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Shark: Episode 15
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I’m here to dive headfirst into the deep end of the ocean of revenge where sharks make their dwelling. It’s Operation: Rescue on Shark as Yi-soo hunts down the one who’s taken what’s most dear to him. The chase keeps our hearts pumping throughout the episode as every turn threatens to force his hand. It’s definitely not easy swimming in a sea of sharks, but with that menacing glare, I don’t think he intends to become sharkbait anytime soon. Hoo ha ha.


Yi-soo staggers in shock to discover Yi-hyun’s shoes in his apartment. He can barely keep it together long enough to inform Soo-hyun of her kidnapping before he’s gripped by the gravity of the situation, clutching the shoes in his hand.

But he soon regains his composure, his eyes ablaze with fiery determination. He calls Grandpa Jo, urging the old man to pick up as it rings.

Grandpa Jo doesn’t pick up because he’s busy spinning his web of half-truths to his granddaughter about Chun Young-bo. He pauses at all the right moments and even turns on the waterworks as he recounts the horrific crimes the man (er, he) committed, including the fire that destroyed their village.

That prompts Hae-woo to ask how her grandfather knew Chun Young-bo was behind the arson and is left slightly confused at his answer that he was told by eyewitnesses. She wonders why a man would set fire to a place without reason, a question that gets Grandpa Jo all shifty-eyed.

Hae-woo ruminates over their conversation once she leaves the study, disturbed by how much it conflicts with the professor’s account that the culprit was never found and the remaining survivors died soon afterward.

Yi-soo finally gets through to Grandpa Jo, who initially plays dumb about Yi-hyun’s disappearance. Yi-soo’s threat to expose the old man falls on deaf ears since he can just return the sentiment in kind.

So he asks what it is that Grandpa Jo wants, only to hear him cackle back, “You don’t have what I want.” Click.

Another phone call comes in shortly afterwards—it’s Clicky. If Yi-soo wants to see his little sister again, he’ll need to pay with his life and the original documents which incriminate Grandpa Jo.

Yi-soo claims that he has them, but Clicky calls him on his bluff, telling him that they’re in Junichiro’s possession. That’s news to Yi-soo but when he’s reminded again that Yi-hyun’s life is on the line, he grits out: “If you dare lay a finger on her, you’ll die by my hands.” Time’s a-wastin’, Clicky tells him.

…and Secretary Jang removes her earpiece, having overheard the entire conversation.

Yi-soo wastes no time to give Soo-hyun instructions we don’t get to hear. However, we do see Yi-soo prepare a gun.

Detective Byun is nearly run over by Clicky’s truck just outside Yi-soo’s place, unaware that an unconscious Yi-hyun is bound and gagged in the back. He tries to stop Yi-soo to talk, but the man’s on a mission and blows right past him.

“Yi-soo ya!” Detective Byun calls after him. That makes Yi-soo hesitate for a brief moment, and then rushes into the elevator ahead of the detective, who finally learns of Yi-hyun’s kidnapping.

Yi-soo’s head is filled with thoughts of Yi-hyun as he speeds down the road. He puts in a call to find out Junichiro’s whereabouts. Secretary Jang tamps down her worry and offers to call him back after she confirms his location.

Hae-woo calls Yi-soo as soon as she hears the news. To her relief, he picks up. She guesses that Yi-soo already knows who Yi-hyun’s kidnapper is, and asks if he’s been threatened when he doesn’t answer. “Trust me, Yi-soo,” she pleads, “I can help you.”

But Yi-soo replies that her involvement will only endanger Yi-hyun further. He explains, “Who that person is really afraid of is you, not me.”

He tells her not to act rashly since Yi-hyun’s life depends on it and abruptly hangs up. Hae-woo runs out anyway and uses a GPS signal to trace his location.

Yi-soo heads to the royal suite once he arrives at Giant Hotel and finds it empty, thanks to Secretary Jang’s tip-off. Little does he know that his entrance is caught by one of Junichiro’s henchmen.

As for Junichiro, he’s currently entertaining a guest in the form of Daddy Jo at the hotel bar. He keeps the drinks coming in an effort to tease information out of Daddy Jo, who calls himself “the idea bank” at Gaya Hotel. Then Junichiro isn’t pleased to hear that he has an unexpected visitor.

Meanwhile, Yi-soo rifles through the drawers in search of the papers. He looks through a pile of USB drives (which reminds me of the drawer full of pens, ha) but that turns up nothing, so he then searches through the computer.

Just then, he hears muffled voices in the hallway. And on the other side of the door, Secretary Jang tries to dissuade her boss, using Daddy Jo’s drunken state as an excuse. It actually cracks me up that Junichiro’s like, Duly noted, and walks in anyway.

