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Running Man: Episode 153
by | July 13, 2013 | 52 Comments

Rejoice! Park Ji-sung’s back and he’s better than ever with his sharp wit and blazing speed to visit the Running Man set for an hour and half of hilarity and fun. The cast is put through soccer bootcamp for a shot to play at the 2013 Asian Dream Cup. And yet with two (yes, you read that right) dreamy captains, how can you expect a girl to pay any attention to the sport? Why that would be just silly.

EPISODE 153. Broadcast on July 7, 2013.

We re-introduce Park Ji-sung to the show and most of the conversation is a rehash of last week’s closing. It’s as if the show tacked on his introduction at the end of what felt like a more filler-heavy episode to tell the audience: “Hold on, there’s more!”

Anyway, the cast teases Ji-sung and his relationship with SBS announcer Kim Min-ji, with whom he was previously spotted at a chicken joint. Which explains why everyone laughs when Haha quips: “So I heard you ate chicken last night!”

Ji-sung confesses that he’s still a faithful viewer of the show, which prompts Jae-suk to ask which ones were his favorites. He says dryly, “There weren’t any that were as entertaining as mine.” HA, and yet so true.

The staff has prepared video clips and Gary dearly hopes that they aren’t of last year’s Asian Dream Cup. (They are.) Then he nearly dies of embarrassment to rewatch all of his fumbles over again.

Not that Spartakooks is any better and Ji-sung provides commentary about how they fell below his expectations. About Jong-kook: “I was looking forward to your skills the most, but [you] weren’t mentally prepared enough.” Way to knock him down a peg or two.

Time to select teammates and the cast has been categorized by athleticism. Kwang-soo literally puts his best foot forward, only for Ji-sung to dryly acknowledge it and choose Gary instead.

He even has a little fun with Jae-suk and Jong-kook, lifting both arms into the air simultaneously. He ends up choosing Jae-suk.

The rejected still needs a leader, which is how we’re (or is it we were?) introduced to Koo Ja-cheol, the 2012 Olympics national team captain. All the boys rush over to greet him, giving us a hilarious lonely shot of Ji-sung.

The love for the pretty (and younger) captain is overwhelming, and when the cast hears that Ja-cheol is a soon-to-be married man, they’re all, We’ll go to your wedding!

Ja-cheol tries his hand at one of the Running Man trademark moves (the “Hey~!” move Haha usually does with Jae-suk). When it doesn’t work, Gary swoops in: “You want to be a part of Monday Couple?”

Back to the mission at hand, where the cast will undergo rigorous training to try and grab one of four spots on the Dream Team. Ja-cheol looks to his sunbae and jokes: “[Do we need] four?”

It’s Team Park (Ji-sung, Jae-suk, Haha, Gary, and Sulli) versus Team Koo (Ja-cheol, Jong-kook, Suk-jin, Kwang-soo, and Ji-hyo).

After everyone changes into their uniforms, they gather together again for a game of jokgu (think of it like a mix of soccer, tennis, and volleyball). The ladies are given a handicap in the form of gloves and the team who wins best out of three sets wins.

They start off softly and Team Park gets their first point when Jong-kook doesn’t kick the ball quite long enough. At least that’s still better than first-timer Ji-hyo who recoils at an oncoming serve. (Her teammates don’t give her any grief about it.)

Things are about to get interesting when Ji-sung tags into the game. Jong-kook drops the ball after a failed headbutt, and Kwang-soo leads the team to call for a switcheroo. And then Ja-cheol takes him out instead. Ha.

The score is 0:4 in favor of Team Park, and Ja-cheol has the opportunity to strike. He kicks… and it hits the net. The soccer star gets subsequently scolded for it and Haha jokes that the other team’s black holes are the two athletic powerhouses, Jong-kook and Ja-cheol.

He has another shot the very next round… and it hits the next yet again. Puhaha. The third time’s the charm but the rookie captain is then promptly outshone when Ji-sung volley kicks the ball over the next a minute later.

Aw, Team Koo actually does better without their captain, who has now assumed a temporary role as gong ringer. They’re only two points behind now, and even Kwang-soo is surprisingly good at this game.

When his team points out as much about how well they’re doing without him, he promptly walks over to cheer for the other team. Hahaha.

Ja-cheol is brought back into the game soon enough and proves his worth with a striking kick and ties the score 7:7. It’s not long before a kick sends the ball right at Kwang-soo’s family jewels. He doubles over from the pain as the cast bursts laughing.

Things get serious when Team Koo is a point from winning the first set, but Team Park is none to be trifled with given their clean passes and unified teamwork. A powerful kick by Ja-cheol drives the ball over the net, but what’s even more impressive is that Haha actually receives it.

