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The love triangle takes off in Good Doctor
by | July 24, 2013 | 156 Comments

I suppose you can’t blame a girl for waffling if she’s got her pick between Joo-won and Joo Sang-wook, can you? Here’s another batch of stills and a new teaser for KBS’s upcoming medical drama Good Doctor, featuring our heroine Moon Chae-won cozying up to cold boss man Joo Sang-wook, and spending more time with intriguing genius co-worker Joo-won. The teaser also gives us a little backstory for the hero, and sets up why he chooses such a difficult profession.

The warm human drama follows the story of surgical fellows at a university teaching hospital, where Joo-won’s character Shi-on, an autistic savant, trains to become a pediatric surgeon alongside Moon Chae-won. Joo Sang-wook is their hard-nosed supervisor, an assistant professor and star doctor at the hospital. The piggybacking stills come from a flashback sequence set in med school, which is a relief, given that Joo Sang-wook is a teacher, not to mention engaged at the start of the drama. But she had a pretty big crush on her sunbae back in school, and made a drunken confession while he piggybacked her home.

She’ll find herself more and more intrigued by Shi-on, of course, and despite his childlike personality, they’ll share a sweet and innocent loveline. New stills feature the hero performing an emergency procedure in the street (I’ll bust a gut if there’s one per episode), and the teaser is a nice little montage of his backstory. He narrates:

The day the tree smelled of ice cream, Rabbit went up to heaven.
The day the mine smelled of rusty metal, Hyung went up to heaven.
Little Shi-on: If I become a doctor, can I make them not go to heaven?
I wanted to let them become adults.
I want to give children the gift of a future.

Awwwww. Good Doctor premieres August 5 on KBS.

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156 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. news

    I’d totally choose Joo Sang-wook.

    • 1.1 Ace

      I totally second this. πŸ˜‰

    • 1.2 damianna

      let me in on this too πŸ˜‰

    • 1.3 maymay

      I totally would to. But I understand this is a sinking ship right off the bat….I’ll just have to comfort myself watching a drama in which he’s actually the main lead

      • 1.3.1 kiki

        Let’s sink together everyone!!

        • sanoluvme

          let’s! as long as i’m with joo sang wook

        • redfox

          well, I can save us all, I work in a submarine. so go sink, I will pick you up, say, near Sri Lanka? OK?

          • the50-person

            Sure! Hahahah xD

          • fanazuma

            Do you really work in a submarine? Cool!!

            “We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine” πŸ˜›

        • Cheryl

          I will go down with this ship, I won’t put my hands up and surrender! There will be no white flag at all, no way! I’m in luv and always will be! *G* With (no) apologies to Dido for minor changes to her song. ;D

          • Kiara

            Lol <333333

    • 1.4 heyitssarang

      Do you think it’s possible that drama land would actually for the first time in all drama history allow the second lead to get the girl? I mean just this ONCE.
      Because Joo Sang-wook is just *SWOON*

      • 1.4.1 Marrinnee

        The second lead, Kim Bum, will most probably get the girl in Goddess of Fire, Jung-Yi (according to the synopsis on Wiki!)! He def has more chemistry with the heroine and everyone is rooting for him more than the lead! Lets hope its the first in Kdrama History πŸ˜€

        • Kiara

          Historically she didn’t marry the king so there.

          • Chandler

            Huh. I like the prince more than Kim Bum in that. And I don’t think Kim Bum and Moon have romantic chemistry at all.

          • Kiara

            I don’t even watch the show so I don’t know anything about the couple’s chemistry.

          • Jo

            YESSS. I really don’t like the prince because…somehow the younger version just ruined him for me. lolll. Here is one example on how the younger actors’ acting does not carry over. The only young actor I liked was the younger ver of Kim Bum.

        • ys

          In the teen cast I was rooting for both boys because the girl actress had such great chemistry with everyone. I’m kinda leaning toward the prince/future king in the adult cast (although orabeonni’s mane is pretty damn glorious), but as points out, he won’t get the girl. I might root for ma-ma anyway…

      • 1.4.2 Midori

        It all depends on the Korean TV viewing audience rather than us who watch from abroad. The second lead has gotten the girl in several dramas, twice for Park Shi Hoo dramas that I remember off the top of my head. Just don’t hold your breath as it rarely happens.

        • lil

          I know which dramas you’re talking about. First was in “How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor” then in “Queen of Reversals”. I only watched those episodes with him in it. Hah! I still like him no matter what πŸ™‚

      • 1.4.3 2drama

        In Beautiful days Ryu Shi Won was originally intended to be the male lead, but that audience reactions favored then-lesser-known Lee Byung Hun, so the writers changed things up so that Lee Byung Hun could get the girl.

        • Kiara

          Kind of like Bidam and Queen Seon Deok. Writer Kim Young Hyun changed Shilla’s history due to demands from Bidam’s fans lol.

          • Jo

            She probably didn’t only change it due to Bidam’s fans. If you see how the story/drama was written Seondeok had more natural chemistry with Bidam than with Taewoong’s character. It would have felt forced if it was otherwise.

