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Im Soo-jung to play Jang Dong-gun’s leading lady
by | July 30, 2013 | 42 Comments

There’s finally some movement on casting a heroine for Crying Man, the new project from director Lee Jung-bum of Ajusshi (aka The Man From Nowhere). This time he’s got Jang Dong-gun (A Gentleman’s Dignity) as his action hero, and Im Soo-jung (All About My Wife) has confirmed that she’s signed on to play his love interest. Ooh, I love them both, so now I’m doubly excited.

The film is described as a noir romance, with lots action of course. Jang Dong-gun stars as a killer who ends up falling in love with his mark, played by Im Soo-jung. It’ll be the story of their “fatal love,” which is so literal it makes me laugh. It’s not a new premise by any stretch of the imagination, but there are about a million ways to change up that basic plot outline, and at least we know the execution will be badass.

Im Soo-jung has had a string of popular films, and did especially well with last year’s All About My Wife. She just has an effortlessness about her that I love (and also covet), not to mention that she also has one of the best co-star track lists ever: Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, Lee Seon-kyun, Kang Dong-won, Rain (are you crying yet?) It just goes on and on. Jang Dong-gun hasn’t had a massive commercial hit in a while, but playing a hot hitman who’ll break the rules for love… Well, it sure is the way into MY movie heart.

Once casting is finalized, Crying Man starts shooting in September.

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42 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Lina

    Wow!!! Just love JDG!!!

  2. kopytko

    I seldom get excited about films – few of them are available to me, and when they are finally there I usually have forgotten all the hype that comes with the production and release. BUT Im Soo Jung (love her!!!) and Jang Dong Gun (I don’t dislike him either ;P) in one film impress me a whole lot. Really. I am looking forward to more news about it.

    BTW, I would like to mention that she also worked with Kim Rae Won and So Ji Sub. Huh. Some people are indeed lucky. Good for her, I think she deserves the best acting partners.

  3. Robin

    As the saying goes, she must have saved her country in a previous life — no, make that the universe! Her costar list makes me weep with envy every time I think about it and her incredible good fortune. If she weren’t so darn skilled I’d really hate her ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • 3.1 pogo

      forget the country – I honestly think she, Park Shin-hye and Shin Mina probably saved the world from evil aliens using Joseon-era technology, going by their luck with getting hot costars.

      • 3.1.1 Rachel

        Best part of that comment – “saved the world from evil aliens using Joseon-era technology”.

        Im Soo Jung and Shin Mina are quite the lookers themselves too!

      • 3.1.2 RenKa

        I really love your comment. And for some reason I can already see it as a movie or drama plot: three most successful actresses with a shared past of joseon alien slayers, now enjoying their hard earned reward. BUT the aliens are back and their help is needed again. Hijinks ensue. Or somehow like that ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Btw. Iโ€™m already looking forward to this movie. It sounds really dramatic and romantic and heartbreaking and with these two great actors and great director it will be only better.

        • Jademwong

          LOL at the movie/drama plot. I would watch that xD

  4. Cynthia

    That’s some pretty showing for the stills – but why in the heck feature her on a crutch? I take it that it’s not the fashion flavor of the month, but with all the fads flying through K-town, who knows? Maybe crutches are in…

    Oh, and Jang Dong-gun? Fine. Mighty. Fine.

    • 4.1 Waiting

      LOL…accessory crutches.

    • 4.2 canxi

      It’s from All About My Wife. Her character was on crutches in a scene, lol (and still looked fabulous).

  5. thalia

    Wasn’t there a similar film called “Crying Freeman” (with Mark Dacascos), based on a japanese manga by Kazuo Koike and Ryoichi Ikegami, that was about an assassin who shed tears every time he killed someone? I wonder if it will be similar to that…
    Still, very excited though about this film!! Loved Ajusshi, so can’t wait to see a new project from this director!

  6. Mei Hwa

    another laundry warrior with a grown up baby…

  7. Sundubu

    I love her so so so much!

  8. alua

    Don’t know the guy, nothing particularly strikes me about the story, but I’m always good for some more Im Soo Jung.

    • 8.1 Cynthia

      Jang Dong-gun is the George Clooney of S. Korea.


      • 8.1.1 djes

        except the womanizer part.

  9. Waiting

    Okay, I love this too. Like them both and I am curious to see how this storyline is presented in a fresh way.

    For those of you who have not seen All About My Wife, I thought it was cute (I happen to adore the cast) and the fish scene was, well, unforgettable. LOL

  10. 10 spazmo

    wasn’t she in I’m Sorry, I Love You with So Ji Sub, also? lucky girl…

    • 10.1 hmm

      yess! i wanna said that too.

      lucky girl!

