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Lee Jun-ki’s bloody escape from the law in Two Weeks
by | July 22, 2013 | 59 Comments

Ooh, I like the first teaser for Lee Jun-ki’s man-on-the-run drama Two Weeks, getting ready to air on MBC. It’s action-packed, but broody and melancholy in tone. Best of all, it already has me interested in the character and wondering how he ended up this way.

In thirty seconds we get a quick capsule of the premise: Lee Jun-ki wakes up one day covered in blood, lying next to a dead body. (Talk about your rude awakenings.) He gets hauled away as the prime suspect, and meanwhile he’s just found out he has an eight-year old daughter he never knew about. Oh, and she’s dying. Suddenly the police car that’s taking him away crashes in an accident, and he sees his window of opportunity to flee.

He takes it, and narrates as he rides away: “For once in my life, just once, I want to live as a person.” It’s a great line to end on, because it immediately has me wondering about his past and why he’s thrown his life away. It also helps explain why his ex Park Ha-sun may have kept his daughter a secret all these years. Curioser and curioser.

The thing I’m looking forward to the most with this drama is the two-week timeframe for the whole story, which should keep it suspenseful and tightly wound all the way through. He not only has to run from the law to save his daughter, but figure out who framed him for murder, all while dodging assassins and prosecutors and cops. And stopping for the occasional artful brood, of course.

Two Weeks follows Queen’s Classroom and premieres August 7 on MBC.

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59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Miichiyeo

    I can’t believe this managed to pass my radar for so long! The teaser only has me more intrigued.

    …and may I say that Lee Jun-ki is looking FINE.

  2. True2U

    He looks so SEXY with in the first shot.

  3. Chandler

    Awww yeah! So excited.

  4. Mystisith

    Riding a bike with tied hands: Chapeau!
    I have to admit that he looks good on those pics, even with blood and strangulation marks.
    The premise scares me (sick kiddo)… Will probably just read the recaps and watch if I have my happy ending.

  5. alua

    Somehow this feels more like a film than a drama.

    • 5.1 JoAnne

      Yep – hope it is tight tight tight all the way through – how many episodes?

      Please let it be good because it’s Lee Jun Ki which means I have to watch everything twice. Because it’s Lee Jun Ki. You know.

      • 5.1.1 Winnew

        Me too.

      • 5.1.2 alua

        20 (!!!) apparently, someone (Mystisith?) said below.

        Better be tiiiiiight, because I want this to be good. IHYV kinda good.

  6. lemondoodle

    Nooo not a dying cute little girl. I’m not sure I can watch this live, but will keep up with the recaps.

    • 6.1 houstontwin

      No way that they would let the kid die!

      • 6.1.1 MrKpop

        apparently this is your first Kdrama lol

        I’ve watched to many couples meeting honking buses to believe anyone is EVER safe in a Kdrama.

        I wish all these new shows weren’t so long. I remember when almost every show was only 16 eps. Now it seems all are 20-24 (atleast).

        Makes it harder for me to watch 20+ dramas a year lol

  7. faranak

    looooooove him 😉 he IS sexy and also a great actor i’ve watched all of his dramas and he were great in all <3 :-*

  8. pogo

    ….is it very wrong of me to say blood and bruises (and that tortured expression in his eyes) are a VERY good look on oppa?

    • 8.1 Carole McDonnell

      LOL!!!!! They sure look good, don’t they? Reminds me of QIHM, when Kim Boong Do was losing blood in front of the hospital. I have never seen a guy look that handsome.

      • 8.1.1 kumi

        Yes, ‘blood’, ‘bruises’ and ‘scars’ are normally the hero’s ornaments.

  9. MsB

    Nothing will make me watch a drama more than my sweetness, LJK!! Yes, he is back!! Just like I like him!!

  10. 10 frela

    hmmm intriguing!!

    and damn, look at those cheekbones!

    • 10.1 epuda

      my feelings exactly..I was scrolling down to comment on those cheekbones but you beat me to it!

      However I will read recaps and decide whether to invest my time in watching it or not….happy ending preferable though!

  11. 11 Peridot

    Since the main story will take place within a two-week time frame, I wonder how many episodes the show will have (of course, there will be time devoted to flashbacks and back stories). Anyway, this looks interesting. I will have to watch it 🙂

    • 11.1 Mystisith

      20 episodes scheduled for now, to be confirmed.

      • 11.1.1 alua


        Goodness…. this better be top-notch in the writing department, as I said, the whole plot is so film-like, they’ll have to be real clever with all the filling.

      • 11.1.2 Peridot

        Thank you. I hope that the twenty episodes are used wisely (i.e., without filler). 🙂

  12. 12 aljunk


  13. 13 Danna

    I love the look on his face as he drives away at the end of the clip….so many emotions, I love LJK

  14. 14 Arhazivory

    I really have to watch this.

  15. 15 Pam

    I’m prepping myself for LJK by finishing up Arang and now Time btw Dog and Wolf. Can’t wait!!!


