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Running Man: Episode 152
by | July 6, 2013 | 28 Comments

We pick back up with the second half of our Jung Woo-sung Special as he goes through Variety 101  with our cast. He’ll learn the ropes to what it takes to bring on the laughs in variety, although it’s safe to say that he’s already captured our hearts. Then we’re introduced to a familiar face who’s here to pick out the best of the best for his team.

EPISODE 152. Broadcast on June 30, 2013.

Morning, Day 2. Our team leaders, Jae-suk and Jong-kook, go around their bickering merry-go-round as soon as they arrive. The others trickle in one by one in their designated colored Hawaiian shirts, either Red (Jong-kook) or Blue (Jae-suk).

The teams exchange a couple of playful barbs, like the overall unattractiveness of the Blue Team or how Kwang-soo’s cheery morning greeting just makes Ji-hyo feel worse, before everyone gathers together.

Jo PD goes ahead to introduce today’s Early Vacance Race and unveils an array of camping goods behind them. The teams will participate in a series of games and choose two numbers which correspond to an item. They’ll later have the chance to risk it all and win the entire loot in the final mission.

When the boys point out that Hyo-joo is strangely quiet today, she replies that she’s determined to try harder to behave modestly. As in, more lady-like and graceful? Kwang-soo’s all As if.

In the car, Haha wonders if Woo-sung and Jae-suk consider each other as friends* since actor Lee Jung-jae is their mutual friend. That’s not necessarily how it works, they both reply, and Jae-suk adds that doing so will complicate their present relationships.

Or as Woo-sung puts it: “I don’t really like mixing my friends of friends with my friends.” Plus, Jae-suk and Lee Jung-jae are army buddies, which basically makes them bros-for-life.

*(Note: The word chingu/friend here means someone “born of the same year.” Jae-suk is the hyung [’72] to Woo-sung [’73])

Turns out that even best buddies Woo-sung and Lee Jung-jae also speak to each other in jondae out of respect for the other. (Gary and Haha immediately imitate this in the backseat, ha.)

And although he mostly sticks to formalities with his female co-stars, he does drop to banmal to remain in character and in the scene. Then Gary tries this out on Ji-hyo, too. Ha.

At Woo-sung’s guilt over eliminating the castmates before properly greeting them first, the clips remind us of last week’s heart-stopping chase. Which is immediately followed by an image of Woo-sung in ajumma pants. HEE—I can’t wait.

They change into said ajumma pants once they arrive, but leave it to Woo-sung to rock ’em anyway like a runway model. But he’s down to change into a different pattern to bring on the laughs. And that’s why we love you on variety.

But Woo-sung still manages to make ’em look cool whereas everything Gary tries on has me in a fit of giggles. The best part is that you can almost see that envious gleam in Woo-sung’s eyes as he tries to figure out how he can create a more entertaining moment.

Here the teams will participate in a watermelon-eating relay race. In the first round, both Jong-kook and Woo-sung blaze through the largest slices before they hand the tray to their teammates.

Coach Kookie barks at Kwang-soo to consume piece after piece which makes me wonder if the Red Team will actually make him eat the rest himself. Though of course, there’s more juice that ends up on the ground versus his mouth, heh.

He does, and by the time we get to Hyo-joo, she munches on a sliver before crossing the finish line.

Onto the second round and Haha cries that he’s full after a few bites. Ji-hyo picks up his slack, digging through slice after enormous slice. Then Gary munches on another considerable portion before passing the tray on.

HA—did Kwang-soo really just eat one slice and leave the rest for Jong-kook? Well they do say that revenge is sweet.

Jong-kook still powers through even though his teammates have now stuffed five slices in his face at once. But it’s Woo-sung with the considerably smaller pile in front of him who has the lead.

So Jong-kook gripes that Woo-sung is wayy too serious about this game—it’s variety, isn’t it?—to which Woo-sung declares himself as a recruit learning the ropes of variety discipline. Ha.

The Blue Team’s win ties the score 1:1, and Hyo-joo sincerely asks Kwang-woo whether he actually wants their team to win. You know, given his recent display of team sabotage.

As the teams argue over the specific rules of the tie-breaking match, a lot of those rule-bending complaints are targeted at Kwang-soo with his chipmunk-like watermelon-filled cheeks and juice-drizzled chin.