It throws Team Koo into a state of panic and eventually Kwang-soo kicks the ball out of bounds. It’s deuce and another error on Jong-kook’s part gives the other team another point. Is jokgu Spartakooks‘s kryptonite?

Jong-kook tries to redeem himself by diving for the net head-first. But the ball hits the net and gives us a big laugh. The cast teases him for it ’cause it looks like a deep bow (“Who are you greeting?”) and it sparks a new nickname: Kim Leave It.

Each of the teams strategize and it cracks me up how both teams are like: “They haven’t caught on that we’re going easy on them, right?” Of course, it sounds more thick-skinned on Ja-cheol’s part but his team laughs about it anyway.

Oh thank goodness, we skip ahead to the third and final set and the teams have won one set each. Team Park starts off strong and takes to mimic Kim Leave It’s hilarious bow.

Even Jong-kook finds it amusing and everyone does it every time they apologizes to one another. It’s actually quite amusing to watch Jong-kook’s poor jokgu skills in motion.

At one point it looks like Ji-sung is about to miss, but then he kicks it up behind him as it bounces back into the air. Whoa. Pair that with some solid teamwork and Team Park gets another point.

I’m just about to say that Team Park actually exceeds my expectations when Jae-suk takes a ball to the face. Or is is the other way around? In any case it’s pretty hilarious. Rewind, replay!

He totally plays it off all, That’s how you play sports on variety! Ahahahaha, give me a minute here. Ahahahahaha.

The teams are at deuce once more and Team Park pulls ahead when the ball hits Suk-jin’s head before it goes out of bounds. But it’s brought back to deuce… and it happens a second time. Heh.

A little while later, they hit deuce again (the score at 13:13) and this time, it’s Team Koo who gets a point. We don’t cut away again as the teams face off in an impressively long relay and encounter some dangerously close saves.

Gary dives to send the ball over with a headbutt and it lands close to the boundary line. Is it in or out? Another shot shows us it’s out, which means Team Koo wins the match.

In the car, Sulli raves over how impressive her teammates looked on the field. To that, Haha asks how they did on a scale of one to ten, adding: “Guys like hearing that!”

They in turn compliment how pretty she looked today and Jae-suk suggests they call themselves “Sulsamo” which is short for “a group who loves Sulli.” But the abbreviated pun contains another entendre since sulsa also means diarrhea in Korea. Which, ew.

In the other car, the cast asks after Ja-cheol’s infamous “Why?! Why?!” cry in a match against the Japanese national team during the London Olympics. Ja-cheol explains that he was so moved by sunbae Ji-sung’s determination to tackle a ball away when it was stolen from him in a game two years ago.

So when he did the same in the match last year, he was infuriated that he was called out on it instead.

The teams arrive at a restaurant and Ji-sung immediately raises a suspicious eyebrow when he’s told to merrily eat and drink… for now.

The setup reminds them of IU’s visit on set, so Jong-kook asks if there’s anything that Sulli would like. (To jog everyone’s memory, including mine, it was a running joke that Jae-suk would buy a car for IU’s birthday.) Sulli has seen the episode, so she tacks on her request: “A house!”

The cast continues to add to the joke (Suk-jin: “If Jae-suk buys you a house, I’ll get you wallpaper!”), and Jong-kook points to Ja-cheol all, How ’bout a house for the newlyweds?

Jae-suk places that burden onto Ji-sung’s shoulders, saying how the sunbae should be the one to extend that gift. Ji-sung doesn’t skip a beat and says that he could as long as he gets one too when he gets married. HA.

They have some more fun with the joke, talking about how Jae-suk should preside the event and how Jong-kook will sing the congratulatory song. Kwang-soo: “He’s going to sing shirtless!” Wait… can I go to this wedding?

The conversation turns towards Kwang-soo, whom the hyungs tease that he’ll never get married. Kwang-soo answers that he’s still relatively young, to which Jae-suk jokes about how the maknae looks older than his actual age.

Jong-kook adds onto this discussion and shares how surprised their captain was to learn that Kwang-soo is actually donggap (the same age) as Song Joong-ki. That is one priceless: “Huhhh?!”

I love how uncomfortable Ji-sung gets at any mention of his announcer girlfriend, and the cast is eager to get the inside story about them. Haha claps to “signal” that the cameras will stop rolling, and Ji-sung just claps again.

Ji-sung remains pretty tight-lipped about his ladyfriend, but when Suk-jin says that she seems like a nice person, he returns: “Do you know her [well]?” Puhaha.

Aw, it turns out that Ja-cheol hasn’t proposed to his fiancee yet (he says he will soon) and Jae-suk admits that he kept his proposal simple. That leads to another bickering round between Jae-suk and Jong-kook, who says that the nation’s MC is the tiring type.

