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434 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Newbie

    Hi Beanies and happy OT!

    Cruel City starts to frizzle out. *SPOILERS* The way they are treating Soo-min’s character as undercover is ridiculous beyond words. * Even Baksa’s acting made me cringe a couple of times during this ep, because certain looks and his constant brooding is overdone by now. * Hunky Thighs for Brain should take a few fighting lessons from gaunt Doctor’s Son. After all this hunting he FINALLY identifies him, but lets him GO?! Because Baksa SAID, he didn’t kill the girlfriend!? Guess a gentleman’s word counts. How about the like a million other crimes he committed? * In addition, there are cops working as moles, the prosecutor is a druggie, susceptible to blackmail and they all are still doing their jobs?! * Safari seems to be untouchable from both sides. Why was that exactly? * One/the scheming big bad guy is, of course, TfB’s dad. * Jin-sook schleps Soo-min, a girl that joined the organization 5 minutes ago, into the Bak Cave?!?!?! Baksa on the other hand knows, that an undercover agent has been to his hideout and yet he stays?! Because he trusts Soo-min? Again: Why?! Oh, they had sex once. Must have been good. * Two females on sky-high high heels outrun and outfight hired muscles?! It really is full blown makjang now! But I’ll finish it anyway, because as the squeecappers so wonderfully put it, it’s Heartless City and I missed the exit to Logical City 10 miles ago. 😀

    Shark – Great series with great acting. Need to stock up a huge tissue supply.

    Empire of Gold – *spoilerish* Love it! It is not an easy watch, the constant back and forth of several allies needs a lot of attention. I hope someone with a little background knowledge of the South Korean real estate market in the 90s will recap it to fill in knowledge gaps of international viewers. For example I didn’t really get what kind of election Go Soo was trying to manipulate.

    Two Weeks – The first teaser looks promising. Lee Jun-ki is one hell of an actor. This better be good!

    Summer vacation is coming. I will be gone for, oops, two weeks. It will be fun to marathon the end of CC and Shark when I’m back.

    • 1.1 Jlee

      I agree with your Lee Jun-ki comment – he’s absolutely amazing! (And not that bad to look at, either ahaha~)

      So excited for 2 weeks, the teasers look pretty good to me!

      • 1.1.1 Newbie

        He pulled me into all things Korean with The King and The Clown. I was amazed how well he acted this part. :O
        And on top of his acting abilities he is drop-dead gorgeous.

    • 1.2 Carole McDonnell

      LOL –> “Why?! Oh, they had sex once. Must have been good.”

    • 1.3 kakashi

      Hello Newbie, hello everyone!
      Happy Friday.
      I’m on holidays! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      I’m afraid I have to agree with you about CCity. It would have done better with 4 episodes less, like so many other dramas. But let’s see what the last 4 bring, they could be good.

      There are so many exciting and potentially good dramas about the start, kyaaaaaa! It’ll be stressful if all of them are good!! I guess I’m particularly looking forward to one of my all-time-favorites, Lee Jun-ki. Love the teaser, love that it’s going to be action-packed, cause he does that the best.

      • 1.3.1 Korazy Lady

        Hello, hello! I am trying to wean off the OT, but since it was the 300th one, I decided to pop by.

        I, for one, will be happy when CC is over because I feel so out of the loop for not watching it.

        Have a happy holiday, kakashi! And everyone else, a good Friday.

        • kakashi

          Oh yes, Happy Birthday, OT! 300 is quite an age, keep it up!!!

          • pogo

            oh my, 300 already?! How time flies…

      • 1.3.2 pogo

        kakashi – oh yes, Action Jun-ki is the absolute best, because then he absolutely transforms from astoundingly beautiful man to ‘phwoarrrr, please come and ravish me now!’ levels of hotness, y’know?

        • kakashi

          oh yum. YUM. Now I’m looking forward to it even more :))

        • Newbie

          Shows what a great actor he is, when he is able to deliver this emotion and yet he seems to be a totally different person in RL.

      • 1.3.3 Newbie

        Actually I am not so sure whether they needed to cut the number of episodes or not. But writingwise they made several choices, that are pulling this show down. It was always borderline crazy and now I fear for the worst. Different, sensible plot choices could have carried this show easily. Hope, they are able to create a satisfying ending. It would be too bad to destroy the intense atmosphere and Baksa’s stellar performance with a crappy finale.

        I’m with you on all the potentially good dramas to come. The second half of 2013 looks very promising. I need my vacation to gather strength to watch them. 😉 Are you travelling somewhere on your free time?

        • snow

          agreed. the writing choices mid-way into Heartless City have definitely upset the pacing. i’m quite disappointed, all things considered. i read somewhere that the writer spent a long time on the script, but it doesn’t look that way. too much was spent on trying to justify the miserable romance and the even more bird-brain female lead’s existence.

          • Newbie

            The writer got ‘inspired’ by a lot of other shows or movies and now seems unable to finish it off with an own, original ending.
            *keeping my fingers crossed I’m wrong*

            Just this morning I mused about the failing of the romance part in CC. In the beginning, make that better half way through, they were able to transport a certain palpable tension between Soo-min and Baksa. Now they try to sell us him as a protecting guy risking his safety for her and her as loving, but I simply don’t buy it anymore. Also they alluded to a huge longtime crush Soo-min is having for Thighs, but when Baksa appears she shows no conflicting feelings about her change. Huh? That’s a lot of missed out chances to convey feelings.

            In the last ep they gave us the hotel scene with Baksa nursing Soo-min and a sort of final good-bye. Later on I had to realize, that I completely forgot about that scene after one day.

            I still think Soo-min is in the show to bring about Baksa’s downfall, but her undercover story is handled so bad, she makes Baksa and Jin Sook look plain stupid. Maybe it would have worked better, if they didn’t make her police, but let her be a simple worker at a convenience store he is magically drawn to? But I’m no writer, just a viewer, what do I know.

          • snow


            i didn’t even get the palpable tension bit, that was how bad Nam Gyuri was to me. it was all Jung Kyung-ho selling the romance but alas, he cannot do much if she is pathetic. they shouldn’t have made her have a crush on Thighs, it served little purpose and cheapens her decision to be a cop – now if she’d become one because she was inspired by Kyung-mi, that might have gone down better.

            her undercover story was terribly handled and it would have been better, as you’ve said, if the writer had made her an ordinary worker, or even just one of Jin-sook’s girls who would not turn out to be like Hye-soo (Soo’s chick who betrayed him). but it would have been best if she’d been completely written out – the story would not have suffered so badly because there would have been less of the stupid being distributed so liberally.

            the writer, imo, really lost the perfect chance to take the show darker when he decided to make Shi-hyun undercover. you could just see half the pizazz going out once it was revealed in ep 4, it was just that the acting kept it going for much longer. then 9-16 completely undid all the good work done in 1-8, and it is really very disappointing.

          • Newbie

            The undercover part of Shi-hyun could work (see Infernal Affairs).

            Soo-min and Baksa had something going, they gave us the hottest Kdrama kiss ever. It was bold and very sexy. A well handled fatal affaire would have spiced up this show so much and I still think they want to take us there.

            My expectations for Nam Gyuri were so low, that her acting doesn’t really disappoint me (yes, it was THAT low). Her character is just badly written. Like so many others in this show… Oh, the lost potential.

          • snow

            ep 16 sealed my growing dislike for Jin-sook. ffs woman, what in the hell possessed you to take bird-brain to Shi-hyun’s place?! omfg this is the first time in the whole series i wanted to slap Jin-sook so bad. and the icing on the cake? revealing his name to her! ugh!!!!!

            Shi-hyun, omg, please listen to Soo. his bad feeling is spot-on. you can’t go wrong if you listen to your buddy!

        • Windsun33

          I pretty much gave up on HC a few episodes ago. In fact lately it seems like more and more I end up giving up on shows about halfway through. Not sure if it is me or the writers, or what – but it seems like a lot of the recent and current shows just totally fall apart at the seams at the halfway mark.

          Perhaps after watching hundreds of k,j, and t-dramas (at least parts of), I have lost my tolerance for over-the-top melo and stupidly stupid. About the only “Must See” show on my list now is IHYV, with “Shark” almost in that category.

    • 1.4 DayDreamer

      Since you mentioned the teaser, I searched for it because how on earth did I miss Oppa’s teaser?? For shame! Anyways, the teaser was wonderful and looks very exciting. Really can’t wait for the drama. Seeing Jun Ki play a father gives me fantasies of us as hubby and wife with our own little Jun Ki, muahahahaha! 😉

      • 1.4.1 pogo

        well, he did play a dad for about five minutes in a fantasy in Arang (with Shin Mina has his kids’ mother), but this is the whole drama AND modern times so basically, just kill me now because I swooned.

        • DayDreamer

          Pogo, I worry for both of our healths when Two Weeks airs because we’ll be swooning every single time Oppa is onscreen, hahaha.

      • 1.4.2 Newbie

        You chose the perfect alias!

        • DayDreamer

          Haha, thanks. It’s also because I do daydream often. =P

    • 1.5 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Newbie – thanks for the Cruel City rant. You have some excellent points.

    • 1.6 Celery

      I pretty much gave up after ep 4’s ridiculous twist because I foresaw the twist being liberally used for other characters. And boy, was I so right 🙁

      • 1.6.1 Newbie

        I am very conflicted about CC. It had so much potential and it still does so many things right. I’ll continue to watch it only for Jung Kyung-ho and Choi Moo-sung.

    • 1.7 IBELIS

      You are better than me, this show hasn’t made sense since they started chasing Doctor’s Son. Every time a criminal was questioned they blamed what ever on DS and from this the whole police force set out on a mission to get him, and every crime that took place was attributed to him.Yet no one knew what he looked liked.

      Even the murder of KM. I kept thinking even if he walked into the police station and they arrested him what evidence do they have that he has committed any crime?

      Then you look at the good guys and they are just as bad if not worse than the bad ones. They are taking bribes, selling info, even killing for the bad guys. ‘The one cop that’s not on the take is on a vengance kick because of the death of his girlfriend, but without and evidence that DS actually killed her.

      Which leaves you wondering are there any good guys in the drama.

      I continue to watch even though it no longer makes sense because there is a certain excitement in the episodes.

  2. KimYoonmi

    – Waiting on a bit of research in order to do my story.
    – Waiting on measurements to finish the hanbok. (I forgot the strap spacing)
    – Working on other stories, but the hanbok is slowing me down. >.<;;

    Korean Culture: Since I caught Noonchi before it was useful (on LSS and on I Can Hear Your Voice–there were a string of jokes about that. It’s a running gag.) I’ll try a bit about Muism before it might become relavant for Master’s Sun.

    Since the recent shows have kinda messed up Muism, it’s really in the Hong Sister’s style to try to fix it by using real research and going back to the origins (I’m thinking the whole Gumiho thing where they went back and researched Gumiho and corrected the later assumptions through the show’s structure… as well as tying it to real Muism).

    You can find more from Muism, the book and the next weeks up to Master’s Sun, given I have time. =P

    The first thing is that (jokingly) when Muism was persecuted, it was the men that all left. (well, majority were men). i.e. they were all cowards. =P

    The second remarkable thing about Muism, while run by mostly women, is that there is a larger acceptance historically for QUILTBAG within the community. As believed that they are conferred special powers, much like *some* Native American tribes. (Not all.)

    This may contribute to the idea of the supposed illness of the main character according to the previews… (Anyone catch the new preview with shots from the show?) And the one that sees ghosts is female, not male.

    In Muism you have to get sick in the Northern/Seoul version in order to become a “mudang”. (Male is paksu, but the majority of the male ones are born into it from indications of the book I read. Exception of GBTQ males)

    Heo Joon is like an antidote for the lack of feminism in Dating Agency: Cyrano–despite it being written by a man, there are very big statements about feminism in Heo Joon. People may be afraid at the 120 episodes, but since the episodes are about 30 minutes each, it’s really 60 episodes, and it goes by quickly, mainly due to the quick pacing and problem structure set up. Even though unfair things happen to females in Joseon, it’s painted as such. With the majority of Joseon Sageuk, the unfairness is focused on socio-economics, but this manages to do both women and socioeconomics subtly and well.

    Goddess of Fire I’ll watch until the makjang. It’s a laid back Historical drama, and even though predictable, for some reason I don’t mind as much due to the stronger characterizations.

    I think I’ve gone over the problems with Dating Agency: Cyrano enough. You can get fluffy without undercutting your main lead. You can have a moral and straight forward person without taking away their power to choose. (Soo Ha proves that.)

    I Can Hear Your Voice <3 Well written, and better than I expected from this writer, I'll know how she's handling the extension by next week. It's my writer curse to be able to suss out other writers. =P

    Lastly about writers…
    I sometimes wonder what people really think of us writers… personally, I worship at the house of only one master, story. Sure, I may adjust it a little to make it understandable and a little less WTF, but if someone wants me to do sweeping changes to everything in it, I’m pretty much telling them, “Uhhh… no” (in my head, mind you.)

    • 2.1 Manin


      Your Muism notes are interesting and from what you said here I can see some similarities to old Norse seid/”shaman” traditions, as well as some samii.

      Definitively wanting to learn more about this, as it not only fits into my field of interest as a cultural oriented historian, but also as you say, it will probably feature a lot in “Master’s Sun” a drama I’m really looking forward to see. BTW do you know of any good drama’s that feature this? Beside Arang where I’m guessing this is a feature at least to some extent.

      Your culture notes are always so interesting.

      Would you recommend watching “Goodness of fire”? I have been interested in seeing it, just haven’t gotten around to do so yet.

      • 2.1.1 KimYoonmi

        Goddess of Fire, I like mostly for the characters and the pottery, but it promises to get sad quickly towards the end (if you’ve ever read the history). Which is where I’ll skip out.

        Weak sides of the drama include predictable and recycled event structures, and the promise of holy crap Makjang later.

        Shamanism across the world seems to share similar features, the book I read managed to cover several comparisons as well with Muism. I really liked the speculated original Muist POV on the afterlife. I thought that was really cool. (book is available to the Hong Sisters in Korean if they found it. =P)

        Arang and the Magistrate actually goes from Buddhism, traditional Korean god system (which I think came with Chinese envoys later) and Muism. So strictly speaking, it wasn’t 100% Muist. (Plus ist made fun of Muism in some places, which is kinda status quo in Korea, but makes me feel uneasy… especially since no one seems to make fun of Christianity… but somehow Muism and Buddhism are fair game…)

        Moon Embracing the Sun, the book, rather than the drama did a fairly good extrapolation as far as I could tell. The drama was fake Muism, through and through and kinda got undercut in places. In the extrapolation though, it was if it were a state religion, which worked better in the book rather than in the drama… (Neo Confucianism precluded a lot of Muism later on).

        The beginning of Gu Family Book had heavy Musim themes in it, though it failed in so many other ways… it hasn’t been very even handed. However, the idea of Mountain spirits, in general, that’s from Muism. Protectors of Mountains, that’s also Muism. The Monk was a cheap try at San Shin Halobeoji, but I say cheap for so many reasons. (Including the fact he didn’t have a tiger and Monks are Buddhist). The whole transformation thing is definitely not Muism. That’s Chinese Mythology that was imported. (Eating livers for Gumiho is also, as the Hong Sisters pointed out in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho).

        The laughable appearance of Muism in Nail Shop Paris–not even close! OMG, that was sooo bad. It was as if Taoism met Muism and *shakes head* Yeah, that was so far off track. (Poor understanding of either religion too)

        Hong Sisters may try to clean it up, since they’ve done some of the research already, and they did a very clean shot at it in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, covering mostly just after early Muism, without bringing much of Buddhism and Christianity into it. =P They strike me as types to kinda fix things and then thumb their noses and chant I got it better than you~ for some reason with their writing (but in a playful way).

        • redfox

          I have also done a fair deal of research about shamanism and different beliefs and gumihos and kitsunes too…Estonian folk belief has no werefoxes but the fox is the closest thing to a human in animal kingdom as in many fenno ugric traditions. they are cunning, but certainly not deadly! in some traditions, foxes are shapeshifters, in some they are just as tall as a person and can speak.

          we have had one of our own ridiculous interpretations on witchcraft, cursing and shamanism, by an otherwise good writer, mind you, but it seems he went just for the cheap popularity and did a hollywood style good vs evil, good witch, bad witch and secret books kind of shmuck. hated that.

          I have read about mountain spirits as well. we obviously dont have those, we have forest spirits, srpings and trees instead. shamanism in Estonia, well, it is basically listening to Nature, which speaks constantly, you just need to recognise, when it is saying something of greater importance and when it is just small-talk

          • Manin

            In Norwegian folk legends the fox is always portrayed as being sneaky or cunning, but also wise in his/her ways. We don’t have the aspect of it being deadly or an evil thing though.

            Werewolfs as well has a different notion. While Shamanism, especially the samii tradition, has elements of taking on a animal “spirit” when walking the spirit world, the old Norse tradition is slightly different. In Norse you have the notion of wolf or bear warriors; strong, fierce warrior that felt no pain and would act in bloodrage on the battle field (most commonly known as berserker). But nothing that is simmilar to the Gumiho tradtition from the east.

            Norway has a lot of spirits/gnomes as well. But they do seem to be different from some of the more Eastern spirits.

          • redfox

            yeah, the berserk, and they can also be female warriors as I have read. in some legends they take kind of a potion. cant name a book where I read but it was in the Tallinn University library so it is valid.

            also, the mainstream interpretations of mythology and Hollywood b******** are so wrong! people should learn more and read the actual sources.
            our whole culture started from runic songs and legends.
            so better to go to the roots

          • Manin

            You have stories about female warriors, however they seem in most part not to have been a reality. But yes you have the Valkyries (from the norse mythology) which are female worriers and servants of the god Odin. Also responsible for leading (and choosing) worriers to Valhalla.

            Oh don’t even get me started on mainstream hollywood portrayal of mythology (also looking at you there Marvel!). What annoy me the most though is when you try to say something and point out the mistakes and people jump on you for it because “that’s not what the movie/comic is saying!”.

        • Manin

          That’s so interesting. What book did you read?

          Yeah, mythology and shamanism in general are all interlinked or share a common understanding over certain aspects. It’s really interesting to see and compare them.

          Haha I must admit to never getting past 10 min of the first episode of Nail shop Paris. But from what I’ve heard that drama did pretty much everything in a very wtf-ery way.

          Yeah I’ve really liked the Hong sisters drama’s (those that I’ve seen that is) and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho had a nice twist to the “normal” preseption of Gumiho legends.

          • KimYoonmi


            has the book I read. It’s a touch academic, so if you have a grounding in Anthropology it’s pretty straight forward. But for the new person to anthropology it might be a bit difficult to understand in addition to if you don’t have enough training, the usual reaction is “exotic” and “weird” which might distance one from the material since it was meant more academically.

            It’s not bad for an academic paper at 21.25, but the shipping might be a bit steep, so it’s better to buy several things at once if you’re inclined. (there is a book about Korean Buddhism, too).

            I found it really interesting… it goes through regional variations, historical differences, extrapolations, comparisons, and gets voices from the religion itself. Plus all of those things are properly marked inside of the book so there isn’t confusion. Despite its light size, it packs a lot of info.

          • Manin

            Not a grounding in Anthropology directly however I’ve used Anthropology texts as sources for my uni essays/dissertation and seen them reffered to interlinked with History so that aspect should be okay 🙂

            Thank you for the link, I’ll have a look and see if it’s possible to get it shipped here and what other stuff they have that could be of interest.

            It sounds like an interesting and through book. Nice to know what they cover a lot and have it clearly marked out as well. I’ve come across some book on similar topics that have been all over the place so that it’s hard so understand what belongs where.

        • Windsun33

          The idea of “mountain spirits” is pretty common in all cultures, along with all kinds of other “spirits” – forest, lake, ad infinitum. What is more surprising to me is the extent to which so many superstitions still prevail in general society in Korea and some other Asian countries, especially China. (recently saw a news clip about “haunted” cell phones in China…).

          • KimYoonmi

            One person’s superstition is another person’s religion. Superstition is just unaccepted magical belief.

            I learned that in Anthro class.

          • Windsun33

            “Magical belief” is really no different than many other improvable or mistaken beliefs. There are many beliefs that are widely accepted even though totally wrong, and many others that cannot be proven. Whether it is a belief in some new leader, shamanism, herbal cancer cures, or whatever it falls into the same category.

          • KimYoonmi

            People have the right to believe that the body of Christ can be put into a waver as much as they have the right to believe that spilling salt creates “bad luck”.

            Many times what appears as superstition is just a magical belief that got orphaned from a larger religious system that you may not understand, but once worked.

            For example, the broken mirror brings 7 years of bad luck, is an orphaned belief from the Romans who believed that the soul renews every 7 years. But you could avoid that by washing the pieces of the mirror in water. This in turn is an orphaned belief that’s found worldwide that reflective things in general contain the power of souls, which also happens to dive into the idea that staring at yourself in a pool is looking at your own soul, and contributed to later ideas that vampires don’t have reflections.