Woo-sung goes off about the rule-keeping, and when his chatty tendencies are brought to light, he fully embraces it. Then when Suk-jin mentions that they share similarities, Woo-sung quickly shuts him down: “No we don’t.”

In the final match, the teams are neck and neck until they get to Woo-sung and Jong-kook… whose slice accidentally falls on the ground. But Woo-sung has already consumed his by then and clinches the win.

The Monday Couple pick numbers for their team and the Red Team tease them for choosing (relatively) inexpensive items. So Jae-suk tries to sprinkle some karmic dust, forcing Jong-kook to choose, too. It backfires and he chooses a TV.

Back in the car, Jong-kook’s teammates acknowledge that their team leader has an uncanny ability to draw people’s attention in with his nagging. Suk-jin sums it up nicely: “It doesn’t make us feel good but it works out fine.” Lol.

Everyone gathers at the second mission, a balloon jump contest, where they will collectively jump to launch one person high into the air. Then they watch the expert demonstrate it for them and he… falls backwards? Hahaha.

It ends up working out in the end, and they all gape as he flies into the air and dives into the water. Haha cries: “How is this any different from bungee jumping?”

Woo-sung volunteers to go first. Although he’s eager and keeps talking in a pleasant tone, his ashen face betrays his underlying anxiety. He takes a large leap… bounces backwards, and we hear a splash. HA, did he just fall in?

Rewind, replay!

He sticks to the story that his fall was purely for variety, and that his team’s nerves are all but dissipated with his dip. But when he gets back up the platform, he cries: “There’s a hole there! You [the staff] should have told me that!” Ha.

Jae-suk is quick to come to his defense, saying how Woo-sung is just particularly skilled with physical gags. Woo-sung readies himself to jump a second time… and ends up in the water again. Oh god, I’m dying.

Jong-kook is able to jump into position for his team, but it’s his teammates, who stand there quaking in their shoes in fear. They finally bring themselves to jump and launch Jong-kook 5.7m into the air. And then the trio slips and slides into the water.

The third time’s a charm for Woo-sung, who finally lands on the balloon properly and gets launched into the air by his three scaredy cat teammates. But alas, his record (5.10m) is just shy to win the first round.

After Junho’s impressive jump at over 6m, Jong-kook can’t help to share the how-tos of balloon. Then Jae-suk flies into the air over 7m. Whoa.

So he doesn’t waste the opportunity to rub it into the other team, and stops to note that they’re finally listening now. Jong-kook interrupts to find out how much Woo-sung weighs, and finds it hard to believe that they’re about the same weight. Yes, but that’s all muscle for you! Jae-suk remarks: “You weigh that much? You’ve gained weight…”

I love how despite all of Ji-hyo’s outward “complaints” towards Kwang-soo, he’s still the one helping her across the balloon. The boys jump in unison and sure enough, Ji-hyo is launched high into the air.

To the naked eye, it looks well over 8m, and she shoots a thumbs up back at the cast, ecstatic. As for the record itself, it hits 7.86m.

Hyo-joo does her best not to let her nerves show as she sits on the balloon, looking high into the sky. She welps in pain after her jump, only to brightly smile afterward: “Just kidding!”

Mr. PD teases the teams a bit (to everyone’s general annoyance) before he reveals that Hyo-joo’s jump was close, but wasn’t enough. Each of the teams pick out some more camping items before settling down for a yummy lunch.

Now with full stomachs, the teams face off in an all-kill wrestling match. We start off with Gary versus Kwang-soo, and the latter hoists Gary into the air. Then he awkwardly squats (ha), and it takes a little tickling to beat his hyung.

Only that Ji-hyo utilizes the same tactic on him in an effort to make him drop her (the rules state that Ji-hyo needs to lose the match for her to win) and even resorts to literally kicking his butt.

She takes the win and smiles at her next opponent: Suk-jin. We know that their past history have put them at odds against each other (with a usual victory by Ji-hyo) and now she gives him a choice at a regular match or a handicapped one as stated above. Suk-jin chooses the latter: “I have to keep my pride!”

At the end, they go ahead with a regular match instead, and as expected Ji-hyo is slick and quick to avoid attacks. She then locks her leg behind Suk-jin’s and sends him to the ground.

Now it’s the ladies’ match and neither woman move when the whistle blows, patiently waiting for the other to attack first. It’s Hyo-joo who takes the first few steps before she launches into her attack and wraps her leg around Ji-hyo’s. Then it’s over in a blink of an eye and Hyo-joo wins it.