The childish squabble continues with Jong-kook saying that his future wife will likely get along with Jae-suk’s wife since they’ll have so many things to complain about together.

Then Gary drives a nail into Jong-kook’s coffin: “I think [Yoon] Eun-hye’s still waiting!” Hahaha. Man, I love how this running joke still sends me in a fit of giggles.

Ja-cheol’s proposal sounds super sweet (he’s getting two actors to play out their six-year love story via musical), and he says it’s because he’s always on the receiving end. To that, married Jae-suk wisely tells him: “Stay on the receiving end!”

Bellies now stuffed, the cast plays a game of Hot Potato Conversation where the one stuck with the phone when the alarm goes off is eliminated. Suk-jin hands the phone to his own teammate, who in turn asks his sunbae why he was at the Han River.

Ji-sung: “I ate some chicken… but I didn’t know so many people would know about it.” HA.

At one point, Sulli is asked which soccer player she likes better and Ji-sung beams when she names him. Hey neither of you should look *that* excited nor disappointed—you’re taken men now!

A bit later, Ji-sung says a cute “I love you!” to his special someone and hands the phone to Kwang-soo. He in turn asks Sulli to rank the members by beauty. It’s an attempt for her to use up more time, but it hilariously backfires: “Oppa, you’re dead last.”

Kwang-soo manages to hand it off to Haha, but it ends up in his hands a moment later with the question “You’ve dated a celebrity before, right?” He freezes.

Some of these questions have me rolling on the ground, especially the topic about first loves. Suk-jin is hesitant to say that his wife is his first love, and Haha easily sidesteps the same question with: “[My wife] is my last love.”

Later, it’s down to the two soccer captains who exchange respectful questions. Then everyone’s ears perk up when Ja-cheol asks if sunbae if he has any thoughts to rejoin the national team.

They wait for an answer… and the alarm rings. Gah, now we’ll never know!

Luckily for us, Ji-sung broaches the topic again when they’re in the car. He says that the answer is no with the rationale that his time to shine has passed.

Rejoining the team would mean taking the spotlight away from his soccer hoobaes and potentially create an imbalance among the team’s dynamics. At least, that’s how he feels at present.

It’s a humble and heartwarming answer as he explains that he’s a different person now than he was two years ago (in the 2010 World Cup). Ack, how I wish that more celebrities with similar national-level adoration could arrive at that same realization that the glory days don’t last forever.

At the final mission location, the cast arrives to see a board with large and small-sized nametags. The ladies are led inside, blindfolded, as this mission is entitled Save the Queen.

As for the boys, they’ll be able to enter the buildings as soon as any member kicks the nametag on the board. Ji-sung kicks first… and misses the board entirely. Hee, so much for being a national soccer player and Ja-cheol buries in face in embarrassment.

Ja-cheol aims for his own nametag square, but he also misses. Hahaha. The cast quickly covers his mistake all, You did it on purpose so your sunbae wouldn’t feel bad!

It’s pretty surprising that virtually all of the cast members miss the board and doubly hilarious to watch Kim Leave It (aka Jong-kook) uphold his new nickname as the ball soars high above the board.

Both Ja-cheol and Haha are sent inside first with enlarged nametags, and Ja-cheol radios Ji-hyo as soon as he steps inside. Lucky for him that he manages to find her right away even though she doesn’t know her specific location.

At least Sulli is able to inform Haha what floor she’s on and she calls out to Haha when she hears that the coast is clear for now. Now that both teams have found their respective queens, they all relocate to a different location.

Suffice it to say that Jong-kook misses the board again by a long shot, and then Ji-sung kicks Kwang-soo’s small nametag down. He at least sends Gary in with a small nametag.

I love how Ji-sung is able to predict the course of Jong-kook’s kick to a T even before he even kicks it. He even surprises himself a little to find how accurate his predictions are.

Inside, Kwang-soo’s poor radio signal garbles the important info that Ja-cheol tries to relay to him. They eventually agree to meet on the tenth floor, but on his way up, Kwang-soo runs into Team Park. Haha slyly asks: “You alone?” Ruh oh.

They jump at the opportunity to eliminate Kwang-soo, who sends a SOS to Ja-cheol. This also means that no one is left to protect the two queens. Kwang-soo manages to slip away but his captors are still hot on his trail until they give up for now since protecting Sulli is their top priority.

Kwang-soo and Ja-cheol have a teary reunion and they wonder what the hell is taking Jong-kook so long to get in the game. Well that’s because he’s too busy hitting home runs instead of kicking goals, hee.

