lot. Few things contain as much mark up as drinks. It’s basically water.

          Redoxan, on the other hand, has a much smaller market.

          As for Furla, I was once in Shenzhen, the city N of Hong Kong on the China side. Sb tried to sell me a Prada bag for USD40. I had not seen that design b4, n naturally assumed it was a fake. 9 months later, I saw that same bag in Beverly Hills. So it was likely fr a sample run. My pt is: Name brand bags’ production costs r but a small fraction of their retail price. It’s just PVC, isn’t it? Much of the price goes to advertising. So they can afford to pay a gt deal for PPL.

        • Nanaki

          Ok, well, since I like to know these things I went and raided the internet (well, the top ten searches on Google) and I am going to share, since I can’t possibly be the only nerd on here. According Google, companies have two options – pay for a 10-second exposure, which is slightly shorter than a TV commercial (apparently pp is deemed more effective and is actually a bit cheaper), or you can sponsor the show. Sponsoring the show is more expensive and the highest price I found was 200 million won (US$179,000) and you get to showcase your product throughout the series. Actually supplying the characters with your product for use, like cars, may or may not be extra, am not clear on this point. A short, once-off ppl is generally between 10 – 40 million won (US$8,950 – 35,800).

          So. There you go. I can go back to work now.

          • DDee

            @nanaki, thanks for the info! it’s sounds like it’s a heck of lot cheaper to do PPL than a commercial since you’d hv to pay to produce the ad & pay to hv it screened during the show.

          • KDaddict

            Yah, Sponsoring the show:
            Like Kim Joo Won driving that BMW through out the whole of Secret Garden. Automobile manufacturers sponsor shows a lot. They have the big bucks.
            Ditto for cellphones. In this series, we see LTE: A ALL THE Freaking time. They also have a CF that airs Right b4 the show.
            And even a one-off PPL is cheaper n more effective than a CF, cos you’ve to PAY the stars who appear in your CF. I can totally see Redoxan paying USD10,000 for that appearance. If it was a CF, I’d have walked away fr the tv.

      • 22.1.2 MariD

        Well I guess the cell phone ones are in all the dramas, but today we also got a very good look at Do-Yeons phone. You know, just because…

      • 22.1.3 MeeisLee

        I feel like I wasn’t watching closely enough since I missed all of those product placements :(. I’m a bad viewer to market to.

      • 22.1.4 yumi

        Since I’m not brand aware, Deo-Yeon’s cell phone is the only one I noticed.

        I did wonder why they were drinking that weird orange water for breakfast.

        What are the chances of someone packaging hye-Sung weird “dog food” recipe and selling it.

    • 22.2 Penny

      I know! I feel like all these labels snubbed the drama at the beginning thinking it’s never gonna get popular. And now that it’s big, they all want to ride on its coattails! I’m not saying its bad, I understand how these things work. It’s just that the change is so jarring. Remember in the beginning, the labels on the characters’ smartphones were covered, and it’s only in the middle stretch of the drama that they begun endorsing a brand? Product placements are just really blatant now. Well, it only proves how well the show is doing.

      • 22.2.1 KDaddict

        Now, Penny is an observant viewer. I certainly missed that change.

        • Penny

          Thanks. 🙂 But I’m not really observant most of the time. I just noticed that fact since I’ve always thought that cellphone endorsements are a given in any drama, or in most of them to say the least.

      • 22.2.2 the68monkey

        You’re right! I forgot that Hye-sung’s phone had little heart stickers over the Samsung name earlier in the series! But then, after Su-ha’s return, he even went phone shopping. 😛

    • 22.3 sophia

      Speaking of sponsorships..does anyone know what brand jjang byun wears? I love her colorful array of skirts and shirts. Dress from the park-kiss is also awesome. This show is work-fashion crack.

      • 22.3.1 KDaddict

        It doesn’t look like they have a sponsor for their clothes, unlike their bags. Go to Soompi and ppl have put up photos of different pcs. of clothing that the two women lawyers wear. The blouses and dresses look so much better on the actresses than on display.

    • 22.4 dorisp

      i don’t mind product placements now that i know it can help producers of dramas to recoup their investment in producing the drama…don’t want to hear anymore sad news about them still suffering coz of dramas they produced…..

      • 22.4.1 boholanna

        I don’t mind product placements. I actually love them. I always watch out for her handbags. I saw her use a Tory Burch one time. And were those Louboutin shoes HyeSung was wearing?

    • 22.5 petmink

      Last week they were trying to sell laundry detergent when Soo Ha needed his shirt washed.

      • 22.5.1 Waiting


        That was the one PPL that seemed obvious and blatant. Washing one shirt and having both the liquid and powder form for the product sitting on the top of the washing machine in such an arranged way….UGH! They could have made that look more believable/natural.

  23. 23 stars4u

    They are totally sporting couple outfits on the day of Hwang Dal Joong’s hearing!

    My heart feels like it’s being crushed while Su-ha was thinking about Hye-sung thinking of the days where Su-ha won’t be there and for Do-yeon… even at times she can be spiteful but it’s heartbreaking to see her so vulnerable.

