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Shark: Episode 16
by | July 18, 2013 | 91 Comments

Everyone who matters continues to suffer for an old man’s greed as the truth remains just out of reach, even though the stakes keep ratcheting higher and higher. Our hero will need extra help facing off against the World’s Worst Grandpa, but it’s surprisingly hard to figure out whether his dubiously benevolent benefactor is actually a good guy or just another fraud. Lord knows we’ve got enough of those already.

If there’s only one redeeming quality from the doom and gloom one of the show’s biggest reveals causes, it’s that there’s extra cuteness to go around between my favorite couple of the show. Our hero may not be the best oppa ever, but he can be pretty adorable sometimes.


While Clicky calls Yi-soo’s bluff over his wife’s life, Hae-woo confronts her grandfather to demand Yi-hyun’s safe return.

But Grandpa is a master of deception and uses a few different tactics against Hae-woo’s lack of evidence—first he puts her in her place for daring to school him, then he pulls the pity card: “I don’t know about other people, but I thought you would have trusted me.”

Hae-woo doesn’t deny that she still wants to believe in him, but in order to do so, he has to promise Yi-hyun’s safety. He won’t even acknowledge that he had a hand in her kidnapping. Hae-woo: “It’s only a sand castle. The thing you want to protect will someday collapse like a sand castle. No matter how huge it may seem, a castle built on a lie will collapse someday.”

Then I think we get the first teensy moment of sincerity from her grandfather as he insists that it was a castle built for her sake, though she counters that it’s only a prison to lock away the truth. But the time for sincerity has passed as Grandpa proclaims his innocence till the end, and gives her his blessing to prove that what she says is true.

Little does he know that this tactic won’t work on his granddaughter as she declares in a shaking voice, “I know your devotion to me is genuine. I love you too, Grandfather. But I have to do what I have to do.” She calls him on his bluff and vows to get the proof she needs. This means war.

Hae-woo gets a GPS lock on Yi-soo’s location and bolts out, though Joon-young arrives home at the same time to ask her where she’s going. She says the usual—something urgent came up, she’ll tell him about it later, yadda yadda. Sometimes I wish she cared for Joon-young even a little.

While Detective Byun also hones in on Yi-soo, Clicky continues to urge him into the car to drive to his death. Okay, this is starting to feel a little old school James Bond villain-ish, where the villain could just shoot the hero, but he’d rather be theatrical instead.

Yi-soo walks to his car and exchanges a knowing look with Soo-hyun, who immediately fires his gun out of the car. This draws Clicky’s attention toward the sound, sending Yi-hyun running toward her brother as Clicky gains his bearings and fires at them…

…But the bullet narrowly misses Yi-hyun, and lands in Yi-soo’s shoulder instead. He takes it like a champion and pulls his sister to safety behind the car as Soo-hyun uses his car as a shield to prevent Clicky from firing another shot.

Clicky retreats around his truck, and Soo-hyun gets out of the car to pursue him. No no no. Don’t save Yi-soo just to kill Soo-hyun. I won’t forgive you, show.

Yi-hyun worries over the blood pouring down her brother’s sleeve as he unties her, even though he assures her that she’ll be safe if she stays behind him. They share a tender moment as she tries to keep him with her and he cups her face as if to tell her, Don’t worry. Oppa’s here now.

Clicky has time to somehow relate the happenings to a grim Grandpa Jo as Soo-hyun edges around the truck to find him. Clicky pistol-whips Soo-hyun in order to escape in Soo-hyun’s car with his wife.

Yi-hyun and Yi-soo share a tender embrace now that the danger has (mostly) passed, but his bullet wound doesn’t go unnoticed. They hear sirens in the distance and leave the scene, with Yi-soo once again turning his phone off to avoid GPS tracking.

While Soo-hyun drives, Yi-hyun falls asleep with her head on her brother’s shoulder. In a touching moment, Yi-soo wraps an arm around her to pull her closer.

In contrast (or in solidarity?), Clicky holds his sleeping wife’s hand as he drives home. The wife he was willing to sacrifice, but whatever. We can say that he knew Yi-soo wouldn’t have hurt her because it’s true.

Yi-soo and his sister have a heart-to-heart as she explains that she’s not even angry—she’s only sorry that she couldn’t recognize him, even though his changed appearance makes no difference to her.

When she asks about his double life he promises to tell her later (except that never happens), because there’s something he must do. Yi-hyun starts to cry when she pleads with him to just live with her like he promised, if only because she’s afraid something will happen to him.

But Yi-soo reassures her that everything will be all right, and that he’ll keep his promise in the end. She’s contented when he pinky swears that he won’t suddenly disappear, and they walk back to the car holding hands. D’aww.

Soo-hyun offers to take Yi-hyun home while Yi-soo promises to go get treated. Before she goes, Yi-hyun turns around with a bright smile: “Next time we meet, buy me spaghetti.”

Detective Byun gets a text from Yi-soo that Yi-hyun is unharmed and going home, and he couldn’t possibly rush home any faster. He passes on the news to Hae-woo, though he tells her to wait before coming to his house. Is he worried for Yi-hyun’s safety?

Hae-woo begins to call Yi-soo only to hang up after one ring. Yi-soo pays a visit to Secretary Jang all, So this is kind of awkward, but I got shot and I need your help.

Soo-hyun escorts Yi-hyun straight to her door, and they both take turns thanking each other before he asks her out on a movie date. She deliberately avoids answering and escapes into her house.

Her mom is there to greet her, and sobs frantically as she hugs her daughter.

Secretary Jang cleans and bandages Yi-soo’s wound, even though he was (luckily) only grazed by the bullet.

Joon-young looks up the old files he had collected on Kim Jun when he entered the hotel scene, and starts to put the pieces together about his true identity after staring at his picture.

Everything that seemed strange to him at first, like how Hae-woo could always be seen with him, starts to make sense if Kim Jun was Yi-soo this whole time.

Yi-hyun calls Hae-woo hesitatingly, and Hae-woo guesses what she’s after: “Did you meet Yi-soo?” So the secret is officially out, but again, Yi-hyun isn’t even angry that Hae-woo knew and didn’t tell her. She’s just worried about Yi-soo, and is hoping that Hae-woo will tell her what kind of dangerous work he’s involved in.

