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Running Man: Episode 154
by | July 19, 2013 | 69 Comments

Our cast continues to prepare for the Asian Dream Cup for the chance to play alongside soccer sensation Park Ji-sung. Not only that, a new guest comes to play in varietyland, and let’s just say, he’s awesome. And why yes, that is how Kwang-soo smiles in photos. That is, whenever there’s a soccer ball flying at his face.

EPISODE 154. Broadcast on July 14, 2013.

The previews show us that last week’s losing team (Team Koo) was subject to punishment, which explains why they arrive at the airport today decked out in winter gear. You’re going to Shanghai, not Siberia!

At least they’re not afraid to strut around the place in it and Haha runs up to comment on Suk-jin’s furry hat: “G-Dragon! G-Dragon!” Ha, the captions spell it out for us: Ji (or G, alternatively) Dragon.

We start with a mini-punishment mission at the airport: in order to shed their layers, the losing team will act as the winning team’s personal slaves. Their master-slave arrangements have already been predetermined, and Kwang-soo recalls that Jong-kook promised to be Sulli’s slave in a previous episode.

The masters send their servants on their first mission to buy jipo (dried filefish), and all of them gape incredulously, “Here?! At the airport?” It’s just so randomly specific of a task.

The slaves head out anyway and Suk-jin uses his noggin’ to swing by the convenience store. Ha, why am I not surprised that Kwang-soo runs out of there and leaves Jong-kook to foot the bill?

They all get to shed a layer of clothing when they return, and Haha jokes: “Kwang-soo, take off your underwear.” His aghast expression alone is worth it.

Sulli is a relatively undemanding master on her own slave, Jong-kook, which makes sense since he’s her dae sunbae in the Kpop industry. But this is varietyland, so the boys encourage her to make the most out of this rare opportunity to speak to him in banmal. She (awkwardly) does, repeating lines that Jae-suk feeds her. Ha.

Eee, the Monday Couple is paired together today! We see Ji-hyo rruunn back with Gary’s coffee in hand. Aw, he feeds her a bite and even offers to share the drink together.

Don’t think I didn’t notice two straws in that cup! When she hesitates, he shouts, “You’re not going to have any?” (She does. It’s adorable.)

A little later, Ji-hyo signals that she wants to take the earmuffs off, too. So Gary instructs her to chant “I want you, Kang Gary!” five times, then. Do it!

And she does. The crowd eats it up (and so do I), and HAβ€”Kwang-soo totally piggybacks on the romantic moment to yell out his own master’s name. To that, Haha barks back: “You’ve humiliated me!”

That’s the end of the pre-flight mission, and after Jo PD reminds everyone that two spots for the Dream Cup team is on the line, it’s off to Shanghai!

The cast participates in a press conference shortly after they arrive, even sharing a few teasing jabs with the rival team’s coach. They gather together again the next morning, and Jae-suk jokes that Jong-kook has yet to get used to the time difference. Caption: It’s only a one hour difference…

After Jo PD explains the lowdown on today’s format where the teams will face off in two games, he acknowledges that the teams are currently uneven. So it’s time to introduce the other “world star” team captain, and the cast call out greetings from the table.

The door opens to reveal Manchester United soccer player Patrice Evra, who also plays for the French national team. I don’t follow the sport that much but if the clips are any indication, the cast is in good hands with Evra (as we’ll call him, since the show does as well).

Aww, and it looks like he and Ji-sung share a bromance of the cutest kind. And did Ji-sung teach him to say “I’m not a babo [idiot],” in Korean? HA.

After everyone exchanges greetings, Jong-kook walks over to put Evra’s nametag on. Which is when Evra whips out the little Korean he’s learned: “I’m not a babo!”

I already get the sense that Evra is made for Korean variety given how he mixes in with the cast’s dynamics nicely and takes their compliments in stride. He even shoots a “Korea, I love you!” to the viewers. Gah, who wouldn’t love you with those pearly whites of yours?

The cast invites him to venture a guess at Suk-jin’s age, and he thinks it over for a minute before answering, “38?” Suk-jin positively beams. But what’s funnier is that he doesn’t hesitate in the slightest when he’s asked the same of Kwang-soo: “42!” Puhahaha.

Jong-kook praises his new team captain on his sharp wit, and he even dares to say that Evra is better than Ji-sung. To that, Ji-sung retaliates: “There’s a chance you won’t get to play even if you’re picked!”

The cast shoots a few more jokes about what positions they could play on the team. Although Evra is mostly able to keep up, Ji-sung makes sure to translate for his former Man U teammate (for the curious, Park Ji-sung now plays for the Queens Park Rangers) so that he doesn’t get lost in the volley of words and laughter. Aw, you’re a good friend.

But sometimes a visual gag is enough to get your point across, and Evra bursts out laughing when Maknae FD walks in dressed as Chun Li. He actually stops to ask: “He’s a man?”

We move onto the first game, Shanghai Marble, which is basically a mission board game. Each team is given a few thousand yuan to start, and will need to fork over money each time they fail in order to move on.

Team Evra lands on the Ultimate Ddakji space, where at least two members must successfully flip over the (new) Ultimate Ddakji to win. Evra is pretty quick on the uptake and he’s got a fierce competitive spirit to boot.

It makes me giggle that he makes sure no one disturbs his teammates; he even compliments Kwang-soo to give him a little boost of confidence before his turn.