    • 23.1 yumi

      Do-yeon scene with her head in her mother’s lap made me feel a little better knowing that there was someone in her life that was on her side.

      • 23.1.1 b1

        I was crying with her during that scene.. cos i totally do that everytime i feel down or tired.. I usually fly an hour or two just to get do that with mom .. and watching her .. awwwwts.

        i miss my mom and i cant wait for two weeks more to hug her ..TT

  24. 24 Anvesha

    My heart broke when Su-Ha was thinking about Hye Sung moving on and assuming a future without him..

    And I love the you-have-to-be-on-my-side no matter what Hye Sung (and this totally shows why Lawyer Cha could never THE one).

    • 24.1 violetrain

      haha.. you are so right Anvesha.. HS being you-have-to-be-on-my-side-no-matter-what totally means big NO for Cha byun.. he is indeed was left with no margin when HS makes her stand to choose SH.. 🙂

    • 24.2 KDaddict

      Cha said HS didn’t give him a chance and chose SH. I’d say that he threw that chance out the window when he chose to believe MinJG over HS. You chose fore her, u silly geek.

  25. 25 Camm

    Thank you for the recap! However, I don’t think I would be able to stand it if something should happen to Su Ha that prevents a happy ending. Unacceptable.. </3

  26. 26 namedx

    Thank you for the recap; as always, it made my day! It was a slow dance of an episode, but one which I thoroughly enjoyed. Fast pace and gripping emotions is one thing, but an episode which keeps me emotionally invested, despite the slowing down of conflict, still commands my respect. Brilliant episode – well spent on character developments all round.


  27. 27 the68monkey

    With the extension, I guess it gives our second female lead a great opportunity to shine. Ep. 15 was definitely Do-yeon’s! She was fantastic.

    I’m glad we are given reason to believe that as a reporter, Su-Ha’s dad didn’t literally kill Min Joon-gook’s wife. We don’t know the facts yet, but it looks like his reporting glorified this heart surgeon, and if Min Joon-gook’s wife was a patient who didn’t fare so well after the rave reviews. . . . Well, let’s just hope that’s all it is. Looks like Min Joon-gook now has victim #4 (or #1, actually) to add to his murder count now.

    Although the Darth Vader visor was kind of a cute, light moment in the episode, I’m irritated that it got in the way of a kiss while Hye-sung’s heart was already racing! Stupid visor! More cute moments like the ice pack scene at the beginning, please, and can we PLEASE have another kiss between these two? Soon?

    Nice that Do-yeon was the star of this episode, but time to get back to the stuff that makes our hearts race like Hye-sung’s!

    • 27.1 DDee

      All SH needed to do was pull a sungkyunkwan scandal and remove the hat! tsk tsk he needs an education frm noona

      • 27.1.1 KDaddict

        Good that you brought it up. It was very funny when done in SKKS, with the hat having to be untied and with them being in that ‘elevator’ and all.

  28. 28 yumi

    Thank you.

    Today was a little slower, but still so good.

  29. 29 Z

    1) So many slaps this episode! Usually I don’t like when people get so handsy in Dramas but they were well done here. Suha was asking for his and Doyeon is going through some stuff so I’ll forgive her. And Sungbin (I’ve missed her!) did it to make a point (not a valid one but a point none the less).

    2)Pretty the Prosecutor’s face during the trial was exactly the same as mine watching the trial. He looked like he was thinking “Am I the only one in this room who actually went to Law School?” And I agree. Obviously the writer has never even seen a law school. I don’t care if Dude gets a non-guilty verdict. But I will be so angry if he gets a not-guilty verdict because he “Killed a Ghost.” That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

    3) The drawn out courtroom scenes are starting to bore me but I would watch a whole hour of the Head Judge doing his power strut down the hallway and flaring his robes like Batman.

    4) Oska Byun!!! Please turn out to be Suha’s Hyung!!! This is the only time I will ever request a birth secret in a drama. They are so awesome when they are in Wonder Twins mode.

    5) I am praying with all of my might that tomorrow’s episode ends in the EPIC HUG TO END ALL HUGS that I’ve been waiting for! Hyesung+Doyeon4EVA.

    6) I shake my fists at this extension!!! So slow and it looks like they are going to throw in some left field story about Suha’s mom. Nonsense!!!

    7) Min Joon Gook is as creepy as ever. And why isn’t Suha concerned that he obviously knows where he lives? It looks like this murderous rampage is due to Suha’s dad writing an article that convinced Min Joongook’s wife to get an operation that went wrong… which is one heck of a case of misplaced rage. Don’t know how I feel about this reveal. I think there’s a lot better ways that Daddy Park could have killed her “with his sly tongue.”

    • 29.1 Z

      8) My favorite thing about this episode was the way Doyeon’s references to her “Father” were more and more ambiguous as her conflict grew. By the time we got to the least scene I didn’t know who she was crying over… but Hyesung should hug her either way.

