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Oh Ji-ho sees ghosts for OCN mystery crime drama
by | July 26, 2013 | 58 Comments

New drama. MORE GHOSTS. Ahhhhh. Why do I have the sudden image of the drama industry actually being Dramaland High School where everyone’s scrambling to copy the hot mean girl, no matter what craziness she wears, and then pretend they’re not copying her?

This one is a mystery thriller called Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo-yong, and Oh Ji-ho (God of the Workplace, Chuno) has been selected to headline. On the upside (yes, this glass is half-full, dammit), this drama comes from cable movie channel OCN, which means that each of our ghost-seeing dramas will at least have a different flavor. Master’s Sun is on SBS (broadcast, quirky and funny), while Who Are You is on tvN, which is a “softer” cable network and looks to be romantic and melo. OCN has the grittiest fare of the three, as we’ve seen from previous offerings like the Vampire Prosecutor and Ten franchises, which were bloody crime thrillers.

In Ghost-Seeing Detective, Oh Ji-ho plays the main character Yoon Cheo-yong, who has been able to see ghosts since birth. Once the ace of the violent crimes unit, seven years ago he lost both his family and his partner in a traumatic incident that caused him to quit his department. Now he works as a district cop, but without any interest or will to engage with the world; “starved for love,” he’s completely lonely. Then one day, he accidentally talks back to the ghost of a high school girl, and things get complicated. Haha, is he like Lee Jun-ki of Arang and the Magistrate, going his life pretending not to see ghosts?

The show follows Cheo-yong as he works with his dogged detective partner (a woman) and that ghost girl to solve mysterious cases. Playing a key role will be the various “dead signs” left behind at the scenes of crimes, which sounds like it’ll be this drama’s drink-some-blood-see-the-past device. Gotta say, having a ghost on your side sure would come in handy as a cop, assuming she’s amenable to playing his sidekick. I kinda hope she’s not.

The series will be directed by Im Chan-ik, who directed the cop comedy Arrest King, and written by Hong Seung-hyun, who worked on Joseon X-Files. OOH. Suddenly I’m interested. (Granted, Joseon X-Files had a team of five or six writers and he’s only one of them. Still, it’s a good show to have on your resumΓ©.) Thus I am persuaded to look past the uber-literal title and the fact that this is slowest of the ghost-seers to come out of the gate.

This drama has been in development for the past year, after being selected as the winner of OCN’s open competition for original drama scripts in 2012, which is a promising sign. At least we know the first episode will be good?

Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo-yong will begin shooting in mid-Auguest, and will be OCN’s Sunday-night drama beginning October 6.

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58 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. latteholic

    I squirted my drink when I read the title, 2013 is gonna be the year of ghost-seeing in dramaland, isn’t it?

    • 1.1 the50-person

      My exact thots lol

    • 1.2 hmm

      yesss, i think so

    • 1.3 kanz

      The year of supernatural things to be exact with Suha in IHYV has supernatural mind-reading ability and 3 dramas have ghost-seeing story

    • 1.4 Chandler

      Well luckily this is a trend I don’t mind. After Arang, I realized how much I enjoy this whole seeing-ghosts dynamic. It allows for wonderful explorations of the meaning of life and death and I’m sure each drama will do this in their own way. Although, admittedly, I think Arang will be hard to beat. At least all these shows do have key differences though. All the time travel dramas could never draw me in with that premise alone, because while they are fun, there’s no promise that they’ll turn out well whereas with this trend I know right off the bat that if I don’t enjoy everything about these dramas, I at least know that I love the initial scenario.

    • 1.5 Windsun33

      I don’t know if this is a “jump on the bandwagon” thing or what, but since I am not a big fan of ghost stories it might be a sparse season for me.

  2. Orion

    I’m interested in the writer. Originally, I was a bit cautious about this. OCN does nice series, but I have gotten a bit tired of the supernatural element merely being a background for the core of their series, which is crime.

    Even ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ is mostly a crime series with vampy frosting and forced romance. I know they are trying to give crime a twist, but since I’m dying for more horror/mystery/supernatural kdrama focusing on those elements, it’s sad to always see they are not explored fully and just frame the crime.

    I am hoping that, since we have this writer, the cases themselves will have supernatural causes or elements about them, something ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ lacked (most were simply crimes).

    So bring it on, but do try and explore the supernatural element this time. If it’s just more crime, I’m signing off.

    • 2.1 Eien

      I’m of those who rather like that the supernatural element is not the focus of the drama. Sometimes they overdo it so I like it best when it’s an element added to the story. It becomes the spice to make my meal perfect lol.

      • 2.1.1 Orion

        I’m not saying it’s not nice to give crime a twist, I’m just saying I wish Korea did more series that explore that side more than the crime or romance one that are usually the focus. πŸ˜‰

        Just like I love rom-com, but have gotten tired of their refusal to break free of certain fixations.

        I do understand it if OCN wants to focus on crime, however. The channel’s overall program is such. I would love it if other cable channels tried making more diverse in genre shows though.