Who knew that Suk-jin had such quick reflexes? He luckily picks up his ddakji when it bounces back up again and again, calling for a redo each time. But alas, he’s unable to flip it over.

Then the former Ddakji King, aka Jong-kook steps up. As expected, he flips it over. Then it’s Evra’s turn. He winds up and slams the ddakji on the ground. It flips up… and over. Whoa.

Team Park rolls ahead and is tasked to kick a ball into a large vase. Only one member needs to succeed in this task and Jae-suk’s kick hits the rim. The others completely miss, and then it’s Gary’s turn. He kicks, and the ball sinks just past the rim… but bounces right back out.

It’s down to Captain Park to win it for his team, but his kick also hits the rim. Then he actually argues that he didn’t say when he’d kick, so the staff grants him another chance.

Is Evra sticking his tongue out at Ji-sung to taunt him? You’re adorable. Unfortunately for Ji-sung, his second attempt fails too.

The cast gives Evra a shot at it, and he totally misses. Hee, I love that humor can transcend language barriers, and Evra’s able to communicate through non-verbal cues to finagle another turn.

This time, he succeeds, and he struts around in celebration like the pro he is.

But it’s his rudimentary Korean one-liners that make me giggle as he tells Maknae FD: “You’re [really] funny!” It slays the room. (The word keop-nah is a slang term that can mean friggin’, really, etc.)

The next game is Captain vs. Captain in a game of plastic straw soccer. At soon as Evra gets wind of this, he busts out his new trademark one-liner that he’s friggin’ tired now, and wants to go home.

They start, and it takes less than a minute for Evra to sink his first goal in. Then when he hears that the game is best out of three, he jokingly holds up his hands, all, I’m tired, even saying goodbye to the camera. Hee.

Ji-sung manages to tie the score in the second round, and the two captains brace themselves for the final round. As soon as the whistle blows, Evra calls his opponent out on a penalty, and he calls for penalty kick.

It cracks me up that they actually set up a penalty kick scenario with Ji-sung’s straw tucked underneath the goal. Evra blows… and the ball barely moves. Hahaha.

They try again, and this time the ball rolls towards the goal, but Ji-sung manages to shoot it back out into the field. Daebak.

How is watching two professional athletes play a game of miniature table soccer this funny? The teams even engage in mock halftime to give their players a short break before they play again.

When they resume, Ji-sung catches off-guard at first, only to have Evra drive the ball back towards him. Then Evra calls his opponent out on another penalty, and he looks like he’s actually going to get upset when Jae-suk lets it pass. Ack, why is this game so intense?

But then Ji-sung revs up another attack, and sinks one last goal in to win it. And even though it was an intense game, at least there are no hard feelings between the soccer sensations.

Team Evra rolls once more and the cast immediately groan in recognition of the next mission. Poor Evra is still perplexed at the cast’s reaction, and he still doesn’t register the situation even after the staff brings out that dreaded spiky floor.

They’re tasked to collectively jump fifty times (barefoot, naturally), and Evra reels in pain when he steps on the floor. The Ace blows Kwang-soo’s record of nine jumps with her own: sixteen.

Suk-jin fails to add any, but it’s Evra who takes everyone by surpriseβ€”he jumps on the floor like it’s no big deal over and over and over again. Caption: Do you have a spiky floor in your house?

This man is a BEAST. He passes fifty easily, and then finally staggers back in pain. Hahaha. I don’t usually say this, but can you come back to visit more often, Evra?

Up next is another Captain vs. Captain battle to see which team can complete more headers. Ji-sung teams up with Gary to practice, and the latter looks so peaceful that he even starts dancing while keeping the ball up. Ha.

When it’s the real thing, however, Team Park only manages a mere eight headers. Team Evra surpasses that record with ease, and Evra gives Maknae FD a celebratory kiss. Hee.

The cast moves on to the soccer stadium where the Asian Dream Cup will be held later that night. They try out a few penalty kicks to get warmed up and Ji-sung purposely leaves the goal wide open when Jong-kook kicks… and misses. Ha, figures.

Here, it’s Freekick Photozone where they’ll need to jump to smile for the camera while blocking the opposing team’s kicker. I love how Myuk PD is like, “Just smile! Don’t worry about the ball!” and gets a “Are you kidding me?!” look in return.

Ji-sung takes full advantage of the other team’s anxiety by pretending to kick, to their annoyance. His second kick sends the ball high over their heads.

Once the tables are turned, Evra is more than happy to return the favor. Jae-suk instinctively reels from the oncoming ball, which makes me wonder if he’s still traumatized by last week’s jokgu game.

Anyhow, the reaction photos are simply priceless. They’re most hilarious when you’ve got one black sheep in the group. That’s Kwang-soo for Team Evra, and the camera captures his hilarious, painful toad-like expression. every. time. Puhaha.

At least there’s a black hole on both teams, and Jae-suk’s surprised reactions are just as hilarious. HAβ€”did Evra just leer at Kwang-soo in one of the photos?

Team Park understandably lets their guard down when Jong-kook steps up to kick. Little do they know that it’s a fake-out as one, two players pretend to kick before Ji-hyo revs up… and completely misses. Aw.

It’s Team Evra’s turn again and this time, Kwang-soo successfully smiles wide for the camera. They win the mission and score the final spot on the Dream Team.