          • Kiara

            She stated in an interview that she didn’t want to disappoint Bidam’s fans. I think it was for the rating because after Mishil died it started dropping so they end it with 62 eps instead of 65. I think it should have end at 50 . Clearly Ko Hyun Jung was the one carrying the show.

      • 1.4.4 harukogirl

        Well, it happened in TWO Park shi woo dramas – How to marry a perfect neighbor, and Queen of Reversals. So anything’s possible.

        Also, in Feast of the Gods, a lot of people thought JSW was the main lead (billed first and everything) but LSW got the girl….so maybe this time, the reversal will work in his favor? πŸ˜€

        • MariD

          Feast of the gods😁 chills.. My obsession with this man made me watch it

          • Bren42

            Totally agree… I loved him in Giant, but pretty much hated everything in Feast of Gods. I don’t even want to remember him being in that drama.

      • 1.4.5 Merrily

        It happened already. Kim Nam Gil got the girl in Queen Seon Deok. Park Shi Hoo got the girl TWICE as a second male lead.

      • 1.4.6 eny

        in Baker king n May queen second lead get the girl, even I’m fans of Joo Won i don’t mind if he don’t get the girl, the most important is the story good

      • 1.4.7 iloveys

        joowon actually got the main girl in baker king!

      • 1.4.8 Noa

        Well in Baker King Joowon was the second lead and he got the main girl. Maybe he can give the girl up in this one πŸ™‚

        • Pipit

          Yes, and be the bigger Man ^-^

      • 1.4.9 ajj

        That happened before Joo Won got Eugene in Baker King and Park Shi Hoo in Queen of Reversals.

      • 1.4.10 leesigh3

        Haha. Don’t want to see the girl end up with the slightly disabled main lead? Charming.

      • 1.4.11 Pipit

        I’m praying with you too. I so won’t him to get the girl. Joo Won looks so adorable here, but Joo Sang Wook makes my heart bleed just looking at all his pictures here.
        I can’t take another drama where I have to see him brokenhearted so please, please, please let him get the girl.

        Just this ONCE!

        Even the mere mentions of sinking ship hurt.

        • Pipit


    • 1.5 Kiara

      Such a yummie doc.

    • 1.6 Midori

      I’m on this sinking ship. Joo Won is a cutie, but Joo Sang-wook is one hot man!

      • 1.6.1 jjangnisa

        Second this. I always love Joo Sang Wook since One Mom, 3 Dads.
        I like Joo Won, but not when Joo Sang Wook in it.
        I definitely choose this gorgeous man!!


      • 1.6.2 Chandler

        I don’t know, Joo-Won was very sexy in Gaksistal. Although he obviously won’t be like that at all here.

        But I’m honestly excited for the cute innocent romance that will unfold between him and Moon, and I think it’ll be much more interesting than a romance with her cold boss, which, lets face it, has been done many a time before. I’m excited for this. It reminds me of Kyung-Tae and Eun-Soo from Story of a Man, except this time his love will be reciprocated!

        • Cazine

          I’m— Oh my gosh. That is the exact reason I’m planning to watch this show. I saw that it was a doctor drama (how did I not know this from the title, idek) and was like, “Oh nope. Not happening. No surgery for me. Plus boring and just nope nope nope.”

          And then I saw the words, “autistic savant” and I was done because for some reason, autistic savants are my weakness in dramas. I just find it so cute and I just spazz because they’re so adorable. I watched so much of Park Ki Woong’s stuff due to his role in Story of a Man. Oh goodness, I’m screwed, I tell you, screwed. Darn you, dramabeans! ;P

    • 1.7 Steph

      No, no. Wrong move. First, you have to waffle like you mean it. I know I would. I mean, look at those two. No need to be hasty.

    • 1.8 lil

      me too, joo sang wook ALL THE WAY! no questions asked! no doubt about it! uuggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!! why can’t he be just the lead?

    • 1.9 ryoko

      Yep, no waffling for me.

    • 1.10 koala

      Me too.

      • 1.10.1 koala

        Me too <3 Joo Sang Wook

    • 1.11 cayl

      same here . . .. .i hope they make the story realistic and let dr.cha fall for dr.kim . ..

  2. snow__white

    I have made up mind: I’m going to watch this πŸ™‚

  3. mywhiteyasmin

    Aaaaaaw… Joo-wonie, i want to hug and squeeze him. So cute!

    Initially, i didn’t like medical drama at all. The thought of surgery and blood in my screen already make me feel sick. But after watching this trailer, i think i’ll try this one

  4. chane

    Joo won!

    • 4.1 Sorak

      Sang Wook !

      • 4.1.1 Jasmine

        <3 Moon Chae Won! lol

    • 4.2 blo

      I agree!

  5. luvhee107

    whatever it is.. I choose Moon Jun Won.. hahaa. πŸ˜€

    • 5.1 Chaeki4ever

      me too…. <3 joo won

      • 5.1.1 Fuzzy

        Sang Wook !

  6. Bees

    Uhuks… sad trailer.

    Joo wonie, I want to tie those pouty lips.

    Gonna give this drama a try. I like all three of them.

