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Kim Ji-hoon soaps up for Nylon
by | July 1, 2013 | 60 Comments

Kim Ji-hoon, in a bathtub? You’ve got my attention. I don’t care that I’m easy—more bubbles! (Oh wait. Do I mean fewer bubbles?)

This spread can be found in the latest issue of fashion magazine Nylon, though I can’t really see a whole lot of fashion in it. Not a complaint, by the way. Kim Ji-hoon has a new drama out right now, so we can thank SBS’s just-premiered weekend series Goddess of Marriage for this shoot (in that working actors are always out to promote their shows, and promotion leads to photo shoots, and photo shoots lead to geeeenius photographers who decide to plunk actors into bathtubs).

(Speaking of dramas, it’s looking like Goddess of Marriage could be a cute watch—at least the parts with Nam Sang-mi and Lee Sang-woo, who have great chemistry. And I may not be rooting for Kim Ji-hoon, but I do feel for him and his frustration. Still, I’m not sold on the other characters, who may call for the fast-forward button. Ratings were merely middling, with its first two episodes drawing 9.1% and 8.0% ratings. The other new weekend drama, Scandal, overtook it with 16.4% and 14.4%.)

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60 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. djes

    this guy…
    I follow his twitter and lately he often posts his selca and caption it “Handsome Man” *facepalm*

    Luckily that’s a fact… if not I would have unfollow him long time ago! 😀

    and… less bubbles please!

    • 1.1 misz_di

      His photos in twitter are just so…. *sigh* …. just great abs.. errrrrr… photos XD

    • 1.2 hawaiianseoul

      well, he is stating true facts. hehe.
      as long as he doesn’t turn out into a jgs…

      • 1.2.1 nozomi05

        His twitter:


        • JoAnne

          so worth following. He’s very generous with the pictures both of himself and friends, and usually lovely locations. And he’s kinda proud of that bod.

    • 1.3 deb


    • 1.4 Jo

      Lol, that is hilarious and cute!

  2. JoAnne

    This man. sigh. But Goddess of Marriage, no. I tried. I did. I liked Nam Sang Mi and Lee Sang Woo and the 13 seconds of Kim Ji Hoon we saw, but the rest? No.

    • 2.1 kakashi

      well, there’s more than 13 seconds in episode 2 🙂

      • 2.1.1 Ivoire

        I will be honest and say that I scrolled down right away (and actually open this thread) just to check and see (more like make sure) that you would be here, and lo and behold, you are here (I can’t say that I am surprised, tbh).

        Enjoy the pictures… 🙂

        • kakashi

          you mean to say …. that I’m predictable?

          • Ivoire

            Kakashi, when it comes to KJH and JSW (from what I know), I would say a resounding “YES!!!!” And I was just proven right,… here. Wasn’t I :-)?

      • 2.1.2 Ivoire

        I agree with Kakashi, there are more than 13 secs of KJH in ep. 2.

        • Rashell

          Yes, Kim Ji Hoon is in much more of ep 2 then ep 1. And I actually really like both guys. But at this point I have to root for Lee Sang Woo. I wouldn’t marry into the family of Kim Ji Hoon for all the money in the world. That family is SCARY!

          Now we haven’t seen Lee Sang Woo’s family yet. But really, they would have to be beyond awful to compete with Kim Ji Hoon’s. I shudder just thinking about that mother-in-law.

        • Ivoire

          Thank you Rashell!!!!! I am in LSW’s camp as well (all the way). I like him more than KHJ (and their characters). I do agree with you that we haven’t seen his family yet, and so we will see. I am assuming they won’t be as wealthy as KHJ’s but that’s OK. KHJ’s family has managed to transform a beautiful and capable (she used to have a job!!!!!) woman into their maid, their MAID!!! (and they already have plenty of those, mind you).

          Also, is it just me or did her husband forced her to sleep with him? Yeah, I wouldn’t marry into that family. I would rather be single, if there were no other options. It just feels like you have to sell your soul (and who you are) to be in that family. The price is too high to pay for me.

        • KDaddict

          LOVE the 2nd photo! So whimsical!

