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Seo In-gook and Gong Hyo-jin’s rooftop laundry date for Master’s Sun
by | July 24, 2013 | 129 Comments

It must be a love triangle kind of day. Oh no, it’s not contagious, is it? Here’s our first look at Master’s Sun’s other couple Seo In-gook and Gong Hyo-jin, shooting their romantic first encounter on the rooftop of their gositel, the low-rent extended-stay motel where both characters live. They both work at So Ji-sub’s shopping mall Kingdom (that’s actually the name of it, and here I thought he owned a chain of them, heh) and they discover that they’re neighbors too.

Seo In-gook plays an ex-soldier who sets up his own private security company as a private citizen and gets hired by So Ji-sub to be his head of security. He’s described as dependable and gentle, and well, when you add that to bodyguard and second lead, you pretty much get instant love and sympathy from me. If there’s one tried and true formula for a winning second lead, it’s the boyish bodyguard to the immature hero (See: The King 2 Hearts). I expect more angst in this bromance though, if they’re both going to fall in love with the ghost-seeing, sleep-deprived, kookypants heroine.

In their characters’ first meeting, Seo In-gook discovers Gong Hyo-jin napping on the rooftop, and steals peeks at her through the laundry hanging out to dry. But what’s romantic to him is creepy to her, and I mean literally — she thinks he’s a ghost, and flips out. But it looks like they manage to make friends pretty quickly, because then there’s giggling and flirting over laundry. How adorable. Can I root for a second lead before a drama even starts? Diggin’ my own grave, I swear.

Master’s Sun follows I Hear Your Voice and begins August 7 on SBS.

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129 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Belle

    Damn! I forgot In Gook is playing the second lead… This drama is gonna break my fangirl heart, isn’t it?

    Love what I’ve seen of it so far!

    • 1.1 redfox

      I wasnt on board at ALL but HELLO, FACE!

      I still think the drama is going to be silly though. I havent liked any of the supernatural-ghost-gumiho-undead dramas.

      • 1.1.1 Windsun33

        The gumiho and some zombie ones I can live with, as they are at least based on traditional myths or whatever and I can suspend belief for the sake of the story. The ghost & supernatural stuff usually just turns out really stupid, not just in k-dramas, but worldwide. Probably due to my total disbelief in ghosts etc in general.

        • redfox

          they were based on myths yes, but I guess it is hard to execute it well. at the same time, I realize television cannot do the same justice as a movie to the same material.

    • 1.2 Joy

      I KNOW RIGHT ;__; And I just finished rewatching Answer Me 1997. I already have the symptoms of Second Lead Syndrome >_<

      • 1.2.1 Quinze

        Haha same man. I never had the time to watch it when I aired so I just watched it from start to finish. So seeing his beautiful face and knowing he’s the second lead is breaking me. Crap!

      • 1.2.2 Melissa

        Ohmygosh. Hoya ripped my heart apart in Answer Me 1997. *still sobbing*

    • 1.3 Jess

      Second lead syndrome? πŸ˜›

      I totally agree though, I’ll be wishy-washy the entire drama. SIGH </3

  2. pearl3101

    I like your mentioning king 2 hearts. JJS was perfect there. πŸ™‚

    • 2.1 anniemo

      Hands down one of my favorite kdrama characters of all time.

  3. Yoori

    I don’t know how a middle age sleep-deprived woman can be attractive but I can not wait for this drama!!!!!

    SIG is looking fine!

    • 3.1 mary

      “I don’t know how a middle age sleep-deprived woman can be attractive but I can not wait for this drama!!!!!” <- hehe

      I already nap a lot.

      Wake me up when a Seo In Gook is ogling me. πŸ˜€

      • 3.1.1 Gaeina Lee


        I won’t promise to wake you up, Mary.. Since I might oh-gling over him at the same time.. ^^

    • 3.2 trotwood

      Hey, this is my fantasy! Don’t kill the dream, my friend. Don’t kill the dream.

    • 3.3 enz

      gong hyo jin is middle aged??! does that make me ….. elderly??!!!!! ANDWEEEEEE!!!!!

      • 3.3.1 Lilly

        She is a year older than Britney Spears.