That brings him face-to-face with Yi-soo, who comes right out with it to ask Junichiro about the papers. Yi-soo doesn’t miss the surprised reaction briefly that flashes across Junichiro’s face, and says that he’ll have to take them.

Yi-soo makes a move for his gun when the henchman steps forward, but Junichiro puts up a hand and orders the others to leave. Secretary Jang sends a worried look in Yi-soo’s direction before she steps out.

Now that they’re alone, Yi-soo says that he’ll be the one asking the questions. His suspicion that the the documents are indeed in Junicho’s possession are affirmed when he’s told to state why he needs them.

So he asks if it was Junichiro who was behind his hit-and-run accident, not Grandpa Jo. Junichiro reminds him that he was the one who saved Yi-soo from Grandpa Jo’s hitlist.

That leads to the burning question in Yi-soo’s mind of how Junichiro managed to save him. He argues that if Grandpa Jo was his enemy, then he would have made sure to finish the job then and there. However, it only makes sense that someone who was already at the crime scene would have had the opportunity to save him.

Junicho counters that Grandpa Jo likely took him for dead, and it was lucky for him that he arrived not a moment too soon. “The heavens gave you another chance to live again.”

He reminds Yi-soo that they share the same goal to bring Grandpa Jo down. Yi-soo is too clever to be used as someone’s puppet, and Junichiro considers himself as merely an aid to help Yi-soo get his revenge.

Yi-soo pulls out his gun and demands Junichiro where the documents are—it isn’t his intention to hurt the man. Gah, that pained look on his face kills me. “You are my son,” Junichiro replies, “I could give you everything you wish. Even my life.”

Yi-soo’s phone rings and he keeps his eyes leveled at Junichiro when he demands to hear his sister’s voice. His expression softens as soon as he hears Yi-hyun’s frightened voice whimper, “O-o-oppa?”

Through her sobs, she asks if it’s really him. Oof. Yi-soo says that it is and you can see how her cries just breaks him. It takes all of his willpower to tell her in a shaking voice to wait for him and promises to come for her soon.

“Nothing’s going to happen. It’s all right.” he tells her. Is it? IS IT ALL RIGHT, YI-SOO?! Then Clicky takes over the call and instructs Yi-soo to meet him by the seashore with the warning not to enlist Hae-woo’s help.

After Yi-soo hangs up, he whips around in alarm, thinking Junichiro has gone. But no, Junichiro holds out his hand containing a USB drive, which houses the original documents. D’aww, d’you feel a little less of an jerk now?

Detective Byun calls Mom from the car to inform her about Yi-hyun’s kidnapping. Ack, I know she was going to find out sooner or later, but could we have waited for a plan before we wracked Mom’s nerves?

It’s only NOW that Detective Byun connects the dots that Yi-soo was in a hurry to find Yi-hyun earlier. So he calls Hae-woo, who has just arrived at Giant Hotel, for Yi-soo’s number.

The question stops her dead in her tracks. Detective Byun calls her out for already knowing who Yi-soo really was, and he has an inkling that Yi-soo knows where Yi-hyun is.

Detective Byun angrily demands for the number and Hae-woo relays to him what she knows about the situation. They have to be careful because it could threaten Yi-hyun’s safety.

“There’s isn’t anyone else who wants to save Yi-hyun more than Yi-soo does,” Hae-woo tells him. Yi-soo wouldn’t do anything that would put her in danger. “Please trust Yi-soo.”

Detective Byun gruffly retorts that he can’t and tells her that she just made herself into a murder suspect’s accomplice. If Hae-woo won’t tell him where Yi-soo is, he’ll hunt Yi-soo down himself. Eek.

Upstairs in the suite, Junichiro reminds Yi-soo that the only reason why Grandpa Jo wants those files is to verify that Junichiro was the original sender. But he understands that Yi-soo still needs to take them and asks if he’ll be okay on his own. He doesn’t miss Secretary Jang’s look of concern when Yi-soo leaves.

Hae-woo waits for the elevator, hoping to catch Yi-soo. She runs into her father instead and blows past him twice when she catches Yi-soo out of the corner of her eye.

She stops him before he gets into his car and asks what she can do to help save Yi-hyun. The situation is too dangerous to face on his own, Hae-woo tells him. Yi-soo tells her that she can help by staying out of the way. With that, Yi-soo climbs into his car and drives away.

At that moment, Joon-young calls with good news and suggests they visit his father, who has regained consciousness and in stable condition. Hae-woo hurriedly tells him that she can’t and hangs up before he can get another word in.