  7. Jolyn

    Omg. Love the little narration!

    • 7.1 kdramapedia

      Agreed; super adorable! I’m preparing my heart to melt once this airs

  8. coby

    One lucky gal!

    Never thought that a scalpel can be played around like that. After seeing the green scalpel, I want to refer to this drama as Green Scalpel. hehe!

  9. hiba omairi

    Its joo won for me !!

  10. 10 chica


    I still remember when Joo Won all sulky when he don’t get to eat the meat (and other meals) in 1N2D.

    Expect to see the same sad puppy expression in this drama. Haha. It will be a totally different Joo Won the Gaksitaaaaaal and Joo Won the autistic savant.

    Thank you in advance to DB is you plan to recap this one πŸ™‚

    • 10.1 latteholic

      lol… I was thinking the same thing! The expression he has when he is in the surgery room is similar to Kang To’s expression (calm, cool, collected, with that intense stare), and when he’s not, he’s totally the Joo Won who went pouty over the beef and got scared by bugs. This is going to be like watching Gaksital and 1N2D at the same time again πŸ™‚

  11. 11 L-V

    awww.. love the teaser so much… it will be a heartwarming drama… Joo won-a hwaiting!!! good doctor hwaiting..!!! ><

  12. 12 JD

    I love Moon Chae Won!!!

  13. 13 lili

    I just can’t choose…may I have both?!? *grin*

  14. 14 lol

    im definitely going to watch this. moon chae won is so beautiful!!!

  15. 15 noernov

    After that civil whatever…I’m really hope u shine in this one joo woon ah πŸ˜‰

    • 15.1 zhaf

      Heee heee.

      Just erase THAT DRAMA from your memory πŸ™‚ :-).

      And if you haven’t watch his previous dramas like Ojakgyo Brothers and Bridal Mask, I suggest you watch it and appreciate his talent and just let go of THAT &#(%( DRAMA.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      Looking forward for this one with an open heart because I loooooooooooove alll the cast. Fighting.

      • 15.1.1 zhaf

        I’ve erased it from my memory.

        Thank you K-drama AMNESIA!

        • Toto

          Lol k-drama amnesia ..haha made me crack up, don’t we all need that. πŸ˜€

        • Jasmine

          Coincidence that we learned ultimate amnesia from Moon Chae Won’s Nice Guy. That drama had single, double, and triple amnesia lol

        • yay13

          okey….let’s do K-drama Amnesia….!! lol

  16. 16 haruka

    That was a nice play on flashback/backstory for trailer. It just got my heart right there. The naration just sealed it.

  17. 17 george

    Okay,I’m going to watch and then will see.

    • 17.1 kumi

      First have a look and then you’ll see if you can watch it πŸ˜‰

  18. 18 Amalia

    The teaser and stills look promising. When I only read the drama description few weeks back, I didn’t think the drama would pique my interest. But now, definitely planning to watch it!

    As for the love triangle, I personally think Moon Chae-Won’s character looks better with Joo Sang Wook’s.
    But we’ll see. πŸ™‚

  19. 19 NaHyun

    i wasn’t sure If I wanted to watch this drama, it had Moon Chae-Won and Joo-Won so i was kinda excited but the plot didn’t seem that intruging except for the Joo-Won acting like a child..
    But after seeing these stills and teasers, makes me want to watch them! aughh too many new dramas..(it’s a good thing btw just not enough time to watch them all)
    Just love love love Joo-Won’s narration.. that made me want to watch it even more now..
    For hotness, I choose Joo Sang-Wook, for cuteness, Joo-Won.. why is it so hard?? Normally I like cuter than hotter but… damn if Joo Sang-Wook isn’t hot *.*

  20. 20 tiny

    Nobody ever looks that good in med school! hahah 😊

  21. 21 Toto

    Joo won why do u have to soo cute? man the trailer made me a little teary eyed..awwh I think he is perfect for this role.
    I love watching dramas about autistic people, just hope this drama turns out to be beautiful

  22. 22 BlueStars

    Even though I don’t like medical dramas, going to check this drama out for Joo Won. Thank goodness none of my favourite actors or actresses are competing against each other in the Monday-Tuesday timeslot. I’m going to be so torn as to who to cheer for for Wednesday-Thursday. I want I Hear Your Voice to get even better ratings, but at the same time, I want Lee Jun Ki/Park Ha Sun’s drama to do well. After I Hear Your Voice is Master’s Sun with Seo In Guk. :S

  23. 23 yuaekito

    I’m just really excited to see Joo Woonie play something other then a cop!

    I’ve even researched up on autism and Savants…
    After watching the trailer I think they should have kept the original title of the green scalpel..

  24. 24 Cemonk

    Looking forward to watch this drama, looks interesting especially cause i like both of the main lead.
    Just notice that they have similar names: moon jun won – moon chae won πŸ™‚

  25. 25 p3rk3le

    gawww this cast is gorgeous, seriously.