We skip ahead to our final match between Woo-sung versus Jong-kook and the men also are at a stalemate. Then it’s Woo-sung who attacks first, but Jong-kook gains the upper hand to push him to the ground. Woo-sung whirls him around at the last second, but Jong-kook still gets the win.

Each teams chooses the last of their camping goods and Jo PD reveals that their final mission is a nametag rippin’ race where they’ll have the name(s) of their items hidden underneath their nametags.

Our final mission takes place at Baekjae historical site and our cast members ready themselves for an epic game. The blindfolds come off and they set out to locate their other team members.

And then we hear of Suk-jin’s elimination? Not that I’m not surprised, but sure felt quicker than usual. Then a quick flashback teaches us that he was outnumbered 3:1 as soon as the game began. Aw, yeah you didn’t really stand much of a chance there.

The remaining Red Team members take for higher ground, and once the Blue Team spots them, Woo-sung wonders aloud: “Should we call them out one by one?”

They make pointed barbs at one another standing at opposite sides of a tiny bridge until Kwang-soo and Haha step forward. Their fight is more like two children in a schoolyard with petty remarks and the occasional slap as the others merely look on.

But when Kwang-soo starts to use a bit of strength to pull Haha towards him, the Blue Team charges forward. It’s chaos as the teams battle it out left and right, and both Kwang-soo and Gary simultaneously eliminate each other.

Jong-kook carefully back away from Woo-sung, but they both grab each other’s backs at the same time. It’s Woo-sung who has the quicker hand and he rips off Spartakooks‘s nametag.

Both Hyo-joo and Junho make a run for it and a little while later, Woo-sung runs straight into Junho’s path. The idol is determined to seek revenge for his swift elimination last night and he evades Woo-sung’s oncoming attacks.

But Woo-sung overtakes him anyway (we don’t get to see how Hyo-joo is eliminated) and the Blue Team wins the mission and the loot.

Everyone gathers together again for the closing, and at the mention that Hyo-joo has her eyes on the espresso machine, Woo-sung jokes that he’ll take the machine and the TV. Heh.

Then we skip ahead to the morning of June 19th and the cast is already aware of their guest, Park Ji-sung (Eee!), and his dating scandal which broke just hours prior to filming. (In short, he’s dating SBS announcer Kim Min-ji.)

So when they hear that there’s another guest today, Suk-jin naturally half-assumes and half-jokes: “It is her [Kim Min-ji]?”

But no—it’s returning guest Sulli (To the Beautiful You) from idol girl group f(x), who looks gracefully pretty in her white dress. The boys heap on the compliments as per usual before our lovable captain makes his appearance.

Ji-sung is given the floor to greet the viewers, and he slightly hesitates at the word “today.” The others toss out ideas including about how he should send a video love letter to his special someone, and Ji-sung doesn’t miss a beat saying, “There’s some big news today.”

The cast continue to tease him about his relationship, saying that he’s a part of the SBS family now (Ji-sung: “I love SBS!”) and understands that he probably wouldn’t pay any attention to idol girls now that he has a ladyfriend.

Ji-sung will lead one of our teams today. As for our other team… that’s when national soccer player Koo Ja-cheol enters and the entire cast all flock to greet him. Aw, poor Ji-sung is left standing there all by himself. We still love you!

Jong-kook makes sure that Jae-suk keeps a firm distance away from his new team captain. But Jae-suk’s approach block Ji-sung from the cameras’ view, and Ji-sung steps in: “You’re in the way…” Hehe.

So we learn that both soccer players are here to recruit some Running Man players to participate in the upcoming 2013 Asian Dream Cup in Shanghai. We’ll have to learn next week who makes the cut to the Dream Team…


28 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. JenJen

    Jung WooSung was so adorable in this episode. I think I luff him

  2. Ivoire

    Thank you!

  3. zakin89

    Thanks for the recap 🙂

    Jung Woo Sung has to do more variety^^

    I was rolling on the floor during the water melon relay 😀 Although I have no idea how they managed to eat all of those pieces… I mean I love water melon but I couldn’t eat such an amount in that short time span without throwing up^^

    The blobbing looked like it was a blast and now I want to try it myself 😀 Especially after seeing the look of happiness on Ji Hyo’s face while she was flying (well she is the ace after all).
    Not to mention Woo Sung falling backwards twice^^

    The tag ripping was a bit boring compared to other epic races but that’s just my opinion.