In the car, Yi-soo calls Soo-hyun for an update on his location. He promises to call Soo-hyun when he gets there and turns his phone off. Gasp, without taking the battery out first?

Which means that Hae-woo has lost her GPS signal on Yi-soo, and she suddenly pulls over. After she collects herself, she calls Detective Byun to ask if he still has a copy of The Picture.

Back at the hotel, Junichiro asks why Secretary Jang didn’t report Yi-hyun’s kidnapping to him sooner. He doesn’t buy her excuse that she intended to inform him at the bar, and asks if it was an attempt to buy Yi-soo more time.

At Secretary Jang’s concern, he firmly tells her that this is a battle that Yi-soo must face on his own, and he’s certain that Yi-soo will find a way to resolve it.

Joon-young runs into a still-tipsy Daddy Jo on his way out of the office. When Daddy Jo learns that Joon-young is on his way to the hospital alone, he blurts out that he saw his daughter at Giant Hotel.

Joon-young covers for her, saying that she probably went to meet their mutual friend Dong-soo. But he hangs on Daddy Jo’s remark that he probably mistook “that person” for someone else and wonders if it was Yi-soo.

Soo-hyun calls Yi-soo on his other phone to tell him that he’s arrived to the designated location as per his instruction. He apologizes for not protecting Yi-hyun, to which Yi-soo haltingly replies that there’s no time for that.

We see that Soo-hyun is at a nursing home, but he runs into a little trouble at the reception desk. So he spins a hilariously rich sob story on the spot, complete with dramatic family opposition to the woman he loves. Luckily for him, it works.

Meanwhile, Detective Byun tracks down the car of the computer dude captured on video to a PC bang (a room where one can play computer games). He instructs the officers back at the station to keep looking for a GPS signal on Yi-soo (at least, Kim Jun’s phone).

Joon-young drops by the station at the same time and catches a glimpse of Yi-soo’s face on the monitor.

Dong-soo heads up to Yi-soo’s office to find Secretary Jang in a bundle of nerves. Clocking her concerned state, he tells her that she can lean on him anytime. She asks, “What if… Han Yi-soo was still alive; what would you do?”

Dong-soo rattles off a whole list of things they would do such as eat, drink, and travel together. His eyes well up with tears just at the mere thought of such happiness.

Then he bucks up the courage to ask Secretary Jang out on a date, only to be cut off mid-confession that he shouldn’t like someone like her. Aw, his post-rejection face makes me laugh-cry.

Detective Byun manages to drag the same computer dude who passed the note to Yi-hyun into the interrogation room. He doesn’t hesitate to use his fists to demand information: “I’m not a detective! I’m Yi-hyun’s father!”

Unfortunately for him, the computer dude hasn’t the faintest idea who his employer was.

Detective Byun steps outside to speak with Hae-woo, telling her that he knows that there’s a connection between Yi-soo and Yi-hyun’s kidnapping. Is it Daddy or Grandpa Jo who’s behind the order?

Hae-woo rules out her father, but reminds Detective Byun that they can’t act on suspicion alone to go up against her grandfather. She asks for the copy of The Picture because that’s the only way she can help Yi-hyun by her own methods.

She asks him to trust her and not ask anything just yet. He hands it over. With it, she heads straight for Grandpa Jo’s study.

In the meantime, Grandpa Jo visits Prosecutor Oh’s family at the hospital, and Joon-young all but rolls his eyes at the old man’s concern for his father. Grandpa Jo places his hand in Prosecutor Oh’s, whose mostly paralyzed state can still shoot death glares with his eyes.

Yi-soo pulls up at the seashore next to the truck. Turning his phone on, he takes out his gun before he gets out. He approaches the truck with caution and presses an ear to the door to listen. Oh god, please say she’s still alive. And then Yi-hyun’s muffled sobs break the disturbing silence.

Yi-soo tugs on the doors, only to find them locked. He tugs harder in desperation, calling out Yi-hyun’s name over and over…

…and then we hear a gun cock. Then the camera pans back to reveal a gloved hand with a gun pressed to Yi-soo’s head. Ohgodohgodohgod.

Another shot shows us that it’s none other than Clicky, who asks through his surgical mask if it was Junichiro who had the files. Yi-soo answers no, he had the files all along.

He tells Clicky to let Yi-hyun go, and is promptly reminded that Yi-soo’s life was also part of the bargain. Yi-soo argues that Clicky can take it as soon as he sees Yi-hyun safe and sound. He is a professional after all, isn’t he?

But Clicky doesn’t particularly like that plan and knocks Yi-soo unconscious instead.