After Ji-sung sends Jae-suk inside with a small nametag, he asks: “Should I try to hit my nametag or Jong-kook’s [big] nametag?” He tries for the latter, but it hits the post instead.

Sulli sends her teammates out with a hypothesis on the general direction Ji-hyo headed off to. They hear the sounds of approaching footsteps on the stairwell and hide in the corner. Heh, I love how Team Koo decides to take them on and then quickly turn around once they realize that they’re outnumbered.

They’re followed up the stairs and the teams circle around each other, sizing each other up. But then Kwang-soo’s back is exposed and is taken out in an instant.

Ja-cheol makes a run for it and he sure wasn’t kidding when he said he was fast, because the others (and his poor VJ) are unable to keep up. At that moment, Jong-kook’s entrance is announced…

…and Spartakooks steps inside with his oversized nametag. Heehee. Ah, so Ji-sung managed to kick the corner square after all, and then pretty much doubled over laughing.

Team Park spots the other team from the third floor but doesn’t approach them just yet. Then Ji-sung’s arrival is announced and he promptly calls his teammates.

They have a pretty good view from their angle and while Ji-sung is light on his feet, they all parrot warnings to him at the same time.

He’s quick to relay that their team has the advantage in both numbers and nametag size, but they’re still relatively cautious when they run into Jong-kook and Ja-cheol.

But they’re confused when Team Koo retreat instead of attacking them. That’s because Team Koo has realized that Sulli has no one to protect her, so they head out to find her.

Ji-sung still feels guilty about Suk-jin, who’s still outside trying to kick his own nametag down. He tries over and over and over and over again to no avail. He spends so much time trying that the staff says that they have to change tapes out. Aww, is he going to be out here all night?

Thankfully, he manages to kick his own nametag, albeit a big one. But what’s important is that he finally gets to be a part of the action.

Little does he know that Team Park is waiting to ambush him and Ji-sung silently follows to sneak up behind Suk-jin (seriously, you can barely hear him run!) Therefore it’s too late once Suk-jin catches on and he’s eliminated in less than thirty seconds.

Aww, then it’s hilariously sad when he cries: “I juuusttt got in! I’ve been kicking soccer balls for two hours!”

With plenty of teammates to go around, Team Park divvy up roles to maximize their efforts. Gary is assigned to find Ji-hyo and firmly reminded not to let his love get in the way.

Even though he promises to stay focused, Jae-suk can’t help but worry if he’ll actually follow through. And given his delicate tone as he calls her name, I’d say Jae-suk has reason to worry.

He’s just outside the door now and Ji-hyo hurriedly whispers for her teammates to come. The door slowly opens… and he hesitates. Keh!

Aw then Ji-hyo looks up at him with innocent doe-like eyes and whispers: “Are you going to rip off my nametag?” Gary falters a little.

He averts his eyes and tells her: “Don’t look at me like that. I’ll grow weak.”

He asks if she remembers that rainy night at the soccer stadium years ago when they were in this same predicament. Eee, I’m getting butterflies in my stomach just watching the old clip again. Older fans will know that he let her go free back then, and in the present, he wrestles with himself, wondering what he needs to do.

But before he can arrive at an answer, the door flies open. It’s Ja-cheol, here in response to Ji-hyo’s SOS. She stands there idly as Ja-cheol eliminates him with a final word of comfort: “Just break up now.”

He’s in a dejected and pissy mood, but that frown turns upside-down as soon as Ji-hyo wraps her arm around him. Heehee.

Elsewhere, Jae-suk and Ji-sung run into the remaining Team Koo members. They circle around each other, and even in this tense moment, Ji-sung jokes: “[Jong-kook] is so strong, but he’s always hiding.”

The soccer captains and the Running Man team leaders face off but call a timeout a minute later for Jong-kook to note that the soccer players look like they’re in a catfight. Ha.

Things get increasingly intense as hands reach across to grab for nametags. At the end of the scuffle, both Jae-suk and Jong-kook eliminate each other.

Now only Ja-cheol is left to protect Ji-hyo and Team Park figures that there’s no need to hide any longer. They freely roam the building in search and find the two on the roof.

The boys take on Ja-cheol and Sulli moves towards Ji-hyo. But the Ace whips around to evade the attack. Unfortunately, Haha joins the ladies and helps Sulli get ahold of Ji-hyo’s nametag… and eliminate her.

Thus Team Park is granted the chance to appoint two Running Man members to join the Dream Team, and everyone congratulates Ja-cheol on his upcoming marriage. After some closing remarks, he froggy-dances to clap for the ending slate. Next stop: Shanghai!