      • 29.1.1 Ellie

        Agreed. In the beginning of the episode she was in 100% denial and had no father besides Judge Seo. But by the end I believe the father she’s begging Hyesung to save is the biological father because they show her having a flashback of him.

        As for who she’s saying sorry to when she leaves the courtroom, I think it could go both ways. She’s sorry to her biological father for prosecuting him. Or to Judge Seo because the more she feels for her biological father, the more she feels like she’s betraying Judge Seo.

      • 29.1.2 ilikemangos

        Totally. I kept wondering, which “father” does she keep referring to because it was obvious who she was talking about in the beginning but as the episode went on, the line between biological father and surrogate father started to blur.
        Love what they did there!

    • 29.2 Z

      My least favorite thing about this episode was Suha and Oska Byun continually lying to Hyesung. I still don’t quite understand what they are afraid of.

      • 29.2.1 Mystisith

        I don’t think they are afraid of something. I think it’s good old oppa sense of protection kicking in. They want to protect her emotionally until the all mystery is sorted out. It’s a flawed way of thinking but it starts with a good intention.

      • 29.2.2 violetrain

        yeah.. i also think that both Cha byun an SH are trying to at least uncover some facts first before share the news to HS.. if what MJG means as ‘SH father killed his wife first’ (hence started the whole mess) is by Reporter Park writing in some articles about surgery rate in some hospital being 100% success, i don’t think the issue is big enough for HS to buy MJG story and be mad or blaming SH for that matter.. It’s a nature for a reporter to be writing about something, and how does it related to somebody death is beyond rational thinking, unless if he is physically do harm or directly put/use his hand that caused MJG wife’s deceased, then it’s a totally different story.. i believe HS is smart enough to differentiate both scenario, and thus will not affect her love for SH.. SH suffered enough already.. let him be happy with you and become each other anchor..

    • 29.3 yumi


      I really hate all the slapping without assault charges being brought in k-drama,

      What I enjoyed about the slaps in this episode is that we never see the slap, just the physical consequences–with is the opposite of what usually happens in most k-drama.

      Also, I love Hye-Sung manifesting her lack of faith in Do-yeon’s self-control by always protecting her cheek with Do-yeon is within arm’s length.

      • 29.3.1 harukogirl

        Plus, this seemed like the only time in the world a slap was justified. I mean, if someone I didn’t really get along with came up to me and said:

        1. you’re adopted
        2. Your dad is the guy you’re prosecuting for murder
        3. I need your DNA to prove he’s innocent
        4. And, oh, the guy you thought was your dad orchestrated the whole thing

        ….yeah, I’d slap her too, and I’m not in a kdrama 😀

        • yumi

          I don’t know that I would call the slap justified.

          But I am weird about slaps. Somehow a punch is less problematic for me than slaps.

          While this doesn’t make any sense–even to me,
          I find slaps very hierarchical–and the way k-drama uses it seems to confirm it–so I have a problem with it. Punches seem to be more egalitarian.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Yes about the hierarchy involved in slaps. It’s as if the slapper feels a right to put the slappee in place. It’s a very pompous rude thing to do. Whereas a punch is pure emotion in a very equal status kinda way.

  30. 30 Ellie

    I also love the dynamics in this drama. Hyesung could not avenge her mom because she didn’t have that power as a public defender, but Doyeon did. And now Doyeon does not have the power to save her father because she’s a prosecutor, but Hyesung can. They need each other.

    It’s nice to see a drama giving such depth to a 2nd lead AND a meaningful relationship between the female characters.

    One thing I’m curious about: What about the fact that Doyeon is the daughter of the defendant? Even though no one knows about it, isn’t the fact that she knows about it a problem?

    • 30.1 alua

      Hyesung and Doyeon are really just besties in denial. 😀

      Re: Doyeon knowing she’s the daughter of the defendant. I don’t think it’s a problem (legally), because prosecutors/lawyers are there to defend one side, even if they privately know details that would change the case. Now, morally, is a whole other issue of course…

      Plus, I think they are setting up some sort of parallel with Doyeon’s adoptive Dad. Although he knew the truth only after the verdict had been made, he hid it, but Doyeon now has to wrangle with a truth that is morally problematic. I think her character however is written in a way distinct from her adoptive Dad, as someone who might struggle with the truth for a while but that will eventually do the right thing (perhaps because the one time she ran away from the truth, she regretted it).

      • 30.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        True, and I’ll add that she not only has to wrangle with truth, she has to wrangle with family pride. Whatever genetic stuff she got from her biological parents, she got (nurture) heavy-duty pride from her father. So her weeping is on the one hand grief for her father but it’s also the grief that comes when one’s pride is being broken. Her father would never weep like that because his pride is incapable of being broken…but in this scene…it is the best thing for Do Yeon…although it hurts her, it heals her heart because it pushes away a very large moral family flaw — incredible self-righteousness and incredible family pride.

        • Carole McDonnell

          of course, it is possible MJG’s broken pride will bring much tears on his part…so will see how that all works out. One thing about Su-Ha, Hse-Sung, Cha, Prisoner Dad, and Orange Hair…they don’t have that horrible relentless pride. But MJG, Do-Yeon, and Judge Seo have it.