Hae-woo won’t tell her, but she grows concerned when Yi-hyun admits that Yi-soo was injured during the ordeal and that he didn’t even go to a hospital. Hae-woo’s first inclination is to rush to Yi-soo’s side… only this time, Joon-young sees her leaving. Ack.

Detective Byun finally makes it home and grabs his daughter as if his life depended on it. I love these two.

Soo-hyun calls Yi-soo with the news that Clicky dropped his wife off back at the nursing home and disappeared. Yi-soo wonders if Grandpa Jo would even get rid of Clicky if his loyal assassin became a liability, so he decides that they have to find Clicky first if they want to bring Grandpa down. (Are characters in this show allergic to light? Why is Soo-hyun sitting in complete darkness?)

Yi-hyun tells her story to her father, carefully leaving out any details pertaining to Yi-soo. I’m sure that he knows who she’s trying to protect so he doesn’t press her, and the only information he gets is that her kidnapper wanted a document and that he warned whoever he was calling not to use Hae-woo.

Detective Byun heads out after, and warns his wife to lock all the doors. You’d think he’d put a police detail around the house just to be safe, considering that Clicky still roams free.

Yi-soo doesn’t pick up when he tries to call, while Hae-woo stops on her way to see Yi-soo. If I had a nickel for every scene she spends worrying in her car… let’s just say I’d have a lot of nickels.

Yi-soo meets with Detective Byun, who instantly calls him (as Yi-soo, since the secret’s out) a rotten bastard for the pain he’s putting Yi-hyun through. “If only for Yi-hyun, who’s waited these twelve years for you, you should change your mind. It’s not your role to judge the perpetrator.”

But Yi-soo’s heard these words from him before, and argues back that the police didn’t do their job either, since the truth was still buried in the end. Even though Detective Byun offers to take Yi-soo’s burden off of his shoulders if Yi-soo would only trust him, Yi-soo replies, “I don’t believe in people. And I won’t make the same mistake twice.”

Detective Byun is almost pleading with him now, since he doesn’t want to have to arrest Yi-soo himself. Yi-soo assures him that he won’t have to, since he’ll come to the police on his own when everything has come to an end. Because that totally works for every other criminal ever. (Not.)

In exchange, he tells Detective Byun Clicky’s real name plus some extra information to help him hopefully catch Yi-hyun’s kidnapper. But when Detective Byun asks if Yi-soo killed Detective Jung, Yi-soo merely replies that in order for the detective to find out, he’ll have to use the proper legal channels for questioning. That’s cool, but you just told him that he couldn’t arrest you, so…

As Yi-soo walks away, Detective Byun calls after him, “I’m sorry, Yi-soo-ya. If I’d only found the truth twelve years ago, if I had only arrived at the car accident scene earlier… you wouldn’t have ended up this way. I’m really sorry.” But then he also adds his gratitude, because he knows Yi-soo is the one responsible for Yi-hyun making it home unscathed.

Yi-soo’s eyes fill with tears as he turns around to thank Detective Byun for raising his baby sister so well. Then he bows.

As Joon-young makes his way to Yi-soo’s apartment, Yi-soo returns to find Hae-woo waiting outside his door. She asks about his injury, though Yi-soo pointedly ignores her.

Neither of them want to be separated, so Yi-soo makes the sudden decision to follow Hae-woo into the stairwell and stops her with a back hug. “Don’t go,” he says. “Don’t go, Hae-woo-ya.” Then his voice breaks, “Don’t go.”

She turns around to face him, and he says it again: “Don’t go.” Both of them cry as she pulls him in for an embrace, though it’s more a comforting gesture and an invitation for him to just let go, which he does as he desperately holds onto her and sobs into her shoulder.

Joon-young spots Hae-woo’s car in front of Yi-soo’s apartment and knows she’s inside. Eek. Junichiro’s henchman watches him from the shadows.

Yi-soo cried himself to sleep (apparently), and Hae-woo looks troubled before she decides to sneak out. Meanwhile, Joon-young arrives just in time to see Hae-woo leaving Yi-soo’s apartment…

Ouch. Ouch. He doesn’t stay to confront her, but the full shock of her infidelity hits him as he stays out of sight. It’s only during the drive home that his heartbreak overcomes him.

Ironically, Hae-woo runs into the anchorwoman her father had an affair with as she faces her own emotional infidelity. The woman calmly explains to Hae-woo how emotions aren’t easy to control, but that the biting words Hae-woo said to her all those years ago still stay with her.

Hae-woo can only bow her head now that she’s no longer in a place to throw stones, especially when she remembers telling the woman that love which hurts the other people who love that person is a sin. I’m sure Hae-woo doesn’t like them apples very much.

Junichiro’s henchman updates him on the happenings before his meeting with Daddy Jo, and though Daddy Jo wants to make a deal with Junichiro that his dad refused, he instead receives a USB drive. Junichiro explains that it contains an important document, and we all know what’s inside.

Detective Byun works on tracking down Clicky, but he doesn’t see that Clicky is the one watching him… with his poison pen. Oh no you don’t, you old fart. Your beef is with Yi-soo, remember? Go after him, not ajusshi! (Sorry, Yi-soo.)

At home, Grandpa Jo acts like everything’s normal with Hae-woo, even though she’s staring holes into his skull. She’s surprised to find Joon-young sitting in the dark, and when he asks her where she was, she lies that she was at the office. Wrong answer.

Joon-young doesn’t confront her on her lies and just says that he’ll sleep at the hospital with his father for the night, refusing any attempts on her part to go with him. She tries to stop him on his way out: “I have something to tell you…”

Only he doesn’t want to hear it, even when she insists that she has to tell him now. I know he’s got a lot on his plate and he’s probably worried that she’ll confess her love for Yi-soo and not him, but now we’ll never know. (I still feel really bad for him though.)

After kindly telling Hae-woo to show a little more attention to her husband, Mrs. Park gives her an address she dug up after their last conversation. It’s an address Hae-woo’s grandmother secretly sent money to, and Mrs. Park’s hunch is that it must have been to Daddy Jo’s birth mother who disappeared.

Daddy Jo reads the file Junichiro gave him: The Truth About Chun Young-bo, who we know as Grandpa Jo. The more he reads, the more horrified he looks.

Junichiro calls for Secretary Jang not just to ask about Yi-soo’s health, but because he wants her to send a picture she took of Yi-soo and Hae-woo together (way back when) to a newspaper. Jang isn’t comfortable with the idea because she knows it’ll make things hard for Yi-soo, but she also doesn’t see the point when Grandpa Jo will make sure it never goes to print.