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52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Katie

    I love when Park Ji Sung is on RM!! He is hilarious. Like the interview with the producer of the show said, he NEEDS to do more variety. I love his sense of humor haha. He’s so smart and humble as well, allowing younger players the opportunity to shine just like he has. I mean he’s still super lucky playing for QPR in England so I think he totally gets it.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode with Evra!!!


  2. JC

    Thanks so much for the recap!

    Thought the jokgu game went on for a bit too long, but I loved the conversation and talking game with the members and Park Ji Sung, who’s as witty and funny as ever. Super excited for the next episode!


  3. CL

    Park Ji Sung is an awesome guest! He is very witty and he is so versed with the Running Man rules and all. I’m very much looking forward to the next episode with Evra as well. The previews were pretty funny.


  4. ladyhahn

    jongkook d black hole while kwangsoo did relatively well during d 1st game.oh poor sukjin,2h kicking the balls?even the staffs cheered for him in d end,too bad he got ripped right after he entered d
    cant wait to see evra later!im quite surprised to see evra speaks few korean phrases in d preview.hehe.


    • 4.1 latteholic

      That part just cracked me up. I felt so sorry for him getting his tag off after kicking the ball for that long [I actually fist pumped for him as well :D ], but it’s just so funny esp with Park Ji Sung chasing him like hunting a prey :D


  5. Andrea

    I just love Park Ji Sung, he is so freaking hilarious with his witty comments. Overall, I liked this episode, more because of the guests/cast chemistry than the actual missions. There were so many funny moments. I’m excited for the next episode!

    And by the way, can I go with Gummi to the wedding? ‘Cause shirtless Commander singing… *Andrea fans herself*


  6. HighBeamMint

    As happy as I was with Park Ji Sung back, the 2nd game went on a bit too long.
    Thanks for recapping! Can’t wait til the next episode!


  7. Fun-Lugha

    Quite a looker that capt junior is…too bad he’s 1) young ish 2) married!
    Just like they do a yoomes bond special every year i suggest they do one for PJS as well-could never get tired of him!
    And I just found out LKS did his time in the millitary already-looks like am the only one who didn’t know-happy bunny I am, no teary goodbyes then!!!


    • 7.1 Katherine

      I read somewhere that he had plans to be apart of a play but it fell through so he ended up doing his enlistment instead. I doubt he would’ve thought it was a blessing in disguise back then.

      Thoroughly enjoyed this episode, I genuinely don’t think a Park Ji Sung episode can ever be bad. It was a good episode of laughs and I have to say that moment in the car when they ask PJS about him rejoining the National Football team has got to be one of my favorite moments now, it was a legit real moment shown that was shown and shared between the members. Hats off to him and can’t wait for the next epsisode !! :)


  8. Laica

    It’s here, yay! Hilarious recap, gummi! :)

    I also want to go to that wedding… ahem.

    Park Ji-sung, awesome as always. He has the most witty comebacks, it amazes me how he’s quicker on his feet and funnier than most of the comedian guests that come on this show. He should totally go into TV once he retires.

    Loved Gary and Jihyo’s little reminiscing time. Poor Gary, he falls for it every time. He’s such a pure soul. But that’s why I love him. <3 LeeSsang's "The boy who can't break up, the girl who can't leave" (or is it the other way around?) playing in the background and her cajoling him back to a smile after he got ousted gave me the fuzzies. Monday Couple for Lyfe! lol.


    • 8.1 nomad

      And the doe-eyed that JH did, that was priceless!


  9. the68monkey

    Sulli who?

    Boy, did she ever pick the wrong episode to be a guest! This episode was completely Park Ji-Sung’s, and so good because of his presence! I’m looking forward to the next episode in Shanghai! Too bad Koo Ja-cheol is getting hitched and can’t go, too.

    Sad moments:

    Did I mention that Sulli was a completely wasted guest in this episode? In this episode, it was a man’s world.

    Suk Jin kicking balls for two hours, only to have his giant nametag ripped as soon as he enters the game.

    Gary! :( I really can’t tell how much of an act the Monday Couple is, because he seemed so genuinely torn about having made a promise to take Ji-hyo out when he found her. Then, when he realized she was just playing him, stalling for the moment that Ja-cheol would arrive to corner Gary and rip his tag. Gary looked really hurt by the betrayal.


    • 9.1 bjharm

      have to agree with the ‘man feast’ even Ace ended up on cheerleader duties during the last set of the soccer volleyball game as the ‘boys’ played, it was something right out of a highschool drama, even down to Sulli’s squeals of oppa! Plus of course both girls where almost certainly out of the running right from the start in ‘winning’ a place on the big soccer game, so yes rather a episode just for the boys.