  4. DarknessEyes

    looking forward to this πŸ™‚

  5. snow_white

    I love Gong Hyo Jin but I think Seo In Guk will look younger than her…..anyways, both of them look great in the stills….

    can’t wait….and yeah….I never suffer from second lead syndrome…..no problems there…..

    • 5.1 mary

      Whaa? O_O

      Never?! As in never ever?

      Not even when we thought Soo Ha was the 2nd lead in IHYV?

      Not even at the start of Delightful Girl Chun Hyang? (But! Mr. Byun was adorkable there!)

      Not even in Best Love?

      • 5.1.1 snow_white

        Only once…..in Flower Boy Next Door πŸ˜‰

        IHYV: I have just started so I know that he is going to be the main lead….haha

        DGCH: No way…..it’s only Jae Hee for me!!!!!

        Best Love: I think Yoon Kye Sang was sooooooooooo cute….but still I liked Dok go jin more πŸ™‚

        • harukogirl

          ha ha! I might have second lead syndrome for this drama, after seeing the stills…but I’m the same. I’ve only ever had it before once!

          Mine was “My Girl” – ah, Lee Jun Ki. XD

          • hannah

            Only time I ever had second lead syndrome was Best Love. I’m not sure it was because I wanted Yoon Pil Joo to end up with the Goo Ae Jung over Dokko Jin but rather I liked the Yoon Pil Joo character better.

          • hanie

            sorry for riding on you comment.

            Mine was Jun ki too~
            But my ultimate second lead syndrome was Won Bin in Autumn Tale. Sigh~

          • Lu

            Same as you ! This was the first drama I saw with Lee Jun Ki in it (and I totally watched a lot of his other dramas after), and I could’nt even root for the main lead, because he was soooo sweet and well… Perfect ! But yeah, my only time rooting for the second lead πŸ™‚

    • 5.2 Pearl11

      yup me too! I never suffer from second lead syndrome .. I always support the first lead lol ..

    • 5.3 eny

      i get second lead sindrome many time: Kim Sung Soo in all his drama, Joo Won in Baker King, Queen Seundeok etc, i even get second female lead sindome sometimes

    • 5.4 pearl3101

      Almost all kdramas have love triangles. And I’m so sick of them now. Why can’t everybody be happy for once??

      • 5.4.1 pbjtimeee

        If you’re looking for a drama without a love triangle, try Queen In-hyun’s Man. The main couple faces enough problems since he did travel 300 years into the future and deals with the space-time doohickey issues. But what’s a drama without some drama? πŸ™‚

    • 5.5 anniemo

      Not even Sungkyunkwan Scandal?! I could write a thesis on why Yoo Ah In’s character should have gotten the girl instead.

      • 5.5.1 asiancowgirl

        I would love to read that thesis. ;D I so wanted Yoo Ah In to get the girl too. Micky’s character was really boring. Still cannot believe he didn’t get the girl.

        • anniemo

          Without actually writing said thesis (and aside from the the fact that, yes, Micky is one dull dude), just the juxtaposition of how the guys view her choice to live as a man says everything to me. Yoo Ah In makes it clear in the conversation in the tree that he gets what drives her, what fundamentally makes her tick, and that he would never try to stop her because doing what she’s doing is necessary for her to truly feel alive. Micky, on the other hand, tries rather concertedly to stop her, only eventually (and begrudgingly) accepts what she’s doing, and has a complete “I don’t get it, but ok, fine, whatever” attitude. How is this even a choice, let alone one where Yoo Ah In comes out the loser? (And I’m sorry, but “Hey, she and Micky are both nerds!” is not a solid counterargument.)

          • katmoo

            “And I’m sorry, but β€œHey, she and Micky are both nerds!” is not a solid counterargument”

            and my lunch is now all over my keyboard and screen… I doubt you were trying to be funny with that comment, but you got me rollin’!

      • 5.5.2 Rovi

        …and BTW, you shouldn’t write that thesis. AT ALL

        ‘Coz in the sequel (“The Life Happenings of the Staff of Gyujanggak”) of the original novel (“The Life Happenings of the Scholars of Seonggyungwan”), Jae-shin is already married to his bride (which makes a sad me to the bromance!OTP).