  31. 31 KDaddict

    I actually like the tough love speech that Oska gives to Suha:

    Man up! Convince me it is right that HS picked you, not me.

    • 31.1 Mystisith

      And the punch! Throwing the glove in defeat?
      But you know lawyer Cha, love doesn’t need any reason. SH could be rotten to the core that you still wouldn’t need to ask that question.

      • 31.1.1 kumi

        Love doesn’t need any reason, true, but does need sacrifice.

    • 31.2 whilethemusiclasts

      LOL. I love that he’s still “Oska” to most of us.

    • 31.3 yumi

      I actually find Kwan-woo’s decency sexy.

      I love the speech. It must have been a reflex reaction because SuHa, didn’t see it coming in Kwan-woo’s mind.

      I think the “kid listen.” is a callback to Secret Garden.

    • 31.4 harukogirl

      Exactly! I actually loved the punch, because what it said to me was that Cha had finally acknowledged SH as an equal and given up on HS.


      Well, Lawyer Cha constantly talked down to SH as a kid, treated him like a kid etc. Cha is not a guy who would punch a kid.

      So, as soon as he threw the blow, I went “…oh. He’s treating him like an equal now.” I think SH saw that too. You don’t punch a kid you find pathetic and weak and you feel pity for. You do punch the guy that got the girl you liked and is now throwing a pity party and making her worry.

      I was kinda surprised at the backlash it got from fans – I felt like Cha had redeemed himself to me with the punch. Ironic, but true 😀

      • 31.4.1 Carole McDonnell

        Cha is so dang honorable! No easy pettiness in him.

        Also, the punch not only makes us see that Cha sees Su-Ha as an adult it also makes the viewer acknowledge that Su-Ha is an adult now. It’s another step to making us viewers accept the grown-up relationship between our two leads…both of whom have been pretty immature.

  32. 32 ella

    I don’t even want to think about SH and HS not together in the end ;A;
    Please SH, I really need your happy end. It’s enough for your sadness, be happy so I can sleep well. If you sad i will sad, if you DIE. . .
    I WILL KILL the writer-nim *Min Joon Gook mode*

    • 32.1 Min

      Because writernim would have killed Suha with a “sly-pen”

  33. 33 Lilly

    They have got to stay together. It will just ruin everything if they do not.

  34. 34 Alinka

    Thank you very much girlfriday 😀 Love your diction in the review. From this day onward, I may not be able to hold off my laugh everytime I see or hear or read “visor”. Cockblocking visor, or should I say, kissblocking visor? XD

  35. 35 lina

    One question…

    How did Min Joon Gook found out about Soo Ha’s home address?

    • 35.1 Mystisith

      His full time job consists in stalking people, HS & SH especially. Finding where he lives is a piece of cake for him.

      • 35.1.1 ilikemangos

        Exactly. He’s a pro.

  36. 36 whilethemusiclasts

    Three more episodes to go. I don’t want it to end yet… But neither do I want another extension. I’m so confused.

    • 36.1 RWJQ

      I’m not willing to let Su Ha and Hye Sung go yet (damn, love them to bits!) but I’m less reluctant to see the end of Show, seeing how its pace has suffered in Ep 14 and today’s episode, even tho it’s nice to see the secondary characters fleshed out.

      I can’t wait to have Min Joon Gook back on screen, even if it is just to do more stalking, because he is THE tension which honestly has been missing these last 2 episodes.

  37. 37 Kazoo

    I still really enjoyed this episode even if it did feel a little slower. It’s mostly because we’ve become spoiled with this show. So often in dramas when we hit the home stretch, the main plot gets dragged out and quite often it’s the secondary characters that are used to slow things down. Whether it’s keeping secrets or causing unnecessary conflict, their purpose is usually one dimensional. But with this show, the secondary story not only gave us depth for Do Yeon’s character (and a chance for LDH to shine), it was another opportunity to challenge our leads emotionally and intellectually. Everything still ties into character growth and has significance for the story overall. As long as a subplot does this, I’m okay with not getting the quick answers.

  38. 38 MizzMizzEka

    Seeing Hye Sung & Su Haa Relationship it’s kinda funny. No matter age gap between them, it just a number of age. Basically, Su Haa was the grown up one and Hye Sung childishside make them complete inside outside. Cute

    • 38.1 Mystisith

      That’s what I like in this show. The age gap has never been mentioned as a problem, by anyone. Lack of maturity or bad circumstances? Yes. But numbers were never thrown at our faces, like it should be.

      • 38.1.1 violetrain

        that’s rite.. and one more thing that is great about this show is the non-existence of bitch mother/mother-in-law to be.. that is if this show did have would definitely be the major obstacle and issue for HS and SH to be together (u know, bcoz of the age gap; she already had a stable career while he’s just obtain high school equivalency cert and yet to enter college/work force, etc).. i’m glad this show is presented under totally different family background for both of the OTP.. so it’s kinda refreshing to me.. they can just have and be with each other to complete their lives and create their own happiness.. nothing else matter..