  26. 26 Turtle

    I love Moon Chae Won and Joo Won but I’m not sure if I will watch this drama or not. As an autistic adult, I really hope they don’t mess this up and portray us some kind of one dimensional stereotype or get aspects of autism wrong. I really, really, really hope they don’t go with the child-like personality with this one. I am not child like. I am an adult. I just want a portrayal of someone like me where it’s not degrading or dehumanising me and people like me for the sake of some award. I want to like this drama so I hope they get it right. I don’t want to be disappointed in some of my favourite actors. I don’t think I can continue being a fan of Joo Won if he messes up this portrayal…

    • 26.1 Evenie

      Aww. I also worried but let’s hope this drama will give people some light of what an autism are and in this drama an autism savant. I read that they are diff kind of autism. To tell you the truth this is the first time I heard of savant syndrome :-), I’m aware of autism and dyslexia and this kind of story rarely explored by K-drama. I really hope this drama can deliver and educate the audience.

      Love the two male leads; Joo Won and Joo Sang-wook.

      • 26.1.1 Turtle

        Yes, autism is a spectrum disorder and I know that Joo Won’s character probably experiences autism differently to the way I do, I still can’t help feel worried about the portrayal itself. I want it to be honest and treat his character as a human being and I want the writers to treat him as a person with autonomy and respect him even if he is “child like”.

        (I actually don’t like the word savant because of the connotations it brings up.)

    • 26.2 SS

      Hi Turtle, thanks for speaking up. It’s already in the synopsis that Park Shi On has a child-like personality. I think the writer intended it this way. I am not sure if this is the difference between Asian and American portrayals of autism. In Marathon, Jo Seung Woo who played the autistic runner was also child-like, right down to the way he spoke. He won an award for his role. I don’t see the same thing in Temple Grandin and Mozart and the Whale.

      In Asia, the awareness of autism is still in its infancy. When I see youtube videos of people(I think they are mostly Americans) who are autistic, speaking out, I doubt if they are Asians, they will be diagnosed as autistic.

      Joo Won said in an interview for Good Doctor that he hopes to create awareness and that people(in South Korea) will not look down at autistic persons.

      I think this drama has got its heart in the right place, let’s hope it doesn’t mess up the portrayal of autism too much and strike a balance between having to entertain the audience and yet drive the correct message.

      • 26.2.1 Turtle

        Yeah I’m actually Asian myself (I live in Europe) and had a lot of trouble getting an initial diagnosis in the first place because I wasn’t white and I’m “high functioning” and I could make eye contact.

        But please don’t make the mistake of thinking that autistic people on various parts of the spectrum don’t exist in Asia. Whether they get a diagnosis or not they’re still very much autistic.

        I think the point I wanted to make was that when it comes to autism whether in the West or Asia people are still concerned with bringing up awareness and forget that autistic people are perfectly capable of watching and absorbing media. I was merely stating my wish to be able to SEE a character who is similar to me, who is an adult being treated like an adult. Awareness is great but how come awareness is always catered towards only one type of autism?

        When someone talks about autism, they talk about it as if an autistic person isn’t in the room and don’t even consider that we’re listening in on the conversations. It’s the same thing when it’s done on a larger scale such as in media. Writers create autistic characters for the absorption of allistic people (non autistic people) and forget that there are autistic people who are watching these characters. Autistic people who can judge on whether that portrayal is honest to the autistic experience or not. I just hope the writers of this show remember that autistic people are watching this show as well.

        It’s a really strange thing when someone writes a character who resembles you but then writes them so that it’s not intended for you. Really strange. Everyone else gets to be the intended audience, so why can’t autistic people?

        • SS

          Oh I don’t mean that autistic people in every part of the spectrum doesn’t exist in Asia. They do but it’s just that they may not be be as frequently or accurately diagnosed here than in the west.

          As for the drama portraying only one type of autism, I think that’s the limitation because the story revolves around only one autistic person and a rare savant at that. Unless the story revolves around a group of autistic people, it will be hard to cater to more than one type. You have no difficulty or not much in making eye contact and it seems that Park Shi On, though uncomfortable is able to do so. However, I think there are autistic people out there who is thinking this is not accurate because no matter how they try or get therapy, they feel very uncomfortable doing that.

          I chanced on a forum participated by autistic people and from what they wrote, it seems that there are as many differences as there are similarities.

          Since you have the same syndrome, I cannot possibly know better than you. All I can say is that it may be more difficult to pin point exactly what is an accurate portrayal than it seems.

          • Turtle

            Since I don’t live in Asia (anymore) I can’t really talk about the frequency and accuracy of a diagnosis and I’d rather not speculate on it either since I don’t want to assume how it works over there. From my experience autism diagnosis isn’t all that great in the west either especially when it comes to diagnosing people who aren’t men. But that’s a story for another day. πŸ˜›

            I probably didn’t explain myself clearly (I often do that, sorry), I meant portrayals of autism in general not just the one in this drama. ahhhh but now that you mention it, it would be great if Park Shi On was to interact with other autistic people. Maybe a meeting with an autistic child in the hospital or something? Ah that’d be great if that happened. πŸ˜€

            As for accuracy, I did see a couple of things in the promo that looked promising, like Park Shi On’s monotone voice and his stimming (repetitive movements with the scalpel). But I’d really have to see an episode or two to see if it’s actually any good or not.