            Hollywood Zombies got disconnected from the real ones. If you actually go back it was a superstition from something NOT Voudou. It got orphaned by an intolerant and misunderstanding Priest who didn’t take the time to understand that black people on one region don’t all practice the same religion. (What we call an idiot, still human, but an idiot.)

            The thing is that magical belief is part of all religion and I think accepting that religion isn’t necessarily all good or evil nor that Science explains everything is a good idea. Accepting such a thing is religious acceptance, but not necessarily religious belief. It’s also a basic tenant of Anthropology. To withhold judgment until you understand how it works and in what variations it works.

            You believe in luck? That’s also superstition. Orphaned belief of animatism. You believe that thinking of someone called you because you thought of them? That’s also superstition. But you won’t call it that unless you’re calling it to an out group. Just like the words “Exotic” and “Weird”.

            Superstition was also proven to be created at the place where humans lose control. Malonowski. The person that pounds the traffic light signal, thinking that it will make the light change faster is one step away from superstition. If it gives the person comfort so they don’t run into traffic, are you going to take it from them?

            It’s their reality and humans range far better and worse than most people know and everyone who is human sapiens sapiens has the right to be called human no matter what they believe. Wrong is not the same as “different but part of the human experience”. Anthropology is the study of humans.

          • KimYoonmi

            Oh and I forgot, in the US, at least, your soul can get washed literally every 7 years. If you are in financial crisis and have debts, after 7 years, they get wiped clean. Or you can choose to pay them off/declare bankruptcy, which is like washing the pieces of glass in the lake. In this case, the Romans were right.

            Some superstition is merely made to control people too. It’s easier sometimes to get people to stay consistent to a rule if you say they will be cursed. Such as walking under a ladder, or opening an umbrella inside, don’t spill precious salt (which used to be really expensive), which is just practical advice. (Psychology can cover this one.)

          • redfox

            wow, shards always bring GOOD luck here, not bad. come to think of it, most beliefs talk about what we wish for (riches, of course). which is also proof superstitions don´t work…

          • Windsun33

            Kim YoonMi:
            I am not disputing anyone’s right to believe anything they want. What fascinates me most about humans is the extent they will go to to justify those beliefs, no matter how improvable or improbable. Whether it is UFO’s, shamanism, “lucky” numbers, organized religion, or whatever – people will quite often consciously refuse to accept any alternative ideas or the possibility that it could be wrong.

            I think that goes to psychology more than anthropology – quite often we can trace the origins of beliefs, but it is much harder to figure out why people will believe one thing but not another, even though both may be equally true or false.

            While Asian and many Latin cultures have wider belief in things like ghosts or shamans, Westerners are just as superstitious in their own way, just not so obvious (usually). The idea of “luck” (which to me is the universes’ random number generator), UFO’s, Vampires, Satanism, and thousands of splinters of religious beliefs is no different.

          • KimYoonmi

            Try reading BF skinner and his pigeon experiments. =P Nerding.

      • 2.1.2 Windsun33

        I gave up on Goddess of Fire after 2 episodes. Not because of the makjang, but because the extreme overly dramatic acting just annoys me. I can live with a certain amount of it, but when it gets to the point where the heroine screams, runs, and nearly faints at the sight of a bare male shoulder it just gets to be way too much for me.

        • KimYoonmi

          I’m in it for the pottery, mostly, which I know most people find dull, but I kinda want to learn aesthetics, soils, waters, etc from it. Character building isn’t so bad either, even if the events are weak… I’m turning my brain off to everything else too. =P

    • 2.2 korfan

      Kim Yoonmi –

      You know what I’ve always wondered about writers ….. especially, the old writers we study in school who were alive ages ago ….. isn’t it possible that the writer just had, for example, two or three characters who he wanted to write about who were going to have some little adventure and he or she thought it would be a good story? …… just like that, good, simple story. ……. Who’s to say the original intent of the author is to have his or her story have some specific symbolism or meaning?

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is the case for every writer, of course. I just remember asking instructors who were going on and on about the meaning of this, how a certain character was a stand-in for some divine figure, etc., how they knew for sure this was the writer’s original intent. Did the writer plan for us to pick these “meanings” or “symbols” as he or she was writing the story or did it just happen to turn out that way?

      Years later I’m still wondering, because no one has been able to answer this. I’m curious what your take on this is, as a writer.

      • 2.2.1 kakashi

        Hi korfan, I am married to a writer and know many writers and can therefore answer part of your question 😀
        (not about the old writers, mind you)

        Some really do think a lot about symbolism and meanings and plan accordingly. Some don’t. They write more “gut”-directed.

        The ones that plan a lot run the danger of over-thinking and their prose can be annoying because of it. They don’t leave enough room for interpretation, I guess. The others might not know exactly what the deeper meaning to their writing is, but very often they feel misunderstood by the critics.

        Literary interpretation, as done in high school or at uni, could of course be wrong, cause it’s just interpretation. There is also always different opinions about what an old writer wanted. And these opinions change. so, of course, any interpretation could be totally wrong and we might be guilty of overinterpreting

        • korfan

          kakashi –

          Thanks for responding!

          I agree with what you’ve written here. I assumed as much, that some go in with a plan while others don’t.

          I wonder about the interpretation part though. …… The idea of interpreting. As weird as it may sound, but how do we know that a writer wants anything interpreted?
          I mean, perhaps Shakespeare just wanted to write about a king and his daugher, with a little palace intrigue thrown in, nothing more, nothing less.

          • kakashi

            haha, possible, but then, he’s dead and can’t complain 😀

            I guess as soon as people turned literary and/or art interpretation into a profession, it was out of the question that interpreting is good and necessary and enriches out understanding of things. If it is well done, I also like it a lot. You get so much more out of it if you think about it in-depth

      • 2.2.2 redfox

        since I am also writing at the moment, I can say I had just one character and it was pretty vague. then I thought the character should be paired up with a partner. I was thinking Mulder and Scully as my ideal type of partnership, except reversed. plus one being a supernatural creature, or well, just an animal. and then it went from that. like a puzzle. generated very different ideas, did not know where each should go. then I came upon some locations. and then side characters got more flesh… tried to put it together, rearranged. now I sort of have the story but it is still quite messy. Iponder about wording and some turning points… anyway since it is only my second time, first being a 30-page story, I dont know….
        LOADS OF RESEARCH. about every little thing. from motorbikes to medicine plants, from hedgehogs to vocabulary of the homeless….

        • KimYoonmi

          People don’t realize how much nonfiction and research authors have to do in order to write.

          I spend a lot of my time on psychology, watching documentaries, reading history, reading about various arts, trying various arts, to asking what seems like really dumb or inane questions. Why am I nerd? So I can write that one scene, so I can surprise that one person on the other side of the page, so I can make fun of the science generally used…

          If you ask a writer about what they are writing and where they got their information, it’s always longer than you think.

          Currently my research is about 4 times the size of my actual book and I wish there was more available.

          Inane things like the color of the soil in various places, smells, which direction the breeze blows, etc are all writer concerns. Some questions sound like human rights violations too… such as what’s the best form of torture, what is the most painless way to commit suicide? Or just nuts, can you kill someone with a spitball on the planet Jupiter? And hypotheticals that would make people think one is crazy in general.

          • redfox

            LOL; yeah, exactly. Like I asked a friend of mine who lives in south Estonia, run downhill and calculate his speed so I could see if he can outrun a hand-started Morgan 3-wheeler from 1926 when it goes free gear downhill. and I did some research on the equipment actual modern ghostbusters use. and on the hallcinogenic effects of swamp plants.
            It feels endless. and now the play with synonyms and expressions drives me nuts!!!!
            but it is also so much fun.

      • 2.2.3 KimYoonmi

        In Literary interpretation there are several fields. One is reader-oriented. One is History-oriented. One is Author-oriented. (I might have forgotten one)

        Most HS classes, particularly in the West do reader-oriented and stop. I always found that treatment kinda dull because you never read anything the writer or the people at the time thought about the writing at all.

        I’ll say this jokingly, but the one that’s reader oriented and reported to be “correct” and the only correct one I thought was either out of sheer laziness and also kind of a classroom dominance thing. (I know more than you.) I always found it dull.

        It’s because the other two you need to as a teacher find new material to discuss and prove points.

        Because of that, I never liked literature class and pretty much rebelled against the whole thing.

        The proper way is to teach all three types of thought, starting young, and then approach different books with different systems, I would think. Some are better that way. It might even be better to coordinate some books in some grades with what’s being taught in history class….

        So, it’s like studying Anne Frank’s biographies without ever learning anything about WWII, when WWII is kinda important to the whole story in the first place…

        But maybe the critics against Trollop and the rise of Jane Austen because of them would be better to study than going on about Mr. Darcy.

        Teach actual critical thinking… just a little?

        Which pretty much concludes that most HS Literature is dumb and trying fruitlessly to get one to read, but even writers who like reading complain to high heavens on how the lower English classes are taught–which is not very well. (The most hated books tend to coincide with a bad Lit class)

        Sorry, intellectual answer. For writers in general, it varies, though most genre writers don’t care. They might stumble on some symbolism by accident. The real way to tell is if they physically put something in the text more than three times. (I’ve always been practical when it comes to stories, which drove my Lit teachers crazy. I cared more about the characters, what they were doing, their outcomes than what people might think.)

        Literary might work on it more, but the thing is that the majority of teachers are jokingly called by writers and teachers, “People who failed to get published.” at a High School level. (In joke, severely so) Whereas the majority of genre writers end up as professors at Universities, which is where you get a much more reasonable look at Literature and philosophy about it.

        That said, occasionally a writer does write something that they have no idea how to class it at all, and the reader makes heads or tails of it better. *cough* me *cough*

        But most of the lecturing, I’ve found is made up and in the reader interprets and you don’t need to use anything else to understand it camp. (Though they should really be teaching all of the ways to approaching text). Using only one approach and teaching it as the only way, I see as lazy. (Also teaching them to all parrot you on your interpretation and then taking off points when you think critically and disagree… *raises hand*) I guess I was always a rebel…

      • 2.2.4 Manin

        Nothing will beat my old English teacher when it comes to over analyzing a text, be it a novel, an article or a short story. And if you interpreted it different from her, then you were wrong.

        This is an example of her: We’d put on an audio of a shot story; “There was a house on top of a green hill” *stop* “So class, what do we know so far? And don’t state the obviose, you have to use what is in the text and still see the further intent!” … Yeah… (and no that is not an exageration. Most we got through any text before she paused was 2 lines, and that cause the sentence was long..)

      • 2.2.5 Carole McDonnell

        I remember what Edward Albee said about this. Some reviewer came up to him and said something like, “I love this play how you do this and this and how you make this subtext and that theme and how you bring in the spiritual aspect etc.”

        And after hearing all that, Edward Albee said, “That’s in there? Wow! See, I get to take credit for that!”

        Another famous writing phrase is: “I write in order to discover what’s on my mind. I write to see what it is I want to say.”

        I think it’s a combination. Writers write as the story leads and the story has its own rules and subtexts. The writer starts the story with a general idea of what the story wants to do. By the third or fourth draft the writer finally figures out what has psychologically, societally, spiritually, been on her mind…in a deeper more profound way. That’s when you kind of discover what symbols you have been using, often without realizing it.

        Some writers outline at the beginning, but if one does that..then a story can’t breathe and the muse or the subconscious can’t put in the magic of the story.

        I often think that much literary interpretation is really suddenly riding on the writer’s stream of consciousness. And there are so many waves in that stream that someone else might ride that same stream and find something else…and writers are generally surprised at what reviewers and lit majors find in their stories. A truly insightful reviewer can see a lot of stuff and show the writer so much about stuff the writer wasn’t aware he/she was writing about. Storytelling is the most elegant use of our neurosis and sometimes we don’t even realize we’re leaking psychological stuff about our selves. But usually we’re aware.

        I remember two stories of mine that got some very interesting interpretations. One was from a PhD student who had written a paper on it for some journal. I taught, “Oh good lord, woman, you saw waaaaaaaaaaaaay more in this story than I consciously put in.”

        Another story was taught in a college to undergraduates — of varying ability to interpret and analyze. When the teacher sent me the copies of these papers, there were a few kids who I thought were clearly ignorant about analyzing a story. I wanted to say, “You really have to learn how to think critically.” Because they were just so wrong. But the others had such wonderful insights that taught me so much about myself –for good or bad– and what I’d put into my own story..even without knowing it.

        • KimYoonmi

          I Can Hear Your Voice is definitely outlined. Most of the Korean industry thrives on writers who outline well. You can tell by things such as the beats are too clean to have been done on the fly, or that a pivot point was exactly halfway.

          I’ve noticed writers who outline poorly, or do things more on the fly don’t tend to survive well.

          Hong Sisters outline too. The other ones outline a little more strictly since their event beats are really spot on in the structure and timing. (The Other Hong Sisters sucked at it at first, though, since the first show they did, Over the Rainbow, was filled with lots of disconnected events and lots of WTH…)

          So there are pluses and minuses to outlining, hitting sign posts and also improvising. No one method is right or wrong…

          • Carole McDonnell

            I never outline and I’ve done well. 😉 But I definitely do live in the created world. If one outlines, it’s best to outline after the third or fourth draft. If one doesn’t outline, it’s best to put away one’s manuscript for about 3 months everytime one has finished a draft. That’s how i do it. Then one can return to one’s story with fresh eyes and say, “What the heck did I do? WTF was I thinking of when I forgot to do this or when I did that?” Having great beta-readers doesn’t hurt either. My beta-readers and critters have never let me down.

          • redfox

            I did outline, as in put the different ideas in a remotely logical order, but once you start to expand them, sometimes they dont fit any more so I put comments like “two paragraphs down?” etc. but I know my frame, for part I as well as parts I to IV.

            I think more than story outline I put more effort into fleshing out the main characters. they really feel alive now and I dont have to think twice what they would do or how they would say something in any given situation. They have their own manner of action and I think my main goal is for them to have fun and adventures. and to grow attached of course, lol.

          • KimYoonmi

            I usually improvise or hit sign posts (10 miles until they have the point of no return). Outlining is a chore, but I also do it sometimes.

            But the Korean industry can’t do without outlining since they are trying to write to a schedule which is something outlines can help one with do efficiently and well.

            But I assert again, there is no right or wrong way, just that some creative places will require one type of writing over another.

      • 2.2.6 korfan

        kakashi, redfox, KimYoonmi, Manin and Carole –

        So many thanks to you guys for taking the time to share your opinions and for giving us (or me, at least) a little view into the writer’s world.

        All of you touched on points I’ve often wondered about. It turns out that a couple of things I’ve always suspected to be true, actually are. I knew it! 🙂

      • 2.2.7 Mar

        As someone who writes and someone who analyzes everything, my first response to the question is did the writer intend symbolism, meaning, themes, etc., that”we” the reader, or viewer, or analyst, see in the work, is yes. Sometimes writers do not even realize it as they are writing, it is a result of stream of consciousness.

        Then I recall Flannery O’Connor’s response to a question about meaning and symbolism, specifically the significance of The Misfit’s black hat in “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” O’Connor said, “To cover his head.”

        • KimYoonmi

          Though, sometimes readers are dense too. =P True that 99.99% of the time it’s the writer’s fault. But sometimes you get a twit that likes early Freud a bit too much and thinks everything relates to sex no matter what you’re writing. Or they ask in test, “Where is X” when the sentence is one before their comment.

          Or you put something in more than 3 times, make explicit scenes explaining it, making it the pivotal point and people miss it. (Pacing can eat foreshadowing–at least in the West. >.<;; In the East it seems different…)

          Reader isn't always King. It's worth it to look at all three treatments and read some critics too. Also, if it's set in say, Japan, to read about Japan in the time period. The point that the reader goes, "Where are the samurai?" in reading something like Natsume Soseki's Kokoro, I think it's time to cut them loose.

          • Carole McDonnell

            oh my gosh! So true!!!! Dense readers! Folks addicted to some school of literary criticism! Folks who are addicted to pure adrenalin and who don’t want to think. Folks who have a deep-seated prejudice against the race, age, sex, religion, class of the writer! Those folks…aaargh! Hard to listen to them. I remember hearing some professors explaining why certain writers such as Keats (because of his class) or Yeats (because he was Irish) were still not accepted in England as great authors…or were routinely pulled down. It’s odd.

            There is one girl right now on the internet who seems to get incredibly nauseated by romantic relationships between older and younger lovers. She declares she hates BIG and IHYV and posts love scenes from dramas where an older actor is kissing a young actress and says it’s “Korean Child abuse.” And she seems to dislike noona-doensang relationships because she thinks the young guy “belongs” to her. She reminds me of a woman I knew who couldn’t read any book with an interracial (black and white) romance because she said her race was being muddied. And there was noooooooo way but noooooo way for her to get past that. Cause she hated that type of relationship in real life (said something very nasty to me and my husband in church) and so she hated it in literature.

            There is no weapon, no tool against such a tool.

    • 2.3 Carole McDonnell

      Thanks for reminding me about Heo Joon. I really have to return to that. It’s just the catching up that seems so dang formidable.

      • 2.3.1 KimYoonmi

        It goes fast and it gets more and more feminist as it goes, which surprised me. The current episodes show the darker side of Joseon for women and do it with a really nice hand instead of brushing it over like many of the other dramas I’ve seen.

        Also, it oddly gives justification for some of the actions of the mother we don’t like in the show by showing the things Heo Joon’s mother has to endure. i.e. why one is so fixated on ones son… and what that meant so much. Which I’ve never really seen subtly put into a Joseon Sageuk so much before.

        60 episodes time wise, though it says 120… Does not fall apart like Lee Soon Sin

        • Waiting

          I agree here with Heo Jun. I have been watching it steadily from the start and I have not found it to drag at all. Easy to watch.

        • Carole McDonnell

          I might use the weekend to catch up on Heo Joon…after I catch up on Blade and Flower. Thanks, Kimyoonmi-shi and Waiting.

  3. JoAnne

    Good Morning, My Wondrous Beans!

    It’s so hoooooooooot I can’t staaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it ok whining over. But it’s miserable here. I’m a pale, puffy person. I do not naturally occur in the tropics, so this is an unhappy time for me.

    Did you watch Cruel City this week? I can’t stand waiting for the next week’s episodes, it kills me. Every week it just gets worse. Especially now with secrets getting revealed or almost revealed in every scene, and people are starting to die more frequently – the intensity is ramping up, if that’s even possible. I watch the whole hour with my heart in my mouth, every time.

    Cyrano is over…my poor Master. Such a good ex-gangster, I will miss you and your minions. And I will miss Seo Il Rok and his minions as well! The kidnapping was kind of nuts/left-fieldish and there were a lot of unanswered questions – who was that guy after all? Did Giraffe get his girl back? But we had answers about the really important people and the answers were good, at least.

    I Hear Your Voice – Suha. SUHA. Cameos this week were funny, especially for my AGD-loving heart, and for now at least we can ship away on the noona-dongsaeng bit and they are so CUTE IT KILLS ME. I’m glad for the extension. Make up more stuff about our baby boy! Give us more skinship! Hook Cha up with Do-Hyeon, who is about to vault into IceCream Girl status for me.

    Monstar. All you crazy kids, come here and get a great big squishy hug from me. Seol Chan…you stay when the others go, k? I have extra for you, you irritating, adorable boy.

    The Blade and Petal. You are weird, but I like that in a show.

    Soon Shin. SO MUCH CUTE mixed in with the pain in the tuchus of Choi Yeon Ah. And why do they not just speak UP about her? Really I do not care about the rest of you people on this show! I care about Joon Ho and Soon Shin, and ok the sister love stories too. The rest of you, just go away. But not you, Secretary. You rock.

    Today is the last for Tokyo Kissu? Sadness. I liked them. I hope it’s a good ending ‘cause it’s been a GREAT run.

    Almost half-through Smile, You. I want to stab formerly rich dad in his selfish face and kick formerly rich mom in her stupid face, but otherwise, they’re all pretty good characters and I love HyunSu/Jungin together. They are so cute! Getting ready to catch up on Goddess of Marriage,Queen of the Classroom, and Starman. Still planning to check out Woman and Summer Nude because Shun and Yamapi, duh. Feeling a very strong pull toward a BOF rewatch, though. What. I could fast-forward through Almost Paradise this time. And any time Jun-Pyo mom shows up.

    • 3.1 Peeps

      WHAAT?? Today will show the last episode of Tokyo Kissu??!! I is sad… 🙁

      I really enjoyed that show. They should do a season two. I think more shenanigans happen after they both get married and Naoki becomes more open.

      • 3.1.1 JoAnne

        Loved the special YT episodes for Playful Kiss 🙂 That kind of thing?

        • kdramapedia

          I liked the youtube version 100000 times better than the tv version!