But that’s what Junichiro is counting on—what Grandpa Jo will do given the situation. Also, he knows Yi-soo’s resolve is fading, so this act is also supposed to put him back on track. “This is all for Jun,” he reassures Secretary Jang. Is it?

Yi-hyun calls her brother later that night, explaining that she can’t sleep because she’s just so happy that he’s alive. Gah. These two are going to be the death of me.

It’s their first time just chatting as (almost normal) siblings, and Yi-soo tries to hide his emotion as he bids Yi-hyun good night. But Detective Byun hears Yi-hyun clearly talking to her brother through the door.

Luckily, he’s direct about it: “I know that Yi-soo saved you, so you don’t have to hide it from me.” She breaks down instantly to tell her father that Yi-soo did nothing wrong. “Dad, help my oppa,” she cries.

She melts Detective Byun’s heart in a way only daughters can with their fathers, and he assures her that he’ll do everything he can to help her brother. Hooray for ajusshi!

While Secretary Jang considers the incriminating photo of Yi-soo and Hae-woo’s kiss, Joon-young heads to a bar to do a healthy bit of drinking. He ends up stumbling around the city in a drunken stupor, ending up at the columbarium with his brother’s ashes.

It’s there that he breaks down: “Joon-ho, I… really miss you. I miss you, Joon-ho. Today, for some reason, I miss you.” Then he curls up on the floor like the saddest little panda ever, and it hurts my heart. Poor thing.

The kissing photos are sent to the media the next morning, and as if on cue, Grandpa Jo gets a call about them. He doesn’t want them printed, obviously.

Dong-soo is unusually downtrodden the next morning, and explains to Yi-soo that it’s because he was rejected the day before… while sending a kicked puppy look to Secretary Jang. Ha.

But he won’t give Yi-soo any further details, and the two have this funny little sight gag that relies on Yi-soo keeping his manner hands up long enough for Dong-soo to move him back into a relaxed pose like a mannequin. And Yi-soo really has no idea that he was rejected by Secretary Jang.

Yi-soo gets a picture message of the photo that made its way to the press, and Secretary Jang’s shoulders seem to slump when she realizes what he’s looking at.

Joon-young is at the hospital when he gets a call from Hae-woo, which he pointedly ignores. Eek, I don’t think she knows about the photo yet.

Detective Byun tells Hae-woo that he met Yi-soo last night in order to air that secret out, but explains his more pressing matter in that he’s trying to find Clicky, the suspect in Yi-hyun’s kidnapping. Hae-woo’s eyes go wide when she realizes that Clicky is the bookstore ajusshi she’s known almost her whole life. (But they don’t yet know that Clicky is the poison pen assassin.)

Grandpa Jo calls Yi-soo about The New Picture, and both take turns accusing the other of sending it. But Gramps makes sure to stress how damaging the photo will be for Hae-woo’s career and her life, even though he’s controlling whether it goes to print or not.

But then… he uses the opportunity to blackmail Yi-soo—if he doesn’t want to ruin Hae-woo’s life, he has to drop everything. Otherwise, Grandpa Jo will okay the picture and ruin his granddaughter’s life.

Yi-soo lies that the threat won’t work on him: “I’m the one who wants to see your granddaughter in despair more than anyone.”

Grandpa Jo just laughs, “You can fool yourself, but you can’t fool love.”


As this episode went on I kept thinking how much easier this whole ordeal would be for Yi-soo if he just didn’t care about anyone. I realize that this probably wouldn’t be great on a character empathy level, but the whole series has had him supposedly straddling the caring/not caring line, when really, he’s cared the whole time and has just been partially in denial about his own capabilities.

In that vein, Yi-soo hasn’t changed and that’s okay—it’s just that he’s making the same caring-related mistakes over and over again. He’s fighting a losing battle if he’s trying to win against Grandpa Jo on the same amoral level, even though he’s trying to subvert that level by using the law at a snail’s pace. He can’t outdo or fool an ex-spy responsible for countless massacres, so now that his tactic of being the dark and mysterious hotel heir has completely imploded, why hasn’t Yi-soo changed his method of attack? Or, yunno, attacked?

Up until the blackmail conversation with Grandpa, it really did feel like Yi-soo’s identity reveal was just business as usual. We saw the individual impacts of said reveal, and the lack of ‘oomph’ might owe itself to the very gradual process by which most of the characters found out, especially in Hae-woo or Detective Byun’s case. But I felt the impact of the reveal from everyone except Yi-soo for the most part, so it’ll be important to see how this photo situation pans out with Grandpa Jo. Here’s hoping Gramps caves, or that Yi-soo one-ups him somehow. Either way, Hae-woo loses.

While we’re on the topic of things that suck for Hae-woo, it’s good to see her feeling the effect that her lying has had on Joon-young, who’s so far been the most innocent of victims. It had to happen sometime, and she’s done a lot of lying for reasons we can mostly understand, but that he’ll be hard-pressed to. Likewise, it’s good that he got a clue this episode but bad that they didn’t air their dirty laundry, because if the kissing photo breaks into the news… well, how do you explain that when you’ve lied about everything else? Hae-woo’s level of cheating is debatable, but she knew the moment she met her dad’s old flame that she isn’t blameless anymore, and so did we.

It’s a tough spot for her, us, and especially her husband. Joon-young doesn’t get a lot of meaty scenes, though he uses the ones he has to great effect. He’s been nothing but devoted this whole time, and now that he’s so devastated by the truth, any outcome where he ends up without the love of his life just doesn’t seem fair. But if dramas teach us one thing, it’s that first loves are made of puppies, rainbows, and crack cocaine. You just can’t quit ’em.


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  1. clap

    But if dramas teach us one thing, it’s that first loves are made of puppies, rainbows, and crack cocaine. You just can’t quit ‘em…”

    Clap clap clap clap clap

    How many of us married to our first loves?!

    • 1.1 Ann

      I did! I met my husband in high school. We broke up, but he came back in my life my senior year of college, and we’ve been married for thirty years.

      • 1.1.1 Gaeina Lee

        Wow, 30 years and keep going stronger.. I salute you, Ann..