Time for the team captains to choose the four members who will join them in the game. The castmates make their own PR pitches to their respective captains, and Jong-kook resorts to show them what he’s made of. They ignore him, ha.

Then Jo PD announces the four castmates who will play that evening: Jae-suk, Haha, Kwang-soo, and last but not least, Jong-kook.

Gary doesn’t seem too sad about the results since he got to play in the game last year. But it’s Jong-kook I’m most worried about. Is it too late to hope that his poor soccer skills were just for the sake of variety? *crosses fingers*

The boys suit up in the locker room, and they sit with these hilariously blank expressions that has me in a fit of giggles. The thought of playing on such a large stage weighs heavily on their minds… and the other castmates have fun taking photos of their anxious state.

Haha musters up the courage to ask about their game strategy to Ji-sung. Then he immediately relays their team formation info to his hyungs like it’s some big secret. Heehee.

Aww, it kind of adorable to see how nervous they are, and they break the ice with the national athletes by taking some couple shots with the celebrity look-alikes. Then they imitate Ji-sung’s every move during warm-up, heh.

It’s game time and it’s always so nice to see so many Running Man placards floating through the stands. Whoa, some of the drawings are super creative. Where can I get those? And hey, there’s Minho (SHINee) and XIUMIN (EXO)!

There’s a lot of pressure on Jong-kook, who’s called first to play in the game, even before the whistle blows. His name shows up on the initial roster, and Myuk PD shares how Jong-kook’s name has already hit real-time headlines back in Korea.

The game starts, and Jong-kook gets his first opportunity to redeem last year’s showing. He runs up to tackle an opponent, but the ball goes out of bounds, to everyone’s dismay. But at least he makes a decent pass to his teammate. Yay!

Jae-suk is at a literal loss of words as he watches the game. Then fifteen minutes into the game, Jong-kook gets his time to shine. He does a little fancy footwork… and loses the ball.

It keeps happening over and over, and on the bench, Haha asks, “He just really likes soccer, right?” As in, those who can’t play, watch? Then Jae-suk’s like, If that happens to Jong-kook, then what about us?

It’s almost as if you can see the color drain from Kwang-soo’s face when he’s told that he’s up next. He tags out with Jong-kook, and in the box, Gary quips, “Everyone, you’re witnessing the moment when soccer turns into variety.” Hahaha.

His tall stature stands out among the players, and he manages to firmly hold his ground against the professional level athletes. It’s seriously impressive to watch how aggressively competitive he is.

Then an oncoming ball gives him an opportunity for a header… but then he accidentally gets hit by the goalkeeper and collapses to the ground. Hahaha, how does he make a beloved sport so in-the-moment hilarious?

Oof, it does look pretty painful from the replay, but never fearβ€”he’s fine. Aw, and then the sportscaster comments that he doesn’t just jump very high for a tall guy.

Kwang-soo continues to bring on the big laughs as the game continues. At one point, the Korean team is given a freekick, and Ji-sung lets Kwang-soo take the stage. Uh, no pressure or anything, right?

He kicks… and the ball rolls right into the goalkeeper’s hands. Then Ji-sung kicks him in the butt in retaliation. Hee.

When Kwang-soo returns to the bench, he tells them that Ji-sung keeps scolding him. Not only that, he admits that he was so nervous that there were times where it seemed like he was chasing after three soccer balls. On the bright side, you were featured in a newspaper!

We skip ahead to the second half where the score is still 0:0. Ji-sung is back on the bench whereas Evra is remarkably still on the field. Ha, I guess this means he was really joking when he said that he was super tired earlier.

Soon, Haha is called into the game. Aww, is that an Iron Man spandex? Just then, Ji-sung scores his team’s first goal, and the crowd roars in celebration. Eee, that’s our Captain Park!

Unfortunately, Haha’s short(er) legs works against him on the field, and he struggles to keep up with the players. Even the sportscasters throw him a bone and start to draw a similarity to another national athlete of a similar height.

But that’s when Haha loses the ball again, and the announcer finishes, “…Nope.”

Things start to look up for Haha later on as Jae-suk prepares to join him on the field. Ack, I can’t even begin to wrap my head around how nervous they must feel right now.

Haha’s given a chance at a penalty kick, and the players literally have to drag him into position. I love how all of the cast members yell out at the same time: “Don’t bully our Haha!”

That’s when Jae-suk enters the field and Haha passes off the opportunity to his hyung. Jae-suk doesn’t even have his glasses on, and to make matters worse, it starts to rain.

But he takes the shot anyway. The ball soars into the air as everyone waits with bated breath… and it hits the goalpost. Ahh, so close!

Haha continues to improve, and gets past one defender before the ball is intercepted. He even makes a solid, clean pass to Jae-suk. But it’s not long before they lose the ball, and the two share a high-five.

The Korean team scores another goal, and they end up winning the match with a score of 2:0. Everyone gathers together in the locker room on a job well done, and Ji-sung gives some closing remarks as the staff rolls highlights from the last few episodes.

Come back soon, Ji-sung! And next time, can you bring Evra back with you?


69 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Katherine

    Can Park Ji Sung & Evra be permanent members of the show ?! PLEASE !!! . I couldn’t stop laughing from beginning to end with this episode, it was so good.

  2. hoaa

    super LOL at the back song when Haha enter the field.

    Evra is amusing too!