Yi-soo wakes hours later to a more horrific sight: a gun pointed at Yi-hyun’s temple. He gets up with a start. They look at each other for a long minute until Yi-hyun says in a trembling voice: “…Oppa.”

She breaks down in tears, her voice mixed with relief and sorrow: “It was you, Oppa.” She asks why it took him so long and why he didn’t reveal himself to her sooner. Her voice trails off: “You don’t know how much I missed you…”

Tears stream down Yi-soo’s face as he blames himself, telling her how sorry he is. But Yi-hyun firmly shakes her head and says that it’s not his fault. She whimpers: “I’m so scared.” I’m not crying; I’ve just been cutting onions.

That’s when Clicky (literally) shuts Yi-hyun up and tells Yi-soo to get into his car and drive it into the ocean. Yi-soo refuses to unless Clicky lets his sister go free first. But Clicky says that means he won’t be able to save Yi-hyun and tells him to get in the car.

Grandpa Jo returns to his study, happy to hear that his granddaughter wanted to see him. Hae-woo silently hands him the copy of The Picture and listens as Grandpa Jo smiles at it.

As expected, he doesn’t recognize the young man in the photo, so Hae-woo answers for him: “That’s Jo In-seok’s son.” Ahhh!!

We cut back to the seashore and Yi-soo slowly backs away. Yi-hyun’s sobs grows increasingly desperate with each step, and Yi-soo waits for the last possible second to turn his back to face his car.

He places a hand on the car handle… which is when a car drives down to join them. It’s Soo-hyun with a woman sitting next to him. Oh, is this Clicky’s wife? Smart, smart.

Now Yi-soo has a bargaining chip of his own and he demands that Clicky let Yi-hyun go free in order to save his wife. He waits… and then Clicky tells him to get back in the car. Ohhh crap.

Then we cut back to the study where Hae-woo lays out her own deal: if her grandfather lets Yi-hyun go, then she won’t dig into her grandfather’s past anymore; but if something should happen to Yi-hyun, then she’ll never forgive him.

Hae-woo: “If Yi-soo can’t come back, I’ll find the truth you’re hiding no matter what it is.”



Dayum, nothing like looking at Hades, er I mean Grandpa Jo, in the eye to get your point across. Although this episode felt more like run-run-run for Yi-soo, I like that we’re finally getting somewhere with The Picture, and that Hae-woo has made her play with it. She’s still offering her grandfather an out in this confrontation, bargaining the truth for Yi-soo and Yi-hyun’s lives. Thus, I like how the Orpheus allegory is being used in this final scene: to strike a deal with the god of the Underworld. And if the story should continue the myth, then (hopefully) it isn’t the end for Yi-hyun. Or I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

Yi-soo’s confrontation with Junichiro did make me wonder about the man’s intentions behind saving him, even if we’ve heard Yi-soo ask that same question time and time again. The desperation in Yi-soo’s voice almost makes me want to follow that logic—what enemy wouldn’t finish the job to the end? Then again, this is dramaland so the answer is: a lot. In any case, although I still don’t know how Junichiro fits into this puzzle, I’m relieved for now to see that he’s doing his part for Yi-soo to get his sister back.

In a strange way, I found it refreshing to watch how powerless Yi-soo was in this episode. We’ve seen how he’s been carefully plotting his Ultimate Revenge Plan for so long that I’ve been waiting for something to throw him off-kilter and yunno, shake some emotion into the revenge bot. Though his vengeance towards his enemy still largely remains the same, it’s the vulnerability and the helplessness that’s painted on his face during this rescue that actually moves me.

I honestly thought that the sympathy card would work against Clicky, and was actually surprised to see that it didn’t. It’s a nice little twist in the storyline, but it still sends chills down my spine that Clicky would call the bluff and stick to the plan. And now I’m biting my nails trying to think of ways that Yi-soo can get out of this if Hae-woo’s plan doesn’t pan out. Here’s hoping that our hero doesn’t end up swimming with the fishes.


58 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. PonderWoman

    Thanks Gummi!

  2. Miichiyeo

    This was the first episode of a drama in a long time that I was able to sit through without multitasking or fast-forwarding. The suspense was intense! While the beginning was slow, this drama is definitely growing on me!

  3. L.kwon

    What a gripping episode..and recap to boot. Thanks so much.

  4. Princessmia

    Oh, so good. Thanks for the recap.

  5. therealpacman

    I like that Yi Soo is finally not in total control. Now that a bunch of people know his not so secret secret identity, I’m curious to see how he tries to right the ship and take down the gramps without running afoul of just about everyone else. Also want to see more of Junichiro and see how he fits in.