        Me, I can”t remember who my 1st love was, since I always end up dating my own best friend.. ^^

    • 1.2 Smile134

      Count me in with Ann! (although my marriage is at baby agee compared to hers 😀 )

      I met my first love in college, after ~ 5 years of dating (including 4 years in a long distance relationship), we got married last year 😀

      • 1.2.1 Smile134


    • 1.3 aiqcn

      I met my first love when I was 19. After 4 years of 3000 miles away from each other, we have been married for 10 years and expecting our first baby.

    • 1.4 skelly

      I think the exception proves the rule. My “first love” (like most, I think) is long gone with no regrets.
      But on the other hand, it also depends on how you define first love; is it the first big crush, the first serious boyfriend, the first ‘almost engaged, the second ‘almost engaged, the engaged-but-amicably-parted, the engaged-catastrophe-ending-in-a-wedding-dress-bonfire…you get the picture.

    • 1.5 themugen

      Can I marry myself? Just kidding, it’s been so long so IDK who my first love was anymore.

      • 1.5.1 Ann

        Maybe you just haven’t met yours yet!

        • PonderWoman

          Or born late? Another noona-love perhaps? lol

  2. OMG

    “But if dramas teach us one thing, it’s that first loves are made of puppies, rainbows, and crack cocaine. You just can’t quit ‘em.” Hahahahahaha…had me dying of laughter.

    i agree that HW just needs to come clean to JY, i understand that she’s married to him but we ALL know that she’s not in love with him…m sure she loves him and is grateful for what he did for her (and the slight fact that everyone thought YS was dead) but that is not the reason why one should get married…she shouldnt lie to him and say oh she’s just trying to find the truth…that scene when she rushed to YS’s side when YH told her that YS was injured and the scenes in the hallway n stairwell says it all…this guy is the one who holds her heart…despite all the rotten things he done or said to her…u could tell that if that ring wasnt on her hand…she woulda stayed! I also like that they r not making (at least not yet) YH a bad person….sometimes in an affair the other person is a good person…and i like that they showed here he was such a good support system for her….now though…i dunno where they are heading with that…haha

    Im excited to see what happens next…I wanna know more about Junchiro…what’s his game plan….obviously the picture thing is not for YS’s sake..why did he wait 12 years(and possibly more) for his revenge and why is he using YS….poor secretary Jang…i honestly don’t think she sent that picture…but i could be proven wrong…

    • 2.1 houstontwin

      I am not sure that we could ever say that someone cheating on their husband or wife is a “good person”. An unfaithful wife might be described as “weak”, “immoral”, or “confused” but not “good.”
      HW was unfaithful from the very beginning when JS kissed her in front of the restaurant. She didn’t even know who JS was at the time and she didn’t initiate the kiss, so why didn’t she, a newlywed, tell her husband what happened and distance herself from this inappropriate “stranger”?

  3. Arawn

    This episode just broke my heart. For almost every character. I even feel some empathy for grandpa occasionally even though we know he’s done some pretty horrendous things in past. And this is why I love this show, it makes characters feel real, it makes me CARE. It hurts but it’s such a sweet pain…

    Poor Joon-young, my heart really bled for him in this episode. I do understand why hae-woo has lied to him but it doesn’t change the fact that she HAS lied to him. And because of that he has no reason to believe her when she tells the truth – how will he know it is the truth and not another lie? That’s what happens to liars.

    Junichiro keeps troubling me. If the show doesn’t give answers concerning our questions about him, I’ll be pissed!

    • 3.1 missjb

      I agree with you..
      almost all character feel real… They are all imperfect creatures who can makes mistake (and their reasoning behind their action is understable and consistent). The writers doing a good job makes the char feel like a real people and makes me care

  4. Newbie

    There was a breathtaking moment, when I thought Clicky had clicked Chingu’s head with his ball pen. I was waiting for him to die with bated breath. Who is Soo-hyun exactly? Is it a coincidence, that his name is put together from Yi Soo and Yi Hyun?

    The long good-bye shot of Yi Soo and Yi Hyun under the bridge (symbolizing all the ballast he’s carrying around?) felt like the final, unknowing good-bye and Yi Hyun will never again eat spaghetti.

    They are doomed! (Sorry, but I have to ready myself for the end. I can’t keep hopes up for any kind of happy ending. I should go and buy some tissues. One has to be prepared.)

    PS: The mom’s reaction to her daughter’s kidnapping was fantastic acting!

    • 4.1 beggar1015

      Oh yes, I have to agree that this was actually just The Long Goodbye between brother and sister. Poor Yi Hyun is just doomed to heartbreak. You’re right – we should all start stocking up on tissues now because the end is just around the corner.

      • 4.1.1 Newbie


  5. wag-a-muffin

    I’ve pretty much concluded that everyone is going to die in the last episode, except for (at least) one villain–Grandpa Jo? Clicky? DUI Dad? Because this show is so dark. (Literally as well as figuratively. My husband was asking me for a recap before this was posted and I kept explaining, “I think this happened, but I’m not sure, because I couldn’t really see, because it was night and dark.”)
    Still–I watch–hoping somebody will live and have a happy ending.
    And the most maddeningly frustrating “leave out part” was when Soo-hyun tells Yi-hyun to get in the car, saying, “I’ll answer all your questions as we drive” (or something like that) and then WE (the audience) don’t get to see or hear the questions she asks and he answers.
    I want to know what Yi-Soo and Soo-hyun’s back story is. How does Yi-Soo know him? And why does he trust Soo-hyun when he so (obviously) trusts almost nobody?

    • 5.1 Carole McDonnell

      Yeah, I’m wondering about their relationship as well.

      I’m also wondering…is there any drama where hero and everyone dies while Big Bad remains alive?

      • 5.1.1 wag-a-muffin

        Duo–maybe not everybody dies. But the hero dies and bad daddy lives and gets to play with dead hero’s son.

    • 5.2 Spec

      > Yi-Soo and Soo-hyun’s back story

      This got me thinking. Could there possibly be some twist that Soo-hyun is actually Joon-young’s supposedly-dead-brother? I couldn’t recall though if there was any scene where Joon-young’s brother’s face was shown. I am not sure either about the age difference.

      But if such theory may even be possible, then perhaps he and Yi-soo had the same background–people thought they were dead and now with a different face, they simply cannot return to their loved ones that easily, so they naturally joined together. The only difference between him and Yi-soo might be that Soo-hyun is not up for revenge because in his past, there’s no mystery to be unveiled, and that all the rest of his family members are still alive. What do you think?