  3. Men Boong

    Bwahahaha! This episode was so funny! Toad Gwangsoo! Ribbit! And as a big fan of the Red Devils, so proud of Evra and his ability to just fit in naturally.

    It would have been nice if Ji Suk had been able to play though, considering Kim-Leave-It-Shi had already played in the cup before.

    And why can’t they ever let the girls play too. So sad πŸ™

  4. Lily

    So this is how Sulli uses her KJK card. I wish it she could have utilized it in a better way. During the tag removal chase would have been good. But then, her team already had the upper hand right from the start.

    The match: this is the only way I can enjoy football. Just round up the cast of my favourite Korean variety show and stick em’ on the pitch. Jaesuk’s goal would have been beautiful had he scored it. It was that close. So disappointing. HaHa’s Iron Man shirt had me in fits as did his time as Haroro on the pitch. KJK not particularly much better this year but since we all know how he is with a ball we shouldn’t really expect much…

    Most importantly though, I laughed a lot and it was a joy watching them play again. I agree with Ji Hyo, too. I think KS would have been quite good. Can this happen next year? He may have his wits about him then.

    PJS is an absolute gem. These last few episodes rank among the top, along with his last episodes. He fits in so well with the cast it’s as if he’s always been a permanent on the show. RM has made me such a huge fan of his that I want him back already. I really, really hope we see him next year.

  5. Hipployta

    I actually watched the game (the things I do for EXO-M) but the Running Man antics were pretty funny in an otherwise VERY boring game outside the EXO-M moments

  6. Mia

    Awesome episode! I thoroughly enjoyed it! And Evra was hilarious! Jae suk and Kwang soo did really well in the soccer game, though I hope Kwang soo didn’t get hurt too much πŸ™
    I hope to see them again next year!

  7. Katie

    One of the best episodes in a while! I love when Park Ji Sung is on! He’s so witty and YAY for RM getting Evra on the show, he is hilarious, particularly with his limited Korean lol.

    I do wish that Sulli had more of a role in the past 2 episodes. I don’t think it’s necessarily her fault though since the best focus was on soccer, but she was so irrelevant it was completely unfair to her. I can’t wait for Suzy’s episode since it seems to be only her and we can properly see whether or not she’s good lol.

    Thanks for the recap!

  8. Kdrama fan

    Loved this episode because you could see the bromance between JS Park and Evra. Evra was hilarious and I’m so glad the two friends could spend time and play soccer on the same team.

    FYI: there was a time when JS Park and Evra were roommates and JS was interviewed for a Korean broadcast. Evra came in and wanted to say hello and JS told him to say “I am an idiot” in Korean! It was so funny! When Evra was told that he was pranked, he was a good sport about it. That’s why he was saying he wasn’t an idiot and checked his name tag in the beginning of this episode.

  9. alive

    It was painful seeing how uncomfortable Ji Hyo was during that cheesy MC moment. The PDs seem to be in a current phase of “push MC as hard as we can”

    • 9.1 ybhsmg

      Ji-Hyo was uncomfortable but she’s a good sport. She did all the tasks nicely and successfully. Yoo Jae-Suk seemed at a point reminding Gary not to cross the line but they were taking it as simply a game.

    • 9.2 Betty

      Ahhhhh!!!! I finally understand what MC means in this case. I was like what does MC means? What does it meannnnns?! I want to know what it MEANS lol. I was confused because I knew that Yoo Jae Seok was referred to as an MC (like Kang Ho Dong for exemple) and I couldn’t see the correlation. I am happy that tonight I will go to sleep a little bit less stupid ahah.

      Anyway I don’t mind the MC scenes. I don’t think Ji Hyo feels that bad about it altho yes sometimes it goes a little bit far but I think it’s ok, and also she sometimes takes advantage of Gary/ MC couple moments if she needs to win so for me it’s fair, but yes I guess I can see why some people could feel uncomfortable watching these scenes.

  10. 10 pigtookie

    Fantastic episode, one of favorites!
    Park Ji Sung and Evra were absolutely golden as this week’s guests. We got not one but two strong guests with great sense of humor.
    And oh Photo Zone, I’ve missed you. It captures some of the best random moments, from Gary’s Peaceful smile to Kwangsoo’s Frog Face.

    LOL there was quite a bit of Xiumin considering he sat next to them…

  11. 11 jel

    I think we have to give Jong Kook abit of credit here. Sure, he was really hilariously bad in that volleyball-football game last week. But other than that one bad miss he made during this year’s actual game, he was ok, not worse than any of the other RM. One of his passes was actually beautiful to watch. And he played very well last year, so I was pretty annoyed when the show recapped his playing moments last year and only chose to focus on his mistakes.

    And I know there are people saying the girls should have played, or Suk Jin should have. I think we have to be realistic. This is a football match. It maybe an exhibition football match, but it still is a football match. It was already generous of PJS to give slots to RM members, so of course they had to choose the best. Having Suk Jin or the girls on, just no. It’d make for good variety, but just no. The football match is PJS’s, its not RM’s.

    Having said that, wow Shinee’s Minho sure got featured a lot. He was sticking with the RM at the sidelines

  12. 12 Andrea

    This episode was insanely awesome! Can we please make Park Ji Sung and Evra part of the cast? Or recurrent guests? Pluh-ease! They are freaking hilarious.

    I don’t know anything about football and I didn’t watch the Asian Cup in it’s entirety, but I screamed like a crazy person every time the cast members did something (good or bad) on the field. I felt so proud of them!