          If we have Goddess of Marriage to thank for this shoot, does it mean a LSW in swim trunks shoot will be next?

          I bet you LSW’s family will also be filthy rich. So she’s caught between devil and deep blue sea. For all we know, the two guys might even be half-brothers. The father used to be a player too. Then they can create conflict a la I Summon you Gold.

          What is it w Korean dramas and their rich uppity dragon ladies? You r rich, so u can be nasty as ebola; You r poor, and you r toxic like LSS’s grandma. Yeeks.

    • 2.2 jomo

      I watched 1 and 2, and while it may be tempting to FF every thing but LSW, LSW is just delicious enough for me to stick it out the whole drama.

      The last time I did that was Joo Sang Wook in The Thornbirds. Almost everyone else was detestable. Ha!

      They love to make shows about people living miserably, don’t they?

      • 2.2.1 kakashi

        true, that. I am hoping they’ll make Kim Ji-hoon’s character an interesting one, i.e. torn between family and love.

        • Ivoire


          I hope that they will show him being torn between love and family, because honestly, I was not impressed by the way he behaved in front of his mom, when he took his girlfriend to see her, (or is she his fiancee now? I am a little confused, she still has the money [or her sister does, I think?], she set the wedding date etc… but then turned him down 2 months earlier, right?) He didn’t look very torn to me at his (parents’) house, especially after he promised his fiancee that he would protect her from his mom. Granted, we are still at the beginning of the series, I will give you that. So hopefully his character will come to show what you said :-)…

  3. missjb

    soo lovely

  4. kakashi

    oh. hello my love.

    • 4.1 Gaeina Lee

      Oh, since you mined him long ago (from what I gathered),
      I will only sigh and swoon from afar then.. ^^

  5. janey

    SO HANDSOME :OOO Seriously hoping Lee Sang Woo does heaps of photoshoots as well :DD maybe I’ll watch Goddess of Marriage on fast forward…

  6. Dorotka

    I’ve just written a comment about GoM in the LSS thread. I tried because of Kim Jihoon. But I have to agree with JoAnne. NO. I disliked all characters and the Jeju scenes had too much CF flavor for me… Couldn’t connect with anybody… only a bit with Kim Jihoons frustrations (but then again he behaved horrible when he brought his fiancee to see his mother…grrr…).
    And sorry, I couldn’t find any cuteness in this drama.
    Bubbles are better… ;–)

    • 6.1 Korazy Lady

      I tried the first 2 episodes also, and have to say I’ll pass on this also. I agree with the first episode – way too many scenes of JeJu Island – and then episode two was just downright depressing.

      I’ve had enough of entitled, manipulative Mother-in-Laws and apparently smart woman who cow tow to them and their cheating husbands. Too much of the same old, same old for me!

    • 6.2 hellothere

      I’m with you, though I thought the scenes of Jeju were the only highlight of the first episode (+ Lee Sang Woo’s smile). The characters/storyline did nothing for me either.

      The two subplots with the two bastard cheating husbands make my brain bleed out my ears. No. I expected more cute, less makjang. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way.

  7. sweetspring

    OMG what a looker! wish he would get bigger parts in better dramas.

    • 7.1 JoJo

      AND he can act, too. May I recommend Secret Investigation Record aka Joseon X-Files?

    • 7.2 hellothere

      He was really good in Joseon X Files. His best role and drama tbh.

  8. snow_white

    No more dramas where I need to use fast forward button please !!!! One is enough (LSS) and I have learnt my lesson…. 🙂

    Kim Ji Hoon ♡

  9. kdramapedia

    That first picture… it’s… just… *melts into puddle* (hopefully a puddle next to that tub!)

    • 9.1 kfangurl

      LOL! How about a puddle on the bathtub ledge that then trickles down INTO the tub..? *cough*

  10. 10 kaye

    Wow, so much pretty in one day. Earlier this morning, it was Go Soo. Tonight it’s Kim Ji-Hoon. Thank you. ;p

  11. 11 ck1Oz

    Thank you, love the 2nd photo.

    I am not even peeking into that drama although I was told to watch a hot scene in ep 1.

    Plot sounds terrible. KJH- can you please pick some better dramas?