  6. danaXOX

    Oddly enough, I thought this was this least well-thought out episode so far. Everything was building up but the climax was anti-climatic. The decisions by Yi Soo didn’t make any sense at all and this episode made me rethink whether he’s really as smart as he’s portrayed to be.

    I am glad Yi Hyeon FINALLY knows that her brother is alive! yay!

    I’m even more glad because ep. 16 is better!

    • 6.1 nel

      But isn’t that the point of the story, that kidnapping a family member of the person that kidnapped your loved one does NOT actually work…hahahaha…

      It was a hastily though bak-up plan that did not work because it was not good.

    • 6.2 Windsun33

      This was the first episode that looked like it had been either patched together or just had a lot of missing pieces, and other things that made no sense.

      A couple of the over-played parts also irked me a bit, like Shark Dude endlessly tugging on a big lock with an even bigger padlock on it instead of checking out the situation and getting so easily trapped.

  7. mei

    I kind of think that yi-soo’s late father was not his real father, a fake one, but the real one is Junichiro.

    • 7.1 Fun-Lugha

      Now that is one birth secret I wouldnt scoff at!

    • 7.2 MELODY

      we have the same line of thinking.

    • 7.3 lyra

      am thinking the other way. it could be Yi Soo is related to Granpa Jo after all. and not Hae Woo ~

    • 7.4 shelhass

      Yeah, I get this feelings sometimes.

      I actually thought his father, Driver Han, was the Chun Young-bo dude, because of that time when we saw him torturing someone. But math is against me so… what’s up with that scene anyway?

      About Junichiro, isn’t he trying to avenge his dead father or something like that? Just like Yi-soo?

  8. Smile134

    Honestly, the one who surprised me in this episode is Junichiro. He showed more empathy/mercy towards Yi-soo and Yi-hyun than I expected. I always thought he considered Yi-soo mostly as a tool for his revenge.

    I don’t know why, but there is a question that keeps coming back as I continue watching Shark. Junichiro seems perfectly capable of taking revenge with his own resources (he has both evidence and power to take Chairman Jo down). Why did he rescue Yi-soo and manage to wait 12 years for this plan? I have had this same question before when watching City Hunter (Vengeful Daddy didn’t kill all 5 enemies but even waited 27 years to raise Yoon-sang to take them down – later on it turns out Yoon-sang is the son of the president—>then it makes sense). Maybe there is more for the story about Yi-soo’s father that we will get to know later.

    • 8.1 jjs

      Maybe Junichiro is the real son of Jo In Seok

      • 8.1.1 Smile134

        It’s possible, but even if Junichiro is the real Jo In-soek’s son, I think it doesn’t explain why he saved Yi-soo and waited 12 years in order to have Yi-soo carried out the revenge plan.

        • jjs

          I think when he visited grandpa Jo’s house, he witnessed how Hae Woo fioght w/ his father to protect Yi Soo. So he knows that Hae Woo loves Yi Soo and she will be a big help to Yi Soo in the future. He just waited for a right time, now that Hae Woo is already a prosecutor, she will be the one to prosecute his own grandfather.

          • jjs


        • Lenny

          I think in the beginning of the drama, when we first introduced to Junichiro, he said that he’s half Korean, and his father used to worked with Grandpa Jo. Maybe that’s why he wanted revenge.. maybe it’s even related to Yi Soo’s dad’s dark past (which hasn’t been revealed yet)

        • MELODY

          @Smile: Yes, maybe you are right and he is YS’s real father.

      • 8.1.2 trixicopper

        I’ve always thought Junichiro WAS the son of the real Jo In Seok.

    • 8.2 ilikemangos

      Same! Good to see junichiro showing some kind of emotion towards yi soo who he calls his “son” — not so sure he meant it, but at least he understands.

      • 8.2.1 Gaeina Lee

        I also wondering with his “son” part.. thus make me think of the late driver Han, who is he? The real him?
        Uhh, seems there are still another secrets to be unfold..

  9. Fun-Lugha

    Am a weetle bit dissapointed that they didnt play off HW’s discovery of her grandpa’s evilness like they did with her hubby when he found out about his dad’s shenanigans. When detective asked her is it ur dad or grandpa it all just fell flat, no surprise, nothing!
    On a brighter note I think Junichiro ahjussi (whatever his real name is) is mad hawt 😉

    • 9.1 ilikemangos

      Yeah, the thing i noticed is that shark doesn’t do dramatic reveals as much as we typically see in k-dramas.
      They kind of play it off as suspicions all along, like our characters already knew. I guess that’s kind of a good thing because that means they’re smart, and it’s sort of a breath of fresh air for me.
      I get what you mean though, i was hoping hae woo’s discovery of truth about grandpa — the one she looks up to the most in the world — would be the big reveal for hae-woo.
      But she kinda just looked gramps straight in the eye and saved our yi hyun and for that, i am glad she is our heroine.
      She still doesn’t know the whole truth about gramps so i’m hoping when it comes to that it’ll be more climatic.

