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Ji Sung courted to headline new drama Secret
by | July 19, 2013 | 56 Comments

KBS’s next Wednesday-Thursday drama has begun casting rounds, and dapper leading man Ji Sung (The Great Seer) is being courted to star. The new series set to follow current sageuk Sword and Flower is called Secret, which is maybe the most generic and true-of-all-dramas title of all time. I can’t get a read on genre, but it sounds pretty melodramatic. The premise is entirely a love square, which hell, would’ve been a better title.

The series is being directed by the PD of both Dream Highs (who was also co-PD on School 2013) and is written by a new writer who won a KBS miniseries screenwriting contest with this script. Fresh writer blood and a vote of confidence in an award? That’s as good a reason to check out a new drama as any. The premise is still pretty vague, but the story will center around four main characters and follow their intense and fiercely competitive love story.

If he signs on, Ji Sung’s character will be a second-generation chaebol (of course) who doesn’t believe in people or in love (naturally) and has a cold personality (wouldn’t dream of having it any other way). All this is of course before he meets the heroine, who will change him for the better. Hm so far I’m unimpressed — that’s pretty much the bare-bones description of every drama hero around. There’s plenty of room to still surprise us with layers, so let’s just hope they’re hidden under all the obvious drama hero clothes.

Ji Sung is reportedly still in the “considering favorably” stage, and the drama’s producers have stated that they’ll confirm their cast in the next week or so. Secret follows Sword and Flower and premieres in September on KBS.

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56 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. TP

    Ugh, so cliche. Until I get more info on the story, I won’t even bother…

    • 1.1 the50-person

      IKR. *shudders at thought of having to sit through another typical drama*

  2. noernov

    I want to see more jisung in more romantic drama,please be good 😉

  3. JoAnne

    I love you so damn much, GirlFriday.

    and Ji Sungie! Please make it good. I like him cute and fuzzy but he does cold so well, too.

  4. Elainestale

    I don’t know.. I seem to have watched worse shows just for the male lead alone *cough* -big- *cough* so let’s see how this (my love) goes..

    • 4.1 Chaeki4ever

      lol same here… except i gave up on big about a quarter of the way through… hope this goes well though.

    • 4.2 Kandiboo

      well i didn’t completely give *Big* up, i just skimmed through lots of it… umm….

  5. Rere

    I want him to pair up with Han Hyo Joo in this drama .. I Really Miss Han Hyo Joo in a drama now.

    • 5.1 Elfie

      same! I don’t know why but I think they’d make a good couple.

  6. themugen

    I miss dramas without cheobols like Merry Mary. Why do leads all have to be so cliched and run around in suits 24/7? I think I’ll pass on this regardless of cast unless something totally unforeseen happens. This falls in the been there seen that category at the moment.

    • 6.1 Requiem

      Because that’s what the vast majority of drama watchers want in their fantasies.

      It’s the no-imagination ajumma’s dream fantasy.

      The rich, hot young thing who changes but only for the girl who has all this time to spend romancing the girl.

  7. ran

    ROFL I can’t believe they still have this kind of male lead nowadays *facepalms* even the title. so are any of them siblings while we’re at it?

    • 7.1 Elainestale

      Judging from the title….*gasp* it must be a birth secret!!!

  8. crazedlu

    Eye. Roll. But I suppose we’ll see. I love giving new writers a chance.

  9. Mystisith

    “a second-generation chaebol (of course) who doesn’t believe in people or in love (naturally) and has a cold personality (wouldn’t dream of having it any other way)” Title: Secret.

    That pitch is absolutely awesome (not). Hahaha… Must be the drama alphabet every writer has to master before the channel lets you write original-personal stuff. 😉

  10. 10 ilikemangos

    At one point you just sort of expect all those qualities to come attached to chaebols. You cannot have it any other way, oh no.
    But ah, there is such a chaebol that is different. Immature, kid-like and adorably cute, like Ji Sung’s char in Protect the Boss. He was hoot to watch.

    Good thing his drama won’t have to go head to head with his girlfriend’s current IHYV.

    • 10.1 mar

      PTB-such a great drama, so under-rated. I can’t think of this actor without thinking of the elevator scenes trying to avoid getting walloped by his father, so hysterical.

      Well that, and the panties song from My PS Partner. Because that was just totally legendary.

      • 10.1.1 someone

        LOL Loved him singing that song hehe

      • 10.1.2 Zsa

        I only loved him in ps partner…just like Bo young in IHYV….I never warmed up to their characters before that…I m glad I gave them a chance…they are great actors!!

  11. 11 kopytko

    Ji Sung makes me smile with the very fact that he exists. If he appears in a watchable drama, I tend to grin like Cheshire cat. This title however, makes me slightly doubt, whether it actually can be watchable.

    On the other hand, there is Birth Secret, Scandal, now Secret… I am looking forward for any broadcaster to go all the way and air a drama called Makjang.

  12. 12 Anvesha

    Ugh the title.
    Ugh the description..

    BUT Ji Sung!!!!!

    As long as it’s watchable, I’ll endure it to watch him.

  13. 13 lemondoodle

    Are there any nice guy main lead chaebols in kdrama land?

    This sort of sounds like his character in PTB, just add a traumatic past and there you go. Okay, I’ll still watch this because I need a drama with him in it and I couldn’t force myself to watch The Great Seer.

    • 13.1 Ash

      Cha Dong-joo from Can You Hear My Heart is literally the only one I can think of. There MUST be more than that, right?

      I know we’ll pry chaebol heirs from your cold, dead hands, kdrama, but branching out a little with the character type won’t kill you. Promise.