      • 38.1.2 alua

        I know! They could have had the detectives gossiping about the handholding… but they are clearly not making age an issue.

        I really don’t think they will tear them apart based on that, I don’t think they will tear them apart really (not for other relationships either, because there would be no time to develop them).

        • ilikemangos

          Yeah, the age thing was never an issue with outsiders. That was only an issue that only hye sung was probably conflicted with before admitting her feelings. Everyone else went on with their business and never showed distaste. I like that. Kwan-woo never judged the fact that she liked a much younger man, only that he was mentally immature. This writer doesn’t mind putting those two together in the end then.
          I think for those that have followed this show up until now, the age thing is the least of our problems. I don’t even noticed anymore because their rapport working together is just perfect.

  39. 39 lina

    Actually what did Hye Sung think that made her heart racing and didn’t want Soo Ha to know?

    Hmm.. made me curious..

    • 39.1 TBone

      haha I’m sure she gets like that every time he gives her a look 😉

    • 39.2 yumi

      I got the impression her heart racing wasn’t about anything in particular. I think her heart just races with excitement when they are together, and I don’t think she want him to know that.

      • 39.2.1 Rach

        I second this 😀

    • 39.3 violetrain

      hmm.. i think it’s about the little speech that SH gave.. about no matter what she said/show he’ll never be disappointed in her and will accept her nonetheless.. if someone ever mentioned that to me i’m sure i’ll swoon and my heart will beat faster as well.. it’s such a touching line.. he is telling her that he will accept and love her unconditionally, the best of her as well as her worst some more with the fact that he can hear her every little thought…

      • 39.3.1 lina

        yeah.. I think you’re right.

        if someone I like said that he will love me and accept me unconditionally, my heart would race too..

        I would fall in love with him all over again..

      • 39.3.2 ilikemangos

        When he said that my heart raced too. Who wouldnt? Loving someone unconditionally no matter what (probably easier said than done), but that’s something that warrants a drop of the panties.

    • 39.4 Kaybee

      I have some naughty thoughts right now….hmmm….

  40. 40 Aleena

    Poor Do Yeon. 🙁 I never thought I’d cry for her, but I did. 🙁

    I agree that though this episode was awesome, I do wish Min Joon Gook would come back to quicken up the pace a bit.

    Su Ha ya. :’) <3

  41. 41 hannah

    “throws salt, does rain dance”

    crosses fingers, knocks on wood, does the hokey-pokey (to relieve the stress)

  42. 42 Bro

    I really loved this episode. Hit my heart in all the right places.

  43. 43 oneangrylady

    I usually do not comment but I am completly outraged at this show. I have stop watching! Who on this plant thinks that it is okay to drop a bomb like the one HS dropped on DY? Who? Only people who are self righteous asses that’s who. You drop a bomb like that do that you can gain some sort of justice. DY biological mom must have been in a horrible marriage inorder for her to do the thing she did. How horrible her husband must have been to be that desperate.

    It is one thing for a grown ass woman to be in love with a boy (cuz that is what SH is) but for HS to thing she as any right to say that to someone and they way that the did it, I wanted to slap her!

    The Lawyer KW is right just cuz ur wearing a suit does not make you a man. SH still has a ways to go to be a real man. Lawyer KW is the real deal, I can’t believe that HS can’t see that.

    • 43.1 Mystisith

      The suit does not make a man indeed: When a man punches another one for a woman, it’s a clear signal that he considers him as a rival and as an equal. It also means that he is not a grown up himself.
      SH is 20 years old now. Which means he is legal: He can vote and he has the right to get married if he wants to. If that irks you so much, I can’t get how you could go that far with this drama.

      • 43.1.1 Z

        Actually, I don’t think he slapped him over the girl. I think he slapped him because of his sucky attitude. I would argue that anytime you slap someone like that it’s because you don’t see them as an equal. I’m pretty sure that Oska Byun still see’s Suha as a punk kid and that’s what makes him even more upset that Hyesung chose him.

        • Mystisith

          He didn’t slap him: He punched him. Like any jealous guy would do when he loses his temper. If he wanted to correct his attitude he would have played the condescending hyung who head slaps you behind the head. No ambiguity at all in that scene.

          • Z

            Whether it was a punch or a slap (you’re probably right on that count… I don’t remember it well enough and probably just merged it into the 25 other slaps this episode), to me, the speech that followed was the important part and it indicates that Oska Byun still very much looks at Suha as a kid. Not in the legal sense, but in terms of maturity. Much like I, at my ripe old age of 32, look at 22 year olds as “kids.” They are naive and immature to me but, if I have to put one in his/her place I wouldn’t do it the same way I did a 17 year old. I would treat them like an adult, because they are adults… that doesn’t mean that they are neccesarily equal to me in maturity or life experience.

            Oska Byun may have responded to Suha as an adult but he still very much sees him as a kid. Which is why he was so impressed with him when he met him at the hospital.