  10. 10 ilikemangos

    Oooh, we’ve had three recappers on the shark train so far.
    This is a first!
    Thanks gummi! It’s nice to see your thoughts on this show.

    This episode had me on my toes the whole way through. I usually don’t fast forward shark but not a single “boring” moment in this episode.

    I think the shining moment of this episode was yi hyun & yi soo’s reunion. The moment that got me was when she asked him what took him so long and that she missed him so much. Aghhh

    I just want to know what exactly is going through clickys head that he’d risk his wife’s life just to finish the job. Either he knew it was all a bluff or he really is a pro at his job.

  11. 11 Gaeina Lee

    Finally! The gripping and tense moments that I’ve been searching and waiting for.. The oppa-dongsaeng phone reunion is heart wrenching.. T_T

    Poor JY, still left in the dark, confuse, suspicious yet keep trying his best to maintain his trust to his wife.

    Thanks for the recap!

  12. 12 Bengbeng

    Clicky is a soldier, a follower of Grandpa Jo. He will sacrifice everything to fulfill his duty. He will not change the plan unless Grandpa Jo said so. Hae-woo will be the key for Grandpa Jo to call off Clicky. I hope it happens before it’s too late.

    Thanks for the quick recap, Ms. G =)

  13. 13 Saturtledaisy

    I still sortof can’t believe they’re having the aquarium and shark-obsessed guy drive into the /ocean/.

    • 13.1 shelhass

      Don’t you remember, we HAVE TO have a mataphor for that!

      I feel like they are going for the goes-into-the-ocean-dissappears(again)-presumed dead(again) thing.

  14. 14 mouismoo

    I’m officially hooked.

    I wasn’t into Shark initially (esp during the times when all Yi Soo did was brood and brood even more). But now, I’m sold.

    This episode had me on tenterhooks and I felt the despair Yi Soo felt. 🙁 Junichiro intrigues me – I’m really interested to see his role in this whole fiasco. Is he really Jo In Seok’s son? (thats been on my mind for a while now). Hmmm.

    I was also really surprised (and, a tad touched) that Junichiro willingly gave Yi Soo his file when he realised that Yi Hyun was kidnapped. Was it a ploy? I don’t know. He portrays this cold exterior and I honestly don’t know whats on his mind – but cmon, after raising a boy for 12 years, revenge plot aside, I’m sure you’d feel something for him right? Right..?

    I can’t swim but this is one ocean where I’ll gladly drown in. Bring it on shark!

    • 14.1 swui

      lol….everyone is really good with the shark metaphor….even someone as slow as I am couldn’t miss the obvious one when clicky orders Yisoo to drive into the sea…hahaha

  15. 15 swui

    great nail biting episode….so worried for them both…..and does this mean soo-hyun’s cover is blown too??!

  16. 16 xianzhongfan

    i think the real Shark seeking revenge is Junichiro. He must have his reason for using YS as his tool to seek revenge, like what @Smile134 mentioned was similar to City Hunter’s plot. YS’s revenge is just a sub-plot.

  17. 17 Yvonne

    Thanks so much for the recap!

    I am watching Ep 16 right now…and I realized, my gawd, YS still have SO much to lose. I am not even talking about his life, because I don’t think he will survive this. But what about YH, Dectective Byun, HS, HW, and possibly more?

    I just don’t know how I can handle all this…and the possible deaths that might happen…

  18. 18 angskeet

    I like that! “….swimming with the fishes.”

  19. 19 MELODY

    Thanks for the recap. I am looking forward to see how this drama will let the cats out of the bag.

  20. 20 hiba omairi

    She s a badass ! I lovex the ep ! Thanks

  21. 21 LOVE

    My eyes wet, Every time Yi Hyun and Yi Soo sence even through I just read recap.

  22. 22 Faye

    This episode was a true nail-biter. The producers sure know how to ramp up the suspense when they want to, don’t they? About a dozen times I found myself gasping aloud and saying, “Oh no!” A good show, but a stressful viewing experience :).

    I love Yi-Hyun’s and Yi-Soo’s reunion, even if it came in the midst of such storm und drang. Sweet Yi-Hyun always strikes a chord with me, but when she asked in that trembly little voice, “Is that you, Oppa?” – gah! It killed me. Stop manipulating me like that, show.