      • 3.1.2 Windsun33

        This season ends with ep16. There is supposedly a season 2 in the works to pick up the rest of the original manga story. I am pretty sure that one reason they did not want to go into anything seriously sexy – like the honeymoon – is because the heroine is only 16 and they did not want to risk crossing any lines in the laws concerning minors.

    • 3.2 OMG

      Gosh!!! m in NYC and its suposed to feel like 110 today…like WTF…kill me now!!! I have a five minute walk to work and i die…and its at like 8am in the morning!!! How its 90 degrees at 8am someone’s gonna have to explain to me…its ridic!!! My friend said her flats started melt on the sidewalk…thats cray cray!!

      • 3.2.1 Korazy Lady

        Look at it this way – at least we’re not shooting a drama in this heat, which is how I think it was when they shot Coffee Prince.

        I flew to Florida yesterday. It’s supposed to be a high of 85 today, unlike 98 in Philly. So happy to be here!

        Wishing you lots of long, cool drinks!

      • 3.2.2 DayDreamer

        *waves to OMG* I’m in NYC too and dying from the heat, day to night. It’s really unbearable but when I think of the people in other countries or states living in even hotter conditions, then I try to minimize my complaining, lol.

    • 3.3 cv

      Happy OT Joanne!

      I love IHYV. *spoiler* Love the interaction between them when she confesses to liking him. Omg, the kiss, that happy grin on his face. (Sigh) such cuteness… If he was next to me, I’ll give him a smooch too. Lol

      • 3.3.1 JoAnne

        CV, stranger! How’s Mom?

        Yes, I would kiss that pretty face too, he’s such a sweetheart. And he’s so tall and lanky – do you notice how his arms wrap around her? Long limbs for the win!

        • cv

          Mom is doing better every day. Thanks for asking. 🙂
          Oh yea, love his form. Hehe
          Is LJS close to or over 6 feet? For a tall lanky man, he looks good. I want to see more skinship aka holding hands/kissing between SA and HS before the end of the drama.

          • JoAnne

            He’s 6’1” – I looked it up the other day because he just seems to take up so much ROOM when he lounges around with his long arms and legs.

            He’s slender, but he’s so broad shouldered that I think when he comes back from the Army we are going to die from the manly manliness of that kind of tall and broad physique. It’s not even about muscle because not everyone has to be rippling or all that cut, you know? But he will just naturally fill out as he gets older.

          • katmoo

            Oh noes… I don’t know if I can handle when he comes back from Army…. I might melt and not be able to re-solidify. *starts looking for a cute jar to be housed in*

          • enz

            katmoo! too funny the imagery!!

    • 3.4 redfox

      second more skinship b/w SH& HS & raise the bid by “shoulders!”

    • 3.5 kakashi

      hello, my love. Just remember: I’m always right.
      Apart from that: I am glad the heat here is somewhat bareable. I am leaving for the mountains tomorrow, where this kind of summer weather is just glorious and wonderful and I will hike, hike, hike, until I drop dead!

    • 3.6 MariD

      I’m completely ok with Seol-Chan staying after with you. Just remember Sun-Woo is mine!! Mine!!! I call dips & licked him already ( well that might have been the screen) oh & my Chaim extends to whatever character he plays in Heirs 🙂

      • 3.6.1 Waiting

        MariD…that is plain selfish! But, I understand completely. 🙂

    • 3.7 befuddled

      I’ve seen a couple of people say that Cruel City is fizzling out- for me it is the opposit. I think it’s getting interesting and I’m not really sure what is going to happen.

      • 3.7.1 JoAnne

        Me too. I see some faults, but overall I think it’s quite exciting.

      • 3.7.2 shinhyesungluv

        Yeah, same here, Heartless City is getting more exciting for me… I think Jung Kyung Ho’s acting was awesome in this week’s episodes and Soo Min is pretty kickass too. I loved the scene in episode 15 when SH found out that SM knew KM… broke my heart, and the song that was playing was perfect.

    • 3.8 Sue

      I just saw the last episode of Tokyo Kissu. It felt so rushed! I will not say anything else in case others have not seen it, but I personally did not like it.

      • 3.8.1 JoAnne

        It was rushed in a couple places, I agree. But the scenes we were waiting for – if you, like me, are a fan of the drama in other versions – were exceptionally well done and very emotional.

    • 3.9 snow

      JoAnne, i just realised you’re watching Smile, You! are you watching hard-subbed or with soft subs? and if the latter, may i know where you got the soft subs from?

      • 3.9.1 Lixie

        I wondered about the same! How can I get more Baksa when CC is done? Smile, You seems a good idea but it’s hard to find. Also, how can you watch the same guy in opposite roles at the same time? It would drive me crazy! Finally I’m only watching CC lately because JoAnne recommended it on come past OT so thanks JoAnne! I love it even though I wish it made sense eheheheh.:)

        • JoAnne

          I’m glad you like it, because I’m NUTS about this show. Well I say that, but all I do is watch it. Ok and squeecap it. But I don’t go hunting BTS or stills or any of that stuff and I know a lot of people do that when they are really into a show.

      • 3.9.2 JoAnne

        I’m watching hard subbed, streaming – sorry! I don’t do any of the downloading thing but I know there’s people here who do so maybe someone knows where to find it.

  4. Manin

    OHAYO! Happy Friday beanies!

    Been having a wonderfully sunny, yet slightly to warm week off from work to visit a friend (but seriously, how will I ever survive in Asia when I can’t handle the heath in Norway?!) So not much attention was given to dramaland I’m afraid.

    However I did manage to finish Mia Taeng: original ending for the second lead. And Sasha remains the most awesome person in that drama!

    Also looking forward to the new batch of coming drama’s, and going to start Bu Bu Jing Xin tonight. Also need to catch up on Monstart and Izurna na Kiss (I can never remember how to write the title).

    Hoping that I can find “Grandpa’s over Flowers” subbed somewhere and that Girlfriday and Javabeans will continue their recaps off the show. While we are on the topic: What would be your ideal variety show style + cast? Or who would you like to see more of in variety land?

    • 4.1 Newbie

      How is the weather in Norway right now? Day after tomorrow we are heading for south-east Sweden and are open to cross the border a little later. But I’ve been to Norway before during summer and we had constant rain and 13 degrees Celsius, so I’m cautious.

      • 4.1.1 Manin

        Haha, that sounds like Norway indeed! It’s warm and sunny down south in Norway at least. 20 degrees Celsius in Oslo today. A bit colder and rainy/cloudy up where I live.

        Where in Sweden are you going?

        • Newbie

          Where ever the weather is good. 😀

          We are thinking about driving along the east coast and checking out Gotland. As we love to canoe we might cross over to the area of Arjang / Arvika in Värmland. We canoed there already during some trips. Oslo is pretty close, and we’d like to show the kids the Oslo sound leaving the city with the ferry. We did it once during sunset and it was breathtakingly, almost kitschy beautiful.

          Where do you live?

          • Manin

            Sounds like a fun trip 🙂 I hope for your sake that the weather stay’s nice 🙂

            I live in Tromsø, which is up in the north. so currently having the midnight sun shinning, or its light as the sun is hiding behind clouds atm xD

          • Newbie

            Oh, you are way up North! :O

            During my university days we had some Norwegian students writing their theses at our uni. They always joked that everything North of Trondheim should simply been cut off the country. Guess this included Tromsø. 😉

          • Manin

            Haha yes that very much includes Tromsø (we’re about 1 hours 30 min + something North of Trondheim. 16 hours drive in a car with no stops, nice weather and little to no traffic) :p We have the annoyance that everything goes on down in the south (including a very dodgy case where Tromsø was picked to be Norway’s Olympic candidate. Which was then heavily protested against and walked away from. And then a year later they decide to apply with Oslo instead…) .

            But yeah jokes like that sometimes goes both ways, also because most of the fishing and oil resources in Norway lay North of Trondheim ; )

          • Newbie

            Take revenge. Cut off the South! 😛

  5. On a QIHM High

    Tokyo Kiss – Although I know Naoki is struggling with his decision, I still don’t think he deserves Kotoko. Or I want him to grovel for at least 5 episodes to make up for it. But since today is the last episode, and we all know what the conclusion is, that’s not gonna happen. Boo.

    Heartless City – Anxious to see how the reveal plays out now that Soomin/Baksa know who each is. I liked Soomin more in these last two episodes than I did before – the post-drugging scene had good acting/makeup and I actually felt really sad for Soomin. BTW even Jin-sook recognizes the SooxBaksa ship! Hehe. Also, anybody feel for Scale? In one show, he’s getting his throat slit open, and in the other, he’s dying of a terminal illness + he spent 26 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

    IHYV – I LUV YOU. That is all. 🙂

    DAC – I was disappointed in the last four episodes. Noble idiocy, kidnapping, bombing…too many cliches that were not used well. The last part was alright but I didn’t find it that satisfying even though the OTP was together. A bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

    Monstar – My interest is waning in this show. The friendships/non-friendships-turning-into-friendships were what brought me in and they’re still the redeeming part of the show but the romance is not interesting at all. And I don’t like how Se-yi always abandons Eun-ha. I want more of Color Bar helping each other get over their difficulties (like Se-yi and Kyudong’s friendship, or Sun-woo helping out Nana, or Nana saving Kyu-dong etc.).

    Just You – Surprisingly addicting to watch.

    RM – PJS and RM can never go wrong. I really enjoyed the last two episodes. Also, 2NE1 is going to be on RM!!!!! Two fandoms colliding, yeee 🙂

    • 5.1 Manin

      Kiss in Tokyo: I don’t think he has really deserved her in any of the versions I’ve seen. However in this one you can actually see that he at least cares a bit for her/confines in her. (I’m running a couple of episodes late though..)

      • 5.1.1 On a QIHM High

        I started disliking him for Kotoko in the latter part of episode 14 and the entirety of episode 15. Before that, I definitely agreed with you.

        I don’t quite remember how the arranged marriage played out in other versions (it’s been a while) but I do know I never shifted from the main OTP. I think there are two reasons why I did now: 1) I like Kotoko better. She’s not as dumb and she considers life decisions independent of what Naoki is planning to do. In other versions, I was always pretty annoyed at “Kotoko” so while the sadness was sad, I never felt it as strongly. 2) Kin’s character is also done better here and they’ve built the friendship quite well. He’s not as exaggerated and ridiculous as I found him in other versions.

        So in a way, it’s a merit. I like the character portrayals more. On the other hand, it ruins the OTP. :/

        • kdramapedia

          I feel like I like “Naoki” the least in this version, mainly because of the arranged marriage. I think he handled it much harsher than in other versions. It’s kind of sad because I liked this Naoki better than the other versions before that.

          I agree that “Kotoko” is more layered than she was in other versions. The obsession with Naoki was beyond the point of annoyance in other versions, but I found that Naoki was more relatable than annoying (but still sometimes annoying, lol).

          I’m still sad that it’s almost over, as I want to see more story.

        • Jules

          For me, I liked this version of Naoki so much, that I felt more betrayed with the arranged marriage this time around. And I agree with you about Kin; he is so awesome in this version! He feels more deserving of Kotoko than in other versions. It’s like with Pretty in Pink; Ducky was supposed to end up with the girl, but the chemistry with the actors wasn’t there so the ending was rewritten. So then John Hughes redid the story in Some Kind of Wonderful, and the best friend got the guy:-)

        • Manin

          @ On a QIHM High : I so agree with you about Kotoko being much better in this version. She has a backbone, and I loved that they nipped some of the lovesickness tendencies in the bud.

          Kin-chan is just awesome. I really like this version of him especially as you can tell they they are proper friends before anything else. And his character isn’t just an attachment into it but has an actually function.

          I haven’t seen properly how the arranged marriage plot plays out, but it has always been an side I don’t like in it. And I must admit I’ve always wanted there to be a “true” rival for him. As much as I like Kin-chan he has never moved her that way for Naoki to proper worry about him taking over (also since Naoki witnessed the early confession where she told him he was just a friend to her).

        • Windsun33

          I think it was the Taiwan version that I totally gave up on, because the Kotoko character was just over the top nutso and shallow, to the point of being a psycho-stalker. I like the character in this version better, but I still have my issues with the idea that her whole life is built around “HIM”.

    • 5.2 snow

      i feel for Scale! i didn’t like him in the beginning, but after he started helping Shi-hyun out, he seemed much nicer and mellower. props to the actor who played Scale!

      the Shi-hyun + Soo bromance is still awesome sauce. i hope they ride off into the sunset together (unlikely, but one can hope).

      • 5.2.1 Minaya

        About Scale, definitely. I really felt for him as his last words were “Take care of my son”.
        It’s funny how at the start, I thought he was the big bad guy when the big bad guys are actually… well, not him really.
        The police was all about Scale when really, there’s this huge organization behind him which he’s part of.

        Why do I feel like there’s going to be more and more deaths in Cruel City?a

        • snow

          oh more deaths is a given, it’s that sort of show. i would be surprised if Shi-hyun didn’t die at the end of it all. but they haven’t killed off the only person who should be killed off, which is bird-brain Soo-min.

  6. katmoo

    Happy OT!!!

    So, I took the plunge this week…. I started a blog. I’m super excited. I hope that some of you will at least check it out and give me some feedback! *shameless plug*
    Now, what I watched this week. I am kind of sad that today is the last day for Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo. At least I still have Monstar to look forward to on Fridays. I am a little worried that they have pushed the big reveal out so close to the end. I mean it is the last episode and the OTP isn’t even together yet!
    Monstar…. FINALLY! A kiss. Good grief, I was starting to get really annoyed that they hadn’t told each other their feelings. Though, this next episode could be a bit sad. Lots of hearts being broken…. Just with the fangirls.
    I re-started watching I Can Hear Your Voice. I am going to need to marathon for a couple days to catch up. I cannot handle how flipping cute Su-ha was when Hye-sung grabbed his face and told him that she thought of him as a man. I seriously died for a moment.
    I have also been re-watching City Hunter. My sister hasn’t seen it all yet. It has been fun to watch it with her. Awesome sister bonding time. And of course there is my first Korean love, those pink pants!

    • 6.1 korfan

      katmoo –

      Congratulations on starting a blog.

    • 6.2 Carole McDonnell

      Congratulations on your blog!!!!!!!!

    • 6.3 kdramapedia

      congrats on the blog! I’ll have to follow you =)

    • 6.4 DayDreamer

      Congrats on starting a blog. I feel like Dramabeans is such a site that it makes all Kdrama fans want to start their blogs full of their own opinions. Same with me except I’m too lazy so it all just stays in my head, LOL.

    • 6.5 hydrangeabloom

      Welcome to drama blogging, katmoo! I started one about a month ago and I think what Daydreamer said is spot on about this site wanting to make us all start our own drama blogs. 🙂 I love checking out other drama blogs around here. Have fun with the 30-Day challenge!

    • 6.6 Mar

      Congrats! I will check it out!

  7. OMG

    Hello everyone!!! Its been such a long time from OT for me….a few updates: started third year of medical school which means I’m working in the hospitals now, which also means I work during the OT hours so I may not be able to post on OT!…maybe during lunch break I can sneak in a few words here and there…there’s still studying in third year so studying + work = less time for Kdramas…but not no time though…hahaha! I will always make time for the Kdramas…even if that means less sleep!!!
    I now live in NYC, the city that never sleeps and boy that’s not a lie! I awoke in the middle of the night to sleep and it was just a loud at night as it is during the day! I love living in NYC…I never get bored cause I can just up and walk around and find a place to hang out or do things….

    Heartless City: this show is gonna kill me dead! I mean it just keeps getting better and better! I don’t see a happy ending for Baska…I mean the only guy who knew he’s an undercover cop is an asshole who has been using him for whatever purpose/goal he has in mind…and then his love story with SM….i just don’t see this drama having a happy ending….the writers can make it up to us by giving us another wonderful love scene….Safari…I dunno how he does it but he finds ways to survive…he’s such a backstabbing bastard that I don’t understand what it will take for JS to completely let him go….M glad…it took like 12 eps but w/e…that HM finally knows that Baska didn’t ***** GM aka the girl we don’t care about…but whether Chairman Jo is the one who did it…hmmmm….I actually have my money on Min!

    Mandate of Heaven: finally finished this show….it wasn’t crack but it was okay…the storyline was good, it didn’t drag things out too much and I liked how it wrapped up in a positive light even though we all know what happened afterwards….i didn’t like the main couple’s romance….it was too stiff, I know they were noble and all but ugh…it didn’t grip me! Now the second lead romance…that was the stuff!!! That more than made up for the lack of spark of the main couple’s romance. Even to the end though, that drama had me thinking something horrible was going to happen…even after all the dots were tied…

    Shark: thank goodness for the ramp up of shark…the slowness of the earlier episodes is long forgotten in my mind…I’m glad that all the storylines are finally ramping up to the end…poor YS being blackmailed for being in love…I can’t wait to see what happens now…especially with Junchiro…I mean whats his deal?!?!?!?!?!

    Now that school has started again, m back down to one drama at a time….but now m debating whether I should watch an older drama or one of the more recent ones…m actually debating between Dal Ja’s Spring which I heard is amazeballs vs. My Girl vs. I Can Hear Your Voice vs. The Master’s sun…hmmmmmm so many options so little time!!! Enough about me, how have u guys been???? Its been such a long time!!!

    • 7.1 Peeps

      Wow, medical school! I am in awe!

      I couldn’t do anything closely related to people’s lives. The sheer stress and the panic that will happen when something goes wrong will eat at me. I can just imagine myself tripping over some wire feeding the ICU machines and going “OMG, DOC, WHAT DO I DO????”

      So, I really respect all doctors and medical students.

      Good luck with your third year! 🙂

    • 7.2 cv

      Hi OMG! Happy OT! Wowser, you sure are busy with school. Good luck!
      As for drama watching, should start IHYH if you haven’t yet. Omg, it’s soooo good with cuteness overload. Let’s jusy say, writer better write a happy ending for SH and HS. Hehe
      Oh yea, can’t wait for masters sun either. Looks good and creepy.

    • 7.3 korfan

      OMG –

      How fantastic that you’re in NY starting your 3rd year! Glad you’ll be able to join us, if only briefly, on OT during breaks. Good luck with everything!

    • 7.4 latteholic

      Yup, I shipped the secondary couple in MoH so much I used to watch the show raw just to see whether they have any scene at all in that episode or not 🙂

  8. korfan

    Hi Everybody!

    I hope everyone is doing well today.

    A couple of things to mention today. ….. To start things off, I have to say that I’m a little upset over what I discovered this week while Kdrama-watching. Prior to watching episodes 3 and 4 of Shark, I read over the recaps. I usually don’t read the recaps before episodes are shown, but I did this week. …… Later, I tune in to KBS when the drama starts. As I’m watching, I notice that something is off, not quite right. I immediately catch what it is. I said to myself, “Wait! Where’s that one scene I read about earlier?? …… A bit later I’m like, “Wait a minute! What happened to that other scene where so-and-so has that conversation with that other person?? I read about it in the recaps!! Where is it??” …… The point is, I found out the drama has scenes left out!!

    So then I asked myself, “What else has been cut from everything else I’ve watched before?” ….. I did some quick recap reading and sure enough, I found that scenes were left out for other KBS dramas I’ve watched! I don’t know if this is the way KBS sends the dramas to the U.S. for broadcast, or if it’s the broadcasting station here, or what. The station does break away for commercials and I do understand how you have to make room for them and be on a schedule. However, the MBC and SBS stations here both have commercials also, yet they show the entire, complete episodes of the dramas they’re airing. …… I’m just so bummed that this is the situation with the KBS dramas.

    On a different, more positive note, I reported last week that I found a Taiwanese drama, about half-way through its run, called What Is Love. I also mentioned that each time I was tuning in, I only managed to catch every other episode because it was being broadcast at different times, which I couldn’t determine. Well, I figured it out! Yay! …… It airs Saturdays at 8pm and then Monday at 4am. ….. I know, crazy schedule for airing and watching a drama, but whatever. Every episode I’ve watched can best be described as breezy and cute. Only a couple more to go.

    Lastly, what I’ve been watching this week:
    – WAML: I have to declare that I’ve lost all respect for Chubs. What the –? What were you thinking?? …… (JoAnne! This Chubs name you’ve given him ….. too funny, but so fitting!!).

    – Shark: I’m really enjoying this despite the cut out scenes. Mystery and secrets all around, love it. Who knows who’s going to make it after this shark swim.

    – IHYV: Just started this one and now I see what all the hoopla’s about. Well-deserved indeed!

    Take care everyone and have a great Friday!

    • 8.1 Windsun33

      As far as I know there are no cuts on places like DramaFever or GoodDrama for the episodes. However, If you are watching on a TV channel, most countries/regions seem to stick to a one-hour time slot, and that means that about 5 minutes has to be cut from most K-dramas.