    • 43.2 jupiter

      so you are enraged with the show because you want the second guy to end up with her? 🙂 Soo Ha is no longer a minor and that is not even a huge age gap… It’s rare but it’s not impossible in real life. Thank God, I am rooting for the guy who is better for her despite the age difference… cause If I think like you, I’d probably be missing out on a very amazing show…. It must pain you to let go of this show seeing how you still read the recap to whine.

      • 43.2.1 Oneangrylady

        I got over the age difference because the writing the acting the direction is spot on. But the whole adoption thing came up the way she did it, I coud not take it. Up until then I suspended my belief cuz I love kdramas, but the way the reveal played out was all wrong. That is what I am upset about.

        • ilikemangos

          If you wanted the reveal to play out the way you wanted to something tells me we’d need a few more extensions for this show, no?
          I think the ‘bomb’ was necessary to move the story along and even then people are complaining about the slow pacing.
          Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s a bit of empathy for all the characters here. But I empathize the least with Do yeon’s biological mom. Yes, she was in a sucky marriage with no means to support her daughter. I was okay that she gave her up for a better life, but the fact that she framed her husband for murder and put him in jail for half of his life when he’s innocent. I’m sorry, I find it hard to feel for someone that desperate.
          Yes, he was probably a drunk or a gambler, but it’s not like he was dangerous to them — there was no mention of domestic violence. The fact she felt it necessary to condemn him to prison with half of his life taken away from him is grossly injustice.
          I’m a big believer in truth and justice. If the world stopped to empathize with every wrongdoer out there, well. I can’t even imagine a world like that.

          • Celery

            Don’t forget the affair. She simply could just up and bolted in the night with the new man instead of slicing off her left hand like she would a carrot. AND to have the cheek to parade around in the hospital in your hometown with a new identity is just icing on a pile of horse manure.

            Gambling drunkard or not, it doesn’t justify her cruelty in the least bit.

          • jicachan

            Second that.

            And I can’t really sympathize with her, because in my eyes, what she did was just selfishness from her side. She could have disappeared with her daughter, to hide somewhere instead of framing him to jail. What she did to him, in a way it equals to her killing him. She thought it would be better for him to be in jail than living under his debt, but she took away his freedom and definitely his chance to get a grip of his life.

        • lina

          And what way do you think would played out well? Give her hints first? Give he a chain mail like min joon gook?

          Take note that hwang dal joong is dying so he doesn’t have much time left. His lawyers are desperate for him.

        • jicachan

          How did you want the reveal to come out then? Actually, HS didn’t want to tell DY at first, because she WAS thinking of her best, that sometimes, it’s better to let the truth be if it means to hurt a person. But in the end, they needed her help to save a man’s life – DY’s father’s life. I also think that DY had a right to know about her adoptive father.

          If you had a friend whose father you knew was a jerk, and who wasn’t her/his real father, wouldn’t you dislike him too? Wouldn’t you want to open your friend’s eyes?

    • 43.3 KDaddict

      I’ve learnt that if the basic premise(s) of a show is not to my taste, the better thing to do is to move on. There r other shows. Life is short. Make it sweet. Best wishes.

    • 43.4 Kaybee

      C’mon! This is a drama… they need a narrative flow… Somebody had to drop the bomb and who else than HyeSung? I get how you are upset because at times I get upset with the narrations too but I felt the story and the flow was as it should be here and I don’t see the revelation as HUGE as to be upset over it completely. Also HyeSung got her due- Slap. Poor her. Poor Seo Do Yeon.

      Suha is “MAN” enough and it has been proved from Ep.1. he is righteous and brave enough to confront his fears. It is just taht he is acting insecure (read human) for once because he is afraid of loosing the only person who matters to him… and I don;t blame him. He has been alone all his life and been looking for his idol and now that he is with her and has his feelings reciprocated, how can he not feel afraid and insecure… he is just normal.

      Also, some love transcend age and any other social barriers. What we have here is two lonely soul who need each other for their own growth and fall in love with each other despite all odds. It is a karmic intervention working for or against them. They are destined to be together no matter the age difference. Many people won’t get this so I understand where you come from.

      Also, this is just a drama. Many like me are madly in love with it and many like you are disappointed so take it or leave it. Like “KDaddict” said, ” Life is short. Make it sweet.” Sayonara~

    • 43.5 alua

      It’s a harsh truth that Hyesong reveals to Do yeon and while I don’t think her way of revealing it was best (although I do think she cared, she was very conflicted about whether to tell her or not), I don’t think she was wrong to reveal it.

      Do yeon has a right to know. Essentially she’s been lied to her whole life and believes to be someone she isn’t. The courtcase gives the reveal selfish motivation, but if there was no court case, I think Hyesong would still eventually tell Do yeon – it’s a truth that she has right to, although it is a painful one.