      Also, it’s still quite unclear why Soo-hyun seems to care so much about almost all main characters, whereas he’s been portrayed as though it’s obvious that his loyalty lies with Yi-soo. Is it really just in Soo-hyun’s character to naturally care for Yi-soo + Yi-hyun + Hae-woo?

      • 5.2.1 bboingbboing

        I thought Joon-Young’s brother was supposed to be a hyung? But it is really suspicious that he cares for the three. I pity Soo-Hyun though; with all the work the two dumps on him, I wonder if he even sleeps. Or if he’s carried his vampire character here in Shark…which can also explain why he likes sitting in the dark…hmmm

        • PonderWoman

          So LSH played a vampire before..wow! When i first saw him on Shark i thought he would make a good vampire character. I was thinking along Vampire Geumsa or True Blood. I think i’m gonna watch Vampire Idol just for him. Hihihi…

  6. NaHyun

    Really emotional episode this week with all the Yi-Soo – Yi-Hyun scenes urghhhh..
    And seriously, poor Joon-Young! He doesnt deserve this… and yes, Hae-Woo should really consider telling the truth to Joon-Young and that she is a MARRIED woman..
    The last line by Grandpa Jo “You can fool yoursel, but you cant fool love.” Man, totally agree haha.
    I’ve been impatient to see when Clicky would be defeated.. seriously he gives me goosebumps whenever he comes out! Maybe its also becasue of his appearance,….

    • 6.1 Lord Byron

      I see how you and HeadsNo2, and anyone else, might deem Joon Young as an innocent bystander. I am not sure.

      This triangle reminds me of another one in Enoch Arden, in which the boy who stayed home gets the sailor boy’s girl, or in Umbrellas of Cherbourg, in which the rich son gets the soldier’s girl. In both instances, there is a whiff of opportunism on the part of the groom.

      All is quiet on the surface until the original suitor returns to town. And that is when the drama can get really interesting, should it choose to go there.

  7. Levite Chaumba

    Yisoo and his sister are so far, from the first episode, the most endearing. I kind of like Junichiros idea about the photo but um not fully convinced that it’s agood idea. If there was a shooting star I would make a wish: Thunder of doom, may you just breakforth from a blue sky while Grandpa is in the midle of a street, and lightning strike him horridly paralysing his one side. May the same happen to all his accomplices.

  8. esther

    i love watch this drama every single episode, not become slow down but always moved ahead, and very exited to see what happens next…good acting , good story, good ost..hope gets good ratings too.. 🙂

    • 8.1 Pat

      The girl who plays YH is the loveliest young actress and
      so natural. KNG is also amazing. His characters all feel like the “loneliest man in the world”. I will watch anything he does (even tho I cursed BG for months!)

      • 8.1.1 PonderWoman

        I dare you watch No Regrets.

        • Pat

          Saw that too!

  9. nel

    Thanks for the recap.

    I love that this show points out the character’s mistakes.

    I love the confrontation between YS and DB especially when DB pointed out that what YS is doing will eventually hurt YH, and when they thanked each other. I don’t know why but my eyes misted at the end of that scene.

    I also loved the the scene when HW met daddy Jo’s mistress at the hotel lobby and HW was reminded of what she told her 12 years ago. Nice touch, show.

    This episode feels like an end of a chapter for me. It seems that Kim Jun’s revenge is not really the story here.

    Looking forward to a new and final chapter of the show but kinda scared of the heartbreak that will come.

  10. 10 Faye

    Yi-Soo and Yi-Hyun are just the sweetest thing ever. We need a bright, shining spot like that to leaven the heaviness and sorrow of the show.

    LOL at Soo-Hyun asking Yi-Hyun out on a date right after she almost got killed. Your timing needs some work there, dude.

    “Sometimes I wish she cared for Joon-young even a little.”
    Sigh. This, to the nth degree. I feel like the show really shot themselves in the foot, because if they had showed Hae-Woo as being indifferent to Joon-Young in the beginning, it would have made more sense. But the first few episodes depicted her as truly loving Joon-Young. They seemed to have a closeness and trust between them. And then for her to basically throw him aside like yesterday’s garbage without even trying to explain anything to him is really absurd, at this point. It’s not just a major character flaw, it’s a plot flaw, IMO.

    Props to Yi-Hyun for not wasting time on feeling angry or betrayed that nobody told her about Yi-Soo’s true identity, even if she had a right to feel that way. Instead, she just focused on what was important – his safety. I think she may very well be the most mature and well-adjusted of this group.

    Grandpa Jo really is a full-on, cold bastard. I’d believe that he’d sacrifice his son, his granddaughter, his country, and everyone else who stands in the way of what he wants. I think he may be the most truly villainous, chilling bad guy I’ve encountered in a Korean drama yet.

    • 10.1 ilikemangos

      Haha, gotta admire Soo-hyuns boldness, though.
      He likes the girl and he’s gonna let her know.

    • 10.2 bboingbboing

      HeadsNo2 took the words out of my mouth. Joon-young does not deserve this! I love Haewoo but sometimes I want to shake her and say, “You’re married!!” Gaaaah. I just want to cross televisions and give the poor guy a teary hug.

      I actually don’t even want Hae Woo and Yi Soo to get together, hahaa. I only care that Yi-Hyun gets her brother back. Or we can throw Soo Hyun in with them lol

  11. 11 Ann

    I am loving this so far. I am curious how it will stretch into 20 episodes. Please show, have a decent ending! In the previous shows in the trilogy, one ended happily and the other did not. So will it be a Resurrection or Devil ending?

    • 11.1 skelly

      Even though the Devil ending was sad, I think it was perfect for the show. You felt it coming, like you should in a good tragedy, the inexorable march to an unhappy end, but it is still satisfying because it was the logical, reasonable, inevitable place for the story to go and the writer went there. I actually think that this ending will be a little of both…I don’t expect Yi-Soo to make it (and I actually have my doubts about Hae-woo, although I don’t know if the show would be THAT gutsy), but I think Soo-hyun will be around to help Yi-hyun pick up the pieces.

      • 11.1.1 Ann

        As long as it is not a Bad Guy ending, I will be OK with it.

      • 11.1.2 Newbie

        But isn’t Soo-hyun the cop killer?!

  12. 12 maymay

    All the Yi-soo and Yi-hyun scenes are gold. Man…even Yi-hyun’s mum broke my heart…the actress was really really good.

