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Oh Yeon-seo joins cast of Medical Top Team
by | July 23, 2013 | 18 Comments

Medical Top Team, the new medical drama from the brain behind Brain and the style behind The Moon That Embraces the Sun, is busily filling the ranks of its hospital staff. Actress Oh Yeon-seo is the latest addition to join leading man Kwon Sang-woo and an as-yet-undetermined lead actress. The offer is out to Lee Min-jung, but she’s still unconfirmed.

Oh Yeon-seo has been enjoying a nice wave of popularity since playing one of the sisters in weekend family drama You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly and starring in the daily sitcom Oh Ja-ryung Is Coming. It looks like she’ll be playing a pretty big role in the new primetime Wednesday-Thursday drama — there are conspicuously four members of this top team. Hm, it’s almost as if someone wanted to write a love square set in a hospital. How ’bout that?

The drama is about the best and brightest from each medical specialty gathered together to work as a team in one hospital. Don’t they know that geniuses don’t play well together? Kwon Sang-woo plays the confident genius bad-boy-on-the-outside, good-boy-on-the-inside surgeon who leads the team. Oh Yeon-seo will play the maknae, a thoracic surgeon with only two years of experience under her belt. She’ll be the spirited young member of the team with big hopes and dreams. The production plans to finish casting the other lead roles in the coming week, and will start shooting in August.

Medical Top Team follows Two Weeks and premieres in October on MBC.

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18 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Megan

    The whole story sounds a little bit cheesey. “Kwon Sang-woo plays the confident genius bad-boy-on-the-outside, good-boy-on-the-inside surgeon who leads the team.” Yikes.

    • 1.1 ananke23

      haha… my first thought too; lost it at “Kwon Sang-woo plays the confident genius…”

  2. Mia

    Awww I can’t wait to see her on another drama 🙂

    • 2.1 delta777

      Me too….she’s phenomenally talented and a gorgeous chameleon.

  3. Nina

    Still waiting for Min Jung’s confirmation … c’mon girl , please say yes ♥

    The cast keeps getting better … Oh Yeon Seo shined in My Husband Got a Family and I like her personality ^^ Already ancitipating more casting news

  4. Yoori

    This sounds awfully boring already. I hope it’s not though … either way, KSW is an eye-candy.

  5. Starstruck.

    If anything, oh yeon seo’s character in ywriu was truly the most annoying one ever. I haven’t had the chance to see her in anything else so I shan’t judge. Drama please be good!

    • 5.1 maldita

      Yes! She was so damn annoying as Malsook. If anything, she played that role well enough for me to hate her. LOL

  6. aa

    She’s pretty. Passable actress.

  7. 정남

    This could be an interesting drama depending on the dynamic between the main characters. The inherent problem is that romance is going to rear its head eventually and then I’ll be screaming at my screen don’t you have better things to worry about?

  8. Perrie

    Wow, that is a greattt picture of her!!
    Looking forward to checking this drama out!

  9. Pipit

    I don’t know. Medical drama is never my favorite. But I really love Brain which by the way is the best medical drama EVER. So I’m not sure this one will be able to surpass the brilliance of Brain/Shin Ha Kyun. But I also love the style of The Moon.

    I’m conflicted. I like Kwon Sang Woo but am not thrilled about the possible lead actress.

    Will wait for the review first.

  10. 10 bd

    Never seen OYS in anything, but that’s a real flattering pic of her (stylist did a real nice job w/ her hair).

  11. 11 zsa

    love her! and Lee Min Jung !But not the drama….we’ll see.

  12. 12 kathy

    she was really good in Oh Ja-ryung.
    i didnt like her before, but after that i do.

  13. 13 yukiyukiku

    i love Kwon Sang Woo. I was hoping to see him getting better role after Yawang (cuz it got on my nerve big time)
    but, pleaseeee…not with Lee Min Jung
    let LMJ be superrr busy with her wedding + everything else with her hubby to be.
    I want someone else, Lee Bo Young (but she just finished IHYV, so i doubt it), Kim Hyun Joo, Lee Na Young, Kim So Yeon (but she’s already in 2 Weeks), Han Hyo Joo, Han Ji Won, Lee Ji Ah…
    that’s my personal opinion

  14. 14 Lilian

    Isn’t she the one who was on WGM briefly with Lee Joon? They were my least fav pair at that time because they had the least chemistry….she always seemed too mature for Joon-ie , imho =)

  15. 15 Alexandra

    Glad to see OYS in something new. She a fave of mine and can ACT.

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