  10. 10 NaHyun

    I watched the episode last night but they cut the end bit only upto where Ji SukJin got eliminated… awww didnt get to to see the Monday Couple bit ㅠ_ㅠ
    Anyways this weeks epi was great like all the RM episodes haha..
    I especially went for Koo JaCheol’s team for some reason, I normally loove Park Ji Sung and his team.. anyways congrats to him on his relationship! Haha JiSung is so witty and has got so much humour xD
    ‘SBS 사랑합니다’ haha
    But Is Yoo JaeSuk married?? Ive been wondering if he wad for quite a while but the convo with JongGook mentioned about a wife of JaeSuk… if he was married, wouldnt the RM memebers talk aboit his wife and tease him more? Like Yoon EunHye and Kim JongGook..


    • 10.1 Laica

      He’s married and he’s got a kid too.


    • 10.2 CutiieAngiie

      It has been a longtime he got married. I think around 2006/2007/2008.
      Search on google and you will find that his wedding was one of the most popular because you could find celebrities of different fields like MC, comedy, acting, singing … etc.
      If I remember well, he had Jino (?), his son around the same time than Family Outing season 1 and that’s why he couldn’t participate in the show anymore. He wanted to be with his family.

      I don’t know if you are a longtime RM’s fan so if you have watched the earlier episodes, it is a running joke that Ji Suk Jin and Jae Suk are unhappy married men because they have that shadow on their faces (Running Man episode 46)


      • 10.2.1 NaHyun

        Ohh thanks for letting me know!
        I have known RM for a while but only started watching it since episode 90-ish…


  11. 11 Hari

    I’ve been so looking forward to Park Ji Sung’s return & Dream Cup rnd 2. Gary was so good at jokgu game plus the interactions & some of the plays were great. I agree with Sulli!


  12. 12 xcmk

    I seriously loved this episode so much. The ones with park ji sung in it are always the best. XD this episode totally brought back to me why I love RM so much <3


  13. 13 iloveys

    Am I the only one that didn’t think the jokgu match went too long? Atleast it wasn’t them just seriously playing the whole time, there were a number of funny moments and Team Park really surprised me with their skills! Maybe I’m biased because I love anything Park Jisung and Running Man, hahah. But very nice episode! Loved the MC moments and poor Sukjin hahahah. excited for tomorrow with Evra (:


    • 13.1 latteholic

      I also didn’t think it was that long, and it was a fun one. So many lol moments that made me squirt my drink and also some pretty good team play. I especially liked the team work of PJS’s team. And, Kookie being a black hole just had me in stitches, it reminded me of his early days in Family Outing :D


      • 13.1.1 On a QIHM High

        Same! I was really impressed with how well PJS’s team played – some of their saves were incredible. I wanted to see more because the games were pretty intense with some humor sprinkled in, and that’s an awesome balance for me.


    • 13.2 soprection

      I didn’t have a problem with the length of the jokgu match either. I thought it was the most interesting part of the episode and even though I’m completely unathletic, I kind of wished I could play it too because it looked like a lot of fun. I only wished that the girls hadn’t been sidelined (although that was obviously going to happen given that they weren’t eligible to be in the charity match). It was also interesting seeing Jong Kook be bad at something physical for once.


  14. 14 Jin

    I really enjoyed this episode :) Koo Ja-Cheol was just so cute, I’m loving the new captain~ He was full of charms, as was Park Ji-Sung.
    But I felt so bad for Suk-Jin though T_T If only Ji-Sung had kicked his name off before his… He would have had more air time~
    Excited for Evra next episode though!


  15. 15 alive

    OMG, the football / volleyball game had me doubling over in laughter and I was crying. Kim Jong Kook’s so adorably hopeless at it, that was so funny. I think I replayed his headbutt into the net and Jae Suk’s full face hit a million times. I died. OMG.

    I think we all know which were the 4 RM who actually played in the Dream Cup, so I think we all know which team will win today’s epsiode.


  16. 16 annebelievable

    Goo Ja Cheol has been on a recruiting spree for his wedding ceremony. Lol he went to Neighborhood Sports and asked Changmin to sing his congrulatory wedding song. He might not have YJS hosting his wedding, but he got Kim Sooro to do it.

    I like him waaay better than Ki Sung Yeung, that guy seems so stuck up.


    • 16.1 kpshyazn

      LoL, Ki is one of my favorite soccer players – but yea… he’s a bit stuck-up. Hopefully he matures.