    Am darn curious about Soo-hyun and Junichiro’s backstory…c’mmon…

    Poor Hae-woo…so conflicted…but I don’t believe she doesn’t love her husband at all. She did say that she’d still choose him even if Yi-soo isn’t dead. That’s gotta count for something right?

    • 12.1 skelly

      The problem is, she has been doing a lot of lying – so how is Joon-Young to know that her comment about choosing him is really the truth? She may sincerely love him best, with a mature love, but how is he to know that when she is all snarled up in her own past right now?
      Once you are caught in a lie, then everything starts to look like a lie.

  13. 13 wonhwa

    Some really compelling moments in the past two episodes. I personally love the moral complexity of the characters and the fact that pretty much everyone is compromised in some way. It’s not just a world of evil villains and innocent victims, which I think makes the conflicts much more intriguing. I do think though that the show is a bit mislabeled as a revenge thriller. Yi Soo seems far more driven by a desire to get the truth out in the open then to obliterate his enemies from the face of the earth, and Hae Woo’s story arc is also about getting at the reality underneath her family’s lies. Obviously vengeance plays a role, but the writer’s real thematic interest seems to be in exploring how lies warp our relationships with the people we love and the dangers of trying to gloss over past misdeeds.

  14. 14 Gaeina Lee

    I don’t know how many tears I shed while watching it raw and the 2nd time I watched it with sub.

    Duh, the bro-sist reunion and daughter-daddy scenes were so heart wrenching. I cried, for YH, for the concerns she has toward her brother, for the fear of losing him once again.. Poor baby sister..

    And I weep for JY, for the surprise and the pain he must keeps inside, for his broken dream of building a happy family with his lovely wife.. This episode is weepfest indeed.. T_T

    Thanks for the recap, Heads~!

  15. 15 Selena

    I know I might sound sadistic but I want the ending feel as real as possible, or as tragic as what fate sometimes brings to human being. Let’s say, Grandapa Jo wins the battle (eventhough I doubt it happen in dramaland) or Yi-Soo reaps what he sows, he lives a lonely life as Hae-Woo chooses Joon-Young over him. It will bring out the catharsis as what we usually feel after reading Shakespeare’s tragedies.

  16. 16 i@40

    The staircase scene was so moving. I felt how sad these poor souls are with their hopeless love. I wish somehow they will have a happy ending. How I do not know. But I wish them happiness. They have been lonely for many years now.

  17. 17 Kiongna

    Warning to – Writer & PD – do not let any of my fav. characters die on this drama or ELSE! …I promise you, you don’t want to mess with me.. LOL – I can accept death of all the baddies ONLY! Never a dull moment this drama – I was still hoping somehow haraboji was not the super baddie – that there would be a twist somewhere – fat chance ne…looks like a futile wish….

    Joon-young… such a nice guy… this drama sure makes it hard to root for Yi Soo to have happily ever after with Hae Woo… I always go… but how about Joon-young? Steady, solid handsome kind Joon-young hubby vs. Chatsarang (first love), pure turned dark but still pure inside passionate virile namja Yi Soo, who is rather awesome cool and a male with high intelligence – arggghhhHH – OK I let her keep BOTH? OTOKE!

    I think Clicky Killer would be found and key to spill all the beans…

    I love this drama…

    • 17.1 totvornottotv

      based on what we saw in the first few episodes of the drama which covered their highschool days and hw/jy wedding im convinced hw doesnt love jy jy has always loved her however she has always loved ys which has been reiterated throughout the drama eg:the scene where she finds out ys survived and collapses from stress
      or the scene where she is trying to drink enough to pass out on her “wedding night” and if not for her husband she wouldve been comatose drunk or the scene on the balcony with ys post wedding or the scene where shes in her wedding dress she sees yi soo gets up and starts chasing after him or her consistent lies to jy about ys existence simply because she doesnt want to have jy interfere in her relationship with ys hws touching of her wedding ring has become the only thing stopping her from going much further with ys as evidenced by the scene with daddy jos mistress and hw

      • 17.1.1 mia

        amasing, not a single comma or full stop

  18. 18 fanazuma

    Huh. So I’m the only one who thinks that Yi Soo – Yi Hyun scenes are awkward? 😛 They are cute together, but I felt that it was more awkward than cute. Hm.

    I wonder what Hae Woo wanted to tell Joon Young. I had a feeling she’s not confessing that she loves Yi Soo, she just wanted to tell her about the fact that Kim Joon is Yi Soo. Maybe the meeting with dad’s lover is an indication that Hae Woo still have feelings for Yi Soo, but I just don’t think it is a strong proof? I don’t know. The kiss scene in episode 13 for me is just Hae Woo pitying Yi Soo. Maybe I am just too wrong about all of this.

    That aside, Soo-hyun and Yi Hyun is totally cute. I want like an episode dedicated to them, haha!

  19. 19 Kaizeken

    Sometimes I thought Hae Woo didn’t have to lie to Joon Young as much as she did. Sure, there are times of emergency where she doesn’t have to tell him, but he wasn’t even aware of Yi Soo’s sister’s kidnapping. Every time, I cringed because Hae Woo would lie as to where she was headed or something and I’d see their marriage picture in the background LOL. Ouchies. However if Hae Woo didn’t love Joon Young to some extent, then she wouldn’t have married him. The interesting thing to watch will be her decision. As much as I like Yi Soo and Hae Woo together, he hasn’t really been there for her in that 12 year time span he was deemed ‘dead’ (or missing in some cases). And obviously he couldn’t have been with her, he was busy plotting revenge and building another identity. But yeah…

    • 19.1 Smile134

      I feel the same way about Hae-woo lying to Joon-young. At least there were some situations that she didn’t need to lie, such as when Yi-Huyn was kidnapped. In that case, a brief explanation would have been much better than “something urgent” and brushing Joon-young aside. I feel bad for Joon-young and somewhat I think Hae-woo doesn’t deserve his love and devotion.

      • 19.1.1 Kaizeken

        Yes, I agree, I don’t think she deserves his attention and love because she brushes it off so much, even others notice it. Thats when it starts to become more of an issue, because whereas Hae Woo has not had the time to notice, the people around her do. Like when Ms.Park tells Hae Woo to show Joon Young more attention. But I know Hae Woo is thinking about her relationship problem with Joon Young because she is constantly fiddling with her ring.