            I’m actually more concerned about the kind of information about autism that they will be putting out there then the individual chatacteristics Shi On will have. As long as they make it clear that it’s a spectrum disorder and there are a variety of autistic people and that even if you are “child like” you still have autonomy and you deserve to have your choices and boundaries respected. As long as they’re not making absolutely false, ridiculous claims about autism, then I’m more or less happy.

            I’m not naive I know that Park Shi On will be discriminated against for being autistic (it’s rare for us not to go through this), I guess I want the show to say that this type of behaviour is never acceptable.

            I’ll just quietly wait for the show and see how it is.

    • 26.3 mini

      Isn’t it very harsh dear? It is not his fault totally if he do not portray it right. Although he studies abt autism for this role ,he may not actually know how the real autistic people feel. In interview,he actually admit that he is afraid he will make mistake for this role.

      I know people will say why he risks himself to get criticisms IF he does not do well.But his conscience is clear. “I want people from looking down to autistic people.”he stated during entertainment weekly interview.

      • 26.3.1 mini

        Sorry.he stated “i want people to stop looking down on autistic people”.

      • 26.3.2 Turtle

        No I don’t think it’s harsh at all. It may not be completely his fault if he doesn’t portray autistic people correctly since the writer and director also have a part in this portrayal but it’s definitely irresponsible if he doesn’t take responsibility in the roles he engages in either. You can comment about this objectively because it doesn’t affect you as it would affect autistic people. Misinformation about autism will hurt us in the long run. Portrayals in the media is very important. Intention doesn’t mean much if you hurt people anyway.

        But I really do hope that he can do a good job on this.

        • Turtle

          So I meant subjectively* not objective.

          • Indi

            I totally agree with you about his responsability in taking this role, which is huge. So, I really hope that he will do a good job in portraying a mature autistic person, since he is a doctor full of responsabilities, and that the writing of the drama gets to explore the other types of autism, to not fall on stereotypes that will do more bad than good.

  27. 27 Dramafed1782

    Does that look like a tracheostomy he is performing on the kid? Awaiting for detailsssssssss!!!!!!

  28. 28 ck1Oz

    As long as they go for the plot and writing, will be fine with this drama.

    Don’t remember if the loveline played much of a part in any of the God’s Quiz dramas.

  29. 29 Evenie

    I don’t expect an excessive skinship and lovey dovey love story.

    I will settle with a sweet and heartwarming love lines between Joo-won & Moon Chae Won and between Joo Sang-wook and Kim Min-seo and between Joo Sang-wook and Joo Won. Heh heh. The star doctor Joo Sang-wook must be sceptical of the autistic savant Joo-won.

  30. 30 Angeliam

    Even though I haven’t watch a medical drama until the end but i will definitely watch this one. Maybe I’m biased to moon chae won but i have always have faith in her for choosing projects so i know good doctor will be awesome. And for the lead guy i like them both

  31. 31 Kolpi

    I hope that the second female lead’s character won’t be stereotyped as that mean, filthy rich, two-dimensional character. Grr. For some reason I think writernim will go there. On another note, Moon Chae Won looks absolutely glowing. I can’t decide whether to ship her with JSW or JW, they both looked good next to her. Sweet trailer, but I’m wary as anything.

  32. 32 aulia

    I think I have to pass this until December, I have to finish my thesis first, *sigh*. My mom will kill me if she know that I’m in love again with another drama even it for Joo won oppa.
    T.T huk, I hope this drama will be more than good and I’ll see it after my graduation.

  33. 33 pogo

    I may have to give this a pass until I have time to catch up, but I refuse to miss the sight of Moon Chae-won in glasses (she looks SO ADORABLE, how does she do it?)

    As for Joo-won and Drama Voldemort, I’m hoping to actually forget about it someday.

  34. 34 J

    The existence of Kim Min Seo’s character as (sigh) glamorous second-lead fiance of Dr Joo Sangwook and MCW’s crush on him is TOTALLY unnecessary and cliched typical of kdrama. Sigh, why can’t they just portray the story they wanna tell, which is about a savant doctor trying to achieve a near impossible goal of becoming a pediatric, devoid of the unnecessarily tacked-on love square nonsense? This is the prime reasons so many Kdramas fail at doing a supposed human drama. They try way TOO hard to shove romance into everything! Jdrama is better in doing these stuff because they know when not to put distracting romance -..-

    • 34.1 Kgrl

      Don’t you think you’re judging a little too early?

      As far as I’ve seen, the writer’s previous works had little emphasis on romance, but more on human relationships and it’s influences to character development.

      I’m cautious about the autism subject matter, but I’m thrilled to see the 3 leads in a medical drama. Just have to see.

      • 34.1.1 J

        well, since I’ve seen like a million kdramas before this, I think I have the right to form prejudice based on what the promotional materials have teased so far. It’s always the same constrict – competent higher level character falling for the newbie/naive/clumsy/poor (take your pick or combine any) heroine while she develops feelings for the male lead. ALWAYS. Why can’t he be her mentor or pure best friend (a la Mer and George in Grey’s, for example) or frenemy? Does every man-woman relationship have to be romantic? I haven’t seen the writer’s previous work but if it’s like what you said then good. I’m just annoyed at the structure of kdrama that just HAVE to shove in romance to please lovesick fans. Harsh words, but true.