    • 8.2 OMG

      that’s really silly. I wonder why they r doing that…

    • 8.3 korfan

      Windsun, OMG –

      Yes, it’s a shame this is happening. It does appear that for a regular TV channel, KBS has decided it will stick to a strict one-hour drama showing, regardless of an episode’s true running time.

      Again, that’s too bad because both MBC and SBS have managed to commit to drama showings of a little over an hour (or sometimes an hour and a half) in order to accomodate both the entire episodes and commercials, at least in the time that I’ve been watching.

  9. snow__white


    Completed Dating Agency Cyrano and I’m already missing it a lot…..LOVED it ♥

    Also finished Secret Garden… was funny with awesome acting from Hyun Bin and Yoon Sang Hyun….but there was no emotional connection and it had very little heart….

    Planning to take a short break from dramas….need to study for an imp exam…..

    Waiting for Master’s Sun..Heirs…Answer Me 1994 and Two Weeks…

    Will marathon Nine..Monstar and IHYV

    Gonna read The Great Gatsby…also watched a movie called Penelope…it was good 🙂

    • 9.1 amee

      Hello! ^^
      This is kind of weird, but I recently marathon-ed Nine, I am starting to read The Great Gatsby, and I loved Penelope so so much. Mostly because I love anything with James McAvoy. He’s so good looking in it! Hehe.

      Oh I also started Monstar yesterday ^^ It’s cute so far!

      • 9.1.1 snow_white

        Wow… that is called coincidence 😀

        Yessss….James McAvoy is so handsome 😉

  10. 10 MeoChun

    Stuck at a awkward family dinner .escaping the crazy here .
    happy OTing

    • 10.1 Peeps

      I is here to give you strength and willpower to endure it through. *Fighting* You can do it.

      • 10.1.1 MeoChun

        thank you!! Stuck with family I don’t know and go on their phone only. So I was like well in that case I am taking mine out

        • Peeps

          Bwahahah! So everyone’s just at the table playing with their phones?

    • 10.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      take notes on the crazy … then write your own Drama.

      • 10.2.1 korfan

        Julia –

        *laughing* ……. this comment was just too funny!

  11. 11 Minaya

    Hello everybody!

    Cruel City: I’ve been meaning to watch this for ages and I finally watched all 15 episode at once and then episode 16.
    It was SO good for the first… 14? Episodes but then, some things started to annoy me.

    – Soo-min. Did she forget she’s an undercover? How can you love someone when you barely know anything about the guy? Attraction yes, but love? She misses him? Pfft.

    – Commander Min, and the others. I have a really hard time telling him apart from the Congressman Cha (or was it Cho?) and Hyung min’s father.
    Honestly, whenever they speak to each other, I feel the need to roll my eyes, I don’t understand the whole point of them having all those meetings.

    I just love Jin Sook and Soo. They’re just the best thing, actually no, just Jin Sook, she is the best character in Cruel City.

    What does Min actually want from Shi Hyun? Why is he using him? Why did Safari leave the police? So many questions.

    One thing I’d really like to see is Soo Min actually doing something, I thought she was awesome with Jo Ha Neul (that guy was sick) but… I really want more to her.

    Empire of Gold: I GIVE UP. I barely understand what’s going on, honestly.
    I’ve no idea what they’re talking about 70% of the time and I really wanted to find out more because of the first 10 min of the first episode and I wanted to see more of Choi Se Yoon but her family just annoys the crap out of me.
    Mmh, I might finish watching Episode 6 though…

    I hear your voice:

    To be honest, I didn’t love Episode 14 as much as I thought I would. Something was off but I don’t know what.
    Do-yeon is my favourite and they better not do anything to her.
    She’s so different from usual second female leads, I can understand her because she makes so much sense most of the time and she seems so human.

    |I still need to catch up on Queen’s Classroom, I’m left on Episode 6 I think because I needed a break from Teacher Ma.

    Have a lovely weekend everybody!

    • 11.1 Newbie

      I agree Empire of Gold is a difficult watch. You need a little economical background and understanding of the real estate market. As I wrote up-thread, I hope someone will recap it and explain Korean particularities to us international viewers.

      I’m planning to stick with it, but maybe I’ll wait till they are finished to marathon it. It’s such a complex story you’ll forget details of what happened waiting for the next ep.

      The acting is so great, I simply have to watch it.

      • 11.1.1 snow

        i tried ep 1 of Empire of Gold and it was… underwhelming. will try the next few to see if i can stick with it. Go Soo is good, but I seem to like him better in Will It Snow For Christmas.

        Lee Yo-won… meh. Son Hyun-joo was pretty good though.

        • Newbie

          Agree, Son Hyun-joo is the best so far. Lee Yo-won is always meh, Go Soo is the eye candy that delivers. 😀 But I’ve got a soft spot for Uhm Hyo-sup. Loved him in everything I ever saw of him.

          Hopefully the writer understands to create a breathtaking tension like The West Wing did with meetings over national budget cuts.

          • Minaya

            It’s weird because Lee Yo Won is one of the reasons I started watching it, the woman is amazing in my eyes haha

          • Newbie

            Ha, ha, I know she’s got a lot of fans, but she simply is not my type. Sorry.

            I endured the Horse Doctor (yep, all 50 episodes) for Cho Seung-woo and I see no difference in her acting in 49 days, Horse Doctor or here. :/

    • 11.2 Windsun33

      “Queens Classroom”: I have been following this, and it is a bit less “dark” than the Japanese version, with mixed results. Though teacher Ma comes across as less mean and a bit more vulnerable with her own past issues, a couple of the later episodes are a bit heavy on the “touchy-feely” stuff. But overall, it is still one of the few shows left on my “don’t miss” list (gave up on Empire of Gold, CC/HC, Goddess of Fire, and some others.

      Just picked up on a couple of new J-dramas, which only air once a week – “Woman” and “Limit” – so far pretty good.

  12. 12 redfox

    HI! How are you doing?

    I am at work again, but in 1 more day I have 11 days of vacation – and the Folk Music Festival!!! Woohoo! There is also a musician from Korea this year, and Japan and China, very asian concentrated. Also some inuit and Senegali musicians.

    So watching nothing much except IHYV, and how much cute was this week huh? seriously, love the characters, feel like they are real. My head bursts thinking what will happen in the end. Can I just switch my mind off? Unbearable.

    till now, just like Hye Sung said, lets not think of the end. we´d go insane. lets just enjoy every moment.

    My question this week (and please be honest): which do you open first on your computer in the morning or evening when you get home – Dramabeans or Facebook?

    • 12.1 alua

      Re your question…

      for me, depends on the day. On IHYV it’s definitely Dramabeans. On other days it’s either my blog or Twitter, most of the time. FB is just about never on top of the list.

      • 12.1.1 redfox

        well, I don´t use twitter, I have no phone.

        • alua

          My PT job requires me to be reachable, so my employers bought me a phone (a super simple one of course). It’s literally only turned on on the day I work, and very few people have that number.

      • 12.1.2 Aigoo

        Dramabeans! I don’t have FB…..

    • 12.2 korfan

      redfox –

      I think I’m one of 3 people still not on Facebook *laughing* ….. so it’s Dramabeans all the way! Yay!

      • 12.2.1 KimYoonmi

        Me too. Too much spam, the privacy issues haven’t all been fixed, and it’s too much work. I prefer twitter and such. Background it and controllable privacy, plus no stupid notifications from people demanding pictures.

      • 12.2.2 redfox

        haha, well estonians are one of the most Facebooked people, so I guess it seems natural that it is the same all over the word. Me, myself – I often do open Dramabeans first, but even before the net I open the story file and do some writing. THEN come dramas and friends.

      • 12.2.3 redfox

        haha, well estonians are one of the most Facebooked people, so I guess it seems natural that it is the same all over the word. Me, myself – I often do open Dramabeans first, but even before the net I open the story file and do some writing. THEN come dramas and friends.

        • redfox

          oops please delete one!

      • 12.2.4 Windsun33

        I am there, but only in the sense that I have an account. I don’t think I have written anything on FB for months, I use it mainly just to keep updated on a few things that I follow. As many people have said – way to much spam on FB to take it seriously.

    • 12.3 cv

      Yes, lets not think about the end… but the momens of now. Little hints like that, I hope it doesn’t get a sad ending for HS and SH. Read the ending leak and I don’t like it. With the extention, hoping the writer had changed it. *keeping fingers cross*

      • 12.3.1 redfox

        never even saw a glimpse of any leak, I just imagine all kind of scenarios myself and start twiggling and fearing for mostly Su Ha… I don´t think anything can take the tough girl Hye Sung down. She is Terminator.

      • 12.3.2 SweetPea

        I accidently read the spoiler ending, too. 🙁

        Below is just my feeling/reaction (not the actual spoiler), but I will put the spoiler tag on just in case. Highlight if you want to see it.

        Let’s just say I was quite devastated seeing it. Someone who’s read the complete spoiler even said that the details match up with what’s happened so far… so. 🙁

        I’m hoping that the spoiler is wrong or that the writer will change the ending. Anyone have their theory/speculation about the spoiler?

        Please remember to use the spoiler tags if you do so. 🙂

        Spoiler tag: ankle brackets

        with “spoiler” in the blank space. (2nd one will have a added slash after the bracket)

        • redfox

          I don´t think they will end it badly. first and foremost, if they dare do anything bad to Su Ha…. it is not the worst, is it? please, let it not be, I dont know though and I do not want to. think of now, think of now.

          on the other hand I got to thinking how a writer is not free any more. they have pressure. even if the viewers dont know what will happen they start requesting for this and that, and it must be frustrating to feel you can´t go by your own ideas. hard to keep everyone satisfied. writers used to work in solitude, now they are being spied on.

          but on a third hand, if people have started to honestly, deeply love your characters, you need to safeguard them.

          • redfox

            I mean I would never truly hurt MY characters cause I love them so much and they are both a part of ME so… it would feel like suicide.

    • 12.4 Lizzy4e

      Dramabeans ftw!

      Facebook is a time sink, that I do not have time for.

      I do have a facebook account only go on once or twice a month.

    • 12.5 Carole McDonnell

      I open Dramabeans first, then Gmail, then facebook.

      So envying the Folk music festival. I once saw a Korean-African drumming combo perfection. Ooooh, Koreans HAVE soul… (Seoul)..Sorry, the pun had to be said. But yes… I love love love Korean drumming.

    • 12.6 pogo

      Dramabeans first on IHVY/Monstar days (though I haven’t been in the last few IHYV recaps), otherwise it’s some newspaper sites and livejournal communities (yes, I am that old).

    • 12.7 On a QIHM High

      Usually Facebook for me. It’s a time-waster I know, but it gives me bits and pieces of everything. I open up DB first on IHYV recap days (so either the night of the episode or the next morning) and on Fridays for the OT.

    • 12.8 Mystisith

      Dramabeans. I have FB but barely use it.

    • 12.9 redfox

      oh I also forgot to say: I reaaaaallly want to see Covertly Grandly (or Secretly Greatly). do you know of any site where to watch it or is it too new in cinemas for that? I heard it did really well at the box office and is already up for awards.
      could Dramabeans perhaps cover that movie, cause I am sure many people are interested.
      also, woot for Park Ki Woong having almost my haircolor for once…..

      gawd I miss him terribly. he is so intense in every role, with whichever emotion. a chameleon

      • 12.9.1 katmoo

        I second this!!!

    • 12.10 katmoo

      Considering that dramabeans is my home page… you can guess what I look at first… lol

      • 12.10.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Me too! I would hate missing out on any Dramabeans news.

    • 12.11 Manin

      I pretty much have them both open at the same time.. I’m notorious for just leaving my browser up and just letting my computer go into a sleeping mode.

      On days I don’t I must admit to open up facebook first and then dramabeans just to look for updates and stuff.

    • 12.12 Mar

      I can see Dramabeans new items as they post on both FB and Twitter, so I do not open Dramabeans unless I want to read something.

    • 12.13 Ennayra

      Google is my homepage, and then every day I click on Dramabeans first. I don’t know why I don’t just make that my homepage, lol.

      • 12.13.1 redfox

        you wanna feel like you have a choice. BUT YA DONT.

  13. 13 alua

    Need to do a hit and run to the bank, so just very briefly.

    Little watching this week because of problems with the internet (yet unresolved). Did not have the patience to watch, only the really good stuff.


    IHYV: Love love love. I just love the natural interactions between our OTP. The smile, the kiss and the thank you were just lovely and felt very true, like a weight was lifted off Sooha. I’ll take that over a super-passionate kiss any day.

    Starman: I’m just not quite sure what to make of this one. It’s weird in any case (he is possessed by an alien, isn’t he? And, I’m guessing, at least two other characters as well), but the lie that Sawako is spinning is a bit problematic. I can understand her, and it fits somewhat with her being an “unusual” person, but then again she’s building something on a lie. Even if Hoshio falls in love with her eventually, how cruel to find out how it all started. Even if Sawako has no bad intentions, and means well and is probably good for Hoshio too. Oh, Kinchan is in this and again struggling with the girl, poor him!

    Itakiss: Ep 15 was saaaaad, but Kotoko shone so brightly. Naoki meanwhile needs to mature, emotionally and socially. He was saying pretty mean things to poor Kotoko, who said not a single bad word to anyone, ZERO attempt at manipulating Sahoko although she had a good chance to. But no, Kotoko has a total heart of gold and honestly, Kinchan probably deserves her more than Naoki. I’m hoping we won’t get a wedding, but Naoki owing up to his feelings finally. We can have the wedding at the end of Season 2, because right now they are just not ready for that.

    Pretty much behind on everything else.

    Oh, Only You… left me so annoyed. The last fifteen minutes of the most recent episode… what could have been a refreshing heroine using her wit turned into an idiot that doesn’t understand the word “No”. Her chasing the guy was just so, so pathetic. I don’t think I can go back to this show after this.

    Studio Ghibli’s Kaze Tachinu / The Wind Rises is released in Japan tomorrow. Anyone lucky enough to be there and watch it?

    • 13.1 saranga

      oh, studio ghibli is releasing a new film? i swear, i googled a couple of days ago (in a befuddled sleepy state, admittedly) to see what, if any, films were coming out this year. i wish i could be in japan for the opening of a ghibli film! i’ve still yet to watch from up on poppy hill in the american dub. i have skimmed the raw with subtitles, but unofficial subs are a pain.

      i’ve heard disney will buy studio ghibli next year. which means we are probably getting plush totoros? not too happy about it. after all, pixar used to mean greatness. i believe cars (2006) came out the very year that disney bought them, and it was the first dud… then there was cars 2, brave, monsters university. oh i could go ON about those flops. i know, there have been equally fantastic films since. but a dud from pixar is harder to forgive!

      sigh. i love disney, but i wish they would stop salivating over other people’s beautiful perfect pies and just eat their own.

      • 13.1.1 KimYoonmi

        Mousewitz is the animation industry nickname…

        but it leaked at some point, because I saw in the BBC show QI that someone from the top said that the employees should immediately stop calling them Mousewitz, or they would get called to their office… Yeah… way to make it stop.

        Disney has been failing for a while, they just pulled Pixar with it. And Studio Ghibli pretty much has been failing since Miyazaki retired, leaving it to his much less capable son. (Who couldn’t get that the character in Earthsea were not all white, despite it being said explicitly on the page several times and him being Japanese).

        • Jenny

          Miazaki hasn’t retired, that was just a rumor at least what I recently read. Miyazaki of course is not the president that’s Hoshino Koji. And Goro really has said that he’s not that into directing and not to mention that father and son almost stopped talking to each other)Kaze Tachinu is Miyazaki’s latest but he’s working with Takahata who’s directing Kaguya hime.

          • On a QIHM High

            That makes me happy to hear. Spirited Away is one of my favorite movies, with Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke coming close seconds.

          • saranga

            yeah, from what i’ve gathered it seems like goro wasn’t too keen on animation to begin with (he’s more of an architect i think i read), but miyazaki wanted to bring him in. apparently one of the issues that caused their supposed once estrangement.

        • alua

          Miyazaki hasn’t retired.

          Goro’s second film is significantly better than Earthsea – I don’t think he’s the next Hayao because no one is. Obviously we don’t know what will happen once his father retires, but I think there are good things to come from Studio Ghibli still.

          Plus a lot of promise from other, non-Ghibli animation directors, including Hosoda Mamoru, Shinkai Makoto and Katabuchi Sunao.

      • 13.1.2 Jenny

        The Disney buying Studio Ghibli was a April fools prank. Miyazaki hates Disney so I don’t think he’d ever sell it.

      • 13.1.3 alua

        There are releasing two films this year: Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises), directed by Miyazaki Hayao, which is out tomorrow in Japan, and Kaguya Hime (Princess Kaguya), directed by Takahata Isao, which will be released in the autumn (no specific date yet).

        There are teaser trailers available for both films, no full length trailers (well, apparently Japanese cinemas are showing full-length trailers for Kaze Tachinu, but they have not been released on the internet).

        Miyazaki’s son, Goro, is working on a new film, as yet untitled and no details really available but apparently it will be out in 2013.

        If you look on my blog, I track all Studio Ghibli stuff pretty earnestly (including any major retrospective screening events wherever in the world) – I’ve posted both teasers, plus other details (I’m not linking them here, because then this post will end up in the moderation queue… but if you go to my post and search for “Studio Ghibli”, all relevant posts will come up).

        There’s no way Studio Ghibli will be bought by Disney. Studio Ghibli wouldn’t sell to Disney! At best, they might make some deal about merchandise, but I can’t imagine anything beyond that. They do have distribution rights in the US (though shared with GKids in North America and with some non-negotiable bits – i.e. no cuts after a controversy over Nausicaa long ago).

        Plush Totoros do already exist.

        From up on Poppy Hill is lovely, I recommend it (there’s a review on my blog for it as well).

        • Jenny

          I’m really looking forward to Kaguya hime , saw the little teaser and it looks adorable.
          I haven’t heard about Goro’s new movie, up the poppy hill was okay I love Teshima Aoi’s song theme to it.

          There is one review up at JT of Kaze Tachinu, got good reviews. I’m curious how Anno Hideaki sounds because he’s not a actor. Interesting choice to have a director do the voice.

          Miyazaki has several times stated his dislike towards Disney films. Disney I believe distributes Ghibli films in the US but no way they would sell Studio Ghibli to Disney. Also Miyazaki hates how Disney wants to edit their films, there’s a story that when Disney wanted to edit a film (Mononoke hime) they got a katana as a present that was engraved with no cutting.

          I have 3 Totoro plushies myself and one of Jiji 🙂

          I have to check out your blog ^^

          • alua

            Yes, I saw the JT review last night (I follow the reviewer on Twitter)… tweeted and tumbled it too. 🙂

            I don’t think I’ve separately posted anything on Goro’s forthcoming movie project yet (too little info at this point), but probably stuck a note somewhere in a Trailer Weekly, where I have a Bonus Bits section for random newsbits of this sort. I’m pretty sure I heard about it via Anime News Network, most of the Studio Ghibli updates I get from there – they are much quicker and more consistent with their updates than Ghibli Wiki or other Ghibli-only blogs or even @ghibli_intl on Twitter.

        • saranga

          was it really an april fool’s prank?!?! if true, what a relief! i read it on the ghibli blog (just googled, it WAS posted april 1) and i don’t think there was a follow-up to it to indicate that it had been a joke. as far as i know, it’s a pretty reliable place for getting ghilbi news. there haven’t been any official statements from disney or the studio, so i do hope you are right!!

          i know plush totoros exist (i own two! hehe) but i meant that if disney buys studio ghilbi, we would have gotten disney-logoed totoros and a slew of assorted character plush from the other films that are hard to find here in the states (or are madly expensive to buy from abroad). i have a huge weakness for stuffed animals, even though i am in my 20s.

          i’ll definitely be checking out your blog! it’s already bookmarked to read later 🙂

          • alua

            Not sure which Ghibli Blog you are reading? There’s a few out there, but I normally find Anime News Network the best place to get information on anything Studio Ghibli (or any Anime).

            Hope you enjoy my blog, it’s pretty much only about film (J and K, some HK/TW/CN and others sporadically), and with quite a bit on animated films (Ghibli, Shinkai, Hosoda, Katabuchi, etc. and also Korean animation).

    • 13.2 On a QIHM High

      When I saw “hit and run”, I had this stupid moment where I was asking myself why you were planning to get into an accident while going to the bank. Must be the summer heat…:P

      re: Just You, yeah that annoyed me too. She’s so feisty otherwise. But this is a surface drama for me (aka I’m not invested/I’m not paying full attention to it), so I just didn’t think about it anymore.

      • 13.2.1 alua

        Fortunately, no accident (3 cyclists killed in London in the past 3 weeks *sigh*, all crushed by lorries).