    Oh Park Ji Sung =) Can we have him as a permanent member? Please? Next episodes gonna be a whole lot of fun right?

    And I vaguely remember Jong Kook promising Sulli a win next time she’s on so I am definitely looking forward to today’s episode 🙂

    • 3.1 Andrea

      If my memory serves right, Kookie did promise Sulli he would protect her and help her win in the Winter Olympics episode last January. (I think they were the last two standing in the hide and seek game and he ripped her name tag. Is not like she stood a chance, lol.)

  4. snow_white


  5. Andrea

    Thanks for the recap Gummi!

    I liked this episode. Jung Woo Sung definitely has to do more variety. He was a newbie but he was hilarious! And the body gags, dear Lord, it was hysterical.

    And I have to say, every episode I love Ji Hyo more and more. The girl was smiling when she was in the air! She’s so awesome.

    The only thing that left me kind of “meh” was the tag-rippin’ mission because it wasn’t as intense as I normally expect it to be. Other than that, this episode made me laugh a lot.

    I’m really looking forward to the next episode: Park Ji Sung and Koo Jae Chol? Plus Sulli? Count me in!

  6. Dongsaeng killer

    This was posted early! Thanks for the pleasant surprise 🙂
    Fun episode

  7. On a QIHM High


    But besides that, I found this episode to be really funny. Woo-sung was an awesome guest. And aww poor Ji-sung at the end, ditched for the other soccer player 😛

  8. unnieutu

    Thanks for the early surprise gummi!!
    It doesnt matter who is a guest this week, im just happy MC Park is back!!!

  9. the68monkey

    “at the mention that Hyo-joo has her eyes on the espresso machine, Woo-sung jokes that he’ll take the machine and the TV. Heh.”

    So Woo-sung WAS joking? I was hoping he was, but I couldn’t tell due to how fiercely competitive he had been in this episode and the one prior. LOVED the watermelon eating relay with the fancy pants, just like Hyo-joo had worn last time she was a guest. But NOTHING was as exciting as watching the blob jumps. 😀 As fearless as Ji-hyo is, I’m surprised she didn’t jump first, like the guys did. The expression on her face was just awesome. That woman has my respect!

    Overall, this was one strangely-cut episode. Lots of confrontations were edited out, and then the last part of the show was devoted to previewing the next episode. I thought it was just bizarre. I guess it gets good advertising in for the next episode, but I would have been happy watching everybody blob jump for twenty more minutes. (btw, anybody else seen that Cass beer commercial with Lee Jong-seok and Kim Woo-bin doing a blob jump? I could watch THAT for an hour!)

    • 9.1 Rachel

      Oh yeah I remember that Cass CF! Luff Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin – bromance forever. The blob jump looks so fun, I wanna try it too.

  10. 10 swui

    Jihyo is awesome personified. She was LAUGHING while in the air and couldn’t stop gushing about it….everyone else just look relieved it was over.

  11. 11 anon

    kwangsoo and jihyo are such a great noona-dongsaeng pair! his adorable greeting to jihyo at the beginning even though she ended up shooting him down, heh. and of course, he’s the one who helps her onto the balloon thing. kwangsoo always takes good care of her, but that can be said about the whole cast in general. it was cute when haha fixed jihyo’s hair after her wrestling match with sukjin

    • 11.1 jel

      It was not just Kwang Soo. Jong Kook had also moved from his place with the team, right behind Kwang Soo and Ji Hyo and was all “well done, Ji hyo, be careful” to Ji Hyo when she was getting up that blob.

  12. 12 Denali

    I had seen a short clip of a regular RM member participating in the Asian games and was like, how come that person got there? I know now then. No spoiler on the identity tho. 😉

  13. 13 benjamin

    i liked little moments when kwangsoo took care of his noona . And woosung the chaser in ajeuma pants were epic .loved the two soccer player & also about the timing of his apeariense & the fact that jaesuk also has an announcer wife will let jaesuk to tease him more in next ep maybe.

  14. 14 oda

    Wow, hyo joo!
    Quieter, or tries to be in this ep hehe..
    I dont know what to think of RM these days.
    I enjoy the cast’s interactions, but for some reason it doesnt sit well with me completely.. :/
    Still,,fun episode.
    Thanks for the recap gummi

  15. 15 aly

    Still not to par with past episodes but i did get a few laughs out of this One.i loved the part where haha fixed ji hyo hair. So freaking cute!! I Just miss how awesome It used to be. I will love you regardless running man!