        • J

          just a disclaimer, i still intend to watch this drama. And no, im not allergic to romance. I just don’t see any point having love triangle in every story however illogical. And, my second most hated kdrama trope, bitchy second female lead. Why do all the best dressed women in kdrama have to be the bitch? And why do the luminous Kim Minseo have to be stuck playing this over and over again? Her Chosun in SKKS was prove that she was capable of nuanced acting. Somebody give this girl a well-written character, please.

          • Vickie

            Love triangle in every drama? Hah. Welcome to dramaland.

    • 34.2 ilikemangos

      Yeah, the set up for her is cliched but the drama hasn’t even started yet. There’s a bunch of characters that sound cliche on paper in k-dramaland. Some actors/actresses bring them to life, or the writers give them more than just typical 2nd lead. You never really know until it airs. You could be pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t find her to be the one thing to turn me off from this show though. I could probably care less about her character, i’m predicting.
      This writer is known for human relationships and i wouldn’t be surprised if this show was centered on that moreso than the romance. I’ll be expecting sweet, heartwearming relationships all around.
      The trailer is proof. Instead of giving us slick medical procedures they showed us the heart of the story of a boy who grew up and wanted to save the lives of children.

  35. 35 Annie

    By sweet and innocent, I hope they mean ‘barely there’ because I can’t help but feel grossed out at the thought of them forcing a loveline onto two characters who would be so much better off in a relationship as friends and confidants.

    And Joo Sang Wook is too attractive… he looks so perfect with Moon Chae Won that it kills me. But even if that alternative weren’t there, I think the main loveline is a big mistake.

  36. 36 anonymous

    I don’t think Joo-won is a capable actor for this challenging role. But i will watch this because of the MCW and JSW.

    • 36.1 SS

      I won’t comment on his capability because I know it is subjective. But I definitely laud his guts in taking up this challenge. While his peers are playing “Flower Boy” roles, at least Joo Won tries. I am sure he is aware that there is a higher chance of failure in this type of roles than the usual rom-com, light stuff that those his age are doing.

      Even if he falls short, this will be a step in his journey to be a thespian. In my opinion, we need more actors like him to dare try and stretch themselves instead of staying in the comfort zone.

      • 36.1.1 crazedlu

        just here to show this comment love. :D!!

      • 36.1.2 ilikemangos



        You have to give him props for taking on a tricky role like this.

      • 36.1.3 Moon

        Couldn’t agree more! Joo Won’s got some balls to take on challenging roles!

      • 36.1.4 hello

        Kim So Hyun was offered this role first but he rejected it. Hmmmmm…go Joo Won!

        • Marce

          GOOD! i prefer Joo won a million times more! πŸ˜€

      • 36.1.5 ht


  37. 37 lemondoodle

    I only have experience autism first hand with one person (my nephew), but the “child like personality” really rubs me the wrong way because my nephew is mature well beyond his years. It’s seem insulting. I’m still not feeling a loveline with Joo Won’s character because of that. I guess I’ll reserve judgement until I see it though.

    • 37.1 SS

      I agree that this loveline would be challenging to pull off since Park Shi On is supposed to have a social development of a 10 year old. But I think your experience with your nephew may not be representative of every autistic person because the spectrum is so wide. I have seen an autistic child from age 2 to 10. As he grew older, it became more and more apparent to casual observers because he seemed more childish than his peers.

      Let’s not assume that the drama insults autism at large because of its lack of research and sensitivity to the issue. I’d rather assume that they are attempting to portray a sliver of the spectrum, no matter how small it is.

      • 37.1.1 lemondoodle

        Ah, that’s why I’m trying to reserve judgement before I watch it. πŸ˜€ I know my own experiences aren’t true for everyone out there and I have faith the script writers aren’t going to do anything creepy or insulting either.

  38. 38 Turtle

    Haa I rarely ever comment on dramabeans but I’m commenting a lot today (bare with me).

    I just wanted to chime in and say that autistic people have romantic relationships since a lot of people are feeling “uneasy” or “grossed out” at the prospects of us being relationships.

    Believe it or not but we have jobs, we have relationships, we develop crushes, we fall in love, we have boy friends and girl friends, we get married and we have babies. Some of us are straight and some of us are gay, bisexual or asexual etc.

    We. have. lives.
    Shocking, I know. :O
    (That last sentence was sarcasm btw)

    But yeah, I’m kind of disturbed that people think it’s gross that autistic people can’t have romantic relationships. Even if Park Shi on acts like he’s 10 years old he deserves to have relationships and fall in love. And you’re acting like 10 year old children don’t have crushes or have relationships.

    • 38.1 Dramafed1782

      I Think Turtle you just pointed out one of the many facets the show is trying to explore in this drama. That a person despite the many handicaps or inabilites which the society deems as “abnormal” wants to live a normal life like many of them out there. Thank you for telling your concerns. I enjoyed reading your side to this conditions’ spectrum. Cheers again for being a very strong person πŸ™‚

    • 38.2 erdbeer

      Very well said.