        • anniemo

          Unless I’m missing something, I fail to see how that makes me wrong. Aside from all else, a book is a book and a drama is a drama. Two completely different animals (and not necessarily in lockstep with each other).

    • 5.6 Quinze

      Hah usually I go into dramas knowing who the main lead is so I can make sure my heart’s not broken when the 2nd guy doesn’t get the girl. I’m sure somewhere along the way I’ve gotten 2nd lead syndrome but I can’t think of any so I might be with you there!

      • 5.6.1 anniemo

        I can personally attest that that method doesn’t give you automatic immunity (see above).

        • Quinze

          Hah yea it’s not foolproof for sure. I’ve had a lot of close calls though!

    • 5.7 biankoy

      Omo! reading the comment above brought back memories of raging hatred for Song Seunghoon’s character in Autumn of my Heart. My whole family and I were all aboad the Won Bin train/ship. I still can’t forgive Mr. Hand Towel for that. hahahaha.

  6. becca_boo

    Ack! SLS already! We are so doomed.

  7. Amberscube

    Im trying to keep my expectation low because of that BiG disappointment but Seo In Guk…. my expectation of The Master’s Sun just went to the to roof!

    Super excited.

  8. ck1Oz

    Er I know he’s wearing a shirt and all but are his biceps bigger? Cos’ he sure looks like he changed his body shape.

    I am not actually a SJS fan so happy to be shipping the 2nd lead here.

    • 8.1 Joy

      Actually, his biceps did get bigger. He’s filming a swimming movie called No Breathing along with Lee Jong Suk and Yuri. He must have been working out to get that swimmer’s body πŸ˜€ <3

      • 8.1.1 Saima

        RE the swimmer’s body: We are NOT complaining! *_*

        • Gaeina Lee

          Especially when this film transform our 2 manboy, SIG and LJS, into manlier men… Yup, no complain from me either!
          Feel less guilty to oh-gle over the new version of them.. ^^

          • Quinze

            Right? I love LJS as an actor but I always thought he was way too skinny in School 2013.
            So it wasn’t until I saw still from IHYV that I realized he ain’t so much a boy anymore. And YAY no complaints here either…

  9. Ace

    Hong Sisters second leads have never appealed much to me (esp. Park Dong-joo in MGIAG) even if I can see their good points (Dr. Pil-joo in BL’s the best of the bunch so far). Right now, I can pretty much say that I’m in So Ji-sub’s character’s line. πŸ˜‰

    • 9.1 MariD

      Really? Even Lee Jun Ki in “my Girl”? He was so pretty there, he almost looked like a doll.

      • 9.1.1 Ace

        And that’s mainly the reason why I wasn’t on his team. He was so pretty (as other people kept telling me), but he’s not really my type. Then or now.

        Also biased against Uhm Tae-woong’s character in DGCH and I still see him as that cold-hearted SOB that’s why I avoid all his dramas.

        • MariD

          Me too!!! On the Uhm Tae-Woong comment. I can’t get over how much a dislike him in DGCH that I avoided almost everything he is in except for Cyriano dating agency

        • bd

          Again, don’t get the whole “pretty” talk for LJK.

          Yeah, LJK has that (weird) androgynous-look going on, but I’m not thinking “gee, he looks as pretty as a pretty girl.”

        • biankoy

          Uhm Taewong also strike me as cold SOB at first so I was just meh~~ whenever I watch him in dramas. Sure the guy could act but still, meh~. BUT after watching him in 1N2D my opinion just had a360 degrees turn because not only is he adorably dim, sweet as a kid, he is also freaking clumsy. The action star has dog feet.

    • 9.2 Betsy

      I agree the only two second leads I have actually liked from a Hong Sisters drama were Yoon Pil Joo in Best Love and Kang Shin Woo in You’re Beautiful.

      • 9.2.1 Mystisith

        Am I the only one who didn’t like Pil Joo? I thought he was boring and bland as hell. Typical second male lead.

        • DDee

          Compared to Dok Go Jin, anyone would be bland and boring!