    Did anyone else noticed that Jong Kook basically disappeared after his performance on the game? He wasn’t even on the closing, I think. Any idea why?

    • 12.1 CutiieAngiie

      From what I read and understood, he had a recording for his other variety show so he had to come back in Korea. Kinda like Yoo Jae Suk last year with his other show, Come to Play.

      • 12.1.1 tiff2911

        Oh I was wondering about that too…whether the reason he disappeared was related to his many (old) injuries. Glad to know he was fine. I agree with jel, Jong Kook seems to have gotten more than his fair share of criticisms. Maybe we’re expecting too much of him? Sure he is the most athletic on running man, but he is not a professional football player, and the game is more about skills than strength. So all in all he did more than okay.

        • Andrea

          I also thought that he was in pain or something because of his old injuries and therefore, I was kind of panicking about it. I’m really happy to know that the reason of his dissapeareance was because of a previous engagement.

          And I agree that he did more than okay. After all, Jong Kook is a 38 year old singer who loves football and fitness. Doesn’t mean he is going to be an ace in football out of the blue. Agr and skill matter on the field. It’s unrealistic to expect him to be at the same level of professional football players.

          • Andrea

            I meant age*.

            And okay, I forgot he is 36. The Korean age system screws with my brain sometimes.

  13. 13 Eli_n

    Ji-hyo is Gary’s slave and can only take her clothes off when her master orders *snerk* Did no one else’s mind went there??

    Evra is hilarious even with the language barrier. They really struck variety gold with all the football player guests. And I totally did not spend my time looking up and squealing about Evra and PJS’s bromance online after watching the ep.

    • 13.1 Perrie

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! I thought I was the only one! I love Bromance, and Evra and Ji Sung’s bromance is going on my favorites list!

  14. 14 lojovgv

    I’m forever replaying the toad kwangsoo hilarious!

  15. 15 Jin

    A really fun episode, in my opinion. I really enjoyed it ^_^ Evra was so funny, and Ji-sung ahh~ Football is already fun for me, but adding Running Man in… some of those moments were gold! I burst out giggling when Captain kicked Kwang-soo hehehe.

    Go the Reds!

  16. 16 lojovgv

    The photozone moments are hilarious especially toad kwangsoo! I hope Evra comes back again as a guest. He was awesome:)

  17. 17 Dita

    I love love love love this episode…
    Can’t stop my laughter from the beginning to the end. Bwahahaha…
    Even the soccer is better (funnier) than last year.
    I love u RM!!

  18. 18 Judith


    Toad Kwang-Soo. Nuff said *back to LOLing*

  19. 19 Seo

    Ever since Jisung’s first episodes (96, 97) I wanted Ki Sungyong and Koo Jacheol (KOOKI BROMANCE!) to come on together. I was bitter when Koo came with Captain Park for that sole reason. They could have gotten anyone, Nam Taehee or anyone fitting, really. Not that I didn’t love the episode with Koo, he was great. I just wanted Kooki 😐

    I really wanted to see Jisung with Evra though since they’ve always had fun together while in Man U. It showed here as well! Very satisfied!

    Kooki next please! ^^

  20. 20 Joshua_Ahjussi

    So so cool to see the Man United captain featured on k variety and here on DB! I miss 3 lung Ji Sung being at United. Great servant to our club and is regarded with huge affection.
    Park and Evra have been close for years along with Carlos Tevez from Argentina who also used to played for United. They formed a bit of an international trinity of brothers. Evra speaks 5 languages (and a bit of Korean! ) and he does have amazing stamina. He’s great in interviews etc so it’s no surprise he interacted so well with Ji and RM. So cool πŸ™‚

    • 20.1 CutiieAngiie

      I remember seeing the video of the three of them together for Park Ji Sung’s birthday. It was hilarious when Ji Sung tried to speak in Spanish to Tevez.
      I read tons of interviews questionning how the hell these three could be best friend because of their language barrier. They were like “how do they communicate ????” XD

      • 20.1.1 Joshua_Ahjussi

        I remember that too πŸ˜€ truly heartwarming. Ji also has a great deadpan humour that works well with Patrice πŸ™‚

      • 20.1.2 Biomaz

        We can only hope that there will be another Dream cup episodes next year and we get all Park Ji Sung, Evra, and Tevez.

    • 20.2 Saima

      Our entire family are Man U supporters and I’ll have my brothers watch this episode.

      • 20.2.1 Joshua_Ahjussi


      • 20.2.2 MariD

        Ha me too! I was laughing soo much my brother took my iPad away to see what what I was watching. He then said “it’s Jason park ( I know it’s its Ji Sung but before I was into Korean culture I was a Man U fan & that’s what I thought his name was)& Evra, what are you watching?” Needless to say I did not get my iPad back for a while.