        Just You is a surface drama for me as well, but the chasing… it was too much. Within a few episodes they made a potentially capable heroine into an idiot. She’s not even trying to work hard, the only thing she can do is chat up people when they hang out outside the office. That’s not a bad skill, but the lack of talent and effort she’s showing in the office is off-putting. Plus, how dumb do you need to be to run after your boss and clearly be a bother to him after you locked him out on the office terrace for a WHOLE night and morning, making him miss meetings and probably business deals? And to go after him insisting “I’m good for you” at this point, even when he’s told you (understandably) to get out of his sight and even fired you? Even if she’s upset, she should have understood that even her life-long, best friend would be totally pissed at her after such a scenario and that the only thing to do at that point is to give the guy some space and time so he can cool down. Then, after a day or two, she can approach him, but to chase him after he pushes her away again and again and again?


    • 13.3 Carole McDonnell

      YES! What i so love about the OTP in IHYV is how natural they are. They are not really following expected drama rules. Which is making me trust the writer. It feels as if she’s trying to write an organic story…with organic real people. Very few coincidences, cliches, tropes. Even antagonists (second lead guy and rival ex-friend) are real people. Just loving the realness of it.

      • 13.3.1 alua

        I know! I wish more dramas were like that. Especially second leads that aren’t scheming rivals.

      • 13.3.2 Ennayra

        I agree with this. Usually in a drama when the OTP gets together and it’s not the last episode I start to freak out, but I just have confidence in this couple. No fear; I’m just going along with what happens next. I mean, when I homicidal killer is after you, you learn to take your happiness where you can find it, and I think these characters do just that.

    • 13.4 Manin

      Not seen the arranged marriage plot in Itzakiss yet cause of real life reasons. However I’m expecting them to either not have the wedding or ending with the wedding tbh. Age of the actress and all. So I suppose you can get your wish for growing up to happen first 🙂

      I do agree with you though, that Naoki needs it maybe more than her in this version. As this Kotoko is one of the better with more spine and standing up for herself. And I’ve always wanted to see Naoki truly jealous over some other guy getting Kotoko’s attention or just something to show her more emotions. Though he do seem to share more in this version than in the others.

      There is a new Studio Ghibli film out? I’m so behind on these things! Tried watching Ponyo for the first time this week. Unfortunatly it was late so I ended up falling asleep instead of watching (to my friend’s annoyance xD)

      • 13.4.1 katmoo

        Ponyo!!!! I love that movie! It is so cute… my husband and I just go around saying Ponyo for days after watching it. Kind of like Wall-e.

        • Manin

          It did seem cute! From what little I remember actually watching xD

    • 13.5 alua

      The full theatrical trailer for Kaze Tachinu / The Wind Rises was just release online.

      For anyone that’s interested, I’ve posted it on my blog.

      I haven’t watched it yet because my internet connection is a nightmare at the moment (well, the past few days) and won’t let me load any video.

      So I’m tearing my hair out because I can’t watch either the trailer or Itakiss 16, which is available subbed now as well.

      So frustrating.


      • 13.5.1 Manin

        I know your pain! I’ve spent a week at my friends house and for some reasons her internet won’t load anything. Though with a bit of patience you can get through one youtube video in about 2 hours + with reloading and waiting around.

        I need to catch up on Itakiss. But I really don’t like the arranged marriage plot line..

        • alua

          I already called my service provider yesterday, but they don’t know yet what’s wrong and probably will take several days to resolve it (the weekend not helping).

          It’s darn expensive and it annoys me that we pay a lot for very little offered.

          I can’t even access the local public WIFI hotspot at the moment (I have some credit on that)… so it may be that there’s a general problem in the area, but these kind of things should be fixed within a matter of hours, not days! I mean, this is freaking London, and zone 2, not the Shetland Islands or a marsh in Zone 6.

          • Manin

            Could be the area. Or the internet box (I forgot what it’s actually called), as I know we had one that made the internet dodgy even though the outside connection said everything was fine.

            Hope it gets fixed. Drama watching aside, it’s always annoying when the internet isn’t working as it should be.

  14. 14 Lizzy4e

    Does anyone know where to find Grandpas over Flowers subbed?

    Love ~I Hear Your Voice. Lee Jong Suk has a bright future ahead. What a talented, handsome young man.

    FF for the cute~ You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin


    Still missing DramaCrazy like crazy. [sigh]

    Hope everyone is having a good summer.

    • 14.1 redfox

      I missed Dramacraz til I saw Gooddrama startng to post 1N2D subbed (this season)

      • 14.1.1 On a QIHM High

        That’s only because dramafever started subbing it.

        • mommai

          KBS World has the full subbed episodes on Youtube

        • redfox

          not visible here.

    • 14.2 pearl3101

      Me too… While I’m watching my drams in hulu for now, its difficult to find good new dramas to watch. I also wanted to watch ugly alert. But I can’t seem to find it any where. I remember DC had it. 🙁 Can anyone tell me if Ugly alert is available anywhere online and streaming with subs???

      • 14.2.1 Newbie

        It’s on epdrama.

        • pearl3101

          Thanx but epdrama is really slow for me…

    • 14.3 aafa83

      Re: Grandpas Over Flowers being subbed- this person is starting to sub the episodes. I think she’ll continue if there’re enough interests to see this show.

      • 14.3.1 Lizzy4e

        Thank you for sharing this!

      • 14.3.2 SweetPea

        Thank-you so much!

        I’ve been looking all over for subs.

      • 14.3.3 Manin

        Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been wanting subs as well! 🙂

      • 14.3.4 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Thanks! I’ve wanted to see Grandpas.

  15. 15 Sethe

    Good morning, everyone!

    Heartless City (SPOILERS). Only two weeks left, and so much that still needs to be cleared up/resolved. For example, it seems pretty clear (to me, at least), that Soo and Jin-sook are loyal to Baksa and happy with their places in the drug world… but what’s going to happen when (presumably when, not if) they learn that Baksa’s been an undercover cop all this time? And I really DO NOT understand Safari at all. What’s he doing? Who’s he working for/with? What are his motivations? Same with Min… whose side is he on? What is he trying to do? Does he want to help Baksa or not? And I’m really starting to wonder if we may actually not see any more development in the love story between Soo-min and Baksa… (some people may not care, but I think it’d be tragic if the show finished without another HOT love scene between those two 🙂 ).

    Also, it seems clear that the trio of Chairman Jo, Congressman Cha, and Hyung-min’s father are very high up in the drug cartel, but is one of them “Pusan,” or is there someone else even higher up?

    I’m pretty excited at the idea of Hyung-min and Baksa working together and forming a real partnership to bring down/destroy Pusan… hope to see a lot of that in the next few episodes. (In fact, the next few episodes could focus on nothing but the two of them, and I’d be perfectly happy… and BTW, isn’t it about time for some showers? With all the fighting and bleeding those two do… I’m just saying…)

    I think I’m going to Mexico (Tijuana) this weekend… not really sure what to expect (never been there), but I hope it’ll be an interesting adventure!

  16. 16 kumi

    Anyone here wants to stalk Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in Los Angeles next month?

    • 16.1 Aigoo

      I totally want to!! But i’m so far away!!! Are they going to be in LA? I just heard california….

      • 16.1.1 kumi

        My brother said he read it on Koala’s blog today: the SBS crew is scouting location shoots in LA and SF.

  17. 17 Sajen

    I feel unwell so I’m going to post a few thoughts then go lie down.

    Heartless City- I seem to have the opposite feelings as most people with this show as I don’t hate Soo Min. Because while she does definitely put Doctor’s Son in danger from time to time it never feels real, whereas the danger that Jin Sook and Soo take turns putting him in every episode does feel real. Also writer if you’re reading this I will gladly trade Doctor’s Son and Soo Min’s death, as I think their a pair now, for that of team leader Ji.

    Monstar- I can’t wait to find out what happens

    I hear Your Voice- Min Joog Gook just might be my favorite drama villain ever. Also even though I’m not sure I feel romance between Hye Sung and Su Ha I still want her to pick Su Ha as the I don’t feel anything not even friendship between Hye Sung and lawyer Cha.

    • 17.1 Carole McDonnell

      Yes to MJG…I’m actually afraid of him and his relentlessness and the fact that he seems to totally be working from emotion — and a very bitter one at that– that kind of totally emotional person can be scary. He has a shrewdness born from the streets, it seems. Not the kind of well-honed above-it-all rich guy evil, but something very scrappy and from the gut. How can one not fear?

  18. 18 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    I had a week of very good and very bad. Lots of lovely little things and annoying bad things and one big Good thing: So…yeah…gotta brag (cause that’s how I sometimes roll): My story, “A Cry for Hire”, which was published in the 2012 Fantastic Stories of the Imagination anthology was chosen as a tangentonline Recommended Story of 2012. Yep, am listed among the 200 or so SF/F stories worth reading.I sooooo loved that story and am so so glad folks have recognized it. Am hoping it ends up on more lists. Other than that…some frustrations with the NYS courts as hubby and I try to become legal guardians of our 23 year old son. One would think that de-facto parents de-facto guardians of one’s own son would make it easy for one to become the kid’s guardian…but noooooooo..paperwork and psychologists who specialize in diagnosing autism for guardianship papers and notary publics. Stressing.

    Well, I am in squeeland! What is it with we humans that we love a good love-story? Yep, the OTP in I Hear Your Voice kissed: Nothing can wipe this stupid grin off my face.
    I know some folks thought it was silly for Heroine to not realize Hero had regained his memory. I totally think she realized but the entire episode was about denial and not saying or realizing the truth. Red Flags about his memory popped up several times and she questioned him but because she totally believed that he would never lie to her, she pushed aside all red flags. Ah, Su-Ha that lie (or non-revelation) about Daddy Dearest being the one who set the cosmic troubles rolling is gonna come back and bite you. This is k-dramaland, after all. Nah, life and love have to be righted..and all that stuff can’t really be worked out in a mere two episodes. So am waiting to see.

    I’m of course totally worried about this extension. I want to see more of my lovers but I also see where an extension is necessary. If the story is to be perfect, Min Gook should not die by suicide whatever (although if he died by suicide, that would also make sense in a self-judgment kind of way) or by a shoot-out blaze of glory. Big Bad has to be tried again in the courts; the courtroom must redeem itself. And he has to be tried by Deo Yeon who will have — by then– be less inclined to be judgmental and more aware of the complications of justice/law/mercy.wrong judgment/bitterness. (Will Shin have to defend Min Gook if Min Gook is caught alive?)

    Re: Shark
    Ah me! Evil old Rich Big Bad…. I don’t love you as much as I love other villains. Don’t know why. I know you’re bad and all. And you’re selfish and self-serving to an incredibly self-preserving degree…and you are so cold-blooded…but in the great annals of Big Baddery…you just aren’t too memorable. Now….pen-point poisoner….well, that’s an entirely different story. More faithful to Big Bad than to semi-paralyzed wife? (Or maybe he just knew Friend was normal and would not kill an old woman in coldblood.) I’m wondering how Pen-Poisoner and Yi-Soo’s Father have to do with Evil Rich Ahjussi. Re: adultery and self-questioning…Gotta say that I didn’t realize I had such priggishness in me. I understand heroine is in the car now realizing her father “fell in love” with his mistress and so could not help himself as she cannot help her own adulterous feelings for Yi-Soo. BUT the prig in me says: A) She re-encountered Yi-Soo on her wedding day. That’s big-time cosmic. B) Her dad had presumably fallen in love with her mother before…so Dad was not faithful to his first love, whereas heroine is not really adulterous but is faithful to her first love. C) Am not liking the idea that the ONLY reason Dad’s mistress shows up in this story is to bring up the thematic question of whether it’s right to have adultery. So, yeah, am a prig it seems.

    Re: Blade and Flower
    I’ve got to see episode 5 & 6. Really wanting to see what happens. I don’t care if I see any spoilers on the OT; I’ve got to see it. Just have spent the week critiquing a friend’s novel and complaining about stuff that I haven’t had time to see it.

    Been watching some of the films on Korean Archive on youtube. Also Saw the 2000 Chun Hyang again. It’s on youtube (but not in the Korean Archive.) I so love that movie. I think that is the first Korean sajeuk movie I ever saw. If not, it’s the first I ever totally loved. And it has a special place in my heart.

    Saw the OST for IHYV with the English subs…and wow, what a beautiful song! Also saw Kim Hyun Joong’s new song Unbreakable (with subs) and wow…fun. So many abs…so much testosterone! I soooooooo love testosterone. A good sajeuk, bad guy, martial arts, dance video. Catchy refrain but otherwise just a regular song. Nothing too great..just men praising their survival and come-back…but i love it. It better be a hit.

    Gave up on Cyrano, Monstar, Heartless City. For various reasons. Not sure why I’m not watching so many dramas. Could be DC isn’t around to introduce me to them and I’m still not attached to anything else except viki. But am so looking forward to the next season. Lee Jun ki, ghost seers, face readers, haunted living.

    Happy weekend, all.

    • 18.1 KimYoonmi

      Drama are kinda slow at this point.

      Heo Joon is still good, BTW, if you want to resume… it’s nearing the end. The last episode had me falling over myself with say it ain’t so.

      When the crapload of dramas comes out at the end of the year… that’s probably when you’ll watch more… Heirs, Master’s Son, Answer Me 1994… All of those promise to be good.

      KES… Hong Sisters, Answer Me team… and I might take a shot at the other Hong Sisters one going solo (though I’m not big on faith on that one… I’m still giving it a shot.)

      • 18.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Yes, I really want to go back to Heo Joon. I’m wondering if I’m just really being shallow here. Is it possible I’d have kept up more with the story if the hero were more my type — ya know, really feminine and pretty? It really is possible, which is a scary kinda position to be in. And weirdly, i gave up Heartless City although Doc’s son was totally gorgeous.

        Folks talk about the Hong sisters a lot. I’ve seen some of their dramas but not enough to know what their themes, issues, skill-sets are. I am so waiting for the next season to start.

        • Newbie

          Don’t worry. Sometimes some things are just not for oneself. E.g. I will stick to CC till the end but dropped IHYV after ep 7 and never looked back. Each recap’s comment zone explodes and I couldn’t care less for the OTP. That’s life.

          Congrats on your story!

          • Carole McDonnell

            Thank you.

            And true about some stuff just not being up one’s alley. I felt that way about Heartless City. I don’t mind empty calories or hottie guys or even the fact that the story has absolutely no theme or structure. I tend to be someone who thinks if a friend is praising a book or a movie that I see nothing good in, that I try my best to see what the friend sees in it. But I couldn’t do it with heartless city. I like fluff but even fluff has theme, and I love testosterone but….being dragged along and forced to be on the side of a stupid female character and a stupid macho cop– I tried, I tried. But after the OTP popped up and I realized this was the couple we were meant to be rooting for, I just couldn’t do it. I do feel I should try to give it another try and I keep telling myself to…but I cannot bring myself to click on the episode link.

          • snow

            that’s okay, Carole. no reason to persevere with a drama that just doesn’t do it for you. i dropped Last Cinderella like a ton of bricks and haven’t regretted it ever since.

            stupid female character is right, since her intelligence the size of texas is sinking the drama faster than you can say adios. i feel godawful for Shi-hyun, but then he must have misplaced his brains as well ever since he had the misfortune of meeting her.

          • DayDreamer

            Carole, that’s exactly how I felt about Heartless City too. I’ll admit, at first, I loved it and went as far as episode 9 even with all the nonsense that was being shown but I just can’t watch a whole drama for the sake of only one actor when the writer is busy showing him having romance with a bird-brain, contradictory, emotionless/dull female character. Then I saw people raving about it on OT and I thought I should get back to watching it since so many are liking it but I just couldn’t. I also tried really hard. Now I’m just glad we’re in the same boat about it. 🙂

          • Carole McDonnell

            Hey there, snow!

            I made it through Last Cinderella. I felt absolutely empty when Hiroto and Sakura happily kissed into the sunset. NOTHING although I’d been shipping them all along. ::shaking head:: Why, oh why did i allow the hot body of Miura Haruma to make me hope that drama would have some worthwhile believable ending?

            So right about her being stupid. The annoying thing about Heartless City is that the writers seem to think we like her like that. And it’s possible that guys who like aegyo can admire the way her aegyo is supposed to be tolerated…cause it’s so cute when the cutie-pie dimwit does something aggressive…but I am neither a a guy who like aegyo nor a woman who has tried to aegyo her way through a relationship…so yeah… cannot put up with.

    • 18.2 korfan

      Carole –

      Congratulations on your story! That’s wonderful!

      So sorry about the court situation though. You’re right, you’d assume it would not be this difficult. Hang in there.

      I just started Shark and IHYV. Loving them both also!

      • 18.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        Thank you so much. It made my week.
        Yes, the court system. So annoying and one cannot really do surgical operations or even clean one’s son’s teeth (he needs to be put under anesthesia to have it done) done at the hospital without those silly guardianship papers. Sooooooooo upsetting. NY is just the worst and the most complicated!

    • 18.3 pogo

      congratulations on the story, Carole! And I’m sorry about the courts, it sounds painful.

    • 18.4 Manin

      Paper works are annoying indeed, and bureaucrats seems sometimes to just be slow and complicated because they can. Hope everything sorts itself out and goes right for you guys!

      Also looking forward to the new batch of drama’s. Hope to finally find something that I can have the “must watch” feeling throughout the entire drama. And I know what you mean about DC not being there to give the same interest as well.

      • 18.4.1 Carole McDonnell

        Thank you for the good wishes. Yes, it was as if Dramacrazy was a cute little waiter coming up and telling me about the possible side dishes I could have with my main drama course. All those movies…gone!

        • Manin

          I know! Plus it was an orderly and easy to use. And all those drama’s. And their speedy joe videos. And their archive of older drama’s as well. Everything gone..

          • DayDreamer

            I loved speedy joe….wonderfully fast streaming. Now my sadness over DC is back. 🙁

    • 18.5 DayDreamer

      First off, a big hearty congratulations to you on your award. 😀 I feel proud of you and your accomplishment. On the other hand, I’m sorry to hear about the custody problems. I’ll pray that they go smooth-sailing for you. Always keep your strength.

      Re: IHYV. OMG WHAT??? Min Joon Gook is going to commit suicide?? Is that your speculation (though I wonder how you came to that point) or real spoilers of whatever is to come??

      • 18.5.1 Carole McDonnell

        Thanks, Daydreamer!

        We’ve now gotten an appt with an autism specialty psychologist at the institute of human development who is a genius at knowing exactly what to write on the psychologist report to please the folks in NY surrogate court.

        Yes, IHYV sooo good! I am really thinking the climax of this show will be very good…especially if it has to do with someone defending Min Gook. I just love the whole exploration of “cause” and “beginnings of sorrows” and “justice vs truth.” They are exploring EVERY aspect of the theme and I just looooove looooove when a story does that.

    • 18.6 katmoo

      Holy!!! Why is it that I miss that Kim Hyun Joong new song was out! I must go watchright now!!! *drools* I love water… raining on abs… that makes my flipping Friday!

    • 18.7 kngdrama

      Congratulations Carole on your story being chosen for the memorable list!

      I see Poison Clicky as a seasoned soldier; assignment first, all the feelings later. I was touched against my will when he tenderly caressed his wife’s hand in the car. You would want to have someone like Clicky on your side during war.

      Shark is sliding into a dangerous territory of a likable, torn adulteress, thus tons of excuses for her mountain of betrayals. I dig the first love but you are supposed to leave all the first loves behind at the altar and commit to your husband. Right? You don’t say, “There are some exceptions to my commitment.”

      Yi Soo’s superpowers are as tiny as the fish in his aquarium. What Shark? He is being manipulated and not in charge of the game. But he is becoming more human, which is a plus.

      • 18.7.1 Carole McDonnell

        Wow, i hadn’t thought that Yi Soo was being manipulated. I mean it’s there for me to see but now..yes!! He has no control over himself. Not over his own emotions and not over his comrade/mentor.

        Yes, Poison Clicky is definitely loyal. I can’t really hate him.

        You’re right about the reasons for adultery. I stand corrected. One should be faithful no matter what (well, barring abuse). It’s just that dang! They got reacquainted on her wedding day. I’m a sucker for flaky timing like that.

    • 18.8 CMRPrindle

      Congratulations on your story being recognized! That’s fantastic news! And I’m sorry about the hoops the courts are putting you and your husband through for your own son! That’s just…I can’t imagine how stressful it must be.

  19. 19 pearl3101

    Hieee… everyone I’m relatively new here.. 🙂 Although I’ve been reading this blog for quite a while, it’s only recently that I started commenting.
    Now for the dramas that I watched this week…

    CYRANO DATING AGENCY: This week we said goodbye to this breezy summer rom-com. I think its one of the best dramas of the year. Although it stumbled over the last few weeks.. (what with the love triangle and noble idiocy) It was overall a nice show and I liked the idea of a new case every week. The cast were quite good too. I liked the leads and their acting. They had chemistry right from the start but the writing kind of dampened it towards the end. The other flower boys, I liked them in the beginning but lost track after a while….. their characters could’ve had more depth. To conclude I’m not regretting I stuck eith it till the end.