        • kittycat

          Yeah I didn’t fall for Pil Joo either. I was a Dokgo Jin girl all the way. XD

        • ryoko

          I was surprised at the time that so many people were rooting for Pil Joo. Like you said, a boring, bland, typical second male lead.

        • enz

          he wasn’t bland or boring for me. he was lovely and kind and wasn’t above feeling petty jealousies and fighting for ae Jung. and didn’t listen to his mom and didn’t give false hope to the female second lead. he was really ‘rootable’. oops that sounds a little dirty

        • bd

          Agreed, Pil Joo was a bit on the boring/bland side.

          What I thought was a great 2nd lead was in INR2012 – where the guy was a “nice guy”, but had an allure.

          • Celery

            I thought The Greatest Love was one of the greatest (oops) examples of almost equal polarizing support for both male leads.

            With that said, it was Dokko for me, all the way πŸ˜€

          • ryoko

            Yes! I usually don’t get SLS, but INR2011 was one of the few times, and I had it really bad. Whenever I think of the ending, I still get a little upset. I don’t think the writer knew why her character would break it off with the second lead either, ha.

            Oops, I just realized you were actually referring to INR2012 in your comment. Well, I’ll agree with you on that one as well, though for me it has less to do with how good the second male lead is, and more to do with how much I didn’t agree with the actions of the first male lead.

      • 9.2.2 pogo

        I liked Shin-woo, but he didn’t stand a chance in hell of giving me SLS after Jang Geun-seok unleashed THAT SMILE.

        • ryoko

          100% agreed.

    • 9.3 pogo

      The only Hong Sisters second lead who actually gave me SLS was Lee Jun-ki in My Girl, and that is because, well, it’s Lee Jun-ki.

      I adore SIG and this laundry date concept but I’ll wait for the actual drama to judge.

      • 9.3.1 MariD

        Oppa was soo pretty with his Manga hair cut. I knew he had no chance in Hell, but I still hoped he got the girl.

  10. 10 Emma

    This guy is far to thin…

    • 10.1 Uumm


      • 10.1.1 TheTofurkey

        Haha, love this response. Why use words when you can use pictures?

      • 10.1.2 Cynthia


        Who woulda thunk?!
        Talk about hiding your light under a bushel!


        • Harleyqwen

          LMAO@ Talk about hiding your light under a bushel!

          I have to say I wish I had a tree like that in my backyard πŸ™‚

      • 10.1.3 b1

        i just blown my coffe in my monitor .. bwahahahahah

      • 10.1.4 katmoo

        *blink…blink…blink…* ah…wow…

    • 10.2 bd

      Well, SIG used to be a bit “chunky” back in the day…

  11. 11 Rachel

    Gosh I think my heart won’t be able to withstand the excitement from anticipating this drama. Can’t wait!!

    Frowny Seo In Guk AND frowny So Ji Sub. Gonna love it (I’m not even being sarcastic hahaha).

  12. 12 MariD

    Was he this good looking in Reply?? I remember thinking that Hoya & his older brother were the best looking guys. He just had that face that always looks sad or angry. Yet here he looks very handsome.

    • 12.1 Rachel

      LOL I know what you mean about always looking sad or angry. Probably because he was playing a sulky teenager most of the time during that show. He definitely looks like he has lost some weight since Reply. Aieeee can’t wait to catch him in this show!

  13. 13 porcelain

    Oh my… Seo In Gook looks so goooooooooooooooooodddddddddddd……..

  14. 14 Betsy

    I can’t wait for this drama. It feels like this summer’s dramas were all really lacking in the fun department. I’ve only watched Dating Agency: Cyrano and Monstar (until the end) which have been the most light hearted and fun dramas of the summer so far. Here’s hoping this horror rom-com hits all the right notes and judging by the pics its going to be so cute!

  15. 15 crazedlu

    joining you in this grave…

  16. 16 Emily

    I’m rooting for him right along with you! I’m looking forward to this drama. And your recaps. πŸ™‚

  17. 17 soprection

    I’m not really a Seo In Guk fan but Yoon Pil Joo is my favourite male romantic lead character EVER (seriously the man was perfect – I would have chosen him in a heartbeat) so hopefully they’l create a character here that I can root for as well, although I really shouldn’t since he won’t be getting the girl. Sigh. I always fall prey to second lead syndrome.