    I don’t think they’ll kill off Yi-Soo at this point in the drama, as there are still five eps to go. I wonder if Yi-Hyun is safe, though. Hopefully Hae-Woo will help save the day.

    Speaking of Hae-Woo, I don’t see how anybody could fail to call her a bad-ass after this episode. At first when she talked to Daddy-Detective Byun I’ll admit I was fooled – I kept thinking, “Really, Hae Woo? You can’t STILL be in the dark about your grandfather, can you?” But then when she coolly walked into her gradfather’s study and just faced him down like nobody’s business, I said aloud, literally, “oooh!.”

    I know I’m just beating a dead horse here, but I really (REALLY) want to know about Junichiro’s involvement in all this. I confess I never considered that he was the one who caused Yi-Soo’s accident. Even though I don’t think his motives are pure, I hope he didn’t do that. I had to laugh to myself at his injured looks and actions in reaction to Yi-Soo’s accusations. Is there a possibility he’s Jewish? Because that was classic Jewish-guilt parenting. Especially him handing over the flash drive so readily (“No, fine, take it, I don’t need it anyway. As long as you have what you need.”).

    Finally, are Clicky and Grandpa Jo related? Because they both seem awfully cavalier about sacrificing their relatives to their schemes. Clicky is one cold pen-wielder.

    And poor Joon-Young . . .he’s so out of the loop, he’s not even in the same galaxy. I hate to say it, but I think he and Hae-Woo are DOA (come to me! I’ll comfort you! :).

    Thank goodness there’s another episode for me to watch this week. If I had to wait until next week I don’t think I could take the stress! I hope the ratings were better this week; Shark deserves it.

  23. 23 Newbie

    After great trepidations (I was wary of a Bad Guy II), I marathoned the show’s available eps. I’m happy I waited a while to start it, because it is far more intense this way. It is a well made show, I love the acting, the plot, the pace. Definitely one of this year’s best for me. So far.

    Biggest puzzle for me right now is, why Chingu aka potential love interest for Yi Hyun helps Yi Soo. What is his motivation? Did I miss something? And isn’t he the one who eventually killed the cop? Yi Soon left before the murder and a tall guy entered… Yet the kdrama viewers root for him and Yi Hyun.
    I’m confused.

    It took me ages to root for Yi Soo and Hae Woo. Not that I think, that her boring, all too perfect hubby should end up with her. But only during the last eps the wall around Yi Soo cracks, his determination for revenge wavers and we are able to see, that he still loves her. Did anyone else feel, that the embrace, this small intimacy in the staircase might have to be enough for a lifetime? Loved this scene.

    Kim Nam Gil rocks this part. He is a wonderful actor, that is able to transport so much with his eyes and subtle acting. Love him!

    This show got ‘doom’ written all over it, but I really hope that they’ll give us a different ending than Bad Guy.

    This weekend I’ll be leaving for my summer vacation and I’ll have to wait three (!!) weeks (!!!) to marathon the final eps of Shark and Cruel City (it is 20 eps, right?). Please, pity me.

  24. 24 Lilian

    Oh yeah..I gotta agree that seeing Yi Soo not spinning his web, and instead falling into someone else’s trap is pretty interesting! And the old grandpa is just damn scary! Junyoung ,please don’t let him go near your dad…

  25. 25 IBELIS

    I am just so bad I hate HW and don’t want her near YS, or JY for that matter. She may not have proof on Gpa but she knows the truth about him. and the rest is just her pussy footing around. Turn the information over to someone else if she can’t handle the fall out.

    JY deserve better treatment from his wife even if he married her knowing she loved someone else. Someone they believed to be dead.

    Junichiro in an earlier episode ask Gpa if he knew someone and Gpa said yes that they were childhood friends. Junichiro told him that the man was his father. That news unsettled Gpa. Gpa may have caused his death.

    Going back to marathon all episodes to see if there are any hints to things I’ve over looked.

    • 25.1 anna

      I like HW. I think she’s a strong heroine, but as a wife, she’s terrible. I know she feels guilty about it. I just wish she comes clean with JY before hurting him any further.

    • 25.2 totvornottotv

      jy knew from the very beginning hw was madly in love with ys and the only reason she started dating him and eventually married him is because ys was presumed dead jy was well aware of the situation when he again started courting hw after his best friend died ds said it clearly in i think episode 1 or 3 that if ys had lived he and hw would be married without a shadow of doubt which reaffirms the idea that hw only married someone who was as close to ys as she could get namely his hansom best friend which is why he acts the way he does in episode 16

  26. 26 Jen

    It just broke my heart to see JY hurt, even though I love both YS and HW together. I love every character in this drama (even the evil one), they are just so imperfect….is it impossible for all 3 to have happy ending? They deserve one

  27. 27 cher

    There’s one scene in this ep that i didnt understand… Grandpa Jo has seen that picture before (and burnt a copy of it) and thus would have known that the boy in the photo was Jo Sang Gook. Why did he expose his lie to Haewoo? :/

    • 27.1 beggar1015

      OMG, you’re right! This didn’t even occur to me. Now I’m going to be puzzling over this question myself.