    ITAKISS: Can’t believe its ending this week. 🙁 Hope they have a season 2. While I’ve I was never quite okay with the story (but can’t help liking it..) this version is more tolerant towards kotoko in a sense and Naoki is’nt that much of a jerk either… The last episode is sad but it all turns around tonight. So I’m eagerly waiting…

    I SUMMON YOU GOLD: One of the things I like about this show is the balance. It is not totally one sided.. like with the leads always getting bullied and the bullies always getting the upper hand. But here the tables turn quickly so that you are not always outraged but also satisfied that the bullies get served what they asked for. This week I’m against the meddling mother trying to arrange her son’s marriage, while her daughter’s marriage is still hanging in the air. While last week I was actually rooting for her( with the feud against her MIL for money). But the chemistry between both the lead couples is kindof sagging for me. While I initially was amused, now its kindof become stale… And the evil second daughter -in-law is getting on my nerves( And what’s with the child kidnapping and the way the dad handles it?? 🙁 totally disappointing!!! ) This week looks good for the magnae couple.. hoping!!

    LITTLE MOM SCANDAL: I initially checked this out of curiousity. I hadn’t planned to stick with it at all, but I finished the whole thing in a week… Its not your regular k-drama. While its funny and not heavy it deals with elements normally skipped or overdramatised by your usual drama with quite a fair share of honesty. It deals with the issue of teen pregnancy, a romance between a school girl and a married ahjusshi, and prostitution. The themes are heavy aren’t they? But the drama itself is’nt and is actually quite funny but also realistic. The characters and their problems are quite real and the way they deal with it is also real, all the while managing to be entertaining as well.

    Well that’s it for this week!!

    • 19.1 amee

      Someone that also watches I Summon You Gold ♥ I’m about 5 episodes behind though. At this point, I mostly watch for the magnae couple. They are adorbs! But lord, there are so many irritating characters (stepmom, second daughter in law..) I like to see tables being turned with them too. This drama is like a light watch, and I hope it doesn’t go too downhill!

    • 19.2 Windsun33

      I think there are only about 5 of us here that watch ISYG 😀

      ISYG is much better than “Doormat Lee Soon Shin” – at least Mong Hee has gotten a backbone and has pretty much stopped playing Professional Doormat. The mother is sometimes annoying with all her controlling attempts and wedding plans (even after failing horribly on the first one), but it looks like the dad is also finally starting to stand up against her. On the other hand, she also comes across as a real person who is conflicted about her own ideas about “marrying up” to rich. The Evil 2nd DIL is getting a bit “out there”, but not nearly to the extent yet of some other shows – like Queen of Ambition”.

      • 19.2.1 Waiting

        I am watching it too and the younger couple is my favorite, too. I watch it raw on epdrama and laugh at my misinterpretations when the subs come out! LOL

      • 19.2.2 Selena

        I’m also watching it. Not really like the youngest couple, i find them annoying, don’t know why. The pace of the oldest couple is disapointed, too. It’s been weeks and there’s nothing happened or developed. But overall, ISYG is very entertaining to watch. Looking forward to tonight episode.

      • 19.2.3 pearl3101

        Well that does make five of us. Exactly 🙂 lol

    • 19.3 CMRPrindle

      I was wondering about Little Mom Scandal after finding out that one of the secondary characters from Panda And Hedgehog was in it. It sounds like it’s worth watching. Thanks!

  20. 20 the50-person

    Realized the paranormal is trending. IHYV has a mind reader, Face Reader is preparing, Master’s Sun coming up…. Lol. And not forgetting GFB from spring season.

  21. 21 J

    HEIRS, anybody’s read Koalas translation of the character details and plotline of the drama?? Yay, or nay?

    I for one am not very keen on yet another rich-man-poor-woman scenario but rather anticipate on the supporting characters’ romances, esp the Choi Jin Hyuk-Im Joo Eun pairing <3

    • 21.1 Carole McDonnell

      When i saw the character charts, I thought: NOOOOOOOO!

      I still think no. IF I ever saw a more convoluted set-up, I don’t remember. But I thought, even though it has Lee Min Ho and Choi Jin Hyuk, I cannot watch this. I will be screaming at all the tropes and cliches and coincidences and birth secrets which are sure to come out.

      When a drama has trouble finding actors, I usually assume it’s because the plot is crappy. But I try to give the show the benefit of the doubt. But after those character descriptions, I knew I would NOT be watching this at all.

      (I hope.)

      • 21.1.1 alua

        I’m with you…

        People are going gaga over this drama because of the cast, but I’m not a fan of the leads (I’ve enjoyed some their dramas, but I don’t seek out their work) and there are too many idols being cast. I’m not seeing anything original in the story or the characters, but rather things that we have seen too many times before or that are too contrived, which just about never works for me (I can take bizarre but not far-fetched).

        I might try a couple of episodes, but I can see already now that I’m likely to drop this drama. Which is fine – I’m sure many people will love it, it’s just not my cup of tea.

        Pity about Woo-bin though. And Choi Jin-hyuk a little.

        • Carole McDonnell

          You wrote: “I can take bizarre but not far-fetched.”

          I think that might be the problem. Some k-drama fans love the far-fetched. They don’t really question it. Or they love the intensity of this tiny world where everyone knows each other and flaky unreal stuff happens coincidentally at every second. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind intensity but it better be real life intensity. That’s what really touches my heart when it’s intense crap happening to real folks.

          Western rules of writing demand that if a coincidence happens, the coincidence should happen in the beginning. But It also demands people behave someone consistently. And the only bizarre stories I like are those that follow some sense.

          Brothers, half-brothers, falling in love with weird permutations of each other’s exes and what all else just makes me wonder why their frickin world is so small. In a world of chaebol princes and a large high school the same folks always have to be related or coincidentally entangled for no good reason?

          That’s one of the reason I couldn’t go with Heartless City anymore. For crying out, of all the wounded people who gets helped by Soo Min and whom she keeps meeting and whom she falls in love with…yadda yadda… she picks Doctor’s Son?

          And Jin Sook…after working hard to build up her business and seeimg to have no other protege…she decides to take Soo Min on as her sister/friend? And she is a worldly wise drug-pin former prostitute? Puhleze! Too far-fetched. If you can’t give me reality, give me something at least plausible.

          I do not care how hot Lee Min Ho is.. The writer snob in me will not be able to sit through it. (May I not watch it and have to eat my words!)

          • alua

            With ‘bizarre’ I mean things like Nodame Cantabile, Kimi wa Petto, Hana Kimi, or even Love Shuffle.

            But these kind of shows don’t pretend to be realistic, they just throw some weird idea out there and go crazy with it, telling you to suspend your disbelief and come along for the fun ride.

            Farfetched dramas however don’t really do that. They pretend that what they are showing is perfectly real, when it’s totally unrealistic. And it’s everything from too many connections between every single character to actions that just make no sense (e.g. PSH jetting off to Australia to deliver wedding money to her sister when she’s supposedly super-poor – heck, even if she won the plane ticket, it would be too farfetched).

            LMH never did anything for me in the looks department.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Hey there, Alua:

            I loved Kimi wa Petto (didn’t see the K-version yet), Hana Kimi, and Nodame. Haven’t seen Love Shuffle. I even like body swaps…although Big totally annoyed the heck outta me.

            Totally agree on the far-fetched. I think the primary reason for me giving up on some dramas is the whole coincidence thing. And the second reason are stupid heroines who overdo the cuteness.

            I never thought Lee Min Ho was cute. Tried to watch Boys over Flowers. Still can’t. Saw City Hunter…and started seeing how cute he really is. Then Faith and voila! He might be one of those actors who grows on you or who gets better looking as he ages. Kinda like Richard Gere. I never liked him when he was younger…but when he got older, he actually started looking better.

        • Windsun33

          “..I’m not seeing anything original in the story or the characters..”.

          That is my problem with it also. It seems to be shaping up as a drama with a whole bunch of bad acting, bad writing, super-makjang, and all the rest. I hope I am wrong, but when you start relying only on idols for audience pull rather than a good story, something will not be good. I fear this might turn into another train wreck.

          • linda

            Heirs has not started airing yet. Some of you seem like you have seen all the episode:(
            Sometimes, I wish Lee minho less popular. Too much heat to handle!

          • alua


            I’m willing for it to prove me wrong.

            I Hear Your Voice had bland character pictures and teasers that didn’t reveal much at all (rather, things like the aquarium felt like copy-cat from other dramas), but once it started that drama made very clear it was not like any other!

          • Carole McDonnell

            I might look at it but if you saw the character plot, you would either start laughing at the convolutions or scream in anger. On paper, it looks like every chaebol coincidence trope has already been written into the character. But I might give it a try…

      • 21.1.2 Waiting

        I have not seen it and am not sure I want to until we get closer. Are we going to need a scorecard to watch this? Please say it aint so.

    • 21.2 pogo

      I’m all over Kim Woo-bin’s character, but I suspect this drama will generate a healthy amount of eyerolls from me.

      I’m glad the heroine is portrayed as somewhat flawed, though. I’ve had enough of Candy Mary-sues in dramaland, and I hope this will at least make her more three-dimensional.

      • 21.2.1 J

        Haha. As always, KES creates awesome male leads at the expense of the female characters. But then in the past I’ve liked some of her female characters e.g. Misook noona and Yisoo in AGD so she’s still good in my book.

        Well, I guess I’ll watch the drama just purely for the sake of escapism like how great would it be if such a man exists and would be head over heels in love with you? LOL, just check my brain at the door and enjoy the pretty coz I’m shallow like that 😀

    • 21.3 snow_white

      I’m not reading the descriptions as they will spoil the excitement 🙂

  22. 22 pogo

    Hey OT people! I’m still behind on IHYV (not caught episodes 13 and 14, and off to rectify that stat because this show is just too good).

    And while last week might have been my turn to pay tribute to the well-written ladies of the show, this week it is: Lee Jong-seok. He may not be exactly my cup of tea attraction-wise, unlike his buddy Woobie My Wuv), but GOOD HEAVENS he is phenomenal as Su-ha. I know that his last three shows have involved characters built off a similar template, but he rocked it in School 2013, and is rocking it even harder in IHYV – I swear, every time he looks like a lost puppy, it destroys me a little inside. He hasn’t put a foot wrong in this role even once, and I will look forward to seeing him at the end-of-year SBS awards, when they happen.

    (and I laugh in the face of people who have the audacity to claim that he’s as undeserving of acting roles as the Taecyeons and Suzys of this world, or that his former status as a model is in any way comparable to stupid idol casting in dramas)

    Monstar – SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for the OTP kiss (yes it’s awkward, but something about the show makes me feel like it’s that way to keep with the characters’ ages). Also, I was not a fan of the creepy-crawlies – not in episode 1’s opening moments, and certainly not here, yuck – or the initial struggling from Se-yi, but Seol-chan and Se-yi made up for it. Like I’ve said before, Jun-hyung and Ha Yeon-soo may not be perfect actors, but they are the perfect SC and SY, and I’ll look forward to their future careers – especially hers.

    (now I want a kiss – or at least some serious skinship – for Sun-woo and Nana too).

    Cruel City – not caught up to this week’s episodes yet, but I’m tired of bird-brained Soo-min. Is there any chance at all she’ll get her scrappiness/spine back, and grow a semblance of a brain in the meantime? I love this show, and My Precious is great as always, but at this point I feel like even Kyung-mi would have made a better LI to Baksa than Soo-min.

    I’ve said it before, and still maintain, that Soo-min might not be quite so annoying if she was played by an actress capable of bringing some nuance or depth to her, but even though Nam Gyuri is serviceable and has decent enough chemistry with my Precious when not being an idiot, it’s like Gu Travesty Book all over again – with one lead pulling all the weight of the acting deficiencies of the other.

    I’m also ridiculously excited by all the Master’s Sun/punny title news out there. So Ji-sub and Gong Hyo-jin look like they have fantastic chemistry, and despite how bad Big was, when the Hong sisters are on they’re ON, so I hope for at least some funny and not wasting this great pair of leads.

    And wayyyyy in the future, Heirs. So word leaked this week that Woobie My Wuv is playing the boy version of Blair Waldorf to Lee Min-ho’s Serena, since this drama is supposed to have a Gossip Girl influence and all. This is basically designed to give me Second Lead Syndrome, since I could never tolerate Serena the entitled princess, plus the actress playing her was really bad. And also, Blair was a great character. I love him so much, and I hope Heirs ends up being worth watching and doesn’t make me want to throw rocks at the portrayal of the female characters, but my fingers need to remain crossed on this one and its huge cast.

    • 22.1 Carole McDonnell

      My type is definitely more Yoon Sang Hyun. I love the smile, the features, the joy and glee on his face. Just totally my type. But that said, Lee Jong Suk… oh Lord! If I ever decided to take a young lover, he would be perfect. Just a cute kid all over and the characters he plays are so well-done. He has an understanding of actor that other actors (Kim Hyung Joong, for one) would envy.

      • 22.1.1 pogo

        Lee Jong-seok is going to have a long, promising career ahead, if he keeps going the way he is (not all the way into exhaustion though, that would be bad) and does not mess with his adorable puppy face any more.

        He really has the most wonderfully expressive eyes – for someone so young to be pulling off the kind of performance he is, it’s frankly amazing.

        And I hope IHYV makes him a star, if School 2013 didn’t already do the job the solid ratings on this one could well make him the next Kim Soo-hyun.

        • J

          IHYV is already a legit hit and if his movie (The Face Reader or that swimming movie with Seo In Guk) becomes crazy hit then he’s sealed on A-listdom!

        • redfox

          yeah I hope no one messes with their face cause it would end up horrible by the time they are 40.

          especially dont understand why people with such expressiveness think they need cosmetic surgery. I think the urge to have it should be considered an iööness similar to other mental illnesses. sorry, but I am very extreme.

          Jong seok, he doesnt need it! his expressions are like a spear through the heart. touch painfully deep. I almost want him not to be that good of an actor

          • Carole McDonnell

            oh my gosh, you just made me google “iooness.” Nothing in the search results alas.

            But i’m with you on hoping the folks i love don’t go changing their features. Some of these actors are so insecure sometimes. And if LJS has done other plastic surgery in the past, I hope he’s over with it. He’s perfect as is…not perfect but perfect in his cute imperfection.

          • redfox

            illness!!! it was dark when I typed, sorry! meant illness!

    • 22.2 redfox

      What makes me sooo sad though is that I Hear Your Voice is probably Jong seok´s last highschooler role. he is too tall…. his shoulders are too broad…. that should be a good thing, but….wwwhhaaaaahaha no puppies no more.

      • 22.2.1 pogo

        @redfox – awww, but even if this is his last role as a teen, we’ll still have not one, but TWO iconic high-school roles to remember him by 🙂

        Personally, I’m glad he’s proved his chops so he can expand his range – we may not have Puppy Teenager LJS any more, but we’ll get puppy in sageuks and playing a grown-up and I know I’ll still want to rub his ears.

      • 22.2.2 Carole McDonnell

        Remember, Lee Min Ho is in Heirs. So…lord knows!!!! Anything is possible in k-dramaland.

    • 22.3 Ennayra

      I agree with what you said about Lee Jong-seok in IHYV: “I swear, every time he looks like a lost puppy, it destroys me a little inside.”

      You’re so right!

  23. 23 Rachel

    Hi everyone!

    Just started a month-long internship so my drama watching time is now limited to evenings after dinner (admittedly, I rush home and try to maximize whatever time I have).

    On the Korean drama front, just finished That Winter, and the best I can describe the mixed feelings I have about this show is a combination of my feelings about Big and Flower Boy Next Door. My frustration stems a bit from the ending and the last 4 episodes which felt like a waste of time.

    Some cute between Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo though – but not enough to save the show totally. And Jo In Sung totally cries like a girl.

    Isn’t it funny that I feel the only character who came out of the whole show a better person than he was before is Moo Chul (who is ironically dead)?
    ** SPOILER**

  24. 24 fruitlicious

    Waiting for IHYV is too painful, so I finally started on Gaksital after the continuous ravings on this site and I loved the first couple episodes before KangTo becomes Gaksital. But now I’m up to episode 17 and I’m getting bored. How everyone is related to each other and has some history together is one of the drama cliches I hate most, especially when it comes to love. Kangto is too infatuated with Mokdan for his own good and Mokdan is being dumb as always. Mokdan is one of the worst heroine I’ve ever seen. I feel like dropping this but does it get any better? The only thing that’s keeping me are the scenes with Kang to and Shunji.

    • 24.1 pogo

      Gaksital is allllll about the Kang-to and Shunji, so if you’re in it for that, keep watching.

      Mok-dan is basically in the show only because having a female love interest is apparently mandatory for kdramas (and yeah, Jin Se-yeon is just not cut out for roles like these)

    • 24.2 J

      same, Mokdan pre-meeting Gaksital was kickass and smart but afterwards she’s suddenly infected with kdrama’s plague of doormatness -..-

      I’d say watch it for other aspect of the shows (e.g. Kangto’s journey to redemption, Shunji-Kangto bronemy) if it’s romance you’re after, then this drama will disappoint you. BIG TIME.

    • 24.3 Nadia

      I just finished Gaksital (Bridal Mask) earlier this month. It took me a long time to finish this drama. Stick with it, because the storyline/character transformations for Kang-to and Shunji are worth it.

      The finale episode is one of the best in kdrama.

    • 24.4 hydrangeabloom

      What I’d say is happening for you with Gaksital was the same thing that happened with me. I thought it really slowed down in the middle, for most of the teen episodes, and had long parts where it dragged. It starts to pick up again around episode 20. If I could do that drama all over again, I would say that it needed edits for pacing and didn’t need the extension. However, despite its flaws, I was glad I watched the drama to the end.

    • 24.5 Rach^^

      I thought I’m the only one who actually prefers the first few episodes of Gaksital. Love Han Chae Ah’s role the most, she really kicks ass.

    • 24.6 redfox

      keep with it. for Kang to and Shunji. and Horsital, lets not forget. and the young rebellion! not gonna spoil.

      and my “I miss Park Ki Woong and wanna see Secretly Grandly NOW!” mood is back now. gah.

    • 24.7 Manin

      I know what you mean, there is a middle stretch there where things do seem to slow down and be a bit recycled. However the KangTo/Shinji plot is a very nice driving force in it all.

      I must admitt that I started out reading the recaps randomly (up to ep 20 or something) before actually watching it (recaps made me watch it!) so I had some expectations of what was to come in need of jumping and fast forwarding.

      So if you don’t mind having that approach reading the recaps and give some life into the cliche since it allows you a bit of jumping without loosing much.

    • 24.8 ahjummabunny

      I recently complained about how useless mok dan was as a character. I think it’s a writer faith thing. Or lack of faith. You need a strong actress to have a believable strong character through out. It doesn’t always happen. Kim Hui Son being the trusted actress on Faith had a pretty stable character. She was a thoroughly modern girl, while park si yon’s character in story of a man was all kinds of wobbly.

      • 24.8.1 Ennayra

        Yeah Faith mention! Don’t know why but I can watch that drama over and over and over again.

  25. 25 LizJ

    Hi, everyone.

    I was glad that we got almost an entire episode devoted to the OTP on You’re the Best, Lee Shoon Shin! We’ve been waiting a long time for that! Now, here’s hoping that the focus will stay on them – and the “scandal” doesn’t cause too much (or too long) or a rift between them.

    I think of all the unnecessary and repetative “filler” scenes in this show (most of the Lee family dinners, for example), and I still wonder if this show was originally intended as a 16 to 24 ep rom-com and then bloated out to make a longer-running weekend family drama.

    So…Cyrano ended this week. I found the change of tone jaring, and from the recaps I realized that I was not the only one. I realize that there had to be a sufficient trigger in the plot for Seo Il Rok to step up and admit his feelings, but I don’t think they had to go that dark (crazy bomber Hawaiian shirt guy!).

    I’m glad there’s only one more episode of Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, because otherwise they would likely extend this part of the plot longer. I couldn’t even watch last week’s episode past the first few minutes, because from remembering the plot of the other two versions I recognized this would be the episode full of noble idiocy and heartbreak.

    Because the writers chose to depict Naoki as genuinely fond of Kotoko earlier in the series (more than the other two versions), I understand now that his cruelty towards her at this point in the plot was an attempt to get her to emotionally separate from him and move on – for her own good!

    He was trapped, and miserable, and he didn’t want her to be miserable too! So, by withdrawing from her, and basically telling Kinchan to go for her, he’s hoping that she’ll soon be happily in a serious relationship/marriage with someone who she cares about and who loves her!

    I never got that from the other two versions. Up till now, I just believed that he felt trapped into the arranged marriage, and generally depressed about going into his dad’s business, and in a way was taking it out on Kotoko.