  3. MsB

    First time travel; now it’s the supernatural time? Wow!

    • 3.1 carpediem101

      Yes. I think the broadcasts must have slipped each other a note during lunch time to let each other know that seeing ghosts is the new pink.

      Either that or the writers all must keep tabs on each other…

      It is odd how trends occur around the same time. Time-traveling, body-switching, ghosts, etc. The supernatural/fantasy fare has generally been all the rage these past couple of years.

      • 3.1.1 Cynthia

        How true. It’s the same with TV in the U.S.

        Ghosts: The Flavor of the Month


  4. Miky

    I’m totally in for this one,love this kind of genre drama,fantasy,comic…Ghosts…hope next year will be the year of other mystical creatures…this type of show is so rich in premise because as a writer one can do so many things in a univers were u can have powers,ghost and so….

    • 4.1 Mar

      I’m totally down for a year of mystical fantasy creature dramas-such as the elusive Korean Drama 21rst Century Couple, word is that this infrequently occurring pair actually make out, and they sometimes even, you know, have the sex. These elusive creatures are the stuff of legend and increasingly rare. πŸ˜‰

      Seriously though, I agree, mystical creatures and more fantasy would be fun.

      • 4.1.1 Chandler

        At first, I totally didn’t understand what you were getting at. And then I did. Which…HAHAHA so funny. Yes, those creatures certainly are elusive!

        • Mar

          Yes, I was being silly, my humor is off in left field sometimes!

  5. kumi

    Isn’t there anything else worth seeing, besides ghosts?

    • 5.1 Danna

      IKR? Cant they being seeing demons or the future/past or something…if they really want to milk that fantasy-drama cash cow, can’t they do it in different ways at least?

      • 5.1.1 omo

        What would they think of next? X-ray vision?

    • 5.2 ilikemangos

      Can we have like a post-apocalypse world or a utopian/ dystopian society? That would be interesting worlds to explore.

      • 5.2.1 biankoy

        which would be really terrible for those who hold the budget. gaaaah.

        • nomad

          Anthony: “Where would we have the PPL?”

      • 5.2.2 Orion

        This. Thank you. I think Korean cinema and television could really pull off relatively cheap post-apocalyptic stuff. At least cinema. I mean, ‘Hero’ (OCN) tried the dystopia thing a bit and that was believable.

    • 5.3 Lilly

      a town of aliens?

  6. naila2u

    And it all began with Arang and the Magistrate

  7. exquisitemelody

    I haven’t been watching dramas live for too long, but is this something that happens all the time?

    First time-traveling genres, now ghost genres. Whatevs..Arang beat them out of the gate, and they’re going to have to live up to that one because it’s one of the best!

    • 7.1 consortoflight

      Yes exquisite melody this happens EVERY YEAR! Just depends on the year. Some years we get medical dramas, some cooking dramas, crime dramas, sageuk dramas, fashion dramas, etc. Just depends on the year! Sometimes the year puts out various good dramas with similar focuses, or a bunch of crazy dramas that have the same plot devices.

      Here’s to hoping “I see dead people” is a good year!

    • 7.2 Danna

      not really but it has been more of a thing in the last 2-3 years, I’d say…and its usually with trendy dramas

  8. BlueStars

    2011 was the year of chaebols. 2012 was the year of time-traveling fusion saeguks. I felt that there was no real trend for 2013 yet. Perhaps, it’s the year of ghosts?

    • 8.1 True2U

      2011 was the year of chaebols? LOL. I think every year is a year of chaebols. Where would K-Drama be without Chaebols?

      • 8.1.1 AnotherFan

        I concur! πŸ™‚ Sometimes I do ask out loud if there are any “regular” people that also fall in love?

        • True2U

          Lol, I’ve given up on regular people that falls and stays with a regular person. If their not chaebols. Their someone who is somehow a genious or well gifted.

      • 8.1.2 Windsun33

        Actually it was the year of chaebols and ruthless money lenders πŸ˜€

  9. AnotherFan

    I welcome this news and drama. Recently watched TEN/TEN2 and was much impressed. Loved the writing (minus a few fillers) and the art direction and the music selection – that production has got some taste πŸ™‚ I am following up with Joseon X-files and am loving it so far!

    So OCN + the writer from Joseon X-files + Oh Ji-ho (damn this guys is hot) is going to work for me. Looking forward to it!

  10. 10 Anvesha

    So it’s official: the drama craze of this year is ghost-seeing leads or leads with supernatural abilities..

  11. 11 mj

    If 2013 had to have a theme instead of ghosts I would have loved mind reading seriously you could have so many ideas with that theme and with the ratings for I hear your voice I can’t believe it hasn’t been picked up more

    • 11.1 Mystisith

      +1. Telepathy is an interesting premise and it doesn’t need a big budget for special effects: Just a bit of creativity/editing.

  12. 12 ninji

    Too much ghosts. If this trend keeps on going imma have to lay off my k-dramas for a while.