  12. 12 jinjoo

    awwwwww he’s my guy! 🙂 awesome, dead gorgeous! eye candy, need i say more? he’s my numero UNO amongst K actors! thnx DB for featuring this article, you already made my day! i’m watching him in GofM so far i’m still testing the plot, i’m only watching bcoz of him! 🙂

  13. 13 hiba omairi

    So sexy

  14. 14 crazedlu

    Augh. He is so good looking.

  15. 15 Abbie

    Is this guy forever going to be the second lead? That’s sad, because he’s perfectly capable of carrying a show.

    • 15.1 Arie

      Watch “Stars Falling From the Sky.” It’s a really good!

      • 15.1.1 Ivoire

        Man!!!! So many good dramas, so little time. My list is getting longer (of dramas to watch).

      • 15.1.2 deb

        Yes! Baby Nami reminds me so much of my baby nephew. All the feels!

        • Ivoire

          Who is baby Nami?

    • 15.2 Kiara

      He has been the main lead in a couple dramas. Joseon’s Xfiles probably my favorite because I’m sucker for good sageuk.

      I don’t get his choice of projects after the army. He is much better and hotter than playing 2nd lead.

    • 15.3 snow

      he was the lead in Love Marriage. that was a really cute show.

    • 15.4 ilikemangos

      Actually, he’s carried some shows on his own, and on his acting resume, there’s quite a few where he plays the lead.
      How Much Love, Golden era of Daughter in law, Why did you come to my house, Love Marriage, Stars falling from sky(so.cute!), & secret investigation record. The first 3 are more old.
      I guess he’s one of those actors that can switch between lead and 2nd role and be comfortable with it.

  16. 16 canxi

    Having a pretty crappy Monday. At least this will cheer me up.

  17. 17 xcmk

    You should post the ones he did for mens health… Way fewer bubbles 😉

  18. 18 Gaeina Lee

    KJH… *sigh*

    Agree with the JoAnne and others, tried 2 eps and I had to bid adieu to both KJH and LSW.. Hope he picks better, less makjang, project next time.

  19. 19 Waiting

    What’s not to like…a guy who likes to be clean and eats healthy. I don’t know what y’all are looking at. 😉

    Seriously cute photos and thankfully he is age appropriate! Woot!!

  20. 20 ilikemangos

    Don’t let the first episode deceive you. It was cute.
    But the second one, oh dear. There’s marital rape, cheating all around, and a whole lot of wrist grabbing.
    The only thing that’s worth the watch from goddess of marriage is lee sang woo and kim ji hoon(i feel so much for him). And maybe the chemistry from lee sang woo and nam sang mi. Other then that, blah.
    Atleast it’s only 30 something episodes. That’s the max i’m willing to go for family dramas (which is why i stuck it through for baker king and creating destiny without fast forwarding)

    • 20.1 Ivoire

      Hi ilikemangos, so that WAS marital rape, wasn’t it? I thought so, but I wasn’t sure. Glad to know I did not dream it or make it up. I can feel tears coming down the road (for some of the characters), I can just feel them…

    • 20.2 KDaddict

      Yes, marital rape. That poor woman’s life is likened to that fish in the tank that has been filleted on one side, is expected to die within the hour, but miraculously made it till morning. The sushi chef says that human life can also be like that; and that woman herself both definitely sees the parallel to her own life. A family that is rich but toxic in every way.

    • 20.3 Ivoire

      Thank you KDaddict!

      Yes, I remember that scene in the fish store and how pensive the woman looked. Also, when she told Song Ji-Hye that “Oh no! Once you get married into this family, you don’t (ever) talk about your former profession/career.” She was indicating that it would be a huge taboo to do so. That woman seems dead inside, and I feel for her. Maybe she felt that she had to die inside to be able to put up with all the abuse and survive? Some people do that, as a coping mechanism.
      It was interesting how her MIL just bossed her around, speaking softly and yet being menacing and overbearing *Shudders.* The plot seems to indicate that there will be a lot of melo, at least for Song Ji-Hye, hence my mention of a lot of tears down the road.