    • 13.2 jyyjc

      Pfft you probably forgot but I do believe his character in PTB had a traumatic past (something about his breakup with Ice Cream girl that lead to his personality issues).

    • 13.3 kopytko

      I was thinking and thinking and I got it! I can remember two characters who happen to be both chaebols and good guys.
      The one was Lee Jin Wook’s character (don’t know the name in drama any more) in City of Glass. I watched only ten or so episodes out of 50, because there weren’t any more subs, but he was sunshine :), hence my undying love for LJW. It is possible that he did something less adorable in the later episodes, but he was nice guy in the beginning.
      Another one was Jung Guy Woon’s character in Loving You A Thousand Times. A cheerful guy who fought for his love.

      Interestingly, both characters had some mother issues and suffered a lot at their own homes, so it seemed to me that they were so lovable to compensate for the cold family atmosphere.

  14. 14 shepo

    Ji Sung,, i hope you can get a very younger heroine,,just like your RL girlfriend experienced right now…

    • 14.1 Kiara

      He needs to cameo in IHYV and kick fake boyfriend’s butt.

      • 14.1.1 hitoritabi

        Well, he keeps coming onto the set, who is to say he is not already kicking Jongsuk butt 😛

        • Kiara

          Lol I can picture him saying CUT, cut ,cut during the kiss scene.

  15. 15 bambledd

    I wonder when (or if) he and Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice) will get married. They’re still together, right?
    Loved him in Protect the Boss. He was hilarious!

    • 15.1 ilikemangos

      6 years and going strong!

    • 15.2 Korazy Lady

      I wonder if they’re not getting married because her career is taking off and it could limit her roles. I know they get all weird in SK about showing too much skinship on screen once the actresses get married, as in Faith.

    • 15.3 kz

      Maybe he and Lee Bo Young are preparing to get married and now they cash in every opportunity in dramas..
      JISUNG OPPA, I’ll watch this drama if you’re in. Please don’t make me dissappointed

  16. 16 Pluto

    Seriously why such cliched characters.I’m so bored of them.Can’t be a chaebol different from the usual cold and emotionless character.
    I really want to see Ji Sung in a drama.I hope this drama has some good,twisting plot with unique characters different from the cliched descriptions of them though.
    For the chaebol character though,I remember SSH character from My Princess,his character seemed fresh and playful from the usual cold chaebols ones

  17. 17 musicnmelody

    I actually hope he could act with lee bo young. Save the last dance for me was before they become a couple right?

    • 17.1 someone

      Eugene was in save the last dance with him

    • 17.2 Requiem

      From wikipedia:

      Lee is currently in a relationship with actor Ji Sung. They met on the set of 2004 TV series Save Last Dance for Me and have been dating since 2007.

      And yes, Eugene was the lead in the drama.

    • 17.3 zhill

      RIGHT. I hope Lee Bo-young will be his leading-lady on this drama. In STLDFM, she was so bitchy that I hated her in every drama after that until ‘My Daughter Soo Young’ came along and IHYV just nailed it.

  18. 18 Ash

    I could see this being okay with a good cast – Ji Sung is a nice start – and decent execution. It’s not gonna break any molds, but it’s a satisfying formula when done right. Sometimes predictable-but-engrossing is exactly what I’m looking for.

  19. 19 Rachel

    Those character descriptions are so hilariously clichèd and generic.

  20. 20 Gaeina Lee

    Story wise, not interested.
    But with him, I am committed. Good or bad, I’ll watch..

  21. 21 sogazelle

    There’s rumor that Yoon Eun Hye was offered the role of the heroine…Isn’t she taller than him?
    Anyway, let’s wait next week for the announcement.

    • 21.1 mia

      I think she rejected the offer

  22. 22 Perrie

    Lololol, the sarcasm is pure gold

  23. 23 Cocoboo

    Gee, the title and descript are so cliched. -___-;

    I’m interested that there’s a new writer behind this, but there needs to be more details/twists in the plot to get me hooked.

  24. 24 Hugepuffball

    Yes it sounds generic so far, but I love Dream High and new blood. Plus, honestly, if executed well, I still love the classic melodrama.

  25. 25 ~Feather~

    I loved him in Protect the Boss. His character was one of the main reasons I love that drama. <3

    The character description seems bland and generic so I'll put my expectations on hold until there is more information on the drama. If the writer got an award, there MUST be something that was seen as potential. Or KBS got desperate…?

  26. 26 whitethorns

    I expected it to be fresh, new story kind since the writer is new and must have something unique up her/his sleeves, but I’ll just wait.

  27. 27 momo


  28. 28 Miky

    It has all the clishes in the drama world in one pack…

  29. 29 Lilian

    I like Jisung but gotta say not all his choices for dramas have been good so far. But I shall not judge yet. There is still not enough info to judge based on the story!

  30. 30 Korazy Lady

    If Yoon Eun Hye is cast opposite him, and it’s a relationship drama, at least we’re in for some good kissing. I personally love him and will at least give it a try, but my love for Eun Hye dwindled considerably after I Miss You. It would be an interesting pairing, though.

  31. 31 korfan

    Oh wow, Ji Sung!

    I swear, I haven’t seen him since Royal Family.

    Will give this a chance and see what happens.

  32. 32 hana

    i hope song hye gyo with him ..as the hero n heroin..

  33. 33 Ponpon

    Love Ji Sung and am excited at the possibility of a new drama with him in it…not too find of the premise though. I guess we’ll just have to see when the drama premieres, hopefully it will impress *fingers crossed*

  34. 34 jjeennyy19

    “considering favorably” seems to be used a lot lately..keke…If Yoon Eun Hye is cast..No matter how cliche it is, I’ll still watch this..keke

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