  13. 13 Z

    So ghosts (and really extra sensory powers in general) are this years time travel. I did not see this coming… which is fitting because, you know, Ghosts…

  14. 14 Sajen

    I love supernatural stories and OCN gave us the awesome Vampire Prosecutor and Ten franchises, plus Oh Ji-ho is awesome as well.

    Speaking of supernatural what I really want is a sequel to Soul/Hon one of my top five favorite dramas, not just Korean but all dramas of all time. Though since that was 2009 I guess that’s out of the question, but come on that ending left plenty of room for a sequel Ha Na was still possessed and it’s possible Kim Gab Soo’s villain whose name I don’t remember might still be alive.

  15. 15 the50-person

    Oh my javaneans I totally thot of Arang too! Goodness is the drama trend this year all abt GHOSTS?!?! But I like ocn fare. Gritty but compelling.

  16. 16 Ah Mi Na

    Omo, that’s a great news, OCN is indeed a unique channel, crime drama are my favourite ones. I enjoyed so far, TEN ( I gotta say 1 more than season 2), and vampire prosecutor (same thing, I’m more into the first season). I am always looking for dramas that are filled with suspens and unpredictable twists.
    If somebody has some drama’s name, please share πŸ™‚

  17. 17 the68monkey

    Oh Ji-ho playing a character “starved for love”? That’s less believable than the seeing ghosts plotline. πŸ˜›

  18. 18 DDee

    another one? sigh. ok guess i’ll hv to add another one to my ever growing wanna watch list

  19. 19 Lilly

    I want to see it. Ghosts and mysteries go together well.

  20. 20 Makoto

    Oh Ji Ho! I love him in The Third Hospital. His character description here sounds similar with it. A lonely man. Will wait for this drama. I hope he gets good counterpart. πŸ™‚

  21. 21 rinka

    If ghost related drama is the trend for the next few months, I have to reschedule my k-drama time. Can’t watch them in the midnight anymore.

  22. 22 Jenny

    Well , I trust that this will be good because of OCN.
    OJH is not the best actor out there, he really annoyed me in God of the workplace (I liked Oizumi Yo’s performance better)
    I think he’s at his best when he doesn’t need to overact.
    But this sounds both scary and a good mystery show.
    Hopefully the rest of the cast will be good.

  23. 23 Sally

    This seems interesting. My two most favorites K-drama until now is OCN’s, plus the supernatural thing sound kinda fun. Looking forward to this. Not like K-dramas have a lot of thrillers to offer.

  24. 24 goldeng

    wow, in dramaland when it rains it pours! ghost seen everwhere now… th onlythink that makes me anticipate his is that its from OCN! their series vampire prosecutor and Ten are my cup of tea so I trust them

  25. 25 Claudia (@cassopeia)

    OK. So that’s ghost show No. 3. lol The only good thing about it is that it’s on OCN, I love Vampire prosecutor. But I really hope that’s the last ghost show for this year! Please no more!!

  26. 26 Celery

    This is totally up my alley, even more so than Master’s Sun. I like thrillers and he’s hot, so okay, count me in.

    How’s Vampy the Prosecutor by the way? Any good?

    I need to continue watching Ten, stopped after the 1st case because it was so unbelievable. Liked the execution though. Wait, I should continue watching it right? Guys?

  27. 27 pogo

    lol so do we consider Arang the trendsetter here? Especially since it did seeing ghosts all the way back in 2012, and with a ghost heroine no less πŸ™‚

  28. 28 Quiet Thought

    Odds on werewolves being next years trend? Or have ‘Wolf Boy’ and ‘Gu Family Chronicle’ already covered that.

    Fortunately, between ‘Chaw’, ‘You’re Beautiful’, and ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’, dangerous pigs as an issue have already come and gone.

  29. 29 Noelle

    Nice! This I wanna watch…well I want to watch all three but I am getting tired of romance and fluff. I need a change. This just might be what I’ve been looking for.

  30. 30 Windsun33

    Hard to make predictions for the next “theme wave”, but some would be out just because of budget and shooting time restrictions, unless they went with a bunch of poorly done CGI (good CGI, like Jurassic Park, is super expensive).

    But some possible would be a Paladin type person or agency, like the decades old Have Gun Will Travel type. Another might be some kind of revenge for hire. Or maybe they will just expand the mind reading thing cops, psychiatrists. What ever comes up, given that a whole lot of k-dramas seem to get their inspiration from Japanese manga, perhaps the best way to predict is to look at what is hot in Japan right now.

    But after thinking it over for a while, I really can’t come up with much else that would fit into the money and time constraints of Korean shows.

  31. 31 ahjummabunny

    Sounds promising. I think Oh Ji Ho and ghost seeing go well together. I really liked a lot of his Chuno acting and I think it can be a very similar role hopefully with better direction and writing. I’m looking forward to it.

  32. 32 Devi

    what, a new drama from my favorite channel? The sound it so good and i like supernatural. But, OCN, you must continued Vampire Prosecutor series!

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