    • 38.3 Mystisith

      I agree totally with you on that. *Hug*
      Also, thanks for the sarcasm of the day. πŸ˜‰

    • 38.4 lemondoodle

      I made a comment about not feeling the love line, but it’s not the prospect of an autistic person being in a relationship that gives some (or at least me) some pause, but how they portray the persons in the first place. I’ll be watching to see and hope for the best.

      Though I’m sure there will be some insulting comments about MCW’s character getting with the sexy other doctor who doesn’t have autism I’m sure. Let’s just hope for the best.

    • 38.5 ilikemangos

      Same feels.
      The only thing that is childish would be his social abilities.
      Who says he can’t have a crush or fall in love?

      • 38.5.1 Marce

        Now that the drama is going on-to ep 5. I think you are right by saying his social abilities are the most prominent child-like tendencies, everything else seems to match the young-adult he portrays.

    • 38.6 Jo

      I totally agree with you. Also, I think the directing and cinematography in this drama looks beautiful. The child scenes they briefly showed in this drama, with the wind rustling the child’s hair? Beautiful.

  39. 39 Mystisith

    Personally I have a weakness for JSW but in the drama I can totally see why the main female character will end up with the young, innocent and endearing man. It’s going to be a sweet and slow burning romance, probably with some “accidents”. I have flashes of the Will Hunting character for Joo Won.

  40. 40 crazedlu

    oh you know… off to cry…


  41. 41 wheey

    loved the shots of the young version of joo won! that kid is so cute, loved how they designed that scene where the wind blew his hair. now, who is that boy? hmmm *proceed to wiki now*

    • 41.1 Dramafed1782

      His name is Choi Ro Woon. He had a small role in “Nice Guy” I think.

      • 41.1.1 luvhee107

        in BIG drama too.. (err.. if u watch it till the middle..) I know he’s the one Kang Kyung-joon (err.. Gong Yoo verse) always talk with when he rests at a pediatric ward (not sure if this right..haa, whatever it called..) he’s calling the child TEDDY BEAR.. you guys can look up at Ep8 of the drama.. the kid is so adorable.. >_< CHOI RO WOON is his name.. πŸ™‚

  42. 42 Chandler

    Wow there’s so many dramas coming that week! I hope you cover them all! I’m excited for each and every one!

  43. 43 SJ

    kdramas won’t be complete w/out piggyback scenes n i’m not complaining it’s one of my faves, aside from a guy or a girl pulling out a blanket to cover him/her or simply the guy taking off his jacket to make sure his girl is warm enough in a certain scene! this drama sounds really promising n all the lead actors happen to be on my list of favorites! i can’t wait! another panda eyes for me, i’m just overwhelmed these days with kdramas here n there! it’s very therapeutic n i dunno how my life will be if i’m stripped off with this privilege at all! luv you Korea & its people!

  44. 44 exquisitemelody

    if this turns into dr. jin saves the day every day, i won’t be able to watch…

  45. 45 Yasmin

    Joo! Sang! Wook! Need I say more? And he is lookibg so fiiine here *melts into a pile of goo*

    • 45.1 SOM

      Agree with you

  46. 46 ilikemangos

    Just going to try to keep an open mind coming into this show. As long as it focuses on the human aspect that it’s trying to portray i’ll be watching the whole way through.
    Props for Joo Won taking on such a challenging role — he’s a hard worker and he takes his job seriously. Not going to forget that. I’m sure he’s done tons of research in preparation for this role — probably studied some autistic people.
    I know there’s alot of different types of autistic people with a wide spectrum and i understand that joo won can’t portray all those types but rather stick to a certain kind. That’s probably not going to be good enough for some people.
    I’m in it to see the budding heartwarming relationships between all our characters.

  47. 47 Quiet Thought

    We can hope for the best from this drama but . . . really. Who is going to trust their child’s life to a doctor so twitchy and strange you wonder if he’s brain damaged? And you or I knowing what autistic people are really capable of doesn’t remove that obvious cultural barrier.

    I am having a similar problem with the lead character in ‘The Bridge’ on American television. An excellent series, but . . . she is supposedly an experienced and successful police detective, but she is also a severe Asperger’s case. And she is so disconnected from the reality of normal human interaction I cannot believe she could even manage a shift as an everyday police officer, let alone serve long enough to become a homicide detective.

    • 47.1 SS

      “And you or I knowing what autistic people are really capable of doesn’t remove that obvious cultural barrier.”

      I don’t understand the second part of your sentence but the question here and I think this is what the drama is putting out there – Do we really know what autistic people are capable of?

      There are those who can express themselves well in writing and hence we get to understand them better and see the world through their eyes. In such instances, we would be astonished to know what’s going on in their minds because externally, they seem shut from this world and often deemed as less capable.

      I can understand that the story has to make Park Si On a savant on top of autistic because they need an angle to make a plausible story of him becoming a surgeon. That is part of drama.