  21. 21 CutiieAngiie

    Can I just say how freakin’ amazing that episode was even though everyone here already said it ?
    I’m French so having Evra in this show was mind-blowing just by that mere fact but I didn’t expect him to be that hilarious and entertaining. Because of some issues related to World Cup 2010, he isn’t really liked in France from what I understand (I don’t really care about football after Zidane retired lol) but I have a new opinion of him now and I have to say that his friendship/bromance with Park Ji Sung is just too adorable and cute. It feels good to have these two players with different culture being so close πŸ˜€

    It has been such a longtime that I didn’t see the pusnishment segment lol. I still remember how shameful it was for the losers to wear hot pants a la SNSD πŸ™‚ especially when it is sooo cold outside.
    I was surprised that we didn’t have the usual warm welcome crowd in the airport. I guess it didn’t make the cut because from what I saw in articles, there were a lot of people as usual or I could be wrong.
    I loved how Evra was fascinated by the Running Man’s filming set with the staffs and props. Especially with Dong Li LOL. “He is a man ?! Hahahaha” I’m sure that our FD maknae never thought how useful and famous he will be in RM.
    The games weren’t boring at all and allowed to see a joyful and hilarious side of the guests/casts. I loved the horrified expression of Evra when he felt the acunpuncture mat with his foot and Suk Jin losing but having quick reflexes. Big Nose Hyung is on the roll nowadays ;D
    Can I just add again and again how much I love Kwang Soo ? Seriously, it is insane how hilarious he can be with just his body. The toad face and the wrinkles … LMAO.

    I love Suk Jin and the girls but it was right not to include them in the competion. It wasn’t RM’s match but Asian Dream Cup’s match so yeah, you ain’t going to put girls or a 47 years old man in the field just for the show’s sake. I’m sure RM team is already grateful to be able to see the match that close and be with their RM family <3

    As for the match. Seriously, how can they turn it into variety. Just amazing and one of the biggest reasons why people love RM so much.
    Aside from Kwang Soo who is always hilarious, I loved HaHa's comment about Jong Kook "he is just someone who loves football, huh ??" It is cool and kinda cute to see Sparta being defenseless and not really mighty. He is human after all XD.
    Oh and the high five between HaHa and Jae Suk … AWESOME. I laughed so hard the way they edited it with the sound/replay/reactions … etc. This is also one of biggest reasons why RM is just amazing. The way they edit things with effects sounds and all. It is very entertaining.

    Oh and last thing, I really loved the cast's interactions with the other players and staffs of the event in general. It makes me want to have a BTS clip of RM because I feel that watching the RM cast and staff members working is just precious.
    I loved so much how Kwang Soo went to salute Cho PD when he passed by them before the beginning of the match. You could feel that Cho PD really treasures Kwang Soo by the way he looked at him.

    I'm not one of these people always saying "old episodes better or RM has changed" and blablabla but I'm just happy that these kind of episodes exist to erase the not as hilarious and entertaining episodes as were 145, 148 and 149 for me.

    • 21.1 Lilian

      “It feels good to have these two players with different culture being so close”
      Yeah man….I enjoyed that too! Bromance is always good, but bromance that crosses boundaries like language/culture etc is even better =)

  22. 22 Betty

    Oh cool! Early recap!!!! Thank you Gummimochi πŸ™‚

    This episode was really nice. I loved the beginning when the other team showed up with the winter clothes (hilarious) and also loved the slave missions and as usual Ji Hyo and Gary interactions were very cute and Gary is so endearing :p

    This was an awesome episode and Ji Sung & Evra were hilarious, as was also all the RM cast by the way. I wish there were more moments with the girls… ok not really the girls but specially Ji Hyo but still it was really nice!

  23. 23 luzzieh

    Gary improved a lot since last year’s Asian Dream Cup.. he would have performed much better than KJK, just wasn’t his fate to be picked…

    No offense to KJK & fans, just a fact

    I love all running man members

    • 23.1 luzzieh

      KJK is just not good in field sports… this is a fact..

      I love all RM episodes, be it mild to hilarious ones…

      LKS is a kind person, i don’t know him personally, but everyone can see it through his actions in running man

      I hope PD will not push MC scenes too hard, it just feels so scripted so much…

      • 23.1.1 runner

        another fact is KJK is one of the long term members of Korean Celebrity Soccer team

  24. 24 Lilian

    Loved this episode so much. Some of the games are “old” like the ddakji but it is still so funny especially with newbie Evra. And gotta say I laughed a lot at Suk Jin’s tries with the ddakji. Was surprised to see Minho and totally love it that he is close to RM folks hence leading to some screentime for him XD Can we have more footballers on RM? rather than boxing champions/wrestling etc? the game is more level especially in physical ones and somehow they make me laugh and not just sigh!

  25. 25 hannah

    Did anyone else notice that Kwang Soo’s number in the soccer game was 42?

    • 25.1 CutiieAngiie

      OMG, yeah. I laughed so hard when I saw it the first time ! It is hilarious how Kwang Soo can be hilarious even if he doesn’t do anything XD.

  26. 26 Quiet Thought

    Am I a fuddy-duddy for being disturbed that everyone in East Asia considers a thirty-year old woman a “girl”? Not just casually, but in every comment on every show and every translation to English subs on Viki and Daily Motion?

    All that aside, Sulli and Ji Hyo were just along for the ride, here. I would have worried about their being set aside in other circumstances, but this is football, after all. It is not a sport where a non-athlete can hang around on the field and pretend to participate. As I mentioned last episode with regard to the foot-volleyball game, this is like baseball or ice hockey. If you have no game experience, you are not only lost and in the way, you can get seriously injured. Sulli and Ji Hyo are not footballers; they were not part of the final match in the game last episode and it would have been dangerous for them to be the field this episode.