  11. 11 wits

    JANG.DONG.GUN. my end all and be all. end of story.

  12. 12 maldita

    I will gladly watch anything with I’m Soojung ’cause she’s fabulous. Adding Jang Donggun into the mix just upped the ante!

  13. 13 zsa

    I especially love her in the movie about tracking back her first love…uh ooo…can’t remember the name…she was so raw and effortless there…great performance…of course + Gong Yoo….

  14. 14 Perrie

    Hope it’s as epic as Man from nowhere

  15. 15 Orange Tree

    Oh yeah. She rocked “All About My Wife”. Love her more ever since that film. I’m a little skeptical about this one but I’ll keep my eyes on it.

  16. 16 Kimchi

    You forgot she was with Jeong Woo Sung in Sad Love !!!

  17. 17 kathy

    I like Jang Dong Gun very much as well as the movie “Ahjussi” which made me like Won Bin. Since the director of JDG’s movie was the director of Ahjussi, I’m so excited and looking forward to it.

  18. 18 soprection

    I was really looking forward to All About My Wife but I’ve been trying to finish it for a couple months now and it just does not hold my interest. It might be my fault for going into it with the wrong expectations though – I went into it expecting it to be really funny but it’s not really working for me. I rarely find K-movies laugh-out-loud funny though so it’s probably my fault for expecting it to deliver that.

    I quite like the lead in that movie though – he does frazzled and neurotic well – and while the wife in that movie isn’t portrayed favourably, I thought Im Soo Jung committed to it and did a good job of bringing humanity and depth to the character. I’m determined to finish it though. Maybe once I see more of it, I’ll appreciate it more.

  19. 19 amri jang

    Oh I love JDG a lot so looking forward to this movie. Hope they’ll start filming soon. I was hoping JDG will do another Kdrama. I’m not familiar with his leading lady but anything JDG in it, I’m all for it! JDG rocks!!!

  20. 20 Kokare

    Wow!!! Im Soo Jung, you rock!!!
    But sometimes doesn’t she resemble,
    Im Soo Jung looks like she would be her little sister or something…

  21. 21 ?

    does she still dates Gong Yoo?

    • 21.1 tayo

      That rumor still alive and kicking after so many years. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. 22 Lilian

    Don’t know the actress that well, but isn’t she too young for JDG? Anyway, it does sound like a easy to like movie…. =)

    • 22.1 evocat

      hahaha…young for him!!?… she is 33 (korean age 34) years old! she is a real vampire!

  23. 23 tayo

    The best korean movie stars in one movie. Looking forward to this one.

  24. 24 AnneOfGreenGable

    Sounds good to me… I like JDG in GD… look forward to this movie soon… Anyway, just finished watching “Love 911” and it was sooo funny… Guys can you suggest other KMovies romantic comedy or drama that was shown in the last 3 years??
    I watched it in goodrama website….any other website I can go to watch similar shows and KDrama as well?

    • 24.1 J

      Penny Picher Romance (Song Joong Ki-Han Ye Seul), Finding Mr Right (Im Soo Jung-Gong Yoo), Only You (Han Hyo Joo-So Ji Sub), Werewolf Boy (SJK), not quite a romance but def must see kmovie is Sunny (Kang Sora, Shim Eun Kyung), Architecture 101 (Han Gain, Suzy, Uhm Taewoong)

      Some of the movies can be found with sub in youtube, i prefer that actually, no need the hassle to load multiple parts ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 24.1.1 AnneOfGreenGable

        hi J !
        Thanks so much for your recommendation….
        Will definitely look for it and watch, cheers! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. 25 M

    I like Im Soo Jung since she played Sorry I love You with So Ji Sub. :D.

    • 25.1 Janey

      He’s the first one that I thought of when I think about her dozens of amazing co-stars. </3

  26. 26 J

    She’s been in the industry for a decade plus and a beautiful and talented actress to boot, also very smart about picking her roles – I’d say the costars are as lucky to act alongside her as she is!

    • 26.1 evocat

      Totally agree! there is a lot of hot good actor but there is few really good talented naturally pretty actress in this industry. her movies are always be blockbuster! or gain big awards! korean’s dont follow local cinema they watch this actors at tv but rarely go to their movies but ฤฑf their co-star is Im soo jung, ฤฑt suddenly become top movie so I think JDG is more lucky than ISJ!
      I have a good feelings about this movie!

  27. 27 nice

    Aw!im happy that JDG has a new movie but it would be better if Kim Haneul was the leading lady

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