      • 19.1.2 beggar1015

        Perhaps HW didn’t tell her husband about Yi Hyun being kidnapped because then JY would insist on going along with HW and she wouldn’t have been able to speak with or go to Yi Soo without JY finding out the truth.

      • 19.1.3 totvornottotv

        i think hae woo only married jy because he is the closest she could get to ys as you may remember from the highschool era scenes early in the drama hw knew jy long before ys and she literally only ever saw him as a friend until ys died at which point jy took advantage of ys absence and used his position in both their lives to ingratiate himself to hw who i believe only married him out of obligation for his help getting her through the tragedy of losing ys one more way i can support this contention is if you go back and watch hw post wedding behavior she doesnt look like a woman who is totally happy with her decision from her excessive drinking “ON HER WEDDING NIGHT” to the point where her new husband has to forcibly stop her from continuing to her scene with ys on the balcony they dont seem to me like those of a woman who is in “love” with the person they are marrying despite jy supportive nature

    • 19.2 ilikemangos

      Yup. had she not lied so much and acted shady to her husband than the truth wouldn’t have hit him like a ton of bricks, esp. since she’s the love of his life and he trusts her so much.
      I do wish hae-woo would have just let him in the loop more often but i can see why the writers would keep him in the dark just so they can create the distance between the two while developing the OTP’s romance.
      The scene with her dad’s lover talking to her was perfectly done. I was just going to say that hae-woo is now in the same position as the woman she called a sinner.

    • 19.3 mia

      It take years and years to become whole again after being crashed by a 10 ton truck…..the first 5 years to mend the body and to fully reconstruct a new face and be able to speak and finally able to walk on his own…and that is only the physical part. The mental part is the hardest, such that at one stage, he wanted to jump down a building when he was at his deepest despair. And by then, he would have found out that his little sister was adopted and in good hands….and it will take another few years to piece everything together with meticulous detailed investigation why someone wanted him dead, why his father died. That’s where all the 12 years have gone to……

      He trusted the detectives in the beginning but from his perspective, they are useless after all. So he had to ‘do it’ himself, especially more so with Junichiro pushing him into that direction, not even allowing him to commit suicide.

  20. 20 LangitBiru

    I will not read this until I watch it but I then can’t resist to know what happened to the siblings and JoonYoung. I’m team Han.

    Maybe I will post again in 3 weeks time once it aired on KBSW.

  21. 21 mk

    So I only remembered this because of a comment on Viki, but Joon Young suspects Yi Soo was behind his father’s accident. And he thinks Hae Woo is having an affair with Yi Soo…dear god, this poor man is due for about eight emotional breakdowns. Not to mention when he finds out about who really did it…

  22. 22 DarknessEyes

    Just had a thought…. what is Junchiro’s stake in all this? Has that been explained?

    I think he’s the guy that Evil Grandpa was supposed to have killed. I know, it sounds kinda crazy, but what else would make sense?

    And Poor Joon-young. Really, he’s the most innocent of the characters. As long as Yi-Hyun, Joon-Young, Soo-Hyun, Ajusshi, Dong-soo and Yi-Hyun’s mom make it out alive, I really don’t care what happens to the rest of the characters.

    • 22.1 mia

      It is a ‘law’ in dramaland, that if one commits a murder…then he/she will not have the happy-ever-after ending. So the outcome for Yi Soo here is whether he did indeed kill that detective. If he is not involved, then the only ‘bad’ stuff he ever did so far was putting his ex girlfriend through some torturous moments….being mysterious and dropping ominous hints. So for that he is doomed and no one should care whether he dies or live ? Aww…come on

  23. 23 Cynthia

    Dear Show,

    Would it totally KILL you to have 2 scenes in a row featuring daylight?!

    I don’t mind a drama using important night-time ambiance to amp up tension, etc., but when the camera work can’t compensate in low light conditions, it just sucks! I want to see if Clicky whacked Soo-hyun on the head with a ball-point pen and not his gun, but who could tell? I rewound twice and I swear it looks like he got penned on the noogin! I was expecting him to keel over as Clicky & Mom were making their escape. And, Soo-hyun – not to be picky but you’re holding a gun and can’t shoot out the tires?! Don’t you watch crime dramas?

    Otherwise, am enjoying this drama – especially when Grampa Jo lies like a rug with no remorse, even to the extent of those crocodile tears he shed for Hae-woo’s benefit. Evil. Just. Evil.

    Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2 – appreciated as always!

    • 23.1 HeadsNo2

      Ha, lies like a rug. Never heard that one before, but I plan on making that part of my vocabulary now.

    • 23.2 ilikemangos

      Seriously, this show has the same issue as arang and the magistrate.
      We know that you’re goin for dark and intense but would it kill ya to brighten up the lighting a little bit so we could all see without squinting our eyes? Ha.

    • 23.3 Bengbeng

      I also shouted so loud when I thought Sohyun got poison penned in the head. He is just starting his budding romance to die just like that! thank you for not killing him show =)

  24. 24 IBELIS

    Gpa is a war criminal so I say let YS take everything he knows to the military, have him tried in World Court where his money and influence will have no effect.

    HW after her shameful pictures are published begs JY forgiveness and live a quiet sedate life. YS take his sister back to Japan and they live happy ever after.

  25. 25 Lilian

    Was it ever explained why Soo Hyun is Yi Soo’s ally? It seems like he trusts Soo Hyun a lot and there must be a reason. Hope it is explained…..

    and yeah, Poor joonyoung. His wife is still living in the past =(

  26. 26 Bengbeng

    what’s more devastating for Joon-young is the knowledge of how much Hae-woo loves Yisoo. I hope he remains good hearted till the end. though we know he can be badass just when his brother died when he was still in highschool.

  27. 27 ilikemangos

    Yi hyun’s dad is going to die.
    It’s one of those weird instincts i get (usually accurate 80% of the time) while watching dramas.

    • 27.1 ilikemangos

      Either way someone good in our circle of main characters is going to die.
      (i’m just preparing myself for the worst, don’t mind me).

      • 27.1.1 Gaeina Lee

        *Stock up tissue*

    • 27.2 Yvonne


      Honestly, I rather YS, because that, I am prepared for.

      • 27.2.1 Khuncho

        By right Hae Woo and Joon-young cannot be separated. So YS will be died or locked up. It will be very sad. But I prepare for it. Or Joon-young lets Hae Woo go since he knows very well that YS and HW are loved each other a lot.