      I’m not sure why the bio mom/dad being horrible matter at all? Or do you mean because they are horrible, that’s why Do yeon should never have been told, because it makes it worse for her? I don’t think her current truth with her adoptive parents is much better, her adoptive dad is horrible too, constructing a betrayal of his own daughter like that. He didn’t start it, but he’s certainly complicit in it. (The adoptive mom is good though… I’m guessing she probably doesn’t even know how Do yeon got to them, but think that it was just a normal adoption).

    • 43.6 Carole McDonnell

      A person’s life is an important and valid thing. Saving a life is very important. A lawyer will do anything to save a client, especially a client who has been unjustly hurt. ANY OTHER lawyer would have dropped the bomb on So Yeon without caring. Any other lawyer would have gotten her dad impeached and Do Yeon recused from the trial. Hse-Sung had every right, responsibility, and obligation to tell Do Yeon what she knew in order to protect her client. Not to mention…how would Do Yeon feel when she discovered sooner or later she had prosecuted her own father? Do Yeon had a bit of glee at the prospect of prosecuting the guy. She said, “it’ll be fun.” So there was a cold indifference there to begin with. Do Yeon needed her eyes opened.

      • 43.6.1 kelly-k

        As a person who has been in both positions …

        My life who have turned out differently … If someone I disliked and felt somehow inferior to dropped a bomb like that on me … I mean my parents told me , and my emotional state was a mess for a while … I had questions no answers that suited them and nothing made sense …

        As a mother in that position now … I know when how and in what situation and way I shall tell MY child … If some one tries that shit HS pulled … The earth will burst in flames….

        So my one problem in this entire series was the way HS dropped the bomb and the fact that she had NO right …

        For about bad good or horrible parents … What about the mother ( I consider the one who raised her as the mother) … Doesn’t she have the right to tell her child herself ….

  44. 44 Karen

    I dont know the law in Korea but here in the us he couldnt be tried for attempted murder for someone he was already accused of murdering. Its called double jeopardy.

    But I loved the cute moments between, well, everyone! And it was so emotional too! Each episode makes me love this drama more and more!

    • 44.1 Z

      He would be tried here in the US as well. That’s not how double jeopardy works.

      • 44.1.1 Karen

        Double jeopardy is a procedural defense that forbids a defendant from being tried again on the same (or similar) charges following a legitimate acquittal or conviction.

  45. 45 jupiter

    Haven’t seen the episode yet and I vowed never to read a recap unless I’ve seen the episode for myself… but I can’t stop it! English subs, where are you?!!!

    Anyways, I need my own version of Soo-Ha. Sigh.

    I think I’ll be crying buckets when I actually watch the ep. I already shed a tear when reading about Do-Yeon and Hwang Dal-Joong facing off in the courtroom.

    Thanks for the recap! And please allow me to join you in the rain dance. I think I can’t accept it if there is no happy ending for Soo Ha and Hye Sung. PLEASE CHAEBAL PLEASE Let this couple end together.

  46. 46 sunrock

    I disagree with those who say the extension killed the quality of the drama. It’s true it’s not as fast paced as it was when it started, but is that all that makes this drama so watchable? Are you really just watching for sweet, gooey moments between the leads and quick, shocking reveals? I enjoy those scenes as much as anyone else, but those aren’t the only scenes I watch this drama for. I like that this drama has depth beyond quick thrills and sappy, romantic scenes. I like that the writer knows how to slow down the pace to take the time to flesh out the non-leading role characters. And for me, the writer did it in such a way that still had me interested. I wasn’t at the the edge of my seat, but I was at the point of heartbreak for Doyeon. So personally, even with the lack of romance and suspense, this episode worked really well for me and I’m glad the extension allowed this moment for the viewers to experience emotions we may have felt in previous episodes, but this time we feel it through the supporting characters.

    • 46.1 Mystisith

      I’m with you. We can’t have a murder attempt each episode and I’d rather have quality time with the characters (to know better who they are) than stupid manufactured conflicts coming from nowhere. I love that whole little world.

    • 46.2 ilikemangos


      • 46.2.1 ilikemangos

        I think the only glaring thing you’d consider a filler in these recent episodes is mostly the choong ki/sung bin scenes. But i love both of them cause they’re so cute and they add laughs, so it’s not like I mind when i see them onscreen.

    • 46.3 alua

      I’m with you too.

      I feel like we are getting more insight into characters’ feelings, which I appreciate.

      Some bits are filler material (Choong Ki/Song Bin in this episode), but to see Do yeon / Suha / etc. wrangling with issues that are immensely complicated, heck, life-changing, I think it makes a lot of sense. I don’t get when people complain about that, because, honestly, in reality, if someone just told you something that you ever believed about your life and who you are is a lie, wouldn’t you be a wreck? For days / weeks / months even? Do yeon didn’t even know she was adopted!

    • 46.4 Carole McDonnell

      Amen! And we can’t have a romance really until the leads grow up and grow in confidence and trust. Everything that is happening around the characters…even if it’s a scene not directly connected with the romance… is created to create a romance which will last.

  47. 47 Kokare

    I didn’t read the other replies but it just hit me. we just assumed that the surgeon was a male but that the surgeon was the Min Joon Gook’s wife!!!!!