    • 26.1 jaglaine

      I think it’s because we oftentimes use ‘girl’ to refer to a female. In some of our languages, we don’t have the girl/woman differentiation. Ergo, we use ‘girl’ in reference to anything female, young or old. For example, I could say to a 40 year-old female friend who always wears jeans and shirt, “Oh, you look like a girl today.” Meaning: you’re dressed up like a female today. Notice how there is no reference to age in the usage of girl.

      That’s my take on it anyway.

      • 26.1.1 jaglaine

        P.S. I’m not East Asian, I’m Southeast Asian. But I think the explanation still serves.

    • 26.2 ybhsmg

      Most of viewers who watch Song Ji-Hyo in RM find it hard to see her as a thirty – year old woman as she acts and looks like twenty – something girl.

    • 26.3 Shikurai17

      Girl is often used interchangeable with women in the US also, regardless of age. My friends and I mostly use the term girl. We’re in our late twenties and early thirties. It sounds kind of weird to me use women.

  27. 27 the68monkey

    Really, really enjoyed this episode, thanks to fantastic guests Park Ji-sung and Evra! Again, I’m not so sure why Sulli was chosen as a guest for these past two episodes, since they’ve both been footy-focused on the men’s talents.

    I’m with several commenters here when saying the Monday Couple moments appear to make Ji-hyo uncomfortable. Is she still dating somebody else in her non-RM life?

    As for Ji Suk-jin not getting chosen for the game, I’d have to say he actually looked relieved. πŸ˜› The bigger surprise for me was the Park Ji-sung chose HaHa over Gary! Yes, I realize Gary got to play last year, but HaHa? Really? I was shocked. Gary looked shocked, too. I guess it was a choice of fan base, rather than best ability.

    As everybody else, I LOVED Kwang-soo in ribbit freeze frame! LOL! I’m glad he was chosen to play, and only wish he’d actually headed that ball into the goal! (Same with Jae-suk’s kick — soooooo close!)

    I do have an awful feeling we’re going to see a lot more of the accupressure mats, which I hate. How many yards of those torture devices did they probably purchase for the Flower Boy episode? And how many times do you think they’ll recycle them in upcoming episodes? Personally, I don’t like the RM eps where the cast suffers in some way. I much prefer the riddle-type challenges and old-fashioned hide-and-seek, then rip the tag games. (Zombie School Trip episode being a great example of one of my favorites, for that reason).

    • 27.1 On a QIHM High

      I think Sulli was just chosen to balance out Ji-hyo (one player on each team being a girl) and because she’s guested twice before (if it were a new guest, they’d need to pay particular attention to her).

      No news on Ji-hyo breaking up with her boyfriend, so I’m assuming they’re still together.

      I thought PJS chose Haha simply because Gary played last year. But I’m not sure :/

    • 27.2 On a QIHM High

      Really enjoyed this episode. I was holding my breath during the game, especially when Jae-suk did the penalty shot. He was so close!!

      I’m seen a lot of people complaining about MC but I personally don’t mind it. I’m not a person who thinks Ji-hyo and Gary should go out in real life (their life, their choice) but in a variety show, it’s their character and so they play by it, just like KJK is the bully leader or Kwangsoo is the icon of betrayal. It’s hard to say whether Gary even likes her more than a castmate and likewise for Ji-hyo. I think the reason why it’s becoming a problem is because people are merging the line between reality and variety. It’s important to realize that how they act on the show are not necessarily true representations of their RL feelings. TBH, I actually appreciate MC because my ultimate bias is Ji-hyo and this gives her screen-time and attention and also allows her to develop her other personas (mongji/bad jihyo). I think we can all agree that she often ends up getting little screen-time otherwise. This is the same for JSJ and LKS/Haha (LKS at the beginning of RM, Haha now in RM).

      • 27.2.1 On a QIHM High

        the68monkey, this wasn’t meant to be a reply to your comment! I don’t know what happened :/ sorry!!

      • 27.2.2 the68monkey

        That’s okay! I wanted to reply to your comment, anyway. πŸ˜›

        About Monday Couple: Yes, it’s hard to tell what’s acted and what’s real, but sometimes the casts’ emotions tend to show through. Gary is one of my very favorites, because he always is so honest and pure on the show. But is it all an act, never being able to lie and all that? Maybe so. One thing is for sure, Gary does appear to have a lot of respect for how daring Ji-hyo is. The episode in Malaysia was really telling, when Ji-hyo bungee jumped off the tower, the cut to Gary, as I recall, showed him marveling at how amazing she was to fearlessly jump (and appear to enjoy it, too!). I like the Monday Couple moments when it looks like they’re having fun, so is it just a cultural thing, with Ji-hyo acting as if she’s resisting it sometimes? She certainly played Gary in the previous episode, when he found her hiding. Again, he looked irritated to have been played, but seemed okay by the end. All an act for the viewers? Maybe so.

        • alive

          Certainly its all an act, but some fans take the MC loveline way too seriously and insist it spills over IRL. We need to realise its all a show.

          If I may say this, I feel Ji Hyo has much more natural interactions with some other cast members, which I feel so much more comfortable watching

  28. 28 cheliwel

    The games were a little dull but the bromance between ji sung and evra made up for it. I hope they’ll come back to running man next year. Evra has a great sense of humor. I love his moment with the pd dressed up as Chun Li. And Sulli, she really wasn’t needed. I kinda forgot she wasn’t even there. At least she got a free trip to Shanghai.