    • 17.1 amberscube

      YOOn PIL JOO. Perfect. Period.

    • 17.2 bd

      Shin Ji Hoon in INR2012 was better and far more interesting as a 2nd lead.

  18. 18 soliloquy

    The fact that L is also supposed to be younger SJS makes my heart swoon. SIG definitely looks a little too young compared to GHJ — I mean, she’s 33 to his 25 so we’ll see.

    I cannot wait for this ~

  19. 19 Midori

    Hey, is that ppl t-shirt for Holly Coffee? Since King of Dramas, I’ve been viewing everything with a jaundiced eye.

    • 19.1 cherkell

      Nopes, that is not the Holly(‘s) Coffee logo since I have one of their t-shirts in my possession. But isn’t it very strange to have another woman’s name plastered all over one’s chest, ne?

      And because of their resemblance to each other, I am still praying to the Drama Gods to have Kim Ji-hoon and Seo In-gook star in a production together. WORLDS WOULD HAVE BEEN COLLIDED! *swoon*

  20. 20 swui

    Chronic second lead shipper here – feel free to break my heart. Again. Hehe.

  21. 21 Steph

    I want it, now! Really excited about this one and the stills aren’t helping.

  22. 22 Peeps

    I have a very important question.


    Like just last year he was this snot nosed kid to me and now, BAM! *Wolf whistle*

    I think the snot nosed image was because I’d seen him playing around in AM1997 as a stupid teenager or something.

    But wow. Especially in the first picture after the thick chunk of text (I’m sorry Girlfriday. He melted my brain.)

    What is this drama and who is So JiSub???

  23. 23 Mystisith

    No second male lead syndrome for me… His pointy chin is distracting.
    Plus I’m really curious to see SJS in a comedic self parodic role. Make me laugh, you’ll get the girl.

    • 23.1 Annie

      I find myself agreeing with you all the time, Mystisith!

      • 23.1.1 Mystisith

        *High five!* πŸ™‚

  24. 24 DDee

    I can sense the force is strong with SIG. This is gonna be a tough one: SJS vs SIG. Bring it!

  25. 25 ran

    SIG lost too much weight it’s creepy. it was better in Reply1997..

  26. 26 canxi

    I wonder if being an ex-soldier, he probably sees some ghosts of his own so he can relate to her? He was in the Zeytunes? I looked it up just once and completely forgot what I read, now I can’t find it so I’m not sure what the department does.

    Who knows who I’ll be rooting for. So Ji Sub’s characters are usually appealing in their own way and even in this drama, from the trailers, he seems kinda sly and devilish rather than outright mean soooo, we’ll see.

    • 26.1 pogo

      I heard he was supposed to be in the only South Korean military unit to get sent to Iraq, which makes sense because that is the only actual combat a SK soldier of this generation could be in, if he’s to see lots of death and ghosts (the North threatens, but war hasn’t actually been declared again)

      • 26.1.1 canxi

        Yeah!! It’s called the Zeytunes (I think I spelled it right). I knew they were in Iraq, but I wasn’t sure what they were doing there. I read about it and it left my mind soon after it seems. I wonder what I was doing that week since my memory is so bad…

        Thanks, Pogo! I think it would be sweet if they were to bond over that (so neither feels so alone or crazy), though that would probably be a segue into second-lead syndrome for me, lol.

  27. 27 apple

    Seo In gook looks mighty fine!

    But I am sooooo anticipating the chemistry between So Ji-sub and Gong Hyo-jin!!!

    I always wanted them to do a project together. So I am immune to the SLS, lol.

  28. 28 Mari

    I almost always love the Second Lead more than the Main. Yoon Pil Joo is the perfect example, even to their last scene together I hoped she would change her mind! lol

  29. 29 exquisitemelody

    no…no no no no no….dammit. second lead syndrome, here i come.

  30. 30 mona

    i just remember road no1. second lead yoon kye sang was perfect. im big fan of seo in gook . he is soooooooo hot . i cant forget reply 1997 cuz of him. seo ji sub is one of my faviourit actors. i cant wait to watch this drama

  31. 31 phuongie

    Holy crap! He’s even hotter in this drama. So Ji Sub who?