      I have a question: Is Kim Ji-hoon the lead in this drama, which means he will get the girl? I am curious about that, because Asianwiki seems to indicate that (that, and I was hoping Lee Sang-woo would get the girl, now I am not so sure…)

      Also, we did get a scene of Hong Hye-Jung (the poor woman who married rich) at work. That left me a little confused. So they were probably showing us her past life, when she used to have a job? The other thing I noticed was how even her wardrobe changed, after she got married. She went from looking glamorous to looking drab. She had left herself go, both emotionally and physically (she is very dressed down, when she is at home).

      Thanks for your input again, KDaddict. I appreciate it.

      • 20.3.1 KDaddict

        Who will get the girl? Acc to KD rules, if the girl has slept w one guy, she isn’t going to marry another, right? That’d make her a slut in that universe.
        Woman who married rich? You mean KJH’s SIL? Her life is pretty depressing. She is the family’s glorified housekeeper. She is dressed for her role, to work in the kitchen, serve tea at midnight, n get up at 4am to pick up raw fish.
        I FF thru much of these 2 eps., concentrating on scenes w our Triangle. It doesn’t look like a series that I’d want to follow. Might drop in fr time to time to admire the pretty, esp. if the guys go swimming or such. 😉

      • 20.3.2 Ivoire

        Hi (again) KDaddict,

        Hum… so according to KD rules, I can hope that LSW’s character will get the girl (I hope so). I would not want to marry in that family, the price to pay would be too high imho.
        This, “Woman who married rich? You mean KJH’s SIL? Her life is pretty depressing. She is the family’s glorified housekeeper. She is dressed for her role, to work in the kitchen, serve tea at midnight, n get up at 4am to pick up raw fish.” I agree with and I look forward to seeing how her character will evolve and be written. I think things could be done with her character.

        Your last #, I was not thinking of watching this series either, but I checked out the first 2 ep. because a friend was talking about it, and I wanted to know what she was talking about. Also, I have never seen LSW in a drama, only in MVs of some of his dramas, so I would like to check this one out. I am not a big KHJ fan (the person), though I do like his acting (here so far and in the little I saw of FBND).
        I really wanted to take a drama break, but I am interested in this one and in Empire of Gold (I have never seen GS in anything, and it has the good guy from the Chaser and the Grandfather, who was also in King of Dramas). I just LOVE that actor. He was also in Bad Love. I LOVE watching him act, he can raise and drop the temperature in a room all by himself, the older actor, Park Keun-Hyeong. He has so much gravitas. I love him and I love Kim Sang-Jung (he was LMH’s dad in CH) as well, among the many, many older actors and actresses I like. Those guys are such great actors, even if they don’t get the recognition they deserve.

        I actually liked the first 2 ep. of GoM, maybe because I understand who the characters are. I don’t condone what they do, but I understand/see what the writer is doing so far. With 30 ep. (or so), I don’t know how good it will stay, but I am willing to give it a try. Plus I love LSW’ character so far (let’s see how long that last), and I think he was well cast here.
        I don’t mind perfect guys in dramas, there are none (or very few) around me, and I don’t watch dramas to relive reality (my real life), I watch them partly to escape reality, so I am OK (very OK) with very attractive, sweet, gentle and almost perfect guys in dramas. I would say that I was not a fan of the forced kiss in the bedroom though. I have never liked those, you can’t justify those to me. I think one should feel the mood and see if the other person would be receptive to the kiss, and if not, please stop right away. And that to me applies to both men and women (trying to kiss).

        Always good reading from you, KDaddict. I think I got carried away, again :-). I hope you didn’t mind…

        • Ivoire

          @ KDaddict,

          About this, “Who will get the girl? Acc to KD rules, if the girl has slept w one guy, she isn’t going to marry another, right? That’d make her a slut in that universe.”
          I wanted to say that it might not always be true. In “I Need Romance,” the heroine sleeps with another guy and she ends up with her former boyfriend. So those rules might not always apply. I do hope that LSW’s character will get the girl though.

  21. 21 tiffany

    ahhh delish. Mmmmmm~ so sexy

  22. 22 Kwhat?!

    I agree, fewer bubbles! Hahaha! That is one fine-looking man!

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