  17. 17 CutiieAngiie

    I freakin’ loved that episode especially because our Big Nose Hyung seems to be on fire nowadays lol.
    He is so freakin’ hilarious that you can’t help but love him as your slow and cool uncle :D

    It is funny how you can see these soccer captains being all … unmighty XD. I laughed so hard when they failed to kick the ball. I was like “you did on purpose, right ?”
    It is always a great honour to have these kind of guests because they have prestige but they also know how to be down to earth and willing to participate and tarnish their images.
    I seriously can’t wait for this week’s episode. Having other members doing a soccer match with pros is just something which must be see :D


    • 17.1 nomad

      “slow and cool uncle” who always, always takes such good care of his favorite niece, JH. Aren’t they just the sweetest?


  18. 18 Elysium

    Loved this episode!! Koo Ja Cheol is so much younger than I thought (89er) but he’s funny and quick on his feet too :) Definitely looking forward to Evra in the next ep!


  19. 19 biankoy

    after passing up on so many episodes it’s time to watch Running Man again!! Park Ji-sung is back! He’s still awesome but more confident on screen now. Aaaaaand he’s got a fresh love life to boot.


  20. 20 J

    SUPA FUN EPISODE!!! Definitely make up for the rather boring recent episodes. Why must I know the cute new captain juuust before he got hitched??:( He’s fun! Jisung, though, HE ROCKS!


  21. 21 myzoya

    Love the episode. Love the comeback of Park Ji Sung.
    Man, what a witty tongue he has…comparable to Gary’s :-). I hope he will appear more in RM, he’s awesome.

    But I feel sorry for Sulli, why does she have to be appear in this very episode along w/ these strong-character opponents?! Poor girl… And I also feel bad for SukJin, really…poor dude has to kick the ball for 2 hours for that, lol.

    Can’t wait for the next episode w/ Evra!! Wooohhoo…


  22. 22 Quiet Thought

    This was an awkward episode for both female contestants, as no amount of energy or gameness can make up for not having enough soccer experience to play jokgu. They were actually in danger on that court. Like playing baseball with no baseball or softball experience. The ball hits hard enough to injure you, and it always there. Thank goodness they both stayed off the field for the last match.

    Poor Sulli, for all her girlish ooks and squeals, did pretty well in the second Idol Olympics. Here, her production company apparently just threw her into the meat grinder, like Jessica in the Zoo episde and that injured young lady at the first Idol Olympics.


  23. 23 Caitlyn

    Such an awesome episode. I felt so sorry for Sukjin at the end! He was out there for ages trying to get his nametag, and he finally gets it, only to get kicked out straight away. I know exactly how I’d feel if I were him and it wouldn’t be good! I loved how they showed the crew and were like “now the staff can go home”, lol.

    Park Ji Sung is always so funny and smart and quick, and Goo Ja Cheol was a good sport. At the beginning, he seemed a bit clueless about variety, but he soon warmed up to it.


  24. 24 Lilian

    When Jisung retires from football he should really consider variety. This episode was really really good from his jokes, the witty questions and replies during the game session, Monday couple love scenes , Kim Jong Kook’s “bow” and failure to kick accurately and so much more =)


  25. 25 Running Man Fan

    It was indeed amazing to see Kim Jong Kook so bad with balls.. I thought he love soccer and I assume he must be good in that since he did coach a bunch of kids for soccer many years ago. What happened to him? Ok, in conclusion anything to do with balls is the commander weakness. The headbutt was like a formal bow. I suppose he will be teased by everyone. I was so not used to see Kookie embarrassing moments until it was so hilarious for me. He look so cute and funny when he is not performing well. I am used to the powerful and naggy Spartakook but he look so helpless here with all the ‘homerun’.
    I was surprise that Gary, Haha, Kwang Soo and Jae suk played pretty well. The funny moments is the unfortunate Kirin Kwang Soo get hit by the ball.. That part must be hurting! Jae suk face was hit by the ball and poor Ji suk Jin who is left alone kicking the ball only to get caught within a minute when he arrive in the building.

    The two captains are cute and funny. They took all the teasing very well. Surely they have good sportsmanship. I love the interaction between the cast. Especially when Yoon Eun Hye was mentioned again and Kookie expression is as cute always. The Monday couple moment was so cute and natural. Felt sorry for Gary but anyway that is for show and Gary is always the gentle and loving guy. Lastly, I wanted to go for captain Koo wedding.. Omg a shirtless Kookie👀. Anyway, Park Ji Sung team really have lots of advantage. Hehe.. Especially since he get to choose the best members first. This episode is for the guys. Sulli presence is to put a pretty face on the show and they need a queen for their team too. Look forward to the next episode. Thank you for the review. 😀


    • 25.1 kpshyazn

      I, too, have noticed that KJK is bad with any sports involving technical skills with a ball. He’s a gym-rat, not a sports players – so I guess it’s not surprising.

      but yea… i play/coached soccer… and KJK has no fundamentals, lol. still love his enthusiasm for the game. that’s what matters!