    • 27.2 shelhass

      Playing dumb I guess.

      He could not say it was Jo In-seok son (himself, for that matter) since he told her before there was no family pics, everything was destoyed in the fire – how would he know she knew that already?
      And the photo he had was only of Jo In-seok (his father, for that matter), right? I think it was the same pic we saw in the book that time.

      • 27.2.1 beggar1015

        No, now that Cher has reminded me of it, the picture Grandpa Jo burnt was the original copy of the father and son photo that the detective was killed for.

  28. 28 HeadsNo2

    Awesome recap, friend! Thank you for it! Sharkbait hoo ha ha!

  29. 29 beggar1015

    Before anyone reports my comment, I’m not yelling at you, I’m crying out to the Drama Gods


    Like others have said, I was biting my nails throughout the entire episode. Every few minutes the show was wringing out some kind of emotional reaction from me. I think this episode was the apex of the show. I was totally not expecting Clicky to choose not to save his wife. As for Junichiro, I’ve always been suspicious of how he just happened to be at the right place at the right time when Young Yi Soo was hit by the truck. I’m relieved that YS also wondered this and didn’t just blissfully accept that this rich stranger took YS in out of the goodness of his heart. I think the rest of the show will now focus more on Junichiro and his role in all this.

    Now for a bit of craziness on my part: during the scene when Soo Hyun was at the nursing home trying to talk his way in, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the actress playing the nurse looked an awful lot like the actress playing Mrs. Park. Was it the same actress? Was it the sister of the Mrs. Park actress? Am I totally insane? Help me out here.

  30. 30 Cheryl

    GREAT screencap at the top of the recap! KNG’s Pissed Glare of Promised Doom never fails to make me grin because I know the shit’s going to hit the fan shortly, and it’s always fun when that happens. *bounces up and down with glee* The only thing better is his Smirk of Promised Doom, which means there will mindfuckery, and I love a well-executed mind game or two (or five).

    I loved the emotional stakes in this episode. You can’t fault them for wanting to use Clicky’s wife as a bargaining chip, since who would have guessed Clicky wouldn’t have qualms about sacrificing her? I like that twist, even if it means the heat is still on YS. SO eager to watch 16 and see if Hades blinks and tells Clicky to release YH, or if HW has to try and scramble for another way to try and save YH. I love that HW hasn’t wasted any time putting the pieces together and is following where the information leads her, even when it means facing the ugly truth that her grandfather isn’t the kind, honest, upstanding man she’s believed him to be for her entire life. Speaking of kind, upstanding men, I think she really needs to let him know what the major crisis keeping her from him and visiting the hospital is. I’m sure he’d understand why YH being kidnapped is something that takes priority at the moment. Once that’s over, she needs to come clean about Yi Soo.

  31. 31 Lilly

    This week was a good one for show.

  32. 32 nel

    Thanks for the recap.

    I was laughing when Daddy Jo was insisting that his decisions matter with regards to Gaya Hotel.

    Dong-soo never fails to entertain me.

    I love the scene when YS and YH finally saw each other.

    HW’s character is exhausting. She does not want to hurt anyone unnecessarily and wants to protect everyone in her own way but she’s actually digging her own grave of destruction in the process. I wonder how her character would end up.

    • 32.1 Newbie

      After marathoning the show up to ep 14 I wrote a long comment about HW desperately trying to do good and yet failing and becoming more and more deceiving.
      Then my comment got lost due to my computer’s own will and I lost interest to re-write it.

      Love this aspect of the show. She’s got all good intentions, but she walks the same path like those who always had bad intentions. It will be very interesting to see, how this ends.

      • 32.1.1 MELODY

        me too, I lost some of my comments in episode 16. glad that my comments in this episode were posted.

  33. 33 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    When sis finds out about Yi-Soo and she immediately tries to block him and falls to pieces … I just went “Ah, so there was a good reason not to reconnect with your sister.” You know sis will be a blabbermouth and ruin things. You know sis will meddle even more than Hae-Won.

    I pity Yi-Soo for the women in his life. That includes spying secretary.

    Is there one woman who isn’t out to mess up his plans?

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