  48. 48 Kaybee

    I felt for Seo Do Yeon… and cried…
    I do wish they speed up the drama and add more filler scenes of HyeSung and Suha or Choong-ki and Sung-bin. They need not have slowed the drama and instead done more fan servicing of adding HyeSung and SuHa scenes or developed a love angle for Choong-ki and Sung-bin or Seo DoYeon with Lawyer Cha or the Paralegal…

    I would love to see HyeSung- SuHa romance take off from mere friendship to another level…IT would be soooooo NICE then…

    About the Min Joon-gook, he is a certified psychopath. There is no amount of reason in this world to make him go on a killing spree. Nothing can ever justify his action. Even though he had a sad past, I would NEVER ever sympathize with him. I may sympathize with his wife but for a killer like him–NO. Also I hate how SuHa is taking the blame for his father indirectly is not open to telling HyeSung about what he knows… I don’t think or want HyeSung to be this petty when it comes to the past reasons… Okay, she lost the best mom in K-Dramaland but what has it to do with SuHa…. Also like HyeSung said, hiding the fault is like aiding to it so SuHa should listen to her and let her know the past story. HyeSung has grown up considerably from Ep.1 but SuHa is going backwards… I want him to be the “man” and let her know…

    Also I WOULD HATE if SuHa dies like people are suggesting which I doubt like it would but there maybe a chance where he gets separated from HyeSung voluntarily going by the flow and dialogue of the drama….only for him to resurface in the end as a Police Officer…. 🙂

  49. 49 Divyrus

    First, this episode must be the slowest in the entire series ! I am not saying it was bad, but this late in the game with all our expectations high, I was disappointed.

    And I do like all character moments and parallels, how they interact and bring out the best in each other be it Kwan woo and su ha or su ha and do yeon or do yeon and hye sung.
    But still I wanna scream one thing :


    I get how it was for do yeon and when she broke down in rest room asking hye sung to save her dad, I did tear up. But not this much screentime, they could have used it for multiple things !
    Like su ha and hye sung’s relationship, I don’t mean fan service romance, which I won’t complain about! But so many other stuff , No matter how adorable they are, with 10 years there has to be hills they have to overcome !
    Wish they show that more !

    I am happy this episode was a filler extension cuz of one thing, if the episodes before lasts are such a filler then guaranteed the finale would be crisp!

    I have faith in you writers !

    And when can we actually get a kiss ! It’s about time !

  50. 50 KimYoonmi

    This show is like, “What I can do right that Lee Soon Shin does wrong” show.

    1. Adoption.
    OMG, I loved it. This is this || close to blowing out My Princess out of the water for treatment of adoption. It focused on the feelings rather than the nature v. nurture and related it to the *individual character* so, so well. I was blown away.

    The acting and writing was superb. Thumbs up for not making it straight line on any side and making it the complicated mess that it really is, while showing the complex relationship of love, etc. Also this time, though the adoption is illegal, it is also believable–I can believe that a judge can gloss over the adoption process.

    I also liked the way the writer chose to show grief and denial *through the character’s personality* which made it believable, rather than the mess in LSS. (Should LSS, in vision of this be nicknamed LSD? Addictive, gives you hallucinations and you’re not quite sure why you’re still doing it when you get so many bad trips?)

    2. The cute.
    The visor feature in this episode was really good. You know writing is good when you think, “I don’t think I’ll look at the same object the same way again.”

    3. The connection between this case and the feelings of Soo Ha.

    I was floored by that. ’cause it was going one way and then *bam* it connected the two by theme and I was rolling around because it was so good.

    4. The slow maturity.
    Soo Ha, for those keeping track just shared that feelings of people and understanding them is more important than truth. At the same time, it shows that gap between him and her, while she’s trying to be less dependent in a healthy way, he still hasn’t quite adapted to understanding the difference between protector and supporter. She needs someone like her mom–a supporter, not a protector. And this episode clearly showed that without saying much of it.

    I loved this episode.

    • 50.1 KDaddict

      I posted a reply to #50, but it appeared as #51 on the next page. Did I click on wrong button?

    • 50.2 ilikemangos

      Yes! Somehow this writer has a way of tying in the conflicts so that our characters could relate or grow in some way, so it’s not necessarily considered filler. Yes, it’s a subplot and diverts from the main plot, but there are many character reveals/developments that I’m left invested even more with our characters all the while caring for their journey.
      I like how Su-ha was able to empathize with Do yeon because of the reveal about his father. I like how the roles between the two ladies have reversed; each growing with each other through their enlisted help. In that way, do yeon’s conflict mattered to them and it mattered to us.

      I love the little quirks that makes a show unique. Now, i will associate revolving doors to hye sung’s ‘thinking’ mechanism, and visors as cockblockers. Just like how i associate sparkly tracksuits to a certain Kim Joo Won or rabbit pig-nose to a ditsy cross dresser.
      I think that’s what adds to the crack — those inside jokes/running sight gags that make you LOL knowingly when you see em in real life.

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