    • 25.2 megumi

      yes park ji sung had advantage of choosing his team first but he didn’t know who played that football games best, he didn’t choose the team by strength otherwise he would have chosen jong kook as everyone was thinking he was good at playing football, PJS chose Jae suk, Gary, HaHa and Sulli and i don’t think he knew if anyone of them played good football, all of them were terrible except jong kook when they played that superpower football game last time…


  26. 26 Cynthia

    I love the Monday Couple interactions! Gary’s ‘love’ feelings trip him up every time, especially when Ji-hyo turns on the big, sad ‘Puss In Boots’ eyes for him. You can just see the soul leaving his body and he falls for it again, betrayal and all. Funny, sweet and silly.

    This RM was a well-balanced episode – strong, popular guests (with the exception of Sulli – she should have just stayed home for all of the impact she made, other than calling out Kwang-soo for his lack of looks..).

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi! The next recap oughta
    be a humdinger after seeing the previews.


    • 26.1 kpshyazn

      that Ji-Hyo puppy eyes moment… I would’ve definitely dropped to the floor.


  27. 27 zakin89

    Oh Park Ji Sung… Can we have you as a regular member please?!? His episodes are by far the best! He is born for variety!

    Koo Ja Cheol was great as well and there were many funny moments that had me rolling on the floor^^

    Monday couple moments are one of my most favourite things of the show so it was nice to see some interaction between them again :) (and that old clip…I guess I have to watch some of the older episodes again xD)

    And I am so looking forward to the next episode! The preview looked great and Evra seems to have some sense for variety :)


  28. 28 onyxx

    yes! this episode just revived my enthusiasm for RM. bring on the next one please!


  29. 29 Betty

    I agree with everyone, this episode was really nice and I laughed a lot. Also I found that KJK was looking better even if he was terrible with the ball but he seems more healthy.

    I felt sad for Gary, so smitten by Ji Hyo, he was so cute. I am not one of those who think that something is really going on between them but still it really felt like betrayal even if Ji Hyo has no choice.

    Also I like both male guests, but Ji Sung more. Sulli I don’t know, it just seems like she has no purpose when she comes…


  30. 30 Lea

    I don’t know why, but I just realized that every team Jae Suk is in I just unconsciously cheer for it, all the time lol xD

    YES Ji Sung park!!!! my FAVORITE Running Man episode to date is his first appearance, always 100% makes me laugh
    But this takes the cake.. This episode is beyond words
    I usually watch Running Man downstairs and I muffle my laughter from time to time from my family, BUT NOT with Ji Sung I can’t!!
    There’s no way, I had to go upstairs…
    Ji Sung just brings this incredible harmonious variety energy to Running Man, it’s just PURE Magic is all I can describe.
    Monday Couple <3<3 why do you bring so much feelings, quite a few years of memories, so beautiful.

    I liked Ja Cheol his personality is very funny, especially when he missed all those shots and had to be the team cheerleader. kekeke xD


    • 30.1 Lea

      Also Gary is really bringing his hidden talents a lot on broadcast, his game play was no joke as was HaHa and Jae Suk. I really couldn’t look away from the awesome team work they had.

      And poor Ji Suk Jin >^< I don't know which to feel bad about, having to kick his own name tag for hours, finally getting it and it's the huge name tag, being eliminated in less than 5mins….. :( mianhae


      • 30.1.1 Lea

        Also Also.. I liked that during the game of jokgu even though Gary was in the opposing team when the ball was going to Ji Hyo he was yelling at her to use her hands. Cute

        No I don’t think Monday Couple is real, but it’s very real in Running Man :)


  31. 31 cheliwel

    Was Sulli even in this episode? Park ji sung is perfect on running man. Who knew gary, haha and yjs would be so good during the first game. Awesome team work. My favorite has to be when js saved the ball from the back and haha then use his head to pass it to yjs then to gary for the point.

    Monday couple flashback cemented with their theme song. Poor gary he just can’t say no to ji hyo. He falls for it every time and gets burned in the end. Lol.


  32. 32 Meiyih

    Park Ji Sung shud really be a permanent member for RM if he ever decided to retire frm soccer …. like YongHwa, he feels like RM family


  33. 33 cinthy

    loved this episode and please KJK singing shirtless?? how much???????


  34. 34 H

    Will YEH ever guest on this show? Her name is mentioned at least once a month for the past couple of years. She’s like an unofficial guest.

    If she does guest I’m pretty sure it will be a ratings hit and the net would blow up.


  35. 35 Joori

    Sulli’s favorite soccer player should be Cha Eun-gyul… HAHAHA. XD


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