  32. 32 kittycat

    I’ve never had SLS, but I love Love LOVE Seo In Guk….then again I also like So ji Sub. It’s gonna be so hard choosing between these two T_T.

    I just wish Seo In Guk good luck in his 2nd major drama. This time he’s acting with big names and I hope he blows everyone out the water again. Much Success!!

  33. 33 p3rk3le

    ever since Answer me, I got so many feels for SIG… so he just looks SO good in my eyes right now!!!

  34. 34 Annie

    Gong Hyo Jin has this whimsical air about her that makes her kind of timeless… so I don’t necessarily get the noona feel from her (which has affected my enjoyment of IHYV despite my best efforts to the contrary).

    So Ji Sub is still pure, unadulterated hotness so in my books the kid doesn’t stand a chance.

  35. 35 Ele

    Oh lordy that man is just ridiculously fine.

    Would it be cheeky if I was “secretly” overjoyed he was the 2nd lead so I could imagine him somehow ending up in a whirlwind romance with me?..

  36. 36 Andrea

    I think I’m suffering already from Second Lead Syndrome and this damned drama hasn’t even aired yet. So Ji Sub better bring his A-game, because Seo In Gook already has my heart.

  37. 37 Nanaki

    I always want to like the Hong sister’s secondary characters way more than I actually do, through no fault at all of the actors. I see what they’re going for… but it just never really works, they’re never fleshed out enough.

  38. 38 Quiet Thought

    Gong Hyo Jin flirts better than any actress I can recall.

    • 38.1 Ele

      too true!! she just has this air about her <3

  39. 39 Trina

    Well…I have not get second lead syndrome. Therefore, I am happy that she flirt with him and go back to SO Ji Sub. πŸ™‚


    Heh heh….by the character description of ‘Ex-soldier’ do they just mean he attended his mandatory military service?
    Because technically aren’t most Korean men ex-soldiers?

    Besides he looks a little too young to have been in the military for much longer than a couple years, because surely before that he was in high school….

    I don’t know why that character description amuses me so much…

  41. 41 eny

    curiose to see so ji sub in comedy, second lead not really appealing to me in anything, may be if his charracter is good i could change my mind

  42. 42 BlueStars

    In the Hong Sisters’ drama Greatest Love, I couldn’t help but love the second lead and hate the first lead. It was so heartbreaking for me when Gong Hyo Jin’s character ended up with Cha Seung Won’s character. Please don’t let me fall in love with the second lead this time.

  43. 43 Arhazivory

    Seo In Gook is so hot. I almost forgot he was gonna be in this. Oh man….I wanna see him on screen.

  44. 44 Pakykul Gunk

    cute! I like both of them.

  45. 45 tanya

    Never had the SIS before I have always been the main guy girl.

  46. 46 Jo

    Is no one going to mention how adorable it is that she thought it was creepy whilst he was being cute? lol. It probably happens all the timeee

  47. 47 too_late_the_hero

    haha, in Best Love i also suffered a Second Lead Syndrome…

    GHJ looks skinny here, possibly the sleep-deprived character.

    too bad, we have to wait for another 2weeks.. BUMMER.

  48. 48 Bengbeng

    how can you mistake him as a ghost! he’s so pretty! =). Yeah, I want bromance, so that I won’t be hurt as much when In-gook doesn’t get the girl. but then again, why can’t he?

  49. 49 beautiful enough

    Am disappointed that Seo In Gook is the second lead. I wish they would have chosen someone else. They look more of a sibling relationship rather than a one-sided love. But nonetheless, am looking forward to Master’s Sun. Seo In Gook, you better prove me wrong. If not, at least sing one of the OST.

  50. 50 biankoy

    what do you call Lee Jong-seok’s character Tae-sun in Secret Garden? Is it a third lead? Then I had a third lead syndrome cause I was totally rooting for him and Oska. Oska’s girl is pretty and great but Tae-sun is just sooo dreamy and asjahcsincikjcdndjc. If I were Oska I would choose him in a heartbeat. No second thoughts whatsoever.

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