    • 15.1 aly

      Oh i forgot. Monday couple Moment when ji hyo does the jump and says that her bum hurts. Garys all like: your butt hurts, let me see, all whilst using that demented voice He uses sometimes to be funny. Made me LOL so much. They are Such a Highlight in the show. Ji hyo seems to struggle to connect with people because of her shy personality but is very close with the cast, so why arent they together yet. I hear Gary is a Hit with the ladies. Dude , use your charms on our ACE!

      • 15.1.1 alive

        I dont know, I dont see the chemistry between MC. While they’ve clearly gotten less awkward, still seems so scripted. Its obvious there are people Jihyo is close to among the cast, but its not Gary. You just need to look at the subtle parts

  16. 16 JC

    So much love for Woo-sung!
    Although now I get why the nametag hunts at the end are always so unstrategic. 😛
    Loved variety newbie Woo-sung’s castle storming plan, but man, that was a short race.

    I thought the choppy ending did leave something to be desired, and I wish they hadn’t mashed in the Ji-sung segment at the end (as much as I adore him from last time), although I do understand why the producers would choose to do that, cause of his love confession and all.

  17. 17 Running Man Fan

    I was happy to see kim Jong kook slowly getting back to the game. The blob game is so fun and exciting. woo sung and Hyo joo is so funny and competitive. Lol…The ‘body gag’ is so hilarious.
    One thing to note – Jong kook keep (nagging) raising his voice and pretend to brat with the people around him when he choose the TV. THAT is just a TV personality (coach Kookie) and NOT his real character. Please do not misunderstand Kookie.
    Kwang Soo and Jong Kook were so funny at the water melon match.. The Tom and Jerry relationship is so funny.
    Ji Hyo has her moment in this episode. 😀Poor Kwang Soo and Ji suk Jin. Hurt their pride.
    Gary is so witty and cute when he say the tent is their home as wedding gift.
    Look forward to the next episode.. Love it!! Thank you for review.😌

  18. 18 Running Man Fan

    Oh and Jae suk.. So proud of him.. He had come so far and manage to conquer his fear in the blob game. Kwang Soo and haha too. 😁I do agree though that the name tag ripping game is not really that intense but still a good episode. Keep it up!

  19. 19 onyxx

    i was more stoked by the last few minutes of this episode — when they did the intro on the next episode(s). awesome (PJS & co.) guests. i can’t wait!

  20. 20 soprection

    Thank you for the recap!

    I really liked this episode – I thought it was super fun and entertaining and after watching them do it, I think I’d love to try that blob jump thing. It looks exhilarating. Jihyo continues to just be one of the coolest girls around. I love how fearless she is and how pumped she gets when they do anything remotely extreme. She truly deserves her Ace nickname.

    I realize now that I never finished watching the previous Park Jisung episodes so I’ll probably try to do that soon. I’m not keen on football but it’s nice seeing them get so excited about having the footballers there. I feel a little badly for Sulli though. She’s bound to get overshadowed with two big guests like that there similar to what happened with Junho in these last two episodes. It’s hard to stand out when you’re up there with extremely well known celebrities who very rarely do variety. And Sulli, while she tries, hasn’t really proven herself to be too much of an asset on the show in her previous appearances. I know she’s probably the most well known member of her group but I wish they would send another f(x) member on the show if they have to send someone. Krystal is actually quite athletic and Victoria was cool under pressure in her one appearance (back in episode 8 – so long ago!) so it’s a shame that they don’t seem to be willing to send someone else there now.

    I know most of the commenters here aren’t keen on idols but I have no problem with them as guests as long as they end up being good competitors and I’m always happy when female guests (particularly idols or actresses) are willing to forsake their often dainty, softer images and go all out when competing. It’s always nice when someone ends up surprising you with their turn on the show like Lee Yeon Hee did for me. I’ve never been fond of her but after seeing how much she got into it on RM, I warmed up to her a little. It’s always nice seeing a different side to someone you thought you had figured out.

  21. 21 Philosophe

    After the last episode, I have to say this one was a letdown! None of the 5 segments were particularly interesting…

  22. 22 mat can jong ki

    running man is the best

  23. 23 Asraff

    What are the song at 25.20??

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