    • 25.1 enz

      hi LizJ, otherwise known as the other person on OT watching LSS! kidding :). yes, episode 38 was rather cute, no? i particularly like the bit when the assistant ? soon shin’s manager was encouraging junho to do the needful and at the end, junho turned and tried practising a sentence to say to soon shin. that was too funny 🙂

      • 25.1.1 JoAnne

        No, I’m watching it too, you forgot about me Enz 🙁

        • Christina

          Add me to the Still watching LSS count, though I will admit a liberal use of the fastforward button.

        • enz

          i was kidding la! i know lots are watching with FF. i get so irritated these days with mi ryeong and yeon ah but i just cannot do that FF thing. still, these days i seem to be able to not obsessively need to watch every line of dialogue. thank goodness.

          keep healthy in the heat joAnne! drink lots!! WATER!!WATER!!

  26. 26 Saya

    Hi everyone! Just popping in to say hi! And it is OT #300 AND my birthday, and as a person who doesn’t much celebrate it, I wanted to put a sticky label on the internetz/Dramabeans to say, ‘I woz ‘ere’ and ‘I woz b0rn wot’.

    And yesssss my favourite noona romance of the year/my life is so on the road to win!

    (See, there’s a reason why noona romances make this ageing* spinster happy)

    (* that would be ageing according to South Asian standards. By Western standards, not quite 30 is still young. If you’re SA, on the other hand, AND unmarried, you might as well be deadz, hahaha.)

    Back to holy pursuits! I am thinking of you all!

    • 26.1 On a QIHM High

      Happy birthday!!! 🙂

      • 26.1.1 Saya

        Thank you! 😀

        (I’m also constantly trying to think of a way to shorten ‘On a QIHM High’ to something affectionately easier – High?)

        • On a QIHM High

          Another online alias I had was real_inspirion (on LJ before my account got purged from inactivity), so you’re welcome to use inspirion. High’s fine with me too, whatever is easier 🙂

          • Saya

            Now watch me always say ‘HI HIGH!’ and laugh like a maniac!

    • 26.2 alua

      Happy happy birthday!

      • 26.2.1 Saya

        Thank you, alua! It was happy, there was cake!

        • alua

          What kind? What kind?

          Chocolate cake? 😀 😀 😀

          • Saya

            Is there any other kind? 😀

          • alua


            Hello fellow chocoholic 😀

    • 26.3 Carole McDonnell

      Have a wonderful holy blessed pursuit, Saya! And happy birthday! Today’s hubby’s birthday as well. 54 years!

      And may you get a wonderfully rich gorgeous educated super-real wonderfully spiritually enlightened youngster as your true love.

      • 26.3.1 CMRPrindle

        And a Happy Birthday, Mr. McDonnell, 54 years young 😀

        • Carole McDonnell

          Thanks, CMR and Saya. I’ll pass on the good wishes. We had fun.

      • 26.3.2 Saya

        Happy day to hubby! Sharing birthdays is fun! Thank you for your lovely wishes and AMEN to the last 😀

    • 26.4 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Happy birthday. For me, twenties were fun, but thirties really rocked … so much great stuff to look forward to.

      Hope love, friendship, career, and family are all awesome for you this new year.

      • 26.4.1 Saya

        Thanks Julia for the lovely wishes! It actually sounds enticing! I think my enthusiasm is cyclical. Sometimes I am on the upcurve, other times, it dips. Fighting!

    • 26.5 ahjummabunny

      happy birthday!
      Thanks for sharing some of it with us.

      • 26.5.1 Saya

        Thanks ahjummabunny! And no no no, thank you for sharing with me!

    • 26.6 DayDreamer

      Happy birthday, Comrade Beanie! 😀 Wishing you lots of wonderful things like a marriage proposal from your favorite Oppa so you won’t be considered dead. 😉

      • 26.6.1 Saya

        omo this comment killed me! HAHAHAHA! Thanks DayDreamer!

    • 26.7 CMRPrindle

      Happy Birthday, Saya!

      • 26.7.1 Saya

        Thanks CMRPrindle! May you also have a great day!

  27. 27 Jenny

    Been watching Heartless city, at first I didn’t know what to expect and Nam Gyuri has always been a so so actress but I have to say I’m impressed.
    I’m biting my nails in every episode and I love the OTP.

    And jdoraman the new season began.
    Summer Nude, summer snooze. JE is still trying to make Yamapi into Kimutaku (pffft) which isn’t going to happen. The story could be cute but it’s just boring-

    Limit, HS kids forced to survive in the wilderness after a bus crash. It was a jam packed first episode and looking forward to see how this continues. The girls are complicated and I really want to see how they are forced to work together to survive.

    Starman-I love, love it! So cute, fluffy and sweet. Nice to see Hirosue Ryoko in a starring role again. She has chemistry with her co star and love the friendship between Sawa and Setsu. Plus the kids are adorable.

    Namonaki doku-intersting first episode and it seem many characters have something to hide.

    Double tone- two women with the same name dream about each others daily lives. The twist is they they are living in different times 2011 and 2013 and one of the women apparently is dead in 2013 leaving behind a bereaved husband and a little daughter. We’ll see if 2013 Yumi will save 2011 Yumi or will she fall for the widowed husband as it seems.

    • 27.1 alua

      I tried Summer Nude. It’s boring and it doesn’t make much sense. The whole “let’s call a woman I don’t really know and get her to come to our seaside town to save a restaurant because she’s the only person who can save it in the whole of Japan despite the fact that none of us have actually ever tasted her cooking” is ridiculous.

      Plus, people putting their life on hold for lost love (3 years) and unrequited love (10 years, yes TEN BLOODY YEARS) makes me want to tear my hair out. I mean, I understand you need time to get over relationships (time-outs of six months to a year are okay in my book) but Yamapi’s character hasn’t moved an inch from his break-up, and Erika’s…. is her plan to be a life-long nun?

      Double Tone: only watched one episode so far, did not like all the cheating-relating bits (neither the husband cheating, nor the woman setting him up to cheat with someone else) but I also realise that things might not be as they seem. The two Yumis may indeed exist in different times (although the husband is still behaving like an uncaring jerk).

      • 27.1.1 Jenny

        Yeah, it just didn’t make sense. I’m already guessing Yamapi ends up with Karina and Erika will be the poor lonely friend who’ll let him be happy. sigh
        The cast have zero chemistry which is another thing.

        Double tone. I think the hubby seems like a jerk. But I hope Yumi 2013 will save Yumi 2011 even though it looks like she’ll fall for the husband and based on the preview she’ll meet the daughter in ep 3.

        • alua

          Erika is going to end up with the glasses dude that hangs around the restaurant all the time. He definitely likes her but since she’s only been looking at Yamapi for TEN BLOODY YEARS she hasn’t noticed.

          Double Tone, despite featuring things I’m allergic to (cheating!), is more interesting, simply because it’s completely unpredictable at this point.

          Half an hour for an episode is a bit short through.

          I need go back to Woman and Gerikyuu which seem like more interesting dramas as well (watched 1 ep of each).

          As for Yamapi / Kimutaku ––– Yamapi just doesn’t have anywhere near the acting skills and, more importantly, acting range that Kimutaku has. You can watch one episode of Pride, and there’s more chemistry between Kimutaku and his costar burning holes into our TV screens than Yamapi and Karina will have for the entire run of Summer Nude!

      • 27.1.2 Windsun33

        What you said pretty much covers all the reasons I dropped Summer Nude really fast (even the title makes no sense). Still not figured out how they went from 5-star Italian restaurant to hole in the wall seaside Japanese semi-fast food stall 😕

        • alua

          Well, a hole in the wall by the sea for one summer could be good fun… but the way that Karina got there just didn’t add up.

          I mean, her responding to a job ad in a newspaper OR going on a random trip across Japan (both as options to escape Tokyo and the open wound of having been dumped) would have been more convincing than Yamapi saying he has to ask her, whom he has met ONCE, for a favour (and then lying to her about the whole situation!).

          And I’m trying to figure out why Karina’s husband actually went through the wedding (rather than leave her at the altar before exchanging vows)? How does that make sense? (Maybe he wanted to make sure he got a piece of wedding cake? Or maybe he plans to reappear, kill her and then get payout from her life insurance as a husband? I mean, seriously…)

    • 27.2 atz

      Yamahisa from Summer Nude is naturally good looking without under a knife… so when I get tired of watching plastic looks from Korean dramas yet miss Asian good looks, I sometimes want to see his drama….
      Many Japanese/Korean dramas based on manga are a bit too childish,,, I just started watching’ Gekiryu’ which is based on a book and it is a mystery rather than romance so that it got some serious tone and theme. the acting is so so( I am Japanese native speaker) but the plot is interesting. You can view it on ‘Good Drama’ up to 4 eps so far. Shomuni13 just started and I am going to see how good/bad it will be. Previously Shomni had three series a decade ago and now it is back!

      • 27.2.1 Jenny

        I do think Yamapi is a ikemen but acting wise he isn’t very good even though I enjoyed Kurosagi. He was good in Nobuta, I loved Akira kon kon!

        I’ve watched all the aired episodes of Gekiryuu and I enjoy it. I like the mystery is it really Fuyuha who’s sending the texts or someone else and if it is Fuyuha what does she want after 20 years.

        • ahjummabunny

          just rewatched kurosagi and then the movie. I think his acting has improved since then. I really wish that drama was longer. I’m not sure why I like conmen movies so much. I think it’s one of tghe few times crooks get away with crimes.

      • 27.2.2 Carole McDonnell

        oh my gosh, Yamapi is in it?????? Dang! My shallow heart is calling me to watch it. I have a soft spot for that kid. Not a crush exactly but he does something to me. I want to mother him, maybe.

        • KimYoonmi

          Summer Nude is a laid back drama. I reviewed it on my blog, but didn’t post it here because the review was too long. (Clicky the namey, first post)

          • Carole McDonnell

            off to look. I can forgive a lot with Yamapi. I think he really does try so hard to work on his craft.

          • ATZ

            Summer Nude and Shomni 2013 are new drama from Fuji broadcasting this summer. Both got not so good ratings along with not so good reviews. Somehow Fuji got more blame for milking from old formula for dramas.

        • DayDreamer

          LOL! You might smother him instead. 😉 (hahaha, lame joke, I know).

          I think I’ll watch this too….it sounds like one of my favorite kind of Japanese dramas. Plus, it has Erika!! She’s been my favorite since 1 Litre of Tears and Taiyou no Uta.

          • rhienz

            Sorry to correct you, but Erika in summer nude is Toda Erika who acted in Liar Game,code blue,etc. While 1litre of tears starred Sawajiri Erika.

          • Carole McDonnell

            LOL! True that. But what are crushes for if not to smother! I like Erika Toda and Yamapi but I really have to be in the mood for j-drama, especially folks who take years to declare their love. Might watch it..but might not. Since i have Heo Joon to catch up with.

      • 27.2.3 Windsun33

        I have often wondered why so many of the TV J/K/T-dramas are so childish and slapstick-silly. Even after having spent about 25 years in Asia (mostly Japan), it is still a mystery to me. The US, Euro, and Latin have their share of Keystone cops type acting, but not near as much.

        I suspect that at least a large part is due to a lack of competent writers. It is much easier to come up with some girl tripping over a rubber ducky and falling in the pond than to actually come up with funny dialogue.

        But since so many of these shows continue to draw ratings, I guess I am in the minority.

        • ATZ

          I kind of agree with you. Often J/K dramas are based on manga thus story lines are somewhat childish to begin with. Having said that sometimes they can plant some funny guys in dramas, such as Nakatsu in Hanakimi. He was very funny( I am native Japanese ), I assume you understand Japanese fully since you have been living in Japan so long.. but I often wonder how much translation from Japanese to English can convey the true feeling exactly since Japanese are very vague/fuzzy language .
          Having said that, my husband who is American find some Japanese TV commercials are quite funny and clever… I guess you are right that the writers suck.

    • 27.3 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Joining you watching Double Tone. Only 6 thirty minute episodes will go quick.

      Did Housewife Yumi start the connection to Advertising Yumi with her “I wish I never married you”?

      Is Advertising Yumi actually Housewife Yumi after one of those dreaded amnesia/accident/plastic surgery events so common in dramaland?

      I thought about Sliding Doors … is this just so housewife and single worker can glimpse into the path not taken and appreciate their life more?

      Are we talking Sliders parallel universes? Please say that isn’t so.


  28. 28 DayDreamer

    1. I Hear Your Voice: The pacing slowed down but the show is as wonderful as ever. Every episode I watch makes my heart well up in emotion. I got giddy when there was skinship, sad when Do Yeon was told she was Hwang Ga In, and proud when Hye-sung used Do Yeon’s father’s words from the past against him. Love the girl’s ego, lol.

    2. Dating Agency Cyrano: a rather meh ending, in my opinion, but overall a good show. It’ll most likely end up as a forgettable drama although I’ll be on the lookout for future Sooyoung and Lee Jong Hyuk dramas.

    3. Scandal: Going along well as any multiple birth secrets dramas can be. The actress who played female lead in Nine Times Travel is yet another lead here and doing the same acting as her previous character. Because of that, my hatred for her transferred from there to here, lol. She’s most likely going to end up with Kim Jae Won’s character but I’ll try to ignore that as much as I can. Meanwhile, Park Sang-min looks like a big white teddy bear, lol.

    • 28.1 ahjummabunny

      My all time favorite lee jong hyuk drama is wait a second hmm well his character in dr kang was hilarious but I loved him in indomitable opponents. I freaking have no idea who gets the girl at the end of drama. I think I’ll rewatch it. Oh I think he got a lot of love in that kim haneul drama with lots of men last year.

    • 28.2 Carole McDonnell

      Oh gee, I’m glad I didn’t start watching Scandal. I avoid stuff with birth secrets, kidnappings, and justified or casual adultery. Too much stress.

      I think one of the things that will make my heart leap is when the girls get their old friendship back and when Deo Yeon finally learn compassion toward those she considers cruel. She has a strong legalistic judgmental streak and it annoyed me when she said prosecuting the 26 year murderer would be fun. But am still rooting for their friendship. And for her real dad to get a hug from her..and an apology from Daddy Judge.

  29. 29 Cali

    Anyone else watching I summon you gold and obsessed?

    • 29.1 Windsun33

      There are a few of us here – at least five 😀

      I am hooked at least until the twin sister shows up and they meet. No sign of her yet, but I am betting that will happen around ep 40 to 42 and cause a whole tornado of funny things. I had my doubts for a while, but this is one of the few long shows that is actually getting better in the middle part. While a couple of the characters are a bit far out, overall it is much more believable than many other shows, some of the characters actually have some real depth.

  30. 30 Jessie

    Hi everyone!

    Does anyone know the songwriter and the name of the song at the end of Cruel City ep 16? I just love that song!!!


  31. 31 whimsicalnet

    Hi everyone.

    Happy Friday! Happy 300th.

    Grand summary of my life: Work’s been crazy and Obsessed over IHYV. Even taken to watching it raw. le sigh at self…

    Hope everyone’s gd!

  32. 32 hydrangeabloom

    Happy Friday Beanies! I want to thank everyone who encouraged me to keep watching Queen Seon-duk last week. I am eight episodes in and I am officially hooked! In the beginning I was a little uncertain because of the cheesiness and some of the initial character set-ups, but as soon as the story moved on to the point where all the principal characters were 15-year-olds I was sold on the story. I only hope it continues to be this good now that we have finally gotten to the adult cast!

    • 32.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Queen Seon-duk was my first “serious” historical drama. I was afraid of the length, my lack of knowledge of Korean history, and the court politics. Yet it is a compelling drama that kept me watching through-out.

      One thing I wish I knew before I got my heart broken

      is that this isn’t really a romance, although there are men and women who look longingly in each other’s direction. I expected eventually she would end up happily with one of the men she loved.[end spoiler]

      If I didn’t have that expectation, I would have been a lot less disappointed. I did come away from the drama with the conviction I would never want to be Queen. Being royalty in Korea seems a whole lot of hassle.

      • 32.1.1 ahjummabunny

        I love that the new db rules have edited out your spoiler. Let that be a lesson to you! (JK)

      • 32.1.2 hydrangeabloom

        I think I read something along the lines of your spoiler already, Julia…

        I was expecting something in that vein, though regardless of the ultimate end I was still hoping for more than what you’re describing in the middle. *tear* [end spoiler] But enough about that before I manage to spoil every detail for myself. 🙂

    • 32.2 ahjummabunny

      The writer also did the amazing ( shorter) tree with deep roots and non sageuk royal family. I liked a lot of royal family. I’m sooo looking forward to pachunwang. After watching the great seer and faith I got a better handle on the motivations and it made a lot more sense. If that makes sense . . .

      • 32.2.1 hydrangeabloom

        I’m not particularly interested in Tree With Deep Roots, ahjummabunny, but if you had any other recommendations for sageuks (not necessarily by the same writers) featuring women at the center of the story I would be interested to hear them! 🙂

        • ahjummabunny

          Thought and thought about it, I can’t remember any that were all the way satisfying, but I didn’t mind kim man dok.

    • 32.3 korfan

      hydrangeabloom –

      I was actually thinking about you today and wondering what you were thinking about QSD!

      So glad to know you’re enjoying it so far!

      Hope you stay with it and that you continue watching it ….. a quick reminder again, if you think it’s good now, just wait until the later episodes. ……. Happy viewing!

      • 32.3.1 hydrangeabloom

        Ha ha, thanks korfan! I am definitely sticking with it for now – it is so addicting and the cliffhangers are just KILLER! I’ve had several unintended marathons so far. Sleep? What is sleep? 😉

    • 32.4 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I haven’t seen many historical dramas, but you might like to check out these:

      Sungkyunkwan Scandal – a smart girl stuck in a time when women weren’t educated ends up pretending to be a boy to go to school

      Arang and the Magistrate – more along the lines of a folk tale, with the heroine a ghost. good laughs.

      Painter of the Wind – another girl dressed as a boy, this time to study painting.

      • 32.4.1 hydrangeabloom

        Oooh, Julia, we must have the same taste in sageuks! I watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal when it was airing and loved it, and I’m just over halfway through Arang and the Magistrate after a long hiatus. The soundtrack is GORGEOUS!

  33. 33 J

    Any recommendation for great K-indie as i feel in the mood for some alternative playlist these days ^^

    Found the increased use of indie music in Kdrama refreshing but I want moarr

    • 33.1 ahjummabunny

      you do know that indie isn’t a particular sound. And sometimes it’s really sound you’re after versus non-label.

  34. 34 mud

    Happy 300th OT!

  35. 35 enz

    just also wanted to wish happy 300th OT to all beanies. thanks again for having this OT where we can all share our passion for kdramas and k actors 🙂

    its too late here for anything more than this. have a great weekend to all!

  36. 36 winterain

    Agree with Heartless City comment. Unlike the characters in IHYV, HC’s characters are simply, plain? There is too much annoying character (not for the villain) but for the stupid character. (ex: Ji Hyung Min, his Hulk body presses his brain until it’s no where to be found)

    Every thing, really, every thing he does is a flaw. Shooting everyone, being reckless, I think he is a live version of Hulk in HC.

    Soo Min get on my nerves, always.

    It’s started awesome. I didn’t start to watch this because of Jung Kyung Ho. At first, I didn’t even know who he is. But now, I only stay for him and his acting. Just can’t get enough of it.

    It was still awesome until last week, but it slowly drifted away from it. I just wish the character stop being stupid, because really, I think the only one that uses brain here is Doctor. (and the villain, maybe)

    It’s like he does all the work, using every little of his brain cell until he is left with those skinny body just to have it messed by brainless big buddy.

    • 36.1 Carole McDonnell

      LOL — >(ex: Ji Hyung Min, his Hulk body presses his brain until it’s no where to be found)

  37. 37 Mar

    Hello Beanies,

    Watching: Monstar and IHYV.

    Rewatching Faith because I needed Lee Min Ho in my life: Spoiler—- I did not remember this, but the tree at the end appears to be the same tree that Choi Young’s first love hung herself. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Looking forward to some fresh meat, er, new viewing options, coming up.

    Watched Junsu’s new MV last night, “Incredible.” Only Junsu would get the girl and wear a hat with flowers on it in the same video. He’s so cray cray but in a good way. I think he’s messing with his face. It looks different, and his jaw is moving weird. He was already adorable, good grief.

    Received my official acceptance in the accelerated masters program. That means I get to take some grad level classes and apply them to earning both my undergrad degree and my masters. So basically barring any screw ups on my part I don’t have to worry being accepted in the grad program although I still have 4 semesters of undergrad work to complete. So yay me haha.

    Happy viewing Beanies!!

    • 37.1 linda

      Hi, Mar,

      Glad to hear you are rewatching faith. I am rewatching some of Faith MVs on youtube these days. The tree is the same tree.
      Choi young and his fist love also practiced martial arts by this tree. IMO, This tree symbolize everything Faith has to offer, Faith and love.