      Not sure where you got the part where he is twitchy. Do you mean how he was at the traffic junction? He wasn’t twitchy but overwhelmed by all the information that’s bombarding him in strange new place. I think the teaser was trying to emphasis how differently Park Si On processes things in his mind. In the 2nd teaser, however, there was a voice over that said Park Si On is calm and decisive in the operating theatre. So putting these together, I gather that his autism makes it difficult for him to handle some very ordinary things but his savant ability gives him “extraordinary” ability to perform surgery.

      As to the other aspects of being a doctor like interacting with his patients etc, let’s just see how the drama deals with it.

    • 47.2 Turtle

      Ok wow that is so offensive that I can’t even begin to start replying to this. I am so angry and upset right now.

      Brain damaged???? I’m not brain damaged. I…am just so upset by that comment. Please educate yourself before you say such ignorant things. Like I’ve commented before, autistic people are READING this too. I visit dramabeans almost every day, please take care of what you comment on.

      You clearly have no idea what being autistic means or what it means to lie on the asperger’s end of the spectrum. Some of us are very capable of having a normal day to day life, sure we may have some hang ups and the occasional break downs and can’t do certain things because of sensory issues but we still have normal lives. I can’t be social all of the time and I have to work harder at it than non autistic people doesn’t mean I can’t have a “normal” job or hang out with my friends. Human interactions aren’t the only thing to life, just because you put such a big emphasis on it doesn’t mean other people to do, it’s possible to have fulfilling happy lives with only the basic amount of interactions.

      Again, don’t call autistic people “brain damaged” it is incredibly offensive and hurtful.

      • 47.2.1 Cazine

        “Ok wow that is so offensive that I can’t even begin to start replying to this.”

        You really shouldn’t have replied to this.

        Quiet Thought said, “Who is going to trust their child’s life to a doctor so twitchy and strange you wonder if he’s brain damaged?”

        This person seems to be referring to how HE looked on the trailer. It was never said, “Autistic people are brain damaged.” It means that, his actions may seem as if he has suffered brain damage. Not YOUR actions, not OTHER actions, but the actions of the character.

        I’m not saying I agree as I have yet to read the trailer but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE everyone, completely read and comprehend the comments you’re replying to before you place your foot into your mouth.

        • Cazine

          *watch the trailer Oops. πŸ˜›

        • Turtle

          Actually, I’ve had people think I had brain damage or call me the r-word and so on. It’s a stupid assumption people make a lot about autism so I don’t think it was that big of a jump for me to interpret it the way I did. Was asking someone to think about what they write and look at the context and the people who may be reading/listening to them THAT bad?

          “Not YOUR actions, not OTHER actions, but the actions of the character.”
          Yeah and the character in question is AUTISTIC (and his actions happen to resemble some of my actions in my day to day life) so how do you expect me to keep calm when someone basically says “he looks like has brain damage” in regards to the way he carries himself?

          “everyone, completely read and comprehend the comments you’re replying to before you place your foot into your mouth.”

          Yeah, I’m incapable of comprehending people in general. It’s a hard enough thing for me to do it in the first place without people mocking me for the attempts I do make and telling me to shut up for being offended at things that have hurt me.

          Oh and if I was unable to properly “comprehend” your comment and have “put my foot in my mouth” then I’m “sorry”.

          • Quiet Thought

            I tried to phrase the original statement as carefully as possible, but I knew when I entered it that it might come off as offensive.

            I have not, myself, ever been diagnosed with either Aspergers or any of the various forms of autism. However, I was brought up in a medically backwards part of the United States where people like that–which is to say, like myself–were just considered “bright” but “terribly shy,” “weird”, “odd”, or “peculiar” instead of being medically categorized. Never the less, I emphasize with the situations of both the characters in this drama and the one in ‘The Bridge.’ I’ lived both their daily traumas until I matured enough to fake my way through social situations. It is one of the reasons I enjoy kdramas. American TV doesn’t do many shows about shy or awkward people trying to learn how to interact socially or romantically. Instead it treats them as comic relief, bullies them, and calls them “geeks” and “nerds,” both words in their traditional sense of contempt.

            For all that I enjoy a drama, romantic or professional, where the difficulty of “growing up” to live in adult society is treated with some dignity, I stand by my original criticism.

            Hopefully the drama will handle this young man’s case with sensitivity and logic, but I haven’t seen evidence of that yet. In the case of the detective in ‘The Bridge’, we have someone incapable of questioning suspects and witnesses in a coherent way or even speaking civilly with the husband of a murder victim. I do not see how someone who panics as much as this young man does while interacting with other people is going to get all the way through medical school, let alone become an elite specialist. He would terrify every patient he met in person.


    Bummer….I want to like this drama so much cos I really do love these actors, but I am just so not feeling this premise.

    I agree with everything that ‘Quiet Thought’ just said above…. and those same reasons sort of ruin this drama for me. Also medical stuff just isn’t really my thing.

  49. 49 Katie

    Why is Moon Chae Won SO adorable in glasses?? I can’t wait for this drama already!

  50. 50 goldeng

    joo sang wook!!! <3 ohh i love him… cant wait to watch this drama!

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