    Heh heh…Lee Jun Ki’s hair looks quite anime I feel…….but it certainly looks good! As does he in all those stills!

    I really LOVE Lee Jun Ki and am just so excited for this drama to start, I can’t wait to watch him in an action role again!

  17. 17 ella

    Two Weeks premieres august 7 ?
    Wow~ great present for my birthday. Two dramas I can’t wait, Master’s Sun and this one!

    • 17.1 the50-person

      Yeah same here!

  18. 18 Quiet Thought

    Kdrama sure is cost effective. I think ‘Two Weeks’ is using the same little girl with cancer as ‘Monstar’. She didn’t even get a new turban or jammies. If the character dies, they can use her as a ghost on ‘Master’s Sun’.

    • 18.1 ella

      LOL 😀

    • 18.2 kumi

      I don’t think child actress Lee Chae Mi played in Monstar. That was a different girl.

      • 18.2.1 Quiet Thought

        Well, at least I know neither of them was the sick cute little girl from ‘Mandate of Heaven.’ She didn’t have a cancer turban. Just a bad cough.

        I’m hoping for fewer sick cute little girls in the next wave of dramas. It’s confusing.

  19. 19 kumi

    The title is right. It’s starting in two weeks 😉

    • 19.1 the50-person

      Oh LOL two weeks indeed.

  20. 20 Kiara

    Yay <3.

  21. 21 Qai76

    OMG! you’re so handsome and hot Jun Ki!! I’m going crazy because of that pretty face of yours!! <3

    Anything with him is a must must watch~!!! Yaaaayyyy…cant wait.

  22. 22 fun-lugha

    Well if dramaland is anything to go by then I can answer the question for you about his past…it’s the painful kind! never mind what actually caused the pain, but isnt that always the bottom line 😉

  23. 23 missDVM

    Lee Junki is amazingly gifted as an actor. I love almost every single think that he is in. He is extremely handsome no matter what he is in… but… he is looking a teeeeeny bit thin here. I like all of his looks, and he looks interesting with sharper features, but I worry about his health also. Anyway. Great actor. Can’t wait for his movies, dramas, etc.. etc.. Love’em all.

  24. 24 nova611

    there’s ONLY 2 actor in KOREA
    that i have faith into
    coz they are freaking GOOD

    1. Kim Myung Min
    2. Lee Jun Ki

  25. 25 Lara

    Omg… i can’t wait for it! Jun Ki Babe,you rock!

  26. 26 nozomi05

    He is sooo pretty!!!

  27. 27 Jess

    This is kinda random, but, if Korea ever made a “Death Note”, Lee Jun Ki would play the perfect L. <3

    • 27.1 AnaBanana

      Omg, why has no one in Korea ever thought of this?!! I’d so watch this drama

    • 27.2 fiona

      I second this!!!

    • 27.3 Ponpon

      Haha, you are right! It’s probably the anime-ish features he has going on 😀

  28. 28 redfox

    I luv motorcycles.
    my favorite would be Dnepr, but this goes as well.
    for a man on the run movie nothing looks cooler.

    must hurt when you are told all that.

  29. 29 AnaBanana

    This reminds me of Time Between Dog and Wolf again — funny because Jung Kyung Ho is also doing his own drama, which ends right before Lee Jun Ki’s starts!
    How these two have come a long way…

  30. 30 Kandiboo

    wow, I was never a fan of LJK, but looks like he’s growing up and looking better by the day/week/month~
    army is doing men some good!

  31. 31 Laurita

    looks nice… and interesting. :))

  32. 32 Kes

    …isn’t that pretty much the summary for ‘The Fugitive’ tho?

    I might usually have trouble watching with a clean slate when the role reminds me of an actor I really like (Harrison Ford was awesome on that movie!) but LJK can definitely break that trend.

  33. 33 Waca

    Usually not my kind of drama, but God is that teaser great! It gave me chills! Maybe I’m gonna check this drama out. I really like Lee Jun Ki’s acting anyway!

  34. 34 Jadis

    Looking forward to this! Thanks for keeping us posted!

  35. 35 Kaka865623

    Holy moly everything looks so great! Arrrgggghhh …the wait is torture!!!

    And here is the BTS of Lee Jun Ki & Park Ha Sun 😀

    • 35.1 Kaka865623

      God I just love this!

  36. 36 Pam

    I just saw the BTS above.

    I hope the OTP have more chemistry than depicted in that BTS! Makes me worried. But then again, maybe 2 weeks isn’t focused on the romance?

    In your opinion, which actress has been his best match for onscreen chemistry so far???

    • 36.1 Winnew

      I have to say Shin Min Ah, but will wait to see him with the ladies in Two Weeks.

  37. 37 maldita

    Oppa killed me with those bloody cheekbones. Definitely watching this drama.

  38. 38 Deb

    I L.O.V.E. his eyes! He looks like a real life anime character in that last picture.

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