  29. 29 ailee

    when did RM ever go to Malaysia for bungee jumping? wasn’t that in Macau? just curious πŸ™‚

    • 29.1 the68monkey

      Macau Tower. Oops. πŸ˜› I should fact check my faulty memory before I hit submit.

  30. 30 Cynthia

    Really enjoyed this episode, especially as I have no interest in these sports and really don’t know who the pros are.

    But I must admit, watching Ji-sung giving Kwang-soo that swift kick in the pants was hysterical.

    At this point I think that concern over Spartakook’s prior injuries isn’t justified anymore. This is a guy who had surgery on his neck/back and had knee injuries, and here he is, jumping head first into an enormous water/air balloon and being tossed into the lake on the last RM, and now here he’s barrelling down the soccer field kicking that ball at top speed. I’d venture to say his recovery is complete.

    I also don’t see anything uncomfortable about Ji-hyo’s reaction to Gary’s MC antics. Hasn’t it been part of their MC persona to do a push/pull in their made up relationship?

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi – appreciated as always!

  31. 31 soprection

    aw, that was really fun. Evra was a great sport and he was super good at the games as well. It was really entertaining to watch.

    I’m not one for football but it was nice of them to include the members’ highlights in the show. It was nice seeing so much support for the members in the crowd as well. They tried their best given that they’re not professionals. I couldn’t help cracking up at how Minho pushed his way into the show during the match. That’s so like him, lol.

    The Monday couple part at the beginning was really cute. I know a lot of people don’t like it because they think it makes Jihyo uncomfortable but I don’t agree. She does sometimes look embarrassed when they joke about it but I feel like if she was really uncomfortable with it, they would have dropped the love-line when she started publicly dating her CEO. When it happened, I remember the PD saying that they gave her the option to do so because they didn’t want her to be burdened. They don’t usually highlight it that much anyway besides a couple throwaway jokes here or there. I could be giving them too much credit but given that Running Man’s not really the kind of show that needs a loveline anyway, I just don’t think they’d keep the joke going if she really hated it.

    • 31.1 soprection

      Also thank you for the recap! I always enjoy reading them.

    • 31.2 the68monkey

      I didn’t realize she’d been given the option to have the Monday Couple storylines dropped. If so, that does make me view their interactions quite differently. Thanks for the info.

  32. 32 ananlea

    I loved this episode…I’m so glad Kwang Soo got to play, him & Jiyo are my favourites!

  33. 33 ho zi rong canberra

    what>??!? no 1d2n recap again

    • 33.1 Cynthia

      Not only is there no 1N2D recap, there never will be.
      GF & JB decided to drop the recaps – the newest incarnation of the show sucked.

  34. 34 Running Man Fan

    Love this episode.. One of the best recently. Bravo to both captain park and Evra!!! Cheers to their bromance. Love Kim Jong Kook for being so cute as ever. He exergerated and talk big before he failed miserably later when he attempted with soccer. That is to entertain us not that he is arrogant. I think he look adorable when he failed because he is not a superman, just a strong man so do not expect too much from this poor guy who gives his best.
    I like haha comment – JK hyung only likes to play football is’nt it? Followed by Jae Suk who remarked,” if Jong Kook is like that, what will happen to us?” Spartakook is really playing a big role here being the source of motivation.
    The photo taking part was hilarious because of Kwang Soo and Jae Suk. They were so so FUNNY!! Lol.
    Gary did not play for the soccer match, I was sad but at least he played last year. As to why Ji Suk Jin was not chosen but Jong Kook, I got to say it was because of age(lack of stamina) and lack of skills. That being said, it is not that impala is that weak but he will be more of a hindrance on the field.
    Sulli is just a pretty face in this episode too and she is needed to balance out Ji Hyo who is the only female in the other team. THAT is her role. πŸ™‚
    The Monday moment is classic as always. I am satisfied to see their onscreen chemistry. Real life? Their choice. πŸ™‚
    The cross play of dong Li was funny.. Finally Evra found his ideal ‘woman’. Haha. The joke about Kwang Soo age (42) and his shirt was identical.
    Lastly, a big clap to Running man at the soccer match. Jae suk oppa, hope you can kick the ball into the goal next year!! Fighting Running Man. Thank you for the review.

  35. 35 Perrie

    I love that KJK is such a good sport about being teased on his soccer skills. I also love how Park Ji Sung always brings international guest of different. And I looooove Evra and Ji Sung bromance! So cute! I forgot sulli was in this episode until i saw her picture, lol.

    My favorite love lines in Running Man: MC, and Evra and Dong Li! Hahaha! It was so funny when he kissed him!

    And OMG, Evra is so handsome!
    Come back again Evra!

  36. 36 Fanboi

    Every episode with PJS is great.. Will he consider variety when he retires?

    And Kwang soo, Haha and Jaesuk weren’t that bad.. :))

  37. 37 Sparta

    Where did JK go after he got sub? Nv see him at all.

  38. 38 grey

    I just love this episode! Made me laugh n cry at the same time. Every episode of PJS was just hilarious hahaha… and also evra.. who knew that he was so good in variety? Wish for we could see RM member in asian dream cup next year wif PJS <3

    RM daebak!

  39. 39 Maico

    Does anyone know the song that plays in the background @64:25 with the electric guitar and drums? Been looking for it quite some time now, it was used in the Asian Dream cup 2012 too, but nowhere else.

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