      • 37.1.1 Ennayra

        I had no clue that the tree was the same one. I have rewatched Faith a lot, but I tend to skip the initial episodes, so I didn’t even pick up on that until now. Love that show!

    • 37.2 Carole McDonnell

      oh my gosh, two weeks ago I rewatched Faith again. Who knew that drama had its hook in me? Loved it again.

      • 37.2.1 mar

        Well, I knew it had a line to me lol, for all it’s flaws it has a lot of heart. I still have a girl crush on The Queen. And that is saying something because I don’t do that often. So far not noticing any badness I did not see before so that is nice to know. Nothing like re-watching a series and realizing you did not see its flaws. The fight scenes are still incredibly horrible and the Woo Dal Chi are the worst personal guard ever lol.

        That is one reason I chose to rewatch it now over City Hunter-total awareness of the flaws. I know Faith has huge problems. City Hunter also has some logic and plot hole issues I noticed but did not dwell on because I was too swept up in the ride. I’m not ready to face those demons yet!

        Some of Faith is just so lovely to watch. Some of the small moments are just so large.

        • korfan

          mar –

          “…. and the Woo Dal Chi are the worst personal guard ever lol.”

          Because so many things happened that left the viewer a little perplexed since we knew they could have been avoided, right? *laughing*

          But that’s ok, I suppose. I know I enjoyed it anyway. And yes, I think it’s the same tree.

        • Ennayra

          I like your point about Faith’s flaws versus City Hunter. I rewatch Faith all the time, but I’ve never once rewatched City Hunter. I think I loved all the surprises in City Hunter the most – I’m basically waiting until I forget the show. Then I’ll watch it again.

      • 37.2.2 redfox

        I also rewatch Faith frequently! I don´t know what this is all about, just that relationship is so swoony. hey wait. Isn´t Lady Choi in I Hear Your Voice too, as the dead-undead wife???

        and Ki Chul is such an amusing ball of fussy evil.

        I fast forward the fight scenes though cause they are like….snail-ninjas.

        • Mar

          SNAIL NINJAS! OMG That is perfect. Especially for the scene where they tried the swoopy Voldemort wire stuff when Choi and Big Evil Hair Clip Guy fought. Oh, the fight scenes, so so bad. That drama’s production and direction and budget woes were a crying all night shame. I know a lot of people were slamming on Lee Min Ho’s fight scene skills but I gave him slack. Obviously he got the role at the last hour, and well ALL the fight scenes suck, not just him, so it was not just him.

          Swoony. It’s often the little moments in that drama. The scene where she rubs Choi’s frozy hand. I did not notice the first time that she basically caresses his hand.

          I was cracking up at Eun Soo in the episodes I watched yesterday-she is so spazzy and clutzy and weird sometimes.

          Yes, Lady Choi is Brain Tumor Convict’s wife in IHYV. I love that actress.

    • 37.3 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I watched “How to use guys with secret tips” movie this week, if you want a light romantic comedy. It makes fun of Kdramaland. It also gave me a few ideas that I might put into practice if I were 20-something again. LOL

      • 37.3.1 mar

        Thanks Julia!

      • 37.3.2 Carole McDonnell

        Thanks! Gonna go look for it.

      • 37.3.3 Carole McDonnell

        Saw it this morning. Sooo fun. Thanks for the recommendation.

  38. 38 John

    Reading the Nodame Cantabile manga at work.

    Watching ISYG (I Summon You Gold), IHYV, Queen’s Class, Cyrano, Monstar and Shark.

    J dramas Starman and Woman. Recently finished The Tragedy of W.

    Hot here, enjoy the weekend !

    • 38.1 alua

      A picture of John reading the Nodame Cantabile manga at work gives me the giggles. 😀

      Your granddaughter will think your’e the coolest – manga reading grandpa! And not just any manga, but NODAME!

      • 38.1.1 john

        Nodame! I can’t help but laugh. I’m tempted to watch it again.

  39. 39 I J

    Hello beanies!!
    Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend ahead!!
    I m looking forward to another ep of Monstar. .Crossing fingers that the story line has progressed. There are many issues that still need to be resolved in the few eps left of the show. E.g what is SC issue with his parents? What went wrong in the Bromance os SW n SC? Will EH find her niche n build up her confidence ? Will SW finally opened his eyes n see NaNa??
    The show started off awesome and I hope it will end well…Please Drama God!!

  40. 40 Min

    HI lovely beanies!! It’s been a while since I last posted on OT… Real life kind of got in the way, and then I submerged myself in viewing many dramas as an escape.
    I was depressed in the first half of the summer because a real great friend and underclassman from highschool died in a freakish car accident. She was possibly the friendliest, kindest, always look on the bright side person I’ll ever meet. I considered her an angel and it’s hard losing that kind of presence in your life.

    • 40.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      My sympathies for your loss. Keep the bright memories and your friend will always be a part of you.

    • 40.2 ahjummabunny

      I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s passing.

    • 40.3 Carole McDonnell

      I am so sorry.

    • 40.4 korfan

      Min –

      So sorry to hear about your friend. I know this kind of loss can be difficult, especially since both of you were close. Again, so sorry.

  41. 41 Waiting

    Hi Beanies!

    I am going to keep this very short and say that I have my eyeballs on so many dramas, but it is okay. 🙂

    Watch list: Heo Joon, IHYV, IKT (ended today), Qof M, Q of the C, S and F or B and P (your choice), I Summon You Gold, YTBSSS, Love Around, Monstar, I feel like I am missing a few.

    As much as I enjoyed so many scenes this week (Su Ha!!), my shout out goes to Jun Ho’s assistant in YTBSSS, Jo In Sung. You rocked that scene in the street with Jun Ho and I am now a fan!! LOL

    • 41.1 enz

      I LOVED that scene. it was truly LOL funny. and I loved that jun ho then turned around, tried a line out and decided against it.

  42. 42 baby panda

    Hi beanies

    TEN2 – first season is WAY more exciting. The mysteries in the sequel just didn’t grab me at all. The carry-over case from last season still remains unsolved or did I miss something?

    I hear your Voice – finally get what the hype is about. I just finished episode 8 which left me bawling like a baby. Great acting from the cast especially the main leads. I like that the cases show different perspectives even if I don’t agree with some of them. It is true though, justice and law does not necessarily go hand-in-hand.

    Cruel City – still waiting for the episodes to pick up as we enter the home stretch. Agree with all the comments made by the first poster (newbie) above. I feel like the plot is dragging its heels. Will still watch for Doc’s son, he’s just too cool. Love him in his suits, but yeah, wouldn’t mind another shower scene being thrown in.

    Pacific Rim – amazing thrill ride. watch in 3-D if you can.

    I’m addicted to crime dramas, and find the Japanese ones especially good after seeing SPEC. Anyone have others to recommend?

    • 42.1 alua

      I haven’t watched much of SPEC (need to restart watching it), so I’m not sure if it’s a serial crime drama or not… if you want something like that, I guess you could go for Sennyu Tantei Tokage or Lucky 7, which are both good. Though I don’t think that they quite have the, ummm, impact of SPEC (basing it on the ~2 eps I’ve seen).

      But you could try Rondo, which I think is from ~2006 and stars the always utterly amazing Takenouchi Yutaka and Choi Ji-woo. It’s intense, romantic, heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time.

      • 42.1.1 baby panda

        Hi alua,

        Thanks so much for the recommendations. I’ll definitely check them out!

        I watched SPEC 2 first and was hooked, so maybe you want to start with that one.

    • 42.2 ahjummabunny

      I just downloaded the song by mad soul child from the ten ost! I didn’t warm up to season 2 of ten. I lost my taste for serial killers. I did watch 2 seasons of god’s quiz. ryu dok hwan is adorable!

    • 42.3 Windsun33

      There is an oddball Japanese crime drama called Jikou Keisatsu (also a season 2 of it) that I just picked up on that looks interesting. It is basically about a division of the police force that does not do much, so everyone is bored to death. One guy decides to pick up a hobby, and try and solve old cases that have passed the statute of limitations. Only up to ep3 so far, but you might want to check it.

      • 42.3.1 ahjummabunny

        ooh. That sounds just my style. And 2 seasons equal plus! Danke

  43. 43 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I heard Kim Hyun Joong did “We Get Married”. Anyone know what shows and where I could go see that?

    Happy weekend to all you lovely Beanies.

    • 43.1 Manin

      He was in season 1 according ti wikipedia :p And google suggest that you can find his episodes on youtube. Other than that maybe try kshow dot net as they have subbed WGM but not sure how far back they go.

    • 43.2 Carole McDonnell

      Oh my gosh, that was my favorite couple. The lettuce couple. And KHJ was such a little kid and so quirky. So wanted him to fall in love with Hwangbo because it was so obvious she was in love with him. Very heartbreaking their last episode together.

      • 43.2.1 Waiting

        I second Carole on the Lettuce couple! They were awesome!! I laughed and laughed.

        I watched all of their episodes from this blog post as a marathon when I had the flu last year.

        Have fun!! 🙂

      • 43.2.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        I finally know who the Lettuce Couple is … thanks, I am having a hoot watching KHJ. I find him so adorable. Reserved, insecure, sincere, all he wanted was to look good in front of a cute young girl, instead he gets an older woman and is immediately made fun of for being a “little husband”. I was surprised she was only 6 years older than him, she looks ancient.

        • Peeps

          “she looks ancient.”

          Hey! >:(

  44. 44 Makoto

    Happy OT…
    here’s my watch-list drama and movie this week.
    History of the Salaryman: I watched its first 5 episodes and so in love with Choi Hang Woo – Cha Woo Hee’s storyline, so then, I skipped the rest and watched only their parts which only 2-3 minutes per episode. Then rewatched their parts over and over again. Why was there no one tell me that Jung Kyu Won is swoon worthy before? And Hong Soo Hyun, she’s just good. As usual. I wonder why she never been casted as main lead (only watched her once as lead in Tokyo Holiday with DBSK’s Yunho, but it can’t be counted).
    Cyrano Dating Agency (ending) : love it. So heart warming. Everybody achieves something, gets somebody (apparently) and happy.
    Heirs: seriously? Do you want to cast everyone in Korea?
    Who are You?: I’m excited.
    IHYV: extended? No. It means I have to wait longer to watch the dvd. But they casted Kim Min Jong. Yes. Ok. He’s worth waiting.
    ATM errak error (Thai Movie): freaking hillarious. You should watch it, too.
    Lee Jin Wook won best male actor… Best. News. Of. The. Week! I just can’t believe it. I participated in the online voting and always dissappointed everytime he lost to LSG for GFB. It’s not that I don’t like LSG, but because Lee Jin Wook is way better than him. And Nine is 100x better than GFB. It keeps the tension ’till the end. Everything is well written, no wasted talent. I’m sorry for GFB’s fans. I don’t mean to bash.
    Wonderful Radio. funny and so touching… and I was surprised to see Kim Jong Kook play cameo, it must be in the name of solidarity with Lee kwang soo =))
    unstoppable marriage: if you feel pity for ha suk jin’s character in shark, watch this movie. he is far happier here. and the parents’ scenes are so cracking.
    start to watch scandal and a bit dissappointed with jo yoon hee’s character here. so not lovable. may i take her husband home instead? poor puppy… i smell something bad will happen to him.

    last but not least.. i wish you all have wonderful weekend. 🙂

    • 44.1 ahjummabunny

      ms. hong was the bratty annoying girl in few early 2000 dramas. I remember disliking her immensely in delicious proposal.

  45. 45 ahjummabunny

    I have been watching no drama. I’m craving a sageuk but the last one I saw annoyed me. I don’t know anything about that king, ( there are oodles of dramas made about him!) and I could feel the show taking a long time to get into gear. I’m not really looking forward to master’s sun. I keep thinking of how I always look for the humor in woody allen’s more serious films and how that reflects poorly on me, but not the films. I am looking forward to so ji sub on screen again as well as lee joon ki. I mourned a little when I saw han hye jin is moving away to Wales I was looking forward to her next drama. Of course modern transportation is very safe and effective and finding someone you want to be married to and marrying them is a good thing. Oh can anyone tell me what the drama mr. goodbye reminds me of? I watched the first 2 episodes, liked it and couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d seen it before.

    • 45.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Hold out hope that while in Wales Han Hye Jin decides to act on Dr Who or some BBC special so we can still get to see the actress.

      • 45.1.1 ahjummabunny

        You are a lemons equal lemonade person aren’t you! I’m a lemons are lemons and lemonade is lemonade person. I get caught up in my own world a lot.

    • 45.2 CMRPrindle

      Hey AJBNY. How do in your drama-free watching life. Unfortunately, the only saguek I can recommend is an older horror/thriller fusion, although I liked it plenty.

      • 45.2.1 ahjummabunny

        Is it Joseon xfiles? I enjoyed most of that. I think I stopped watching when they didn’t follow up a certain storyline right away. I think I got caught up in a theme and it’s hard to move on. I watched Hong Gil Dong, Iljimae, The Return of Iljimae and Jon Woochi back to back and then tried to follow it up with The duo and Gye Baek. I dropped Gyebaek because it seemed like a heart smasher and the duo because the 40 something actress was acting like a 16 year old. I couldn’t suspend disbelief.
        How are you? I think I read somewhere you are writing a lot, working a lot. I didn’t have big plans or goals for unemployment but I have been thinking of getting some. My mother is coming to visit me for a few days and I plan to have her cook everything under the sun. She thinks it is a vacation though, poor dear.

        • CMRPrindle

          I am writing steadily, though not a lot. Honestly, I did most of my writing while unemployed. (I forgot that you were. How’s that going for you?)

          Uh, the one sageuk I highly recommend is Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child. The special fx are *terrible* but I loved the story. I started watching ROJ, but never got around to finishing it (not ROJ’s fault). How as Hong Gil Dong? I forgot I wanted to see it.

  46. 46 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    To all the subbers out there.

    This week I have especially been thinking about those anon folks who dedicate their time to put together subtitles for the dramas I watch. You must have the most generous hearts. If I knew who you were I would send chocolates. May the universe send you blessing in return for all your hard work.

  47. 47 CMRPrindle

    3rd week in a row posting! New personal best! (at least recently)

    Drama news: Finished QIHM. That ending…oy. Maybe if Boong Do had taken a picture of the talisman with his phone, or if *anyone* had taken a picture of the talisman with their phones* this would have worked better. I was literally falling asleep by the very end. It doesn’t lessen my overall joy with the show. Actually, it’s probably my only complaint 🙂 That and the ridiculous things Hee Jin wears to sleep in. Ha. Costume dept.

    I am now in need of new drama. I was thinking j-drama since I’ve only seen one (and loved it).

    Me news: eh, nothing much to see here. Writing. Sweating. Squirting tuna juice into still-unfound parts of the kitchen. Y’know, the usual.

    • 47.1 DayDreamer

      I cracked up so hard at your last line about the squirted tuna juice being the usual you. LMAO.

      • 47.1.1 CMRPrindle

        😀 I knew the incident would be funny later. I’m just glad that it didn’t start to smell!

    • 47.2 Windsun33

      One J-drama that you do NOT want to watch is “1 Litre of Tears” (the full series, not the movie cuts). You will spend 3 weeks pay on crying towels and Kleenex….

      • 47.2.1 ahjummabunny

        yes. You will cry 70 litres. I’m not sure why I watched that 3 times! I think my favorite j drama is yankee kun to megane chan. 9 episodes of badass kids.jdramas about school are awesome. Oh second favorite has to be proposal daisakusen. It used to be top but I’m in a jokey mood.

        • Windsun33

          I will check that j-drama out – I see that there is also what seems to be an earlier version or take on that theme, with “Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru”. Have not watched it yet, but seems to be in the same school.

      • 47.2.2 Manin

        I really liked “1 liter of Tears” but yes that title is so fitting because you will cry at least one liter while watching that show. And then you get through the episode and the end credits and tears come streaming again.

        It’s worth the watch and the tears though!

      • 47.2.3 CMRPrindle

        I used to see recs for that often on dramacrazy (waaaah!) but never got around to watching it. Then I saw several people on the OT share their sob-stories and I’m glad I didn’t! But I admit I need the constant reminder b/c the synopsis looks so compelling.

    • 47.3 ahjummabunny

      I think the phone became the talisman of the future. Nah I still don’t have problems with the ending. How about watching (. Then we can talk about that ending. That one felt like something.

      • 47.3.1 CMRPrindle

        AJBNY, somehow your suggestion got eaten by the site 🙁

    • 47.4 Carole McDonnell

      Ah Queen InHyun’s Man — you should have seen the mental backflips I went through trying to make that ending valid. But I’m a wuss genius when it comes to making myself ignore the flaws in any drama i love.

      Sorry about the tuna juice… in my house we’re always encountering cabbage or broccoli that younger son threw behind some piece of furniture.

      Happy writing!

      • 47.4.1 CMRPrindle

        lol…yes, whenever my little cousins came to visit we were bound to find interesting things in even more interesting places months later. And now they have a little sister, so the cycle is sure to start up again soon.

        And thank you for the encouragement!

  48. 48 merry

    Just finished itazura kiss. I liked this version that the Tw and K versions. Loved the female lead here. she’s the youngest, isn’t she? What a warm welcome after a break from kdrama watching because of duty travel. Here’s hoping a good week-end for everyone. Congratulations Carole on your book’s success! Best to everyone on OT. Hang in there, for those who are melting in the heat. Keep cool with drama watching!

    • 48.1 Windsun33

      The actress in this version is only 16. I am in love with her, even though she probably won’t marry me 🙁

    • 48.2 Carole McDonnell

      I just saw this, Merry! Thanks so much! It’s is finally out on kindle so am doing my little happy dance! I am so expecting and wanting success. My next goal will be to hear someone say Carole McDonnell’s book, The Constant Tower, has been slated to become a movie, directed by James Cameron or Stephen Spielberg or George Lucas. Or M Night Shymalan. Yep, I’m still hoping believing in Night.

      I so want this heat wave to be over.

      I generally don’t like seeing different versions of stories but I’m thinking I may watch the Chinese or Taiwanese version of Boys over Flowers.

  49. 49 merry

    Oops, addendum. Can somebody tell me where in Tokyo i can find that rainbow bridge look-out, as shown in Itazura Kiss? And the church, is it Sophia Uni? That’s the only Catholic place i can think of. I will be visiting Tokyo sometime November. Your responses much appreciated.

    • 49.1 Windsun33

      Google is your friend – search for… you guessed it, Rainbow Bridge Tokyo…

  50. 50 Sethe

    Greetings from Tijuana (Mexico)!

    I’ve only been here for a few hours, but it already seems pretty clear that this is a city a person could have all kinds of ADVENTURES in, if they were so inclined (or were just naive or too inclined to trust people).

    According to many sources, there’s all kinds of activity between rival drug gangs around here… maybe if I hang out in the convenience stores (perhaps wearing high heels and a short skirt), I can catch myself a Mexican Baksa Adeul!

    Finally, I do speak Spanish, but I don’t use it very often, and I’ve been amused all day today to find Korean words constantly popping up into my mind ahead of the Spanish term I should use… that just shows the influence kdramas have on my life 🙂

    • 50.1 ahjummabunny

      As a rule I don’t travel to places that are warm, overly sunny and have beaches. In my culture we stay inside when it is very sunny and my house was at the foot of a sandy hill as a child. Sand is a nuisance. Isn’t a baksa adeul a phd/doctor son? Do they usually go for hookers? Err catchers?

      • 50.1.1 Sethe

        Clearly you’re not watching Heartless City, or you’d know that there’s only ONE Baksa Adeul 🙂 (And although Soo-min wasn’t a hooker when he first met her, she does begin working as one later, so, yup, this particular doctor’s son does go for “catchers.”)

        • ahjummabunny

          That sounds cool. I just knew if I visited you guys I’d want to watch all the dramas I haven’t been watching.

        • JoAnne

          She’s the least successful hooker ever though, because she gives her virginity to Baksa and so far hasn’t even had a drink with another man. Well, Thighs, but he doesn’t count. Oh and there was that awful night with Creepy Jo, but nothing happened then either. To her. hahahahahahaah…oh why is it not Monday yet I miss the Doctor I do I really do!

      • 50.1.2 Carole McDonnell

        He’s not really a Doctor’s son, though. They gave him that nickname because he was so smart so they figured one of his mom’s “johns” must’ve been a doctor.

        In real life, who knows? Maybe doctors do frequent prostitutes. But am not sure if research has been done on that.

    • 50.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Korean before Spanish? LOL.

      I would certainly be the same. “Mul juseyo. kamsamnida”

    • 50.3 CMRPrindle

      I’m re-reading Shukie’s ode to the OT, “The Prince & His Harem” so it’s weird reading about you in Mexico. My mind immediately protested, since you should be in Malaysia with your “brother” and his new girl 😉

      • 50.3.1 Sethe

        That brings back fond memories of past times on the OT 🙂

        Maybe I should visit Malaysia next…