  28. 28 tayo

    Yi Soo and Hae Woo are more than first loves …..They are soulmates.

    • 28.1 totvornottotv

      i agree because its been shown repeatedly throughout the drama

  29. 29 Rach^^

    Why can’t I get back into this drama?? It just feels so meh and I don’t know why even though I’m still watching it. 🙁

  30. 30 Yvonne

    Miss reading your recaps! Thanks so much!

  31. 31 kirsten

    I had to cover my eyes when Hae Woo shows up to see Yi Soo, I could only yell “NO”! She can explain everything away, however what a pity, she “Has To”, because she wasn’t telling him anything before hand.

  32. 32 Jen

    Anyone notice BoA’s ost was playing in the background when YS went to the park to see detective Byun? I thought it was funny because that ost is usually played for YS and HW

    • 32.1 ilikemangos

      heeeeee — yes! Wrong timing.
      I was expecting to see hae-woo while he was walking towards someone, but it ended up being detective byun, which totally took me out of the moment. LOL

  33. 33 bbstl

    the whole Soo Hyun part is so opaque. What is his connection with YS, why does he just follow whatever YS tells him to do? Det B noticed that SH had been missing the day after YH’s kidnapping but I guess hasn’t had time to follow up on that yet. Are we supposed to have believed that SH would really have blown Mrs. Clicky’s brains out in the car? Won’t SH’s abandoned car showing up wherever Clicky left it flash a clue for anyone?

    • 33.1 Cynthia

      I’m pretty sure that Mr. Clicky left the car when he dumped his wife back in the facility. They said he just disappeared (only to resurface almost immediately at the Detective’s house where we could watch Clicky click away. As for how he got there, I’ll have to attribute it to the miracle of Drama characters to move about the country like magic with no transportation in sight).

  34. 34 Cheryl

    I totally feel for JY and I’m a bit pissed with HW for not telling him that the big thing that had her tied up was YH being kidnapped, or leave out the name and just say someone was kidnapped and she’s needed.

    In the last scene, if I had to pick who’s going to win this game of Chicken, my money’s on Grampa Jo because he has no conscience–and even if he did possess even the smallest flicker of one, he’d still pull this same bluff because he knows HW is one of YS’s weaknesses. YS is going to have to think fast and pull a really good Plan B out of left field on this one.

  35. 35 Sarah

    Urghh! I can’t wait for the bext episode! I wish that her grandpa will die and let YS and HW live together! I pity JY for what happen, his love for his wife was so pure. I hope it will have a happy ending, at least!

  36. 36 JaneJ

    First things first…
    ‘LOVE’ is not duty. Love is not friendship, or ‘charity’, or…
    Marriage is not ‘slavery’, or any of these mentioned before…[lol, I hope nobody will feel awkward about these ‘big’ words…]… ‘She should do this’, ‘she should do that’, ‘she shouldn’t have done that’ — she SHOULD do nothing… freedom is of the essence here. She didn’t have time for YS during their adolescence, and now she is re-discovering herself, and her true feelings begin to develop freely for him; and alas! we all know that freedom in these circumstances is very much needed… and the writer/director was inspired to choose Orpheus’ myth, — they are not to blame for their fathers’ (wrong)doings, but the young ones are suffering the consequences, trying to bring things, and themselves, towards a second life, maybe towards a re-birth… — Now, will the writer/director let the good gods interfere, or will he let only the hateful ones play all they want with our poor heroes?…

    • 36.1 mia

      Me liking this comment 🙂

      Me have no problem with ‘big’ words

      Totally agree….freedom is the essence here…..this obsession with should-do and should-not-do is v constipating

  37. 37 Ellie

    I love reading your Recaps, makes me feel not alone in watching this:) Thank you. They’re awesome, and funny, but always on point.
    I am literally petrified of watching the next 4 episodes…I know it’s a super dark drama, and all of the characters’ pain so far has felt SO real, but….can’t Yi Soo get a happy ending PLEASE! Don’t kill him…:(
    I’ve prepared myself of course, like most of you guys, lol, but..seriously, what if we get a pleasant surprise from the writers, after having suffered throughout the whole show…?
    I mean…if Yi Soo dies…EVERYONE (of the good characters) gets a tragic ending too…his little sister wouldn’t be able to get over this…consequently her dad and mom would be miserable, and Detective would feel worse on top of it because he couldn’t save him twice. The Secretary would be devastated…and Hae Woo…well we all know how she would feel. So….DONT KILL HIM! Let him be happy.
    And….yes, I feel terrible for Hae Woo’s amazing, kind, loving, sexy husband as well. GOD – everyone’s suffering – there has to be a good end to this. May be we’ll get a surprise. I honestly…make myself believe that there has to be a good end to this, it will be too tragic otherwise. I got over IRIS’ ending, but this one…it will break my heart if Yi Soo dies:(

  38. 38 MsB

    Can I feel any more sorry for Joon Young puppy?!! He truly is getting the short end of the stick. Now, unless it turns out he was driving the truck that nearly killed Yi Soo, I will continue to feel sorry for him. He was second fiddle when Yi Soo came into Hae Woo’s life and now that he is back; those strings are seriously breaking. But it was a very good episode! One I’ve been looking for. So happy that Yi Hyun is finally back with her beloved oppa!! Grandpa? No words. That man can’t be saved!!

  39. 39 JL

    I feel so sad only 4 episodes left. Shark had me hooked so deeply…sigh

  40. 40 Obsessed

    The more I watch this show, the more I become obsessed with KNG. The man is so…YUMMY! Though, I am happy with this story line. I have already prepared myself for the ending. KNG dies in everything. I’m still mad at Bad Guy! I wonder if make a petition they will remake the ending? Lol.

  41. 41 Mina

    Well that Orpheus picture says everything… Yi Soo will fail because of Hae Woo. Period.

    • 41.1 Ellie

      Nooo…the Orpheus painting…is there to give him a lesson on what to do…and not to do. There is hooope. LOL. I know how it’s going to end, but I am in denial right now!:)

      • 41.1.1 Jim

        I have commented on the affinities between Shark and
        The Count of Monte Cristo before (and will again). The
        last line of TCoMC says “… all human wisdom is summed
        up in two words?–‘_Wait and hope_.'”

        It’s hard, tho: waiting for the recaps to eps 17 and 18,
        and then for eps 19 and 20 themselves.

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